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Nigerian artist, Ice Prince stops through to chat with The Breakfast Club about the rap scene in Africa.

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We'll be boiled celebrity real, some joint existed there mornin everybody's dj, envy Angel ye shall amend the girl. We are, the breakfast close pursue. Guess can build it all the way from Nigeria. The ice pray icebergs came bang how far or so a brother of government. Now America mean a load of guys. Would I imagine that you wanted to the biggest artists in Nigeria by gas grace by God grace? If, if you had a compared to somebody here and states who I hate you I hate to do that with those in hours without say, he's at home? the the eyes of the world where, with half a metre put myself or somebody Elliot when our own, I may be- I regulation. He said your leg Draco Hendrick does what he always says but was shot. I shot us behind us. My big dog is beholden me down. I hear you know, that's why you always says I like him. I should simply like nation of very healthy relationship.
A management thing are you in talk? We in talks year, we will have a serious conversations at the moment and Lee. I see pictures on Israel, Yes, yes, yes, a mirror. Behold there was a moment of my life was the first time a mean me in such an idle was occasionally nine new your here at the recognition office and asked me to that day. You know me and be our brought meets it off Introduce me to J told on. Why was he said? Hi was a decent remedies and high qualifications me. He said to me: I'm a great men like thus on loan of get. You know why interest in not know. Why do you think american music is? Ray so much in Nigeria, but my all over the world yelling at me. When I hear it because I believe is of a boy monopolies has really we don't embrace allowing music from other places. True, I just know Jerry through. Why is that? break through the? I guess
What it is America is was world power I like the present America is like the present world, so the hottest, the hot dog, the most populous chef in America. Probably them was published in the world right on board. I feel, like this. America still started to open What's all the genres of music, I see, reggae music is popular here and that's dope I'll see you soon. I mean somebody you get all his apartment out here too, and I stoped, I think, Africans need to get that into you know I don't know, I guess I want. I want oversee the Dj Merlin. I know you ve been is on average biofuels. It is like you, you mean you could play american music, but you better. Have you Oh no, you definitely you're gonna dinosaurs in my laptop, and I mean how you because you gotta play, because if not you you we rocker for a little bit, but then what is Time year news so Ill railways little bit, especially with DJ. No doubt me while I establishes.
Jerry and influence music. You guys a fan is really excited me enough of donor wreck away. Before I speak to him was the war. His is a big talk to the holder's donor, has been rapid formula for a long time now be from earlier or for mergers have ways a music seem like an Nigeria like for you did, you feel like you, had to leave and go other places. If you get knocked out, never had to leave. Am I still live in Nigeria? I just traveled a lot, I'm just so. You know I've been out there long because, as your music is going to a point, where is really really blown out? use market autism may started to make. Allow money. You know me from from from the business, does a lot more biggest shows this culprits comic, getting involved. Telecom companies again vote stuff, like this with a market, is getting bigger every day when you first they was when I first, but when I came in two thousand and ten imported is set at the news who said that came in one industry was already. You know me
enjoying those benefits. Exactly what you end up before that I wasn't a group. Yes, as not in a group called echo, eggs, cord and awa echo more. Is that what echo mortgage like the military, the way Africa, military force them the body, the military body that you guys West Africa framework or economic morgue and what we want to start around. The group was three was and all our dead where uniform and my dad was a cop with other guys dad was with us, was amended from at a soldier and the other guy, his thousand efforts. So what's what was put those names go like if you like you got really support each other in Nigeria
we'll get a big you up. Yet it is a really all of how it is all a man. I we're we, we love to see each other successful, economical when, if, if it made me those a treat that David Irving, I'm in the whole enjoy excited about, it explained the people. What what Nigeria looks like us add the pleasure to go to South Africa in it in a totally different. Now thought is actually when I go to it, feels like it's. It's like. I was like a allay Marilyn D. Ye echoed the perception Africa. Real taxes do legacy, but could I am talking to copy of August? If they ve shown us of our colleagues here that a kid with loud only if they are fortunately, unfortunately I mean I offer- is really really beautiful- is really really beautiful, even bay. Now you can only be as ignorance as mean anybody else wasn't been politely, sets out Africa is, is Crazily nice does by one of my favorite places in the world right next to and arduous bureau,
who is hot all year would own below. It doesn't get to call a like that and we love it. You know I mean you know when or makes out there was that make up. Covers birds are not non, would only do that asshole. What my city, where I'm from and Josie gets really really cold, so you can throw in the Friday, and you were cool still how you feel about the White Rhinos white rhinos nothing but the white World that is genuinely mailed quite right. That is why right your twenty four hours, place if what I ask of you see that money will go to work right. What do I guess in Nigeria that is in this area?
