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THU 11/10 - Lakeith Stanfield joins The Breakfast Club. He plays Darius on FX's hit new show "Atlanta" and he also played Snoop in "Straight Outta Compton". We talk about Donald Glover coming up with the idea for "Atlanta", how he got the role, his rapping alter-ego and an awkward freestyle. Meanwhile in Donkey District, a big hee-haw goes to Stephen A. Smith for being shocked at Kaepernick choosing not to vote.

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This: is your wake a whole day job envy annually, Charlemagne myself on a planet is respected, show because this is a voices assize zones in a day the coveted morning. So I didn t want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, immodest Charlemagne. These did a blood. It is yes, it's Thursday just started learning how to move in a room full of sleepy trunk supporters. All these people voted for trumpet
like they did not all around us? They won't reveal themselves unless he it's in the White House. And other amazing thing so move cautiously. Until then, ok, you work. Will you go to school with him you gotta charge? Would sleep, we're ok, you're, my sleep. Would you know who your woman a male voted for when they were alone, move or games? Gotta know are a move in a room full of sneaky trump supported. I daresay Hillary Clinton one, the popular vote. There isn't one above you wanna popular democratic, wondered last, but six out of seven popular vote. Today but it's all about that electoral Kyle. She lost electoral votes and get me some people together. Colleges like some group of people. We just sit around and be like nope. You know difficult. At the bottom of all no mean anything. I don't want to be private investor. That works is just a simple and it didn't. I don't feel like talking about this
I did I did idea. You started, it is simple white working class voters in area turned on huge numbers in in and even more heavily for Republicans than ever before, wrath based who would have ended in a democratic voted in those areas? Basically, stato SIMPLE, not complicate. Yes, well shut out to everybody that participates in black black Brooklyn Rocks, which is a fast and should I did yesterday footing. Its, which was pretty dope, is doing better off rationally. Yet I do in fact we do. Lena City. My kids always wore consider an intern honour when we were there, but this one didn't broken yesterday. It was sponsored by fabulous all policies go to a great cause. Everybody involve Nike AIR Jordan. Conversely, vies and the kids got to work it out yesterday, so it was pretty fun. I've seen em said the angel, humans are seen her yesterday I seem very Gaeta. Was there as he sees a bad they shot
see here. A middle ground in Rome is kids with the imo is automatically be run into Arriv mental underground, downpours, pink using low, but an annex, Yes, I was gonna run ahead or I'm at my house and with this I had five kids would never run around. It was no instrument, Gabby rethink effectively by got pictures taken, but added postman, yet opposing Katy was allowed, follow, forego the kid loving they got to work or to one my daughter. Actually you know when you get to the end of the runway, you supposed to stop. She jumped off the runway and then jump back on, but she kept my hand on her hip, so she's a little deeper is kept, it was a sharp little Monday at the time last night, we gotta get today. Who was I care members ruining my God novel Darius on a lot less Keith, chief, substantial right. You stand for what his name is lacking. Firstly, these various Lana. If you don't know who that is, he also played smoothed organ. Nobody just about every day.
There is a Lana through a voice homeboy on these pointed a whole crew. Those guys The only area where so he'll be here this morning, anyplace neutral I welcome the can't nobody Vienna Conference, like that role account. Nobody cares about this new dogs great on account of the need to progress, great granting hairs. Ok, you must arise. Was actually anyway. I don't know what you did. I thought that you did it. You know what to do from behind, definitely whose trial delay plain a drink, ragged and we're gonna do front page news after this agent owes you have conquered, is all we play it, freakin Drake! No, since you were related to pull ass radio, since you requested it is drink, is one therefore pays news mixed farms, where back where everybody is the J Envy, Angela YE shall remain to God. We are the breakfast club. Put the brows play. The Ravens, Annetta Browns, haven't worn one game yet right their own eight
Clearly it is evident that it at all at the clinic I believe and be a final championship fool you can easily with clean. They were pretty fat and aid may add three one led and blew it still Cleveland. It then as you know, right now my Dallas cowboys going to sue. I was thinking about this last may and I was trying to look on the bright side of being right and I said to myself why to Cleveland Cavaliers one, namely a final decision in Chicago Cover, one world series and Download J trumpeted. Our President elect my Dallas cowboys so bullet out their noise when the cab, one wonders why you have makes a winning a ring. I am, furthermore, than they have never been a sad. The kick legally Cavaliers will stop it right that the next pretty soon you want another twenty years, what they do and now they ve been doing it for fifteen years. The yes, ok, but no, my dog I have been at the bottom, but about for a long time limited around. So what did you stop in ancient times? I was not at age, we gotta get that it took about here.
