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Herpes Just Needs Better Representation


Thursday 10/25 - Today on the show we had black Hollywood royalty Leon and Vanessa A Williams in the building where they spoke on their new show "40 and Single", working with Tupac, separating the artist and is personal business and more. Also, Charlamagne wanted us to suffer with im and his anxiety as he gave "Donkey of the Day" to and 11 and 12 year old students who were trying to kill other students and then drink their blood... and of course they are from Florida! Also, Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee", with one listener just finding out that she has "Herpes".

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Angela Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid club rates and the voice of a culture wash lightnings is one of my baby shows just because I always keep young, but there were aware on faith there. You know their listening through the back door good morning. Usa, Lee S, I am so happy in solar static.
Most of the journey here. He sent me a low skateboard. Now, if you don't know you escape liaison escape, what is a small scale fit on that? No, it's it's what it like the little Match Box. I escaped boys I used to play, but as a kid now, I'm in the child so as an China? I would play with my toys for hours by myself and my mom, a dab like you can sit, Neuro may play rise up and, yes, I could so when I got this guy. Don't play with it all morning made me feel like I'm back and locate enable Look at me like I'm crazy, but I loved the like. I enjoy myself. I said enjoy these toys and joy. Must have our memory I enjoy playing with yourself. everything's yoga, be, I would add, the gay candy to send you some stuff, so you can really enjoy the toys and play my yourself, so you play too much worse. Will enjoy lay two legs. Thank you Joe now enjoy my escape. Boys is just to mention and want to wish all of you, and also shout to my wife, The strange reason she married
That is because it advocates that went out. You don't want another child. You know this will be six, don't tell me you're, pretty she's pregnant Is he really? I don't know I've been shooting a club of every night, I'm always used pregnant like? My aim is pretty good every time you say this is it I know only said that three kids ago you like to see if you wanted to kids, I said I want a boy and a girl, and then you got that earlier that early, but it's fun that we like I enjoyed it, keeps you up. I love going to the games. I love going to the school. I love teaching. I love them teaching me, I don't workout every night. He puts me once whatever he's and introduce new data might not know in wages, have Greek sages. My daughter's Dr Analysis, you drive me, I love kids, I love family. I love a big family, so maybe only job, but I have only one day they have away for real, and I know that there are men they can get pregnant. I will let you to be pregnant, gonna be where we were too may become Anna. Do you no way
Then why'd you become Moma. Boys know that already, but you know I'm enjoying life and hopefully you she too it's getting colder behind today sees as a commoner by Halloween is next week I haven't got my costume. You have you got to go now. I don't know what I'm planning to do. I don't know I'm really doing anything. I halloween guys. If I do, as we have a juice baron. I know a lot of kids are gonna. Come there's. I was thinking I might have everybody dressed up there and then give away some staff as the juice by, but we gotta give way help candy held together. Murayama would help candy is never an organic on natural candies at organic stoppages. Stages. Put organic owner feel some serve to render it looks good programme here, but you know please. so for Halloween have fallen in joy. You don't get to the point we like I'm address and I know what no enjoy man dress up have fun, life is short and oppressive for Halloween
so could thereby thou and have the best costume that, as you know, that's not those sheet over my head and come in the Kurds who holds a little square and what what's gonna be Gostar goes all right. Let's go show crack and now, but The way it was leaning in that are set out, their power has pre party. Last night I went to that. I wasn't, it was gonna, get to see the city girls perform partisan Fontaine perform here. We are this time last night with the powers that be a concept that we have here every single year. we have a pre party, and I was at that. Yesterday's have set out to everybody who came out banana growing financial. That was also really play autonomy. We play it all the time, galling going beyond the narrow perform their leave me a working day. Yes out did that and I had a juice bar that last night also wealth, wednesdays it on investing in cannabis, which was very heavily attend,
You gotta tell me about our lab, so I will ask you to show cracker Vanessa. Wales will be joining. You know her. She was Miss America, now see why heads? Why don't we just spent? Will you know her from self? Will you know from New York City, Oda, Let us away! I'm yeah! Ok, wasn't able she'll be joining us in also Leon The guidelines, as one name is a name. It is late hour. I so we'll be kicking it with them and we got from pays. Nosey, yes, you'll be excited about Newton Fillet knows also in New York City yesterday was all kinds of issues and will break it down for Who is all kinds of bomb scares and go all kinds of alerts? Iphones? I will give you some information. I would is going down the right we'll get into all that when we come back people act as the breakfast level morning. A morning everybody's e g envy, Angela Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Closetings Haskins front page.
Each news. I now last night was game through the World series I didn't want. You cause my egg ease didn't play, but what's the Red Sox one for two to delete the series to nothing about in Bosnia last night. Was the news really late? When is the world's here? Oh yeah, and if a lot of traffic ministerial added value, is a lot more traveling the world. I can see them loose and they get they had the best reckoning. Based only have the best Tunisia baseball, I definitely lose monsieur Robert include Basel, both in order to overcome. Go dodges. Just settle great me just to set the tone colonel now. What else we don't know what to think about these pie, fans that were intercepted and they was panic all over from New York to Washington to Florida too, they were in Manila envelopes, milled around different people, Barack Obama. That package was sent to him. It was intercepted in Washington, Dc Heller Clayton they had a package addressed to her residence in new york- I was intercepted by the secret service-
Eric holder, the former attorney general. That package was addressed to him, but the Florida office of shots return This is in the package? That's where that went. Maxine waters, the democratic we women are often do you see there was a package that was intercepted that was sent to her John Brennan. They found is a former c. I a director. They did find alive explosive device that was delivered to the sea, and then is in New York. There had shut down all around their area, trafficking crazy. Yesterday, my city yet spreads died in the former vice president they're trying to track down package that was addressed to him on Wednesday night now, they're saying there is a suspicious packets. as if similarities to others and George Soros. This was the first one that I saw they found this This package is a billionaire investor M philanthropist and they actually said that his
George actually backs the black lives matter moment, opponent SL. Clearly we know there is a definite pattern. Rag, it is our ejecting. Here's went down a chump had to say the safety of the american people my highest and absolute priority, the full of. Our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice. We will spare? No resources are expense in this effort. and I just want to tell you that times we to unify, as a yearly got ahead. Someone has been a kind of money to get those baggage shaped. Ok of age I've been in that kind of money, but I'm just the scarecrow. They said the bombs Morgan detonate now put here the, whereas I leave twenty package there look like when they were meant to be found, re sickly bed and if they pay
really wanted to harm someone they would have went about it? They would mean way. One of them would it went off and I just wanted to see what they wanted to clause panic which it did happen. You know now here is without doubt a chimpanzee. Basically, is aiming the media for this as part of a larger nurse you'll ever to read your divides and bring people together the meat also has a responsibility to said, several times, and you stop the endless hostility and constant it is and oftentimes fall the tax and stores have to do anyway, stars spending money on people you know like in. Furthermore, establishment is the de scratching become the focus elections. If you a couple weeks away November safety, JANET graduate Bob's, nobody, into a back and forward Donald Trump about whose posed to be civil and not the will ever wasted. I hate that this gradual becomes focus area and then he had people panting CNN sucks at the rally
What city was goody was ongar baby. That's good behaviour, ferret arrival. Front page news, get it off my chest: eight hundred driving automatic filet by the way the testing makin tease in their restaurant- that that's all might wanna know nodded to see not only in six restaurants, right or eight, yet again, attested out so many. Alright, I looked it up in his arms. Aren't you believe in a wonderful two thousand, but I cannot see a lifetime wow would go to check for lay from American. She see that it is the very sincerely Arguably dried it did. They have earned the right from you to please try if I knock it all right, well get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe at a bad morning or bad, last night or maybe you feel blessing ones- bread, some positivity ADA. Five, a five one, o five one is to breakfast local,
the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off each ass? The young man. Are you from you wonder breakfast on your mind? Is why get it off my bag? Garber Charlemagne. Barely more than man made a note of your point.
