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Wednesday 5/9 - Today on the show we had spiritual teacher Iyanla Vanzant stop by, where she spoke about how she started with her show "Fix My Life", working with Oprah and was unapologetic about her harsh tone at times. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a superintendent that got arrested for pooping at a High School track on a daily basis and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Illegal Charlemagne, the garb of a rapid forbids the voice of the culture wash like means more. My baby shows just because I always keep young but their bare on paper there. You know their listenin to back the USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go good morning, Angel Ye Mining designed each element to get used to the planet, just what there is just one day,
Ah, yes, it's Wednesday Hump Day Millet a week. It is man I needed. The writers of black is to stop LEO. My emotions were now labyrinth of your watch and bloggers, and you don't know, but a Boeing draftsman go into it but to get a divorce know. Now what I watch blackish flag as we are life it maybe they'll work anymore. Damn real life, maybe it's real land television boy be able to relate. I don't want to really. No one boy drew to have a knife. Happy family now want to kids, continue to grow up and go to college The way to audit dotted did I don't watch black is to be said. What are they these arrangements are senator relationships. You think people people who are married, never ever think of. Getting a divorce or tv all alone in real life that realise those times. Television is bulgarian, escape from real. Life having in nor relationships, I would say about ninety percent of whom they get to that point. Some. Some waving wholesalers work absolutely anymore,
his work continuously. Essence: everything independent went to work through those really difficult times. Absolutely maybe they'll come back even stronger. Now we'll talk Blackish other glamour, real life yo and affect people's lives speaking What d ya look I'll be here this morning s she well? Yes, I present aiming at Yon Le Monde, not a yard. Le Vagina Yazzi dig why not he'll be here. You know I'm dogma factual. I will they ever method. Outbound deadlier mess it up so she'll be joining us this morning, so shall be fixed in people's lives. This morning congratulations, to the mayor of Newark rasp? Iraq? Are you on Ebay, He went by landslides landslide by seventy seven percent. I like disappointed, though I think You know a lot of times. People run, and this is the first time running for mayor just to get their message out there as well. So I am sure that put into. Sometimes he won't even run and
that's hanging about her, but in general remark, as they are still trying to spread a message I was in Washington DC yesterday. Sunday was Gale Jenkins. Yes, It was complex, more complicated, enhancing, can change. The journey in looked gouging. Ok, yes, I was in DC yesterday I did. I am state, a black America, so that's gonna be on tv when one is a common comes up our while a month go yes, so yes to everybody that participating in that. I got to me I'm bankrupt, who was to minds lawyer, and that was he has some very interesting things to say so. Hopefully, Wendy he'll come up here as well, I will ask it to show crack in front pages. Are we talking about? Let's talk about Donald Trump in this area and decision, and what that means for asking the price the island gas which on ignore, but it don't work. He always has been ineffectually. Everyday life name always cover the Bobby. Try later you ignore cardiac China ignore children. She doesn't want you ignore. Brown doesn't mean, is gonna, go away. The engagement,
You know you're committee, no, you go to deduct entreaty. When you read death. How do you treat those everyday and you do things like teach people to empower themselves? You meet people that for me, and you ain't no government of government. You got a politic yourself, that's what I do and I mean treat your own problems most hologram front? Page news is next the breakfast locomotive when in everybody's e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was kinsmen front. Page news are used Iraq we ve jazz ones where one old shoe rackets, when the series for one goal to stay worries me to pelicans last night, one thirteen one o four for certain Damien for one setting up debt, inevitable, Houston Rockets going if they weren't western converse final theories, which probably end up being the day. Be champion level when it s their it'll, be a great gamble abroad and planes, and more recently there but I thought about I thought about this last week for a brief. Second, as they, the brain is ball and forty again
When it all became a can be used in a going to state a seven game it couldn't be go to think of them gave lashly would carry people think that they will be devoting wrapped. Is there anything we debases? The lot of you said that bastard man around the wisest and nowhere near the level that are used in rockets into gold as they wore on the same, but they said that libretto wouldn't be able to be those who teams and eaves we swept did rather like it was no problem. Listen no dispute! The embryo We will come out of the west. Ok, ok, we'll say better, hopefully to cause. I know right it off, but the king vapid man all right? Well, let's talk a lot about president, yes down a charm said yesterday that he would, as if the Irish Nuclear Deal and impose powerful sanctions on Iraq. And so right now an energy industry insiders as saying that that will keep oil and gas lean prices higher than they would otherwise be, and we have to figure out where we will make up those shortages. Also, will this make tensions in the Middle EAST rise? Even
There are now that the? U S is leaving the Irian deal. Those are some concerns that the United States has now do somebody's gas. That is, gas prices ridiculous. I only with forty hours a mock. I've had a wide, no matter. What I do when I put forty hours, but usually forty hours allows me about four days. They now lies in about a day and on your right about a problem, a nuclear problem. The gas woke as we get our oil from. I ran nets. A bipolar, not around, was gonna, be a problem because they got and they got potential nuclear weapons. Slowly ever we have to deal with them. May now that and they do have nuclear weapons, and so I guess didn't want them, the the deadliest weapons honour because they chant things like Deaf to America, what they got to do a gas as well. Gas memes, where does it again hi, daddy boys there I've got a boy ATO, and neither do I want to make a decision on Monday that when I got it, I guess we're not gonna get no deal out of money, though, but there are some say:
genes on those were unknown nuclear weapons. That's what the issue is, and so we pulled out an ideal all right Those who don't laugh about my lesson about Google. They have unveiled the new Android, p features, Google assistant updates and more things Now they have an overhaul news at now and features that help you use your. On this and a new Google assisted voice absent looting of ways: option with John Legends Voice, check it out close coups, a type of north, in Somalia and granules made from crushed durum wheat they too the person whose birth, It is We need to you. John Legend. He would probably tell you here when a brag but he'll be the best assistant you ever had
your money, black man get my money, like man get your money, my had ass, yet he had. They also have an optional. Google is in feature that will reward polite kids with replies like things for saying, please what am I wait as me, and your very polite. I like that. I don't want no Bertie wished. Goes happy birthday labourers idea, is here every birthday unit? Goodness gracious all right enough front! Page news: are I get off? Each has eight hundred foggy five one, five one. If you're upset David. He right now maybe had a bad night a bad morning, whatever may be git it or feature following the wide open. It is up right now, eight hundred five, a five one. O five wants to breakfast
Come on it. The breakfast club phoning down, you're gonna, get it off my view on the breakfast laughing. But, as is the nation, was moaning shine? The people of each as me Graham or you're being about the inevitable include Nebraska bathed with it. I need you guys Finally, my woman is why one girl, but about both armies, outliers rock and I'm like a real issue, my wife being paid. You guys, you wish. You use your boy, she issues like him. I had a fire and I love everything like the entire how's everything like an hour. They were like you, ve read Whoso bags. We were three survive. You lose everything. I know you remove. Everything tat could you call in Nevada Fall
