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March 18th- Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners would tell their partner if their friend tried to holla at them. This story came from Chris Martin who was a guest on Angela Yee's  "Lip Service" podcast. Also, since it is Freaky Friday, we opened up the phone lines to see whats the freakiest thing our listeners done or got done to them to keep their sex life alive. In addition, it was the listeners turn to nominate someone for "Donkey of the Day". 

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In the morning you gonna wait got been talking to experience a morning, Chauvelin like that, after the break with the on going out the hub culture bank, the plan my morning, you really not happening is waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big time. Let me be, I gotta, be very big. Actually, Charlemagne the gun, the breakfast club good morning: Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, yeah yeah yeah good morning angel. He now is my edited version of Yo Yo yo. I heard this morning mighty deeds Amy
Fraud has again underway, yes, load the bride. The wicked he's here, lay lies in the US. Having show me what obligations in the game was it'll, be believes that biogas is something to say. What do you think it's funny about that? I just like to tell people where he's, because, even though he do you think I know where he is here. I think sometimes you just over people to know which we gotta think he was going before the people. I don't understand what he did so he bodies. Are we but Charlemagne we'll be back on Monday in a land o ye is out and lay under my pc, and why a while rally, which is a rally we get thirty people, we travel to a bunch two different. Nations like New Orleans, today's Lana Mars TAT and then we close out in Miami, and we just cannot do it. Raise money. We feed the homeless. We do. Turkey drive
we do toys for tat. We do also just after just give back to the community, but we did so in a far away. Raise money in a fund way and we use that money and we try to help the community. So shouting It is seen as a robe and people who had been wave and been did not the way charge on a police officer has been positive. Overnight. Giving two tickets is given his warnings. We appreciate you guys to finding a job, I'm telling them that we ve been doing it for a good cause old. Thank you got me to cut well We only have one incident, one guy got arrested, but he got out related. Hearing and have a license? Ill luck. So you know during this car rally with no license for our we'd. There was one thing we didn't cheerfully fate if you had a car young licence. Put my guy said this guy was is right in dirty on around It is right and dirty rally, although we agree that the right dirty rally. Everybody out a licence will want to do that. Oh, what is it about? We got em out quickly. We got em out quick in now he's right, a passage in the refugee trip, so that's a widow,
How is the award towards you? Yes, I have Maybe I was you know, Elisa Keys that I read innovator award. Kitty be when her word. Turning to get everybody who, when last night at the May, want a couple of words also be I was then I will contain hosted, see pay those did he did a great job and we will make artists of the year and best new army artist. Also Ambassador Hippolyte is was black white J B whirling. Ok, I'm with over the year was boot up. I thought it was in jail Carnegie. Have of the year hip hop song of the year, was gods plain local, regarded it party was not there, she was there. Lastly, if you remember was worthier yes here she was not there. Neither was Drake. Talk, I gotta get biologics onto overseas and having coffee until as well gettin ready for her torso wash out the comedy manner. So, let's get to show crack in front page news what we talked about ass. Suddenly,
everything's going on there was a shoe shootings at two different mass In New Zealand and forty nine people are dead, now will tell you what that's about, and they think is especially shocking. When this took place in a new Zealand? There is normally not even that many murders a year. So this is really awful tragedy for them poker besides There's no positive news that, through our nose Positano babies born nobody got two degree edge, know anything positive Likewise, frati, nothing, no slow me finds a dollar generals, opening a bunch of stores, ok or less positive. That is positive. That I'm really mileage acceptance is a high school senior in Detroit Boca Citizen Prize available. Good news and he didn't have to pay is way in local. I will pay. You will get infrared next people access to breakfast locomotive
Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to God. We are the breakfast club. Let's get some front page news, Bassam Junior says good bye. He says the grand most did seasons. The warehouse I really don't understand why the giants, let him go not only is I thought it was a great white receiver also thought that he brought bodies in the stairs like people came, see him a great wide receiver he's. A great athlete I really understand. Maybe they ate or they will get some better. Or maybe you know they think that is injured. It just doesn't make sense, given that may all that money last year in trade him, it doesn't make sense to me. He said goodbye- and he was very gracious about it- now Let's talk about Michael Levies, a high school senior in Detroit, and he got accepted. Forty one colleges offered over three. Thousand dollars in scholarship money so far he applied to more than fifty schools. Most of them are offering him schuyler.
Is not only do they want him, but they are also offering money. So congratulations to him. That still be said. I got told a lot when I was younger. I couldn't do this. I couldn't do that. So I just want to go. Pee better than what they think. I am less great in my daughter's Doin, a college thing now and she's filling out all these applications and is very stressful, cos you have to write, say when some of our men, some of them she s a universe. It'll, do a certain amount of community services make it or how community service done. So it's very stressful formalities, high school students out there, so you know, congratulations that young man and there's another teenager from New Jersey he's been accepted to seventeen colleges so far that here She was in and out of homelessness, and he said I can do it and I will do it. His name is Gillian should at key moves America from Trinidad when he was seven years old, he's been living mom and his younger twin brothers, and they both have serious heart condition. His family's been in and out of homelessness, but now he is fortunately going to be able to go to college with all these acceptances He has guidelines that he owes a lot of his success to a single, my
who wasn't afraid to ask for help from the nonprofit women rising so fortnightly. Yes, he was able to get his life right, even though they were ladder. Obstacles for him. I love you never so much positivity some positive stories, guys out there doing what they gotta do. You know given in accepting to all these. In all these programmes that people are doing to help people are actually working. I love to see that now, dollar general is gonna open. Nine hundred and seventy five stories year. Even though rivals like family dollars, shutting down some of the stores, they said, they're gonna open all these new stores, and the Remodel one thousand. All the stores are going to have new lines, and all of that you know where I got to see which one I go to cuz, I'm not. I go to the dollar store all the time, but I'm not sure. If it's, I think it's I think I do go, Emily Dollar, but I'm not sure they rapidly more. Like the same to me, I don't even notice the difference. Nothing. Family dollar was huge like bigger down south and in the dollar, whatever the damage at all is more on the east coast, but a fun games do even if you, if you can,
Yet your spouse, your boyfriend, a girlfriend you go into the store, five dollars each or ten dollars each and by the most amount of things? whoever wins, but you could have sexual favor. Maybe later on. I gotta do this to me, but the dumbest idea, however, is dough memory. Gonna wanna say ten dollars, we see who could most things most things at the end of aim amount of everything, that's the cheapest which are by different things. That's cheap and whoever wins wins in August that you got it. To me tonight. First and you gotta get any size. Did you buy of tat we use what else could be anything be whatever they like a medicine bet again it s fun things. You do now Kids that we want and with different teacher medicine money is this. The result. May now only do you guys do sexual favours for each other, but you have to play this game with your kids.
