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Wednesday 5/16 - Today on the show we had actor and now director Jussie Smollet in the building where he spoke about his characters influence on Empire, new music and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a woman that was accused of sending 65,000 text messages after a first date. Moreover, Angela gave some advice to to some listeners during "Ask Yee". 

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The class of twenty Twenty deserves a proper send off, which is why I hurt radio in Doritos. Brings you commencement of the podcast featuring speeches and dedication from icons we admire most here from John Legends cash and many many more check out commencement of the podcast dropping may fifteenth on the eye heart, radio app or wherever you get podcast with especial Doritos valedictorian episode, where Doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five grads, giving them each fifty thousand dollars intuition and sharing their speeches with the world
I heard a radio and tv mobile know that twenty twenties graduation will the unlike any other in history. So to celebrate all of the graduates we ve created a new podcast called commencement featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names in music, entertainment, philanthropy and warm here from John Legend Cash and many many more listen to our radios. New podcast commencement on may fifteenth and stay tuned for tee mobiles upcoming toss. Your cap challenge on Tik Tok to show our support for the grass only from t, mobile and even this morning is paying any benefits have been given the Roma rubbing the wrong way round. We buy new Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO loaded, easily Guidelines AMD Charlemagne, the guy who declared it yes. What day it is just one day up up up up up up up up up yesterday is Wednesday Hook Day middle at a week. Absolutely everything that about you guys were yesterday was a huge vendor, enlightening storm. All your reality had all kinds of plans, and I didn't go anywhere because it was raining so bad someday I killed and everything was. It was pretty nerves that was actually out with my daughter. You know she's going to the problems that we were pretty dress, shopping and bad thunder enlightening. Here I was a baby to the more we were in a more than the lights flashed animosity. We gotta go. I love those could come from softer line as we used to get those all the time will all of a sudden the whole sky goals blacker, and it feels like lieutenant clans. Try and beat. Is playing down the steps that the sky love debt a loaded?
our yesterday. Those ideas that we back all but tonight I'm taken I'm taking all the keys to the circus. And the universe saw her soul, circus and if you know I've been through universal service, they got this this little act that they do when the motorcycles and arrived motorcycles today. Allow me every year to to do a tree.
But to an end in a circus and will be doing at tonight and any kind now doing nitric business. I assure him tonight I'm do an infinite, giving against airlines that are you. We got money arrived motorcycles. Are we be I, but this is what I don't fall for my kids, that data be whereas in Europe are you doing you just gotta, see out videotape, it's a lovely universal service. Marijuana mama was impressed by the way the dream of pupils and raw, while the doodle flimsy jumped wheels rings. Vs boys a rottweiler. This pool our love is greatest pulled with monitoring the lovely universal circus Serbia there, no tonight with fair, I some now just see a small. It will be joining us. This morning, yeah empire comes on an errand empire comes on tonight. You see the five. Ninety five started already, the oh, so if you before now or for for so you will kick with Jesse and low, but enemy got front pages. Where we talk about front page news we are gonna, be talking about. America has faded city. What do you think is the number one must fit city in America: gotta be somewhere in California, definite California, some wrong all talk about it. When we come back people access to breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's d, J, envy Angela Ye- shall I mean the God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news story: NBA Libra might have a problem. Celtic beat the Cavaliers last day, one o seven. Ninety forty led the series to O N Braun had a triple double forty five points. I think ten rebuilt and assist in alas, said these are great team, who you are
Ain t a m okay, more than one player contributing to the success of the north and south
a new government to be a beast in future car. You earn still coming back next year, Gordon Heyward Anna got a lottery Boston, Robin Cook martyrdom and I felt extend the Phoenix serves, got the first pick in and if it be a draft now, let's talk the most fit city, I write. Well, they actually did this study to twenty eight in american Fitness Indexes eleventh year. They ve done that they rank the one hundred largest citizen, a nation that, based on population data that includes information about mental health, about nutrition, smoking, chronic diseases, an overall fitness. They also took into consideration the number of parks and the residents access to public transportation, and who do you think was number one. As far as the fittest city in America, assassin went to jail afforded, but you say knows who Arlington Virginia. I was in for junior really, yes was number one should fully and walls and all kinds of genuine where they are the lowest smoking rate. The highest reports are very good, are excellent health compared to the other communities in the index and they both have a balanced, both healthy behaviors and community infrastructure. So that's why they are number one already recommended a reality. Recommend Oprah, hey you so does healthy behaviour was about mental health, nutrition, smoking clinic diseases and overall fit in Latin American and carried on one or two people report. So,
silly, California, though the highest one from California San Jose, was number nine on the list, but was NEO was number, I think it was fifty two lace role. All the legal means to the end of them are fifty two jewish for New Yorker Rice, thought of New York, all away away and allay was number fifty, but the first three were out into Virginia their Minneapolis and in Washington DC rounded out. The tap three issues Hooker what does it all mean? You'd, never succeed, Facebook. They are saying that they took down twenty one million pieces of adult, notably in the first three months of this year, so they have six categories where they really enforce their efforts to remove things that violate their standards. That's graphic violence, adult nudity sexual activity, terrorist propaganda, AIDS beats famine, fake accounts, sort of people doing of revolvers, basalt borne very born workers of other.
There being removed every year on Facebook. Sometimes they send you these things like this woman wants to talk to you or call me in any actually spam. Your account with those. So a lot of what they did was then removing these spam ethic accounts that were promoting nudity and sexual content. That's about ninety six per cent of those things that were removed, but it only took down about
two point, five million pieces of hate speech during that period and only thirty eight percent of that was flagged by its algorithms. Are they set? Their technology still doesn't work that well and they need to check that by their review teams for hate speech, one instagram removed is young lady, who she shouldn T told the march she got her be removed. Would herbal I can I keep getting that through the mud. Nomads reads at every level you, like, oh dear God, has written a real message, saw my god like or one off. It is every time I actually want to get a cartoon of John of himself go. I had the opportunity of those our know how he does that, oh, how they do have. Oh, my goodness, I don't even know why that's the thing I got my router mood. Herbal supplement, grammar, remarked Zeb. We all my life, oh Grady, you needed is ok. All right. Well, that's front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up right now. Baby had a bad night horrible morning or maybe just feel blessed, and you just want to spread some positivity.
