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Kevin Hart vs. Chocolate Droppa: What Now?


WED 10/12 - Kevin Hart stops by The Breakfast Club ahead of his new comedy film, "What Now?" Kevin's interview is rudely interrupted by Chocolate Droppa, whose mixtape comes out the same day as Kev's movie. We appropriately ask: "What now?"

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Request for the oil pollution from terrorism other during recent cap aid, only one may produce good morning, you a minute every morning. Usually you, which is why we were guess what data as well as some easy mine in. I was everything
not bad? I had a pretty good day yesterday worked all day and then we're our message yesterday, then I welcome and got him aside at a much better though you must use that comes Is that a female and male now about ok way? well you never got a massage male before honestly, honestly What is there? Why guys makes a big deal about a man millimeter? It was. It was the worst massage ever couples massage? It was me and my wife and in order to a couple of size, we re actually teach you how to Messiah somebody, and it was the worst experience ever made, a big do robin you just is doesn't feel I know it's going to be a Robin is what get relax? What Besides you: U Ages, it was awkward raggedy, Andy led by female wow. What a guy massage knew. If that's what you like as me,
the whole time say it. If I, if I get a harder means, am I like em had to leave their homes or anger, some type of emotion in you and rubbed your leg. Sometimes guys get those erections, vanilla here is right, but I don't want that emotion that I want him the trigger anything. So the whole time was uncomfortable in and I was never again I'll. Probably my first besides, when you get married somebody borders, government sizes, that was it out with the last time and never again, at Belike athletes get massages all the time from other Mank as they get in other, like us, called barrenness, so they come in there and I get all unites out, but I think I realise that the The workers are always have like my backwards. Had someone's Agatha, hey my bag on this. At all, it's happening to brag programs, get about value it be equal in uber, eagle on both sides is higher. Man will show to styles p. Ah, yes, visa stars p. Yesterday yesterday, if he is
just joined us annually. I installed p opened up a juice bar tat the put together pretty much by herself, she Now put it again? No, you designed it a lot by yourself. I mean you took the shell, let's Thoust p in and LEO, and not to give a new made, your house, I mean you have chandelier in wallpaper and gold would in all types of thing. That's very very nice, but it came out amazing, like you, did a great job, Anthea decorating aspect of it was planned to me. Bad a guy LEO, did Ally's buyers knowing what order with the technical side of things he outside it and when I have like the White House on the wall, but he was that we need this is most bar. You clean it easier, but you know it's beautiful. They were the first data we actually open for four hours, all from seven eight and nine pm. If you need it, use in the morning a juicy. Now before you go to sleep, you can check out there. Just borrow giving more information does want to grant open it and make a really really nice, and in yesterday you know I spoke to you spoke to.
May it ass both bad as double bossy, bad. As yesterday and project Pat, allow K three six mafia myth is that whole click overdose us multiple for him. Yesterday, at a great rate, late last night, I will ask it to show crack in front page news what we're talking about. Yes, let's talk about a Texas crack congressmen. It was under fire the comments about Donald Trump and about rabies. Eta damage everytime, you gotta go out and vote. They said they gave them. They didn't. He said November twenty eight years ago that guy I will get into all that when we come back and also Kevin Heart will be joining us. Kevin Already- has a new movie coming out a new flickers stand up. That's the one! I actually got kicked out of trouble. You should see this movie, because to see it already has a mantra twice. I try to go see it. I tried to support mob rural cabinet. Kicked me out the arena when I went to go see it though no fallow injections, rival, kicking Cavanaugh low biggest breakfast club? morning is needed. Me is really
Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking so front page news. Now, yesterday the dog is beaten nationals, a tattoo series too, to the Cubs knock out the giants. Now, let's talk about this congressmen untroubled, yes, congressmen and taxes as a pilot eyes after he answered a hypothetical question now Blake Affair Hold was by an anchor Chris Haze at the tape came out with Donald Trump saying that I really like to rape women. Would you continues who endorse him any answered. That would be bad. I consider it. That's crews come on now basque. Dad terms that I like to rape of women, you would still consider support as we declare that no matter what he says our days, he put their ideas, unequivocal e behind him. You know no borders me that no, we should be able our own opinion and people should be able to say what they wouldn't feel, what they want, but after all the things that
It will say when I drive around and I still see these drummed- these trot flags in people's yard. I just wanna recommend incurs people why is that we really support is true feeling is true. Is really come about, and that's what he's a born? I write. Well, you did poligized. I apologise for my failures, who immediately condemn any one who is named something else as outrageous as they like raping women in any view and MSNBC with today's tonight I was thrown off by a hypothetical question. I do not and have not We condone rape or violence against women. This is not the kind of man I believe, Donald Trump to be too late. We know you really feel right now, you're gonna say criticism profession over that question on now. You know how you really somebody's head. It is someone makes raping women. You should have automatically be like. I would never support somebody who say that some of them so Billy Bush, very bushes, Dynamic Donald Trump is for everyone.
Yeah he's out, as rightly so terrible man. He was the one that you heard on the table with general trams talking about women, those those com is it they may now. He was a cause of access how he would as in time and that's it brown according to sources. They will announce soon that he is done there and I'm sure frocks pig mobile. Somebody pick my boy, though, is it's a mean, you search of Eugene the body laughed about. He thought it was funny. If some people call it locker room talk, just disgusting is absolutely positively dozens of my grandma gravel, embodied Pussycat is disrespectful of women. Three doors. There's some useful to my daughter, like that. I won't five minutes when immediately, and I know that some people say that we should let the room talk our guys talk this may. I would like to believe that all guys don't talk about sexually assaulted, women and joke about it. I would like to believe that right the arrival of front page news and all forget Kevin Heart will be joining us next hour. So, whichever the community. Has no movie our lot to talk about it. Just got married Anna. I think here
baby on the way. So we'll talk some about all that, but tell him why you mad is next eight hundred five thousand eight hundred and fifty five one, if you're upset need event called us right now. May be had a bad night. Bad morning may be stuck in traffic. I e Charlemagne, eight hundred Bobby firewall or five one this right now for lines a wide open tell why you may is the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club?
