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Wednesday 6/11- Today on the show we had Charmaine from "Black Ink Crew Chicago" stop by, where she discussed how she got into her career, the fights on the show, and even how she proposed and got denied by her boo. Speaking of denial, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners reasoning of why men deny the conversation about cheating. Moreover, Charlamagne gave the hee haw to yet another Florida man, for shooting at his mother because she asked for money to cover gas and rent. And Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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I love you more than words rather sit out the most prominent. When you ass, a girl in a more worthy Tommy was young. People's choice was busied good morning, USA, Yo Yo, Yo Yo, YO, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning angel e money. These Andy Charlemagne again these to the planet. Yes, what day it is just what day it is, or ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ah, yes, it's hot day, as is also free sloppy day at seven. Eleven out of them means anything anybody. What are you going to race? Allow fair? I let it is happy servies at all, There were will freeze lobby Day day goes. Is it not sell em now and I don't celebrated they ate what I should say moves fast like me, you have to get their early because its it runs out soap. What is it not? Animals Lenny, I noted, is free so every day at seven, eleven good, for whatever reason other than the National holidays was the added all american PET photo day, though I'm sure lotta, selfies of dogs and cats have little papilloma. Take a social model. Did a curse well well. Yesterday I have my book club. It was really fun, though, quite a discussion about crazy. He day was everybody tat we rather senior there for his book and the one party,
but he got really excited about was talking about whether or not you should be able to go out to dinner with your ex nowhere else. You really know where you're going out to dinner with jerks why that was When it comes to know you should be going out. We should be having conversations case by case basis that none of you say exit. You see you This is your eggs many, I have kids together, ya, maybe gonna have then, and it does not say that those young kids ass different by saying, if you don't have any ties to each other like yet. I have kept absolutely much you guys book up. I think you can do as long as an open and honest about it and you look to significant other No Amy Emma exit, when a dinner. Why would you want to know what I mean our and I've done that you can still be friends, but I think you can run right away. I give yellow you, no friends fix savvy. I had a laissez faire sexual relationships where you were in love and yet would knock each other. Not Norway, Jose, yellow fine want to go out to dinner with David low. Framing, ok get your stuff out of Margaret
got their low friend array or thing. Now you are going to deal with two eggs just because no till he can't catch up and somebody that you used to break in all. Ketchup. We all go to dinner and then we all leave like Google one way and we go the other way, no be cool with that. If your man went to dinner with his excellency, I have a problem. I think tat. I actually think dead. We can be friends with women and defence with axes? Are very mature good purse, linear women, friends with no I'm not going to know no ex communist secure call me what about it it s in ten years ago, if word to their ready married, has their own cases a matter we are waging alleys together. Doesn't matter young immediately Did the Low College Union in fact lodge an effect that she's Mary now you're married at it makes it? Maybe we can all go together this as an item you? Maybe we can
go together. You bring your low life, we are bringing Ai Weiwei. Embryo Loki bring my way if we want to have dinner with a low frayne. His wife had low wife, ok, guys, I don't need any damage. Well sure main from black include Chicago will be joining us this morning. Will kick it with her right? She has awakened and she works with someone who see uselessly with terrible US borrowers and we got from people who is only. We are going took about the national What about the football league? Are they gonna be challenging the leagues national anthem policy? Ok, we'll get into that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast global warning. Everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club whiskey in some front, page news. We all start you whether any fat plays says he s an air fares. A non injury grievance challenging whether or not the end
there is no national anthem policy is legitimate is about. I know what they're saying is that this policy was made without consultation with the plays associations. So it's that's and concern then, with the collective bargaining agreements green and infringes on players rights. They also said that peaceful demonstrations during the anthem does not qualify as contact detrimental to the integrity of empty the confidence and the national front, Bali, but yes, it out Afghan Michael, been it when he was here. I was saying that you know to interfere. Pierre had been extremely weak when it comes to Anna fell fastened, a new policy, because it is clearly a violation of the agree. Upon What time is in the collective bargaining agreement? Players have the right to use their platform to elevate issues important to them, so they believe that peaceful demonstrations, it's not detrimental at all, so we'll see what happens with that. Reference should be opened. A showcase, helpful agri here yesterday was also supposed to be the deadline where the government had to return children under
five years old to their families and children who are separated from their parents at the? U S border, whether an that's just for the kids that are under five years, what they are saying. As yesterday thirty eight children under five years old of the one hundred and two children under by then. If I had been returned, but the rest of them have not been returned to their families, yet it has been quite a process. What they are saying is that some of the kids there are in custody- I just not the same as when they first got there. They're, not the spunky. Kids. They used to be they're. Gonna be definitely affected by this, for the rest of their lives are definitely right. Now, there's a part of the problem. Is parents in kids are in the custody of different agencies? Now parents are being how by ice. That's part of the Department of Homeland Security and kids are being held by the Office of Refugee resettlement, that part of the Department of Health and Human services sold. They also trying to do dna testing in trying to confirm parent child relationships and
I appearance, had been released from custody. Some of the parents have been deported, so it has been easy for parents who actually be reunited with the kids like they said they would do not dimension a conspiracy theories and meetings to important ships and all the kids just to monitor them enough for future. Yes, it s a really heartbreaking thing. One parent is talking about how his son is turning five. On Friday and he's been able to talked him on the phone twice buddy. They care there soon to reunite the monkey bag is. Rather, you took him, but we know when you put in ships and all of my takes Lamotta imagine some of these people have been separated from their kids for over a month by sound. I write and let's talk about renown, Matthews the family of eighteen year old, Renard Matthews, he was shot and killed in New Orleans. They stole his cell phone, they actually did funeral. They wanted to mourn him the same way that he lived his life. They put his body and its chair with his hands. Holding a playstation conch
and they had a beggar Doritos next to him. If you have revolt Tina, you can see how they played. I was at the funeral. Look I'm a good croup, furthermore, well like any repeat weighing above all else like an arrow he's wearing, unless the idea is that a credit? No, no. No! I his leg like his room, all my family or friends, please I'll, do anything like that. I just cremate me told me in the ocean is some please don't know. Dress me up fraught me up That is what we want to bring up. What I do want do that nobody will put a builder emphasis. Don't do that at this? I think that's kind of one of the issues that will it just looks great It was all about whom nobody just play: video games, that was his favorite. They need do vetoing man, the tv in front of him. They have a minute chair, popped out as well as I know what I want to tell people what to do what they can know. What, if somebody should not try to play with and then did she could they be obeyed, got you were shot like that we used to do.
