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Friday 6/9- Today on the show we had producer and founder of Murder Inc, Irv Gotti come by where he spoke about relaunching Murder Inc., his new tv series "Tales" and possibly have thrown some shots at 50 Cent. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that he described as a sexual deviant because he raped and sexually assaulted them. Moreover, based off what Irv Gotti said about being able to be faithful because he is "all f'd out" we opened up the phone lines and asked our listeners if they agree with Irv Gotti's comments.

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Even so so most pay this morning is usually day and everybody pheasant spending to go with me to the ring rubbing the wrong way ravaged by New Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go alone and easily many Designedly Charlemagne, a guy who's did oh, yes, it's Friday, we are just scrolling. We give up that's right. The weekend is here we had a great day yesterday. Yes, it was a what national bears remaining years and was year. Let me let me shut up my wife right now, because last
I fell asleep. You know when you falsely the fallacy of all my clothes, all my wife. got me Nicky put me in the bed she took me like. I was a little a year over wave fell, good dying, allow will cover, will endure. Tat was like it. If I ever get old and you have to wait. My ass big young and the old together had nobody daily barbecue nurse me why you gotta work hard enough to have a mighty be able to afford it hasn't money. Why both your last gay absolutely right? Well, I had a long day yesterday, mainly by BS nope telling us how Wagner has its farmers have find that they have in them in Harlem Mckenna, for when they grow like their own? We now
What is wrong with you look out of all this powder? Was they lead as they have a guy like everything and they listen to show all the time everybody that works there, so they wanted to shatter. Sat in my guide orders in town she's, an eleven grades flew from Seattle Programme, so she came straight years. I had her running round me. She was that you do a lot of things and one day because after that I do my package phillips. Erasmus is going up today took about a pod gas. Yes, she came in here now, but she was in the studio broker in another room Boca, because it was as some interesting discussions and then, after that we went to a party for new balance and then, after that we went to says, is album release party and then, after that, I had to host a party using its reporting actually took her everywhere, except that nobody wanted to come, but she doesn't have a vague idea at eleven. I would hope not so she's an eleventh grey or level great overshot, eleven zero Charlemagne I've seen you was peddling buxom in the city last night. I wanted all day yesterday I had a book sign, but I did not know thanks to the good people who approached the book urban on the New York Times by some loose for seven weeks in a row, rob want to cool bomb threat. Call me hard overshot couple shoalford, so unama guy we gave Raina Choky me avenues like you. We should do
impromptu pop. Up shop in the middle of the city, but we just give away everything and he was like a man merchandise. You bring books and we just send out a tweet in Flood Washington Square pop stars. We did. We think that it would around what a thirty eight forty five they like nine hundred and thirty, and it was just flooded with people. Everybody who came out last night to watch the square park just gave away a whole bunch of books, shake some hands. You know I would say kissing: babies were no. Babies were down, on the one hand that we always say that saying shook, hands, kisses aims and no babies were involved in that last night, but yeah that's the least I could do I've been on the New York Times best sellers Eagle, graduating appear forward. Earth God he will be joining my favorite people to talk to the whole world. I was actually whatever got you last night to cause. He had a screen for his is BT. Show tail, did you go?
yeah a moderated broke. I was so glad to see the furs of actually was tales twice yesterday. Rarely could added in my inbox already to watch saw was due before God and in a way to go, and I got the tales really really good. I'm not exaggerate said how rarely its core, if even more, really pissed some people off the first episode are really wake. Some people wanted to accessible, could talk to Earth God coming up and we have front pages. When we talk about you, of course, we're talking about James call me on the FBI, director and his
I guess, what do you call? It is hearing that he had yesterday. Ok, I will get into all that when we come back right now, he's Gucci may Drake is both as to breakfast locomotive holding. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We love. It's Friday begins in front page news that it can be a final tonight warriors pretty calves at nine p m the era. It could be it wisely, the serious three hours or do you just put together their misery, the Nite Owl Willa, Lebron James and companies, be able to pull off in these one pity. Take out a win one. You know if the warriors Winter nights, the franchise actually loses twenty two million dollars more and that I have had the exact time take it so for let no teams have a monopoly on all the simplest awfully as a thin. Ba forget. Why is very different in the growing seven games and follow Cleveland Cavalier fans? Are they loved ranging so much? I think deadline regimes gonna come back and when the series I he did last year, death, not sorry not have now look is not the way to have not the waiters works. Another song about Commies testimony yesterday, yes, farmer, FBI's directive, aims can't call me came for the Senate Senate Intelligence Committee. Any was talking about a lot of things that happen. You know, president down a term, had fired him any tax for about three hours as a whole that questions you talked about, russian lose in what was going on with Russia that they had the election. Here's what he said there should be no further on this whatsoever. The Russians interferes in our election during two thousand sixteen cycle. They did with purpose. They did. It was sophistication, they did it with over welcoming technical efforts and it was an active measures campaign driven from the top of their government. There is no fuss on that. That happens. I suppose unfair, as you can possibly get and is very, very serious, which is wise, so refreshing to see a bipartisan focus on that, because this is about America, not about a particular party era. Dames coming our so called down on chump a liar quite a number of times, and he said he never trusted him check it out. What was it about that meeting? The lead you to determine that you need to start putting down a written record tourist. I was alone with the President of the United States, but the President Elect soon to be present. The subject matter was talking about matters that touch on the FBI's core responsibility and that relate to the present elect personally and then the nature of the person has honestly concern that you might lie about the nature of our meeting, and so I thought a really important the document that combination of things I never experienced before, but it lead me to believe I gotta write it down and get a ride down at a very detailed way.
I write. He also discuss Donald Trump tweet that he put out and how he responded to download down chums tweet. James call me better hope that there are no quote hates of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. Well, here is how James call me said he responded when he read that sweet they're down.
