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Today on the show we had a first timer stop by and that is RnB artist H.E.R ! She spoke on how she started, love for music and Michael Jackson admiring her work. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to an Oregon dad who confessed to staging home invasion to steal his daughters profit from selling Girl Scout cookies and Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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in the morning, you guys got been talking to experience a morning shone like came up with a break with the devising of ultra bank. The plan my morning, you really not happen, is waiting come to show men utterly I'd, be a big time. Let me be very big. Actually Charlemagne, the guy at the breakfast club good morning, USA Sire,
The asylum was gonna walk in motivated yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah. It's all make up more than they. Actually, my enthusiasm is now actually yes there. I know that you're pretty cold, sometimes in here it's freezing, right now you have a trench a tricky darling on labelling of sterling sheepskin on right now, three, there is little to right now. We ve called an air. Listen to send out a email about how it's freezing in here inherited air is blowing making it, and if I can have air,
listening blowing on me. Are they? Let me say it looks mare. Crazy radiology of their turnover is crazy. That is so called in here, because you have shot you have short or what a trench never address. You have addressed so what happens when you walk? Did I'm like, or you see his legs in a church? You just leave. Your boyfriend is like this a little awkward weird act to go to lunch in today's. I have on a dress and their misuse there in my bag and it's cold in here. Whatever you in your boyfriend last night is up to you in your way for actually hosted an event yesterday at Alison and Libya, because one of my favorite stores to shop- and you re an outrage No, I will not deny my sword yesterday. Them rushing it ochre innocent people arrested it for their warm weather. Yes, it soon as it gets like pretty degrees. They like our ear. I go. Let me go ahead and put on some some sorts or address. But yes, That's everybody who came out and chat with as Taylor. Exactly was one of the hose in her show started yesterday. Army two reports that old check her out on. They are also machine. There was one of the Holy Sinclair Summers from
I should buy daily and care in prime. She is the managing editor at vanity, fair and seventy red. Who is the Senor Fashion at Eric, cosmopolitan and temperature? The proceeds Monceux a nonprofit in Brooklyn that provide social services are Yorkers in nice. Those nice spewed awful events last night, everybody that we shall reach had acted Sammy from Alison Libya and tell him me put it together, there's that they like shopping and haven't some drinks and having your friends in a dj. These eighty day was there. She was disuse. Excellencies did a great job- shelter, yes, a little yesterday to withdraw, recluse ban for ye. I was like a gear games. You would have me spent a lot of money. That's why she stayed asshole I envy of China. We do for chaired on this job. What a coup bombed for Gc Davy now with J C is the Gulf and not only because I think, he's the best wrap in the best lyricists ever what he does. Mankind, what he does for people, what he does for his community, what he does, but industry now have you haven't I
Easy created a fifteen million dollar trust fund for Nixy, hustles, kids. It s amazing, is that crazy, like J, is that guy deadly that guy from ever thing from help a meat meal to help a little wanes help, and so many people behind the scenes he is really. Guy? He is the made it I made it pass, make it and I'm given back. I remember lives, they didn't he a daisy boy, his album and he didn't say anything to him about it when he was sitting those apples but a hundred a hundred hours at a hundred dollars. You boy flimsy by J, the guy. You know we all give back and we all do things it to try to help our community budget goes over and beyond, and I love it and in our respect, We always you always orgies, you always jeez. Yes, that's the reason why? Because he does ass my way past more than he supposed to for our people for our committee
well. That's amazing, that is amazing. Drop drop. A bomb for cool motor, for example, looted. That's easy right! Well, let's get the show. Cracking are beyond Her will be joining us this morning. I love her and found that eliciting her in the car. All the time you have a nice Dr Paley romance egg is really do so. We will kill you. Her and we got front pages. Are we talking about where less about Joe Biden them, where women have come forward, accusing him of some inappropriate behaviour, Dhaka or I will get into that when we come back, keep it lapses. Cati be, please me right. Gotta love at the breakfast locomotive. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club that was Cati. Be. Would please me those cancel front page so we suddenly Alison about Joe Biden even accused now by three more women, which means is a total of seven women who are coming forward with their accounts of inappropriate touching by him. Now these women, I have very similar stories of unwanted touching.
One of them, Joe Biden, introduced her and she was staring sharing a story about a sexual assault victim who committed suicide and he responded by holding her hand. Using his forehead on hers. That was us nothing in the photograph a lot of people had a chance to see are placing his forward before his forehead on her for it yeah that's, ok, go, and then there was a farmer. It has in turn, who describes similar actions during an encounter when she was walking out of the basement of the West wing. She said she you nobody take her hand. She said he then put his hand. In the back of my had impresses born to my forehead. While he talked to me, she said I was so shut. It was hard to focus on You were saying now Joe Biden has responded. So what these women are saying, a new video in my career. Tightening human connection, I shake hands, I had people I agree with my shoulders. You can do this. I have always made his way. I'm trying to show I care about them and have listened, and now it's all about taking selfish together in our social wars and began to change
their children and about protecting personal space. Have reset Hank has been much more mines as my responsible, but is that sexual, whether women are a thing it's some of them are saying it was essential, but it was inappropriate, swear like somebody just doing that to you know I mean it he was like. That's what he does seem like. He hugs people he holds. People close, he embraces, people doesn't seem like he's put his hand luggage, ass, a grab NASA gravity boobs in examining thou in its uncomfortable by some amazing you, an intern, and that happens to you and you're. Not an open. In a power and it just feels weird, while some people hog lobby, can you do that to the insurance? Here? I wouldn't do about what a mate like, for instance, a man has tabled me and gave me a kiss my cheek ass. I love you. I thought that was awkward I was uncomfortable, but that is what he did right. Were there not saying
necessarily that it was sexual. They just saying with an a priori come out now come. I was about to put his bidding for prisoners who knows envious, and then he was now airing hurries by. It is something to be aware of unease even said that he has to be more aware of the things that he's been doing. He's at certain times are changing, and I've heard what the women are saying, and he said he will be more mindful about respecting personal space, and I think it is important at other usages, randomly gods of people and put your forehead on the grave of some people who do for doings. People are other people Caspian. Also one Saddam olive chicken in my right, she gonna give me a hold up to a thousand opening straight. I just don't do any that right. We will do it and you are an adult. So you shouldn't These are now understands that that was inappropriate and he's not gonna. Do them moving forward in any one is doing those things at work should be mindful. Imagine them relevance. People have the right of them, though,
as it is not my mademoiselle de I just don't know anymore. I don't know how you can grant, he can give advice is dumped you plan on anyway. Why don't kiss anybody do day? Well, I right now authority. Though, are investigating a teenager. He's now. Fourteen years old and when he was six years old, he went missing after his mother took him out of his school say there was a family. It is the only one on a three day road trip and he was Lassie Nedda what're park in Wisconsin and there he was, I guess, kidnapped and now he has escaped from his kidnappers. That's what he saying he said he a red roof and where he and the two men who held and for seven years were staying and he was there. Where he was, but he did keep running until they ran across the bridge. So now they are investigating just to make sure that this is a young. Man they went missing. Timothy pits and people were looking for him for years, and the family had always said that they felt that he was alive so alright, hopefully now this is here in that he's found.