Hey, I yoga nodded at the lab day. Why and how to play why by Magda Globalized, I bet it was so many girls in a Europe where we don't need any other browser, but those dermody drug comedies lobby girl would have gone away. We only got I gotta go away, talk about exactly why you were rapid boreal. There were seven five seven cellarway met, because otherwise every day is that the clock to other people remarked upon me now, but they can't work like this. One girl I see upon the work, the planet with israeli and why you get paid work, why you comply with and they figured out, Y Y? You? Why you work is what does not dumb ass? My working sire you you get pay the same amount of typing or do you can pick up a prank he'll grab a part of me is it
it is crazy man, when only likely we nowhere about their more about you. I'm sure you boys is watching you and I'm sure you'll get a razor upgrade or were you may Jamaica Eu Document nowadays in that's your bus know what you're doing sometimes we are creating. We think people are watching and without it is pointed out below this vacuum. Cleaner, silhouette macro overly birthday. I am actually are mad because you also job a hard battle by led to a level years ago I been alive, we get a little bit to block or take because job away before up dead. You know we can become a train that will we do come to people tat life is granted me. Why would he paid? No that would it be we blow it up again
where'd, they would there. How Billy bursting also is that they have advertise on this date and that their accountable to write, and so when you say, sir, and things that are now made public, that our demeaning to women and women have to come on the show and have to work alongside women on paragraph three Bob Undeclared doubled up took about about proper out before you were looked like that, whatever or when it comes down to it would be really to EU level to be like the new tab comes out to me that he let you talk about grand women by media is yes, he contributed in times about the women's lay the ingest laugh. He was encouraging absolutely participated allows is a from the past every goody, broad cinema. You may I was up
We respect was Charlemagne beneath the you understand. You were going to go down in history that we, let us try to figure out how we don T do anything or almost half in attitudes Parliament has always been that mosey individually Charlemagne. What happens in it? who's use the in industry, but once they take it out, the street and put in all social media is open for anybody to. Course. The Charlemagne didn't bring accident radio you didn't bring it to the social media that was brought. Results media by those parties in all he did was ask about what they already brought to social media alleges that then private that no one knew about. I was the problem of Charlemagne. Did he just ass a question but tell me why you eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent call us now. It's the breakfast club come on.
The breakfast club that was Drake with control of mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club next hour. And hot will be joining us. Yes, love, given how his work ethic is. Positive attitude, everything definitely motivate he's one of those guys we're if you say how come I'm out nine level you look at his snapchat is social media. Nibbler cabinet is still up working his movie there. These guys only now dwellings he there are to Asia. Recording art is nicer, Wrapper Yazzi legs at his own sneaker. He has his own tv network. Real housewives, or what was highways of Hollywood has so much going on. You can't possibly may be bad debt relief is doing. A lot can be that uses a hater. Madame, I'm kind of matter me accede. You got me out of his fill Tony Blair's. Kicked you out or security kids, you out
You damn follow instructions! Security kick me out, but this did they write. You go to. Somebody show you the logical, for whatever reason you can't do that if they tell you with specific Not so you will get kicked out. Why would you do that? like when you go to the movies. I can't stay when people take their phone out during the movies and ass, he too low light light. Not mere wars. Wait. Two hours, the union, I have your phone and not use your phone for two hours, you'll be ok, you accusing you do so more, no Japan, so you would. You did role for an adult the second. Finally, beyond a doubt, Unita kid you wanna beating. No, I said what for It all right? Well, when we come Babby S room as you will be talking about? Yes, we'll talk about Jesse and some new ventures. We told you already that he's been producing tv shows. What are you with us? as coming up next also talk about a lawsuit, imagine being accused of giving a woman three Stds three there everyone. What, yes, ok, get into all that when we come back and shall remain stuck in traffic will begin. A little bit is the breakfast locomotive,
the breakfast club. With Angela, his club, I ve been talking about av producing for tv, and found now has a new many series and it's about the: U S: Army, first african American, snipers, also gonna start Emmy Winner Sterling K Brown. He was in the people, verses, OJ, Simpson, American Climb story. He started in the forest african american sniper, yes special apps neighbour, in the U S, army, ochre, aware here they said he tallied up a staggering thirty. He kills as a master sniper over a four month period back in two thousand. I am sure juveniles on one June will be what emerges from mossy problem cool bombs from Brooklyn them
let you know in addition to Daddy's house of producing a Richard Pryor Biopic, and he, which is directed by Lee Daniels and a Docu series. We told you about in the life of Kalief Browder, who was on Rikers Island for three years, without even being of a crime, needs residency in that one on watch, another thirty, four For example, we can achieve a talk about him for a while on that area. Yesterday was national coming out day. Miley Cyrus is on the cover of varieties power, of a women s issue, and in that cover story she took him in a lot of different things. She talks about her first experience being with a woman, and she talks about just kind of identifying with being paid. Sexual she said she never identify one: bisexual, seers, pan sexual. What avert Islam all these new things? Probably not. What apparent virtual pan means also means our sexuality say: you're, not limited in sexual choice with regard to middle ideological, sex, gender or gender identity. We Gordon
try eventually it is willing to try anything acre. Gotta, try, sexual, no matter what that programme gonna be bisexual because at this encompasses everything whatever but he's gender identity is whatever their born biologically or whatever those using anything. It doesn't matter just like sex with any person period. She said she talks about come into that realisation. She said. I saw one human in particular, who didn't identify as male or female when she was working with a nonprofit. She said looking at them, they were beautiful and sexy and tat by vulnerable and feminine by masculine. I related to that person more than I really to anyone in my life, even though I may seem very different people may not see me as neutral as I feel that I feel very Nor do I think that was the first gender neutral prayers. Had ever met once I understood my gender more, which was unsigned then and then my sexuality, where I was like. Oh that's why I don't feel straighten, I don't feel gay. It's because all I know, I'm getting tell me your name. All of those countries
I all I know you didn't know anything else. Ok, I'm all! cool nintendo. Guys legs thought Ebby of doubt is Blu Ray is be able to be simple. I write Azalea banks has announced that he has signed a deal with the Reza Azalea and the reserve connect. She said just smile and children summoning coin visa, I'm finally getting a record deal, I'm siding with Reza. He and I have an excellent work. Chemistry filming cocoa with him with loads of fine, now get to make music with him business and pleasure is eminent nor congratulations are adrenaline include above, was well over the baton. You I mean he's got a lotta movie ochre, like the latter, the irish government. I know a lot of woods Amy. They did you that voting album. That was option for that I sold. Do we never finds Rally Agnes without goes faced with that,
now who do not have a new thing happen I ride. Jim carry. This theory is crazy to me, but he is being sued by the mother of his ex girlfriend. You guys, I know his ex girlfriend killed herself. She o d and She, according to her mother, realise that Jim Carry had given her three Stds and when she confronted him, that's when he broke up with her. Now, according to the mom, she says in a new law so that Jim carry did more than just infect her. He has called her a whore and threaten her with the help of excess, who would silence, had Joam Garral, far more Belgium Guy, yes, the mask, yet nothing done yes to carry. I write an apparently in two thousand thirteen. She contracted to types of Herpes and clear media services, I guess yeah, I don't know, what's going on an issue that was right, so when's he confronted him about, is that you must again from someone else, cholera whore and then he told her you have become too much drama.