And put out president tweeted on Friday after I got fired that are better hope, there's not tapes. I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night because it didn't on a mere richly that there might be corroboration for our conversation. That might be a tape. In my judgment, was I needed to get that out into the public square, and so I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter. Then do it myself already reasons by asked him too, because I thought that my promptly appointment of a special council- and so I asked a close friend of mine- to do it and was sent Mr Wit, is now a good friend of mine is a professor Colombia law school while, as my thing with James call me be talking like that, if he was still left, we are directly, I mean I'm glad he's talking, but if he hadn't gotten five forty be singing the leasing Irena seems like it with China, keep compile information in and see what he could possibly do. You got some closing piazza said that this whole issue waiting is just something that never happen. That way. Imagine having a president that you workforce at the idea right. He said he thought like down, attempt to fame him and the whole entire department. I say that I didn't say that normally whatever happened and have no say, would he be doing that if you was to, let me address the hope, so you also bound for landing. He probably wouldn't even one of the F B. I do. I got small point of you're saying you didn't trust somebody you didn't want to be alone. Do why didn't you resign, I gotta be fired. Solemn, say: maybe try to get him out of the owner. That's four page noble, get it off each ass dammit. I don't drink five, eight five, one or five one. If you up such need event called us right now, or maybe you feel blessing, one is present positively. On his nice Friday, eight hundred five, eight five one and five one full learns wide open call us now was to breakfast locomotive. Is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you on the breadth of crystal come out, and now you mad at a guy who shot his baby mom was dollar, is an attack on the block, go yet without a ram and then, when you now have a power crazed, because that my best fire Baby Father Letter
one then I'm a little guys, your best friends, maybe even bother baby mother and the thing didn't I didn't want to be with video convicted. Also what he told me. I love you block that now calcified now and I'm not what does want people but also given the needle, because someone very far and they all young with him. He deserved to go about our likely to be the only one and haven't you down and now I just say it like this: I'm not always deaf on you. When I waved him operated on youth, Dray EDGAR, I'm sorry what up baby? How you doing how you doing God bless you, don't wanna
give a picture. Salamander guides the greatest NATO's issue they be, but guess what matters baby? What matters is that you can see, there is almost had to say, and I am deeply bless. Could I have a job and about my family- and I only saw a metaphor Charlemagne me, my wife and I have some sympathy they don't want a baby. That's the big question for me and my family them. Why bless with that? I'm jus twenty nine, my daughter's June Twenty seventh, my mother, my brother's, actually June twenty. Fifth, all while we all indebted. We are lady, a baby array mass who saw the bank you guys have a black day and tat you maladies, while it was out of my wife bonnet about some eight in on it, on his way to go, and I you got that my phone call my first time ever calling about.
I'm very happy right now bear abroad is Kansas, Edens Remy the latitude. As you know, we cried to the joy of actually down about something, but it doesn't manages. Let us because we're Kansas Dollar right tell why you mad tell em why you blessed get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a firewall or phone call. Us now is to breakfast locomotive your time to get it off. Each ass, the young man from you, wanna breakfast law, allows is my name is drowned. water they Andrea, was abroad. Tell him I bless Grimaud. By dated eight me. Tremble land on that lobby. Birthday brown appreciate, I I got to be a lot of modern and black level. Great. Thank you run the losers I want to remain anonymous.
Is an animal. Why are you mad this morning? A mad envy of further welcome one? Every by morning I wasn't even able to sleep. I gotta work at nine o clock. If you'd been on my head had he fell to try out a story. I then let them with those guys who lie here right. He movements November moved down April and go back with David mother went east to come and everybody would act like they wanna be a family. So he play me with that one I re, but when I first met him cause street. When he saw me with animals. I I don't know you ve got me, you know you got the guys. I act that way load anything. We know straightaway I told him about what the guy told me that that's a lie. You know whatever, whatever so he pressed the guy who I felt like ok, because you where's, the guy. Maybe you has respect or whatever Call me you know it was in truth. I let alone that boy now be here Joan. Why has become just out too maldiva his messenger from a gay guy.
point when I all k now but ass, you do eggplant, we got problems and we got action that they were to a light who actually me and I'm sitting here right, because you were you gotta go. He was still talking to me One in four played a role. I'm you know play both wolden come over, you mean when are there, so I told him I said: listen, I don't have and put it in all we're doing a p m, but now I'm hearing from a very close person. I know them that is being found theme or even they were arguing over it. But I'm pamparsan wait a minute. What offered my hand people I've been living on the day was going out of you saw to glance. It means doubled penetration amusing. To train ran on because that would have allowed felt like it. I like the guy. Why won't think me? Yes, So now, what are you gonna do now? Well,
This way, I don't talk to him. No more. We had big for an hour. My maybe that'll be online, go back and go home your facebook, because between me I heard the old thing came about yesterday. You have been up all night thinking to myself. All my guy, like I've, been very intimate this guideline trust and guide them once he did all than April. At the gate Is that ok, whatever we can be friends or whatever I now fast? What now? I'm being myself a guy that we do my he asked or cave woman You either want to be friends with him even after what he did to you. Well, not friends. Well, okay, that well in reality, yes, friends, because I felt like okay won't even when he moved out before I couldn't. I couldn't stop you show me like, if a guys I dont, having have any kids, I'm single, I work at if a guy, once the Moon Bow and wherever
He go when I found out that he's back in Vienna, where Moscow distorting when you go over this house, the pudding. I can in the bedroom? I put a cocaine in the hallway, so you know he in Erin. Some mains pain is from the back, rather than this hit it off in chess, eight hundred five five article five one of your upset, you need event or if you feel blessing, you want I'll add, as you can call us at any time, but you ve got rooms on away. Well, yes, let's talk about Jerry Time TAT. We play that very disturbing area where he rejected a hug from Cassa. Well, he expects is what made him do that also who fake infertility, there has been- would tell you why she said she did it. Ok,
all that when we come back keep alive the breakfast Cloacam on morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast get mixed our earth- God he will be joining us, loves, organise gaudy, one, I'm afraid if you would have to job of work and earn a mixed this morning is all about murder. Inks extorted me at which a free ride, murder ink joint by me start showing our rules and their respect on his radio. We always do ok, always do inside a general gonna Brad rabbit industries will ask it to the rooms, are so closely all aghast at the report of reckless club, trying to figure out how this happens but clearly cut as yet not an upcoming episode of keeping up at the conditions admitted that she would lie about trying to get pregnant.
Then has been Lamar Odom hears what she said before now than ever. Try to give her. Yes, when I speak tried- and I was I was married, but I knew the circumstances were the healthier, so I just kept pretending. I was she setting Germany treatments, but ultimately she made sure none of their attempts were successful. So how do you do tat? You do fatality chimings treatments, but then make sure you don't get pregnant push it out. What are the four delude? Remove they put in reserve regional she's almost got a resources are no what exact treatment she D or whatever they push new Pusher Rebecca. Well, I guess I knew he was ass, yet he had problems or maybe addicted to drug, and she didn't want him to be to form an orderly mechanically, to bring closure to bend to may be made another big body in the game. The pushed warriors around again clearly bully boy I ran cooler Michael, be Jordan, are gonna, be doing their fourth movie together. It's called the wrong answer, and it's about these standardized test. Cheating scanner that happen in Atlanta, with the public schools and teachers that participated in that's so Michael Jordan is gonna play imagining Danny Louis who confessed to his involvement and that went on for about half a decade. Eleven teachers were later convicted of recruiting. It was the largest cheating scandal in the nations history, so you know the movie they did together. They approve illustration, creed and black Panthers, actually coming out at anyway sailing and ass. What I'm saying awry, uncool glottal me nothing described and you from blood plant, the common out into doubt and eighty ok, all at old standardized has movies you wanna do is cool, but you keep your eyes on the prize. You folks nobler principle: we go help a right. I re Jerry Seinfeld. We told you about cash. I trying to hug him on the red carpet now. Here is what happened just to refresh your memory target just sleep when you're tired with people tired most of the time available to them ass, a bag of you now, thankfully, not a little while another about is tomorrow. That was cash. Ok! Well, I wish, with above Drabant, include Bob Sancho, let their young woman, sexually assaulted criteria. Should we take no for an answer. She was very aggressive and he stood his ground. I respect him, for there were a J Callaway, our good friend from extra asked Jerry Seinfeld. Why did he do that and hears what he said? I'm sixty three I dont know every pop star. When you get to be my age and lived on a couple of things, you have your own reality. I dont have a total stranger. I have to meet someone say: hello. Right is not first moment of human others, eyes, warlike harassment case matter, a geographical. My question, though, ask me to do so to do after what I do want to do. My body is my business. I thought you will not allow this individual. I don't want disbursements virtually around me and ass. My business, though ask me why I didn't know him well sample. I gotta with their video clip viral and everybody was submitted. It was actually funding the waited he did it as he did embarrassing did embarrassing. Scientists discussing why did that is well known, is very Seinfeld. There's no violence must base your body is making me uncomfortable. There has told you know when you chief say just give me a little Weena flag guidelines input the tipping. I told you know that the same fears exactly disabling wily me there's no report. She gets it. Couldn't have been like what how about a pound or handshake then
well. Let me give you some already me why I got you say: wagons, a guy knows no republic, rape Hugson about tell you know, but you re pack a way for me and you keep trying to come and I love that sexual assault. I know of no less, you didn't tell sexual assault item and Anti Roma reply. I show you robbed, he D sexually assaulted, manifesto money out. I have you. Yes, I got a guy joining us ever got his morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building. Guess I should say I want my friend I wouldn't hear from it all game guy, yes, it! I am happy to be here. My breakfast club fairly feeling great today, I'm over work them tied on delirious the whole thing. What else you don't think things happening right now, I have very very big things happening in ecstatic has been a long time sellers about that girl. What you got more people with me, you know relaunch, murdering slow book.
