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Thursday 2/2- Today on the show news broke that former Vice President Joe Biden gave his blessing to his son and his late son's wife now widow. I guess they like to keep it in the family, however, we had to ask our listeners if they looked at it as normal. Moreover, Angela Yee gave some listeners on some advice with Ask Yee and Charlamagne gave Donkey of the day to Amar'e Stoudemire.

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Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning. Angel e money. These anti Charlemagne Gaddafi's plan is that yes, it stirs. The morning, everybody to weaken its goals here, yeah, I'm fine, I'm a little a little, mostly drains more liberal little more here when I was asked to carry out its very yesterday likely. Not only did I do before that right I want to go, see, get out cuz, I hadn't seen you get out yet so I went to go, see get out around seven hundred and forty five got out. I mad thirty got to the crib and washed believe RADA story a ten hours by tv. So almost leagues, Arthur Low, mostly drained too heavy. Heavier heavy
heavy movie whenever TV show TV show of the golden black this morning is denied and this blacks monism. Until I come in I think you like every morning. Yes, the commission itself, the people about both things that you sing jalopy flimsy having about wonder in the country I am is Is it ok? I love What is it? What is it I be polluted feed is the number one move in a country. It's a great movie that covers right. System in America do a very horrifically. Yes, absolutely in the committee I mean that from what I suppose, the commerce as it looks like their young black men, is getting away girl. Oh yes or listen is not going to let them in their premises, diet and they try to bring back to slavery. No,
No, no, no, no one in the country can go see. An amendment give away to platform that I like a higher movie and now is doubly arm is never do anything improve regulations at America, but we are going to trust our cameramen on debt, beginning to black element of life at a level that is to say, was actually that was daisy with narrating a ladder. Yesterday I buy tv news and wanted to talking had done him in Moscow on Herman Van Jones, and he was one of the producers on until he was executive producer prices. We want a romance in the Bronx unhappy and Zap. Getting arrested for our corner, quotes, dealing a backpack and going to jail. He's been widely they then voluntariness timing out of those three years that he was locked up. There is a lot to do its support. Series. I no good. I was under the impression that the only three days now get out because you never got the day, nine hundred we abuse on probation. It has to be I never knew he was on probation and yelling. I don't let tat for a minute
for joy ride in a bread, a bedrock. You re saying that if you, because it explains a lad of how the system failed him his whole life growing absolute situations have a completely beyond his control. Absolute and from when he was young towns is how he was his constantly thrown in the system, and they said basically just never have a chance absolute. So, needless to say, I M law, mostly exhausted, is one that's all just a little Are we got front page news that we talk about Jeff sessions, find out why the democratic calling for him to be: let's go alone, who abuse it? Well, what else you talk about, and we are going to talk about Mcdonald's. They have something new happening that you might be interested in. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back keep it locked at the breakfast club morning, Big Sean bounce back morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are. The breakfast club now has cancer front. Page news will talk in Jeff,
what's up with him now are calling for a Jeff sessions to resign after finding out that he did have two meetings with russian ambassador to the United States. What's the big deal, he didn't disclose his during his confirmation hearing, and he was one of transparent farm policy eyes ass. He was asked about half contact. Queen. The members are president chums campaign in russian officials and he said that there was no contacts. Any city was unable to comment so right now his books. In saying that he has never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. He said he has no idea what this allegation is about. It is false bodies, also saying that he did not consider the conversations relevant questions he was ass. Indeed, remember in detail. What he discovered after a while to draw ministration was crazy. I'm gonna have to stop stand. A mine is narrative, afraid news, ok, wanted somebody will investigate the trunk administrations ties to Russia. The integrity of our country, that you said you know
we had any meetings we found out you had to now you saying that those meetings were not relevant to the quick? I don't understand the end of his no big deal people a meeting with the Russians. Why do people in the trumpet ministration keen line of our meeting with Russia, but also from prison? I would recommend, down as they are getting mobile ordering an deliveries, and now you can order from your phone and pay on your phone for Mcdonald's and actually have that food deliver. They have actually had their sales fall. Incredibly, five. Two million. Since two thousand twelve point my life have I ever like Mcdonald, so much about wanted, delivered called Fatima Data, then that the movement- and that is an absolute in outline. Our grew up liking, Madame, would never let her neck is actually the legacies given by an yes said: they're gonna make all that available at its roughly fourteen thousand restaurants in the United States by the autumn. The rules it fully. Yes, they say a lot about about their rivals. Have this option like domino this dire about finance
Red Wendy did announce. They're gonna have those self service order key asset, a thousand of their restaurants, I give up at the time I mean what I want and avoid delivered an extra balladur deliver nobody's seen so many see the small smart is not even in like that he never unhealthy Mcdowell, it's not even over the leaves, a bigger people in period. You know what movie supposedly formidable Yes, but I got a gun like a weakening of fat happened, just ass. We were sent in trying to introduce healthier options, though that is true right front page news volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, you can call us right now. Maybe a pissed off maybe had a bad night whatever. It is. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one also, if you're not feeling upset bless, you can tell us why you bless right now, as well. Eight hundred Bobby firewood five one if you feel blessed in new, feel positive vibes and you just want to spread him call us up now was to breakfast locomotive,
the breakfast club. It is the lack of a day. Why not if they were back on the problem- and it was so many good girls in a Europe where we leave any other browser, publicly lose many drug companies. Lobby girls gone away, we will need. I gotta go away, fuck about exactly why you were already below this work. Boy was my guy, that's not a guy who every dollar Marin is one of the gun, club debt relief, and thank you for the many. What we require. You What do I have been involved with no more where they want with one another to well is that this is an intolerable, a router you may do. The agitated do is go. Get the book April eighteen,
black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who created preliminary right now and Amazon Barnes Nobles my guy web, ensure that what it Without that it doesn't book, you should go, get it. I detail to transit, is peanuts in detail. Why even though a glove g d, I'm down never Baby Gardena declared Amnesia Daisy. I am not at all not. It was a big idea, the other new clothes from club, but that allows without your lot, after almost got immediately the countries. On the contrary, the levelling proceeded with closing your by well let's eat in, because I see now the time gloves either. Let me tell you that there was a globally that of the globe, namely that its own as an elected return, ivy weak, but I'm not from the other committees that does it allows, does not make them any better.