And there are onto my drop, you give me two types of her views allegedly, but I'm too much trouble. She overdose done. Ambien purkis add other drugs, and apparently those drugs were allegedly Jim carries drugs, because the prescription that failed was under a pseudonym for Jim carrying Oh yeah not commented on that. Yes, I wanna go to drive her pupil, I'm so scared worm of fine ones. Do that only your backup that at the same time, the images like our legs, they sit tight, pointed type to Doha. Happy simplex virus relative in type that physical two weeks ago, happiness? Penis is clean. Ok, we'll watch mouth like because you can get aura herpes. Also now I'm cool on it in the bud blood clean pain of clean. You good. I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. All right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back Kevin will be joining us. My guy Cavanaugh, now comes out, and is this: we can an give waiting for love.
And it comes out tomorrow this weekend riding you could check out what now? What about in chocolate Papa's album comes out so which ought to Camelot about all that argument. Money you gotta go now on a Monday, get home network riches comedian in the world right now pass awaited bag draw political bombs, Cavern Hoddan sneezing. Yet I will talk. About all. I keep alive the breakfast locomotive ways to our relations with love morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast club, we got us pursue, guess build in any came with some gifts, you better,
wasn't, gives you the ridges comedian in the world, but we don't know that bastard I'm gonna come with them, gives it its speculation. Over United has been ringing than normal. Their hosts get. If anything is this in twelve more pairs up here. Watch our botulism gives me, though nice you knows not just maybe some dough partners involved myself, Drake Cp Chris Paul. We all you know back this, this guy, Jason's vision with these phones, naturally their partner in this. As we know about this, I look man, I'm not gonna get it all. I don't know I got no information, entail a guy can't turn that I'm back in it How bad things that don't believe and so have forms a dope is a smart headphone or actual smart head forward is Emmy you'll, be a wouldn't. I don't share. You be able to share information through the blue tooth activity at every source. Erasmus,
Does that? Allow you to surpass Jerry side rather decibels? Adulation, I don't know we may be it in the world. Look man! God is good! How ya doin was going on about regulations and young men. Spitten is cover and not as a big deal. Wasn't big. Do? Yes, I'm going to be on the cover and there was a big deal, man, six pack in everything how warm pay off. Maybe you know a lot I'd, sweat and tears and Jim blood. Tears. But I can say is: don't you see the the results of your. How were you when you see things like this? Come up? Size predict I wasn't motors money you making work on this issue have already made twenty million dollars of your movies care. Now ass, I turned away. Person, told me that, don't today, China, I would say that you ve noticed natural, that height, It was number one on the Itunes number one. I'm not saying that my my app isn't doing well, but I'm not. I didn't make twenty million dollars game is is for right now,
God knows not, I got an app game at the beginning of it would add game first popped off. I was a lay calmer and yet game, which is why try to do minds differently and have my face represent me in mile my oh geez. That was my way of saying I don't want to do. Nobody else has done any I definitely had allowed success, but I haven't had the success that people have had early in the past car dashing killed the game which she did it because she's one of the first people to jump in there. Celebrities. They here's my version of it. So everybody I may now Kim Deadly Mesa money of that no wet, but he never was he did you got the snake. Is this Without sneeze days, Yoda Beer, hustle, hearts, workin hustle heart to now. You know I don't believe, dont things just one time so marvelling shoes, Nike, on going in right now. You know this whole move. Would our movement has taken us to a different plays a different direction where
people that I've got to invest in a vision of simply working out and being healthier are now barking when the same journey is me saw was at one point, watches prepared one five k when I don t care and I want to have marathon someone do mile marathon. So the goal just grow, but not for competition. Just to simply say that you did just to check on goes on your list and I think the best part about it is the same people that don't work out, that don't run really start to get up and get active and say Yondu because I want to be part of the move together, forty million dollar, but I cannot fathom suddenly without necessarily there, though, because I totally reject an your interview and I can tell you very passionate about helping other people just come on everybody. Let's get a good deal of five k, I'm doing a fag hands who weeks as though for me as it is about the very inspiring fact that goes along with you. I mean
when you realise that you have a platform, you gotta find different things they use it for, and I think in this particular case often it behind the words issue. Here, I'm not the guide standing one. Of a brain talking about something that I don't do, I'm a representation of what I say I am so I think would be. We actually get to see the fact that a dare I say we run and I'm running. Would you I'm waiting until every body? I'm the one day, I'm glad you have now low pissed off cause. Awaited like an hour and a half for this one guy I've got. My guy really become any. He was walk it, but it was a beggar God. I was mad for a second. But then I was like I said you know what man I ran out too. He was like a. He was like a half a mile away. I ran Thomas a dude. I said if more come out, I said you got a lease you gotta, Try these occur. Visa you'll understand I'm tryin. This Is it not me walk in his is the best I got it
men and I am a walk, the rest. Which is a mere. How would I have two hours of finishing the gap, but it made me realize I gotta know I didn't know I couldn't be alive. You know, I told him by the beginning of our own leave until right across the finish line right, but what I learned that day was he simply got up. Oh he's, probably like a good three. Thirty and forty him look metal. I don't do this that you made me feel like this is what I should be doin I'm out here and I did it. I want to say that I did it is the first day man of hopefully more to come. He said, but you got me to start. I took that kind of blown away by and then and then, as we kept go. You keep indifferent testimonial, you know, MA am fresh off a cardiac arrest or no ma am this is a Van Ryan Yellow Paraplegia amid much our brothers one come be upon something so inspiring. Read me hope, so we
here all is still re. It hit you. You go people listening, but the list because I see the actions compounds a party. Angola alarm and you see some mighty come then got things to do again. I now to have around me as very emotive men. So this is our mental. So when you, when you do see somebody in a wheelchair, you know in and honestly you and yet blown away your blown away by because what they want to be around and want to be when its Spirit s beard can just when you get around positive people. When you get round a bunch of people have fallen If you have in your pocket you one half or if everybody out there go, hey may go goal of. Didn't, let's get it, you will want one, that's what he was Therefore, unless outlets who did anybody could do it? One of my friends have asthma, her whole life, and she couldn't really. Bless. You never ever ran analyses about a marathon strain. It all started up ahead
walk in and run and a lot of air, their men and a little bit more, really slow jargon and walking in the next thing you know she's doing devices, and if she does she Douglas homes in global, do that and have your re election had advanced? You started running, because the measures should be winter. My bed, lung cancer unity. Dr do some stupid barbarian take one is long vows. He call us a walk on treadmill, whereas inhaler Ass, a man, you're young them, but firstly, work out. I'm sure you good even now go you're Matvey allow. In my day by day I got the middle of heat he's who used to meet like you, I get a page on, allows big MR heart come down. Yeah dad has long been the coroner hold. Where's long used to be you mean it. Was you organize? What can I do for you?