Odd is buggy bird from doing nobody. Burma laugh from the city may be, and I love my young boys from Atlanta fitted Circle Day, although in Dallas may have a philosophical able web It is everywhere every eye tradition and I have shut up in murder, egg. Yes, it is difficult to compete against your past successes. What I'm fine Shall name is like people don't They wanted to keep you in a box or what you doing whatever like. That's. When I say I'm relaunch a murderer. You get a lot of people like I wanna hear no ajar via the Noah January, and you may hear that were but like Allow me to grow. Allow me to try new things. Indifferent things in reinvent reshape murder rank the way that the founder wants to reshape You know my ring, you know it, two thousand nineteen June for will mark the twentieth anniversary
same thing with the new artists in everything like that like when I seen Debbie's tour. I said you know. I said this is dope, but, as you know, the in oil would have made an insane. I say if he had Travis got was on bad boy. Like me goes was own bad boy, isn't you don't say no energy exactly so? Why he's doin that nostalgic? You don't say a bad boy, you, no sir. He could bring the new, you don't say in a new energy and it would have made it like air. I'm crazy. So that's what I'm com is trying to do two years to get these guys hot and get in getting hot and illegal. Do some rain is like an odd about it at our age and then you get. The younger too, would have in front of everybody or exactly that.
So the murdering too, I say, you're gonna, be a family. Is every every has one of the best families in new adds at so I told him: let us vote as it may. Your family, you, like you to prototype, of what a great relationship in family is you better stay for ever? Does what they like. You break my heart, if you, if you live with rigour about war case designed the youngest eight, so I know that when you have now nor efforts are only wanted to. But now, as I know, what a key garment of a five m Lego is is a keen tat go go, man does the best they regulate. Kevin lazily are also with yes, three hundred back with them. I had other people offer me deals, but our wood Leon care because they understand me they give me they're, not afraid of me. They know craziness. They know my antics, they know how
passion is, I am in a not afraid of that, but it may all back above you for a minute when you, what do you suggest? I do with the fact that they didn't they did. They was forced to. You know that the United States government sent island of jam a notice. They said, if you give Irving Windsor one dollar in any way, shape formal capacity. You gonna be his co defendants and that's all that level. Hey you're on your own kid don't blame on. I don't blame, you know There's no one wants to stand. You write the outside. PIG Paden independence. If I had a cloud over my head like- and I was the bears, no one, no one a business one, but you from this great, though you stood like the guy by Supreme when they go into everything they were going to leave.
common enemy from you? You know you have often use, and that was a days they don't like Joe he's too, but I suggest you did this industry's. We kill you now you re, like streets is its corporate, they like the this green like commonplace. I feel like you were in in beg you to dinner- is always nothing azaleas day. So I didn't you know maybe maybe during the time. I was more mad at LEO when he left and went to one rubbish. You know only eleven with Warner Brothers, he left me no the all it is fine on my dog is both be. If I were mad, you know all it is battles that have gone on any less, and I was like you. What would you do? Indeed, we we enemies Finally do what's best for him, a Czech. Do you think about changing the name on the label
I mean I hate the Angelo pleading Zobeide. Can I give you my son? I hate the the I hate when I changed it, because I'm so one I'm someone is so strong and a belief in like they made me have that stupid press conference with Russell with the eight ban is like Am I cringe every time someone says it's not like? I hate it because it was bitch ass moment. For me, I wasn't me because I'm not a bitter, and they made me automobilist. We normally, I usually say what you and I don't care, I didn't make it for murder. I said I'd watch and Amy murdered, Was contract hid moon good night. The great and now you know play on things on my I do not wrong, they drove a murder and they may be made. You save it in
everyone, anyone call it the aim is murder eggs. You seem yea. How about the anchor may not respond thing about changing if it has no waved largest relaunch is regarded as the logo. What it is supposed to be whatever rocket. with their main ever changing. It made me think about it like so, are we gonna? Do we all care or what not, even so, much as real as Canada, but it was so much you have understand fares. It was so much pressure in it when they say that letter was got real. you just turn in the sum craziness. They give you million. They pay eighty million. This is why my wine shall stepping up. They say that Supreme funded. My label Have you ever wondered my label may fifty thousand a year. I work with J Visa Dynamics, put our job and no even before, but I just offered axing J and they gave me a label deal. They gave me some millions in that. The funding, as I I shall say nothing
but you know what the first the dry. It not run. C mon man may visit. I ain't in it and your union kid in future. When you hear about me as a reserve currency that what is Turkey, will she be back with the wording I don't know I mean no, we haven't had any compensation, but I'm, unlike in such a good space insane and my daughter once said, she's a catalyst to thy love, love and you did there. So I just said he could people rule rule also he had conversations stations what because they tore a lot like that, a lot of money on a unity and upon the planet earth they get money and he's always like daddy. Just put it, you know, but I'm feeling good you insane. You know What blasphemy law too? I guess I don't know, I guess you know what it's tough for me is tat for me, because
people who have said things to me right. Things to me. I can't just doesn't go away. I guess it's the cancer We love hard, but we hate how I too am a cancer. Not exactly we love hard. We love you, we don't go all out for you, but if you do some, the processing and thank you half way to get out of my head with others can be like a bike, we buy gone but show you said this to you. I just can't forget there and then it's like is way because when like a shot you would ever do is show, I feel all with a light. I know who you are late: I don't need no money, and I'm a double need money. I'm a genius, like I'm gonna, make money. So I don't need to be a member into believing you, I'm saying is on my you I'll feel right and our model
Madame DE around anyone. Any people go all guy, he data it other women. He better. You still love. I know I don't know. I gotta give two. Instead just things that we say instead, I must I don't want to do this and I don't want to be applauded that ok, you it will be a part of it. A unified he just more business in a day. No business is just if nothing working out a lover. I love assisted I'll sheer without she says it was weird you and she got love for my brother and in most of the murdering dude Still you know rock widow, but unlike yacht in here with you, He said to me and I had a different relationship right. That's is what it is. We got more were gaudy when we come back. We gotta talk about the first episode of tales. Also, how Jason. He got back friends I had thrown over the breakfast locomotive, Fiji envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club. We have urged gaudy in the building now Charlemagne, what