At that story seem strange. His mother committed suicide and he said there was some bodybuilders that had them and they were looking for him. So I mean I'm just glad he's safe all right. Well, that's front page news! Get it off your chest. Five, a five one, o five one if you're upset you need event, is up right now for Alonzo Wide Open or if you want to spread some positivity Foma again open eight hundred the five one o five wanted or forget are and be singer will be joining us next. Our right is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, your time to get it off the agenda. The email from you, wanna breakfast on your law, allows there's your lunch break it off give you a shout out today, Visa and Trae the truth what they doing I really hope somebody else pick of up today. Absolutely absolutely man shouted traded survey had so many people out there in Houston, pretty
is an ill blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Maximum navigable allows this with one or more big boy, mining GAD by the way by the outbreak of happy anniversary year. Thank you owe me Cochlear, Laval, with oil and all direct around thing. You know I gotta have a beggar actually locked up and I'll bet a MAC, inaccurate and pay for them. But I am happy to be included and I met right now. Do you not think about it? Many courage. Many wonder daughter on things TAT will change direction ended in Strasbourg. If you know your friends, your family, your bread together last year alone, I have learned about another, They ve been alarmed grateful because we re in good faith,
I note that a meeting a movie about methodically and great Britain is wanted by the level of activity. There were no grounds for making money it s really don't allows. There is clearly inadequate labour income, from my other pointed out that the work of the new born Joe Biden now their situation. While they don't come now about it, you didn't say that they want to happen now years later I mean it's a happy to talk about it. Maybe you won't give him any having ever. There was a big deal out about it out, maybe later tell them how they don't ball it up about now I don't know I gotta media reports, which may could immediately, like Joe Biden, accused sexual assault
was an actual data and in all the intention now the headlines also sexual assault. Another sexual harassment misleads give Joe by yes very united, waited today just say inappropriate, touching it. I wish you actually reorganization and indicated in a headline either, but I say let our way back when his forehead today forehead her hair dear my here I don't know, probably had that is looks he that it does not fill yes, make sure the main excited tell him. I you're excited I'm excited because Marvel's and games coming out in twenty one days. I got Take the early twenty two days, her point today. Yes, I watch
Let me tell you who he told you day early, sir, I'm happy for you, my brother. We almost day we we almost there, sir, and I was one of the lucky ones before I got him before they shut down all things before a crash, and then my what am I coworkers, guitars three hundred, but on an Ebay account for four digging for Emily. Whatever you pay dreaded album They did not know how you could do the crash. Whatever you gonna give, you got a bad either back where he had left behind a book. That would understand why people are so entities of India's movie just because you're not a marble fanatic online. You just started you. You just wanted you to adore black Panther. You don't know we ve been here for the past ten have any up to eight years. They bad my black favour. That's it you don't
but it is a whole universe, tat. They ve been doing this for ten years since tickets on Ebay right now for two chaotic right baby by that regulation. Fanatics word just wait. Till I can stand Ngos, for now and not to be too many small is by that point, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, a five one, five one of you need event it is now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast The pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda You want a breakfast laughing, but David Byrne, I, what does that mean man. You gave us a vague me with some marine. Why did you give it up name and then tell us it was a fake name because it doesn't matter. Metabolism How can I go out anyway, we'll die of radiation,
whatever else dropped in our view a couple hours ago and you I noted tat, young cattle actually figured in the background towards him with greatest ass men might our goal. Nor would we talk about the oh if you watch the video get outta here yesterday, in the background yoga too after figures do interlude activity like the National action network. I don't know what you told me. I dont know what was going on, but I do know no no or due to our shopping withdrawn, daughter, interview which you set out to do bag. You boy go out what he was talking about. We got a terrible article about ourselves and in the New York Times better Design morning and is aimed at the Democrats. Why are they scared, subsists about recovery, sitting, right, disability, bowed down to a clown decorum acquire the right by they said ignore past of racism, Anti Semitism abbe at his election today,
Imma, be at the national action network. Today I got to a panel about mental health at the National action network. Today, at one thousand one hundred and forty five In today's supporting as well allows this, it will go on all the morning to Europe with Algeria more. What was that then, the morning Andrews defining how you doin was out tomorrow, welcome to work through the forbade leave without economy. Do not caught him far quicker Joe Biden very, very, very spot man who have had the pleasure of a lot of work of beating several times and we got things when they come and I hated faded nonsense. The uncomfortable because of life, We put until you showed us, like others, do like where weapons is putting his hand and Michel, he was putting his forehead to their forehead and it was a little uncomfortable. That's others saying why? Wouldn't you uncomfortable file, like you, had your parliament. The internet have appreciated thanks.
I think there would people have to understand as us, a bit dynamics of when someone is in a position of power and you're an intern as something like that and somebody just something weird in the fur the moment you don't know how to react. All men should react to this. The way Joe Biden is reacting to his Joe Biden said. Look, I don't know if I was being inappropriate, but they say I'm being inappropriate, I'm going to stop and listen. I think it's. I think you got to learn from other people's mistakes or women say they feel like that was going to we do. We gonna learn from here. Nobody saying that they were sought. Did they just saying that he did things it made them uncomfortable army, under still, I just met is about the put the country back all worthy to be called it. Now we have all this above all for the future came out two years ago. Ok, I think what would you say such now lie while one big. What makes her right now would be run as defined could be bundle of unbridled economic data. Are more concerned about the fact that Joe Biden actually wrote the ninety four crime bill could Ali
I was given Hilary so much flag for just be a married bill. Clinton and Bill Clinton PATH to Joe Biden, actually wrote. It does no more concerned about one concern about everything, and these women have issues and I am happy that he says that he will be more mindful and I think that's important and that's how people showed, like you said, that's how people should react broker all right. You know a few chess, eight hundred five, a five won over one of you need a bit. You can hit a certain you got rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about nifty huh, so the man who is accused of during him, Eric Holiday, would tell you what's going on as he is in solitary confinement, Nora. So all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast club the morning, the breakfast club. Everybody is dj: Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Let's get to be Romas assortment of sea hustle
Really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. Sound never has those alleged murderer. Eric holiday is behind bars, of course, as you know, has been extended over seven million dollars, so doesn't look he's getting out any time soon and is also in solitary because of course they are scared that he's gonna get killed because, of course he is a target while he's in jail. They say he will remain and solitary once. U turn to L a county jail while he waits for his trial. You made himself it's all your buyer says assassinating the great black man like Nimshi hustles on Tunisia, be a solitary confinement in us God is survival of the fittest. Thorns it was none. The piazza according to reports was middle of getting a friend of his you just gotta jail after twenty years. Some clothes! That's why he hadn't told anybody he just decided to bounce over to his door, His marathon storing yet get his friend some clothes, and he could look good before meeting up with his own family. Friends later on in the days, and he was trying to do something nice for one of his boy,
Is that why you didn't notifies team it into his security anybody that he was going to the store by himself for if these bodyguard posted about his laws, J rat Bodyguard he's had never in a million years. At that I'd be writing. Some is like this. We have made a hundred million, yet we were supposed to grow old and I call you big NOS two jokes and you all day, but instead I'm here in tears, writing this. I wish I was there. I was which place with you any day. The world needs you here, I'm so confused. Heard. I lost a brother best friend a mentor. All I can hear you say now as if it was me, I would tell you, live your life and grow up, Romania, the hardest legal Sweden could accidently sod video of the surveillance, video of nifty getting shot at an inn, and if you can kill Andy Kim getting killed, and you know seeing that, on top of the confusion of him being killed as really had my energy messed up all week, because people just pass
their trauma along like as normal, and is really hard to convince people that you get the energy back that you put out. When you see what happens at a good Brezhnev's hustling. How can you tell somebody you put you put energy good energy? You get good, you baggages! You see how he ended like death now I'll, give you the bilateral now that I decide delaying their album releases because of Nixy hustle. Why D posted I was dropping suppliers I've enables, while a man now that we gotta do a big bro going to Heaven. I will not job the album this month, pushing its may sorry. Long live nifty huh, so my brother from the other color and schoolboy Q actually said first that he would grieve in private. But now he has released a series of video clips on his story on Instagram he said he's also pushing back his albums release. Date is a major asthma unopened. Was Above all Robert, I literary than initial. Here's schoolboy. You yeah
The game. Stop if y'all think I'm trying to put out music tomorrow, I'm not putting out no music tomorrow is not cool. Thank you to my heart rate. Of understanding and they put it down. So thank you. Nobody should be food now, let out this week like a meeting next week, maybe some like tablet a week or so we can do that. I right now in the meantime, as he knows, he has, as music streams had fifty seven million on Monday and victory. Lap was a number one in Itunes. Album chart as well, and people are biophysical copies of the album. Also, two thousand copies of his album were purchased a day died. I everybody's bang the problems as well, so everything I was worried and sometimes the reason is because we live in a world evil people evil people who have a whole lot of pain. You haven't debt, Whitney, redistribute their pain to others and he's in films is masses, so he gets a majority that money when people downloading and by round his kid now.
