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TUE 9/13 - Dr. Malachi Love-Robinson is BACK...in custody, that is. He gets today's hee-haw for frauding his way into a car dealership. But should he go to jail? You know who deserves to go to jail? Someone who steals food off of your plate. Even if it's 3 french fries. We'll discuss.

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages, took all we got no point. His prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club say some new mining. More than mine, and we want. In this morning we have organised a tree Many things went to my favorite thing. I was able to shaky morning. I feel a little sick. I'm thinking I had a work done far apart recorded a warlike Hillary Clinton. Definitely Hillary Clinton, but then, when I walked into the studio today, shouts Evelyn's kitchen,
the restaurant in Harlem New York. They delivered some treats for us. He had my location. Oh excuse me, oh, you know, the one in Harlem must deliver some a banana pudding pudgy, which is these. If you watch revolt, well for you. These things are amazing, MRS, like crack in a cookie these things, all amazing, I'm right safer better already. What's my guy doesn't feel great, but these Cookies are amazing, my guys wonderful amen and we got some bread pudding with some Hennessy whipped cream for bread, pudding. No bread pudding is fine, but these banana putting cookies. Oh my gosh! How to stop aquareine! It's amazing how little things can just fix your hard drive. Isn't it I was late last night what you do not know what I was indeed try it out and get back home until I ten thirty last night. No, that's! Basically, what I was doing a jailer with these houses in Detroit
There are a thousand Camilla pretty gave. One of them should be done in a couple of weeks and then I'm starting on a second house, nice big, surprise, budgetary hasn't beautiful, beautiful home, so anybody out there you know out there. You know everybody always asking about investment information. Detroit is a great place to invest some EU money now I know you think you need talk about. House is black. I can't afford owls. Yes, you probably can This is not a hundred thousand enact. Two hundred thousand somebody's house story. Ten thousand I was a friend of ours actually bought a house. How much did you pay, but I have to tell my last a thousand now is that isn't that might have an option? Is not a little crappy awesome talking about four thousand five thousand Square foot home his little innovations neat little deals in a letter at ease, Loki Elsie, but you can do what you can invest would a thousand thousand two thousand. I was and am possibly cell s house for her that's not what so you can make some money, so you could keep invented
read out, you can live in. So there are some investments. Detroit is a very hot market right now I love Detroit love going to Detroit, it's very close to the city. So anybody asking about investment in information Google Detroit and see what houses are Detroit. It might take a little time, but it'll be a huge pay over a little progress enjoyed. A link is important just because people are investing so much money in Detroit right now you can see the real estate market is starting to go back right. There, Dear Gilbert, actually bought a whole lot of habit. He owns the Cleveland Cavaliers and he's invested in downtown. I saw Tony hop the professional skateboard he does actually but a property in Detroit recently off, he bought a huge merging the Detroit and accompanying dollars. Now is that they are very gorgeous, has also very great who started Motown a huge huge mansion ethic was only one point: five million was
Mansion made huge huge mansion voluntarily. It was late for a couple of acres, but just answer you guys out there. That's that's another place which you should look at. The people ask me all the time which invest in what should I best in Detroit is definitely a hot market. I would ask you to show cracker front page news what we talked about, how we are going to talk about. I saw something this morning that I wanted to discuss, but am willing to talk about their Samson Galaxy. Note. Seven, the problems with this phone I'm getting even worse near a moment me last night. It was like, if you have your galaxy seven note: whatever it is power out and throw it out. I'm like. I don't have them, but I thought you could look it out. I will do the front pages will become back. Keep a lacklustre breakfast club. Gomorrah get Joe S up his. We re drink
Drink re read so good morning: everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, blueskins and front page news now more denied full. There was a double hatted. Steel is red, the Redskins and the forty nine is beat the rain and a damn Redskins. France had the nerve to slam My cowboys on Sunday in ya, gotta washed landmines to compete there. Let's talk about SAM, so problems or the galaxy. No seven patterns are getting even aware: Stairs Samson Jap, seven percent as the weeks died it that's about fourteen point three billion dollars in March. Value. Now this weekend, a six year old boy in New York was burned. When the note seven verse in his hand, is also been reports from Florida, South Carolina, Australia, where people that are describing explosions and cars, homes and hotel rooms. What they are saying is, if you have this phone and just shut it off and bring it back. Okay, the right now they might have to just actually just say forget
seven escaped to the next version array alone: the note a bigger to lose a lot of money, millions enabling this cares. What else could take ahead of up to nine hundred million dollars? You recall Now we show that these are really phones explore noddies our flame in but holds all over. The country had had a flower. We notice, how do we not have it inflaming bottles ease of your own people got to find new back pocket, but is really flaming bottled. How we note like waiting from this apple analogy, because now they haven't smartphones out and a fabulous I'm a writer riding: let's talk about the fertility back that I was given his own sperm Almah gas now and Indianapolis local fertility Dagda is facing charges. He actually tell it to different women that it was his firm that he used on them. And he said to use his own sperm about fifty times. How does it have a female patience? Is seventy seven years old by the way? Now you tell us that in a court room he said that he thought he was helping the way
because they really wanted to baby if they get pregnant every workforce. From what I hear. What is only sperm people to pick the spur? we're gonna where and how they had met. It is. Is that one woman door to learn that her father within our biological father that she was not an only child, so sometimes they might take the sperm from maybe her husband. Somebody did I once one who told you have a baby Where were you toppled very few women that he admitted that too? And then now they sat in investigating- and you know they do those dna test- those at home, dna tat road. Well, some of those van at online that they had like eight or nine brothers and sisters had no idea about that. Also have used that test. So there you have it may really abroad. The yacht. I've got the things burned on energy as it out that's what people got if thou realise at another, exactly like he said he didn't always have access to fresh sperm and he never use Sberbank. Some issues himself, yeah,
yeah. I got it ass if it was not a man of God. Above and beyond the call of duty of Georgia, we look lovely below the ugly man average man you're always render wearing apparel opposed to picture back or vote. You may have we remain over ninety seven, you look I'm over. Ninety. Seven avenues have ended up with a look here when I was younger now no Santa Claus, they do. I look like they say the closure hobby front of greater Santa Claus, your daddy real. Well, what if you're married and you're thinking that is your husband sperm, is being inseminated into. You know that it's this seventy seven Europe I mean a man, jobs on you, you got a few black movie, you black, and you know you and about a little white baby, developing joint. However, that has very serious where these kids, who actually this method that somebody else's their dad, is how time and then come to find out. It was a doktor derive well as front page news that, furthermore, you mad eight hundred five, eight five one viable
in view of such need event call is right. Now, I'm gonna make more money than initially without I'm in a hurry annually easy you can buy something for only one, point? Five million out of his eyes very boy. They ended in his manner when we apply wow, you really talk any other place in the country. A mansion for one point: five million is unheard of as Bessie. Very good is mentioned, has a bowling alley, a movie theater all kinds of step inside of it s, not a bad. I can't afford their, but that's not a bad place for that region, the man. Did you hear what I said ass, a Google? You could find out that anyone who is now the case you can find out loud I'll. Let you know what does doesn't my bride range became my oblige. You can put our money together, get a little grey obey go. You need to look at this Motown Manton, okay, ten thousand five hundred Square Foot house, but the forty four hundred square foot.
