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Today on the show it was reported that the reason why love and hip- hop star Karlie Redd's ex fiance broke off the engagement because she was caught flirting with "Moneybag yo" so we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners thought it was enough to break up. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a wanted man that said that he will turn himself if he gets a certain amount of likes and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all do our part because we're all tad alone together, brought to you by add council, Syria, isn't a country whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the northeast Ro Java, I didn't just fine and fear and violence. I found hope a group of feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society, you can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series. The women war. Into the women's war on the eye? Radio, app apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast
In the morning you gonna got been talking to experience a morning shone like the birth of the ultra bank. The plant is my morning. You really not waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big time. Let me be very big: actually Charlemagne got a breakfast club USA Debbie
you tell Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern age of a year ago, mining these amby. Instead, we are not going to do. Nothing is so bad men if they personnel me so to study at five minutes after our bullets reign in this nurses or you might be lured to farm. Are you making excuses for that? Yes, we set up for you more than you welcome back my disease and even get to be a new out and away. He has a quick turn around and allay their Monday night and then back now, I left seventy five in the morning on Wednesdays. I was therefore lay one from there was a: u gentler. You try lemolo out of it, but I was a baby get migration widening exciting. I got to hang out with some really great women in this business and in the tv and film business as well. The latter documentaries, I realise in tv, specifies that I have to watch. Kazoo goes across tv film
an radio and requires women and media I'm excited about today. When I get home later on my arm, my son is grounded Phil, grounded programmes on the ground I don't know, but that other cities that on fifteen I'm still grounded on the USA gratified to hunt down to four minutes so today, I get home a millennium plead his case he's been noticed homework tat. Even the maharajah editorially analogues, attorneys rubbing will be assisted and he's gonna plead his case. Am I gonna tat protect these services? and you don't we dig it why shouldn't be grounded, so I don't think I ever got, grounded for one time I was grounded and it didn't work out everywhere, though I was granted for when I crash the guy was he tell you ass a twice and it was no. I still had the templates on it. And I got grounded, but both my parents had to work all day. Every day we use our regardless. I was still out like what are they gonna do? That's when I oughta telephone. I presume the phone away from the cedars towards him all Muslims,
but in a way that the train it at that. But, yes, he is grounded ya, know what because you didn't happen as bad as you said- eating take the car crash it. It was just a little salt, although the aggressive to assist, a man like you, that was it. Hell yeah, but I got to grab his ass so today he's going to unplug this case of why he shouldn't be grounded it's memorial day, again coming up, so he was to do a definite before the week in, if not he's gonna be on the same page your cell phone, no tv, no computer, no video games, just Chillun aroma, do nothing. It Andy Logan as a tap on no business. Only does absolutely positive eggs money does, but I gotta I got him. The ratio of video games is the point in the basement these outside clean and everything. So let me now login smarter than I think he's got a trap phone. In trouble anymore. I care was all over the groups. I know exactly what is doing very well knows how to disable those cameras will in a room. No, he doesn't using the phone and blackened they'll get him in trouble because he probably has a lag.
But a key all right all right. I'm knows what I know he does not get to show greater, propose new Louisa. Ok, let's talk about now that this was completely wrong, but they put it down to sleep and that's how you why directly healthy dog broker, we'll get internet makes keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive pouring it bodies, the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Looking some front page news. Envy AIDS may gain five, the rapid take on a box. The series is tied to two. I wonder what they got out of the wood drake after it comes at his game here. That codes for the bats does not like Drake at all. Not at all he says Drake is, is doing too much is on a court he's running around doing too much. You should be sitting like a fair, not being able to run around. Maybe that invaded mass pattern of any person is attending a game that is in a participant in the game. A coach, I'm sorry, a player are a code that has access to. The court is certainly a place for fans, and you know whatever its exact they drink is for the Toronto rap, as you know, to be on, the court is bound
reason lines for a reason and, like I said, the league is usually pretty good at being on top of stuff, like that, and therefore investment when is a drink, is doing his job because of the coach thing about Drake during the playoffs administrators. Don't do what do you think that you think that's that's kind of disease. During the game, maybe using spike we jump up and down a couple of times, but no Is he not drag is Drake as massaging the coach drink is given half to play the game that mean yeah, you scenes by doing everyone's The Drakos go, look forward it, but I'm a matter music. They let him do it this year more than I would also get lassie that will play a next they talkin about, posing, as they say that he was reportedly willing to return to Europe rather than continuous MBA career with the next before they treat him to the mavericks and it s easier. They said he just it would not be signed with legs. I don't wanna Risa. Now he's any rather go back to your place.
The report makes it clear what the new techniques that Brad What is the matter really came up? I right now that's what this violence, where NATO Had the capital of Missouri and Jefferson City. They said it felt like an earthquake and was really terrible. The weather has been pretty bad add harbour, has been tornadoes more than one hundred and fifty miles. South West Jefferson City, three people died Wednesday night and several others were injured as well. Ya know add to fly back from airline in others. Vice habits happen. They said the winds it so strong. We actually landed in our early landed because the winds were so strong for sure. He added the flying has been ass. The last couple of weeks I mean very bad, you know it's a holiday week again and a lot of people are gonna be travelling from the Mario Dave right. I don't know how that's gonna be by then realistic about Emma Emma with a health issue makes he was euthanize because her owners, I'd and part of her own. His dying wish was at the door of also be put down, so they could be buried together. That's weird, isn't that crazy said the dog was perfectly healthy, but his killer
the owner wanted to be buried with the dog they killed. The dog, that's crazy, we're Peter Now you just kill a man, get the dog cuz, it's that sounds crazy, and this is in Chesterfield Virginia. So fast you made a law in twenty fourteen in Virginia to make it legal for the cemetery to have a sex body to human remains and then the pets, so they can't be together. In the same gray, but there's a section devoted and feel that there should be against the law. A desert There cannot be. Any organ dog is perfectly fine night that that's England, where the other catana table. We can sign a dove over to a new owner. Somebody s will gladly take this dog and you know the estate for the owner, one at the dog bury with her chief world. That is front page. Snooze get it off your chest? Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent his help right now, we had a bad night a bad morning or maybe you just want to spread some positivity eight hundred five, eight five, one thousand five won't get it off. Each has call us now:
The breakfast locomotive, a social distancing, Tipp pudding Dish- It's between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of corona virus. So here ways to stay in contact without the physical. Contact part call send attacks set up a video conference post on social media, dedicate a song on the radio if you of symptoms of fever, dry, cough and shortness of breath, call your health care provider before going to their office for more info visit, corona virus stock. Of let's all, do our part because we're All hashtag alone together brought to you by the the council. The breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allows there is. It- was rigged Mary Rick. Whatever augener of chess We need a number. I want a majority last week on this at some time ago. We shall remain get to work late as we
yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, my life sign. This is getting no my life at a slower. Do would rather more good Lester, Rather, I had a slow as overdrive. Anyone rain it. I don't know. I thought this shows earlier on bananas, which is ridiculous. My getting instead, it said it was a direct payment. I was the about, doesn't matter Charlemagne and enjoy Romania. I love this valuable, more workable of bad luck, I'm very for my boy. You boy. You could tell us what he did telling you you may. I am proud of the gather. A war for last night but about earlier now, congratulations shouted kinda guy I'm a bad. I must have been aimed at your mama baggy, they nay sorry, other good boy did thanking making them allows is good morning.
