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I Ain't Made It.. But I Got A Few Dollars ( 85 South Show Interview and more)


Tuesday 10/23 - Today on the show we had our guys from the 85 south show, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean and Karlous Miller. They spoke about their show and got to the bottom of Karlous missing from Wild n Out. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Caitlyn Jenner for not keeping the same energy about supporting Trump after new policies affecting the recognition of transgender people. Also, Charlamagnes book "Shook One" came out today, which he talks all about overcoming anxieties , so we opened up the phone lines to see what type of anxiety our listeners have. 

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Promise you learn something useful, listen to the new corner office. Every week, DEC on the ice, radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your pride casts a child Charlemagne respect issue, because this is a voice. Is the size and again, how did you do want the world more dangerous, modest, USA, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go your morning, Angela YE, Hagen Minorities, Andy Charlemagne! Again. Why? Yes, it's to day ass, it evokes release day for me, got them ass gradually. My second bookshop warning exhaustively ensured saw me is out right now: where were you buy books? So please don't walk upon me and asked me where to buy books is today a bookstore, locate or Amazon barrier that tell us why you decided to do this book about mental Health decided to a book about little from United, created thing abundant decided to do a book about my experience would anxiety throughout my whole life and then I started going there be, and then I started like keeping a journal of all things. I was talking about their peace in turn into me, discussing my anxiety and then Pcbs, d and travel from thing that happened to me when I was young, and you know keeping a journal of my experience and there beside us decided to start writing about all of it, and then I looked up and I'm like all this,
about me that even knowing that you want me to have, as you know this year, to be totally honest which what made you go to a therapist, because sometimes the golden person need somebody to go to conquer, and it's just like? I was out of generic gave you. Don't you open your? Where did you get my shaken? Advise once you will I what made you have always shown flirting with idea? Very I've always talk the successful people most successful people I know, have apparently been therapy in some way, shape or form and innovation. We, like I say, go to further need somebody to go through with, like things get overwhelming, and people dont understand. What's going on in your life or something you want to sit down and shove it up with somebody discussing with it. There has told you, but you know what else does I started it within? I felt like that was wax, or what I do is I restart were made on the issue of major. Was a black man graduated from the University of South Carolina and he's a mental health specialists?
So all my experiences that talk about in the book, he does clinical correlations at the end of every chapter. So you got me talking about my experiences and then you got the expert analyses from an actual expert in doktor. Ishmael forgot these major right. At the end of every chapter model, there is a black man. No my bare below a white woman, you're gonna make a difference. I am actually by the third in a black. There is now, but I explained in the book. Why decided? I didn't want a black there. When I mentioned we started their gradually wanted to asian woman. I followed asian woman. Would the shaking Arabs, who ass these your disgusting and wonder woman? Could I felt like a woman would be the most neutral? I didn't want somebody that shared my fame biases. I had a preconceived notions in judgments about the world on one or somebody that here my experiences and gimme they take from a neutral perspective. When occasion women ABBA perspective. I know they know. I'm a hundred percent positive and a young woman of Anne had mothers, but about fifty percent Asia. Women. No levelling right, there are essentially for joining us. Your book in stores right now makes you pick it up into the breakfast lab. Alonzo can combat job of all right. Well,
This measure guess joining us, this more partners. Them ok, he's my people's man. I've been on all of them since they was capes. We have closely follows Miller, kick
Albania see. Young fly absolutely may find tvs while they are they own pie, Cason, Yvonne's, Thou show one allowing our eye. Cassius will kick it with them as well, but let's get to show cracker provisions that we talk about a well. Let's talk about, oh add, sick fillet. You may hasn't sequelae at home and I have to leave your haslets. Oh yeah, that's gonna happen, oh boy, all right we'll get into or let people access to breakfast locomotor pouring everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a god. We are the breakfast club Liberation front, page news, no far less nice for you, you can know footballers mayors death before while I know something about the job. They were ass. He training on switching from looking at the new right now and has said that the new your guys about one in six- I don't know what happened last night. I was watching, but I'm not a bigger one in six. Now. Why were they? Turning? I am optimistic. I don't know. I don't know how you boy gardener dies laws. Last night falcons number. I gotta go much further forward Berkeley how to get a good game.
A leg ass, they say in an audio- had agree game too, but, alas horrible but anyway. What are you talking about as a giant save them baron alright flat for prime time. All right, I said, would allow EU headline. I saw no something when I think about down a champion has declared that he is a national issue that was during his rally in Texas. Here's what he said report refers to a lot of them. Global or as a person that one the globe to do well, not care about our country, so much, and you know what we can have that you know they have a word it sort of me. Version. It's called a nationalist, and I say really when I'm supposed to use that word. You know what I am I'm a nationalist.
But there were a white in front of it. Also problems in your national. In other words, you don't care about. Everybody has whereby everybody else- and you know in order for us to do well, we sometimes have to work with other people. Instead of saying that you don't matter where, above you was an election and, as I say, was while being a white nationalism. When people say there why people are superior to everybody out what he said and from an American suspected also has a very us versus the mentality and as an election in November sulphur, if he would have supported- and they want to be ready for America's networks, have you drop of israeli air, but to live as a family and other countries a lad of ESA from other countries. America is based on people coming here from other countries, not to say that we can work. How does that
Firstly, the world look at the United States because part of what we do is we try to be accepting of people and also work with other countries will join when an election in November will try to do drugs can be anything, is a white nationalist, lousy ever further controllers. I write anything of it all day. Right now. The Champ administration must restrict transgender people have official recognition. They want to make sure that the definition of gender is either male or female and its unchangeable one determines at birth so another where there is no such thing as identifying. What your gender is. Only what you are genitals determine I right. This is actually I'm doing a lot of work that has been done and psychologists no longer have considered being transcend our disorder. Several! U S. Courts have found the Obama interpretation of protecting your and transgender people against discrimination to be sound, but the tribe administration is trying to undo. All of that will be moved forward. Margin of law would have argued surgery,
I say about what your boy ever younger than were so it wouldn't matter what you do, no matter where they will not recognise you. I right now to delay a giant again and see your home where they are planning to do now is fulfilled delivery. An catering services are also doing a male kit service delivery. Yeah I like this I keep going so right now they have some new restaurants and don't have dining room, so they have larger kitchen kitchens and they actually are so cash free. So you have to use doordash or a credit or a debit card, so you order directly from the mobile app and they're going to actually pull up on you. Not thought about this. I thought about the other day. When I know my way was still pregnant. She was Craven, Popeye's chicken. She wanted to mad potatoes in the Nigger Cookies right biscuit. So what I did was in I went upon by than I thought they deliver gas. But when you
