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Is it racism or just preference?


1-29- 29 Today on the show we were joined by Dr.Jess who spoke about mental health and even got a chance to give advice to our listeners about it. Moreover, after a caller called up and posed the question, 'is it racism if you want your child to bring home someone of the same race?' on our segment "Get It Off Your Chest" we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought. Also, Florida keeps giving stories for Charlamagne to call them out on  "Donkey of the Day" and this time a Floridian is getting the hee- haw for finding a grenade and then taking it to Taco Bell. 

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Together, like a mega voyages tupperware without his prayers round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some other body: do a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern age. Lee manages Andy Charlemagne again presented a plan is to get to South America in flowers this morning will actually before we
to that, because I thought that they were important, but they are not like to say what today is open. Winfried boys, your mama's worth the trouble include Basel, whoever you know my lab knows cod. They also Harriet Tubman born day s right, ok problem include bonds buried. There is also no also national free thinkers day. Ok saw you group think, as you have to sit this went out, but, most importantly, is curmudgeon. They drop. One include above all the margins. I don't know what a marginal tank cantankerous difficult in bad tempered person who is usually also an old man now to flowers. Actually, yes, I see that's it. That's bosom, Africa has what is asked to stop this, not for him. No seriously. This has to stop ok. This is this. Is the card for the flowers is vital? many roses like it just doesn't it three doesn't do three dozen railroads is right Charlemagne these for Taylor. If you were real one, give them all
Taylor. You read this: keep your head up sincerely biggest van further voluntarily as a producer of odd. As far as a beautiful bad await area. Doesna knows a lot cheaper, she's wanted to produce an abrupt, closer, producing, come upon cast for us as well, and in May this doesn't give ourselves? The rate is in no way started. I know you don't. Isley yeah now has been damaged, and I know how it is that its ourselves, you want to set the Charlemagne, isn't she did the same thing last week when it was Mikhail is born? They wish you who works up here Mikhail? Does she sent herself a box to fly were summarily divide, tell is way too cheap. Ok, myself, those flowers, ok you're, not going to spend more money than those are beautiful, Sagittarius limited. My business node is how to choose this you're doing this ourselves
I'll see what the real human rights to which they call us ill. I wanted to vote a buyer than you could at least go on a date with this guy girl. We don't know who it is China and others that deal as my niece, but why would they sent me flowers to give detail if I'm a real when arguing detail about what they want, and I was an air. The reason you send people flowers at work is so that other people- That is our name now. She suddenly now tell us that they cause. I want to get it from my daughter, Taylor, what would you get over it? I'm fine! I don't know how the plow up there you go right. Did you go you taking right is down from a red roses. Dotcom we got the number right it we're gonna, call and see who if he allows throw flowers that very true Does that mean why wife tailored Doin it was sent to Mr Swoboda for ourselves? Laguna bottles for you,
given my daughter now you can buy a flower televue smart. You sell twelve, thirty, six, thirty six. If you can get in the way you did me that you can sell it does because a year flowers come here. Funky athletes there we go why we said this show this morning they bring as you lassie desert flowers. I want to set out how Weber do you guys know car where's windfall she's excited skipper, We are well below Christmas Movement, however, than either he's probably more than twenty five hundred bucks also for the people he has his own. He has the largest african American on publishing company in the world, but he has his own series on BT called the family business, and that was the first see then having tonight is the finale of the four season, so we're hoping he gets a second season of the family business, but I hosted a book. Out with him yesterday: BT, diabetes, I want to know is the initial positions on. Never seen never seen an earlier from goals.
Plays the dash d, so he had to go to jail. We see no mother based on his series, the family, business and now I just want to know however, because he was there and its ethics amazing, he's done what he's dying like the lights African American on publishing company in the world? They climbed a p video books will draw political bullshit about their literary world to whom he wished
dunno. If anybody is of adequate workest in flowers, ass, these seated offend our classmates and flowers to himself in labour them raggedy flowers, I would die she said to herself. Maybe not. I would really will the glad. Oh, you is to weaken, or some kind of jealous do. I know what I know. No man, I know it's not like there is no more than a flowery nowhere. Somebody called us we're. Listen, does call of intelligent classmates and herself loused rabbit our coalition himself, a burly shall we have to start the humanity. Promoting the doktor just will be joining us this more job. Well, don't you jump, can you make it worse? Rational will open up the former, as we would all that. I in also forget get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, five one and five one. Now you we are proposing that we talk about a yes. Well, let's talk about how it shouts we totally is potentially running for president
he got interrupted, some people are protesting him actually running. You know he's a former CEO Starbucks, alright, we'll get into that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive morning: everybody's D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast Club Blueskins front page news. We talk about our let's get ready for this supervisor. Now they're saying that there's going to be about six billion dollars in bets that are going to be placed by the super bowl now the reason that number has gone up so much of last year's up twenty six percent from a year ago is because last year, only in about a had actual legalise sports betting this year, there's eight states that have that so there's eight of them compared with just a year ago, and of course people still do. They are legal bedding There's also going to be male cheerleaders at the super bowl. So that's going to be history as well for the super bowl, because the rams to have male cheerleaders. So if you guys are ready for that, then You haven't been male cheerleaders, bascombe, that's community enough. We don't ever did cheer and all you did. You notice, you haven't had a supervisor
in about it, we have to talk about. The two men would have deeply rams at around media ass. Both that's one thing for them and super yes. Actually I right now, let's talk about how itself, did announce that is preparing to run for president. As a third party candidate he's a former Starbucks, the ear when he's also nature by two hour for his new birth and while he was speaking at a Barnes Ennobles event in New York, he was interrupted by protestors the other see
Why did I mean we're going to manage change where they live with? You got anything less than they have policies? Nobody might you stay as war, but I feel I came running as an independent he's. Gonna end up spending the boat to people who have open democratic. That's gonna help how brilliantly road like Vestal, that's the whole point of another marital screamed out and interrupted healthcare as a human right, and that's because when shouts was on sixty minutes, he said the count you can't afford to provide free healthcare, for all. So people were getting remove, found. Welcome. All out on CNN love May says you must remember kid Medicare far enough we're gonna have that in New York. I believe too so that the plan here it just in New York State right now for he was simply offices were shot while serving warrants are they was having a search warrant. An about a dozen narcotics officers, along with some patrol officers, have responded to our residents where they believe that drugs were being sold as the colleagues officers announced themselves as they got to the front door gunfire started for undercover narcotics officers were struck by gunfire and a fifth officer. Seven,
a me injury as well, so they did kill to suspects at the scene and they did not release those names. Yet, imagine that going to do your job serve that warrant and then people to start shooting at you right now. Major Iphone faced time bag, though you hear about I'm: u annoying, they can talk to you. Two faced enormous allows J Electronic. Did it's me about thirty times yesterday, you aren't you hear your phones there you never really here ring, but you look at your phone and all of a sudden and just hear a voice. So even if you now my fun with it, my bag. My point- and I just heard him, be like angela- don't ignore me, pick up the phone and I haven't even touch my phone us work, you of Europe and governmental invasion of privacy. Something is wrong about to go back to just a regular flu, for and the airlines which, in a way that people are doing it, you said it. You know how to do it now known very familiar to me yesterday action