Mean our euro. Nina Gomorrah Nina due to be Angela, you goodbye darling. I got there yet only a baby, I'm a young man. I was it all up now, Peter envy. I just wanted to thank you on what you pay for that young couple that had the baby he looked up and then you get educated. They go back and helped them as a whole, but everything he took me to the point. I really doubt with tears because I fear the worst I'll. Be there the imposition of the help people we have done. What are you talking about? What have you have? Women had a baby in the cemetery on my home, and I want you to know at the seminar on a young man, but I do we just had a baby and you must have been a hospital. What is baby, but his wife told him no go to the seven or learn about real estate and because it that I my help Mamma we get credit up.
We'll get a lender and help me get in the event of a house at his house. By I'm an investment, probably put a modest where, because incentives in his craven and hopefully GSM generational wilful. Now, though, we educate lemon, I really take them back and I just wanted to thank you all for everybody. It gave us hope, because some people out there, I just don't- want to do anything off your back anyway. I don't know why we keep a secret from each other angle, help us get nowhere days when queens to a better offer. They may be, I know, but I'm yet until now, the eyes- and hopefully you know we can get a malaise crib and you know it legacy to create some some money for kids and grandkids, and all that- and I want to say to all your guy- you really motivate the every morning. I do overnight like heads on my way to my second and I need that
parliament. I leave that latter. Thank God. You motivated as this morning as we eat that we take you for a motor and shouts. Everybody has a job in a bullet. Shouts. Larry Mauro is promoting energy, nor out a new Orleans on Madeira seminar Norms he's Angela areas, Vestrymen area means than a joy me. We don't want in Charlotte would do and war in LA and we're doing one in Chicago, where we just trying to teach people how to buy back their community and own their own community right. We have to have ownership, we got to create something so I'll. Kids can have something on kids. Kids can have something that's what we're gonna teach. I fear I gotta connect using people to man, no Mamma scented attempts governed South Carolina unity is pushing, the opportunities are leading the charge and opportunities are legit. Yeah. I know it s today for people, I don't know what opportunities owns on a lot of people, confusing to tell you briefly that, basically, where you can by in low income areas where they allow you to wear whatever you make a profit, they don't necessarily know transaction
No, it's like a raw fiery going. I don't get it! You get attack laddie, allow you to push it over to other properties and is no gains tax. One of you gotta be hell. You gotta, be a certain amount of time and you will get off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you need event need, is up, was to breakfast locomotive the breakfast. I got wake up, man or black. We want to hear from you. What was good of you just brought was, though, are you pregnant room? What are you talking about I'll get about how can any randomly be pregnant, growed, asthma abroad, Kemal Charlotte Gomorrah, shouted Gomorrah, we are gonna, be Charlemagne, not Charlotte shrouded in the city where the baby and stifle biggest from wherever they may be
you take it easy, because we want to make sure you have a healthy baby. I don't know what you're talking about exactly what promoters always revolted added article right. You know that you do you want with people about behind your Charlemagne, watching you just don't you paypal you every day you got it disposition I shall remind you all tat. What I believe is a man. I know they're gonna live for a couple of days, and this is where have they went on talking about brought down behind your email? brown! Oh, I don't know why Don T you see him, but you looking at the round now grow by no did nothing behind me on. What are you talking to sit next to tat? Man crave allows this. I never get along umbrella, New York, there was a brow enables came, then him turn would have simply ravages going on how you guys, with big band, going on it,
what's going on ass rather than on a bit ever. I'm writing a king, though not what he had no money going to be. Ok. I was yet all time, King mother, I've I've attitude. I ever got one of their, but that's why they're legible suck once come by to struggle with a variety of these web. Thank you grow up in us. Area of up by author Gruffer made a little more positive image of myself from the from the area favourably draw the struggle. I had come up with drew out areas outside air bullying thing out back Nepal again and its overall facilities struggle now actually going across the island with area raising awareness of the method
What is it that actually failure? If you d, not your fault, Chapman were elevating their conversation on mental health in a big way. Man- and I like the fact that you went out there and you got some healing and now you provide unify the people, may really really do love the diamond. I want that man get her features. Were a diamond get out like that broke. I will address, but I wanted to remind you that my dear young man, I am travelling by my group I want to get up for work and knowing, when you just bought a new house, and then I guess cuz, you feel like she's. Many Roma mean in time she feel like man, I know you the money of other men and I don't think I get it Why you not money? I wonder why
guy load money. I was I hate most of my will: money laundering, money, staggering, gotta size, low, funky, money, low, funky, joint I'll, yellow low, mighty harmonic I'll, be little girl, don't know how do you do No, no! Wait! What do you want? I wanted? You don't have one now when the money you don't get a move on, She deserves it Is it legal but at the same time we think about a new house we go, fifty slash, fifty honor think so you know you got to still get up and get to it, especially after you just took a day off for no reason. Cuz, you was mad at the people, Megan dog who knows maybe it'll take. You asked the work wives, the theory that, like you, work where you gonna hate and ask her work. I am used to work
You hate me. I get your, whereas the world really do you ain't bad boy, you better get so little money through there, could you low modular work of you event you get up at any time. Eight hundred five, a five one off. I warn you bigger rooms, runaway yes, said about a couple who broke up I tell you the reason why I was listening to this in our trying to determine if this was wrong. You guys, but let me know also I will get into that- makes people access to breakfast the breakfast morning. Everybody
is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club good morning morning would have my name was good to these rooms, assault Wilson. The reul report, where, as you know well met, were be staring and Aladdin in that comes out tomorrow, so right now they do have a re makes he's join forces with Dj Cal it and they did a remix of friends. Like me,
You're going to be with. You can still be tat. You wish your way to aid as you just gimme, a cough sounding like Abigail. Anything when you re due to climate change. Join me lavender rob away from whatever like a baby. Let me show you I want to make a wish right now. I am wishing NED this long, never gets played again at first, we gotta be waged without wishing to drown. Farts on that record or right now, guy says a low will. Smooth array not at all, for you made it clear that I am in the low baby, I'm gonna write fatal age.
