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2-11- Today on the show had United States senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris stop by where she spoke about why has decided to run for President, certain policies and laws she would like passed, with one including making marijuana legal! Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to designers like Gucci, Prada who have decided that "black face" will be the fashion trend for this season. Also, we opened up the phone lines after a video went viral of a man clearly upset that a woman did not return his phone calls, so we wanted to know if that has ever happened with our listeners. 

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all do our part, because we're all- tad alone together brought to you by. Add, Council My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet. Back outside of Chicago police station. There What you hear on the news that Courtney got shot, rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your broadcasts.
This is your wake up. How has this child annually Charlemagne myself on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called due to the world's most dangerous more than we do Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo boarded easily when it is Andy Charlemagne. The gap is minded Monday. Less total by congratulating COD Ii be drug, want to close bombs for our very own body, be ass, recorded. We picked up a grandly last. I wrap album us. They are very old because you know because
we ve been doing above his glove would be I feel it is my view, so some people, you really watched, come from the ground up, really come from like the ground that we would be in head sixty seven years, watching gaudy beyond Instagram enjoying and to see our own grandly stage when in better at bottom of the year We brings me your absence relations. I think they said sees the fairest fellow vacuum alighted to win in that category. Is he a shy? Has no, I do not see as she is advocating a female. I wanted I category to learn here what you want with food for their local regulations, Nikolay man. It brings me great joy to see body Doin may live where they get. Her performance was done to form a kyoto located, actually did a record like money and didn't pick some commercial tune s right, who s gravity be too, when I think of the God of Absolute incurs notion,
incurs aunt attract a Hutu good name, but you know the one thing I would say about cotton, be she's, never switched up. She's always remain in stay the same opportunities. They say money money that they really change: privileges, magnified whatever it is you already worse if he was a d head before you had money for our money going to make you more Medea measuring Mosaic, Oddy has always been a coup. Pure in his advantages. The immortal coop, your purse address Gambino wine to grant me last night. So congratulations to him also initial reward. He did not know how to drink comfort when they got very we're, just gonna abandoned, do or jewels. Bag, it was. It was just a guy with its added this, the Grammy theirs they caught him right, I have to say I gave a commercial I've, never give him. No music gonna, give you look username anybody could uranium? No new data cut him a man. One live by some people are very excited to enabling him, yes, there was real. Do you know that you are a bunch of cordially clues people, and you know Dana, validate weather you probably right. People
I, whether you pop into people? Come you show people who buy arms the people, not the cordially. Doesn't it Lastly, I have to have culturally doesn't because drink. That's and Robert include Bulgaria body. We have any good she last night. I don't want to. I called for their protest on Friday. I would like now you know good awarded people really coordinate me. I've been waiting for that matter so that the regulation branch they was a lotta gucci gas it over the push tat. He would go to your neighbour, but they also have I there was planned and knowing office for weeks in Kansas, call boycott nobody, but it may have been in the thing, namely growth goals which are no longer do began and you pay them as money. I don't care about the language. You know why you can't boycott. Would you know by anyone? Nor can you boycott? Would you can't afford now? Ok, you can afford knocking issue. Arguable boycotting rose voice
their boycotted their wings. I always very wouldn't mind you, but I'm not one of these. We would need to be disrespected before I start respecting mile, because eighty five percent of what away on a daily basis is a black designer black company, so they got married. You can look at me right now. Ok, leg is this: deserve prestige, art, black, Ok, I gonna armies chaos genes, black own. Ok, I got a goose country Coalblack own ok, so you don't have to me on a daily basis. Nokia, glad jug, decided joint body, Dan is actually within a psychopathic is evident, has responded in. He is one of the gucci designers and he's a black man would have your fellow nobody S. A set of your former endeavoured to remove their total FINA Dapper Dan was mine assembled Sab. It's alright, we'll Kerbela Harris will be joining us. A cobbler come Kemal hours, comma heroism, J designer, namely five different way. I know I know I was by the way you ve been here before us, but you know she wasn't here
who died in twenty presidential candidates. She was here as U S in it. Of California, no way that I miss that when an I missed this, because I was an early because I had a Grammy pre dinner that I had to go to www disorder about blogging. Wasn't scheduled things when I'm here could good is we'll come a little more because their name right, there was amiss back problematical bar and ours is the only time she had free goodness, gracious diagnoses try to become President twenty one in a big allow. More people pay attention to this interviewed in. They did the first time I think so too right. Well, we got from pages we talk about how we are going to think about that black hat on Gucci, Prada, Emma Clarity, if you guys, are planning to participate and also
his Gus another on presidential bid for twenty twenty arrival. You'd internet makes keep it locked to present us with the president's the breakfast locomotive Arbela resettled. A couple hours will join in those dicks. Our being United Harris are correct. Me, like I'm rural society role. Will you say to roll camphor Nelson, and we know what? Let's get you? That's what I said, but those kids a base newly where we people have done their Hatton, the ring for their twenty twenty presidential bid messages. The Senator Elizabeth wondering Warren formally announced their presidential bit. I we are as you already had announced it, but I guess this is the official formal announcement. Another person is Senator Amy closure. Am I saying that Right Globus, I'm asking us yeah memory? Dubai renounced calculate how Molothrus margarita Strawberry- oh my god anyway, she's very Minnesota and, as she said now, as an elected leader to go not just, whereas comes above us with an uncomfortable. This is what I mean, and she was there as there was
snow and fourteen degree, whether on all you presidential candidates, regardless of who you are regardless of what are raising you better a black agenda, ok You better have an agenda obliging if not wane interest, I write as though we are on the brink of another shut down. This could potentially happened this week on the fifteen. That's when the temporary staff to set down her is gonna, be over hot to shut down. So I don't know: what's gonna happen on Friday, but they still have in actually come to an agreement. Democratic and republican negotiators seems to be on course were ideal bites of the talks that, over the weekend, there's a dispute over the limits demanded by democrats on a number of places available in detention centres used by immigration and customs enforcement operations away from border area. So we don't know, what's gonna happen, they could potentially be another shut down, just some guy who was in trouble shooting down before Valentine food of the greatest use, not bargain
is that what you're gonna get a duty that you like? I can't afford it. We know say- and I get my check this- we say I'm sorry baby- that damn shrub later plan, something even if you don't have any money. You still could be thoughtful right. Now, let's discuss since, without going about spending money, the eye is trying to do a call to action and that's for Gucci, proud of a monthly are now for the good. You call to action. Stop by Who'd you for the next three months. If you only includes you do not wear it, that means clothing. Handbags bells. She was cologne, perfume everything and share with your network. That's the agenda. You said as a seven figure seven year, customer longtime supporter of your brand, I must say: ya, got us after apology not accept that we ain't goin for this oops, my bad, I didn't mean to be racist and disrespectful towards the people. If you knew what I was doing and we go for it, we all got to stop, buying wearing and supporting this piece of a company in a piece of a company's until they learn to. Begged our dollars in value our business, our culture runs. This is
That is where it is protest, but it seems like a re forest world problem. Could you can boycott? Would you can afford a majority he will idea cannot avoid Galicia. But a lot of people do they buy Gucci bells, they buy Gucci shoes they by smaller things. Hu Jia, actually adding. I didn't necessarily see women. They show me to sway shirt on Friday, but now untold have seen a picture that giddiness lane I heard, and I gave him the like six month. I didn't that's why I was seeing it all the time all I thought to myself. Well, that's where turtleneck is a terrible idea, because if you have a make up, it's gonna massive everything by told ya Friday to assemble lives. Where are the ones that will be a tub? I also see it as a main nobody's only. They remedy for the past six months. Sellers is now being I know a lot about. You know anybody enrolled who can afford you gotta go to this website called the gorgeous website. I don't. I look on the website where you got money by that. I mean you buying it. I would never have bled that, but once you put in next to it, but I'm just saying
people wearing arrays six months ago. I've never been argued you website in my life. I never seen a six months ago when I said I didn't get it, but now I now see that Numa, clear and no product absolutely positively rising link. It it s side by side. Now, when you really need is doubly blackberries, even in the light of these rationale, which no let once again, I don't go Jason, Gucci and product. I stick to the most remote t, shirt from target and serve I said used to hurry what Dapper Dan says that the CEO of Gucci is supposed become into and to have that conversation, you know that began as a design and a black man from Harlem. Who is the good design, it ass slowly a collaboration. Need. Somebody did this she's back here before you realize, respecting yourself only name as vice important black brands, blah blah railway about eighty five percent of what our where is is is black designers in black companies right now, all ok! Ok,
I mean ass great ass, a poet undergoing a lot adapting it happened. I support a lot of Virgil stuff that he puts absolutely return. I support a lotta everything, so why would you think that a european fashion, as have been around a hundred a year, give a damn about black people? Coming I come up. A man has been useless, these competently. All right. Well, that is your front page news. Get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe- a horrible weak. It a bad weaken, or maybe you feel great in one's principles, activity get it off you just eight hundred. Ivy five one, o five one is to breakfast locomotive. My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my Son Courtney. Your was critical to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here of my life
you were a ladies man even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornucopias for animals in twenty. Sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police Station cunningly, boy gonna, granted federal government a better job in its the story of my I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast, wherever you get, your podcast The breakfast club
I got wake up ass, a man of letters we want to hear from you allows this man is, may I don't knowledge? Knowledge will have brought a man, a man get out. Much came a large beat. I beg you, wanna meet man. I beg you to be motivated. I think that we need leaders to really travel in the heart of a black like an idiotic artist. Mississippi Alabama kill my experience, as were the core black people. Odd is they need not just money resources, but they need by women empowerment, any to see and touch leaders like the breadth of global We may not, like God, Yadda leaders by Jove, Yadda yadda resources. Would they energy that we need an Adele to grow like we need it down?