Yeah, we gotta get five dollars each is you can get the itemised Egypt, five biology? What god I re and here's a sad story. Forty nine people killed in shooting at two different mass in Central Christchurch, New Zealand, saying that this terrorist attack was extraordinary and an president an act of violence. Why man in his late twenties has been charged with murder? They also found to explosive devices attached to a vehicle that they stopped. They said, as also happened around Friday prayer, so that was especially shocking. The police are urging people there to stay away from the mass until further notice. Had a video and a manifesto that appear to be by a government. Was involved in. Naturally that was posted online. The day of the attack is well. There was a seventeen in a video posted to social media that appears to show part of that attack, and there was also a white nationalist manifesto. So,
will keep you guys updated on. What's going on there really tragic situation. I heart goes out to the families of the people that were affected. Absolutely absolutely all right. Well, that's front page news. Get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night on horrible weekend, or maybe you feel blessed you with a person positive it is primarily a laundry five dollar game at the Dallas door. Does it do low game like if you will? Let me suddenly do, which is powers that are going to the movies, are play and he's want a spice of your relationship alone. It is. It will find I wish you and your girl go too far. Ballast say who have against the most wins you go did, and you say I will if I went I wanna besides. I want you to rub my feeling much. I want you to have those crazy things like
under this fun thing, let me outline we weren't give you a Dutch Evan. I re well call us up, eight hundred five, a firewall or five one, if you want of it, it is now is to breakfast The morning the breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man but a payment we want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows as many as you said, You get it The media impact the lady might indeed be They will Alabama you our battle. Say something that was good and a man before you, but don't do that again, please! My wife did their one time. We got into a huge argument about that ship.
Somebody alma we was in college and she drove him from Virginia back to New York City, and I was like that was nice, but rabbit adapters was crazy rabbit if she was a murderer friend with me now. He was going into many thought. Her power we are well aware that I have been arguing The immediate came back from the bureau, the body, her car. Why and how will you I mean? I think you'll be happy for me when I beg your pardon? my friend you was like. Alright, I go ahead and let's do it. Remember that our development I have been thinking about a year at your words, fell alone, and I was so nice you please hold again and if you do, please have a seat in the front seat next year, because what what would you do? she's, but just not a strangling daddy. They didn't they didn't happen, you know a worry dad aware. He has been a worry friend like you, don't you and ask,
the lady was now she was really messed up, but you never know, people are trying to get you and I would hate for something to happen to you in your. Daughter would have a mob today, because you would be a nice. Please be extra care for you, like you, know, just pay for all, but next time or something but to please be careful, allows theirs alone. I have there is as yet through guy was brought you dont, be they gave me Eventually I adore regularly and in ok we're about to live with them. See my right is wanting. Always my daughter, I haven't belated bird that right You'd do ajar yesterday, man, somehow we did connected, and her name was Chancellor out of Kangaroo.
Here: the Authority Angie, where my brother do here. You gotta tell my brother khalifate out better. That's what people gave birth to a better. That's all I wanted to lay would set out a about. It probably jealousy, might ask what did he say for column? Eighty Angela off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent, hit us up right now with the breakfast club good morning Is it your time to get it off your agenda? The email from you wanna breakfast law, allows as it was you know who it is. You can't down to add to the lives, almost twenty eight Caroline ingredients which are drawing
Joan Railway March. When you make sure I'll come out, all the freaking business eventually come out of the air, There is definitely Santiago is actually gonna. Be there If you go- and I put if she will be that as is that amazing, their believe me, I'm going crazy this is me and you and give you some exclusive, as we have had Davis as a guest confirm. A chameleon, her David. Yes, we also have me you know Molly she's, on meat. Ok, you know more, ok! Well, you bout to set as a boiling so far. But why are you calling you got a message. I want to begin by beyond man, but, above all, for your interview. Data dating back knew that they may than a yak. You gotta keep pushing need a needle forward and also by Angela emails. I highlight you cook up a Europe that I made in praising the the community, that you providing people with better thing that you don't have to do that. You do an especially like to me away
This will allow me to do certain things for you. You'll have to lose it like demoted at work, sorry look at. You did help you they had about destiny no doubt Abu Dhabi managing to keep us now about living in the outer psyche, trap a job naw man he's an integral part of the San. Diego people are really come into my life so to sea travel while allows those Lord filer dates are regular features. Marilla really prepared Gaza ratio, but I'm glad I was ready to be suspended for my job. And probably get Lego. Mama security holes at night club man now down to an obligation, would a gentleman and second obligation the faintly. With their gentlemen. You currently spends money at the club, and all I do is I slept bird appears form and that allocation was racially motivated
a situation I am quite naked or have a domain shot? A young mother you're older than he shot you and You know everybody was a guy would be a way all the way to call me a worthy we now and now. You're, guy and this guy disease spends money is welcome. There s crazy, deplore. What does the deluded Please call me out of my item I made about me and asked him out. You know he's too enemies, they shoot it all. I want you to go at a boy got kind of crazy. That Bob and I we everybody got separated us shall do our Bogota put my knife up. Narrating bustling worship,
it now, as you should have now been suspended, able to revive nobly nothing, but you know I felt like I was set up in Chicago Cargo man. You know what they're ten candidates begin to our business maybe at what we can to analyses must feel like. I'm gonna lose my job because you know maybe insecurity, I'm expandable, so you know they decide I've had a patron spends money. Verses. Haven't me. Anne S. Fight has been ever mad monastery worse. When I hear mad. Our them. You know I'm still I give up. There but let me make one obvious story: viral. Were you all? cause you again the nominees of security, Chicago Allah, Mayo Saturday. So you order It's a number and am I need you to help me out on Saturday. I will well said it, but if you, if, if if it's mine, love that you got there from a hobby opera. Damn I mean I can, and I ve got five from a clever girl.