One five logos. I listen to the baby of political way. You think envy photos. Firefox is my fault. My four year old, a five year old that listen, a baby. My three old love bay, be short, sharp charges, shock and baby shock is fire is a big baby. The ceremony last August, via compare that I regret the moments got less about. Eighty me they're saying that is about to do a television show and she has the name back tales with Kitty, be so obviously back till this cartels and looks like it's gonna, be they make sitting down having doing some kind of Bee in having conversation. Nor could I re. I would rather here cardy having her own is that why you gaudy, like talking to people like you people. You know that. Don't know what is going to be when we know that he has any around Europe then I'm at Cardiff things in she reply to them. I know that the eight once and make mail to get a new trial. They fell like she's, been he's been getting a raw deal from destinies Brinkley.
Early and deserves a new trial without her right. That so will see what happens? What does that mean? I've only been asked this will allow the Asia is now is asking and they just found new documents stating that her appearance of bias has been evident throughout the case and he should be retried in his pro is in violation of major common conclusion. Will it take in all the EU has created a dossier? Doesn't even had the power to just make it happen wires. Another judge on the case normal. You know, they're, trying to make her an ivy. The judge oh yeah got already. They were able to get along new trial without her. I re made. Twenty Ferris is John Singleton Day and allay now so that has been the honor. That's been bestowed upon his legacy. Okra may twenty first, so just may show ya know that now want to discuss, is clearly red situation. Her in her fiance have broken up. Now he went online. His name is Arkansas Underscore MO. He said when someone accuse you of doing something you're not doing it, usually because they are the ones doing it big facts
for sending me that lie feed am officially single. Please don't ask me about my exit, and her name. I mention herds in me even though we are no longer together. I will always have love and respect for her. Well. What is that be that he's talking about was she was under Instagram live and she was on their with money bag yelled. Now. Is this a reason to break up? Listen to this conversation, sir? Would you go for more? They weaken gonna lose body, so we're about to get rid of oil. We were busy. Ok, I haven't fucking in Dallas bullets when he fell bloody and then I'm good good colleague way. Not I don't like your business
You ve come to be the year of sport. As a reason- and I said I Annette Alleged- see that actual instagram land that serious reason, those whose doggie book in the commercial you got out and is still giving book India but you're. Absolutely while you ask illegal, be so many times in all week, I woke up omby, Dallas and I'll make it over now be supposed to be engaged in unaware. Can you cook irish colleague retinue? I knew you were gonna fight. I e g, I can't be island. Instagram live, haven't a discussion with money back you'll like that, and what have you got out of his booking her to barbecue? at a cook out, come on guys seriously. What have you bought? What, if he's booking her for Kate? I bet you are just the prizes. You still gets booking out, but we don't know what you're getting bookings for. So what, if he's booking her for cater university, noble column area, cook at my welcome watched a chicken? ass. They took no more. I believe the way we live you onto it wasn't much Indians have that is before you got made. If you engaged he was still even have a problem with the commission
and it s an imminent, then illegal doubt be untouchable. Gonna viewed as everyone will cover a barber q here, but I mean in unbundle relationships in the floor not indulging in vain anodyne. Ok, I hit it. So don't you be found with a letter saying I wonder- was mistaken. We don't move If you need anything, he was right and easily, and that is you. I will gladly this aid. What can we do? A reference verses Will Smith like battle when you meet a fresh prince until my first point when he was with Jabba Jehovah in those records it was miss. Could I have always maintained their fresh prince was dealt with. Will Smith, So might even unawares and I've got or whenever you like, my We hear you why, when I see a gig you hours and you talk about, you got rid of the repairs, just wanted to stay a nightmare. My summary, I think I can beat my type in summertime common points out that way, you will I why? What do you have anything it my way, you think I don't know what made you think about Well Smith, and can we just talked about?
How do you recommend having go that far about somebody dies? We had a guy, we gotta, shouted Gb Zionism, Marie Work, even better reference, Ozma fresh bread, salted biggest anyway, yea yes for bananas allow high at a little remove were busy. Let's talk about yet another child has died while in the care of authorities a ten year old, migrant child. Ok, we'll get internet mix, keep electricity. This locomotive, have you ever seen something you couldn't explain? There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these- experiences that believe they're having interactions are abductions with aliens simply that defies logic. Scientists haven't found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and yet the methodology is, we have them in their coming in their here and they ve been here and there to hear all the time. One night in in sixty one on the side of a dark highway, Betty and Barney Hill, caught lights in the sky. Leather get me who I dont believe
Two years later, they underwear, hypnosis to try and recall what happened there We became internationally known some took it, as fact other. Thought it was a fantasy, but what really happen. That's a timber night in world in Hampshire. Join me. Toby ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of Iheart radio and grim and mild from AIR Maggie Stranger rivals taken March. Thirty first listen on the eye heart radio apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your PA casts breakfast club your morning so now would be to say roaring. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club looking so front page news that the AIDS and night the rapid, take on a box. The series is tied to two and they all pissed off at Drake. The books are why, whether bucks county, I became
just everything that has been doing. They said that, according to the coast, where the bugs you like, he doesn't know anybody, that's getting special access to the high was like that. He said I will only a play. Our coasts should be able to assess the court and Jake's been all over the court. He says no person. This is attaining the guy. That isn't participant in the game should be allowed to do that occur besides the mostly of a day of always say if you would like very passionate that support viaduct like there's like we used to kind of process by leads to give him my size, the cohesion was slightly, never sat on our side, those vitally always sat on the opposite side of the players and on have gone drink is also being but rather of the Toronto ravenously technically works. Would organizations guy. Would you like to record factories in electrical back of? I grew up in an era where you would cheat or staples that you'd see Jack Nicholson, ITALY His gaze bite Lucy's likely at the next game like that drink. Does the embassy like, I am an ambassador with the Brooklyn S? Would it be wait if I was doing they got away
when an undesirable you anything for another. You should be called you why you concern with drink, wondered fanatical called you walk. You gotta get to be going. A rabble does stupefy and you know you got a blow up and you gotta be able to sit course. I'm making good use, of course, out of the box. The OJ from no damn lucky lay hidden, awoke Evanna, we're cool who cow. When you need to know why you pull up job baby, my projects in unsafe put cocoa golf courses, the national Walk home game. Alright, what else we you and now a ten year olds it has died, while in the care of the Department of Health, inhuman services, office of refugee resettlement is happened in September last year. There just now
reporting it. They said the girls death was not reported publicly for nearly eight months as so. She is now the six child who has been recently. It has passed away after journeying to the United States and being apprehended by federal authorities. They said she entered the offices, care and San Antonio and she had a history of congenital heart defects, so she had some surgery, complications that left her. In a coma toe state. So her death is different from the other children who have died after being apprehended because of her history of medical problems before coming into custody. So by six children isn't that crazy have die by being apprehended one died from pneumonia. One died from flew complications, all kinds of issues, or when do these old white conservative men who want the abortion ban, who act like they care about the lives of fetuses at what age do they stop caring about children because they seem to want to protect these kids when they are? can in their mother's womb what they get here they like whatever- and you know you do- know
thousand now kill applaud those kids to border too. I mean it's really sad that these kids, innocent children are being torn apart Families and dying while in care, is to feel awful about that, as being of which I told you this earlier, a healthy dog was euthanize, so it could be buried with its owner. Emma was a healthy should soon make. Since she was, killed, because the late owners dying wish was that the dog be buried with her. Thus answers not cruel and unusual punish, absolutely was Peter would also create a form of one of our whether ready to die. The dog Darwin find the dog without anybody sit down and have a conversation and that the dog did he want that to happen at an animal shelter after the owner passed away, and they did suggest that the dog gets signed over and give her and about the right, and they said they dug easily go to bed adapted by somebody else, but the owners, which was why the dog to be buried, so they.