Tat guy ball acknowledged, but tell me why you may eight hundred five, eight five, what oh five one if you're upset you need event call us now is to breakfast club component. The breakfast club, you know what makes you man I can't handle. That's why you may want to press for the job along our fellow member on a MAC, my red guards right last Saturday, good especially already give Randolph Quantum Garboils
You're Galway thought yeah be all really sunken these. We would competitive about data that toward it. Don't I never seen anybody to work in Indonesia, Antwerp, Dormer Annie. I hate Indian still need America, Elsner Yoda, wherever it may sell. Am I mad? Now America, there are three key and those who live in it. If I had it out on me, may I say how without delay, I don't like to talk about the other man pal. I never use both to make your move right now for the correct that bad for me twisting selected thankfully, but if I were to ask you not to go to jail for you, you mad maligned and then to their family and welfare light. There was ever gonna bag. She collective where you, my dear we're gonna bag made about money. You dryness our hip. What the ladys slang hey deserve our money,
Monica badly wrong was now you go nuts, you wanna go to jail. He lives on another level. Now, I'm I'm, even though no you below incriminating. Thank you to come back to me. I am a proud and regular. Sadly, the scale of one day day you don't pick up no strange bag reporting of Zanu Report, allow this maimed Rachel Rachid ceremony, math, I'm mad because it twenty sixteen election, we haven't had any chance to talk about any of the issues, because all the media companies don't wanna talk about those issues because that Balbo Gunther on internet, like for one prescription drugs. Why don't we ever talk about prescription drugs because they're getting prescription drugs? Add all the time we can talk about Medicare, but right now get with China, the fight against the lobbying, the medical industry, and we don't get talk about that unused and I feel like we're being
we are operating. Aid are being taken away from us because of the media. Civically. I love you guys, you guys aren't you want them to be imposed by the news media and we don't have enough their coverage, beauty, a lively, the beauty alive and that we have all these new media like social media, and we still have. Led by radio when people like you can call and think about the issues they now have. I always alone avoid. Thank you guys. You Mamma low The media is not enough. Kalsaken curate, fortunately get by areas. That's what I'm trying to help, but think we'll be all right. Don't worry about eight hundred Fridays, What oh five one of your upset, you need a vet call us right now is to breakfast locomotion The breakfast club tat was One day of mourning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Hopefully enjoying your day today and also actually tell em again about their galaxy seven. If they had that, please,
yes and bring it back as those are blown up all over the place they might have to actually just skip. This whole note seven and go straight. No eight, all I know is tat. The man who said there can be a lot of people are here, will schliemann by holes. Are we sure that our galaxy, seven blown up in a really people were flame in bottles and aid is used as an excuse. Maybe finally back pocket, so when you but whole started flame in scream out EVA Galaxy. Seventy floated, navvy, don't wash automates over about his past life. Claims that the Manning rightly Oda by now thought of the moon was ass, the man, oh my god. It's gonna put our cancer and a bottle of avarice Cinema, it'll bird and merit and where they won't be able to sit down because of the burning it there. But I got a fine gonna play com. I got it, but, oh god, above playing coming out of your. But oh if you thought that aid was bad, you see
nothing yet until you see a flaming, but all your, but all what they framing and you will not be able to sit bow until you have a flame coming audio banal and noble people going around all that America would blames coming out of the bottle lightning book, I didn't realize the money dominant deterrent actually said is true. There I didn't write down for ye. Eighty be Toby Toby Grave Ikey wants you to pass to hate and attack the greater the forty four, is now saying that his Etas falada they would go to church where a good laugh like the guard. You gotta live like he's like that. You like a Donald Trump like Donald Trump. If he wasn't actually run for president, he be fun nearby. Funny and, as some people really actually believe him very leaving me. You believe that your but all is gonna be flame, and because you didn't penetrate about Ireland, I go to waste money go to church. If I didn't believe in what he was roused. Whenever I would you see, I would just want to see him say it did that
the way I said the boy is a brutal another hour somewhat of a boat hold such conviction, renewal, girl. I finish our support for that. Sorry all right what we got rooms or the way I yes, we are going to talk about designer. Now it was he targeted because of the color of his What are you how my appeal is responding to that also dancing with the stars find out who almost got attacked during the life season? ere. I will get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast club come on. The breakfast club with his cloak always direct burden, who has indeed been talking about how in buying houses all morning. Bananas is something that we can afford. It was almost three million dollars in its right next door to them.