To go back and forward each others only as a last resort and again everyone to be sent in his very one leg out away from cosmos and those investments we are not aiming at a bury you in a car, but they have you propped up in the glass. I got em you stupid. I dont have me day looking steadily: I'm begging you back at least Ryanair front page news. Now we come back Charmaine from black in cruel being to build a she. Some black include Chicago. So will kick it because it always to breakfast locomotive porn and everybody ready Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in abandon hey job ay. Everybody was Charlemagne. May I now right the law, the land
I'm sure I mean the God, as you knock on Radio Shiloh me. Are you or your double Giang? Hu radio we family would our weight with a level at which on flood, do I've tending to p m. Every matter is Andy yeah, oh, are you ever work lies now, as you know, and take off to be here, any now left other back has when I was out there in Chicago yeah. Am I found out well, I guess I already knew how you got on the radio and had to happen visa talk about that for a second, how you became a radio personnel. You know it so crazy, as this is a blessing from guide bouquets. I quit my corporate Erica, forty five thousand dollars salary job no benefits are and not at all clear that the work at that sets sharp, and follow are like reality, tv dream, though my boyfriend and I went to Harvard University together we met a Howard, he had a girlfriend, Attaboy Frere. We were really you know the one. Now obeying and then after the show area was crazy because I was like, though insecure.
I've never been a hoe a day of my life, and I was all of a sudden how you and ass he was the Cyprus. That is a fact even right now, but now the south renown noted the guy at another guy. Now you know you know you know you don't want to show, but I know you ve heard about dying. Using an on board is cheating on, ran you go over and over and over again because of the shop yes and you always at the shop Whenever gave him the man, it was crazy man, but she did it. Was she d accounts it aside? If she found out she popped off, you know of your heart. It was. You brought me a my head. If you Why should you have now is our is not a fighter if it's fast, I made you are bigger, I better, not if I die, I want the private schools all in one girl in baby.
I sat in New Orleans. Ninety advise makes me you. This was gives me about my daughter right. I've got a private and about no Streton isn't, as you could probably has a new road stumbled out. I've tried to call the police before our double nobody. Nobody. What you look like. You got a funny thing: I've defend it myself, but I've never the first lions,
like Papa will. Usually the Franklin a pop up is the one that looks like they. Wine on tv otherworldly invest our main await age. There never was oh yeah laser lenses. These, then, why are you to put your rather than a magazine getting beat up? I dig in a black eye. Yeah. Really. I got a black eye. The leg man Shorty hit me a math. Emma I'd swear she likes neck me, I'm even nor was it was allow vitals even anymore, to who show you watching over you're gonna be Yoda CARE, be your sole purpose on the appointed hour. Why have we not binding eyes? I don't know about us: has Ryan has left the Shap and study his own tapie felt like it was attack environment and from what you are telling us now. This is a very topical. Tat thick environment on ten.
It is very hard you know. Sometimes I think I need therapy and we also by ads, you know, pay. We chose to live life once Evie here which are karate I must I take us back Sinclair blocks. You value hey whence a private school say marker Mary pregnant eighth grade that do not want a gun he's. My guy, you desire lack, lack, a big time. I shall limit of your Lord. There were lack about why so, and I have no idea what's going on and violence at the shop so now you're managing the shop he left behind right, but the tattoo artists are unhappy because, like we said you don't tat, you re they lie there like. Why are we giving you some of our money when were the ones that are doing the work and also made a higher without consulting which, with the rest of the calf, so ok, I gave you
Yes, we're going through a lie with the hall. Like Ryan thing, you know he's moved on to he's taken. I mag elsewhere, and you know it totally wish Ryan the best in everything that he has gone. I, but for me, ok. Well, we can't we got where either going to think or float right now you know fell. I is not that I didn't trust anyone else to make sure we don't think again, because we sunk already. You know we already with Ryan, leaving that as already thanking the sunken play. Is he now so? What are you gonna do higher better to order now. I guess what I tried to step up, just as role in general. You not felt like you guys should be able to trust. Me ya, know me Jimmy right. There would be able to run as business by all everybody and, on the same page and yeah me, I did some higher than other people know about what you know of you,
Do we may all hires? Do we just within a year that is in response to your higher? in response to my higher was with responded by as mere lily fighting Christ I now where are we got more, would show main for black in crucial over to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club we have Charmaine from black in crew in the building. Showing. What is it? What do you mean? You think God is vital. Meek la his last aims. Baby, never very valuable need aid do not play with this, as we have for him to let it eat or condone none of as its Daphne. My easy for him. Have his woman, oh and I show where you know she has got through these type of things and also even for myself. Yeah might look like I'm losing fives where buzz oh yeah, I'm trying to get this. Why people money, regiment and gonna make
Van imagine this is so why you and is negro nonsense. This go to look at how much like what's goin on many levels, You will do Jersey on from Jersey, Lisbon. Ok, because I know you were so much, I mean they propose yeah the shower bath. We're have raised a brazen arms. You know my me, you gotta do
you gotta do all those who deserve rising. I interrupt my life. Did it out loud uses wrong? Time goes like allows for a party opting out his leg, so she didn't under the resort within you might not. Now are we make it clear? I told them they are the best. This is my job is not about Let me give you a ring gear. We got Cartier Ray
I mean it's also. You pointed this out there right hands guys. Do you know what I'm really friends your eyes real problems and I promised always know what are you? Are you out of it made no biggie. I say now these faggot to Hell. No, I love your browser does not about if America about you know when I want to be able to do it, you know I mean us, does much. Are you planning that in your head right now you're my plan? yeah? I got everything planet. I got a surprise of man. I can't, I can't believe it right here on the breakfast thing being a proud, proud, haitian man, you know if they get Evelyn proposing to you right Look at it like that legal velvet that do you guys get married in Haiti. We talked about it.