Good idea of detailed in the whole question shut. We talk a lot about long term, had decided, listen so back in like a stop the music business and I really took started my sabbatical like two thousand seven right and address was sitting I was taken a lotta means in house because it of music and they would all talk about my legendary music path, so I said I need to do. Something that involves music as their respective. So in Stephen Hill, a bt when a patient I didn't have no deck. I didn't have no thing. I just went and told them. I been he body What are you talking about an issue to parliament? me and my mom. Mary Robinson Wit met with Steve, even Hill and basically Theo. I want to do some involving music and not wait classic songs licence the songs, and it will create a story line of that song and make one hour to hour episode. He gave me a back door pilot,
which is the other, don't know just one episode and wish you whenever sort. If it does well, you know well or more episodes. I say cool when I left the office. How I felt accomplish like ok, he's messing with me, but I'm morning whenever so somewhat here is my brain gone again. the video I also met with Jesse. in a way out. Jade like produce two movie so tv on, I figure Joe you shoot, you should like compete with Netflix Netflix is the juggernaut, I don't know no subscription streaming serve that does music movies tv to host the whole ass you got it I gotta show BT I'll. Give you two. Second window. So when it comes on June, twenty seven thirty July. Twenty seven you get the raw rated Violence, so I want the audience at least have the opportunities,
what my vision or the direct vision of the episode is so like hazy. Does jazzy veal clothes like this? Do you you want to close the deal working without anything because everyone is lights up and they did happy and excited? They don't zone would hold in that. One episode turn into a and that's exactly would have when did you and Jaeger against back on good terms? With another point, we often frictional open yeah we, reaching when I, when I will now me Mars, was heard and round and that's my fault, you know I did super ugly- like I do too. ugly, in in two months later, Is now thirty saying the weird thing. I let my ambition. Yet the best me
me running of the control the world I we had. I talk, use Lagarde praise you, you don't try and take me using their business. You're crazy. I never even until he said it like that when I We now outline Jays, I'm gonna be. Who J? I would do not nothin gonna mess with Jane Jane, almost one thousand we just mash out, but I was stupid to think that does it was to fresh. This is crazy. Now of Gmos like the Belgrade inelegant doesn't make you maybe be more by giving people through, though no no you Don T, you got more time things as well there like ok. Looking back, I was the wrong thing, so perhaps you might people may there in business. So you would tell you there is thus a great point and you are absolutely right and a hundred percent right but is she would I just did. I say: J was wrong. Our weary, you,
that accountability is then. Where are you off? I shouldn't did that are too ambitious enough so far. Will people would be that with other people, s strong, week, even an average waging a couple doggie with Jane Jain X and you I'm in the middle J earlier exit he's crazy, no accident is interesting. unique individual. Who I love. The unseen deaf note to know no x is the love eggs they use got. Really doesn't is not who, with anyone who arrive beyond! If we really, he don't like any one who has a Mikey views that microphone as yet mom, I an omnibus in our food Oh, do you to show you that I'm the best so he's lying laughing joke, which you flip at any time there firstly, these studies it, but
again, if you so chooses Robson Wrong way, may say: Alliance Zone, so when he was do not thinkers x, X, Love Leah, like so anyway, if you say anything: bodily Ebay, Ebay with yeah. then, if you do anything with earlier, that's not a hundred percent. He that you in the first ever thought tat. You are reversing the power was gradually America. You know, I thought The interesting thing: listen amazed, vitally important disclaimer, I'm not spike leader, not like Malcolm X, think I am a lover of people. I love everybody. If you see me in everything like that, like TAT, entails with added can you do that for that little time I thought, can you women team? If your book, be a bully all day, and I respect you, then why does he believe? Biomes aviary, like that? I, like the whole
bang by what you think tell us we ve gone say when Tommy's on for you. I had mentioned your name, and he now I said you name. I said what was the Lima. Neither You dont like those of these eggs, and you know why you think Taylor, Swift was gonna, say she's. I guess that's, why when I see you omitted in my name. I fear you, I'm flattered that you use their like. What do you think Taylor? Swift is gonna, say she's gonna, be like scared? Ok, can you Craig? I got you flowers in everything and you recorded just knowing what she was going do and you know to try and how is this, this chick yo you see Taylor I like to us with would show she's vibe and win hip hop, Dorothy had award, show every hip hop they may flash until she's word for word. Does all I have We may see day day, no one ever Where are they lightened army? What does that sound tat? They got
on a million strong, you don't say Tat is like the odds they will know like the asset Is there nothing like I've done right are present Ok, so that they do not, because I want people to know that colourless. So when the whole concept details is taking songs, in being creative in making a story that pertains to the song, so No one knows the police is a story about. Police, brutality, right corruption, what we expect less and less what five six seven years here in Amerika is my blowing with the rate of how many white offices is killing black. It's ok,
So what I want is to do with sparred certain and give a conversation. Goin is black, tops killing like kids, and I did it in a way where everything that black people go through, I'm having white people vote so appointed, Frazier. Why people with the white people in the hood why people are struggling enshrined in the white people have gangs in in, and things like that, so everything that you see were black people, I'm gonna Miss Fictional, tail this. It's not real. We know it's not real little Johnny don't get killed. You understand little John. He got killed by black officer. I'm pretty sure that black over so probably would go to jail. You understand it wouldn't be I think so I did this again on. That's likely amount monogamous, I'm just guy everybody, I'm just a good person. You understand, but I will go person who sees things and I will go person who
as everyone see things for maybe our perspective, does our black people live on tyres is happens, all Zactly we got more were gaudy. Where we come back, we have to talk about, a a little bit him raided fed its twenty one year old girlfriend and more no move is the breakfast locomotive Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club guy, in the building now Charlemagne, Let me do you believe in a crowd. You know like this because you are cancer. Pale comes out a day before your birthday of a member state and as the EU showed at energies in the middle of Kansas easily I want to give you my astrology story and it has occurred the story and a hundred percent of it is true to say two thousand seven, my ex wife Deb, always to a Christmas party, and I would find the Christmas ad hoc party should have a caricature. She would have a job this ban and she had.