Really you deny the dog and buried the best. Should ruby of consent now freedoms, crazy shit? So that's what I said: ok, that's all they like. I really feel that aware. Beware: animal right, people to step up and its fight for his dogs right. They waited animal great people to step up and say you know what his dog not give consent to die out. Loaded dog body. I guess technically do don't. You do tell a dog fish. You feed him give more or less you tell him, but another family to do that. Another family could adopt them and do that back them should I do if I bring another family, a lot of happiness, erase everything I just said you stop it. We need all you do have control over. You love,
a boy you kid, you have control over the kid, but you, lady, I just wanna, kill you look at your dog as it that's why I sometimes all right. Well, that is your front page NEWS Ellis over the phone lines. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one now cholera was alive ass. She was talking to money baggy, oh, and this is what happened previously serve you got a week in a broader global or least water, so we're busy Emma about forget ointment. We are busy ok, but in TAT four nights, when he s day piety and then I'm going to go on holiday, I still don't like the way you ve come this far right, but less open up the phone and eight hundred five, a five when o five one is that enough to break up Occasionally they gazed and now she's not and he's upset after seeing that says all respects you, but I'm single now
Yes, I forgive me no contacts on let a phone quieter, Instagram LAO Use, give you look ass. If, because Memorial leaders Memorial Day, we can ok is illogical, got colleague, click numerically, I've colleague can you could call it could be given Any work on the grounds that we all know what we don't know. What's goin on now, Nobby get somebody somewhere Deca, Lackman outlay, may. Not cheat number one sees a woman I've, my the guy, your God, who get I'm just saying I got a she'd like that better, Had I do at Hamley eating a conversation. Give me no contact them into a muddy Burgos, Kali right, she's, the one I know what you are doing, I'm a girl in over eight hundred five and we ve got Is that her fiance broke up with her, because that is not about whom calls. I did very incident in recent years, is more. Are we getting well, I didn't both because our barbecue firing Kali read not worked, grew by the point as he broke up ahead.
Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is that enough to break up with somebody call us up right now, it's the breakfast club come on. The breakfast club morning, everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club averages join us we're talking. Kali read this morning now her fiance broke up, and this is the reason why omby Amby serve. What's he gonna lie, they weaken brought a lot of lorries waterfall where it is. I am, I am forget me or element we were busy. Ok, I haven't bucking in Dallas Brunettes when he d piety and then I'm going out a good view of alleged Conway, somehow nodded
I don't like it. You ve come to see you. Don't you find a five point. Five one were asking. Is that enough to break up? What do you think I can see why he with illegalities respectful, absolute mabeuf indefinite when it be having now anyway a conversation they dealt with. Somebody will you, I owe you in D C, o o o o, giving no less too much. There's too much Deasey Miami! Well, I'm dyin could make it over the name. You guys it is cooling happening or where you gonna be ok, we're gonna, be, as everybody may show ya, go out and see this person that's acceptable, and you cook you. Of course I could know not new. I'm sorry when you say, can you cope that doesn't mean barbecue to meet our means. You cook it for me. Personally I drew. I need more guards anymore. Gonna golly might can cook for Real Kali, whereas I had an awesome. Kali might be good for road. Am I
you're, a new us was, you might have colleagues, Coca Menu, Loma, Kali, red Ribs might be finalized in our colleague might be a caterer. He severe specifically asked. Can you could not come out of a moral day? We can now go. The barbecue can be popping who tell us that you d best on his gray, we needed to be too on his group will golly making our money. Now you know what I can just jump. Ideology is young. Lady cheat not are you know it allows this when I left good morning. Mamma. Is that enough to break up with somebody While we re away away out of why they were engaged on everywhere. Investment patch view that open I ve been able to major issue was due to bad enough, how other in those social, ipods, ache, but her name out there. One time precisely do use www, inviting somebody to zeal release protein couldn't photo com you might be a Euro bodies organism into consider
he's idea who have colleagues dictator of whom Kristen Good Morning, I we do a good. Is that enough to break up somebody enough to break up with somebody? I plug it back in June it out in the public like everyone else. I give it to do that on lie where everyone you now talking about what even well, I'm a all. You do. Ok, as you deal with offered a boils and corn aim, damn rubbed January of coin. We never gave it tat. He definitely will need to do a whole lot more desperate by flooding, drought, break it up and you wouldn't tolerated. I bet you gotta, Be- was backward movement because even if you were being innocent and could be taken, wrong way and you don't want people and makes like that, allow those haven for
hey. Sarah is that of the brig observed no, not at all one up, because I think that you ve been a paddies, though, that it out what he broke off the engagement, because he would positively the leg beg my best kept it primarily about like a gay back ever mature. There was. There was raw Waller flirty floor, Lord Heavy, I live with them, I been, I global were divided up. Why get everybody all my daddy's drew on these issues? Is cheating she's, cheating in plain sight, that's why I really think that this was a catering job to suitable to their fate and identity are really are in the end. Is young ladys, honest living as you trying to make, but would you be mad if that was a man having conversations parliament would be mad of what I was talking to him. I don't you're driving firewood.
I have one now Kali read out a conversation, money bags displayed again. Do you see, sir? Would you don't? They weaken broader gonna blow release body for when a man get me the women women we would be ok, I haven't backing in tat when he d Party and then I'm going to live like this.
Communities. The Europe now is that now that enough reason to break up call us up right now is to breakfast locomotor importing everybody's D. J envy Angela YE shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast club. Now, if you just join us, we're talking Kali Red, she broke up well how fiance, because of this conversation, Olaf on BBC, serve. What's he gonna lie? They weaken brought it up lower these wonderful we're busy Emma about forget oil of it. We would be ok. I haven't fucking in Dallas Brunettes when he d piety and then I'm going to be alive We are not. I could make a business communities the year is the sole Rome would have. Colleagues, I got a new cooking show and she's cookie we're rebels. You now say God, trap kitchen is not permissible to trap kid. You right away.