Are you a Mamma latitude? You know how I slowdowns army go wherever it is gonna, be surprised. I got a surprise, a good as one thing I've got. We don't want to know when it's coming. And you said a ringer within friendship now thousand privacy is that he will not have sex with any other girl me to an end, also says that we must go further. Anything you can manage, the great value in a girl. To now, and what is not really my thing of definitely strictly of Myanmar global reserves, but leaving the air by one private you entered as we have known about. It talked about it or have you had already body, and I oppose tell you will be on. Is white scares me as tv
I may be able to check triple. I want The spread of my. Let me see what a variety where I gonna collective, as set out in three of us Dave I'll. Let you know if you are a man of all now. If we do, we have to do that. Arrival represent you guys doing, and what are you gonna be right? You know I got no before To be honest before I was lacking was that corporate Amerika. I was actually selling radio for CBS. And I will come home in our memory and blacking first came wine. I remember seeing sky grow, on the show, and I like love sky, like oh wow, she's, loud and fight, and says whatever comes the her mind like I love that about her and then it's just a coincidence that I'm one the show so now that I'm on the show
These are one coms and, unlike okay, I say you have jitters about even being on tv. You know- and it's so crazy, because at that moment I might you know Charmaine, you can do it and, like even now look at sky. She didn't show, you know you can do it. You know, and I think I had that type of conversation with her like sky, like you gave me so much. You know courage, blah blah blah and I don't know why she took them. Ass machines like that, as me, try and be her away ever image is weighed down here. From there, and at this point I just think she just be trolley me. I don't know she serious our way but it is to me it's nice is not. Was that because, for us to be too black, women on tv and the same franchise, and we can't even comes together as actually really waxy me you know him from how she did me how she treated me coming into this entire situation, I will never treat any any other female. I'm television,
how she d me right what then Charmaine in baby. Don't you ever saw me. I want to say that you know our eyes. I M newly in the history so odd. Three, all our people that I totally look up to and thank you for having all right well, is the breakfast club may from how would end a hegemonic. The breakfast dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning lining their gods. Land wanted to seven song the dragon currently Metoxen Raina. These are yet if it's the number seven deadly Godfrey Roca. Well, let's get to rooms of Socrates
is about to go to WAR Angela eat breakfast. I envy the stories for you and me. Yes, fifty cent bought himself oppress anyone himself, a twenty eighteen rose, whereas phantom for his forty their birthday and any also drove to the launch of his new champagne. Have you tried to get then? Are you guys a cool down a good is roses, though good taste, a shiver I saw no, no, it's not like you would say it was back. You know video clip natural energy. I would tell him whose back make for the conversation things I like an online, but at that dish with my admin, is all about the champagne. Now, though, for the other as a big stick in the champagne, but I think he has a smaller share in ever. Have you seen the mat black rolls Royce? Amazonia, no would really
to stagnation and pay angle if he slapped him biota, champagne or ass right of fifty that I don't think I'll get my out believe Deborah fatherly. Fifty drinking is amply editor, listen abuse in the club of fifty cent. He definitely have some drinks and have a real I will get under MIKE and go crazy. Would scare me to be around intoxicated fits these cold ass. They might those allowed Keyser happy he's like a happy drinking person, not linger valets. How person would Robin Cook? it is a dead. I want no smoke. Fifth ituri lanes has to new problems on the way he posted about those two new projects. Jabbing this summer allow Agua Let me now on the way- and that was the captain that he put so it always has some good songs. Every time he puts out projects, so that should be pretty excite orally the sound yeah, I'm married obliged one taken aback collaboration and allow cool jays. Wife, Simone Psmith have lunch
on jewellery line is called sister love, so they just a view that accessory line at the essence Festival over the weekend and they said one of a kind big who bearing sold out at the event it's the queen, hoop hearings and they go for about two hundred bucks, but you can purchase them at system, love, M, J B, dot com hostile. Now she said what may be one Work with Simone, as you already created, an amazingly successful jewellery line and all the pieces are things that I love and yes, it has an amazing fashion sense. I wanted to add to that by sharing some of my passion sense with her and create, Some things I dream about, and I know other women are dreaming about- shall to Somalia. From Bulgaria been looking at the jury effort. Alas, that's a guy right now and I just look at it at issues danger. We don't don't don't stop necklaces of stuff. I therefore animals. I can't afford your valet their lives, one at all, as somebody Argentina, Dallas, Fidessa, Jesus signature, errands, but does not ban for some big whom earrings, if you know that's about yet you have them forever, is not crazy.
And I love you guys- are the video marriage oblige performing effusive? Member has definitely s mood, never miss a video merging large reform. That was a move or real, nothing better than the merry bells. While they do the marriage of blood shall agenda, they don't know. I will see that way. You aren't you set that off now. What would you do it to be b. I mean I love my live arms. I lived through a lot of marriage, a bloody room targeted and there's no limit. We may not anal limit without limit any daddy the baby. There is no need to tell you not just the rigour of media with all that. If that, let me think they vary for this one. I believe it is not really a regular merger.
I do nevertheless Gary's aimlessly readier are right, for our Williams has pardoned up with spatter Pfeiffer black history mug campaign, one no back history campaign, not mothers is black history period and it's called black history is happen. Now, campaigns and he's gonna be doing playlists that highlight his influences and stars he's gonna be staring and original videos with interviews about earth his perspective on culture and society, so that should be great cause. You got to celebrate black history all year round, not just for one month, so the videos are directed by Paul Hunter as well. I write a Biagi. Another collaboration c is collaborating with Bouwman and that's gonna be for a collection based on her costumes for coach hella, so that new collection is low seeing worldwide July fourteen and it will be at the Paris flagships, storage alive. Thirteen, if you wouldn't want to pay back to Paris and get a preview of that. If you want to get some of the clothing that you saw, her wearing for cultural as she's gonna be doing.