There was another hello them stand for something they remember another club. I gotta tell you be my security games like every affects my money. I can't help you ok, they're, ready, I met, then I can do I gotta go. I gotta get order on China, the demand, but I don't know I just wanna- give some bread and peep People choose money over ethics. No, I believe nobody did wrong that any medical lab luminaries and some other colonies tat, maybe per se get off. You chose the eight hundred. That's? U father viable five! One of you needs a virtual veto. Any term that we got room was runaway yes. Well, we kind of you this on the back this club find about this confirmation about who Corey Book is dating now. His girlfriend has come forward and admitted something that we already know all right look so that when we come back, keep alive to the breakfast locomotive, good breakfast,
my own your morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club they got it's Friday. I saw it about you. That flip too narrowly the alone. When you hear their uncensored version is so harsh is amazing Aberdeen you know it is putting up later well, but always politically version and unaware, but I've never. But let me just ask you, when you needed, turned amuse agenda, Betty sing. The hook with you broker. Ask says, leave me alone and then was the next line was before ok, The room was less of the already awards with Angela, his club, but I radio music, a words were last nights at its it had tuned in and everyone there was in the buildings he paying with hosting you some of the
winners from last night. Elisa keys got the Iheart radio innovator Award and she went on stage and said this means so much to be honoured as an elevator. Even when I first got sign it wasn't. Now. You know what new ideas and sounds can unleash bring, but more like how do we make her fit into this modes in? I think that's what a lot of people experience and life and I looked at the great I that Nina Simone and Sade Day and John Lennon, and that there is there was nobody else like them on the planet and I looked inside my heart- and I realise that I am here said Jim. Do me, and we are here. Our way out of the year
I went to area a grand. A female artists of the year also went to area a grand. A mail order of the year went to Drake best collaboration was finesse, remakes Bruno Mars and Cardy be hip. Have long of a year gods plan Drake, hip, hop, artists of the air was cardy, be best. No help have. Artists was black boy. J B he beat out Jews were, although baby low pump and x x x- maybe maybe yes well, our be song of the year? Ella may boot up army artists of the year, Ella may best new army artists, Ella may so she cleaned up last night, so for Latin or a year was also bad bunny. I write would have been an one of the big moments was on the red carpet. Katy Perry said this: about working with Taylor. Swift Taylor was just on the carpet Are you what about the rumours that Katy Parian Taylor Swift could make music together? I may I make an music with that. I'm open, open, open, open, wow she's over
but I mean not only present, I don't care about those who Doris altogether nominated the only person mega hours. You don't get too big. Copyright is a navy. Had this beef go on for quite some time. They believe that working on it, this has written songs about it. Katy Perry has responded so now that two women can put aside their differences and possibly collaborate. I think that's a good thing. What about Taylor Swift and kindly was: can these guys they have even those on together? That's what I want to see anything anything is possible. Boca! I right now. Let's discuss this. Corey, Booker and Rosaria does in its finally confirmed on Rosaria dozens end, axioms of course quota. With her and asked about whether or not she is dating the president, so hopeful here's what she said,
wonderful he's a wonderful dispensing together when we can be grateful to you with some one that I respect and love and admire so much you're, so brilliance and kind and hurrying loving it'll go where they will understand why people care about somebody's personal life so much. If he's a good person, he has the pit the plans policies to be a great president. Why do we care if he's married? If he's not, if he sees you know, I have chosen or hear her dog like. Why do we care it is rare for someone to be president and not be married? That's been kind of the tradition of it. So not that you can. Break them all by these. I think there's only been like wanted to President's. They have now been married. I forget exactly how many, but is not in a lot of time, people look at it like they look at your personal life. They look at your relationships
and they take that into consideration, for whatever reason they want to be present in people will ask you all kinds of questions less true to our right now reads: the kid is in trouble and that's because he actually posted somebody's phone number on his twitter page and now she is suing him sound familiar. Oh yes, it He did not know. What they are saying is that it was his court. Landlords attorney, who is trying to get some late, rent money that he owed and guess he was not happy about that. So you went ahead and posted the number and his social media. Now. As a result, the person Morrow says that she was bombarded by at least five hundred text messages. Multiple phone calls from MR kid fans who thought that they were. It was his number. So that's what happened is it. It was charming icing and yes, so I can imagine
from my own experience, how annoying that would be a lot on the. Why does it but he needs to grow, but I think it was one of the other day. He thinks that we don't like em an hour I don't know, why does it mean that about which the kid is easily and I used to hang our rusticated become restricted way before he was pop it. When you hit me up any like I'm gonna come on a breakfast club, we did. My memory, you dad, I'm glad you did, they would come the club. You will come to my Sherwood serious. I mean we really supported an ounce of land you that, because he wanted to come up- and I was seen I didn't make it happen fast enough and then about the eighties grow up men and we need to find his real name put them back out in due to save the he's gonna people him, while fighting the annoyance it causes knows about. It was tat. My phone off now try the new favours the hours, vanilla, Coke in our Isabella Cook, zero sugar, yeah you're their right, and I have to tell you, the gray combination of coke hours of vanilla flavour had to your closes retail it today and try em out. You got that them
that was whack lay. Usually you start with hay failed like you to start away valves. I really didn't expect this won't like mixed up Aristotle behaviour and then then you gotta get into it. Listen, my never man! I can't, I hope TAT sounded authentic, right now. Are we combat Riga for visas? We talking about here. They talk about these college. Acceptance is right. This is amazing these students, but they ve, been putting in all his hard work and to get these were war is, I think, that's a great thing. So, let's do something The tyranny and no there's been a lot of college admission scandals going around, but less focus at some positive. Alright, let's get a threat mix, keep alive the breakfast locomotive, God the breakfast club The skins in front page news we talked about. You were present SEC about your boy, beckoned junior. You posted on Instagram a goodbye to all of the giants. Fancy said many mixed emotions and feelings. This is ah a lad suppressed is, but it is reality. I don't know exactly what to say. So you gotta keep it
in short, I want to take the New York Giants Organization for giving me an opportunity. Any us. I think the fans is well. He said I ve always have a place in my heart. They d factories leave, and I mean at all for New York in the giant- fancy actually brought some kind of a heart back. I think, for a couple of years, we were down with the crews, got injured and we needed something and he was dead, that that Sparky was when I got back to where we needed to be enough Can we get rid of him? I don't understand why we gave him all that money a year before now we get rid of him. I don't understand the giants organization. So are you The heavy lie meaningly we have Barkley. Thus we have. We have you dont. Have you Annie. I don't know where he lives. There were Armenia to greet your last year number wise, but as far as a quota back I mean sometimes just gonna. Go just gotta go our right. Now, let's discuss some positivity. High School senior Michael LAB in Detroit, he was accepted to forty one colleges. Why
so the lad when I was younger. I couldn't do this. I couldn't do that. So I just wanted to tell people I'm better than what they think they either way. The acceptance fees for most of his perfect perspective schools and he's gotten over three hundred thousand dollars. Scholarship money offers so far, so he's that part of the National honour society. He plays wisely basketball, he hasn't after school job and he still manage to apply to over fifty squad I congratulate him and I guess your mother, is the one who started a college process now and it's a lot of work to an almost essays and reports and make sure everything is up the parcel. Congratulations that young man he put their work it or you can just pay. Now another teenager from New Jersey. New Jersey has been accepted to seventeen colleges so far, and really to have time. Dylan should a moved to America intended out when he was only seven years old and he has been