working right now, but as he would jump out, the window I can get in autumn. One day is a gradual process. Then your house, what he paid you and you know now now there was no smell. I do actually I'll go out, suggests ok, I'll go to. I'd like to be around people man. I don't like that. You know I like going to the gym five five hundred and thirty cuz. We see those people in there, those people- that's the most serious like you was work process, so you get up every time I get up for thirty, four forty five everyday. Why I'm comical I'm I'm I'm a computer and Jim S I'm Jim every day, like day in the gym, is just like cardio or am I looking today. We just going to do a quick three miles. We get out of here, get some cardio butt. To note that got up and then I did something every day got more, would Kevin when we come back, keep it lacked. The breakfast locomotive breakfast TAT was I knew it was the morning everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. We are the breakfast club cabin
in a building. I have you own network modicum laughed aloud here. We all know line and who told me a lot of phone calls, was gonna, may then be able to make him coming directly. Seventy percent of some easy, the global way, while out I'll tell you this. I mean I'm not gonna. Do everything myself this network, you know you, our people, you put people opposition to to do job to help you manage. The bulk of stuff is coming here, a thing right now, with the comedy network, you don't realize ladder. Committees are then a normal in with the new ones that a common up I have personally met a large amount of these people. Are you a grab everybody's the beginning, you know so we want to whom we felt we should go out to and in all right now think we shot fifty four, especially specials when a hunch Some, the comedians, we're about to shew. Some more special and the we're doin half hour specials and then I'm going to Miami and shoot some, but when they not to go to Australia do an assortment of basically in an
national comics from their. So this is the special role and then at the data I want to just last s when I gave out deals in oh, I had a pig fesse where people came up, studies and the ideas I felt were made in a bar on the spot. So man I'm really China: give opportunities of the younger generation, so within my network to all the can Indians outdated, fill out there being overlook. Amiss does be patient in all. This is a start up. It's a start on that or you can't do it all. In one day, with with the Oda comedians that dead, you blown path in your career, Would you like a drink? So Europe will be sure you oughta anything like the one that may have like put your soul early on anybody? Nothing! Ok, oh no mean anything. I think one thing that I owe is is is, or the one I'll say, his name in a person. I owe the craft stand up common.
Some stain of companies will got means where I am today. You know those doors open, because that's how jokes, so all those before me that a toll jokes that made it to a certain level that open up those doors, they. Allow me to walk those same doors and create new doors that other people can walk in. Tourism is my job in my service to try to create more doors. It's not me owing people I have relationships, are no people but you gotta understand as Abram as a business. I smart about my movement because I dont want to be here today. I M going to Morrow, so I play chess by checkers the chess game for me so lot of networks have have tried to become. Networks These social media platforms. And created have all fail and you gotta look at the blueprint of what's been done and why it fail. I've done my homework on strategic. That's while pardonable landscape receive fifty fifty on board, I'm an owner of laughed aloud network, I'm a decision maker by partner it up with.
Able to make great decisions, but that do it on a higher level. Ultimately, I'ma need those relationship or going to be mine. Imma need yours, but let's be fifty slash. Fifty, let's make it make sense, so I'm coming with the creative side and then come over to create. So the people that are in fact come. You don't see that they'll see one were behind the scenes. Budget is a tv. Now It's a subscription bays comedy network whereby we tireless M establishment, Martin Lawrence, as he has a special coming on somebody like a Dave Chapelle them is as something that you try to do us for this cause. I could be pretty it be huge, but I think I think people need to see you need to see what it is. You know I don't want to go out in in for those for those cars, and so people see presentation what my network is as real thrill deal was quality, but I'm gonna go out to find my like Chapelle to a guy, more Martin or Chris Rock.
Until they can see what I stand on Roma had the money. The pedals, Gauze Andrew percent would pay those guys a hundred percent or when I come on, you know that I'm coming because I need the treaty to which you should be treated. Come and treat Unum, I'm half ass on my side They should be laid on funny. You ass, you see the difference of opinion take take take on all so I was a bright myself there was also a good set ups in, like a brought two stages, sounds stage so out of here already millionaire lively gave out a notion of whether this is always a declaration was shouted speculation we are talking about today. Is we know you just got here from elated? If I did, I realized, I wonder what you d major major major. Thank you, though, by the show that man still blown away by you know I got to look around and just see everybody. A part of that. You know, and by a part of that does not just my star. I looked around
Everybody that really really been involved in the growth of Kevin heart from my friends are hardly productions from my manager day. Becky like I broke down, and I see it soon. I was trying to cry, but my manager me my manager been together for fourteen years on a handshake. There's no contract involved right by ye. Do right by me. We ve never never sway and don't ever never veered on a wrong road and that man is back me, my visions for the longest time. So was to see him near, remain they Becky or girls. Don't you see him we'll Packer TIM story, eyes: Q. They can, down. They spoke in Thou, especially special, because ass, a triangle that a horse, possible for the high level success. Now some story will packer will the first producer to go there gashes starmer movies, thank like a man think like a mad, so this is back me, no, nobody was really lookin
which was always check, will in to find me Guinean S by some story directed men. Have him to the major relationship mean Cube Cuba's because every by the successful in stand comedy and an urban world such you somehow, how clear to care who you are Cuba's, his hand in their somehow a call cube, a version of jet Appetito how jet repetition? possible for so much comedic talent. She was the same way and I say q one rather more came up. My main came up to jump that We gotta getting there was common, Asia is where it was like. It wasn't. Fight, but you know that are you sure we're gonna go a camera heart acumen will and sums I'd? That's I got on what so you you stay true that you don't forget and I looked around man. It was just so much loyalty. So what I was around I highly was star event, and it has made me realize how for these relationships are why that
big deal. Hollywood would distort the the meat it was complement because it came out of nowhere. You know it was something that was was bought up and I was I what have they want to give you? A star you, that's videos voted, you win and they said it. You should get one your hard, dedicated craven outbreak, and even may occur as I go there. I'd like to go and look at the stars and, while passing me like look who, as is dire Donegal peel, my amendment on a patient models is on a heavy heavy traffic peed partner of ollinger. So you have noted just argued in this respect, but the fact that there is don't you know how I was hoping to get me at least two weeks gimme a clean two weeks before our waters, Some pee on those areas with the stars are as a real nice area. An area like like your majesty in like come in the good like what you gotta go down these companies. Woe is me where we had the Hollywood and what they thought about your offer. How
