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Friday 8/10 - Today on the show we had one of our favorite's, Issa Rae stop by where she spoke about the new season of Insecure, and how she stays "loyal to these ashy n***" and more. Also, we were joined by Pastor A.R Bernard where he spoke about forgiveness, healing America and more. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a girl that tried to use her white privilege to get out of a ticket.

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Even so, we must treat this morning is usually day and everybody is anything to go by the Roma rubbing the wrong way ravaged by having that we start to show press research enormities that so it would envy, but he's not gonna do mounting do anything Andy. I gotta be running minor. You yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, hey.
Good morning, Angela, you, SAM good morning envy the Mona Charlemagne? Oh God the planet it Friday is it's Friday me, I'm under my aim. Only just the studio over so are given everything in and loaded with loads the low time, but we are rock n roll over some guys. You and the house I woke up this morning. I saw a man to sales on the front. A rolling out magazine may drop. One includes bombs were uneasy cascades. I send our man look at that, thereby walk out warmer cold hard this morning as well gradually set out there really be polluter made. The seals. I do wonder how on insecure, yes, deployment if you need to block. We have rejoined us just want to isa
would definitely be. It is more a case of one hundred percent correct. Our roads is therefore all ashy brothers in figure out. What is life can be like what our Lawrence guidelines would not be honest even of insecure. I mean they broke up. That doesn't mean that you can have a main character for two seasons and have was emotionally the main areas, there is actually ISA re. That is true, but he wanted to make our does not act. Like he's not knows why. I see the main character and he's out of her life. Does MR instead, like that, if it is shown range from those rights you out of your life and that's where life. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason you connected became a throat Did you like in the game of their own. Cried. You know that those carriages get killed off. I don't get mad he's got killed off, you know you got a good show. You got a good, showing people get emotional connected to take active. Did you ever when you show them secure Signorina thought this and there is no large that there will be no Laurens. I've
The abolition means that, in a petition to try to bring Laurens back that, wasn't me he pay for everything. Advertising on May or may not have dominated the couple dollars to put flesh goodness, but that was not me. Larry robots, the easy way about all that, I'm sure you bring it up or any man. You know we haven't had any minute the cloth at the breakfast club in a way we have passed the air, but not on this morning s Aventine proclaimed ethnical equal pull up, get to show greater front page knows what we talk. My e mail, imagine if getting arrested could actually be a good thing and you could get job offers because of it all right. All that on a big lobby or we come back. He believed the breakfast. Come on, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news philosophic about the NFL. Yesterday pre Caesar? What happened increases in you, yeah,
preceding games. Tat it yesterday sign of how players are back inaction, as several players did take me. They raised There are some did not go on the field at all, why the national anthem was being played, so they say AIDS orphans wide to see, but can you still, along with wide receiver, outward Wilson knelt during the anthem before home game against hamper bay? They said Dauphines Defensive, and a rapid Quinn raised his fist during a song egos, of Michael Bennett walked out of the tunnel during the planning of the Andaman and went to the team bench. They said ever players on the Jacksonville Jaguars Banana fell for the playing the anthem before their preceding game against the new island. Things or drop. One includes Bozrah Kinney still do not take. I salute everybody where they form a protest with the fact that this deal taken me with the intervals policy and effectively Brawley it they'll preceding could still be cut. I respect that they now scared and also to Kenya, steals novel wasn. I right now, let's discuss what let's discuss, how
actually getting arrested, helped to one person she's a megabyte is, Charlotte Perkins Egos to Texas Aunt em universities. He had just left her dorm room. She was on Facebook I'm doing a mega pretoria when she got arrested. She said she was sitting there like two minutes waiting on our friends when a police car pulled right behind her. She was taken into account Did he because they smell weed and they said Sir vehicle found to grant marijuana and then did her mug shot, an exact, went viral snappy book saying they wanted tutorial. Oh, they was opposed that was retweeted more than sixty thousand times. Somebody was dead. She said to start or all make up. Ninety said: it's crazy. My mind is blown out. It now is turned into something so positive, so I'm just going to embrace it and see where it takes me on of life from lively lemons, you make lemon pyrite, but this was a mighty needs. Do somebody needed to get in lab and make we did don't smell,
I got, know, judge our love loud, but no, you need to find some quiet, beautifies net potent and quiet the world to be a bit about visa. That's it illegal anyway, if not for a moment, The game is not really know what you mean my pills, not a cab and the one we ended in oak is is kind of smoke. If you can't know through it Why do they not only stories thought? Would cut smelled we and it is the vague since that lay down and then when it is easy to take one hit, also them plenty and utilise, because now that everybody else just behind on the time and they sometimes more than ever. We need to build. You show me a moment of rebalancing. There's gonna be a good invention at this point in time when we leave oh, that is going to be extinct, illegal war smell it You had a story about the bait truck in Chicago. The police are doing this is a crazy story. So please actually left a partially open Chirac with Nike AIR force. One snigger then lieutenant who's in several places around the community in Chicago in Inglewood, where there's a lot of people around and they
like might want to steal them, so, basically as egg entrapment they're trying to get people to go and chatted still These things and then arrest them. One resident said that today, There's dirty. It's a set up, saying that it's the same batch they actually are putting it in different locations. Over you see, a truck then movies. Finally, I believe that the candidate yeah I mean the community is clearly outraged by it in, and so they say whether they were put Jackson to their own devices. Only putting in certain neighborhoods, so what did and to say is that they can catch. Those people who repeat offenders, because those are the ones that so they will run up and try to stealing, whereas why was sixty plus humans last weekend in Chicago and arrest, because the cops was too busy staking out bait trucks and not diminish If you take a bunch of because in loop retired, and pull up and appoint disenfranchised area, what what will make you think they're not gonna steal it.
Windy lucky. I why wouldn t I went there and open towards bodies. We would need things they products like you. Take these things will seldom get some money later. Does fifth now than at any time to enable it to people, see unintended chuck filled with things allowed, people my take a little you only you. If you saw a triple a lieutenant you only you everything I was, then I guess I'm not really that have a person and failing that I may. I would like to ask him a nasty check it out, Rather they are you. Are you what you are and by the way you are kind of a fool. If you forward for dismal either who are you really need is something I would definitely say. This looks like a set at the moment. You can't forward a drug normal, they drove our working once right as front page news? I get it off my chest. Eight hundred and eighty five one and five one. If you're up such need event, it is up right now, maybe at a at night or bad Morgan in mourning, and you just need to vent or if you feel positive and you wanna spread some positivity. You can tell him bless online to wide open, eight hundred five, a viable.