Five, a five one off? I won't get it off your chances to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club owning down you're gonna, get it over with you on the breakfast blessing, but allows. Then what about your radio bans on the radio there? You must be rooted, Troy. From that time, which has grown nod to the window, above all the day you know get it yet. I am, I know several allows this. Allow day was subterfuges. Yeah, I'm going that more n guy woke me up. Baby due any day this week, my my wife's home waiting for me, we don't have a two hour, commute to work every day, but you know, God makes it worse, and I just want to say I listen. Every morning and I d do it everybody
very well. I appreciate that Brown be careful. Autumn rose well, allows there's a key. She gets of each moment. I didn t know whether further year then give bring my car home and I put any gas in it. I understand that cleaning and love, and not, as does it really matter, let my think at all it's on my nerves and maintain it everyone from Uganda. It might have been an asthmatic forgot, maybe no money. Now every day all day now, I'm gonna, be there Laszlo me my whereby the union argument in about thirty million, could she got to the kids school? I forgot the book gas, anything I'm no authority and she got me in the last minute, all we going into argument away a ring. I leave you gotta, be denying again in Jersey. Could you gotta get the car Pompey organic? If we get some time there was a rainy day and at what you gonna do baby she hung up. You hung up, No sooner did look again
he gets below this. Oh, my god. It's running his breathing family alone. So who are you alright The summit will diminish. Programming about em this isn't a lever greater level? Already you Anna pointing an affectionate college, showcase uniformity of great D Artagnan, too bad and they make me feel towards our rise, a glitter of each Asma. I infer irritated because either Furthermore, we have. Finally, let us not to do another member true our than have still not hired. Would you already knew tat? It was nothing we should not tire Blumenthal here. Our anxiety, I'll, probably Inviting you to show me. Never does Europe? Must there be able make me think about should go to therapy through, because I think I have a wife Diana reasonable. I think that, because you know I'll be worried about my friend they're gonna say I wanna be crazy right now,
guess what you gonna go even crazier than you all. Really you friend will really awesome talk about medical nip it in the bud. Now you deftly should go Mamma. You know you are right. I can't, alongside that I didn't they. Have you a comedy something I'm gonna sneaky suspicion that your friend really, I think, you're too crazy for aunt dad thinks so too low a lotta caffeine seal have even Jenkins democratic. Cathy in it are you. I work: I were dying copies and now we got nothing going posted abroad, which I assume that you don't like it. You can do everything down the killing their house vacuum pay only thing. Ok, look like a fool. I've got. I would like you don't later, you don't want a ride every day, baby O Brien arrive deftly too crazy for it all right, get it off
Yes, I don't you find a viable viable and you need to call us narrows the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast got: wake up ass manner. Black we want to hear from you allows is due both to the term. Morgan was wake him up no said shut up her breakfast club number one cannot see. You may be happy. You woke up this morning to man, God Angelo leave Ray. I beg you any longer to neighbouring under these name out of your name right, hello, theirs.
One of the Koran, though there was a regular it s gone. I am eager morning Celimene anger, more energy was Andy. Let me start by Monterrey. You got them ejaculate gonna, give you guys like everywhere, but what my first create my way this week. You know me I'm happy about that. Some culturally clues person listening very wise, excitable buying a cramp, a crab crimson, a baby's crap out, I know, have very sightings it. I mean to have a baby underway nano and about my one thought: you'd already. Ok, cinema craved for your congratulations on a Cuban every day, not one question about talking a few months ago you talking about you, watch your camera that bad, you might return to figure out. What a word that Europe and I wonder what new, probably a spirit of some sort of a beginning, visiting my spirits for years and the mob allows this evening. There was some trap, highbrow bartholemy. Without this we got Jesse smaller next Thou. I just think that you'd be excited about the summary
You know I just a matter of our continent in my reply that only covered up, thereby alike bohemian makes me think it makes me think you could, I think, about this autumn empire so wide this rule, which was to have what you call this morning. I'll call about about my library, man, we're what wetlands, Philadelphia, Maloney re, gonna playground. Wacky would already gaze at all wondering lower order where other about travel through in Berlin, of good name, it big negro boy that killed by making one girls you a seventeen year, though right as a problem or something and was not right up requirement is not moving. Late at night lay thick teenagers their component, which they always DEC on the corner path.
Look like a night, not unaware that can't be Doin, but the little boys sat twenty seven times where a tree and Elinor was about the again. We have already been a jungle. I hereby is getting worse, and if these little boy, man and I became a little cousin when everything but look- where they won't? Let anybody above it and even though there are no end up in jail, and they all want to be like the man who gave you do need to put the gun down in mind. I will be here soon: I'm Tellin ya, you damn right regretted tat. You saw no don't go out and this I say recipes this Andrea williamsons on these seventeen years old, grandmother There may be, as though, basically are everywhere put the gun down. Man and I don't believe in that no such positive, you know you're. The little girl may tell me: is it twenty three shots in seven seconds? Why
No, the really give a reason drive on nobody. I must again be even better if I really like maybe five lots more widely debated by people neighbourhood as beef in reasonable. It came from. Like my only been let me be, they literally be like away from Egypt and even over nothing, even over probably date on all anyway? Just then a petty dispute, while they said, isn't twenty thousand dollar reward for their arrest or conviction of any body, so twenty thousand dollar or award reward? If you wanna information, two and five
five or six tips again is to one five, five, four six tipp to remain anonymous and you give Egypt's remain unanswered, but you got the money, but I've gotta, wanna, trail. Dont. Tell me and I'll tell you too pointed out now is able majority and even about the money I'll see you can have it on your consciousness. Martha you out of here you can, though, didn't have done on your conscience, would be cool. It has obviously been somebody no by our avatar their taste. I drive our. I get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, five one or five one of you need event. You can hit us up at any time. They even got rooms on away find out why MBA will form an mba player is Saint Remy. My money
we'll get into that. When we come back we'll find out, is the breakfast locomotive breakfast and supporting everybody is DJ envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club was kids aromas. Istanbul caused me about annually on the breakfast suggest, updating you on the outcome of bail, caused these conviction. He was, negative sexual assault and he will be sentence on September twenty. Fourth, I am already September twenty for us. If that's what you do is worth three months, quick enough usually does it doesn't seem closely here, has me to get as sentencing delayed until the end of the year, but they decided September twenty. Fourth, now his convictions on three counts of aggravated indecent thoughts. They said
likely be combined into one charge and that standard sentence will be five to ten years in prison, and I will see an outline of the noble DAB afforded honestly delays. Gonna be eighty one January, one in July, rippling Bilbil s room. We prefer to check way before symptom who carry appeal after us. We can appeal in beyond House arrest Again- and you take a guess another year after year jerry- can write well moved about four years too long? In the meantime, it has only Jp S, monitoring bracelets and he needs permission to leave the House Mark Lena Gordo, and even when you just leave the house he's only allowed to get over her lawyers or his doctor, so they Does your of data on bail cosmic are made and was Khalifa have announced its work together. They doing a co had lining sore the days embolism summer. Twenty eighteen for that,
I still adds when he first in Detroit and it's gonna wrap up August thirty at in feed. That sounds like a photo year, dazed and blazed. Yes, it was fifteen throwing these will not be easy to her They'll go resident. Lithuania's employees Medicare smoke at some points.
I rise. Secrecy was an uncomfortable moments. Now he was hosting american Idol and he was having a conversation with Katy Perry and it looks like they did not realise that the show was back live and here is what their conversation with sounding like as reins. He could talk to Katy, Perry and friend of the other judges liner, Richie Loop, brain amongst pretty well help me out for those involved. Are words were told one quite like to talk about how we were back. Yes, we'll see what this is. What am I missing? The Argo Miguel was a U Manfredi and should act as a force for good in the world. Is there any says you're, not a mom, and she said not yet, and he said: do you wanna talk about it so there?
the conversation source certain areas. I mean it the problem as it look like they didn't know. They were back on the air, they were having a conversation and they ve thing. It was very uncomfortable, an ogre, but it doesn't illegal, inaudible sailing joking right back alone, for example, an awful who, I think that was a aka was that they didn't know they were back on air and they haven't come my kind of mumbling rider whereby those you have over. I don't they are now used here. I see drift off alone, as it I'd think.
