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Is Issa Rae Anti Black Men?


Monday 4/30 - Today on the show we learned that timing clearly doesn't mean anything because our girl Issa Rae was under fire after she suggested that educated black women should date Asian men in her 2015 book " The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl". So we opened up the phone lines to see what out listeners had to say about her past comments. Also, after Angela got a message about someone needing advice on how to handle a person with bad grammar on text, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about people using bad grammar through text. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to White House Correspondents' Association president, Maragaret Talev for being upset over comedian Michelle Wolf 's monaloague at the White House Correspondents dinner. 

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Even so it s a most dangerous morning, not as we say in everybody, says intending to go with me to the Roma rubbing the wrong way. Rabbi.
Good Morning do and say: Georgia, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning, Angela YE many, these Charlemagne Guy Breeze did a planet is minded AIDS, Monday air. We gotta say good morning to the newest family, member Biloxi Gulf Port, Mississippi, ok, the people station Josie. Ninety four five followed the Biloxi, MRS every Emma Rigoletto Rigoletto Rigoletto. Back back, I welcome to the family. Your article was Biloxi Mississippi without Mammography Vienna, that, although we have Even ninety, nine God is good God of Good eye came online. I was an online all day yesterday, not just logging
Those are medium. Looking I, why is array of training and immediately looked away? I Jesus Christ. What happened at its literally nothing? I got it is, when you know, you're, not even odds on Rob Library put in a book. Yes, negroes, really dull red is something from easier, raise book that has been out Israel's movement not eventually achieve or lady, I think, is oh element of at least forty five years and they are upset about something. As in a book like come on man, natural imitation. Oh my outrage, I'm sorry! It's a bit of a five year, I'm not going back to be met, and that was actually, I think, one of the first books. I gave him a book club. Ok, yes, I have no idea what you do. My bit, I've been detoxify. My mama body have really been all social media. Like that, no lover, I really had a great weaken it, which is what the family just address in. Roy, the family, whether it was swimming class, but my dog and sun, whether it was dance class. When my daughter, Jim as with the whole family and a nutshell. The cooking dingo too well a couple times
adequate. A couple more. You know it was. You know a meeting held besought, try to me, but enough squash in cooked, eaten and are trying to put it in the actual it boy. It's too too hot boiling hot. It just explore your plant boiling high dumping in the new to bully. I should do why'd you put an individual who are cookie viewpoint put in more than appearing you gotta you gotta make the, but in a squire I don't think I may add a new point it in good at it my nannies out of town and you need a nanny, take care of his mood. The nanny told me that useful to let it cool down a little bit, but I've been in what I say are destroyed the kitchen my wife got back and if I could, I gotta be like when I was a child. I would it not have been in it had broken. Have is to appeal yodeling day may mean vegetables s keep her simple. I don't know, but above I bore no squashing, we have made in my view and design, but you ve been, but nobody has already in this whole time. It's over now, I'm gonna ease back and say when you haven't been eating meat for thirty day right. You can't just go right
back to eating that. What is it's over now lost something like twenty five pounds. I feel great, I feel like my sex game, z, that information gum good, I'm good good of good. How can I was at our beautiful Jews bar yesterday, I should always reduce both at a job and Bulgarians. That's what I myself came back and you don't have to make those things you can go, get em, maybe I'm no, that's what I should indeed, but yet neither It is getting a little bit better. You know it, I know, is not only the weather sogdiana interventions are we gonna be later. They will be able to agree on what I did do with some spring cleaning. Finally, I was working on cleaning out my class. Have so many things you know. My problem is that I feel bad. Getting rid of certain things. Are we like well, this was a tv show. I worked on twenty years ago and am and keep the Sheraton. This is my.
Emma keep this teacher about these problems, because somebody then these you feel a lot better but, as I said then as meaningful to me, something that I worked doin, I don't want to get rid of it, but I know I'm never going to wear it. So what do you do with it? Gotta give away resources, keeping airspace a drop. Above California University of Pennsylvania, two hours there I'll Friday speaking on a panel about police brutality in hip, hop in all kinds of the good stuff. Are you for having me best? Oh- and I call upon all my tv show this week, Atlanta, the last Oji Atlanta. What's so funny the last episode to me The latter was away. They went said a college, any state in the girls dorm, oh yeah, and I only reflect tells you all. The old replicators example I do it was the Potomac by all you want to know: what's goin on ideological storms in managing to my where there was Damn it. I know a lot of jobs, but it was odd. Today, literally was dressed like tea or see from vat and keep a jam.
The same blue and read nor let him as a light. This season of land has been funding to better watch homeland, billions of ice, billions, Malka, amazing, most valued by submitting we'll ask it to show crack in front page news that we talk much less about the weight, has cut disbanded, dinner and a comedian Michel Wolf, who people are upset at point of Europe that are to be upset at the whole administration. I will get into all that when we come back. He belonged to the breakfast club component morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news that occurs beat the pace is one or five one or one they move on the plates wrought air lapses. Catholic, pretty good! Well, you but it was my six, but they were about ten uninhabited game. Seven. They did that
beat the jazz one, ten, ninety six winning game warden tonight, the six his plate, Boston, and we must all of this White House correspondence that it has. This Macromedia Michel were from the daily. So she did the White House Correspondence dinner and some people are set down a chance weeded out, while Washington Michigan cause he wasn't. There was a big success at Washington DC just didn't work. Everyone is talking The fact that the White House Correspondence dinner was a very big, boring, obviously sensitive violence then also Marty. I can say what we want we may want about who they want can be so sensitive was enjoying a dish it. You can take it right, except that these adults, in what he does, he really believe, but the so called comedian. According to data champ, bomb now here as Michel worth talking about Donald Trump at the correspondence dinner. Japanese raises vow National S, What do you know where germ were not big gong and not the white nationalism like calling a pair of while a kid friend. Or hardly wine Vienna. Ladies man,
What is it I value the legs plan. Good. But her voice is trash. What is our voice sounded era? Michel of us. I talked about pens and here's what you had to say about pens and abortion. Might then those obey anti joy, heavings abortion is murder, which first of all does not get Do you dry? I do really market. You know you're gonna get. Baby atta there any azure are you gain ground? Ah you, while I know a lot of your very antiabortion, you know unless it's the one you got for your secret minster, Guidelines might be wanted him. Tom Donald Trump told them jokes trash cards. The delivery of delivery of ours is a narrow. Michel have also had some things to say about Sanders. Debs up to the party am I get excited because I'm not really sure what we're gonna get. You know
at present, very Bang, a bunch of lies are divided into South Bob T, shirts and skin. Then there's time John Reed such allow bridge, Jim I am really lags there. I think he's very resourceful, like she burns facts, Then she uses that ass to create a perfect smug ia, who who boo, hoo, hoo, Mattie Dad's weeded out of Europe, I'm supported a member of his administration and are willing to condemn his vulgar and fair to behaviour every day in Ottawa and hear what you have to say about a comedian, Furthermore, I don't think there's a minute. Gratian deserves a White House correspondence in a less thought. There is nothing in this integration should be made light of, and I think to present his approval You have to be at a certain number and ordered you to Whitehall corresponds them well. He wasn't even there anyway, so he already knew what it was is more for the journalist now direct Iraq, Reiner tweeted. I attended the White Ass correspondence dinner