Five one is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bread, is where a lot of Google do. You know I m all, lady man, why anytime you want to look like you. Gotta have a right that in their look up, I thought, if you don T know, then it will be ok with big itself. No, not that it did not have got away would mean that I'm a crack. No, we don't follow me. It's gotta be more specific. You could of entitlement anything, I'm all right, alert added a cop from no just seven, no sums up what it'll it'll baby. I thought I gave the paper bag you don't have says you could just cuddling and kiss
by all the political work designated as the way in why would you tell her nose? You don't believe you cause! You don't give it to you enough now, as you like, when you turn those you, let your right, It will be by the way it was and that's. Why would you tell her nose? You don't believe you cause, you, don't give it to you enough now, as you like, when you turn those you let your right, though I will keep I wanna know maybe a penises trash, that's what you don't you want to play games on. The old me would have told you go get a side chick, but you know I am a proud member of the faithful Black man association. So I will tell you this. I would urge you to masturbate more valid We pray on it for you, airborne brown. You please just masturbate less important allows is never I never was so get it off. Each Hasbro under part of my job honestly. Am abortion I hereby I work with if we work last April company. I quit.
And if you bought about a fool you bad about info about it. I'm ready to get away man I start my weekend near? Don't worry, Would you please would you do if you're gonna pay your bills of, do not quit got me on every law in a jar landscape. Every time I go to somebody Yahoo has taken me. I refuse to work there your door, his eyes on the quality of the gentlemen. Getting fired, allow this was gone, all their lives drew drew. What I've got it off each other, what's going on? I am actually go mood. I just want to share the positively mad with joy anymore. I'm over driver, everybody gets some are causing yeah, but like mad at you, I wrote a book out the preacher about energy. A book club, John Manga one. I went on the way, May I just wanted to share my book with job in trying to get at such dull for ever managed automatic email. The linking your like like time. Males who carry an age man alone for bookings. Yes,
I'm not ready, for that is what we do know share my problem, a butcher I would love to have. It was the name on the boy. If you can find it, Amazon is called lifelong wolves, drew faster back. You wanted a thin ones. Your person, you know, for real Senator radio station. We, I only hope, which allowed the mighty giving to address this issue of him attention breadth of la LA appreciates. Kicker Dorothy. I write Brahma, you keep doing a thing so make sure yeah give due to address mental front on drawing up wanna. Maybe get it off your just eight hundred five, a five! five one. If you need a bit it is up now is to breakfast locomotor the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off your jets? The main from you on the breakfast law is reopened.
With the boys, would only go was good man. I just wanted to comment on the debate. Shrugged situation, men at all school Brody they had a tv show on out about ten years ago, prefacing years ago, has nothing to do with that day in Chicago. These guys used to be guns like, like trucks, are going to drive rises. A great writer back in the night was they had. He reads like there was that battle
They had the big piggy back their tvs with ass on it day a day. I give them support and also need also to create economic growth. I guess that next generation they catch that, so they just casually when you would have some or were you when you find its evils. Saint Leger, trying to TVS Atv had asked of it all right. Thank you from Kyoto must be what they might be. Please do that Lebanon is burdened reason enabling they might put leader garage opening it had in a garage and I'm gonna kids coming round to steal it. It was shooting people go to jail. You can't entrap. People like that allows. There is ever tv should become a mining mining. Parliament, how you are you guys, worry and Gatt and pay back from you. I got back from they can. I have been in a related every year and when I got back to my plate, vibrate was banned alive and he broke my bag ass. They walked out on me. What was so busy so mad about that he broke all your staff Bobby get a bad bad. You know we aren't you a cab and therefore no longer together. What made you think back with someone out there, some Hetty, I'm not gonna. I went to my eggs weapons. Try to take my Matthews down the steps in at the door when we broke up. How do you bring about where it? What I thought
gun is crazy. Guy, you better be glad you now with him any more accountable essence he's out of your life yet, and I hope that you know that at the may that we have ever value- and I bet hell yeah- we have that prevail. You know why would you will be listening to some of these ideas and retired reassuring to know that when you, like men, glad now without reason anyone get it off your just eight hundred foggy five, what or five one if you need a venue gaiters at any time, but you ve got rooms unaware. Yes, I can say about came cried ass. He and she was on with big boy and will give them highlights about which he said on theirs. He talks about North West. She talks about ties it back for it and a whole lot of other things are right in off again ISA Re will be joining us next. Our to keep alive is to breakfast locomotive breakfast warning. Everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are, the breakfast club was gives rumors were thought, came court action. This is the rumour report on a breakfast club. Yes, I can cut ass. He ended his sit down when big boys who talked about a lot of different things. Now, one of the things he talks about is heard
North West, asking her about why she's famous here's, what she said, mom are you famous, and I was like I found out of line, and I might we have a tv show that we have a tv show and she was like all Kay em you now is. That was the first time when she was I would have no one knows achieved three hundred million person ever ask that question in the history of all car dashing, and I am sure, I'm sure she no, saluting nor for being into what was going on a universe. Nor regret is really going on here and we still don't have an answer to that question either by the way their work as they have their own tv. I write about you get the tv show last guest of good, follow up question. No worry, not you'll get it you'll get it. You get that of course later in life, Now he has talked about being married but being at a restaurant, Mccann Yea and hears what happened when she was married to Kris Humphries this on presenting, no one in the award was Kenya was nominated, so I see him backstage. We end up both at this
full house, and he sat at my table and I had my big ring on cuz. I was married, so I'm like talking with my ring, and I talk with my hands a lot. So I'm talking- and I just see him looking at my ring and is he his face- was just like get heartbroken a whole. I sat on my hands. You know we look back now and I guess him in his best had a friend had a combo as I do like we're at a restaurant together like she just come married two weeks ago. Nothing went right, thing happen, but then I went to New York and started filming and I was like you're right. I'm misery made the wrong decision. I think we all do our relationship was vacant. Wasn't aware, you said it was fake. Why does your ring from gone you because he said that if you could tell he was heartbroken succeed in his face and he was looking at her ring. So trying to hide the fact he was a married woman, I guess you just didn't want him. He'll her. Who knows why she did that? Why does she went to ring to begin with a few species of Mary? I'm saying, if you know you want on a day what another do less land in Riyadh another. She was on a date
as you said just now, to either side of the issue that a restaurant was one until every woman and every man. If you had a hard, your wedding ring a you're ashamed. Your wedding ring it only to be nourish and ass. It goes on to talk about the situation. Is that just happened? My Thyssen back very where Thyssen heads we, as he is not real doktor after up on her right hip and that's when she respond, since we all know why you don't care for it, here's what you had to say about that bored using our being homophobic, really mind: you're gonna body. Shame me, like ok, ok, says people were sending me stuff on it. Asia delay keeps ongoing and going and going in, like I'm decide, do at so female named images lame to me and for any one to say that I am homophobia right. A comment of saying Sis like I'm sought, like I'm the least all my best friend these are gay. I support the community. I know why was appointed call him says: you're, no good will. I know this because he's been rumours for years that ties in Bedford is gay.