There are good ideas have like a blank slate color reality. I'm serious, as I think it is he's always seen around women. I want those whom we will decide to think the jailer used to seeing Rhine talk like I thought I would rather not use any type of error as far as not knowing the cameras are bad rolling and you haven't is mumbling conversation. That really is realising your back live. He so profession, auditor doesn't say. Ryan is always like so robotic and always in whole. Small jolly see him saying right being done the right thing or stage he does a real moment rise secrets when I used to hear and also mean that could also be kind of a set up to make. It seem like Israel, because you don T be a million times alum, and you know when you go back, laugh yes, specifying that in that place also Mikhail airspace ashen already we all right put on American Idol, though you're not going to like joke around and pretend you don't know your back live, and you really are. We've heard presidents get caught out like they're, like that, we've heard Jesse Jackson, you want to cut Barack Obama's balls off need to know to Michaels on it happens, happens
now give it a rain. Is he saying that he wants his money? That's because he got a judgement against Laura Govan and still hasn't gotten paid, one hundred and ten thousand dollars for his emotional distress. It's been almost two years when a judge ruled that she had to pay him, and now he is saying give me my cash so he's trying to get that and that's because saying that she spread a false rumour that he gave her an std that your money Gilbert drove arenas as a petty negro right, dear boy, thing it that's. Why you can't you pretty people how much money array, ah monsieur and yet in ten thousand dollars pay up because will get married. What will you do me given me money back by the way at all you technically billing, giving me my money back? Are you don't they? She makes our money. Damn shows you diagrams, which makes a lot more from Gilbert arenas. Unless you get him of a child's boy. I don't think so. I guess that makes them him. Nedda. Allow you to go back to coordinate
thanks. You get a lot of money from himself a hundred and ten thousand dollars is still had a muddle of. I know I know Gilbert is impressive, they're kind of money in her already is so you they're back I write were the money should be for the kids, though they do have a lot of kids again. None of you lot on me. You gotta go see the money for me right, back to enable ever going to hang on bringing the right. I guess you less than ten thousand dollars a month, a modem empty, again fallen. Seven thousand permanent have reconsider I think they have with four kids Jimmy me man, I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report- does a narrower kids together, seven thousand for goods Gilbert Arenas, while all right all right. Well, that's your room report. When we come back from empire, Jesse Smell, it will be joining us will kick, it would have will become back, don't move. Mallet is
was that tomorrow morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, God we are the breakfast club. We got us pursue guess in the building, our guy ACT or just a small it. This I tore outdoor activists Sayer I beg you an easy sneaky donate because he donated to our change, which You didn't even tell us, it didn't want a low out is required. It requires a very resilient. We just like that. Julia and gives a judge these molecules among many other now you came in order not to Roger, is that I didn't know you move it out like a crowd like ten per hour cattle nice to meet you. Would you two stars and tv shows up some like some like that, or they are nevertheless go and ask for you that, because
Had this tour? Now we were an album out. You just got. I just got back from Germany or France. Every single date has been sold out. We started Oakland, they seventeen back home to the Bay area, and then I New York and every Where are you already thinking about life? Have the empire? Oh yeah. I was thinking about life after an hour before empire. A big. Also there was we got officially picked overseas and five. It kind of hit me that I'm doing the right things and to conduct lay the lay the foundation for Life impact, was it can't be, as we know, nothing can. Last for ever, especially something like a tv show. What did you expect when you got the pot while the expected go their load eating with one season or what we expected.
Honestly didn't know. I've been doing this since I was four years old. My brother got his sad heart, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. So I mean I've been doing it for a minute, and sometimes you do things that are really successful. That you didn't know is going to be successful, and sometimes you do things that you like yelled at w dope and then just silence, and no one cares about so you know as an artist. I don't feel like you really want to make the assumption that something's going to be successful. I knew that would be critically play but I didn't really honest to God. I went into it just being like I'm going to get to work with these amazing people, Terrence and Taraji and Lee Daniels, and for that you know it's going to be all good. Something for mockery. I just didn't work out there with these five, as I'm sure everybody got ego in some ways you can everybody's grown by like in a way. It is crazy Caesar five, you don't need a fighting for the show. A lot. You know we fight. We fight for a story lies that we don't we find
story, lies at. We don't believe we fight for story lies at. We do believe in Lee, says, he's officially woke up and he's coming home to like ring it. Bring it to what it needs to be. So am I supposed to God just got off the phone with him when I was in here, so you know, will see survives spirit though I had been. I alone am I gonna be directing warranty. I obviously got the word. I'm definitely be directed no answer you mean bad. I went on money. What you said you wanted to be a report rightly said, would be to black barbers greater the male. Also of just mean I just knew about it s funny I was just saying yesterday I was like a member state. I know more, because it's not about being like black version of anybody. I just respect her as far as all that she's done anything well, I want to direct the music and acting in writing and in things like
and still hold an item of with an active she's been able to do then do well so yeah sure as Hell. Let's take a look. About the music because at a wondering when is gonna put out a full album and I'm sure there had to be some restraints on you being on a show like empire, because I noticed all kinds of deals. You have music that you do for the show you guys had albums, empire, but did that restrict you from doing? oh musical hell you're. Here it is I'm failure, and this is the like I was making music before empire and releasing it. As late as we were with, it would trouble plastic, but whatever is without which it was out there. It was mine, you know them says I know how to do that with no budget at all. Now, thanks to my job, empire. I got a little bit of a budget that I can do, but it's still you know so it's okay to be indian. It works for me cuz. I feel like that's the type of artist that I have I am impatient and I dont do well with red tape about your size. It I was
and a common global Elaine. I asked I asked box to take my contract back No hard feelings is this. It was both it wasn't. It wasn't. For me I know it was magazine. I want to do because, at the end of the day, Fox on the contract that so they were able to take it back, and I just cut a thing: straight with them. Are all my masters, a hundred per cent? and from me was just the thing of being in a room, and I said so many times at this point is the thing about being in a room with light old straight white men and telling you what piece of your art that you created you'd be heard by the people. It was created for right like to meet. It doesn't make any sense and it never did never will you know there are no very goodies anymore. There are, no, I mean puff is still financing at a moment, as you know in himself, but it's not it's a bunch of sir sitting in a room and in the people
in Ireland my Inner do Sean Holly he's doping is dope, is oh, but still the people that will make the final decisions it wasn't it wasn't. You could make the decision or what singly one of the put out now I could make the decision over whether I was going to put out a single. So it was it just a thing of. I felt like with every single, with every success of empire, as well as with every failure. Empire. Somehow my album took a hit and my self as an artist took a hit. Images were it wasn't. What music is supposed to beat me and I'm satellite wreck accompanies school? It works for people good for them, but for me it was just I'd rather take any longer, but it me longer than it take now that I'm listening to a much point still and I get they should allow you to release it during the show, because it can do nothing but big. They shall be the more they put on the outside and they put out their own stuff so is lacking, is like who's. Gonna. Do a Jesse Jamal Right