with what have you to let me out, and they were going to do it now. I had no idea you sent me out of the room. Cares you sad face time, video car with somebody in your contacts and why that caused, dialing, use, wipe and tap at a person and add your own phone number. That's how you do it and as such a group face time, and so the person doesn't even have to answer the phone and you can hear them and they come here. You see, I thought it was a glitch when, when I first heard about it, I've gotta be, could freeze term you. Instead, see what you would find out about the state of political blackmail community was about the triple or when the next day, if that was the case, my goodness our right, that's front page get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent, hit us up right now, it's the breakfast club good Morning,
the breakfast club pounding down you're gonna, get it off you wanna breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this, I don't sermon. Now you do Are you sure of it s more than just a matter of course of the year? But why has not taken any serious year after, like racism is something that you not born? Right? Enough alike is its being taught you had to be copyright, so my question to you guys is: should is black sheep like theirs, is backfire on poor the key is to be fighting against other racism. Always like this, I don't beg you raise in your kids to be raises other think, you're telling your kid the reality in the world you let them make their own decisions to correct our thinking I don't think you're telling you can be raised at all. I think that we should be against a system of systemic suppression, and I mean
of oppression and marginalization like we know, widened, supremacy, israeli, we know what is done There's a people's idle big is anything wrong with lightning kids know the reality. It s meant to make their own private defiantly, I'm off the light racism off the light depending you define it is not. The role of here Do you not argue by like anyone else you don't know anything about not raises you d say I mean I get it. We all have our own presidency outline buys it tunnel. I will reach a favourable bought me if you like. The powerful body right, you don't know about. Lobbying races does not mean that the world has ever broader, does have a proud and new people. We had that racism that don't clodagh these mark. You they're, probably all people, don't you know with the anti black all day long round are not selling them, don't mess somebody because the wider, because the Asia, because these are known to be pro anything, no mean you answer so moving on parole black that momentum at I everything goes out, but I hate white supremacy and I hate it
Susan, I hate bigots right. Why are you provide? Go live off? Our can remain. Was why goggles slack example Y yeah? I'm not you wonder what as you you don't want to you naughty history, your people, but let me have you afraid the revenue you can you say about a right? then be like what I don't my daughter to come out. Will you know by the Like Guy yes, Sir, my below raise never reasons as a lower rate of vat. At the end of the day. It is yes, you eat, you could be pro black and you, and you can tell you kids about you, know that their heritage, but by saying Let them to bring somebody home because it the color escape, is low fat. I don't want my daughter to bring a lasting rescues, Randal New Redskins fan. Vain are for that of Vigo Frame. I don't think it's easier case no argument about our boys. Big cities case hate at exemplary, hey now that appropriate, gonna zeroed Enzo actual grew, so be it and it's all right is more topical,
wait. What our no viable, but both of the road is ever doubted, does bring home. Somebody does not black and you still accept them because you less amassed by now, of course, do as a father can say man. I really want to be with a black person. You have our paragraph nine preferences model to be happy for as long as you're has hardly prayer of my daughter to be urban Aguilar when she's happy what a black man as even a buzz even more my mother and my great grandmother, my great grandfather, they will races, they ve ever they travel far away. Girl probably ever era, don't ever growing era. Segregation absolutely like they know what it was like different air and ass. For me, I just want must set a mother to be happy, but they give a coil of rope. I get it off it eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent hit us up at any time, you've got rumors on a way. Yes, and this is pretty funny yesterday, Keith Sweat.
Guys working, so little media would tell you I will get a threat mix. He belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast the boys on the radio carrying out his comrades. Already. This fight is fixed. Rob when include love. Waddington has shown the Caribbean Longshore outside girl, shouted comedy, manage immigration enjoy in relation to Russia with ILO Baby shouted comedy. I will ask for these rooms a sob pamper gas report. The reul report was glad black Panther will be going back into their betters it'll, be it a select two hundred and fifty m c theatres for the week of February first to the seven, so there is no admission for them.
Either suffered. I won a week. If you want to go and see it, it'll be freeze and they say you take our amphitheatres to see where Bobby, I guess, there's no, I mean, even though you can just sit and privacy own home and pulling a born utility. I'm gonna get another legitimately and allocated a bet on aeroplanes, and I don't care about that think I want my welcome reply. Printed them already allows us alone. Right now. Let's talk about black China. She was in Honolulu, vacation, and with shied earlier you got something Bandit blog China shot her. I write well, they got into a really bad argument around five, a dot m at their hotel there at the Ritz Carlton? Do you accuse him of cheating according to sources, and things got violent according to TMZ, they said the Blac Chyna scratched kid Buu and that's when he slammed her again.
While several times and sell their. Somebody had to call nine when one and that's when captain paramedics arrived on the sea will lead the rugged. Sheltered bull could move closer so close to malfunction, sometimes with silver gear malfunction. Now Kivu posted on his social media. Thank you next and then Black China posted single dammit, you boys, the corner, it he's a clown if you do have lad tv and he is Eddie Cyclone, I'm convinced if you ever seen as you were, he broke down. The clown in what laboratory, from even at a number and how they, while may only one man, no reason not to believe I write well according to about cried ass. He, and, by the way black China has gone missing before she went to Honolulu. She was supposed to pick up their daughter dream for his scheduled time but That's when he found out that she was nowhere around. He couldn't get a hold of her. They dont communicate with each other. Their nannies actually handle all exchanges about the baby, the prisoner, miss and if you see them on Instagram every day, but I know she that what is it that way,
as he within, has had a pick up your kid. If you're going to be okay, I can't do that arise. So, according to Rob Kardashian, he was not given any type of warning that she would not be available to care for their daughter, and he just felt like that was missing out on daughter, mommy time I keep sweat has had to apologize. Now a positive picture where MBA young boy right nothing wrong with that, except that he wrote at twenty one, savage and sweat. A lot of it then had to let him know that that was not twenty one, savage! It would then be a young boy. Now, no more oji apologize yeah. He apologized. Why now you posted a team apologises for the mistake made in our post team, sweat, apologize. We inadvertently use another item name and regret the inconvenience that occur We have made every step to correct this era immediately. Never would I apologize from oldness. Ok, I honestly to problem keys. What is it?
seven, your king, I be so what, if you downloaded there between twenty ones out an MBA young boy, it I don't know to do between a lot of these young is either yes, you do, but so I know some of you know some newspaper said idea makes us free yesterday, but DMZ Dmz. That happens is also in Australia that get it actually muslim. Antonio observers, I enjoy the meetings. I know you'd bracket mix, NBA Young boy up what all these other ways music. You allow line that. I don't even know you know MBA young guy. Why? then you are wise, AUS God. Why avenge you, God? Why be envious? Algae, mobilise wives, I sell so another aberrant. Yet neither why Vienna's accrue right. Galileo in Oakland forget down the aisle refilled apologia. My own dynamic leasing, wish. I would apologise alembic that when a young boy, please I re well, as you know, is the right thing to do. If thou bad about it, I met, and remember we were at an event. An? U mistook. I think who was their Nick Jonas. You put you tag Joe Jonah, some delay. They all look alike. I see I wasn't apart.
There's a guy now look what you are in any way as a tag, the wrong way around round all live. You will look at the issue and, above all that was Interpol. I was a family with a family with eighty twenty that and I don't want social media notice, liberal people's basic use. What would all kind of like Yale, an MBA young, the fact that here in the garden- and let me tell you, don't sweat, it does, but maybe, as alone and be more than just go crazy. Airy, Nashua Santana wants to delay his jail sentence, and you know why that is. He wants to make sure that he goes to affirming a Tyler Perry Union enjoy its crucial right on top of black history. Moldavia drop one lesson of career. They re able to participate in it. I'd closure for him. I love in it or no did you see the as he's ever Esparza appear at the event as a pertains to Levin Hip hop. So maybe it's a lot hip, hop filmy or your begging him bad alone, I'll, apparently union? I don't know he's abs, AIDS, easier.