We do not allow the detainees you're right. You because I have read You didn't get you write them it. May I feel I wonder we go away governing and tell us the pennies war vaunted dollars in this can be travelling divine Albania Vittorio to find intended as well as in a couple of actually, if it's the men, that was made at thing now was made with a certain edible before was made when it differently. Milon knows pennies and work like on it. I was, but they got opinion. I got Frederick Douglass whispered. I ever Hamley conveyed as worthwhile in and out the real recovery near the old pennies. Were the baby cop anywhere voluminous allow this method. I Don't you have said dog, I am not that I am peers. I want to hurt the mighty well
per day. While I was that work, mine and my own dear network and heart, combined with broken into my how well do gab, they took my thought and play face at all. Hello, and I'm not talking about t choose. I'm talking about food. You pay one honey, and when it all, it boil a jewel in order. The Nike air remains. I am when I tell you, I won't hurt somebody. The mining, though you know it was not all day. Combining! No, then I will tell you: why must the moment does not even go outside every goal? Eda even go to any other go around there. So I drive right now, I'm DR and Bp Mouth out my way to thank him for the boy thought he can go to school. He doesn't go to school in the neighborhood but a minute Debbie them barely dated only
when we have our monthly right here in the garden may we weren't, where you Fran old thinking, right baby lobby. I don't even think he he knows where my finally move in that direction. Therefore, first of all you Jack Jack rules, really bad right now, having exactly the next week on Thursday will be a general ministers, the journalist barrier maddened act. That way, I envy by your fair and above was acts that unaware were closed just so? We he's a small he's, a twenty eight thirty and hands and then his finally the size and I hear no real out their low gand. I've known you haven't been eagerly. I now call on the fire for a long time ago. Facilitator. You old, on Amazon Yoga Couple play video or facebook. Somebody, Oda
I don't know what I'm saying you come appears negative Jack's about my mouth. When I go on the bank do envy and k somebody ejaculate walked to another person. It is shot him in face. And put it on Facebook? You know, as you say, we have to know about face. Live today. There actually gonna start suicide prevention tool. Did you not be moving committing suicide? Homicide, Murdo Manifesto load toward wall actually went down, the Jacksonville become Jacksonville, you would I made, as we could judge will given so bad. I rarely people are literally just walk in a populist shoot him in face right. Well, tell him blessed next, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us now. If you feel blessed rest and positivity at the breakfast club, The breakfast club,
Are you bless and highly favouring the congregation at eight hundred feet? Five. Five. Why praised the breakfast club allow this karlov tomorrow, you fill in black brows, bad Philip Brad Provident Link up deplored, aware how the wealth and about the black, the Cleveland Cavalier back to read it out. Up in the illegal I back the familiar would probably not back to back anyway. What are you going? Are you will win the championship? You are absolutely right out of it for alcohol and tobacco it does not cover those member states, while also showed a java. When did James you, I like, why does cover Durrant you're, really going to pay gap still Wingate allow is out of date from. I am my calibre blood to be a small black business automatic Look around me to help it by Gabby about without and also you small black,
witness only just a business owner, Perry, Baby Vega, her true true, I was you say: yes we gotta do some nice things for employees as well. I get people are doing a good job. Sometimes we only go in on people when they mess up, but when you're really you gotta give people some trading hear them. Some praise as well hello. There is danger every sector, I don't. They There are you to embody a pretty good Colorado, all right, I'll pay. You guys aren't I. Radio overboard and of a truck driver drive into above Lonely York right now. No kind of exile is that, although that how long Umegae is that, while our gotTa Cleveland, though it about Who would have our three hour drive Canaanites? How do you call for Victor I've gone if they? Why bless up left, because the large third, my birthday, if you re to turn twenty eight, no caring and deprived of Bob? I am I
how we're gonna clothes and a couple days nice about Philip, pretty good you and you talk now about alone gas and oil, tat that our own I gotta robot, went out Why do you really want an animal day? day you can hear it. Here. I beg you VIC the Abbe and congratulations, you guys have a good day. You do not know she's. Just joking me beg you get over the Diana vote on a long road chips in an old idea. We gotta get. The truck is a blog alone as a kid and I had to play it happens, no kids, do it all the time I stood there was geared to flash drive everywhere. So will we see the jobs that it the boat all down before they had our cell phones, kids, even handed shaded tablet. Let him play on the apple somewhere. You right here in Europe, Absolutely I too have our imaginations area. We should ok allow this
Asia. Are you for them less? I found very by my fears of less because last year I went from being a freelance model who dropped out of college and even being homeless for a couple months to getting in School, Gang Tiger, boiling Mina models and now giving wild lasers see. I love that, thank you so much at the heat. It will come up with everything you are deadly. Bland school go in all probability you do know you. We are almost yes, we're, gonna who had a Marries data Meyer. He had some remarks that he said that has gone. A ladder criticism, will tell you how he is defending himself. Also Chris Brown, find out who has a restraining order against him now, ok, we'll get into When we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning.
