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TUE 8/30 - Comedian/actor Hannibal Buress begrudgingly visits his "friends" at The Breakfast Club as they grill him on his career ever since taking down Bill Cosby with his stand-up bit, why he threw $26 at a fan while eating chicken wings, and why Beyonce pointed at him while Jay Z had to tell him to "be cool".

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This looks like you, MRS you'll: wake up all his day: s child these agents, Angela YE shall remain on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning, you, you know you don't yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO boarded easily guidelines is Andy Charlemagne guy we did have led to a movie flowers, but if ever
said the whole room vacancy Angelina Hazy, and let me as we come up with is broken. Maybe they came in this morning to a huge bouquet of flowers, courtesy of a setback for you for all of us breakfast cloud, but their defence lead, and then I was nice tallow red card in it. But it was me and you as well. So I conclude Basel III Sab Rocky. We appreciate that. Take the boy sexism in years for everybody go flowers with lower I'd. Neuron edge is what is the thought accounts? Man blown Jerry, the net Albania for full day, I'm assuming TAT. I owe you I'll get it. You are a glass at daddy. I was actually at the charter school that he opened yesterday. Did he and Jack to Steve Parry
remember they announced that they were opening that charter school in Harlem here on the breakfast club. Rob will include both duty opening up a day of school. We argue video allotted for a lot of things which you chase, lady of opening up a school comedy. Your rob was opened up with school. Something to do for five years he had been in toxic dynasty Perry, who also has the charter school in Connecticut as well. How many students starts over just sick, Seventh graders, because it's brand new, but it's going to go all the way up to 12th grade by the time they keep on evolving. So is that a lot of students yet but it'll be a lot of special attention the students there and in the curriculum famous area the school middle school icicle. Yes, I try to squabbles anybody doing people eyes when people called dirty old things. I don't know You got six old money for have old money, so I can do things like this Nager. Ok of another damned charter, school our lab and he no liquor
They know clothing line of all school. That is looking for you ass. He showed up for the first day of school for the students yesterday, so you can, Imagine how exciting that is. Nowhere at all. Is it I'm a design and fourth street and Fifth avenue ochre than anybody else, addresser behind us open as yet the average s coat. Ok, six and seven grace was now business attire, but they have a just come if you called hey baby one online without putting all of you laugh it as one of its core capital crap. I regret very much it might be business. I wonder what the catalyst for we have addressed in business inside. He called it. Business inside set us up for the business world. Ok says they regularly. Uniform, I'm assuming a desire. Galway sergeant everywhere shines everywhere the universe. Is it then also rocket? Much do they know they d better quality, just got a bottle of moroccan May cabinet that they can support Lindorm breaks. It was there
phenomenal thing you know I actually went to school. I was an english major, but I did to tell urban education semester with sixth and seventh graders, where I did teach for a semester. So it's exciting to be there. Just to witness on mass allude to shine. Consecrated, you drop one to bother him again. Absolutely offered up with school differ gotta money off again at eight a m. We have a surprise, I guess and announced Charlemagne had no idea who was he? Malaysia was the announcement. Everybody asked me what, if it's a now, never know what's Goin on sided, donor, Alyosha and also Comedian Annabelle Boris will be joining us cod. Alive will be
His career is mere commercial Kathryn is reputation has been described, though God we resolve a dead thy love. I've been gone, awry mail is dead right s. Well, let's get to show crack a front page news that we talk about you. We will be discussing Anthony Wiener. He cannot keep his weena in his hands now he is finally, finally getting separating his wife is leaving him after this latest scandal, with pig, there is in every thing, also Donald Trump, what are his, whereas that he has for calling cabinet every avenue? Do I do a body feel bad for him. We'll talk, derive. Will get it's only come back. He will act as the breakfast local monitoring soil. The breakfast clubs unison front, page news now, waiter wiener, wiener, wiener, wiener, Wiener Avenue. We did what they call now remember if you.
China ran for mayor of New York City and because of this sexting scandal, he was actually having to drop out of their race, as wife was actually pregnant, with their first child during his first sexting scandal, back in two thousand eleven, when he accidentally put up a picture of himself on his twitter account of him and his wiener, and then two years later he was caught again. This time he was texting with an aspiring porn, star, name, Sidney, leathers and, as on thy name, was Carlos danger. Ok, what he's been caught sexting again now his wife, by the way humor, whom I Aberdeen is one Hillary Clinton closest AIDS, and she has decided to leave him out of this latest scandal. He was actually sexting with a Donald Trump supporter who league for the patients, in other words picture, was that he sent a picture of himself in bed
with their young San laying next to him by the weight of the regular that baby, I see these girls have negative, is to grow a fully met. My all the time with a child in a bit you can imagine. I was wife out when that picture. Our selves leave because you cheated, because you know she's a Hilary, AIDS or short, and she could count seen also downward Hilary about when your marriage, she loved. You cheat mode of transport, but I think he's been quite time and time again in his very careless of him. Everything that has been doing to have all of these sex messages that women gave like fourteen picture is that he had been sending up himself, but I do feel like that pictures that's priorities. Have you lying in bed with an erection with your son? Later? Does ram of leads the king was gonna, does regular Bob behaviour is not what it is, but we see it all. The time only produce even making women with a child land bite of Imagine that media are women with your child, laying in the bed nets our whole, absolutely Netherlands, crazy, ass. It had been working with New York, one
your daily knows they both suspended or have cut ties with Hermes on indefinitely from the station acquaintance in year. One and a New York knows so they are no longer going to. Run his columns of real barrier that we demand, because you don't stand a chance of not being a pervert like some people, he's got a bad hand in life? His last name is wiener. How can you not be? I wrote a last name like winner by giving real name is appointed. Never so can we have a proper trade? He doesn't burning up or whatever Barbara looked like a stereotypical pervert is Anthony when he thinks he's really had to me that we think in these shortlist sell these debates, there was talk about shrunk from as words for calling happening down a chant bs. He has said that Carling Cabinet not standing for the national anthem is a terrible thing. He said, and you know, maybe you should find a country that works better for him. Let him try It's not gonna happen. You know. Look you just is as visas. The clueless leaders ass rich ass white man,
do not understand what it is to be. A person of color in America. Bottom line point blinkered travelling to clues. Common cabinet and we have the same as it is by the way to Jean while there who passed away. He was eighty three years old and you know him from Willie, while in the chocolate factory from the producers blazing saddles young Frankenstein stare crazy. Outside of complications from us, learn how to work or to limit values. This is the original one window. Architecture of Johnny Depp now rigid over the edge. No ok, when it's ugly was really fattening arrive. And really really bad beauty. I tweeted meat. Is one leg you'll give tee? Why don't you today for diet? Let's eighty three exit out, I'm a girl disgrace how they could do some grave. You die of a value. Is anything like this what time is like. Damn all right, we'll tell them why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call, is right now, maybe somebody pissed you off, maybe at a bad morning, whatever it may be,
wide open, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one if you're upset call us right now, is to breakfast. The breakfast club How do you know what makes you mad with fulfilled but can't handle? That's why you may want to bring about an acronym, alchemy sorrows. Robert, you tell us, no actually goes out of it right now that to try to make a man, and then people bring it down to one more we do things like yeah, going on again the against his these being anti patriotism, You actually be an answer. Prejudice tell me what are doing if we're not gonna, do it the truth, We would have a man don't want him to stand for. Some of them may want to sit around, and I, like things are good when we noted that sometimes taking a stand, is this not an easy thing to do this? Gonna, be people that oppose you below those running India.