It's a lot of factors that go into debt and Lena haven't. I do have a November last night I got him mad lake, a thousand Boston it the world with data and do a little book travel gadget. Brown found shrub dromedary man, a YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, joining wake me up in the morning made and try to get they all. I've got you and I would do to Yo Yo yo for you now, but it would feel like you're forcing me to do it if it call like you're making me jerry you not to me you're one big describing IRA screen road omega. Three. You have now. Aren't you yeah I'm DR now when I was a solemn may now, not no don't do that
That's, not my mom. Rather economic, you should have made him say blow too hard for you know they blow something Charlemagne Airlines, nothing at the rate at which you may you gotta, Daddy Bit Bank like Bessie ass. You see you right. Did they think you re right, rob Brow a laugh enough in Yahoo. Is macaroni domain repay my truck What I do is I already I will then be funny funny, like ha ha forty one. Forty four take yeah Dumont, oh Mamma, Let's talk about these Debbie gas Teacup my diary: dad had nine in over a year and a half. Had not been overtaken by events. had been her leg, you wake up in the morning on that they had to be found here and I think about the coffee. There are no wonder tat like I'm. In by the ILO. The way out
he did go your day without think about a year and wondering if their opening our grew to three hundred and sixty pursue you're. Absolutely right, but don't stretching out you know it's Iver personally is keep it more and more to be the best mamma you can. But you also know time first knew less Youtube Club now something now alive y know you down, you can make them blame. Why should a victim God Day large ours, not a victim? began to dabble lie lightly. Edward. I need the money knocker land. Would you find it up last year a lot of guys out here in Canada, women. For years like idly IQ kid, but ass. We might not have with the barricade. Now you had been holding a bad thing,
who here once again, you Cotonou we want before you got what now? I do not know what happened, but others have legislative change. You, Serbia, to kid, you weren't even remotely concerned about his relation with the baby mothers owed women. Were I, like you, get telling you that he would let him be o k, o K S doing here, Gacek, finally be a cave in it. He would get the total completely die every day, re big big morning, I'll your kid live in. Well, you ve got it in your, maybe not a bad thing in the world. Our love from the breakfast. Absolutely you did all future as eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. One of you need event is up. Right now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast pillows is, oh, my god I m sure it, sir, and I have one thing to say and that a ye you called about push people
Have you said you heard it from a reliable source, the agitated from him it? That's all. You want go and you gave a pop. Could I believe you Charlemagne. I love you bore you really pipe in advance. Let us leave the Venice assented, sometimes and be they envy your family beautiful, but I can't believe how beautiful you have a beautiful big family Farrington. I didn't see you guys all day every day I lay appreciates Agamemnon. I can't believe I'm ok guys have a good day, allow this J B from both a day land grab. Davy was gone people make more easily area and a girl was not brought a priest. Call the metal is wanted. You shouted for myself manner. Go out with no real bad position, but I will grant it emotion at my jaw sought middle extremely difficult. The most dangerous sire and with it extra money.
What my brain and just created clover, Father Lula is granted now reads: Father was that about the re father, those who would you go see him a paid, his family friends and every day job the parish, man or log out repairs are obvious and heavy check it out. Man we're gonna Jerry, Graff nice. All my father famous to talk about. that's a nice and positive this morning. Are you always support our people recover? although this morning and gave it a cabin euro features, I am actually bless. I like to give a little boys now Furthermore, you guys mining a billion dollars. We ask and I had to get my famine pop the emergency and another patient next year, who had a gunshot you were gonna blacked out together. Medication book personnel not found out. He didn't make it.