Thinking about most ports. The she gave her speech yesterday wish you talked about. It was concessions, vigorous check it out. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans and I am sorry that we did not win this election. We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. We must accept this result and then look to the future. We owe him an open mind and the chance to me. That's too, can t, keep advancing the causes and values we all hold. Dear mother, let my darling enough preacher, for there are one or two he had a policy following the butter, women, women and young girl. We have already alluded to all the women. I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your Champion. I know we have still not shattered that high as an hardest glass ceiling, but some day someone will and hold
police sooner than we might think right and to all the little girls, never doubt that you are a powerful and deserving of every chance, an opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve you, our own dreams. Bedroom. I wanna get a dilemma, got eight. I just got caught a bluff, gotta watch an empire blackish, but at present dig it out. They were given blackened. Aren't they were taken into consideration, how let down some women were because Labs Hillary Clinton look like you know that was T gonna be absolutely monumental moment. Seen him cry when it. When I left election night winner will cry, bowling ball. I mean you know you eat deterrent. They might not see them for another twenty years but if you Michel Michel Machinery, for which you know might do it,
last week, Damosel I never run of bread. You know my change a manner as you know, and I heard a sound like a husband- did discuss that in no Now he was eighty Mohammed. Tell you talk to your weapon change Emma our biggest glamour. I probably know they would. I seems rather absolutely. I don't think that's cohabit padded within ourselves about these protests. Last night there was thousands of people protest and across the country over the wind, I mean all over the place New York, Kali Chicago. It was so many different. You mean an order that right we do now We all know individual protest, but you know you shouldn't you dont know show up in math numbers the protest. Saudi study showed up in math numbers. Devote Perry though what does it mean now you just said about whose currently Gandhi President elect us up, as you should be in order paid in the White House. He said he's going to bring people together. I don't there's nothing about him. That makes me believe, he's going from that nothing. He said in his campaign. Nothing he's ever done that meme
you're like you really want to bring the country together. So don't I Cedric mad at you in the White House Meeting with Barack Obama. This morning, at eleven a dot m, so they supposed to have a conversation to transition phase about a Barack transitioning out and him transition it in his wife. Here as well, so nobody talks about it. You know Hilary one Pablo voting little laugh electoral vote. You know that it happened. The short answer is key. Democratic vote is didn't bother to go vote, while White Looking voters in rural areas a swing state date? I think they have changed at and it does say. Electoral colleges many really give more power to different regions in the: U S, that's what you do it very much right? Yes, because you know actually, research on is a long time ago, but do you have competition actually gives rural areas disproportionate power in the political system, because the framework that a constitution didn't want to give any state too much power, because Rural voted in real estate and to be wider than the general population, but it is, the general relation in the president is presiding over the
and a population that certain areas you shouldn't give more areas more power. It's the general population, just my opinion, but hey who am I aid on which you but, like I said it could work for democratic through democratic vote. Just didn't bother to go what my White Republican voted in old rural areas of those swing. State date no simple imply will as front page news. Tell him what you mad eight hundred five, eight five one five one of your upsets need of it. Cordless right now, maybe had a bad night bad morning when I get on the phone and just vent a little bit, eight hundred and five eight thousand five hundred and ten. We'll call us now is to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club, hey. I got a younger body, Mademoiselle Maria Matter Ass day last, the angry as the aid and ass they passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go from bad, because so many people are mere complaining. I wanted act report yesterday about whether storms I don't know like. Oh I even boat- and I looked at my broken
Gonna say anything you didn't, even though I can stand knows. I hate that tromp as president, but I didn't even cast my vote, guys and girls. I gave you the relevant bodies so well that that won't we would need to get some sleep hollows. Is there without began its historical, the matter was abroad telephony, mad mad, because people are poets, ass, the man and sad, because people need to realise that they are, for example, Dj Cow, says it all the time they don't want me to get a nice car imports at nice car. Would you count to duplicate protest? I have no idea because he says they say you guys needs to figure out who they are, people that are really running. Well that's when people understand what's really going on. I sat on the world's diabolic conspiracy. Theory led him to dry you're even O day Day day, people run in the world, let em top may let him top allows this evasion now right mama.
Five seven sell em. I met a man of the controversial, behind the presidential election, and I am happy with I dont have been if I am not upset about the process, and I am happy there, but also by their peaceful way. I advocate that was looking at their own land from the New York and it was so many people on earth there like negative, stop and I'm unable primarily why and I will end the random over us up. I got my ya the reason why there are so many villages like black people understand. We knew why people to do certain things might be one very black people we age is. We need channels, The main argument, I will believe what you get is all about good people in waging a man like, as is have you got to say, morals and principles as a person, and you got the same. Gonna positive energy like up absolutely nobody items such eyes, hello. This aid, the king of Africa
you're doing I'm hearing or Africa was right. Evoke careful in value this model others into the king Africa to you over. You need transporters. You know, you're knew you'd, do talk so much about trombone studied to suspect you show me. You know I went to work here today. I would like all the white paper that used to laugh with made beforehand and have lunch with me. I was suspect in all of them like everyone to have lunch with nobody. It would like to like it.
Man. You know a lot of black people being blocked, ought to write a lot of having one year old and you know at the sudden Cleveland, because I'm leaving Cleveland and people in the Cleveland, Phoebe, Larry Donovan wind could not see the light. That's that's absurd. Ok without I'd, never at Andrews hundreds more than the second thing. I got one laughing all all you going out there trying to talking and be like. Oh you dream into prison before you. In top. You know how hard it is to be legit out there, like you know how hard like I see the a lot of people out there? Just like all, we tried to say something in private, don't play you, because I think you haven't seen anything wrong. You gotta stay away from those type of you may not out to sort out through you and be an ever by trying to be legit and shot out to all the other living white neighbour. To shall I mean I know you do he does
eleven. I live in a good and I don't know down on over a white male neighbourhood. I live in a nice neighborhood whack, you re the family in kid I see more dazed and people. Ok, does our ideas and people, but a majority neighbour to public occasion. I don't know. I just tell me you see a bunch of troops does wide and take my dotted triggered treatin good. It was then would tromp paint signed on the automotive story. May negroes gotta get our money up, so we can talk Lincoln up in these neighborhoods. Ok right, I don't. I don't necessarily want to live around a bunch of caucasian. I want to live a native Mars. Enable again is Asia now gave his black whatever, but John Negro they want to get out. I want to get our money, doesn't get ya, don't want to do that. I get my money. I want to sit around a frequent complain and watch empire. Then you are right. I do watch and by allowing very telling my red eight hundred five, a fire No problem, you upset, you need even call us now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
Everybody is dj, envy annually, Charlemagne guy. We are the breakthroughs club again, shouted a people that run Brooklyn Rocks they do a fascist kids is usually in the city during fashionably, but he did it in Brooklyn yesterday there was a great turn, It was for good cause, actually sat the fabulous he actually spotted it in donated a lot of money in about a lot of close to kids, which are just all was a dope dope thing. It was a great experience for the case to walk the runway. Last so, yes out to them, Elysium Everybody'D. As you know, the number thought to come in and people start to see her voted in where, like at the end of the day, if you have said about a trump are the noisy and you didn't go out and vote shut, the hell up? Ok, good! Forty! percent of all eligible voters chose not to vote at all period, now when you talk about those, you know her when, in the popular vote, believes in the electoral college vote you will like, I could add happening. The short answer is simply Democratic borders didn't buy
the vote, while why republican voters in rural areas of swing days did so at the end of the day, whether you oughta believe not, your vote counts and when you don't vote, they count to arrive Thank you like Trump. If you didn't vote, which you have set that trumps in the White House right now our only have joined us. We have my man I'd areas from Atlanta. Let it run look he's Stanfield very fond. In an individualist funny on land, I've never met him in person. Hopefully he's like you. There is a lack of will find out star and when we come back, we got room. Is I really don't know what he is gonna be doing in the room is ways e g overslept showbiz. Let but it's gonna be good. You might use the term support of members rightly she might be, but don't be good. This is it bigger. Whenever rumours is some good. Let me then, indeed I know what the hell you, but to talk about now by the time. Rumour reports that we want figure it out? Yea all go figure it out. Hopefully he will be here. If not, we that's all, but a whole lot I don't do rooms at is give unnecessary.