Body is DJ. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club. We gotta thank Heaven heart man can gain through chronicles half a compromise that adds away said: Anthea Tracy, our Greek Heaven height is well I'd, shares their cabin high premises. We had the worst there's an here have finally come to an age is noble, comfortable, very calm, and on top of that, when a range of ports could yesterday germane from mining terrorism, Virginia he's a listener. He sent us to chair footing. Gascony new cabinet was in the chair for self reason too. The club we get to God S this year Kevin Audio Man of his ward, dammit, definite appreciated where we needed it. Devil immediately. We need it. For years I ve been asked now average five years they ve come through. Kevin hot artist and I want to listen as you made it for travelling, include bonds, Kevin hot age may damage and that that with greedy use and allow the laptops, hey, I heart, He doesn't laptops unless you know a lot of the six years old,
This is a lesson that animals to guess at each other in order to succeed, is able for about eight years old as they stole my own and am I await Emma somebody stole member used only in very still that allow vintage I get a lot of money for Retro completed this boy, kids rooms, a circus brown, with Angela disclosed a restraining order? Chris Brown has two nasty away from Joseph Ryan. The core, if you don't know who that is, that is courageous. Best friend now they're saying according to Joseph, their Chris Brown has been saying no matter where they go, he will find us and shoot the place up. He also said he was a dirty Superbowl Party and Chris Brown got his face and said it's twenty. Seventeen o my f you up every time. I see you, so you better get the F out here before I lay ass out Joseph also says
the very same already Chris bound through a drink. I one of his friends and told her move bids. We aren't friends, you really like a girl right and you want to get a girl back shootin you, like kind of show her a different side. You, like shortage, you changed and evolved, maybe tried ended in work, would have probably that attitude that makes her not want to be around you to begin with a multinational no down on it like that movie, the perfect guy or something They always always allow everyone is absolutely now, according to Joseph Greenspan, also sent guys after him, and he things they have gang ties because they kept saying blood. Blood Bledsoe, Christiana ACT is not harassed Joseph anymore and stay at least a football field. Away now was bound to leave a comment on certain bother alert cause they posted the story said: that's not true of causes loans, vague moose rights,
would you have omitted, I beseech you. Ll ever will be a time with levity. Go they bother, Ledger Right S. Approach through now marries data. My has made some comments that have people very upset. He was doing an interview within israeli website because he plays in the israeli Premier League and hears what he said when he was asked about anybody, gay and the lack of room Michel across his motion. Much to close all round the corner and Rob took a different wrapped up to the job is always a job. So what's he sailed greatly as a kidding- and he said well, I mean- is always truth within a joke. Now he is apologizing. He said I want to apologize for my offensive comments against the algae BT. Community. These remarks were taken from a larger interview where reporter was asking me hypothetical questions at all. My answers had a committed, and it's about what I a political question now the question: would you have a shallow? Although the question would you would you mind
What are you may was a gay player on the team if you found at a player with a view to promoting Mars, but am I guarantee you from the time you inflame? The little league basketball you played basketball would enable there now you know that every day when I went on early base will have been in the shower, would a gig player before I know you have legged, even in a large room, what a guy, whether you, what am I right now Gilbert Arenas has weighed in on his instagram. He said so stupid, MBA locker room acts, gay straight dues at gay. As if in a locker room engages don't stand out, soda beyond is for the most part you can't I'll play as you just like cam Obi, J Westbrook wouldn't be gay athletes. A gay appy doesn't want to stand out because his men were built hard and competitive. So the way we talk in a locker room to each other as straight men, Bitch, and where it never patsy Soft, as F gross emboss, whatever he said now, if you're gay, a man when I want to be on the wrong side of this lack room who never take a shower with any alpha mill personalities, because
he's saying he would be uncomfortable about away. Locker rooms are just gay cuz. If you didn't know what was going on- and somebody just show you, the inside of a lock me like all these do just naked standing around penis is swinging talking to each other no, you heard, is no big shot whatcha knows: gonna, look gay anyway, I give you haven't, had a studio to breakfast club sometime it doesn't freefall wrestling we'd, Doggie Thorpe people against the wall Amy, Emily Robin envies back right by means of border because rubbing his bag for lorries have. I met people have seven they found at the time we got married on Valentine's day because they said he didn't marry a black women well, according to its about local, bury their microblogging once you nobler now hold on, because I did some research inequality and the the woman's AMOS Samantha Leashes from Jersey. She has a masters degree in social work at the University of Georgia.
T fight sex in human trafficking, shooting loudly and maids, and they said that she actually is ecuadorean. Making an african american blessing blood's Britain's black got rid of unravel the blog. You gave me your people are trying to say this is not black. They saw her picture logger visiting their religion complexion. I don't know. If anybody know my a black woman authoritarian got too many. Facebook follows: when you have forty million available following an you: black you'll have to marry a black woman, so hardly any eyes. I met her through friends, mutual friend. He posted that letter just add two years ago to his wife of the future. When include bond retirees them glamour brought. Am I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, machine, omega four pages. Are we talking about our gonna talk about an interesting story? We're gonna talk about Joe Biden in something that's happening within his family that everybody is confused.
About ok, we'll get a positive, leaning back in New Jersey me. This is really not look. Look right now. Would you take your cabinet right? Look today when we come back you, Sir gentlemen, that keep enlarges the breakfast locomotor putting everybody The envy Angela YE shall remain God. We are the breakfast club, a gap and we need to put red brown music download time outer he figured lifer. All of these allegations are better. He still written of all women in and people like that, I don't think you should keep reward nimble planet music, while I recognise number five shot, nay, that's all you care about as it is the people celebrating birthdays on twitter. Timothy Brown was listening right now and also pressed in p nasty verity it's his birthday. He went among them ass the authority to make an aim that broadband mathematic amidst the age old, Robin Toolbar from have made them more data method. Man, let's get some front page news, Starwood Joe Biden, family read the widow,
Joe Biden, late, son, Beau Biden, Beau Biden passed away from brain cancer two years ago. He was forty six years old I have studied a romantic bovines widow has started a romantic relationship with both rather Hunter biting, so the younger son of jobs. And is now relating so I marry you I'd die in a new date. My brother, right, I mean your brother- was always mass of your brother. Wasn't always mean brother. We always managed, and you had a big for my brother, didn't I just I'm dead two years, and you remember that our already together what happens, thou and families when tragedy like that occurs because the widow highly she was devastated whenever they happen. You end up sometimes coming together and reminiscing and having sex with each other. I mean now is not the first time that they like this has happened. My kids call him dad. Uncle day hey, how good that Lisbon husband, Well, that's not a rare occurrence.