the old you might well. I don't want you from the evil of Nokia alone. Ok, can you prove that you locked everything? I can you realize? What do you want me to do? I don't know I wouldn't this afternoon. I had my way across backing me when the desirability of my grandfather- I love it. When did this happen? Mama by me, it actually happen. We'll be eleven April? Eleventh how much money you trying to thousand. That is why many signing it happens, you'd as transparent. You thank you. Let us say like a better, but I do about it here and you know I have you for help out people they can't they carry out right when you say the word outwardly for everybody. Three days tat, he was called the goal for me. I have you prepare Father, like you help you out the boy and do about suddenly greedy, that you make your goal by appointment. Barnacle optimum Fairview,
was immediately going towards aid by project might be a lot easier. France, we retain the absolute, oh God C D, J G, I put a low change right. Thank you arrival with it this way said the couples dream always was taken. Now we was firefighters, will only seen all night long and happen eleven thirty five in the morning on our then that would definitely allows mother went to live with you ass. I m yelling at eight. I remember thinking allows is low dope. I don't know you have each has little wanna get off my chest. Man, I'm really happy man, I'm glad I got a whole family. We are happy now I got a job you do have in Rome we got a whole family, not ass. A whole ream imaginable, every everybody you know you know sound lap. Elation lies now tat power, therefore girl for either because I'm a radio equality tat I never get
these and other had now he's gonna, though happy and you for me so GDP who does not deal with it. We got no beautiful, it's a Lotta Geena Florida, each other it's all right. I love you. I love you. I love what you know. I love you too. My brother, you may appreciating organizing a rat mechanism passes all agree. If you will in the world come from Florida. That's why do you love me, allows there's a guarded good. All its armour was several dormer bless, my soul. Amerika Unblest, blackened highly favoured was happening here. You know what kind of you guys are. You have said no, no. Eighty last week, s on my way to start. I did not has doubled asked the question I say: can I go to Starbucks now
Instead, the system young black men got the money and then I was pushing the issue. I won't about african american people that work. Is it all about that go to school in China in Army provocative family life? Why should I stop supporting down because of the incidents that windows? I was gonna mad at you guys I organised for pushing Starbucks guy came about ass to go out and even Goddess DAB accept activating coffee man question as it can. I go to Starbucks now, since the two young men got their money, that's what you're! Ok with education and envy emotional, told brother suffering and other follow me. Let me get one right now. You have added hang a bottom hang up out of a water vows accident dear of each has eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you need of it. It is have now is to breakfast club Monet. Meeting of breakfast got wake up ass. I was this blue, nay lowest of chest,
I need to talk about. It hardly saw no come on a normal lives of their homework. Withal guides are making up its wheeled out in our and they did not do nothing to help the family has no come on me when I got all the glory. For the apartment, homes and stuff, like This is no more. I almost did you got a job, but alongside a programmer, wake up, look out and nobody really. But although the final, my mobile, do my bottom accomplice do tell me your mama, my brother, move out. Mary was like a point there. You know that bastard you purposes and now you know It is hard about upright man, no reasonable everything that but we're partners all it did not have hundred dollars. I will say a four hundred and fifty dollars a month. Superwoman duplex! Oh okay, also, basically, they d have places available, but you just can't afford. Now why values? But did you know that if you, like thirty days notice a bit more
above all a bit of money. On that point, I just want to say it s, not a homeless from reviewed his youth. Affordably. They found the place it's like you can afford. Yet yet is pretty really people I did at home with their can't even afford anyway, he's just got right. Now, that's jasper Ginger also know we could talk about alone? those that easy? What I'm saying you gotta go Sarge email loves knowledge of a big city. I'm sure you'll find something you can afford between you and your wife carved out and out of the rubble, allows it Eighty two m innocent Rachel from South Carolina. They Rachel Refugee flows, half moon without tell me how you hanging. Good morning I'll call him because I've been Dana got as January and we put up in our committee members there's, nothing like you want to commit to, and I don't really know why you don't more common. You wanna know what is his explanation now? What does it say when you ask him why he does? that he's kind of computer, one
rush not then, and he's gonna constable right now and you don't want to mess it up by you know putting a title on a label on guys as though this line in the bug is he he's just seeing other people? I don't think the old wag weaken allotted time together. You don't think so, but pseudo now say what options open, basically Ray we're associate you then I mean I've done. I am at the end and give me the ok that we're gonna commitment. How they tell me now, the thing, if you guys are both. Ok, we're not being committed. That's fine, but if you want more from somebody and you're wasting your time, then it's up to you. He told you what it is. He doesn't want to be in a committee relationship with you. If you choose to stay, That's all you re on my eyes. Would you blouse suggest, as you don't go around, given us some power fellatio now I guess I'll probably shower the reason you don't want to commit, so don't go around the spreading Subject: Zella marriage of noble son part dongle threaten us up.
Last year, this I'll tell him the job done. Mama apple part of that Are you from selling off? They are handling cared Ok, have New Colombia's looted. Eighty three, my mom, I mean, I know from the greek small Corner of Oda global green, follow secular before God, I can ask allow into got kicked out, but thankfully good luck. Thank you get it off. Yes, I don't you five, a five one, o five one of you need event. You gave to suffer any term, though you ve got rules on away. Yes, let's talk about make a mail. He did Andy Mightinesses title exclusive one of one and would tell you some things that happen with need. Male yesterday,
I will get it at all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, as consumers has taught me really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club make no sat down with Andy Martinez. Far her title exclusive one of one: that's her new series, that's he started was there yesterday and part of what he had to say was about his initial arrest. Was by a corrupt cap. I haven't been back to prison for crimes as I was. Nineteen other fell guilty of pointing a gun at like in the middle of a drug re like is ten cops, come on my way they'll go to appoint a gun at low or no.
And we did a polar here right now, who believe appointed a gun at yesterday, caps and- and I had a single shot fired me- did you know about them? The desktop had a history of late night, no history. I know that they need me outline for tat right now he has talked about his addiction to open the opium AIDS and how it all started. A member I was telling you when I started taking vacant wishes, because I am a wisdom, teeth, room. I actually took him from a Dennis one time and I always thought that it was like if the doctor would give it to you for a toothache, it wouldn't be like yeah. I went to rehab two thousand and seventeen cuz. I just wanted to clear. My system, like I wasn't like you'll, probably see me seven days a week. I was fully functioning off of because I want my body was addicted. To my mind, wasn't into it- and you know I just got flushed out, got my body flush right back to the money. So if you see me on Instagram, I was Wildin and just acting crazy and don't know if I was high.