Very buys a faint direct when we come back, he black, the breakfast or more, the breakfast club, with his clothes were surmount the bronze aims. By compelled to do this posed by the election cause. A lot of people are discouraged rightly said that, as I woke up today, looking and searching for answers on what has happened, this song hit a red on the head. If we continue the faith as hard as it may be, to do so, we will be all right: parents and leaders of our children, please let them know they can still changed the world for the better, don't lose a bitter fate there, our future, and we must remain stronger than ever. He said yes, we all want to lay up the boots, put on the hard hat and strike, but that's
the answer. Loved, genuine love and faith will be the only thing that can get us through this minorities and women in all. Please know that this isn't. The end is just a very challenging obstacles that we will overcome and aren't you guys play Hillary Clinton Speed, this morning by a well considered. A minister of the matter is the head. Is they can't save you saying where you crazy these older Jesus job? So everybody has to keep God first, you got, stay work and you got a spread love you gotta, get this money given is money? Don't worry you on power yourself at the end of the day, and he ended it with. Lastly, even if whose now and office doesn't know that I love you,
that was nice. Yes, nobody noticed they pay. You build everyday, nobody, meditating gay, you kid! You have to do that on your own impact yourself. I write Michael early was recently Armand, Steve Hive, Lasorda adjusted in any sense about giving his wife gave birth to a baby. Girl has always been very private about his personal life. So here's what happened with this whole discussion, I just discovered a whole new love. I was wondering if I could love another child away as much as I love my son and what I realised within hours. Not only do I love her like just as much, if not more like it's a special kind of protective look, I'm gonna have to kill, a cop. Well, you know I've. I've played Sims endangers characters right, yeah, don't have anything, I'm workin on one indigo. When I got to know I got two sides: three daughters did love different, I'm sure it is absolutely mania bond between you and your daughter is stronger Bonn than you and you saw just because you saw you your little tougher
Raising on yours is a boy, but your daughter is, I mean they're. Love is like no one may divers our way by me and my brother, because I don't know you d never taking to Disney round the he loves. You don't have its again made all of them. When I see that my home, more than a by central, find my eyes, I do the boy. You don't get out of here. Your J remains low, different, my dad's. If you're right, a deadly and Barbara YE may do regional was the I was gonna, get a red it'll, be a boy you cable, regarding other than we can give the borders that are measures, but is not a veto receipts. He again did and John Legend, where they actually chose that have their child allowed, we would all like there would only be cool grub, Rollo Mutant in Monterey Bay, vapid down, quieter, anybody's tat. A little that is, as it was a mutant now, but don't call you tell them, you know made technically you picking agenda. What they have done is long enough. What you want,
make sure tat had been a law that I do not want to guarantee. I got a book of arguing that the girl went underground thing about that. I'm done but dazzling being a hoe. All my life, I've been speaking, the kids Brad Pitt. One little battling his child custody working out. Both him and Angelina Jolie are trying to get custody of the kids. She wants him to have monitored visits because of some type of abuse. That was happening with at least one of the kids cuz. They have six children together, but according to the La County Department of children and family services, they have cleared him of abuse allegations. Everybody has cooperated in the investigation. It said there will be no further action taking place and they found nothing. So Brad Pitt is trying to get joint custody and Angelina Jolie Is China get full custody with him? Having managed visit smoker wasn't abused, or maybe I would for dogged accused the grubs got that during my daddy talk, little boys regard for low income on ass, a mere mommy's organ you step of like come on I'll, just have to pieces
you're my daddy looking at me like different codes. You, though, that yeah you may my Mouth Jack Buffalo Bill. I write well, I'm Angela YE and is your room, a report. We bore jagged the bologna and as an election, is illegal in Canada. That's why people come to the United States to get it. Nine hundred and in Canada, and had not yet I will become badly special guessing to build any goes about an hour and eventually agreed on a phenomenon I. Nor could we all watch Lana. Ok, ok, you believe Darius on land anyway, as they dug in state Attica. Nobody cares about it. But when we re here as well as names like Keith, what sort of more become back is to breakfast programme on there was rising syllable exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy anciently ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, we gotta special guess inability goes by the name of low key threats, it all right yeah right! Writing. You probably know better is derived from eighty Atlanta straight out a car like that women,
I love you with areas, but I knew was a kind of his great who was is mere snow. We smoked again alive. In any game. It all gave a slight norm hard and so on which you got. It you do you got the role is new. Warm airline in nature relay. It was like every blackmail. Recent out our decision go audition borne out in the study forever or did you have to study or use solar? I got the Roy Ten p m and night and then at table I got the news that we got the more you got to be there at five, a dot m and next day. So that was my time for print, so I'll, just listen snuff, the Bologna Norman Showdown with work. Did. You know,
Have you what I ll do me? I wouldn't platinum office up as the poster child or Snoop Norman, every movie known every guy. You know, but I doubt that ideal necessary got a job. I gather was the look you don't you know me. I was crazy because thereby gives a you'll look like Snoopy all look like snow la look him so there we got dandy in me, and I know what I learned autumn. Look like that. I got the wrong. You know me, so you know it actually is great. Success in right. Next to do will have just like snow. With one additional and although he for showgirl get the raw no go get it. So you know what I call me back: Ozal a cool just a bit acted ass, better with the emperor, never use, no fair enough not too much. No, I mean. Let us know now remember like looking at the doggie style. Maybe your views.