Happen. You I've never another. Listen. If you wouldn't do another live, not though, and I'm day, because I'm watching what is a fairly thing by what is where they ass. You have given their blessing, saying I'm a choice. I mean former Vice President Biden confirm their relationship. You said he and his wife had given their blessing to the companies that are lucky that Hunter and how he found each other, as they were, putting lives together again after said sadness, ask for they have mine angels full and complete support, and we are happy from fraud. We note a brother didn't leave her in his will to other broom. They can you give a personal way. You know I do. We notice anything music, even in the van that will lead to less over. The format of this is weird and strange to me is weird this now with others for a larger volume. Imagine a goin through bow bad and suffering from cancer. That's my an agitated brent by them closer together, then you're, my boy. I gather the spending a lot of guys have sex with each other, like she's guileless by you.
Look at it like, I always had a thing for him. Man always everything for each other priority that a big reach other absolute and I have been a man. I never even looked at each other, like Norway or Whaley Mammie dear to you than they already go, come on man, president followed by further, given statements that I give my blessing. I didn't do it on purpose, Oh yeah he's she slipped and fell on his pain as soon as I am sure that it means a fall in love him, so that wasn't a plan, but they might have love along to avoid, like I don't know that that always during the days given did not absolutely absolutely fixing the book, the brothers stuff and they did do they were you fix animals drink for you for my, my UK, with which he eat as have because it is still fair. The images with no was his name Hunter Hunter. Dear little girl, you hungry hunter team from are you hungry The EU is Hunter coming the day
No Andrew S, he Bobby Forty is coming today. Eight hundred grab a fuck up one of five one. I mean. What do you think about this? Could you imagine now your why you explain your why'd. You die, your wife saw them such drugs. That's crazy! How would you feel is dead but it'll? Just how does it look two real and eight hundred five, a firewall or five, or what do you think about this relationship? Call us now it was like a morning is rising to exchange their so we are mourning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. There are four just join as we did a story in front page news about Joe Biden. Family financing to people would have any Adele Barons and Bow Biden passed away from brain cancer too. Years ago, you forty six years old and now Bobo in the window? Halley dating Joe Biden, younger son.
Shore Bow didn't leave his wife. The hunter in his will not involve property sell. You can't do that. Are we sure both didn't say? Hey if I do died, the new use prodigal vat right. If I do die Hunter, I warn you need. Only men have sex with my wife has away in a way tat you can make a request can be kept pass a person at others. I think is very weird, of course, is that an avatar they d get thought it was I to emanate. Obviously not for this aid is cool Otto. I can't see my dad Mamma said. Ok, it's cool. I don't know if I was no, don't do anything to me. While I did that you wouldn't do while I'm alive Furthermore, is this technically a train like when, when did hunt at border in ball, indirectly train on his woman? Why It is that, in this woman, downloader train is one person after the other. It is two years later we are more than ever
he got a tray man on em if they had sex with more than one percent of his crew is lifted. High visibility, hypothetically previewed, but if we were all single males delight in these Greece, if envies magic and inasmuch ass, it too later and indeed dj self smashes, though we gathered at. Drain ran about and bow involving says that doesn't offers yet. But you gotta, jury, rabbis miles wide media people look tragedy brings people together. Waiting somebody die from brain cancer is not an easy thing, and it makes me Mary was my brother which arose, as these two that agenda into body dire brain cancer, knives, it'll nationalized a little weird tat- will have my brother every that's. My all. You know in a new jersey, data. What I'm dead it makes me feel like you had aims in Cincinnati
for he and when I think anybody does she dated, even if the summit s you knew tat, she was in love with them before he died down the brotherhood of a picture going to look like a boy to look like the. Never really. We are short illegal act as really rather them. So they look like all. I'm saying is clearly they had a thing for each other before it is man path and another. That is just a simple allows, is quietly about. About their colleagues. Have needed is what do you think about it, while we happily? What am I see? I told you has now activities We're happens. All the time would have been so my friends, I am noticeable. Like. I noticed drawling all the better way, though my friends I she was married and I don't like thirty thumping year they have grown him and then he got back and she passed away and I wouldn't mind he was married to her
older than we would already come on now, my man, and now they lived together. They travelled together, they lived happily ever been. Neither we nor the nice guys people end up getting with the best friend of the person at every way. Is this because you spend so much time together grieving when is happening and afterwards I don't deserve, they got the biggest something that you see their relationship it you want that. So when I die, you yearn for that. You just got a thing for that person. Let you know just get. Would somebody six months after the dye kimono for another brother? Stop me hello whose is I am Katy what you think about this, and even though what kind of relationship the call an awkward strange weird getting away from getting you still So you have an experience. You know about this in real life. Our brothers ran a drain on you state that I'm by what happened, jealousy story out my mother passed away and then my dad started dating back hired boy.