Said he already has now. We don't know if he's using this as it gets how's we don't know if it has, for investment reasons, are not ever he's doing with the house, but is literally next door to him that the second person I heard in a matter of seven days, who told me he bought their neighbours while he bought an Avis ass? He said they were complaining about the noise, a debate which is like out by a thousand what house near the first was not because they die bodies. Neighbour's house needs is had this whole property. Now Traveling include, above all, in red negro fascinate guys. I will not enable complacent you, ok out by house, so there there has been there. They were renting sure, but I only bought it somewhere in the old boy properties. Now does not talk about that in a song awesome. So he said in his voice on whether or not we had order? No, we don't have don't. I can't even pay more. My whole form you and I'm still detained path to about Jason. That's you make a decision as it is. I will continue to do that. Drug monocles, Bunbury by Homepage, pathway, Montoni fonder your real about the weather. If only when you cut it off,
You better not be actually get the auto pay. Every month where a rights girl, ok, you're, rich, you can guide, you got it. You know he away from Come on over the allies have good credit are right. Then Nypd is responding to designers, legal team. You know they were saying that he was targeted because he was black arrested him for no reason. Clearly there was no crime committed well what their am. I pity you saying is that they should be playing the rays card in their situation. As the man who called nine, when one is hispanic, they said there was a man. He said he was met with a black firearm from individuals in the car. He said it was not a targeting situation because he was black. They are resident because he committed a crime according to the complainant, so man can be raises two right,
the real issue is watch all arrest them in and release thirty Dark Hall with a gun in your children will not in any form nuffin sets up a false information. They found some pills that will legally. I was far for the driver of the vehicle, so whatever they try to put out, there was not what they thought. It was gonna, be ok, dancing with the stars. Ryan Lackey is on the new season and alive season premier. They actually had a couple of people rest. The states. Are they actually arrest of the two guys? Who did it but they were taken down by security and detained. He had just finished doing a little foxtrot northerly eye witnesses. That is because it is rather like the story or mobile, even where they were plenty of eye witnesses. It was, and I for mayor but Are they cut the hammer you haven't seen on television, but you can hear the commotion and I don't believe it and a view is on the east coast actually heard the commotion, for they had a chance to edit it for the West
but on a believers are models of an army of its own deserve a monopoly, whether alot of people there were there? So that's what went down who k they? Actually, the guys in the audience ripped open issues to reveal a symbol for no lag like then lackey with no lackey, maybe I'll even IRAN locked we got caught with a Galaxy Samson seven in his back pocket no birth into flames into somebody or that lie liar pants off. I don't have it that he got a flame in line with the upper area wanted it to. That is your room, a report I manually, alright, beg you miss you shall remain. I ran away out of the window, Bulgaria disposed it isn't. My instagram by Benny booms is put at the trailer for the two path moving smart, so you can see added trail resuming the anniversary of to block the movie should have been dropping his we guy they. They were issues with the distribution of it and they are getting all that squared away Kansas. I would have been great. It will still be twenty years in a couple months. Ragged outage adulation sag I've anyway
an Anti Martinez that have been put out for two and a half hour interview she got would to. Parliament will never been relayed. Go this way, miser privacy rights enshrined as I was in the chair. Is a mighty ran up. Only like Thailand, you put down in view of the twentyth anniversary upon you, know, part fans alike, every. Yeah like following would bear got absolutely we from patient was up. Next. We talk about how we are going to take that as a Galaxy Samson note, seven that's been exploding will give you an update on if you happen to have their phone. As I will talk about sperm. Ah come in fora, keep alarmed, isn't that what you got a whole double with cream decision right, the right to Breakfast weatherman, O K Mart. We got a phantom door handle. I just want you to know that handle in the studio, just don't handle being here for the whole six that we work in here.
We now know when you reach forty moves on United Move moved army. Just did a recent annual move down. The greatest thing in the world will thus gives a front page news. The stalk, muddy bagful was a double had last night, the Steelers beat the Redskins last night and a forty nine is beat the rams. There was talk about the SAM some problems, you, yes, this Amazon Galaxy NOS seven. If you have a phone just shut up and bring it back, they are recalling all of those funds. Now this and that there's water results for Samsung could take a hit of up to nine hundred million dollars. Because of that a recall and the next, they actually might have to just say forget the note, seven and move right on to the next version than note eight. I think this is just a low bomb that they decided to start that need now, because this all of a sudden, these phones thought exploded, Stana, crazy, yes, a six year old boy, any echoes Burma net. No seven birth in his hands and has also been explosions, Florida, South Carolina, Julia Oliver. Bigger dragon
prices, in all all smartphones in little bombs, just in case we get a little too out of line and they hit that button from wherever they're at and please don't keep this phone in your back pocket cuz if it explodes. If you're going to take this, flaming, but all you gotta the world who pass the man you want to go out there. Now you get some sperm and you get some sperm and you get this right, you can say: no are you talking to Lord arousing around Amanda Downward giveaways, Burma around my little banana and Indianapolis local fertility, Dagda use his own, sparing through inseminate, his patients tat their Donald client, seventy seven years old and he's cantonese facing two counts of obstruction of justice. Now, according to current documents, he told to women that he used his own sperm about fifty times to help his female patient become inseminated, and that is why he did he felt like he was hoping women, because they really wanted a baby. He was ok we're anyway. After conducting dna tests on these two women investigators discovered that it was indeed the article
sperm and then it turns out. There is at least eight or nine other women who found out that their kids were all related to each other because they are disbursed, from doktor climate problem areas, human beings, gamekeepers eager God back the climate. Do is keep his mouth shut and it had been a modular maybe runner. I look like Santa Claus, Z looks like Santa Claus. Leaders had to run his mouth and tell everybody Y Y, you get a bunch of kids with more another woman. You know mushrooms, and you have asked for a huge nowadays, mama rape now is that we now have a criminal sexual conduct, maybe some kind of criminal. You have sex with their money. Why dusk I've got to do something, but it's not re. You take my sperm and put it in you without permission for get permission, budgets his birth information, for others may only be you gotta be more distinctive. When you're going to be no think me detail about, I once Barman going
Do we have? As you know, I don't know nothin, I really don't. Yes, you couldn't be a bit argued whatever improving labour play and that's what you wanted you They are not pretending, lady and pretend to be a change of mobile, get worse, Burma. But now you understand what I'm trying to do here right now, a few people gotta erect from that there are other matters ermine and that in any event they did it weighs like that
Let us talk about this movement arrested for stealing from a cop. Yes, he's in northwest easy still, three french rise from a police officer who is at a literary at the pizza, italian pizza kitchen and am she said, and I took the opportunity to set a conversation. Then she restated signify as he was eating. The opposite of it is tat, but then she took another when so nasty get arrested in in the pre support. They said they still in property this it s, french, fried potatoes, quantity! Very furthermore, the police officer these faithfully married are extremely gay because he is not feeling this woman flirting with him at all. Ok, second of all, I'm awfully I can't stand a body of monthly occasion. Did their Attica, Josie Kind said the other day he grabbed a woman in the audience. Is french fried I hate Did I hated because we, both at a restaurant? If you wanna what I mean you should have already out what you wanna beset lots of. You don't know me, don't you dare
afraid. Even if you do know me, my daughter does there all the time- and I have a huge problem- don't take anything off my had another area modules going out. There is a good job and other she should have been arrested To my mind, it now mine, you gotta, set a precedent. I do I'm serious. We keep your hand out other people. Food may argue we face Lena and if the worse, when someone wants a piece of which you are eaten- and you don't want to peace what they eat out of mankind, any strategy for that with the police officer and take the fry in like out of the amount of money and overlapping or rice that, as you say, Amadou another. When I may take the fry and put it in my mouth- The recently married are extremely gay or like images, and she was terribly terribly God medically jobs and he was a failure or eighty five, eighty five one or five or let's just asked. Are you a Ford leave? Do you like to take forward from other people's plate that ain't you, ladies? Nobody is lady. That data think they have to do that. Due to my man, have not yet we know a guy. Do it see you all the time to day you be eating food and then they eat or their food?