The Taliban Harry Siena NEO, farewell knows any organ now. I know that only vulgar. I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports Thank you. Miss Yelena myth. Medea, Miss Medea way with you as a farewell number. The air or you re I'll kill. Him would be a need to have it from India will become a you gonna Miss Medea. Of thoroughly enjoyed a lot of my dear films over the years on camera twins, your favorite probably Medea go to jail, but you know it is too early. One though, like diary of a man like eyes, yes is the early was not necessarily the ones where was like. Medea goes the Mars and my dear does Halloween like when she might generalise, adding seed analysing the vehicle. The moss needed, as well as I that exist, as you know, I'm not I'm not like the one which he was just in the movies. Learn it wasn't about. Yes, yes, I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report as well as to because my ass off away a measure of go ahead.
I know I don't know I don't use, I let you don't ever seen a Medea Medina we know you haven't seen any document you can choose them would be able to believe what you want to know how they don't like net the length of Berwin professor club. Yes, it does now to Medea character from Medea. Wasn't I'm not a perfect somebody? Professor Emma whole other business I'm leaving I mean. Can you Adam Adams gear that allowed it? How did you committed doing your brain, no you're not going to be by this? How did you can make money, professor automobile, because it? our those wishing to let him say it here. I didn't see him. I don't know I was just asking for compromise deal if they ve got a lot of disaster for the continent of meddling. With you see what I'm saying you can confusion download men, the legal remedy and over four eight I will come back, pay Lucy? When we talk about an hour now about, let's go at a passable cure for cancer.
All right all right now, it's silly dismantling Medea is based on Eddie Murphy performance in that area. It really is a joke. You just supply, you always know Everley up. Will you too for your right and they know it Well, you know what professor club and have seen with the online you live like the parity was inspired me after seeing consider character pharmacy norm. Talk about congratulations, being broken. Clock is right, want toy twice a day almost like minded when we have a great deal about Libya is gonna, be so happy here I am so happy proposes a Nigger Everybody go down in black youngster. Now now,
gee, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club lowest can some front page news which were left like about what you guys were discussing this morning, Canada Harris she has introduced himself as a twenty twenty presidential candid. And she was an azure break. You Where is the end of wine and she's talks about some of her policies hears which he has to say? We have a problem in this country of mass incarceration. We have a problem in this country of not having adequate response. In consequence, when young people who are unarmed are shot, we have a real problem in this country about disproportionate application of the law based on who is charged with a crime or kind of bail is set for them. What kind of sentencing they they receive, based on race, that sort that I've been doing? Also in the Senate of focusing on that, such as a bill that I have that would seek to reform the bail system in the United States and, ultimately,
rid of the cash bail system. I rights you two tonnes about backing, Medicare for all getting rid of private health insurance and supporting a green new deal to address climate change. She talked about cutting taxes for the middle class, saying it would be. The first thing she would do if she was elected as president and she talked about that about the dreamers mean that they may was given a common level with questionable criminal justice, rapid associated costs, the Bible outlined as she was a prodigy ended at. It adds just now, but I mean she was a prosecutor me from it as a prosecutor go like people up, and I know she's black would sigh when you are prosecuted. After luck, people up people have where you're right about that. There are very mad as they feel like she laughed people about it. If people deserve to be lucky, I say there lie like the little what they got, lack the fork erratic because you'd blacks, you spoke just let all black and brown people off. That's not the way, depriving them of the works. You know, I don't get it into me. She seemed like a broadly with tough on ground, which needed to be which you also The flaws in the justice system and she's implemented a lot of reentry.
Diversion initiatives, detain him. That's what I like to add that we have got to do research to Sab We very idea, let's questions, may say you: do your research look up our back on track reentry programme, which put for a sum of fundamental apprenticeship in training programmes that approval I right now as we get ready for the Superbowl they sing. Americans are expected to play six billion dollars in bets on the Superbowl. It's as it can be the first time they ve had Melchior leaders at the Superbowl so that a first as well. Ok, ok, lay so bets. We are by I've been on you, the one. I think the Patriot ACT a page I guess I would. I would like to see the pages when only because I like to see those though those dynasties from Chicago Bulls era when they one six championships with it, because but now I want to see them now. According to reports, we could potentially have a cure for cancer in the next year. A team of israeli scientists say that they plan to have that developed and
two new treatment they said we believe we will offer in a year's time a complete cure for cancer. Are cancer care will be affected from day. One will act and duration of a few weeks ago no or minimal side effects at a much lower class in most other treatments on the market that juvenile cod moods had told me tat. I am, U T a c o focus busy beers, Wilson, I mean thereby to start making money or something else I ve been introduced new disease in the marketplace and dick here, and how can I write it? What do you think is the most financially distress city in the nation? If you had to guess them, financially only regularly in the United States, according to local debt councillors and finance so analysts. I thought it was Michigan at one time, but I think Michigan his is grow announced. I would take much very nice out what Troy I'm a ban on somewhere flawed, but I think the trader well now very romantic delinquency rates in level. A bad person. Odette are the highest in the nation, Brooklyn fraud. You know better than commonality, scam, somewhere,
scam is unaware of my New York City earlier the exiting the most thine eyes. I was just city in the nation, mostly York, as our living pay check to pay check, and they said if there was an emergency and you needed four hundred dollars to cover a mercy. Most people ain't got it. I mean it's a high cost of living here right now, so its credit card balance in Manhattan alone. Is seventy four hundred dollars tools the rather losing in New York City people, Indians together? actually go up, it is acting on. Since I will believe December, Bessie robberies go one of em out of there. What did but I've been here and more more more people get stuck up. He was quoted the light people included the club people get caught walkin around that cause. It is about credit cards We really do. An animal harry had never say that, like sheep,
look. I called right reclassification give ease as second of all that there will be there Y know those guys I've had to put up out of extra protection amount identity. They call it wouldn't give he's gone for another moment there are no damage, but never to a number three. By the way is it Lana and allay just so. You know the most distressing variables Therefore, to be popular. Yes, all ya, be frightened honesty, grandma budget line, advise distress, got frightened so much one of the greatest really can't pay your bill Atlanta. He's only be frightening elected, as many of us have mercy. Take that run a callback people written cardinal when they just to keep them until Monday possible. We give tomorrow got places. Exotic monopolies in Atlanta Goby part been package No more makes no sense to do Agus travellers will be crazy, but I am of a rent, evolves, ok, drive and myself
What I think graphic the rolls were: nobody Sabbatical caravan. I'm go with that now right will add front page news that when we come back, come back down to just will be joining just a greek limits, she's a mental health, national, that's. Why have you remember to show I did on the age when last year in session live with Doktor Jes soothe the mental health professional that was of Helsinki Boca, so we'll talk? Diane will actually take your calls if he s some questions for that region. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five would do that will become backdoor moves to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We got us pressure, guess in a burning. Yes, that's just suggested. Women's, got to Jessica, claiming that you as a requirement, but we gotta do we go about. It is welcome that more is good morning morning. Thank you for having me, though you for returning not now have you received any backlash from other middle health professionals about you
having advice or treatment publicly again as a grandmother. Now surprisingly, I think I was worried a little bit that people might respond. Well, what are you doing, or do you have? Your supervisor banal has actually been really positive, actually had an article on Forbes that came up. I saw the gray yeah and so from there I had a lot of really positive, even responses from that. My medical school actually like puss, ed and shared at multiple times even did like a throwback Thursday and posted article again, while you are using any changes in in your student or, as you say, your subjects were after you had your conversation. Any changes in Charlemagne at all our minds. No I'm serious. Did you see the change at all? It was to your drugs, we're, not cloud of EU and as long as they're nice enemy? We rightly is You have achieved nothing. I didn't want to zoom yet mental health issues I quitted on drugs, Spain, if none, I there, people really.