His kids and why I went to adjust our Utah Early M because we're trying to figure out whether or not this is true was about daisy, creating that fifteen million dollars trust fund financing has his kids because it sounds like something daisy would do. You know look true, because you didn't come from a reliable, Selassie Shore pickers posted it once I seashore per couples who I was like yeah, but Eggs Wilson. Why we expose it with the website you gotta from is known for putting up a lot of fake story. When I mean I can understand why you would think was real effective in big ball dresses, guises living and I will abstain as a rumour and his aid doesn't take. Two days has set up a trust fund. I don't know I mean I do. Those knowledge comes in all would do, but it's true, I don't bigger stores true, but maybe it is maybe does the good idea. Maybe that's the planet year. Maybe there's something good appointment, universe ride me wait, maybe you'll feel like you know what that is something I would like to do. I don't know the right in the meantime to Smith got and if she has a tattoo as a tribute to him as well, so I seen it s lips
Guy looks really don't how jobs which govern for that is it? That's. A good question, then, is a clear spyware. Whether came we can't so it has been granted a leg honestly see later that in any way down his right leg, Joseph Glitter Subway in Harlem use of an inter two hour and here's a good story. Amber rose announced that she is pregnant. Yes, she is having a baby boy with her boyfriend faster, do towards a better yes Alexander. Edward Gratified and present an identity and am aware rob that's she's pregnant. She said a. I e in Irish super excited to announce that we have a sweet, little baby boy on the way Pierre Sebastian is so happy to be a big brother. He s a shared the same photo on his instagram page. They said even when it's dark, my son will shine. Thank you, maybe for my greatest give its wild. I love you. I can't wait to beg our my baby boy and baby boy. I promise I will get mad if you first words are where to bitches at Doha. Nobody will be loved or because, like we need not look alike because
amber in her boyfriend, Lilith Lady local actin. Like they look like me from the exact same trot, he was Amy him alive. Look like, as you may know, eating you thanks you. She then I think it is not that of physical resemble issues, just something about the or is dead match, and you look at them. You can say: ok, thereupon, air, a! U S at that same hourglass figure thanks thanks you again! see now that it is inappropriate and said now proceed, for example, in my body that generosity of devolution rapidly like that arrive, as you well know, ass much talk about my body and ran away as right on fill out of November, where today, five years from now, you get by blogger born? I was gonna privilege, noble aim for the company by businesses, local bus at Genk best use may show you get yours. I write Angela Year, that's your room, a report Lugano Haven,
my name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son. Courtney, nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here I've used them a lady man, even Wicked Adrienne, his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty six. See he wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Granted that damage in very bad in its the story of mine urge for the true. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March, thirty wherever you get your pocket. This is somebody's. Try somebody desires. To know why I desire to know what happened. The monk
Listen to somebody on the eye. Heart radio out apple pod cas wherever you get your bike casts a ban. I just try Coca COLA, labour areas, vanilla evoke and our isabella coexist, sugar yeah you're their right, and they are incredible, which I always vanilla, coke and aren't vanilla cook zero sugar for yourself at your closest retailer today and remember both and the idea shapeless our Glass Coca COLA, bad. While you double down double down on all of the review of all me right there would you everything I feel away, then at all move. When we come back, I we got from pages we money. We are going to be taken. But a teenager who was missing and for seventy years people did enough. He was dead if he was alive. What and now he has turned up allegedly he's its other a her coming. Thou do area who will be joining us, makes our bee artist herself aren't be idle near will kick it next thousand moves to breakfast club the morning.
Everybody is D. J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God, we oughta breakfast club, was considered a front page news that we talk about version for let's talk about a teenage boy, he was found by police and New Party said he is Timothy pits in Timothy Pissing disappeared and by seventy years ago. Employees are now working to confirm his identity. They have not publicly said whether or not it is him yet now the police, who assisted in the investigation to release her report- and they said today he is fourteen years old- he was six years old when he went missing. His mother was later found dead. I've read Illinois Dataset. She committed suicide and will let it you'll never find my son, but he safe right. So I don't know what's going on in this house, It seems a little crazy by Timothy fact. Timothy's bath, including Timothy's family, including his father, Continued searching for him, even after his mother was found dead at a hotel at a motel. Now the aunt said,
No, my heart is absolutely alive. A hundred percent, I know he's out there. We just have to find him, so we will see. If that is him, can you talk very talks? We should, at the people it took about a body build a type c city was stuck red roof in for seven days, and it was some type of know where the red? at that time to figure out which, when it is even going all the different red move, ends rather description at a truck weight with was contemplates cigar control. Is he carrying goes in Asia in Asia? Is carrying out his duties? Helplessness. Gaiety of habitats for rapid and that's when he ran across the bridge and into Kentucky phone, they said you can only imagine the challenges we're going to in the process of identifying he is a mature inevitable? Is that one of the many connect them had a spider web tattoo on his neck Beata had a snake test. We won his arms and the community tat, was a matter of spider web tat, someone neck. I right now he's got bored on you,
talk about Joe Biden NOS seven, women and altogether have come for it to say that he and appropriately touch them and they were uncomfortable ok, and here is how Joe Biden responded to these women who are saying that what happened to them remark. The more time making human connection I shake hands. I had people, I grabbed men would my shoulders. You can do this always means way. I'm trying to show I care about them and listening and now it's all about taking selfish together in our social wars of began to change. And about protecting personal space. Henry said: Anko How much more my my response, Alright already, this is Joe Biden created the culture. He is a target up man when he was invite. Vice president, he was trying to remake the rules of sexual culture on college campuses, and he said his goal was the remake sexual culture on
this isn't in society and exactly what they mean to Movement ITALY's living in the world of accusation. It he ll, create ray and I get a liking. Am he said He looked at it differently. Then, how they looked at it fell in someone's urge you did you made them uncomfortable. You can't tell him they're lying lobby Chinatown booed like ass, not our place to say if a girl says hey, you made me on unquote, that was inappropriate. They know what they feel you can sell, or not. I didn't makes us he. Might he sexually harassed somebody the way out of low crazy when, if a sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, you'd think, like you, know crazy, when really really proves the absolute I vote for these women he just as in their personal space, and they were made to feel uncomfortable and that's what the issue is f. Why I o k all right, that's everyone of the all white men and Jim. When it has been negative walkin around they did become an all close. Do you like my bra Gladys Mason? There continues to be how to go about things. I am. If you don't like to see making people changing you gotta go,
he's in a back there, the bathroom idealism waylaid agent, I'll go out of which, if you want a big put new shoes and the good owed all why? God is what comes right, buying and puts legacy of dried leg of museum law. Meet me like man. Come on, man would have been different. If it wasn't aware, guy may be like Yahoo, you, these guys bribe fare better. No, it would now be within our new order. Why do you keep it? There were designated yesterday as we know the women the right to see that you front page news. When we come back our and be singer, will be joining us, we'll take it with her. When we come back, don't move the preface locomotive J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club regattas pursue guess inability to her
good morning, remaining along you, I'm goes bright and early, it is early, knew no, not a mine person. Biogas came from the UK. Some grave ochre self congratulation to you because you ve been having an affair. A nominal, pass crazy. You thank you. Thank you! Yeah! It's been crazy, honestly, damning instruments. Do you play I play mainly guitar keys base and drums ATLAS that must also be allowed to grow, nor how to get into the music and agenda you assign. Like the age of fourteen harry, I thought: how did you get into the industry ammunition long story, but I've been doing music for a really long time. On my dad was a musician just for fun and I was singing as a as a young kid, and things just happened the way they were supposed to happen with the stars kind of line for me and I was doing meetings and stuff at a very young age. People saw me, You know singing plainly should key songs of as a young girl like on Youtube and stuff, and I'm eventually got sign our say when I was fourteen and you not had time to develop and figure out who I was
how's it goin to they hold your law. Yeah our suddenly dropped. You all pretty much. I mean you know we fourteen now you are yet you know, even if we want to be so easy to tell it that early man, my parents number one, but there were so many people, Mbk Entertainment, you know they built Alicia Keys, career Jeff Robinson is my manager. He kind of gave me that creative space and we were kind of like like going against. You know what what RCA you know it was like. It was like a pushing pool as far as what was going to happen for me, you know what I mean it was like. I wanted to make sure that I was in complete control of my situation as, if you don't my management team, and so I had to create a space to just figure out myself and figure out my sound and who, who and what I was going to represent,
We grow ever human error by fourteen would erected do I can you really grown, and I mean I think, as I was gonna regular school, you know and then away. I would come to New York for like a week or two weeks and record in and work with people and then go back to school. A lot of waiting. You know I'd so funny. I just I wrote to Sancho Curious our about people. My business, like my parents, like some like they weren't, you call being right exactly on most of the now waivers, so you wrote all your own music. Absolutely absolutely! I was in a writer. I am a poet, you know as well as a writer in and I kind of enough. They go hand in hand and you never got discovered basis or early in
not really taken up to now? Later, absolutely I mean you know after a few years back, ok, what am I gonna put out music? What am I going to figure this out? Who am I you know what? What am I? What am I going to do as far as my careers concern, and so when I graduated high school or fire graduate has gone like I'm gonna go to college or my gonna be in this music thing, a hundred percent, so there are frustrations there. You know and watching everybody else that was signed to my management company. You know a bizarre came shell and bread d in leash keys in El Von and all these people and adjusting sky like all these great artists, doing their thing in me, kind of like sit on the sidelines you at their show- can like waiting. My turn like. Okay, pretty soon I'm gonna have music out, I'm gonna be doing, shows and will be doing this, and yet I was just I was be impatient and in our finally decided, like item would just be in this. A hundred per cent of their supported me so do the teenage an old bob. Patients rights when high, not that, I don't know man Agis, I love music so much and there was nothing else. I wanted to do a three hour.