So am I met a man because our grandma guy, don't What way way way to avoid a man it was a man was so ok, Where did you hear what he tells you down with, although much it keeps popping up my bread and I'll call the police they liked him up, and they did not give me money that is, Maybe they put them about the green paper that has neglected to keep massaging. You owe me he just touched you so meeting one about us more plays with silently. Don't you that's? Why you're now that it now that art and say that devastating bigger hubris. Thirty think carefully. Why are you MA?
There's no way, then I'm sorry about its various, my love for you, but actually there pointing this present. So we doesn't do with somebody else. Allows is glean from Chicago Fellow Party members from the other roommate comical body older. I can go to my boys. Crib ended the town. So how do we don't leave the order it bodies, pray in Cologne? Just be that? Yes, now you brow literally we're gonna flavour they struggle. Great not anyway, but he ran the smell I bridges gives given deodorant women. We all remember the motorway words. Well, good luck, rouse tell why you may five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call us now with the breakfast club, come on the breakfast club
we can't jewels would do morning. Everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club is gonna cabinet situation, really people's panties in a bunch managerial pissed off about it. They do not carry Weldon. Tweeting me said you dropped to bomb because someone didn't stand for the national anthem. Applauding them look bro, I know he didn't say ever imagined. I haven't. We made a stand for people of color, so salute Carling Cabinet, absent, ok, which, as they now have you met, also keep alive. We have a huge announcement, eight o clock, Eastern SAM. You don't want to miss it. A huge announcement. Eight o clock Eastern the keeper lonely had no idea would be another. What has happened in our social media yesterday, so I'd text? was the big amount. I really had no glued to big enough now. I know, and also next hour Hannibal Borders will be joining the car we kill it. May I say that I mean who killed will cause me. Korea by accident, he's a
murderer employment? I saw not regrows. I added a motorway panel. Birth accident murderer accidental marine. Yes, my goodness hour, I will tell tee him they sat, but we got room is coming to be. Yes, we are going to set about tearless lives. He wasn't at the video Musica words will tell you what she was doing and in the court room you will also find out who is suing her very own son. What singer is suing her own. Sign and a wider wrapper has bouncing checks just recently China, by jewellery, oh boy or I will get into all that keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. With his clothes were. Tell us where Patsy had to report to Jerry Duty in
Nashville and fortunately for her. She got dismissed as a prospective Jura. It was an aggravated rape, kidnapping case, but see us as a civil case. That's pending that involve sexual assault. Apparently a dj allegedly groped, her fearless woof. Yes, so that's why she got dismissed as a potential job. She couldn't be impartial, for this all show Jordan. Yeah at eight o clock I made on a Sunday, was to be there Monday morning, all Nashville IRA. Ok, I got you. I know she has access to a private jet. By just you didn't want to go with. Cognate came with me in attendance, fail and you didn't We cannot have an heiress, I'm ok more governors will be the budgeting? No account you re can be about. You didn't want to get embarrassed. Yes, cabin areas he did when right by the sun. They tell us to have wrote where he may. We honor dog, you meet a line on a limited.
Others who were the expert and all things vehement Manon Roma moment Array, John Kingston has gotten some jewellery more than three hundred thousand dollars worth of staff from Aqua Master jeweller in New York City and guess what have we pay for it all right? He said to checks instead of a wire transfer, which is what supposed to do and they both bounds. Now these jewellers don't know by now that this happens to be a habit with John Kingston. Is certain people you're, just not gonna, give jewellery too without getting your money up front Nobody give jury to an avenue. Money for tag is one of those people cause he's always getting suited for something similar on Kingston bought away for equal master watches back in the day I command you- and I remember that mere saucer del value. Why would you three hundred thousand. Are the jury from our committee has evolved from anybody, so are you still watches here was nine pieces of jewellery. Apparently it was too diamond. Necklace. Is a few gold chains or ring a bell?