what is more, the good street? No you'll, never get you don't care about awards buggy down when they ask me what I ask of you is like we do. The photo Is that we do have love and, I might add, is running a disaster fund about speculation. They salaries doesn't malaria as clearly some of them every thought it shall. I says anything: money speculation is legally I've, not tired myself, any amount that he said now. How say this? I'm not the guidance in it for the awards. I'm not the God is the one is the same man. I can't wait to give me my look for that. I think this was more special when it looks for you. A humbug and you broke down? I dare not broke down a mammal, Mama's boy, Mama pathway allows went to my hey, don't jerk little presented your wedding. Also, I cried at the reception. Adding cry: Also, the reception was more emotional funds that the wedding was
but how would ingo traditional in a we put hours spent on it nice was very nice. You know she she buckled. A low bit becomes was and is a major with words. You know where I put the romantic If that were at the reception will be missed, are given a toast hinges, gone down you know their memory lane and what they were, Amber and water happy that their buck me alone. Was all about I did all mine, I write nothing. I went off the heart. I got there in free stout, rub judge. You will feel this They now move stumbled to cover time that we have all would cover or we come back manufacturers get to a chocolate drop with joy. This one feature in tray: songs, push it on one point: Liege raises shortly. Drop all morning. We body is dj. Envy Angela yea Charlemagne God we oughta Breakfast Club Kevin Hearts in the
old and congratulations care. Rumour has it that you expecting a baby now dead, I want to get this thing. Sometimes she doesn't load of something say I know we're never gonna like pregnant with a guy like you blow, you look like. We have another maybe they will be around, maybe enables k2 some day even obtain. Can't you on a different difference. I think, is a powder baby think impregnable now job. Now Rwanda accusation fragment pregnant, we're not expecting you know what we do will know, we'll know when you you'll, probably here for me several months after you probably able to tell his cause she'll be showing, but why
that does happen, anatomy public about it off the back, I'm superstitious say. You never had a baby remind you have like three months. Some say here you wouldn't hear from anybody. Nobody would know- Last time you hear you talk about every time. You finish your project you buy. Why did I think week later. The house, broken down a rat. Half a million dollars in your original speculation. We do not allow everyone there would be like that is a bird the budget may watch out cabin public rugged. No man now listen. I don't know this public record daddy's pigs All I know is I love God, where there is never get gun enjoying chaplains wrapper job remain, he's an amazing thing. Very, don't amazing things you gotta video come in our interest.
Video with traced on people think wait, Gallagher been rumours, can have Yo Yo drama do Drab Amnesty A man is all man. Rationale is that in any way shape or form into EU aid, is gone crazy for no reason. Man, ghettos in Guantanamo aware online. Yeah, I guess so busy right now. I know you not on a breakfast club, Moyo Film and promote my midday. Come on man come all my brother. Don't play me like that. May come into ok, only one drop of someone. Fourteen understand, gonna come correct, don't come down and look for a check man you in a basement where everybody it will think about it. I have to think about it. Cuz, I don't. I don't know what that I don't know what that meant K. I got it.
Are there not promoted, moved down? You would not like this. That man is not my responsibility. You gotta go just look. I gotta voice. If you got a problem he's been? I had told them all project. On alone I mean was mixed up He's coming out here, That is all that have been adopted. You'd look more with less with success and allowed a novice model may work for this. I'm habitat he's getting is now listen. I'm almost eight true to me but he's gettin is Sean. I'm happy that is album come out on always a October fourteen has made things coming out with a multi million dollar deal could. Actually. I too would like to tell you you know less use with you, because I would thank you, have em up here is not behind the scenes. Issues is dead. He feels like as you carrying him around now I should a shit. Doesn't
Marion Rail Kevin does not have you seen easy to image of Kevin horrible tweed about of Mikhail harder to bring all this big positive part of the brain? You will do in job exasperated reckless yeah he cousin and do what you want to live. Only divided mistake. Now, migrants we bought at a total ban but it goes a pair of supporting unknown, avoiding a job in the same way as my movie not algebra was. The same day. What now was the first thing I want- and I was the first thing: are you in the video at least one out? Now it wishes. Lieutenant. Whenever it makes a delicacy, I mean I've got brought out the move outside the watch, the movie that pursue broadly the ghostly to have less. Let's get back to you, don't listen, ok, Moreover, man don't point phone out God, and it was a bit. Really you browse marvel. The seven as double was the delight scream at our bodies
What does everybody where I was ass? They look omega, make even more pressing added. I said ten times Dolokhov, yet as the problem, which has to be a leader, and they can no longer tolerate me, I told you before envy poured out his phone out there to Toronto amount, which was do they can learn five, let me remind you that the group will do it, but don't make a scene. You just get him I'll, fair rules, rules, gazebo, wasn't cool with em and you re about a directive. It makes sense Bay dash. I believe you if they ask you to do something for him. Why I've been in and make that way and gets a yet on bright colors? Does not you not distract connect through our worst weekly brides, Google? You abide skin bright, colors walkin, almost like a safety belt, so almost had a heart, cruel,
I came down like a bright light blue to middle look. Like look like, look like a new thinking. Group just came in the mill, then they wanted to do a single and a middle shall have because you out of here, but we need a movie now, since you missed, it was ass, he will be found for you. Could you were now wish you say? Well, we will see the moon What now you'll be tabled here? He was all a thousand. That's apparently rather right take that back almost all when you say that while millions of years not only gives you was reason we'll start than other main always asked for money. As you can hear how he's obsessed with, but the people making zones. I love you should stop. Moonrise, I am against the thousand peace terminals. When give him a piece of knowledge: is priceless? Money doesn't grow on trees,
That's what we're gonna! Do you go about bad, I'm the new hope today states which, for a long time yet you're not going. About me stunt, and you know by a damn thing. I have a hard time give my guys low, petty cash. We ask for Ireland has not justify having twenty yep. Can I get it for what was your twentieth? I'm gonna casual. I now why you would you get it to get what you need a mega now, because August twenty you I have another one, and then you want to fill out because it is when I had the guiana- and I want to put our friendship, you get money a leafy establishing this double. Does they weighing on it? Now mines got eight ok, yes, my daddy Debbie is he's happy he's all right got. You need a bill I like to get over. I had them, would move all time. You'll get high, Roquat local autonomy for what, Ok, I want to get at the bellman them some report as well
Had not the head out there choir. Well, you leader, we give like seven hundred dollars or nobody get real, quick. The real, quick writer Nellie got me like that. While never do it again. Nelega now, Nellie got me. A vague is ones are occasionally yoga kept Gimme living like we're. Quickening gives you, ok, How much what I will say it like everyone was somebody got: You can only remind and one town as they didn't. You feel weird Abu ALA, Yoke woody Ok, I guess
see now he everyday their money back. Yet that's my friend, he didn't do it. I don't like you got a lot. We bore guy. He thought I beg you, feel it because people when I hear that there should be ok. I asked her. Why about I'm attack them we gathered? Rather, there was no more than a hundred thousand. I load. You now have very little hope of untold yadda yadda bears. I ve told you story the very small, petty about some small, but just a principle. One week before we dispersal October fourteen October was now draw me. To remain and baby believe, like twenty one of the biggest ain't supposed to break up.