but I cannot allow you to those already ratified in Africa. It is already Mineo White, rattle lamp and insecurity. Twenty four hours, as we did make sure nobody kills. It sounds like Asia, Lass, white, Rhino, Google, is to build a shovel buffeted where, where I was caught it up either one of the mining city. I read your group and on my Yes, I must say it is a lot alike- mineral materials under the ground I mean, like teen, tantalize, those public that I guess extracted and exported as well. So I have a coffin rich sitting, then Joss, Nigeria, they say you where you are rigid growing nor was enrich. I wasn't born poor, wasn't born rich in Kenya. The way round was a king, Kenya, Kenya, a boy lots, Google Sharp, doesn't make she'll shouted out today. Ok, I kind of bombing carriers are not a beautiful place. What a lotta,
animal reserves doublet also Youse, was only too surprised that you they were fine. Ferris, Antonia, Father, passed away with things got a little refer you well you of life, a mean my dad when he was alive eyes to go to school, like salaries is the fact that as yet, he held a big position with the with the police force. But you are you what he did that say that your life was rosy. When you hear more, I went off was rose you impostors alive, but unama we passed away. A lot was my mom and in order to become outside typical african story, you owe me she went through her struggles and wages, which is when can I mean
a ten to let me be seven now what I listened with the typical August. I could hear an estate if something like now, the abbot Alot of God will turn to the street. Rarely thought hustling to make a man at the house. What what did you have me? We have those instances as well back home as well. People get on the street and start doing all of that might be legal, economic or illegal. For me, I got it not as no one big open that normally apart about things like that, but what I just focus on my music. When could I couldn't afford to wish? At some point you I mean I just became a studio rat and I started live in a studio. So is it I think I d boys and travel here. What do they have in Africa? We are like. We have guys now dues. There would only in our only due to click soon learn about caravan like what they say. Also Adobe. Also we
I mean we. Can you confirm that you can fly some good stuff. Drug mailing forgot? What street life may the street, like me, is not all about we love to party or our people, Two party, we love to go to the beach You know me, would love to house. Music is a big inflow of their house. Yes in South Africa is out and the south is this: our part of Africa House music is quite big boy, whether era worm form Nigeria, West Staff, no we're big upon Afro be allowed in May and we ve been able to cross the roads in the UK. We always like the bond. You know what I mean with kid David or lack of it as an end in any state yeah. I would just gotta stays of sought by saw West The reason why it was amazing. It was amazing. This year you had autism gone off from Nigeria from South Africa. And we must it up. Yo, crazy out of competitors, Greta MECCA,
we haven't what you like, that they have in the world around US acuity details as acuity for or yourself yes, group, of which I am saying, technical, sometimes when, U n n back home, where people top. You industry, as a seller would see is not necessarily because they want to get a picture that might be the winner. Rob did not rob. Is that rob? That's just what a piece of you you know I mean either the moneyed freely or is now Backer it's easier to wherever they want to take something from you. Our love actually and the one that, but sometimes you don't want to give that you're, not know you don't want to go walk around the mall, take care of it. T shirts get somebody literary like narrowly, though don't wanna take something from you could be anything the good work of sea lab. I watch out for our foreign and you know when the streets is asking you for stuff like that, you gotta Jack, and now you can't
You gotta give you care, we how we have a spirit of love back home, so you're always spread. That's when I had it, no you're not going to give up the crew, This thing out must sneakers like that, apple more wars like all day, and that I give you my best an iceberg, because I realized that nobody can do you like the marble them is. Love like become do come up to you, so much love and so was join your jacket rebate that how did your prayers react? When are you told you wanted to be around my dad had passed away when I started making bribe music? I know you probably have accepted or allow me do that for my mom is worth supporting from day one arm and we should pay for my first to do session ever social she's always been a part of
I'm in me getting the studio with me working with artists and I'm glad she saw my first song came out. My first single one came out and blew up. She saw the whole process of me becoming up who I am today, or the name of that record Who was usually primal M is moves from death. My friend and my people is only cool about about admitting. Why does not? Rather you that's? What I was saying goes because of actually for you go for foreign formed. We watch you guys from all we were. My fattening from Nigeria had sex it until she was coming. She said that with your favorites are you'll, learn from major issues to be. I intend on any gay or London care for lunch or shot us all. States that you enjoy. I listen to everybody man and right now, I'm a big fat, a Drake, I'm a big fan of big shown right now with the new album that just put out your, I mean, I'm
on that crazy at an MC mail as I'm a big fan of Mc Neill, he a meaning, I hadda option. He brought me. I had last year for submitting Philly Iraq to him for lobbying. Very very amazing. Gonna became a very big fat. I mean what I mean I was introduced to make by some em up go friends. I have mutual friend, though we got out. I called my jaw of you not I mean. Did they called the leaders of the new afro? They got a click and make Nigel knows Mick. Not me you imagine. The building. Actually, I am sorry that you know a lot of modules yeah. This is the real sound. I do you owe me now. What would your parents have wanted you to be the use that your father would never will you be? My dad would apply to what it means to be like a dog, torso stuffily longing, thus thou Knowest of graduate. An engineer, does those basic stuff. I say you recently where industry about Rascal DAS in years