The thing in freely to her here, there's size, it remembered ass, unpacked printed like to tax and fully I right now. The most important thing to him, of course, is his son as well. Now here's what he had to say about what he told his Sankey didn't want. A lady assign everybody was lions. Unless I said I was a school stuff right now I really cool like lions and my son. I want them to understand what was born or, but it was hardly explains all never got lots of open a willie because he live in New Jersey without like a bunch of thereby set out rather based on a street, and all my neighbors there, like their makes a sum of Asia some call occasion they all got thereby send a police now else anything towards we rounded everyday life. I got lacked about rounded, thereby you like, but we were thereby sorry that a mammal further mix, our very focused you sound. So does someone got purpose, he does and is absolutely right, as a mean Marquis rider, bikes, all Tyler Quads. All the time and in the night and enables do it all the time you don't you to trouble, no problems would at any rate, and of course I like, I said the main thing for him at his son: here's what he had to say about being on probation and had it affects him. Seeing his and my son live across the tunnel busily ten minutes from her master, he got it at the school programmed our school. I fired thirty prohibition closer for club. If I was deleted from here and go home, and my son com is a kid you picking up on school,
Password Clark, I gotta call probation officer which they won't be an office in cash. The pig, my son at ten minutes away because of a bridge make better me work of an hour, not provision. I was all over the place where you ain't have the face he afterwards breakthrough. Had no you don't you when you call you higher profile younger Jackie make. Maybe we should be all types of crazy, so I and Macmillan set. His fight is not finished. He actually without the innocents project, which is a gala in New York City yesterday. It's an organisation that works to exonerate those wrongly convicted. Do dna testing at an advocates for reform in the system to prove future injustices, any talked about the fact that he hasn't made any music since he came home he said today to wait a dedicated my two weeks to speaking out for people for the waste
made no sound, very focused. He saw that you got problems, but I wonder if his music is gonna be scrutinised. Now me I'm not if he comes out would erected and it's got a street vibe to it and he's talking about sunscreen that some socially conscious political battles will people have only ever make is definitely, but he can talk dash D s cause. He lived in any knows just one related to what nineteen forty two floors of Ngos they did. The same thing with conscious into history is always a consciousness of needed. God is wonder, like will people be scrutinising his move now that I'm Angela yea, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you miss you. Now are we come back? I laana runs on HIV on law. My guys yon Le Monde Regiment, your name right, namely eight different, right, ok beloved. I bet you will get our nay wrong. Interface beloved bull, talk to her when we come back, I will not say it again: a lotta Elena,
you mean to say you Elaine, Elaine, Vincent Peseta. He lay events in return, has only come back as rapid come on. Mornin, everybody is D, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakthroughs hell. We ve never had been waiting around Rembrandt, rather nice list of guarantee a yadda yadda, laugh beloved yeah. Now at the online yeah yeah yeah LE yeah. Look. Can you say that a young lad, if they miss ones, not men, Miss Bond that animation sound? So all practical measures, I think, hamper nothing. Call me IA estimates alright welcome good morning good morning. Not all I got so many calls. You wouldn't want to be. First start coming to you where life like, I would point in your life
the criminal defence at her feet so that he could come into me for advice a long time ago and as in the whole, now the ral. Thirty five years ago. So like when you are in school, you weren't they go to protocol in home alone. No, no, not at all go can never anything. You ve had your own struggles that legislative path so and I don't know that everybody knows things that you gone through. It must the new life. Really They rode in Brooklyn how everyone everywhere. I know your business is an outcome I cannot see that grew up in what many of us New Yorkers experience, no broken family, lots of dysfunction lesson good red parties in car dont. I wouldn't cool in New York. When they were bussing, in the year that I went to John Marshall Junior High school, which is
Junior high school to ten was a year. They started bussing us into white community. I didn't get to go to marshal. I got busted it must junior high school in these Flatbush, which were at that time was all white spit on us in callers, bad. Yes, my wife, how we might like you, I know, because you know we got here- will not remove know that in New York City run day, I don't even know what that section. A town look like swimming We have become an attorney power. In order to most powerful people in the world order. Does the lawyers and got a lawyer and Adele
so when you grow up point blackened female in America, you looking for power, I became a lawyer. I was gunfire me somehow. I love had that brothels because, like now these people acquire powered money, knew its position and who you know you know, you can do. I know that's why I was gonna. Actually I went to law school to prepare. For what I'm doing now. I went to law, school Rondon came out as young, but what made you the fixed people's lives. How do you know what I didn't thought out again? I was a criminal offence in turn, em I think our life did you make a lot of money. Don't criminal defence. Today, when you work for the public defender? Yes, you see my view of you. I was. I was good, but I just I just accommodate the system You know this was in the heightened drug wars in Philadelphia when it with black and latin?