Mom you to your dad, Alyosha What do you do you do you? Do you dare tell you everything right it is when I mean a man is ok with a shell like brothers sisters. Are you really big brother, no kind of why we actually heated on me? I thought of my brother. By now you down heavily with the moms. Oh yeah yeah argues in ass a brother anyway, it doesn't matter added funding. We do doubt that if they get married well and that family does that we don't have that has waited lightwood, but bovine and ongoing Does that mean that you think your dad was yearning for your friend Europe equations man the whole time she she hung over double knees. I guess there's two different things because you probably even know anybody know an auditor old lady like like that's your mom. When the girl thought Dayton, will our notice to confuse eight hundred five five one five. When we talk about this awful relationship now Joe by
in his son passed away and left his. Was left one. Why does world onto riser? Why is now dating Joe Biden so is there a little strange Where do you think all this up now with the breakfast club come on that was Drake with fake love morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Now, if you just join us, we're Talkin about Joe Biden and his family is kind of strange or weird to me, you can you explain. What's going on, bow. Baden Biden passed away from brain cancer and now Bobo The widow is dating bows brother Hunter, so basically bow left his wife. The hunter in his will now that statue she's not piece of property, so that can happen by meeting the red how she's dating Reformer brother in law. Maybe you requested Hey Hunter man, you know when I go. I need you to hold you love me. I want to be when nobody else- maybe I don't know
does confuse overran, I mean is, is awkward for me. You shall many have brought the right now put another, not forget one. You know, I'm Clearly that clearly say my woman started dating. Rather clearly they had a big visa lessen our meeting about this now and at this research, as has scenario, is not uncommon, happens. Frequently family members empathize with the one who lives there, mate they become closer. Their relationship may be just a rebound courtship or could blossom it's best to let them deal with their feelings. You may not understand that Our and fair people feel when they lose their spouse. They'll come and of a personal, under the present die. You know the person is down. You know they got a broken hot in here. You come what your penis by this, both sharing Alaska Z list, brother somebody they got their both going through loss. They know each other. The noises history. They know each other families nor do a lot more laws and lived in the broad their brother who grew up together. They knew each other since birth. They share the same view. Yeah, but I'm not gonna get my brother's wife as it is, as a team
I can imagine that company it's a manual somebody could feel worse than I win his kids Emma level. Given the vagina, although this was evident J C or can I was Brody think about this relationship. Job Joe you first and foremost, manners are widely get down one. I gotta be a white person, notices away people, that's just how white people do on me and their who's to say today. Smash each other, don't go When a brother was alive ass, you think they was eating. They was really own. Trains ran on the ground, it was gone when he left home all my plan. No now I bird's eye deadly big piazza. She had something for Hunter we feel is behind the browsing. There was doing all that neighborhoods that era weighing on there and they said at a mass, so petty said his hat and my family. Now my cousin is marrying. My dead ons has been wife, he said I have.
Uncle daddy and my father is still alive when president is common in african cultures. This way she doesn't loose how family now allow now that is actually called lever it and it happens all the time now allow the common and what we why people common agricultural policy itself into two different things, one figure out of that you Gould hello. This is eighty four eighty way think about this relationship. Thing has gone or are you going? he'll kill you lose the environmental with right now? Actually, my love brothers thousand little Gerda used If we now know me not, then am I have with me nothing now that it has everything is Clyde Lever it it's a custom of the ancient he rose and other peoples by which a man may be obliged to marry his brothers widow is the real thing given that poor woman room was the moral of the story goes, I mean start for me that you wouldn't do now. The was alive do when I'm day now gagging be down from Heaven. Looking down thinking to myself, I had some goin on the whole, damn tat and then on large. You hunt you, okay,
anybody else wants them underlie weather. Is the person's brother and someone random or using? What do you do? So you said if you won't do it when I'm alive until when I'm dead as a lot of things that you wouldn't do she could day anybody now right, seems like when he was alive. Clearly, she could see. No name was you would allow him saying when I was alive. You wouldn't slew my brothers and also my brother one day simple and power We got it, we got rose runaway. Yes, let's talk about Viola Davis. She did. People cover story about the struggles of her life growing up, as he talks about we having one picture of herself from her childhood and will tell you why that is also Brad Pitt. Who is you been Texan with now than him, Selina Jolly are broken up. All that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast level morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club and again shouts Kevin,
the sentinel. She has finally rob while remaining Relaunch Weena Mining cell cancer, and I gave them given our resolution. Germane from mining interior lodged by means of luggage remained just a listener right who would hear us complain about chairs and see the enemy see our regulatory and looked and he bought up to leather chairs, with the breadth of club logo. When it is well, we ended up, get abundance of chair. God workloads, I guess tears for ourselves how beautiful and to be greedy, but chapter seven years older. Are they stole my yes? I I you know, do it with us, we were asking for now Now that all men are all desire, listener get get their laptops For now, do you wonder about do let him our data? Did you on the chairs? Why do you on laptops? Ok, let's get the room was opera is about
The report annually on the breakfast club, where there is some barriers that Oprah worth considering running for president to see Donald Trump, could be president right. Here's what she had to say in an interview they hold on. I actually never thought that that was. I never considered the question even a possibility. I just thought. Oh, oh, oh, the experience I dont know enough. I dont know and now thinking: oh, totally understand our feels. That months ago of you ever needed evidence that you can truly be anything. You want America, Donald Trump is it. He builds the greatest