oh you, ve run old cowboy you're, ok, kilocalories abortion. But here I was really driven out because his family came in everything. It turns For example, the fact that our that labour the more about my only highly allergic to tour tomato. The things about trot, gave a historic but understand, to be able to speak, and I let people know you know there are no good good and everybody has to have a place in his work. You know what I'm gonna take advantage of. It all appreciate it. I d be taken just as bad to do good men, let not unlike deaf to make you appreciate- Leyva, yes, sir, Already? Bravo, Abacha modem, I'm glad you're right! Thank you appreciate button hello. There is a murmur
get it off your chest. Just want to say that I feel like this is the president's last ditch effort to get people to vote for Matt at five with them. It's on Bombtrack thing. I think it's counterfeit powwow louder. Maybe after him had I work. Why? Because it there? spare, no expense and put all the resources then, and it's funny outer target in the same group of people either we talk about about a lot of people would say that is his rhetoric. That is charging people up to make them want to do things like that. I'd, say: sick person is the leading lady sayings any tagging all of these Democrat when it could be a scare tactic, Tudor because Donald Trump has said before that you know if I ever get impeached or something like that would be like awry. Unama, people, while out there, was also a good as it could be, a scant aggravated. Keep me in office. I could be trouble tribe, they feel like it at all. People got after everybody a start, but an area the tenth day, like a fake
where we have a good boy, and I can see that I just feel like a toilet He can destroy way. America hope warm again, so he stay clown and then this We're not America but those. Forty four million people have voted form before I beg you, will call for J. I will go and get it off. He had. She has eight hundred five, a fire one o five. One of you need event: you get us up at any time. You got rooms and away. Yes, this saga,
lessons learned on black face, find out who is about to probably lose their job because of some comments about black face, all right, we'll get internet mixed keep allotted to breakfast global morning breakfast the Reul report, where we ve been telling you about these devices, these suspicious packages that were found in several different locations being males who some people who are clearly opponents of down a chump were now another package has been found and that was outside of rabbits narrows restaurant try but the grill and try back it, which is actually right near where we work up here at the breakfast. Like three blocks away, while you'll tell somebody seller, I wanted, is many loving reaches bridges. Deliver progress here I write worthy am, I pity, does have that package and they are going to be examining all these packages to get some forensic closer help. Identify who sent them they sit on. This person is some type of crazy man. Genius is so much evidence out there, so they should be able to track that person down our rights says he's. Given your the head was crazy. When I got the work was one above them alone. There were so many bomb squad trucks on the culture of the cop. Their works, which works to inability of what was going on is that he must have known another bomb and nurse again when I believe it is right. I said this is in the process of happening right now and getting updated as we speak era Christine Amelia guidance, whose situation she actually was trying to go into a party after going to the Bruno Mars concert and they were trying to get into the bar offer the lobby, but the bouncer black them and that's when or how broke loose. Now they saying that she was with one of her friends Nicole billions from the show wags and some other people, and they blacks, Christiana million and one other friend from getting in they sent one of the friends who was inside reached two opened the gate and that's when she's through a drink at the bouncer and things got crazy. He try to grab her, but then two guys stepped in and turned into a bra. Now, Christina millions telling a different story. The hotel manager told the group they could enter. The buyer went about systemic, getting aggressive, they left to go, find the manager and that she did not know anything at all. Envy. Imagine you're going into the club which your friends they block you from going in. I'm not gonna walk into a global out. No one. Animal Kyrgyz Nuno are also happening. Allowed people to move the veil. The rope, not us above the job to make sure you can go in sore mean of the balances is good as good in me. I don't look love never own again. My life she's at a group of people write her in her friends are inside the altogether Christine long walk due to their clubs. Thank you. She was partly through regional busy. Waterfalls fall in love, began, use of debris low and she does you this march right on and boom and wholly. Would you not being you now get in being a million? No, that's probably would have you ever Christina million loose ludicrously. Renewing work were Christina MILAN workers due to MILAN on them, as you said you from MILAN riveting from along and it's the same flipped out when they get to the door, and you know so. I love it. You're not gonna learn more disease, a modest way. You know who I was a humble. An incidental deserves lulli. No, I don't I don't wait Rodya. Would anybody an absolute right, Megan, Kelly they're, saying that she might actually get fired off the today show and find another role for her over there because of those black face comments? Let's revisit that racist, because the situation that you do get in trouble, if you are a white person who puts on the islands or black personal, puts out whitebait I'll away like a background, was a kid that was ok as long as your dressing up his eyes character. It was a controversy on the railways in New York, with blue, add, as she dresses Diana Ross, and she made her skin looked darker than it really is, and people said that that was racist, and I don't I felt like who does Diana Raw. She wasn't Diana for one day. I dont know how, like that got races on hollow, like big of a firewall offered her blather game. That is not just that they said they were talks even before those comments hap in and they were not happy with her husband made early. You knew Julian burthen right back about my best. It had never talk to her right will agree in us. You should not have been higher from Fox NEWS for such a huge salary. They said the whole thing has been a disaster, so they talkin about toning down her raw Sudan has now Windows, Megan Jelly Matlin controversial they wanted it. Gas will have an early and we're gonna gotta. You know your investment. When you will have been people like Megan jellies will know you can upload afar boyfriends, one ass. She did have these comments. I'm sorry, one of the great heart is a sitting in his chair. Each day is getting to discuss different points of view. I learn that, given the history of black face being used in awful ways by racists in this country, it is not ok for that. To be part of an Austrian, I have never been a pc kind of person, but I do understand the value in being sensitive to our history, particularly on race and ethnic city. This past year has been so painful for many people of color. The country feels so divided and I have no wish to add that pain, an offence who wrote that age organ boast of this, not in our cultural community duty and opened up another school or the boy you like I care about movement, apology, man and ended up like I was saying, if not just this, that's a fire both in its the fact that they ve been having issues with her hair ratings are good. They been pulled out. I would write and allow as well. I would run on fire because our readings on Google up and his work would be hired maiden curly. Knowing who may kill you that she said she's never been a piece of individual. You can't fire her when she says something you don't agree. We have argued her because it also brings. I guess it's, you know it's a combination of different things, not just what I readily fire for Reims than fire of being may go. We could be harder. River ratings were great parliament even be a discussion. Actually earlier watches you, I don't know she had another shot like one hour ago, magnesia showed was a residual as yet I was Joe launder mean well, one thing I know you guys will be watching is the new movie bodied array
Where is our weapons? It's bad Arap within a brutal erika. Sport is produced by one of the greatest Eminem and supposed to be a hilarious movie. I've seen a yep. It is called body that an accidental rat beta, superstar critics eleventh thing it's a brutal funny masterpieces will be entered as Friday November seconds. If you want to see it, it's a body, the movie, the kindness I mean you're involved in this. Yes, I've seen him because I'm actually in it play a character, called honey grams. Animal reduce or on a dragoon accrued bombs would yield of cod honey hunting ground what're. You blame it on a groups. Ok, oh I play up later. Replaited adamantly bodied is about battle, rap, evaluate I play the host in promoter of the battle rattling high five, unlike smack smack. Why did you read what was your rattling back in the day busy man Winkle but would like to do is neutral. You could have been a rapid egg. Knowledge are looming, go unpunished, wounded, fails on the one, promotes the battles and write a masterly investor river report. What they were soon race is a good move. You don't remember, segmented, be dont, trot a treaty that has not pc at me very rare, wiggled Norman, Jackie long. You d visa requirement must not be used to buy in, and I do the where you include you forgetting worth. Nothing then spoke about all the Perry man we go. You does periwinkle circle defective in very Winkle, the nice purplish color morning. Everybody is T J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was, can some front page news
Today, a world series game to both the Red Sox, one again for to day lead that serious drug monocles Basel, both out in both in last night. I loved the energy when, like the championship game being played in a city- and you know, Boston is indeed a champion, Cities are salute the Boston I below, but veto last night, what Mamma Dj Pub Darwin pumped up our? We taught me we're just giving you an May we told you earlier breaking news: he was another intercepted pipe bomb that was found weed You are right it s. A ninth pay ban has been found in his ain't. There may be even more as we get ready for mid term elections. These bombs have all been. Ten, for at least seven officials, which include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, a former vice premier, Joe Biden, and they say there may be other. Is that our male to other locations as well? So there was just another device that was found this morning by slow scare tactic, odyssey diamond trouble, making people believe Roma Billy. the sun, the same Donald Trump followers
we know- and I will blame is one tell you why our Trump says that, if he's in peace to something been bad, things will happen. I think this is one of those gay acting. If I'm not in office, aware, not control of thousands synod. Bad things will continue to happen. Like that's what I think Here's what Donald Trump had to say: the safety of the american people, is my highest an absolute priority. The Weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice. We will spare? No resources are expense in this effort. And I just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify, I wonder If they can do, people in these peoples in their transport is what he will have to change themselves is basing my girlfriend is based on one or two is to change it all right. Well, let's talk about TIM Cook. Now the ceo of Apple
Four years ago he became the first ceo of a major company to come out as gay. Now here's what he had to say about why he came out. I was public because I begin to receive stories Heads who read something online that I was in there we're going through being all lead. I feel like their fans, I didn't love being pushed out of their home. Very close to suicide, I am a private persons, and so I've kept me to my small circle and I started thinking that is a selfish thing to do at this point. I need to be bigger than that. I need to do something for them. He has said that being gay is God's greatest gift to him here as well. I did not do it for other sea. I was to come out. I was the first, which is kind shocking that I was the first I'm very proud.