Men go in the jail; ah, you notice warm practising law. You would do in plea by rule, for you know there was probably trying to local now, and I knew that the way it was in our community allowed. The brothers were involved in drugs, trade and a lot of homework. Were you only had to be black or latin and they will? Can you are, and I just couldn't, do it anymore, so I walked away. I didn't know what I was gonna do. I would here in Manhattan and met Manhattan, DA's office in the dome, the violence Unum unit when they started s s view as the EU s view, will underline the fierce d. Which is now a tv show in all, though but I left you went to Philadelphia to do public defender work. I did. I did district attorney working. We see what was gonna would make any new. You can do better
that was really going on out there yeah. You know, and I just couldn't do it anymore. I laughed, Dixon LAW and then I was working in a programme that was training women to get off public assistance, and I have been a public assistance in objects and could not see and so I created a workbook for them in the work that I was doing with them preparing them to go. Work and then so then somebody said to publish this. So I went to King Gos as every good writer, has a king Gos and that it had been my book. I myself live out and shrunk by comment. That became my purse NASH, best seller to happen the bar within. Why are you doing that? You could have made a change in the judicial system if you're a favor? Now I do not know and that's why look the way because your one person, women upstream I mean you know you could do incredible project
and probably impact some people but the system- they want to change because it set up to benefit. Ah, you know the founding ideals of this country, which is the the rich get richer. A white, male dominance and superiority, and that's what rules and you gonna knock London to it or you can get enough in them. He would presume actually get. Reform are one now present as a business. You know it's of industry that has a consumer base, but we have to educate ourselves about that NATO, a yellow. Whenever I watch fix my life. I always wondered this and I wanted to ask you this there are so many heavy things that you have to deal with on the show who this is your life, because sometimes it has to be allowed to be there, and you know you touch Philander, Castille fiance diamond
lemon man, we're diamond men, honour its acted, so many different people. Where are these heavy issues, family issues, things that are really hard to resolve in who she's your life as the value that the assumption that you make a bet it's heavy in his heart is human look at you know yours one may be sex trafficking. The other you know is is trauma, but it's all human handstands, I'm doing God's work. I don't get into the human level. Just come in to do what I do you know, so I don't take it on. I don't wear it. I'm not responsible for what I'm responsible for is to listen to people with a heart. And bring them back into alignment with the truth of who they are. We are not our problem not that we identify with the problem. So that's. Why feels heavy, because we
then. If I win it and we make the problem, we are, you do you believe in way, but behold like she said so. My life is that a relic hidden whenever it broken, but there has to be things that you think about file. I mean you know like I'm crazy, kids, I have a crazy man. First of all, I have elders that I go to that. Keep me straight as the number one or when I need guidance. I call my elder a prayer partner, as they will have to put this on the prayer wheel. Let's go in, here then I have a team around me. Their support it's me encourages me and in an inn, all kinds of way video evading the military, the job they could only the rate and a no good thing affiliates. Due to the point, the the. Queen, not a king or whoever, and I have an incredible village of highly minded people, though But how did you mean, like everybody else, in though I was very distraught when I went to the door Do any other day a maiden have my toilet paper
now. Why is it that hard? For that reason, I would like to reply I like to say to me that extra saw really overshot scale. Yanza Sherman s fibers in it, and you know we're gonna need fiberglass than any reason that we are more. We are the ones that when we come back, a lot is a breakfast locomotive. Breakfast morning everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have your loved ones in the building. I wanna know: how did you get the shoulder tv show? How do they all come about? Adele is always very interesting story about this year. Whenever I hear you're up a watchman overhung analogous, ok yeah I was in. I was part of the change your life faculty when over did back in
I wouldn't worry all alive. The now get out arising Orient Dorimont organised, remember when everything about the stimulus packages devil so there was a breakdown of communication between me and Miss Winfrey. Am I I love the opera web TV show and I went to do my own- show on a b c and that did not turn out well. For me. Ok for the next eleven years. I just continued to do my work. I just wasn't on television, but in twenty fifth, a season when she was going off. Air She invited me back onto. Show, because people always wondered what had You know when they made up all dove of stuff. We had a fight, it I slept with dead man and you know just
the glass and a word I want, but they should be dealt with, and so we had to conversation publicly. You know which I thought was just divine to Chopin. Oh how there was eleven years separation between and to show people how you have the conversation to heal a breakdown. I thought was really one: for the record you to do with them, not ok, I would not sleep woods dead men I dont. Well, I was there, don't do it, I did at one time Did you sleep, my friends matter? Really? Oh you
your honor, with the other line when you run on in the when I was right, and it would also, how did you get to go? She read one of my books in the means of in her book. A book club was reading it and then she vitamins showed. I was a ninety ninety eight who was that twenty years ago was it a matter of like not being patient when it came to light overload I guess it was kind of certain people. Oh, she was grooming. Me for show I come out the projects in Brooklyn one now about none. It is in us I'm deal and I don't know what the protocols are and I broke. Some protocols are violated some protocols in the industry, because I just didn't know I don't have a manager. I didn't have an agent. I was going up to talk to people. You know like they was at the key food. I don't know, and so not
standing. None. The standing than about me and being in this industry. It was assumed that I was leveraging into which I was a man and even know what that stuff like yours, it's gonna go for a while. I was not even then I just I As for what I wanna, but was So what happened was what happened why I was on a bridge show on the upper Winfrey show. Doing change your live tv and then, People saw me and other networks came after me you know to go, and I didn't want to leave the Alber Winfrey Shell, but when people came after me. I said ok. Well maybe I need to do my own show, but I want to do with the open, Winfrey Upper Wintry, at that time. So when I went to her and said this is what I'd like to do as it because other people, come to me and asked me, this add named thought about it and what the
wade they heard. That was, in the end, three. When you go to somebody and say you know this network is offered me this. What are you going to offer me nothing, but that's not what I was doing. I would just be a naive and stupid and asking, but it wasn't receive well and that created a breakdown in communication, but we were able to repair that took eleven years. Did she tell you that you are ready when you with her? They did think I was ready, but I'd that was never communicated to me. God, so I'm say well if the Scheme for me out? I monkey do it over a year once we got had the conversation we understood where the breakdown was and what happens then to do with so called life class? an ice ago in life class. Every week the other week and that just and she said you need jobs and shall now-
any of later minimize, the unknown I'll do live glad. She said: no, you need your own show because she was starting own it that when open we tell ye, not only do you need all show, but I'm a pay forward. L abortion is set at eleven year. There are many troops right now. You know and that's what happens you know, think we're ready for something and then when it doesn't show up, we get mad, but I will Red Yard a sermon. Is we get a rejection of God protection? Oh yes, and that a week that will give you read the resurrection of that you don't eat. You mentioned gods core. How did you- I don't see you had a dare call com, but how did you know it was time to do that? Live our lives, how it felt like a number that how do you know why that's iced I washed down my life unfolded. I didn't know I thought was gonna, beat Blackberry Mason for the my life. And when that fell upon when I love practice in law,