So it into whatcha, fair game for free. I rubber, or those of poems thou shall dollars worth of staff to guide our learning Sally, worrying J. You did a freer, our I well. He does have to watch what happens, though. Now it's a whole lawsuits you. Re seeing here is borrowed jewellery and and give it back, because people do that to label loan stuff out better for them rather than a Europe allay their data. And also that in maybe that's why don't they ve got a normal. You should get insurance as well are made on the issue. Robbie arrive, somebody else, she's dead. System going right, but when just got this stuff last month, I feel like the robbery happened a long time to get the money all became a minute. You get it up here, but you can't take this that that's why you can't give things that people in Belgrade me later charging of jamaican road born. You wouldn't want to do bigger. What I think sound king king is doubly not Jamaica,
it might be. Those hugging would have you wanna be white men. I leave the black loud madame will be travelling to close by thanking him. I am glad of nights, he is doing her very own sign, and that is because of the rest around thirty as she? Let him go ahead and username and r M is well those restaurants back and ninety ninety nine, but put some issues with the EU trees. They were rated by the Joint Department of Revenue and her son got arrested for allegedly being a million dollars array ass humans, Oliver memorabilia back. She wants her name bags you an injunction as you once the money. That's a real son also observes her real thankyou sue use. You just shoot him. Lemme go tags, pregnancy, glad of man. I never seen glad of mainly made every day
Linda Ray you, I've been there before? It's? U, they don't serve liquor. Remember that remove huge arms food Bergamo are right and I speak in a food. Bang in four ral is actually starting the Williams family kitchen product line as gonna hit, stores next spring and that's gonna be in the dean into LUCA upscale grocery store. It's the Williams family kitchen. That's inspire by attentive recipes straight from the Williams family, so that collaboration news, whereas revealed yesterday, for I was actually there with his dad Pharaoh and they did introduced a specialty products and bankers, and one of these the Lukas location, biodiversity, special cold recipe, Vienna, and that's how I think so on how to cook that of well so area. That is your room report uneasily. All right. Thank you may see. When we come back, we have front page news would say about wiener, wow and as winter I keep it lacked. The breathless locomotive
morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. The are we are the breakfast club asking some front page news as want to tell you I don't. If of how to do it. Eradicating the feds are driving cars now now, like all of my life and there was a lawyer, your car insurance, by like ten fifteen percent. If you take the course, but usually you could pay somebody, they give you a certificate. You bid is handed him, but now you can't do that anymore. Refound, illegal labour, not supposed to do that, and we know you act like thousands practice. There was. We leave would have very allegedly, allegedly metallurgy that it allegedly what a legislator b we used to do, but I actually have to take the floor. Now online Garcia and it's like its long. His house like taken me three days ago Are you all Slota me now and I was not just want, then you don't get credit for it actually being mentally challenge that naturally tat until you lie remain. Like honestly, I was was I make a lot more money, but you make a lot of money math. Not as you did it, you can actually
never need shouted humidity is about you don't remember, but anyway, I'm taken is causing to take me dumb long amount produce. It took it so easy to take in three days. Out of a hat example, have a question I want to know this is taking what aid octagon sign. That says as to your fiance girl, When I became a I got hold of it. He said you not a light. Is right and you got any doubt, God bless, and that is that of employment. Like me, pull about body and its causes Damone to take as humane courses any did you just can't. Click click next mix. Next, next knick knacks, note orange yourself, there's more c4. Everything now known, as will we do now. Listen wiener awry were Anthony, Weena S, His wife are now getting separated after it has been some no sexting allegations now, at any rate, it was about to run for mayor of New York about five years ago. That's when his first sexting scandal erupted a right.
Now there's a new one and according to his wife, whom abbot in and she's also Hillary Clinton closes adviser. She's gonna have to separate from her husband. After long and pain consideration. She said Anthony and I remained devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life during this difficult time. I asked for respect for our privacy to have a four year old son, so she was pregnant at first hand. The sexting scandal happen now. Their son is here, and perhaps one of the most disturbing pictures that we saw he has wrote in a text message to the other woman, someone just climbed into my bed and then sent a picture of himself with his bulge and his pants, where their small town sleeping beside him, I'm enough to regulate that wave. Your main ninety eight day, we know now what the baby to see so many bridges online at these thoughts have negative
it. Would they babies in the background and you sit me, come on laying down a tramp awaiting, he said I only way for the country and that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing wiener to have such close proximity to highly classified information. He said who knows what he learned and who we told is just another example of Hillary Clinton is bad. There's nothing. You do a hell of a clear. Nothing at all a meal is the man you gotta feel abandoned you weena, just a little bit. Mary did not stand a chance of being nothing but a pervert. Some people are just too bad analyze. Last name is wiener and by the way is sex messages are awful. If you read Let me give you an example as so embarrassing. How can you not be approached with a last name like winner? but his real name in the morning. I think about that. His real name is a poor name, Anthony Win and he looked like a proverb and the phasing out a pervert faith. Looking bone structure, what's
our question- is fades power. Those last name at involving looked like a flash look at tat moment. If this is a private or is it just a business Barbara, looking disguise the flock is bone structure stock. I guess you are about to his cheek bones. Sound terrible array. Our right now is also about shrubby as words for Carling, Catherine Accountants and passwords for everybody, and he is saying they actually happening through fear. That is down for the national anthem is a terrible thing. He said you know. Maybe you should find a country that works better for him. Let him try it not going to as aid in national for the national anthem. We made a stand for people, Kali made a stand for people that he filled are being oppressed. What's wrong with that, ok, can we salute that drop? One include bombs, common cabinet, Many by death, instead of by him, making a stand for people of color, making empty rainy fills a friend of your feelings. We dont care, Gregory as our military is anti prejudice periods networks that is not being not patriotic is being against prejudice. Ok fabric knock, it off
I will ask for a page news that when we come back, we have comedian, Hannibal bars are carved retailer. Why did you call them that, because each you guys are still allow area now, bilge Hobbes date. Ok, when the winner Bilge, have you really have been alive in a long time must be clear about that. You seen in that light a forest indigo. My good night, all right. We will talk to him when we come back, don't go anywhere. Is the breakfast club good morning? Don't forget. We have a huge announcement in an hour. You don't want to miss in his Drake Riri. So good Now is the area git your freak morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast breakfast club. We got press, you guess barely two main who bill copies career Eric S, energy the same thing about, but this is not a good you got always take credit for that body. Hannibal is is interesting situation.