I would just add that have not done anything of that. That is very true. I would like them to complain in the region and is therefore a positive thing for me, but out of sight now that's just people ask me questions at the time I have left for you that I think would be appropriate for you to answer. Ok, how ye demographic almost seven years. I've been battling depression for about two years recently I asked my girlfriend if Maybe we should live apart after our leases outside could have times him myself. My depression has really Who a tell mommy lately, and I wanted some time alone- a battle. My demons I didn't ask to break up just to live apart. She flipped out, take somehow
at our home that we share and tell me he's not coming back. I, though she would have been more understanding, she's. My depression like it's a problem is that of being my support. What should I do? Oh sir, I'm really sorry that this person is going through that always want to try to validate when a person's experiencing I mean it, it sounds like her partner has already kind of made a decision about moving. Now I wonder if they would be interested in having like couples counselling to learn about ways it. The partner could help support this person who wrote to you, while they're going through depression. Obviously they should also consider getting treatment, usually people who do suffer from depression, the Inuits it's best to get into some sort of therapy or take medication, rather than try to deal with it alone, yeah and actually push people away. Who could be more supportive of absorbing go beyond knows about the projects? A lot of people say the depressed.
I think it's almost. I want to say too fat, but is the easy thing to say: I'm depressed what is stated a pressure where people should really get help because they will be sadly, but I'm depressed, I'm depressed, but they don't at word rail seriously, yeah exactly so in terms of depression. There's a clinical form that we look at when we're diagnosing and so person does have to fell quote like depressed for at least two weeks. But it's usually a number of other symptoms are experiencing major changes. Went there appetite and not sleeping as well or sleeping too much. They may feel fatigued. Some people even have difficulty with concentrating lack of sexual all kind of DR also feeling hopeless, and for some they began to feel suicidal. So when I'm diagnosing someone with depression, I'm looking at a number of things, be simply them saying? I felt depressed right, I'm looking for some finds in some very always a route, the depression, ah migrant argued muffins, and I really dont know. Why should I be
like regular journal route, Funk subway written down in my journal, like you know why, what would happen today like, and I can't never get to the root of wild goose depressed. Why mean some people believe there is so people who studies psychoanalytic airy believe that depression is at the root anger turned internally, so instead turning in grounds in the world? You may turn it in on yourself out of how that illness comes about, but for some people there is not like an actual trigger can be biological, meaning like things at her, you know happening within the brain, some of its genetic. So I think, if you are in that moment, feeling sad going back to the point of destroying the word to press. It may not be in fact that you're like actually depressed, but maybe you have a reason to feel a little down, but you're, not you're, right and, of course, our group by so you. Somebody, though, something to you, you wanna physically, hurt them
like what are physically get them hurt, but you know you can't do that so that can cause you to internally be mad. At yourself is what you're saying cuz? You can't really do what you want to that person, so I don't necessarily think that would lead one to mass. When I'm, when I'm talking about on the price per year, a lecture targeted use of bringing about the you you wanna, kill budgets: do you wanna get invited resort did sometimes like. I do not know when I take it. That done because I know better get depressed. I don't necessarily think those two gotten
ok, but what I do think is in these whelp, something not on that level like, I think, a lot of people's struggle with challenge that work, a kind of use that all the time in an example. So if someone is feeling like you know, they can't get through to their boss, they're, not necessarily filling a successful as they should be at work instead of learning ways to become more assertive or its you engage with, thereby so that they can get the outcome they want. They may start to build a right and so that anger that would be I'm directed not as violence to towards like Abbas or the workplace. You turn it in and just become less active, less kind of assertive in your approach. But not I don't really think that we are thinking about people. Try me kill folk. Fellow, I don't think that's what he is saying is obviously by back to their own question. I would ask you the reason
We need to act and that question in particular was how do people deal with someone who around them someone they love whose dealing with depression? How is it, how can you see the signs of that and if they want to be left alone? What are you supposed to do? Some of the signs are, I think people can recognize is obviously if a person is saying that they felt really sad or depressed in it's been continuous for a couple of weeks on. But if you notice after withdrawing from activities, I think normally do you like, for example, if this couple typically goes out on dates when I have friends over all the time and that person Weiler depresses less interested in that maybe they're stain and bad eating a bunch of junk food that they normally don't if you're just seen changes in their behaviour. Obviously, if they say I dont want to live, I want to kill myself. That is in a huge indicator that there is a problem, so I think just paying attention to the way that the person is interacting is a good sign. You not a kind of give you an indication that something is wrong and then you know you really have to know the person to understand what helps them.
For some people spend a little time alone can be helpful, but what we talk? A lot about within mental health is behaviour activation and almost doing the opposite of what you feel like you want to do under depress ray. I want to be around anyone. I want to be alone. Actually that will make you feel worse. So you should do more like schedule that that date, that maybe you don't wanna have so I think the best way that a person can support them is obviously don't become there. You know sort like those who they start to like direct their anger towards, but just try to keep a motivated, but also you can't poor from an empty cup. So in there comes a point when air may be taking their anger out on you, you may have to give them some space and really encourage them to get an treatment. We got more dogs just when we come back to that effect, will take your call.