answer me, you of animated minimum wages, Puss Burma from your blue five, eight five, what a viable which all consider for these out there and do you hate, as I hate it like, I got cheerfully with last nugget right and my daughter grab it. I will be here over. The odds are gonna, do not take their last night by the way, if you and your wife in your life in some way be able to get it. Let her get the last piece of work. CARE member movie, I learn from it as a movie, but Molly was that somebody me right now, tat you are legitimately away the last chick nugget. Yes, he paused to someone and are you supposed to level out? Are you going to some remarks jasmine in wild blackening about what a black will be? More assessment was definitely my goodness age, five, a firewater four or five call us right now. Are you a food? These do you like to take food from other people's plates, but is that body, when somebody take your last little Vallejo, your last for fry, the last piece of MAC,
only last piece, a jerk chicken, latin volatile, coolly gas call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive: the breakfast club. J C excuse me Miss morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're talking about food believes that is lady was arrested in D c for stealing offer cops plate. And radically different fries grasp late. You know, sometimes I imagined it yeah, no matter that we gotta thought, then the president may keep your hands out a motley I'll. Give you my wife. I gave you much how I can stand at you know. I guess they, namely that we had a restaurant, some right and you wonder what I will do right. I should like to say no sample of while some times you got something there were so many ass garlic buried in which you low and then you they may I give you a better and we should have had a better decision making see I'm a man, my wife taste of Amr Place and time. That's it probably, but it is my kids
I don't know why was role monkeys as you might become from outside they dirtied even play basketball is what in ages prayed him awfully? I don't like it and then they take some of your play and ask you if you want, if you want some, There is no good about one of them of Euro. That would order. Would you got that a fair trade when you, some of my play in then I an archaic. Nothing in return Zeit would talk about food. These are full visa. You're forty broke. My girl we'd, better, get a nice restaurant in his lap who come down her book. I doubt it was even reaches, whereas you reaches across the table and dig them I play in it. It bothers me every tat. They would you say anything. You say nothing a kind of bears out, but I have the whole today.
Is about my girl in at all. I don't want to. I don't wanna call in a union that the day will here and now the problem. Ladies dig that we'd all mine that, because we don't say nothing about it, will we be furious known in guys do at other times who thou emerges, women they do. It allows this child homophobic dna. You sound like a fool: Deef Man, I'm not a faulty. However, I wonder Bertha Tiger Morning an anti really answer: Ye Athena, Lowell as you the Brown Lee I earlier, I let I see wait aware, thereby, ok. My comment I want it, I'm only for eleven. I weigh about one hundred and thirty myself. He does take my meat portions off my plate. He eats his protein first. Don't tell you, you told the I await, and I am sorry but I'm not gonna, be like a baby.
Now. However, have pointed out, my man lay out I'll feel at all I'm really feeling that you never took the fry off your man's play. I don't like it I'm with I'm with DJ. Envy kids needs nephews, brother sister, don't put your hand in my play. Go get your own. So if we want to regulate always you love their masters, lazy like us, we have only when is it three four that I want to order right all your more allows, this manoeuvre layer. How do you do serve in Europe? more Dave, you still photo of your mama's late. You ma made. You call is morning because you tired you pig in food overplaying. She wanted. This is called you for it, Ah, how do you do If over you will you tell us
cut that out the yacht. Only duty BT wants a move now vote? You will call you in your way to school you every morning there do. You have a great their school right Am I derive ago which, by the way, the name? What a movie is the brothers Roma talking about the movie when it says that it is of course Oh, you know it out. It was a black movie certain admires Jaffna De L, usually Bill Bellamy and in a movie If the guy would give you your very, is very lap he's a food now love our Leslie Brothers, eight, five, eight five! problem which organs EU food in here? Do you like to take full from other people's played? Do you hate when people want food from your play? Call us now is to breakfast Club Gomorrah.
That was Drake Cal it for free morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're talking all you fool thieves out there. Five, a firewall or five one at his story came from a lady that was arrested in DC from stealing offer police officers play. What does she still you very french fries Brief Ross. I am all for that. They will get to set the precedent for these food. These and actually bottom interesting. Question Ladbruk was that she said what, if you only want three french right, I don't know, but you can ask the wages for Intra yadda Zena. Did it as you gain? If you ask a wages, really yoke, and you did for me three four and five, which we all know. How does one three lay them rise in that they will only like. I was crazy about as the wages with three transition you gotta hold played afraid of finding out. What would you do better if I hate you eat nor my plate, or rather you
the wage for three rather than eat off my play are the only time rather than with them at ease off my play is cause I'm picking either right. So now, let's say we get some food out uneasy food out. Only read me I'd only pork, ok, we can eat air ticket and vegetables Nokia. Ok, so let's say you guess: them. It is something need that, but out and got again. I can't even ask me a fool for you to ask him a man only fair that without a even trade we both get. This is that we can share, because usually, if you go out with a bow, they supposed to get something that they know you can eat. Also: ok, I want to get this cause. I know you like that too. So we can swagger food. I want a new food, it you what it has exactly what I say it is not a fair trade of you take off my plate and you got something to not all want. That's not even a change. Tat I was is saw me out for my army was a blow your full name and what some yarn bombing some Euro Asian some young security go before long. Just some young brood.