We need to see like the women exotic gradually you guys, dear Mamma, and about all the time to argue Foul Mississippi by then it where anyone can do no harm from both found. Only you No I'm! Ok! It's ok! All about we are caused. As you know, we talk about Black Billy in New you, a lot of a man tell you what you get down to the small town, but we need rules you'll, see by tat way we like use by now. We not voting. But even though man I'll keep it what was most probably with. How did they get a problem? He just wants us to come out there now using chemical hearts. Speedily dogma and they get their recognise embryos.
Was positive roads, railways and want to know I m o allowing Nicky. I get it off it. Just making cable but sometimes activity forbade the green. I quit my government job fight, a basin, We follow my dreams and on time Well, ok, that's don't get some money saved up Zalm, I'm sure she does yet. If I do you gonna buy yourself, it's pretty much. It's not at all so basically out from the world. All national ingredients herbs and spices here again and then I bring it back to you. While it had become a manufacturer of the type thing, Let me point out, ah here your line and if a game- Caroline my Blog as well- and I hope you will remember Blogger- let's take a look at it. I went to see here a travel, Blug, ok, Bob. What you on bad, it's the open about the money yet, but it will be so I will become,
back in a couple of my account, but are you get budget policy is better had good luck. Yeah right, believe I value she was gone. Refugees. She fell. Yet when I talk about this up, foreign law that they want to enact overnight in Hawaii, I think, is black from any the thing is wag too, like girl method, lifelike country thing, where you can't even access point by some light and then a popular in the money to the jar. Sex drive, Kinect most extract more in a wider of terrible things, you're a corner, you know, is only twenty dollars a one time fee to be able to access everything you got there. They got a name on registry of people who watch upon any other kind of agro,
was a very kind of poor man. I'm talking about back right. I will add these allergies and if you can't everything you need to be registered that maybe you see someone else's credit, I got a monitor. Yours go get you ve got, the ice is cool, but Listen to you when I cannot find castle doc, you don't I don't know what you gave an alliance that you just gotta, listen I'll pay for it, for you, future is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent his up now with the breakfast club good morning, I'm back and you're welcome the RON. Burgundy podcast the brand new season and I'm pulling out all the stops in the past. You ve heard me speak and do a minimal amount of listening with luminaries from all walks of life. I spoke to everyone for glorious data to the San, Diego jig. As that for a tapestry of audio entertainment. This season is going to be even more
we ve got some great gaslight. So far we booked a couple of guys for the band weighing charm, and that is it seriously. I'm not gonna lie. We are under book. It's a problem. I had to call the wing John guys myself their friends and doing me a big favor, when listening to this help me out. If you know, empathy. Shallow may tell him to return. My damn calls already listen to RON. Burgundy part gas on the eye, heart, radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pockets. You're gonna get it off your gas, whether your man, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna, breakfast C mon until morning, achingly hamper knows nothing else does which aid is more than that please don't try to forego come Kamel. Isn't it
come along lay at the last council of our regular features, Mama we ve got to say I agree with parliament as far as the booty protest, you know all the brands and all of that I just think the weakest. Been boy. Why does it take a picture, a hare said or whatever, but everybody you may wish to repeal performed by a copy? Ok, I may I thank everybody. We lost the poor boy, companies up here you'd. Do you support black companies? Also? Yes, I do We devil, you gotta, go see as their own other brain, but we doubly don't like. We do old, random, footmen songs. We put it. I have to give us a driven by a german we'd, know global all right. I don't think that call up alive, but that why everybody lovely felt like that the light, while all the issues it is back to me, as is always the or all oversight and my wife, why does it take that to get you have entered into other boy,
even that give us those away with his own counsel and people which ended down him for that, but they are by these other brands, for his is a black on company nobody's by what I may. I add that I think I was a poor black brands. Are meaner even can even think about about that, but we're all in May. We do me from Africa for college alliance. A lot of this is that we are absolutely possible by brave but Rob mix it up. Sometimes, I think a lot of people do, but you for what they do or more clear. They will probably do that. That does not mean like. Like you paid, is below the whip. Ip address will, I thought was a third now, I'm right Do you know why you know? I think you know why tax return time he was ugly and tax returns back. Please don't go into gucci, dad com and all that now you wanted noted the mud turtle network, Cosmogony jungle that it is now a matter of the ETA Sambo lives. Whatever was being a early morning, monitor lying on more than one a guy nogales- requires real, quick on my way for response from ago Charlemagne. Yes, sir,
Google about Black deployed protest, envoy kind, ass, all well and good, but you just felt Virgil for I I believe what is suitable, not knock. You had get you back, that's cool, I never gland minimal. I got not you is that you would like you said what the logical planned in other ended lose and innocent I've got a bag wants in the region. I started my mind you, but then you went and got a bag of some totally different, but as an argument you got a boy. Second quotas, how'd, you know you don't play or you're gone place. Ignore music, weighty, get out a clear signal and I do not yet know thousands are monetize ignited. You will all be retie. Ok, language Do we really not to take any political party can gradually are winning, but this, moreover, pandering to black people give ahead. I Grammy. What do you mean I now everything with the granting of the whole camera heart. They may be trying to get a black hole in God. I'll die stand down to fail.
That is all I want to. Thank you do know. The category gaudy was then was damaged way was all black they hadn t. I think I can allow matinees in Latin America with way. No, maybe Annapolis document is best Rob Album. Also, that was my go. We cannot be right back it Macmillan. If has a Travis got inquiry, be as door to occur, to be deserved it, great about Non. I'm not saying that he did that's not what I'm saying I'm saying. Do we think that this is just something to handle the blood people when they do not bad people in the category of animal? You talk about a white guy, like all black people, wonder web artist category all the time that the grand I saw This vision this year with one. Why president categorizing Agnelli did we know magneto goblets today is Adam, was not gonna, be gaudy, be division or I've z s.
What are we doing their best map requirements? That was very on again guys, I'm not questioning her ability or her it. I'm just trying to figure out if this would give them pandered. Now you tell me you have got it was pandering of term is got when commercial you did. February I would have already pointed out. What can I do end of all commercial, a candle, both love you're a good morning. I M very deeply envy. How are you gonna do a good deal of it? Yes, Mamma. I hate we gladly, because the fairies began by its own way that he has maybe one always remain a big ears, something you not go. I suddenly come why Angela learning of advice when the your mother is amazing, what, tomorrow morning, I wakes up, don't shit, why, oh god, I read that every morning holding you back a pilot, Tyler table. They handle your fear to actually figure for that
Can we ever make sure make sure I fear fear by I, and I keep on probation damage much for that? my dear you get in here actually I'm. Labels are really are chapter, probably ready to which you alive now, and then I think we really got me that our fear, your you'll, make your ultimate beery failure as they like they are being life appeared. The automobile carried out by all my life we understand They largely met beg. You are now about myself into my, but anything, happy around, but now large, my but one another little have blocked member I'm pissed off because it actually, as I have always Elysium arrogantly one of accounting vocabulary, Milieu Gabby. Ok, you wouldn't signature. Please yes give you ever made and we will put your. How would he give you information to tailor them in and out I'll get it out to you today, a gray I found when I say that also blocked, because I cite a business
follow me of daily life, I want to give you our actual, let you guys gives them, because I made the best people platter, ever an olympic back. I guarantee it! So if you guys wanted, whenever you come out of Miami, please try us out. You will love it. I promise you thank you and congratulations daily delay. Ok, yet odor get it all, is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you hit us up right now they even got rumors on the way I mean, I guess I'll talk about the Grammy Award winners in the Grammys last night. When he was you have to say there was some surprises. I want to hear what MRS you, lady, when he ever what you thought about Drake speeds
shall Obama come now all that Elisa Keys as host and will discuss. Of course, the winners will get into that when we come back, you locked, the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast was a lot of people. I could get an egg dead, Ambrosch Tall, autism journalists who couldn't you like you know when next year, somebody's into a party for the people they couldn't get into the brain. That party will be only right near there. You ever could get. Aids is come near their party what he lit lately, my blog consolation prize comes at his pipe. It ain't a brush, but a gust max. I now do they did they recognise the brazen they should have like hell. See- I am Do the other way. They could also found a lot of you, but, as you know, a lot of poppy naked he's gotta that you're really to deregulation, ready very, very, very, very serious. They do people do we say, did not nation Bryce right there? right next door, there's less gives it a room is itself the Grammy's.