Eight hundred five five one far five one, the justice here we have a question for her call in was to breakfast locomotive thing. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club that the justice in a building it we're taking your calls eight hundred forty five. No five, one hello, there's no pressure that the the morning, sir. I mourn you don't how you doing everybody's great that suggested here, of course, if adopted question for us your door, God thank you. How are you So my question for you gotta get me maybe in a twenty three year old than others, and that is certainly something that nearby I'm not at all, actually hundred wondering how would you What about bringing about up? Without necessarily look, you know, look alike, gonna labour do get lab that I do not look and crazy exactly yes, I guess
I'm hearing you say is just how do you start these conversations about? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you taking care of your remark? Mental health will only work, are not my words about their me, like a bomb covered under pressure, my grandmother, so what had wandered through our God? Really, without know what we're going to so I mean already I'm like. If these people, I your friend, and re. I imagine that you guys do things together that make you also supported. So I don't know, adds having dinner goin out for drinks, I think use a casual environment where you guys are already feeling bondage ass, a kind of start to share. I dont think that you necessarily have to pour out all of the details of your family, but you can just check in maybe it's sharing with them that you know someone in your family has been suffering in silence and you would want to just
what their joint to keep themselves feeling well, but I think the fact that you guys already or bonded and have a friendship you should not be so afraid about sounding crazy. Like those in your boys, you should be able to talk about things openly and freely. Anyways also example. We by governments start going to therapy? If you will talk to me and I was helping you and your boys be like to hang- I want I want to get on that too Gonna, look at me and I can also tell you know what I do appreciate that information regarding the shape of Dr Integra. I have a go allows this area. This is and then from southern California. Worry Brandon was, of course a fact, Jes. Ok, let's just quick question. So as lady is something that all of the political wives is there's something in the cognitive process that stops people from overcoming that or having them be more, Well, it light it would be good to know they had and they know
did you overcome it, but it's still gets so I'm just curious about something that is that of stopping it, ok, sermon and try to answer that descend terms of thinking about like the way that the brain is wired cell. The Migdol as a part of your brain. That is responsible for fear, and so the thought is that anxiety is really kind of more active. If you have the we of the brain Magdalen like firing a little bit more in certain situations? I guessing you to your point about. Is there some people who can overcome it a little bit more easily than others answer? Is yes, but I Think what's important to know about anxiety is that you know it's treat of all. You can take care of that by going to therapy medication, also engaging in things like meditation in yogurt, wait a kind of help soothe you. If you are a person who has a lot of activity in the Migdol on the part of the brain that is responsible for, like fear that answer your question. Legislators overburdened
hello. Is this the hollow where we currently doktor just cookie by dawn age? I wish a question for the commissioner. My question that go to bed and I wake up the breast walk out on that. Mugwort in Vienna. Where you were at work, we need more formation right, so you're telling me you go to sleep and you wake up depress, I'm curious about. Is that something that happens every Is there an event they, although every now and then a once in a while? You know what I mean, not the privileges, oh no, you didn't you know and I get bind the call that fabulous. I feel your brother I have a girl for any may be lonely. You may hatred
they will. I do I gotta go in air again today. Will my word evolve way that we go extremely the present arm in a scream we have is over? I dont know while either or them. Oh, maybe you had a dream and a dream was angry matter. It uses the world. They are definitely are people who believe that your dreams can kind of begin to inform the way that you feel in the morning. I would say you know this is probably a great case to consider talking to someone in therapy. I We can't answer that question as to why you wake up feeling depress, but those are the types of questions that could be explored if you find that you also have the aim of this is happening often or if there are other things at your, your recognising matter in a kind of off for you, and do you remember your dreams, let alone, but if you like, but I will, but I do feel satisfied because, while the habits and me sometimes the only that have like sometimes I have a sad dream like a funeral, I wake up and be really sad, but I know is a major one. After the other
my dream because sometimes I remember laid on that. I had a dream and I was like that's why their weight as morning absolutely but you're gonna learn is not to go to bed with any baggage from the day. My right now would you Four before you go to bear, would you thankful for in, like I like that I don't like them a resource we have about abandoning the Lange read a book or somethin. A positive information cards is go to bed peaceful. Absolutely you shake it off quickly or is it like the holidays and he's gonna go now he said we sat again ok, so you would recommend him to do all that is left for the sadness, more information, I mean, there's, there's so much more information. I'd want to know. I'd want to know, obviously how he's doing in terms of the month. You mean and want to know. Is he like what we are asking about working and I went silent on re so whose support network I mean I heard he has an accident- is calling from somewhere. You know in the states, as he loves supports. Family. I mean there's a lot more. Like other of the psychiatrist, you know people not just come in with. Like I wake up sad,
without me. Like I'm out of any an answer, I have to really go through and understand more of that, but I love what you guys are both saying about. Recognising MPEG dreams may have on the way you feel or what you ve taken then that nine I mean. I think people me to also realise these things, while most of the time path, unless something that consistent by we got more with doktor. Just when we come back and take more of your call, don't move, breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club drafted justice in a building it we're taking your cause, eight hundred foggy firewall or five one Teresa our year, Gomorrah Teresa, we ve gone from milk. I wish, of course, of advantages as regards aiming email, Latvia, what in some ways that you can help them other than medication when you say in black males, are you referring to like a child teenager, and I call
you know, I guess my question back is whether what's your reservation about medication for eighty hd, more silver, I just don't want us to be the first method of treatment without prime other options, and I do not want my job become relying on medicine area. You have you so eighty hd is Surely an illness that, in a diagnosis, everyone a call it but that responds very well to medication and and I am hearing you say that you would like to think of other ways to manage that without trying medication, but generally p, will respond very well to add and something that both where they know at whatever challenges they were having in school or at work really began to resolve, because now they can actually concentrate and focus you know. There are options that are not stimulant medication, so I know that's the one that people are very worried about stimulants are like riddle.
After all, they have like street value, and you know people can abuse them, but there are other medications that treat eighty de that are not stimulants and, ideally are not medications that are, as you know, a directive, but that's real. Where I would recommend, cannot drive in honor yeah yeah does because we had the juice baron. I know for a lot of kids, they say there die. It also affects ADHD and allowed a sugar yeah. So sometimes it does help. You put a change, your guy. Absolutely so you well. You can try those things. I think, if someone The time there see me they're they're having a lot of issues raised by the time someone comes in front of a psychiatrist. You know they may be like experiencing problems with school like they're, not doing well in their classes or grades are suffering, but I think if someone is not to that point, things like diet on people in the summer will sometimes come off of their medication, because I don't need to focus as much so maybe they're engaging in activities that are a little bit more physical. You know you can try to do things like them, a tutor if you find that that's a part of the child.
And sat there not able to focus on their work, but you know in my experience, I found that tying medication, usually that's when the person responds very well and then you know my job is really kind of fun it that way Thank you, you're, gonna Mamma. How do you know a medication to put them all for ADHD yeah, there's generally kind like an, algorithm, that you start with certain medications. If someone like it sounds like this mother, it's doesn't want to pay her child to be on a stimulant. You start with the medication at his own any to see how they respond to. It is medication, a last resort, USA, before it among other things, for me now fur for me again as a psychiatrist, we really want to therapy is something I talk. A lot about in is a part of my training by medication is something that can be very helpful for their side effects. I'm sure! Yes, there
I refer for stimulants, which are used to treat ADHD so like Ritalin afterall. Typically, what we look for are like loss of appetite for some people. They can gain experience like Shaky Mass Gerais man. I gotta run now just lose weight of idea of her people of Easy Matt. But a lot more call this a lady she's pregnant EAST Asia course. If it I've just got to get me out rightly, and I suffer from inside it real bad for smuggling we go. She told me to go my guiding medication now she wants me to go off the marijuana. What can I do to help my anxiety? the question backs and now she's caused more using ethic medicine. What caching,
already in all products solutions, they might be friendly, screener, we don't know, be frustrating meditation or anything has acted, as has been said about the benefits of meditation of therapy, as I just I'll have paid for out of its way. My diary, like all know how to say yes or no, but my if I go into it, I'm a mile young man said now done so you know I would encourage you to go back to your doctor and talk to them about what you are experiencing in terms of your son. Dams because smoky marijuana or cigarettes anything like that is, you know not good fur maybe or you I'm not sure, where you're from if they have reproductive psychiatrist and looked at it I'll tell you so that is the type of psychiatry.
