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Today on the episode we had former government official who served as the senior advisor to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett. She spoke on advising Obama, finding her voice, and hopping in DM's. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Brian Kemp, who signed a bill to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Hi there, I'm Zagreb and I'm Donald phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP, on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch. The series one episode at a time put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords, editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends when Second Donald on the high heart, radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog cas. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with a bullet in his back. Outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself does
nation, were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the heart. Radio apple podcast, wherever you get your party casts order of business for oil pollution from terrorism. Of the very few really care about is the only one who can remain a review body do. Yeah, yeah yeah, oh hey! You welcome back when it's just
What day, as is guess, what all going to elaborate Wednesday Oakum backing how it should be obvious gray. I was in republic. I was input to Canada Axiom. An Italian I was her birthday, so we will all out there come on in its favour. When it was, you fill out their left a day earlier, launder money right now she comes back tonight. Sure am. I had just left to yesterday's minutes, while in rice he's still ere, she gets back tonight, don't Obamacare wasn't the team is today about some of the medieval she might be our way back by she's. Deafening coming back to that, did you did your body burn the union, the work done by your horse that I was a case him, I'm a girl and one guy. He's only Guyana girls to, but it was his by they too happy birthday. Nigel ignores what emerged yes well. We have
It gives you an injustice morning, senior vice senior form advise my legal form of senior advisor to the President's valley. Yet, our former President Barack Obama, I what do you call your former? as is like being president, are you always considered a senior advisor you're not available senior vice its reform operate. Well, everything Mario revising, we always say President Barack Obama is a vice president. Joe binds. I want of urine oppositions, I senior visor, you always considered senior advisor you know I'm saying I don't know but Valerie Jericho, because he's an author now finding my voice. I won't talk of her yes should be here today, Hey, that's exciting, illegalities area we have. Patients are without em out. Well, that's why they Sandra glance phone video from the twenty fifteen traffic stop last time here saw her alive and we don't even This video existed until now, I want to do is to cause she six learns birthday. Poor care, satiated tattooing, your face.
Me honour of the castle seriously hullo not in his mother. His girlfriend colleagues, this is children technologies give her hair was for businesses is the breakfast locomotive body. Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne? God we oughta breakfast club was gained some front page news. Last night the rafters beat the seventy six. It blew about one twenty five, eighty nine rapidly the serious three to now was again fully didn't, come to play at all, not at all and not just be to trailblazers once quantity for ninety eight, no one else. It's only well drugs are three to an hour and get mocha. Let's talk about enjoy, The governor has done a very controversial abortion bill into law. So what they saying it's called the heartbeat bill and if there is any type of heart be at all, if they can determine there is a human heart beat on an unborn child? Then you cannot have an in that could happen even six weeks in Japan.
Sometimes you even know that their pregnant as six weeks, so basically whether they're trying to do is banned abortions. Some people are saying that there are some exceptions like if the pregnancy rest a life or has substantial and irreversible physical harm to the pregnant women by. They say. Other options exists for women, which includes adoption in the morning after pill, and if you think that abortion is a barbaric procedure, you know you can we have an abortion. I think it's a! U systems pregnant I've, never do It will care so much about that issue. As far as trying to tell people what did you do with thereby agree, I get the same values the men to China. Tell you what you can do is the same thing would like you know, with the whole gay marriage than before in the past, that law to make it right is like. Why do you care to fuel? We give even effective relapse age. They said If a woman was raped as long as she reports about, if she doesn't report it just want, it doesn't have the baby like it's like, let the women have their own choice and makes no sense to you. I never understood that
Video has been released, Sandra Bland from her twenty fifteen traffic step and people have not seen speed or even known that it exists. It is new cell phone footage from that traffic. Savate turns out. She was recording the please who started and when you hear this you're gonna be disgusted and how the police officer is speaking to her or because of a routine traffic staff, supposedly yet out of a car. Now, why am I be apprehended you're trying to give me a kind of right of failure, Why am I being every hated you get over my mind, or so you got your third drag me out of my own. I get out a clue. And, like you, I did while now get out of the ground or failure to make. No, you don't normally over there, the other side of the coin. Let's do it for our failure to signal YAP for failure to signal the biomass now get out. I met on while I have a right to explore. This is my property. Now the trooper had originally so that he can feared for his safety during that stuff.
The sound like he was praying for his state safety at all from what we heard right there and that he would say to her. I will let you up or because of a failure to signal dragging the girl s out what you can hear her as you think she's getting the car and everything but yarmulke, remember video. We drag them, as Ormond originally thought out. The only video that existed, and I don't know why this is just now coming to light at all by sounds off. I don't think a police officer ever speak to anybody like that or because of a failure to sing Daphne to sound intimidated by her at all. Now, let's talk about a school shooting that just happen at love, one dude in dead and eight others entered. This happened yesterday, two suspects where Africa, One of them has been identified as a double our divine Ericsson he's eighteen years old in his aim. The other aspect is believed to be a juvenile, and this was ended for example, areas, area school as these stem school highlands ranch and what they are saying.
Right now. They can give too much information or pictures or anything like that, because they're still investigating the only thing they can say at this point is that a handgun was used well, nor I hate when I wake up in the morning, and I say my prayers. Like all read my daily affirmation, books and dinner. Meditate, DR and work use. Nice varieties are be just that drive in quietly. At my intention. Positive intense yoga become ages, the human body would all age leave negative as front page. News story flies nowhere Are you having remember, I could not tell you but sanch bland video footage. Even you can, of course was the outcome that mention that Jesus Christ Woggle bug you thank you, but well ask it to show cracking get it off. Your chest hey, eight hundred and five eight hundred and forty five one thousand four hundred and fifty one. If you need to vent right now, maybe at a bad night horrible morning, maybe a mosquito bite element, ankles walk anew. In the Dominican Republic could it be where they could have a bitch but pay at one of my face?
well get a chance. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit us up right now with the breakfast club good Morning, a social distancing Tipp. While the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink, you sign language, salute smile, peace. I throw open air high five. Do jazz hands, remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home. If you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part, because we're I alone together, brought to you by the odd council the breakfast club, go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you about this, but far from Detroit, giving obedience when you get real, quick
Slander landed at breakfast in maybe maybe you didn't it off his chest. Everybody feels a bottle of earth. The envy gullible, delay reader headline it should go with it. As we know, sometimes trial name you ought to is another thing. You know it, albeit people. Dont people got smart, intellectual Will you handle the hospital get to subject answer that proves that low crazy with engaging them. Good good luck. Man opened a dying man out of it. I want you to get checked out man. You do so ended this alone that you want to get don't look at. Our people allows is easily make representing feed Arizona originally of an nation must certainly could be moment now. The whole nation
rather than an end date of american God. We don't know if we organise our native Americans yeah That's what I'm originally from Arizona here. I am. They have lay, and I don't want you guys everywhere in the world. You know by the member I'm getting really happy because my Father, I noticed a animal, let's get it, let's get it, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Okay, everyone go through if I'm sorry, but first off, I want to give a shout out to my uncle Lex, by the big my car, ok, my car window, yesterday, I couldn't make it work. That was good abnormal lang at around oh yeah.