I do not know whether I was sexually attracted to the dog relight. Would I am starting legged dogs we're Almaty, really anomaly DOM to the music later. I guess always to YO noticed and rewrite land is, I think, for olive, as one of my favorite new shows out right now. Did you know it's gonna take off the awaited. Did? Did you feel like that when you first saw the script when you well. I had no idea really. Nobody had no respective were there. Way was gone, touches touch people's I'm glad How did you learn without a global already are do voter all. Personally, well yeah. I was a fire performances great on you know what I think that's what it was. I think it was the voice know. I was at a club and I was I was actually really drunk. Doesn't in his club. Is you and they're bump into somebody? I keep so mad. When really look inadequacy arrows and like nice shoes they were glittery.
At issue oh god, oh, my God is done. Issue may yet was about. Oh you, I, like you, did you prepared for his role as always similar size night in order of self tape, audition do a secondary audition for network and I go to shoot pilot. Will you guys? who would each other before that? Do you know, I'm you don't even know of no, you know you know you're, another, far performance by short term work, which I done. But you don T know motive force. Boudoir, though I remember reading that it took a while between when you did that and then getting a next role, you haven't jobs. I have the job you got to have some job. You got to have something when you're here you're not trying to come up in the industry I was broke. So I went to work
How did you get an act and you can go to school? Just like on the train? I don't think you act. There is my favorite gagged and I was wondering how close the doors were you in real life, not just like it, just go out of thirty and act in a given? No schooling- and I just gotta Google is it I will be as they may be and I am sorry to have to make It's a game. I know what I saw you I saw you know and you died in some of us, really dotterine? That thing you know I duff around a building about seventeen time just gave no ready to or my fate than s pass. Now, while was she knows, come in and out of consciousness, as so it was just I one on real hard shoes. The duke is, I couldn't even when any also girls playing my she was. She was in know going.
I myself Massa. Every time she said, Sir, she was spitten sort of separate was like skate. Normal scaler would like write the song glad to keep my heart cuz. I'm dying, you know if you're passing out dying and spitting juice on my schedule as a result- I notice was yeah I did: How do you pointed out is the world's laid low, the name and Selma Jesse Jimmy Jimmy nearly the exit? Ok, now what I wanna get back to so you you just state of bananas and I'm gonna, Google and how'd. You get audition you just Google Digital, why I googled is on the lawn Eliza nag three stuff. Type the plans that I've been a high, you typed in agnor guys so form about fifty pages I just feel die every day of fine and you know try to get a break some way. I could will allow draws lot these scams, then at some point,
came to? It was a modeling ages was a runaway model aid. Is he saw other runway away the railway for no reason whatsoever. The Eu Russia was brought by so every other week. They have ages come to where we gauge came to us. Our edition of war is a? U again, material, nor viewers care when audition. For so let me come in jump, table India? Whatever ever thought was necessary, which was for For my mind, that's that Priscilla was a server come on you guys, you gotta do it. Why do isn't stupid along
that door, and indeed you know nothing of the role it. What went wrong, but I think he might be appreciated my whimsie, so he was like a sea. Some neo, I guess, was buried. You worked at a mirror, want a factory heard really looked out of the mare want to regulate dispensary. Well, there was a guess. You call this. But what is basically just got knocked out all the walls and his house and was just by raising these low planet. It was illegal. Gonna, try our biology to sail better mad. I beg you know, no events, so I thought it was raising. It was a beautiful process until the feds kick the door down. There have to do the other day I had to leave but The coroner banana man, you're, really good. I notches judges do some there. So,
was I work raids into it was an illegal marijuana, vaguer now Could you feel weed when you was working at? No, I didn't know I didn't want to know you ain't got it. You ain't got to still no weed. Cuz is everywhere. That's how you pay you in with crows around from a gradual and you say tat you d with all doors, is he would yours you on that point? Then you got fired from that goes event that you had a record Nora we know everything I almost nor one year you actually they. I got fired that day and I came back to California that day I got fired found other short term. Twelve was passing again printed in old you back from like in jobs that one is an emerald you back. What would you have? One is remedied no longer know what you re more rapid got out dealings there. You know he doesn't like to discuss two May.
When I was it in an hour once you know I figured I didn't really like the burghers to much so us are going to burger big guy, we have more, would look keys from the show and Lana don't go anywhere. Is the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club that would suit reread Drake Morning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ungodly hour, the breakfast club. We have Le Keith, he plays Darius, show and land in the building. Now you wrap direct Isabel leg in real life and a paper boy said he was. Robbery realized his inheritance all about the big oil wondering I they ever gonna put these songs out for real lay. There are also a ruler dismal, the news on the issues. Catchy was dry, complied with our drugs. Don't allow Sandra no shoe issue. Do you enjoy the club within our latitude?
It happened for you just from going out running into people, ledge has being in the right place at them, time a real life. Do you enjoy going out or, as it is part of the job, No! I can only enjoy the club when I'm blitzed I gotta be barley, met bar matter. I bought got back here. We appreciate you want to drive you henceforth. My friend for ignore know yet yeah. I got to be cuz, you know otherwise, I'm just sitting there. I'm sober like this is stupid, why these people are getting together and looking at each other. Ever do anyway. Did you know she was already whence he approached you and in the cloud is money goes on. Nuclear does uses a fan because so many people come another presented were able to renew it. Fan. I was trying to be generous and you know just be like. Oh, let's take a picture together before she got a chance to ask cuz. You know everybody was at. Allow you want to take a picture darling. She was like why you ask humble and grape as though She was a year will take a picture took a in about a month later came in.