So let me now now, whatever the maker homophobia dowagers her basic saying. We know why you don't like it may be that you don't when I right now. Let's talk about Akashi, six, nine. According to prosecutors, they went to get up to three years in prison because there's you violated his twenty fifteen. Please deal by getting rearrested. Wise and by joining a gang also, he was in court yesterday. He had for bardic, but aids with him and he was supposed to be sentenced to three years probation. That was for The thing that lewd video of a half just thirteen year old girl performing oral sex on a friend Video use thrusting his hips behind her stimulating a sex at very deeply guilty. Gains for the no jail sentence, but he was not ever spoken. Arrested again and fulfil all these other conditions, but as you, See online line he still doing alight and claiming allowed a different things, so the prosecutor is asking for the judge too. Get rid of their plea deal and actually sent him to jail zags they wanted to go to. Four wanted three years ago.
Is all they all add, as indeed is not go work in prison. I you imprisoned telling God s empty. Somebody going deadly, jumping, Eugene's, bright young Don't worry about that death, so please, now, according to that point, We they also said he would have no criminal record if he comply and complied with everything. But, of course, if they take the table then he'll have to actually be a registered sex offender. Yikes Rosner go work in the Duma. I just be a register of wind and everybody got that Who easy for me? Will you, when I lawyers are asking for more time to respond to the prosecutors allegations, so he will be back in court and October second to find out. What's gonna happen, I write em Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Ye now coming up next in secure is back this.
You get an easier way. We launch operable hope when we come back to it all and ongoing represent for all ass. She brothers, ok, all as you brother's dead, don't understand. While we gotta have life what our laws to seize it, I'm a represent for you and I'm letting them for order. Ladies, you are like he's out of my life he's off the show. My goodness array should be allowed to function is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club as he's back yet there are either ray. You re welcome back, thank you for haven't we re, but we are ready for ethnic here is back on Sunday, no, not convey nor lords. Deceive you just don't ever bearable about us as you. Ok, you think all ass ever the huge using a law that will be on it is how many years exudes like a day on ok. And after that I asked about having their acts
No. I want to thank you because you know all along right when you first treated as they see gonna end up with this do with the new year. Kind of like that, and I know he's gonna be all on this next, these in no, I kind of like them better for you. I don't know why? you will see when every day this is better doing your face, she was gone through a lot. She was you know, he was going through a lie and that was like the straw that broke the camel's back. You know for her fell I'm at airport, I love would like angry adamant in a real. I, like Daniels, if the care to do that- and I really don't have now realised- I met him before him when we did so printed. It has neither the guy that, although I do not know if I felt like I would be local tool, but I would like now yeah made I contacted by God Abed and you have you know you not day, but where are you going? yeah like Daniel, I'm gonna have behind
Why would you want to knock? You say you want Efforts must be that the document goes either for baby. This does not imply that we I have it gives gets move on. Our relationship with clearly ran his course, and that happens in life than You know I've. Definitely. This is like based off of thirteen a ban emails. I just wanted to pick them up. How they went, maybe even own back in relation to our goal, I believe in it. I don't know I haven't the member person, I'm very forgiving. I don't I never forget, but I forgive though, if if it feels like we both matured and we're both acknowledging things cuz, I don't like holding onto, I need to put it all out there. Then out the possibility that our point did you love or do really think I just learn their content.
W W forget. How do you do not believe in it? Always I added I did. I mean very I'd ever outbreak duties. We do our cinema grandma point under any therapy. I always ask forgiveness Museum, I don't believe in a couple days ago. I know but operate whatever their numbers. I advocate the egg resilient. I never felt that we toward for I really really really wanted Additionally, in a ways, I will not add a guided lip ago if that energy, though being best is like the whole mind too, like anger and gives rise there may is, is taxing thing for me I rather let them go and yours I remember Charlemagne. Forgive with Google foe my mandate, I got nothing to do with me, like I say,
with my for yourself costs do not happen. I got this year. It is taxing on yourself to be angry and have these feelings towards someone else who wants to walk around feel like I'm, no matter. What would you like? I always will remember about us about four. Do not forget what am I am afraid of being about a little by little. You that's. Why that's that doesn't ip, because to forgive the act and below ok, we're good because operate NASA Weather alert. I did get to see the first episode cuz. They sent us to screeners another that I was out all day. I was exhausted, but I came home. I was tired after I got to see it because I am watching this first screening cuz. I was that of her, and it does not disappoint. I was really excited to see where his character is going around to see the doubt you actually the sides add that you have made me want to do that. I want to do their job and will try to do that. Moldova, I want to gotta winning everywhere. You dad, and I beg you made it look like so appealing I will not talk about it
not that way I further than other new names. I lied to you. It is a job. I want to talk about it. Go that big is so interesting work Don't worry about me, I'm very. I want mine, overly dogma or Adobe moves The aim is flawed and seen in three years ago about no I'm better do better in that by one of the key things of adopting is like in a nobody's gonna forgiving nobody's gonna uses for you at the paths like yet. The world is no better way and he needs to do better Anders gathers and you when you make mistakes, you need to learn the lessons from those mistakes and our characters makes some decision the mouth about like watching them, not Canada. About what came out of the building for either in real life. I go more go now. The lamb, relieve writing leg, avenue, I have been, You may gladsome unthinkable
Look, I don't know why I am in math, but of adult thing is just like match yourself for somebody else, like you know, when you come and see our own you're, just like it is, and I need to make that work for me people allow you to growers in or as a kid we didn't have those media, so we can grow and we must not messed up. It was over and now it's like they'll, pull of all in view. You did seven years ago, belied. Remember when you said that S. That's really the thing about the internet, like everything lives forever, and I felt I gather the cultural just like holding people to a third time here to minimize the leg is: is harmful. Could you know that social media? so public in terms of lag once you put out there at the time- and I think about like I- used to read Argos and high, where people be like all. I complained about my job on Twitter and they got fired. I'm like how stupid you re, and I was going to my knowledge. We not do the same.