last night. Donald Trump has so poison the atmosphere by attacking the disabled, gold, star parents, Muslims, Mexicans, blacks, women, the press, the rule of law, that a comedian who simply tells the truth is offensive. She's. Joking he's nice of the figures of the jobs We say it all the time and no matter what you joke about, what the jokes about it was radicalism. Backlash jokes, look out of the jobs better delivery was track, are right, and I think that the latter has shooting hero, James Shaw Junior. He has so far raised almost too oh it's you thousand dollars for the victims in the waffle, how shooting Annie and to be helping to pay for those funeral outcomes, by beggar. Thy definitely donated sit at a sensitive sedan linked to the Gulf missiles Mama James, but I saw something what awaits us. The other day will not pay for the funeral. Yes, you need to know about their money and other proteins in I'm going to go to the victim so on there
had whether planning to do black beside measuring has known each other, their proceeds for the next month to the families of the deceased and the living victims as well. So not just where a few by far the victims who are alive Mason, where the family were dramatically James Geneva, be up there be a new Yorker? Is we can begin Van Jones Show, but ya should go donated at TED. I call up what a couple coins in a locker, No, I got. No monies are vying, no money and I can do a jog indefatigably. A lot of money is made to millions of the Canadian of you are right now, NAFTA, handwriting two hundred million to the to the ten bearing on our right now get it off your chest. Eight hundred five a fifty one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night or bad morning or maybe just feel blessed you with a pretzel positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest.
By promoting the breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether you're, mad or black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but has a drive. You got you all get through job because he comes through the back door. I'm gonna tell you Hey bow I would add, is nothing I've met them up. The guy Roguish, like you back on everyone areas into reverse Bartholemy, deep talking about it? you gotta be cleared and vibrated outdoor any private gravy, Asia, the bathroom iron elderly salary. At the request of the well, I just about life police brutality, all black man in his car. By means of raising given by children, and then only he asked labelling the body
the Chicago where we eat your opponents away. What, if any of you drive me out some help and we thought we'd Devilry weren't having no compensation? Ok there with a solemn, on a day of law, and we will bear this year younger and every adapted indeed flown out. My nets added, listen to the new media law. Now did. I know music like what would happen to you. I never did, though there wouldn't be the school right. I didn't even know Listen I now! Oh, it's a class of agriculture in one way or the other night, all haven't the gray actually just recorded at the recorded that last last week. Thirdly, no you could tell us today. I just came from the entire year round up like that yet debate, men turned into that record without doubt by another man. You will remember
giving out your little. You know your little Charlamagne care package for donkey of the day and wait to hear the interviews first, so the enemy was age or mine. Awry travel allowance is a job for you about air. Was that regular features? You don't ever actually look a bit. I envy you will end up with a man or a day job. Please don't ever read by telling them tat. She will never be a guide, Michael Jackson, that a good life that document, but forget about the as yet Lubyanka Michael Jackson can be debated. Lousy like an denominator, was inspired by Michael Jackson, so it is a whole different areas: you're safe What if you can see if Michael Jackson was inspired by James Brown, he don't got no problem, saying Michael better than James
young man, I'm a release. The next single this morning during two makes his actually her feature. Increase brown, but I'll get their hair allows. This kind of map cannot get it off. Each has brought got on behalf of your gathered here this morning about. Individual basic, therefore w come about come on. I grew that written about everybody. Don't have the same opportunities be successful because they not run by the right people I give the prime example we will work on my my fine, thank you. Without an independent and we met acquired you people We haven't gone anyway, so I know I know I know I know stop right there, the music This is a difficult business, regardless who you are trying to get into it. Ok, alighted like this, except that the bright breaking in music business is like trying to play above all lottery. Origin To give an affair is very different.
Things like they're gonna hear city is ADA, you know, because we all worked out as I get the opportunity to put our foot in the door. So is not easy at all. It's gonna take a lot of hard work and some will make it. Some will never make it at its gradually in the music industry. Stop it. Man got it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight What oh far warn you need event. It is males to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your jets? Are the men from you wonder breakfast on your mind out is green, get it off you, just by the by big appointed, very volume of very Maryland. The moon ended with everybody. That the league. Ok. Thank you moment. I think it's all very Merlin. I think assault very steep and I don't like me
I love it. Why you doing this morning, I'm getting over pneumonia, but I mean I'm still just like really blessed, because you know I didn't have to wake up this morning. So I'm just trying to go for a run We know that no ordered by you gonna mobile, I'm no good bad at it, and I had it for about a week the braided bigoted stand in online at the club or too low short skirt on in no panties envy. That, let me aroma allows is very well then, like a global might from Big Europe which has brought us all. Bobby what our baby, when I was a member of this point of their birth, of all I dont think I married at a lower. You know I love you have all over, but you know who I am. I always ball, but it s all about rare problem. I grant you tell me: what do you want a cloud if you would think,
Logging Amazon could say. If you say everybody wants, would they can't have any Georgia Instagram? You know what is going on, not more volumes degrees, they want you to go and see. If, if you Siena, would you would you out back because you know one day. I will waive my plan. We talk about. It is down there. You gonna, marry you you of your we're was a girl is the growing year unless you're Instagram at eight Emma Katy Otobu. All you put your girl is the ground level they are dealt with. There on the ground, here. I have paid was of age K. Eve w I? U, r, o w o s age, my glowering, Michael Butler. You know it as a young girl, I feel much Ado man. You got there
the boys. It alone is the habit, as you you're, the guy, who does what he's into Cabbie Mackinac airline. Try that I have heard how happy new year, my baby you're afraid I guess you know what he said. I know I miss you. Look like money, you can change your mind about. A girl is actually lying, rodeo don't get married budget. I want the hypothetical vacant Would you say why that was somebody else thing about Gmos? If I know We acknowledge that bothers you bad supposedly. If you want to know if we think we are attractive not there and by you I'll make a nice dominican couple. Man mathematical, what are you re imo might suffer
not the minute you at all. Why d you want, but I'm on my so you what you think is making a tiny de sociopaths either go looking. Ghana yoyo wifi, both beautiful cell, congratulations, the young! Now what you get out of that active resolutely romantic love! You know what I can do nicely night out: a David Boston. None of them always sagacity and probably on here. Ok, a boogie shot out deftly bronze all Deborah, fundamentally a demanding their late. In the day of medical data, a firewall or father, we got rules on away. Yes, they set about hanging in music. He put out over the weekend and chance the wrapper he had to clarify some things, but a grand Ther. I will give you that when we come back, you pull out it was clear bemoaning the breakfast promoting everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are. The breakfast club was consider. Romas was tall Conway.