Some of those are. You owe me with a direct I walked in and see how you do well, I when the woman man, like an official language the missing. You think, then it gets better than you agnor. I know a lot of drinks flimsy we got back playing nowhere, starting with the shot indentation. No, no, none any amazing. I use familiar with angle, give unit in the committee to manage our best, it is cool man he's really cool. Gonna love you just stuck in life JAMA. You know that have a drink when go there, you go now, righteously rat landrigan long you been drinking. Does my first day Dumbarton life like when you ve heard somebody else will further I will give my life man, I'm not lying on cheating
things change there isn't on ITALY and am striving for the different. Kosovo has been such a big hit, and I know when you go out everywhere. Everybody knows who you are. Is nice man. You know, I'm glad that I could be recognized for something I feel good about. Being a part of you know, cuz. I can easily be going to try to dunk it die. You know anybody, but but I've done something that I can be very proud of. I feel like it's a staple now for television and for the coach and moving forward oh good about when people come and say, hey know, you come measure tree and I guess you can measure my you gotta tell them. Where did you get a leading role now in a movie where you're playing a Brooklyn? I do, sir. Sir, did you got me, sir? An amendment has crossed the river side. Over a year
for a little while it's called crown heights, and I play a dude named Colin Warner, which is real guy, who spent thirty years in prison or a murder you didn't commit. How old is he paused to be, but I got you play under normal water. You play them by or imprisoned for thirty years the day they age me up. You know a story, you know when I say all this: all men are come up and not due to cover, but then they D put all love divisions or to Asia. For thirty years it was a real, complicated role to play as far points damn you dream will want open. I wanted now opened offered the? U use now he's! Ok, I tried it a dislike. You note, for God, you gotcha the situation is made dermatologist, they would mean Alga dollar rights, his brother, when you act in these pages, have having to be encouraged to eating, and I said
of our easier justice or say way. It would have a more ready theirs of me. I come ages there s a big, I'm method, acting unanimously, many say net. The ground was going on, but nothing will be entitled to do because Samarova totally different road Brooklyn roles, I'll get some totally different areas. There is no it'll sound like a tight gas. New thought of you doesn't range. I hope that I be able just have to just by real people. If his arrival whereas a the real story. I hope that I can exist in that story, monitors in storytelling not pandering to people's ideas about how they should look there this sort of the idea behind it landed in a we got to go, that would Danone, whereby we are also make this real. When about trying to say nothin broke necessarily we just don't say was They go on all this is a real perspective. Do what you will with the interim says now mentioned in doing a mockery as well. It's like among committee Yes, I'm interested in existing allotted to replace it does.
But I want you to see the finale will. Let me I've got to last night and I've thought about him losing his jacket real scenario, and it does little things like having to go. Get some jamaican food. If we going on that side of town like little stuff like that, really. What happens the universe? Crazy goes, on the ground in Atlanta and existed in place. As long as I didn't, we did so and what I did I was like you know. A lot of stuff is really like the guy hanging, They are outside the club and he's like watching for you, are you going to close the do with lies? It s a real. They are gonna Saddam you say those writ literally Adieu said now there was like I watch a car allied belong boot. Then you lose in the script, but I did. I just did that episode, but it's a real dick. The things you see in the show is like really designed guys in the space of Atlanta.
It's him money. They where you go, I can't find open. We got more, we derive from Atlanta or his real name like Keith when we come back. He belonged to breakfast locomotion now mean back fragile warning: everybody's e g, the angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club Unhappy Berkeley too big pointers, big ponds birthday, so happy birth, it'd be part, but we got a special gets into building go about enabling Keith It plays the areas on the show at the latter. As an address and hat mammal then says Lana and one of us accordance ramble, flag, baby benefit those bloom normally the rainbow leg? For me, it is now the case The latter had wanted to gaze at even worse as Co. Trudeau is, as we all party there something already
like it indiscriminately will not alright in their very reflected in scepticism. Remember when you went to jail demands the oh yeah that was volumes man and many wars. Man do is Larry but we're not gonna do not waste are you? Are you guys have been approved there ready for another thing too we are so excited because I love working on this show is like causally revisit these to meet his character. Open, ended a vow. Nobody gonna do next using any get eleven shares them. Also now. We delay that areas Alina. I see what you do a lead and ethical Odin learned that there might be a glow makes is yes, I would if it is a real, seem to make sense of it. When adjusted just it just below we won't be gain, is fight not, but it makes sense in a real character as a set of what a in play a real character
It is really gay. People were real men, rural women of, on play. A real rod. Buddha network is, as you know, that You are you. Are you worried about Vienna like out of the word type Katharine fuel, just knowing you as areas I wherever you go? There is because you can have I caught a role would have all you know you at in a word about the I got. A couple tricks are mostly about your wrapping career. Now. Is that at the forefront it offer you have the rapper named are just mores, will be the interview that I resign from a music, but I just I guess I exist on the same name that I exist under trippy thing, balancing the career of acting with that. So you know I kind have to find time for it. I have been now that Atlanta is sort of us shooting. It has been pushed back. I've gotten more time till I work on the music and before then I was just going through consistently just working and so now he's. I need to block out time to actually work on the music, but now I get that space now to just actually
type of person who just wakes up and I'm inspired. You know what I mean by just their things that come to me and I'm inspired in the moment different things that happened. So it's a process miso with Moore's. I just really taking my time with and make sure I'm saying exactly what I want to say and I'm being real. Would you like to leave us with some bar thinking spit of yes, Is there a runaway jangle men Dunaway the same old age or horse slain go vibrate in at the speed of a jar reduce gives it a problem on a swipe of a visa. Written cobra, monolithic, more LISA, groovy music, come through addressing speakers chugging to make of Emma media out of the reach of big for people when the green reef above her Khalifa Finally, mother Teresa Dynamic, apiece thirteen vision in a way you could see that man we have over the mark of feudal, must sleep zoom, pass Nufus, ass, blacks and do rags and apple Massa with a case of flesh arachnid. Like light, the weighty spatters line up my mind, nicer tropical bows, cipher sarcoma syphon moment a White Miss out by
The egg is, are you turn into Thyssen burden? The might she's like a virgin type that makes extra. Some burgundy light, because looking like his break Brigham and make laws and bird Thou courthouse dissolve baseball sliding is saved his rape. And if my mind ninety six anonymity balls pause? Does it was you I, like you, a lot of re use, Amazon or at least the rat. Name was dizzy Van Winkle. Is it but it lucky Solomons me. I love you various right man. That's is role. He played the breakfast. So bad
the report annually eat breakfast club, where they really short. You are there for the newest season of Levin had TAT New York that season set in, and you can see from the trailer the Jew S, aunt, Hannah and Kim Bella we'll be joining this season check it out, which are sacrificed to tell you just. Do you go away? I wish to thank Commissioner first one now Cardy B is back as if one point we didn't notice, you be back for sure, also snoop Felicia Pearson from the wire, even though she's from Maryland. She is gonna be on this evening when her girlfriend as well now is also some other additions to the castle. When I'm reading there saying that
the green, and we know her from MTV tissues ass. An artist softening Abiola figure meal, loving about rapporteur, clues mob, Sophie Greener, go home No that's what another gambling I was again. Oh, I just found out a couple days ago nor the area where they are also saying that young bees bag Maria line is back and Peter Guns and tired- and I mean the butterfly as well, so we see what other things are Sylvia baronetcy you fight, none of them live in her Barbara well, you know collaboration with the far the development of different over the borders, not a big across yet a cross. All the time I re. According to reports on radar online, they are saying that came, cried dashi an uncanny West have some issues. Congo doesn't know how to handle him right now. He cancer with in any way that is breaking point, is frustrated. He Canada can will be over this whole robbery situation by now, and there saying I can't measures become colder more distant ever since that whole incident.