Specializes in caring for women who are considering Coming pragmatic, who are pragmatic, who are post part who are just kind of in that window where they may have exposed to medication while carrying a baby or feed us so that doctor specializes and prescribing medication or monitoring you during the pregnancy. Because your anxious, I wonder if you also may be experiencing depress mood because those can go hand in hand, and so you wanna just goods, have good God, I am happy to hear that, but I can try to use it do you exercise, and I do yoga at the thought. I do a lot of colombian about it. Bilbil. I do a lot of stuff but keep my body in shaping our eco pity and I love a good life is just the anxiety and oh, how could fall up, thereby That's why I am recommending that you find a reproductive psychiatrists, because,
a lot of psychiatry are frayed to prescribe medication. Wily woman is pregnant, and that's you know, because liability and also just not necessarily feeling experience. That I'm not a reproductive psychiatrists, but there definitely are some out there who that's what they do. They can safely prescribe medication for you and safely monitor you during pregnancy and really kind of council you through that. Thank you end up without ADA another
after the miles and acted as you can't take anxiety medication when you bring any so you can. Ok can sell again I'm not a reproductive psychiatry, but that is a part of the training that I have to be exposed to that end. The reproductive psychiatrists knows the ins and outs of what medications are safe. We understood they understand. You know the effects that it could have on feed as they understand what the risk of having untreated anxiety or depression. So it actually is safe to take most medication for anxiety during pregnancy, but you want to have that doctor. That's counselling, you and walking through what beg your dark before, of course, and we appreciate you know, how can we will reach if they major its ask doktor jazz on Instagram and on Twitter? I'm not taking new patients right now, but I will probably in June or July, but you can always just reach beyond those spaces and look out for my community
talks that I'll do. I have one in February, I M excited, have a really cool gas that you'd think about just thank you. Doctor Jeff Right is the breakfast club promoting slew, the guy, just crazy, fallen up to an abrupt gentler language. I don't know if I want to work here anymore, marijuana, human resource that is just as some people are work appeared. Do they have dreams of killing people they, like, yes, That's crazy! I've never wanted to kill any most. Why deciding what to carry advantage hill? I sent her no use, it kill rather, like you said, kill for me. Like you, I mean deal me, kill, kill you didn't care even year, like literally King Anko, weakening, kill, kill right. It is a tool kit and work at what I was too long. And do my hotel it might be created. Could she gives us a flower of every other week, but I just want to say he's a killed your I'm working through my issues Thank you for everybody who read shook one anxiety playing tricks, Ami riots gets her rooms are sold to relate
with Angela his club, where this is starting to get ugly, now toy lanes, verses, Don Q, Doc, you, if you guys Amber had job. Is this? I'm not join our song about Tory Lame twice my default flexes started beaches lighten the speaker before me. Wasn't freestyle honey, it's just like me in a couple of the member states. Retain their mimic meta hold forth. To warn us page backstage. Would minutes nothing with the couch and corners white payment periods in which huge mistake you bought the dog is busy big ray. I remember these thousand. You buddy deeds bill Z. Now here's where torture lanes responded with the song is cod die
queen associated love Age, and if they want to go back in sending me whenever it is energy for Kodaks Adrian Darfur, Fiji to get a visa is somehow you think you would have. We made the first night ass. They dream dollar three, and now you walk around. I somehow you got one above me. Please is your brother plot is looking fell soldier boy better? Why didn't you cover battle? Would, I believe, be shot of trouble. Our toy lay there, and I would like to know whether the tree like their bill itself on his right near oratory? No spoons, you don't love. It is good that we have.
I want to battle for sport greatest stop all it had supplied the. In other words, we are allowing us and my friend toiling Don Queen real message from a brother immediately argued says: started you would probably dismantlement presenting. You need to focus on a need, a document in whatever menacing waiting for every summit on alleged reader neck like everybody, I can say: strikes it out. What year was he going year was stab because there was some years there was some understand why you would do what is right two dozen. Why only the probable above
start into I'm not saying I can see why he would enable my goodness I write allows argue as posing about good value. Was posting a battery leans was actually writing people asking what's his baby mimes names, I guess he was trying to get some information. Any posted was done, Maybe the mom name is somebody said. Oh I don't know he said oh empty. I needed I'm in the studio a tory lanes, please I love it all is hypocrisy to resort to violence and I loved it I feel this way and I call on everybody out right you the best. I love it, but we cannot go on like that new airlines and give him a whole new level, because he gasped more common guidelines, also went on his instagram live and said that he was going out rap. All of dream veil records. I it is because he wants to get to J call by the way. I believe
J colossal without Broccoli, Chap house yesterday not eliminated as regulation at us out I'll drive us shudder, driving young. Yes, I write so he said the only thing I must say about the dream. The situation is this: I take the whole dream villa by myself and if I do that, then you gotta, give me call he set out, by using a J J J ideologies, it needs Jed responded on social media Ella. Well, I will not tolerate Tory lanes and twenty sixteen when he just our losing his here it is in its day, ideology nets did responded on so the media Ella. Well, I went on territorial lanes and twenty sixteen when he just our losing his here. Twenty eighteen, his hair back and start losing his mind. We saw that I can and it's and I pull up catch me if you can tour and Tory Lanez. Find it lol. You know you my little brother's, I'm not going to diss you, but let's go on a song and Barbara and let the people decide who rip the harder and who has better buys clothes, etc. You can be what's wrong with a lovely banana began. If you want to take the other route, we can do that to go ahead. Eroded Dice Davis,
how did bus know what time I'm on Youtube you just trying to get the coast of this really had nothing to do with me, but you said: you'll make the squad cease and desist and it went right now Jane is right. I wasn't organised by the USA, allows his dad fidessa. You got out of this an umbrella. I know right now, any rabbi there now many rather words. We also Will the toy aid in the studio right away with them to say more you draw about its glory and shouted we gotta get into bilateral Tory. I got a breach of parliament, I gotta overheads auditory moon, nickel, chronic onward the camera. I got some names, arguably the names I gotta, I gotta overheads auditory very rapid recovery measures, as instead itself in its being dead, love it probably everybody. I want to see everybody goin out a miracle warfare. Why not? I like?
you know what I like would knock you doin I want dream, you gotta get involved, everybody just go out. Laws dreamed willing, follow me as long as school. And you didn't listen, respond right now, Lord, a frightening without making jokes about cells here it herself, historically high room of import duties of my good. Anybody can get, it appeared is by the way I shouted I was given. A down could do, is Florimond and another flawed. I know he's only Varela dry. I don't go looking for stories from Florida stories from Florida come looking for me. I will talk about if worked it out Sorry, Florida going to say that just died right at the derive is the breakfast locomotive measuring, don't watch overflowed mood
craziest people in America come from the Bronx in all of our identity. Lord a man had tat an atm for very strange reason, given too much money. Florida banners arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute is patent rights, police arrested, Lando man we're talking of amending the breakfast club, bridging Nokia, the dairy Charlemagne, keep? Then you get your thousand dog you today for to day January, twenty nine
over an area tubby born day drop one clues bomb freedom to queen. It goes to a flawed, a man whose name is not been released, but honestly his name is an important all. You need to know that he's from Florida. What did your uncle shall always say too crazy, as people at America come from the bronze and all the Florida? I don't come in here every day to find stories about people in Florida stories. Bob pupil in Florida find me now. I have a question for the room and a question for all. Our listen is out there and going to ask you a question, and I want to give you a second to think about. What would you do if this happened to you? Ok, what would you do? Listen, ok, what Would you do if you found a grenade, stop think about it? Actually, what would you do if you found a grenade ran waffle colored wars dj envy. What would you do if you found a grenade run? A grenade area as it which you ve got a grenade, I'm ok I'll sexy Bruno more
made catching a grenade found. Nobody really wants told problems, except for this unidentified man from Florida, because he found a grenade, see he was using a magnet to search water for Savage, items in this man pulled up a world war to hand grenade of dead, ass, theirs was verified by local police as a world war to hand grenade madman sent us a moneyed internet I'll know. If you get paid for it, what I did I know I've been fishing and, in all my Fisher out there have been fishing. I need a sound like a Chechen released me Rachel, a green, out of the water. You might want to vote at back, but you don't want to do that because grenades day, some of you hurt, including yourself through smart thing, to do, would be Call now one right. Yes, absolute right, then, and there, but keep in mind this is What do the floor demand to have no finer grenade? Let's go to see an infant report, police Florida.