Like you know, as a young child with a label telling you you should be like theirs and should be like Diana Gabby in your former, we have today by trying to tell you what to be instead of letting you be in, there is definitely definite difficult. That's why I always preached people like no matter what anybody tells you charges several people that are going embrace, who you are and see the potential and in what you can be and not what you should be or something that is modeled in out like that something that should be modeled after you know or or manufactured in too. You know that was my whole thing. Images find my voice and figure out my truth and
no preventive, that will make you hide your identity. For so long I mean I wasn't so much of a hiding. My identity was more so like focusing on the music like. I don't want people to know how old I am. I didn't want people to know my you know. Ethnicity, and I didn't want people to like see my face. You don't work or have any assumption. You know we focus on all of the superficial things in what's happening now, and I just wanted people to focus on the music in the message and now people of all ages have kind of taking my music and made it their diary. Yuno. Like hope, they feel two EC. They don't know anything about me, the wayward be against it. You know what they were. They were at first, it was colleague, ok, but they weren't. They definitely kind of like helps, make the vision come to life by numerous nice difference ever Verloc as they used to seeing people.
We got to get you everywhere. We got to get you on this remix. We got to get your face on the cover of this. We have to make sure your social media is popping right and you didn't have to do those things. I start off with zero followers, like I made my instagram page the day that I released my music and it just grew organically, like I really feel like, I grinded it out. You know I didn't want a quick radio hit. I just wanted to to do, shows and have people fall in love with me and my artistry, and not just one song or you know not just one thing or or my face or whatever you know. I wanted it to be about the music. In my truth, my store we talk about a lotta celebrities, debt loved you it and started following you, and I heard you tell a story about the baseball to Michael Jackson. Yeah! That's another story, crazy! though I was ten seven years old I was eleven years old and I met Rodney Jerkins in LOS Angeles, and he had a studio. Bank a mere my parents went to the studio.
And we left the studio he was. He was telling us about. You know his his Michael stories in this not working with Michael and we left the studio. We got to the corner at the stoplight and he was down the street Marilla Jerky no running around in writing that he and on the guy? You know that I'm gonna be running down stream. So here is my God. He was running down the street down the street that we can get to us in the car and we were like your wise. He runs. We pull over to the side and am he held out, follows up the phone he held at this football Niles hello like Haze, is Michael you now, I'm I'm I'm a big fan of you. I think you so talented this now. What I want to meet you has like were, and unfortunately it never happened.
Like you, no less than a year later he passed away, but ah crazy, as my mama like crime amongst. Oh, my gosh likes you plan on going to his last causa though he was gonna have in the UK. I said so for your music out of eleven. Now he he saw videos of me augur going insane yeah. Then you bet edit I did she gave him I shall in London she came to my show. No, she was in a bill. That was what it was like an agenda too harsh, was coming by to know that choosing to come and then when, when they were like janitor, we realise what do we do? Like ok ACT, natural, you know, but we knew, and everybody was kind of crazy- knows: I'm playing a cooling of debt. I am always lies- the weeds, Annabel Moorside in you again. You know she's very, like quiet, but then when everybody left the room and was just the two of us, we had like our time and she was talking to me open Ludovic now look what you measure that should give you any jewels. Now
I'm not really sure. Yes, she was just telling me that that she is proud of me. She was telling me that I hope to get there pregnancy crazy? She said you know when shoes in our house has gone through it or whatever she was listening to my music We come back. We have more what her manufacturers get into her joy. This is focus is the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody, is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne? God we are the breakfast club. We are already recording artists her. There was a joint focus. Now show me your career Jamie reveal Dragon airily reveal it. Deleting all you know who that is my great years by me. I never was ok. You know who I am they re right, exact! Number! You see me a lot more and at this point I don't think you were matters who I am or my name is, writing think as people I love the music. That was the point to begin with. There are still falling in love with it regardless of of knowing what I look like or anything so so nobody can in your dams, her no
Well, now sign mesdames, you know you get their low request, sometimes our rejection of sometimes the pans. You know like a large volume of one cause, I'm not like. You know I'm really beyond social media like that methods, hammer right eye so keep out. We know a little bit is on the explore page. By only really you know people's argue salty, while we bag Y know you can't validated Caesar, and nobody is often anybody. Do you miss the was the word and amenity?
Was the word anonymity and are you go you know that my own I mean about it. I am infinity. Sometimes I guess I expected this kind immensely prepared, for whatever would happen. I'm seventeen do music. You know it doesn't matter. I think. Sometimes I do like China be Loki, no I'll. Take the glasses off, because, if I haven't on the recognized me for my hair, back, walk around like wait, a minute That's an unlike like my my covers blow. So how do you deal with relationships now in August is different. Now that I know you already know your face now knows you know it's hard to know if some He loves you for you. Why not anymore? you know where there are people out there. You have visited Amazon, negative, true, felicity, I'd be very, very careful honestly. What really is. Whenever situation I get into love takes time. When people show you
who they are you pay attention you're out. Corny lines like hey her. I want to be your him yeah. They always do that. Actually, some and artists they come out. I don't want to God, you wanna. However, the tide of all the time. Dignified. His corny lies that he would hear about what the courtiers one it is the goddamn right only knows I responded it. I was Ok right here This item I made your name- is over the whole broader, I'm so it's caravans so, but when I was in all fifteen sixteen, I sir, you know look at other women, my high school or mild. Like big speech, I consider my big ceases now say I'll. Never gonna do not make the mistake, said: they're making I'm never gonna fall in love with this guy involve the wrong guy and in all this stuff right and I became her, became that car eyes. We have to go through things.
Almost entirely, and absolutely wise people make mistakes and you would wish we could learn from the mistakes of the people by sometimes or to fire in something, and it doesn't your leg. How did I get here, but I am here and you got a little bit of the women in you, so to speak? I mean Are we like? I am her kind of right, so we all as women when where'd you know even from high school to adulthood. We experience similar change Leah shared out areas right, we have feelings. Revolve fell for that raw. Guy with a guy that was no good, and we know it is no good. So it's! This is just that connection. There are women. But what we get some news when we get the our own, right now, the baby out with those which you are you folklore late, debut. We're very bees. Awry now happen without wanting to regulate yeah
It's amazing that you could just put on music like that, though, nowadays like it doesn't even have to be here, is my first album you put out Upz peas to use the people I mean you have to. Then then you can forget about me and you you have forgotten about so, what's a difference for you between doing it album and doing eps, I'm not sure will because people are treating my eps like it's an album right now. So what I thought was in teepees, what I thought was in the album is apparently not, but this is kind of going to be not specific to a certain time. I think it's going to be my perspective from up until this point- and I, like you, been through so much relationships from listening to your music. You know the funny thing about. It is like a really had like it's really, not that deep, like anything that I've ever been through. But for me it's always that fails d like it is always a deep like. I feel everything to like the tenth power. You know, I'm just was an emotional cancer.