little White lady, like seventy some years old, and she was like tell you your life like it. Psyche I never had a psychic reading before they made me sit down. What I tell her whatever you say I want to know- and she looked at me and she looked spoke ease and she said. Okay, If you want to know everything I'll tell you everything she didn't know who I was and she was based, or try my life that unsuccessful person. People follow you you're, a leader of men, all these things. Now after that she said you ready for the bad stuff. Now let me pay the picture is two thousand to know them, pain, is love in HALO records. Megan. Tunnel money like time she says you're about to go to Hell. That's what he's talking about expand cheese is everything. That you know to be real. It's not gonna be real and she said there is nothing that you can do about. It
she said, if you try and say in defend yourself, is gonna fall on deaf ears? No one is gonna, listen to you. No one is gonna leaving you you're gonna, go through what I can only describe as hell, but then she you touched on that She was like, don't say anything she may be promises and you're just be quiet and take it and said you know it's not real, which is nothing you can do, is sit and take. It is the advice she gave me and after that she said, don't worry, you're gonna, pull through she said forget money. She says monies and she's a gigolo may so much money, money, he's not gonna, be a thought but you're not gonna, think about money. That's how much money you gonna go! Make you said you gonna change. The world the change, how people think and how people feel and when she said that I went January, thirty two thousand three I'm sitting in bed
with somebody. Sauce rain, asphyxia Joad offences that at my crew, my brother has it Mccrae about what's goin on what is there FED is that the House Yoda based around the house, the rate in the house, why My lawyer, Sweeney Yoda, faces at the office, rating always be gone in, taking all your files got a man is guns and we'd in which they confiscated. Right. Like me, world turns upside down Then they re emergence of, if you say so, the feds wasn't bad enough I will deal with dune burnt,
the hardest Robin World to save me going on a world tour. This is gaudy jar ruin, everyone is about, and I come up to. Radio Nonetheless, you say no one's gonna. Believe yes, our real paperwork I did can we please call me and has put its action against me and everyone Andrews charges isn't gonna, kill him. c mon may be the publicity fellow and death I remember when you said that you said that you had a big joker, maybe you'll like it s, pretty Jackson come on the weather. Fifty Saint George, let's talk about it for one second, that have been in the real world: the death blow that guy who's.
proclaiming the beat a rough is tat. This Don dollar bully yoga beat up and spoke up. went to prison impressed. designers and the really death blow. You took out all protection. That's you like David and you're, saying I smelled camellia desert like when vat. I really am day. I swear to God. I thought of her and I ll that rule- and I say shabby ready for a ride. Being here in us, Does it matter what we say in my hearing. In us we just gotta sitting weather the storm. What is its machinations bitten? basis. We have to go, I decide you may have another and you may have another modem. I go, my leg will rule rule one blow mob rule was on it. He was ran bunches. We're gonna get almost get em and I was
they might listen in planning. To me was one worked out. I got their storage bless them. That's all! I wanted to to me. You my opinion, the move battle like that was a hit. In the midst of a battle and it did ok but is it did way, vigour what Joe Joe was bigger now than it was back? Then not I appreciate it. You understand Gordo, who shout the war paying the Porsche was doubt told me. That was, if I tell my amended thing when he jumped out to the crowd. Like he's gonna tell I loved it and if you think that no job on a flight, I've ever seen him wee wee wee, they nevertheless be using known or speak to cancel to gather them. But it's all good like how fail is like he'd he's in his world. He's doin is thing. I'm due a thing or maybe in his words. Madam, I think I'm do me and we coexist in world. I wanna hurt him He wants to hurt me, do whatever at any level you understand so is like
always think back on my little by little, Are you going to see her again is varies? I don't want to see again. There was no. We noticed suit edgy you're a new girlfriend, no new girl, You know what the usual, my actually happy you look at you and I was not at all happy. I was so happy, but but but here's the thing with Ashley. I love Ashley, as you still love me, I love her. Here we are again, was priceless. It was great when I started working is like. If appear. Would you would you look of age before like use like that devastated? Unlike I have to be around actresses. I have to trying to do something great you gotta stay stand by my side. But let me do what I gotta do
there is a real everyone was a twenty one, bright right all my life like does, though, Lawrence, whose those that Unita all the worry unless you are like who are like you, so you know I don't know who is going to come to my life. I've only hair like four five girlfriends, you insane like I love Ashley still to this day lover. But here why words would actually because I'm forty six so Actually, Ladys emigrate catch right now, Let me explain my limited my guy, I'm a phenomenal catch unsuccessful. I got bread, I got homes and multiple cities. There's big homes, figure homes breaker. And here it is now I could be faithful. not that I don't watch. This is not the imo
land. You know the reason why many ladys ladys victims of crime and every man's life, my girl, I've, had with I've I've had multiple man, I've done. Everything is why your you give me one shake who satisfies me and I'm having forward her. That's really all anemia so when the ride out with They will have nothing to worry about nothing. Those they bad and am physically attracting- who I would like is all this is that it may call it has. That has to be the heavy secondary twenty. When you arrive with you, more active than you will guide us enough just to young people, how'd. You know that they are pursuing them down. The gauntlet Habitable waterway may not know. Let's go, let's go Gregory comfortable. I appreciate your men are really do thanks whistle
me. Man in the old tales is its utmost. Soon I want ya to watch it and indeed yeah. I was in and say what you feel, say what you feel, I'm curious to see. What are we sure that zone telling you you're gonna love it Well, they are groundless club is our guy. Thank you. With Angela Climate change, had eliciting party for his pretty girls like trap, music. Album now told you originally, he had a listening party at this gallery, So how can I actually went to it, but it got crazy because they have halved cuts shut it. Now need the new posts actually did a story about it. They said that they only allow the fire marshal only allowed forty. Seventy four people inside of the venue, so even though, is very I'm out that I went and I actually gunning as cuz. I went earlier than a lot of people, but to change with outside
times are reason with them to let some of the people and it wasn't anything crazy, wasn't random people outside. It was maybe about a hundred people outside, but they all should have been inside. They were all invited, it wasn't like you swarm of thousands of people outside, but the cops are being really roots. People sedated is hoping about the hip, hop caps and how they beg basically down to change listening party for no real reason, while he then when did do over me positive raising his listening set down by their path cops, but he the venue and making them I showed up for his pretty and she actually took MIKE and hears what happened, the song is called realize as energy? Actually grabbed my to spit about? you don't like it,
Do you mean making Monodist so garbage lately and nobody will make jokes about our needs. A five bag was, she need. Something flow, have not been hot in a minute right, wow and said, come on, I would say we mobilise travelling the same lazy flow with the same cadences to say, and then in, and then an endeavour and then and then, and that their income on Bre laid Mickey used to go hard. Hard lesson is called realize. If you want to check out when pretty girls, I tat music and that, I think, are the actual song. I just saw that video so you don't know you died before volume is now happening. It is a bit o k, Megan. All right. I can understand why you found out. Brazil, as you said that without the ether record, but I broke a wreath as record and that's because she passed away their Franklin for their heads on the billboard hat one hundred she has the most