And who went magnet fishing over the weekend. He was looking for salvage items. He reeled in a world war to hand grenade. He tossed it in his truck drove to the local Taco Bell and then called the police, the bombs cod, and to come to remove the device in the restaurant was evacuated. John, the grenade was then taken way safely and the Taco Bell we're habit. Report has reopened one word for year. Florida toggle Berlin use but I remembered a bubble guides. He gave me quite well. Ok number of combo from talk about at assisted in her she squirts dead that natural grounded combo number? Five with a soft toggle would have you pay a notch ass, Ok, burrito Supreme, combo number one would have solved. Taco will make you feel like you're aims, is pro lapses, amid Damn case India, Cambodia
I've toggle will give you a hint goop soup, quick, given that hiding them all. Only a flawed a man would turn blowing up a tangle bam into literally almost blowing up attack about ok, a bomb. Thirty, two tangled should not be an actual Bompard Abominate to talk about should be. Could you had to run in the bathroom release a low trouser chile adapt three crunchy Campbell. I think I think that's a number eight from mistaken. Not is man didn't commit a crime you didn't get arrested and he should only thing he day would put a bunch of. From a danger by bringing the whole grenade into automobile no big deal is flawed. In all your Florida, the man find a grenade actually thought in his truck co towards uncle bill and in casually call the police and tell him he got a grenade in his trip. If you don't This is stupid, enunciated could have been a total disaster and you're, probably from the Bronx, are flawed.
Please give the floor to man, woman lover, Taco Bell, literally, the sweet sounded amateurs, you are gay. Yeah right the dog abilities, Gordon, like a country Galicia, heard at Mister Cruncher up Supreme Campbell Nominate after ok, that's never let one flight you gotta play it is you have to change your eyes. We cannot afford more closely. You know, TAT would never be. We knew just do an egg and afford Michael's correct, but thank you for that dog you the day. Just now, when we come back, let's talk about something that happened this morning
intelligent during get it off your chest? A young man called, and he said this display refers. At present or raising neck? He is to be fighting against other racism, always us back, I don't you raised in your kids to be raises other think, you're Tellin, you kid the reality in the world and you let them make their own decisions. Can you say I'm not a right. You then be like we're out o my voting about, or you don't write alike. Owl Yes M below, raise, never raised our right, less open up the phone lines, aid under five, a five one, o five one are you being raises a few too? If you want you child to only bring home, they aris you'd is one of the poorest people. After that The question eight hundred five, a fragment of five workers, I'm right and if our way camera me said Ottawa Dorothy in a black person just I want him to bring home just a white person,
That raises was his reasoning, though his reasoning just a matter of preferences and reasoning, a matter as a matter of what the reasoning is. How do you make a preference and somebody just based on their skin gardening preference is different and prejudice lose out, Would you mind if you white dog, bought a black person home if you actually mine, just because their blagden- that's probably prejudice, but I don't think it's think is a difference of efforts and prejudice. I say out of my daughter to bring home any other race in black Basque always end up with a wagon with a white guys you need is an ogre, a woman. Love him adopted today, a black eyes. What am I going to be happy? You don't have any do you have a preference and when it comes to your daughter, my preferences or be a happy asthma providential kill. Whoever treats my daughter with respect. Kind yeah are treated like the green as she is. That's all I care about me too, but I would like what I personally be black and policy probably not a nigger. I want black like endeavours,
You need not a different political Rackliff Roy Ursela Masaccio. So now now you want a certain kind of black. Yes, that is correct. Have you, because if you don't want to get out more than eight hundred five a viable five? What are you being races if you want your child to only day their own race, meaning If you mad- and you don't want them, then, if you're black, you don't have to bring home a white guy or if you're white, you don't want me to bring home a black guy Dignan. I gave way to tell them that reference in producing a report that I can't wait to talk about it. I want you to know that I now have a home family rob a firewall or five words are the poppy too, with bread was locomotor mommy breakfast more. Everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club with taking your calls with asking eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. Are you being racist? If you
shouted date, their own rates know. Yet what do you think? I think that I wouldn't want to teach kids to only data own raised. I know how harmful that ways for me as a child, when my parents got married and having to deal with people having, different things to say, so I think your head, if there's something that you went and I think is important- to instil pride in your case it that they're like proud to be black, but at the same time I wouldn't want to express them leg? Listen you only. Bring home, you know, another black person or another whatever race you are, I think that's a harmful being too instilling kids because grown up? It was always awkward for me As a mother de la I mean what I do. I think it will be easier for my my children. If they brought home somebody they look like them understand. A code I understand what's going on, is it my disbanded and next to someone like you to another black person by two black panther, you feel good air mean is delivered, but what am I would I cared? No, I don't care, I honestly don't. Why does want somebody's gonna shoot my daughter, the way that she needs to be treated as an
which album once again. I think it's a difference between prejudicing preference and when people ask me why. I feel that way. I will simply say, because the african families structure I've been dismantled in Amerika. I think I'll read if that would dominate almost seventy percent of black children are born and single mothers, but a black family structures, most of the day the slavery, and now you got mass incarceration. So I love seeing blackness gather, lovely and black husband were black, was raising black kid. I think, as a beautiful Loves you love! I love people together, I just dont be, but if our awkward case they feel awkward bring as somebody home and Phyllite they disappointed their parents are. Anything like I allows is Apple Georgia. It was a mere where asking all you be erases. If you want your child's that, only data own raise raw yap, much I'm like a baby moments, Will we get so monsieur the violation? it will show an amazing because he's three black all day long aid mom, I can't do no, but I've been. You about that's, not true, you come on come on white bread.
It no longer you ve seen blood red rag bag, black black team black How does the self Mass is boy quite dreadful? Do no, while not care Boomer one. Do you know what monkeys and how much and what do we gain? There's nothing wrong with that. Come off always now you're, not hello. This is all the more one morning. Mamma we asked. Are you bay raises? If you, did. You try to deep their own Reese too. Now I don't think you're visa regimes that all of you, if you buy why people want their Grandpapa like them and they won't give met. We should be able to buy away without an unfair without anybody any way addlepated mother, always what in Turkey is the view of the matter. Looks like you had Randy event, keeper generating gone and now look at the amendments do not allow the UK is good, but I read your book Charlemagne. I loved
you, maybe what one ship while ok, I love you I can do that which we will and I've had a baby. My cell is watching them kitty can as Ukraine. If your case went to school, there was awakened in the wagon. Was egg mama there's only one way to date, somebody white, so I can't even date you ever. Would you feel weird about I would you believe it. I believe, or happened to me before my reading. It was working there I mean yeah, but not about all the light. Now adult lie behind all our applause: oh yeah won't viable, even assuming. Ok Bob are flawed and Elsie. I am writing Madonna, be barred from Florida until you are right.