The point of my job. I was lying like Alzheimer where we love each other museum like guy hired. They don't like talking about twenty five, twenty six. All that has to pay could you I would never do that now, but there was something in that you feel like it contain like it's a bubble, the lawyer delete sweet. Without an radio by the end of good, don't you look back on a thumb and it makes you feel ultimately they let you know that you ve grown from that region, I cringe automotive W journal like I've, while it beggars belief that yak limp others, I think, is good superstar. This again is time. Actual people have access to a thought that you had an hold you accountable today when universal, they allow time when I learned one another about your book and you when I wrote that so long ago now, you look at and you don't even want people to look at that biogas who you are now yeah, but I also give our people duke of it. They buy today that, like all this with her, but You know it is. If you don't think about how books liver
maybe a hurried passes from your book. My guy propose that Women in asian men join forces in love, merging procreation, educated, black women. What but intellectual match for you than an asian man, and I'm not talking about Filipinos there like Nick Preservation well o o o o o language, and I was There- and I owe black, the beige again death back to be used to family. Time has been like that. I would remind those media deployment. I came out wildly about people with the USA, enshrined in a fine secured the trailer job Not even I am let a man, you know, I'm a publicity me blah blah. Of them. In two thousand and ten you and that was the context of lag behind
We come now and all these new things like black women, have no hope, educate black women. There is no hands one in black. Nobody has migrants, thought esoteric he's a Catholic. We always wagging our reading alive and notice that There is an abundance of surplus of any, of course, was about like for this to come up this law, giving Dr Weir, I know even date about I'm. I raise a loyal. Do you all my life back pay like fear by getting me here like? Let me try to fear bike if I can get a visit Riddick. As do I like. I know even Chief Anna matters when she could. You think I am a male of illegally is beyond me like. I was like that this has nothing to do with me. People reject a lie and they want you to be this. Certain things they think you are in. As soon as you show a glimpse than they fit. Will you think they either? I got a new that you're a I do love, you know what
I ve, really worried you spoke without for so long asian mineralogy I mean I know now and then I remember history in Firefox, some Filipinos glad as affirmed like that, the that I got more yesterday when we come back door, Is the breakfast club promoting the breakfast putting everybody's D J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We have isa rate in a building insecurity back this weekend, ye is that your having a Daniels House right answer? How does that even random happening and they see them because you're not together, you d want to stay with her brother and there is also something because again
they found real events and I never lived with like in eggs, but I have stayed with wine and it was night when I needed to, but you offered just find an excuse, just like being around. I want to be around you and I can explain why in this opportunity is available, and I just really want to explore now let me tell you that I am happy to see with that best Ivan. Let me make one a vulnerable. Let me tell you: let me live a of procedure. Comes you felt like companies on Macao S, thoughts that we're gonna get you know you and obeyed and you ain t shirt anyway. I remembered exile cookie near you hurry protected. They now Lord, like Nancy, I knew it all along. I knew she was eleven it will you the cabin boy, a big energy? Why would you say anything?
what're, you doing derive benefit large Daniel Thumb at the answer will have more and more in a big big read between the lines, I think do every life are you attracted to bid, so we have been hearing about the alone. I have a very I reside freely. I have no idea what then even gonna be energy. There is no. What is it? What is it? Eighty, no sound terrible. Eighty! If everything was what was big but you go, You know you walking you like. You know you want with some company Mona like four guys guy up in the real thing for women. We could sell this either by the way the to carry it through. Don't move,
why you, under the law they're not the mind. Thank you when you're walking, when you, when you're carrying this? Is you don't really the west you got a gun on you. What gotcha, Ghana grass on Ebony magazine permanently, who regularly? Incredibly you you don't carry yourself like the awkward blogger at all any more. Thank for that appreciate them You never did me anyway. What I'm saying I don't see, it's a glow yeah, that's it!
even Molly's, load of everybody rooted anatomists, oh yeah, you're, being able to Bay have options we around. I love her. Every magazine cover before we job rugby and secure love connecting about to insecurity, shots even orgy who's, been you know, Social Rog, intellectual tally of words, leg you goin to guess in everything away. I can imagine doing so anybody else in a positive light. Three glued about got a man now a real live with Israel, real cute, I'm happy about. After her love him love. Then the poor third, with his eye gas or give me the figure for the first time during the war now been seen in figure before they had the man. You know he was ass for me, I am afraid that the vote can erasing of love for him to do. If you still feel like that, awkward outsider outsider
because I'm like a demand to be inadmissible. Many like a mob here, the Rome Ii Rams excited to be amongst them. You know, I don't feel like it out. I just feel like was less anxious and fulfil excited to do so. Creating like near. You are the party now I know that he used to say Go to the Party than Canada's like hang out, but like is one of the life of the party, not the life of the party, but I throw a good party I'll still be in the background, while you like licking by giving Gonna get it highlighted by your computer. Kickback relate molecule Yes I'm having another, I'm having a party,
I got my party, and I have one last year that cause I just like randomly tweeted like I want of yes and I had winnings, is invited a bunch of my friends and I was grey with web, where the disease and premier to insecure, too, and so this year's is gonna, be a little bit later could have no weakens. But I guess what I have found my question We know of doing as they began a barometer. Why don't you let you talk? You account just like the idea. I calculates that ideally lab tat. Now, at this point, laying now I will, if you know anybody there were gonna make you actually do. Yeah. Ok right, keep a language either way some more subtle movies to breakfast club component boarding. Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club is Friday. We have isa ray in the building. Ye pricing for you and we live somebody will there be a right for advice and see just got
The ten year relationship she's now dating two guys. It was in our excess call, her whole courteously boom with both of them. Now what device. Would you give a young lady like that who, out of a ten year related Sab her exceeded on her with her best friend, as you dating and sleeping with who guys? What would you say because he's villain insecure that man is collar, eggs is calling her holier here's together? She still has to assume wise one I know that those he went on and on who cares leaping, maybe alive language, about where you about his tracks. I thought I convey right thy gave your daddy's out? Would any gang was grown up? What we are talking about here? Why you
about me. I feel, like I'm gonna, be gradually insecurity that shorty their bright to show nonsense. You from the group from the bridge you not about her and she knows what she noted gain: Colchi Nomadic Betsy, the enemy dies on it. I would like. I was going to prison ass. You bob life. We will inevitably have you met again member that I really met as they hang out, and so she met one of you, but I was in insecure when I had the one I'm? U that I want to do like the blow waxing. I want I school baby. You know it that would I was going to prison ass. You bob Life, you will inevitably have you met again member that met as they hang out and so she met. One of them was in insecure. One When I knew that I want to do like the blow walk me, I want eyes glued and he was because I knew who knew how to build while I went with Dick School one day, went to the Hermes House in at a party. And I remember methane due to damp,
do they came on and he was just like fifteen. Sixteen amendments I might have never think it'll blow were, and so, when I think came out right, I oppose those for some Bobo. Others like I know exactly what Mcconnell call Brandy and he sought by him of her face, but, like here, you gonna blow. I aim is idea in Newton. Gay women get mad about your depiction, nor the victim to pick they haven't attack me like they've attack anyway? I felt like David you're going to have yet another and complained avenue than a formal complaint. Haven't anatomy felucca busy why'd you gave his gave his a man I'd just binding grateful from the brute get my hopes. Now lagging a wife entering into rubber
We re ass yesterday else, I'm very high bottle of champagne by came here just to celebrate, as I would like. If that doesn't make sense, I'm going straight from movie interviews, I wanna go. What movie some of our little woodpecker movie that my stay Martin, who plays Diane on Black, yet she picked when she was ten years old. Wow, that's a maid and is getting may now. Just finish our sitting with regional, my favorite why don't I mean I write have your mail em and is based on a big if I gave that, in a totally different a year. The inspiration came from big, like the opposite to be very well. I used to like that like every day is again, do what you want it again? I know right. I want that a piano yeah them another. I wanted the twice or not the blade, and now managers and cool guy Reclose do a tragedy but is filled with that that that be room for so long would alien.