I'm always be. There have already been regulator. Would you rather be setting the losers cookie? Oh that's a good question, our problem. We would be. We would rather beside a cookie bushy because she's creative he's? Also, she feels like it feels like she's. Not like my way is the only way I feel like. I probably one of the signs of cooking. She Sweden, she smiled better, Michelle Obama Pipeline ILO Damp session na That was all in broad outline improv. Why she's cool is how issues just like she well with? It is called his call. She like Anti, Nancy. I say when white, when the way has used to be welcomed, but it was everything, is everything. She's is doubtless young, Kashshi jams issues. This is cool You know you met her before she calls her having grown up. And ass he anyway and lay by their people that you are amazed like. I can't believe it. I'm Whitney Campbell Workin, the runway for her. You know night as ever,
sometimes hit you like damn. This is crazy, you're still his me. I hope that I know Stops hit me because its exciting to me, you know, I'm sorry like this is my life, but you also, take it seriously growing. All my idols. I somehow have some sort connect. I mean minus my idols that are no longer with us, but just like you know, get any meat bust, rhymes or or you know, hanging will come. Being able to call a brandy or Monica on folic acid doping. Oh grandfather, but no, I just met him at Puffs Party and he was just cause how Ya'Ll may yoyo uneasy. This call is coup such as minorities. People see in number one did the normal people and also to me kind of check in life like Sweden, Alisha, for instance, It is normal. People to me is cool to see that you have to be in order to be successful at longevity. Somehow we had this idea that you know to be strong to be powerful to be whatever you have to be a jerk
and to see people that actually know pretty good people. It makes you feel better, that's kind of what I take it. I believe that a meet the new on the new order that the judge, the guy later they ve, been in the game a long time, a yak who usually to people that have long jeopardy. You look at someone like force. Whittaker came one shore outwitted, who have known since I was fifteen years old. They'll have to pull out the chest and prove anything because the proof is in our. Angelo Bass? It you look at her like I just saw last night. She just every time I see her she's antsy like she's, just so full of love and its those people that actually will have the careers for ever and the crew
is forever with respect that we get more with Jesse Smollett. When we come back, don't move is the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast voting? Everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club from empire. We have Jesse Smollett in the buildings. Are you go back and forth from from Jamal Jesse when you performed? Do you are you is this you didn't know I own? I mean when performing here's. The thing is people do soundtracks higher is a soundtrack. You know what I'm saying compare myself to Whitney Houston, but, like she did the bodyguard she did wins exhale. She did the preachers why? if she sings those songs in concert. Those are still Whitney. Houston, songs. Crews are the today. If I'm something good enough, no other man or woman has some good enough. No one else has released s longest Muslim. So it's me. Jamal when I'm in the show, but when I'm saying it it's just a small, it's all a load of every taken appears somewhat while cynical Jamal DE reply Hell
first of all, I'm not replying if you say just for you if you coming in the bathroom- and that is Before not answering like you're, not speak to me, you can speak to me, but don't like dont really speak to me in the bathroom. It's two places that I'm just like you like, I'm good. I love everybody. I never say no to a picture. Unless I'm with my niece and my nephew cuz, then it's like, I don't want them to be with one uncle and like all my time when I'm with uncle jockey, but this is the norm for Uncle Jesse like I have to set some sort of you know, and People always understand that, and if they don't this, my niece and my nephew, I can't help that I love you, but I can't help that like no one is more important in them by Yale. I don't talk to me in the bathroom. If we add the urinal dig it out not to me when I'm on the treadmill I gotta know once I'm release on a tray miller. Homeboy walked past me he's like this with his phone
I don't just like it. So I called him about, like you know who I am hates like. As then you know down cool if you could just walked up like just asked, which want to join I welcome it talk which, on the contrary, the go ahead for though I know that you like this because I won't be here- I want to be eaten adona name here. You are looking to get away from you and waffles right and you won't be here. How do you view responded Jamal? If someone I'm something ban comes up and they, like. I love you Jamal. That's not it a bit Jesse nice to meet you, but I'm not one of these people. That's like mandated gently now, no doubt lady, who is it They know me, as in its about by yesterday, saw mark pop. Ostler and I like yells out moors, is here
We now have an airline that is its and also these people, it's late. Love like tonight. Is respecting you, you know what I'm saying like. If I see MRS teed ethnicity, that's all The sun is leaving no real name, it would lessen, but why do you know? That's real name. You know you know in my PD bluest us our noble years when I see him alive, you know more than I do as though you know it is with these still consider yourself, an activist Theo CORE, absolutely everything I do. So by your wifi response year? Every not everything that I do. You know it's not although this is not just for me and the size, album you're, even donating some of the programme, The two of them are going to like AIDS is the two occasions leads. I think he is and some stocks are even going to HIV? Is this about
I've been so blest, I've been so blest, and I just think that you know it doesn't stop here and the work doesn't stop. If I'm only able to take care of myself and I'm only able to take care of like my blood relatives, then what happens after like was my legacy. Something else how and are only I I don't need to get on Instagram, which Twitter and announce every time that I asked. Why, like I will do a silently because it's not it's not something has done for show is someone has done because it comes from my heart and I really genuinely mean that, like I can't you sit by and Watch board happen and, do something, especially with the platform. I've been given a very specific platform to read was it a lot of different groups of people that I president in real life. So for that I'm not trying to take for granted or take that lightly and just be like woe
got a nice car. I got my Mama house who gives about you, but that's not the way to what my mother, my mother, like we grew up. We Angela Davis, You don't say my mother, that was one of her friends and mentor. You nonsense growing early machine in the Bay area. She will she marched with Bobby Seale she march with huge Newton sheet. Ask who she is when she was who she is an I led with my blackness, you know don't van and for that I can't sit by and watch was happening that hasn't just suddenly have started. Happening has been happening and just act like everything is fine cause. I'm gonna fuck show How do you get into acting like what was the first thing that got you and you got a lot of brothers and sisters? What made you say alright? This is what I want to do and a talented family, You, when I was little dazed, asked me what I wanted to be an asset Kermit. The Fraga Michael Jackson ok, Michael Michael Hermit, because my identity will subsequently hermit was this. He had with PIG Kermit like Pacific Manhattan, Kermit Light
He was the leader of his pack. He was nice, everybody likes him. He sang it ass. He had a heart, you know he was sensitive, Isn T, he sits, t you know, or now he does You know, so it was just I just I love entertainers and I love entertainment, You know- and I feel like I found out very early on economic people happy. I think it also came attention that I would get as a kid when I would perform, but I also, but I think that you kind of figure out what your gifts are when you're very young, you kind of know what you give and has never been a time there ever wanted to do. Anything else has never been a time not worth every job. You could imagine real jobs lie. Would then a waiter I've been a clown, it showed his party's literally literally, and I use the right songs for these low case. They would think that was originally artists which anyone names.
