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Jackie Christie Interview,Exclusive Interview with Ta'Kari Lee and more


Today on the show we had the most hated member on the show “Basketball Wives” Jackie Christie come by where she spoke about the drama between her and her daughter Ta’ Kari Lee, the beef between her and Shaunie O’Neal and more. Moreover the interview caused so much controversy that we were able to get a hold of her daughter Ta’Kari Lee for her to tell her side of the story between her and her mother, but who is telling the truth? Also, Charlamagne gave “Donkey of the Day” to three people that are now in the sunken place, former Raiders player Tim Brown, former Green Bay Packers Jermichael Finley and commentator Parrish Dennard for not seeing the injustice in America.

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I gotta get back like a mega. Forty I just took all we ve got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some muddle good morning, you're a Yo Yo, Yo Yo go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning, easily mining design, Charlemagne guy. Please do, that is to say yes, it's Tuesday, like your criminal minded ahead,
you like it, no longer low owed to the Eightys and Ninetys. I guess you- and I know you don't like dad- has I get you a regular dialogue about at it because I knew about it. So you know I always feel interstellar dad had sat there like that, some people only or I'll unaware monitors women house like a normal side on the deck of. So much though it looks too, who would, in unemployment a looks to lose that had grown a book? I will have a dad dad had aid Russia to my guys, a classic material and away right, shouts body who purchased in stream. I record that Iraq, over a million in three days job one employee Mozart is came out in the last couple of weeks. Our way, lower the naturally we're platinum, a duty not in south platinum, remain a millionaire
your kneel down count as the saying goes there you have to go through the account is dead, but we're all away today so shall to all the people after downloading erected supporting erected its lack of a lot of kids teens. It is crazy, says to me a mix crown of taxes. Your number yet action over the name it erected made? And I had a debate about this so rapidly that text a number? What does that actually mean? You can, and I said, is when you got it a club and you meet somebody Like Section Hamburg earlier, nobody really tells me you're. Not right, am I why my young boys him you have the means quadrupled include monitoring these qualities like really like envy. Actually, texture number record here we do a video forward again flagged. I'm, like I don't know, anybody who have been refused to dvd items have been repose in a video is, is just really Don T see how big the record is when we, when we did. I reckon I wanted to direct.
I can play in a beast: Miami Vague is thirty strip. Clubs in the South Jersey New York and has been working in I love it. I mean I, I love the fact that I'm getting a whole new audience is is really to see how well the record is doing like us. It we streamed over milk. Three days and use it takes a couple of weeks, but we did it fast and it still growing so fast. We shall Spotify a potent, and I do not argue about the say I would at this modified it, they did. The playlists most people actually went to spot a father to download directors who shot was bought a fuck. I hot thank you for supporting a dual package cause. It's not necessarily a cordon coat a typical urban reckon, but they still rode out with me and they see and how well its doors. Deftly appreciative and very warm needed that motorway fatty. Why does anyone called out? He needed that very well? Definitely, The area is a launch a ragged after that. So is good. On unreal.
I thought about a lot of the real hip hop has one of the a real hip hop record, but that's coming over about. I got all that, but I had to do this first. This is I need, envy thought at least a delay in Asia and the five million. Although you are you getting, how rehearse is in deep low lying by a million dollars in our little people ass, a I'm a real aid at Lisbon. All right, let's go number one analyse Calvin error is forty eight Mean Alice P S thirty nine million it change. Is thirty eight million squealer grave Avian flu is a group. They dj change, while, yes, in that? If they are there any lady Lena DJ, they didn't change oil ages. They just featured Oughta, do Doyle single rap. They beat. You deceive me before the be actually met David, Guerra, twenty five years. Had ever yogi twenty nine million there marshmallow guy? You know you see that guy twenty one million very nineteen million everything to make
Listen, I see a minimum quality beat haven't careless, not make them was called complexities. Dj Jesus Christ clearly the main language, at least twenty million s? Next to you, do you guys don't like dvd you, two hundred fiducia, two or three hundred thousand shouted Kelly, knock out with? Isn't it as K eyes, but anyway, congratulations on the success it erect out. Thank you now, Jackie Christie will be judged no she's from basketball. Why the union was, I last night a lot of people talking about it. Let me tell you something enemies in Germany's mooning arrests and we'll talk Jackie Christiana, we got four pages. Are we talking about? We will be talking about. Daniel Ciampi has made some guess, stronger comments after he got a lotta backlash financially speaking out against the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville Virtue imaging
and shall to all businesses Charlottesville Virginia. We deeply appreciate you guys. Rather what is the support Knesset? Neatness Owen, Instagram everything out man you for the last man, listen salute all alive you who, using their privilege, hesitated combat prejudice. I saw so many videos- and you know why people speaking out denounced in white supremacy in denouncing nobody's he's. Why devils of our committees, dollar good way, people ideology allies drop one of aim on for your damn. It is not a good thing to do. I know I speak out. I will ask you to show crack of repays noses necks his future mask off his breakfast locomotive. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast cloudless gets it a front. Page news saw gonna trucks, yes down attempt has finally do now. Under public pressure, the white, supremacist and violence that took place in our of organs? Can you them I'll. Ask me: you're gonna marry her after you kaji. He could coalitions
that again it will get married. Have actually I write well here is went down a chimpanzee, racism is evil and those who cause violence in its day, more criminals and thugs, including the k, K, K, NEO, Nazis, white, supremacist and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear, as Americans now damage, and we did after this made it. This never marks and Charlottesville realise when again, that the fake news media will never be satisfied, truly bad people out of their words, G20, vows, commoner conclusion you might have fallen and weaken the care more. An eight hour sorted out as bad press. He was pressure for that. You might have been weakened. The camera fingers crawled mind your baggage. He was given a speech. I got really feel like us. Like imagine you get you cheat on your girl machines, mad and then you like hey. Will you marry me to try to make everything, but I write Meantime they were all kinds of protests going down and different cities and protestors put down a confederate statue in North Carolina was the confederate soldiers.