Those lacking. I have my family environment here around and re here. If we be next thing I know, is I let me die, they got you live. Everyone gives Angela yeah, I didn't Lindsey you a lip. Okay, I just DR nematodes things. We talk about yea and you know what I'm just those whether you guys have you park meagre gave me gotta, listen to people Let us talk about eleven o, my God, my god he's gotta, listen to people. When you know I love you re, never lazily you park. You gave me to stop you what value. I appreciate you narrow power you have anyway anyway. Angela. Thank you so much you know really speaking out on fire, is gonna. Putting your personal experience without their critical, not only you will be the envy. I love how you love euro. Now you must let her time
Do you like it, then you can go man. Adieu. My moment, I'm do. I ran aground. I really love you guys good morning. We love you. Do we appreciate the native out there? say Madame a moment, visa loses out those We gave by love you you do, of which I really like. Eight. Five, eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you want to call somebody, you have nobody to call on us. We listen some breakfast The breakfast club, your job, to get it obvious. Yes, whether your man wore black payment, we want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allow this Jamie ravages Mama led them. Ok, I'm gonna write about it.
Job so excited. So I get to the job, and this lady has The vote will on their rights. My reply. I do about it No, you gonna do. I know a guy gets rid of pink I in twenty four hours globally a little bit of a little bit of urine seriously wasn't when it appeared that ever lived now from the country baby. Dr, not I wouldn't recommend you to do anything. I haven't done myself, then you ve done that absolutely works. By way of whose p my look up and are putting their use p, low, begging for not located tissue holiday for like two trees against our problem. Twenty four hours twenty. While while Google is your friend, I discovered, as I just go good day, I'll go get it. My you is that you
breast milk in Europe and I are common myths that should be a Because these may cause secondary bacterial info hence I gonorrhea unclear media drawn up with the absolute value they want you to spend the money online, but trust me. Before I'm tellin you at work, twenty wow lay agenda. We call me minded- and I thank you again- happy to hear that I do realise that before it was medicine there was just you know, natural. The thing that we could use the tool that can go away on his own as much as you have you holistic. That is a very around nothing like that. I didn't hear you next to a pink. I call me broke year I'm telling you, I guess I've always thought I told you. I think I did about being your eye and you got pink I'll go ways when it allows I did ask him: Forefront Beds army ravages
by name and you can't come in african game found with a con man cap in America, regular nor role by an American tried scrambling a robot. We dogma, young man, you don't you, try talking a robot for you can you can crush the robot Nick still robots You press the robot leg, robots head, follow me I don't like him, I don't want you dislike it, but then Starbucks covers stupid, you're right, I'm its amount of appointing China alone make hello. What's No, no you hydra motives is welcome, back beggars, good to be back, Miss you, don't look and argue yeah Devon, tat. It was sending every day.
I wonder who law, but they remain a region that is moving, Data with me is Johnny of you'd. Think about my pie, care and will keep up the out above somewhat you out of it. You gotta put about their about. There me out new flying, loves you kids, saying that days after me out no oh fast me out completely. They say what the hell's going on about knows not occurs. By the way is now on the go online and arguing with people online in making sure there I'm not out. There was no earlier than had been a break Hey nobody ruin for. You now have one
his bag, ass drought. When there's a package drive you ever pulled out ok I'll run, they might get unacknowledged. Good luck, draft, maybe maybe couple of lip service. Parents is called a broken everyday now's IP will ruin for him. Ok, ok I'll, be disguised love, it's abbeys Larry as yet a great the talent, it just a hundred five, a five little fire? One of you need of it. You gave us up at any time you with our rules on away. Yes, I mean, I know you are waiting for came kind dashi in as well as about her document me that she snag now. I will get into that. When we come back, you locked the breakfast Cloacam breakfast bodies dj envy Angela YE shall? Oh, my god, we oughta breakfast club good morning, welcome baggy get to be back, gets going, was less talk, came card action,
The bad news is due to report annually on the breakfast club, where Kim Kardashian added to our documentary. That's gonna be with acts again. It's gonna be capturing her efforts to secure freedom for Americans. We believe had been wrong by the justice system is cause Kim Kardashian that justice project as the title right now: is a drop in the global, can go down and shouted God's work, suppose it we did. It again had the best club with his lovely family and my attorney, who just one release for their loved ones Jeffrey in Miami there. Twenty two years of life sentence for low will drag Casey's have too much time, but it gives me so much joy to fund this lifesaving work, so she's really time to work for people who she fails had been. Unfairly sentence with low level offences, and then they get these lengthy convictions and that's what she's working
but you never knew never know. Oh god, I love a person. Can gaze getting people out of prison occasion the woman whose Korea was lost? What sex tape is now an advocate for criminal justice, imprisoned reforms? You doin a damn good job right self. I seventeen it may have been released and she's partnered with. Lawyers. Brittany K buying it in a man's l, Coty of their De Keyser racing collective as they are now, the days of freedom campaign and they said that emits are pouring with letters, they call the princess a prison reform, so they and indeed, if she's gonna work, you should turn the word Robin include Bosnia came he landed on, can not made on added none it old prison for them is give a damn about our past. I anything like please Europaea. Now we told you about ass it in doing this farewell well, there's some other projects coming to oxygen. Mark Wahlberg is being a show exploited that highlights the work done by the
liver fund that an organisation that fight sex trafficking in the? U S and iced tea has his frame by the killer that to show that show stories of crimes that seem to point to one color, but it turns out the person was framed and the color was a whole another person cell. Interestingly ass, all of those are coming to oxygen. They like the new, de channel? I guess I write qualitative but in the meantime, as working with primary gamble and try but studios now what they were They do is highlight and promote, so on gender equality. In Hollywood we need that's so the Queen Collective has actually work. Different women who are going to tell their own stories. She said white guys have been able to tell the story and every sort away and unfortunately, hasn't been that way for women, and it hasn't been that way for people of other colors or genders. That's the part, that's missing! You want to make sure that everyone is allowed to tell the story. Avoid her a queen collective authority, we helped helped out to female directors, have been coming to
is be Monet, unhealthy Elisabeth Anderson, their films ballet after dark, and if there is light they all prepared at the child at the film festival, so desktop. That's. If any had, as was talking about the girls chip, sequel people say she was Joe according to her rat, they said her comments were all a joke, but she did say that she wishes. There was a girl's trips equal. She said I hope there is I've been petitioning for it. I've even script for me and the girls punch it up and made a good? They don't want it. We understood how much it could be made and they don't want it. They dont want to pay it. So I doubt it but then her rub said it was a Enough Annabel write a letter, you don't wanna, be women what they deserve array and get money America and pointing the way. Mr region, offered Tiffany had as many of you guys, I didn't know where they were questioning Regina Hall, and it says Tiffany Hanish earlier says exactly. When people ask me who than the Beatles as they Elton John staying, Billy RE, Cyrus, the close nine. I wasn't here, but I'm sure you guys talked about how they, Mr Chris Rockford Kevin heart on the right. Did you see that one
On the contrary, we want a pseudo Chris rack and his girlfriend in his egg Kevin Heart and wife Nikko, as well as in other, when I see Britney's business, they always member done right now and you never managed during the AIDS when Dear Mamma television specialty. I did something very special he's honouring his sister Antoinette Precious Harris, TAT men and he surprised a student with scholarship check it out. Regime was severe feels like well below so to a single mother. Oh junior and smooth college a little work Arkansas, and she has no idea that we are doing this journalist get. Would you please, then it is our hope. I wish you would have heard you say you have to do great things in her future. On its to the precious Chapman scholarship in the amount of twenty,