With Angela. His club, listen well Yea has put out a couple, a new songs. Now one of them obviously seems like it's. A joke. Hopefully, is called lived yourself, There's a little snippet realised just wants to produce. Coop scope. Did you, the Pope poverty. I hope this will be difficult I raise largely right, arrogant now the real ready yet out. Everyone old record was there with the efforts that we play that just like a year, but it was there is.
I was I pull. The beer reference you put, there are, no doubt be sounds amaze was out like one of those that the chance to rapid kind. You really feel good lift yourself up so that when I heard a bit I thought it was a real saw, but that beat is amazing array and then,
this on yeah where's. The people is with him and he I take it out with sadness that I could be president. You can tell you that in every body is the grain everything don't go, get written your Jesus, I almost murdering fighting people wearing. I had a show people there we go along. Versus the people. I love the dialogue. I don't agree with a lot of what kind you is saying, but I agree with his right to say it cuz when he says he's trying to repurpose to Maga hat.
That cannot happen because Magadan Slogan make Amerika great again is not an all inclusive made, noticing a confederate flag, something travel to audit the state. America have never been. For minorities on this planet ever so you can't sit here. You know you can't reproaches make american rating, it has never been great, for everybody you can't tell us that you were in a had. He said make America it again had a negative perception at so get war iraqi gave it a new direction. No that's true, you gotta dropped the again. Why do you can do make Amerika great make Amerika great by everybody but you can't they make emigrate again. It has never been great for minorities. On the song of genius D, like great dialogue, I love the fact that they went back before us amusing. Am I not kind
in the meantime also poses some other text. Messages that he had with somebody named Wes Annie says that the doctor that actually perform surgery that ended up killing his mother, Jan Adams, a plastic surgeon. He says the picture of John Adams will be his cover, art and the Abu will be called love every one. So he's the one that perform that breast reductions. There is real long life or section and other procedures back in two thousand seven andand. Now he he texted. This is my album cover this plastic surgeon, Jan Adams, the person who perform my mom's final surgery. Do you have any title ideas? I went to the fore. Give and stop hating fears that this is what I mean when I say forgiveness is overrated from regional are always have a problem with people who forgive those have done him wrong. You get into his mind state. Will you just feel like, since you
you want to love everybody and usually love and everybody is gonna. Make you better? It's ok, it's not like someone. I thought about this and it has an equal. I love you forgiveness is really more so you can't can't had that burden of hating somebody that doesn't mean what I reject. What does it mean when I leave you with the opposite to her? You must love, ok, and so you re less that forgiveness. I thought about this. I can't forgive you I'm sorry surroundings, like maybe these and grown. Do I may money to get closer to the law, but certain people especially day You killed my motto: have real nephew, Veni, I've known I like somebody. I cannot love someone, but I can still forget. I will now give a more dynamic Obama, but I hate when people say you you gotta forgive for yourself. I'm perfectly. I'm fine, I don't find any religious person and they always preached forgiveness, nor they do. But I just can't,
I got item again, we're gonna die. Suddenly I just can't forgive my Luke, your Mama Authority ACT. I care I'm sorry. I cannot. That's, as the wrapper in the meantime has distanced himself from Kenya. Wes after Donald Trump actually shouted him out now earlier in the week don't forget the wrapper defended Congo has brother in Christ and then download com, we did. Our colleague West has performed a great service to the black community. Big things happen and eyes are being opened for the first time in decades legacy stuff? Thank you also to chance and Doktor Darras Guide. They really get it now. Chance then had to put I fought YO and any posted. Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about my city. Am I loved Congo, is not just a mental, are becoming to me, he's my family and then he said, I'd never support any when who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination. I'd never support someone who talk about Chicago as if it's hell on earth and then take steps
and he goes on to say my statement about black book. Not having to be Democrats, though she was a deflection from the real conversation and stems from a personal issue with the fact that Chicago has had generations of democratic officials with no investment or regard for black schools. Neighborhoods black lies but again said that at the wrong time. How did he business himself from Communist distanced himself from saying that you know he was supporting cognate, basically here analyzes loans. That is avoiding often Trop Donald Trump at all. So I think I got confused in the Congo supporting down a champion and he was supporting Conny support for Donald Trump, and so it seem like in turn. He knows why you can't have certain conversation view twitter, because the tweet their chance sent out wasn't it. Tweet at all black people, dont have to be democratic, but in the midst of everything, I was going on, a tweet reads: out: live you will have to be democratic. We can be conservative, We can support Donald Trump if you're gonna, say blacks and can't black don't have to be democratic and give up some alternatives to it.