The food from providing food for lay you gotta, drive a certain speeds and when you get to where you goin inherited food is still relatively high. This chick for laid delivering again after five might come along call. You know what a lovely cried, Rob s concern, roamed, everybody not to say, look, look chick fillet, the closest thing they haven't every no right! Yes, that means they're gonna make shuttles waffle flock fries on nice, and I don't believe that they will make sure that chicken is nicely warmly crunching resilient male kid that you can make yourself. In other words, doll I found. I was afraid that either by Mc Gowan right now, it is a need to save. What are these people have deliberately foolhardy actual should fully work again, does not have any work or work of age was a very different value. Your stuff,
the over its head off Alexandra cheerfully work of delivering. You gotta have their own apps on that one hundred percent Pegana. Actually they might make it in your kitchen, subject fully cheerfully workers and they can deliver food and some type of warmer great you not have seen. I want a whopper fries prison me. Ok, What are they, Cameroon, Brigham, Krispijn ain't? Nobody, they not is. How did they need to be? Not only good origin, We worked very well front page news as one you guys, we changed, When the chauffeur start a couple years into, shall we every week we used to get make the internet when a chick fully in the morning at very different, although to a sickly us, I was there when we first started anywhere where we start our anyway, here of each eight hundred five, a five one or fire. One of your upset you need a bit hit, is right now, maybe at a bad night a bad morning or maybe you feel bless, you just want to spread some positive ie, eight
five, five on a viable get it off. My chest is the breakfast locomotive breakfast glad you're gonna, get it off your gesture. The man you wanna breakfast your mind, allows is yelled. Today, Google love was broken Rhodesia. Let's ride, there will be a EU, a man. I just want to get much about nutrition and is one of the people all over the place. He knows perfectly well that it is important to keep in mind and body and soul together. You know you gotta, you re getting in keeping with what we have here a charge. You fall to rub: yeah alive grass, Yo Yo, what a dear of each Esquires man,
I consider myself a student of new work, in other words in around gave me a moment, and I felt like your radio stations barrier like those who painted, I led the case, serve and do whatever they want. Man representative, would everyone man I want. You need men, radio, yes, the larger. I don't. I realise that another rob has been doing what they want, sir we're out on Monday, Lyric grenades, unbounded learned men. I won't do it is possible in those should guarantee when you gotta stop listening to the radio. I hate to say that we have different attitude to the matter. It is so many dug up our borders that italian about things, the substance, but have you basing it on just what you on radio yea, probably won't get it
My problem, though man, but he listenin to breakfast with no Ronald, don't stop handle, hasn't wanna. Wasn't radio! No, I mean have you complaining about the view of your only point of reference in the music on the radio? Yes, you may feel that way, but have not accurate jazz commanding. I dont want to congratulate parliament on from where fair and beg you manage shook wanted out right now. Baby visualize did you go get it he's gone Travis hero firing, a boy. Am we gotta get to cut their buttons? On about my book, I travelled to travel at last autumn rage when include barbershop me. You love me. Let me a landline and if anything like it, we have always been. Borrowing came about empowering In addition, an innovative bible and
We need the blackmail in Asia has ended. Wasn't bandy about land for daydream, she pointed out right now anyway, you Bob woodsman appreciate you definitely welcome cutting, they have quite away, but somebody live like who'd. You pray for a braver. France Mama, maybe they'll, have gone a long way from a walkie world there from the graduating from Rome. When looking for everybody, I believe me that I agree that the death penalty warring afraid my way you went wrong is red might need is for you to get down of running you done. Any needed for an hundred mining is true, so made may be a man Yes, you're, going to tell you re right. Yes, sir,
yet even bigger! Are you coming Mug Le Monnier Bookstore on Friday, the people sanctuary Sevenpm yeah, you, Asia, anniversary tragedy, massive job, you know tat would be there. Okay, you better care about me from my guy. We know which one another thing it around: it really does. He might be sticking around over an idea that there are few chess, eighty five, a firewall or five. One of you need to be made. Is that now, with the breakfast locomotive toning down to breakfast, but allows is love before long. They're, gonna dig was broken up, each asthma and you either
actually rai? I like you to death, and but everytime you read the news you're, always you you're, just like the Baker, man, you say the title of the The new targets, and then you see- You do whatever side you, Germany, You do a great job of keeping a real bro. You keep it one hundred pumps and ask they wipe out with and I never daddy's I've- never said he said a white nationalist. What does what you read you? That's what you like that you mean Georgia. When you get the new dance, you gotta, keep it straight. One hundred you all,
and why this is not CNN over here, were actually lead to give our opinion on another fine, that's. Why would you put me people's minds that everything the right side is doing wrong? I'm sorry! I do think that download tempers erases. I do any has said many things in our races to me at the moment and I think for a double talk to me about any gets a ladder supply when the cook s plan as well and the light ass. I lay such find money. One arms are right so that the right you that's all that's the trouble is that right, Redonda builders, proof we gotta go with what we know so much support China, exact every says a year away, nationalism. Why does it s wrong? This demanded the white national everything your White National do not allow. I never said that he said I said next up, he's gonna, say white nationalist ass. Coming next, I never said he said that the city, good morning destiny morning. Would you get it off? You just go baby
I heard you are talking about Trump and I just to pay out. I don't really agree with him. I agree that big debate that whole thing out of the 50s We ve been away why some people would begin a second by the way. I'm a lot of the treaty have been used and when we re all bad, I do agree that they really do away with that. Do they will change and it should have the right to say what their gender is. Regardless of what they genitals. Are you gonna get it you ought to do away with her gender. You say happily arm. I I mean I know before our vulgar issued by they might be able to get a second chance. I live like you were born with what you were born with you know that you are sitting be able to change identity in the neighborhood.
Life and change your name and baggage. That now you know some people actually end like having all kinds of trauma and even committing suicide, because you're not accept it. I do, but I I feel like what they do even with over. They still do have, though, issue that affects doom. I'm back me behind. You know we were worried. The leaden happens like twelve year old eleven year old were letting them their gender without them even being able to grow up and find out really. I do believe you know it is doing a lot. I noted them in. You know others around society like that, He is buying again with I hate the gray very kindly going backwards now make the world Planet creepy. Now you see they present wants to be a woman. By he's a man. Do we really need your buddy?
in English I mean a little. Girls are the bodies that have little brown going into bathroom? Do you know you are not working as the main oil? oh so you re dilemmas. Gonna like attack, your daughter is something I mean have you ever met, so I don't want it to happen. Do you ever management under person or spoken with one arm had anything contact now any direct contact. Now I have it but then we may all unknown. I'm a black nationals as all right down to where it was a pal. I shall remain now shut up. She met graduation Romero like him. But was covered up? I beg you like Deborah appreciate man, you got you, be it
but when I go to the bookstore, a diabetic grandma the books like Africa today now that we're gonna get a copy brown priestly went abroad. The man who knows you pick it up ass to Lisbon, ah take up like I'll pull the trigger the pendulum metaphysical type report. Very, that's what I'm John! We delay for software is building a minor, really cabin. The margins for the capability ability number. I might have the grabbed antenatal gonna, kindly Breton Imaginating global. What comes out today, robber Green will come down today. It I've been around their arrival, and what did you get the book? I told you about everything now now yeah they re in my phone now and that's gonna, be at the birthday. In a couple of days, gotta run every man make you pay their valuable and make sure you get out. The english autonomy is book is installed days ago. Pick it up.