Having it in mid way, but I was I worked in retail idead. I worked at a non profit name artist, one South Africa, where raise money for children infected and affected by HIV, AIDS in South Africa and in the states I've just been working. There is an. I have not been unemployed since I was four years old. Those lay holding was based. A b struggling artists, but I never wanted to be a broke ass artist that now that couldn't take care of himself. Every day all broke. I thought you guys don't get me wrong. I was broke. Is like that moment where you got it, you ask ten dollars in your account, you gotta find three to deposit, as you could take a twenty out I was there absolutely ike like this time. Five years ago I was there and but I still supporting myself, I never asked I've, never ask anybody for money. I borrowed. I think I borrow sixty dollars my older brother, one time in my life and I just
There's nothing wrong with borrowing, there's nothing wrong with having people be there for you, because I have an incredible support system, but it's about making sure that you holding down your life and that's what I've always been taught. To do. Give me that Kermit, the frog impersonation! I know you got want you to come on. I know you got one. I know you got one. Guys. This is no one here more by Angela Davis Conventional. Could somebody asked me yesterday you like her. Somebody. You really want to interview, and I said Angela Davis unduly Blue, so you actually to kill you, What does that mean? Still to this day says she's she's, amazing, she's she's got such a heart and she she's the epitome of people trying to take her down simply for speaking it is true in autumn satellite. What Reagan due to her in the eight when he was governor of California in seven years, is just like we see all of that and issues is a cycle of feed itself and seeing it come back around she still arouse still talk is still speak.
Still teaching. We wonder why our presidencies in bigger unanimous out, those like the media's days away from her own purpose. But I think, though, that the media probably has all stay away, half voice, but we haven't stayed away from. We know who she was we haven't you know. Sometimes this is my take on it sometimes We don't need all of our voices in the media. We need to be able to hear them grounds, and sometimes we need to hear them speaking the truth so that people can get to their words in one sense, so that we know we know how to tap into their word Maybe they don't need it. They don't need that they don't need our treasure all the time. More, would justly smollett when we come back, don't move is to breakfast club morning. Putting every body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club we have from Empire Jesse Smollett into building, show Jennifer moves and I would like you'd think dead, sometimes a lovely Sometimes we believe you would tell plans too much in public. Yes, that's what we got
maybe it's a difficult thing is a difficult thing, because you want to reach the masses, and one of them is a rather gas larrea. You want a ride. You know our black and brown sister, the limb brothers, like you, want us all to be able to speak, but at the same time it is difficult because somehow, what you say, can be manipulated through the media. Many times in Canada down in you know. I've said so many things in in interviews and in our read the article on light. So out of everything in us Yeah chose to make that the headlines chose to ya, chose to cut out that A lot of the media would like to continue to talk about the fact that I'm gay versus talking about the fact that I'm black, you know what I'm saying, because it's easier it said for them certain, especially for white media. It's nicer to talk about that The first is talking about the fact that I'm gonna leave em blackness young talk about that.
But that you just want to talk about what is safe because you ve seen it or Empire I like it either you lead, would yo YO, YO blackness dogs, always wonder about that language, which struggle is more important Oh that's a good question. I dont know how to add or even ass. It is not at all, because neither one is more important, but at the same time, I guess maybe it's because you can have The fact that you exact well, maybe that's what did you say? You know new wagons, you cunning, and so I cannot say I never been been pulled over by a cop. I dont think because I'm Now that would be a deed autumn. Sand gets winded direct every drop of what what did even look like an onawandah minimize, what it is to be like the struggle that that the eligibility you community goes through because I'm a part of that struggle and I'm coming out of that community, and probably you know what I'm saying, but it is
thing of somehow on paper, and I say this- I say this- I spoke at the glad awards and people were looking at me like police cause. I say aid after marriage equality? After you know it got pass it. You know everybody could get married, damn now on paper, white, gay men or officially free on paper. When we were given a freely with it on pay, they are free as soon as they got the o k to get married on paper Basically, everything that they will want. It came true, but as a A gay man you still so Now, here, like the latter, still be shot, no black, like we still being killed still having you know what was still having this happened, so whether I M gay or not I'm still a black. Man in that's happening. You know that civil liberty of which is the marriage. Equality when which I saw more and which is so important like less make that clear as so important and I'm not,
I'm not minimizing the importance of that struggle cause again, I'm a part in that struggle but I'm a part of so many struggles in autumn sand is not just one, Would you take the biggest impact your Cagney Jamal, his head under the whole America, in at a father perception of the eligibility I would like to believe that a just gave a different voice. You of sand it somewhat showed, because we're on television is not a movie. It's not a reality. Show it's nothin like that were able to have more time were able to go deeper into a characters. What occurred goes through. Your able to you know, maybe learn and appreciate the actor who place him in Autumn Santa what I've gone through. And somehow its, I hate to say the word normalize, but somehow is normalized its hope. It helped normalize who we are ass, not some light. Less look at a monkey and zoo type of thing. Let's look at the gaze lived there.
Why are you so lightly and five, these later, we still always remembered at first season. You know when Lucius through Jamal in the garbage and all that that still is something that you know led the annual talks about his own personal experiences. Just to help you was that, how can you do that to a child? I think that the best way to get someone is usually through their heart in arms. And that's the good thing we can say what we want. But we now have a season two of empire sucked. We know that he's lightweight. I wasn't seasons got it right right? at the same time had to say, therefore, that when the girl, our Kyoto, the anyway girl, don't you know those these, and that was the beginning of these three sees a three weeks back. Ok Indices it's who got really good. The first come up those season. Two we gotta started sleeping is nice limit, but we have always end.