I am very proud of it. Yes, absolutely to me, it is God's greatest gift in terms good to see or apple vulgar, and he said it s a gives him a level. But these are the people who are not in the majority and also has given him a thick skin. So he said that are some of the benefits that he's had coming out right, I'm Angela YE! That's your front page news all right! Thank you! Miss e! Now, when we come back because his breast, guess joining us. We have and was unable to show forty in single body and single Nellis not act like this is not black Hollywood royalty that we coming in the building this morning we have a whims. Of course. She was amiss. America She knows very well with the sole found. The way you walking here would a pistol in Iraq a bye, baby, GAD slay me it's all the bomb is american. Italians are then our level. I know I'm just play it s, Vanessa whims. You might know of neutrality that lay down you react city. She was also in Seoul food. It ain't, you know, Leon right, I twice,
nay, my right beads from the temptation about the real bugged derailed into exile? So will kick you guys have Atlanta? Why? You know Cynthia We re ever died in another layer of their land, and I was there when I think of me on nothing and put it on me now, climate of areas of acted as done so we never put em on how and when he was on you didn't The idea was an airline when the annual arms on new a renowned rebels quickly learn on you, don't need everyday arise when we come back with a kick it with them. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club because a special guess in Berlin we have the necessary means We are working guys gonna, be here. You now get the videos, like black Hollywood royalty, obvious somebody greatest cinema in the to me, absolute, the Jack City, soul, food, five, heartbeats above the room way. Next
How can you make me, though they buy thou didst thou, my favorites out these, never look back on the word your bittacy wiles under no, I am always moving forward, but you know you hear it all the time in every time I hear from someone like you. Anybody know that what is really back than a watch movies, you watch amounts of you dig on that was up movies. well now critical when they even first, no, not the time of the screening of the next time you know, and then after was not pick a Muslim. Five you like I got your message. Looking younger knows you don't know a lot of stuff, like you learned as you and I M sure here, but I'm still work in some still this buildings me too. What gods, though I mean I'm happy when people like remember staff, and it keeps you connected in current- you guys are going about it. So you know
I love the love. I'm anyone know. Of course I love about people coming back to me were pulled. My life is the only as a mediator by you do. Don't they refer to me. You know I love it. I mean, if you, if you you love someone, you can remember lies in the scene. Somebody ip terminals are looking at Amsterdam and his kids, eight years old. Doing my seen from their roughen I told them what you know. Anybody roughly ten days, is a: u ok, guy glasses on the whole deal suit he's been way. Right there with Edward everything they run over the rays. Right is history that hinder. I appreciate I really do my remotely these films are still on right. Now. Ok, film, come on everyday seems like you, you know that as a pole about five years ago, and AOL did the top twenty five african american films last twenty five years and five Hobbes was number one.
I always had left. It is like one am. I tat movies ever iqs that open over and amusing honor was so phenomenal too its cake is dire. Member on when I first started, this business attorney told me something I never forgot. He said thousands of act is a walk. A lot of screen stages, you don't say paid a million dollars hated me in pay. Five thousand. All I remember is a memorable work. That's all you gonna every member's, he said, do memorable work and then you go on past outta. Your deftly did as rode off early. Thank you there s an organism, yeah come from the time where there were so many black stories b told in a dislike to engineering, went totally away from that not back to it back to it. Now you know the thing we have to worry about now. Still equality for you know there's so many of stories. Now that are there all the same, you know I think the influence of on hip hop music and everything is giving us a lot of different stories. But how do we tell the stories different?
and what I love about, fourteen single the series it they were doing here is us please answer were it brings us together a Diane. We were just Latin America, we all around the world. Who knows what we tell his stories that resonate with us here that at all we tell the story in Ghana or France or anyplace else in the world the DAS, all where the diaspora has gone into. This is aware we connect. It was wonderful working with the agony and actors and director and like really those game you're going back home with me. They would forty a single is what people would allow. Yet it ends. Where were you forty was a new original series on you ever see, which is follows a story of Bonnet Temple who was a by racial, bisexual brow, designer for the high society and Ghana and she struggles with her place in the world. That's control by
and the women who frequently shop, and I play her good fan and american looking for love in Ghana kind of come home? and capture that, like your average, whom they learn with their treasured go go back home in any way in terms of what they were doing. The work alkali legacy is hoping to you. Those there was yet handles vague. Color is another that cause. I was reading that yes, there, that may not. My story lie Brazilians, your Ebay, Anna, that that is certainly you know. What However, we will colonized and everything you know. There's becomes that gradation of what is the standard of beauty that we're going to accept new, no safe sex is alive
Yes, I will not go beyond. Why are we the outcome in the Corolla yeah? You can be arrested grievances day now and so what's grew and was what I love about this stuff. Is that it resonates so well with what we goin on here, because what happens Nor would deal with around the world is exactly the same. Go to the same problems is the severity of it. Crazy, like here you may be just on the download. Someplace else is illegal. You know was like the severity of it is just more. your face and more realistic, and but the stories Reza noted this film. I mean this tv show played at the LA film fast when one and down for best episodic on pilot error, because the people truly resonance. What was happening? Women really felt the same. That things are going with them here, universal. Your answer is universal.