Peculiarly, I'm sure Charlemagne reposted, honest, insists that will reinforce the model for the rest of the year people of working age. I absolutely adds that make you too, but I shook one guy playing tricks. Armies available everywhere, you buy books are right now I'll write Is it all future? No, you ve got rooms runaway well. One of my favorite people has a new music come and I will give you a low look into that because it's been a while, since some new music has come out from this artists. Alright, we'll get to that when we come back, he belongs to workers, global Mona, so bad. This is the woman. Angela breakfast club workers to be has announced a new thing. Go that's gonna be coming out on Thursday at twelve thirty, he posted my single money will be out so again that's gonna sound our Europe put up the cover art I like it pardon you ought to do
Oh, you played it. How do we want to play? It is as if it sounded the same, the one I want our vote, but you can't listen up good whereby, as we're on a landing, Pharoah don't take our word, for it not mine, I think, is built up areas. And less hardware re career? He has been released from prison after seventeen years for the conviction and the murder of his sons. Mother now, it happened was apparently he wanted her to come. The movies you was pregnancy, with eight months pregnant at the time, and that's when he had three accomplice accomplices. There were convicted in two thousand. One of conspiring cement hers. He was shot four times while, following so that movie dates. He was able to call nine when one and also say the truth, was the person that's the implicate. And that help to convict him now during that, I'm her son, Chancellor Lee was still Chancellor Lee Adams, a stillborn, be a c section before she died. He was born with cerebral palsy because of oxygen deprivation. And from his mother the wound. So now he is out of DNA write. A letter from behind
than he also did a phone calls. W B Tv Annie did talk about the fact that he apologizes he said for the loss of got him. She was his axe. He also said I'm apologising for the impairment of my son. I feel responsible for everything, happen, and I just want you to know that truly, I am sorry for everyone He also wants to. Actually our relationship with his son. He said I should be raising my son. His mother should be written as time is, Adam should not be doing this, and I want that responsibility back knows it is when I went right. City of ancillary doesn't allow a problem with that whole forgiveness thing even on working or myself. How can you expect me if I was his son to forgive him you killed my mother, Anna Maria than Yoda reasonable. Was there above all the? U only I give you and be disabled, look awfully catch, that what you see is a difficult one right, because he's still recall some right and their mothers that their souls
Does he have you killed my mom alleged, I'd, kill me and, on the reason, you're the reason I have terrible Bobby? No, they. Allow me not only of the tough we're, not absolutely beyond any doubt as to the EU being jail. Man as a telephone Brody You know you, Panama, get out Adela at all a mistake like them. I don't kill my daughter, not a nice. Don't have time for killing my daughter Managua grew drug. Maybe if you kill somebody, you should get life period with ashes to be. In my opinion, if identifies us up, advance and buying jerseys, with his name on it at all. If you try to go to the shop online and personalized Panthers Jersey with his name, or the back, you get an error message, so that's not happening era. Consumer is expecting her. First, tat: congratulations to her with her husband. She announced that an instagram story about the upcoming mid term elections be a journalist, Jessica, yellin. So congratulations, I'm sorry, Silberman was announced during show an see talked about Lucy, Kay and basically the fact that he did masturbate in front of her
Here's what you had to say, I'm not making excuses for him. Please don't take this. That way when I was you know when we were kids and he's asked if he could masturbate in front of me sometime, go on. I want to see that an end. It's not analogous to the other women in this the what he did to them, because he hadn't He could offer me nothing you we were only just friends, sometimes yeah I wanted just read. It was amazing. Sometimes I really rose no and we get pizza rosy The choice to give consent you want to see it was the wrong there's. No patents is making to think. Since he said ass, he saying she went through and what the women who accuse them of sexual misconduct at two different things. Remember to make that distinction she's, nothing. There is a problem, but she also says that she's fine with him making a back as long as he addresses those allegations onstage their situation nothing to do with NATO's other women. My father was still miss situation arid along, and you know me
say tat, you know, do it'll be fine when making to come back and addressing the north aid, but he's a comedian. So if you make the joke about that delays in an area where you ve light pneumatic an affair is so now I would red and white wine loose again, while he's gonna have to figure out what he's gonna do cause he's been. No and up and up and up here- and there are people who still gonna happen. You with him, no matter what so he's gonna have to try to fight. Do it or not I'm Angela YE and that's your room. A report.
Morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was gains in front page news. No force last night was debated, a deuce. Yes, they were ever system headlines about waiting on www last place like that. But I guess you some things about the giants and they were trending. Last night there oh they'll play gave great if they were great life, replay glowed. Basel doubly gave no sound like a moment. Thirty played out at night when no there, one in six now notice they lost our game. So why did you said it was not just the remember
I just forgot fake news ago. Kid stand is fake news. Now, let's talk about Goober over is going to have a droll based food delivery. That's gonna start in twenty twenty one. According to the Wall Street Journal there looking to hire someone with fright standards and training experience who can able safe legal, efficient and scalable fight operation. So it looks like we're trying to keep development of their programme under wraps if they are planning to do this. Drone based delivery service called Goober Express and it's gonna, be under Aubrey. Frau will be amazing. You can order some food and get it quick it'll be war. We agreed on an independent authority, would already Bob idle. My wife was pregnant may at all, but is now like you, gotta know how to drive to write, speed limit and the restaurant have to be Norton MILES if it isn't the drone
draw. You rose remembering Jerome, drawing its ethics of eleven. I drive through you look great revolt, and one wonders: why am I doing my that trading nation, something I'm just not the other than they would be traffic in the air and sanitary originally drug use in a box, you feel cooled. Your food is flying over, do not on your from civil it'll, just throw your bag courts. Do you that's why? Why would he give us a bag? Is gonna, be rather remember. Ok, I gave is nearing the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It's a category four storms at a thing is gonna, be potential life threatening storm surges, winds and tolerance of rain. So if you're anywhere near that area dismay, so you get ready for that and that yet another hurricane array and shrub he would
declaring himself a nationalist during his rally in Texas. Now here's what he had to say. First, that I learned a lot of good order, global or as a person that wants to love to do well, not care about our country? So much! You know what we can have that you know a word. It sort of way. It's called a nationalist- and I say really we're not supposed to use that word. You know what I am I'm a nationalist people have already defined is outlook in rhetoric. Is being nationalism he's just owning it now and he's getting bays roundup four November, as it
This is at the expense of whether Russia, the United Nations, is there to actually make sure that we can work well with other countries and for an function well. So it's only am if this doesn't come easily. We care about our country right, but you don't wanna, actually harm our relationships with other countries because you care about them. I said it's us or then the surgeon Detroit versus everybody trouble she where services are forcing him November next morning to turn around his family's. All you do is owning the what people have been calling a lotta his rhetoric now. Another railing at the fan base is then scientist, Dr Transgender people of official recognition. They want to make sure that what they say is? Your definition of your gender is being only male or female, there's nothing besides male and female, and that's unchangeable once you are determined what you are at birth. So under this basis there saying that whatever your genitals, your born with, is what you are
