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Tuesday 2/21- Today on the show Keyshia Cole dropped by and spoke about her latest projects and how she dodges creeps like the ones Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to, better known as the Creep Squad off of Love and Hip Hop New York.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we got. No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast globe say some figures
you know, do YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go morning, easily ye their minds is Andy. Charlemagne God agrees to the planet. Is too yes, it's Tuesday at a three day week in forty work. We now, I can't think anyways Monday this morning, when I got up and not a day s knee, I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday. No, he's come. Ms Mckenna, we greater effort is to not have one executive board. Donald trump me design may go through to weaken. Ok, every legal one that have every Monday off was really the point of being a school violated. We could be network for learn to educate, oh yeah, learn what you learn a home for different education asserted vacation. Ok, thank God of the curriculum. You teach you treated, the house nobody's going to be a school yes intensively.
The week was long because you have so much work to do now and say that we should only when an hour now felt better in my life ever wherever you anyway aliens for us die, we again animal we get. It also was great. I just don't think They should have all start again out New Orleans expressing his mighty grow. Like it's, it's a lot activity. There was so much going on. You could anyone roused lobby and raw I've? You had to walk everywhere like there was no driving anything the overall, No money left me no money. When they and those people on the banks, that also can take your the pedal bilingual made some money, how they do other than that you have to whatever we I mean it was. You were walking everywhere was rain and oftener, but it was a great time I mean it was moved to New Orleans last minute, thou kind of not less nearby.
Will you be? Yes? Was we shall listen? I don't agree about that. We gain period because the glass trash the game is tries to highlight days. Dry elicited was charged game maturity. She had a sheer they don't. Curtis was trash payments about bringing people from discreet. Do don't contest for you. Doesn't he really did I need to bring guy from the street that was on those crazy ass dunkers have the professional NBA player judgment. I've been saying that for years I saw Steven Naismith reiterate that yesterday on ESPN, that is actually true. That's what they should do, but also all star. I take a look at the legends Sars. The end is really just represent them. Nab dinners they have all type of swedes to have all types of parties. Or the legends and alleges, are really represent in also listen, just give the NBA plans a week off and give them a week ago, celebrate themselves and fragmented. So we need to see that gave s got three and about I want to see a t got you in appointing no defence with two points.
Agriculture come nobody gonna bet it does get boy come on man. Nobody! I'm embedded into data come on. Let's get a wave of arrests you know, and today they allowed kids a lot and also get to me, because this is where, if you were a kid and you want to meet your favorite, celebrity your fever, basketball players to weaken it, do they have so many training with a celebrity ease. They have a eating, they have so much would be ever so many things to do out there for kids, if you just want to reach a fair, replace more than just people out in hardy and has a lot to do. If you, in a kid there's swedes, there's dinners these lunches, there's training they open up, they arenas, kids could play. There is alive. To do out there so logical speaking. It then into other often texts that, just as we go, I often it is one in places where you will gain a leaf. Five out of you got off as new. Almost
oh, have deliberately ignoring those leave me I gotta I went to the Jamaican, but in often and had a curry, goat cocktail Campbell Opera Lean of seeing the combo now when they give you both on the plate. I've never seen it now occurring, go on. Tell combo. You see that now faded, drawing together anywhere Brooklyn VAT away. I've never seen a year making requested by the sea anonymous natural every gets a turtle saw Buckshot allocate over a week. I would add experiments and when it comes to food allocated things like chicken desert, they say size is getting
we are going to be like chicken oblivion new priorities. Like chicken ablaze phase, we face loud savings, everything's range nice. Every tat you have a gradual Gregory's like no jacket tat. She should go be joining us. This morning I re opening hours acoustical looking Lukashenko, let's get to show cracker front page news what we talked about. Let's talk about yesterday being President's day or in some places, not my president's day. Also olbers sexual harassment claims will tell you what's going on with that investigation. Ok, into all that when we come back, keep allowed this to breakfast club come on out another yes morning, everybody is dj. Envy angel YE, Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club has given some front page news now in basketball, Denmark, causes. He has been traded. He was a Sacramento king looks like he's going to pelicans. I don't think, there's a Babel format. It S. Actually
Raven movie rights and no before anybody else knew tat. I think, is agent toll. Of course you don't know what it always people who sell em during those, because he was going to interview to tell him turn in a view. We have all you of it, this Pretoria, how to set up your eyes are experiencing as well as a great move. You gonna, pay, em up and Anthony Anthony Data is indeed only we only way is a terrible moves if he likes mass chicken. Normally this we can add value, is gonna get away from me and I will be out Beata town on Monday, like knew you'd, be here for a while, but I had to guess agreement for because he did say wanted to retire at king. Nothing like a week ago. Nobody like retire sacrament, ok,
Let us be clear: what no body wants to retire sacramental us not the way to do this works better run and settlement of kings. Now, let's talk about Aubrey sexual harassment ray what the former? U S, attorney General Eric Hall. There is gonna led overs investigation into sexual harassment claims. These claims were made by an Ex employee. Now, according to Susan Fowler, she actually did blog posts. It went viral. She said it's my number one priority that we come through this a while over, so they want to make to this. There are better organization after this, but she wrote about the year that she spent working there. She said it was an office culture that permitted rampant sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Ober. Only fifteen percent of the companies employees are women, and just three percent of the women are engineers at the time that she laughed so that's very small fraction, very small percentage. Now she said at one point: she had actually reported things and she was told she was unfair.