So bad did the Angela eat Breakfast Piazza Grammy Taxi. Let's talk about them and a big winners by the night now record of the year went to Chad is Gambino end of the year, and that's where this is America, us for best rap album. That was Kennedy, be she won for that when best map performances was kings, dead, that's Kendrick Day about future and James Blake, Bess RAP Sung performance was chatting Gambino again this is America. Best rap song was Drake with gods plan. They were sums prizes throughout the night, but also set out to her. She for our best aren't be performers herring, ingenuous, sees at which, by the way, that was one of my favorite songs of the year best part us Alessi best Army song when two elements for Buddha. Everything is love, Hard is one for best. Urban contemporary album Bess aren't be album into her yet again producer of the year. When sue for rail,
music, video, childish, Gambino, you cleaned up best reg Abbott, Distingue and Shaggy again sting a scene shaggy would an award congratulations, Zippo, one for best comedy album also, and I can see one for best music them. I'm not a big, regular gobble. Who was in a category? Do we know That's how you fair bears Reggae album I want to make sure maybe Miley. Ok, ok, part is a black euro. Italian, new identity, avatar and another, but I would say that a avoid Did you put in an area you molly? I right now. One of the surprises early on in the evening was Michelle Obama. She hit the stage with data pickets, MID lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, host Elisa Keys. It was crazy when she came out on stage, could barely even get her words out. Music has always helped me tell my story, and I know that's true for everybody
whether we like country or rap or rock music, helps us share ourselves our dignity and sorrows our hopes enjoys. It allows us here. One another music shows us that all of it matters every story within every voice. Every note within every song they're right. Ladies They told me Jello moment overcome Albania share stage. Would with three other people. Not, then what you mean they do. However, we mourn worn worthy, but is still Michelle. Obama live. You saw when she spoke. She barely could talk there by whichever side, when we have had a bunch of performing owner. Why not just heard what I'm saying? Maybe she wanted to make a statement coming out with these other women. Unity, yes, shows immunity, I think, is dope now that again, Vienna made history by winning for a song of the year, for this is America. That's the first time ever that Arap song to combat award also direct gave a speech.
Now, we told you they drink one for better wraps on four guys, Pollyanna, here's what he had to say before he got cut off. We play opinion based sport, not a factual sports was not the NBA rapper end of the year you're holding a trophy, because you made the right decision to win the games. It's up to a bunch of people that might not understand. You know what it makes race from Canada has to say about what the point is you ve already one. If you have people who are Singing yourselves word for word of your hero in your hometown. You don't need this right here. I promise you already one just kind of right or labour he's right do already cordially clues corporate executives. You don't know anything about our code. You can't tell us was hard, are not now culture, but we can cut you ass. Often. He thought me when you start behaving like when I tell you I was excited when cardy, be now cardy, be one for best Arap album and she hit the stage where there has been
ah said. Anne had this to say, I want to thank my daughter, because I don't know I'm not saying thank you because you, my daughter, is because you know when I found out. I was pregnant. My album was not complete. I had like three songs that I was for sure having we was like. We have to get this album done, so I could shoot these videos, while I'm still not showing your husband. Thank you. Fifty slash fifty with that or you going to do this, our girl we going to have this baby. We want to make this album and thank you so much. Everybody was backstage and she has. She gave her for real. Thank you speech for the Grammys in the evening was Michelle Obama. She hit the stage with data pickets, MID lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, host Elisa Keys. It was crazy when she came out on stage, could barely even get her words out. Music has all
they got everybody they want then Mama down my best dammit, you added value. Are you one of the better article, the amendment of them? Is there? If you don't win, They want me to win so I'm staring at There you a gate Many exciting admit there was nothing on the stage originally Naomi SL. I re well I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report and also what is it we don't need to grant the relative anything, and I called you will bring me great joy to see carding labs, ITALY, relic of grants and caught in a salute the also to consider faithfulness in his eyes. I can see
ACT right in his eyes off. There will not be making the same mistakes. He made new path. I concede in him. I have feelings you miss Temple. I may say so. His paper look at outlook that death at almost lay matter matter made another baby tat night ass TAT, almost all of it, and I will now you're not put myself in their possession, again, I know tat. Look all right. I know no conversion river puckered. Now it was me, arrive, hosted getting. I do not know where they were, but let me warn you may laugh in a car, it's just a lower cost money. Parthenope hundred twenty nine forty four million bottled. We wouldn't have another four six, seven years we re from pages Louisa. Let's talk about this boycott for duty. I clarity, which you think I will get internet mix, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive envy Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We oughta breakfast Club, Lis Jensen front page, newspapers often by anticipating about your next right now and then they had tenant,
forty five. Yes, they all turned in forty five. While they were, they are either their tenant, forty five and as if they lose this next game. It'll be a landmark moment for them. We didn't about next year, we think about next year. They re going to season away on purpose, but here's the thing is the funny thing about the New York Knicks. Every single year whenever it is like some great ages available. They always do these means with the Parson the jersey- absolutely all that these hoped at all, it's gonna be a next year Kevin Direct, carry urban thy Williamson Hasdrubal end of we. Let
This is if they lose this game, it'll be their wares losing street Lama. New York, I, like my New York, makes it an hour's was come on. I didn't nets. I watch nets as well in that side of the nets game on Friday. We lost does want them. It was a guy, get mixed win a copper shoe role. Maybe I don't know it's who in a row I right now. Let's talk about tee, I calling for the cancellation of Gucci Private, Emma Clear here's what he had to say about it no say a talk about each. Nobody could restrict back in our way of again Now we get gucci, we buy more audacious, then a tale use do now. They want I've been somebody to guide the other day to become a design. So so we don't have to force them to live. Was, but what we do have to do is that spending the men were people who go continue to give you two years, the keys, the only reasonable Jabba, because we made it
all right now, Dapper Dan said I am a black man before I am a brand. Another fashion house has gotten it outrageously. Wrong is no excuse nor apology that can arrange this kind of inside the ceo, Lucy has agreed to come from ITALY to Harlem this week to meet with me with members of the community and other industry leaders. There cannot be inclusive without accountability. I behold everyone accountable and at sea ice calling for this cause it. And is that by including for the next three months. If you own anything, gucci do not where its action- with your network Bagley as saying that he wants to demand that people, actually, these fashion houses higher more people of color people love dispirited is boycott, but this is a first world problem. You know you can't boycott. Would you can't afford? Nor can you boycott? Would you have never bought and it's a terrible weakens another boycott of the negroes in planning those Gucci Office for grandma for weeks you can't change, play a game and dies come in at the away. Somebody. Like look. May I got to him like that
now that he's been all this money going on in February. I got you a marginal when, on another note, we shouldn't have to get this respected in order to start respect. Now. Ok, eighty! then what are on a daily basis from a black on company, but I'm not a fashion guy. Just like what mouth right so of course, is always important to show support. Whether that means patronising black restaurants, hiring black people to work for you and with you whatever it is that you can do to political too, for it is important and where we have anybody stopped to think. What good you man feels about all that is where there are a lot of people voted for changes would have got you supposed to do what you're gonna come down for three months and be back. We remain who'd. You may have to remind our guy who got detained named offending is already has ever forget what is and you haven't done anything- admit that no doubt that dig into the other- you good- I'm done birdlike manfully to big faintly good, could friendly good right, ok
right now. There might be a sat down on the way again on Friday, so if the Democrats and the Republicans can't negotiate having come to some type of agreement for a deal to fund the government and boost border security than is possible. There may be a sad down yet again, so keep your eye on that Download jumped weeded out I think the damned on the border committee are being allowed by their leaders to make a deal. They are offering very little money, but but we need a board awhile and now added the blue when a cap on victor violent felons to be held in detention. It was a very bad week for the Democrats with great economic numbers of Virginia disaster and the state. The union address now with a terrible up being made by them to the Border committee. I actually believe they want to shut down. They want a new subject, so he's trying to say because of the because they might be a sad has nothing to do with the Republicans not wanting to down on this border. While any where people are announcing their bid for its twenty twenty Alyssa Warren has officially, though her hat and the ring, and so has dented Amy COD as I was in an AIM Sandra closure,
she's an answer. Twenty twenty president's obeyed as well. So let's do our research are not interested in any gender specific agenda for black and white. That being said, we do have a guest awaiting us this morning. My senses are second time on the breadth of club calamity. Tell me the job you paying more attention to her now Last time she came, she was just the: U S senator California. Now you the? U S of California and twenty twenty presidential cannon. That's right commonly Harris will be joining us when we come back, I'm so mad. I was in a lay for this when we must be able to give a birthday you destroy, you do what you got in similar errors that you know I had that your books for a while, I was able to bring it out here with our own deserves Amsterdam. We have here, look elusive how right what sort of Carmelo has when we come back to move the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast born in everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building, yes, miss!