on the billboard. How would you take a little step that would cease? Trans use everything she does treasure was always wag brow. I would say that lies with us can do thirty thousand dollars a month and temporary spouses support. He had been asking for a hundred and nine thousand, but a judge now did ordered. Thirty thousand does tell a lot of money as a lot, a brute array. In addition, she s pay for his leg. Fees as well, and she also with claiming that he spent more than four hundred and a thousand dollars on travel charges involving his girlfriend that he cheated on her with during their married. So there you go, she was arguing, they have a pre nuptial he's not supposed to get any spouses support by. They did say that is a temporary order. have you taken, namely from the queen, have absorbed as major lie. Dammit I may get which you all cause. You are her manager, one point, but that's where steps Right now they have it renamed to street in the Bronx at one thousand, five hundred and twenty Sedgwick Avenue Hip Hop boulevard. That's the birthplace of hip, hop
thus do asked the home of hip hop. Hayin air cool, Herc, resto wrestler, they say hip hop was created, created, had happened in the wreck, room to impart he's after school parties back to school jam. So the fact that they rename that street here popple of Odd is due for culture. Abbe, would it be they were you ever fifteen twenty have? Happily, why don't you gotTa Malagigi, discreetly? No people kimono make sure your Cuba free, clean, don't have no graffiti on that street. Make sure ain't no trash on that street. Keep that street safe, don't give body. Any reason to be like hip, hop boulevard, the terrible, terrible as place. Okay, I have to make sure that the most upstanding street in America
A lot of tourists will be driven by the odyssey way of habit was created. Is dope is out of these thoughts? You because you know their blogging, nobody will be to reduce anal. So far I write well I'm Angela yea, and that is your room, a report. Every day for Friday June I have gold, the Cameroon Mcdermott. Now Cameron is thirty, one years only the native Long Island. DR by the New York, poses a property trust fund kid and like most preppy trustful, encourage he's, got a sense of entitlement be I'm stereotyping born. I think preppy transform kids, I think spoiled with a sense of it. Now I may be generalizing our trust fund, kids, and they may not all be this way, but Camera Mcdermott definitely is
definitely has a sense of entitlements the Cameron Mcdermott in sexual. The Ladys and gentlemen early here. He was arrested for a bunch of bizarre public luminous cases. All long island was run down some of his wrath sheet. Why don't? We Cameron was Ross dressing approaching in and exposing himself in one incident Cameron me damn. It was wearing a black wig black yoga, pants and lips and he allegedly approached a victim in the parking lot of Delphi University asked the victim for directions to the gym then poured out he's Lupi be in and native on her lake night September. Twenty fifty thousand sixteen will continue in January? Cops busted, Cameron, Mcdermott's Hempstead Home, and he let two cops search yourself. which allegedly contain kiddie porn so detective they would they supposed to do they attain search. All the electronic devices in his home and found hundreds of kiddie porn images and he found to videos of Cameron,
Mcdermott raping and sexually assaulting two young women. Rephrase. He was drugging. Women then raping and sexually assaulted them a k, cause being ok, the two women didn't even naughty were victims and tell the videos were discovered dvd. Show he raped in sexually assaulted them. While they were unconscious, the first woman he assault eight times it is apartment in any way again in her apartment, then he had the same energy to second unconscious women. at least five times in his apartment and both victims or what He knew very well said I mean the day, but their God down around him. He took advantage of that. I need you to know how sick came. our Mcdermott is allegedly videotaped himself unconscious women, inserting an into one's vagina and in sodomizing the other he was slapping in flicking the woman who showed at she unconscious camp. our Mcdermott remember his name. That's why he repeated he's a sickle but wait. It gets worse Cameron
Mcdermott, not only recorded Ali's actions, he lay. About them on his computer listener? What I just said he recorded these actions. and lay would them one is computer under file names like unconscious. Would the name afford a marked undressing? victims name for he had a child porn marked by age like two years old and he labelled them based off the actions. children are being forced to engage in these videos bra. There was a folder marked rape even videos of him, raping the unconscious women. Reality will always be granted in fiction. Ok, I'll watch and God alone. True blood when it was on those shows, have God fairies, Vampires Jeannie's, when nothing I've seen on no shows sounds his granges.
When I was young, I would record rhapsody you MTV raps, on the vcr, how to record the Cosby show, because my mom was a Jehovah's witness and we got kingdom hall on Thursday night. So I would record and label the VCR tapes, okay, Vhs tapes and in the kitchen label things that I know what spice is what and you know what things are people that a sneakerhead label two boxes, so they know what's in them, what kind of world do we live in when people are committing crimes? calling them in labeling them. They are recipes. What kind of organize rivers? Are you mad at me economists, sexual printed in urging judged to hold him without Bell because he have the resources to flee his family have lots of money and is living in a multi million dollar home in flood. I agree with the DE anybody. committing premeditated act. The rape like this needs to be quarantined away from the rest of us. Karen L Mcdermott is sick. He, he doesn't even need a penis, this guy two women. He knew well, so imagine what he would do to women. He doesn't even know his physical, saying that Mcdermott,
it isn't a flight risk and have every intention of addressing these charges and he set his client has no prior criminal history and comes from a well to do family. I don't give a damn, what the hell I got to do anything, we got video evidence how much more we need noted this guy, the sickle aren't. Even our lawyer could defend scumbag when he's on video committing these crimes and he has his crimes labelled, ok, everybody should be ignoring this. Guy is parents, lawyers, God Jesus legal. This is what I think America has too much freedom, because some cases you shouldn't even be able to defend, he should not have to to a fair trial and the situation you shouldn't be protected by any constitutional laws, are right, just cut his penis off and lock him away. forever. Please give careful Mcdermott, the biggest? U haul, Why does a broken like dead deserve a fair drop? You have doesn't fit as it. Long live on video indebted crimes labelled. Why did he get to go to the justice system?
walk. While everybody has a job, we not see how there is even a trial for the zigzag. Issues having had a video labelled on his computer related? Thus, what are you, as is everybody- is entitled hierarchy as if I'm actually doing committing the axe now At any event, we can't you Elsie Muslim evaluating that. Would all information well he's? Probably trust fund, you, ok, you never know you re, never know. All right, we're begged for a dog today when we come back of God. He was up here earlier and he said something. Sounded a lawless settler right. My fridays, nor Demi. Oh, it is a free. Giving ready forever you getting at is fraud. Is it our debate? Phrygia Phrygia? What did you think you? Can you other be now we're talking Earl gotta use two earlier, and he said this, so actually Ladys emigrate, catch right now,
Let me explain, let me explain why the amendment I am a phenomenal catch unsuccessful. I got bread. I got homes in multiple cities. There's big home seventh EU homes break. and here it is now I could be faithful. You don't have to not that Russia's is not that I'm? So the question is it five a five one, o five one men can you be all, this is a good topic and I'mma. Tell you why it's a lot of women that wondered if they wonder woman ever slow down at what age do men slow down? Will it when women decide they want to be with one woman, I agree with our gotta. Yes, you can get off that any changes dad you can get drama out, you don't the drama deal with, decides it, you don't wanna embarrass your family, you why you grow up in mature there you go in beta, Jays larvae, five, one o five, one thousand drunken men be or after our call us up right. Now we love to hear from you is freaking. Freaking freaking Friday is the breakfast.