you cannot change that and is determined by that and that only so that actually reversing a lot of what has happened under Obama's Thou medical science is saying that explaining what makes people transgender is in its infancy, they're trying to figure all of that out and psychologists also say that being agenda is not a disorder. They don't consider. That is this order at all, and several U S. Courts have found the Obama interpretation of protecting transgender people against combinations. Who be sounds, but The champ administration assigned to undo all of that Oh transgender rights are now being threatened under the Trump Administration,
Angela YE, and that is your friend painting a little all right now, when we come back, we have somebody cast a while about joining us all along my whether they are somebody cast a while and out with these three brothers had their all pod cast their own movement going called the eighty far South, shoulder sell him out shows all over the country, and they did do in a loaded burdening just be in Kashmir was all one where I was going to say that, but let us wait outside with them together, rack, but anyways Deasey on Flag, Chico Bein, a Carlos Miller, will kick it would they will become back? Is the breakfast hug morning
The breakfast morning everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. You got his resignation about mine. Now these a yell of la ah gallows, no legal wrangling with made with global mob guy went about. You realize you, Goin of Albania, as you know, is not really about keep telling him he's been. He keeps telling you he hasn't made my partner, though luxuries by shame. We interpret that is now land content and leave this ban in a window like them in an area that will major wanted due to eighty five south, because of course, your mental while amount, I'm sure, we'll major decide Disney threesome there could do eighty fossil
Three, the Magyar Mouth shot a man. Now you invite all these, though we know you re, no vote right that it should rather exaggerated you gotta get when you get on his train, allowed landed, met or wild, and now you know, may we know each other Milos nature the proud awhile now, but you know I was just I did at LOS always air we always came in about we can we can do to you, you no further challenges showed a world more about. You know what it is that we do individually and as a unit so long with his light man, I'm very make a podcast cares and we go make then go so in all. He wanted us to be a part of it and, as is the way it went crazy. I don't plan showing our goal on toy just go out in whatever feeling I gotta tell ya. We used to do right now we used to have us.
You know, like I, assure you that our right to restructure their graves, yeah yeah, ok with its gradual, united people. You know exactly what you go see. No YE tat is what you will go. Do we do that the figure each other out for a day? We have a piece of paper in no sane to do is in arms. Are evil widow pack a power. We just go on now I know people we goin off each other's comedy we're going to the vat because we know each other squirrels our it. All we do is critical, What you do and his own private not easy terms yellow into the shell write and tell us it is worrying as no filter doesn't care about. Any. They will go left. My motto, magazines created by you, get the levels of you nonsense of vessels
the thought of a mass of Edward it is duplicated. Together. You get me the young wow, I know tell him you gotta watch Chico in a middle between the young and with so he belie I wanna, go Deasey ok, I'm gonna changed my life. He attended it like among many. Do you get the Oji the weeds Buddha, be through everything? The fact is tat you re all possibility for each your uncle, get it daddy. Robot you talk about these of our mother. Bears awake. Social lawyer Father I have six though he did live, invite cares. Withdrew me now: I was hungry. Flung live like to drink to allow were banned as it were,
get one of those fathers is like it I met has successfully. I gazed it'll, be an you, don't try to her. Lessons are gonna. Kick him out every showed as climate change my lad. I definitely ability to ensure. Is that before we begin without getting you travel, which sums are taken place, ok, but he has to leave early an idea of what is already there. The girl was saying the pigeon follows you would like yours, cameras marginalized scammer, smudge, it Mama power like smut, as the young labour members about the world was the biggest DR using Yahoo makes its getting some. Some celebrity, I beg for me, it is my understanding that reaches greater now so great, a decision that you have to make. Don't just affect you anymore. You know I mean like, but now you gotta understand it. Your reaction is gone. Causa shock waves through throughout everything that you got.
On August. People are looking to you. Do you gotta get some from you evolve as or whatever it may be. So you had to be real selective about who wins You get your energy down. Raising this modest. You said you Sudan, who represents Levin s I'd like you to be a mean spirited. Ah, You tell me whether you father? Yes, I would
my boyfriend loud, but is a black day for you, as we would say that we are actually going to do the same now. That model might just be annually. They like Webby manually Lily shall amazing shallow
get no travel Montgomery Asylum again, you came over to show them again in favour brilliant enemy of Kosovo as a local. When what you don't my we did Darwin in my mind, I mean they're wrong smell. I pay my dear but the common our book obese right. Everyone else. May I really would tell me a little bit more about the room like you. How did you get it up and we got Carlos Miller, Chico Bean and these young fly from MTV, while an out and out over the breakfast Club morning morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now from TVS while it out we have these young flood. Chico Bein in Carlos
in a building. Now, when you got a rope to somebody or rules to it by no by my a Van dam, and in this way I would say not, as you have all again when I walk into Paypal. If I rose you about love, you right, they don't try to come out of nowhere. You gotta get out of here. Boy, you, Walter, we gonna walk in a lot of bad. This is. I have no idea of Europe. You become a jog because you go I'll, be seeing you little girl DC. Put your little girl, I'm gonna get value for USA, mother.
A new born. Just like the eyes were hippolyte daunted: it don't posted. There won't be home apples bitter one day and a guy like ten thousand lies. You like. I'm cute. I ain't got you on labour I must say that between our that you don't want to do. You know what the problem of AIDS is like the two at least one on aren't they. Center now and been able to navigate their energy with her while she with me to help her when she get older than you know, cousin social media and all that going to change it's going to be old by the time they grow up. So I want her to be you train did not pay attention to pay. Is a building is not really go up on your comments in some might say thanks to you, but is all what you decide to dedicate you entity to so his teaching at it? You got to powder in you know
will affect you on a day to day basis. Then you, during your sketches. She go right now I'll. Yet Emily causes highlight here s Jim, was finalized answer what that's what she wants to do like she'd expressly. I daddy, I wanna, know being a play you I want to do this. So, unlike what door were me so you can get on. In a nervous energy that you may have an auditor, because machine nor somewhere meet you don't feel in wait for the end. It is lamb women that is under whatever so I just begged. It may be an hour and allow her to be able to get on Dreams often do whatever you want to do what she with me as will make it easier when she get out here. Most strange agonized have less to pack had not at all. You know. Please, were you always remain collage, yet it was a kind of non down that doesn't like question for my daughter what have common were also alibi eager all, as you know, ye may too old to,
lemme tell you we global, I beg logo. How long eagle immensely Another gonna kick your dad. You so much they all landlord. It is not like not nothin to to Gretel good day. Really explain like land master here boy, so he ceased like heels, the on going. The job as a father, because he told me one days like their boys, don't kiss outlay? A policy of equal opportunities and equal opportunities? I heard media volume about by gentlemen. No welcome you graduate school going there.