thousand dollars to her to night ass, though TAT beautiful, she's, a single mother also and she's, a student Sosius, China get her associations, you degree ones that twenty five thousand dollars Schuyler SIMPLE, deafening go. A long way to Europe the kind of addiction and irritation scale that are built for six syllable words. You know I'm saying like every time he talked to just now, but he's just lying and you up to say a word with six syllables right! Well, I'm Angela Ye- and that is your rumour reports- are a lot of positive news in the rumour report. Baby girl. But then we gotta do from patient or with what we talked about. Well, there's a man down. Do we have to businesses and how its money he lost in a decade or I will get internet. Will we come back? You belong to breakfast locomotive, obvious great man in play. F, Mary kill what a bunch of women yeah now. How can you give him wednesdays? All women,
ok, but only as a jump in on it on a marrow night USA. Like then, I just thought he was. This participate. Girls, girls, don't guys out, leaving only went out its planned to be the only guy on a girl's chip. The method that ours is done, a great job and he was the only guy there and put a stop to delay, thereby Armenia's, although, whereas everybody social media painted not a secret all night with land of Morocco, unwanted women, you take would be taken by the nose Nigel Array, one that gives a front page news: the rap the speed the seventy six last night. Once forty five eighty nine I got blown out, they lead to serious three to draft a zoo. In August, the trailblazers once quantity for ninety they lead to serious as well known. I cometh internet, our next, but mostly I right now, let's like by these MAX documents, they showed Donald Trump down items. Businesses less is more and one billion dollars in a decade about what way: one seven billion dollars from nineteen. Eighty five to ninety. Ninety: four: that's because
They get information from tax documents that he has. It's a release at all, as you know, he's not gonna, put anything out there. Now they talk about how his core business This is in ninety ninety, ninety, ninety one, when more than two hundred and fifty million dollars each year, which is more than double those of the closest taxpayers in those years. He did avoid paying and contacts is for eight. Those ten years because he lost so much money. Even though talks about how successful his businesses are now he's a self made billionaire. They say that, actually, that's not true. His businesses weren't so successful I right now. Let's talk about a really tragic incident that happened in Denver Area school at the stems, or highlands Ranch for whom they said. One student was left dead and eight others injure this happened yesterday. They did get one suspect, it's a male adult and the other suspect is believed to be a juvenile? They have released one of the suspects names as Devon, Eric Sandy's eighteen years old, and they are now
Releasing any photo that this time they want to maintain the integrity of the investigation so annoyed all the details? Yet they said they can only say at this point that a hand was you that's all they are saying right now at this point really tragic situation: Rejoys Redundant was killed an Sandra blonde. They have released a video. She recorded her own arrest. If you guys remember that twenty fifteen traffic that we thought there was only footage from the troopers DAS Camp, it is, but it turns out. She had actually recorded the police officer who stopped her and his sounds like he was acting ridiculous over a routine traffic. Stop now? Why am I being apprehended you trying to give me a dry devoid of failure? Why am I being every day you get out of my mind or valuable. You buried in a drag me out of my own guy, get out a club and like you, I did while now do the groundwork. Failure to know you
an ominous over their yellow court. Let's do it for our failure to signal the app for values they ignore the Puma now get out. I met on while I have a regular That was my property. Thus, Andrew planting is tragic out of their health centres, family in a court of law too, because we artisan Andrea, dragged out a recalled by a carpenter. Didn't you need and done so? I will do so. What's Andrew plans family, so they never saw this video before it's another, whence excess officials to re examine the criminal case against that to bear. Who arrested her get a criminal case after watching the trooper grab her in drag her out of the car of granting aid to criminals, and none of them have seen this pretty big, yet they had. This put it to the whole time at are undoubtedly has really say now: get the cell phone back the dynamic just get this often enough in this. This is actually a hard drive that has all of the data that was compiled from the investigation which included this. So that's all part of discovery. They said that they never hit it, but I don't understand how
just now barely I did not. I wanted to understand how that audio tips to skills more so than the video him actually grabbing her in dragging her out of the car. If they care about that. And why would you care about this? I may lead, who knows anything can happen if they feel like this is a reason to re, open and re examine yet justice, then I'm off for it I'm off? Why? But I highly doubt especially been it ya, gotta video him dragging her out and caught her eye that as yet on page news all right. Thank you miss you. Now when we come back, we got a special guess joining us today. Yes, us the former or not but seats near advisor on their vessels of finding my voice and aims Valerie Jarrett, and we got so tat when we come back. I throw overboard, the slogan morning, DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building senior adviser to President Obama and offer very
regenerate welcome. Good aim is yeah but morning. How are you, gentlemen? How are you I'm great? I'm really rate where we're going negative. The senior advisor for president. Do you, who may well, under President Obama when a senior visor would do would be responsible for giving him advice on every decision that he needs to make and we would with all the different federal agencies and stakeholders and try to make sure that he makes an informed decision, We have one area under president of their lives. I can't speak of this administration. I can only say what we do and there was a lot of rigour and discipline and homework and research and evidence they went into our recommendations worker would Obama wean I've known him since ninety ninety one.
First met him when I was trying to hire his fiance to come and work with me when I was in the mayor's office in Chicago. So we go way back and I love him. I consider him like a younger brother. I never had feel the same way about his wife and there wasn't a single day that I work with him, the lighthouse first of all that it wasn't an honor and where I felt like he lost sight of why we were there and that was service there. What about Joe Biden said Joe Biden I had not met and toll of President Obama was considering him as a nominee and he was solid too. He brought a wealth of experience on foreign policy. The present over didn't have when he took office, and I have to say I think that their relationship jailed as a closer one, then most vice presidents to the present Did he ever kiss you want of where to do anything from what he had always a hunger? Now, let me tell you something close find out about this too: My dad died on a really serious note. He came up to my office and
grab my hands and he he said to me that you knew your tears of our sorrow will turn to smiles when you think about them in a very intimate, impersonal. Wake us here, experience moral awesome. Anybody should experience by their mousing before o died, so yeah he's a close, intimate personally. That type of guys close. He is that's exactly how he is in his is present in your life. Let's put it that way. You're do not! You are aware he is in the room you pig Joe Biden can stand on Obama. Obama Biden AIR like to give people decided to vote for him that, like a successful path victory, I think it's one part of his package. Surely, sir, for eight years with President Obama, they were in sync on every major issue. When of Vice President Biden and present Obama debated issues privately, who knows where they came down? He was on board, and so you, I think, as a part of his legacy. It's not his whole legacy, but it's a good chunk of it or when it comes,
come to President Barack Obama's legacy like do you think that the heavy vetting abiding right now. The thing they're bringing up like the metaphor cry bill in his old com. There's some people consider Rivet races. Do you think that is could be damaging the Obama Flexi? Now I don't think he stands on his own two feet pretty far. My garden is extremely popular in the black immunity and the whole community address the backing. That is very true. Are you of that? Are you a five I was born? There are now at a dash world. Pretty. Fundamentally, I may think. Well, first of all, we ended up there because my daddy was black. Doktor was trying to get a job in the MID fifties to date, myself just a little bit I'll think like dirty. I know you're gonna say that thank you made life long learning and ordered the way that we would, when I say, nineteen nineteen fifty is, he could not get a job in any
I was born there I know. Are there should be a worldview pretty fundamentally, I may think. Well, first of all we ended up there because my daddy was black. Doktor was trying to get a job in the MID fifties to date, myself just a little bit of things like dirty. I knew you were gonna say that thing engine to be chairman of the department, pathology and help start a new hospital ensure ass? He ran out, keep in mind guys, that's back when the United States had far better relationships with the government On a day to day they were a staunch ally of ours.