The money needed annual than you automatically have how ya, like think that good thing about empires empires able to hold a mirror like we're, not preach in or anything like that, it's not after school special were holding a mere up to people and we're saying YO, just look. Yourself, look at yourself. Of our Eu Lucius? Are you cookie? Are you? Jamal you Andre. Are you happy who are you in this and in addressing mental after many late. We then addressed mental illness. We addressed homosexuality weave address sexual. Eddie weeks we ve addressed, you know incarceration mass incarceration. What incarceration does to a family. We would All of these things, and I, that in many ways, because empire became such a huge phenomenon that somehow it water, down the message and somehow people forget all of the incredible message. Is that are in the show rang because it so That's what you know you always want to turn something that is extremely success. We gonna be like me. I doubt that
knows and but it's you know, look deeper. No, no one ask: how did your family deal with with when he found out that you again I get a lot of emails on the time where it says you're. My son wants to play with let's hope at the door downplay. Would you George you know, psychology, agile Dardania, in which no enemy Bobby all meet O. My son wants to we addressed because he sees his mom way and almost wish she was that some put it down is easy to see the young dog wherein, but I think that we as a society, though, put too much on sex, I mean. Your son might be plan with a doll, because he's gonna grow can be one of the most incredible designers on a face of the planet. I doesn't make him gay. Let him figure out his we have elaborated in gender roles are supposed to be. Is that may as it is and is this? Is this toxic masculinity? That's why love the movie moonlight? It wasn't about sexuality
about masculinity and all of the rules that are put on boys and the second that their born in say, like men, don't grow up wanting to be homophobic. We taught somehow that homophobia is the way to prove. That you're not that went through in actuality. A true person truly secure as a man and truly secure in his sexuality. Whatever that may be is too busy work. By his own and worrying about who he's Levin own to be worried about who I The problem is we: did they never seen enough game in women's somebody ass? When you see a gay man whip, somebody I mean to let down boy ran democracy gangs who is again on the Mega K, Williams character anyway, Joe, but less not sleep on the wire. Yet the wire is what
it would be no more line if it was not for Michael K Williams. And the wire they made it easier for us to get on network television. They won't come They made it easier to soften the blow for us to be able to put some one. I live online dynamic elements of it. Just happened, Zubaydah when and where any it as we know it wasn't from that even needs it needed to be overly discuss. Nay, it was what it was around I saw the superior man to read it for good. Guys you read about it. This tax talks about tapping into Europe a female divinity, I have no more female divinity than you do, you know. I'm sorry, I didn't know exactly norm Santo is about is just about. These roles we we ve, come up with quality bull rose. They don't really exist. Literally there man made rose at do not exist as well. Always wanting to me when people ask me like bomb like a relationship, there might be an they like
Who's. The man whose the one I'm like this is stupid is in question. I've ever heard after the tide of Bob Enough, because our guy at the top and about your related matters that have been made about over this through anything I could do worse, but we are clear: a joint strategy. We say congratulate dumbly will not last night yesterday in the ring is beautifully. She's glowing, it's just so nice to to see somebody s able to hold her heart in the right way. We already I appreciate you preside over and you by Anita Peggy, Downright Jesse, sport
Thank you, commissioner. As some of my music sore the breakfast club filling the day, this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club at MIT. Now has a full interview with J called us about two draft, but in the meantime she has given us an Caesar's array. One thing: the day cards: how about was kind, yea, West, NATO's, about the conversation, daddy, the Congo and he has, but he said he had sought yet. Did you not know that picture was going off course not yet not aware that you make the goal I he may become now he call me, but I would never posted there or, like tell him
They know me. I am Dumay me fella certainty where told him that he apologized rags not like I'm the sand is may, but then I told my fellow you fell ages used. My name enact very quick conversation for social media in four like to keep your thing going whatever you will join me in a life in order to follow it, wasn't sincere because it at all I told you before their economies, as he feels like J Call is always dissonant, provided that they were having a conversation. We got love any posted that near we actually had a conversation about J call, not interviewed. I was when he told ecological along this. Nobody took airport up, yet it really Nor can I re aunt. Em here is a J called talking about more conversations with Cairo was here's what he said on all. I told him all people a few hesitant to make it a blog going like for the public yeah so
tread lightly if possible, but only reside would even feel cod will taken in any decision because, like you got any more as you put it out there, like you put me in this year and we call me he said your ears, I may need you to hold me accountable. Keep me, like say whatever you gotta say. I need that feed off their. I are you sure you know me good light I see this as a way out of this uncomfortable time one of the people you may nineteen, eighty five and other egg dogma wily unkind. Haven't you means at such a media he doesn't want to go and social media and do things our attention is how I took it it was in their dream, make an erection internal mother money, indignities music is our. He has a dozen do a lot of entities and a lot of people will talk about their personal business in their music bananas thoroughly sweet about it gods, they daisy does the same thing. He would tell us a lot of his staff in his music, but you are not necessarily gonna, take it to social media and talk about private conversations, how he feels about people, his relationship, and I feel I jake-
this kind of the same way gotcha expresses himself in that way now and anything that he talked about was Kennedy. If you guys remember, cried. He became on the breakfast club and she talked about the pressure of releasing her debut album. Of course, before it came up, how does one ragged and then, some of you decide here again you got to have you got to keep coming with him know I mean there's something a lot of people keep sending me like, damn why she only put, and she only got that one song out and it's just like yeah. I know I just put the song I like three months ago. Can I just break the record like I got something, but is that guy? Can I just put it out when this record just came out? I got some for you, I'm going to drop something October, but just damned does it they don't hold back to aid is let it go, let a flag lens acre. Had this to say about cardy, be when
for us, go back on twenty one of the first things you did like big up cardy she received a rival. My point was all she did not see me right. I sought to repose the items or a person to you, but you know I just like people give us so much advise it is like I don't know of ours is another. You know our nor, like death was also a Yo Yo ownership tissue also lie. Who are you to be give me advice but eyes? I saw interview and I just sing like em: they put more pressure, is Gerda, like China beat herself my share like a normal muslim countries, the biggest solemn lash in as like people. I was next. What about the ominous like? I noticed liked being o shoes. I wonder, did you say something like you already one now we won't put no pressure on. Oh, you just tell him to put their money down. The whole point will have any prejudice drop down with you say we will put pressure on the government. Has Russia, let s see thousands of an inland, and now he said the interview,
while in land where she talked about a cosy tweeted, that we were also to be seeing a breakfast club in if you loved it, don't put all their pressure on your album, you already wonders drop him happy if enjoy calls. It gives us a GMO crops this means as eyes? Now that you think that was caught by the people of every person? Could I felt the same way that you're cartridges dropped like no worry about top Cambodia Yellow, does put the Mobutu Musica Nancy S, who asked him about breaking? Are these records for streaming and specify in all of that and actually breaking drakes records and hears what happened billboard record Spotify ABLE, despite if I record, sixty four point? Five million plays an apple music. You
Jake's views that that held directly before there were thirty six point six million plays in spite of fire. He beat our, I guess, also Drake Moil more life. Do you hear from Drake when something like this happens to me? So I too wish to come of it comes from my ground. Wait! Stop all his badge on bees. Crime all is by racial. Beef, furthermore, is because the fight is fixed anyway, Madrid gum drop. You can chat almost records again abalone, especially on apple. You know that their fight is fixed array I re without ideology, and that is your room. A report out to answer my two hours. It had fighters fix, Drake puts out back table great music music. God plan was number one, with seventy weakened around ass, a grey regular and towards their gifts, or, if that's all, now, death is the commodity price. Tintaggon flattened and first day gods plant got thrown by night. Exert God plan was not what was of number one for how many weeks are those great riches, and I don't agree Russia, but provides no fixed or solemn. Dear given your down, could do
who am I give inaugurated? The my vote is young lady, and I noticed the good is a good moment to teach. Ok, we will talk about. First summary, here are right: we need to talk about birth. We need to talk about board, allied dehydration darker, we'll get into that when we come back and then you get on the phone right now. If I ask you a hundred five five one or five one, if you need relationship advice easier for you is to breakfast locomotive, Donkey Devil dog you today, for when they may succeed, goes to a young woman from our zone and aimed Jacqueline ideas occasion. What I'm talking to me, she's thirty one years old and was arrested on suspicion of stocking and harassing a man she met online limit.