At our man Calabro. I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report. All right. Thank you. Miss ye know we combat rigour, front page news. Are we talking about? Let's talk about our back here find out. Why am I end up costing you more now things down Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belonged to the breakfast locomotive warning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was getting some front page news. What are you talking about forty and that's about Zanna tramp? He has now slashing funding that have people sign up far Obamacare said is a programme that helps people navigate through. System and sign up for their only providing ten million dollars for the navigator programme. This far now, let's be clear back in twenty six twenty. Sixteen the fund, was sick. The three million dollars this past year. It was thirty six million now they only offering ten million so there to undermine the affordable care act and in our house
that people out of that that attended to sign up and understand how to go through the system, and now they turn to cut down on funding for that. So there you have. It would also talking about Nellis, took about these slain teen anew a eighteen year old Overnight Matthews he was, I shot and killed, they still a cell phone and they That is a more him the same way that he lived his life. They actually placed him in a chair with his hands holding a play station controller. They had some in his favour. MAX around him leg, Doritos and he's wearing sunglasses, a bus and sell dexterity and the tvs on in front of him and his favorite basketball team is playing on the television so he was killed two weeks ago and that's how the family wanted to remember him and had that memorial,
for him, tragic would have added a young man, and his family and friends can more him and do whatever you want with him. But please, my family or friends. Don't do that for me when I pay, as I am now lie or lazy agriculture, the donkey today's lad. In order to make your funny now put a white target teacher and army and have me propped up in a radio station, did I don't I'm begging, you don't do it. I tell you everything, and we were led coming out the ferrari, no matter where they would all day with the latest goes. I noticed implausible did not look stupid enough to follow stupid. I want to be allowed. I want to be alive. The look stupid I made myself look stupid note you make me looks down again put me in a nice respectable money. They haven't. We prop up Charlemagne. It would be a radio personality. A show me, I gotta have a MIKE problems? We have with a bottle of hennessy. He noticed a crooked as what we would do her head at thirty. Five integrity will reply
certainly no brought me about our creamy domino's. Now. Do you always get a scheme which you are the definitely mousqueton? There's gonna be asking aimlessness Canada? Maybe next year you need have no facial word. Nine when I pass on the greater for burial right now is that it is ready for it Never again. Allow players. Association has found a non injury grievance challenging the NFL. No national anthem policy unsavoury grounds, but they are saying is the Annabel governing body made that without consulting the Plays Association and that's inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreements infringe some players rights. They were not consulted about the anthem policy change and they also said that peaceful demonstration during the anthem does not qualify as conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public. Evidence and the NFL, so they are allowed to demonstrate and do whatever they want to do to actually make a statement about issues that are important to them and elevate those issues and have that platform. So they're saying that
They are not allowed to do that. So what's he would happen Now it is about time, and Anna Phobia have been extremely weak when it comes to the end of our path in a new policy because has always been a clear violation of the agreed in terms of collective bargaining agreements was about timely pushed back. I don't forget. You said this earlier Charlemagne today is seven eleven day till I eleventh so I guess today's data to set aside national about what they given away free slobbering. They observe at eleven o clock. I envy analogue lemon Levison are not alone in that of the emigrants our first avenue flavour and the new flavour is captain crunch crunch berries Now what we get seven eleven history promotion later as Davidoff eleven dad. I don't give a damn. We haven't eleven right by it and gave him to free, as we know the, unless we don't know how to day, I know
as one of the letter. By knows free sloppy day. I went home, but they knew flavors now right, less salvation of the day. That's fine page news guys now. Let me ask you a question shouldering any released which your wife is there. Anything that you just don't want to talk about. Budgets is uncomfortable in conversation so on a visit, the other may we were out and we were talking about just random that's going on in the world and is a lot of men. Now, cheating nope, turn radio The current television so window, though so my why railways, ESA, what are you gonna called zero in long and ass, but that's what I usually do, but we would keep him dinner, so you can't run you can't go so did I ever got or Britain they wouldn't want. And what do I do? I believe so what you think about it Jeanne, how long till there, so you had to say
the terrible events in on me, I dont know I crack a nice awkward, Joe godlike seat as widely differing legal, I've, polygamy and God. Wouldn't we have to be added, she added nobody. I just did that look into negotiations ain't. You know, I'm set out like arguments to me I'll, be rude organisation. Ok, abalone gotta. So yesterday we what we would take an hour passed a case you Kroupa Castle. We were talking about it and its play. What would be was saying about it also if it was a long time and were in a wonderful place and were to mature adults have gotten over it. Why can't we talk it especially for conversational purposes. European and then he responded. I don't wanna talk about you, That's a very well- and I want to talk something that I don't know, but you know TAT S. A conversation costs many things happened as high to avoid lag. We talk about it every day. I, like this club, was seated thing about life. Is this I wouldn't wouldn't do things that you want to happen in your life. You should constantly think about the things you do,
want to happen. You should not think a lot of talk about at all like when you were sounds like insecure, and you see somebody cheating on insecure. That becomes a topic hour when your odds of data. How many special and that's a topic in its awkward. You can't run from China and we try to change the merit of the whole thing like tat lie on the rail I live in the past. We have been about jar I ask you, as you believe, so what do you think was on his mind or in a time on ending Alice TAT fell in a low guilty about things and teens Ivan about will also do when it comes to situations like that. You said the truth in time. The situation are you gonna? Do they look man? He young, in his money he's going. His wild oats, you know say he's just going through his whole face make that man got to go to the whole face. Just like women got to go to the hotel. What about Kevin Hart he's older?
I would like my notes does not give us the phone. I don't believe I would care to this day to day it off me. Lounging they'll get lay under, even though he admitted it out things out in July, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Why is it so hard for men to talk about cheating, I'm alone. Well, I don't remember now: just a man is men who cheated to talk about cheating with the personal cheated on Sb Myspace and Youtube more. Talk about talk about, because in general about eating Ingenerable never get caught cheating, but if you have got cheating and you gotta talk about eating with present Eugene away on then cheat- and I already have two eight hundred and eighty five one open up. The former is right now call us now is to breakfast locomotive Papa warning: everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you just joined us over weakened, I was talking
away if we were out to eat in the topic of cheating, came up, and I don't talk Did she asked me about it? Is this the conversation out like a dogma? Marilla jack? Please it is. We must be honest. You know I've gotten card cheating in my life. I know my way for twenty years and I mean married for like, for I think, maybe five, an optimum envy We, like you value, indiscretions, absolute exam we sold. We don't want to talk about things now that we are no longer part taking second about you, cheating, they're, talking about things that are happening energy man who was to put that any delay again have boys are conversations tat. We talk about other things. Do people go abroad? Think people get injured, that's put in there.
The outer world a lot more of a bargain shooting, if not more so about eight Lenny. You said that cause I just read this study right about cheating and who is more likely to cheat and they sent in addition to gender and age into emphatically also differs by demographic and social factor. They said, cheating is somewhat more common among black men. Adult education, you do you recall red and white studies led away. Why does it want to kick the black man Magyar still? I would expect that a manual demand the rate is while they went his way. Why did you have sex with some another? yes, Baron, but all I wanted was then why brands work and that of his spare everybody waiter fees into the hall. Everything black is negative in everything. White is partly prevention, as has his air percent. A black women t don't ask that's a dead as a damn lama. Today we would save a park ass. We do park, ask all the case you could pass, and this is my wife's reason why we should be able to talk about everyday. So if it was such a long,
time and were in a wonderful, please and were to mature adults have gotten over it. Why can't we talk about it, especially for conversational purposes, and then he responded. I don't wanna talk about you. I am just a is awkward uncomfortable about anything in the past. This talk about the future little about the next fifty years of. Furthermore, one reason that is very uncomfortable to talk about it, because black men are just men in general. We really don't While we cheap, we don't see what will but when back in the day when we evaluate the I'm convinced now, there was no reason to G there's, never a reason to cheat like I don't like. I didn't like thing, I didn't like the young lady, not trying to be what it just something that happened like. I don't have a valid reason. We're let's go to the farmers. We have James alone James Morning, you'd be reborn above now, James, your past, the yes and your life.