As a regular does disability million dollars. Ninety million is less speculation, but that would be good if there s a speculation that I'm open comes true function of means. God hang mouth the automobile right. You get on it. This is me, put up thirteen point. Eight thirteen point, eight different day, birds For me, the whole movie or done by heart be productions. Amazing team, the brain of Kim ART, is still growing Businessman is getting stronger and road being a model is still is still being valid. Came there becoming a mug maybe coming, but that in order to get a good way, they, like a hundred million, will not talk about it. Well. I always appreciate you come and go for really and allow gunfire are you're on your own. Scheduled accounts. No love come here, I'm never not gonna come here. You got a good meal, autonomous zombie good deal. We will get New Jersey because, given orders- and you know what that's what's the matter I'm not gonna give ya thousand holidays. I promise you did
wanna get you guys shares this week, nice shameless shingle, I'm gonna, get lesser on back amongst begging shares, Acapulco heart have you ever did not arise because you can live out. Why should I put the level that we're gonna chairs What more do you hear me here in time for the movie, I thought about it: a cabin gets of new job hot and has brought but a levels. South. You guys had you so I'll corrective Ayala output, personal hard, They got a stable country. Job, that's, ok. You may you aggregated. I've lived a peddler boy, breakfast.
It's about the war annually on the breakfast electronic Gabby. Our union is suing be easy, and that is where the episodes are being Mary Jane. Now, what you are saying is a network said they would never produce more than thirteen episodes season, but they're trying to take two ten episodes seasons back to back. So they try to get the episodes into one season so that they can extend the term of her contract without paying for another season, so basically fair, combining seasons, foreign five, so they don't have to
hey for a contractual rays and extend their action to get her for another year. Basque army adore immigrant rigour. Soon she had to do it could be twenty three episodes were season. Bobby does little to sit in her contract was says here they agreed it would never produce more than thirteen per season, but they trying to do to get to ten episode seasons back to back, so they only produce eight episode in the first he's in twelve and this again and that's when they re negotiator contracts that she would pick be pay for thirteen episodes, even if it in order. That many and so you know it's. It sounds like some logistical things that they have to work out. A paper bag. Bt are right, maybe your money yeah, I mean it sounds a little a little shy see if you appreciate I always used to for the network. I had an I'm. Should operate in today's grew all I wasn't: gonna drive,
Do you prove more dirty nervous, though the primitive, more burden, observers, in contrast with the right? So I see what happens? Ok, they have not commented on that last itself by now came car dashi, and did you guys see this costume? They had another went glass doom where psycho parisian hasty robbery victim has two very important, but always they is gauged by one. Would you wanted to happen to? You are to be one of the avenue somebody you love, not nothing funding. This people were very upset. They ass. He pulled up in this house, but it was a wig black, wigs and glasses, a gag and a rope and a short white robots, and we thank him crashing had on a robe when they broke into her the apartment that she was renting and parentage respectful. Yes, he also is suing ok, because there are these stories that accusing her of lying about the whole robbery. So she found the federal law suit against media take out. That was for the repose one, which says that she stage the whole robbery and they said that she use random people, oft social media as she saying that meat
take out use random people off of social media as their sources. So you can't do that. You want people to retract their posts and apologize, and they haven't Earl, soon Mediator, Kim Kardashian, whom all far stories media take on prowler reported about you over two years? You will suit him now: press very wise media. Take ass, a lawyer, also its media, taken drop, one include bombs, afraid of mediating of NATO come on its immediate Hague out she's. Having signed instead of precedent here is that China ACT like I. Think this rabble shouldn't. They did two years ago now clearly Karachi and was on Ellen, and she had some things to say about the family and the robbery and how came car dashi and is doing cause. You know she's been gone off. Social media check it out. I mentioned. Not doing that. While I mean it's incredibly traumatic, happens. You're about our family as super close and greater more get through it together, and so I think for us it's all a wake up call for.
All of us into not share is much any are mainly things have changed a lot yeah. I think in that aspect and just make sure that were protected as well as possible, but I think it is important to maybe make those adjustments, and well back a little bit, I think. As always, it are our rights. He also talked about black China and Rob car dash in there was this whole thing where she without his telephone number, and he was complaining that in and by black China to the baby, shower here's what she had to say about that eschew baby showers in China I was invited to both of them, but we wanted to have a deal. Shower, I was more for man and I don't know he was a surprise for handling that portion. Yet so he took it the wrong way, but you didn't show up. So you don't know it was a male baby shower misunderstand China, was an odd China, needle that it was four guys saddened why China tweeted out his number
whatever I honestly I'm confused found. The whole thing was a misunderstanding: offenders: India: there why Ireland going Maldonado juvenile if hasn't, got without giving any there too. I was there. I guess it was called hosting with the right to health is going to leave our era. If that is your room, a report, I mean silly all right thinking, Missy Shot, I yes, we give it a dog. Do, may manage boy to come in for a gargantuan floor may when the junior we'd like to have a low world coca we'll get into that when we come back, he but latticed breakfast locomotive. Thank you!