Some may. We have are dealt with someone in our lives who just wasn't into us to where we were into them. Ok, it happens, but I was always taught to never make someone a priority? If you only remained there option, while Jacqueline didn't give them memo at all, in fact, I only large reminded tell us that there is levels decisive, ass humans. We all have a basic instinct when it comes to. There is a right and natural craving for fluids, but that's not the level of their them. Talking about I'm talking Continuous dehydration, I'm talking a deficit of total body. What I'm talking about the kind of dehydration it happens when free water loss exceeds three water and take what it causes of this kind of Duration were usually, if due to exercise disease, high environmental temperatures, but most commonly caused by a new love interest. Ok, a newbie on a prospect of an they can make the most hydrate M M hydrated amongst us thirsty are writing. Jacqueline is just another example of that region, only met a man on a dating website,
so they went on a few dates and Jacqueline immediately felt like she had met her soul me. While his thing They also made thing. Both parties have to feel that way. I'll give you sure, like you saw me- and I feel, like you, just chickens measure for the summer, the fastest way make me more walk out of this situation is save me you're, my soul, mate. Do you realize can scare man away with their kind talk to early gone. Four days. What a woman- and you know it in Indian Abdel Woman- tell tell you you want to get married. I write that down Toto Man, you wanna, have his baby, tell him you feel ideology, soul, maids and then why they make We fade away like an avenger added Vinos gives Ali affinities, don't ok what I've got What happened in this situation, but Jacqueline refused to fade death dust without a fight. Let's go to Asia, That conference report place for many years.
Stopping and threatening a valley man. She met online after they went on only one date: police shape she blow this phone with sixty five thousand text Miss Jacqueline additives claims. She went on three days with a Paradise valley. Man she met, grew in online, dating service were millionaire, matchmaking or record, say added, sent the victim sixty five thousand tax messages, including threats to kill him where his body parts and bathed in his blood it does not deny the volume of tax messages. She did, however, regret the nature of some of those messages. At his said, she never intended to hurt or scare the victim, and she doesn't blame him for her incarceration Jacqueline, add, as is being held in jail without bond sixty five thousand desert crazy.
Sixty five for that now, how do you even set out over the absent at many technologies? In my life mamma? I ain't blocker Mama, exactly my men would receive a tax at what point you decide. You may need to block this for thirty five thousand text bra raising, Can you not every talks? Basically me after three or four texts are sixty five thousand lady please don't ever come across his part, our I remember law, thirty, six and forty loss of power, disdain things you cannot have ignored, ignoring them, is the best revenge. I give fly on his ass. Just make sure you don't Blackmore social media, so you can see you shine and act like you have a ball without him and I guarantee he will hit you up, but whatever you do, don't sound like this. Okay, this is Jacqueline. Add is law, I from jail, but it was, she had to say like I met my soul mean everything was just the way was, and I thought we would just Everybody else. Did you just like get married? Everything would be fine, but the thought would happen now. I love him so much
I'm just gonna love, incisive it and if he doesn't like it then, I'll go moment. I love my. What am I supposed to do? The point of love is too cheap, giving it that's the math equation. If love equals three point: three, which is Infinity Times Square, which is like light, is if love with longer. It would be three so if infinity times like, which is also very says just forward forever forward and if you're selfish. You can't understand that, because you want something in return he's getting here, return and I still have many way. That's what love is that? What the universe, Busby Meta, when here finding love, not everything is perfect. This was a journey and I want Apologise because nobody ever be more sorry, Seattle. It is crazy sees that idea would dare kind of crazy that kind of crime they didn't just come out and no it had.
Be a sign of that type of crazy. When you first started kicking it would each other. I got a whole way right now deal with some crazy early early early on in the relationship he found out that this young woman left her children in her crib by by themselves. So she go check on her due to the club, but in their design a crazy over the kid toddlers that's great natural! So when you only show you that new beginning and then have escalated, the things even worse. Al Qaeda fault could you had to say, crazy, comrade flags kid this summer but as a fine line between interest in stocking unless disaster on the right side. Of that, ok, some doggie today, just out himself, please give according to this debate, the biggest here We would just do what everybody else did you just like get married. Everything would be
he's gonna go back to her ex. As you said it please, I type upgraded. The issues are suitable backward added. I felt like I met my saw me. Everything was just the way it was. Then I thought we would just everybody else did and if I get married, everything would be fine, but that's how it happened. So much love and if he doesn't like it, then I'll go moment. I love my life. What's in Avonlea Ex boyfriend, beat up the Nagoya fundamental. We have now the US as well as a one hour either, because I don't want no don't come back to me. Don't leave me say and on China of Gray, but if the big nonhuman alone you knock on most was vain. The cardinal lie LUCA. We wish you stay right. Thank you for that donkey. At a day s wheel, losers as boy ex boyfriend,
as a YE, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. If you need relationship advice, you can call, ye are right. Now should help you. I would all your issue. Colonized breakfast locomotive breakfast porn and everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club is turf. Ask e hello. This is clear, hey Mama wish, of course, to flee and then have a nice of you. I'm gonna days now on a large scale, more stressful mom. And I say you guiding gaze, and now he has kids. We who I got the others, yeah, I guess you're leaving not being able to have that one of my child I was very little credit, but while I get appalled,
we do so because of how Europe and it costs a lot of strange in our relationship, and I don't want to get married if the conversation gonna could be got enough so you feel, like you, been neglecting our own responsibilities with your door because you been dealing with his family. Yet what are we have responsibility because you, after the other my daughter, drivers cutting half of good all pause. You know, I'm I believe, though I don't know what I'd like to have your own. How'd. You know that don't feel my you guys are about to be blended family now, so it has a responsibility to love. Your daughter like that is his daughter and his son is your son. Now you can't be looking at it like that. His kid- and this is my kid- these are call Debbie our children, and I don't it's just the fact. The love that I have for my daughter, I'm trying to give him, but it's just so hard and it's been eight years. Young living together I would add a further five years. Kay. I may very well you have to think about. You know
difficulty for his son. What why doesn't mom have custody he wore other children burden. Clobbered re when I found out about the little boy are legally there. You know we need to do something. You know I don't want to be the mob because you want to go to the club and think about the extra love that his son s name, because his mom was irresponsible and what kind of attack on him when I logged on cash it and take away from your child, though you should be able to love both of these children. They both live in the home with you guys, that's his sister, that's her brother and those it does your son and daughter, and that's his son and daughter, and you have to start looking at it. Like MRS my child and listen, there's things that you need to do with just you and your daughter. You should be able to take time to do those things that go on work. It like. I can't just like you should be binding with his son. You should be binding with your daughter and spend some time with his son to you know. He was near that maternal figure in his life, but stopped separating whose care
whose these a yard, Chilean, together so your child. Even if these kids were both both of your blood children, when one of your kids need some action attention, they're gonna get it from you write. Well, you don't want them to so called off. While you were ok well, you know wise closed up he's a child linger when he's gone through. You know, having you don't know what kind of drama he suffered after being in the hollow. You know with the other mother. What really needs your actual have any nature. Darted love is well you onto me loving him. If you feel like he's closed off, may show you He bone lines of communication open with him because it Happy easy, for him is Pappy things. He has no idea why he feels the way that he does away. He acts like he does why the Google ashtrays looking dozen cocky bearing three, and how do I know each other as a parent? You should love the fact that he feels like he can talk to you. I do I do I really do, but I want you to have your ladyship mom, but because the bear and mom