Has why we're how we movement around like comedians hate you, I don't think so, no cause look. It broke out into the garden and I mean some that that fill a certain way about it, but I know how to handle we're about that. I just gotta, do my work and gave him over. Has anyone ever run in a born? You dynamo, you ruin, die harrow. Now some people online is this woman named Yunus? Then you seems go hard at me for a while. You call you destroyed a black man use aware cone, Zulu Goin hard Earnest was hit. Me Antwerp, never that information on Eddie Murphy with that out too. I don't want to be apart of nobody stuff anymore man. I ain't got nobody stuff, no more! I just I was doing a joke That again I wasn't our tv. I was on a radio, Hausa gig as a mighty founded in it when like that, as is pretty crazy, united
anybody, courageous korean stand up now, I'm not mad duality essay jokes, real Blanche. Usa, jokes about kids, my nieces, nephews, property values stuff like that were honest, greeted that you legal authorities about, Nay Parkers Pathway, larder, adding rather than a movie, as I had the good at the people. This is about the European Union. Doyle, a petty man, a man. You know, and this is why income, or rather the breadth of club, never doubted use daughter this. Oh we'll round taxes, Archer Ban from performing at home
My colleague vague university, maybe that you, because you're legacy from part of his sure, a part of me I do love lad, do good work but as a wandering as our went, I carefully controlled it. I can only try to do. Go working, You like a rabbit who caught a body they always tied to the body you cut in another. With the job always be together, they always tug jazzy in Northern Ireland gave you have you think death situation wit you caught a body. Can you sleep? I may animal. What can you sleep it s even asking
baby you're gonna get a chance to see the video musical worried you. I didn't have a guy slew of different Hollis comedians campaign with them in the main howison safe air was one of the wholesale well from the audience, and it was not so great feedback from camp here. What do you think about them is a comedy. Do? Oh, I like building a lot of sketches the joy of seeing the show a bunch chosen words. Definite sketches can get articles. Cause. Their spears is here the other day and he had seen at Camp Hill. Dont have the wedding loudly, like all Agora, black people did you do that? I got have a black audience like you would necessarily rarely final Emma cells must also be primarily why We have a bad one. I mean I feel like I do the work, and I talk about what I think is funny in it than his wit. Whatever
when you talk about pop stuff alike, in the leg I was never an animal alive. You think that your audience is mostly white. Knight was the reason for their own from Chicago I know I'm gonna, like lately grown, usually are likely to dark. When I was in high school, you know you get rose. Denies goes. All you do is call me: every dogs, One leg, nigh Wesley's enables me wasn't smiles. Follow me on twitter last we go at all. My head is like oh yeah, Dogskin legend pleaded the railways these now There was a real verify. Their lifetimes account loudly Yeah man, as is the I tried to do, was right. I can't China switch up in an in Samara Goddess at song about real stuff it in my life in and just my genuine perspective. So that's what it is now connects with connects with ever higher when he performed. He can't take a phone out,
in about people filming you when you're on home. I don't like it, but I don't want to go through the trouble of making people not do it. I don't like being filmed for one just cuz. It kind of can throw you off of your float, I know a lot of musicians, wrappers, don't care because their products already worked on and perfected in the studio. Where would comedy from trying to accommodate a small spot for free, I'm kind of talking from the top of the dome and trying to come up with the bit there right? That's awesome buddy, tell me you believe me, nebulae would able create and top from honest place of. I see somebody by look out of this throws me when I went to work a nostalgia. I've really was rather that resemble people feel on Islam. People do it, but Also, is this you don't wanna? Have you materials boiled if you, if you get, if you guys who started to work on Are you going away alleging mean I'm not that bad like you are you're magician poker deal it s? What is it not as right? I'm crazy
rise magician in Poland. Could you not as re wisdom? I buy a while you put him. Whatever changes imposed a deal at the press, it neither treated you through twenty six thousand a guy's face. He wanted a picture which you, in was eaten. You wouldn't let you finish your wing. Well, you? U, wings, you cannot convince distort ok, sometimes the catholic have a lotta wife. Is it I think, some don't even really mess with black people in real life. You know, and so I'll see, twitter trending topic and then I'll see. Somebody said something wild racist and then do not go and click on the profile down. This person follows me: man
What does fan I was eating. I was great wings he's real wingstop five wings. I've had my light, went out and I was crushing up and then he the same man I was at the show. Can I take a picture? I said yeah give me a couple minutes to finish these when he was a low key bar ten people to come on man it is somewhat gimme cover. Men came up, my ass it I'll take that we have to take the pitch. What is it you asked me, take a picture taken. Link as Iraq is in a rather negative gotta face right now and then I go to the bathroom, coincidentally, is gone to ban them. At the same time, I give far away in a year. I thought you will call man, you come off. Cool, stayed you'd, think you'd days, pale you in high good ones, Dickie Base Pale ACT like that. Like do you
for so you pay for meeting going. I was happy to take a page. Will you just give me a couple minutes? We pay twenty six dollars. What is so, I went over to the barn grab. Twenty five, twenty six thousand, throw it out. If that was you, if that's what it was about in taking my back he's going on you night as well a dry you another enter or you got union hung idea or you'd sat yet is opening night. So what so tat I may outside now I keep it more mellow and and and I try not to get volatile situation like that causes network. I got more already Annabelle bars when we come back, keep locked, lacked the breakfast locomotive. That was sorry I would love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we have Hannibal boars and build influenza, let em you fan at
was watching the amazing chance. The wrapper was unaware, carpeting beyond, say well, pass. Any loss is mine and start to talk to her for a second, but he guy super excited. Lesbos new guy super excited can had a fair moment. He knows funny. I was a couple months ago. Governors ball with good and vigorous ahead of party forty Forty club and chance was their united Forty forty clouds one morning and local. Promotion, sometimes people by the committee feel them before you leave them before. I got citing the railroad of Dating Jay, coming as I do they come in and then a go which to the sweet knotty swedes, there, everybody can move through battle.