Does it make she going down they just to get in the kitchen? Would money bag you so she can cook in arms ere? I really don't know. I'm promises you might have a K reserve is a young by beginning is growing all gonna trouble. And we know you know what our house eludes. You gotta self in trouble. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. We gotta think they must Henrik Kinraid good morning. Body might envy embodying Charlotte combining log line Brandreth, but their there. Maybe not, but don't know, Medea s already allows. We guilder fare well thought out of their leaders in here, but anyway, bag of is that enough to break up of the modern world The outbreak loves. You better get married. What does he want to see the caterer sir? What does she did? She know thou toward the grill cinematic hatred, We all know that we do know is he's. Never advertises he's a catering, my dear new hustle, I gotta watch lover here pop with my girl audit. That knows no greater rigour, how I got a wall managed
got about. How would you break up when it? What would you say to a? Maybe I wondered at something here that it is not a single. You can't be my brother, I don't think I'll call you pop someone an apron now mom, if you saw just your tongue out, is that enough to break up. Somebody gets there. Why be talking on the gray allow for any type of love? What other may talk about where you were with you? The queue down of cheap he's, gonna kill him that's what he says and what you would have money back when it right what money back, you'll porter upon the live, just to ask her to come work to growth. We need an answer at the other? Can you cook Now what actually happened now my word, who was into dm fry? Did I love you? I think everything it when you Bobby, I will be at which they see as you
Burne S rock ass. You gotta know when to bring the equipment used to have any data you always gone all was abroad. Is that without the breakaway somebody was a man? Is that enough to break up somebody broke out at all melancholy re married? She then industries is taken aback many values on an enhanced anyone game. I now think that clearly ray. I was just trying to do something about the name of unanimous ashy abnormally anything like
of what are now Lenny, whereby the wrong thing as long as you bring them back home. That's all! I know a lot, you know what you did maybe dig: isnt Mackay would have sees not cooking, ok, but she is hosting and left me for rosea is. Do you know she may not be? Is hot issue was a few years ago so when she died, when she does get booked a whole, she does a little extra like could answer that might be plotter hurt her packaging locally red, come our host. You club cook, for you, you know, making you hollow Jim Jim now that enough to break up Jim. Absolutely not man gave me my dear Yes, I got to them. Then right, winger, personal body, we working life is gonna. Have you not? I mean like I know I know, I'm gonna put regroup does agenda in all fields of guys, gonna put were heard it just natural. Happy were honest with you told about it, it's gonna happen.
Oh yeah? No doubt that that does not allow for me out O. How are you mad at me? I wanted. I wouldn't do that when you re really lady Gaga tolerated the caterer brow one or two shut Shaw up against. All I know is that it is that that is what they think tat those who love my boy real quick area. Grandpapa. Not are you going to China that girl may naughty naughty right at the upper wrapping old brain? You know I wonder, is definitely rots. Microphones is what you told us that it call me underscore showy I e with to eat and you're gonna go and I went to my he doubled his tongue. I go for tat matter into that kind of thing that an outbreak, them to get at the poor. Some other you tell him you like you, I got you may his mouth work in what you say. The disaster disease may help rebound
Yo Yo Yo Yo can cook, though we can work. Can he got up? yea eager for, and I brought Beg story, man, the moral of the story is Kali Red Catering to reach out to her at. I am Kali, Reynaud Instagram. If you want, Katy your next event she's booked on memorial. We can clearly be adopting Deasey, but the next big morality. We get Well, we got room was on away when we talk about. Yes, let's talk about Wendy, William Knowledge. I got arrested. My child ties it. While my guide bays, while all right, let's keep alive, the bread, was led them Morning everybody's the J envy Angela YE, shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club good morning, mine it it's a Thursday. Yes, is that there is a before a holiday weekend and doesn't people probably
tomorrow. I think I have a long extended. We get. A lot of people are travelling, thus be careful by those twin NATO's and things that have been hitting in terrible thunderstorms now give a sofa, lower, extraterritoriality port, yes, Lou, thereby Kali ran on the ground is we can say and drop. One includes Bob Kali read. I had given rise in these cookouts all week pay being less than an hour. I rubbed him river there. Now we got room is underway. Yes, we are going to talk about someone who actually got arrested for putting their own father while clues bars will Kevin while the baby vibrating, let alone the beige palm we'll get it. So when we come back to breakfast logo morning everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast club was get these rumours. This talk Kelly,
with Angela his Club data Kelly was an CBS. This morning he was sunk into jail king and, of course he was talking about his new album and he was talking about working with Nixy hustle right before his passing. Before we made the record. Do something about family are kids, who told me we're responding to tell me what his name that this all before we made the song and we've talked about entrepreneurship, and I said leader, is how we beautiful stuff and then why studio. As I may one day, man you should put dinosaur. Can it was really special in my favorite artists like J C and d impact. They always told a lie, storage, upbringing and where they come from in a special way that you fell and out, and I call that big boy wrap it. That's what mixing up
what's an uneasy with the epitome of a leader. You know you started an opportunity for cod opportunity. Will my maid David Growth and in is to help people inhabitants he's all communities get a chance to take advantage of this legislation. Part of it and we was on capital yesterday advocating for meeting, remembers it a c b c and law makers and of course, if you would have been a because that was his vision and you know, Salute David seen his vision through, so he was really the epitome of an entrepreneur leader at a community. That is a college album father of a sad is out, and he also talks about setting up his son for his sense feature, and even just self, just his parents being encouraging to him and other people might not have been as apparent you supposed to set up. Your son gives of security, the razor more love it. As my duty. I need to set up his future. I start from borrowed. If I opened a hot dog stand, a moral is here's. A meeting on this show, I'm represent, must sign. My son came,
a life became greater. He has, as it has sent a woke him up in the morning. The day that is Adam came out and was hidden him say we the best of the best. That's the first time Son of a setback avoided no law, you kids do make you better and that of the top three more terrifying things that you Go do is apparent, be landing you made and didn't have your child. Just When your job just stand in over you awakening We have had the image you three old, you gotta lotta, three, no, you have to stand, or will you be staying at the edge obey? Absolutely I don't do that child the new jobs lake on banana. Ok, you low title of gotta be careful array, I'm serious job. We move now. Let's talk about Genie, mine ass. She has her Youtube Series, car, hello, honey and she discusses her own
situations growing up in being touched by a family member. This person sitting really close to me. We were playing video games and he started to touch my thigh every day. Attaching continued a little bit more hem taking off some of my clothes. Pulling me into that shower and for the first time, I've ever seen a grown man and what he looked like a still nine years old number hand, telling me to touch him in certain ways, and this happened every day. I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid now. Mom was sitting by her side and you know it talks about not speaking to her mom for a long period of time, and that was basically the reason. Why now they were as years. And by of this happening to her, and she did try to tell her mother, so I went to my mom and I said that this person was doing things to meet that they give me nightmare. You look really confused. I told you that he took off
clothes yeah. Then I dont believe it that's my reaction. I dont believe it all, because his parents is divorce. So my father bring him to to our house and a new was maybe you know he talked to me. Spare me raise witty really nice. I dont within match up there's a match up I don't believe it night. I did it go. Imagine your child comes when you don't believe it says you need my accident end up talking to her mom for almost a decade, because of that is he even ran away from home. Never understand. Now, I'm telling my mom did he's taking off my clothes, and you said I dont believe you I never think you're to do that. I love you very much, and I did you love him more than your daughter. I love you more than I love you, because at that time I'm thinkin have no parent. I bring him to my house. I feel like a rescue
So in that moment I was about fifteen. I remember distinctly those words. I dont believe you. He wouldn't do that. That's your cousin! This is in your head and that's when I started to separate from you mom and I decided team. I ran away from home. I would. I would- and I understand your mom and dad was be. You say, favorite own effect- that she don't believe you when you gettin assaulted, screws, doubly difficult composition. I went to cameras role here and your mom sitting right there. I write May we did it. We get to the story about Wendy Williams, but we will get to that in the next hour. When everyone within was arrested for punching his own father, he does you got arrested his profile press charges, but we'll talk about it in the next room, a report DR include Malta can baby right debate bomb stupid Marianne Thyssen, thank you for ever Roy Charlemagne, yes or even a doctor.