with his mom and younger twin brother, they both suffer from a serious heart condition, he's been in and out of homelessness throughout his life and still has managed to get it accepted to over seventeen colleges Congratulations to hear me say my family went through a lot and has been a lot of people saying you can't do that. You are going to achieve this and me getting these acceptance is kind of verifies. What I have been saying, I can do it and I will do it I'd love to hear where we were given distort goal. To higher education and learning more focused. So many people now say you don't need college, you just go into the workforce. No, I think I'll tell me so much in the fact that this young man got accept, the seventeen schools not only that the programmes that we put in place that we donate to never give money to help people this programme has worked. So a lot of his existence because of women arising as a non profit and they actually place the family in a permanent support of housing with, gave him a place to study, and you know you at least that
Imagine how difficult it is to be moving around to be homeless and then still have to try to figure out. How can I apply the colleges and study and even to have peace of mind? So congratulations to absolutely our right and dollar general is opening nine hundred and seventy five new stories this year, as well as remodeling, one thousand oldest stores. This is at a time when he had their arrival. Family dollar is actually clothing store. So there you go there. Definitely be competing with stories like Walmart. Now there is the, show my family. We do a lot of cool things at at dollar general. I was telling you earlier that you don't want me and my wife with to spice up to the sexual I'll sex life. Sometimes, these, the inner my family and I we do about it cool things at a dollar general whistling you earlier that you don't want me am I lived with two he was, they want later, a massage somethin like that or Gary V, when he was up there. He told us of that. I did this with my kids to I gave them five hours. They bore a bunch of them
from dollar general in any sold on Ebay for more money to see who can make the most money who have made the most money gifts whatever in a toys, Video game, whatever they want it, so I love dowager other. Maybe you guys we're doing role play a dollar general which really like hey come here? Often, what's your name, you and your while, I didn't think by saying that you could put unaware that they sell a dollar general and I didn't think about. There you, but you know what I'll be home on Sunday and I have had none in a week, so that could be I will tell her to meet me at dollar general. You did he air like the way you take it, and yet today you data dildos, there right those go too far. I realized front page news now when we come back eight hundred five, a five one or five one. Now you you had a guest on your lip service pack nationally and who is fighting. Ok, I can read- and I said yes, I live service. We had Christopher my unknown reggae, I disease when Jamaica- and I asked him this question- have you ever,
a girl that you were getting when her friends how to talk to you? Maybe seller law tell her. I would decide on monetary was after your frame. Nowadays, handling is not worth you know. Your friend or because, at the end of the day I didn't do anything. What are we gonna? Do you didn't tell you in all initiatives like that, like Alright requested eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If your boyfriend friends friend tried to highlight you. Would you let them know what you are a girl? No, although it would you like a man out of the question, eight hundred five, a five one, Five one. If your boyfriend, a girlfriend friend, try to high lad you, Would you let your man or your girl no has that avenue? Iii? Yes, as and I definitely no one in the guides had to deny it, but I had and text messages to back it up and we'll talk about them when we come back eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit us up right now? If that's happened to you with the breakfast club good morning
Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club now and actually ease lip service pie. Cassia Christmas morning he was talking about a situation in their relationship with Europe, heavy of air, a girl that you dating when her face had attacked you maybe committing seller. Now tell her. I would decide on monetary, whatever your frame nowadays handling. It's not worth you know. Your friend over at the end of the day I didn't do anything anyway, we gotta, you didn't tell you, you know when you feel like that lie somewhere ask in aid five, a five one, o five one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend friendship, As you would you tell your man or woman in me, I would absolutely positively to absolutely like if If gears french idea how at me, I would tell immediately judge just so, she knows the type of preservation. Hanging around or the type furnishing
or had I should say I would definitely have a you know about Emma network. Some girls don't want it's, how there boy friend when that happens, because you don't want them to get mad and they get into a fight in some crazy happens to say you kind of feel like I want to protect this, so it doesn't turn into a bigger situation. Who would be able to give would tell me a thing gear, which is probably that yes, it does make it that we don't have for their friend anymore She knows how I am like. I have real thin skinned, I'm very emotional I liked to actually we all know that they are viewed as you know, it s all one of my friends tried to highlight again. I would definitely would be a problem. I would definitely and evaluations, Are you so you have slowly now? What would you do that you will use your decision It happened which you what happened did happen to me and so this guy and he was my boyfriend, but this guy was dating his homeboys. You set me up all the time and they asked me to go out and asked me to do stuff, and I You really know him that. Well, I told them- and I was like your boy- with me up. I just wanna. Let you know is low weird to me and he asked
France has been denied it, and I showed him a text messages I say leg do this is not deny you can't deny this and they actually had a little fallen out because of it. So well that was it as it. I want you to be hanging around somebody that would be disrespectful to you like that A great now what about you, you got a boy for now. Let's say when a boy from people's tried to highlight. You add that little to close, will you tell him see? Why did you tell him get mad, but he needs to know that and then I also never wanted. People like that can't be trusted, so I don't ever want him to come back and it comes back to me like you know I was talking to Angela and she was with it cuz. Sometimes you be feeling like that's a test to neighbor, then you know your boyfriend goes in and bees up his friend what against altercation and in don't you visibly now his affairs Abbe regulate commentaries and then, but you have to. I'm is me, is how we started yet have their worries Does it me you won't, do anything? Ok, I promise What are you fit? Is I call Emilio Fair like what is a family tried to new areas?
No, it's all you gotta do. Is you gotta be lag leg? You have two downplayed a letter like you know. Is it a little but I'm just you know letting you know, because I just thought it was weird, but you don't tell everything you just make arose softer than what it was all right. Well, go to the fore legs. Eight hundred five, eight five one or five one key out a good morning wanted his name is I can now what would you? if you let your girl's friend tried China, and you would you tell your girl and in no way, oh, my god, this guy over Roper, everybody knows where do I really thought the whole matter and we go ahead with those who knows the baby? I wouldn't you
here. I want you to think about what we do Jack S. Mass deftly would observe that apply where a byword flew down the road of operating we had our geographic magna. What's her name was a day sought out to her. She got a real. Well, what do you want? I want you to shut out the automobile and aims
I'll, miss you and that's what I do know. Why didn't you don't seem very now? What did you do? You gotta tell us what you did there always gotta while like whenever he sought to come and see me. I hear all our goal: what was it like but much though I can't bear all about it. I would really like to know how to help with the committee bless you Peter and how they have friends anyway. So there you Fran up out of your way. You know all about it. I've got it.