Eyes and in risk of being fired. If she continued to report these cases to each hour, she said she reported his that immediately after the meetings both H our answer this each year they both emitted. It was illegal, but nobody did anything about it. I tell you all the time or not the highest rate of women, the dispensary mud, no mass Sidney. Thinking, oh overdue, got offices, don't it I'm thinking. You didn't rather than the cars. You know what that the about the drivers who has, as you know, the girl when they get me a big league overhead. You just think I can admit when I'm stupid. You know to me I really thought that the overdrive and would touch him on the girl Nick I'm, the guy had not got like all yell would have off his wooden me. They are big company, like other people getting in a car, I wouldn't be in place their wicked obey Davy passenger as they could get arrested as impoverish, don't care. But when you said about the same thing, never sold Donald Trump, I write well yesterday was president's day bad as
How did people were celebrating? It was not my presidents day there, a rally's in New York, Chicago La Atlanta, Philly and more than two dozen of the cities across the nation, everybody just kind of standing against the president who's been in power. It's only been one month by the way I was reading that Donald Trump has spent more in his path. But then President Barack Obama did in one year just travelling back. Imports are alive of land glove. Doing all of those things. He's said more one month now that people were carrying sizes had not my president and resist, and they were chanting, no ban no wall in addition to that Donald Trump has been putting together a new travel ban order that they say is near completion over the weekend. He was putting that together. Supposedly this is going to be a tighter, more streamlined version of the first executive order which, as we all know, did not work out so we'll see what he has to say now, allegedly they're working on a phase in period for parts of that order to take effect. It's not going to impact the green card holders and all
they sang for people that are now not being respected with their current or pending visas, they're gonna make sure nobody is caught in the system in between we're not gonna Biddeth incited that arms we gonna headline is a historian says trumps presidency is likely to be the second shortest in history. She looked at up. There are probably already retired, being pieced I'll, probably resign. We hope so and yeah yeah over thought is predators dating yesterday. Out is: have you have a day off and care who deal with our right? Well, that's front page news not celebrate. Mad eight hundred five, eight five one. Oh five, one of your up such need event. You call us right now, maybe had a bad week in bad night, whatever it may be. Eight hundred foggy, Fifty one thousand and fifty one tell him why you mad. Also we're taking your calls. If you feel blessed me not mad, maybe you feel a little blessed, maybe had a great weekend. Baby was your birthday, maybe at a child, whatever maybe you're, two days pregnant from the NBA player, you wanted to get pregnant from and don't even know it. Yet that could be a positive, eight hundred and five eighty five thousand one hundred and five,
in my view, blessed as well as the breakfast club morning. The breakfast club hey. I got a younger body, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Matter ass. They mass the angry as the aid ass. They passed off. Why you man was bloodless, go below there is Detroit job driver, nay, the Georgia to drive until about merit. Men are less permit DR responsibility figure out on other marabella. Fi. Madam president, better pay would you oh no. Maybe but anyway, now mail from Nigeria Guy, like briefly Well, you better paid owes net affection, not working their prayers. Male addiction,
there. You go. Every men, rode appraise math reflections. Tat idea wanted to create a frugal flexing hello. This is an area of Ireland a hour. You tell him what you mad, because the more people- Maybe you run over almost em. Take care that ITALY, Ear Coca saves same feel kind of I back you social work, trying to be constantly. We pay because they do an amount that eleven when the lights go out on a middling, ill kids screaming another, though no no power, no ac, probably no power. Now I ve been thinking man together. You know, you know get the Daily Party Jolly unregenerate gonna, go to
it should have a generator and gone on because we have no power. Our semi giant pay your bill, not ideal. Law on armor, they don't care about them. People and not at all allows is as a big envy you and that's how I met a magazine, Balch extol. My web lie like in all of our battle. I just like the music and she's badly should like the latter. Are you about your combat, but I will, if I may use from you my leg and raise that I and my lad. I said: if you get into that, keep it loan us no debate. They will come pick pick on his eye, overweight.