We live wired while now work. We are, but not necessarily other people who may be funny like them. I like just allows you didn't necessarily sign on the show. How did your figure it out would you may you know about it? today. All too they all you don't say opportunity in need. You know they had ever wanted, because, while an outward like these birds light, did you gotta? a part of a d. Is different. What you could media and you can It's your lives by yourself and you you're doing your own thing, but like can you be part of a team? Can you set up a joke for somebody else? Can you be the joke? Can you look? Can you do you know how to play? If somebody given a joke of all useful allotted a lot of those things come into play well enough, and then you know is a lot of people on their. So a lot of what is looking for their nature, nay, nay, I wanted. I just. I just want to be funny out a tab, edges, Agis, tomaso latin Firstly, there are the tumor really. I learn at the Mai sexy coma sexism, one it wasn't problem are based on our
see the theme is kind of more. So I see what I tried to put me up. Make me look like that? I'm gonna clay metabolites! Oh wait! A minute! You, I'm a meek, had gone a Roma, will a billion euros. We might find many people try to change. You do out there. It was. It was a lie. I felt like the games. Jade me too we are to avoid Missoula holder. Let me pharma placing in injury. You know, I'm saying my ok media be me is well may, instead of just trying to elevate learned with the game: no game, outgrow Eugene. You know, there's I'm learning we d game it at my. I see no back to action in army. If you like, I say I don't really care about in a letter about it. I can't you be to do make fun of me ever Those like me on tv and the planned. Why don't realize by well? Is you don't always have to be talking to be fun ratio? You,
so many ways going to try not to laugh from that platform. The black woman's wide open wide open like it has a thing about the show is if there's no structure what you can do in regards to the comedy that you want to present like, for example, the old school battle that me and him do like. That was just something that was organically, that we just did. By a may. You bet you want to do this and as a day you can do whatever you want to do. You just have to find a way to make it work within that system of man or near what a whole bunch people because everybody want to get on and become the star, but is not really structure for there to be one stone and of debates dies, and it can was made again present at that. Everything else is no team orient as long as it is and employ ye mechanical throughout this year. The outbreak is that Iraq is what worth pause Basel out now pregnant women I gotta go to it is, but hiding rehearsing. How can you outcome is in?
alas, alas, is alleged to stand, is crazy You came all know. You'd know we don't worry about it. You know our second about or maybe uglier rehearse like due to the family. You know some people, some people need. You know me some people and has doubled thing about, while not a lot of people come here and don't get distrust and try to do comedy They dawn on a phone and on it, but there is no added and delete and when you shoot land there, while that is tv, you no sail a year. We daily illegal, getting people into put amongst children. You gonna stay monetizing action. No go areas is in Vienna, It will be. In a lady, a new tv. We got more what the cares of Anti Rees, while an out, and also the eighty five self Parkers Carlos Miller, cheek
being a DC young lousy, don't move as to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club from empty these, while in out we have Chico being Carlos Miller, indecent young, fly charming audiovisual Bunda, Gayness Nanda. So what Let me is what you mean, he's comedy what you mean like when you didn't generally is great.
Though we are now back, make change my blog about thing. I forget grids shale gas about it. How about a burning has an opportunity to get a clear, koto masking, shall be ruined or run away, but you say what about it, but what about a new that year, veils no press are to be maintained. Are you a great another day like these call? We do know, we met the jokes about Nick. What does what makes them so great is the video there s. Nobody change Cuba,
not a lot of money, but Nick is its eye, but do we get all the jobs that we tale about a modest Dana make me you know so positive outcome is like if you abolish you, Put some, I yawn, but it's a difference to put them on and stand next to him while they figuring out the process and that's what it not only that be the brunt of the joke when they freaking out is like Mount up over the years damn that we could make Anja nothing. I could. Who is wide data good meal. They editing, you are now taking a lead in Bombay servant. Having taken me, I got ready, I didn't know they commonly link. We learn in this way, also at a good cause.
You got me why no nine, I locked him losing about these. Take me all. You said nothing about boy you up in Ireland. They don't astoundingly was one and only he was lame. You were gone on a day. Will mark new do enough. Now here s change will live, Carlos now was the white people though I never never, really they never really loved me like that Africa. Through my butt out a grown man to have a say there? Look I gotta go now go into the fourth. If we were a problem in solution, our consultation, that, will not go away. You have basically Burma,
I want to focus its outbreak in our files, wonder why these hollow you gotta call here we will call Myrna. Nor is this is the best way to please everyone knows what you mean What listen- we gotta get what we want. We got all our partner there right now. We got DC young fly ass right because you, obeying Carlos Mill like eyes in Manila, the issue between you and Carlos Coelho them five the date I met a man but lie
so I do not know how far out of line as he lied about it, the boy did. We would only show no more yamani wipe away all blame in only one call is your so called we wanted to make people oriented and opportunity for love, gallows, be idle, not negotiate and work with how much people get paid out many. Ever though them out with it, we don't let, but if you're, what talk about the money on own air dogma. The money we it does not do the job they talk about the money. Is there you fight and replace them with CARE Williams, awhile, and not to say that I am going to say that when I didn't say that about you never want to be with you as a phone call me one,
about a fly and would like what you need males to do, and I heard me all day: I argue that you are met I thought TAT is on board there. There's somebody just miscommunication nervous ate it out, because I don't have the money it all along. Mom went right, I did go about it, they were having already all I know. Is they re Carlo lead? make we love movie I'll deal. I do think that we need yet the union to have a conversation Carlos on locally alone. I couldn't believe what he was saying on the breadth of clubs want to set up an inquiry that I really want to be back our while out. Why did you take a break, for my doubt, be back on show he did he go
That is why the call of these up Moma Phobic, joke too, for that matter. I plan to hold a monopoly community Couldn't why I left I watch grandma gotta the break with reverent. We mean to bother you this morning, the buddhas wanna get to the bottom of all those actually no army go. Oh yeah call me, glad only brother, I was bound. It was above all. There was an exact lets you made about whom, God, you know, look carlovingian, buyer garlic,
Elevated lie, and I haven't you a lot of these big finance. These there's no version now, don't you autumn, a formal gardening me make their massey this bird.
Got my lie attached to their father loosely over you enjoy enjoyed schooner because they have a unique after all, but on the other side, by about, we are about to have a bad idea type another job here today we bother me like need a job here. The breakfast club good afternoon, not more than we do at the moment. We can. They see reports. Also right now we live in no use these guns green. We gotta big, it's my job, the optical it born there.
Yellow sand loud tourism ploughed. Naturally, I e that we get a colourless jobs come and I wish you can't go November. Twenty first and then we immobile latin Ovum aid saved a no mobile Alabama November, twenty fifth novices, no shadow, may I be seeing a pit.