You appropriating Chinese, called you right now they have a right now, you're forty zero non. I put these kids taking half of you advertise and then leaving half of their full. When you get when you got a restaurant, the other really horrible food is when you got. Really my left over from from me now, I think everybody, mad cow disease, take it. If I go you, what are you doin they'll, say nothing. You go. There fridge I've, as we all know where the animal was. People like leftovers are community property of our borders that more from a restaurant, that's mine. Now I went I'm like a boy to live and work and go home and ease and leftovers analysing the phrase and I go home and is gone as, and probably my wife probably hit me No a net and muttered. I hate. Are you nuts level? Is that you do that? I shall bring the leftovers oval eaten loved. All of you want do, you know actually grounded. My daughter, I bought a sickly praise from chicks, lady everyday right, ass. She actually brought have of it
go to share with your friends, because a friend never had she fully and I grounding of woody. You just go away, you hurt you and I'm not gonna. Let you beat back to my right. Pigmented prayer nodules had got hold of her. She gave you matter. I guess she decided to be a nice young girl and you, yes our relations in a light is good order. The sixty, please, will you take it home and you guys, on the next day, when more than one is waning, got some fresh, chick fillet. Nobody question why she was taken a tree on the house. Now we I mean the nanny over. It is the school and she just took the baby.
Are you just go on and keeping a generous and also the hidden should hold you qualities, grounded alarm which on which on which on which our gratitude just pillows, is why, under the why they ve Jersey, forty broke it got me about drove over food, be buried. Like I work at a restaurant by professor, you guys, I think it was the very varied like fail But then, if you keep what everybody table, I like a matter matter who, or it is worth if you pay, for it, is yours anyway, even moved backwards. It I get the breadth of white light, brought each a pop wanna, be compromised by the by
come on now a days I'm I can't stand at either. Could I like that you're not old? When I go to the movies, if you ain't order, no nachos keep your hand away from my goddamn nachos, allowing no natural Don t anyway by like sharing for ok. What's ass, thou right. What was the moral of the story? Family of energy supply, the more we share the more we have now non euro. No yeah do now when it comes to food, Marcia LAB that, as we now eyes away it's faction comes from sharing with others, yes, no, none that satisfy the two of you eat my late now love only grows by share. You can only have morphia self by giving it away to others. Yes, no, no, no, I gotta think depleted fillet nugget and I give away authority. Only got thirty lab where sixty nine hundred is applied, and I have no more than a third of the aims that they're not touch. My food ass to go more regularly span land, We spread in Brooklyn, Ya'Ll, scam and rob lavish. Rather I
We must come up. Yes, we are going to be talking about Chris Brown. Is he being targeted? Yet again, it will tell you what happen they make. It seem. Ichorous Brown just went Ham in basketball court also aim at rag is facing a lawsuit, would tell you what he allegedly there After all, that a more keep a lot is the breathless cloacam on the matter. Did the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where there are these, equates about Chris Brown getting into an argument at a charity, basketball game, a celebrity basketball game and he's now clearing it out? They had disappeared,
I'll put AIDS, which shows him arguing? Nobody knew what was going on. It was arguments between venue, security and Chris Brown Security. Now, Chris around posted, there is a way to talk to people respectfully and co exist, but when anyone things they can fully you or disrespect you from the opinions of others, it's whack, then the story reads: Chris Brown started this or did this. I don't give a damn about your personal opinions about me, but when you let that trickle into the job you are supposed to be focused on you're gonna get exactly which I'll call me a price. Bloom? Okay. So apparently it was just a situation where Chris Browns Crew was seated in area. They would be rude of disrespectful for China, make his crew leave and that's when the staff from the basketball game did step in and said things straight. Net is of the same basketball game. You guys are MAC. Miller was playing this game. Miller was implant images out and said there was to inflame and actually is out there yeah. He was the sexy beagle. I felt
for MAC Miller, they posted a video. Do you see any Lubeck? They undertook it forever, You know what our bodies maybe look bury the rule, not a basketball player. Now, like he got crossing over by a guy who does that all the time derisory just did back and then goes a little cabin to its ability no absolutely actually you gonna gotta get magnolias problem, because those that would you go to your games for co decision by the end be sacrificed themselves. Nomad. Miller like we do personally is a funny guy. You Bobby was very embarrassed, a video went everywhere: noble girl with India. Oh, my God is usually wages have in a manner in congratulations to Travis gotta, got his earth and number one hour
From what I know about your wife time, this has happened for him. Ok, birds in the trap sing make night that is noble when album eighty eight thousand equivalent happy so early in the first week, Ideally, you ve got the so called lose that are really really really enjoy. Really really really already. Is the fifth hip hop items to be on top of the billboards two hundred and two twenty? Sixteen who do you think the other for our twenty? Sixteen ok, Drake working on the issue and you're going to conquer cardio jammed the rebel groups can generally about airline. Carry what I'm kinda drugs you made him.