It was robbed, you know, I had no job, which is a lawyer, go you go. I mean get unemployment. I never knew about unemployment. I've been working since I was fourteen. I didn't know somebody will pay you not to work. I got other employment for a year and then I went to do the teaching of the women on public assistance in Philadelphia. The work by the workbook got picked up by a publisher. Another publish your saw that so. If things just unfolded, you know and I was doing when I was good, doing what I love and so I didn't tried to directed. I allow to unfold, and I was. In my house one day about to get evicted M m. My cat, had no food. Neither did my kids and
make it. You have three reopen: we'll have to laugh one on a loss back, two thousand three tardy in yeah me too. What I was coming down, the stairs and very white was doing to view with somebody, and he said in an interview- you ve- got to be willing to do it, no matter what? If you have the desire and the billowy and faith you gonna make. I stop dead in my tracks, and I said what am I and you have the desire to do this- to have the ability yeah? I do faith as well as a low shake, but I just want the downfall at his thought out to be on television. I didn't steal out to be author, but that's what unfolded so what I and this is what I know- I'm a teacher
I happen to write my own textbooks, so whatever I do wherever I do it. The fact on television. Doesn't matter to me, that's a classroom. The viewer, Ah, my students, when I'm stage bad the classroom- and people in the audience. On my you are my students, I'm a teacher and so I don't- I don't shrimp enough of that amount av. I'm teacher level. Yes, it's a bluff. What what was your face? Shaky b, as I came from Brooklyn from this function from openness and pain and had no models, enemy nobody in my family had a college degree. Nobody family had an advanced degree. I was an enigma to them. They they didn't support me, they thought I was crazy to give up my welfare jet, the the college. So I had no model for
how to take a little bit and make a lot sided know what I was looking. That's why I didn't know what to put my fate there. We are we are the ones that when we come back, you unlock the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have your loved ones in the building. Is anybody that you want to talk with the one? I have a conversation with, maybe that you see out in public office liberty that you said I would love to talk to him yourself, not learn these help. With that I want to talk ass. You love to talk. I would look to talk to Denzil Wash and what I don't count. Router was my brother within our no now let me tell you: why does not match the Nano dens that now I would talk to each other ass for myself cell? Is your master? You watch his work, not fact that he's in Hollywood, but man is a master from Malcolm eggs, the man on fire
to this lawyer, crazy lawyer, that he just I watch how he does because I'm looking beyond this man is the master. I want to know what has worked principles what he does and how he does it never met no wow nada. The master to learn. I won't talk to in terms of in all in terms people who need fixin does nobody? Anybody wants to talk to me at all? Guess come to me very rarely. Do we reach out for things he later like? I want to help them like any low. I been no, that's not my jaw. Now you sometimes disappointed afterward with after they leave the show, and if, as I give made some progress and breakthroughs and then you see them go now in us because us My job is to give them the information what they do it. It is the business of every profit in the Bible by making a would know a guy knows they make amends thing right. Tell given their relations with it. I don't MT attached to the outcome
attached giving you excellence when you in my present have you ever recorded as somebody that you thought you were gonna errand and ended up having oh yeah all the time. Not record but we do. The work is a lot of prep work that goes into it and you see Forty eight minutes, I'm with these people to and three four days. So we done all the prep work and then, at the last minute people get cold feet like last season. We did ten shows what we in viewed almost thirty people. And did the work in a way the coach. We got producers, we have all sorts of screening and then they get to the last minute and change their mind, and I don't want him if they're not willing, may and alone, with the girls they crept round Croce, how bungled yet or career you might just ass. She was I myself. I did economies as you regrets sitting in reality the manifest you felt she felt like you getting bored by love. They came
I didn't come to them, there's no lock, there's no gate. We were in her house, she didn't put me out, but what happened? What happened? You know- and I know I don't like to call people out. Came came to us. You have to be on. My show was gone push on to the next level right and then when they got then realize that I wasn't gonna play and I'll do publicity a market in and when thought it ask unwholesome hog questions. He wanted to pull, pull it out. You know, he's a jewel put words in her mouth she don't say it. I can play it. You know, and they wanted to craft and construct what idea? Here's the truth. I down on her. Pulled out of the room and said he didn't want these questions and I they had. Told me back up. That's the truth, but you know I don't have any issue we could reach you. I don't think
at that time. A management was in her best corner, but look where she is now. So all things away and for a good, and you know what the end was someone my became be fixed thing. I don't was that they can be figs, but they were not willing, and that was the amount he was my willing and the com. All manner of nasty, vile names, the while I've just got sick of pussy was high and I, damn straight up, I said, are you I know, and you know, if you tell me the truth, if you that, whatever you tell me I have to, I have to acknowledge it, I can't say: yes, you are when you're telling me no, but he wasn't ready, he wasn't willing. I don't know why you came to me here too harsh someday now, by the time you come to me
air, your laundry publicly, you got some serious stuff, we don't have time. People in your life had been massage you'll crazy for a long time. Now you got to cut me, you know I don't, and that What happens is in a wii dont know how to tell the truth and how to receive the to Somalia. Let you sit by day was spent in your teeth and rather than hurt your feelings, let you sit there grim another now, ah and the one thing I know you know godsends the rainbow any sense to the tornado, Imma Ride Do you really want we go right over the rainbow together on the whole region. To a NATO, but I'm a guy due to the other side, if you will, in my view, that women, on that. You turn the boat over. So we both drought up. No, I don't think it's arson.
What makes you have empathy for people like us who might have you know somebody suffer from substance abuse emitted alone. If you have a low, more empathy. Well, you know what I won't coach. I can't coach a substance, yes, I can do an intervention meaning yet you into treatment, but I have empathy for people because it's me I see my crazy everywhere in on people I want to know why, don't you cry and new so hard? Now I say you know what once you healed it. It don't resonate in you I've been crazy. I've done some crazy. I had three. By the time I was twenty one by three different man. You know I lived in the projects are done all men as the so when I see people I'm just looking up myself and whenever he old and am grateful, but I also noted truth. Some again, Under that thing, would you you can tell me that nano I'm no better, but do you really might say man voice? Ah,
You are being raised as it all day. I never mind. What am I got no fairly me. Ah me, how do you make the same mistake? Toys? Do it one mistake, was a learning, was fine. Yeoman did not say that road. Ok, now I'd like you to go back and forth. What are you know? You did you use it under rather Avenant Mazato Azure, I guess biggest. S story- has that today not biggest, but I think among the reality stars, she really did the work, Evelyn Dental Work, and that doesn't mean that now she's going off to you, know feed the starving children in Africa, but in terms of her own personal, revelation and understanding she did a were right. You know, and I for where she is today.