You re on I'm Peter come here and of happening discreetly. Otherwise you why you made about the wagon reduction Emily, not in production, but I have another movie coming out: ok, it's gotta hit. You gave this other energy Thomas's, but has come in October, as I am in a man, Amber December and AIDS. How the now in his work You have been to me. The Weimar you'd have been about unemployment. To be an, I remove issues of eleven July. We don't, they have is going for their efforts the screening right. I thought the movie I we're Doin were premier, world, maybe in Toronto, film Festival, but another were therefore she was my flight Why were you really
by less than we know you, gotta go by insecurity is coming out on every single Sunday review this Sunday, and I promise you because I already of course say that later, when the first have to sell this greener is so gay is so exciting and you gotta remember when I said the judge, he had a mere you're gonna wish you had a job. It made me really feel like. I should try to apply a real life? And we don't have to worry about anything right at this lobby for you? It is. How do we mean the way, your duties, that down businesses an excuse for meeting our guy engage in only guessing cases where you re here in Europe? why, though, Guy Abraham drink levelling out of war, we have no idea. What have you have? My dream was, however, offer alike of Remy. What you mean I beg your case. If you can take it, as I thought has been a word, we should become the hospitable can ask the seller love,
but their address run by a dreadful cloud is either. I thank you everybody's D. J envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to the Romans restore currently worth all the Reul report was glove. Yes, ok West was Armand Semi him and now he hasn't been Annette, so since they had their back and forth B, social media wins, Emmy Chemical, actual at a video making fun of Congo, where I was back in twenty thirteen. So now is back on the show now, amongst other things, that they discussed. Jimmy Kimmel asked him about his support of Donald Trump, and
Where can I had to say everyone around me? Try to pick my candidate for me and then told me every time I said I like tromp, that I couldn't say it out loud or my career would be over. I get kicked out the black community, because blacks whispers have a monolithic thought we can only like. We can only be Democrats, and so, even when I set it right before I went to the hospital. When I came out, I had lost my confidence. So I didn't have the confidence to take on the world and the possible backlash, and it took me a year and a half to have the confidence to stand up and put on. So basically he wanted to support, and I guess because he didn't want people to choose. Who's who he should support for him, the economy and one of those people that you want him to do something you have to tell him. Opposite of what it is. You want him to do back, don't want pork chops, say subordinate, basically, gonna Jane. I feel it is important to remember this.
Is based off of China. Go against what everyone us once got. Who does what he's always been no one can you what even at the language you believe in. Even if I've been like that no less and you ve, been been wrong. A lot of time to career, we just was right and wisdom in sound I am not to eat boobs so that he will eat. You might goes deep poverty to put right now. Jimmy chemist dumped him there question when he was talking about his saying that door Bush does not like black people buy it now coming things down which up? Is it the same way, whether we like his personnel? or not that his actions are really what what matter I mean you ve till famously and so powerfully said, George Bush doesn't care about black people makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does or any people at all
What are we take? A break will come back and I can't let the wreckage show Charlemagne God ass, nothing in question in my two hour, long interview with him, and he did the exact same thing. That's what people think, and I still Jimmy Chemical credit is static, Are you for somebody to? We need one person's way to do that. Just the solid, What we need is not about you, ok, it's about, but I'm just saying I have made, namely that question you have them exactly. What would you have about watching porn? No, I didn't. I am able Jimmy, but they were kind of like making was interview shudder anyway. Somehow this conversation turned to pornography is what has happened with Jimmy Kimmel in Congo West and feel, like your attitude towards women has changed since having daughters, nostril look at porn.