We cannot ignore the Jinni. Do that album? There was untitled at the Untitled. No illusions that came. Another players will run for yourself. Yes, our congratulations to him. Our I sat Rakkeed is facing a law suits. Apparently he left in New York City apartment in ruins. Now he had told landlord, he was gonna, make some alterations and then be story before his lease with over. Unfortunately, according to the landlord that did not happen. He left in August it with filthy and damaged, and he also remove the customs handle air security cameras. And is the bath bathroom downstairs and less Danes and scratches threw out, so he once a hundred thousand dollar two thousand followed come on now can be that bad was a lot of money for the eyes. Were scratch
If a measure we want a rabbit, you never know much he's having doing, but I am thinking here get less. Maybe Anna array and of course I was telling you guys earlier about this to pack movie trailer that has been released today is actually to pursue the chile that got put out by Benny Boom on his instagram. So for all of you that are exciting to see this to pack movie it out what you said about me. I know that you will need to destroy me coming at me. I re sad is my blog to me anyway. I'm excited Zita, Those are. The movie is really great. I wanted my young homegrown was calls takes me yesterday, easy
Meno. Make me hate him. This used to be a clear programme? I you know the movie right there openness is the main. I did a great job and we know is the clear bottle. I murmured Meno shootin somebody's comment. I guess come mainly where that is We will report, I may easily Ague Museum shot. I knew we given a donkey two's amid Doktor Mallika low Robbin NEWS comes before irrigation. Yes, we need to have a war with this young man. We need. Where would the young man and we need to embrace this young man? Ok, how old he nineteen years he's crazy? We need a man in the street. Oh, yes, we need this young man erect. I will get to their document. We come back. He belonged to. Was Colombia's, is Jeremiah Jake Old.
I was born and I don T mean TAT. You have not yet a day for Tuesday September thirteen go the nineteen year old, Doktor Mallika La Robinson, who already in his short life, has to be top five scams of all tat. Now, Having heard who doktor Molokai low Robbin is used to float, a teen was accused of practising medicine without a license in Florida. All young Mallika love is ill with it. He wasn't just rags, medicine. He had his own practice. He was arrested for allegedly operating a fig medical practice in West Palm Beach. After an undercover agent, reportedly visited the new birth new life medical center. He had a name for it
Odin in Everything Argent care and the guy was given a physical examined. Medical advice by love. Robys enough you keeping score, the young man. Don't you today back then for this, because my thing is: if you gonna go to all his trouble, scamming spending all the time another time pretending to be a dark and trying to get over on people, and you could I just want to medical school, okay. Well, nineteen Yoda, the Mallika low Robinson is back in the news he was arrested for multiple counts of identity fraud. Because he's gonna go, do what a scammer going. Do let's go to CVS.
Before the report this nineteen year old, along with a seventy three or a woman, walked in wanting to buy a luxury car when it was time for paper workmen and define its director. Save a teen told them. He was a doktor said that he makes almost two hundred and forty thousand a year. The teens pay stub he claimed was from his own medical practice, turn out to be a fake. The address was tool, Walmart Florida. Then a sales person recognized his face. The other cells persists and Nightingale doctored. I was a story in the news, a couple once so in Google them and sure enough. This can popped up and he's like that's her. A teenager was Molokai love, Robinson for West Palamedes Florida, also known as doktor love. Earlier this year the team was arrested for pretending to be a doctor and stealing from an really patient. Ever he briefly left the dealership. The GM called him back saying he was approved for a car, but instead Staffer county deputies were waiting with handcuffs young Mallika low Robinson is out here for nothing the elderly for vehicles with his little boy from Brooklyn
a wide area, ugly therapies, somebody me the grab this young great mine and show him the right way, because this kid has too much potential for some reason. He has chosen to be a supervillain instead of a superhero that domestic, I love, Robinson, you're, smart kid, you gotta go to school and make something of yourselves stop less than all of your time and energy and to try to get over people and invest time and energy into making something. You yourself is obviously a great people. Parson God is able to get out. Just come weight on the random call ads and in not even What they signed off on stuff is able to get loans for building an open, a medical practices, easy obviously as great people's skills. Okay, somebody just needed to grab him and have him stop investing his enemy,
into rhyme. Ok, crimes, just misdirected energy mallika. You are misdirecting energy into the wrong channels. You could be the next tony stocks. The next Bruce Wayne all right. Now you look like buddy pine about transforming the syndrome. Please give Doktor Mallika Le Robinson to smooth thousand hamiltons you now We you yeah, I'm telling right now more for people getting punished for their crimes, but doktor matter, I love robbing them column. Doktor, because he's arena down, Donald call them that did not get it It is not me. Jetted low boy needs school by this change has too much potential manage. Kid is often necessary to the highest degree, but he's for you?
I would never have the right things and tell what does guy his own medical practice right. You don't need to build in everything you need school. I needed meant or question eight hundred five question and eighty five one five one. Fifty five should this young man go to jail, or should he go to school? In the reason I say that it is, if you have the CIA Aladdin Times instead put you in jail. They hire you because you so good you able at what movie did you watch that you started? strong proof is Andrew issue, because it is so good that, with these young boy he was able to he opened his own whenever our business. Here, it open for awhile, actually had page, promoted and marketing. Add patients come to it right is clearly good. Would people because the ideas elderly women come all the way that there was a badly women walkin around in she? She has gone. One really really know each other. Now exactly did he have a cure? Anyone We don't know we might have made of Rwanda.
Theory that you know when it comes to doctors. You know is that even of course you gotta go to school and you just sort of occasion, but not that does actually touched by God. They are known it like. You know you can't go, do surgery on people and think that needs at the doctors. Especial Discreet, have especially when I'm telling you this guy, don't look in terms of finance. The man is, kid can be something in life will use your mental him. I ain't got the time of the end of my own, but what I'm saying is somebody need to grab this little boy? I don't think jail is what this young man needs. This young man needs schooling. Late. I find what five one should this kid go to school, or should this kid go to jail? Does may God in prison. I should go to school, India we avoid he could be a doctor in jail back. Rectal examined a don't you, private firewater firewater to breakfast. We go ass up the breakfast.