She was held and arrived at gunpoint. The saying that you might need to get some treatment or some type of thereupon. Euro, dramatic use. Fur hints, of course indicated does what it get over it I am going to let you know like let that happen. Rob every day we are determined to use. Did it writes overly? They worked through it. If that's really, what happened I remind squarely? We now know this guy, as the inaction guy who bore the voting, an album for two million diluted? What the AIDS pillow facility for, like mad money right right, he had had the company that had that and he had the price go up like a thousand percent anyway. He said that if Donald Trump One the U S presidency, he would share some tracks with people online at the new booting album and he went on periscope and did just that
play. I saw the intro and you guys that, like the Wu Tang clan to have those kind of hype you up and intros about, and they have, the old chinese options of the looting aben, but he did go ahead and currently, whatever he once adopted a contract was he could no longer he bought a he owns it. You can do whatever he wants to important. Jackie wasn't allowed the play like that. You can do anything. I can keep it to himself and people around that played nationally like they gonna do two million dollars for right. Initial array Andrei has been lavishing presents until the swiss cats are Kitty cat. You know tell us with his very big on her way yak, while those who could scarcely noticed ain't any boy, Benson Engrais a whole that a presence, basically an entire supply stores, worth
accessories and he's us again and get her a designer bags her. She compare cats in the bag when she's travel Jurgen. Does the regatta Jurgen another different kind of money, though, that these during one of them? they pay attention to. The details, like men, will buy something for a woman normal by something for cattle. I care about absolutely by your cat, a ban, but what can you buy care by anything? You can buy a car or playing elections if they see that a bottle case. Something like that. She has it s just different on other planets in detail. They can we take here my cat. Is actually a good low. Tread fellow you might need right down there. Mom take definite beige play will greatly by them for girls. Pet dago overload different had shopping again. Yesterday they had this Q bag that you can put a dog in his car, not a bargain bag, but bargain bag. Why do you want to buy dogs? Obey you always want to row, you always moving you do it yeah Bateman Raw Mine, a growth of the fur pay. Now our kids don't do that vision, Thank you, your real real unless, of course, allies. There has been some you smell.
You want some nice work by them for a pebble in nordic kids, dramatically violent, great large down, maybe not go down without trust me. Please aid, don't If we can ignore. You said a good of you guys, don't go to tools, then she's, nothing! shall Real Rios there. You got reads it again. I do know somebody who sang a body. Send the DAS went home. That's what I'm telling you, since you would think that everyone by the dog sums you're going to really my guy precision. Indeed, two kids about day, sixty by a birthday present, the camera depend. Who can relationship ya, got man, I'm tired of these mass and ignore our kids man, I'm Tellin, you indicate ignored a kid bird film, nor do they can you read children's but few decades now,
better than we did. You will phone call that that's my sanity, specifically where I was merely a rumour or you good. You had a flashback, I'm everything I know everything I was beginning to be the experience that I've experienced or somebody real close, MRS Breyer, that one was something that somebody Although these debates this problem None of our good John, I think he's a straight face. Do doesn't come, tell the truth. Now, Dr David straight face, they please Tell the truth. Now try those demonstrate Jefferies.
Everything's all right, you give it. I don't do targeted going to dvd moving to come. The frantic allegation like their world and please ok, yes, we're getting to that. When we come back, he black. The breakfast local? Don't you don't talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey breakfast club, please don't keep the day today. You have got you today for Thursday November to even if we have not always remembered I dont get. It is my opinion, but if you disagree, we can always have the discussion, be it a radio or social media. Follow me on Twitter, Ciba, Geigy D, J G, O D, Instagram same thing. Now,
Stephen S, move dog you today before he's a person that I agree with sometimes some time I don't. But I respect the fact you ve not afraid is press his opinion, regardless of who gives a damn about tat, said opinion. I can relate well yesterday first takes divination have decided to give his opinion on common capron ignore voting in issues presidential election was, he would have to say quite frankly, I hope he goes away lucky to be in a league right now and above all people because of the position he took because of the attention he brought to the issues. The fact that you don't even have the decency to go to the polls and activate yourself in his election, as our president said, is a damn shape As far as I'm concerned, everything he said, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing out of what I had another their work for. Nothing, if you some slightly foolish to me for him not to vote, for it
I'm concerned everything he said: men, absolutely nothing. You wanna discredit everything he has took a stand for because he didn't vote of I extend my right to vote absolutely. Do I think everyone should exercise their right to vote. Yes, if you want to if you dont want. I judge you maybe, but I want to stay Some people would choose not to vote for various reasons, but in the case of common cabinet, why would I have expected Invoke Garland cabinet then participate in a national anthem. So why on earth we participate in the national election cabinets Poor got against both an trump after the first presidential debate. Remember he said this could you also ensure debate on what was a little bit of it to me?
was that these are two candidates fires in almost the entire debate, whose less race- and at this point I think, the lesser of two evils, and if so, why would he be voted out of thunder staying in them? Everyone who things I fully expect them to do. I fully expect gotta cabinet to be one of the forty six point. Nine percent! of eligible voters who didn't vote in college He doesn't regretted, not the presidential election he tore report is Wednesday. I've been very disconnected from the systematic oppression is because of me is another face. That's gonna be the face of that system of oppression into me. It didn't really matter who went near. The system still remains intact that oppresses people of color. I I understand we need regulation. We can once again of the man already has spoken out against both presidential candidate and others.