will a Harris, Cobbler Harrison common areas are very welcome. Whining, go online. Welcome back now, you're twenty twenty presidential can I am why? What did you do that? You yourself are Matthew Data, but why you now here's the thing for many reasons, including this over the course of the last two years. I have seen we have all seen so much. That is wrong. We have seen Eric and values under attack. We have seen the american dream under attack. We have seen babies being taken from their parents at the border in the name of border security, when in fact it's a human rights abuse we have. Seen an economy that is not working for working people. They pass this tax bill. That is benefiting big corporations in the top one percent and meanwhile Middle Class America is is, is is trying to get through each and pay the bills as if they are denying climate change. I may, as extraordinary, what's happening all to benefit big corporations in the town
one per cent, and that is now reflective of what we need much less who we are and that's why I decided to run you are immediately attack the seams, like immediately soon as you and not an end as soon as he would now that made. I was so excited positively noted that when she came up here, we were talking to how it inherited- and I was like this- is the only how would university alone that I'm gonna support you just want to remind you, don't have to do. The real issue is now. You know, you know, you know tat so far from being ass, acute or air people were upset about it. What do you say to sort of some of those critics I'm not going to ever? Apologize for saying that when a child is molested or a woman is raped or one human being killed, another human being that there should be serious consequence, I'm never going to apologize for that. I also believe strongly that the criminal justice system in America is beef.
Thought it must be reformed, and I'm going to tell you also when we know a system needs to be reformed when we know it's broken. There is certainly a role on the outside, but we also should not take ourselves out of the opportunity. Be on the inside and have an impact there and be an ally to what we need to do around reform from the inside, and I'm going to give you a couple of examples. As a prosecutor, when I first started it was during the height of what was happening with the Crips and the bloods, and it mostly in LA and so Cal I was passing all these gang enhancements and I'll, never forget, sitting in my office where there, a bunch of folks that I work with standing outside talking about how they were going to prove a gang enhancement which would cause somebody to go to prison for a long time, and they start talking about the way the person dress and the corner. They were hanging out and the music they were listening to so I walked out of my office and I said
my cousins and my family members, my family dress. That way. I have family and friends who live in the neighborhood and I've got numbed, I'm a date so now got a table that music in my car right some consider oh yeah right, but these are the days that went when I, when I created a re entry should have when I was the elected district attorney of San Francisco folk on young man, eating them jobs and counselling people would say What are you doing? Da's would not know what re entry then they would literally asked me. What does the word me to people, Democrats and Republicans would say to me: what are you doing? Your job is to put people in jail, not let them attitude and I ll give you another example of what it means to be inside the room when I was dear. I cannot tell you the number of mothers and a particular black mothers who will come to the front window of my office, and they would say that the reception I want to talk to, and I want to talk,
by the US become, and I will go to the window and I bring them back to my office and they would cry- and they would say nobody is taken. This case seriously must understand. And they're not investigating it. They're, not taking my complaint seriously, and no one is acknowledging my pain. So those are the experiences I have another lesson did I get enough done now did. I want to do more absolutely, but you know there are people who, in this campaign, for president, are definitely going to try and hit us from the right and the left, because they sense that we and our campaign may have strength as a body seems like so many people that are against you know it s. So many people, but the people that are seen are against look like you look like me, look like Charlemagne, our own that will go out. They think I argue just amounting livelihoods, have questions where people who may not know exactly. You are one of the basic law like so they say they wanted a. What You do to hurt black people is abroad.
Could you regret? Something's, what I regret is not having done enough. If I had been there longer. If I had had more in terms of bandwidth, I would have done more around creating initiatives, for example in the juvenile justice system. That was something that was always on my agenda to focus on adding get to that. But I will say this: that I know also that the re entry initiatives that I created worry model would back when I did it folks weren't doing it. There were very few and you can talk to a lot of elected black prosecutors today in cities around the country, who will say that what I did gave them. The inspiration are provided a model for what could be done by a prosecutor having the power to make the decision has said. I ask somebody for permission and I also say this look at my record in terms of being in the United States Senate. It has been a record of. I am proposing that we reform America's bail system. The money bail system,
and get rid of money bail, because I know that people are sitting in jail everyday in America because they can afford to pay twenty thousand dollars to get out while they're waiting trial. Meanwhile, the same person who committed the same kind of crime gets out if they ve got the money. That's a criminal justice issue, that's an economic justice! I'll! Let me tell you what I will do. What I am elected President United States. I will put in place an attorney general who instead what's happening now, which is that they are shutting down pattern in practice. Investigations investigations into police departments round the country that have proven record of discrimination and racism is shut in those down. Those need to be reinvigorated consent decree, which is looking at how we need to monitor what is happening around proven racism and discrimination in the criminal justice system, for what, if anything, a black person should never lock up by the black him rob you here, but that if a here's, how I feel about this army, are you saying if a child is molested, if a woman is right, if somebody shot down and kill,
Latin America good LAD and Anna had less not buy into the myth that black folks don't want law enforcement. We do. We don't want excessive to what we need to do a round reform from the aside and I'm gonna give If somebody robs burglarize is my house, I will call the police know you got a good ever austrian citizen Gothenburg, along with a guy, but but all of that being said, there is no question that this system is deeply flawed, that there is systemic racism in the system. We have a problem with mass incarceration in particular bracket black and brown. Men, there is no question that no mother or Father in America should have to sit down when their son turns twelve and start having the talk with that China about how he may be stopped, arrested or killed because of the color of his skin. There is no question I hear everything you see an honest they'll just sandwich some people it'll go ahead. I want to address somebody's means. Zau. I see two father amazing. I note the meme.
There's Kemal hours broke the state record for rating blackmail is less, The mind shown is that my ro in the work that I have done has always been about representing the people and as a prosecutor. It was about what we need to do to correct the system. And I stand by their another meme says Koala Hairs is not african. American parents were immigrants, India in Jamaica issues raised in Canada, not the United States and is the fact that demand. Sounds born in Oakland
and I M raised in the United States, except for the years that I was in high school in Montreal, Canada and look. This is the same thing. They did the Brok yes, this is it. This is not new to us, and so I think that we know what they are trying to do. They are trying to do what has been happening over the last two years, which is powerful voices trying to sell hate and division among us, and so we need to recognise war being played. I'm glad you measure Moroccan allowed above your question. It barague was black. Now I see them doing the same thing to user. Would he say that people? opening the legitimacy of your blackness. I think they don't understand why people are so. I'm not gonna spend my time trying to educate people about who black people are because right now, frankly, I'm focused on for you ample. An initiative that I have is called the lived at. That about lifting folks out of poverty in the United States. Today- most. The majority of american families were making under a hunter
thousand dollars a year as a family are a four hundred dollar unexpected emergency away from what could be disaster which is why I am proposing that there be a six thousand dollar tax credit that they can collect, that five and dollars a month recognising five hundred dollars a month makes all the difference between being able to get through that much without worrying much less catastrophe. I'm focused on the fact that in the United States today in Ninety nine percent of the counties in America You are a minimum wage worker working full time. You cannot afford marker rate for a one bedroom apartment. Those are the things I'm focused on we are more with Kerbela hair is when we come back he's running for president in twenty twenty Sydow movies to breakfast logo morning,
morning everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have sent a come alive, Harrison to build and she's one of a president for twenty twenty. I do a lot with real estate and I notice a lot of black people can't afford to can't get a load is very difficult. Dig, you know it's, it's almost impossible to get it a small business load. How can we help black people and minorities get more long to get housing and not have to rip partners for forty years has found actually own something, that's right. What's so, for example, the on the rent, peace Michael puzzle is about reforming the tax code of this country and by doing that
We know that we will lift sixty percent of black households out of poverty with this initiative, when you look at the issue of rent, what I am proposing is that we also recognise that if people are paying over thirty percent of their income in rent plus utilities, they should get attacks credit because to your very point, folks, are are struggling to pay the rent, a pay, the mortgaging. So specifically there when I am elected president part, It will be what we need to do around the housing and urban development heard a low he's been driven fruition too. Plainly, when I'm a lead to pray, I'm intent on winning. Nevertheless, Mombi really clear about that, but on heard so part of what we have gotten away from is understanding that folks again need a lift up right and is thy hand out it's it's just giving folks a hand.