the copier, its spiritual bore me when I don't wanna be hurry. You know him While I don't want to go nowhere because I don't know nobody, you know we have you so we will be able to do anything. I probably take some parenting classes because he needs to know what he needs to do as a father and step up to the plate, but all you can do is give as much loved to these children as you possibly have to give them. Ok, remember the other innocent children, you loved them. Those are both your kids, why? Why would they good lad. I know it can be really stressful sometimes, but you have a great responsibility as key eight hundred foggy valvano far one of you gotta coarser, for you call a nose to breakfast cloak more exporting everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of ask e hello. Is this the right framework? Of course, if you see a gallop
Don't shoot me multiple, multiple Bethesda, your girlfriend ecosystem augur forever I really love, but I did get it. Now no hollow you'd know. Nor did she know me. Well, you really think about thing about another man's paint. Yet. It would have been an hour mouth Well, you really love her right, but that doesn't mean is necessarily the right person for you now figure. This out, you says you seated on multiple times of multiple people use, was: what is he saying about this? Does she would even be with you she do. Ok, do you believe she's dead, cheating on you know no matter to compensate moments keep the whole reason this again give to you when you found out. Why did she tell you that she cheated so many times
one time it was drunk and ours in there is this. Is it as you know, this image is ready to be in a relationship, so both the colonel lose as aid. Is cuz, a lot of people have stayed and guys can say whatever they want, but a lot of women have stayed with men who cheated a lot of men have stayed with women who have cheated, but in order for that relationship to work, her behavior has to change. Has her behavior changed
Ok. Well then, she doesn't seem like she's making an effort, because when you cheat on somebody, you have to try to gain their trust back. If you wanna be with that person, you have to show that you ve been proved that you made these differences in your life, and you want to be with that person because you're willing to sacrifice whatever it is that you have to you went into his supper. Whatever discipline and punishment you have to suffer in order to prove that you are worthy of being with that person and she's not doing that by our right. I'm sorry at any time to call her whole right now in Palermo, home in us, girls do the whole mugger normal. There you go again you're going on my head back creatures, tat back where women were mentioned. Are women, you be a courage into women. This day are doing exactly our stables and ass. They will my woman she's. You did all me, but he said multiple Times in order to pull when you even asked, and was you do a nicer said probably gene now he's lustre?
as eight hundred five a fire one o five one. I e government away. Yes, I said about Michael Jordan and Jackie Series. That's on the way about him all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast at the reul report. Libretto Rita are, as new song has caused all kinds of controversy. The song is called girls and it fixed. He just Charlie Etsy acts be Rex an cardy be now here is the hook of the song. In case you haven't heard it
I just want to give you girls, girls, girls, right now. Here s, a meter are as diverse as one hundred and fifty per hectare. Our right now here is Carta bees, verse
one night like this one inaugurates, alright you're my gun, and now we have to tell you everything I do not want to raise. One again for us all is about girls. Given girls, girls, you know it, s very. Did a better. Now is offensive to the algae, BT, Q, community or colony posted hate to be that guy, but they were many awkward slurs quote and moments that were like a word word and colonies. It and don't make this personal, an incredible song. I with one of the artist and would love to work with the other three as well. There were harmful lyrics period, love YA, MR my war would with Georgia, which were well
the problem is, is that they were and the problem. Is they saying that that song is basically it's not fun to make a decision like some? I don't need to drink wine to kiss girls cuz. That was in the hood. She said. I love them in my entire life and other words. It's not a fun thing, just to say. Okay, I want to be you know his girl sometimes accused guy. Sometimes people were offended now Rita are more and has since apologize, forty or else I should be very high. Express myself and my song has hurt anyone. I would never intentionally cause harm to other algae, BT, Q, people or anyone looking forward. I hoped that continuing to express myself do my art while empower my fanciful, its proud of themselves. Some lonely feel about who I am and but you didn't mean any harm in that it was representing her truth and in
accurate account of a very real and honest experience. Many has had no cried. He be also had posted on Twitter. I know I have use words before that. I wasn't aware that they are offensive to the algae BT community. I apologise for that. Not everybody knows the correct terms to use. I learned and I stopped using it. Oh Mamma do incredible level a region cause. I don't hear the words unless you do look wooden, plumes, linear out a new towards it. I've brothel Cati be her said before that she likes girls issues into girls, as she has said that I guess people were them here, because they were saying things. I can I sometimes I just wanna drink wine and kiss girls, and you know just like I, I guess, for people. It's a lifestyle. Choice is not like a fun thing. We're not like Jane, very anxious to girl, and I, like you, ok, their work is way better than a directive area or display. I guess how people what not to get offended totally. I didn't. I didn't I laid open on the everyday landed you I don't know what to say. I mean I've been disabilities in his reader recognize what a waste of Cardiff REACH launch on Iraq
Charlie exacting when Events- that's all you actually free to do. You know personally erection just here, but you always to feature nowhere. Really. You stupid Netflix any as Vienna parts. Without at the zoo, Michael Jordan, Darkly series is called the lass dance, its the chronicle the simultaneous rise of Jordan in Chicago Bulls and how popular the NBA was during the nineties and Jordan is participating in this, as well as other people who were very key figures from the bullets championship teams is gonna, be more than five hundred hours of never before seen. Footage there should be interesting, plus a commentary from dozens of other sports luminaries should be pretty exciting dissolved. We want an old documentaries when you, actually you actually with their noses like us, are error in army, but is If it is you ve never seen before so I'm excited about to be interesting, is directed by Jason. Here he did the fab five also around them, put also sneak Zono, seen before
I write mega Margo we're talking about this royal wedding, thus going down this weekend on Saturday, the all kinds of drama with her dad selling picture to the paper ratsey, and he said now that he is not gonna, go to the wedding. Well, he's back in the hospital now Mega Marco's dad Thomas market has been having serious chess pains and doctors are performing tests on him. The saying that his heart was seriously damaged after he had a heart attack a week ago. So at first is it. He wasn't. Gonna go to the wedding now he said he does once you, but it looks like even if he does once you he may not be able to because he's gonna be in the hospital. So just given you an update on that royal wedding, that's gonna be all over the place this weekend when college and also the merchant Joan Yoda through roared, I don't know. Probably the baby you haven't had a baby first, I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you! Miss ye
we have a birthday girl in her tail is buried. Thank my favorite personal tail against people from Philly birthday out you. They, Taylor, tiny saddened. Twenty seven year, though, to be single France, as used to say now that I know you do more good, you, the whole love a regular just how we need to monitor this anti diversity, detail a thank you too, for your birthday. Not now we also got working on purpose. I am going to aspire day, loving air into baths, and now this
hey now we may your anyway. I am now going to its core Brooklyn spied on my back. Ok and I'm gonna get some dinner with me. You pay of all thyself, Rostov, O noble Newbury always, I would remind you guys you bother to blackmail, maybe go looking do yes, you have created where all the guns on Cassio
isn't that worried me things you don't care about that now is not to say that this was the reason. Maybe this is off the record of the brig filled me with someone. I see Hennessy very badly birthday. Taylor revolt must be borne by the main, totally blacklist laptop lessons on my right. People's choice mixes up next to breakfast locomotive.
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