Like through you to roads as an independent, I re and last but not least, Cuesta was wearing a t shirt that says Congo doesn't care about black people anywhere that over the weekend off and that was captured by rolling stone, senior rider Gmail case Smith, who said this is a shirt quest, love war while performing at last night's concept for peace and justice. Here, Montgomery Alabama areas kind, he doesn't care about black people underneath the arching sentence. This is an outright dream. I took this backstage after the event. After Quest love showed to start near by remarking a cares about records because I can't say that I disagree with that or the t shirt I right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report. All right. Thank you. As you know, when we come back with a front page news. I will we taught my front page news. I guess we'll be taken about the White House. Correspondence didn't ok, we'll get internet when we come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the Breakfast Club Watkins or front page news in sports policy, or did you cedars of storage element to see her, drafting a one handed line back that story. Did you see that didn't? How does it work I don't know you want lie back o J, P B. Do isn't really? I wonder if he wasn't your guy online Baggily was laid me looking ass. He stood at three things this guy has. Italy has like, as other is that there is enough that number hurt. You get paddling, but his principal beckoning. Name, is the bars yet alone up and his paddling didn't still hurt. You know what I mean by that then he should have been hijacked at a higher fares. Rodya us Well, congratulations to him gradually, kimono, not having a hand, will drop. You dressed, like a speaker, is paying vat about the young unemployed, but to be everywhere the video near Shechem Griffin. Well, congratulations to him. I now game. Seven care
did the pacers one hundred and five one on one? They move on the playing the raptors and the Rockets beat the jazz one hundred and ten. Ninety six: let's talk about this White House correspondents dinner, The media Michel were from the daily shell was speaking well. See was the host the comic at the White House, correspondence dinner and things do not go so well for some people they were upset about it now here she is talking about Donald Trump. Japanese raises vow, national air, would you so weird germ we're not gonna knock the white nationalism like calling a pair of while a kid friend hardly wine, Vienna, ladies man. What do you think I value the legs plan. Well, she's muzzled, tied Boo He always out of us, avoid further deliveries, trash now down a tramp swedish outcome
the he wasn't there. He never goes to the way has correspond his dinner. While Washington Michigan was a big success. Washington DC just didn't work. Everyone is talking about the fact that the White House correspondence than it was a very big boring bust. The so called comedian really bombed. She goes on to talk about pants and abortion. Here's what she said. My friend, the Gaza Anti Joy heavings. Abortion is murder which the law dont nugget. Do you dry and any new dry? It really market. You know you. Get that baby atta there any age. Are you gain ground? Ah you, while I know a lot of you are very antiabortion. You know unless it's the one you got for your secret. Mister, anti whack joke to lay gummy job. That was a pretty telling everybody says: I'm antiabortion antiabortion. All these owe their concern. Would have meant that obviously aren't women and don't have anything to do a women's bodies until they get their mistress knocked up on the side near border.
The libyan trash as well about the joke, if you re telling joke the joke, still got a sigh, get what she was saying: ok, I'll, sell. Let's talk about James Shy, Junior he's raised over two hundred thousand dollars for the victims of the wife or how, Shooting now there was a New York man who lives in online fundraiser. That was to benefit, show that raised two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars that money is going to go towards the victims. Families, and the rest. Iran has also pledged donate Allah, their proceeds for the next month to the families of the deceased and living victims. From that waffle, house, shooting remarked Breakfast Club painted the post a link on. I had no need. Incidentally, I think you should do so to my guide. James Shaw. Junior problem include bombs, but I meant it will be in town as we do. I re myself I have campaigned, has raised over two hundred,
in dollars by the families array? Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your front page news right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back EAST arranged trending this morning on social media, I don't understand this. Is a book has been offering these five years now she's trend, because of our southern. She wrote in her book. You have that we, I was you wrote you, can you read the people she said, and the plight of asian men is nearly the same as that of black women, except for the fact that their women tend to marry white or other farmer, often in fact asian American, had the highest rate of intermarriage asian man. Your reputation, sucks too. This is why I propose black when an asian men join forces, so my parents and love marriage and procreation, ok to black women who, what better intellectual match for you than an asian man, and I'm not talking about Filipinos you're like the blacks of Asians. I'm talking chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Et Cetera according to a twenty two fences. Koreans are more inclined to marry black than any other Asian grew usury book. Your momentum, fifteen, why did me
just get upset about this last night. I re well, if you wanna, hear ISA re speaking about it here, she is also discussing. A black woman and asian men at the bottom of the data in total one, like, but I do say that the more educated the black women tend to go, and I am speaking for my own college experience, the guy eyes, the pool of guys with some limited, and it was they knew that they were a catch them were educated earnings, they didn't have kids are there when I saw work for us and that made it unappealing, though we tend to I'd feel isolated, related and meal and discouraged from pursuing. I guess the black our love. When you are fake trying to cancel somebody, nature, casualties, radiometer gonna, get Israel to his last night, but less open up the phone eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. How do you feel about this? What do you think about her statement when she wrote in her book? Call us up right now from
intellectual asian than the fact that our my mom's bag, my dad's Asian, but I do think that, why how right call is now the breakfast locomotive the poppy breakfast putting every body is the J envy. Angela YE shall arena girl. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us, we're talking ISA, Rayner she's been trend in the last two days on twitter or social media, and this is because of her book. This is what you wrote in her Bucky. Yes, she wrote am that's. He proposes that black women and asian and join forces in love, merits and procreation educated black women about better intellectual match for you than an asian man, and that something bad for the Pino there, like the blacks of Asian, I'm Talkin, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. Are right. Sort, of course, is what do you think about how statement eight hundred Bobby firewood or problem? Do you feel this way you you're a black woman words different for me as a cause of black women, whose mammas back in his dad is asian. If you
Ask me: I don't think she was being like serious when she wrote this in her book and this book as from two thousand eleven bad away. I think my London, fifteen hundred thousand fifteen you'll, have an item for the areas of this book is very old, so she didn't. She didn't, have the attention that she has now, but he added and really take that seriously. We anything people are really mad about what she said. They are mad about the double standard that exists, because if a black guy said about a black woman. It would be worth what three and it would be all social media. Trying to get this person cancel so guys are trying to give ISA that same energy, but I don't give a damn. I read a book are actually reduces book last year on vacation and I read airport and I didn't feel offended, but you know I gotta. Not too many things for me anyway. You know it is a really matter when she wrote it. If you wrote in two thousand to two thousand Levin is why she said I honestly don't ever before. I don't care
I live in a region that you believe here kind of trying to be funny. I make this statement is a good time to be forty. You know me, but I think what you trying to say. Is that for which these various we'd like when we don't like you, lay people Don T, look at Asia, men so well, and you don't look a black women at the top of the list so wide own, each other, their applicants as a joke. I really didn't take it they like it. It's is so many other things that we can be mad about. What there Tell you there mad because of the double standard at each day, nor that guy knows it and have a guy that they'd be you were award three for a guy. That trying to do is get people round up and would it We would have the same energy. I have a black men toward easily the black guy says he can talk about black women s leg in always, or black maintain talk about lagoon. I'm saying you can make a joke about herself. She said
That is how we all use making excuses now to our priorities. Is there, but I'm saying if a boy let Corey Holcomb now was a black eyed. I find out that this is happening, says something crazy. Like God s knowing that level, Donald Glover, let Donald global things like that's amicably, George Michael O, my God, be worldwide. Three. Eighty black man. I was uneasy level and made the same statement. You wouldn't let them get off widow, she's, joking! No! No! No! No! No! You can make jokes about yourselves and black women. We can make jokes about ourselves and those which you now making jokes about. Such images about black men know she's, had black women were or listless closer to format, which name of travel. I swear row case where nobody who issue your wag Grandmama model
What more can allow me up and down there they're all over my guide, kids? Here you can see there was a black man and that this power, but a black woman. He builds fanfare rather woman except one. So I dont have a black man anymore. I one day a blackberry war because for me- and I will make a very good but revolution, that mandate dont than up toward the all find a black day? For you- and I would agree where does not too many black monogamy line of the data woman named swag, who uses gave slurred or seven signal coachman races? hullo swag, who uses gay flowers, TAT diary, upsides, airy
gonna be. There was a moment which opinion brought in at a day. You, sir, I have to pay it too late too late of all day with the Filipino Anna Blackie. They both they both could be ready to want to call it a day. A black man had to do it. You gotta do to be better off on itself from a good many here. That's all he'll know say you can't be mad at her and making more money. Do you brought me I'll? Send you get all your they'll be here? Do you go do not add to their people? They ve been a debate at all. You ve got a girl. She can make your mind me asking me: what do you do when I'm, the only one man isn't gonna black men, everybody ass, you are either everyone or asian filipino lies in a jiffy matters Filipino rather five. What one would talk about EAST array said. Call us now is the breakfast club, the moon.
Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. If you just joined us, we're talking. Israelis trending once also media right now because of her book that came out what for, five years ago garden. Fifteen thousand yea it now we are ye. Can you tell me what was in a book which which may make him people so mad? As said. The plight of asian men is nearly the same as that of black moon, except for the fact that their women tend to marry white or other far more often, in fact asian Americans have the high. Weight of into marries asian man, your reputation, sucks too. This is why I propose that black in an asian men join forces in love, merits in procreation, educated black women, what better intellectual met for you than an asian man, and I'm not talking about Filipino there like the blacks evasions, I'm Talkin chinese, Vietnamese, japanese Et Cetera The thing people are really mad about this and I really mad about what you said. It is mad about the double standard that exists because of a black I say that about black woman they would have been cancelled
It is trying to give easy it s aim energy, because you know then think about what she say edgy. Aided black women, your Beth intellectual matches, the asian man, other there's, no educated black men out there were not a black man say that about a black woman, a watch. What would have been more or less go to fall ass? They wish it ain't, gonna pay Santana we're talking were israeli. Nobody think I fail people want a reasonably be mad and better having written a book about a few, my playing any paying black women. Don't talk about them up all the pomp educator, black one. I don't think he's against black love, as I think that you know why you were young. Well educated. They don't do you like it if not what would you say to those who say that educated black women go choose educated? You mean what you say: you will get their by fighting back about ain't that advocated grapple Michel flock Asia may do not show them to be at the bottom of the common position. Well see, sounding like a black man about alibi.
Our marrying black women. So they put it at the bottom of all of women, because black women, the bottom and asian manner. At the bottom of men, so we might as well get together with each other she's, not saying black men are educated, earthly, no Muslim and there was an aim of name's area area. What do you think about each raise David? I don't see anything where she sat up a body while all love one another on the but most whereby love is ready, and I like people are always trying to come for a black woman whenever they have something to say their baby outside the door about the debate they want. What you say is true true here she sent him at the plight of Black in being the same as the plight of asian men, because, where at the bottom alone is just like one, as you hook up with asian men, have babies get married? Yes, he said because the pilot The man is not the same as that: a black women, except for the fact that their women tend to marry white or the far more often hello, yes, hi Mendocino promptly.
Oh, I know your modem. What do you think about what s erase it in a book? I agree with her two hundred percent. As I have been attending privacy from the age of three and a low, my black men. Nothing is more beautiful to me than the black man, but they treat me like trash. Cried I ass his own. You have not have leave their you anything. I say we, I don't think you understand was he was. Finally, I want to build you and me I just better. I hear and yours so women black women are treated like they're at the bottom of the totem. Paul right, yes, very much, though it is very helpful in this very painful when is done by one of our own and that's why I started dating white men because I got tired of it. They treated me much better. There very respect both and to this day I still look for a black eye,
to quote Chris what not fail in assistance. What I'll go when you go see black granted to I'll be a boot out the data which alone, why both the all? I know this insecurity than three come, and I will be watching insecurity than three ideas like when you get on line and you try to fade, cancel people. Ok, this really was. It is a three year old, tolerable, on a twenty fifties. All your approving today, really don't worry, or should they wasn't really starting to see and hear my three because in New York but fell in book? Well, you know there was actually after they show came a spear day, after insecure study, they re released it again and sculpture. Montoni succeed. This came out before insecure. The limit it back out again after the show came all alone got mad at this yesterday. Most of all, it is storing them all in a story and insecurity them three is on the way our aid is now goes that me from watching it, but I do understand why either upset because a clear double standard that exists because of a black eye. There is about a black woman war. Lord have mercy data being cancelled right.
You, I rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about who broke day, cause Spotify First day, streaming record I didn t get it. I was gonna do this anytime soon, but when you find out who it is alright keep allotted to breakfast global more about the toy Angela eat breakfast web. They call his aben k. O D broke the: U S negative first day streaming on Spotify, but now postman alone has surpassed that record with over thirty six million streams in the United States, and he said a new global mark on their popular service as well. So there you have it set. Cause album whether surprise album when it came out and so in Jericho Lambs, actually good at the polls gave elicits away. I have ended. I never will listen to that. Mamma Mamma, maybe they make us, they have posted alone at all. Is fans will be my mentions? Madame,
without like possible. There may be a great em they might be. Media, you hey, listen to it. I didn't think Megan comments about it. Now, J cause album way is number one on billboard cell. He has about three hundred ninety seven thousand equivalent album units in the week. So congratulations to J call for his successful new album k, o d now Jaso is having his dream. Veil festival Now that festival is going to be an Riley North Carolina and that's gonna be going down September fifteenth. So anybody interested in that Gmail Festival. That's what is happening now,
Hendrick lemme. His damn out themselves have gone up two hundred and thirty six percent. Ever since he, when that Pulitzer prize your Mama Milburgh Electrical more, oh really, you could use english teachers or proposals. She wasn't policies, but the Pulitzer Prize, big dealers, intellectuals, Kendrick, Lamar, yeah, he's the first nine classical our jazz artists to earn that a word. So congratulations to him for damn congratulation. What is this? What song should I listen to from kindred more where'd, you tell Ojo motto: Durban. Now: that's not a song now speaking to breaking record Avenger Infinity WAR has passed star wars, fourth awakens and made two hundred and fifty million dollars just in the United States in three hundred eighty million dollars overseas. So in total that six hundred and thirty billion dollars in that's without China, yet because it has come out in China until May eleventh. So once that happens, you already know what that's gonna. Be Then answer your question in the event of any welcoming morning: black Panther nervously.