mornin boring? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the we all. The breakfast club is fraud, as you know what that means for a year for fraud and of Rikiu freaky freaky Friday question comes from Earth God he was here earlier this morning and said this, so I'm actually Ladys emigrate catch right now Let me explain: let me explain them into my guy, I'm a phenomenal catch. I'm successful, I got bread. I got homes in multiple cities, there's big home, seven figure, homes breaker and here it is now I could be faithful veto right. That is what this is, not the imo. We ask, and can men be or f out, herb is forty six about to be forty, seven grey. He said around thirty five. He was still feeling like he had. To get out of his system? How my Mogadishu already be ready,
seven, thirty new, although if you can remember how you write my life, what the point of this story is: yes, you do to the point where you good enough out of you call it f doubt. Could I I've. I've dealt out they after meeting you very whores yeah they let you have much Uk F. No more. I don't think that, because you still see eighty nine year old men, China highlighted with twenty four year, saddled think that I think would sure when you grow up in realized. That's not what you want does drama. You know even want to hurt the personage with any one of you. May I can honestly say that when I am doing when I'm supposed to be doing meaning put all my energy anthem, family any now treat my woman who it is. You need to be treated, you know, folks, and I'm intends up. Maybe just focusing on you know, being a great hugging and a great father. Great things happen in my life and I don't like they awhile and would have watches side It's amazing what a bunch of other girls my life
this little things low hiccups. Have you life in shambles for no reason why I would agree which are always say that when you you're right. It seems You get blessing absolute glasses and maybe, if you Maybe you don't see him right away, but they come in when they come make. They can come in abundance in a biography. Would you know a guy who understand, and we are you haven't sex it? All you different girls, big wages, have effects, would have actually a transfer of energy. Do you take it all these different energy into your house, you taking all the different energy around your woman, and you wonder why things ain't right? It's because you ain't right. So when you do get F As I've said all you know you decide you don't want to live like this. No more you tired and dry meat out of the side chick. I promise you. Your life will elevate. What do you think I don't know what it's like to be a man, but I will tell you my ex boyfriend mother tell me something, and this is has he cheated on me and he died that we should and break up, and she said me! Well, you know. When has their fathers stepped cheating on me? It was because he got to Odin
you run around as it takes a lot of effort to have all those different women and she was. I get some point. Every man calm down, because it is too much work and, as we see Sadly, we are dealing with it. It may biogas have met. You lie in you sneaking around like this is too much negative energy in you can have all had negative energy all went in and in going to house and try to be fed positive, it is does not go work. I thought I wasn't waiting for that towns. We have it and allow this, they are wrong. When I was born on gas, Rocky was gonna, broken men, be all f doubt brow, absolutely as you get older is just eyes ethically hoovering period. You know that I'm gonna, plus social media must have everything so people get lobby, everything gets all messed up. Lesser, just stick with it.
That's it I'm. When are we going to convince me care and good morning my every hour yeah, I'm worried about you call us, we re I'm carbon in company. I can't let you guys bad. I definitely agree with believe that you can settle down and be committed in a relationship here now is reach that point in his life. I believe that to happen, You know what, as an example I have always heard this too, that you could be with them person, but at the wrong time, and that is what happened by then when you are ready to settle down its whoever's around that you have to be with at that time. Nor about timing does not draw a deadly. I think people who earlier life had been would like a great women having allude anywhere my personal doubts, or was it like you to be with the USA, the right man, but he just not at that age. We re not going to be the right now agree which I do not agree with the further forward. As we see you you, you have the right to withdraw them, but I will do
The second point it emerges saddles we would. I was around his tireless. Sometimes it has happened. I got an alarm dating right now and now is the time for me to settle down, and this is who happened to be when I gotta be ripe for a guy like you, gotta be somebody's for them? physically attracted to write it. If not he's the one is magic tat. He was really ready to set down cause he's here Local overshadowing down does not mean settling difference, do not have them. Settling down in settling are two different things: Agri, which ok or age five, a five one, five one can men be or aft out. That is. The question is frankly: freaky Friday, look more morning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast club. Is Friday see no that may the frigate regular rigging asking? Can men be or aft out net is comes from Earth God he starts to earlier displayed a clip, so I'm actually ladys and great catch right. Now
Let me explain, let me explain my limited MIKE. I am a phenomenal catch unsuccessful. I got bread. I got homes and multiple cities, there's big homes and figure homes, breaker and here it is now I could be faithful That is what this is. Not the imo I absolutely agree with her. I don't know if left out is what I would call it, but you do get to a point in your life. You know I'm there now I'm married and I'm a father, and you know I just got a lot of things going on career wise, but my focus is different. I really don't have the energy nor desire. The beat the agreement in these green light around in history. Ally put my energy into my married, I think, is fun to constantly find new ways to keep. present relationship pattern,
in autumn sand like being a farthing ugliness? Don't ya gotta age old she'll be nine asylum. I gotta be too, like I'm just learning new things about myself, you Norman I'm author. Now manure inside the seller, stowing glasses an event. They sometimes guys have so many women that they actually switch ovarian experiment. She why? Yet? We have heard guys egos lybrand easier if you wanna political Canada shall for level, and you re dead, be back with you, don't want nothing to do with you be in all. I've got a women. Ok, my goodness I must go to the former Shea was that broke those decisions about about net is happening. You show you all have doubts certainly at as early a switch to you. Have some women gain the Cairo that ended up somehow be an expert at night she nodded
nothing, nothing. We love. I listen go now. Let's go to ninety, right- and these are my back- guys bad guys on unstable geographical areas. You always know, he'd been born, I do not want a woman. She was passed away. Ok, we share your view, are gladden. You wanted. You know everything about you guys experiment when they assets into any wages green. I told you have a nice day. We goodness gracious right here. prove Madeline day. I guess he d Jacob Gabon, and ever you gonna, that's what I've done now. It's all can kill. Men be all have doubts,
let me lemme give you more tools that are used to be that guy to be out here running like no exaggeration and about the same woman for ten years, and the gap will point out the one I wasn't gonna try to do that now. I'm terribly sorry, my boma, so you are women and waded out, listen developing as if you got a diet of a good guy he's not disrespectful his fingernails, gotta go! an elegant right. You say because you are cheater right now, Can you have a daughter? Would you give that advice to your yes No, no! No! No! No! You know why you would give out of my little daughter could you would have to suggest a reality? The situation. Look, I'm a good guy envy, your guy village, a woman, three a normal life. Nineteen years this year about opportunities may maintain forthem about secular, was June AIM de many sources,
I guess we grow and we have all my really friends would apparently you lost it. Everything, but it happened. Choice you can take with them are not as a woman. You can say on that dealing with this, but I will monitor not wrong for that or you could say I'm staying in IRAN for that as alive show- at every better than a wise. Now I got up reported that they serve them today Let's go wherever it right away. Bye, bye that was raised. The basic and their women could have been like on that dealing with this anymore, unable to re run, for it may be due to a mere appoint more leisure. Where are we like you, Jane River bottom up. The earth all alone or every guy right and he wanted to one another. He didn't another bound up now. All right, then about are up in arms
What is the reason why it should be removed for twenty three money to go it alone, and we know that if you take a bicycle me between three, as you take sixty seventy percent agatharchus gap but made up into which you and I'm the same way, but we are able to treat, are women I think we were able to reward. Our women fall. Bs that we put them do not. For me, I have a lot of guilt still for stuff ten years ago, as a right so the time that I had at the window. Now do somebody is grabbing it just because what I did our ten years ago? So it is things it is.