I don't know what this without apply without a shadow of a mobile fire. He don't know yet what I'll help whereby yesterday, which means we ve looked at what a boyfriend like you buy me a job, oh, why would you do day and they sat her last name server and you know how to couple were then people outside a hopeful? he put me up. We want to keep cool because that ended there s still a vibrant. What am I getting my darling? You mess, who brought up all his own got broken emitted. The way you know like going, I hear bro you a messy brow. Thank you for calling, my goodness gracious aid budget I have a five one off. I wonder question is, if you man, if your boyfriend, a girlfriend friend tried to howl at you. Would you
yeah man. Are you girl, call us up right now, with the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club laugh. He just joined us we're talking about Angela Lip service pack ass, though it had been a pike as he yes Christmas, Amazon and he was talking about it. What we were talking about, whether or not you will let you I know of one of her friends try to Halla too heavy you year ago as you are dealing with her friends how to talk to you? Maybe it now tell her. I will decide on monetary, whatever your frame loudest handling. It's not worth, you know your friend or because, at the end of the day I didn't do anything because at the end anyway, we gotta- you didn't tell you, you know when you feel like that night every will again, no immediately out alone. You will, let me know, could she knows? I guess I M sensitive mean. Is why? Yes, we now and react sometimes without thinking so a pancake bad guy got shut up. Your father, hello there,
key hell. We ve been looking for you looking for you keep her diary. He tell you about the key like secrets in a relationship and everybody, I wonder whether that would be like a really really bad problem. Now nobody does. I agree with that. I say that the academic. You look look shady nowhere rabbit. I don't suppose friend and he goes the jail. I mean you that your believe you when you like a guy buried it you never been packaging. What if he has a warrant, day in day out. This allows this Dana nay mama. Now, what would you do if you a man's friend tried to I you? Would you tell em were actually when do that, and I did not, but when there is friend
I realise that there were gonna anything for me and they started talking about me school. My boyfriend, Please obligation is only an after. We broke up, I'm not really even got your friend, but he was gonna need. In any event, you read that you made it up and look after you realize that you didn't get any things are talking about about me, but at the same time, are you trying to get somewhere? Madrid it was getting on you to me, after we broke up. Thank you, Mamma. Aren't you glad you do not want any more allows is terrible. Now we ask in now. If you, your wife's friend, know your girls french on how that you would you till you Garber Mapper bag? I haven't they allow my wife. Very much of brain will be really really tripe link us. You know how much we we love each other and we're gonna year anniversary makes my so, of course I would
our ban have been around town? Would you say, wait how much money hanging around someone like that as discussed how low ass natural enemies, the jealous they're watching you in our interest that abbot, I don't go out congratulations on anniversary raw allows is lit the more and we re also chip it. This morning the morning I am I'm in a good mood. The question you guys I've had my bring everything that will happen. I wouldn't I want. I want my hunger and I thought it best friend, but important guide bother in the club and we were caused by you know my hey. What that game? I heard he was with a girl. The night began but I found the year and grab Toronto had suddenly found there. We may all right, I'm not you not. Now I backed by the party I do like he was persisted and got away from home.
And then I got home, I call my do that he would put it like that will therefore has not in fact yeah yeah right. Even why not compete with that? We do not yet know whether they will not end up making a load, a pretty internal eared that doesn't bother they still friends, I mean you, I'm not yet them anymore about way, I mean what am I want under the bed? I'm pretty damn good fellow, RO. I would thank you for your comment, mainly with Malta story. I think in situations like this a person's character. You can really tell by add things I business. Gonna be decided to. Somebody is supposed to be friends with that's. Not somebody when a man to be around. Oh, you once a girl to be around. So that's the reason lies importance. Tell not because you were in data you weren't interested or you don't. You should not want them to be friends with somebody like that. Damn right now we got room was on away. Yes, now, let's talk about
this whole school situation at the admission scandal Tell you some of the fall out that has happened. Going on my lawyer, Lackland stored is now member. You didn't think you would be a big deal for the door is, will they be able to continue at USC? Will tell you what happened far. I will get a threat next, when we keep it lacks the breakfast good morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god. We are the breakfast club that Charlemagne is out. So if you want to give somebody dog get a day without taking your calls right now, so you can call us at right now, eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty one five one. Whether you want to give doggie of the data will open up the former and allow you to do that. I know you, was Ella yesterday. Yes, I'm still I hear and allay it was it was I radio music awards, air, Last night, I are radio musical boys, we didn't you introduce a brand new award and this award did not go for a song for an artist. You went to a smart speaking in the window was Alexa the eye radio tagging change aware was presented by Garth, Brooks and Bobby bones that was honouring attack
analogy that brings us closer to the music that we love. It was a really cool moment as a Babby bones last night too. So that was pretty amazing. Always going gives lobby bones. Who gives the award? Who gets it? Yes, you got it the work. So we had was given to lecture you, give Alexa Ward and not ask her legs. Alexa religious, pose the video to. I heard radio that comes out of words. If you, see that when Knocker right now, we got room was away. What we're talking about. I, yes, we are going to be talking about this whole school admission. Scandal would tell you some of the father it happened is not good and the young Ladys are now returning school right. We'll get internet legs. Keep unlocked the breakfast Cloacam morning Morning. Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Let's get cities, rumours are so fat Joe.