Heredity, so there was no way to the forest awakens. As I told you, so congratulations to everybody over Germany and marble for events. Infinity war. Every event movie is made of a billion into it. I don't know this is this is the culmination of ten years of films and I don't know I've seen black Panther, but I was not interested in an urgent one. Come at our next year of India's again. Yes wanted. Romania would lead him to come whenever I google feel like sitting down and on it, and I are gonna quit boiled. O Connor was. At an affinity. What's that very well meddling in that year. Rumour report Thank you miss you, gentlemen. Yes, we given it down to list and we need Margaret to leave. I think I favour not our nation. The president of the White House Correspond association. We need to come in for the economy, We, like devil aware will derive, will get into that. When we come back, he believed the breakfast club come on.
I was born and I don T care about God. You today for Monday, Aber thirty of goes to White House Correspondence Association President Margaret to leave and everyone was upset about the jokes. Shall we made at the White House correspondence. Then it is past weekend now Michel was given back last, because people are calling her comedy routine, vulgar in personal, in particular somewhat verbal venom, she had for White House, press secretary Farrah. How could be saved is? Can we have some of the police that's up to the podium? I get excited because I'm not really sure what we're gonna do. You now present bringing thing a bunch of lies or divided into soft Bob T, shirts and skin than those times on research, allow bridge Jim
I am really lags there. I think he's very resourceful like she burns back and then she uses that ass to create a perfect Mogi. I give you more I want to. What's there, how can be Vander? You know that standards. Is a zero Huckabee Sanders? Is it cousin Huckabee? Is it Anti Huckabee Sanders like? What's Uncle Tom Buffer white women? does the point. Otherwise, why man, Well, there are no suitable Mean Michel deliveries, trash which made the jokes are not really funny. But if the white outcries bodies, then Kate is what the White House corresponded, then is all about jokes rooted in truth and satire rooted in truth. Can I assume the jokes? You made about my parents, my aunt, I joy heavings, abortion is murder which first allow dont
get the dry do. Try it really not yet you know you gonna, do my baby Anna there any age- Are you gain ground? Ah you, while I know a lot of you are very antiabortion. You know unless it's the one you got for your secret minster they jokes rooted in truth and satire rooted in true for gay. Even if the delivery is tragic right and I can't stand people who condition but can't take it all right, I'll celebrity in chief, no trouble. Michaud show up to the White House Correspondence dinner because he's afraid to get jobs like this job is now Mac nonetheless, would you so weird germ were not gone. The white nationalism like calling a patter while a kid friend, I am only wine Zena. Ladies man, would you Bearing yoga legs plan, look beautiful group president of
United States of america- and you can say vile and disgusting things and not be joking. Don't get mad at a comedian for saying vow, disgusting things when she's, actually joking Ok, that is indeed Michel, was job right. Donald Trump said the White House Correspondence Denny tweeted, as he said it was a failure. Asia, but this year with an embarrassment to everyone who associated with the filthy comedian too ITALY Bob couldn't even live our lives. Much like this have minds. We perform its put. Did it the thought over and I agree with no forty five sell delivery was weak, but so what account may not agree? when our delivery, what I agree will Michel being able to deliver it? Ok now everyone should have an opinion about Michel was jokes. Ok, she told those jokes this weekend in people didn't have an opinion. Too bad. You probably really stuck there right. Good, honest commentary is supposed to be polarizing, but one present shouldn't be upset. President of the White House correspond his dinner Margaret to leave. Ok, the president of the dinner she said? She's not happy are, in fact she said the jokes mayor, uncomfortable listless, hear her speak. My aim.
We I sought to put together the programme was to build a spirit of unity in that room to rally around Why is important mile? I regret is that those fifteen minutes are now defining four hours of what was really wonderful. Unifying night I dont want as of unity be undercut when they entertainer is a comedian and, as has been the case for most of the last thirty years, or so they are often controversial. There, often polarizing, or at least provocative it's a night about free speech. So by tradition we do not that their monologue. Do you think she crossed the line? I think that she brought to the night was she. It was important to say and that her go may not have been pressing unity and everyone rally around the room to support journalism, Margaret don't say ass, a knight of free speech and then get upset because comedians speaking freely. Ok, if you truly feel that way you food on invite comedians, give the keynote speech. Ok, now not Donald Trump, his saying they should put the White House Correspondence, din and arrest. I don't agree with it, but I have no.
Problem put needs arise as long as the Trump Administration is in the White House. I don't think this administration deserves a white house. Corresponding. Ok is nothing in this administration should be made light of ok, this administration to dangers to joke about it. I know have the lab to keep from crying, but not a right. I think Depredators approval rain has to be at a certain number. He nodded and you to dinner, and some jokes. Okay, if you approve a rating, is forty percent. You don't deserve a damned Anna Margaret police. Listen! Ok, you don't have to agree with what people say. Where's. You truly believe in freedom of speech. You should defend their right to say. Please give Margaret the president of the White House, Correspondence Association, the biggest here all right, Would they give it a donkey today? Yes, now only come back, no every Wednesday and Thursday we do ask ie and sometimes we get some emails. Are some dams in EU
Emily ever they are yet, and this one has sparked a ladder conversation now. I posted about men and poor grammar and he's got about fourteen hundred comments. To what degree does a man with poor texting grandma turn you off, assuming everything about else about him, his great? How much would it matter my grandma isn't exactly perfect, but damn this guy recently started talking to seem super cool, but his texting is a huge turn off. He says here when he means here there when to be there and never, even by those who use any kind of punctuation how important, as they use a proper grammar when Texel Germane, you mean here when you mean who, like eighty are innovation, aria right? Why we would be caught up and stuff like that? If you know what I'm talkin Does it matter our right? Will aid on Jamie five, eight five one five working days, we added a ludicrous in or on the words texting like most of the time I drive and of doing something. You know I'm doing three things at once, so you would have you get you get? You want to stay out of saying no luggage and dates.