Monument and they gathered around there and they pulled back down and they said we, either revolution, they pull their rope and everybody erupted in chairs. Governor was not happy about that. They said there. Racism a deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable, but there better way to remove these monuments. Meanwhile, at Texas, aunt em they were planning to have a white lives matter, protest that was going to take place on nine eleven, and that was directly because of what happened in Charlottesville and that has since been cancelled. Now, at first, the university said they have free speech rights. They could do but now they have stopped the rally because it is linked to the violence and Charlotte Motor of lead. You know right those symbol right to assemble in free speech and all that would why would you let them organise a hatred? Are you nor the ended This is a hate rally, so why would you let them organize that now their agenda according to the organizer is because young white people are just sick and tired of the liberal agenda, pushing white guilt down their throat,
they said that white lies now, don't matter they violated our first amendment rights rights are now in the nineteen sixty two. We have to sit in the back of the master. Furthermore, it is not about conservative liberal. It is not about Republican Democrat is not about left, right. This is about good and evil right and wrong God insane pairs you get out There was that history. Do you want to be alone? I was the first in my modest yesterday I was in coins. She was like, I don't understand why they were given to permit and let them even protest seems like that. Doesn't make sense to me. Why would they do it like inciting array, now. You already know, what's going to happen, and one family actually disown their son PETE tests from Fargo North. He was identified on yes, your racist as one of the martyrs from globally Charlottesville Rally and their father actually wrote an open letter. We have been silent up until now, but now we see this was a mistake and that it was the silence of good people that allow the now he's the flowers. The first summit ended his silence of good people that is allowing them to flourish now Peter TAT. My son is now welcome in our food.
Really gatherings and longer? I pray my particles and mobile now tis hateful police and return home. Then, and only then will I lay out the fees. That's all I good way people you have to use your privilege to combat prejudiced ass it. That's it. You gotta, denounce white supremacy, that's it! I'm Acta, where that is Europe. Front. Page news alright. Now, when we come back, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset and you need to vent, hit us up right now or maybe you just feel positive- you want to present positivity online a wide open, eight hundred five, eight five one o five one and shouts station in Memphis, spoke to the pity Devon. Yesterday he says he's force us and, as our back many said, he loves the shortest has a random conversation. Yes, it is a shame Heaven in America, stashing I'd after breakfast locomotive breakfast a pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda.
You want a breakfast blessing, but they will allow this very like a mad. They were come here, take over It's not gonna be exactly Durham case. It ass their drivers, though, but you know why I go out. I ve no right how much we pay for do things now and it seems like the taxi drivers, but- when his brow lay advisor, Ray Seeber, worshipper, we ok, they gotta charge they like them. I take you somewhere if you can now, but it didn't catalogue urban area, my went twenty dollars, the same goal. Wisdom, go back, for instance, to go to enter into the airport. To take a yellow cab is eighty dollars over forty five year, but it didn't matter gap there.
I believe that it is the problem we have scams on demand like over and lived officer like I'm going to go away, go anywhere in the country rather than you ever after calves as well problem them. Let me you know, I got a job, do not work. But to get where you were yet managed to people on the street? The pudding banana got your money in after you had. The job is, don't get pay that, while they were overlap yeah- and I believe I said I didn't make it also gives. But there was a lot cheaper, the yellow calves comparative prices, it wouldn't be a problem in the yellow calves, always dirty filthiest thinking. I want owner operator and I keep mine quaint earlier now, our respective cabs and absolute, yeah, but I don't think it. But if I dont big prayer, we got a guy you and they don't die I will get rid of my look here. Give me oh yeah. They use your bill or draw live. Drivers. Digg is over
you all. I hold onto a black and white tv right now is too expensive pay phones, I They start bringing people, then, who don't know they don't put em we didn't fit. You will transfer of all the die, Thus, while the border to evolve a die out of you, nobody we gotta stay relevant may show we could stay in his by you. You got a change that car Abronia drove me sooner. We become yellow gave they want you to that. Lets you they hang in. There are more and more work was the? U blasters motorway. You bless. I am Blair from Frankfurt, Would they dragged remains one of our trading partners in the world? Do you guys know my way? I need they re now. Thank you, girls. Earlier Maybe I wanna go more John away. The boy ever ye are gonna, Moonrise Rigour, Diego
advocate more Nebraska Bill, Gregg I'll, get it off your chairs, eight hundred five, a five one, five one of your obsession debate. It is up right now or if you feel passing It is! Mr breakfast cloak of mourning the breakfast the pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda you want a breakfast laughing, but as a military Erin go more and more and Andrea Doria, Google Moire. Why Man is monetary. Well, because I, where I work for a given out advent inventor, I've been doing stuff like that for a long time, I've seen how it really is, and I'm white myself in a grown up. You know I've had the reverse racism, and that is a real thing and I'm still more on Eliza like Unified, like we gotta, think on a different level and the hall cracker
in public that that's never bothered me and I have grown up in a good neighbourhood, have grown up in a bad neighborhood. I see the live in like a lower income area, because I don't take welfare by ammo B, where I am and I'm a rise of you'd like anybody else to another. Look at it from the perspective of why, if you don't wanna, be referred to in all areas in a negative Carmen, don't act like you You got that right and you know I won't be. Would I want you would understand that when I use the term crackers not for all why people specifically for raises bigoted prejudice, why people so I resign
respecting salute why people are. You were alive and good people and more demanding that one of people around the brain and I will be in seawater offended and even in also, why have you? Nobody learn their right to be offended if they would, I mean, but the thing is like I've been I've had a lot of friends. I've had conversations black people are more friends of black people than I am with pretty much any other cultures, but that is how I been my whole life, and the thing is, I know the funds that I have that are white. They actually are white love. You know we deal with a lot of stuff, what we gotta we got approve and who we are because of all the other white people that stupid you and that's not right, but that's not right. Either. European satellite ya get mad when somebody cause you the end were, but at the same time like you can get mad if you ve been here doing it so we cause. I don't do that that the grating yourselves delight when I work with my kids here
but I'm like. I don't want to hear your blog. If we don't like that, like yours, we build neither don't the Irishman goes, should we should be building each other, but we call them in oil or legal, but other than that. That's how I feel I get a friend, Mr Michael Medworth right by incident be fed period like negative per light. That's gone back ages and God only no one dollar thing. You know. I am thankful for firewood that when all the time I think that was referred ourselves, gods in queens and kings and such, but I do want to say I do want to say thank you for your ally ship, my wife's system. We will keep up the good fight. Bull beg your mama, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, five, one o five, one of your upset. You need event is right now or if you feel bless you can always it is up. You ve got rooms runaway. Yes, we be talking about Netflix, find out who they just signed on Emily. Pretty excited about this other would be satisfied.