This is the route towards Angela eat breakfast bag journalism with animal teenage earlier this week and remember previously he was trying have to cause you six I now and given him advice in the autonomous only stayed out the way. Well, clearly that didn't work, and he doesn't like the fact that, as six nine is cooperating with the feds here's, what he told Angie you tried to schools. I should say nine, because I thought he was a nice guy and am now we can you noise. He can't be my friend he can't come around me ever again You know I mean those rules, you know he crossed that lie not I'll even understand. If I go to a cleverly play his song, I'm keeping it about once you cross, I pray for people who cross the line when he talks of Napoleon they snitch. I pray for them, I'm not gonna go. We can't be cool. I guy, before you see me in a pitcher which causes
I'm not gonna. Go. We can't be cool. I guy before you see me in a pitcher, went causes she's, not as big as it was before, but fat Joe is a street guy. He came up from the streets and he follows the street laws and that's one of the street laws that if you get caught from doing a crime you don't snitch and Takashi, when a crime or allegedly Dhunacrag his raise people's, enable all doing crimes, allegedly he got caught and he turned and that's street law you shouldn't let so I get my fatuous ate. It arises, pictures of him now rise since we're talkin about crime. Let's talk about lorry Lackland daughters. They actually are withdrawing from. U S, nineteen year old, Libya and twenty year Old Isabella, they had the full support of their parents who have been indicted. The college bribery scandal. They saying that at the girls went back, they would be viciously bullied it. As a matter of fact, it's been. Crazy on social media, like I told you, this is gonna happen. Envy he was going and on them on their pages and that's all because their parents paid five hundred thousand dollars to have them designated as recruits there.
Possibly on the crew team, but they don't even a row, so they don't even participate in the sport and lorry Lackland. There mom has been dropped by fuller house and also Thus, the hallmark show and their daughter, Olivia has lost. All kinds of deals to treasure May has announced their cutting ties with her. They said we take his they seriously and we are no longer working with Olivia. Also her page with the clothing brand princess power, he is no longer active and it has just been all kinds of issues now, while all of that yeah. I'm Bolivia us how to make a partnership remove. It is with them before, and they already got rid of their homepage insofar as website. So. There? You have it this world is very unforgiving and the reason I say that as yet at what they did is absolutely pines and wrong, but even for it for you for the girls essence, also the girls is also not suffer a drop them because it at likewise at least, very sad to live
they don't hurry with that Raina get it amount to say what it is like this world a sword. Forgive him are you you, you have to be very, very careful would anything that you do, because your whole life is illegal. Amsterdam. Ok, baby right now, this this is the father from what it is. When what did happen, I mean you know you ve been exposed by getting into a college the wrong way for bribery and The thing is a lot of things that you had achieved and I even thought of use of them talking about her going to college, and you know why shouldn't pusher doors to work hard and had the reason why she got in school and all of that, so all this is like based on the premise of who you are and its ally local. I right now talk about Russia Wilson, he didn't an you and he talked about why he loves baby futures so much he was talking about making up, the family unit. Where again, of course, you could tell how much he loves that little boy, here's what he said. We must stop.
You really sign that one loves like its is interesting. Israel, also my its non blood on anything else, but When you have some just like you know, it is child and everything else that that's why she loves like a little man walk for the first time was amazing, as well as the blessing in, and then also nothing motherly practice. I mean it Then that's gonna hurt that's gotta her ass. If it has to feel good because you you glad- another man made his step. Dad is is taken him like it's his son, but I also got her because those things that I should dawning on that day. Adele who does thing? Yes, listen at the end of the day, Sierras Mary she's moved on? You really happy that did their personality. He loves you ascend, like it's his own, you sure, but
I too feel away sometimes to leg. Damn I wasn't there watching her muslin take his first step and that they take my kid literally practice that does it gonna make you feel away ass. You can deafening I'll. Take your own tat. Literally practice, if you want an answer, he's on the road. A lot he's touring he's doing all this, so he probably couldn't do it anyway, all the time, but it might be difficult if I live in Atlanta and Sierra lives in la you know, it's difficult, cuz, I'm not there. I live in two different places in the fact that another man is is taking my son to practice. Tai Chi happy. I should be grateful, but is still heard. Is that will be making only worse as the money to digest son like is tabby railways, Anything you say you re right on my right. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report for all right. Thank you, Miss ye. Now we come back down here the day Charlemagne is not here: what gives somebody dog you today, eight hundred foggy five one o five one, maybe she'll ma- maybe she dad maybe she'll coworker, maybe she'll boss, wherever it may be in me.
You say that we now eight hundred five, a firewall or five one donkey days of next call. Us now is to breakfast locomotive the bread was glad your morning. So now would be the same as the J envy. The stairs on galaxy as ten is making headlines after ten years at a galaxy. This is definitely the best one. Yet the Galaxy S TED is available now and you can get up to three on it. I was when you trading you all foreigners Samson dot com warning. Everybody is J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we all the breakfast club, so we ask in its fraud. You know what that means. Forgave, they gave in the freaky freaky freaky Friday question is: how do you spice up your relationship? How do you keep the sex drive in in love and the spiciness in your relationships. I E. How do you do I'm glad? I do really crazy fun things that you do. I think I'm a beyond his I'm sorry,
village. I don't really do anything crazy, but my life is but we don't do not delay roleplaying or going out in doing competitions at dollar general. Familiar. Let me I had my way do you know we do pretty much everything as we role play, we have competitions, we towards everything, just to keep six like that. We were so spontaneous terms. We just do it. Is to make sure that will always thinking about each other in always do something new indifferent. You know what kind of things I when we can have a date night, facile colony, I it isn't. It is important that the like, I spent a lot of times it children together banana going anywhere it doing anything, because I have to work so much and I feel like I'm always so to me anytime. We have time together and we can we actually leaving was made as exciting, but you should do something like crazy. Like mix how's that you buy Detroit, that's foreclose on, you should take your boyfriend in there and you strip naked now, great git. I don't know what you have you seen these foreclose homes in or not by
could be dangerous. Forget it leave Kosovo. Learns allows this quite pay court. How you keep the six by senior relationship with her. He happened, and look at all do what do you plan to have down on a bare india like so that it doesn't get on a bed, or does that not matter it as an added value? They do that stuff in a hotel, hotel, room and idealism leave somebody to clean up but Hershey while they were like energies and be like somebody messed up. The bank already moment allows this LISA. Hey LISA! You keep the six my senior relationship. I am a lot of people Kirk and pay like when you would somebody youth Pact or its happens. They Amadou all EU massing few. But as you want deliver me when I say I'm about to do a lot of everything for you literally theory, like everything
I bet you do I'm doin it want about. Unlike what level here, as these leaders meet a semi a text messages, I can we do tat by real good. If I barely above give, you remember problem them out like one on the carpet and creating Edith while there again returning one, I'm definitely do it. That's that's crazy! Giving you made it is crazy to you that's by doing now, she's lab in on it in another two album on a unified Europe, not gonna, get married, they don't come quickly. What would you like lily growth would be like? I know, a lot of nearly nasty felt by public money, love it Matthew, I'm an accurate but doing those access. How you express it right, like you say which again I wish you would buy a new company we deliver not among allowed is like that Mamma, how you keep six by senior relationship. Ok, yeah only laughed, and I move that the great from generic yarn about the great future Jemison out as ngos troops. Are you really do that
yeah you. What is the great fruit you didn't say? What is the green fruitcake? Ok, you got a workforce have right, you got a hole in the middle ages. On your man and when you gave her oral, you use it s, like my father. Do that would another group besides a great route, probably aren't? I know about this. But others doesn't this ain't like that, will help you, your penis people manage them all Are you might need a Clementine, something a key. We will need all our need. Medical and making a great allows is never saw bro, it's all good. How do you keep sex by senior relationship you gotta keep by you'd? Sometimes you got play games. Sometimes you gotta go play like I just out of the game.