yes. I did. I didn't recognize, Roscoe and ATL. He invited me to the to when I was out there to two nights ago and we walked out food is a may easily. I had no mortal the guy he's amazing. I had no more. I don't follow hot, although others follow up all music of all having also year now, who is the most exciting personage you ve met somebody that inspired you in Japan. You will like, where I can't believe I am. I a bugger needs good name. You am I. A bug as momentum, a blog. I am. I gonna do I hope with Bagua. Nor am I a bug good idea. Google yeah he's my mentor mantis that he was right when I guess I'm out of here The first was another sign from our click and he brought us up. You know at He taught me how to wrap powder make music will he's in a
my journey to his broad Susan, not Amazin audits, Jesse Jagged. You know they pretty much taught me how to put music gotta you at a younger man. Lastly, as I was the lead in the click here, little nervous, I man, I'm excited only me behind it. Sadly, it is always what it sees as learn from. Never unama grow from that and not what has been so far. More more honest come to South Africa and energy. That is that me more because I mean, as a kid I'm sure was. It was far few uttering everybody rhinos bits, and here I mean it is what I mean I must have the flights, a cheaper everybody's basic idea, and I know I know a few artist whereby it I need your almost every December, almost every Vietnam in now, and then was excited. We love to have America. Musicians are dead, you know now people I load nowadays, you ve never been in Nigeria in its energy for thing you think Boca Hurrah, unfortunately, what is that unfortunately remains the terror
group that, like I know where this, the exactly the word disturbing the peace communism. We come right now. You know what I mean. I just got a new precedent which is elected a new president. Congratulations to my country. My new president's was born Mohamed, Bari, General Mohammed word, yeah he is to be general, and I know that he is a general cause this once we generally always general right and yes or is the new President Anna was prayed at that. That stuff goes away completely. I would have a rapid came out from Nigeria com. Ah, but you little blue nobody, nobody jungle, blue day, no blue blue, thus pigeon English at its patrols. My journey am trying Blue there are nine who blew them? No does do they not gonna blow out. Ok got your guts vaseline algal blooms. Now we have this thing called pigeon. English is like our own patchwork armies, Esperanto from major weeds breakdown, English skull, broken in Asia.
But to do that. The only way I mean to do, which is only coup or legal. My They called me to ask you to dismiss the bog before you get about it out O. Let's go knob interest limited due to some Africa lobe it boy out too. It's actually Colombo makes English mpg nationalism. Boy may not think about Monday in busy women Wemyss not back to box been allowed. What time it is cold in cats, how to wrap a banner bomber bullies getting loaded out the cataract yeah. We drop the hottest and yeah do a back to back by dropping a bookie on a vip, After what you gonna do you might as well. A lot like. Oh, I m D is Boyd mozzarella thing that crazy got the smoke impacts back to pack
We are only at the little aggregate. How did they get you and arrogant radio? They won't be, look ending I'll, be right. There, you, where you gotta, bring it. What do you think the smoking but would burn a fax back to pack wrappers Goggly Emmy, atom of freedom mats document? You asked to death who the Burma, who asked the man you can react it out and get a seizure of a heart attack. I'm tired! It is both. An auto crap I want approve, point that outcome Rota wraps. If I control and now to put you ass into one or an apple puts who s asleep, issued a girl, but I was Paul it at o K, o K, o K. A vaccine should be Who is he soon? We don't sweat, sees Mondo, must sleep Montcalm will flood flexing and then piracy, not because you, my next Slim is goes on. The left goes on. The right goes in the club, goons everywhere Burma go girls on me. Girls on me, home girls, only washed up make up. Monopoly law you too
I will read my name ICE Press bureau. Need, I say, audio icebergs. Were you to move a school for, don't watch now? It is only when a healthy competition that was so no one has got Jonathan. I'd like a hand if you come here, I was in two thousand and nine I wanna Hennessy car artist who competition I join. You wanna be what is well yes, but without into our own me more, do you may get it in America during my data, just just make it in the world and has been heard in the world economic. I wonder world to listen to my music and honesty. Where the melodies stories are coming from and want to be pegged guaranteed box. As you know, I mean, being in one box in Romania, Menachem Monodist from Nigeria, I represent major, represent jaws and legal spot I'm a world musician on big world music, lessons people that you call your dream collaborators. If you could do thousands of people outside Jesse,
in order that these are the biggest fischler idea. Niger get among us. When I mean only worsened. In other words, do we appreciated your knows that we want to come over here on. The right is out there definitely beer from Africa. You know when you see how police officers gunned down young black men here. What do you think our concern? Because you are a young blackmail? Yes I feel like we're at the point of the world where we don't need to even be speaking about stuff like that, no more tours two thousand and fifteen, I feel like the world, is advancing to better stuff to you not me, like I'm, going to pass out go. You not, I mean I'm a sad to hear stories like that. I'm out loud amino lights, advice against it, and now values were pretty much only coming to Nigeria. I will put shown in Nigeria as soon as I can you tell me to follow. You show you got invite us out definitely Definitely me, I'm a man at talking already have them,
you know. I'm in Nigeria is asking you questions about you. I like its combines, thereby yourself when you get there come Othello myself come answer two questions. First of all, by a year you don't know the unity capable access deadly are brought about as the accents. Oh, you know what I'm gonna be completely Mitchell given by a book of IRAN you did not have announced that it is the breakfast club is, the iceberg I've read no less
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