What about you know where I was the one day: commercially: the infidels asthma. He actually was passed and not a path to no more as his path through them is in his past atta when they re a pastor nome. Charlemagne and I believe I have not heard I'm calling. It is always a pleasure to tell me you got three g g g doesnt European Cinema, where I was. I was because of that. You know In my view, I live in a relatively small city in Florida ashes who and my idea because those same problem, but they wouldn't they wouldn't step and you say you know what I'm not ready for this was possibility. Ok I'll bet. You got there because they will be able to have it all in and get caught cheating. I beg you not a great way to private forgiveness, right God, forgive law, Victor Tooting!
now. We believe and forgiveness till morning, crazy it'll be bear. Victor was up this debate. To be honest man I mean I've up. I've always been achieved here. All my life right, criminal, cheating and does not lie got married after I got married. You dont loyal a hundred percent. To my wife. I have two kids, a three, the one you also we'll watch the movie and all of a sudden. You know that guy chief, as you said so honey you or do you think about I'd like to think about what about Sheena said. Everyone is different. I mean bad answer. That is a fact. Everyone is dead, but I can't given it What do you suggest AIDS eating is wrong. No your whole degraded, it everyone lol for anyone. You point eight of the automatic it up
we now get out of our job- to appoint Digital Judgments- are women are seizing power in American. They know that her friends on domestic is like. Has the ever cheaper that you could they don't have a good reputation? here you go right, but you have to see what you have done in the past when I would single out goodbye. I went out with single every single you, weren't seated The stereotype! Really let him have you have a huge from every women marijuana jeez. Eighty five, eighty five, what oh five, when we ask and wisest so half amended talk about cheating, physiognomy t call us now to breakfast morning there was black boy look allow morning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club asking. Why is it so hard for me to talk cheat and the other night I was. I will my why we would talking- and I don't remember what topic I think was maybe trysting close
you're all Kevin Haughty came up. We were talking about it issued by what do you take, and I do said: oh no, we ve talked about so much happier and a breakfast club. I can't talk about it, which away because difficult job and to talk about, especially when you have been caught. Cheating or an you know. I like this big life. You not, I mean, like always say I don't want to talk about. I think about things that I dont want to happen. Mesa Aguiar, like lemme, tell you where my boyfriend doesn't want to talk about something. If I say he s evidence, they anything at all right, I've, never happy bank, hello. You heard everything I said I had to act. I didn't say anything and change the hose happy time for glaring check, please what we would have. It isn't absolutely will not liking to hear me, we were talking on the progress and this is how reason why we should be comfortable talking about it. Also if it was such a long time and wearing a wonderful, please and were to mature adults and have gotten over it. Why can't we talk about it, especially for conversational purposes, and then he was
Bandit, I don't wanna talk about gene now be I'm up. I won't let you and you gotta, just look disgusted use, gonna shake their heads and timing of yards have demanded IBM above your lives, have heard you talk about it. So now what she wants to talk about the same things we talk about up here. Why is it about because we ve been through Dillsborough life experience, Laszlo wife talked about it, allowed exhausted all right, I'm not cheat. No Mamma get lost forty or may onwards. We're, leaving no mortal mama. Why do men want to talk about me and I want to talk about there other, even you'll be thinking about one in that she had each man optional. You stop you re MA. Am I I'm sorry? I don't like that. It had the bottom line. I don't know disgusting won't. You will oblige me change our narrative black men, dodgy Marlon was bravado mental
gene in relation to match it, one of the most uncomfortable collar faces have because his colleague would live in your pad, and women asked more as we get the same Falco. They want to be able to add as day market, but they also want to see if you feel any about killed. Two days ago now. It is something that I don't know how long I wanna have a complicated. If Europe the matter of every year. That would suit it have in the past, but I have some today. I wouldn't no copyright. My brother, you fish, draw, does right or I don't let the devil. Take you off your prayer, the devil. I also feel egg. Ever your wife practice forgiveness and forgive you for cheating and she must have a conversation about something you owe it to her master member but, like I told us, they give the if we want to have the conversation, because something that you want to know or something- clear something up, no problem, but general conversation was no is a value that it becomes about its. How about other things that you talk about what everyone else
is being women, don't understand it operated. Third, they won't take it from me. I understand why mean cheap. I don't know why it did not. If a different two things can be true. I can understand why a person would cheap without knowing why what women, only about them. Like all you cheated. Could I wouldn't give you something it has nothing to do with you, then? Why did you cheat? I dialed novel hello result. They better wrapper is, will exhibit either where exactly your name, their navy, Blurred Bt La Mcguinness, wisest of all four minutes about seeing exhibit out of being at the very heart of our treaty, because the guilt IP though my girlfriend about three years ago- and it was really studied for me, I'm a rapporteur. You thought it was very publicize, starting at the very heart of thought about it because of the girl right. Nobody can occur. That was a mistake and I understand what people do you dont people? It is a mistake, but we all make mistakes in this way.