Something to that the growth in all that good stuff and having a low money nonsense. I tell you to stay with the boy making no money. Ok, I'm vanka that allow you to have a broken heart and Bro Packaging, Anita Lana Robot animal meal. They wouldn't what is so it s all this! No growth dough soccer play with their shoulders. No growth we ve grown. We would short everything has grown in the movies that into as women. You can make a decision. If somebody would move die, maybe she could have been happy somewhere else anyway right, you know. Fortunately, you guys way within maintain and make it work, but you never know is always a risk of universal. Don't you would have incited to seventy percent Univee Brigham modernization. Mrs, I noted your woman. Would you do soccer play all these Webley doubly mutually suck? My medical the major league Zachary Mermaid cycle but demands a national packages recycled informed, remained out of contracts, logos right
what was the more or less story got them all into stories for man after allowed, cyber geologists is like the club. I do you try to be it in the globe we Nomes Avenue, enjoy saying at all. Why do you know Doesn't only doing all we can both sided tonight, affiliate the bond ennobles all on its great at six p m and when I come back and watch and urged the artist and black seas and five with the wife, Vigo, ganglion watch until we get boy bachelor at Lady go home, I got to have that thou. I thought about them to have the well, they might have habitat. Now you we are really faithful is forever like about pat people. Tell you where Taylor Swift Data, Katy Perry, quite a chess move, also Ok, we will give you an update on what's happening incorrect. Sorry, all I m all keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. I wonder what Java lay a warrior who come on the shore next week? You knowledge, which we always get. Somebody on the show once they get eliminated from the old somebody Wendy a year are Wendy whence I wonder which cavil work will be next week. Who would you are told to animals
be honest, I'm just wondering who's going to show a little red. Remarkable becoming leisure is Andrea, who
Let us go! I'm sure he'll come on. Let's get two rooms, the so called me a bad. Please believe me, I can already obsolete argument. Happy. I d like to do is find what I'm gonna do not hold me enemies. They will talk cobia. Let's talk to the homey. Only one now former FBI directed James Commie hadn't is testing hurt. You think I've got away before the Senate Intelligence Committee and everybody was wondering what is Donald Trump Gonna say and among the things that James call me said was that he felt, like the president lies a lot about what was it about that meeting? The lead you to determine that you need to start putting down a written record tourist. I was alone with the President of the United States, but the present election to be present. The subject matter was talking about matters that touch on the FBI's core responsibility and that relate to the President elect personally and then the nature of the person was honestly concern that you might lie about the nature of our meeting, and so I thought a really important document that combination of things I never experienced before, but it lead me to believe I got to write it down and get a ride down at a very detailed work. Well, danish and swedish id despite so many false statements in lies, Toto and complete vindication and wow call me is a leaker out of their ideas. Go we didn't have any about energy when he was actually the F b I directed like if you felt there, we shouldn't have resigned as opposed to being fired.
We value wanted to work within this system and he was keeping a record of things who knew what he exhort you, so you would run as user. You and worker from the system was somebody you should do so. Might I make you uncomfortable somebody? You feel it. I guess he's unqualifiable job and used open work within the system. They probably a lot of people that work in the White House. Tat may not agree with the president I would guess they haven't. I resign. I just find a weird when he does so could speak out in a unified and others quick, but I do believe there was a lot of things that a lot of discrepancies things happening behind the scenes that he felt like. I just wanted to be honest because he thought that Donald Trump is trying to discredit him and the FBI exactly that's, why he thought like afterward, he needed to say something here of the union's grated nutmeg done from need, any help being discredited. When I write I tell us with verses, Katy Perry. We talked about how Katy parry We all know the two of them. Don't really like each other too much right. Haiti. Perry has been very vocal about it as of late
is she said the reason why she felt like she had speak on it. She said I mean I'm that Buddha and this happened because tell us who have did the song bad blood and that song was about candy, Perry and Katy. Perry said on that Buddha things irritate me. I wish I could turn the other cheek every single time. I am also not a pushover, especially when someone tries to assassinate my character with little girls as in her fans. That's so messed up Walter, The swift and response has posted in celebration of nineteen eighty nine selling over ten million albums worldwide and the hour I double is one hundred million songs Ratification announcement tell him wants to thank her fans by making her entire back had allowed available to all streaming services tonight, ebonite pale. Why purty as that significant, while she did that corner quote? Thank you to her fans at midnight on June nine, which is the same time they Katie's witness. Album was dropping on ok about their. Why don't we grant a much of which eighty percent is go around your normal used, her per firm, but she didn't come today show when she came in his golden lumpy utter as yet
the Meda regulation, demigods anarchy, monotony in Cambodia, politician Djibouti, their station population general combine no, not reckoned with it, that minor behind em I beheld, regulate and besides his odd miss out today. Ok has her ass role is to my grandfather would include my fleet decision. Nominal album is food for a girl who got caught in the winner in God. Don't right before summer time, and now you got a broken heart because I re bill can be now during his trial. Pennsylvania cap read aloud the transcripts of his two thousand and five questioning of and that he thought that was going to be sailed, and nobody would ever get a chance to see that now, Bill Cosby denied that he ever took viagra, and he also said he did not like intercourse. He said he gave Andrea Constand. What do they have tablets? Ben Israel to relieve her attention and when they started and make out session and his manner and in Philadelphia he said we began to pet touching.
And kissing with clothes on. He said that she never objected when he slipped his hands under her clothing and found her breasts, and he also denied that she told him that the Bene made her feel paralyzed or unable to move any part of her body. He said he never intended to have full intercourse. He said he doesn't. And of course, he dislikes the pet and fondle can touch brutal. Take work, that's what he said in this testimony also given how naturally no rule one hundred and three no way. I love the historic lemon ass glass. Lessons virus that information for a future bill, don't use y know. I write well inquiry by his side was Joe Tory Comedian, active Louis XIX Junior this time, so some people are going to join a cool bond from those six June by the issue of his wife by the way Camille Cosby, his wife, a fifty three years has still not come and made an appearance by his side and,
I think she will delay. We believe he will dig sky has already about Louis big role in this whole situation is going to support from bill, came for you have a guy named Louis diction will lower the loose digs. Show port for bill cut all right enough with the lowly big stuff always decks, who out of a desire to paint, you call him all right, monograms had on over my name? Is it idea immediately in a similar way?
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