And so here my mom went there and part of what shape me. Is it instead of being perceived like he went to Howard, undergrad Howard, medical school? It always been defined as a black doktor and there he was an american doktor Atwater on evaluated on the merits and so being born there. I was confused and part of why my parents want to come home as airdrop raise a black child in a foreign country where there were no other black people around and so was really infusing to me. But what I did learn there is, I could lay with kids from all over the world, because physicians from all over the world were working to start this new hospital, and I found something in common with all of them, and I also think it when you lived outside the United States, particularly at that point, an underdeveloped country, you don't take. You learn how to take for granted. Granted that we take for granted here, like mom mom, had boil everything I drank and peel everything I ate and diseases. There were not necessarily curable em and our civil liberties that we have here now
perfect, but it is a democracy and that's not when it was there. It is clear to Joe black Woman- and you know you- you speak proudly about being a mere black person, so one way land says you don't even know you were black. Will then insulting? You know what luck it was operating insulting, but I, but I also said at the time I'm fine, I put myself in the arena. I can take care of myself, I'm surrounded by a lot of love and support, but there are a whole lot of black people in a sense that was symptomatic of a bigger problem, which is it in America. Today we are still judged by our race and on our continent, and I think social media his can be a tool for wearable expansion of knowledge in bringing us together.
But it also lets people talk at each other rather than to each other. So I don't like that part of it. I think if we were to spend more time like sitting down in a religion, why why are you tat, I loved, being present weak, look in the faces of the people you're talking to an social media? Doesn't it So I worry not so much about me to your question. I worry about leg. The teenage girls were walkin around a grocery store department store they get followed like what is that, due to their self esteem, are guys walking down the street. He sees women oversized recurring into their horses and and the talk we all have to give our black sons about private car. Even when your white friends are talkin back and guph enough, we get to do that. So those are the issues about me more seven, a tweet from somebody, and even though we know Michelle Obama say when they go in Angola, we go so when she went law like that and said you look like a monkey or whatever you have to stop yourself from tweeting vaguer like either
Have you seen yourself rosy? I really didn't you haven't. I do not have to go. In fact. I always like Rome arose in who and is a thing about. It is like the kids are watching and I think we have to be role models in a part of what Michelle Obama was saying. That broader conversation is that we have to keep our eyes on the prize like Europe, public service you're not supposed to have a thick skin and react to everything. That comes your way, because it's a distraction from what are actually trying to accomplish, and so It takes a lot more strength to go high than to go love. It's easy to go! Look I we are more Valerie Jerry. We come back, don't always to breakfast club. Tomorrow morning everybody is D, J M Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. Now we have the senior advise its president, Barack Obama, and also offer
of finding my voice Valerie Jerry in the building, not a current president doesn't care about anything. As you can see. Is that bother? You worry about what a country's go? Well, I think tone does start at the top, but the reason why I am optimistic today is a travel around the country and I still see like people who aren't as ordinary people who are fighting I to make their communities better, and I have been handled in the luxury Billy of seeing all parts of our country in two presidential campaigns and since then, with the work I've been doing, trying to get people to vote, trying to focus on gender equity and getting reducing gun. Violence is a guy. The issues that I have been spending time on criminal justice reform, my brother's keeper and there's a lot of magic and good stuff happening out there, but it is dispiriting to have the presence of the United States focus on separating us as opposed to bringing us together. I think part of why President Obama resonated so deeply with America and one not one
but twice, and that many president's everyone twice its causes message was one of unification and to appeal to what's good in in each and every one of us, and that's not the case today, the brother of men in politics. For so long. You really think dollar trumps, there's a brother. I don't need the former produces celebrity. Well, let me tell you something: he has a lot of power and
Ah, that's terrifying and I know I'm having been inside the White House for eight years. On January twenty two January, twenty of the embed the pressing United States can have now on the lives of people who are here the people around the world. We are like the beacon of hope of a democracy and right now, for example, we count on Congress B. I check imbalance and when that stops happening when, when just imagine, if President Obama has, unlike any other stuff right, he worried tat suit and it was like a major incident. He put a foot on the desk in the oval office, my room, and so when you, when you see a breakdown of that, then I am troubled, and so you might say I guess your questions like does he have a background to be the president, while I might say no, I did vote for him, but he is the president and here the impact he can have
on, wives of em edges, Americans. I look level these kids being separated from their families at the border they long term irreparable damage is devastating. Just look at the rhetoric and we ve seen increases of hate crimes and white supremacist groups, and so is unleashed a level of hatred and our country. It is like deeply troubling and concerning as it should be, an olive US little Varmus, either by the wood yesterday or any of your brother Trump senior. Why wouldn't have said? Yes, he was becoming evident. I have worked with its administration. Now. Is there any candidates? Do you feeling so far? Anybody and you don't know you, don't let em up. Let me say what do you think they'll say about that? First of all, I think this, while three things embarrassment of riches, lots of great candidates in the recent democratic feel number.