So that's about what we do not yet not only about credits in terms of intersection housing, but what we do to create incentives for homeownership and that something is very much part. My agenda with Barack Obama, when he was an awful lot of african american people felt like he didn't, do anything for black people. If you like, you did everything you know the algae b, T community, he did things work You know spanish community Latinos for nothing for african Americans who do you have an agenda for black voters. Of course I do, but I also want to stand up for Brothel Burma, because in a first of all, none of us can do enough. Another as leaders, we can never do enough. It's important to acknowledge that, but less also give people credit for what they have accomplished. I wish this meeting with the president's and chances of H Bc use, and we were talking about how, under the Obama administration, for example, they send a Pell grant, which are kids really rely on to get them through school and extended it. So it will just be for the school year
the summer we can talk about what under President Obama happened in the holder Justice Department around getting rich of the mandatory minimums and am particular the crack and powder cocaine disparities and also those those investigations pattern. Paxton Escutcheon summit. So an continuation of that would be far my gender. The black agenda has to include H, BC, use and looking at the that, the historical fact that, when the federal government gives attention to each BC use, we end up having a profound impact on black people in Amerika. I think the numbers are something like almost sixty percent of black professionals in America have come from each BC, use either an underground graduate school, so that, as part of a part of it, is what I was
grabbing about focusing on families than making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year. Part of it is focusing on what we need to do around round reform of the criminal justice system, understanding that the mass incarceration policies this country have led to black and brown men in particular, being incarcerated at ridiculous rights, proportionate to their representation and proportionate to the fact that that, when you look at similarly situated other people, they're not getting arrested and prosecuted and sentence to the same kind of numbers, there is what we need to do around also dealing with public health, as one of my initiatives in a bill I have is around maternal mortality. Black women are dying at three to four times higher rate in connection with childbirth. In America. If this is not an issue of the educational level of these women Often it is not an issue of their socio economic situation. Right, look, it's real! It is literally about rape,
oh bias in the healthcare delivery system, and so I have an initiative that is in its a bill that says that one we need to train medical schools and doctors on how to take black women seriously when they walked through their hospital door and talk about their there, their illness and and take them so I am not reject their their complaints or or think of them ass hysterical. What would you say it also formal reparations for blood? Did you see my blog using marijuana? Marijuana kind of you could be a former reparations on Mary Whims is, in my view we should get a hundred billion. Is they reveries I, where you stand on its own? I think that we have got to address that again. It's back to the inequities em has a history of two hundred years of slavery. We had Jim Crow, we had legal segregation in America
for a very long time. The voting Rights ACT was only strong for fifty years and then they wipe it out with this United States Supreme Court in shall be decision to the point that twenty Tuesday immediately thereafter put in place, laws that we won court found work, crafted with surgical precision to have black people not be able to vote so we have got to recognise. Back to that earlier point. People aren't starting out on the same base in terms their ability to succeed, and so we have got to recognise and give people the lift up for you or for some type. Yes, I am there is no worries me in me me pressing burning Hilary Runnin people role for Bernie, so much that when she actually won a turn their back and they did not want to do, have anything to do with Hilary, which was pottery Wildfell that she laws. Do you have that fair or was it
gameplay of that cuz, it's so many people run and it's going to be people, that's going to be Gunhold what Cory, Booker and and going home with you and then her with whatever in a well run. Is that some type of I guess strategy to make sure that if one of those people don't make it in, you make it at that. People right with you, because if they dont is gonna, be like it's kind of divided, so much that we have forty five again, it is my hope and pray that we do not divide. When I first made the decision to run. I am, she called a number of my colleagues who, at either announced or a new, were thinking about an answer to make just that point and to reach out to them have a great deal of respect for the folks who have decided to run. And I know there are others who are serious thinking about it whilst or respect. I would hope that we understand that there is so much at stake right now and to your point about the twenty sixteen election. We would be at an inflection point, even if he hadn't been elected.
The world is: changing economies are rising and falling in different countries. You see population shifting weren't, certainly not talking enough about climate change and what that is going to do in a very short amount of time in terms of what world our chilled you're gonna live in and our grandchildren, since there is so much that is happening, and this is a man, That's actually I find very exciting to think about what is our plan for what will be a mirror standing in the world, given so much change. That is happening and is so at least I'll speak for myself. That's the prize, my eyes on which is look at where we need to be on by where we have been, we got what kind of ours and we come back, don't move. Is the breakfast cloacam on putting everybody is D J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast club we have senator I'm a Harris inability, she'd wonder for president in twenty twenty charming
Chauncey Programme, a guy, got a lot of criticism to the lock pneumonia. Now we never lacked anybody up. That was an initiative that was focused on my belief that Education is a fundamental right, a child without an education is something that all of us as a community should be highly concerned with, and we should put in place incentives to get children in school every day, I think that what was behind that I didn't analysis of who the homicide victims were who are under the age of twenty five when they were killed. When I was there and over ninety percent of our high school dropout. When I start to look at the statistics are realised that eighty two percent of the prisoners in the United States are high school drop
an african american man between the age of these thirty and thirty. Four who was a high school dropout is too there is likely to be in jail, have been in jail or dead. There is a direct connection between public education and public safety. I looked at the issue of elementary school truancy. An elementary school truant is two to three times more likely to be a high school dropout. I looked at the issue of thorough gray reading level, something that we really need to understand if, by the end of third grade a child is not at thorough re reading level, they little drop off because before their great, a child is learning how to read, then comprehension kicks in and their reading to learn. So I focused on this understanding that so many of the children in our community are at risk- we're not going to school every day, whether an elementary school, and it is not a phone. Of that parents, love for the child It is usually a function of their parents, ability to have the resources they need to take care of what needs to happen on a day.
Basis. So you didn't, like appraisal decades, didn't go to school and is radically now now now now also, and I believe that it is to this that you oppose legalizing we'd. That's not true, I know at an end. Look I joke Have joking. Have my values from Jamaica? Are you kidding me? Why allow? No, I do not know no, no. I have had concerns which I think must weep for a moment like the statement very clear. I believe we need to legalise marijuana and we need to research, which is why there is really to legalise the impact of weed and developing brain. You know that part of the brain that develops judgment actually begins its growth at aged eighteen through aged twenty four frontal cortex. That's exactly right! That's right on the other issue that bet that we ve got to address is is how we're gonna measure impairment was. Somebody has
smoking we in terms of driving, so that needs to be addressed also, but I am absolutely in favour of legalise marijuana. We ve got to do with it, but we have incarcerated so many emphatic a young man and young men of color in a way that we have not. Same level of use? Other young of yours smoked but their age, and I am now I didn't. I didn't know there was a long time ago. I just broke loose wooden college of livestock, but there s a real high one, another joint energy. Hey murmured, I I do
so we would leave a lot to medicinal. Would you know do less and I think that it gives a lot of people joy every, not another memory, the honourable member that you took care preyed on issues from banks. Now I'm not taken from corporations and big banks, and I don't believe that I have what does come. A hair is listen to what it was when it was high time. Is. Oh yeah. Definitely snub to pass to the shore. There was a favorite airport knows. If we would, you know, I really love is Carnegie. Like all of you, I really do Roca, everybody gets really gesture. Sometimes I just turn be careful of me. Ever is one of em. I just I think, she's so fantastic, but there's so many which, if we replace the go to relax when this is always took a couple days ago. Here with that my kitchen and start cooking, the kitchen was very realistic.