Oh god willing. I now six twenty four that we now we feel. I regret that it has only they weren't. You get all our boy like a squirrel in July, I'm serious and ask it to make forego music. So what would you say if I like that dumping or lower labour? The elderly of somebody's name, it is like to date, if somebody somebody that you will be like well. She was like this, you is. Are you a varied clinging person? I The task now you and I'm definitely kind of needy until the other person's needy does it get me the I take care of the people I love. So I'm definitely like China make sure your good. You know What exactly? Do you sensitive your emotional you care by is able, but don't cross them
oh yeah, how's, all absolutely that's another. Their people know that they pay me. If anything goes down. You know I'm SAM, like I am definitely not one to play with and we petty, I gonna constantly checkup Hetty hate to admit it, but yeah has true the left party than you did. Somebody who crossed I know you're gonna work those international. Now or now. That's a good question. Now you should lead to Grammy's validated more than autism. Did you hear I don't, I don't think invalidated me at a definite think as a milestone. If anything was from me, you know sometimes, especially when you young and sensitive about your. Are you question yourself? You have your doubts and you're like ok. Am I doing the right thing? Is this? Where I'm supposed to be? Am I I'm I'm really hard to myself, so that was kind of my confirmation. Like ok, you doing the right thing, you're exactly what is supposed to be in May the right decisions- and
yeah just be. In a moment I see, Barrack Obama puts on his favorite crazy and as another thing that made me feel like ok, I'm doin somethin I has overcome, is listening to me with a troubled listening to you, how you feel about, but are troubled at your hers. Firewood between data now it would pose after tea or Maya every life never see it was exactly from earlier I'm from the barrier. Bear you see, people, people New York always think California is just allay, the Charlemagne, not look at IRAN. Will you from Ebay, Ebay, ok, Vallejo, forty sly, J, J additives that impact you given the west? I'm really sad, because when you see somebody doing really good for the community and they're gone she site, you feel like it
missing piece, ass kind. How I felt you feel we re like this one is this one had followed. The Vienna is, is a bit different. It affected everybody in some way is an energy climate change me off. Forget about it, you guys you believed him. It is about I nor initially, but haven't we write what what what White outlet Anti russian you all now Y know when we go, and I might say that they want to be on time for the wider is working raise you do to black and white These are still here right now, would bring about that when you go to in exile- and you know it all- is wiping we like them. They really did rush me out of the blackout. According to this crazy heard, beg you put your lady. You would have a link you so much. All right was a pleasant way ahead and thank you for your donation that you may detains retains you actually that pact first person to call up and make a donation mommy. Fundraiser, while crazy things here,
That was you guys vitiate, it is the breakfast club is, morning everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend God. We are the breakfast club good morning. I wanna salute the classroom and university and onboard South Carolina was. I was there yesterday for their calabash. We had a mental health in and hip hop form no yesterday in their auditory, within the W B Middleton Fine arts in Dhaka pursued, by Uclaf and university drama clues boss, Maclaughlan good. I've had elaborate yes circular. Oliver Aubert of having those mental health discussions have another one day actually to Adam Reverend, shocked international action network Convention did beat I have two new. Ok, you about it to her yeah b of the women's empowerment, luncheon, so sudden says she raised from our vote. She actually was, I come,
that so I'm going with them are going to national action network. I love these women's empowerment events that I've been going to and people have been. Having does have such a nice sense of solidarity. People always have this misconception that women are so competitive with each other. We so petty. We talk about each other. But I find that women have been my biggest cheerleaders generalised mobile. I always say that they were all ye. I know it's hard for you to work, or people say that all we have is not true, as a combination of all of the soldier is insult. Today can be true I examined very and some people can be supported by Belgium? I think the main thing, though, is that women do they do try to pit women against each other like in a lot of situations. I've been in their say. Oh well, you know it's gonna be high because gonna feel funny cause you a woman in or they'll that go. She knows he's coming for you, but you know if she works there, that's gonna happen never felt like whenever you gotta make everybody how good of functions as my thing now, when you We come out when you come out. Now that I be goin on mental health, but he got a hug Albanians in every
making two men hug, the men know cuz, we men, we don't tell each other that we love each other enough and we don't tell each other that we value each other enough. You know I'm saying a bunch of us be hurt and we be in pain like we just be redistribute in that painting each other, but sometimes you got to. Your brother? I say I love you may. By having I can be. I love you. You got a family, India guided me hug, you did. I tell you lead into your house very soon for there to be no pelvic about it now by nuns hardware, brothers, brothers, Viagra, for no reason why we body so tough for no reason your brother, w level, yellow hyper. No reason you speaking, I recently bought it would get Mumbai hits away from each other, but he is this. What you, but I'm serious dollar for rail, like we gotta start telling each other
that we love each other and we value each other, and we appreciate each other more could allotted time. We'll be in paying they behave in a lack. A love of you know have enough self love I got more than enough self love and I can pour from my cup to fill you up. Did you did you say it took the white camera guy? Who I think I said brother, lack mental blackmail ain't all about them. We are. We include everybody out, we love each other. You have you have your problem. Radios is easily Mr Orlov leave me integration, Miss Johnson legislative authority that arguments and the main arguments? What are you had enough from your cup? To rub? My fellow blackmail tell them. I love you, Eddie you're. Love. You better go I'll, get it back again
they go? Did you have jammer about Ramos Breezy Rob oil rig it. What a big black black eyebrows committee has rightly been there to bear. Gonna be all right! All right! You may! If anybody know the guy got everybody I came away, leaving ever was ways the yet. I think about April fool a prank tat young. I think with really not funny and very inappropriate. Alright, we'll get into that makes people acted abruptly. The Baltic gas pipeline at the Reul report, Libretto club welcome, cried ass. He unawares giving an interview with l and she talked about an April fool's prank that northwestern Saint. When it's a play, unkind yea. I don't know if this is a funny prank now she said that
worries and north in Saint won't get along by recently northwest at it includes saint in her jokes, even the April fool's one. She said she robed him into an April fool's prank yesterday. That was ridiculous. She took ketchup into my bath he begged me to let her spread it on me and on the bathroom is if it was a bad scary movie, then she asked me to lie down. I thought you were just playing, maybe that he was going to say I was hurt. No, she taught Saint how to think fake cry. She showed him. Do it and then she told him his scream mammies dead Kenya ran there's an he was a kid. This is not funny. This is not a good prank. I completely understand, and I agree but it did make me a little impressed that they plan something together. They were getting along and having fun. As a team lack of honourably like that, you turn on the huge opportunities are not pretending to be data, not pretending they get killed. Ok, not damaging, Thou lawn April fool. The there was unable fulfils and we have, if hustle and every other family in a law, some one that we can they wish that you know that
their love, one wasn't April fool's juggling out tone deaf. Can you be negative, knows that the kids fall, but I'm just saying can wash it authority, but you ve never talk about a year. I should emphasize if you gave them into play, that prank. Would you be like go along? with the end of the day I was, I know, we all now know we don't play with that kind of energy turn. I bet you pretend to be not back now. I right now is something that will excite you Frank Nick. Maybe returning to time's up I'd like to have it at this time it's gonna be family friendly. What do you think about malfunctioning family friendly freedom exiled like sugar, free, crisper? Grooms was the point I railway has, but Uncle Luke had to say this is a very important message that you need to understand and you need to listen, listen, real. Clearly, I am bring it back to Atlanta It would be great
near now, rather faint make ban on our global is all it was a moment in time was the point of brilliant frenetic bag lie before he gets a Wendy event and it's gonna be family friendly with performances from passing tat, taxi Brown, Bambi twist, yellow scrappy, Edina Howard Ms Riis, because I say so a satellite June twenty seconds, if you guys wanna, get some tickets for the Kurds or call freedom at the moment, is a Wendy events or maybe there's gonna be other things happening, peaches, performances as well, and so maybe it's like a big picnic type of situation regulation. No, I never been a frequent got on over there I've seen video exactly in the culture shifted in such a way that frequent could never never exist again. Time's up air, you talking to me name it now. I can't handle that whole atmosphere, vehicle fleet, Nick Friedman, love. You owe me a raincoat year- do frightening. Absolutely every family life
The thing say in it that now for freedom. It does not happen in this family friendly free, it's also all ok, so Bobo who used to be a eighty, so he through a hole in the nineties. You know when you ve gotta, and we now Brigham on all our youth tat? No, no! No! No! No! No! You are missing the point now losing all point. They can you make a very valuable report all right. Thank you miss the Hay Pham for I do need to him what I would like to know what a family friendly freak Nicholson, Stephen System, known as certain assisting we gotta admit, though, allowed an old woman I used to. For God. Eighty than I did they big Robin have families allowing them is grandma's. Now they did they. All facebook still get an apartment day designated as vertical. Where thing they got no business, where my good sir, I will thank you for that. Rumor what Ye Charlemagne yes or even down to two in a way we live in a very sick, sick world man. You know that I am six world, and we know this is how you lose trust and your daughter,