Her go and will be discussing drugs find out who was caught with five drugs found in their system without even we'll get into all that we combat keep unlock this debate. His club. The morning the breakfast and J envy Angela ye shall remain a god. We are the breakfast club. Yes, there, let's get through the room, is this auction arrives Bob? The report annually eat breakfast lapse and IRAN's is added here, she's, leaving ABC and she's going to Netflix trouble whose bondage underline again that somebody shows under rather than you grazing anatomy yonder, The elderly, the matter? Yes, Sir Hugh it's gonna be a big deal for Netflix, obviously she's getting paid more. We don't know how much he's getting now. Those
that she's already done a will remain airing on ABC, but she's gonna be developing new projects that will only be for Netflix Netflix, up to bring struggle rather gave her a big advance, as you rightly gum show much more on the back in and she will give many we see what ABC is a fool for letting shine derives go. Maybe you want to delete Emil's. He felt like going over the better situation way out either way, she'll be fine. She genre straw, monocles bothersome
Well, we tie go with tax ecology reports. Now we told you about his. Do you I remember when he was pulled over and he was trying to do with a test to see if he was under the influence of anything and clearly he was well. They did find five different drugs in his system. Lord have mercy at the time of his do you I will table drugstore painkillers ochre. They did find TAC, which is what's in marijuana and he had to sleeping pills had alcan eggs. He had had a code on, he had hydro, more phone, which is a pain killers. An unexpected reaction, Superscription medication and you didn't mention a week, but apparently you cannot drive taking sleeping pills, painkillers, timely words, her five different drugs. Yes, he must have been a light heard all of em prescription, except for the we had more than the mask on
them prescription, except for the way he had more than Damascus. He had the whole army of future. Ok, they said he was listening to future when he got home. I believe that now can, I hope, that's the thing is ongoing. Listen if you type, nor do I go, would go live. You never strike me as a future. We might fan, I mean you're gonna make tiger woods. You do. If I had one question as I would write, maybe like tiger: what will you into when you is as high as you're tell us with. With this in no way binding in future? Whenever tell us, it is the next story until the swift just got awarded one dollar and her counter suit against Dj David Mueller, who she says, grabbed her butt during a meet and greet after a concert in Denver back in twenty thirteen yeah. So basically, he was doing her for defamation, saying that her allegations cost him his job. He got fired after this whole thing happen when she said that he grabbed her butt and then she countersuit him for
Allie just on principle, so she actually won the one dollar and I only see out of a job and they threw out his case against her saying he never proved during the trial that you directly made him lose his job She also got awarded that one dollar one, her counsel tables we want. Yes, you are Would that part of it right because other counter suit against him coca? So he was doing her for defamation. That's how it all started because he lost his job. She said he grabbed by. He lost his job. He said it was defamation, that's why he lost his job and then she counter suit him for it. His suit against terrify one dollar. I don't want to all of them an illusion that should not be put your hands on any girls. If the euro is not your wifi, your girlfriend, but if you're gonna risk at all hours of the tales was boy they know by their lives, are you guys have all seen that picture circulating from a while ago, when the something's happening. Where have you have revolt tv? You can see it. That is the picture I do here,
down the gravity drive in what we do, but should be you gotta have more to do like you. Imagine that I don't like you. Gotta have a lot of balls residents. They live in a moment as Taylor. Swift. This attitude has also have the right. They took the pigeon. She says: well balls, Big S magazine. We easy done up like that, but it should be so maybe he put his hand on her law backing, you got along, but must go and bugs goin in going on bodies. Ye shall have this as a victim neutrality, fruits issued a statement. It always bear that I wanted to vote today, Martinez and the jury for they careful consideration and anyone who feels silence by sexual assault and especially anyone who offered this support through his four year ordeal. She said I acknowledge the privilege that I've benefit from in life in society and in my ability to shoulder the enormous costs of defending myself in a child like this, my hope is to help those whose voices should also be
yeah I mean come on, the guy was dead around me and a piggy clearly see with hand is Angie. I checked you a meat meal. Every year I write em annually and that's your ruler. Like an hour. I e we got from pages. We come back. Of course we're talking about damage. Mp has finally issued a statement. That is a lot of its stronger. But leave it. Ok, wanting everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club of Schizophrenia pays no. This talk. Your present now drop her well down a tramp after more than two days has spoken out condemning hate, roofs after the violence they went down in silence fell. Virginia here is, went down, a chump had to say racism is evil and those who cause violence in its day, more criminals of thugs, including the KKK, Wink, NEO, Nazis, link, white, supremacist, weak and other hate
Groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as America's travelling include above damage on regional teleprompter, to tease sticking to the script now aware unhappy and hates waded out made a decent over my sense, Charlottesville unrealized once again at the fake news, media will never be satisfied, truly bad people from telling use like cheat manoeuvre, and then she's married. So you turn around and ask the merrier and, as she says, dough then you get him out again and go watch. What do you want though they have you to marry me. Why
not on nine eleven. They were supposed to be a white lives matter. Protest at Texas, aunt em, but the university which had earlier said free right to free speech rights, is now saying that rally cannot go down because of the links to the violence in Charlottesville and that a whole entire protest was supposed to directly be linked to what happened in Charlottesville. So now it's not happening now. That rally was plan because young, why people are just sick and tired of the liberal agenda of pushing white guilt down their throats and according to the organizers, is had white lives, don't matter they violated our first amendment rights, whites and now in the nineteen sixties. Do we have to sit in the back of the best live their lives in the mating sixty they would not be sitting back and plus. Okay, it s number one in number two, this isn't about conservative. Liberal, left and right republican, Democratic Bahrain, wrong, good and evil God insane. What's his dream, you wanna be on now why man pains have to actually marched in Charlottesville and is one of these
racist people that was out there and they had em on video it just talking about his different beliefs, they out at him on at yes, your races and now his family as saying that he is just owned and nine am welcome at any the family events. An open letter from his father actually said that he repudiates their sons, vile, hateful and array. This rhetoric and actions is that we do not know specifically where he learn those believes we did not learn them at home. He said my son is not welcome in our family guy. During any longer, I pray, my pet. Both animal renounce his hateful believes in return home, then, and only then, while I lay out the fees I'm glad they did their farming formula, that do said the whites amount in May. In sixty. Do you know how America wasn't maintains? Sixty must not like what position the other way before in the maid leaves
Mamma Mamma says she still just doesn't understand why they would get the permits to be able to protest. Like you know what that's gonna breed. You know it s, gonna bring like why given its free speech, but the whole thing is that when you have a situation where a year and signing a right, which is what this does, they should be allowed to do. That alone. I want to salute all why people did. I see in April the combat prejudice. He knows a lot of people who are not standing with these I will do nothing. You double their condemning these crackers crack of an absolute all these good. Why people started doing that'll, shouts everybody Charlottesville Virginia to arouse what s his supporters to support us and hit us yesterday, with so much support social media earn call in India in emailing us we deftly appreciating. We see all love you haven't you been silent, is the goals I beg of you being signed right now and you see all that is injustice ass that that's happening the reader difficult, because guess what you benefit from white supremacy, white, supremacy, I think that any marginalized press group has to cleaner wife
made them ass. They gotta clean it up. Now I will ask front, page news now. Will we come back from basketball wives? We have Jackie Christie, Narrow Union was I last night and people are gone crazy. Talkin about that. I saw Evelyn's tweets his mind, It's a lot about that her Evelyn and beef, and so will talk about that all essential, but I'm a figure, however, another language dammit. Yes, where her daughter to carry me. If I don't it's, not honest Jackie, whenever you browse normal leisure, yes, rusty, yea ex ass anyone appeared only when I began. That leaves you w plus one of you who know me. Don't even know you free like element. I you know you look eleven up, like you know you and Jane Elephant elephant still almost like united the elephant in the five their google. It is a good guy and early loves his wife and he doesn't mind having around it. Never an elephant in the five day week, development up. So even when you in China when you certified elephants, though Mogadishu? They got, jangle leg, fanaticism, I'll know them and our other Disney Jackie Christie. When we come back to Brussels,