Does not agreeably law. That make me say. Let me as your having radon palace. I am just carry a young birds but ass the work, the worst thing to say we, albeit with now, don't you read all the work in progress already done when we got a plan for us with ok story, most stories, black men, Don T and ass, the new narrative and of your little rock with dead, and if not, then I can tell you got another type of person have can be speaking about things that I do not want to happen. The things I want to happen in my life, I think about, and I talk about all the time black mean don't cheat, you dont want to happen within a plane it out like. I am not a cheater. While you can hear ok, conversational occupy castle at a case, equal pack ass. Now you ve got room is coming up. Let's talk about cheating tea. Now I'm kidding we're gonna talk about Lisha Mccoy. What was going on yesterday that he be trending all day, will tell you what the updated with the situation
his ex girlfriend and the home invasion. Nora will get into all level. With her back to the lab J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne girl, we are the breakfast club, biscuits rumours, is talking, secure, feeling that this is the woman report annually on the breakfast club, the bands of insecure- and that includes, as these in three is officially starting again on August wealth. I'm excited does a month away and Here is the trailer forces in through a they ve put up. Look at us sing
hurry arriving we're going all three Jennifer Hudson doing great girl what our export I've been working, a full time, job pan having stayed right now, you don't have enough money to move our narrow. I just want to know why you're gonna rejected from all these apartment. You almost burn down. The last word. Probably movements Josie than three have now is always like my fine night at home to watch and secure. So I now be doing that starting August tough. I right now, let's discuss Lasher Mccoy and what is going on with bills running back Machine Mccoy he's been accused of beating his Ex girlfriend Eliseo Cordon. Now this was trendy all day. Yesterday the picture was horrific if you saw what she look like a terrible incident, so what public records are showing? is that a deal easier credit in the show Mccoy when planes shared and address enough already Georgia now what they are
is on July tenth at approximately three eighty. Nine am. Please responded to a home invasion at that residents. Here is what happened during that call. A thin require air is gonna, be in reference to a female who was this office has lasted a vast room? You will need to say for pity on this one we do have reading and round in reference to a home invasion, whereas some were taken are right. Now we first learned of this. When De Lacey, as friend posted a picture of her eyebrows dab, she said that machine is the Well, you are in animal, we didn't say anything about how you beat your dog Henny into kidney failure. Let's not talk about all the time. My best friend had to stop you from viciously beating your son for small things like being in the bed. We keep quiet about
drug users are the illegal steroids and NATO's. You are using that we will not keep quiet about this. I can't believe you did this to my best friend. Your com is going to be so real the world these you know type of animal. You really are, this was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning. Her on. The right has tag. Women beater well here is banded further record. The totally baseless an offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false. Furthermore, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months now and additional another one. A delicious friends posted another picture of her and said this is my beautiful best friend. I can't effing believe this. Sending a Edward in her house with no force entered a pistol whip and rob her for what now the world knows. Well you know you will pay for this deletion MA. Am, I suppose, the picture and said this is my book, My daughter today, after the show Mccoy at the NFL Buffalo Bill, got a hold of her. I didn't like him from them getting. I know he was a disgusting pig. He has no business in the end, I found
Then he meter, I should have been held out his hand. He s had China my body to beat her ear. What their am implicating is that you have set up for her to get near the house broken into rob and she got beat up, though, now, whether as the more information she does have a lawyer and what she said, Jesting is- and this is what her reasoning is as that the assailant demanded specific items of jewellery. So this is why the chinese aid was in a random home invasion, it was very targeted. She said the assailant demanded specific items of jewellery that had been given to her by Militia Mccoy that jewellery was the same jewellery them acquire had previously demanded that she returned to him. She also says the eyes he had injuries to her wrists. When the assailant tried to rip off her bracelet. The beautiful girl she would move out. I guess he was trying to get her remove from the home. He actually
This is something what would be his reasoning for sending somebody in his attribute of a girl ass. You would move out. I guess he was trying to get Harry move from the home he actually when she was out. She saw in the Security Council one time that he was having family members come to remove her items from the homes he sought security cameras, called the police and had the police. Them for removing. I augur so I guess they broke up he's trying to get her The house analyses her she's trying to say that he set up is high, invasion in order to get the items back that he had been demanding back from her and to try to get her out of the hell out of the home don't know what really happened owing to his denying that there is that he has involvement, and he says these allegations like we said our base with an offense is so that's his side of things. Her side of things is that they broke up and that this is what he set up in order to try to get her removed from the home and try to get back to. You items that he's been asking for so many devil busy. Man
right in the meantime, Ex NFL Star, Brandon Brown or has been charged with attempted murder he's an ecstasy Seattle, Seahawks player he's been charged for trying to kill his ex girlfriend he's been hit with one count: each of attempted, murder, first degree, residential robbery, first degree, burglary person, present and false imprisonment. Answer misdemeanor counts of crew due to a child. According to officials, there thing he broke into his former governs apartment. This isn't it the Fournier, Angela, eighth and chased her dragged her and then smothered her in a carpet. Her two kids were allegedly present when this abuse occurred, he's accused of stealing her Rolex watch and then he fled the residents, but was later- rested. His bill has been set at ten million dollars in he's facing a passable maximum life sentence in state prison. If he's convicted as charged creation level positive move, It is a curious coming back. Asia. Doesn't it landed with their chief vera cheese? A lot is your room report. Sorry guys, bed,
and over get ask ease next, two of you wanna eleven by no other political, pretty much. If you can five in five one off I won't have you got a course in few if any relationship advice but next donkey today we given a dog to shut well, we might as well keep it in a vein of family members. To kill other family members. I will talk about if we have our own Oh, and by the way it is hailing from the great state of Florida this morning, Goya Goodwin, my goodness, our right now do they have next to breakfast locomotive dont give the day job Democrats have been granted a day. A little bit of a mess like adult I've been called. A lot of my point here is the donkey at Bay. Is a new wife, yes dog! You today for Wednesday June, eleven, seven eleven,
to a young twenty old Florida domain, name Bisbee Hall. Now, what did your uncle shall always tell you what the great state of flora? Ladies and gentlemen, as beautiful say it wait me they crazy people in America come from the Bronx and all a flawed it as a fact not debate me on it. I'm goin back and forward. You negroes about where the load law. Now, when you, twenty years old, is not so many reasons to still be linen, which apparent and if you are still them, which apparent at twenty years old, you should contribute to it. How's, meaning if his rent a model to be paid, you should help pay it. Is bill to be paid electricity, gas, water. You should be contributing it. Would twenty old able bodied manage we bring some money into the house legally? Are Legally. I had it, though, illegally in air, because he's from Florida, so as a possibility could be someone from type a narcotic for money too me when you hey. Why he's gettin donkey today, then you will know it is a strong possibility. He saw the deal drugs but decisions, p s if all you drug dealers, if you twenty seven leave any kind and you still live with Japan and you have to help you Mamma with the written bills death in the drawer.