I have made up call no, no sense where you got room where might like you and, like you said you and your wife up, laid down that five dollars or younger fear from her became one of em over wind gift to move is one of the senses like they gotta covered I thought they had accompanied. Now, what can you do hand door? You know big problem for again the gas dough DAS, don't like you would you say you are going to be hard time, Mon Ami like baby we're a glove or like you you moved with you in your hand alma tried out yet, as though like coffee, eyes or year, sea of Zimbabwe, place towards a compromise. Was you tat my ears up? She'll. Do some, whilst also she player, Graham, live next girl. My group voted and they lay in a bed eight orchard father five, what or five what is freaky frigging frigging Friday, it were asked
how do you spice up your sex life called us now? If the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, God we are the breakfast Club Navvy just joined us is frigate frigate. Give broad and were asking what do you do to see my Sophia sex life now? he says you really doesn't do was the speech I made my sex life is pretty good. Do not, then, maybe I need to do like different things, but I think we just have sex like geller and arms. I mean we ve, never lay play games, I've, never role played. I haven't done those things you gonna do easy stuff, like you got alike one day, I'm telling you you, you got a bunch of foreclose properties, abide in Detroit, you go in and he determined to go upstairs. He who says you come down in you but as naked, and what is he going to fly? Album is now be a great story when it paramedic gonna get you buy, it would be good if this spontaneous let's go too far. This allows this boy keep our year now we're
Ok, why do you keep me Ex Ante swelling the parking lot that right break and about a girl I met on me. Am I doing here given the girl, or it may have been our debate and our debate. I they allowed tat ends back without you around. Why doesn't people they like? It only has submitted three of us, but are you allowed to be that around? What are known as the global way now Bianti said earlier. We get out of our way of our more than they leave you you looking over his stupid, while eighty getting rode out for you, gotta get to fear, you can get in there they wouldn't they blow lady, but they won't. Let you weren't there like we like each other, better management. That we are on the same page If you look at it now notice
Thank you, you spicy for him. I guess it is allows days was up another Nelson. I you keep your sex lives by Ciba. The other group of my girl put me on an bucks people friendly like females and like here on an these female role here on your back and talk of rigging and they'll, get the phased they'll do that, while I'm gonna think that and that there were like her idea, but they're gonna turn over me now through our government debt recovery, but you know she made no, it is for a long time, but that was an idea. You know she's been noticed one company, as already known it America. Not are you know? Do you not think I'm ok, we're gonna, do don't like dig it ask. I don't know. That's really like you haven't touched him that he has It is you're watching them. Do whatever and then they what'd ya do whatever, but you know she.
The relevant. They made a lot of other things. You guys, face time Europe, but they kept me. I've been thought. I am confident that they say about nobody's. People are threw up back in. They don't know that no my ass a year, basically just reforming our Allenham here, but you know the window she's devilish But if you start off with females now is gonna be games in Malcolm and then you know no, no. They may end up going to them sex clubs. Together. Will you get away and the people in Europe? do a very start, taking you from the back and be what is going you gotta go regional group with a baby. We talk about, but then I got it That is not only an opposite each other yet is by Sir
hello, hello, this period is preserved. Pray for Gerald now. How do you keep YO yo? Yo sense lay spicy looks a little like me, you may back there lay low arbiter. No doubt about the other man, you, wanna go to prefer the other little fella You have some further net Fitzgerald. They do about Paypal, crazy. It everything that by So when you lose the ring, I always wondered how many guys use those I'm not gonna harder and harder on who? Oh god, oh god, oh god, drink abided by, while I'm younger people occurs every day.
Today is spicy with everything is fine as it slides is like. If I tried, I tried it Double upshot a long time ago problem when I was in college of my wife, the ring and I was a little too giddy fork and I was but now I'm a little different, To do that. You know it doesn't have to fit tight. Guttapercha valuable can come off, come in different sizes What are you well enough and then another I'm thinking about this right? What's your name is Fitzgerald does not like how does your wife's data have sex? like a its Gerald, my best well you're, not only everybody garnish with joy over if all spirits like spray spritz our rights, any terms, I would beg you haven't reserve. Oh, I was more than a story. Adena, was you ve got it reserves are. I was spicy than
I know you ve got room was on the way here. I got some special news for you and Vina is a clothing line, and I know you're gonna enjoy this, because it's a show that you absolutely love and I'm sure it's alive- In addition, also, what's up about the sopranos, their pre gwawl has a release day was how you what is called and when his car Have you ever what virtual porn you? You know I did on New year's me and my own growth. Seventy Santiago. We were looking at it. I will dried and lily enjoyed. It now what is it like, because I want to try it let me put the glasses all alone, we gotta watch and go with that. I want. I want to try it You guys can really do anything to each other. During that, because your involving Whiting like a virtual reality, so you'll be like walking into the war, has in law I will rumours all away. Don't move is the breadth of the morning where was clear me more Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to the aromas assault marriage
we get a report at the reul report- libretto club. Yes, so this happened marries boo. Can't last night soldier boy proposed Cynthia Riley check it out Europe, we marry me. We now need a rally to do so. Media and said on that engaged. Obviously, I We even know where to start so you know this has been a while ago. So basically, things went left after that I'm confused already engaged, or did they get into a fight? Is both what was going on here? He proposed image the long time ago? They are no longer engaged. I mean if you see everything has been going on. The two of them that's clear. He was running around Ramallah, black China remember and he had a whole. Another girl so clearly is now a near Riley. Now we can, talk about Little mo and cards again on the elastic
Mary Sue Camp and they ve been having all kinds of issues. It seems like. He was quite lying face. Timing. Somebody in the kitchen late one night and little more was upstairs asleep, while that was happening so at their final ring ceremony, she told him that he's gotta get it together. Take that up but maybe you get mad at me, when you call it would do that do not worry about your one anywhere, a wine asian worried like I can really in front of these cameras. Embarrass you in front of the whole world top level up call. Your problem We need answers festival here, so we should allow a lawyer and I want to change imposing some things on social media as well. That makes you feel, like I hope, everything's gonna be ok between the two of them. I hope seems like they. They are. Okay. I spoke to a couple of weeks ago. They seem like things