Monica morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gas in the building, Miss Jackie Christie, man's agony, Christopher Basketball. Why even in the room were appointed lightly? Now, isn't something any all good, but it s okay to their Evelyn, is back to season, and so is Jennifer and that's been some drama for you, because you and Evelyn had been buddy
it's an so. Where is all of this them from you? Nowhere when I met Evelyn a long time ago, it was just in passing and I caught a new over. She knew me and when all that happened, my daughter and she donate money every by start hit me up on my guy Jackie Shawn again on the show. You know she will be guided, I'm goin she's coming for you and I think a wash you got for me. Her in my daughter's relationship is slowly said before me, so she come for me, but when she joined the show I gave her benefited thou. We made a shiny party. I say it is this which gave, for she said noise that ok cool one glad to know you came under better breaches and then, as the seas and went on, I star seem wish. He really was. Therefore now, let's discuss the holding Evelyn and your daughter, so your daughter, her it had a son and the sun was burned in the day care centre right and she started to go, find me account and Evelyn donated to that account right. Does he know your daughter prior to that? No Evelyn did does not know my dad did. Nowhere in my daughter actually is now saying she didn't started. Some other person started itself is really well
lies in dismiss and I try to stay out of it? That's why I really didn't say much and I said my one statement at the beginning, and that was my daughter head of all me and asked me for money when I was on teensy. She would have gotten the money, but I had already been given our money. I give her money, I take care of her, so it wasn't about the letter holding. But if the people who don't know twenty eight on the eight years, why is use grace? If you know it's her joy? I love it. I mean I mean I, I love all my kids have always oil. There may always lived a privilege life in inane about the material things about me, not having a lot when I was little and when I grew up in with that's why I'm they had everything they needed in, and I guess I just was allowed to over protective and gave him a little too much virtually only one from that from democracy. Yes, could it be that feel? like you feel like she had not been expressed in, that is, has he failed? She gets. No fate, like the other. Children are favouritism. Over her best was. She feels
never been, and I even you normal on the type of person agnor allotted to hate Abingdon hated. All my whole life, but I decided, let me post her life alone- is a yoke see. As you see, everything is the same with all my children are all my kings and Queens South is unfortunate. Our feels that way, I'll keep loving her Amr mother, novel door and robust there's a lot. I could do a lot I could do to dispel. A lot of this body would be putting her out. The Algerian loves her trader like he was his own ass white, hurts his heart right now my knees very upset. He don't even want to talk about. Like you know when you first started coming out six years ago. You know he cried. He said this is not the daughter I raise. I tried to be the best father to her. I don't know why she's act in this way the owners, and then he just took a back seat when she thought fail in their way what age she started acting Polly about six years ago. She start doing so she's about twenty one. Twenty two. We are probably right around when she's start having, here too being with this guy she's word in in old. She wanted more ye once more. You know you.
Got business. What they buy. You arrange over. Why they buy you a toy Yoda. No type of thing is, I guess, a brand new car. Will you go to other? Could ruin robot? just go to town and he was heard the first one in ice like I'm, not gonna, buy you you're, not a drive. A mammogram by you arrange over we'll Comic argued over, give it Well now we re nobody will be better than a bad guy, isn't even driving age. Eighty nine fifteen sixteen and in shanty has a sports car, but it's just a guy like is like a chrysler, but it's like a two thousand sixteen some fifteen or dead body for, but we waited till. She was twenty to twenty five years old. You know and she earned it into. We gave her wonted eighteen of the Korean Doug will as a guy anyway, aren't they may and I didn't know what what what what was a dog or I was to pass argued. They million does a good job. Maybe she wants me to now, don't get an yeah. Well, they give you ain't goin There was even a lie when I mean that's a lot of Israel,
Cuba is allowed thing. You did pose this. He did wish you a happy mother's day. You know just this year, so you think that people around her influencing her to definitely sorry, not only did you wish me happy mothers, they carry and I talk on the phone like any mothers. Are we giggle? We laugh. We talk about her relationship, unlike Hollywood is goin all. Why is always on the agenda? won't you stop it MA. Am I own a wider doing added I mean it, I mean that's what she says I have proved so it's kind of I. You know that the car you that I'm dealing with my daughter is a whole different person in this internet, garbage it s out there, but you know you grow older. She called me and told me. I was in Atlanta doing play and she called and tell me what happened and I was gonna come near. She was acknowledged by mom he's bandaged up the baby's dad was there. His parents were there, I'm like ok, she was like I'll give you pictures I'll keep you have
So we were talking constantly coming as I do. You need anything she was. I know you don't know she needed money or allegedly needed money. They need money on top of their day care being at all, aiming for everything that wasn't it and when the Gulf and came out whenever India donate it had been out for months before she did that they may go viral after me and I got married in those show. We did it on view each one in Portugal. So was a big deal. Wasn't at the wedding. She felt some type away, but she just had a baby. Oh you not mean, and I was very long. Yes, your core issues about it all my waiting There's only one little thing would I know you got money the daily, why your grandpa gotta go, find me ya got money, but I was wondering it doesn't? You have held, ensures Amelia who lived. If you don't need money, you know you, the even one of my daughter just had a twenty two thousand dollars bill when she was sick, but regardless only had to pay ten percent
which is two thousand. I was, I was on wondering what money would she need of yet Elton sure? That's exactly why amans help it at that the day care was paying everything right in all their fall. He was in their care, so I'm going Why are you guys making as this is my daughter? I love my grandfather, love all my he is in their kids but you're making it like. Is me an attack in me and what I supposed to do whatever they need, I'm here. Why didn't you don't even legal formula, the eminent I'll never dominated of Amene publicly? Why would need to do that when you call me and I'm gonna Western Union, I could go in cash. If you like man, you don't need to your own, go, find me that that doesn't even make you could you do it and create that you? She said somebody illustrated I know what I'm money went or will she ended up one nineteen thousand, seventeen thousand some, my dad- and I heard that it went to can issues in Also you don't delete in oh yeah. We got it in here. Everybody else got it. You know it s. What her mind SK, I dislike the public I'll, never merely above lay over whether he does not know him he's not not that when my daughter wasn't hers, it was
I did a gulf them, you know and as we have now spent the money it wasn't even you know I didn't even really go to You don't have never got learner money. She go. Made in her hands, but ass, they did God and all up is what I'm here and I dont know I wasn't there. I didn't ask her: we ve talked a lot of time since then, and you know she's in a good mood whenever I talk to her. So that's. Why is shocking to me when I wake up to tweets and garbage online? I just got to the point now. I just block it out the daughter of terrible influences around a terrible, terrible and I'm just gonna be we're without it s, not the one. I was asking we are more with Jackie Christie from basketball was when we come back. He unlocked the breath of the more. We are the breakfast club from basketball, Jackie, crazy, to hang out with us YE. Do you wise basketball, wise like when it comes to an end? So when you watch everything is happening in the editing. Do you feel like it's fair to you? I don't
their part summit, a rude stuff to girls say because I am an emotional person. If I watch hidden it bothers me, so I asked what would do their parts, but I hear about what they say it. I love the parts that and I'm only got you only can Eddie when I give in on me. So I don't. I've never been one to say: oh my God, shared or veal Why me open eighty wrong, I have seen certain things where it might have happened afford this scene, but its play indifferent, and I understand it has done a television show more producer, so I get it. You know I understand it sees. It has to be said a burden to beyond. Sometimes I'm watching in it, and I'm a man who's. The latter arguing allowed a back and forth, but then in others there's the nights.