For after our man, I'm telling you. I know I'm old, because it's just certain things. I I see now and I'm just so confused by, but this what happens it is man Jose assumes in Connecticut is is crazy, Laura is the various reflection and where we live our, I will get into that next people access to breakfast club, the morning Bread was glad your morning. So never be the same tat you are or don't you. Time for Don T. Talk to you today does not discriminate. My now, the sombre divide, as the donkey there needs to be done in a breath, is clear. Please don't keep the day today. Well miss the edge sharing delegated Dave with third. They may. Twenty third goes to a twenty nine year old, fugitive name, Jose sims aright. And I'm a give a little donkey a low. He the lieutenant bread Johnson.
Aren't and police department now they may be listening to me because already believe he's somewhere New York right now. Ok, Jose has four warrant. You too apparent court. Court first degree in three words were fades to appear court second degrees s, seven, seven toto, It seems that we live in a different world people lilies, there was who are certain age is actually a great thing to see. You know how life how different life is now and it's great to see how people are so different from how we grew up with when I and you had warned you just duck the police as they dug the policies on me dumb people as you hit out as best you can try to avoid jail at all costs, because you know when you went in, especially if you don't have any money you ve got to civil law, especially veal for child support Lord, have mercy of you had a warrant. You know you simply Winton turned you sell vain, because you didn't want to police. Come
your parents house, your grandma's house, you baby Mama House or whatever your last place of residence, he was well. Those days are over because now I'm people have seven warrants. They call police to negotiate, apparently policing Connecticut a willing to meet the demands of these fugitives. Now I watched a lot of movies and I've seen Crimson may crazy demand, especially when his eyes the situation, but is usually something that makes sense like money. Money in a plane or a helicopter to get the hell out of there. Okay, tangible things and you can using in go, live a great life if you escape the police, but keep in mind all day, the Newbury again I'm not on the radio, I call him. No negress new inwards arrives on his request. Something I've never heard before, but I guess something we gotta get used to in this era was quoted the beauty. I see five sixty one would report. Please follow the police department. Thinking quaintly Nick Approach trying to get a wanted man. They need your help to do it now take a look here. This is twenty nine year old, Jose sims torrenting,
he say his wandered on seven arrest warrants after he repeatedly did not show up for a court appearance, But- and this is bizarre- Sims apparently told policing- he'll turn himself in. If enough people respond. To his wonted poster on torrenting polices, Facebook page and then they negotiated. This police said hey tender. So, like maybe some said, not want twenty thousand, they met the little apparently settled on fifteen thousand lives right now the post has of eleven thousand, like so four thousand more the guy over himself. It exit seventeen thousand now also in terms of having it seriously. Why? Why does all they want? Is wider police and communicating complying with this man cannot survive on likes alone. You got kids all day because you do you're shortage, any no life dog
now. I need to know why Connecticut police thing. This is ok, clearly to guide, didn't Schiphol court date for anything of any importance. Okay, I would hate to think he had me and call for something serious and see tee, believe plan friendly with this guy you know get in his face. Alright, listen Jose! I know you somewhere out there right now thinking your life is popping because you getting all these like that, the most likes you ever got in your life for a picture, but those lights are not going to pay your lawyer fees. Alright, those lights are not going to pay your bill. Okay, those lights aren't going to do a damn thing to you give you a fourth into confidence. You think you pop, and would you not nobody in jail while care? How many, like you, God, Sir, not dimension you're a fugitive fugitives are not supposed to bring attention to himself. Do you think I pay attention to one in four?
Certainly the orbit is no one who posted wanted billboards of like that. I look at him. I don't you see too big wanted thing, but I'm driving time to look as you would really is. I don't forget what Jose operated engineers. I know exactly what you look like, because you have what all this attack into your mug shot. I write. I hope they give you a danger of every like you get. I mean like the US over over twenty thousand twenty thousand David Jan Fischer Satire. I want your bill to be based on, the lights. I would really like you get. There should be obeyed and multiplied times, ten right in a day what for your arrest? I want in a right, everybody He shouted touch one eight hundred, no one aged six, zero or eight nine. Two thousand, you know the whereabouts of holes they, since I know you know you look like because everybody would they
page the go like the picture, and I know everybody. Nobody looks like ok, look like roddam is from juice right. That's what he looks like some dog you two days just showed himself. Please give Jose, seems too sweet sounded hamiltons you. If you have again so good, yeah, She was a farmers involved, not just like this of day from the city of turned and police department, Lieutenant Johnson we're getting a lot of inquiries ass to. If Mr Simpson's turn yourself in it- and now he has not reward data. Paused again, when their terms of it made you everyone like the pulse and messages of info. It's all appreciate. Let me like it. I like it.