so optimism ever even more Saddam President Obama fatter. She said that people like is opera, considering perhaps running for president, whereas you definitely clear that up, they posted a clip from the Deva Reuben sign, show and here's what she said as reconsider, whether they want to preserve our isolation about now will be happening, but I m me, I did use, I mean, did use of biology to know so much more than I thought you had to know. Baby Greece, you say Donald Trump, have no political experience whatsoever, never even been half private school, so she thought that you had to have appeared to be in White avenue. Clearly you don't you like, ok, do something I want to put on my bucket list. One day now, Brad Pitt has been texting who, since he and Angelina Jolie, have broken up well, apparently, he and
for in his ex are now on terms again and if they had gone back to being friends alone but a time ago and as we all know, Brad Pitt left Jennifer Edison for Angelina Jolie, as so now, according to of stores who told people magazine is nothing new. He didn't have to jump through hoops to get Jennifer Aniston's number. They ve been friends for a while they text, often and she's, already Mary, so she's not trying to get back with Brad Pitt, but now therefrom, He again now that you ve gotten rid of the women. The two cheated me where I re Viola Davis man. I love this during our people. Magazines at a cover story about Viola Davis, as he talks about having only one picture of herself from her child. As you said, is a picture of me in kindergarten. They actually had posted the picture on people as well as she set her family, didn't have the money for a camera. That's why she only has one picture of herself and she goes on to talk about the struggle and how she grew up, and we love the fact that she is now an Asko winner and shoe one for the movie fences. But here's what
She said about her childhood. My grandmother's house is one room: Shack, no running water, no bathroom it just out house, but my mom says that the day I was born, all of my aunts and uncles were in the house. She said everyone was drinking and laughing and having fun, it's a great story. To me. It's a great story of celebration in the midst of what you would feel is a decimated environment, but you could see the joy in the life that can come out of that. My dad had a fifth grade education, like that. My mom has an eighth grade education
my bedloe, not a red. By looking at billboards. They were happy that I wanted to be anything well. What does she want South Carolina Toolbar with Selina alkaline? She talks about how they had such a bad rat problem and she was growing up. The rats would bite off the faces of her dolls and he had to go to sleep with rags tight around her neck, so that they would invite her. While can you imagine, but she said it was motivation for her, as opposed to anything else. What a story you drop on a gold watch, while they were still say, Matthew, thought your mom. She said she tells him a very young age. He didn't want that for her life and that's what effect to her. The most Dwayne and you put your mind to additional jobs. Private in case you can be you, wanna be absent. Okay and America are right. I right now Michael Jackson's, mother Catherine Jackson is saying that sees being filmed all throughout her. How she set her nephew is now
stealing money from her but he's monitoring her every move is hidden cameras microphones everywhere, so she saying that Lamar Jackson copy the key to her bedroom door, Trent, Lamar Jackson. She thinks that he has the whole house wires. He said the only place. I can try and have a private conversation. Is it my bathroom after pretend I'm using the restroom? So I can make a call: and she gets dressed in her closet because he thinks that trend is listening. I read their wash, gives you just kick him out and watching every move noticing is cameras cheek, but in most of her house to everywhere in the house, so she believes that he stealing is putting a near his name on our businesses using her credit cards and all of that, so all of her kid Problems are Trent. I don't know what's going on, but they need to figure this out. She might be robot. Zella gathering did no to NASA little demand or yellow dementia low paranoia and everything chicken in. I don't know,
I know you bear recorded about call somebody over to remove Cambodia'S- is how that I was Present- Bangalore Dimension, their family members to check it out bugging. I definitely should go, but I could be the ghost of Michael just watch anything gravity it. She said I write em Angela YE and that's your room, a report harassment. She died we give an adult. Do we need a my start? A mighty coming from the communication will again lower wood was more Roca IRA. We'll do that when we back? He belongs to breakfast locomotive, thank you time for don't give a damn. You today does not discriminate. My now decided today, via the donkey of breakfast club. Don't keep the day today well share and dont you today, but there they marched. Second goes before and be all star Mars datum. I now am I
being lost in the NBA do. The andreasen he's taken his talents to Jerusalem. Ok, yes, he now for Jerusalem team in israeli Premier League now back into dozens? Well, my! out of my was fine, fifty grand by the NBA after he tweeted a gay slur at a fan on gay pride weekend. That has great weeding the dispensary weed in someone a gay slur on gay pride on gay as and when you're a public figure call it a blind person and were adorned black history muff. Ok, my of has apologised. He said back into doubt in twelve, I am hued supporter of civil rights for all people. I am disappointed myself from my statement to offend I should have known better, and there is no excuse. End quote the words should. Known better, very important people, remember those words, as I explained what am I, they, because, in my view, as opposed to learn from your mistakes, will care for my new better back then, and still did he wanted it changes of him too. Something like this again also factor in there
this past Sunday March thought a mile was awarded with Martin Luther King Jr would by the state of Israel Jewess national. Energy Community Relations, Council of New York, the honors bestowed annually and celebration of black history moved to individuals when bodied spirit and ideals of doktor king through their efforts to promote diversity and tolerance round of applause him right now that not so fast that self ass hole up because of my time I was asked by israeli website. How would you feel if he felt that a team made of his. How would you feel if you found out a teammate of head was Kay howdy handle that in the locker room Mars, this promise. Our process make so much at a close around the corner and Rob took a different rapidly to jump made is always within a job. The audio came within electoral music. It came with a growth, it is ok.