Because to be let them with environmental, health and therapy, and because we can't do this any were crazy and its unity kids, a kill enough and we kill him now weak and just thought, Ellen another level of true, and particularly for people of color in a week we act like you know: Uncle Bubu isn't You know eating dog food. We got to stop that. You know you don't understand and doing all manner of Whihala a week. We just have to tell the truth we have to we thank you for Ebay Item by Louis, as you like you just now, but I will know him but Agnes notion of Michael Jordan that good consolation Michael hurry back now. I love their brother, beautiful work, they'll staged in now, and I watch all of the young people that a common up. You know
but my tv on when the on tv ones on Netflix in one's own, in secure in one's lampblack as every room, because they need the numbers in Alsace up what I have it off we run, and I can I am all for Now- is a beautiful brother yola. Beautiful till I thank you. Thank you. Thank you will come back. I haven't me Venza Radical Gomorrah. Breakfast morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast happening. Shouts of muslim low Loki today he's going to another high school. A couple: a high schools wanted to see him. Of course he play sports. He has great academics and because of his sport, they wanted to see him so he's going on. I guess its with the school. He s a shadow, a kid so he's going to school today. So he's excited about that. Is it? What is his famous boy
I'm his favorite sport right now is football. I'm trying to push him toward basketball heavier cuz. I don't want to get injured or hurt or concussion or anything like that, but he loves both of them, so he trains everyday and I will see what happens. I just wanted to get a great education for free us from shooting at, but anyway, Let's get to the room, is lost or are getting the reul report whose words to the alleged victims have. I Kelly have detailed their abusive relationships. They went on a MAC Kelly today on NBC and they touch budget different things that happen like how they had to send a text message to one of his runners to ask if they could use the rest room and then that resume relay that information to him and how they would have to call him daddy and if they didn't we'll get abuse. They would get in trouble. I they would get slapped as wagged at him. A sexual abuse a whole p anywhere, including on a fourteen year old girl,
tell him, I'm ok, you bastard, I'm getting out of here is Kitty Jones detailing basically her talking to our Kelly and meeting one of his victim victim who axiom she says was in the video Two weeks after I moved in, I had, front of him about a videotape that I saw by noticed that the girl in the tape was someone that it going to court for- and this is two thousand and eleven so years have gone by in this person's an older woman now, but when I saw the videotape, I realized, if that was the same gray it introduced me to so when I did the math so how she was when he introduced her to me. It landed on fourteen and I confronted him about it and that's when he, of course, I mean abused me Kitty Joe, that was, she was a personality renovating for us now. It idea yes,
yes, so she says she actually met that women are killing needed as women, since this insert the justice system. No one to do the right thing now see out attacks about even added I wanted a moving were actually has which he said. I mean don't think like when you go into something and you give up things and you compromised, like okay, I'm going to go move to another city or another state. You know from our relationship. When you give those things up for love, you don't expect that person's going to turn into something else, you're just in it. So by the time I walked away from those things I just felt like. I gave up everything and then once I was there, I was just in it and then I started learning about him. I just got to it- and I didn't I felt like I- don't- have anything else to go back to the third point about this european monopolies team that continue to try to cover the cost of the continued gotta clean. This message, you cannot stop the comment that the universe have plan for a parcel heresy. Second women who is on a Sunday Magee and she talks about
sickly enjoy Iceland, whose their women that he's been out and about with a neighbouring, releasing video of them in the mall together and olive that clear about seeing joyfully at the time when I was there, it was a total of four was near fundraising, Joslyn. My first time saying joyously was when I was at the house this time. He told me whenever you into a warm, you have a knock on a dough and wait for permission. For someone to say come in to think joy. Sullen is there of her own free will know. I don't you think he's been brainwashed. Definitely he put a much shorter say that your family jealous venture with him. Your family wants to be with him in your happiness which which we need to do in a view disobey here he will faint cry, making sympathise. Now, all of a sudden mega video of our Kelly and his young lady walkin, around abolishes crayons icily and by the way is on vacation, sees not without Kelly she's an ally, and she said I Kelly is back in Chicago they actually
with her antium, see and hear what she said now actually knows: it's not yeah yeah Mammy lagging out a case of being run by word. Only women during the research over now none. It is true that it is true that is both aggravations. Maybe by this link and being money, damage control, damage control would be judged it come. She was away from the airport on one another Lucy and went away damage control damage draw damages as South Beverly girl about LEO older. She,
she's of Asia. Twenty. We should like twenty three or something you notice. Bull grow goes out of elderly anybody will recognise a hook demonstrate is damaged, control, the spoken tariff arbour. Yes, I'm all right, they're making sure they come catch up with me now I Kelly has responded and he saying that these allegations, as if narrative. There was conjured up by Joyce Linz, father and mother because he turned down their services. The father he said when it today attention about has about Joyce Land and other relatives either can have a singing career and then Joyce Linz mother was upset that our Kelly's back upstairs. You didn't use her dresses for his torso. He said the mom owns a clothing boutique and she was trying to get off the ground, and these are just fake
accusations of jelly are Kelly is trash. We know he's trash in effect that he flew DD envy out its cargo and let the images sit in a hotel room and ignorant erratic laid his story now. I can't believe that is your arrogantly flew DJ, envious, Chicago and anyone in Ireland I didn't have the money for the enemy was trapped in the hotel. You know you know what our this fast, so he told that those yesterday our cries. I cried there's no eyes had of the abuse that our colleague early women, ADI indiscreet. Ok, you know it. A moment you know it, and this slander, tell him I'm glad you escaped though, and I'm glad you, as you know it solemnly. We do also value very dull. G2 year rejection, monsieur protection, architecture of wretched COBRA young man named Thomas terms, trembling tremble gleam. Wasn't any comments is eight times brought anything because they found your d d need to come out of it.
Witness the how difficult this is bananas that alone share. Magrini common scramble, good shambley, glare, I'm a gleam of is trampling ATP brought into becoming affronted derisory like everywhere. Would what do we come back? He practiced breakfast locomotive I was born and I don T dare Devil breakfast hello dog you today for which they made may have goes to a superintendent from Kenilworth School district, Thomas tremor gleam
not Thomas drama gleaning made four hundred and forty seven thousand five hundred and four dollars a year, the superintendent I am stating how much he makes for no reason I the number was available. So I decided to let you all know in case you have been thinking about being a superintended for school district in New Jersey. I just want you to know where your price point should be. We know take them back I'll. Let you know how much Tom's is getting paid because that's what you will be making on paid Lisi Thomas had been placed on paid leave after being arrested Monday on charges of lewdness and pump. Gear nation indication and home down New Jersey. Let me take something New Jersey does not play when it. The polynesian edification. I know you know. Yes, a couple years ago I was pissy drunk taken a we literally. Yes, I was taken a leak in front of my cousin Sperms house in Jersey, slew department in front of his career paint in power.