Two I'd say it's early way. Early, I remind people who, like all who is in a violent, do you realize the Brok Obama was down by like twenty points in this time in his first campaign and Hillary Clinton The invincible, canada- and there was no way that this gonna give with a funny name was gonna win, so I want to see how they do owning our respect and trust, and that is not something that can happen with. Just like one action because it look. This is a marathon running out political presidential campaign and it should be. You should be going out there and earning the trusted there are some people. So I want to see them do that in the final thing I say to you, guys is what I I want to do- is to beat up so much on this field. I don't want them to beat up on each other. I want as our likewise rival, for you I'm not some interest in. Why should invite both for the other guy? What is it that should mean about you that I should trust you and put the future of myself and my children and grandchildren your hands that to me
but then also I want to see like, however, emerges as the nominee is not in a week and stake as a real prize winning the general election we we have got to when the general like right now there is no candidate whose announced it. I will not get behind a hundred per cent in the general election. If they emerges in Amity growth, any of them are better in my opinion, and what we have right now. What do you do? you know for buying and sand is get a password and ninety four crime bill, but Hilary was held accountable for it offers are definitely Hilary should be held accountable. That was her husband and she was the first lady she and having to do with inside they with you on that point, everything will guiding the candidates who were now they have to demonstrate to us why they should or in our trust, I think, with Biden an he. I didn't agree with his position and he would be the first to say he didn't always get it right and I believe people can evolve and we should
tell them and see and kick their tyres and see whether they have when he was in the White House. He worked very hard for criminal justice reform, which you guys know was a top priority for president and now the great thing about the campaign as he gets to go out there and explained to the american people why we should believe that the positions that he says he holds today as will the campaign is all about, and I love that about the campaign, and I I want to see it debates. I want to see these town halls, which are interesting and less like kick their tyres in and see whether how have people change their positions from where they may be,
in thirty years ago. You think you have a problem with women and what this is about. A veto com allows. You know she was a prosecuting all she locked them like a rabbit, lemme, guess or prosecuted. Do you ask me living like a Roma women power there? Ah, yes, yes, right now, of course, I know my way around with me and I was even wanted the as they do, but you know what a view. I would also say to me, as our country ready for a woman president absolutely- and I think you're right am. I was doing her job. I should say Senator errors was doing her job too. As a prosecutor and does- and I actually want more black prosecutors- and I want my prosecutors- it understand- they have a huge amount of discretion- me little have to prosecute. They can look at the facts of the case and let you go, we have a new prosecutor in Chicago on CAM Fox. There are lots more people
going into that yield. Who are people of color, and I think that that's good for the field. So again, she should be judged on her record, but we should just have a knee jerk reaction, the because she was a prosecutor she shouldn't be present, but about where you on impulse call finding my voice, Mister Adams, commie valor of binding monolith. If people have always that owes you just the Obama's friend, so you feel like you're, finding your voice now, I think so I think so. I think look when you are I'm staff to president. You are there any support role and I think I found my voice actually when I worked in city government, because I was on a lot easier to advocate for people who I thought didn't have a seat at the table and I had the benefit of a great education and wonderful experience when I was in the private practice of law- and I wanted to bring them
the bear in Chicago having grown up there and felt excluded. I wanted to bring those voices to the table. I we are more Valerie Jarrett, where we come back, don't over the breakfast locomotive morning. Every are is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. Now we have the senior advise its president, Barack Obama, and also off
of finding my voice Valerie Jerry in the building Charlotte, though also wouldn't miss Georgiana stay right now. What does she want to see? What do I want to say? Well, I want you read my book, because what I tried to do in that book was to tell a story about a about my life and the hopes of people would see like this young shy girl who grow up without a voice and where our confidence and didn't trust myself, and how, through a lot of hard work and effort. I grew, and I talk a lot about being ass, a young single mom, where I expect to be a young single mother. I been married the boy next door, I gotta go wrong. While we know that money went on, I had to come to terms with that and stop viewing myself as a failure, because
marriage at work or die. What went wrong was it do so much work was it. You are attorney at that age. I really was Jean Marie Iron or whether he was cheating or not, but he was not. I know that he can jump, didn't their usual stuff. Do you know what he just was not an enemy? try. My definition of success was like being a comedy. And I would just like bending over backwards shine. Do everything to make him happy and it wasn't actually thinking about myself and my mom is like you know, are you be? Who you are stop trying to be like some made version of a wife, and while you are having a baby and being a lawyer, issues
you drop and balls all over the place. Go you burners altogether and I've in it was hard for me to my parents were happily married, they're alive and sixty two years to my dad died, and I thought I had to make this work, but I was like in some fallacy land and it just didn't work out, and I was not happy and I kept thinking my daughter is gonna, grow up thinking that this is a marriage, and I think you should tell her when she was young. If you have one happy parent as a good thing fight and she was gonna have to unhappy pears, and so it took a love for me leave. But but if I hadn't, I wouldn't I found my voice because I was busy being a wife, I wasn't being Valerie and so the combination of marriage falling apart and being a part of mere Washington's administration, really helped empowerment and help me find who I was when I was your excellent idea of a more visible prematurely going back, just ass. He passed away. Oh I'm sorry,
what is wrong with you today. I don't know you are right and wise. They walked into that. One would avoid Broadway, wasn't a matter for giving you. I blame myself fur like marrying a fantasy, so that this much on me as it was on him. I look forward to book a hound regulate its outright that we recently on the aims and which, in the story, thank you very much bid it? What did it make it? I refer you to find love again, while tire yes- and it took me a long time before I was so we shall. I like me, break it down for you, so I feel I think I thought marriage was going to kind of complete me and made me all and everything never been lonelier than an unhappy marriage while room never been lonelier, then I'd like all form of lonely, less like loneliness like no getting sailor loneliness like nothing else, and so when I realized what that doesn't
oh good, and then I'm suddenly a single mom, but on the single mom with I'd means, and my parents are being supported by the a lot for me There's a lot of single parents are out there like struggling to make ends meet. I never had to worry about putting food on the table by felt like I was Stanley, my my fingertips and slowly but surely I was like you know I can actually take care of this baby. First, I was like nope So let me take an ovum hospital. I know how to put the causing an idea that I had never changed. A diaper tell my child was born in ITALY. I broke up Silesia godlike seven months after she was my moved away to Michigan to do a residency and he never really came back so yeah. She misery on your own Osama, good health, family, big family life support, but every morning I would look at her and I go my goodness and I would I might I go to bed at ten o clock. I was drawn up to one and two in the morning I go check honor. They make sure she was our eye, because I do not have the confidence that I could do this on my own. So my point
as I did it, and so ass time went by. I became a whole person and then it was easier for me. The love again and feel like I have something to offer as opposed to getting something from somebody else to complete me: does Amazon from its purposes pitiable red overcome around of the jar grew older? He did not. He remarried he re married and never really saw much of her. He remarried had another child. He come alone. I don't know what you know about my revenge once meet. My revenge was success. Being ok on my hour, you up there, you can always gotta auditing, that's all kind of the less tablets. Usa, dialogue before that- and you know what I think you know I say otherwise. No there is no opportunity for that. What I do is another all boyfriends who I will say I was in their white ass, knows thinking you wish you can become an open here. Would you can't write revenge