Of handbook pays thirty, two chapter, eight: if you selling drugs and still in which your mom, you have dealt with the rent bills, ok leave a couple thousand your mom's dresser. Before you go bottom new YE. These are fear, Ganges. Ok, the leaves you Do you know about fair God? You relax we're! Ok, Jerry, you say nothing you can do it you and drug dealer who still live at home, which Emma ok impaired. You have a twenty year old child living with you at home. You should remain that they pay at least a bill. Ok, obligation to them was up at eighteen, so there's nothing wrong with approaching this adult and asking them to contribute to the monthly bills. That's what Bisbee hold his mother did to him. Okay, according to police reports. Oh yes, there is a police report. His mother told offices that shit, some guy into a heated argument at two she asked. For money to cover gas and rate since he had been living there. Do you want to know how floor demand is beholden responded or let's go to them. Theo ABC twenty seven. Forty report, Tallahassee matters facing attempted murder, charges after police say he's
shooting at his mother, because she asked him to call Brent and gas money arrest report show twenty year old, Bisbee, Holton and his mother got into a heated arguments and that's when she told officers he fired two gunshots missing her holster. Fifty thousand dollar bar that, firstly, the owner destoyer, I no father and at home. Ok, like that young man has had minimum of zero contact with his father throughout his life, because when you are young man with a father in the house draw you Mamma want diamond. My mom beat me when I was a lad and I grabbed a belt and push my mom and my mom said: don't famous right These words weight, Your dad comes home when my dad got home from work. I don't remember what happened, but am pretty shy, have see tee because of what happened, and I never thought of our region of my mom ever again for this man Bisbee to grab a pistol shoot at his mom ass, a gas in rent money. Let me know today has been. I've been there had been no one in this house, the stump evolution inflexible in his mother, ok, I've, never
First time he's gotten Bonwit his mom. You don't just get to scrap and thought clapping and your mother. Okay, now untruths fashion. Bisbees mother said, while she was on the phone with dispatcher. Bisbee walked into his room, grabbed his suitcase and started trying to pack wait. You did you was going to suit, determine how do you think you can bring a suitor? the prison. Who always you all got to pick you up? Ober live a frame. Imagine calling friends. They may come. Get me moms overhead Tribune. Ask me for money for written gassway to shoot at a need to stay with you a couple days. Gaskell! Here's to kick it! Oh the suit case. He was back in and even if it were these moms, he only I was all suitcase to storm the house with ok. When she told him you can't take my suitcase Bisbee pushed a door in Maybe my brother. I am sure that if you a packing up to leave the house for good to move- Finally be a man standing on your own two feet. Mama Did you bought a suitcase but do not get Mozilla?
that you just shadow me because I asked you for gas in rent money is the bright side to this situation or because it is about that a twenty year old man who doesn't have money for gas and rent, whose who did his mom for asking for money for gas and rent a man I don't even have is also case to move out with a man like that. Clearly has nothing. Ain't about nothin improbably navigable amount to nothing, but now it has been arrested for attempted murder. He glanced at it. Is finally get out of my house and you have a nice steal, a brig six by H, Zelda calling on you'll get dreaming of the day and you have a nice job pay in about three thousand forty five cents a day, so it all worked out Religion is beholden to big. Easier flora, ladies and gentlemen, flawed question, so young two bullets into general use. What did you see it scares me bought a couple more, not Le Nasa knows all the world is
grace is lit. Mom knows what they read: doggie low using agenda revolt dna, my gun ass. He did Mozart, you look like you from flawed typical flora. Look like issued, Mama Zipcar, where typical floated with whom I could pieces correctly campaigner. I don't believe profile, but I mean I would cross inscrutable who him down the street again this outright aches as IE isn't next, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one have unique relationship adviser. Any type of advice. Call you
the breakfast locomotive bodies, the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakthroughs club it's for asking ye. Would we have voted for all the call was forced to flee, I'm a thing for baby girl, and currently she has no relationship with her dad and I just want to know: should it be a penny she'll put in that for it if you'd mapping and effort like I have nothing to worry about being with apparent that I shouldn't have to put forth for them to do what he spoke to do debt, so he doesn't car for holidays birthday, doesn't pick her up. Nothing! Nothing not! Even though one what's the scene, oh, he was able to get him to come. Bring him for my help. Prepare is harder for somebody to be apparent and think. The main thing, though, is about your daughter and how its affecting her, what are you tell her about her dad while she
young. She bore me on our can, since you still remaining celibacy, but as I like it better, I would starting than this without gonna be- and I don't think came to my mind when she by you know four years old when she don't, you know, recognise and know what is going on that It will be up to me what about the rest of his family? Are they involved at all? No wow, that's awful ILO embezzler and is that we see a lie. I think is important for you to always keep the door open and send whatever updating to send so that he knows that it would be great for him to be in his daughters. I because no matter what you're thinking about her well being, but at the same time you don't want to hurt her by
so having him in and out of her life, because that's hurtful to four when she gets older. So I think you should leave that access to him open and try to have these conversations and, if he's really just not willing to do that, have you taking him to court for child support to make sure financially he's responsible, cause. I don't want the headache right. Ok, what that's you you know, whatever your decision is with that. That's on you, but I do feel like you know. Just leave the door open and by him to things, but you can't force somebody to be a good dad if they don't want to be. If you feel like you want You know resides his family and some pages because maybe they want to be involved but he's not making a passable lecture. You know so it could be. You know, he's not given them acts. Yes, you don't really know them like that so you're, assuming that they don't want to be involved, but maybe his mom would love. You know to meet her grand who knows. May I think that you help us sometimes when families involved, because that might encourage
as someone there were all closer to appear in the breakfast club, and he talked about having a daughter and how he really neglected his daughter at first, because you know he was kind of bitter about having a baby by women. He didn't want to be with them, how his son loved his daughter so much that's what really made open up and guys make a lot of mistakes and its offer when as a child involved than is something that we can comprehend, because we would never do that, but I think praying for you to give him that access and hopefully he'll, come around and if he doesn't at least you know, your daughter has a strong mom to help her through life and navigate, but I think reach out to the family, get them at Do your part. If he doesn't do his part that I saw him, that's his karma Irene
you never go on amendment eighty per hour, I ask IE eight hundred foggy five. One o five one of unique relationship advise colony, was the breakfast club Damone, everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We, the breakfast club in the middle of ask a YE, hello, Eleanor, supper was, of course, if he so fatally opened this girl like year, though they like again it like let every boat out looking up like five one, and now we ve been doing like January and the other day he had. He would know what a night nice nice, but the whole point about date, will do you no thieves. She could get back. You stated that you have before you dislike. You know you're, not sure they had taken a while. She didn't like a single person, mind you stay because you know you like broken up a few months or Shiva had just been. Unlike me, I'm in here, like law like now about, even though