With dream. I love your girl morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club now eight hundred five, five one five one Charlemagne gave donkey of the data who showed me doctor, Malachi, love, Robinson, Imma, call column doktor, because you know you turn out to be what you pretend to be. I want this young man to be a doctor when they believe the same young man who actually opened up his own medical care. This and was arrested for operating of big medical practice in wet palm beach and now it's been arrested for make an elderly woman to a car dealership, China for death him a Jaguar. Ok now, you go to jail, are right, but All I'm saying is this: young man had a lot of potential. This young man clearly have good people's people skills. Able to open up his own business and cuz. He did it with a medical practice. He did when he was seventeen he's nineteen. Now I don't think this kid needs J. I think he needs school, there's a good guy Gabby is able to get people to do what he needs. Do yes, which is which is greatly lay after about a jig. Is
logic is everything. Is you go to jail or school? If I may remind you, are still very young about what he did was a crime that used to be on probation for two years. He had to help people because it had to work. He did have anybody. For me. I know that I can say that he had to help people in promoting their mortgages. All medical, brags people, chauvinism, medical pride- is one where you gonna hurt you wouldn't let you would pretending to bid you I've been looking for China's all that's hurtful. If these people are coming, they gonna go into a real doctor and nothing's happening finance. We don't know where that is true to its very her for what we spend money in everything. That's the point we just gotta tissues do that he can do to the legal way. You'll have to pretend to be a does a lot of money on a back when they do simply lays down that they want to back under recognising the potential his tail Talley You know what I'm saying about these somebody run away from this of a crime, mad Faz la Mancha,
did the problem. Why do you say to speed up boy Julie LE because it would have been eleven? You gotta? Look. I gotta lackeys as aware have long known in gotta give militia as he has ever they wanted to Iraq? The keyboard is ailing. Oh yes or no He showed him a better way. Man put this man is cool. Little financed in books allows this girl, my clothes and my you take this case. You go to jail or school, then anyone education where we talk about the financing of open access at five percent water to wine y know. I make an ally and North Korea, We should have some type appointed me, but we have to recognise that this kid had a different type of skills, that than most nineteen. You allows it
linking Burma Wacky a Mamma would take these boys, you go to jail or school of all. Let me say I love ya away with you guys Brian Crowley, clap the Charlemagne youth and bad morning. You know The lady you hold it eyebrow. I love you guys. We levy to Nigeria. Definitely me forgot Would you be if you went to him think he was a real action. They are found out. He wasn't and you can go in him. That's all I'm saying you don't love me that much you run out of life. Mature Ronald, who does the and he did it and got away with it, so he more united, hinting at it. He didn't get away with it clearly, two years, a lot of damage, but you got all these dude. I pretended to be gangsters, pretending to be drug dealers pretend to be.
What dog? Lord Elmwood, his man, pretending to be a doctor that illegal will. I do you got, is illegal. No, no! You can pretend to be a gangster if your rapporteur don't be an adaptable to return to be what you pretend to be, I would rather member tend to be adapted to pretend to be any it at other stuff. We need to grow these young boy in show him the way. I believe that children are the future teased him. Well, Let them lead way Gaza. We need to do man, shortage of mental ability to you possess it. As I listen, listen you with it is made for this area a flaming bottle examining you and your picture flame about your wife was going to him of the data and data on you find out that you ve never really adapted how that will increase kosovars. Furthermore, view of women, but all you shouldn't go to a dog, he should go to a firefly, nothing, I'm ok, number two! Yes, I would be upset, but I still have to recognise this young man skills at age. We debated what skills that this man opened up a medical practice. You lot isn't people area that can do.
Thing these voted without work and not adopt. We know, but have now made an element of all medical practice at seventeen years old. That is that's kind of genius and a sick way. It is Don't you find a line in medicine, we talked about doktor loves: did he go to school or jail callers nails to breakfast locomotive? That was one day and Drake morning. Everybody's dj, envy age leave Charlemagne a girl. We are the breakfast club we're talking about back the love Charlemagne gave back to love donkey, updated. If we're Charlemagne knocked Mallika love, you know, there's gotta be top five scams. The world has ever seen. He took an elderly woman to accord due a ship and tried to get a car. If you remember, Doktor, Mallika love you, the Tina was accused of practicing medicine without a license in Florida. He was, Will you arrested for allegedly operating a fig medical practice and wet palm beach after an undercover agent visited his new, powerful new life, medical center and urgent care
given a physical examined, medical advice by low Robson. Doesn't we need to act under cover aging? I give you actual good advice. Example. Nor the medical terms, an objective that is as you use now. I don't know. If he's a gene is one woman said dad she just come up online and went in him right and she said that she told She was in pain. He said I have just the right pills for you and then that's what tipped hereafter. He was talking about or nobody gave her regular aspirin welltrained would. I would ask the type of stuff you gotta learn in school lol. I'm telling you this kid is on the right path. You he's got the right foundation to me. Something. On top of it. Allow this Liberia and allow with undue ma? Am I doing today we do not take this? Gives you go to jail school? Definitely school thanks on we'll raved, especially everything. I don't even know that car, but I think that things like from their case. Nor do I think you need to do it the right way oh, no you're going to China take short cuts. That's all I'm trying to us all, I'm trying to tell me young man, NATO, Chico Big, now that document
actually allows this Pisa doctor, these you go to jail or school he's a child. He can definitely go to school jail is not a police force. We have or anything like that legally fees and have been proven that our group is not by created through reform people. Like you see, I feel I feel like teetering on the edge like he's at a point where either he's gonna continue down the wrong path. Or you can turn around and faint open up like it. There is anybody out there, his family, anything like end by those that Bob like stand in for him by piggybacking, otherwise about one of the main way to Morrow he's nineteen years already uses woman's credit cards have fraudulently by two Ipad tablets in it. Phone. Just the same way. It is garbage yeah, that's illegal! Can you imagine America's next stop scandal?
America's Newborns gamma, could be America's next upsurge in that region that are these games added yet and as it were, smart well, We know that if we just look at this from the nose up at scammers, my goodness the christian values, but an aim, a joy, smaller these data, but because he was born in aid. He died in eighteen. Ninety eight actuated by he hasn't great literature, many other coke, and now, when I called the child rightly train. Maybe a worldwide blessing with an influence reaching on Wirt eternal years, but in the elected or misdirected child may live to blight. Blast mankind and leave influences of evil, which shall roll on an increasing volume toddy plunge into the gulf of eternal perdition. That is what It's happening Malaga right now we need to rightly train is young man to be a worldwide blessing because he has something to offer the world I'm telling you
I will not leave the stag getting arrested for doing the same things over and over again and realise that this path and he's gonna go down. Isn't work of our group is reminiscent of direct damage? Us all. Absolutely athletes was more restored. What about our own robot is dead man, you dogma with more than a dark night, it s each eyes and elderly women. Thirty five hundred dollars, ok, retreating, stemming pain, and he really do anything for her. Yet again that money. Well, yes, you daddy, was a doctor the only woman nor the label cause you can go ahead and one can take advantage of people. He emptied her bank account. You have to call an ambulance for her own. Would you want to leave her purse banning forged check some hurricane? so you re not buying problem. Here there is a black about. I don't think there, I would say I'll, you're, so smart guy, but I do feel like it needs some type of something Probate below you probably have a clean record from doing all these he's got any information, and some I knew this unknown said you really want to be adopted. That rule.