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today, via the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Well, sharing dog you today for when they October twelve gold to retired under free, form a boxing jam you fly may whether junior no money may was talking to the box and voice about something knows a lot about boxing dances. That's. What he does is one of the greatest fight. If ever I would say the greatest defence a fighter ever for surely best. I think, he's a solid promoter of it. One thing: Floyd may whether Junior knows about his boxing bright, for whatever reason for May whether decided to veer off of the combination of boxing and discuss the ratio tension that is currently going on in America, specifically decided to address what is going on between blacks and police, and he decided to comment on this day in San Francisco. Nine quarterback calling cabinet is taken
as he would money may weather had fainted a boxing voice, a medicine our lives matter. You know, allow ties we get stuck and we are working hours when you do your lovers in black matters or blue lives matters or lives. Men. What I learned from boxing what everyone could take. A real life is follow, directions. Follow order is not right. What's goin on within his world on both I think we need to communicate better. I think we need to follow direction is is the regulations to everything, calling carbonic protests. Kaepernick need to try to get the start and job. You know stand up and get the starting job as we need to focus on, but I cannot commit that's what you believe in The people stay behind him in also be eighty got no one Sunday Josie so is obvious. Some right,
Where do we begin? First, let's deal with the obvious I wish he was is easy as just following directions. I wish that of people just did. Will police officers told them to do the now would avoid individuals getting shot and killed. Philando Castillo following directions. Ask grant was honest damn in handcuffs that you can't follow more direction to the net he got shot in the back and killed tears. What you want to do anything except wandering around his hands up. When he got shot, I mean it came, Yesterday, a pc peony system, but that means nothing. He still out of hand that might in his business. The point on making here is not as easy as simply following direction Ok, Floyd may, with set of rules and regulations with everything that is absolutely true and in this thing called the kind children. It is rules and regulations, one of those rules that we are allowed due process. I don't know if you realize this void may weather, but why? The main reason is that this is a huge problem in America's because people's constitution, Rights are being violated, so that means rules and regulations are being followed. Ok, everybody needs do better on both sides. Statements like that always confused me, because let us be clear:
These are majority at a time always in control. Ok, Floyd me where the juniors talking like the playing field level is the me on Twitter, what a beautiful black we was he's, holding up a sign as this, we live in a world where train cops, can panic and don't impulse, but untrained civilians must remain calm. What a gun in your face: ok, Floyd! Do you not see out scales of the balance of power on the police officers aside, simply because have the bag in the gun? Let me say it in a way: you can understand money. May ok, you know when you have. A fight are right on pay. Per view against an opponent who is no, a new EU level and they haven't known ghosts eating power because you're the big draw you get all the money and you got all the leverage and they have to take what you give them, that's how they would come. In civilians in America. Do you understand now and as far as common cabinet, he will be starting. This week what is their fiscal. Forty nine is what it was something out. Money may say,
After that, we may must body, since his tingle little queen, clip calling copper neck protests. Cabernets need to try to get the start in job. You know, stand up and get the starting job as we need to focus on, but I cannot commit that's what he believed in the people there behind him and also be eighty got. No one seller Josie so is obviously do some right. Ok, I see what you call him when you may, whether Floyd knows boxing in money. His mine is always on capitalism, because money didn't say, I understand why he's not standing, he didn't say. I understand the message he's trying to convey, but I don't agree with his protest method. In fact, Floyd in the dress out Colin Kaepernick is affecting the community with his protest at all, because all Floyd Seasons dollars Lloyd says he got the number one cell in Jersey and NFL. So as if he's doin some right, never mind. The common cabinet has sparked a much needed conversation about police forces. Civilians in his country never mind at ease, actually making a stand for point
I people by not stating Oboloi may whether you can think about it that he had the number one cell in Jersey, ITALY, so he be doing something right now, colleague governing is doing so. Right simply because he's doing something right, I leave dead for Foy may. Whether junior college cabinet is not doing something right because you got the highest Ellen dressing. The league he's doing something right simply because he's doing something wrong. Let us listen to Floyd me where the juniors nicest as one more time, let it thinking medicine our lives matter. You know ties we get stuck and we are we're, followed, when you do here, whether as a black lives matters or blue lives, matters all lives, men. What I learned from box in What everyone could take a real life is follow, directions. Follow order is not right, what's goin on, but then this world on both. I think we need to communicate better. I think we need to follow direction. Is Israel
regulations to everything, telling copper neck protests, cavern need to try to get the start and job. You know stand up and get this. And job as we need to focus on, but I cannot commit that's what you believe in in the people stay behind him, It also be eighty got. No one. Seller Jersey so is obviously or some right. Whenever I have Floyd's comments on reminded, by quote from Patrick Meagre, some people are so poor All I have is money. For me, where the junior two biggest he hopped lease of my bet, my bed gimme, some small sounded Hamilton, You know that we You gave me ah
it gives ogle fuse me donkey without want to get into big ass. He smooth sounded Hamilton have arrived, when I think about all the fights our views on paper view such that it comes haven't you provided Laddie tame. It already is: ok, all right, we'll take it. A dog a day when we come back, ask ye eight hundred five, eight five one I won't have you got a course for ye call her right now. To put you live on the air help me, which problems and I need help to today- worker a laundry a firewall or far blessing to me back up and let there be awfully go one to think ahead No, you don't love you like. I love that later there is about, and can you hear me? Let me know it's here, as we should get for the grant this cloud. We need new chairs, saying by saying gloomy low. I love you slow down. I love you. I love you exactly TAT was Chris what you fantasy morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club, it's ask!
if you need relationship, advice, eight hundred forbade firewater, five one allows this was, for you mom. I thought why we maintain a polite, my, but it like a real tabling like we got a third together about his family ignorant lay as is their light. He was hit me am I glad loneliness TAT Day, a viper, her page of aid is and you have handled a blog therefrom offers immediate of it all and everything like that. But crying can't get a glance at the people by the the people in like he feels it through Paypal I wonder if I go what. Why is it? Ok by me in a dead end up, I heard them that help handle it, but I don't know like one mile laptop, so you know
like him handling, is really taken care to situation. Now that I am, I shall like his little. They can allay that one of the things I know if he's gonna beat them, where he's gonna be Well, I've got a pop up, even though their light broke out about, but you won't be anything but still divided, not yet many sounds like she's. I'm definitely stocking him right now, but he does Mikey doing the right thing in that he has her abilities with you all the time you don't suspect him. A really speaking to her are leading her own right, no, not at all right they see and has been how long since he's been stuck in six months, the whole time you guys have been dating either by the hard part about this is that Sometimes in situations like this happens, it causes you to get into arguments which your boyfriend, when he is not really to blame for this method crammed into the earth alibi. You know she had thought him very well, you might be
All it heard that better back at sunset, but you I know I hear, is automatically view that he would then be like you show me Ray and also makes it difficult, because right now, I'm sure it's annoying to him. He doesn't know how to handle it, but he was their terrible. If hurt herself or something happened like it was his father and she's out. You're playing on that now what he should do is, has he changed his phone number and that they should change his phone number his errand? These are very blacker and everything in your private right now. You're social media now donut. If anybody that you don't know and lay his sister no in a whole family, no there she can. Come over. If we see anywhere nobody's communicate with her, though there are nowhere anybody's goin, which had doing eventual Time will allow wounds and you have to move on, but he has since his phone them, so she can't even reach him if she tries because, actually with him not doing that and with her
and up into one of those things is, as prolonging her. Families are just gonna be her. It is what it is. Her feelings are ready hurt by it No, it's not on him. Now, at this point, he's told there he Claire he's moved on. All she's gonna do with cause are dividing your relationship at home, where he's already stressed out about it and I'm sure doesn't help as yours just out about it and you probably stressing him about it. So you are always need to make Did you guys are a team? You worked together. You are supportive of him. You know he's doing everything that he has to do, but now to take these measures where she can have no contact at all. Amazing, you guys is keep track of anything that she's doing so in case it ever comes down sue needed to get a restraining order. Anything crazy, like that. You have other just in case all a the log ain't you all right, ascii, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you call her now, it's the breakfast club good morning,
that was Drake Control of morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club in the middle of Ask Yee eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you and you can always email her help me head help me edgy mailed outcome allows is good morning with assumed by the sombre was, of course, if the actual ball of you gotta do is like good, healthy eating styles. What you're doing a morning That's why you know like out, then I e through your body at hyperspace. What what are you doing now and what is your goal How do you a long time, you know I a family history, a shroud am I just gotta stay awake. Beside it yo bad every morning, but legitimate? my bodies right as my family, I re well. I will tell you this s thereof.