Or freely is now her out. Another I secure is around comes out of nowhere security guard, I was already a near now acknowledge cage is gonna. Try to politics to give back, and some were already was jammed behind, say said: in a chance and vague, we sought a picture as Saudi STAR pose a pitcher. This is great. No chance. Events at home is I'm cited for them to be a party to swap without my phone to grab the same shot like a second after, whereas now know, if it was Gaza last was on existing a may be called. On the other side, and I will now be able to pull out the bold man out of nowhere, but they were just pause of what appears to be co inanimate matter as its starting point, as you know, has been
save angrily point, namely in advance, and all you do is only to back it up. And without any apparent don't you got kicked out that is gas guy left Malta would be cool image I have been listening to music like twenty years. Then you was Much excited I won't be, can guide. I wanted to take a picture now. You know they will be. They will already pausing for pension rights of Shelly. Whether therefore Meetin greet Hannibal Agatha pits our biggest benefit noted down as good no reaction. Big them. Looking a young girl, vast and in seed of charter where's Benazir, like nice, still need to be called a revolving. That's vendettas actually heart
They wouldn't did Kevin Half day May day. What did it ever? Japan, unease, money now and others in a reasonable doubt in Yemen? Can I lived is due oh, do not really have a pleasant thousand, every other dies tabled up in a year. Audrey. Did you write that sexual harassment sketchy did? dear. Oh, no man I'll ride. Not it s, tat, thou sexual harassment, he thinks I thought about it. Doesn't work, double, no matter where a lot of jobs are not a bit about haven't because he wants to get a junior reacts anatomy. Where someone air, are you sure, you're? Ok, they would go with that. Would you have advise against that when, if he would Entelechy that's what I'm gonna do it No, so I can't really. I give you say: what do you think Are you doin? I want again. You know that,
Give me about that, but he's at he's. A dude wants to do what you going to do and then try a reaction on people and make people uncomfortable let metallic caught Hannibal my Hannibal, the Hannibal Montana. What the hell does that mean? I think I know it's just a stupid ass Reimer was too is, as we already have we're names from my first Bessel was called animal furnace. Just this sort arouse with Hannibal birth, the guy this guy's got one: that's what are you a copy movies, camera small roles and big movies, SB, my Baywatch movie and despite a movie come next year we blame the beach. The gown beats the I've got an anomaly and speeding up put norm. They're gonna be Speedo. Be I'm. The friend of the do is trying to be in Baywatch air aspire.
And a pay up layer. Gypsies up. They wondered dumb ass characters. The dull, realising spider man is Peter. That's why I'm just a guy that ol man is guys really have let it does relied well. You stand up small role, be movies, moreover, Mama Annabelle murders, the legend chill of rivalry, animal bars and appreciation for doing this. I don't have a job for years at its eyes. You know we have to get this out, but we did at twenty two we re every time you can. You tell me how we do your God. It will last I know I been here a couple years be sure that we all now know you're just talked about me about oh baby, so bright eyes is the breathless well bemoaning the breakfast, so bad
This is the route towards annually on the breakfast club, where people can actually spoke to big boy. Any tagged about speaking with the game and burying the hatchet any us. He said he doesn't even know why their beef started in the first, check it out. Did you guys have dialogue? What is more, I could add an hour. Said. I didn't understand right what a big those so called. We retain where he rang splendid remain outside so weighty Oliver now is it willing to rights, We are now lies area where's. My arm, I may like I just Adam well, on. A new ties are less good member. They went Ella, they were in Elliot ACE of Diamonds, job club, they were there the same night and that same night, game had said that he s what fifty he said. It was twelve years ago. He ain't
It now he's elevated drink. There s been thwarted at me, I'm not going to kill you wanna see, that's cool beggar. Does he like they got out illegal, gorge, learning abuse and what you think I mean. I pity and fat Joe, our friends, and I never used to be friends. They seem like they actually like each other miracle. For the gradual be seem like there wasn't now more than ever, our love from you reckon with people that all Rask we're allows those from just throw a set rockies flowers on the floor. Charlemagne wanted all my guy. I've rocky was kind enough to send the breakfast LAO is this morning the principles of law was with water and actual vague. So you got it has now there's no dissent, dry, flowers or when you are from somebody in autumn is that yes, he after about water lily night? There you go, you all stand up. I got your own body broke, you driving all over the place,
thought you got the wrong about our right now address by land recently did an interview in Hollywood today live and she's talking about being engaged in how happy she is and their whole engagement that happen. While where vacationing ticket out when we were immigration in Europe, we had just gone to Greece, and then we and our coming back to paris- and I was surprised with my parents showing in paris- and I didn't know there- was some trickery knowing why, with honesty just magical, my parents being there was so special to me. They actually was celebrating twenty years of marriage, and I thought originally that we would just celebrating them and then obviously, when the surprise happened, I was so excited and super happy. So I can't wait. Adrian while on or Fred Boy, firmer grab me, let me and say by the way I do repetition in their benefit for Europe, where they were only dating for six months before they got engaged, but she said they did have a very solid friendship before he actually proposed to her. They were friends for them.