You be taken out of the show which a timid last met loosen up your start menu. May I remind you, make a bad symbolise look like all make us that body probate Uganda, onsite, unnameable smile like water shouted. Let us make sure that in theory it all I have is Gloria, listen, Ebony, John Carlos. We want all yours the real name and we know very little about the real name. Now, don't gotta maniacal, while not look like very fast books. That's all the pledges and bang up a bad man that was made by the council on the nod, Mikhail. We would be entirely met John and then things will itself be stored and in view of the way they gonna come ale match up article do number flip. They will have no part in the breakfast room. Bodies Mikhail the mackerel is really is really little. Man will be better spent on this matter, but he'll Maccabees, that lay will shouted Carlos Miller, Chico being Dc Young fly for joining us this morning. There
we got rooms on away. Yes, this cup or seem like they would be together forever, but turns out. They even had a divorce paper sign, find out what they had to say. Looking back come up on the breakfast really, the rumour of war on the breakfast club, where I need to get into this red table, taught that data pickets. Amid now she had worked me thine and they a lot of things about their relationships, the early stages, how they met the problems they had. She talks meeting, Will Smith and she was actually, according to data Picket Smith, aiding some one else. Waterfront world yes and our funds O knew everybody, and I remember the first time I saw sheep. Bigger data now finds itself out positive new you. I was a young dude, I sought his girl on different world is Miss Jane, Oh, my boy knows or introduce you and then I was. I go
my boy, that knows when he sat down- and I was like yahoo- girl, he will do that was introduced. Grey was with other girl, and I was a little girl and it was three I write well via Ribeiro and actually with Bank Hamilton. He said, sorry data, your memories, a little off. We went along with your family mummy, both guess start in a different world. The year before, you became a regular, so the low snarking we indeed yearning date, you when you say your memory, the little off what go off right now and it is, daddy talks about actually do you know, maybe finally, realising the data was a month for him. We at all it is near, misses and every time we saw Joe is always a beautiful energy. Re. Real time was probably, I think, John Wayne Interior at a thing at the big potato, and we said
the big potato and we talk. We did not have an effect and not having his mare. It was just that next night machinery went to dinner and I remember I had to get up from dinner. When I had a realisation that I wasn't with the person I was supposed to be where I went in the bathroom and abroad down in tears. I knew that was the woman I was supposed to be with, but I was never getting divorced. I've been in, there must have been a crazy conversation. Can you imagine lay that were it was a crazy conversation check it out, and then she divorced I remember I was like the sound of the worst papers. I walked out at air and I was car and I had jaded number a call Jane, as a jailer was served as well. Are you die, I saw you say anybody, my god, and she said no, I Call your Sammy now a muddle Why
Just like there look at day, wow, This is amazing. Now they too have had their rough. Then? Other sounds like a fairy tale romance and beginning, but there was a period of time. Didn't seem like it would last, and I think for me the turning point and our relationship. For me the happen when I turned forty burger hygiene as you like, as does like this, I can't I can't do this, like is anyone next time at the red tabled we broke up willing. Really break it down I was devastated. Worse than a divorce. So may I state Hoon. Red tape. Attack is not a game ourselves about human tragedy, again the absolute right I'm Angela Year. That is your room. A report and I saw you gravelly, there's no more go
and you know what the next day to the next episode with their relationship problem and it may not have works out I'm a fat northern anywhere you want this man to doubt, and blood was made available Charlemagne. The tap I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the dot. The other day they told you a breakfast club doggie the data they dont you today for to the October. Twenty third go, the Caitlin gin. Another reason came in June is getting donkey. Today is because yesterday legitimate posted on twitter. The trump administration- as for Roche's, we attack my community again just enough. Why? Mr President, the military is the single largest employer. Transferable in the world, is league memo than unacceptable attack,
on my community we would not be erased. That was in reply to a memo that was real. By the New York Times on Sunday, I revealed a celebrity and Chiefs Administration is looking to define. Sex is based on the genitalia that a person had at birth, which potentially could eliminate the legal recognition. Transgender people not a came in June, is getting today because into dollar fifteen. She was supported our trump to say, came in Vodafone Donald Trump, not Caitlin, supported tromp after he called Mexicans. Rape is marked disabled, reporter her talking about grabbing the woman by the pump room without our can saint none of those things bothered Caitlin FAT Caitlin once then our reality show that she thought this eleven and she Donald Trump would be good for women's issues. The actually defended voting for Donald Trump on Stuff Maya's show. Let's hear it first of all I'm not a one issue. Butter and obviously I know I'm not stupid the Republican Party, does not do a good job when it comes to equality and ending
Algeria, BT community. The Democrats are better their bought For me, I've been around long time, probably more conservative it. I believe, and little things like the constitution, and freedom in Europe? believing minimal government, my belief in the people of this country to get us out of the trouble that wherein, naturally and economically and saw the reply. Weakens I've been doing a better job in that direction. Now, as far as L b g issues, I gotta keep an eye on these people. Here in office, and one of the first thing he does, which you never should have done, is repeal the title lines for equality for Trans people and school. That was good federal guidelines for states to be able to follow, and I blast My loyalty is not without trot. My loyalty is not with the republican Party. My loyalty is with my community and I will fight for this community. Now. I grew of not being a one issue voter, but when the issue is your very existence,
will. You just said you care about your community. Above all, you care about your community, above all, in the one issue that should be the most important EU with a transient. A person is the protection of Algae B D. Write bury it, that's it neither more nor less! You enough Why do people, if you didn't put these people in positions of power and authority, a community that is Donald Trump, was powered by you remind me of, Port by Martin, the holler I'm pretty sharper, none other than the last name wrong, but I can pronounced the quote accurately. First, they came from the social and I did not speak out because I'm not a socialist, then they came for the trade unions unionist. I do not speak out with is not a trade unionist. Then it gave it a Jew lead in that We got because I would not and you then they came from me. There was no one left to speak. For me. Nobody cares until it affects them directly. We'll willingness, I would evil until that evil affects us directly, Caitlin Caitlin. We will the put up with everyone out being oppressed and modern alive and disrespecting, because tromp was go, make the rich like. When richer, but now at trumps, evil effects, you're very existence and
Maybe you want to speak out against the problem that you help create some donkey today? beside himself, please let Remy Magua Caitlin yet and biggest here. He he you stupid. Mother, you dumb solemnly morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Charlemagne as a new book out today, yes, Sir shook one outwardly: chicks are easily plan tricks. Army is available over you, Bob Books, Amazon Bonds, ennobles out. So we talk Anxiety may like it. So you before having citing when it comes to my kids. The time like, no matter where my kids are what my kids do- and I have anxiety about that are called for. The paranoia. I am book about it. You know I mean I think that that is a fact of rational anxiety, but I think it's all the things that we see that happened in the world, whether at the school shooting, though you know you got daughters, ease dumb ass humans. Have rings ring legislate. You know, Creevy do