In its early on in a relationship in ya, don't know each other that well does it matter to you how that person is texting. If they can't spell. Perhaps leave these in the wrong, whereas now using punctuation, so they take the time and effort to make sure that text is pretty as accurate as they can. There they showed is presently being allowed. These kids like us the way to communicate now like they communicate via social media. They communicate. We had taken with your grandparents, though, should be flawless a shit you know that everything is lot or correct. I'm is so bad with me if I use my so my life would be like no saved from you. I want you to say this: is resource from Dg Ii has fallen in Andalusia taxes, mine monitoring as she's embarrassed that you absolute rights over matters absolutely were Five, a five one, o five one is somebody's grandma when a text is that a deal, break it off. While somebody growing brings about aggressive grandma, I D say: grandma is the breakfast locomotive
the breakfast. According everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now you know We Wednesday and Thursday. We do ask tee, and sometimes you know, people call people DM and people email and he got a very interesting email. Yes, she wants to know what degree does a man with poor texting grammar turn? You are assuming everything else about. Him is great. How much would it matter my grammar isn't exactly perfect, but damn this guy I've recently started talking to seem supercool by. Texting is a huge turn off. He says here when he means here there when it should be there and never bothered to use any kind of punctuation. How important is the use of proper grammar winter thing, lousy, big guy did a merry, because my grandma not Grandmama grammar, yeah I'd, valuable Michael. I don't use punctuation values wrong here there you know. I'm always ammonia one day right is texting. Keeping movement is amazing, though, because muffled supposed to be smart in April to be smarter than us, but they're not
because they still let all of these bad grandma and stuff fly. I know I'm no good at it. I'm no good at grammar. No good at punctuation, another kind of Germany, the about away Sidney, really matter to them ass. It may right, no book, all my fault, you know what I'm trying to say. We did, then that's why I like reality, should have long text messages thereby need to get away long text thread may pick up the phone and called a person you really want to talk to? I do believe we should make an effort to at least do things properly. Like I know, is not always gonna be correct. Sometimes I sent out things a little mistaken it, but I think it's consistently all kinds of mistakes. If you work for and you send out a text message and there's all kinds of areas: thou a bother me and if you sent me text messages with all kinds of errors, I will probably have to say something like hey. What are you texts like that? Sometimes we both purposely spell things wrong, like direct dis that it is, or you know, is weird. I don't understand why we do that we grown Nora, so I do feel like it's important to Chad and still there, and especially when you try to make an impression early on Oh there's the observer
moreover, how borders gravel when it comes to you, then I fear that I get that cloning and give it up. I don T think we got background. I feel like that, falling on you, like not always easy, not deal is legally in Europe, we have gone back there. They look here now we from the Chuck Now- and we have we type like we talk kimono this dynamic, you're right, you're right, you're right, but on your right. Guys. You gotta, be hear me in here Nobody is now good computer. You say you're right, you're, right, you're, right you when you're right, you're right you're right, you're right. You know, you know how many of you telling you that you're right in what you say and would then he's going to your right, and you know I mean I'm comes- allows this paper. The morning item Arab now.
His grandma when it comes to a person who do, I believe, with very important? My biggest Pepe, but you know, is when people right I'm or they right am. I am, and if the both of you like, I really not that big of a deal. But if I come on honey, let's or does the element of gold, though Gordon? Ok, I think, allows this gender age you. How important is grandma when it comes to personal data is quite important. Actually You never know you never know it's like. Let there saying as then, if it's really what they how he fell it or if it is to me it here. If you look in her dad you're wondering, is she not smart or is she just she just landed sexting. Do it's thing? You know you don't know that their smart. I could beat you stay.
Just be the way they are. But why is it that the line of attack within its autumn person, I know you can avoid all it? Is the beaches taxi, boozy commie, absolutely, is simply tens com even way out of this aid. Five, a five one, o five one. How important is grandma when it comes to a person than you dating call? Us now is to breakfast locomotor morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, nay, you know we do ask E Wednesday and Thursday, but sometimes she gets a bunch of emails that is so interesting.
A red on air? Now this was about grandma. Rightly yes, you must know what degree does a man with poor texting grandma ten you off if they dont use, thereby punctuation, they dont use the right where's. He said it's a turn off now: access both to John Legend on Lip service, which is out right now about this and here's what he had to say. These approves the me. I will be able to do it with with someone dies. Nato's crises are really good. Tax energy, as we all know from our tweeting she's, were issued a clever and everyday she's, not always strict with grammar but she's intentional. With her grand I like around, you know the rules, we have our own rules and she she does it for affect more than because she doesn't know the grammar, and so thus part of our film over there, which is our banter on
eggs was really good at it and if someone was texted me like that and in their spelling was all over the place and a grandma sallow resembling now can do I mean I agree, I mean your grandma's should be better. Mine is horrible and I would admit that. But that's why I'm colonel. I wish all of you said earlier com. It simply pick up. Simply tat. Let me touch you call me I'll. Take you call me can we talked is through the guys are really Madame comments about this and said: that's why you ve got no man and you not marry cause. You worried about little stupid things and it's not a big deal and so on and so forth. And some women also felt like it wasn't that important either, but I do feel like it's a representation of you like you should at least make an effort. Sometimes we don't ya. You know right everything properly, but an effort, our banks of the opposite and all my instagram, my wife or call me like you know you said this wrong, fixed this now like Have you already beyond it off? If you know that, I think we need to have a limit on our text messages in the same way have a limit on you told her. You should have a limit on.
Tat message. Is that what you can avoid? Really you can avoid backgrounds days to local political Jennifer Lawrence allows this idea Anyone know how important grandma when it comes to somebody you do you know we go, don't you with. It is very important in its first year, this meeting of the Mai is further proof of the report. Expresses and you haven't figured trotted. I guess the empty groundwater talking about. I would definitely block you, hear, felt a loyal, noble axiomatic, damn yeah, but my biggest wanted what we were times there like. I know how to do this and I felt no in oh, I get it. I guess is both reports and your forth in your Otto forward well being wrong now, because you're not even letting them do the right word your your efforts.