I allowed you, my I'm gonna voicing put bring me back a gardener cook it up it rained as I do? I make a really mean Bolognese added cooking for about four. We're all uneasy. If I go it's an italian meets on now, and I do it would like pork and veal and and beef ideas do I pay Jesus, I do it for me. I know that the Big Eichelberger Despiser Bank immigrants binational I'd at the bunch of things. I damn big, the best greens, every had you do that what they want, and that is that they turn out into a sound bite and they will see that entirely abandoned ablaham, but she's black bamboo yeah and I'm proud of me in black of, and I was born
black. I will die black and I'm not gonna make excuses for anybody as they dont understand and we want to take the greatly turkey, not hammocks, although I am not, why do baking unloaded last time. You won't be here, but I do want to ask you this before you leave cuz. I see this online all the time and I don't think it's fair the present elation, madam, but they do mention your husband and his hours she so black was she Medway, like I love my husband He happened to be the one that I chose to marry because I love him, and that was that moment in time and I'm that's it as he loves me. Lou as you know, right would beg you for joining the English eight. You unemployment does your second home. When you come to New York. I can I could you die indirectly did appear to have questions can be more cautious. Their camp. Allow me to address it, because when we come to calibre company doesn't make it
As greens I know. That is why I give act dude back into vegetarian, but you know vegetarians dying, poor, a mobile about it. That's what it's when you learn camera gum, leaving their vision Ask I can do all I can do a lot of vegetarian too. I have a few. References grinding from a range of greater involvement, and I made from a baking okay, I'll get them for you. Can we donate to your campaign cuz? I know you raised one point: five million dollar twenty four hour short at numbers going up. It has in its in the end and the thing that I'm really proud of is at an average of thirty seven dollars contributor, while I'm calmly Harris DOT, Org K, Emma L, a h are I s, DOT, Org Will this Cardella Harris is the breakfast locomotive taking integrating
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club morning salute the common our common heresies go. This is our second time on the birth of club for time is: twenty twenty presidential candidate will be the last correct ire to live com, a couple hours to locate the that's, what you're swaying toward everybody ass. They all our desire liquors a person under their use way to her now, as far as we know up up up up up like the former of Rwanda, musketeers Mr Shorelines building the day, this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. I re were sorry, leaning on his welcoming the competition with these freestyle, that battles that he's been doing and now another art is actually did this towards lanes, but clearly he's doing that, for you don't just the sport
but he's a canadian reference by his name is Dax and he put out a disregard cause. I'm not join. Or Don Q and its clear a tory lane. I mean old thing: is him goin at toy lanes, but is not personal? In case you haven't heard it hears us other people, you battle now, both personal just like you. What is its purpose You live joint averted environment. This article, we call more copies vineyard register rapid for the people. You a rapid changes that have only been rapidly over the fate of the weight of the czech people got now will die of people. Like my danish straight, I have to say that you will strengthen rapidly. I re so that's part of the disregard.
Now? There is also some messages between the two of them. That's Orleans posted a piece of bread out or no, which a tactic is, but I'm tell you now. I don't know you and on that, in a move, and then it is is not everything is going to end with a rap outages. Do what you do and I'll do. What I do for you saying the wrong issue. Balmy, we knock on be rapid at each other, and access by damn it was just for fun, Brody elevate, nothing even personal. Well, fortunately, Tory leans ran into Dax videotapes, their interaction where he forced Dexter, apologize here is how it went commit is not going to apologize. I know I know I apologize. I gotcha apologize say sorry about that. I bet I gotcha.
His horror, at least I saw a great majority, told all rapidly can mean a diet for if you did United Gimme some bore the guy Games and by what is actually only what is certain progress to go mad. Do deck say anything. This is preferable to know as in detail whether no f, your Mama talk like what we do with any of it that it wasn't person though he just returned, though, is that no hanging jumping wanted on this action Tory we got in actual fact, that's what you want and I Wendy Williams. According to page six things are unravelling, and a lot of that is because of her allegedly abusive has been NASA. Mr Better Wendy and twenty nineteen after last year. She was having all kinds of issues where she was slurring, repeating words and, according to sources closer this, he's been acting a radically at work for the last few years, and things had gotten worse in recent months. Well, according to what sources Sarah saying they're, saying that she's,
has been having a really hard time in its really her husband, that's been behind the They said that he would scream in terms. This is something that has been going on for quite some time since two thousand eight that's been an issue in You know they do say that he was physically abusive toward her as well. In one instance, they say that he store into the studio demanded that are then plays leave and openly physically abused, Wendy Williams, pinning her against them with his hand around her neck choking her while repeated. Pounding his fits into the wall directly by her head, the case for that was old in October. Twenty second, two thousand eight according to former radio unplaited that they're, not your typical couple. There not a couple where you think there is love there, it's very toxic, so not show was going on, but hopefully they get it together. A court into one format, tv producer they set at one point: twenty ones.
Came very vague s? Cabin? It wouldn't be rate her if she ate something that was not on their eating plan. He would scream don't be a fat ass, an so there's a bunch of different stories from source. Close to the couple and people that have work with them. Are these Charlemagne and always allow closer says out, o F a cabin. I think he's a terrible human being. I want to tell you I hope when you Williams wakes up before one day, she doesn't wake up in cool and quote yes, so it I was. I response as someone who worked with them. Have you seen things I will go. The terrible scene in as good as it I mean besides, they cause there that are speaking out their work without you worked there very closely. I beg to calm the Corfu overrun and you do served which you deserve. That's what I think for cabin, and could you see, allegations being true alone for Germany. He's a terrible you have you got Would you women wakes up before you haven't? We said ass, you
listen! I don't ever eleven why we need something other than how did you two terrible human beings? Have you seen anything from you own eyes? You worked here. I know every Kevin honour. I think you, the terrible human being and when do we exert before she doesn't sound? Like a recording? I see you cover you d last summer to slow do. If this is scary movies, Danny Historiae flew to Philip I make gates saluted Nicky. What else is there? I'm glad you did last summer scary, I is scary. Our efforts and rubber at all no no love their zero. Zero
I am, however, went everything to find out what this is all one. Do you will, but in the meantime, let you got whereby the matter they relate legendary whenever it and it made me back- and he said this on the on the rumour reports are like a scary minorities. Allegation will come to light, is others used by the dragoon? You know, by bed there than in the USA. The main element has never been very vocal about his, not effing will never happen, and so now so ugly, I'm so there's something we don't know about yet behind the scenes public proceedings all right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report has made sure that other shoe drops or even a dog do we need all. Was brands that disrespected us, as we deal with the black face, become
from the car gives you re like everywhere. Would right we'll get a thread next? Keep it lacked the breakfast club more breakfast club your morning so now would be the same. Re executive produced by Lena Wave in highly bury be. Eighty brings you a new chapter born of the classic feel magenta racial later boring premiers tomorrow the only or be easy don't deal the day, Democrats are being debated a little bit of a mixed adult Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new way. Yes dog you today, for my day February, Eleven goes the Gucci Prato Montclair. Whatever the fashion brain decided there blackberries would be fashioned train food is season. I listen footing. Down why people black faces a no go. I don't you.
Is that all you have to tell you this anymore, Kate s exactly why there can be no more passes when it comes to things like black face? Ok, nobody Instead, I didn't know I just in a teachable moment. For anyone at this point like you should know it black faces, and you should know why is offensive. Ok blacklist has been around since the nineteenth century. Ok and is of of theatrical make of use predominantly by now black performers. They represent a caricature of a black person. Now, when these nobly perform his duties, caricature of black people in black face is most always negative stereotypes, whether its a Ralph, Northam, Governo, Virginia comedian, size element. We all wonder why duties manages flavoured mammals. Continued disrespect as by wearing black, face. Ok, here's the thing gale, I d, weird, I do know anywhere from now on, as you be consequences, are repercussions as why, even though I think this is a very first world problem, I'm good
de I called for a boycott of Gucci, which led to a boycott of all those other brands war decided to put black face on their merchandise. Can we hear what trouble man thirty one had to say please nobody knows they talk about each new day. You know say: squid went straight back in an hour. We never get nowhere near. We get gucci, we back more than Italians do now. They want I've, been somebody's gonna get the other day to become a design, consult so you don't have to. They also like us, but what we do at the do is that Spain and other men were people who go continue to give you the ass, the keys, the only reasonable Jabba, because we made it he's crazy problem, above job made thirty one happy. I love this period is boycott. Ok, I think that Why do you have to start teach people how to treat us
They don't play with other groups like that they don't play with ages. They don't play with jewish people, they don't play with LGBT and if they even think about playing with those groups, it is severe consequences and repercussions. We have to start hitting them where it hurts and where It is their pockets. Okay, I know boycotting Guccio Forest whirl problem in a lady can't boycott, which it can afford, are never boy The idea of this is exactly how we need to be moving when it comes to anyone who disrespects us and our answer real Nazi, I put up a call to action. Is three these things that I want doing was stopped by good you for the next three months. If you anything Gucci, all aware three share, which is network once again for me? I can't boy, god what I don't buy? Nor can I boy got what I can afford, but I like disparities. Ok, I'm which Ireland I know this seems like nothing. I know it seems very trivial, whatever that great movements throughout history have started with something trivia: okay, I'm literally reading the autobiography of Malcolm X right now and
talking about the Montgomery Busboy common rules, a pox refused movie, said: come here, too, the murders- rapes, lynching that went on in the south are now moving out of her seat seem like something like what is what Great movement What I particularly see happening right now: ok, the time for us, the ones thought teach people how to treat US tools. Learning the value of the dollar and are in and in our spending power in three start, respecting our We shouldn't have to get disrespected in order to start respecting our own. Now, I'm not the fashion guy at all ok. Anyone who knows me know that our own boats chasing Gucci aspect to the target good fella in graphic tee. Then I'm used to buy eighty five Zena went away on a daily basis. Is black on we blagden Ok, all my instagram yoke and follow me see to God, C D, J G, O d on my idea, post pictures all the time- and I say I'm having a great short day great Hooty day when I do that its intentional, ok, those companies I tag and old poles are black old right now.