The lovely form as a success is a lovely former bet develop. Of no I'm not generally. Why I came on your show. Nice did com. All available. Arms will call me. We ve got your ethical, ok, so let me born in authorities. Do that you receive writing. There were frightened, you recrystallised good. Yea from his pocket being the yawning they hey. Missus Parker like as a respectful, is more respect. Is nice patching lively? Now France even come. You are right, Mr! allows. Girl told this house that we do. I miss Gower, yeah avalanches. Miss Barry, look of a love yeah since I've. Will you always my came on your show? Is I figure with this big audience? No, I don't I'm not taking any body when I was out in the White House. Let's face when I was running around him and elsewhere, I've been auntie em and then they will not play. This is right. It will ensure the imo they better calmly, but there's stuff together right animal. You doesn't money. Do you think
my invitation do not bbm in me cuz. I don't know much about the I'm always getting criticized for not checking them anyway. So don't do that. Don't do that Secondly, I am not very good as doubly who is here with me. She was home invitations. You diaries, look through them, Your mom doesn't love. You gotta get them the aims that the way is. The only way in this area must have got offers good you'll get some weird picture, This is why I would instead, you might want to see any right of Mr Burg Michael, be joined by being a deal right now, I'm looking at him today. Hopefully these adorable, knowing he guy, could be his mother saw that's, not no tuna analytics, you wouldn't even younger. Yes, not like my check, my daughter's age. I'd have to reckon with that she's. Thirty, three! So, let's like keep that in mind,
but the problem, if you put on the trail, he was dying by I'd, know she's very great You guys less well below the higher or far. I point forty five forty seven out there. You have a good job as Ms Bauer. There now is all of that thereby that kind and clear and indecent and creates no patrol, asked me that's why we do have to be insane politically. I don't know I'm amazing, to me these households, where you have people from two separate parties, and I don't- I don't think I man has divided the United Europe. I might be arguing over time. Thank you. We have valor regenerative adjoining about using will Instagram the gas Valerie be Jarrett on Instagram and Valerie Jarrett on Twitter. I'm gonna easy to find Valerie, be Jordan,
there you go man. I know you know what I can say. What you say is only going to make a phone call from my mobile phone is Jarrett. Long live as a family is the breathless club good morning. Moscow Ramirez and oppose the daily Corona buyers update daily, can renew the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about how the virus is spreading. Hotspots around the world in the United States, possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. The podcast has multiple updates per day and brings you all the info you need into one place on the daily corona virus. Update are connected with doctors for advice on how to keep her body healthy and what to do, if you think you might have been infected, I will also keep you up to date and how other countries and local governments are responding to the outbreak and I'll cover other stories about how the corona virus and social distancing is impacting our everyday lives its
important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions canoes without the noise So did the pot cancer posted every Monday to Friday from LOS Angeles and will be ready for you when you wake up listen to the daily Krona virus, update on the high hard radioactive apple, podcast or work. Tragedies, you get your podcast. Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are, the breakfast club, lonely are freezing where we call appear this mornin muskets rooms as to a common. Building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where payment has a new memoir out is cod? Let love have the last word. I just gotta just got back from they case answer was sitting here. I now time to read it and in this book I see everybody's posting about a revelation that he was molested as a child. He
as a memory about how family friend actually put it hand on his lap again. I guess you know, touch him in an appropriate way. Now, as far common sharing this theory, here's what he had to say to teams about why he decided to talk people know is man is, is a safe place, a man be able to talk about these. You gonna. Do I want people to be like, and I can say something about it. If I find out how to heal myself, when I'm dealing with it, it's something that I feel a lot of that. I know a lot of people experience, especially black young man and and and women and lot of people afraid to talk about it with only way we stopping cycle. Is it talk about it? So that's why I chose you say something but women, old, molested able to buy a woman Nashua was beginning to feel the man's. I applaud com if you said he was nine or ten have any said. I pushed him away. I don't remember, saying a whole lot. Besides, no, no, no any said he felt the deep and setting shame for what happened
Nothing makes me happier than seeing your brother's doing the work, the hell out of us a damaged and in order to reach our full potential, has been on this planet. We have to heal so salute to all the brothers. I did get me healing through therapy counseling meditation whatever it is. And you know he said he had kind of push that memory away up and so now so there you have it our right now. You should carry. She did read tabletop and she was very honest about a lot of things about how she feared was being married to staff curry in other things, as he has to go through and it comes to other women. Hurl insecurities here's what you had to say how many women loves deaf. Curry. Second, is like very nice by nature and sometimes to the point where I'm like. Ok, I'm a girl, woman, so obvious insert myself and be like hello. How are you doing like I'm, I'm ok with it now, and I am obviously you know like the devil's a liar and there's the Ladys will always be lurking, re, hoping hoping further moment and waiting need to beware,
right. But for me I am, I honestly hated our own ass. You also goes on to talk about filling in secure because she doesn't get any attention or men looking at her complementing her something that really bothers me and, like honestly, has given me a sense of a little bit of insecurity is the fact that yet there are all these women like throwing themselves, but me like the past ten years like I don't have any of that sounds weird, but like mail, attention, and so then I began to rise and, unlike is something wrong with your online. Why? Because I thought it would be nice to know that, like someone's lookin Dougie rotation system given are totally talk about all the terms over her cooking
talk about she's, her wanna, thank God, oh god, oh god, what a guy like eyes! Look what you ve got a nose. It does good. What's it all about a guy says you look like you, ve got to whoever you made it worse. This now I'll go out the Asian you going to stay in order to have courier super famous and she is not like should because these people are gravitate towards death, because you looks good because they see you more tv. All the time of asian super famous, maybe honour to say we, Airbus, she says, expecting it Mr Miranda and she's, even saying that he knows it feel stupid or whatever. But if that's how she feels and she's be honest about it. You know life is, I think, a compliment sometimes, basically which she says. You gotta be honest about the whole thing: could you people don't waste of current legs? Does celebrity you do it. When matters devil would is model, they would ignore Mamma to look at democratic base inner. She went she's, yeah attractive? She went. People still believe our she's had just like you should at least
real feeling. Listen, you should need anyone else to validate you, except for you significant further like why do we care was granges think that you are needed, but people like detention, people lesson that like she's gonna, do something, but is still nice for people to complement each other. They were. Somebody comes appears as your skin look. Maybe you can lose a sailor. Fluttering in yellow and yellow. I once again is why social media wines, because it makes us, invest in the opinions of other people, see me to tell me if you was telling your wife, she was beautiful, everyday life, you shoot friend, given all the loves. You need everything right, you so beautiful baby and she said I really wish somebody else. We tell me I'm beautiful, Throw your validation did, as I only wonder about issue should be, but in this day and age is not enough. The paper I mean the recent my people get their hair dango outlook in nice may so they look. Good is because should be fully come out and be like that for the world and not only did know as I do from a wife. I mean, I think, as a nation of things, but I think it's nice to get compliments ass by at a complement other people could I know it does feel good government and has nice compliment me right. Nobody, but I deserve it.