May sure our friends about plenty, a wider castilian. What is always important and no matter what I said, every morning also having greens, he my vitamins and then, depending on how to switch it up like sometimes have oatmeal in the morning. I never as sugar to it, but I am fruits oatmeal right now have an egg white and Turkey bacon rap on whole wheat, Peter low rap thing, and I also, of course, Do you think so? That's it and soon going with what it is it your body needs. I usually thy to do these care and spinach angle. An apple and ginger and banana arms movies I can get a lotta everything all at once, but you shouldn't movies. Everyday, always gotta makes it up. What is it? What is it that you are doing now There was one my aunt she Banja Luka Bullet Ailing, actually get out makes an all types of fruit and vegetables in there I would add, honey to out at honey to allow you feel about hundred, but I've heard it much better than should it
cigarette. Add because, because I believe that gives me like the better sugars that I need that why I put strawberries, I think it s where users may show you monitor yourself, go to the doctor, make sure you you get your blood checked out. So you know which are cholesterol. Let me show you get your blood pressure checked out and Oliver and of course we may say you do some type of working out well end some strength training as some cardio, if they may be about a month they carry out their awful, Are you able to emerge? Ninety one! Ninety five, now I come heavy fast but he's gonna, be healthier. Not all about your way. Sometimes you could be skinny by still be very unhealthy, but we're ok, we'll just keep going He may have a major users it. I do no white bread no way rise. Everything is grains for me, it may be Danby yesterday
talking about mid evil is made even that medieval allies in many ways and medieval we agree with the results of its funding but the bad for the vital thing. My dear ok and Medea duties, anything wrong. No, you said he was right. We do you know them right. Do you think the same thing, you say no was debated asymmetries. Bravo, but anyway that ascii, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you not even got room is on the way Nicki Minaj on the cover of Marie Claire. She is talking about a lot of different things, and I will information on that talks about Gauls, he talks about male wrappers and competing with them in violence in our country and women. Of course, I will
to all that when we come back he belongs to breakfast globally. The reul report was glad to have asthma weak magazine, and that magazine, to be honest answer on the eighteenth, where we have some highlights at which he talks about. Ok, she talks about double standards. She talks about young women's, go she says nowadays, I feel a young women see marrying into money. I think that's a big thing now. I don't want that to be a woman's goal in life. I want to go and live to become an entrepreneur, a rich woman, a career driven women. You have to be able to that you need no man on this planet at a period. He asia that, because when a man feels it, you need him, he active
We on the matter of the message on one or two on the model of only men. You go over Ruby needed me. She tackle have clear about the citizens about competing with male wrapper. She said I need to read a book about business. I can look at someone's career and just bent pinpoint the dews in the donor and the one person I've done now with, for my entire career was jazzy. He did a great job being an authentic street guy and a business man, and I was a liar. Their women doing that, taking excess from map entangling it into their empire at that, like anything he could do. I could do that of the fact that, without by having mentor model but always say you, mentor and model should have the Tiber career that you would I too have if they dont do not really need to be a mental I'm on. I ratios attacks about people living with violence in our country. We tend to not remember them.
Women who are mourning these men and who are thinking? Oh my god. What am I gonna tell my child now about where her father his father is the struggle it is for black women to tell him move on after they lose their husband or their boyfriend is strong. Women in these inner cities often go unnoticed. No one, ever puts a hand out to them. An automatic data sounds interesting. Merida drop on include boss, religion, monotony automatically, Furthermore, we declare that's gonna, be I miss him. She got thou Knowest I think I was joking rolling human Zionism, fruit. Saved up like never before us, making that really dodgy Robin now look of what I thought it was John, Then I will get a negative a couple days later, my at those who draw up to now not ass. He was gonna, quiet, Magee, I'm not joking hastily era, with Khalifa speaking and shopping happens. Put out a new mix tape yesterday, and he tweeted about he has a lot of things going on right now you actually got a distribution deal at Atlantic record, so he's not just a talented artists. Songwriter he's, also an entrepreneur, or so
he has been going on. He also has a clothing line that inspired by his son for his son, the Bass collection, that's inspired by all of his sense of ashes, Hobbes and everything that he's into so I set out to him for having gone. I likewise he's always been a great business man. Our eye contact They have some idea of him wrapping from behind bars and are you guys when here. It was sentenced to one hundred and twenty days in prison last month. He won't have to serve that entire four month sentence. He is said to be released on November thirtieth. Okay, now here is what that sounds like Yah com is greatly ah my way around
Calling no girl singer from jail. I don't care, I don't care who she is, because you doing that under the assumption that she's holding you down and being loyal, but in case she's, not her and her free. I'm not gonna be laughing at me. Simply my balls. Ok, that's a terrible way! May I ask you something you have to be pessimistic when you in jail of the optimistic when I get out being the worst when you imprisoned no of hay. Think, though, wearing no obvious outcry, absolutely job a man be optimistic when you're free well, I'm a prisoner bodyguards to by doing you bet amnesia YE, and that is your room. Are reports are ripen you miss see. Now when we come back, we get the people's choice. Mix, shots are fairly at revolt. See you guys tomorrow, will actually going to pay may I know big Crick recognises a world from a K. A great big rip name of is free agents. Rise would get into that next free agent. It big created among glad here quit better. I got big crib man at
if any of big create. When I'm talking about these new young gun that can really spread from one include Bartleby cremated Miss we're alot exclusive. Let us know what you think is the breakfast club boy
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