good. I hope they are able to work out their stuff. I think I was a couple a little crazy things. I hope he fixed up a straightened up and I hope they can work it out. Men are like him again, yeah mean a couple of weeks ago is given their where she was disposed in our social media. Now so yeah Hopefully they do get it together, because she was most people saying things like if you can't just the person you sleeping with. Who can you trust- and that was one of her votes for marriage boo camp as well so you know I mean listen man his high rate envy and people marriages odd. It takes working at work all the time you gotta make sure you on the page, nothing easy about marriage, but when you altogether together, doing a right is just a most beautiful day. You had to learn from our mistakes now keep making them there right now the sopranos pray. Who has a release day and a new name. It's called Newark and the movie, gonna be in. There is unsaid timber, twenty fifth of twenty twenty So are you here for that with the love which I gotta do is get a visa,
Michael gained ovine will be playing him as a younger version of their character. You know so that should be interesting no you'll be excited about this when my right now now how much? game, it thrones. Well, it looks like they gonna happen, a clothing line in anticipation of the final season of game and throw a game of thrones s doubts at April. Fourteen John bravado, he's gonna. Do I eleven peace, capsule collection and it's all inspired by the show, is out now. So if you want to get but their envy you better go get that now. About the merged shadow, came to him and me you may like it you. Let me help you to say, but I don't care I will emerge legacy Emma tied to the character of the characters really fictional. I guess, but I just want to see because as the interesting thing so I don't really care about them. Then you say you don't care about. If you haven't seen, it may be right, but I just ok by wind and dragons and Jams Norma. Looks like you didn't have dragons on our congratulations to make mail. He has his
on weekend. Meek, maybe get in Philly so has already kicked off. Yes, congratulations to him, so they actually are gonna be conferred. Coming all of that, and they are also going to announce a proclamation for him on a state wide level. So with joy to Saturday is so crucial. Today the whole Philly loves make they give his own weekend. He does so many things, but yet he still on probation It is one judge deadlines, I got one personal like him in making his life crazy, but everybody else loves me? There was so much good thing for a community he's given back. He has his own weaken, but he still ways, because that is what judge then that's? Why he's gotta keep do a great things and rub it in her face there? You go and congratulations to chance, the wrapper him and wife Kirsten Coralie. I their merry now and they have a daughter already by their expecting another daughter. He posted we pregnant again. It's a girl, Jesus Christ. We love you God, so congratulations, I write em Angela YE and that's your rumour report. Alright,
thank you Missy, like everybody else to people's choice mixes up next. You know how we doing on Friday. We throw it back. So let me know what you want here and I'll get you a request on. I eight hundred and five, eighty five thousand one hundred and five made us up right now is the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be the same. Calibrate twenty five years of moving the culture forward at twenty nineteen Athens Festival presented by Coca COLA July for activities. Haven't in New Orleans featuring performance is by Miss Eliot marries oblige knives her among fifty more register for free of answer by ticket. At essence, festival a kind of warning everybody is T J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club now again shots everybody to seize it honest rally, we had not the temper and then after tab wig over to Miami and in Saturday night Emma be Chicago at Club, Revere, not a change dumb locations, but we gotta be. A club review out Chicago Monogamy Sky was Sunday right. Yes, I have a day party unchecked
go on Sunday was I'm really excited about, as I love Chicago- and I heard Their actual branch is sold out, but you can still come to the day party as the blackout brunch. So if you guys gonna come, do may show you come to that. I'm excited for that is that I am entitled Chicago Broker all right at all people It me up about the cautious in order to call show my first casual last year in New Jersey as a New York area, an I'm working on to brain that caution. To Houston, I'm gonna do Dallas, I'm gonna. Do Indianapolis and maybe Miami, so we really should be expanded, so hopeful I get to see you saw them would be taken a car, the celebrity cars on a toy. We gonna make it a big fun family day with a bunch of jumping for decades. Could be a lot of stuff. I really enjoyed Donna, bring my family logs who like to see you guys soon. Now I want you to another car rally. Some more people can participate cause. I know a lot of people having when it come on this when so well,
Dakar rally- I don't know, I really don't know. I mean driving seven hours, sound like a good idea and sounded like fun, but it's very hard. It's very difficult driving seven hours and those little ass cars and wear it in and out in I urge and potholes and police pulling your but very difficult is far lower, but is very, very difficult, but our Lord in exile is will be you are you gonna do gumbo, perhaps ever because they do not you do it on the ball. Why is that though these rallies allied, takes a lot like this. That easy, I thought of Libya delight you want some three legs now. Is that its to lack of time, I need a nap but if you see it's going to roll, you, don't beep the horn status of highlight all that other good stuff and it's fun like it's only little kids that come up. So we allow the kids to get in the car and take pictures and do all those type of things that we do. Charity, soda money that were raised and we actually buy tonnes of food. We ve the homeless? Everyone's they in New York City, we by Turkey's we even go to different places in east destination that we go to and we give away snake as we give way clothes
the cause GOSH Ivan around a nice cause we actually given back so shalt everybody that participated in a piece yeah. Why rally thats a beautiful thing in yet be up? Yet, where we come back, we got two positive notional movies to Britain. Furthermore, morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we appreciate you guys in again shouting but I ve been sea like us. It is a way we do it. A rally we started off in the wall is now in a land. We had an attempt, but then my enemy with living in so much loves. That is one of the same shout to all. Guys- and thank you guys for riding with us I'm you. You got a positive vote, yes and today's positive no cause it's Friday. Of course, Shallow me would always hey what we react to do better. Do my own also take care of your inner spiritual beauty that will reflect in your face
Vivian clinical yonder, either from Zagreb and I'm Donal phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life's best the Turk and GDP on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to we watch the series one episode of the time and put our memory. Into a podcast. You can listen to it home we're gonna get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about. By the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends with second I called on the high heart radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS deepen world, Hampshire on the side of it. Highway the hills witness a light in the sky, the craft hovering above a field day
that was the end of their story. Two years later, under hypnosis. They would learn that was more did that night. So what had they forgotten? The street, case a Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, a co production of heart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen to strange arrivals on Iheart Radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get your pack casts.
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