Listen? You know I have a couple of theories on homophobia. Ok, wanted that men are afraid that game, in which to them the way men, objectify women, so basic, afraid, their own common and two of you moreover, marginalized society. If you are a member of a group that is, it has experienced oppression and prejudices, polity experience, oppression and prejudice which Mario, because he's a black man. I don't know how many Yom, because he, where these a black man, so my various anyway spares prejudice, It'll be prejudiced simply because you know how it feels, as does my theory occasion never this kind of prejudice in your heart and let us be clear: this is prejudice. I don't know something about this now, which is preference and he's definitely and type that, but if it was just a preference, would be a simple. No, I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a shower around a gay man s now. What am I started my bit? He basically gave directions on what to do after you rob a bank and how to avoid a zombie apocalypse. Can you play again please, with good ghosting music, miss our across
I'll make sure my change of clothes all around the corner and drive take a different route to the to the gym. I mean, there's always a truth within a joke. Close together that is, that serious. Ok, this approach, ladies and gentlemen- and I don't do prejudice only people are absolutely hate- is evil people period and prejudice to me as pure evil, not told you about a Martha Miser polity earlier when he made homophobic commission, two thousand and twelve, and he said should have known, but he claimed to have known better into Dublin twelve. It is now twenty seventeen, if you knew, but in twenty twelve and still said that that means you know better five years later in simply don't care, and you know what they say, make a mistake once and it becomes a lesson, make a mistake twice and it becomes a choice. Mark You clearly shows a long time ago to be a prejudice present. The EU need to give vacuum of King Jr Ward, because Martin Luther King June the man who said he wants to live in a world where a man is judged by the content of his character and the color of his skin. You know, and Twentys and seen not only the
Don't you want skin, you shouldn't anybody. Gender sexuality, that class their religion, nothing, you played on market one more time with the close to music Michelle. Across the street makes you my change of clothes all around the corner and the drive take a different route to the to the gym. I mean there's always a truth within a joke, it falls used for reason. That's why what am I started? My said: make since perfect sense to prejudice people, and absolutely none to those wasn't one. Please amar'e, I started my biggest. U I like it with a close to me now you do the first couple of balls but he invited somebody took good tat. Greatest economic go Cross Street change clothes. You meet me round, commoner wink. I write it won't take you for a donkey today when we come back as
eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, she could help you out with your problems, relationship whatever it. Maybe eight hundred and five eight thousand five hundred and ten once you put your love on air call. Us now is to breakfast locomotive everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club stuff, ask IE eight hundred the five one or five one allows this? We ve you got it from the drawing room right now. I wish, of course, to for easy I'm trying to figure out what to do about my car, a carbon copy. Accordingly, we need a house where I understand you were crazy, because I would like to point out. Another will occur and you know- and I still have my laptop to put down it's like he will create. New coordination should be like. She wondered if she wanted to go out with you
So the problem is that you think best whom she thinks that's too much money to spend on a car right now. We're gonna call you shoulda, you AOI You got a girl. You brought up, I'm sorry, you get so neither so you don't think As I understand you deadly need a car to get around it, but you want to start a little to no you're, not gonna, know I'm afraid. I have almost been here, though I was up in one go back wildly about the world I'm gonna work. I want to go for my importance if we are to have a nice house, yet we ve done what is too small to smaller thought And I'm sure she is, she worked so as he's scrimp and saving money us up. Are you guys to get their bigger house? Yes, you and then you guys goes ten thousand dollars that we could use towards this new how's that we, both China gave fire each other out, baby, Dj Envy,
you better, not go chosen out on these? Aren't you used to be like? I was going to say this. You know something you gotta say financial goes by ourselves. So after you get that house, you. Wanna get right and getting you can get whatever car you wanna get right over there you told me I believe, was born in God. You have come and go. Data about Viola Davis by all the day was born of Saint Matthew Circular all day These are figures would have been better. You inherited. No members call was worth it window is not getting a spur us with these words. We may use old. Why have we was eighty get out of your throat with our laws
well, I think, gets you seven around and get from point a to point b by get that house is gonna, be way more satisfying that eurobonds was blown you for those, you thrown in low motor motive motorized wheelchairs, most at all, as key eight hundred five, a five one and five. When you got a course of vehicle now to breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club, we're in the middle of ask you must go to the Roma, allows this hurry this sixty day. Aisy J, what you call it Finally, Ohio wish to call for you. Ok, I like a year and a half ago, I'm the kind of hamburg we shall. We can let the world crazy. Couple months later, he amiss in either he's separated the legally married, but he separated by this point we're like parliament, where we have been pretty chancellor for each other. He was twenty one. Getting supper are not fully
They have been where he got a guy. Guiltiness staying on dialogue were staying here said he was living like this whole time. Now there are they still dollar together, you, ok, I've, never residences. What happened was her father was thick and they thought he was dying. He asked him to give her another chance. Gonna make it work and he felt bad because you live another guy, literally dying and at all one and the same. No one is eighty five, but at any rate that fight it answered that call. You know I supported him in that you know maybe work low bow before long here just be a fire? Whatever our fallback, therefore, now- and I have proved that who I was sitting at home- and I dont know what to do with information- you approve these mighty cheating
they had. We had news, were filed airline Canna tumbled into a conversation with one of my mail fires about a girl you gonna talking through. That was married and it's gonna be my answer, given that it kind of related to my situation asking questions about how to deal with it area showed me the pitcher in Qatar. Did you use to her? I rise event Did you tell your friend, you nominating her husband? What I took one we weren't anymore, but I dare say I know exactly who her headland AIDS and is my understanding that their working on things. So how are you talking to highlight this text messaging started, also media? He gave him her number and now they're my pencil giving its days. I miss you good morning, Baby Casey faces and I'm the guy. What do I blew, and it's not that I want to tell him because five, all we are happy with me is really a few such a great guy, and I still bad that he tried to do the right thing
cheating again, that's why they originally separated because he was eating before I'm a guy. I was me I would sell em when how do I do that? I don't want to look like. On the telling you because, under the hate her- and I would not like this- is what I would do in this situation. I was able and I'm only telling you this, because we are friends. Ok before I was cause your Lafrance, even if you guys don't end up together right, but I found my motivation right. I wouldn't tell him it as a fact. I would tell him. Listen take this with it of thoughts- but I know somebody there is supposedly data you life and you have you have evidence that he can see it s like friends. That's all that, and you know I'm not saying a ninety percent there Is it I'm just giving you the information, do with it, what you will January middle of your staff, but I do consider you a friend and if you decide
to work it out after this does on you guys, but this is something you should address by. Ok wonders why? What do I do it for me crazy? I like it. Slide all I know your wife, he long, you have told you not to go back to her and well. They listen. I don't know what the real situation is bad. Here's this! This is something that you should. Ask her about an adjusted with her and just see where it goes from there. I don't. I don't want to be in the middle of it. I don't want to be involved, but this is what I found out. Let's keep it real, though they've been separate then do I am with you. She was doing really cause if somebody's doing them you got. I expect that the press is not at all my knowing you, so he can already. I one put out the door clear, as you did too so are you can, is given the information, you can't tell him what to do with it right tat. You have been very unpleasant you four weeks, I'm so happy. I finally reached it. Personal counselling allows bill. She didn't you.