But the national anthem. Why would I expect them to participate in national elections would be reduced? Even ACE move has gained donkey today, because how you just going dismiss common cabin, extend that he took because he didn't vote colonist spoken out against the least Bhutan. In justice to certain communities, particularly minorities in America, and because he didn't vote, you wanted discredit. Everything is therefore by not dead and you just gonna try to wipe away at work. Why boy? All I work, you put it! What logic that me now just my making the stairs on police brutality vote locally on over the police. Commissioner chief of police share shower. I have two presidential candidates have some real budget stance on police reformed and, yes, Collingwood, look absolutely crazy fitting out, but in this case not so much, you know us didn't boat, Madame Go Google, Malcolm X, the ballot or the bullet and see what his stance was on Bolton cuz. It just read it anyting else, Malcolm X never said it did because he didn't vote. We done so why would you discredit, would call a cab and raising awareness if you wanna check,
I've gotta cabinet fanatics having is right, the vote fine, but don't try to discredit all the work he has put in re. Awareness to police brutality because of it gives Stephen S, MR biggest, he hardly what does it matter I have an Iphone Kobodaishi Sayd everything that you know. He said the Father means nothing I now want to discredit the work he has put in becoming didn't vote right now, but thank you for Don't you today certain when we come back, ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need some relationship advice, you can call ye right now, so put you live on. Air and help your ass out I'd eight hundred five, eight five one off one call ye right now to breakfast locomotive. That was killed,
Oldboy morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club return for Ask Yee, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you can call her right now allow this far less pay more the more, we found are you my lad, the toy, what a girl was, of course, if you want to see I'm starting to think of a couple from my thesis me, and it is hard to find out here, though any I might add that they were ready to settle gonna, be in a relationship here. Area that I don't play around? I think you know what Many so I was with somebody that I do business with the other day to people as a matter Can he tell me they will look into general relationship when as a guys that he works all the time and he's egg is really hard for me to find somebody all I do is working. I really don't like to go out and then the other in that I was talking to sue. She just recently got a divorce after being Mary for eight years and she's like I just need to get back out there,
Let me ask you this: do you go out? Do you make any effort to meet people, How do make an effort? Bird out actually tried online, have a global crazy for me, and I will go out a matter. A hermit I bear by disabled people, don't wanna be a related, the figures on a hook up and not about, as I was saying, couple had things I have always worked from. My experience has been recommendations from your friends since, as you have said, people. You know If you know any nice guys, it would be great if you could just hug me, because I feel like that's a sacred thing is never obviously ashore shot by people. Ask me by the time I do you know anybody good and my friend I tell you who just guides horse, I really hope drew up to go on They were somebody who was a pretty good catch, so they went out of work that has been it has in a dozen, but I do think you should let people know that show cool with leg, you anybody. Let me know. Sometimes we barely embarrassed. I putting myself out there like that, but we all know single people and people come to me all the time they like hey
you have any friends. You know I love to go on days. I think you should do to have you asked any of your friends or co workers do asked what brings a lot of them. They tell me the guys are good enough, but I don't know what that means. Lighters Lotto one of the few overturned because he logres, ok, where there is sometimes we us don't look at people. There don't meet the qualifications that we feel like we have in our minds and sometimes we have to give people yes that maybe we wouldn't have given its hands. Ordinarily, like your friends, might be like. Well, I know you the guy this like this. This Inez, though, he's not gonna meet those qualifications. As you have said, that I am relying ships times their dating guys who have friends that they could be Ok, my hunger, the empress embody. You know, could you do you have any friends that we can maybe go, and I group outing occur by Let me just always put it out. And am glad that you tried online dating, as I do know, a lot of people. They had been successful. I've heard a lot
a higher authorities, also by the way I was safe, but I do know people who have got married. You know awaits you and I think sometimes it. With your friends like just may, show ya plan shrimps and go places together. You can leave Detroit also because maybe you end up being in a long distance relationship by engender General just go out and do things that interest you, because if you do things, you're interested in other, like even go into a class. Their learning, how to do something you never done before that you ve always wanted to know how to do. You can meet some like minded people and environments like that are worth your time. Ok, yeah, where life re no problem. Guy lag Loma Amphibian about Ireland, silk as Emma be there for codes became so ok, covering both good, maybe I'll, see you at their maybe would have ask Yee eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you call her right now, it's the breakfast club good morning,
Where was Riri with needed me morning. Everybody is DJ: Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club in the middle of Ask Yee eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one I won't have you got a question for me, I will resist problem. So my question is a very important for a year now. Look over here. I ask you to give a have no gave an empty his family theme inviting to surface. I say mother to events may also, even that I might be an invite it now that necessarily had a problem with the family or anything like that. But I want to know. Is this the girl for, namely that Germany's or at some point do data they? U nose up, including her everything. If it does not involve the child is not a kid leaving or anything like that year. I mean, I guess, how long was he with his showed his mother eight years?
I said that I mean they're probably use to her. He does have two kids with her so that family probably has a level of comfort by it's a little bit. Selfishness I'm making you uncomfortable right, because it's gonna make our point of view. I try to get used to me if you are still stuck on her by said today, have you there at the same time as he is there? No, we don't get invited to defame, even at the same time. Ok, what does he say about this? As far as you can, then he says that he is not ok with it, but he may have a lot of women in the family, so he felt like just to keep less arguments. He doesn't want to argue, for he has expressed that for them, but they gotta do what everyone, Ok! Well, I would tell him this because is not really a matter of having an argument over it, but he should tell them look. I need my girlfriend to come and I feel like this is. Why aren't you invited if she's there too great, I feel like it's got to be a problem with him also, like maybe he's not expressing to them the way he is like the
these profits have them to me by maybe be earmarked timetable. If you- you, went to these events as well by last weekend that Russia can but the weekend before he they were all to surprises, refer sister in another state or whatever I found out very last minute I, whose ex girlfriend was there. And he didn't tell me that you think there is anything going on between them down, I don't think so. Living gone off with them. I just think that he's my being strong and earn on letting his family no libyan upon. So he's been a pushover great. I think you Mamma, you know like listen. I want a new woman and I understand that you guys are respect for my eggs boy. Please understand that with someone else, I don't mind the eggs being a wound. I just don't think is necessary for her to be around for all the time. You exactly is kind of a line respect, so I just came here, and I had friends like all you know in you know, have caves and it's like. Ok boy, at what point to it. I feel like this issue respectful to
do you like. Have you met her? Do y'all have any type of relationship where cuz the kids might be around him and you at the same time, do you know his child's mother? I don't know her personally know, but I know people who do know of her. Does she seem like she's respectful I like other. I don't know her. I don't know where he needs to make sure that ya know each other. If he's in this, for the long haul, so I would tell him: listen I understand you have children, I don't have any so you're right, I dont know what that's like, but on that to go with her coming to things and I'm not invited because she's there. I think that if we want this blended family to work, when you got evidence, you should make a point of making sure that I'm there as well- and his answer was when we had the conversation- was I'm just not going to go through any of my family events until they get the picture, it's either me or her, and I'm like that's going to make me look bad because they're going to immediately think you're not coming because of your new girl You should tell him. No, I don't want you to not go see your family. I don't want you to not go to the events and he said make sure, and you said he has told his family and they should be aware of this, but he should be.