the one thing as a father, you can not lose trust, trust your daughter having trusting you would, I'm pretty sure disguised lost it forever. I will get internet next, keep it lacked, debate, his club, promoting. Have you ever seen? Something you couldn't explain? There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these experiences that believe they're having interactions are abduction today something that defies logic. Scientists haven't found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and yet the methodology is that we have them in their coming in their here and they ve been here and there here all the time one night in nineteen, sixty one on the side of a dark highway. Betty and Barney Hell caught lights in the sky, whether I dont believe it two years later, the underwent hypnosis
I recall what happened there. Story became internationally known. Some took it, as fact, others thought it was a fantasy. But what really happened? That's a timber night in World Hampshire join me. Toby Ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of Iheart radio and grim and mild from AIR Maggie Stranger rivals, Tadeusz MAX thirty, first, listen honey! I heard radio apple pie casts or wherever you get your pack casts. Breakfast club your morning so now would be to say, celebrate twenty five years and moving their culture forward at the twenty nineteen Athens Festival presented by Coca COLA, July. Fourth, through the seventh in New Orleans, featuring performance is by Miss Eliot marries oblige knives her among fifty more register for free of answer by ticket at Essen. Specified
back home, donkey gabble dont. You today, dog you today for thirty eight before go to a man, May Brian could Brian? Forty is often organ in his daughter. Is a girl scout? Ok me in a man of a couple of things in common already: aid a daughter who was a girl scout? Any parent of a girl scout knows that girl scout hustlers, o real. I write seven brain I mean you was real simple with their business. Is Poland? Is a million dollar mark of a thin midge baby, our ideas,
Then it's happened. I do remember, would peanut butter patties work, easy to push I'd all parents know is only three ways: remove those girls, gal cookies of forest people, to give it up is the immediate family. Second people to get it up is your place of employment. Are you better take that girl scout cattle, The work and I'll call your co, the bath and cookies, a third hustle. Is the one that really happened, at least in my house and that's door to door hustling, and I don't think people do that anymore. I ain't that I mean Occasionally you might be a girl scout pop up the UK of selling cookies, Nobody Doin adored, the trapping, no more but Jehovah's witnesses. Ethel Dodge always is out there now arrangement with but girls, God cookie trap and his big This am Brien's daughter without the kitten it because she managed to make over seven hundred dollars in girl scout cookies. Seven hundred and forty dollars to be exact. This got me wondering, what's the most, my daughter ever made another by never pay any attention to the the grand totals, but I know them some mother's be selling. Sadly, Brian's daughter got robbed
Europe every day be, but you have to be a different kind of Grammy to rob a girl scout, but you also have to be a different kind of Grammy. The robber girl scout Dash daughter of Coda Cagey, W h m. You see for the republic, Forest Grove, police, say Brian Couture called nine one one. Just before ten, a dot m saying someone broke in through a back sliding glass door, a struggle to place and a person took off when officers arrived or was unresponsive. So he was taken to the hospital police. Won't say what his injuries were yet, but later learned, he fakes the whole think to cover up a thatS officers, discovered couture, had access to money belonging to girl scouts of Amerika and about seven hundred and forty dollars were missing, contours arrested for theft and making a false report Brian? What in the name of justice, malaria you doing baby, I don't know, I can be hard in the slums you from the stealing from your daughter. I can see taking some money at your daughter's Piggy Bank
Could you allow short on cars when you know over each delivered some food, but still of seven hundred and forty thousand, your daughter, whose a girl scout be in short on brain, should never be an excuse. To steal the money you gotta made from selling short bread cookies. Do you know the type of this I should not aware for you now. Not only is the oldest ass she made from selling Savannah smiles, you lie, you got. Police Department working Overtime, China investigating all home invasion that never happened. They had dogs, the forensic team, crime tape everywhere wasted Ali resources and what do they have to show for it? Nothing. Can they get a box dozy knows how some girl skirl scouts more for their troubles. Not brine is being jogger falsifying a police report Beth and I'm pretty sure, he's lost his trust of his daughter for ever. Please, let me remind you, Brian Contorta, biggest ha, ha ha ha You stupid, mother, dove
all right. Let's play a game of gas. Why right? Not much contacts close here people are right was played in those reports back one time refresh your memory on what we're dealing with Forest Grove, police, say: Brian Couture called nine one one. Just before ten, a dot m saying someone broke in through a back sliding glass door, a struggle took place and the person took off what officers arrived. Couture was unresponsive, so he was taken to the hospital police. Won't say what his injuries were yet, but later learned he fakes the whole. Think to cover up a theft officers discovered couture, had access to money belonging to grow scouts of America and about seven hundred and forty dollars were missing. Contour was arrested for theft and making false report. We will have a lot of God: save clues. Ok, nine, nine one one he called before. In the morning happened in Oregon fake.
The home evasion stall, money from girl scout his name is brine could actually less thought which you chess what raised is whether sounds like a crystal meth incident, so I'm gonna say that he is why also because girls, Gaza, mostly white. I don't know those effects, and that is a bad girl Cosmos why, then, is our way? I would have to agree with the I think. Most girls, girls are white. Also, I dont think black people, we call it a policeman o clock in the morning. I just don't think so. You go chatting and they re going to ratify a mega call political terrify indicated took his girl. Scout is good daughters body. The envy annually. Your final answer is caucasian caucasian, due to big reveal vague Brian cuts,
car journeys was news story and do it what gave away what did the organ? What did the girl scout? whether the home invasion call. Ten in the morning s and ask them to an unpopular much got putting himself interface and we point was over any other black eyes. I feel that this really does make gotta know another produces at the guys that he personally face. Who said that Then there is the risk that phone books- they don't know that repeated things envy here to say maybe did then We see the picture here with his name. They did have a black eye reports themselves and I have every right. They replace it. But I don't look like a black item. You look like a citizen low star. My goodness, I regret this story is, if he person
He was almost parts and how was your response of yes? It was vacant. He passed out path. I do what they want. They found me fall flat out on the floor book. Can happen only conscious why you drag me to do if you had a bad guy and a black eye diseases showed a picture. Boca arrival there Cuz, you don't get a day off. Next, ask Yee eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you know she advice. Any type of advice call ye right now it is up to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club everybody's D, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club serve for ask allows this prize page. You know where you come. A from of run. Ok was requested for you, my question: I have a brain baby there.
I only want to their important crisis even car. Thirty, due to the back of his charges, the myth big. Could we had a lot of my physical obligations and even to a willing to other? Are you invite Would you like me to call the police? You had a lad. What use is it so? It was something there. Happening repeatedly. Ok, we weren't together. When you got your cards, Arabia were crazy. Then you ve been interrupted. This number thirty earth s and they ve been in there. Are you not important, but something goes Barbicane narrow track like giving them pipeline Why classes, domestic valid or ARM Aber management club, but whatever gave grubbing up, is not a bad person, but what makes him bad at the back of putting the bans on women our that guy. There does make him a bad person, good good people,
Don't do that. The right it does make him a very bad broke little man in any as they were. My question or advice is: I am no right from all and I was raised, you know come out. It's like. I would ever go to something like this, but you know people lie he could never pays. You could never get back with milk at all would be remembered. What do you want to do it to you again? No matter if you get help or not, and I'm just trying to see like would I be wrong for going back with him if he does get the help and if we both go to likely type of class today but crocodile problems or is it a situation that I just need to write completely leave alone and it's kind of hard count and common. Ok. So, first of all, I think about the tafurs. Is that how you want to raise your child with his man? Has he ever put his hands on you and funny a child them show you talk, I feel what was going on right war, the wave even believe that they always a baby here. You have to think about your kid fur
cuz, that's not the type of environment. You want to raise a child, and you said this was something that he was doing repeatedly. It's not he'll do it. He didn't want to do it again. He did do it again and again and again That's. Why he's in jail? Now right yeah, let's keep my their memory they anything when they are in jail in China, get back together with you, because they have a lot of time on your hands and allotted time soon. I think so. It's your axes that really so those things. Yes, he should get how because you guys do have a child together, and you do have to figure out how you can somehow cope here, but I think you got a picture self furs. I think sometimes a situation where data guy he ended up going to jail. We would we broke up, but the only then that we ended up Stayin together after that was because I felt bear that he was in jail and I kind of like it was my fault worried of Carlisle. But it's not your fault. It's his bought that he's in jail worry, and this is the perfect time for you to get your life together and move on in separate
self from that? Instead of allowing you have to get round back into something because you feel guilty for regardless of their help and I, as a Briton, wisely failing nobody knows. What's gonna happen, five years six years from now, but I think something like that. Yes, I hope people can change and I hope that people get the help that they need, but maybe they don't and maybe he won't we don't know that we can predict the future, but in the meantime, I think in your head. You should move on since you have to call parent hope that he can be the best dad that he can be and if he from now you can see that he's a completely change person and he saved from his abusive behaviour. I can't tell you what to do in that situation, but I think for now you have to put yourself in your time before everything else don't feel guilty that he got himself in jail, and understand that he's saying whatever he's gotta say right now right. Thank you so much I re, we love you lobbyists out your baby. I love you. Love you to. Let me back Rama.