Happened like relationship. They get really hear it. I didn't think you and Malaysia would ever be as he's coming to your defence here. You know a lot so that, as a very good at least you feel, like you form some real friendships and relationships, and the Show- and I do and is good for malaysian I'd- have finally be at a place where we really respect each other. We both LEO's, my trust level, is very low. Would people because they always smile and these, and they may say you noted in China- cut your throat, but what about joining you now? Because China is not a hundred censure that you guys are friends. I laugh only because I was surprised this season. How it laid out about me in her was tighter demand and I dont think that were not tight. I just feel like she got caught up. She brought Eveline. I think they had intention revel in the coming toward is big old stuff. It didn't happen and Evelyn felt, Almah, go and immature Jackie down and ask my story. Life
who me up in it it just in pop out like that, though I think shiny was shocked. She didn't he begged me to go as hard as ideal unevenly casually arduous. Let people say whatever army crazy lie. Do whatever you want to do in Aki launch my businesses and to me that came to a halt this season. So I think put a strain on me, a shiny and where we are now people to enter the union. Earnestly magazines, like everybody who goes against shouting more than being kicked off the shelf, and you know enough not to those on the other. It was. I people blame her as being the person higher far shiny, don't higher fire. She don't daddy my employer less on higher by Bigham each one. She s cut. My tech shiny is cast member me and asked why, when people ask me you'll be alone, conall, turbot, with you know the exact. Produce, have been on a show, and I know I'm an executive producer saga. You know them. I have noticed, although not a national mice, ogre go my life, so I just feel like would Shawnee. You know all due respect towards have she's gonna, as he has some influence on shore and armies.
Didn't you say creators and create, or about the value out. I'm night, I'm saying you don't have influence in nothing on my life goodbye. Now not now, never happen! No! No! No! Don't! You did not do that UK shining only now No, you didn't kill now. She knows Johnny, you she's a businesswoman at the end of the day, and I wouldn't want to give me via the browser for user. You make the show you what I am the show I mean I'm not even me and I in anybody you ass would say that in standard in a coffee sword away they ended in a way. I know reality star. I understand what it takes to be honest, show like this and I bring everything I'm transparent. I get it. I live and breathe it. I was going to do what I do and that's. Why is natural
people who say they show Canada is often hammy together. Ass. My tag, team gardener, Sonia Tammy DES Motorbike have lilies Evelyn is, is whatever needs to go back to obscurity. When Johnny fires Will you come back button? Wait, wait! Wind, Johnny fires me. I would love to come and talk to you guys about, because that would be the day that I lodged my own, showing in all the viewers will go with you ate Evelyn like that'll hour. I have now. Let me as it is that use the Evelyn's gone to allow is now has come at. This is no longer engage in oil and that more babe. Likewise, in times when, were you aware, or is it something that you just found out as the rest of us found out that ok, I have to be honest, you guys I K lie
that I wouldn't do it. If I may talk and talk for real, I had heard about it. The streets was talkin some time ago. So that's what else piss me off is like your on which she, on my show, basically on show that I've cultivated, meaning I've been here to old time, Malaysia, and now you up your perpetrating. You want to do all this and have kids. Do I m not saying she don't lay your falsifying things for the public image and you tear my family down. At the same time, with the I never tried to hurt her and go at her like that size and want to make that clear, I was trying to hurt me: and there's things? I could do what about you and Jennifer? Do you guys get along who their Jennifer Zone so too low wages would Yoda former university? Ok, I know how she was wanted. A guess. Periods on the show receive ok, as they were first viziers on Gaza. We live.
Jennifer to me, is miami- and you know the dracula- you noted all ok me, I don't wanna be genuine Evelyn ever make up. Tat will be hard annually, Nevertheless, you will be cool way yeah, but Evelyn, who she took it to another level. Like I never saw black like, I saw black what her meaning Jews anger, but you ever you want if there were dotted oh I didn't know that I dont know how to build a whore. Fourthly, I note I wanted needs that you think yeah go Gazer and all it I mean our
never say never, but I say that it would take a lad in I'm, I'm not going to ever apologized girl. Again, you won't keep women. That's why on earth are we shouldn't? Have you said you lose their millionaire MIT to well say about all of this to you, the lazy? Why sometimes- and they like shaggy uganda- to carry to now? No, he was so upset. He didn't work the seas and buddy heard about Agus in order tat him, and he was like look, I'm really tyre and it is be ass. These women need to understand. I respect you, you true today, you not needed, as you are a basketball life you're. My wife and I don't like one of hearing and is getting to the point where someone is getting desperate, enable try the ball back ass alley feels about family Tommy's. Man do when did you ever when you leave loosen up? Does call me crazy?
When you do, women are going alone job. No, it me and dug is always on the main at a great relationship. We just you know, I think, as I grew, and we grew together. Equal just started realising that she's gonna lease on him dogs, doin, em and I'm doing me loving, you sure you didn't Lego Magdalene longer he got older than you know that guy then no around I used now. Germany, fine is air, sanctions is doing is dying. He said says: oh he's containing travelling with the team still so he still doing the same things in Tunisia, not on the court used on everything charm line. Why don't, I believe, Boy Sharma Executive basically appreciate you for joining us good luck. You dont, you may rely on everything and anything to get your daughter by no I'm trying. You must have been all, but he sees that way by airport bipolar he's really it is about try to I've tried everything will continue to raise my life. Those you got really.