Which intended to be a guarantee that all medical school year, nineteen, let's go a candidate. Why can't you We need be a disorderly assembly also going to give up one young people. Would you want the white man support you, white man? Why man? Ok, a budget? You don't care about! You, don't wanna, go far wide, all money, for you are right to be a kind colleges row fragile. Show what man cleaned out latitude. On my mind, I may give you put on you negroes, nay, I believe in a Europe where I'm happy for you. What do you do when a white man on which either How does the EU area? Let me add a dollar and sell somebody got examined by pretending to be adapted, and you find out as a kid pretending guys. Gonna put our cancer in a bottle. How would you feel you? How would you feel for the White Man, what you know, what dropping clues bombs for the white man again? Keep the white man keep your foot on these negroes neck. All right, Many people rooms- gravy, yes, wagon,
about a little way and find out what he's gonna be talking about today when he goes on undisputed, also salons. She actually vote a gray essay that I think you guys need to hear a piece of it and she's talking about going to a concert and just being treated like she doesn't belong and she's like we do belong, and I tell you I arrive and also, of course, we have the two parts, one he has an adverse remix. Let me know you favour path. Joyce talking you requested right now is to breakfast locomotives. The breakfast club. The report is the rule for the breakfast club whereby gave it a mermaid, not a fan of Nicky Menagerie posted a picture of little him on Instagram. He said: look like a little came. The queen Bee a make business one about pot pink here at some point. Let me say Helen was that, as you say, respect the architect
bitch? Oh now, all this live their like. This is a job because of Nicky Menage layers and the pink print freestyle, despite right here, some may think here. I don't know why you would insert herself into it at the low murmur. You know but I can see it s in your speck dog tax, because yet little king was wearing Peggy away before midnight. Yes, but maybe Nicky just talk hard, interracial right, but whatever they'll make these few males rat ha. I love love when Nicky wraps a low mama around. I mellow Mama Mickey seem like she's on an issue which is good by the way is a lot of female rabid Anti Robin harsher, but they started a matter on how these pages wrap in breathing. Am I right We know that IRAN and I love it.
Go and I love it. I write rail is back, ok, where their third season of as we all know that time is not on the show. So honest. Yes, day as you and violence we answer is the hotel the talks about how he actually proposed last month in Paris. I gave her a bunch these, while they re so they're like wine to three in our work and he was on his way out of your mind at that time, are you nervous you think Congress Bengalee Plus, of course, are nervous, like this is a once in a lifetime woman worthwhile what a good Bosnia with you laws wait. I hate him.
That part of the normal day you live there now, so you don't what is supposed to do? Have you noticed when the rest of your life? What a woman show me did you can be alarmed my loses. Their weight, ok, array, little Wayne is gonna, be an undisputed today and he's gonna sit down and apparently he's gonna be talking about. Is he actually going to be retiring for good? I wouldn't undisputed. I was scared, Bayliss, all ok, nothin, who showed her minimum percentages motion of censure as illegal. You know, you know, met at a me, but it's gonna happens. It is over you, wanna wives, dad that's about to happen. I think, unlike about a half an hour, Don't turn out? No, we gotTa Jan about it. They heard that you address when young I gotta know. Do we tabled I had not been premium package, we got all channels, those somebody I
You know what I'm trying to say: yeah, but you're, going to be sitting down and undisputed today to talk about all of that, whether or not he's really retiring, because a lot of people were begging and pleading for Wayne. Please do not leave us cadmium content, the little Wayne about his contract situation like a free agent trying to get the problem. When you from his team can modify agent in always devilish array cell lines. She actually wrote this article essay someday very personal to her and she talking about what is to be black and predominantly white spaces as cod and do you belong? I do- and I think you guys are read this when you had the opportunity as she talks about different tone. She said set the tone. One says to your friend boy gone over there in Hammy, my bag at the airport, assuming he support is the same one that tells you MA am go into. Other line over there when you checking in at the airport at the first class counter before you even open up your mouth is the same one. That yet screams as you and your mother, in your sleep when you on it
from MILAN surveys or give me your passport. Now you look around and see if anyone else is being requested. This same thing only to see a kind of women actually confront the agents on your behalf and ask why you are being treated this way, so she talks about the different tones that people use with her in certain situations. I am basically being in a predominantly you know white world by privilege, type, a situation that is Trudeau while Morgan out over the wire gauze build another day like this. Why do behind us and he was like call called like Shu Kai, a guy like you talk to do it was you and me wagon longer dallying outta, my us forget essence. What would you say back would play inside? What would you know? You are correct that by everybody else, I'm lost lost a little slow to react stuff like that, but the Erika Shiva he's got into you belong ideas that we have a chance to check it out. You should definitely ready to tax about going to a concept and taking her son in somebody actually throwing something.
Because they were at the content. Standing up excited to see as damper for the white woman tat meal on the shoulder and Jim. To tell me that I need to be quiet. Cuz- I was on the elliptical machine- and I was talking into my you like eight hundred at night in the gym, was packed and the music was playing. Something like. I wasn't really paying attention to my conversation to hear me over everything that's going on in his Jim,
no bad interact, and I think I think I recently I will talk about Burma, nation. Well, I've known you a little bit here. That would that's why you learn that is sometimes tend to say. May turn a real alone. We should have a dogma cell. If you have any less is all about. So let me know your favorite super joy right now. Did you talk about Tupac loud around now? I know why you allowed to Bognor some years five, a five. What five, when you favour to participate in it, a revolver. We'll see you guys to. Let me too remote lot around. Maybe there let me should definitely not to breakfast locomotive.
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