I asked you a eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice to any type of advice, call you now with the breakfast club good morning, morning. Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela YE charlemagne- God we are the breakfast club in the middle of as key Kelly.
Boy was a matter which, of course, are FEMA I'll be. There was someone from a three year now and I'll blow film of twitter. I've already alma family every day like threefold, probably gonna, be the right. Ok, he was in prison for twenty one, but like improved, exhibited a whole different story. Right, daddy, don't got out. I'm really em like a thought familiar here, but I am above all about the council's personal. Every day, when a company will you gotta, say like on private bubbled up a block vote will be at the bar at the curve boy friends, why put a video friends doing like all these differences, so my concern is: is it wrong for me to feel some type of way? I'm not getting the same paparazzi affect that. I gave him the media is not life. I just want to say that first, you know people
with socio media differently. Some people pose a significant others. Some people don't want to do that and don't wanna put their girl they are like that. Are there man out there, like that? Do you feel, like he's doing it, to pretend to be single, reduces Pilecki just as imposed to light appeared on the day oil? Andy? I'm ok, I'm over reactor like I'm, the one being like you forbade, but do you think is keeping everything apple it because I want a white one doing it for basic. Like you all, you have your prayers with all their might now really were arguing we like and that no one is wide awake boys. Don't make me fella one the by almost view. The main thing is, I think we are, as some people do gets, who wrapped up in social media and that can be issued to, but is there a deeper issue? Do you feel like he's doing something, or is it just this law? It will look, you may be more like unfettered by public funds
cause you're making by these. There is based on the fact that he is not doing what you do and listen. This is not a must. Somebody to pursue and social media thats, not their thing. Now you feel like he's cheating on you. Are you see some suspicious activity? Are you see him in girls comments or you see high sending his page? That's different. Almost definitely do like. Ok. So, like you got out of the earlier that many following, but now we can only every girl pressure that comes up my arm under my power that or my farm life worth my ma. Am I the baron admit, regard your leave alike, blockages and I'll thing off into the are pretty do now. Nothing! That's the problem, these, like another girls, pictures and not yours, that's a real issue. It feels like the real issue is that you feel like you. When something any sign to act like he's single. So that's what it is not just that he does imposed you, it's just that you think there's more to it, and that has something
that you're gonna have to do without me, something deeper than Jes he's not pose any or social media, so that in the to contend with them. Like you said he why any like? I was not what I want because, like you know, my big look like I used to be a twitter headed and you put me off randomly and you were right, you want, we get more stable what what they wanted. Three year yeah you see what other signs are and it seems like when he was in jail. He was a lot more attentive in and gray and then moment, alleys villain himself to lessen the rail to them it was really bothering. You is the fact that you don't trust him. So that's a benda that you have to do let s take it there, less, not just make it this superficial social media issue. The real issue is: what does this mean, or so you guys had taken but then, if you have a gut feeling- and you know something's not right, then you do have to listen to you
intuition in your own instincts. Ok, I re honey, look murmuring, you use them a pitiable post, you ok she's. Our sad does right: ask IE eight hundred froggy firewood off. I won't have you any relationship advice he eat now. Now you ve got rooms on away. Yes, I said about whom I become the riches. On a personality and ESPN history. Ok, we'll get internet Nevsky belonged to breakfast the more the breakfast morning, every is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast Club, Angela United, behind the scenes about bohemian a bohemian rhapsody. He adds a great move, the movie about Queen now say in it a terrible couple times animal. You always cry. I do so many therein, motion once when it we found out that yet AIDS and HIV in a movie. I cried then, and once when he was performing champions and was like that the huge Crowley, eighty thousand
bull and crowded were the committee it I wasn't he made it like. I know he had been made before it. I know it was a comeback story, though, because a year laws and then he had to come back any treated his bambeday so badly do, but any came back. He tried to make it right, but anyway I you know what I wish they would do not make it freezing hearing this duty. I haven't a coat and a blue serge quota trend. Shirley orgy, yeah and blinking on this is ridiculous. Arrival. Disregarded is, rigour, will ask it to the room was to be outside with Angela, his cloak lobby. I'd say according to insiders choices and according to his weekly is working. And some no music Anna Netflix Special. Are you excited No I'm not excited about is a wise man excited about this because being and see has mastered the art of taking away expectation from people for the fact that
Somebody knows about this is needed, citing the black life would be. I think, a surprise, not excited only present I'd like to have the Netflix documentaries about her could tell a performance that was a huge, the old ravages be at home if it is probable Netflix. Unlike the excitement, everybody be my oh, my God, the other new levels as it had dropped. Yet in yesterday, two seconds again doing some. This fact words, let's edition of the previous album Boca. So it's not like a surprise album but is this some new muso Lucchese from a united as he does it, gonna be in their remake of Disney's Align King isn't there is on July, nineteen beyond have not allowed under the mountains, and almost no were from she didn't make the announcement that is according to inside of sources led incredible, although the same model maybe you who said Jesus that of the fifteen may know trust when I mean, of course, he's doing knows s weekly, but of course she is doing, spend Netflix special cartel it. I was Bates Heller. Why? Wouldn't you may surprise? I right now lobby us
Jason Lee from Hollywood unlocked. You guys had them on the show yesterday healed up here, they're mad at him, because it said he'll eat the pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z's kids. It was like a picture of a picture. I don't know if you guys are all this happening. Also media, but they are going and going crazy on him. So if you look on social media, you can see the picture of the kids and you know I don't know who gave it to him, but it's a picture of a picture inside the house. So take a look at that. The kids acute downfall today is to look at the start of an evening down. It was unassisted rampage, but you can still see it online. If you look for it, obviously I re Britney spears has checked into a mental health facility. She's been very destroyed over her dad's illness and they said she's not getting sing. You know she needs to get some help. He's had to surgeries to correct major issues with his intestines and his colleagues, and they said the second surgery was reason,
he's been having all kinds of complications, so has been really tough for her, so she had to second to a mental health facility. Now Leubronn is talking about being financially exploited as a high school star. Of course. Right now he was on the latest episode of Kevin whereas the board room and they were talking about Kinds of rivals in the Bible reason things like that, There's what a had to say about business. Fresh marriage must my sophomore year. They moved are poem games to the university, There was a high school fifteen hundred we open up. My first home game must sophomore year is at the university of ads. Six thousand people and they sell season Tiggle right then, and there, the sophomore fifteen. I knew that this is this. Is big business and menacing you, they actually put some paper. You can watch the boy aims, games anywhere industry,
paid like temper ass trouser, lagging magna, so unfair, guys not to be getting some table percentage. Yet we did. We get something everyone has go I'll, give you in an uproar of you, bring in that kind of attention and they make in that kind of revenue off you. You should give some gonna kick at his high, sometimes when these as soon as they have guide and they don't really know you know how things are they gonna have to accept a disclaimer basketball. Vietnam's though I do don't treated like bootleggers prodigy you promise on amateurs. Let you know me like a still ball in a way right without problems
people may be able to live with type approval I would take. The car was levelled rascal level, a high school and is very much out of money and make an economic government of lonely. I write gnats HALO Rex, we told you about her new shall take it. There would tell a wreck that actually debuted yesterday on Billy to report on Turner. Well, she did her first episode with Jimmy Butler and if you haven't seen it yet may see whilst hoping that she did talk them and they play the game spades. They had some good conversation and here's what he had to say tell me at the time that sticks out that you were the most sat. Well wanted acquit basketball forever. Marker last month I for me, though I would have had a job to get it all out and said it is talking myself in the dark and ass. I may, and I don't know what to do- how to talk to hook. You rightly we'll talk, then why did you want to quit basketball? Why wasn't I mean you so far away from home and tell you that in doing research out another snowed, another call, I know anything