I know now rest. There must now be amiss again in addition to that tax anxiety in which has been going through? I have anxiety to really really bad to the point where actually take like medication hour, and I think it something that everybody in some way. Yes Mamma and yes everywhere there and I think, like open communication, like putting your feelings out on the line that helps me. A lot is like just letting somebody no leg. Carrying an anxiety, tat, gray. Now I get it then drew you presented Why would I do realise that the more I have spoken but having anxiety to more people are realised having anxieties, what makes it feel norm arabian. Angela yeah. That's your rumour report right. Thank you. Miss E trotting what boy I'll give you pal. I will give you
it was you want our anger. Take them out need guilty. I'm has failed to write me a mite delete myself laid up Today s pretty much, they would also be faint greatest lovely. Luckily, I don't, even though these are actually given that dog eating bride champion you to come to the front, the carnation speaking a deleting thinks we like to have it we'd like to bring our world, will he does it next Cuba laughed at the breakfast table. More That's right. Now, you often restructures start for dog. You need to do here is again don't illegally become donkey of today. The breakfast club pretty duty does here today for when they may go, what are you doing? Drop drop them
targeted, get when they may a golden Ryan Camp governor of Georgia. You know, breakup, guy was Dorothy, Electrophone, Stacy, aims and judge. I mean the guy who refused to quit his job that involve overseeing you action that he was a candidate in clear conflict of interests. Stepping down at the kind of thing that should have been mandatory for him to do, but he didn't and now Governor Georgia, so whatever well arise. Kip wasn't already your favorite person in Georgia on the probably may join the absolutely never will be because bride camps, the bill that would ban abortions if we're fetal heart be can be detected. Oh yes, nothing like old white men telling women would do their bodies. Currently in Georgia, women are allowed to undergo abortion procedures of their twenty of weak of pregnancy, starting on January first to Bill Campsite, early would ban abortions after a veto. Heartbeat detective can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. I can't make this kind of stuff up. Let's go W Gc Cbs Forty six, what report police a pact room of supporters in the
our ceremony office for the signing of house bill, forty one, the living infants, fairness and equality. Yet the lie that is very simple, but also very powerful, a declaration that all life has value than all life matters and that all life is worthy of protection. The life act is commonly called the hard be bill because it bans since after heartbeat is detected in an embryo. That's usually around six weeks. Georgia's previous law, loud abortions. Up to twenty weeks, So this law that has now been signed does not go into effect until January. First, listen man. My campaign had more to say about this situation We hear it please. As you all know, George is a state that values life. We protect the innocent, we champion the vulnerable. We stand up and speak for those unable to speak himself? I understand why the others have said some oppose this legislation. I realise that so much
Is it in a court of law, but our job to do what is right, we must protect life at all stages. Man there's a man by the name of shine, Corey Carter, Ok, the world knows him his Jesse and he once said what you eat. Don't make me and this is how I have always felt about law makers like Brian Camp, getting involved in the personal affairs of certain groups, hey when people will pull the gay marriage. I didn't then why? Because why? Should you care someone marries cried it's not you none at all residing bowed. They person yoga with that principle to read the Eliza. Why would you be against that? Who cares same thing with this situation, It should be many your business. What when choosing to do with our body wider. More simple is things so complicated? Why we complicate things? I don't care. What people want to get abortions. Nor do I get people get abortions, that's between, in their guide: ok, Brian kept God three daughters,
I have three daughters. I would never do anything or support anything that took right away from out three little girls. Ok to heart, be built in it's woman bill period. How can you have three daughters enough beside him? I warn bills and I'm going to stay alive will I ride him care so much way out of the woman. Getting are not getting an abortion affect Brian Camp in any way, before not to mention all white men think all lives matter until said life gives here about Bassam bills, increase legislation allows police officers more accountable. When I know I'm black and brown people are killed at the hands of the police. Okay, if we can get these people to care about the live that are here, the way they but the lie that the lives and have yet to arrive man world be a better place rank him. When I am simply saying is my: actions? Not concern, you don't concern yourself. Oh my actions, please give Brian kept the biggest here
may I recommend a book by Doktor, Willie Parker. He has a book life's work is a moral argument for choice. Monkeys exact. There was actually performing abortions when very few dances were providing them for women in Mississippi and Alabama any talks about being a Christian, but also be I do performs abortions and why he was doing our work in her present to you a whole bunch of different reasons why women were making these decisions and why he felt like it was necessary for him to actually provide that service is a great book resemble book is called life's work by Doktor, Willie Parker outcome of a war. To plead his clip from my man, Buckeye sell as he was on Bill Marr ass Friday, and yet interacted interesting discussion about abortion rights? Okay and he said and then I thought was very profound. We have. The cliff is absurd that we even have that dispel these these falsehoods. Coming from the White House, I mean we all know that that's not the case, but I mean that the simple fact that I like to always bring up with people, is that I dont want Mitch. Mcconnell I dont want
Lindsey Grandma dont want might pins. In Donald Trump deciding what me, and my wife do with her body. I mean that is a decision she made with her doctor and I think the Republicans are still get for critical, because they're, so pro fetus, CIAO workers when the child gets here. They damn sure don't take care of him. If they really badly climate change, they just don't care when the child gets. You double include possible cars, they'll Adele's above Republicans, approach feed is would attach half hour. I will take it. Dark today, sir. Yes, as key is next eight hundred foggy five one o five one. If you need relationship advice, any type of advice ye right now. You help me, I would all your problems again. Eight hundred five, eight five little five wants to breakfast club. Promoting the breakfast club sure morning, every
Are you d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club photographer ask ye, allows there's more. Was a brochure course too, for you still Evans areas, city downtown Ok with that I believe my girlfriend. For two years now we decided to live together. In November, I gave up my private us to be together, without saves withdrawal dad. I'm still have the Alps I wonder if I should leave early ship, but let's go wrong: She pointed out what the right so far, a slight get built the other. Oh, really wants to clean. Oh, basically, I always cleaning gay regarding a great roommate.
But yeah like I'm doing all that and like the love is there, but I need I need more than just love it all. It is irresponsible. In other words, I Ronald date, of everyday, your cookies, all by myself my and his answers as areas It's about person quitting jobs night, helping out in a house with everything as you have going on, and what did she say when you tire you knew how to do certain things days. We were to me so now we lay under the bad guy. You know good thing to do for people who live together is actually right out. What your response ladys are so that there is no excuses. So, as waiting for you to do this. You don't do that. You can see Ok, you know. Well, let's just come up with a plan and we'll do the scheduled these a year Days you're going to do this, and these are my days unless stick to this plan. So we don't have issues moving forward a lesson Of course you can. I tried admirably
that was shut down. Why whistle then for setting down I told you I alone- no Lahti Arguable relayed creditors. We also bad you know you don't have to live with your girlfriend. You guys can the day and that live together. Almost Rachel observed because, honestly, like it sounds like this arrangement, isn't working right now and sounds like she's. Really meeting you half way at the things that you need, so it might be for you to get your space or that you don't have to worry about taking care yourself as someone else, and house, and maybe that's the best- the only way for her to realise that she's got to own up to her possibilities as well. Sometimes people on taking seriously could you can complain all you want, but they live in there with her doing those things. Well Sometimes you do have to take that drastic move ass. They love you, but I just don't want to live. This I, like my house to be clean and I take care of myself. I don't want to have to pick up. You as well. At least you need you to meet me half way, and if you can't do that, then this continued.