Currently weighing tool, my favorite black brands. My shirt is serve fresh, that's black, my genes meat chaos that black my coat is goose country that black, ok, not just color the company is owned by black people. In design by black once again, We should now be disrespected in order to start respecting our own okay. To me, bidding on weighing right now is more viable and good idea, though, that a luxury raised, because for us by I don't know why you people keep buying from people who tolerate you when you could be mine, from people s celebrates you, ok by black bank black, give black black black black black and blue black. Ok, if you are being treated, would love respect such a price tag. Maybe multi cell,
is you who tells people what you're worth get off the clearance rack and get behind the glass where they keep the valuables? Okay, black people? You are valuable. Your dollar is valuable act like it did teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stopped and what you reinforced, let's reinforced putting just as much energy. Into supporting black businesses, as we do putting energy two boycotting white ones. Please give She probably a mug, laid a big easier. right. Thank you for a donkey today, yes and is applying, was Bagley had to say to you that he's now wearing powder gucci into they hire some black designers to be in the room. He said when it happens then you will make these mistakes all right now. Are we talking about you I re well business interesting a couple days ago, Andrea, more that's her name on social media, very pretty girl, pretty women sea routes,
Epps, you posted of waste message that someone left for her this guy named Melvin. I guess she gave him a number of her job and he got upset because she wasn't responding check it out, now then touched you last night, you never responded back if you didn't want you to have your number, why did you give it to me that I was gonna like dummies Hill? You got a little rinki deed, minimum wage about Marshall, anything the bomb and Adrian the firecracker, where we like you, some ninety girl, lady, with no hair amount about to head, be chasing you around a meter, sure mentally retarded or something normally. When somebody calls or text to you that you gave your number you respond back, he's hurt The message went on from there. He had a lot of things to say about all the women that he gets. San Diego and so on, and so forth, a lot of people that this was the same guy tray, who called in four ask ye, If you remember here was the as key question. We have trail alone shriek morning, Malta, the logo
there be out of the door Bell. I get a number and they're not back, and I call fairly Why why? Why are you give your number if you weren't, etc? I write: what did you expect her to call him back after that and say you know you're right, I was I got pregnant. I didn't tell her I'm with you, but it's so crazy to me. Just cause you Davis by now. Here's the advice that I gave to try. What are you saying on these text messages and when you call he don't you know just how you interpret out when you available with Bobby. I did know each other in all your pay. Stop and stare come back with you not worked all day. I'm busy or I was going to spend some time with my son. It is clearly not interested follows is out there now passiveaggressive text messages we can't stand knows
threw open the nor that it made me never has somebody bag and that's that make you never had. Somebody back and I feel like this- I will answer- you dies the bullet banana now guy anybody there react their way is not somebody you ever want to talk to enlighten glad that you could get so mad about someone We spanish someone, you don't even know like that, when a sober of the former and eight hundred five, eight five one or five one has that happened to you, it seems like that would have been a Charlemagne. Maybe a girl, Gay Charlemagne and Michel lamentable backing you to listen, as has happened a few times where people get so mad at you causes ban somebody going on with you is not even about relationships sometimes sometimes to be about business, bought away. My lad, yeah you get somebody to Chernobyl and may reach out to you could try to do something which use in business or not. You don't get back into new leave you some crazy method that had happened. Some tat is all that adds and really like. Why do you think that's gonna work, but we want to hear your stories of things that have happened to you when you gave him body information, you gave them your number some agitated this ban right away, or maybe not at all. You are an interested. What
indeed, at that happens all the time. Let's talk about eight hundred five, a five point: five, one of that happening you call us now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast morning everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Refugees join us. We would good about something that we see normal wasn't shade on the voluntary. Soon it when they see positive efforts, because everybody was tagging me on twitter answer this in Alexandria, more! She got a voice message from a guy. She gave her number two Melvin search you last night, you never responded back. If you don't want me to have your number, why did you give it to me that was gonna like them is here too little Rinkitink minimal my job at marshals, and you think you to buy. Terminator in the firecracker wearing wigs, like you some ninety year old Lady, with no hair, I'm about to be chasing you around. I mean a lesson: mentally retarded or something normally. When somebody calls or text to you that you gave your number you respond back now,
ask eight hundred five, a five one or five one. Has that ever happened to you had it has you Avenue II, yet It definitely has I'm old one guy and a man who is supposed to be business, then he said, attacked them each time to ask me out as I'd is ignored him and he's that its enemy, these really nasty room messages, like always how you think you are at at at at at at that's my these guys. Do you like it and I'm like? I have a boy and relax get out of my messages, and I have never had em back since that happens, to be a lotta viable flaws. We, like you, flatter illegal or get on a plane, and you talk to somebody like them. You can answer like I was flying you that happens all gentlemen? the lights go out with me all the time, especially when it comes to businessmen and mighty comma for last week, and I got my number from somebody and most con only wanted to talk to me, and it was I you know. I was like will you have the wrong number many whose leg is ice does not may I draw number and on up then he sent me a text,
much as I listened to you on a radio. I know your voice and its F w. I have time to talk to a depth of a black financial five is something whatever whatever shaking my head: a blocked. This number You know where we are today was a year. This is bad news. Regretful is calling some food unsolicited you don't branded as they cancer by now hung up a blackened about. It said I wasn't me: Thou ART Museum, let that my vote later this autumn, no voters dissolved, may know not more normal. A number of good morning, something that has happened. You Sonny yeah, my God knows that that will be a couple years ago, and I gave them a number like you think, whatever and but I have no going back on its word and I ended up what Madame up own died. But what I
warm up up up our man, how I have expressed my voice mail from him. No, I was like you would automatically I'll call you in the morning when they have a good day. Beautiful time that message came down. It was all you thinking, I'll kill. You know I'm, but a mega good, not worth a damn good chase. You around my outside his lunch with the boys now with the earth low short one I got your goddamn worn it does that you want with me. I don't want to wait until the boy now cut him law. You know you crazy. When you leave a voice, most has no one. Even does it anymore, you know only divine love like Grammy's cadre of last night was found. They don't let the boy not believe them Many you are negligible. Crazy Minister Lieber voice message, so you see go ahead. Is a fake not make go? You look like a good. I mean
that's baby mega you'd. Do you have an army? I meant what about war whatever given beat up, I got you would, unlike overcome by air unama, fake name you they place. I was work work in a double language. We're on the omens. Are you almost eighty million good money? What is it I need you to offer funny, but in an why, as U N N Y you as oh And why sorry you you don't look like Megan, good, tabby anywhere. The and no mass you know Edward you know, yeah like The era avoidable bore, I won't be it at all. You know, look like me. I leave her alone. I rice anything funny
I'm in the way you say, no idea why he would even remotely they might get is all right so much where we will have many people today, stories about things that happen to them and sound when they didn't answer return, somebody's messages right away. I call us right now the breakfast programme on morning everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, you saw about this voice. We owe that was released or social media over the weekend. He has Alexandria Martha, namely the Gue group, to do what happened as unanimous. To disguise VON cause messages, and he got very irate Roca our well. Let's go to the full Vince on allow this coming Monday morning. Now this is happening you definitely happened to me. I was working on our army base dont from destruction I guess it was a female mythology. She approached me beautiful,
beautiful, native american young lady, and she thinks they would have said to me. We cannot work he asked for manoeuvre. Give him a number links. You never call me today. Did you call me? Ok, you say well, why You called me. I bet I gave you Number you didn't give me your number, you Bible, you use a puppet. Did you not with me how how you have? ok, but what I find you got my number now I got a few minutes to talk was was talking. She did not love you supposed to call me around the boy I'm taken. This lady may have been like sort, affordable, crazy and it, and I was very disappointed because this was one of them. For it is women, a model I could ever approached me and I think this woman was cool so yeah. Needless to say it in follow up not at all try- This is true. You call them for ass ye
This is a view that left their ways misses a war, no order, no water, The oars melody now beat up over governor of it would act as though this are you there there they have a Democrat. Now, my guys that you are playing the women who are out of work, I'm anybody, but we do not want to be one sided year, one guy many women. Do not. You know, that's a lot of my White Boma when I play that game without knowing what the government How are you playing a game with somebody? You don't even know, though you never even went out on one day. If you're not interrupt me. Look, you know after involved, No, I don't have all by the funds go back, but that doesn't give you the right to go. Go in like that, don't guidelines in January is made. You leave it alone, you're able to turn away the do you know that?