Now, you know these guys here, like even as one more by bill. You know, they'll, be bloom, too, will be all your baby. You know play a model with my property must apply. There were ill willingly, my wonder about working in the bottle. Now the high enough to say why, here we will by November point, while we were informed that he came the Magyar, our working in a book or every possible they'll. Just how happy I am. I hated him and he let you didn't even know me am, I was told I think that our whack, why were you really believe that, like that people? Are they will kill a man like you never play. What do they want to love who day when a man like you know, let them do that without judgment everything yard you talking about what paraday dont want the accused to do. If you don't want your child to beat them one because of their race death prejudice. Not once have I said it, I don't care
to date, some one of another race, but I have a preference, is a difference between preference and prejudice. Use. Different and people have the opinions based on what you said, but what give me a call about the black family structure and if you know anything about the black family structure in America, and you seen how America has systemically dismantled it from slavery to mass duration, you would love the black families together to sell out to tell you the matter. God I love see in a black man. Black woman in having black is, I think, a beautiful black ass thing nobody's manage nobody. Not at all. Will we get rooms and we all absolutely the guy who called up here yesterday and complained about me. He cod last week but I don't want you know your complaint was heard. You complain because, We have said that I said that black Panther, the knee white validation from Moscow, Are you gonna? Do you, Mr White made a complaint? Was our things really? Yes, he was very pissed off. Is that I love listening to know that the largest me when he's very upset so salute you notice, conversation
They really pissed him. Currently, Dr Zira Gunnar was unaware. Yes, let's talk about a horror movie there, a MBA star is gonna, be actually stirring and based on his own experience, derive, will get next, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning. Every is the most outlining God. We are the breakfast club good morning to you. A realistic solution with such warnings about the report annually on the breakfast. Well, I ve been telling you about this back and forth between dank you and worry lanes. I study with doc. You do this song about sorry lanes regarding freestyle that they had back and forth on thy joiner. Tory lanes them respond
They were down queen here's a little snippet at that. I suppose they love age. An exact wanted, though bag it seemed to me, would never is energy for Kodak Adrian Darfur, Fiji to get a visa is somehow you think you would have we made the first night ass. They dream dollar three, and now you walk around. I somehow you got one above me. Please is your brother plot is looking fell soldier boy better? Why didn't you come up with any movie shadow? Ok, well now donkey has already snap back any. Has a song out called this? Is your king hears snippet of that? For you? Maybe Mama made women's rights taken as well.
The goal is to create one soon would carry on the thing they had seen. Maybe you ve got something we paid a frigate lags far behind, pose a risk. Michael I laid on airline dark you tell him, from our browser. If you look eighty years old network, evil friend morally right did ya both media law to solve our couldn't, get this airline to rely on your letter to me. They re a body, don't look so far ass. We could. They gave me the sermon him and I don't know why they did decadent devilish area there. I don't have that others have mercy and airlines by right. Now We Irving, is dying in a horror movie that inspired by his own experience is planning was lying at this curve and hotel in Oklahoma City there in open back
Nineteen eleven in the rumor is that there is that there's a lot of paranormal activity there, but the hotel still the lad mba travelling teams come to visit, come to stay there when they have games, he said haven't, had my own interesting experience at the scurvy hotel. I connected with this idea immediately, so should be interesting to watch you normally, at last cute carry but I'll tell you. One thing you played was birds. If you want to really see nothing, don't act like you saw something for profit, could they will show up or net ass? Well, the reason aben his cousin, he saw, and I hope we really saw something. That's all I'm saying I write teacher camera Martin is accusing to aim. Are enough physical abuse. Now she says that he flew into a violent raids just as recently as last month. Father restraining order against him. He has to stay at least a hundred yards away from her right. Now, it's a temporary. Training order, she said she can no longer live in fear of retaliation. The need to press criminal charges for his axe overshadowed the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public. Through this report's, she said that he at once punched her in the chest with a close fist.
And that he grabbed her by her arm to try to get her in the bedroom, and she says she found the police report in January about multiple alleged physical education As such man, I really enjoyed them as a couple. My wife- and I can do- is eminently once a day at the restaurant me when I was a great great Ellie night, you never know what goes on behind the scenes. Am I right dna. My she was on the rail and talked about whether or not she has a relationship with cheesy after that picture surface, where it look like they were on a triple David, o T genesis in tray, songs and here's what she said love you guys know that I'm not I dating right and a gene ironing out and he's very special to me. So we don't really have a label to define what is it Why don't we just haven't got time together, Volker Juicy right, she's multi dating not in a relationship you just got out of a marriage, says he's dating multiple people
checking to see Jamie might with an engine. You might imagine him. I got the New Jersey, the Oji. They would have been using to smuggle breaks out any screen. Our staff are right now about this, a fact leaving Neverland documentary. That's gonna, be on HBO without the Sundance Film Festival, and there's a lot going on right here. Michael Jackson's family has released, men condemning the film Michael, always turn the other cheek and we have always turn the other. When people have gone after members of our family, that is the Jackson away, but we can't just stand by while this pub. Glinting goes on and the vulture tweet, as in others who never met Michael, go after him, so the people that are featured in this waves by James, save, check and weighed rats in that Michael Jackson, sexually abused. M over a period of several years when they were kids now, both of them I defend it. Michael Jackson, against other allegations of child abuse, but later on, they felt suits of their own against his estate, with abuse allegations of their own back, a twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen James safety within the Patsy commercial. With him
by the way, and so there is a lot of back and forth according to the family, they said the film takes on corruption. The allegations that happen twenty years ago, supposedly and treat them, as fact, these clans, where the basis of lawsuits far by these, to admit it, liars, which are or ultimately dismiss by a judge. So Dorothy what happens, but there has been a lot of people talking about the tweets that went up and people who actually saw the film at the sentence. Film TAT film is film, is whack want, would assume, is unethical all those two guys played under oath that nothing, in reality, we listen to them now. What is inappropriate crime? Are they commit in part By doing this documentary and a document you off, Providence doing as Vinnie other reason they don't care about facts. They care about an attainment period. I got. Why would you take the word of two people
who have urged them to her themselves in a merely perjury man? Is daddy care, refuse refuted or abilities anything? It is ass. Creditors who attended it's a four hour by the way are leaving Neverland. They said the film was devastating, and so I don't know what you are How big is another guy gambling made real, bought it from you for luck blue somebody made it with an. I can't believe it will be and unethical need. This is business perjury. Eighty two people are committing a crime, that's what they are doing right now. Right I'm ably under oath? He I nothing and has found out what I learned to do not make out if they were not why we put this on their revolt, Sierra everybody else to people. Mixes up next, let's go. Let me know which one here is to breakfast locomotive pointing everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club to everybody go into Atlanta for Super bowl. We in ITALY and I will be out there, so I'm actually going to Morrow said
I got a lot activities, thereby and I'm looking forward to it. I know I land is gonna, be crazy. See tee? I posted rules for culture that us anti I intend to James. I write and I just want to give another shot at it. How Weber author and he has his own publishing company, these publish elbowed twenty five hundred books, the family businesses. It showed a zombie he may so yeah? What's that show it's a night, I think that's them see them. Finale is only one season. So far by you I've got a wife who may show you demand a second seizing a lotta people love him as an author and they loved this show as well. I'm busy girl wrote. The doktor just rejoined us this morning is well looted that the jasmine really appreciate doktor. Just remember that just conclusions, emotion,. Be well series or social media, as he did, the infection live lived there. Sexual me last year on VH1 and she's, just a dope individual. So once again you know- I I a dr of Here- isn't for your mental health issues at all is just a start and hopefully get you in the right direction
you know, get a handle on your mental health, absolute lesser. Our right will you. I have a great day when I will read We got a positive, no coming out as we did when we come back his breakfast locomotive warning everybody he's the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club shall really got a positive note, yes positive noticed? Simply this honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure, Private club, wizard clinical yonder, embarrassing day Thurston hosted a package to explain what we have did conversations around the power of genetic downloading. Ex episode pharmacogenomics now and learned with experts have to say about how genetics can play a role in our response to medication and the future of precision. Medicine farmer, cogent precision medicine? Is it supposed to take us directly to that drug? That's going to be a packed and actually important for our help, listen to spit on the Iheartradio, app apple podcasts or wherever you get your
I am also Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about a virus is spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your part guests
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