What kind of study look at what category lacked is my favorite? You don't have to go into that kind of you want, but I'm here was the point of being kind of us. If you can't was breakdown, went out, of course, a lot of lava black or white. Obviously, so black on white boy knew you have it somebody does. A museum was coming and going to say that you should have asked him. In those two hour that monies after? Why not? You don't need they're gonna get anybody I didn't want to cloud jays than your gun. Modem may headlines asking that right. I don't need again good now. Another thing that happened of course, always mean tweets in this room. Is particularly funny, it was a hip, hop edition of means it's in your ear, Remy Maya here Dj Khalid check it out for the sun is more needs to be kicked in the balls
anyone anyone deserves to be kicked in the balls. I think that we should take these valid thoughts and play age. So where a little more product I feel like Remy Map is ITALY. Fights are beats like she can't rap one b to save her life, where we might also visit twenty minutes? You want somebody network. We should do that appear in Latin once in a while she gently- and yet we still Fm Jimmy Human- Javert folks, all getting your fat ass in shape got. Who cares, It would be great, we never see it. Ten years I enjoyed a means, we'd statement actually being made to it could be his own, show egg definitely K and enabled me to give you a thirty minute shows only twenty minutes, it'll be enabling twenty machine somebody network we should do. Appeared wasn't once in a while she gently AG lad, and yet we still that firm Jimmy came. First of all, I shall remain: God has stolen from Jimmy Kimball I'd. Do it every week clubs, twitter page, you do what I'm saying
it was where one is difficult, even hours, Jimmy Camera. Do you stay off the white man, even when you steal from the white men witty steal from us and do what they do you still? Don't you credit for everyone? I'm in the matter has cancer the rest of her tour off because of her chinaman shows you take care herself. She was supposed to be, performing and going on tour, but she's gonna be instrument for a lengthy period of time, so she's cancelled the rest of her tour. You gotta take here. Yes, first and foremost, it is what it is like you know forget about. Nothing else right now. If you don't hear yourself, there ll be no fans, because will be around so yeah and edges passengers have them our black white in order that the rumours that he may possibly be the next James Bond are getting even closer. According to the producer, a barber broccoli they said Directive Antwerp require reveal the details of a conversation with James Bond producer. Broadly, in which he said it is time for a non white acted to take on that iconic role for quite discuss whom I next in the running and there Sir
progressive move happen eventually were edges Alba, a front runner for that role. Would you be interested in every year and nobody is closing now that the producer is talking about an hour drive. One includes both issues that will be the true to the world. It s elbow means more to meet in the car. Did James Bond of ages, elbows, already action figure to me, he's already a move, heroded me way more Jane Laws, island of damaging, if it is out of laissez la who, as you can, who played our role Michael, be Jordan. I got the same body. Let it be known. I got an email, but just keep. It is a way for I never was a jig. Have you got a white guy? Why there was a Jaguar movie Marilla you have as the angel eysines by movies. I write immediately, and that is your room. A report right. Thank you, museum, Charlemagne, yes, sir, but give it a doll could do
since we talked about why people so much in the room report, listless does have a discussion about white privilege and the benefits of white privilege foresaw thou records. What we're, after our we'll get internet next, keep a lacklustre breakfast club, Don T: you dare devil. Yes, don't you today for Friday August tips. Those two, a young woman from my home state of South Carolina named Elizabeth, cut short travelling to clues barbarism. Okay, eighty thousand three hundred and eighty four thirty eight thousand six hundred and forty eight Elizabeth was a garbage pail kid. Her name would be entitled Elizabeth. I know you young and have no idea where the garbage pail kid is, but Google is your friend bro
average pale kids represent and representative still represent. Highest levels of trash, inhuman, inhuman form You had junk food John, who was the girl, for our junk food. You had six Vickie was always ill booze. Bruce. Who was a drunk and entitled to is above, would have fit right in and her name which people itself, because she represents the entitlement in privilege, does? She know she has a white woman on this planet. Now I have no problem with white people using it religion, America, zero Don't let them live. You were a clue as to their privileged, because we all know that there are societal privileges that benefit why people, and I'm not going back and forth, which manages loving, tell us with love, is on this. You know it's true and once again, have a problem with your privilege. Just don't deny it when I bring it, ok. What are the benefits of having white friends is to be able to use their privilege like Starbucks Wifi? not act like way privileged can be used for the greater good of us all. Our railways
with privileges wanted only things that can stop racism because it takes good white people. Detail raises I believe they are wrong and their behaviour towards minorities needed to change, as while always stress that why people must you their privilege to combat prejudice, so don't ever think being where's your privilege as a white person is a bad thing. Just use the privilege. You have to do the right thing where despitefully now actually respect Elizabeth, because he's fully away her privilege and when you got poured over arrested for speeding in driving drunk she using our privileged to help anyone but herself. In fact, you Ah privileges are on the table for police to see that's gonna inside a disciplinary board police. A lady pulled over first suspected from driving tried a novel argument to avoid going to jail. She told the cop. She was too pretty. She also said she was smart, a cheer later and went to an the university Maud instead of this waiting, the officer A says:
was just further proposed to him- that she was intoxicated, leave Lorn Elizabeth, cajoled birds for mercy pulled over for allegedly speeding has to stop side just put on the back of a police cruiser. Then she's, sobs ass. She rattles off the list of reasons why she doesn't deserve to be place behind Hours really gave me three guys guys go now. I can surely be at police stations. You call yourself a very plain thoroughbred white girl. According to the arrest report, the officers says he asked her. What that have to do with anything you're a cop. You should know what that means. She allegedly reply
where's my white teeth. Mug, I'm a very kind should know it, then I'm a very clean, thoroughbred white girl. I'll. Give you hadn't about a girl, the internet statement. I would have thought you was described in a hoarse. What does very, Lean thoroughbred white girl even mean what can a very clean thoroughbred white girl do make managed from scratch very clean thoroughbred white girls, own more pair of leggings and a boost and other not so clean and pure white girls like white in the name of Downtown Abbe, is going on here anyway to most telling
in his audio was when the cop. After what does that mean? In reference to her saying, she's, very clean, thoroughbred white girl and entitled Elisabeth responded? You're a cop, you know Damn meet, meaning it don't act like you, don't see my privilege shining, you know what disease you ignore pupil of my view, breaking the law dam day. Why did you stop me for driving drunken speeding when you could be out here profile and black and brown people drawn your weapons or nymph just because they always seek out? How do you not acknowledge my entitlement by asked me? What does that mean? When I tell you I'm a very clean thoroughbred white girl? Do I have to spell it out for you, Mr Officer, W H, I t p r b l e g entitled Elizabeth. I am beneficiary of a system that is failing me right now, because I am a heck of for actually breaking the law, and that is not. How does he supposed to work? That's White person, though know that acknowledges the have privileged actually thinks, and you know the old saying, drunk pursing, speaks the silver mine and Elizabeth case is a drunk person speaks in entitled. My please, give entitled Elizabeth a Elizabeth cut short the biggest here.