like all that, I call on you to have some type of anxious. It was worth him up my parents. What do you call it? environmental paranoia, ear nose, worsted at failing, a real anxiety about fail in income and broke. That's why I do so many jobs. He d so much outlook. So many crib like that's. Why are overly work to make sure a family is never in a position where they have to need for something or local. Sometimes in you see special and our businesses and attain it. I had a latin and lost it. I like that really bottle. He said to me, that's why I continue to work in and I go over. What was most I dont want. People ever feel like not to try to think as a scary to fail either. I think sometimes people s scared to even put themselves that they cause they're scared of failure are scared of taking a risk with their money, because, even if they don't work out these valuable lessons that you can learn. Issues being
as prepared as possible when you make those decisions as well when it comes to reside or you gotta use their fear as few you, Norman always looking foxes K Fox IT meters acronym one time and it was an acronym for fear. Was it was face everything and rise or fear. Reading in IRAN, and I think about like My father used to tell me of violent, Jane my lifestyle and end up in jail. Dade are broke sitting under a tree somewhere at scared me Conseil, like I refuse to accept one. The options I didn't want to be broke. Didn't analogy. I want dad, I don't want to be a year. So I changed. My life got style and use their fear of unwanted Austria. Option happening as fuel to you know be successful, thou right! Well, let's go to the farmer allows this happy cars. The morning is happy with the T family, well what the hell can hazy are. I know what gives you anxiety taxi though, and
on nine December. Twenty seven thousand acquired today in the left me in a coma for three days, are over two thousand and ten and after that I was unable to fall asleep at night, because I'll having value per barrel, wake up and so I think that occasion by the end of give me without a thought so now I d have invariably like all day every day and at his Bree Brewing Economic I do think medication maternity eyes when I say we, I so glad that you still here with us and that you survive that does believing it meant to be here. Yeah and is now the Anna Sound, like you know, from some sort of PTSD are really my arm and offer shuffle job so have all that is if, like strengthening verity is and decimate. Why my ass, we go in there be right that we all get overwhelmed me. He knows and sometimes when you go to prison, Unita might go to look, go
more and more in a corner. What gives you exotic being? I was a victim of liberation from about forth among about fourteen, and they went back to my mother's husband and just now that I have a daughter, she's twelve, but when she became when she car four years old age and having to my, I got major anxiety because anyone or out of my sight, I didn t openly around her, because I didn't trust any other guy
the around her. So even now I feel bill synergies and she's twelve. While I mean I would do me out at the girl. Give anybody exotic environs of trauma based on your passwords, isn't you'd think that do you think that the work will happen to you, Europe, your big and it was I like. Even with her father, we were very, very young above him and I had a really really bad relationship. I got pregnant out eighteen, he yelled at a street indifferent things like that and it with a lot of abuse. But in my mind I kind of like said I'll. Take this abuse from him, because I don't wanna be anyone else. It s. The lighted mama was with me father it when it happened to me so I gotta have a busted. I or you know a swollen with today, because I know he will in the left to their own daughter, so kind of like trickled into a lot more going on
All right will. Thank you. Ma am gonna, be because for us, a good well bill S, evil to anybody, and they got a guy. Named However, it was ok, yo, YO, YO, wigs robots exists, daddy and his world, letting me anxiety. Let me know that some of us our robots amongst us, some of us early, what we are all being right now, people, I'm tellin! You is wrong. Out in Strasbourg that was a regular human being who had a malfunction just now, because the government is taking to human beings and their cloning people I was crying. I can't we just gotta call just now why
Oh, we and you wonder why I got my goddamn anxiety, lodges out. A mouthful, don't fuck with, of course, is not about. You live on a radio talk and exciting. Last right now have you faced exotic? Oh, my God is represented one morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now Charlemagne new book, that's out today should alone in his eye delaying tricks army deployed without sound, like an army groups, no. We did. I say neighbours also ask What gives you anxiety? You know I was talking to tell you, you know being broken up it will provide for my family in a normal family. Down really gives me anxiety. That's my overly work are overly invest, overly look in the thing to make sure everybody is Jesus bremmer monies into is many things as possible problem is like the irrational, irrational anxiety. You know I mean the irrational fears that pop up in my mind, the things that I can see on tv, like I remember when Pimp C died. You know back on.
Before voting to Dublin seven, if I'm not mistaken he died. I mourn in an area such a shock to people in nobody really really. Knowing why he died and in full reason. I thought he died of a heart attack and hydrogen. Red bore earlier today and forgot I drink to read both on thinking about Pepsi die dying all day long, so I had a panic attacking with emergency room, but I thought I was having yet another heart attack and the doktor was I'd. You're fine and then he was like heavy of anxiety and is before this before. Eliza did having, and I was like I've never had a panic attacks have anxiety, you like a drink, any caffeine, energy, Maybe now like all, because a pimp see dying. I got myself up to think that they will find me the next day lane in some way date. It hath irrational anxiety. Like our anxiety in general. Will let's go to the ball? hello. Is this? Are you a robot to humans? Are I'll call you
Ok, all right, we'll what gives you anxiety watch us local, read a couple years ago Ray and caught the crazy anxiety where I had to go to the hospital because those so bad at it. You got it. I know it. At a problem. I do ya. Yes, even actually may miss Charlemagne got he smokes a table last year or early with an early this year, early dish, no last year was levied at leisure. It was last year April in early may not smoke. Some settee will because I was actually taking that it was my help. With my anxiety. I didn't know it was a t widow. I thought it was indigo enabling all indigo coms you eighty down to us most from the my anxiety, I the roof. My wife was like how now about disoriented, awry Maggie SALT put alma. Those are just in case. You have to pay their families gave ever you met up with only one problem now city, any any kind of why I'd want self medication is not good, but we we'd make my anxiety go to the roof, always ass, hello, There is
The morning as Leandro earlier to do suffer from anxiety, I you yeah, I thought brighter about its area, my family, a lot of things I regret like over thinking, but I think one of the worst thing that guy in order as by causing down how much time I have left what my mom and thinking about the day that she do. You know I gotta be a path the way that something that causes a lot of anxiety like on my data day, the Masses terrible man because, instead of like just enjoying a moment of me with your mom, now unanimous and like the huddled five hundred percent, I'm sorry about that's a tough one. S attempts to deal with, as you know, is going to happen, so it is almost like waiting for that. That's a tough one! I know, and I try to live in the mall man lodges I can, but that doesn't know something that that I finally occurring that pops up. I want.