I do wonder why worry about it? I'm pregnant women compared to learn how to combat and on the king. I know I'm like I know. I know I just add I in oh, but I know I came in o W added to adopt this Asia was mostly when you do want a million things allows this avoid being followed go on new acted, so your Graham is all over the place. Bro you already, you already is ready for my relationship, though you know me, I'm a widely lack that they like that as part of a lake. It did you don't owe me no one that they think, like you know, you baby, that's how do you know what I think is very considerable that way when we began
Robert. I beg you get that I want our allow this healthy. How are you buy a kills? You were talking about grandma when it comes to our relations you. What do you think? I totally agree with what the matter that you now it's a naughty I haven't been with a band of then like all. I will go and bear but ban or there, if Thou Colonel is deterring also of our point. If our point meet me here, H, e r and d jewelry store when a buy you, oh god, damn twenty care ring to propose view. You not go meet me here. Eighty eight, without very good point I'll carry aids. We had a big you. Mamma was the moral of the story is their moral of the story. I say I make the effort that Ireland thing at least chatter, there's no reason that you should be spelling things. Why? Because be about a correct, we have Google. We have all these tools to make sure that we can do things properly. I envy you have kids you
taxing the kids and properly with them, but I told him. I wonder I learned this talk unsaddled ex post of my being, it is told me, whenever you gotta do? How do I do have one more of alma sarcastic people? Why, sometimes you know I'm telling you sarcastic comic can be completely ruined by your inability to use, correct grandma and is nothing worth and given a nice witty sarcastic common, often reply think cats. You put him bad grammar and so did even land away. You wanted. It lay login. Ok, all right! Now we got rules on away. Yes, I said about our Kelly. If you guys are looking forward to see him in concert, maybe it won't happen. Ok, we'll get it back. Keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive, breakfast get the hell out his angles. Videos, infinity, walk, languid negotiators weaken. Ok, I got myself eating a home to go and take my daughter, me and my lady s goals at the way in which the school was an already got my figures, but maybe fandango three thirty.
Be an area where men NGO will be invented NGO in no at nine amending. I wish I were less gives it a rural area, recital seven industry, five, we don't care what our colleague skull building the new. The rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where I Kelly's upcoming performance, has been hit. So there was both be at the University of Illinois Chicago, but they had a petition to prevent him from performing at the college on time ass. This website it says our Kelly is no longer performing now. Our Kelly was to apologize for some of these consequences. Here he is apologies as all my fancy, Chicago and basically around the world where the performance and cancer while the council shall I never heard of a show being cancelled because of homeless because of us so everything's powers ass. You guys
in time to try to get to the bottom? Families is assigned to see exactly what happened in plows castle value. Have you feel a little girl who had been on table long time ago? Ok, you got a history of dating girls, statutory right- that's why should I cancel advertising campaign is doing is how has tag new? I Kelly Campaign, well, and they did an open letter that was posted on social media and on the route where they said. We demand appropriate investigations and inquiries into the allegations of our Kelly's abuse made by women of color and their families for over two decades now, and we declare with great vigilance and a united voice too, one who wants to silence as their time. It is apple. Farley all attempts in the council, the right person, because, unfortunately, should have been gives it a long time ago now we actually had Jan Leginn any talked about. I Kelly, and what happened when music, some are killing music was played in his home. Here's what he said. So then, I will not be literally gardens of the pipeline
all right, let's run of, I think, that's no way age. Only not getting cancer is bent along. The thing is, is almost too legacies well past his prime anyway, so the money you gonna make has already been made pretty much. We had a party of details claim Asylum my house ass. I turned it off. How many times have I sit down on his radio, the main roads I'll, go easy! Nobody! Nobody! Columns of the pie, pilot, a pie, pebble, let a bunch of kids out of a village never to be seen again now. Suddenly, John Legend save it means something. Minded attitude has shut instead, embedded in la belle, cabbie is mentally preparing himself to go to prison. Chile and about the largest die on all your right. We do have guided by about eight six, and he said you know when they cemetery place. I want you to be there to tell my story because it seems that one is listening. No one once the real story. Illegal megan, prison after grim, remove reject. Please will it begin, owns ok You lived a long life and you know he's he's out on bail right.
Now and I'm sure he's gonna be times to go ahead in appeal there. Then we'll see what happens, but according to the judge, he will be sentenced within seventy five days. In the meantime, he has to undergo a sexually violin predator assessment as well, and his own house arrest he faces up to thirty years, Is behind bars. What about all the other people? I met Lauer Charlie rose billow, Riley and Harvey wise dean. Roger ales! Well, that's gonna! Shrub get! Those ties is going gummy, Jesus Christ. You know that to get to do because these eighty years, oh now- and these things they back to the sixty
you get a moon ever do remember a year ago, looks in your life. Never too late. I write Kim Kardashian was on Ellen and she spoke about the whole Chloe car, dashi and interesting absence situation. Here's what you had to say it's just so! We really were rooting for Chloe and we still are. You know: she's she's, so strong and she's doing the best that she can it's a really sad situation. I gotta made this role with my brother. If there's a baby involved, I'm gonna like keep acute and keep a class they and not talk too bad or not gonna, try not to say anything so negative, because day. True is gonna, save ass, the man you know it's just so messed up says you me there were with her brothers. I guess that means you can say nothing to brass around like China, which is a world rarer, now? Stop it? I riccardi be. She was at the Broccoli city festival in she. I guess his habits misuse and she cannot wait to have this bay because you got some new beef. Here's what she said!
I knew it was you too, I don't know we don't know it is new beef is with by seeking a way to Egypt is baby, so she can address it scattered around Lamb, Angela YE, and that is your room, a report well all right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back, we got the people's choice mixed. Let me know which one here late entry to the people Bobby five, one, oh boy, lying to the people that they have a choice in this matter. They do shatterer vote will see you tomorrow, everybody else we must start to mix off at my next single. This is her now listen. This is the people's choice mix, who chose disregard can I say I really livelihood is regularly come out, I'm so you and he says what they I'm excited and I'm a big fan of heavy would be granted me. Do you know it? This is our freed surface. Brownest breakfast locomotive
essential. That word is taken on a whole new meaning the products we use every day, soup so disinfectants, things we take for granted are essential right now, millions of people dont have the essentials they mean. So Unilever is donating essential products they make like dove and Helmand to feeding America and direct relief. Its of Unilever's national Day of service on May twenty first and they invite you to join them, get involved at. We are united for America, Dotcom, renewed Buddhist authoring, teacher Jarvis Masters steadfastly me in this innocent, since he was sentenced to death. Almost thirty years. New party ass, dear govern Jarvis, poses the question from the yoke of water.
From the confines of his nine. By for sale in sampling, Jervis will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of division in the most dire circumstances, therefore spot, thereby by broad, regardless of our house, will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief work our job here, details from inside this is a truly spite for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme exonerate him reaffirmed his death sentence? Listen to dear governor and the high hurt radio apple podcast wherever you get your past
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