more women s, a whimsically? Oh, we come back no over the breakfast locomotive running everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have a nest of a Williams actors and Leon in the building charming. I wondered at the major new Jeffrey? I wonder what does what does the desert? We really think about guns. You know, I don't like it. didn't have em an onion. Am that I'm not for it evening. When I was going, I had that sort of conscious conflict right between the character and
and what I believed- and I was on some like you know. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword and because Quichua you know in this effort to lake, be have family and be connected and have more. You know she died tragically, were you know, so it is not about by enemies necessary because we're not in that kind of war, and so it's like, though, is like arm yourself with education arm yourself with good thought and an about being the best you can be because it's all alike, from your consciousness of the divine in connection with what wit to your dream that you can achieve whatever he wants a, let that be. Your worries, fear that it let it work through their love for yourself Leon you ve played in a ladder movies, where you're a musician and your music in a real life may, as others allotted tragic things that happen in movies like that allowed a break herbs in Vienna. We witness a lot of things. Have
from back, then so did you perhaps sometimes get a little like nervous? I gotta make sure you know stay away from certain things, because I don't wanna be like one of the characters or in the movies it I ve known on everything. You know. I think that lots of times the characters that I play superseding the positions on the floor like this, and you know when you have those floors and you live with those flaws, and you live at those demons in you. They come out different he's in a they usually come out when you very successful possess when, you were likely to act up. What are you gonna, Acta Have you like David rough Infer legumes, bigoted situation, you there No, What am I feel like be rough? It was within the present. Situation, went home. Oh dear
no, no, no, not until two way back. That's what I do tell the person that I was involved with. It is time that I said, don't. Let me turn into their character. You saw in the movie, but they re not there without ever. So as it. That's in me, I'm just like you, I'm not let you see it. So let us keep it there. but then what would have Maria then I guess everything. I have had a hand in hand with all the beautiful users musicians is you play like roles and apply la beads and like little rigidly that you will seriously just like we acting? will you know you know that the funny thing is is really crazy, because it is this two schools of thought here. One I'm problem, the people always say: I'm the actor, the people most things can sing. All they want is they say, and then you know you get helmet right. Whatever is come on I'll, be able to Hammurabi, don't like so
nominated for word here, yeah budget, but people are always gone reluctant. Could you do something no use of those acting as the only feel where are you going? The people are sceptical when you do something else, wrapper command, even it'll by those states made upon the area we play. Other things constantly. That's all we do. We are the general issue to bug before after above Europe, you know from the very first day that we got together. Read through you know a member who has been in a mistake. He was loud and what and you know but he came over to me. He was like and it's the way he was entire time we worked, it was like he walked with me or you are in five heartbeats. Let me know if this very year I write and saw a mean when we did our seas. He was on point, it was great see, as you can see an arm. It was
tat. It was all the other things me. You know like he be talking my going to be no going back, isn't sure shop in Dino and beaten up somebody cuz. It was this t shirts. You know pass now. No on big cities takes bear no, no, no, no! No! No! No past now blood, just after the extra staff, while we shoot both you and me is like, and then he set off duty police officer so that the held up you know Land or in its all during those y? All during that time you know and was crazy, because the night he got shot I was there. I was in as you know, when we will talk in everything else, it it was the second. Cloud over the whole evening. It was those her inadequacy. Let my brother's got out and then I never want to see any kind of war of words amongst entertainers. Come to this?
to that end, the art in the army. There is never any reason for water, those bodies to be dead. Do those actuator Hollywood has evolved to allow our people have access yeah? Do you think it gets, saturated wool from me, you know, and then probably I don't know if we start a career as many years ago, static at the opportunities that young brothers and sisters, I do wonder about the acknowledged as having the same effect on key data me look. Accurate I remembered share or from the state they are on the point in having that kind of imbracus zero. Other main guard, gonzo re known. How have we have now is because of so many channels, because the social media, You're, kids, are it up with the lack of attention span, and it also don't have that one should like when it caused me
came out. That was, this? Is certainly tat, you could be watch it or do you take me to mind a man if you don't like this episode, you go to something else. They innocuous. Driven out, will not happen. An attention span is very lonely. You know about it, you can talk to you to social media like make sure you get him in a first. Of a good thing or switch off? You know, as I guess, where we live and right now you know what that we're gonna go well. It was wonderful that that time, in Hollywood, you know mister see was really making a lot of things possible for a lot of people can so you know what's happening. I just pray that you know we don't lose the Reverend sensitive appreciation for what that was because of the tragic sort of you know. Ending that way that were here at your people are taken. The aim for taking it out on the art which our own assembly be good right.
Right, elaborate yard and in absolutely absolutely, but what we can, but what I can do. What I do know is what good that was that was provided for all of us as a culture I mean you know when that show was out. You know people used there used to be interviews about like me, so Arthur Black families that a doctor and a lawyer- and now I mean it is- was sold huge in terms of leg, humanizing, black people and what we could do and what we are possible and how we were seeing. He resumed did and all the that impact and when beyond the beyond yeah only became America's family. Now black fairly became a member of his family, and that was amended in that's. Amazing is absolutely amazing, you know, and so I mean look, we are sad. we grew up on the younger generation. No immediate doesn't really know about that, but there
shoulders. I do said something. That's really interesting. Is it? Why can't we separate the art, if you look at the behaviour of our greatest artist. You in want of food low or by any there are you know I mean unless it has been an artist You? Not only will the added value and appealing with demon you do, you know that in large numbers why you actually might have even escaped to do the things that you doing great the things that should do it. If you do it with that, you have to do with our Kelly. You have to do You know it's a louder, but do it, but I've been through crime must be punished by you know commit a crime. There is no excuse for that. There's no like getting around no crime, but I'm saying in terms of does do. Do we then say: oh no, the music is not is crap because the you know that person committed a crime.
Thus, with a situation where you drive me, I'm chrome is a crime and if any of you do somethin wrong, you know to anyone or whatever easel, and especially if we are not a backdoor ito whisper. today, you know the situation now. We know with women EU committing a crime, a climb, you pay for the crime arrival, but it doesn't mean your music. Not good doesn't mean you show was who does not have the evidence that it had it, as you know that you didn't cross lines and that you didn't help people in their careers along the way. Doesn't it doesn't take away from? That is why we do know a troubled in practice so heavily with him. We thank you guys for joining us worry and single repair their every Thursday. A sort of forty, a single until November fifteen May. The whites you can build was why and why you and see that evening using the tv so unexpectedly and also on Amazon Prime, I will shouted that's a Williamson Leon for joining us. Now, where we come back. Let's talk about separate in art.
Humanity round of art, art art from the artist I feel like. This is like a guy at my age old argument, Indiana Satellite, as it is one of those things that you will constantly be these but be discussing until the end of it. We will also better, because I feel like I love the cause. We show our love watching. It is done a lot for me as a child. Even a different world is the reason why I went to have them, but then you look it Bill Cosby, something that is done in you say. Well, ok, he's not he's cliff Huxtable, bright, correct, but I'll Kelly actually put up some amazed records on all is an ongoing. Only now is not only because I think that his music was directly info. by the young women that he was leaving. I will talk about when we come back to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Ravages just join us, shouted Vanessa, William! as a Williams MI off for joining us in. We would talk about. How do you separate the artist from the art of feel the age old argument that will now whenever I was stop being debated the way I look at it like with the cause be so right.