Abby. Will IRAN only apply more killing you right now that they not in guinea? Millions of merit is embedded then I hidden applies it s, a retrial. I shall write whenever a breakfast club, as Ms Jackie Christie ain't. You breakfast club like Jackie, driven, he's got a nice is on a shelf. Em look around a lot too. So I'm looking the much more commonly really do not like Jackie Christie, yeah, they really don't. They don't feel like a tear, show our daughter. I want them now. Involved and that there is no reliable data, may tell it every almost. You sound with another why black hair velvety mosaic using they keep saying our daughter when our daughters confirmed issues we don't Diana Daddy Mathieu, the old article, one I'm not getting distracted by this
now. I will ask the rumours that Charlemagne Mama aghast at the Reul report was glad about magazine anti, actually details here, six weeks that she dealt with depression. She said I shall never forget Saturday morning October, seventeenth, I got a call from someone at the studio and they said it's over you got beat by shaggy and exactly what do you mean it's always just Saturday morning and she was talking about when you put out her movie but love it. So I guess, movie, this is going to argue, though coolly chalky to Turkey. That was he may grow. Please said o clock in the morning and I said to her personal chef. I would like macaroni and cheese for breakfast and she said, and so
again, my long plunge into food and depression and suppressing all my feelings. She said that depression lasted around six weeks. I actually started to think. Maybe I really am depressed, because it's more than I feel bad about this, I felt like I was behind a veil. I felt like what many people had described over the years on my show, and I could never imagined it what's depression Why don't you just pick yourself up? Oprah is called a loss every now and then people take those. Ok, that's what happened. Wrestling happens. Mother, oh, I know one thing though I turn to my personal sheriff. I would not be depressed here. Presidents. Have could you let me have some comfort food ploughing mean that we never know where people are going to look ass. He did deal it is. Unfortunately, piracy was able to recognise a science because he's had so many people on his show that have discussed it. She said it taught me to never again, but all of your hopes, expectations, eggs and the basket of backed off as do the.
As an offering and then whatever happens. Happened was novels on our part to have this morning's user interview and Arthur alchemists components, a name for my little attempt to, but she was saying she's still feels like she has an arm. She worried by mad fulfilling heard her ultimate purpose. I should like she's gotten one of our purposes, dumping at her ultimate purpose. She said Marilla open enough people never realized evening. You may look, I can't say I wish you success. Both he's got hundreds of millions of dollars. Bed, like I say just because you have money, doesn't mean you're, necessarily happy absolutely in general, or take overs money unhappiness. Every little little Uzi very versus Kodak Black now remember: Kodak, blacks and this on his instagram live. I knew my lady only As you know, in the morning
leave me, I went round the fire one or screws. I want my purse oh god, I black Santa, like long equipment. Again, while little is Ebay and Instagram live Miss banded when one is fans asked him about the comments from Kodak Blackened hears, what What am I want? My classmates on Indonesia work, as you rightly said it for writing about got to me for what I did think about in the middle of the old version Avenues Brentwood, for have all to think about that right. Now, let's get into and secure. Of course, I've got actually held I'm doing this because I hadn't seen the episode I watched it last night. The so right drop. One include clues,
Legend large building on his legacy at this point, I believe, is in Heaven LCD. Now that was one of the main issues. You don't see, no guidance, I was and add to tell you eyes widened the scene and he meets two women in grocery store goes home. Don't tell the story now you and tell you ain't, even large, all props. Now even the grocery store at the Abbe he got out of a ticket. My guy he ate made illegal use. I sat by a cap didn't end up. Getting a ticket. Goes to the grocery store them to grow paid rather wise credit card fell out of his while I really don't have the money to pay for the grocery of all is that the two girls online behind him was egg when they re is forty. Six dollars is something that you go so he ends up going back to their house, causing. I guess Cuba. You go go on out of their homes numbers, so he went to strangers house and had sex with no kind of wood who to perform well now, the second when he tried it in a really work at home, at once,
Jim in your legacy, solidified in as an excellent. Actually, he was a little bit embarrassed because after the sex, they both got up and we're going to talk about what they were. Gonna go eat wearing two impressed earlier Mars has nothing to prove and they started seeing that other other black eyes they had sex with. They were better, but anyway you don't use economies so allow people webs like, where is they're gonna, be any condoms cause, you know, really see them put on economy or any of that are a milder you'd been used guns, because if you look into seeing it was Madame la dress, you back close and also when you go from present oppressing is supposed to switch the kind of. But I guess you couldn't get an erection former anyway. She said it is the re responded we tend to place. Carnival in the background of scenes are imply them, but we hear you guys and will do better. Season. So there you go, and I was thinking about look as I said, ass his own toward out, like I don't have you gone alone in securing the people They never use condoms on tv. The more we on only guess at I could think is a very
had exceeded, will were involvement. One kid had the condom is while it, and while it was a condom, was old and how party lay open it up. It was orbit runagate. One is an american pie. When the funding of the father was trying to show the son out a used car legacy of condoms in movies in tv show before Seinfeld a whole episode about what about porn noise. I well I'm Angela YE and that you're really require all right. Thank you. Time for Don T. Talk to you today does not discriminate. My now deciding today via the donkey of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. You today for to the August fifteenth goes the former raiders icon TIM Brown eyes to locally with him and technical ball by the way, rumble Jackson that, though the timber form a Green Bay packet
I'd injure Michael thinly and CNN commentator. Paris denied. Please help me. My tea cup, you noticed sunken place very crowded, is filled with he's delusional, negroes of whatever reason can't see the bigger picture when it comes to the injustices that marginalized and oppress groups raising his country. Some people think a man. You know you personally, that's why ruin by standing up for the people. Okay, if any of our ancestors who came forth thought like that that none of us would be here today, but anyway, very new, registered Zagreb place for us and for Jim I profoundly, who told him these ports that Michael been Marsh on Linkedin Carling Gap and need to be controversial to stay relevant. Let's hear it, I think it's more be marketing is not