Ok! That's when it is now a new police might be smart enough, given credit for reminded the design purpose by just because they know everybody will go. Look at his warning. Retain everybody will see him so they're, making him famous Sabena they make in a famous. He really have nowhere to go now famous infamous and want to see the work is not face. Infamously are making an effort. Is so you really have no way to go and hoping that they also stream everything when he turned herself in on Facebook lie. Why not do more towards? again as our right. Well, that was dark. You today on cry. We can't make their necks ask ye alienates, bug watched year, jail, show a fire. What oh five? What have you got? Courses for YE, unique relationship advice, a taboo device call ye now is to breakfast club gamala. Breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club itself as key allows this very real, no love. That was abroad, which of course, for you man, though, a couple years ago, our regular,
is it a little girl? I may not illuminated by had threatened with equal pay. If he had got a new man, I don't know if I get a bad low labour law see as a whole new man, but you still China garibaldi- are even communicate with each other anymore, that before our windows, if that is not convenient for her right now, the other guy down at a loud it like that at all so you will answer Desmond. Everything being happen playing go out there and then what happens? I say you go there. Are you gonna move there? Are you going the up under her arm about a bet, you gonna make early school and come back to Houston, almost eleven about dollar Weiler. Gradually, I'm just somebody there was use it. Don't you want to be with a merry then, once you too, and and doesn't want someone else
about this because that would think if I gotta go through all that and that person does unwillingly wanna come and be with me and broke over me just cause. We move to a different state and it wasn't convenient that all feel like somebody doesn't love me nor below those who are you as you, and you are willing to have a long distance relationship and she's. Not la would I will. I will come back a bit about it. I will hold a dial up. I gotta get a bit. Ok, this is where I believe Could, I understand is sometimes a fella. Maybe somebody was I saw me. Maybe we made a mistake. I think that you should let her do what she has to do because she's, you know with somebody else, maybe she's happy, maybe she's not by keeping Contacts they'll be cool when her every now and then, but I don't think that you should shadow best embassy has going on right now, because economist up an issue really does want to be with you and she decided
whose, u overhand you gotta. Let me make that decision can be you trying to convince us. I think, as I shall come back as you might miss him, you will be eligible couple right. Although the ball, I think that if things are meant to be for you guys that you know at some point, she'll realize that, but she has to make that decision on her own. It can't be you trying to convince or force or something to do something but you know then allow messages every now and then maybe one day you will meet up together and then rebuild our relationship. Maybe she'll break up at this guy, but you can't force it to break our cause. Then we should, I think, in every time I mean you again. If I am a Bethink M, am I just go back to the marriage of the dude? I was just You write about array will go along with them and go on with my town. Where do I get a base year? Respect every respect, a relationship of being? You now be patient? Ok,
Is that where gowns and many months ago guess somebody back in a really works, as the eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you got? Courses for ye got was to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is breakfast J, envy annually Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club in the middle of ask ye, allows this. I whistled anonymous. Please pay anonymous! Please wish across if ye. I Don T believe- and I am proud me but a week before. Finally, now I found out a guy that I've been doing with it, and I don't really know how to handle the situation at this point, because now, in our communication of cannon nonexistent, ok, So aside from him right, you're pregnant. Are you trying to decide if you want to keep the baby or do you know? You already are keeping the baby as far as I know right now, I'm already keep away, but I bill color. He built like you, keep your minute
by anyone right, you can decide. What ever you want to do. Is your body. This will be a baby that, if you do so, bring the baby into the world. You just have to know that he may not be involved, but here giving you know where your father, I think this way you know, is obviously is obviously a liar. Are his six kids all with his wife? No ok! So he has had two children ass out of his marriage just now- and I just want to say this- maybe he will be best case scenario. You have the baby here Bob and the baby's live, and the wife is you know, gets over it and who is willing to accept this child into the family, because There is a whole other family involved. So you just have to know that it's gonna be something It gonna be very complicated that you have to explain to your child and worst case scenario. You have. Maybe he's not involved, and you have to hunt him down to get our support and raises baby without him, but you have to know that you'll be ok either way. You know, because
Unfortunately, you didn't tell you he was married, you didn't know he was very clearly is not the most honest person clearly he's a cheat her and I can't you and you will never know what he'll be like with his baby. So just prepare yourself to know this might be something that you're gonna There really go hide as a mom for yourself. Passably, ok appreciated. I write be strong. Now, look you got is all right, as you eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. If you knew relationship adviser any type of advice, you can call ye. Now we got rules on away you. Yes, let's talk about Wendy Williams and Wendy Cabin hunted, Junior and Kevin had to senior. The police, prayerful children have been using those private data, of knowing, oh, my goodness, our right, we'll get internet next, keep it like this, the breakfast global monetary. What what are you doing? What what are you doing? What monetary value assembly dj envy?
Angela ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club of mourning. How's, everybody no is Wendy, will you be so bad? The report on the breakfast Wendy volume sign that Kevin Hunter Junior was arrested for a Lord, have mercy, but his Their cabinet to senior is not going to pursue this matter legally, so that little I'm very much and I will not be pursuing his men legally things that I always have they appear now they're saying the incident went down because Kevin Junior, I guess, showed up at the house. He was going to get some of his things and Kevin Hunter. The senior was there at the They didn't expect that he would be. There was a time when this house does it, as was bitter. No are you know? I don't know when these out
Why do you do there? When you feel is your house? You know when you will pay dollar bills. I write dash this thing. Everything with cool between in senior and Kevin Junior. They ended up going this store together just after midnight, but then they got into an argument in the store parking lots. Now the argument was over. Kevin seniors demand. First boughs and support those right. You someone in the way you gonna take half a mommy money. You cut in the low calves. Allow us now now try to get where young air then said that Wendy was brainwashing, their son against him, and things got physical, because Kevin Senior, put Kevin, Junior and ahead Lack- and that's me, in doing your pension in the nose to get out of that had locked on the day is doing armor. They boasted have been arrested. Then a memo one time when a man went on the local was a kid had be like all. Seventy might have been like sixty seven Calvin was on the phone cursing out somebody in and only talks aggressive, the women and when he hung up local
you better. Not I've been talking to Mama like that some sand or lead to stay low. Key I've been watching you created your Mama four years, so he couldn't wait De Grove and point you and your nose. He was their re, which me decide. You hit a story, you they I was in the car there. I have the luminous and I'm glad enough bread and jobs that you'd have to be a greater succour to call the police on your side and press charges on your sign. When your son, you at a reason your son, is slipping out in the fourth, it's ok, man is supposed to be. The foundation is family. Any Calvin Hunter has never been. That way. Signed with a young man himself. Now knows that and he's calling you you'll be labelling. I hang on an unstable foundation about sanitizing net. Is that your dad has had a baby by somebody other than your mom? Who is his wife. So as a child, now you're looking at me like that, how could you do that anymore? The nose I'll know member should we prefer covers not just more glocester
just as we kept his nose, because this would give a stone. I am always in my brain, like their cabinets, I did say, cabinet to senior that he is lying in a new charity. After Wendy Williams, Hunter Foundation has been dissolved. Why don't you do to browse foundation? Epic work will continue. He said he said other had to foundation in its current form of dissolved. The important work will live on I plan on launching a new foundation in the near future. The words you ll be important business and helping those struggling with drug addiction and substantively grave avoid for side twigs who no longer Jean eat, because the wives and cut me off, please don't like array of various. It is really do a fine facades justice. Besides you Katy no more because the wife don't cut them.