Years before that man, oh god, yes, absolutely or tell me to tell him the loosened way. Let us better! No good! You want to have a long held the relation. With the woman? He loves, you need loosen way. Does our foul freedoms? Does it I right now or later keys is talking about being make up for you guys. I heard that he amaze now wearing any May under religion in Obama, goop scheme of grit I write was he has said that she doesn't feel like just cause she's not wearing make up. She has a problem with other people wearing energies that adds high makeup on other people. He's just something ass. You do. I write rivers, you say zombie are needed when I try to look like a leash cheese, ok and in There's another news: frat from what's been going on over the weekend, What are you doing over you, Charlemagne, you're, very distracting you signed up for a year now appears to be dating friend
Montana, while one include both for assessing the personalities yesterday, love in a dirty reacts negro wouldn right. France has white the list, yes, he does. We added a whole pile of fame. Friends will definitely with only to bring it back Friday. Just for French Montana, we gotta give fresh Montana is just do you, ve got a great leverage is closed and he was spend our money boy. He allegedly italian thousand dollars, where private supplying energy and her friends to carbo over the weekend that Morocco, it ain't, no joke. What is the moroccan version of routes in voodoo, they rented an ocean front home and he saw the pictures on the boat of its I am french kind of Buddha listen he's that show that a cry when your man messed up and the relationship didn't work out. France will be air and have a great time with you in turn, up We, like David and God Got-
I'm Tellin you, Morocco, is being on witchcraft man, especially when it comes the lovely robed. At all alone, will you get in Israel to read up on it, and I assume that I just support says that a device for you with regard to France it all afraid I'll. Never let them live their lives. Every episode with him when he took that the one thing tat will make him leave you, and you know what that is, if you Pooh, with a door open or in front of him or even let him know that you use the toilet in Hollingford, Scorbutic, Ella and taken a dump, he said he'd data, one girl and when she did that it was over, he was in a relationship for five years prior and never knew that she even went to the bathroom. So you just be careful with that I write embedded. Rumour report, I'm Angela YE re Morocco to do some called also waffle, so lever? Yes, is this when you consult with so Louvois, which for love purposes? clearly the phrase I spent a lot of my one of those around from one clues about French Montana
Damn right! Thank you for those rumors. Were we come back? We have announcement after his rash, my diary, seven. I will do doggedly after another major enough noise. Melted areas around I keep. It lacked a purposeful commodity. Dying, don't you? U or or don't you time for don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today by got the donkey they need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, They all his thirty of go to my pow Tommy Loretta Blaze Tommy, and I tend to respectfully disagree with each other on just about everything, but that's fine in Amerika we can have
patient with one another and respectfully disagree with each other and still be paths. In fact, I really really can't wait to take time to see barber. Nation Historiae by now turn a wound that in October will not go into. That should be ok, but the reason Tommy is getting dog you did. They did because her final thought and regard the call and cabinets decision not now for the national anthem. In order to make a stand for people of color. Let me give you a quick refresher or what compensate in case you missed. It isn't. Just, Bree, summary of a twenty minute interview. Did I read the whole transcript fall but as it is clear from Mr Collins happening may ultimately, is to bring awareness and make people now realized really going on in this country. There they're laughing
They are going on there and just people are being held accountable for and that something needs to change. There's something that displeasure stairs for freedom, liberty, justice for all and is not happening for all. I can think I'm gonna conceals them with the people are being oppressed. To me, this is something that has to change when their significant change, I feel like a flag represents we're supposed to represent this country, is representing people away, ass, opposed to its people being murdered, unjustly not being heard account after getting paid leave for killing. That's not right by any worse than nagging dog. You today to everyone who is against will calling standing for yesterday simply because his actions weren't anti militarily Anti American- is anti prejudice period. He is standing up for people of color because he filled the system is treating people of color unfairly in particular, making a stand against police brutality because he feels people of color. A b
treated unfairly by the police. Now I had no intention of going back and forth when anybody about this issue, because whenever you protest something some people are going to agree with you, some people are going to disagree is just as simple and plus I don't have the time this week. Simply because our Yonah grinding fans in Britain is based. Fans have been flooding my mentioned since Sunday night mad, because I thought Grundy not to link on emu to pastries backstage to be amazed and mad, because it Britney spears is why people beyond say even obiang zis, why people people say and and because I because because I said I don't get Britney spears thing
Ok, those two I've. I tag in me a hundred miles per hour right now, so I don't have time to go back and forth, and people who don't agree with common cabin extend, but I have to address Tommy Loreen because she's very inaccurate, that less air clip Khatami's final thoughts on common cabinet last night on the place and call on how dare you sit there and blame white people for the problems of minority communities? After all, aren't you half white didn't to white parents? Adopt you? Have yours weren't willing to raise you four ways and horrible country fell with racist and horrible white people? That's really something isn't it. Maybe you should also defined a paycheck from the white. Your team warrant, a white fans and by your merchandise and fill the stands to watch. You play there's a statement. I don't see you make any time soon. Am I wouldn't final thoughts is because me winded, common cabin, explain why people have anything. I read a twenty minute, transcript Bob! Listen to it. You haven't even mention why people he says is things going on in his kind
That are unjust and people are being out account before he said people. He didn't say why people he said people column said he is standing with people tat our press. He said people are being murdered unjustly and people are being given paid leave for killing people. Where did You why people Collins levels that are making a stand for people who don't have a voice in people who don't have applied from the talks he said people of color are being targeted by police, not white, police, just police period. He said someone owning a curling, I as more education and more training than people that have a gun and I'm going out on the street to protect us. I have not calling mention a blame? Why people for anything? Where did you get that from? I honestly did even here imply all aims, big
nine injustice in an oppressed group of people. I am speaking out against a system and principles of that system, not white people now Tommy, it's saying, and that saying is I hit dog Wilhelm that saying he said when a person is acting. Sensitive mad are but her there's something said applied to them. When someone responds defensively to a general statement, ok, meaning they clearly took a personal. Not only did you you personal. You made it a white red black think when it doesn't have to be. Ok colleague didn't bring a wife being the cause of injustice in police brutality. You did Carling didn't bring away will be in the cause of the problems in minority communities you did, and so what why prayers? He has white pears and he's have white, so that means you can speak up for minorities. What does what really good God? hearing people do ok in the words of Malcolm X, on foot, just as no matter who it is for or against, I'm a human being, first and foremost, and on four in whatever Bennett.
Its humanity as a whole Tommy. I know you said commented Therefore flag, but he made a stand for people that he feels it being oppressed. Doesn't other Americans not being oppressed benefit humanity as a whole? But your comment, I feel you don't agree with that statement. Please give time we learned the biggest hear you We you gave me yeah
right now that was talking undecided. I didn't want to give it to him what all, perhaps whatever a frolic she deserved a brig where it's ok. Ok! Now I will thank you for that dog it a day, sir. Yes, now when we come back, we're talking about spending money with the significant other, now explain a story while it was eleven have pat yesterday and it was kind of explosive with brandy and MAX. Apparently, he gave her a twenty seven thousand dollars to invest in their ascends future action. The head behind his back and took their money and investigate answer buying a new booty into a booty, and she said she was its earlier money around since it isn't fair, like she's betrayed max. She just felt like she's taking that money and investing it into a store and she felt like he should be excited about her business venture that he knows you know it was a surprise was good. It was so very, very smooth or I sort of course it is eight hundred foggy five one or five one. Should you let your significant other? No one, you spending,
How much is it like a lemon you, you said you let your wife! No, when you buy up here Jean Luminal Model, what I'm whereby we discuss if the weather is, we go grocery sharp, Lord, Fair, jeez, adjusted the respect does not look. I have to what she asked you. What, if I'm in a storm and I'm shop, Maybe a mother will buy up at combating the pay. As you like, ok, cool. I would then I think all big projects should be discussed and by big anything over fitted out. Would you buy see what can be upset you're not upset. If she goes on by some things you not upset. If you do, you just tell her, I'm not absurd, but you know like apparently ends you. Could I make obvious bonsai? That's why you're out it's out But now it turns out untenable. Almost show Irma take a picture of his like disease and me and my wife, a beggar councillors.