There were many other characters on now, so that I enjoyed, and so I would like to support that, saw, wouldn't stop or boycott the cause be show, but a bill Cosby do something No, I want to support something new that he was doing now. I will say it is the difference between bill caused me and, like all Kelly, if the commission is based on a bunch of fictional characters are Kelly is a real power. Kelly makes really sexual music he's song like aging, and what a number correct seems like you, Ready called himself the Pied pipers, what seemed like his music at the direct reflection of the crimes committed to carve shows a monkey laggard as what is also themselves there that really help people with a lack of lack of any real? Was things like that? But you must know, others are still if our ombudsman home is rumoured still coming home with their rock, but I will say this is all a matter of your own personal preference. I'm not gonna tell somebody if you have a problem with someone with some somebody has done, and it affects you in a different way that it affects me. That's your choice and that listener support that person. That's it
video to our group: did it we until about easy saved to accommodate them ass to what away sneakers, because somebody things Eddie, said about his political views. Creating commit a crime What did we want to act like candied committed? A crime has triggered a crime, a kind you didn't. You haven't done anything necessarily wrong, something that you don't agree with. You don't agree with him and you dont want to support him. You don't have to. we know what is done I will be dead all that I don't think all under the same umbrella com be an arc. Languid am signed a right when they carry to primary mercury when he said that use the Edward and that all of us that psycho was one of my favorite shows, and I use the word to understand. Why did it? Because I actually did not watching it was out there like Jerry Seinfeld, and maybe I will watch now, but a j everyday me? to make me be a bag. You know where I want to support this guy. I understand why you would do that, but on the same Seinfeld once death of fictional show to write so like they all play. Fictional characters are not themselves on that show. So I don't have a brother
supporting whether they let you nobody like Roseanne right. She got cancelled, offer her reboot. This he had coming in. That's because of the com is that she made people did not to seeing her our tissue played on the tv show is a reflection of our real life. She was actually very she islamic. on top of actual rules angel? I really was a right. You know I never in a crime which we support is the Watts has re, but I wasn't a crime by people like I'm now at in it a meaningful may whether people saves them If things about flew May weather, but then still go and support to fight, you know whether domestic violence, whether his supported tromp, what a lot of things that he did, but you have the floor. you enjoy watching unbeatable menu, but you know and enjoyed ass though it had been abolished and asked to watch his vice. You know it's a difficult why I somebody like Roman Polanski that has directed vows. Yes, I can't even come into the contrary, nosing around from have you for my late arrival out aloud. I know ever I don't know who he was
gathered directive. Definitely us I don't know it's all said they had no idea. I thought two thermodynamic rosemary baby, but it will not work. It is, moreover, Polanski does This is a muslim everything out of a noble political, great, Emily, but You ve told me that, may you lie you. May data now Missy Nicky by noon? I never saw rosemary baby, no does a huge movie ethic, Illuminati movie, no doubt LISA Rosemary baby never sought Yes in the so stupid. Oh, she says yes, Ms Roman last names Lansky, but not relation the Roman Polanski you're flew to both northern. Both enlargement at the world would be the woman made these you pop doorway promotion. My notebook shook with anxiety playing tricks on me, beg you to everybody who came out. I had to run out and I couldn't sign everybody's booking there. My feelings so, but thank your boss. Let's have dugouts, I'm sure you can.
anybody that need anything. You had a dj pat dogging here, help you out of Douglas before me prove a game or while when we come back, we got a rosy. Yes, we're gonna be talking about the meagre, find out why they are getting soon and they're. Gonna have to know what it's like. I took it. It's all that when we come back people after breakfast global born, maybe my guide as it hurt me we're just sourcing, and morning everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Nobody asked unaware that always online rooms, yes, Viagra, How about this aid is? Who says he's a better rather than some of your favorite wrappers, like Andre three thousand see if you agree,
is a low delirious. Actually seen interview he's a lot. Delirious Borg internet next keep alive, but right now here's make mail or, as on your Nicky manoeuvres, Chris Brown is the breakfast locomotive. Promoting everybody is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club now. That's why you see the room is that's when I say something were. Could I'm looking? I went down attempts to say now. We told you earlier today with a ninth device that was found in Tribeca in New York. I rather Deniro rest awry right. I got these bombs that are being male doubt said. A very big part of the anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and an accurate reporting of the maid, the media that I referred to as fake news and has gotten so bad and paper that it is beyond me. Groups in mainstream media- must clean up its act fast so this a lot of this has to do with the media and that's why these devices are getting bailed out. So that blame in a person for cinema eyes easy I'm in a media that they set about our get to be home was less talk me goals,
with Angela his club, where we are led this look like tuckett workload and meagre now being sued, for that song wrapper Emma was saying that is his song. He recalled his own just like that back in two thousand and it was released on a mix tape in two thousand eight and he but the original song sounds like like, like talking pocket, talking, looking walking talking, but probably do ups and diseases When I see how that created that I wonder if the producer brought that actual whole globe. Somebody border- but oh you, the December some, maybe that if they were like a kind of sampling it that work is, I know you can like take something in
do it as your reports take something in his age. My cabinet meeting This will create about honesty. I don't know about that dead deathly around the jam given Adieus money. Yes, they definitely want to light. They taught the absolutely but take off, has Solo Adam coming out, and he has talked about the release date for that as gonna be November. Second is called rackets, I'm excited about. It is the biggest busiest outer bigos mopping. Alas, a racket, we're looking to take us debut solo absence. I guess at right after that is gonna, be offset in inner gonna, probably put out culture three at the beginning, Next year the boys work. I like that. now, let's discuss mechanic, they can on vainly things red, Pope high class, and he talked about basically being a battle wrapper and how much? he has in some of your favorite wrappers. Rapid and with better, rather than with wasn't pretty damn good come any ballroom. Yo Yo is the grand pay
while, in our view, a rattle of bad you, a battle wills magically appear like I'm better than ninety percent, rather than a priest thou. So well, don't even do it. No more If you want, while everybody else right preparing and right in bars, I am a priest. I was crazy, I will call led away one of the greatest rate, one of the greatest andreotti bows, but is that you put those cats? battle was goin back. Your board may not be able to do they. Do you think about all those guys asked what about it? these bugging aid and losses there, my life, but I learned may when he does why out Adele sharpen your battle off the town, the better than Dreg not have rain valley we're talkin about freeze, not laundry to no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no cause. I don't know, though, Their wanes Reagan, Antonov her being battle, wrappers, no, don't drink studies, Do you not beaten drink we have had with the injury batter rap
I think about around begins pushy that in we're going too well thought out, and that is bad that naturally we automatically aroused knows still out Don't they may not be know those guys? I'm sorry maybe do. I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report, All right, thank you. Missy up nexus donkey of the day Charlemagne is given a donkey to somebody's will get into that next people friendly measures to watch over flawed a mood of people in America come from the Bronx in all of our adults. Lord a man had cap and eighty Amphora very strange reason. Given too much money. Florida ban is a respite. After getting rid of the border with home in an attempt to electrocute is present life police arrested, Lando man we're talking of amending the breadth of club, bridging Nokia. There would Charlemagne
I own the way I'll keep. Then you get ya like yes dog you today for third, they act over twenty five gold, the two young ladys from the great state of Florida. You know flora. I was watch Andrew give him last night learned debate for flawed as governor raised, and I said to myself. I am we shall the resident Florida. So I could go for Google and then so. After I saw this story. I said to myself: no nope, I don't ever want to be a resident afloat and I'll just be happy visiting okay. What does your uncle Charlotte always say the crazy? He will, in all of America come from abroad and all the Florida is literally like every day. People in Florida are raising bar when it comes to cry he soon, as you hear one story about crazier Florida, then along comes someone out saying: hold my orange juice. I got this ok today story, absolutely gave me anxiety and only reason, I'm sharing story, because I want to pass on his anxious energy audio.