Tell me what have I been NGO leave her exactly right. I do my objective about you been falling back like a man. Might it says that in that way, I'm cool like I don't want you to be happy. If that's what you're gonna make you happy want higher than the border loans to allow, would you tell on a married man Adieus cheat unaware that his wife cheating live all your own everybody's members May I ask you to put the asylum I bid. You need the money he's gonna? U wanna tell him anyway, so you know, but I didn't want to do it if it would be wrong for us. Why haven't you everybody. Everything is wrong. I daresay and is no matter wrong as it is ever was me. I would tell him I would think you guys Althea every morning level. Three, I would tell him and no expectation wouldn't want nobody blown of earth. Why- and I doubt somebody
come on, let's go round many expectations of what happens when you know, and as very I mean, if you do something, someone tells you, how can you be man exactly so I mean. But again I don't want to look like. I'm saying that are making it, because I want to be with him. I got my objective at all Lake and Edith ass. If they were urban hey, what we need right at the reul report. Libretto glove training have anti imperialist and now for his direct area, debut get out which has been doing incredible. I thought you know yesterday for the first time, so what is next pejorative Pierre, while he recently told business insider that get out is the first in a collection of movies that he wants to direct. That's gonna examines social demons.
As I have four other social thrillers that I went to unveil in the next decade. The best and scariest masters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of, especially when we get together. I've been working on these premises about these different social demons demons. These innately human monsters that are woven to the fabric of how we think in how we enter your get out get out, does not go to the various relations in America. Ok, because I definitely if the watch a net and then Watson the our story. Last night I devilish started to call in black towards mournful. I needed a moment. I write Kevin Gates is said to be released from jail Yasser Release day. There saying that he will be released on March twenty point so that certain Davy was sentenced to one hundred eighty days, India per barrel manner by Jove, Murano Block and he was sentence in October. When we don't know come on I'll rehabilitated, wait and see. I essence Festival for everybody that likes so that'll, or maybe you never been chance. The wrapper has been
sue the line up? Does no one headliner, that's gonna, be it s an specify. There's gotta be more than forty acts. Year, making essence allow younger and younger and younger each area. I back as it goes all over the place that IRAN's them. Spectrum design long. You know, which I heard a commercial for essence, first and artists, murder for Tom Join is fantastic voyage and I said to myself for freedom event sound popping till I haven't, I'm gonna go Josie La Authority will just to show you the different range of people performing Diana Russ Enemy on the main stage in marriage. Eliza Con luxury Marian do allow shells upset about Monica salons is gonna There is well Jasmine Sullivan Jail Sky Mass, the penal law addition issue, Mr Cole, I don't see no additional line on us all.
Called you: that's all my our idea write us a donkey. France is gonna, be there be data Chicago Carrie, Ramey Asiana Taylor reveal Shaggy Remy, Mamma, Mamma, normally row. James T sound is given you just in Geneva it's gonna, be performing better. Do they get it is, as is getting a lot younger than he is younger really is a lot o. They live balanced. I found my bow it's free. Now as bad as you got change, Gus Large got to day it would have been chance it what it has been marrying nowadays, Diane arose nowadays as a lot of balance I'm telling you and when those events, such as the carbon to you, you're getting up a net sounds bobbing to me. You know as non until I distance we're talking about performances. Idea MAX is gonna reunite with the rough riders assorted alongside the MAX is going to be. The lax arms was beats. Eve drag on all of them on stage for the labels twentieth anniversary,
would be. No problem calls bozrah them the bodily. That's asking now, in early April, twenty percent debt. We got a couple text about there like a I wanna, come come to this and snow by the way has put together at her as well them Mount Kush, more wellness retreats where who you goin, We as a parliament have always Cyprus here. Lucy very met the mayor, red man burner and flatfish zombie dazzled Bob enemy. As all my error, the woozy were nonetheless we snoop, Madame method. Man, Zaire is was brown over murder was are welcome. I can declare my in the meantime, has a new album that he is prepping for release now, he recently did an interview with T magazine. He said I think now away where things have gone with in the past few months. My focus is ultimately going back to my community and the other communities around the world. With doing the groundwork to temper butterfly was
addressing the problem and I'm in a space now, where I'm not addressing the problem anymore, we're in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called Life God, nobody speak on it because it's on conflict with what's going on in the world, when you talk about politics in the government and the system, but he said the album is very urgent drop one o clock Bozrah Kindred. Marking criteria for my my God in indiscreet carried his how to find God you, the one, that's lost all right and I'm I just got at the Gabrielle Union. Also. She has a new venture that she's doing she's actually putting out a hair care line, a line of hair care products where's Charlemagne Muslim another, as it will be a great place, we're here to release those egg products, absolutely lamps, Jesse Welby, it's called a flawless here- cares Is it for girls get the edges back? I don't think so, but it's like moisturising smoothie shampoos, conditioners oil treatment, hair
mass. So what am I gonna love me about cream, though the day for edges cracks, biology, Could I sent her a meme aware of this moment? We know edges and she didn't want laughed ass. You like now come really using a cream right now, for my hasn't, been ass. You might want to use activity not to Sandy actually does address. Duration is well my hammered out years ago. Not I have mine, You don't know edges I'm off when I bought a bug in Manila. Back when I said you know it has gone too far. Just let you ride out you knowing eyes. Airline goes back. Is that your edges? Are you getting airline you guys are referred to as, like my? Yes, we do it all the time, just as my curtains are gonna came across the globe. Reading a roll call vote is mass coffin, that's interesting Well, I'm Angela Year. That's your room, a report I got my edges. Happy by the hell out of water, it's gonna, get lazy area by parliament,
groundwater, why do you say went to get lazier removal them phenomena? Extra behave in a minute, I've been gone. Displays Romeo and Juliet. I just have my follow up the good man, I'm down to shave anymore, my my dad is getting thinner. There was the. U turn Robin on your neck, he said: he'd, been you gotta grew, don't touch me exactly reluctant member so used to like it was roughly fifty second online men ignobly lava suddenly like my group, we saw you you wouldn't be here. We saw you refer, Monday, happy birthday, democracy and freedom of the member of the biggest item. Examples of mathematics, political above him of may have more. They met right is the breakfast locomotor.
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