I do not share your long create or you can just be like. Ok that was rude and does not talking to her. I'm not gonna hit Europe. No more of the most important thing is not handled asking. You call Bassi Unpeopled thought it with his nerve removed code, name Melvin like no one to me about that. And I gotta know your that- those rights as a maximum buys ever women is not interested in. You can tell you now. If you take a she's, not responding just leave it alone. You ain't, gonna, leave no nasty methods and a text message just leave it alone. A sucker is targeted at all that only the most innocent is that sense of entitlement a minute over women. A lead to things like sexual assault leads to raise their leader. The women getting hit by guys men have this sixth sense of entitlement. That's all
Nor was now rom, noble budget, more restored authorities that having a sense of entitlement. Nobody, all you nothing doing. Nothing is not interested. Just don't try to sound today, many more simple period, no reason for leaving a nasty measures, no reason protected somebody something nasty she's not into you, so wet move on, find somebody who is already well. We got rooms runaway yes We are going to the whether nation bronze that happen. This happens. Every me weekend and some people had
time and some people did not gonna, they weren't evading, got a miserable. Couldn't you didn't have to people who got stuck at the gate? Rarely Debbie less a latvian refugees living every I've already Elliot Hour, drive down the representative body breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say no to haven't adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plan
ray sipping on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay Breakfast Right morning, everybody is De J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we oughta breakfast club was: could cities rumours, assault rock nation, broach the reul report. The rag nation pre Grammy Bruns happened over the weekend in a lot of people couldn't get in. I did they get in, though now they do every single year and its iguana one of the biggest events of the year, that's what everybody wants to get into as south Right vision got better border security than the USA right. I sat with Aladdin but that were there though Miss arrive and thick was there a machine gun Kelly, you fat, Joe Casino? was there were no really terrorist J was the man.
Ruby was there, and people are going ahead because he was a video clip where she was talking to, the agency's laughing and the beehive came for her boy. They were so mad huge that she was left and even responded on the same. She's had. Meanwhile on part of the behind all ass beautiful, but we need just as far guys who couldn't get it man. I love local nation, the Roadmap, we need justice for the following co tide. No talking it in you, couldn't get, did
he was told that they were capacity when you visit to gauge the added. We know this, we sell. Video has sources sources. Ok, you got tumor tumor, tumor bass to guide to be ratified, utilise tumult. Couldn't shy. He read a revolt, shy, even partly store you buried here getting well just it is a good would go, be died from rap re read. I blah blah our Rapporteur, Claude bombs for regulation security, baby damage revenue to be trying to get at the border. Rivers by you, gotta get places early that especially something like this thinking. I mean we're going there on that front, Elliot get in at all no low. To your guy Logan. I do say hello, there's a guy who arrive. In fact, everyone was applauded. Those who pollute example. Arabian worry, didn't you
an odd you. That is what I just said. Suddenly dismayed that an EU based I mean there, are they couldn't get me a meal there more You told me: why are you that's? Why you're? Like a good there's, this respect, you look in its infancy array, a move on scenarios. Let's talk about people who were then no they as with unequal anyway and make me like Heaven. I were there and there is a video clip hasn't been circulating, my goodness of a speech that they gave kind of a toast and hears what was said were motivated by what it does,
actually alive, and he was there your god he was there with the Mozilla. That guy those goods in every year- no problem. It was I've angle James. Could you, with an arrow Joe Was there a good while you re, I might get a lonely echoed is quite my room is all about inspiration. It could have you to work hard and be better. Yet true, I write Beth it It ain't you that magically change. Ok, wasn't a magic wand, you can make them good networking on their room. How would you know that rely people left at the gate right because the conversations like and then you could it got a picture daisy and would be ass. It might be ages have the gate? David Bounty and in areas like the value added guide taser. That of an offer. I did hear scooter pulled up. The Athens begin on a scooter. Would border security said I would not be a part of a caravan bombers. This regulation is priceless,
but I may now low is having some issues getting his music galleys saying that he might have to start all over and a whole new project is what he told his fans was still startled. Her writing. He does want to drop music, but he says when people don't love you, there hold your life. If you sign IMF and hold that is against you and that go for the street. You ain't supposed to sign no paper in the streets because that's a reading, He wants to get out of his deal is what is really see me like Have you guys, member? We had these a diamond cuts appearance. He was one of the first people to put lil Uzi on hears which he had to say when she was on the breakfast club. We start agree in song. I pleaded on a radio cannon hit me. Can I was I a diamond who they kid you play. We assess their names. These are issues that we worked away. He was to our management. It is how you know what I mean
who become the Anna Lindh it. Let me show you how we work How we were you know me, so it s in certainly in a dirty little by little, he was talking to us anymore, lying all cannon, Alejo Canna without was or nor he will Oh no, you don't want to say I was gone on, would does pretty is how unhappy we heard one street: they, you guys, adds, will eliminate Lloyd. No thy love death ass, he Savage Lucy. When a no good norm come knew you'd, read by DJ down a good guy I really think about my goodness, but you just Do you care scientist somebody when you want to leave my god, I'm out and out of their purses, sacrifice put money into your project, put money into blown you up and attitude blue? Now you can just leave. It doesn't work like that. You could fail to pay out the contract them. I mean you can, but nothing actually gone in Cairo. Absolute number get mulberry. I may well I'm Angela yeah. That's? U r! Rumour report, alright shout to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else people choice mixes up next week or so
with some coffee be suppressed, because you were not so often occurs. Bombs have been directed at us right. Let me know your favorite Cati be joint I'll, get it on and a the coffee be congrats again. Is the breakfast locomotive. Today. No black history, Mov Legend is Mr Lebron James and he's getting this because of what he does on the court is getting it for the amazing things he does a breakfast club regime, black his dream and what it means to open up a school. How sided? I am about the this possible. For me to be able to be my hometown and be able to open up a school and to know who's, gonna if it from it, and for me to be in a position Where have the resources? the finance and I had the city. Allow me Why not and that, with another new black history month, Legend courtesy at Breakfast Club, I will shouts Lebron James delude Lebron. James may I mean come on love you open up night clubs in love. You open up businesses,
we open up a whole school all sky of you. We complain about the educational system in our communities. That's what you do right. Data right. When we come back positive. No don't move is to breakfast club good morning. Warning everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club inertia. The camel hair is for joining us this morning salute the common man. Yes, what action is there I don't make a man named United. You make an advance guard of the magic gobbler jamaican man. It makes no sense and also you know it shut out to SAM tore them c is turning thirteen vampire. That's a definite yes answer yes, happy birthday answer. That is that the same shouted yeah. Oh, I don't know that they said me too, I'm happy birthday. Somebody love you! All a lot is Santer. It doesn't mean you mustn't. Everyone's name now. I do want to tell you when it comes to calm Allah yeah needed to allow more research because is alive
I've been going around our line at a simply. Not true enough. I want is to really be informed about. I, Canada is another form based off which you re. Not social media is like really some blatant things may impose did about her now. Just simply, not true, and if you followed her over the past few years, you would know a lot of our policies, but I mean go. Do own resources, don't you take people's word, for it could do what they paused and I have been very annoying even take my word for it go. Do your research correct, believes that a positive note yes I want to say that cutting people, audio life doesn't mean you hated. It simply means you respect yourself. Not everyone is meant to stay, Rivers clinical yoga hiring. On its Katy, correct I'd use. My podcast next question is form to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right
there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. In them time we're going to stay focused. On the corona virus. Talking to the expert so. You can really understand. What's going on, I know so overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list and to next question on the eye radio app Apple podcast or wherever you get your favorite show We want you to know that we are here for you My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet. Back outside of Chicago police station. There what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot, the rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true
listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party.
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