Don't tell somebody on the whole. I do it in my mind and I don't need that kind of energy on me all day. Now, if you have, my new book shook one anxiety playing tricks on me, which is our right now, and you know I have a chapter in their called parental paranoia, which humans to anxiety as parents feel we have to let our kids venture into crazy world on their own. Ok, as apparent, sadly, is hard not to think about all this. that can happen to you. Kid between school, shootings human trafficking creepy as pedophilia Adult awning want to talk about it because the things I want to happen in my life, I think about constantly things I dont want to happen. I don't think about it all and I packing therapy to learn how not to have these thoughts, but is hard, especially when you hear stories like this now. Keep him these two young girls are eleven and twelve they attend. Our toll middle school in florida- and I will tell you- Once again, they are Satan. Worshippers to allow
then, in twelve year old Satan worshippers from Florida. I can make this kind of stuff all people of courtesy and infant report. Police about your night said cutter scissors. These are some of the weapons. At eleven twelve year old brought you Bartle Middle School on Tuesday to allegedly kill kill. Ass mates. They were the cool at least fifteen people and we're waiting in the bathroom from arbitrary defiance, more kids. They could over power to be their victims. Extra officers were already on campus after another student reported concerns on Monday, but police tell us. The plot was filed only after one of the girls mother called in one hour. Robo call said she skipped school officers, found them in the bathroom with a goblet on hand. To reportedly drink their victims. Blood messages appear to show the girls planned the murders and even to kill themselves when it was done. Where did you get this? website, what movie, what Youtube video who planted his seat in the minds of two eleven
twelve year old love to tell people don't make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings, but that seem heavy enough with his situation because truth be told. I don't understand the situation and to the point, my life, why does it around TIM didn't understand crazy, okay, to only reason, I'm sharing is story, because I don't want to be the only person thinking about this our day to day. Same anxiety and lay panting attack that I will have to out today. Thinking about this, I want ya to suffer wit me all right. sit around and hope and pray that braided Marquis in his school would fools like this, I want ya to feel, must aim paying the thing that is keeping me from not having a major panic attack This story is the fact that I believe in god- and I walk in favour. Not beer, and even when I have the fear, I give it to God and then my therapist and others. I'm not freaking out over the situation, is simply because we do not have give these two eleven and twelve year old from Florida, the biggest here
all right would beg you for a dog you to day, don't take before God. I wish I didn't have to talk about the right now when we come back. Ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of unique relationship. Advise call ye right now is to breakfast locomotive boarding. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club in the middle of ask e allows this alive. This was, of course a vague ok, so I guess I'm currently relationship and if a new relationship, but we ve been analyzed bill whichever for a year and knowledge, Then I thought I was gonna relationship in saying that I was interested in someone outcomes and intellectual serious any kind of messed around or whatever, and do nothing inviting member love you, but I want to be with you of information. It happened I married and everything, and I don't even know how to tell him like a bit too much right now, so you got trapped into our relationship is somebody would even want to be in a relationship with no I'm not try our best we're gonna be
but I did not know how to tell them right as much right now, like your betters relationship, you know like are, even though there was a serious oh you know, Ali Silicon Foreign out NASA less too. we the fact that you can stay here and tell us this, but not tell him that definitely means you're, not ready to be in a relationship with him like that, because you should be able to express that somebody that You could potentially spend the rest of your life with robots. but not a lot to say it to her, but her nose like party this has barely might be her. But you have, to be honest, is more hopeful for you to say yes and I mean it and then is a disaster It is important now to say leg. We ve been daddy This amount of time I really like you and I'm enjoying as dating phase of what we have going on in a way that could potentially lead to. I do see a future with you, but I don't know we're ready to be engaged yet, and I want to see enjoy a thousand take our time went on a rush. Ok, you down No, I mean I got it now kid. I got it yeah, Bosnia is the less do so
Who are you another by your fears? The left, but I re well good luck! Selassie, I just be an is your great catch. he's not gonna. Let you get away so chess him believe he's not going anywhere but my main weapon, I'm fine and hopefully boy power. He has got I get time, take its hand, do not rush into anything yoga. All that I'm right now. Ok, right. Now was as key, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one more ask you. When we come back as a breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a girl. We are the breakfast club now a surfer Ask e, allows this happy Honour AIDS Deanna, which of course it for you, I remember he ended all you posted on your letter about it. I just got a trophy diagnoses and he fell, but we're about it, but I myself have
illegal and that Agnes or someone who had the whole I've had a there as your desk graduate colleagues did. I don't have the positive right you have before because of this disease, hey. Do you have any? I hereby for the what guided debating and again so that our goals are good enough for the guys? Are you the day before gave me? First of all, I think what people need to do and if you look at my instagram posts that idea for ascii with amounts at AEGIS and it s getting her These are my women he dated he felt like he was second. relationship with there. There are a lot of people. There were giving information about her bees and people our research. Thus he this is not something that can I made it affects you, but issues stop you from doing anything in your life like a lot of times, people may have an outbreak may have a couple outbreaks in a gets better and also there's vowed checks, and things like that that you can take so that can help make sure you don't get outbreaks as frequently and a lot of people.