they in their heart that I really want to do that, but I think it's a self is reason. I really do, I think God play football, do what you suppose do not worry about the world things is going on. There was a marketing tool mails on this platform. Where I can use my name. My face should get out there and then went complex. Come across. I want to jump on it arguments will largely be relevant, is not give you Hon. Ok, furthermore, Michael beneath his brother might tell us, you know therefore, naturally was just recognise BT awarded. Michael, been in donating all of it. Seventeen endorsement money to charities their support in a city programmes. Is he doing affable? That is where is he now ever relevance, Marcia unless always back at the voting time and money to the kids in Oakland. He had an organization called Pham First Family Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of children by mentoring them on the importance of education, literacy and self esteem. It may do enough about ten years now. Is he doing at the selfish reasons as well that just a marketing blood and garland Cabinet the guy had given over
the ninety gran of his own money to twenty four different organizations in the past year and even have a job. Ok, Joe Michael, I don't see anything selfish about any. Those things those young men doing. Ok, so you Michael, I need you to shut up for ever. Please now. Timber out also was targeted, seems he's botany at this say about marsh, on which the sitting for the National AIR, He is the perfect thing going on in Oakland. Why bring negative It is incredible, positive situations. I don't know I just I just don't get it. You know. I understand these guys, man, they try to make statements and they're trying to you know be a part of this world, but football is where people go to get away from all that stuff, because outside of the stadium, he can do whatever he wants to do. Tim Tim Brown,
in the sunken place. You don't have social media in the sunken place. You don't see what's going on in the world, you have no idea why Marshawn Lynch will be sitting for the national anthem. You think both because Marshawn has a positive thing going on in Oakland that he should just ignore. What's happening, the other black and brown people all across the country I understand you, God man and try to make statements in trying to be a part of this world. Why it brown dog in my views on another planet whenever, Did you aren't him? What had things happening in this world? Don't affect you, your family? All your friends are black and brown people to look like you, you let me know so I can move older now. Last but not least, parents do not CNN commentator he's one of those people who will never speak negatively about a celebrity in Chief Donald Trump Trump can do no wrong in his eyes. According to Paris, Dennard Donald Trump always denounces hate groups in America, always in
white supremacy. Even though yesterday was the first time any of us heard him do that lets. He was very sad to say the present this about back in March. He made a very bold statement two days ago and he clarified the statement and went further today, and I have no issue with what the president said, because I think what the president said was correct when it comes to his association with Steve, Bannon and other people like that, there is no evidence. There are no fats, no proof that Steve Bannon is whispering in his ear, telling him not to disavow, not to say these things, because what we know is the president has this about. The present has all these people out and said and hold them by name, which is something positive about it did not do after Charleston. What's there came ticking always is: does that also desert get out about take up? That's all you do. Is you need to know what the hell is he talking about,
president, I'm ok, you had the nerve to bring up what Moroccan didn't say after the charts and shootings. Ok, I am convinced they don't have tvs and sunken please, because if they did as will have reference to eulogy, President Obama gave an Charleston we reference to racial by. An American wider confederate flag should come down which, indeed, over two stages in Colombia, Sort brethren promising amazing grace summed up the mood of a nation door ness Beach perfectly. He build bridges that day something your president. Donald Trump could never do because he's too busy building walls now, ironically, corner was summed it all up perfectly when he was talking to prayers nano scene and because what these brothers don't understand is Michael billion. Marcia online Carling Cabinet are doing things that a big in him. Ok see they don't have to do any of these things they are doing. But when you care more about the betterment of your people and people period than you don't care about things like job security, you tend to take those risk. Ok, can we
How about? Can we here? Would brother Coiled told Paris that puts a button on the donkey perfectly please? This is life and death met this ain't, no game, we plan to say no puzzle for people to keep their jobs. Does human beings out here who are suffering and we got a NEO fascist movement escalating and we can focus on the truth that we just give up on the american pro. It can be honest and say we just want to keep our job. Please give three ladys members of sunken placed her microfinance timber on, and parents do not the biggest he hopped please. All right. Yes, thank you advocated donkey today. Now, when we come back it's time for shoot your shot. Now, there's somebody want to ad and you might want a little. How we might need to breakfast club, for which you are you shoot you shot, would do that when we come back, I don't go anywhere. Is to breakfast locomotive,
he's down this future sound is due to the breakfast lunch aids? Don't mess it up, method, method, up method we have now lie down on the morning of mine. In now gone? Do you want to shoot you shot with that guy sign a month after graduation and we will likely republic in the hall now. I really hope that our he seemed like while my dream guy, I gotta gazing now even like we I mean he's seemed like I know the conversation was of unusual like we're talking about. Like lies in the walls. He just you just like really intellectual,
How are you gonna blown away by? What are you used to talk about a guy's loving her Bob men, like you know, was the latest carbon meme on media connections and, as you know it s different. Sometimes you don't have those conversations till later on and honestly, I've been thinking about since then lie ass. It will ask you if you had an alibi number anything because in all my blood of my brother, then I don't want to like? You know, I'm not like a dream is Jimmy. I is thereby families how we get home while others went into my brothers are like you know what I've done. Let me just get this guy's number in June is that where revalued may no phone, you sell your brother added value you shall have your brother at least that YO. Can you had your friend and then I'm knows Eve is cool. What have you got a girlfriend amendment rather like that
you know what I mean like I've thought about, that you brought about the path of poorly his sister. Paul informed is fine as guy wired, or I think we agree with the call him and see what happens. Because this go left is all rights. When we come back, we'll call imo gibberish. I wasn't there again shown Sean I will call sure when we come back and you get to shoot you shot and I would be if we support. You find out. John really have the crush on your brother. I don't think I don't think he's gay are our GDP. I I believe that was the Esteve. What the hell are. You know what I saw Do you know what let me that it was a dvd q or maybe I'm a Senate DORA we'll call show. We come back as a breakfast locomotive that there was Jeremiah would planes morning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now we're in the middle of shoot. You shot
have now alone alone and knowledge is calling Sean Lucy out his words. God now give murmuring Gunnar, allow high shot courage, I found? This is now we mapped out member Jamal's. Graduation lively, augur well good. Another really unusual were either. I got a guy to number from him and I I just wanna hit you up and do you like it? sir you I'll, hang out of something some time I really hungry, they thought I thought you were really a nice guy.