The stern and ok, you guys are going to keep fighting her two things. If you would inviting her, I'm definitely being my girlfriend, I'm not gonna readjust my life and my relationship because you wanna continued. Relations with my child mother- and I think it good that everybody can- generally get along, so you have to go in there open minded. I know it's gonna be a little bit. Beware for you at first, but you need Make sure that he brings you did I'm not comfortable, and I don't want you not be which your family by just bring me, I'm a be cool, we're gonna be too as long as he's too, that's was gonna make it they are better and maybe everybody would get the picture. She may not want to come anymore right. I am thinking of your there. She might be like I right. This is awkward Does not gonna com or, as you might be more comfortable knowing you haven't you around a kiss cause. That's the weird thing as for somebody when they have kids, has somebody that doesn't noted. Then she don't you don't know you. You know right. Ok Good luck that give. I ask IE eight hundred forty five one or far. What have you got a course for you. You can call her any terms
we got room was unaware. Yes, that's like about this. To pack Bio pig there's been some back and forth between Jain Singleton, an oddity her and who actually put. The movie now it's how you what's going on with that? Ok, we'll get us all! when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotion. The breakfast club, The report is the Reul report whose club fingers in talking about the two half movie. He began a piano, complex kind and they asked about the moon. Because you know originally he whispered produce that movie. He said I did the research which was talking to everyone around him who lived it and selectively piecing together their memories and my memories, because everyone wants to make pack who they went to him to be. They went to meet the two packs. Very that involves them and not the to pack story. I did a great script. I bet they were gonna go forward with their Bobby.
As I am so malady and opinion aided some people, don't like to work with a black man in Hollywood who has an opinion and knew they were going to make a good movie at all, and they did it right. He said I tell the company if you're a members want to do that. You gotta get the F out my face and let me do this movie. His soul. Wasn't going to rest on this discussion was done right. When it made that's who packs theory that involves damn. So he didn't even see all eyes on me, but he feels that it is trash. A great movie were Elsie Hutton who do produce. The movie has responded. Now he went on social media and let me say this: there is a way more to putting out a film into saying. What's the release state, whereas the trailer Hollywood will not be allowed to Missus film up. So that means as long as it takes the negative bs people can do other lame ass, an abuse. They want an can't mess. This film up Here's what he had to say there is no November released states released date is coming very soon. I'm going to make that
announcement, but we we never had the release date. We never set a release date. You know the film we just wanted it to be perfect. You know we not just going to go with any company that wants to just cut this down move. This just because they say so now about away. Timing is everything this would have been a great year to release them will using the twentyth anniversary to bugs. We have been aware girlfriend timing. What can you do that is true is what he is saying. I also went on supposed to pack row his own darien. I made this firm in his voice is about to. Not about me not accompany not about are directed to pad point blank and He said a lot of people worked very hard and making this happen and still work in Hollywood is gone. Somebody home mouthpiece. Off, draw political body. John Singleton reason undrawn want to cool bond for him because he is very in tune with how you operate idea. I will have to watch something to save his classic attraction. That's Louisa Marrow ok? Why something I've really too much?
but before I even see it I can say I don't like it analyses The way this error or cared you should see to it in a white, easy reflect them. You're the times we live in a right now, Miley Cyrus has gone on social media after it was announced advantage and will be the next students and values. The innovators videos drawers clearly season. It is a minor she's crying in everything happier be readjusted. We accept everyone who they are and so Donald Trump. I accept you, then this earth is it that I even accept you as president, but please please, cheap, of which people with passion she people with respect, they inspiring they videos trash eyes. I didn't know stratum of learning something down the trumpet rhythms, neither in distress
I wonder what I do want to treat you who would love respect, but I'm not accepting the president's trash outstretched address a right now. If you got people Kelly, Ripper has revealed something about herself and she talked about a boat tags job that didn't go quite as expected ass. He went on her show and she said she Gub both tax to avoid resting bitch face and that kind of went left. I got bad boy House about what was it a year ago, and it was bad and did something to my good side. So then I had to bad sides you're not getting, but there was about a six month period where people are like what's wrong with Kelly he doesn't smile anymore. I'm like I am smile damages. Gary You never know. What's going to happen when you try to do anything to your face, you might say, let me get this Botox get rid of these wrinkles on my face. Looks younger and fresher
then you may not be able now under their story, was gonna, be dressed to reason handed out. She did not care by Ridgeway people from a just don't care now at TED unaware that people behave in both tax parties like they have people come and do both tax injections ETA has. Things are now very safe. I hear people having been many other told us what a given by both Ogden people at the party are already party. What you put needles are more favourable to drink downloading. The doktor has liquor They may not even be a doctor envy duties Jackson remaining any illegal. I don't have adapted we're gonna. Do that men in need of a new phase in Usanga Mars. You like we by just move when you don't even know next thing. You know you got Botox him, you're freaking nostrils, when I hear about he's gonna reassure you gotta be careful with that. Ok, and that is your room, a report I'm Angela Inga roads.
You miss ye up next is the people's choice makes you wanna hear something at DJ. Envy me right now got you request. Revolt will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else. Getting a request for a mix is the breakfast locomotive
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