the record Elisabeth for Record Elizabeth got jawed with speeding, disregarding us As I said, it was in America I possession of drug trafficking you as far from her job to real estate agency Jesus Christ. Elisabeth, your white privilege signal is poor at best buy your white privilege, other weak signal minorities. This is not the kind of white friend you want I'll get you a white friend was white. Privily signal is strong right ice, all right what they if it had delegated Charlemagne. Now, when we come back, we have the eight hour Bernard in the building will kick it with him next week We have not had a man of the cloth here on the breakfast club in a long time. In fact, I think the last man of the cloth we had up here was Reverend John Gray with his wife a couple months ago. Maybe and I am glad that pathway Alban nodded communist morning. We could use the phrase we need it all right
Added to that when we come back, people act is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guests in the building pass. The eight hour Bernard remove could be with you. How are you I am less highly on black black. Allie favoured marine ecology departure from the evangelist whereby Board. Like will always a defining moment, moment image. You wanna stepped out well, the enough we're about to celebrate the first anniversary of Charlottesville. Yes, and that was the turning point me You know I came on the board because of two things that were present number one also for an inner city initiative agenda and the administrations intent
on doing something about the city situation and our nation that was part of his campaign promises. Number two rights, religious liberty hope for this will be positive for you to be able to be involved, the change is absolute. Listen, I may add, and I believe in having a seat at the table, not just for the sake of having a seat at the table, but because that seed empowers me to speak truth. Power. As the only reason I would go into a situation like that, so we are experiencing the campaign here then the first half of his presidency in terms of that first year, for them for you This presidency is clear to me that term group was simply a photo up gripped. The group was simply a prop. You know to have a certain impression to that political base,
that you know he had to support and when I saw that it wasn't going anywhere in my efforts want globally effective, more efficient in any way. Ah, I had to rethink Place there and then Charlottesville K where he drew that false equivalent. Me. No between both sides- Well, you know a white supremacist, our unequivocal to you no peaceful protesters. You know that was problematic and it simply reinforce this man, and is not immoral, he's not a moral he's amoral this is a moral, it means that they all subscribe to a set of core values or moral influences, so their transactional. It's based upon the other. The deal the moment and the transaction and winning So I could not cooperate with an individual like that downgraded network down attempt,
Where did I met a major problem and I would urge you to my goes well nobly with that you know- and I know that some of the individuals who were there and- and you know I was disappointed- really be cause. I knew what it was. It was about diversion, was about distraction which President is a master at fifty that you and gone oh, I wouldn't gone more information as far as what effect Deal with him on that level of happy We then yeah, but from those at the beginning. We are also talking about. Like him cried ass, he went and got something done, and I think it's different when someone like Kim Kardashian goes to meet with him as opposed to win clergy. Meet with an efficient blacklist so, when we go in there, we have a prophetic responsibility to speak to the issues and we
and do that are fully tactfully respectfully to the office of the presidency. Regardless of how we feel about the person was occupying that office. And we have the responsibility to responsibility to do that. Guy, press, the diner got anything any more pro black president. It is the Arrow Darrow Sky Island as problematic when you think of borrowing a crazy thing. I think anybody could possibly haze nothing further from the truth, but I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised at all. All that there would be individuals and that for of mine positioning themselves in a place of power. You know this goes back to hundred years in slaves, the dead during slavery. So I'm not surprised that unfortunate, because sends the wrong message the disruption in the infighting netting causes when somebody community goals dispute, then I can be very there, but Reverend Jogger, the gloom
and he looked at you, the leader of of of of men in aid and women in Attica, like everybody's, given him so much flag discuss, he tried to join in the new. You tried to delay them and he brought them like on himself by the decision to grant any people. Now I cannot have any. They only want all gonna know like that all arose out of the leg is open and I don't think he's cancer and he's a good man. John Grey. You know- and I want to be there for him but these emerging leaders who need mentor. They need fees individuals in their lives that they can run the station like that by before making critical decisions even though I have forty years and ministry. I've been at this entire areas in the business world ice call individuals when it's a major decision right all right there why to make or if I'm invited to a space that I know can have ramifications, I want to think through. What's gonna happen, what follows optics me
so. When you go in there and say well, I'm not the the presidency boy, I'm not I'm not anyone's boy or I went there for this particular reason. Ok, let's judge the fruit of that. What was the outcome of that? Because when you have the plants, and you sitting right next to the president are, and I don't want it in John. I wanted to successful he's a young emerging leader, and I want to see these individuals continue. You know the legacy alright, but at the time time? We ve got to be conscious of the weight of the decisions that we make, even if his taking a picture, I we have all tat the air banal. We combat it all over the breakfast locomotive holding everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, we have passed the air, but not in the building, even said about her marriage is different now, just because society is different in my book for things. And one from a man I talk about people getting married to find themselves. That's the problem.
Because we are all born with the the idea crisis and the resolution of the identity crisis as something that care There's two life until we resolved that crisis So if I'm gonna marry, you cuz, I'm a myself, renew and you look for you and me are right. We too trying to find each other. Where we're not gonna, do you have to be you don't like all? single sisters out there. Aren't you be complete and hole in your singleness before I bring that into a marriage relationship because of you looking for that man to complete you, you don't be disappointed. Are we ever really all faster? If you'll be all things like profession? We are in a process like I said, perfection is impossible in his fallen human condition that we're in, but it's worth the pursuit, because the person that meat, because
in the process of become more important in life than what you get is the person you become in the process and I think, probably being hall is different for every person like some people may be completely contain, to be making twenty thousand dollars a year, have three children and settled down and happy and marry some people might feel like. Ok, I want to travel the world, and these are things that for every person I would think the pursuit of a mess happy, is completely different. What you you ve during two things, external things, colonel thing deriving, I think wholeness begins entering turn the interior life as the place, it's u fine, homeless and that is basic to all human beings in which resolving the identity crisis. Who am I? Why am I your sense of purpose? That's all interior! I want to ask you bought homes because you got my marriage in two whole people. I guess coming together how you find it.