Her bees, I mean like having visited one in every three. people have Herpes have some sort. So it's not like it's an unkind thing is just something that has a stigma attached to it, that people make fun You know, and I think that's what real problem. Is, I think, as long as you keep yourself educated on it, you may say you have the diet. If you needs again, I met Can you do that? You know you can get Herpes fat and transfer to somebody. If you're having an outbreak it doesn't even have to be sexual contact, it can be skin is can contact, but it isn't. ever you to be honest, when you get to the point may be about to be intimate with someone and being there. many people have it. You will be the prize at how people will respond to it who doesn't mean I get every encounter I would like both on I have backed the furious I wanna help without the little my whole business I get up. I think it is important that you let people know that that way they have a choice on whether or not they want to go for it. Because imagine someone gave that's you added that make. You feel yeah thought there were
so you want to have these good people. The absent and you'll, be surprised, and you can let people given that having an outbreak, it can't be you shouldn't get, that way. You know, and you just uses careful and lebanese society will have her, be they don't even notice habit. dormant in them and they might never have an outbreak. So so many people do. As a dismay show that you have your facts with you and, so that you're honest about it and know that there are so many other people around you to have it whether or not they are talking about it. They do ok or thank you I re I'm those area, you sound so sad That is not the gap. We not say anything about how many people are living, where Herpes and having gray lives I got a lot of friends were Herpes yeah and I'm a days. I am really starting to believe that Herpes just need better representation and needs a better marketing plan. Better promotion Herpes needs a rebate Ike List with the name like the name sounds like something you don't want herpes like thirdly,
Nobody wants to have sex with them. You know tell them, we don't just tell people you dating, and I don't be sitting around at ten and you ain't got no plans to go to do with me like that. I got Herpes Let me leave you. Let them know, because I guess there's someone pass it on to you. You don't want to pass it on to somebody. Let them make that choice guys they were still go for it trusts me. The women would have these like. Tell guys like ADI talk with the appearance of a guideline, Yogi Smash and Endanger Gorman between Avenant out right now. You know you don't have to say that, but you can say, You know it's not a good time for me. I would you What do these they come along and between outbreaks now by air is Sigma attached to it. Hacienda, isn't nothing for you to be ashamed of. Does need a rebirth.
as we wanted like. You need some people, some flap people to come out of you like look, I gotta visa been had it S. All relevant std right is like a skin diskin disease. Right there s the IRA and again, We see people all the time they have heard these bombs on their lives in holiday, doesn't purvey anybody from talking to them, so rash, broker, Udall Good, I'm sorry mama, though, but I have ruined I gotta and as people with it at disclaimer, thou have now do, but I'm scared, like I have a friend. I got it in Germany, France, and why are we have friends with Herpes. We ask him. But I like him. I have one that actually have been talking to me about it because they want to talk. and Indonesia in vain. I think that our business needs better representation. Other ok, you're talking about eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Now you ve got rooms runaway whether I carry stays, but it I find out what she has come up next. Alright,
internet next Cuba locked the breakfast global moaning, Pga envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club, muskets rooms, a Sakharov, carry some. The report annually eat breakfast eradicate, made an announcement on her instagram. She said she is back, she's gonna be advising for the voice starting Monday and that's going to be pretty exciting. Because guys we're gonna like when I watch her, could teach people and give advice. I imagine that, as be really excited Agora, noise made on me darling, serbian adviser on Jennifer Hudson's team during the seasons rounds over there. You go, right now A Marilla Nagras she's talking about spies nap, you guys, remember, spies from Levin had happened, she's a ragged artist who has another.
song out right now, as you in Jamaica, yes, in Jamaica, honorary charts, so it looks like she's bleating, her skin and people are talking about that. She appear way lighter, but it's for a music video, here's what spice had to say. I saw her rosy ruby, I think, bye. worries so now that we have achieved easy. Now As what America night Lenovo had to say about her support for space is supporting spies, a hundred percent. You know what I feel that she will smile. She is a strategy that worked. Sometimes you have to do just that things for people to pay attention, because when you're Bogle about ending continuously save people, don't listen for those that don't know, obviously, as you know, is make of it.
He was trying to give her point across. Was I've lived in my whole life as they make a boy? She really say that if I her black hypocrisy, video and just to prove a point, also she's not really liked ass, she just did for the video right. Ok, as far as, if anything has it, at the same time vibes cartel. They showed his son, who also has been bleating his Ganges only thirteen years old but part of their legs and black hypocrisy. She talks about how she was told he would reach birth. if the clever skin was lighter, she said I was made to fill a barrier causes He said brown, girls, prettier ally, alikes, bison, and I'm glad you didn't bleacher skin. I don't know, I'm really glad, because a lot of girls outdated dealing with it in you know sometimes when people, celebrities or artistic that way out, they feel like it's ok is that it is being fought, but love themselves and indian file eleven year old, skin, so sharp spice yeah and a really did make a statement.
Everybody talks about issue it is put at their video without doing at weddings, has not been as big a deal as it is now. So that was a big statements or she did not bleacher skin is make up Boca good. Our ip Davidson has come, Another appearance appearances him an area on a grand a broke up and cancel their engagement, how he was opposed to perform as seen university yesterday, but he did not appear. They know. I think everybody that's closely. I have you know him or whatever. So I'm some love is not easy moment has got, I live, allows rolling him right now recovered somebody in order. I was: U fiance the love of your life, you planning a future in and it didn't work No one can hardly has had another tattoos. You know anybody that they were getting married and then people blaming him for being so mad Miller in any? No, she just post something about MAC Melody of days. I know he probably seen an appropriate if you his friend you Mccall Magma, Hog Carbonizing. I don't even know him just show some Where is our conversation? I know everybody likes to make jokes about things, but we don't know if you
ago, an absolutely I write and Teddy and a grass yeah just that you guys know, I'm a baby its Eddie Penda Grass. I actually when I was younger, went in. Was a favorite area. I love Tee Gale, So there s a way, somebody luxury rag. That's my bag! World, closed the door. I turn off the light started off said he p we can learn is gonna, be I know, documentary chronicling has raised to start and end the car accidents you guys What happened in that car accident would have been very interesting story, so may show you ass this Teddy penny grass. If you don't know me, that's gonna air on show time. It is also good you at the Philadelphia film Festival I'd tomorrow. You know about that car accident think I alone am paralyzed and which has now when I was always a body. Yes, when I want I'll see him. He was actually reforming in a wheelchair, but he was still Gruber. He would turn his ability to the left and then do a little shimmy and it turns wheelchair to the right
Similarly, the thorny panties stays in him right. Ok, I right I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss e all right up next to the people's choice makes get your request in eight hundred foggy five one o five one shall to revolt. You guys tomorrow. Everybody else get your request in right now, and we got right is if a locomotive higher one it's Katy Correct, I use my podcast next question is applied, form to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right. There's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer in them, time we're going to stay focused, on the corona virus. Talking to the experts so you can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list to next question on the eye:
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