But any mouths space both over those rights? And Sometimes people need our wake up call today. Right is already back in August before birthday. I left for all above we have broken up. Got older, probably do better. All probably older goes over those who were right as well. Maybe it needs to be longer than a month work. You know. Another job can still date by. It might just be less. Take ice base clean up after yourself cook for yourself do what you have to do for yourself, so there when you come to their relationship. If you can't be hall with a yourself, then there's no reason. You have been a relationship if we have to rely on somebody else to hand all those responsibilities. Well, I re were, I beg you You gotta be serious, puts if it down show that you mean business. I don't really well I will go out dated the data we ask IE. Eight hundred
I have a firewall or fire one of unique relationship, advice, heat ye now was to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club in the middle of as key allows this. This is then good morning I'm doing well was, of course, if question: ok, figure out, what could I do like I've been in relation to apply for a year now? We currently live together about raping, and I want to be free- and you know this book about my belt. He agrees to bear by Emma things in the same breath like what I thought legally, they get older with people who want to be in a big way on the beaches of I want. If I do in need of this type of thing and then fell embarrassed, they like I'd, say
Believe, my house, you know all these type of things, but he has nowhere to go so I'm not going to put him on the street, but yeah he's I think I do there's no way youth, others guy better with it. You once base, but he still is with you you figure. It out he's a grown man. You re, clearly, you don't want to leave and that's why he's pretended he ain't got nowhere to go he's trying to lay up on you. Because European authority you let him do that. You can't tell somebody unease base but then had them and a background, while you on the phone right I do about it. I got it. Thank you. I gotta do best ridiculous. You still sleeping widow, not at all, let alone ok Siena, you sure nodded are needed. But if you can imagine, as you now annoying, it is to not be with somebody had the money, a personal space vertically. Almost yeah he's gotta go United MA am
I gotta do beg you got my amendment by with a rapid glance. Thank you God, thank you, say erosion in our rights, as key, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of unique relationship, advice of any type of advise you can call ye. Now we got rooms on away you. Yes, I mean: let's talk about you, may I go. She actually has a song cod sugar and it's a free style and you're gonna love it. Ok, we'll get internet mix, keep unlocked the breakfast club, Kimono Jill we're dead. It is tat. You D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club was gets Rees. Rumours are told you they go against the Reul report, whose words and I go has put out her triggered freeze down ass. She had posted on social me, yesterday evening, one that I was deepened my feelings. I was afraid of what I might do. I didn't want to revert to the same bad habits. It have sent me back time and time again. I realise it is
running away from my emotions, I needed to sit with them express myself and say what ever came to mind. It was healing, to say the least, and I feel a bit more free hashtag triggered where we do have a snippet, for you of trigger is not allowed crazy around after Amy no wait I gave them is based on that may get your face to face and his best my does not always respect you have to do more on you. Well now that she's going to itself I'm moving lab. She put at this time
in its various motion. Oh no themselves, they would have been put her for her to marry dead, though clearly she went to a break up with big shot and perhaps he still not over and she started out to other she'd Cumbria address she covered it and that that was the first indication that it was over our right. Well, talk about, making history for the first time ever three black, Women have been crowned, Miss USA, Mistaen you and Miss America, nice. Yes, we talked about says the prison. When on. There is last Thursday so she actually helped create. That is Darth Momin cuz. He was the last out of the three of them to win and here's what they had to say the first time three black women in the top pageants is winners in two thousand and nine, its symbolic, I bank and it sends a message across the world. Really, that's? U can be anything we want to be in there doesn't have to just be one of us at a time appear. It can be all- and I think it showcases diversity as well, so it's great to have started in September, and not even
aware of that and then to have generally join me in Cayley. It's just we're gonna have right here. The clues bond for them are wanted, not Caroline as well as I that says, the crises Miss USA, an army that America is tore up, dead, dead, dead work as blueprint he had of wood beauty is, you know, Minos allows one table, woman, furlongs unusually blonde skinny white, says at sixteen USA, Bailey, Garrison, Miss America, India, Franklin well all right, looks fifty cent and Lala. I something new come into stars. They are working on a new series and its cause intercepted at a drama and she's. Maybe actually starring in executive, producing it as well, so based on a best selling novel of the same name and as the first ever three book series, the playbook inspired by the time Alexa Martin spent at an fell away from political nor for Lala, Anthony okay, everything to save lives is gonna, be allotted to you. Gonna set dammit,
So the only thing I right now, let's discuss this Charlemagne history are you ate? Marble movies will be released by the end of twenty two now begun a moment with, as we did this. For you. Other people don't know about. It is well now. Why don't you run down those names or, as you black widow loafers. Yes, my demand a lot little baby Spiderman far from home coming out this year, here you have black widow movie and possibly doctors grains within as guardians of the Galaxy three black Panther three, you have the shank. She would have. I missed my eyes over. I see the new mutants near a teenager, needed artists and, I would add, is Dag Phoenix. Did you say that nothing? from that do yeah comes out June orally job. There, though, does the x men franchise. I realise that you be excited so My girl is that if this tablet
Man he's gonna play african samurai, yes, K and that's a deal with picture start so should be pretty interesting. And yes, K was but to Japan as a slave and that he was the first black man to set foot on japanese soil and he's an african samurai. So they said the leopard. Abby asking is one of histories best kept secret, the only Power and of non asian origin to become a samurai is not just an action movie. That's a cultural! then an exchange and I'm excited to be part of it according to chat with Bozeman. Would you want to ask that disaster to me out of logic. That is how it boldly out burdens from so Let us support out both what you gonna do: watch out bull moose, anything other than the black Panther right now. How did I just gotta? Let him does the curse of having such a huge role. You know what I'm saying like people seek out Boardman. If it is our right, I don't know, that's who I think she Kay Em Angela year. That is your rumour report below too high
by these avenger movies. I just that, and there lay low shimmy be happy about life. Life girl, you happy when you heard about the new avenger still coming up. I know all that already know going about this. For my thing, I knew no excuse me, MR eventually, nobody Marcia. When I see tat, we both know you don't you think How do I know you know? Two thousand, I know you, don't you dare exacting lively, Wagoner, monolithic, dogmas, little dog, that's who I think, lad now anyway. We're revolt will see tomorrow. Anybody else people. How is that, as long as you shut up is the preference cloak of working for breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say what a train it's a vehicle at a railway cross and there are no winners, but is the people in the car or truck who really really lose, stop frames kit?
morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Now we gotta shouted Valerie Jar for joining us this morning on mass, look very Valerie, Johnny, Depp Food, where now Jerry Former signify the full Barack Obama's you gotta Bogart, now call finding my voice. Yes, people really enjoyed our interview, yadda yadda be brother and sister, Amby, valleys, inheritances them other than as minor hazard bothers you like my mom or younger old brother, my mother, my mom, are you to be her elder brother, but a stab at Johns Valerie, another area, Lou dairy body who's been watching money, who series on how they would reporter emerging Hollywood armed episode Trevor, nor we got another episode dropping Thursday. With someone else, I don't think I can say who Edward is dropping. Thirdly- and I gotta interview actually Drabant today was schoolboy q me a schoolboy chopped it up and we had a precision bodies new am crashed. Also that'll be out around known today. Ok
our right and you know we're getting ready for mothers. They are what's well. I gotta go. I got my during friends use our common will do an especial mother's day offers. So if any They want to do that. I may give you the past, where right now, you're shrug Mama healthy. Yes, if you go to during fresh use, our common you put in a discount code, fresh MA, am all cats, You can get a really really really really great discount. This is like the first time are doing this, because the companies that even two months old but designed to help us out from others day broker or will we a positive. No, don't moves to breakfast club the morning breakfast Club now arms. Mr President, I shall do get a positive, no ma am and it is meant to help win is most. Why does want to tell you two days Wednesday, so care is very important. Your mental health is more important. The net test you gotta, take the It is more important than men interview you got today. Day is more important than the last day. Demi Neff family dinner at grocery run whatever it is not forget to take time to take care of yourself.
Reverend busied clinical yonder high everyone, its Katy correct. I give my podcast next question the platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why I were switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer, Meantime we're going to stay focused on, Verona virus talking to the experts. Can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together, you can list, and to next question. On the island radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show. We want you to know that we are here for you. Instead of an ad today, he wanted to talk a little bit about how can all be alone together during the uncertainty and upheaval of the covered nineteen pandemic, because even though, are physically apart right now,
all in this together and we humans are by logically wired to seek each other out when we're stressed so finding ways to connect with only an friends can really help them and you manage your health, mental and physical. You can schedule all kinds of activities phone video or chat, dinners or parties or put clubs online games like werewolf and words with friends watching shows, are movies at the same time and sharing reactions by a phone or an app like Netflix Party taken online class together or what video tutorial share. Work out or a cooking demonstration or craft project, or a virtual museum toward together. Watch live stream or create one yourself check out the hashtag. Loan together for more ways. We can all take care of ourselves and each other
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