Yeah yeah. Do you remember you yeah, that's funny dog is like I was there for ledge I'll, keep a real out there for like free food and free drags would have. You know said. I didn't know that I'm gonna have wake feelings that meet some would like. Someone like you know so deftly with Vietnam is termed guitar. Where founder of the motivated by free food and drink, thought wkrishwit those dolphin Listen favoured, featuring someone I too would have been able to free food and medicine is allowed. Yellow up girl was gone. I was shown into the breakfast club, the envy angels, Charlemagne God I'll user name and constitutes a shot, and now they wanted to suit and shall now oh yeah. I want a radio analogous one. Little extra support you not to say I am. I am on
be the envy Angela Charlemagne God I'll use nightmare constitutes a shot, and now they wanted to suit and shall now or ya Wanna Radio in Ireland is one of the little extra support. You don't think, I'm why I'm on your? Why I'm on a radio? What do you mean why you wanna radios, Edith? We gotta stay because you just ass, you wanted islands, you have allowed connection you not. I I try to be on the radio rare you gotta go yeah you got to you, married, now another war with double. Did I just thought I'd like they have begged me? I had all time always worked. I figured you gonna measures here Martha LA girl, like you may join you in a relationship. My dad we're relations you, I always did I not unless it's no, no, no! No one's been right now about there being aware. So right now I'll even know why I'm I'm in court we re downloaded? Ah, so he or she was drunk you loud
drugs. You I got you guys We'll go tell your wives tested in Gaza, where it almost the eye it all at Nile out O. What is this a Jonah? What's goin out over the Stockholm hollows animals do not consume. Ask you one question, or do you just tell me if you married, and am I gonna do anything if you please, I got anything I gotta do not. Rush on Gmos. Cry is used. We don't know, I know you don't have. Any reservation is our eye, so maybe your wife, I might as well as those that were used here right now. It's my last name intellectualism has names, you're, ok, John issued on forty seconds ago. She saw him now worried either way you want it damn it man. And when you move of emotion and ass gratitude soon, without our rhetoric about it, you hung a coward and then I would have liked a ring early. That now I M not me I was deterring. Hanno is as work at a glass
you, look at a rate on Y got tired of my goodness. I well that didn't work out well, when we come back to get the rule is don't move. Is the breathless welcome morning, everyone is use dj, envy Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, we have an exclusive jack and Chris S daughter, with Angela his clothes he has now. Normally we do women require, but we could not pass the sad Jackie Christie was on the breakfast club this morning and her daughter to currently wants to respond to some of the things that were set in the interview. So, of course, were giving her the platform so its inquiry. How are you feeling this morning by everybody? You are right:
so, basically, when she thing is that you guys still have a good relationship off the public eye, but you are suffering from a different things and I know in your book you did say that you have sugar with depression. Dogged by having a book on support from the person I love above all, will always gonna be rooted out, though out about those back there by Bob without taboos, Purple Calgary arise. I was founded battle above it she's out, but that common most she said she said you guys do speak. She said at the summit of stuff there she sees says online what she asked about. As she says you never say it is not true and she caught up basically kind of said that you kind of bipolar curry and I talk on the phone like any mother. Are we giggle? We laugh. We talk about her relationship, unlike high. What is going on? Why is all this money
won't you stop it MA. Am I own a wider doing added Amy and Amy? That's what she says. I have proof, so it's kind of like you know that the car and I'm dealing with my daughter is a whole different person in this internet garbage it s out. They got out of our other arable land or something I want. My book supervises all necessary, but this I find the word a boy. I got cover all at all over my story out of the way the wire there's nothing in that book, but I haven't come up about better, not be now. I feel at home
my life. We ve got this officer. Border Y, know your memories. Cod lied to her shadow. So what's the issue, basically with you in your man, do you feel like from when you a young? She treated you differently from here at this hour blinks she made, you feel unattractive. Remember my bothered about what it also towards work by water. You rob had fallen at all and I would not call this is like I don't know. If I can only tell you a story, you know you gotta get all interpreted above. That bar is what I have told you. I have found my children. I dont think that bond with the microphone about
They went on a girl who knows that aid via the lit up by Mr Meyer. She said you may now: did she die you and will do you know where you get eight million? If, if she passes away Gunnar, I was to pass guy he's eight million as a good. Maybe she wants me to TAT, has ever had to say so my mom that one level, thereby I would stop the letter.
Why your man, because again sends father is really the one? That's putting you up to all of this and that there's people around you are bad influences on you. How do you respond to that? Both were eleven years? I don't know what he would do well to start a blog, but I note that it requires a barrier, my path that would accordingly, that I wanted to put me. I've got my own story with the guy and I walked by Albert. I would point out that bill extorted a voice to the Juanita mom, a liar. I wouldn't go liars overdue, simply service, this- ought to be about a beverage around dollar liar by Anna beyond regional ones. Do so, but I do know that if you Madea's you get a million dollars is to read what I tell you is to really really watch yourself and wants to things that you say before you re deny that well, ok, now it'll be distracted from the fact
that you are in your mom is: will the million dollars is she got a million? You all acute aim among us down a man, but you religious Mazato D. I have a relationship and though she she gave you some money when you, when did you do to go for me, thought about friendly? I couldn't do that. I could barely boy I'm telling you I know who I grabbed up a baker. Fine, now put it happened again. I didn't do anything wrong with tat boy would very likely that this is not just between them. I've armed, go everywhere now awaits made about finally admitted that they are likely to back up to promote them about, would have had no time for her now your mom synergy.
A friend border, bunches, Negus stuff, but that money from go for me as an drags blossom- drugs guy that thereby fun, but it sneakily. We. They say that all the money you raised, you gave it to you alone, Live rank you all in love with him. She said you are democratized That is the matter of yellow boyfriend. He took all my about eleven hours is that nobody did everything could already eyes, but that growth and out there are some, because I have a biblical
I'm all over. You know how you haven't thought on. I have not the same plate Booker in over six years alone. He's gonna be readily knows no proper. My college Yacu Burma is the best approach. I pray tee report like, alas, for the kind of aerial file I resolved to take place before my son's actor and an Africa ability to supper. You cause every couple, but how you doin how disappeared. He would certainly like to change. You know and that's what you do like a hundred hours without further present prepared this part like an appropriate approach to grapple with delight tat and merchant
part, I believe, to be an hour. I haven't been a birthday. I haven't been on holiday light. I haven't around over all these years, and so do you want you man to have a relationship now with your children with you? Do you want this to happen there? I viewed whereby less likely to allow for what Europeans back a bit much. I would not have left him once. Maybe you're not gonna do more to lady who legally million dollars from individuals picked out better what they buy even allowed come about at all. You know, but I don't want you back. Ok now now your man is saying that perhaps in this becomes out, she may have to sue you and get those boats pulled off the shelf. She did say that what I said about better people out there to be worried about the light I wouldn't I've heard
what about the one that's going to about about it? Alright, we appreciate you for checking in with us, and I really do hope that you and your mom can somehow men things and come together, because your children I invite, and obviously that's your mom. You love her, but I appreciate that I hope Please remember that you are in our will to Alice. Don't you know anything about anything bad happening tee, a man now I love that another way to everybody that well. I will go well with current shower. Whenever I don't want a cup, nobody DOB careers it'll come out after the die than anybody about a compound Thank you and good luck. You guys. You advocate that when that was your rumour report right ye with the exclusive right. When we come back, we got the people's choice mixed. Let us note you wanna, hear at DJ envy a revolt we'll see you guys tomorrow. Don't move is a breakfast locomotive
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