I went there like. I was still in Texas. Diana S. Work is that you know it was freeze, keep labour working market University, the Milwaukee cell is in. It was an interesting and have you any tax about other things? It s about journaling, unease. Journals every day they go about his adrenaline. Yes, Neither right now. My thoughts go to bed ass. I may so you take out. Taylor makes me so now Pham Angela YE and that's all- and I forgot to tell you about these amendments and Stephen, a Smith. By the way I told you this earlier but he's gonna make about em. They said eight to ten million dollars a year which will make the highest paid on your talent and european history. Fellow, that's huge is reportedly worth around five milk, ten dollars a year already so when he gets this raise, that's gonna be naw man over him right now. My green burg is, is peons highs, pay personality, he may six point five million per year using
one who loves even isn't vacillation queries all day, Queens well Queen and a factor fox borders. Idea of transport is cooking and I'm sure I think Stephen Isthmus contracts have been twenty twenty one and I'm sure, that's possible, radio gives, even if Mr Bag, absolutely yesterday, better pay like they way, nor congratulations to me what Edison s going make coincide genetically so scientific way. So congratulations to Stephen Anna Life moving and keeping a wine glass. He eke. He got the money to buy new hair lie they day in Austin I bet you nonsense, you ain't, even I would the body like me you desire. Like oh, this is what it is. It is what it is. You know very well, I'm Angela Year, naturally my report and I am Coca College. It came out of the brand new flavour You are there right, they got new orange, vanilla, hope and Orange vanilla coexist. Sugar heavier closes retailer and
They aren't smell a coke and aren't bellicose zero sugar. Today, all you gotta do is a haven. Am I added that food is going over, there will be a barrier. The finnish yeah. Alright shouts her avert, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next will get that all that after Mix reverend out shortly to be stopping in. So we check him a river. Now he has the the huge you don't it today right, gentlemen, NASA action network convention is no one hour I now? Yes, I have a mental health settlement. Would Angela Rye at the national action network conventions it up and then a hunting Levin fortify? Ok, all right well can, doctors to break with local border police d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club, we got us pursue, guess inability of Sir reverent revenue. Shorten open I am a man of good? How are you I'm good national action network of vision starts
So there you know through sanity, all free. We have all the presidential candidates come. Because we want to hear specific, not sound bite. What are you going to do about the economy in terms of his economic disparities? Blacks are still w unemployed twice. You know Trump keep saying the lowest black unemployment ever was yeah, but we still double the white. How do you close the race get? How do you close the race gap in wealth? How do you close the wealth gap and homeownership, Thanks, don't discriminate, we go across the board with the presidential candidates and we're gonna to get it now. He is in terms of what we need to be done in terms of economic development. Rabbit spread, there's gonna, be the blood. Four point: four billion and he's gonna help conducted Doktor, Michaelsburg Dyson dealer would a lot of what we need to be dealing with the education and one of the highlights Angie Energy, Charlemagne God we go, do a real conversational on
we ve got to deal with that in our community, for too often is taboo, but no more talk about it out, even in our faith in our churches, kind of like exercises to get through a week by the deal the deep rooted problems so we'll talk about all in it and as all free. Now I can people go casino with a convincing. Be how can people get their work? How can I watch? How can I look any local alone? It's gonna be at the Sheraton Times Square. They can go to W W w dot national action that word dad net. It all schedule, Google, video win and all of its free free registered as though we have decided ballroom that accommodates everyone ended beyond W W W that National action network that net for those in around a country can get to New York. What exactly the national action there were. People who may not know is a civil rights opposition. We started twenty eight years ago in the middle of
fighting all the racial murder of use of Hawkins, Bensonhurst who's, young young man, kill possession of visitors, call visitors in Brooklyn for being black and enable, and we wanted to form an organization. I would fight those kind of injustices. When I was thirteen, I became you direct amount of the king's group in New York? He got killed at you, sovereign, a movement all my life, but at what I saw lot in you, and I have talked about this- is that if you don't have an infrastructure, if you die of something that will continue, that you just wait for the next episode, you can build an episode of whom you have to be there and you have to deal with that aid to day problems of people, so we have offices now around the country hundred and three chapters and we built it up. I will delete this year, but because we gonna relocate the national headquarters and was day two more years, but we build a young leadership, has gone
a good. We will need a permanent structure flab by night. Activism is not any thing to me, but show boat. You ve got to bill interests, we move in it or will we go stay right on a corner? Some people have bought Conon redevelopment. So we out two years in which we made a deal done for co partnerships, so we can state is a lot of land by not activism. Nowadays, you have to ask yourself this Charlemagne. How many people we see job will do and travel their early without their wonderful Irma. However, we do know God and we didn't see debatable in God we don't know, God save you and you know a young. Guy me. I went out to Sacramento three gopher step, one club where please it killed a year later had done his funeral and we did so in a gas ITALY. Why does but always call you revenue. I said yeah
you got a track record. I said no, the first reason they call me cuz. I have an office, they can call from that's real. You got to have a phone number right and then they call you because they know you'll come, but I think that I'm a lot of them Atwell intentions, but don't understand this is hard work. You'd got to be on the news every night and you won't get criticise end. You gonna be attacked, aben, Stab Lynn prosecuting prosecuted. My much as every morning this is not been on. The front line is not a honeymoon in a lot of people like the good part of it, but as soon as the Cares Rodya get depressed and get back to, what did you expect? Nobody that fights to power is gonna faced a power trying to fight them back because they don't know what to make Mallory who came up whenever you and ass rare ginea grew a lot allotted it'll come of dignified bet, I mean, and you get hate. I mean a high on your profile. There's somebody
as gonna want to build their profile by attacking your profile. It goes with the territory view, God no ages he's because you don't mean anything. These are all democratic candidates, a common nail national action network. What what do you think? So? Many Democrats, our frayed, specifically speak on issues involved african American. I think that that because they ve been allowed to skate around the issue- and I beg dead on that because of some people just go alone to get along with support, you understand you can't do this dead at worst in error. President, I don't understand if you can go to everybody else. Why can't you come to us am right, and I think that that is where you got to draw the line you need to dress up. You need to dress us specific. I don't mind you embrace and others, but I want to know what you going to do about our situation and as not being divisive, is divisive to divide us.
The deal phelim again where they can come on out and get somebody's knowledge. We gotTa W W W that National action network that net and the whole agenda? Is their pre register that we start nine o clock every morning who dared to five at the Sheraton Times Square? You could also call a toll free number, one, eight, seven, seven six to sit for six five one eye shouts irreverent out for joining us this morning. No you, don't We have now today right, yeah, you're, ready did they I'm having a panel on mental health. At eleven. Forty five international action network me and my sister Angela Rye, so it would be ideal talking about mental health in all our good stuff today to National Action Network Boca. Now right now, you will be added we. Yes, I beat the women's empowerment, maintain cell. I will be in national action network women's empowerment lesson today, I'll, let you know what happens to Morocco, to be amazing and do know realistic classes or what
tat. I would love to come. I made it to him. Maybe next time I will be combat positive, no, don't move to breakfast global Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have the shout to her for joining us this morning. Yes Mason listen to her Mps in everything, because he's an amazing art is always oh Listen kid at home, I cleaning or listen to a well I'm driving. I listen to that. One is romantic time. I love her child to her and also show given our shops for joining us as well? I shall move a positive note. Yes I'm a positive. No man is for everybody, as data seek imperfection always know is not about perfect, is about effort, and when you bring that effort every single day, that's what transformation happens. That's how Age occurs forever, be theirs. Geopolitical yoga, high everyone, its Katy, correct, I'd, use. My podcast next question is platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right.
There's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why I were switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. Meantime we're going to stay focused on the corona virus. Talking to the ECB Bert, so you can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can listen to next question on the eye: heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your face, It shows we want you to know that we are here for you
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