Like I need to know where he's gonna get his money going like of others. Look at purchases on like low lavender there s another thing, so me I'm alive, we share and account they wouldn't have separate accounts, though how money money money somebody I don't! No matter what I do see. What's going on, I gonna like looking at the bank statement and ride when way. What what was this What is it about? What really doesn't like I'm? We need a new vacuum cleaner and its four hundred their vacuum. You're, not you know it now. Ok, manoeuvred! You really took me to a bad place, which is happy I like when she? U Doug, you do that, but I like, when they tell me that their minds that it gives aggravating, but you can't Allison don't bother their vat and you have the com, if you like it, when you do that and if they probably, I hope now that has grown down by the damp. Any change your mind way that Britain, by eighty five one July is significant other know when you're gonna spend some money. Call us now is to breakfast locomotive community. The breakfast club,
That was Drake one dance morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club that joined talking about what happened or love and hip hop. The other night teleport Happy well MAX Am brandy guardians. Because apparently MAX gave brandy twenty seven thousand dollars to invest in their sons future. She went ahead and invested it into a store letting him now ass. The pilot, no money is already twenty. Seven, thousand Randall Clayton or abandon their visit to Moscow. Sesar Manchu Shop and enjoy dwell eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. Should you legislative act are they know when you're gonna spend money, you
Do I mean I'm a man? May me I'm alive joint account. You know me I'll tell her about everything parties both parties want it comes as no certain large projects is absolutely clear. I'm looking at the statement and unlike, but now what I think I went there thousand dollars their whatever it is. I want to know about you, but what were added at both sides like if I spend money, I let her know if she spends money. You know she. Let me know if this is just a respect type, a thing you know I wouldn't get mad at you- spend money in tell me, but it just respect of biofuel and if I buy you know, some genes hell of a lot of our bottom. Lord show me nanogram was a bear. My look exactly you're gonna tell me about the four ninety nine of government debt should Filette right away. How much money went right way? Will org average fillet? We gotta conversations you gotta give me so you are. You call me absolute lobbies to my mom sneaking purchases in the house that let him my dad no she'll pay at least seventy chunk of the car and silly ghosts. Libano Diagram to get and bring it in I've been mama. I'm used to do that too.
Well, you know me, my nickname is frugal Vondra see I'm so showed its your life has its Nixon things pass. You bet and that there is no need to be speaking now than when you got access to money and you can do whatever you want. All I'm saying is Infer got out anything all fitted out, and you know I pay move about most of my wife. Does she Basel budgets? Is it it's always been answers? We will for twenty years old they just what it is and when you share in it tat, you have to do tat for credit God. Robarts would have looked at this statement, and am I right? invite is that it is right. The first thing I do not see something strange or my kind of something I've been produced is call my wife and I go to do what is such a substantial like out at this death death. Did, I know right, you know to me all right. Now, I'm going to make a stop Aubert's. Let's go to the full as eight hundred five eight five one o five one allows this aid Tiffany. Should you legislative again No, when you go to spend money, then that what it is like get, Somethin modified, United Bars, cold or something like that, and that one thing, but any large purchases leg, incidentally, be decisive, were brandy, did Kamal Clauses File,
and I thought I had been don't gotta. You couldn't usually does act, and you know said now, when I open up to take this on board, I'm pretty sure you were went for both of them go behind his back out. And the real problem is that he gave her that money with the intention of her using it for theirs, dialogue so that the part that allows you basically It is our different levels. Need you, because you want to open up a business like you, gotta go, get bitten licence even gunfire building. Let you did a lot. Does he added grandma aligning ass when he found out about it? So basically everybody here knew by him. Hello. Is this what you do a measure by military remark was abroad? on. That note is respecting I'll get idea. Many depends on the ability of Garry anyone
the Americans we got anywhere in about two miles, but no time a common man who stayed out you come from like we ve got to get to know we gotta communicate on both to fit out. I was on no benefit the mind right through the way satellite. There remain many always know them, dug from outer space time mob Let me day them at present has been down and a person up it. Not Madame what you got your bank and I need to know where the money has gone. Anal freefall right, you just don't depended debate gotten by. Would you want to buy in Spain? Are you want is made known as upheaval? Bobo were right. Ok, we read what you do on pretty much better: what Do you not really over money like did you send it right was terrifying to let you know, I don't know something coming out bid for you, so I will not tell him. I'm
was the money I'll tell on Monday that leave the plantation light out money Drano escape eighty five. Eighty five, Five one were asking: should you legit significant other know when you're spending money call us up right now is to breakfast level morning? There was quite fragile ready by would lean back, no forgive fragile and Remy microbial powerhouse. Twenty sixteen n Y see goes down the block lays October twenty seventh tickets go on sale, it's on Thursday, and we have a trip to somebody this morning will keep a You can be added the powerhouse with us now we're talking would have an eleven poppea than I write. You yes mistaken about Andy and MAC she took the twenty seven thousand dollars their max gave her for their son and investor that into opening a boots. Without letting him no behind his back ass. The party no money is already twenty seven thousand,
renders tv or abandoned the singing mouse Sesar Marshall Shop, and in doing so the question is shared. You lead to significant other know where you're going then money. Now you have a boyfriend mature, Gonzo's, your account. Yes, it was long now I am our bank accounts. I basically do what I want, but I have to hide Nothing is my money. So if I feel like spending money, I do, but I will say this: I've never had to that would be kind of be weird for me. If I had to check, Amerika if I'm spending my own money will have to check and let you know like we both work, so I have to tell you by this? I am buying that. No although, when you share account, you absolutely positive only be sharing accounts. The odd thing when you share You should only because what I like, I say when you look at your bank statement. You see prejudice. Did you know you didn't make
you're wondering if there are real- and I like this fraud thing- is real audio nowadays right, so you don't have a separate account for yourself at all. You do is you have? Is that one combined account? I gotta get a bit his account. So now, if you buy something big business account, do you tell your wife like if you're gonna approaches and new television? Now, if you're gonna buy cigarettes Homo However, there are a couple of bank accounts, but she knows all of you know that you know that money. Is you know where everything that was only a matter for our joint account, but when you buy things in your own account, your wife has own account also she does have to tell you she don't. I would now. Are you gonna get if it's something that you see and don't know because of together, given that we don't have separate accounts now. I do want to know things ass. You partisan only because I'll be like nobody like what are you going to check out now. You know I do like to. No. Those, I would think would show you want, have been your money when you're money, your money, violence allows theirs.