Who said you know if you get caught peeing in Jersey, you have to register as a sex offender. I thought you were lying when you told me that too, I don't even know why that made me laugh so hard when it happened, but I laughed so hard that, as I was peeing, I farted now Yes! Well, if you know anything about it, and you know I don't fart in my clothes and one of the reasons I don't find my clothes Because of what happened when I last, while paying in front of firms house, I did shot a little so technically. To have been guilty of public urination and death, occasion in Jersey. I just didn't get caught, em your sex. If in it no How are you gonna get caught in accord with this? Isn't about me? Ok, this is about Thomas trembling array. You like to know why Thomas tremor gleaning was charged with public urination edification. Let's go to We see seven, and why would a report police investigator solving a disgusting mystery at a new jersey, school employees said the man behind it is the soup. Four, intended of a school district? About thirty minutes away? Officials at home, they'll Highschool have been trying to figure out openly
definitely with track every day. A visual say they eventually caught. That man has name is Thomas Tremble, any in the act and who is the superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth School District on Del police announced on its facebook page that the school resource officer and staff monitor the fields and called the culprit in the act and that he was charged with lewdness littering indefinitely and public works. School district announced remedies paid, leave on its page assuring faculty staff and students and parents that the district Continuous responsibilities without interruption, Thomas Calmest, this modern man in a while, but from moment here, then I do technology. If this was a homeless person, I would earnestly ok If human feces was repeatedly found in a public area, I would it is a homeless birth and not a superintendent of a school who may
six figures a year if this is why you can never ever judge a book by its cover this, why profiling and stereotyping is wax, even though I believe it's not a stereotype of his truth, but you just never know We toilets lake located all around the home dough highs, who have led a field so inquiring mind. One know why Tom is I've did not to use any at him and after the only poop on the track. Now People are saying that trauma gleaning might have suffered from a common affliction known as runners, Trochar yeah. That's exactly what has been achieved in this area, as it happens, people when a marathon of Europe S sudden, like not entirely controllable, desired empty you boy. Get out. You see a lot of people that actually running a marathon with come on down their legs, but many others have noted. This is occurring on a regular basis that would suggest intent.
Since this is happening, and I all the time. Ok, ok, any wasn't meant to no merit exactly. Nobody knows why Tom is tram. Gleaning grown as forty two. Your man was put back on track. Nobody cares case because we gotta get these jokes off. Ok, why you proven on track. As one question for my next question would have been Tommy's offer you no returned back to work on a array you serious. He ok soon as you to return to work, I hope somebody screams out this. Pull no, no, oh, my god, when you think of proven on the you think of you think I'll joke is that what on the track? What do you think what do now but on a track who probably pointers, go forward? They bore these good day.
The client come into all media outlets. Ok, a new Jersey, Dakar, reporter approached him and Thomas gave a sharp, no comment. He has really no foremost the is released and he did not answer the door to town almost Saturday. Beware: the are at breakfast Club restart Thomas Tram, ugly, for common. He had this to say regarding him public pooping, on the cheap. Yeah, some dog you today you set himself plead liberally, Mug of Thomas Tremor gleaning, the biggest here he he you stupid. Mother. You dumb now was shut up grass track because he could have been China fertilizing. It is impossible for further fertilization proven on his right. Maybe it must all
It is a right to clean it up, but a matter it would be a poor, but he scoop nobody ever soon. Scoop of the evidence. You guys, you pulled out a track and gotta clean it up. You still be called a pretty scoop puppy dispute all right in the poop I'll ride, guys employment in a bag. It always less be grown. Now. Thank you for adoption of the day. Why
Skis next, eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you got a question for you? You knew relationship, advice or any type of advice. Maybe you gonna put em problem to know what to do go use. You hope you at all that I'm gonna be with their oblong. Is now is the breakfast locomotive breakfast mornin? Everybody is dj. Envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the bread for his club. It's over as key pillows is very short. I wish, of course, if you remember me about my note, that only three lack I dont know how about the re cause. You need her her support because, though the kids and I think they're my kid,
If anything's there pretty much her kids and her eyes, cuz they her grandchildren. So she wants to spoil them and do what she wants to do. But there's certain rules that at your their mom and you who abide by those rule is obviously before seven. If she wants to give him a cookie, that's fine. By after Then you don't want that to happen. You might seven or our seven in them wait a second. She gives the kids cookies at seven in the morning. Yeah, that's too much sugar and is also a good well anyway, as neither here nor there now. What's your. Where is your their father? Is that has been your boyfriend. What does he think he is? My boy ran Fang, you gotta, look at it from merit bag and what's their perspective that I really dont know their respective because either uneven right as employment? For those who have you guys to have a united front, has the parents, because if you guys are
with each other and he's siding with them. That's gonna caused some issues where your relationship and is confusing for decades as well yeah that thing Bagley. What going on, because I'm I'm actually really strict with the earlier now no electronics bearing Burton Times a day and budgets burden he's gonna really late back, but I prefer my kid city outside most of you know he doesn't care to do all that right and those are something that you guys. Have to discuss amongst each other. You know before you can even go to his parents, so he can go to his parents and discuss you guys have to come to an agreement with each other. That's pretty salad as fire, the parents in which means that both of you will have to compromise ray you So maybe it's a situation where, because he's more lay back- and you are more strict, you got you might To give you a little bit on some things and he's gonna have to give him a little bit on some things and you have to figure out what those priorities are for you re. Ok, I re. I go
with that leaves you guys above super involved by you know. I think it's all night. I right you're welcome. Right as key energy, five, a five one o five. What have you got a course of a year cola nails to breakfast logo on everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club in a mill of ask you allow this air acr, wish a course of easy one life now. Look after my boy was the issue that you Second thoughts about cause. Usually if you want to move and went away from your excited way, we did a before, and things are worked out, a philosophical and much of the financial burden, but we decide to list after it ok and will work on our relations. He wants to use back in together and that the level of Asian Vano pilot Cook on farm financial issues- and I want to make sure that we voted for the right, legal and I'm glad you're being opened.
You're financial situation. Right now, my when it comes to moving Emma somebody, you don't have to I mean you guys are married any of those things and if you don't feel like a hundred percent excited about it, ensure than don't do it difficult. The last time when you guys were living together and you had to move out or he had to move away while a difficult to move out of that. When we look at what we decided in together,
they have been uncertain about the leaving prior, because that can cause a real strain on our relationship with pretty difficult the economy sour by we weren't we pushed away. We decide decided at that, wasn't the best which waiting for me at the time and uneven playing. It would be difficult, but it is not ok, so right now. Is it the best situation for the sake of our relationship with the past twelve months that we deliver better? They put a strain on our relationship with that, because we want to build a future together and live together on ending up when I get married together with their has. Proposed. Well, ok. I've thought about marriage in the plans, but we haven't got near. This is my opinion, but I did Louis somebody one time it was. It was a disaster, but I do feel like unless you're sure there's something that you want to do and leisure two, because finances is number one reason that people end up. You know fighting.
You ain't even getting divorced, so if you feel like it's too much of a strain, if you feel like maybe for him, is just convenient because he's having whatever financial strains that he is having, I don't understand why you're in a rush for you guys who begging together. Ya'll is still dating how party live from each other or maybe about thirty minutes or so does not that bad at the end of the day, I was still dating you're in a relationship you're dating you, don't have to live together. Something or even way until they get married or get engaged to live together, but it seems like he has some things that he needs to take care of himself, because you can't really be that much of a powerful apple if you're not powerful as individuals, so let him get his individual self together and he asked yes things that he has to prove to you and show you because last time you said it was a strain for you. So let me show you that he can handle those things and, if he's dead, serious about it, he ll do. It is good for him even less. They got on even end up together. At least he got his life together like that.