Thank you guys, because something as simple as what you do- and it may not even be a simple, but it really does how about you guys always start my day off with laughter. So for someone like me, I'm like a medicine I appreciate what you I'll do. Thank you very much allows this cat carrier widow we're talking anxiety this morning. Am mother of a nine year old and he is the only source of anxiety that I have had very Is he going to play where I actually kind of my kid? I got one of those GPS tracker Asylum, which means that you could always blue could do tat you. You could get one of those kid watches that why yes track your time I know where they are. If there are getting home from school I had a very weak, their aunt and Uncle house whatever their do. I need us more than actually cop Nepal and listen to the background, can make sure there's no trouble going on and what say you to still further thought about shipping murky deadly thought about their back. In the day we need to talk about that ship was the Illuminati in part, Ziegler society and marketed bees. I devilish thought about that too
Absolutely I don't give a damn threatened with all his human trafficking, also be Garnerer Cristo. Good morning guy. What does your anxiety Bubba commuting community. I live in Jersey, thought I drive into the city and then I think the path train which you gave no mass slaughter figures in evaluating thriving These are major anxiety and it doesn't get better here in Jersey. It's worth, I'm sure it's worth in New York, city, good issues Terrible, I mean I'm can't looking at the club play and make any work on time and then my heart. Third, while the pain and then there's on the train and like never end, I tell you I've known as it. Yes, I am we feel you on. I hate was sometimes I'm in the car and I guess so anxious and nerve. The bad things like I get road raid and then, after common,
down and you gotta figures, because language that is now what you could do- traffic J ai staying at that- and that is something about traffic traffic- is actually a good and not analogy for life, though, because you there's gotta be patient like there's nothing, you can do like you just you just there all right. Well, Pickup Solomons Book is about this. Isn't it it's an bookstores right now mufflers, but will be a data sooner, but on the other, sure going anxiety, Blanchard Zombies, definitely out in bookstores. Everywhere? Right now they like, I said man, I'm not an expert at anything. You know, I'm just a guy that sharing his experiences from sharing my experiences with anxiety. My experience is going to therapy my experiences with PTSD and past rhyme from when I was younger, and you know I gotta expert in the book. His name is doctor. If major, you know you, the middle of damage data from university us alkaline. As everything and I explained in the book, he gives a clinical correlation for ill. You got your expert opinion and
book as well, where we got room is unaware you, he asked we're. Gonna talk about them ablaze, find out. Who is the leading their skin and a better explanation is for it we'll get into all that. When we come back, Cuba lacked the breathless cloak alone. Gas at the point of reference can guide, Axiom was an alibi, wins new talk, show the Alec Bob and so on, ABC Olive horrible borrower. As you, too, without the first time that she saw a key in general crust dressing. I found out when I was maybe twenty five. My mom was out of town and I walked on Kalen all dressed up. It was Bruce, but dressed up as a woman in the garage at my mom's house, and I ran in pact a bag
so fast shaking and ran out and called Courtney, and that I have the comes down the weekend with you and I was hysterically crying and changes was like what is it? Did Now- did you catch retreating and I was like I wish. I don't know what I saw why do thou bone? I would talk you gonna. In all white men on tv guide. I am that the less blanket this talk just I It really does not actually what we now know that the couple weeks ago I saw to sign it. Ball, which has befallen gonna, show a talk, show who I was born Bialik Worth and whenever I won't body report in the hope that actual island God, that's all I've seen so far. I don't want to judge whether or not it's any good. Now, how do you know you? Every Vassili regional was good and I thought you were in line with this conversation about you can't even all the conversation now Kim Kardashian assets.
About filming on the show and getting with kind yea and how she had to learn how to be more private, I was what is the hottest restaurant in Hollywood? Where can I go? Where can I be seen, and now it started with Kenya because he lived a more you know his work life is very public, then like when he was off. He was very private and I had some kind of flippant and I now it's on my time off and look where are the locations that I could go eat go on occasion where no one will see us where it just all I want is privacy, and I never thought I'd ever beat at that point. Our right. In addition to that, she talks about Congo being a Trump supporter. I do believe she would still be imprisoned Alice. My spoke about this, which we spoke on the phone yesterday. And we spoke about this a few times. She always says if it wasn't for King Yang speaking up in support of travel, She would still be in jail, and that was an alley
That's in getting released from jail, getting a pardon will you are engaged in the resistance com you can choose, engage you got some done. Who would you wear a mega to git Frida asked the question. Then put them again on the get somebody free who would it be landed at their high question. I have to research using gene that I would like to get it kind by Canada gave seventy three thousand dollars to the mayor of candidate in Chicago who chance the wrapper is backing. America, and yes, so just put in that There have been no body of utopia, hedge outvoted, my head on, give free after tat my hair. Mine would never be a political Britain cry like Mumia Abu Jamal. Somebody like that and sharp enough that all terribly just blew deftly be some in saying that I would have wanted to see an aim cause? I want to think about it. I would think about that. Hard is in that fly right and environment Now, let's talk about Levin had Lemme Lancer. I've got
migratory birds that family wanted merited coming home. We were very badly burned. Our I now. Let me talk about lovingly barrage, murder, Atlanta spice. We honor Levin, happy land has pleased her skin. Now we don't know if she's doing this because of a song, that's you that of its real, but you depots a video of herself and here's. What you had to say about her. Alright, really. I think, call, Really. I them so. Now that we call them? please bleeds damnably. John Adams gain them oblique there like a browning staff, it you know that the sound is called black hypocrisy
because I was just reading this article about vibes cartel in his son has actually displeased he's. Gonna think has done. Is thirteen years cried selves or show me one when you we're just gonna. Do you you do your whole body What is why you all have to stop saying I'm bleaching, because we have enough real evidence of real skin bleaching. The seat of different by They will get rid of my discoloured discoloration. Haven't you anything? I was just asking you not to level down to inspire lampblack hypocrisy that she was talking about that she actually at least her skin and sees that its number one signed by the way,
hey Ray the museum, condemns the Japanese condemns the one, but will you please allow me to briefly? Are you gonna do what I do? I do go would like college vices number the figure was wise. We gonna car from now on and actually fits are complex, but you get ah how bout whorra butts? Barbier. What book way agony Do things look like minded Delaware complexion. Now I know my way around the lesser deleted everything offer integrate, so you can't even go back now that we can see where his skin was ipod. I am sorry, but that we're off before color. Does it we're off the bleak dinner
Now you get you gotta believe, like the whole, the Cleveland, a whole body right, shoulder, pigments, good kids, yeah, yeah arms in any private areas. Dog legally be weird. I dont know I worked, but I've been british Kyoto, pigments pigments go right well, I'm Angela YE and that you were out of the EU should, if you please do people anybody very this book club black. No, more no reads, as do you know that people would I do that noted they look stupid after. We have made thought they looked bad dogs, you they'll away, were you know they look? They love stupid, whatever color they do, they do great. Whether within I was by black, no more as it's kind of a satirical book, but it's about bleating here again in finding out what it's like to live in the wide world. But it's a is satire you. She read it right winger, but.
Right. Well, that was your room report. Hi I'm larvae under camp and the the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books. I most of the host of I hurt media's newest podcast nuke, your office in the show. Their strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee,
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