If you have nobody completely halls what you really looking for. Well again, the pursuit of wholeness, I think it's important, went, went when you get married, It should not be a collision of two histories. It should be a point of confluence where you bring your experience. Your gift, your talons, your abilities, your relationships to bear on this new relationship That brings the two of you together, those really becoming incorporated our right, and then you create a new stream of life and you deposit, that's right along the way and you create a legacy. I think that's what it's about not like. This is gonna fix me that I'm already feeling like I'm a whole person, myself now, I'm ready for this cause. I think a lot of times. You make mistakes where we think we can change this person to be the person or after we get married, then he'll be the within that should be, or I want him to be, an all those things that thing for you,
as individually, have to happen before. I'm glad you saying it because you saying it just like a woman, women unfortunately contains feel marriages, construction project and there the general contract. So you dont marry a man for what you're gonna turn him into where you can make out a potential. You have to understand that what you see is what you get an what you better pay attention to is his character. That's really what Mary. Not as now is not as money not as looks for managing this character. That's was going to come to support you and strengthened relationship. Bite. You wise forgiveness, important Beth, her proud of that rig do I'd. I'd never believed in forgiveness, and then I had actually prayed for a few people have added issue would over practicable weeks and I actually fell, but after did Empath Evan. I dare say you know. We have argued about this because I believe in forgiveness- and he has always said everybody's not worth forgiving well, if forgiveness is, can be considered, a
value judgement of the persons worth then it goes back to the dignity of the human person stamped with the image of God. Every person is worth Giving forgiveness is designed to free you. If you fail to forgive someone, then you attach yourself to their syn you carry it for the rest of your life and they, go on forget all about you freely, but you still carrying their burden is more there you go the other, very limited, like I'm. You know you can go to. Heaven is I'm forgiven user there? I don't have the burden of fear having these views. About you not saying that you forget with somebody. Then you don't forget, because you have to exercise wisdom, you have to know okay and now that you have to be friends with them You don't have to be. You have to understand. Okay, this person can no longer occupy the space in my life because they're not mature enough, there's no sense of purpose, so I've got to move them. The space in my life, so forgive us liberation movement if it makes you free
of our previous someone, not forgive him, but when something back haven't seen him nothing look. I got, must not around that year, you're wrong as retaliation lead, and you know what you're looking for and that intrinsic in human nature. The desire for justice in the field of justice has played out if something bad happened to them I do because I do believe that when people do things wrong, they brings comment that balance and without I believe I have to do it on a brain glided down. I gave you that type of person and you do things that are harmful, people you're a malicious parents, ended malicious things. Go happening because, as is the law of the union, but there still her look in food and luxurious. Well, look human nature! we do want just can't lie they will have to be sure that if something happens to someone there, we decided just let it go. You know we
come on. You know what look the scripture says: God is not marked from Pherson so's. That's what they're going to reap that's cool but that's a biblical expression of common. What goes around comes around pathogen. We end in a brain absolutely not like you for Europe, yes, your favor, your love for all mankind. Thank you for the sense of purpose that you given to us because we know that you created each one of us for a purpose. Thank you for love, and learning how to love ourselves and learning how to love each other. Thank you for fulfilment and achievement that we were designed for, and thank you for the platforms such as this that you give us the speak. Life into a society that is in confusion that is moving towards chaos. Thank you that there is still hope in the midst of the darkness is light. Thanks
for every one who understands the responsibility that comes with that platform they use it. Well, bring your love life and light to the world. We pray for all of those out there, but a struggling challenges, no but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is God and he is very real and he is there to give his love and grace to you. I pray this all in crisis a man, a man named path, bitten, AIR Bernard Beg. You ve got to my brother affairs replica the breakfast pointing everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club- I you don't want to see. Happy birthday to Michael Biv. In today's fiftieth birthday, so happy birthday, I have already long Whilst it is called
made a big derby park out in Bosnia. We was was a head out there, but you know we all have different things to do today. So happy birthday do my bit my brother saluted a good. Rather Michael Business always want to play him in a movie. That is out of their rolling as from imply, ended up plainer and also want to salute one of our faithful. Listen is here to breakfast club and basis alarm a non foreigners in your name, rhombus she's from Eritrea, ok to the breakfast club every morning. Have you boy data you'd were promised algebra boy, they shot off our body. So happy boy data, you and it doesn't matter numbers pronouncing. You name. Could you know you are? I will just gets it ever was assault making an ash with Angela his club. I right where it is a big day for in that, given that color album queen is coming today now does he pushed back tonight The second is coming ass a day so That is gonna be happening as nanny
Have you on the West Coast in noon? If you're on these colossal looking forward to argue that we listen to it- and I will please please people not rested judgment on the arm. I hate when you do that. I hate when I'm comes out at noon and yoga reuse by twelve thirty two we live with for the weekend least. Well, yes, I see how did her queen radio and she announced there. She said she was gonna play the album live there, but somebody mess something of so. She was unable to do it, so I don't know, but she had a whole listening thing it s. A lot of people were out there like London was their Cassie Kelly Roland if Hawaiians a whole lot of people showed up Korea, so You have a listen immeasurably now. I guess it was supposed to happen. I don't know I am the first episode, Queen radio was one last night on Visa one, so that
He made an announcement about the album coming out to day ass. She is gone answer us and let us not forget that in September, she'll be onto a future and add things. Six nine is on some of those dates as well. So congratulations are today. The huge safer yes allude to look here, and with the autonomy and he gonna be performing at the MTV vehemence early is gonna, be from some great. Location in New York. Juniors restaurant word on the day of the no to smart Move Ronicky Queen radio. Could that way you avoid having to do any end They knew radio stations. Ok, I any podcast cast no good. Generate if they do your name interviews, all right now, let's talk about Little Campos. Little can musingly sat down in a did an interview. She was saying that tired of questions about Nicky midnight. Here's what happen God bless. How was she do today, but you know what God bless. I wish it had met them past them over it. At the end of the day. She do as you do,
until she was ready to be on. Hopefully, guy puts it on her mind or whoever else's my rivers the right thing, but you know what I did and once that happens then you know a hopefully Where is that, as we confirmed at the rumours, ass, you got a point that music, Have you got a really good point? I mean little came a little came to the latter being the top the little king do Little Kim and Nicky even still haven't you who does not like a hot, wouldn't happen greater as a day, and that is behind her, and you know, wish you well in everything, but you know they were asking about the absence Hidell Queen and little Kay. As the Queen Bee. Guess. We're like I've been quality while she's real about it right here. And, like all all black ably are clean. All black woman agreed all women of color with you, no good clear, but if you do talk about were in terms Arap Queen, The name is actually queen with people. I right now. Let's talk about new down, again came our backs and they are going to be doing to play together. Here was no dog had to say on this notion:
the account about it. For a barrage of boy bricks, no dog connected with some random knows. I just part of my main man carries Jurassic on a plate, ass right, job retention of community aid is real, so are you here, for it would have enabled. Happily, no foreign debt is definitely limited. Rations can have Newton and able to actually look at us Thirdly, there is less than an army ever it I'm excited about it. Actually, member, when Jim Jones had his play, no adult odium goes out of way really like. It was really good. Air criminal so the first hours in Houston October Fit and IRAN's it's gonna be out in place it to try Memphis Land and offer genuine Brooklyn was no Loveday, flew the love diva got when you get to really see how skilled people because you can't messed up when you one s age, anal take anal red x made about if you do, methodology keep flowing and gone with light of ETA. Given nothing happened in people an audience shouldn't even be able to tell legumes,
Thank you, MR people, who are actually waiting should feel like like that are they will I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss ye. Now, let's get into people's choice, makes you wanna hear something at dj envy. Almost all the mix of wood poisoned again have birthday to my Bravo, Michael Billions, like I said, he's, are opening up his park today. He's having games all day surprises all days would get Dounia Tupac is Michael If Derby Park might be love you and its purpose locomotive. Looking for new podcast, who isn't these days well. If you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage and hope stories that will help get you through the strangest of times. Look no further than season for the committed podcast. The story telling adventure about what really happened after I do hosted by me, Joe Piazza. While we are still stuck in the house, there are three whole seasons of committed for you to bend three available.
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