My opinion, I know you're going to do what you want to do anyway, but I do feel I give you sure about it. Don't do it because it is a hassle when you guys have to move out. Oh thank you so much, I regret lag lady all right as key eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you got a question for you, you could call her at any time now we got room was unaware you? Yes, let's talk about Kenya, the crib still looking for him will tell you what they have to say. Also J call he's. One until I find out who he is going to be reckoned with Nora Boot into that when we come back he belongs to breakfast locomotive. Everybody has the g envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club arguments shut. To somebody is read his story, the owner of exotic car, into business, three or five elite regime, Welsh, Welch, Russia. Mary governing espousal of different. I wrote a story They actually trying to get kids to get guns off the street. So if you take a few hand in your gun, they will give you
as a luxury car to rent, for I guess a little bit it does it see how long might be for five hours six hours, maybe eight hours, maybe an hour, but not a forgery, Witchery Smet adventure. Is that not more- figuring out how to get goods or destroy all giving all God, and you just you- wanted pistol you're, making me all about it that vat evasion. Europe is only worth three. I figured out at age by protect me. Ok, What I now money in these could I dialed illegal as either Wanna go canal and annual Gimme a may backdoor ride around and for two hours there was somebody, China, nay. I can't protect myself it out and gave him a pistol knowing you turn those guns in right now, no one sees asked no questions, Amy geared to exact terms, my guiding, and then you put a big target on my bag. By give me a lab regaining the drive in the middle of the Hood F note of Alfred Entry, kids, which only get people No, no, no don't give me that. Doesn't then not a good idea. It s a great ideal. Terrible idea died as good idea. Ok, nor club, no New Jersey, Chicago
timed in New Jersey, inheriting a gun and in drafting a luxury car around noise and see what happened. I don't know you, sir, but it's a great. I dig it those guns, artistry good care, or shall we can take this one alone? What are known as well, as you know, at this gets it, with a surgical with Angela Jake, I announced that he is going to be going on to our his Kayo detour and guess who's gonna be on the road which I call tat a dog. That's right, young dog. You won't be on every single day because concerns as states that he cities he can't do. I guess it's papua contractual you are you my have by the things are ready, but he is gonna be on toward together. So you guys excited to see these two. That you feel young does it had reached its full potential and music on or not, and I am not an ailing guns it at that level. I feel like he should have been at already right. How do we agree
right. Well, can you no longer have to worry about these crops? We told you before about jazz, basically saying that they have the green light one on cod because of the comments that he made about slavery. Well, it looks like, They have lifted. That green light is no more look afford. Congo, they sang never in any real danger, because gang leadership was looking for a fight. They actually would lead him to visit the embassy and support the community members pregnant, though? Maybe you got your examining all of God like that? Welcome these crazy nobody ever call for no hit on them. You call for Conway come on it. I re now egg has some, whereas awaits DMZ about Bill Cosby, because he's Big Annabel Cosby any fails, cause be still might be wrongly convicted check it out is horrible. About how some of which go back and World Bank, so you may not be waived
Many of those innocent, I'm argument is able to target look better job and I wasn't bad trouser. Whatever was revealed whatever these allegations of third countries in the world yeah, I mean listen, a God is right now was where there are. None of us know what really happened, but he's been convicted in vain and none of us with their omnivores, islands that Bill God, Leonardo across reveal cosmic hook up with a common following what was going on. I know tat. I say you can't even said that live in it as a no up but understand if you say you are there and you shouldn't have an opinion either way. Like your opinion, go a bill, your vision, NATO, smiling everything has been happening at the last part of the reason why, in Wednesday I spoke out in said, the reason why he felt tat bill cause he was guilty was firm. Resolve the, whereas it he gave a deposition a that has failed before her.
We need to tell you about it. You can still wants to cod to show you can still. Why should they can't us not only was it at all, but you can find some way. I'm sure you can like his art still in, and you know like no God be pass away from other people are like all Kelly's. I did it as they still listening to it. Clearly anti is still go to consular Dante. I write data gets amidst you wrote a letter to her daughter, Willow and her letter said dear Willow, I'm so proud of how opinionated and strong you are both you and your brother have taught me acceptance. How do I and allow you to be who you are. I appreciate you for that. Working on this project, we told you about her red tabletop has been such a joyful experience, have learned so much about two things that I didn't know that I didn't expect, which to me makes the red table real. She said. Well, I just hope that looking you have lived my life, you will find things within what you witness things that you will take on with you, how I continue to grow, how it's ok to make mistakes and that you could always make things right says he talks about him, her favorite memories,
he tells willow you're, pretty intelligent. You have more of a handle on today's world and even I am just waiting for you to continue to show me how to get through this new world. I loved our job on Basel Willow Smith S nice. You know my last name is painted. Sniff Winfrey knows Carter. I write when I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report All right. Thank you. Miss ye are right and shelter. Revel. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody revolt, How do you put that a report on it? us about one third of their staff and all people who we know their guard klute that the people, so is mixed weggs. Could you know why? the reporting news does such job at Mr Elles, hey There- has done its job over here and if you really want to do, story. There was a reason there were still here, well or both proud you.
We are partly about we, but we actually are people who work for revolt that work on. I shall and got out without them here. If they know me, I've Anas will still be there as I was still here. Are you know all who issue, They knows made one third of all staff days away from what I hear people chose makes everybody they and works at rebel and everybody they did unfortunately get laid up. I have time in you know we're still. Our people promoting infinity war. There are registered Baptist Hegemonic,
you know what it feels like to change a diaper while wearing one does your sweaty face, twitch when someone says you ve got the pregnancy glow. I it's Katy lows, fellow Mamma and host of Katie's crib, a pot cast where we have open and honest conversations about what is really like to be apparent. This season we ve got powerhouse gas, like America, Pereira and Gabriel Union, its real moms, real talk, real tired season three from yours on Thursday may twenty first listen to Katie's crib on the I hurt radioactive apple pod cast or wherever you get your part here's, a social, distancing, Tipp keeping your distance from others is important in slowing the spread of corona virus. So here are some fun things. To do alone. Read a book. Take a walk Your suit case from that trip. You took last September, Pain itself portrait up on a tv series. Do a puzzle, member. We should all stay home to lower the risk, for everyone for more info
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