And often not age, any library, the fine for two days now, Howard Stern, was on saving Colbert late night too. They night Show- and he was talking about Donald Trump. When he was asked who was one of his tap guess ever he was may be one of the best top five just of all time and why he was wild. I thought I was wild, he would come on. He would start assigning numbers to women and evaluating am I is this guy for real. What does he do it like re rate rating them once it's one through tat? I want to put in your mind a great guest, a great s, because he would say anything that came into his mind. He was completely unfiltered. He was talking about. His daughter was the most attractive woman. I ever met now He thought she was high. I'm no showed no job was a great guest in, but I mean the fact that he actually became president and you can go back and listening.
I'm talking loud. It makes him jump over a lotta other guests, because what he's doing now, not necessarily because how good the interviewer that let us just say this, because he would say anything- I mean that's a crazy thing to say how a check yeah? You I'm your daughter day so that a couple of times- and I was there and did talk about data champ running for president and why he believes that damage. I never thought that it would really happen. I remember the first time he said I might run for president. He put out his first book and I know some of the people involved in this and they said pretend like you're running for President Daniel, so a lot of books any bit it and it worked. So what happened this time he's on the apprentice? The ratings we're going down and embassy was balking at giving him arrays. So what did he say? I'll run for president I'll get a lot of press, and I really believe that Donald. This was a gimmick to get NBC, to raise up his salary and to keep the apprentice on, and I would bet
on that web, yet they allowed people feel a downward trend in really mean it yeah. But now we have some more insight, while clearly the universe at other players The job of the vice president of the United States Russia had other players who sometimes you're good plan, a god are you, but you know what I want to give goddamn critic of the devil got a kingdom too. I re MBA Young Atlantic records are offering to cover to pay for the shooting victims funeral cause. We told you about the unfortunate situation, I mean really tragic situation under young boy. Don't olympic more! Do majority the man who was killed by a stray during the shooting that happen doin thou Festival weekend, apparently there heartbroken over his death and they want to make sure that and locate his family and pay for the funeral and everything I that's, because he got caught up in between a shoot out that happen between
a young boys entourage and the assailant who fired those bullets. It was an mba young boy or his team that fire those bullets, but it was somebody else my gossipy knossos need you deals No, you don't have a while ago. That's why you and I didn't have USA that you just said nobody could with a view to my law drama little One, that's what he did and now I think I think, as a kind of dialogue. But yes, so we go on you, but no doubt about everybody. He was sent to Atlantic. It was never see. I remembered all problematic, Rep rabbits DSL recognise that Well, let's go out at young boy. You know who bears a great. Was did a guy cardy? they accordingly lays out a little democratic duty yeah. I got there another label, I thought of the sun, I think I D have Germany who ever got bigger gal.
Rigorous, ok, Bruno Laddie, Norbert Alone Atlantic Ironic, an azure damn it led to kill and all other leaving it and native grown refugee. I'm gonna be very logical, Kearny Daily Material, mainly to go overland laughing again elastic before she went to death row here, shut up look I'm animated well and by the way I think I never went album. Did you know that just came out and he's on deaf to him? What are you gonna? Look like? I was number one I write well I'm Angela YE and that is your room, a replanted, human all. Only what I had no idea who loved you, I told you be book. Yea logic, Ryanair, the Vienna but armies alone, autonomous alongside the Bible, baby declared evacuated I am also going to. Let me go Atlantic's make them. Our move right anyway mixes up next future requesting to breakfast locomotive for breakfast,
your mornings will never be the same morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club but he was in Dc Russia by yeah. I was busy man, you know rest in peace, initially, hustle me no nifty. He started an opportunity for cod are opportunity when his business partner, David Gross and unama part of it to you as a part of it, and then you know is to help people and opportunities. All communities get a chance to take advantage of this legislation. What opportunities all legislation and we would all Capitol Hill yesterday advocating for meeting with but the d c b c in law makers and of course knew she was supposed to be there. But you know David is seen his vision through Norma on the support of opportunity, opportunity knowledge, play because my man Senator Timothy Scat of South Carolina whereas in leading the charge on our legislation, you know he's a brother from the low country. Like me, any nigh decided thing is given
share the ginger file, as is in you know, for me, I'm being on me. Go health and wellness and reinvested in our communities. I feel it is all pointed out here. Process as you, as you know, envy you know thank you. Do a lot of real estate of corn and any other deck direct correlation between mental. And you're invited me and I feel like we can create the kind of environment that all people can thrive in. That can be a remedy to a lot of things out of historically causes psychological issues in our communities, so you know salute to everybody That was that was in DC yesterday, everybody that we built with everybody that we talked to my man, sending the TIM Ryan. You know it send it send it to Timothy Scott Senator Cory, Booker you know I salute deal and am please go to our opportunity that common murmur here and if you ever hear something appeared at you, understand. I don't know whether is are Oreo or our house zones deftly. Look it up a misplaced. If you there's gonna be invested there, they're good places of property in areas
you can invest in low income and save the neighbourhood and also they give grants. Oh you have a lot of exemptions to taxes. Are we look at the latin Do we invest in real estate, so is deftly something that you can look into and they cannot be. I will construction as well, so is allowed to look into oh yeah. Maybe we need investment opportunities, all like they're, they're, they're, economically described communities. You know, and you can make new investments in nine and uncertain They want you to make investments, we want you to make investments is intended to make investments and, under certain conditions, will be eligible for for preferential tax treatment grants in old. You don't have to necessarily. If you make a profit, you don't have to pay taxes on him. It is clear that all the fifteen years, but is a lot you can do, and hopefully, if you look at it, invests in properties and get tenants you should be doing long run. I lose my guess is that attempts got area we gotta bring him got up either he's a black republic It is in our area with a
No, what are you ok and he is not. Our younger people is now our right. When we come back positive. No, don't move. Is a breakfast club the morning morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Louie Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. They got a positive vote. Yes, No man is middle of awareness. Muff, some positive noticed simply stop punishing yourself. You did nothing wrong. Ok, love yourself! In everything, our preference vivid, geopolitical yoga, Syria, isn't a country whose name is often associated with hope. These days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the northeast. RO. I didn't just fine. And fear and violence. I found hope a group of feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series. The women war,
into the women's war on the eye radio, app Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast. I'm Sheraton Day Thurston hosted a package to respect, for we have candid conversations around the power of genetics No. The next episode and pharmacogenomics now and learned with experts have to say about how genetics can play a role in our response to medication in the future precision medicine, farmer, CO, genetic, precision medicine is supposed to take us directly to that right. That's gonna, be impact actual important, for, I hope, listen to spit on you. I heard radio apple pie or whatever you get your. I guess
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