Please would you like a significant other? No one, you gonna spend money. Yet absolutely I ain't that you, I say: let her get your with no longer guided by inventive ceremony. Happily there you're all bids their money or if it's your own money and yadda would be held behind me, was there does you're the one? Who is there that? How from you, my fiance Dewey addressing something I would have to get there? We had this year, our money, let him know what I'm gonna do something he let me know if you can write a dump and the only thing we don't have thought you had the with it when it comes to order and because this is simple step inside brigade wife whereby I dont really all that we need dont consult each other with you. Gonna come far border says I want a liar grub. Like appeared designers, sunglasses dude again, let him know fires there. Do you buy it and then tell him you bought it on me an hour by hour, but hey though it at the time when it comes to build up like that, you were like something you want to get the himself he he might. Let me know he might not.
Well, I I don't really send money like that, all my money, it replied. The villages have, though I beg you camera burnt. You allows is both his game. If I'm Albany pay Jamie Legislative again other. No, when you get a spasm money, maybe not arrived, You also know zoos. Could you go out with the girls are Friday night? Do you need to let him know more food and not about? Why not covered them? Probably my money, for I don't think I wouldn't say anything to one cause. I don't think he wouldn't mind. Ok, I won't have you, don't they? mind than you keep it to yourself by every dollar, because I wish all of you said to like. I don't know she tells me what, when she spends money, so I went to spend money. The only thing is is likes with so much fraud, bono and elegant count on us. Of the missing and I'll get nervous. Damn ramming big lie, turn a car off, and you know it like I just it isn't it but ass. The other net behind it, we let each
No, because you know I like to chat and I'm a very spontaneous shabby and I will go out and disappointing as we be like. Let me go ahead and by myself this is down to say wakes up by others, let alone or take a picture. Sunlight look at his bit. You gotta! Let him know if you share joint cows, somebody you have to let each other nor money you spend is ETA Marilla story. Don't do not put the money right back or the more than thirty. Actually, if you have aside to make sure you know, buyer anything if you share joint account, which your wife, because she's going to see that you stayed in all tat, you can see that you bought someone flowers. She goes even further because you know more than you arrest card We need absolutely positive right we got one was given up. Yes, the saga by ice cube busy endorsing Trump for present. What are you what had taken a little bit of back? All right? I am more keep a lot. Is the breathless global morning, breakfast Club
The report raises the Reul report, whose glove downloads from sites have parts of any view that I can deal with Bloomberg up here. Months ago, to make it seem like ice cube, is endorsing Donald Shrub. Here is where that audio sounds like Donald Trump is Worth America's love. Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be rich, powerful tool which want to do so Would you want to say, be how you wanna be that's kind of be like American Dream, so he looks like a boss to everyone. America's allow her to have a boss. So in now that's his appeal to me: I'm sure I was taken out of context. Scientists are like they asked him. What do you think Donald Trump appeal is,
I am not happy, rather it their portion that now, of course, ice cube was not too happy about this heeds weeded out. I will never endorse. I M effort, like Donald Trump, ever I went to him. The economy became hears what he had to say So whenever anything, because now he saw no more about that now, just K stolen endorsement. You know me, I don't even know if he did it surprise, somebody and his crew. I mean you think any your friends are food. That is really serious matters celebrity lebanese everyone. I agree with you and that a proper storage, that's. Why won't you will as you do? They was damaged, failed is willing. I know he's trash
no appeal tragic, very problematic trash everything. Those roads is country represents the worst of all society. Without some trickery I re as adopted ditty. I was actually at a school opening yesterday, he cofounded school with Jack to Steve, Perry and Harlem bosom. The capital preparatory Harlem charges school. He was there for the first day of school, for these students and right now, the school. A sixth and seventh grade is gonna continued to expand go through out high school, so probably exciting to two hundred and seventy six students are by now and they are saying the school will expand to about seven hundred students by the year twenty twenty one. What are those above Daily David S at every level of bawling. You know you have their own liquor loudly rather own Cloven lines Didier they as well yes, but in order to have the school restaurant aid to many people could say they got the odium school, not at all right and we got you did your lot out for a lot of things. This is absolutely on slanderous. I rights now Felicia Russia is gonna, be
on empires. He has landed a recurring roll on that show clear Huxtable for those who don't early. Yes, I will give you, as nobody will clear. She's gonna be planted, digs his mother nope and he's a new recurring character. Well, you can't be nobody else. Mom, exemplary Theo rooting, Moody, Denise Sondra, that's it and even Logan Abode. She went to theirs not, but what she will no longer to know you just on our right, and do you feel, like I know, is a hypocrite? Will re J allegedly does, and that is for writing a song about you know famous into an at home, video and basically capitalizing offer the sex tape. There came cut, ashy ended when he did his song. I had at first they act like it was such a big deal now. Congo is capital. I think so raises upset that he got trash for doing that song, concubine widow. Originally this all our mobile, the acorn branding, little sister,
he called them lame. He had all kinds of issues with that because you Talkin about imaginative, I've, even though we all saw arm, even though you shouldn't be Mademoiselle, seen him smashing year in raising the right to be upset. Their lackeys. Everybody got the right. We have the right to do that. We thought of his land effort. He hasn't, unlike his wax figure in the bad. He said in the glare I do not doubt ready than get it. You didn't say allergy them here, look of Arabia, nabobs, never end. That is you, rumour report, I'm Angela Yang all right. Thank you. Miss ye to people's choice mixes up next. Let us note you wanna, hear at DJ, Grandma Twitter is to breakfast club him on
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