the bill in over the night, you know still try to keeping Elsie helping the overdue I've got a letter power. I tell you this happened to me. The flowers dating a guy things are going gray. Then he wanted to take a break and then, when he wanted to come back and get serious, I don't wanna be with him anymore, and thus the risk that you take me you do these often I'm relationships and you leave a woman prepares a time she might now and to be with you any more that window of opportunity closes her feelings change, so that was a risk that you took it a dedicated and really want to be with her. I think you need to be the best man that you can be approved. Those aims I'm sure at this point in time, she's niger- she the waste any more of her time and you she's not sure. If she has those feelings, I think shouldn't data the people, if you're trying to prove something to her, and she is not sure because that's gonna definitely make I feel like. Ok, I'm not gonna, be whammy still up to his old tricks, so you got his ticket through because she stuck it do for you she's a good through a you, whereas sure she stuck it do when you left her and came back and said, and came back. So now is your turn and if you really
can be when you gotta do just be patient and if it doesn't happen, that's life, but if it he's gonna happen, you gotta be who you are supposed to be, which is a dedicated man work. I right good luck, global Bush all right as key eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you got a question for you? You could call her at any time you ve got rooms runaway. Yes, let's talk about Russia Simmons. Another allegation against them and will tell you how he responded to this latest one hour get into all that when we come back you lack of rooms on ways to breakfast locomotive, shout allude to Van Gogh back and forth. Its you trouble include above, loses out alone, some, if not even close, he dies. Man came other solving. Some of it would be a cod ii b that, like a like bed and almost a drink in my feelings, Fedrig him off
with their load wash my bitch unanimously every morning before gets it read as they added a turn it up in a car, and I just thought labour mobility, great daily affirmation of living. My birth live, and I M going back and forth at you, but when we get there will be no the Wall Faith Army yesterday and I will kill gonna we're sure ass. I should they answer, but I did and then Look I've zoo calls are faced Andrew only he was her year was. I was her ok, they had never use the smoke of undesirable. We will ask: let's get through almost talk: a colleague judo. All the Reul report was glove locality dinner it on the cover of forms magazine, America, women, billionaires issue, and she talks about
building a nine hundred million dollar fortune in less than three years check it out. I think I struggled for a minute was finding some thing to do on my own and what was I going into? A new was ashen about make up, but I didn't know I could have fun everyday doing my job. I added insecurity with my lips when I was younger, so I to make up to help me feel more confident. So that's where the look it started to college delete. The lip colleague would deliver whether lick it has different is just like lipsticks I'll give you that. The liner to fill the answer you can make your lives. Look bigger you can line the outside of your lives in and fill it in. So it's a whole kit out of doors. That's why you took to fill up. If you have filler any using his lip kidding, it's like you can achieve, and what about you have? No, Philip were enemies. He started as a copper a while ago, so she did have lip fillers at the time, but she owns one hundred percent of her company, so they're saying for of value to accompany with chest. Instead of the
medics at nearly eight hundred million dollars. She owns a hundred per cent of it, and then she also has deals that she's done with other products like Puma and I've. A pacific sand clothing sixty million dollars and after tax dividends? This happen congratulations reverberate civilly seas, where the nine hundred billion dollars so she's, the youngest person on this list, cuz she's gonna, be twenty one in August, still only twenty years so maybe we should be doing when they congratulating Travis got Robin include Bob him, making the right decision to award Tiger didn't now to keep on going. At this rate, she could be the youngest self made you near ever male or female, even above Mark Zuckerberg, who made his first billion at age twenty three July as well on our way. She's definite, however, seek use a goin in male or female should be the young, billionaire either you are wanted life. Amazing. So congratulations to her like it. I love it. You know now Russia Simmons has been accused of re
this time by Alexia Norton Jones, whose Grandarter a book publisher, Debbie, Debbie Norton. She talks about something that had in November of nineteen ninety? She says they would have had a pleasant night out and ended with her going to see has no apart. When in downtown Manhattan, and that's when he's she says that he Panzer. Hence the war and raped her. She said it was such a fast attack. He pulled my dress up. I must have said no seven to ten times now. She said I remember thinking it was like being attacked by a flabby walrus. I remember peace pushed up against the wall. She said if it happened in less than ten minutes. She said after the attack the taboo. My dress was still intact. I it back the shape and went home there was nobody gets hell, because we had the same friends I later confided in my therapist. This was my concern. To be honest with you, he didn't use a condom. I was worried. I had exposed myself to a std. The other concern was present.
See. I was freaked out, so she said she doesn't want any money and she has since were given him for that encounter, but she does want to stand with the other victims. Even though the cat case, a statute of limitations, had expired. So that's her story. Now: Russia, Simmons responded, and he said I am deeply saddened by the story from Alexia and no time did. She share these feelings about her first sexual encounter with me, which took place roughly When many years ago, I've taken multiple, I detect a test that I have that a firm I've, never sex assaulted anyone Alexey an idea intimate and attended multiple events together after she, unless the incident occurred and nineteen ninety, so that's his response. Apparently glad to take this seriously. I don't think so, they're not having two percent now so you know, I can't say that. Allow detective tests is the be all and out anything
so in Toto there has been more than a dozen women who have accused of associations of sexual assault or rate, and a lot of these were uncovered by investigation, symbol, Angeles Times and the New York Times in Russia. Simmons kid is day: silken denies any wrong doing all right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report all right now shall to revolt, will see you guys tomorrow when you better thought of the measure. Little Duval absolutely is to breakfast locomotive today's So it is brought to you by who lose the great it's a lot so, historically accurate account of the rise of Catherine, the great who became the longest running female ruler in russian history, but cheap had to get there first It follows Katharine's unlikely and often hilarious journey to power. All to do as killer husband beat the church baffle the military and get the court on her side this year, as a satirical comedic drama, starring, L fanning as Catherine and Nicholas HALT as Emperor Peter. The third created
written by the Asker nominated writer of the favourite Tony Mcnamara stream, all episodes of the great mass of tenth only on Hulu now's, the time to make time for total body skin care with only bodies, new collection of skin care inspired body washes bade, transform your shower time into an indulgent spots session like only bodies, cleansing and brightening body, wash with vitamin, be three complex and vitamin c it'll. Leave your skin glowing and radiant ready for total body skin gear. You ve got to try all three of allay bodies beautifully indulgent body washes in stores on line and anywhere body washes or sold.
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