I remain at the top alongside God, you, my dear friend, that there's a girl has the figures here. You know. If you came money that keep it a secret, see, you know, could you dial the weight that obviously still used, which is still my last gotta me that resource and was always to point my Latvia for investigation, I love this autumn. Things about prisoners to be EU. Does their mother able by gotta, have eat fish. Thereabout obey does any girl you increased. Do I used to be The main rat ballads go. Let me maybe, as right, don't come
the young man, I have only one has been little or no meat. You are you I want to go. I felt the people you re, looking for you never loaded, but you end up in book wherever both but out of how you conduct of the husband of assault. But you didn't call me what they do. I would like unloaded lux snarling, never been locked. You got no now mine its own momentum, loaded with low room ass. I thought I d got one minute. Very slow, your mind at all right, now. My beg you call him eighty four, eighty five one, five one about effect when we come back, tell us why you bless if you're bless, you feel good. At your birthday, you had a great wicked call us up. Spress good positivity is to breakfast.
Good morning, the breakfast job are. You bless the nightly fairy tale the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five one brave deeds, the breakfast club hi. This is Don Majora. Tell me why you bless this morning. I am glad because I was blessed with a beautiful grandfather and on Sunday, Agile, Asia and they pay. You hear my death grants feel thirty really well. Thank you. I'm forty feet you and him young grandma. I just I mean a Grand Chad's who, over the weekend and she's forty one while over that
NL o merely why I'm ever since- I am that's you as I am about to baby. We're out of debt is grab that his grand grand grandchild aged forty year Eugenio forties, absolutely no remains a daughter go Sunday, twenty two ok, around twenty to twenty two young man thanks guys still UNESCO and you'll have a child. Is my baby. Show ya brother got a job leaving out calling me that all found university season, here are galleys were usually three: twenty six weighty graduates out of school Then it is it a big job. Ok, we'll congratulation. Grandma orders is close to fifty nobody. As you may know it s, your grandma, Yo Grandma was about pity when you that age, if you think about it, let me say: yeah now my grandmother sixty
How is your right broadway for the place this morning because blow my anger of me and my mom was at the house. She got a job and we was will argue in and the next thing you know she fell get ahead and our that our aim is for help and it was they left me and then the next thing. You know that I got a call from a cop. I didn't need for trying to get anywhere from my mother's somewhere. Ok, they didn't give me no felony, Mama, ok, I'll, get undressed, ok, yeah, I mean as a good like a person who can be optimistic and see the good side of historic day, all right. I guess I guess. That's that's a reason to feel blessed. Ok, all right, we'll call us up at any time eight hundred five, a five little fire one. If you feel bless anyone is present, positively to the world. Now you ve got rooms on away. Yes, that's like about big shy,
Had they was video footage him getting slats. I, what his own record, signings internet lanes. What happened here? The monies You told me to give saw delegated Emma yeah really know, understand life being right last. Are you ready at a much faster that also appear on the edge of your seat, but this soldier boy and Chris Brown Fights will have they feel about that. Now, right, we'll get into that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast global morning. Breakfast bravery when needed me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We oughta breakfast club was happily I may say so. We re bad away day yesterday has remained bernajoux lottery on them. Now, let's get it over with these. Are we deal on her birthday, a shade while shame I'm so people buying for her? I think she page basic though by the Gypsy still down advisor for everyone, then maybe I will just gets rooms, are so big show
is the rumor report with Angela Yee Breakfast Club. When I saw the headline over the weekend, Big Sean gets slapped at his album signing. This happened in Queens New York. He was doing an in store signing for his. I decided album. The physical copies came out and that's when, according to TMZ a fan while testing him and slapped him and that's when security stepped in they actually have? Video here is how it went down yeah right now you gotta go daisy will now. If people are, now tell me they give bigshot donkey today for being worth millions and allowed himself to get slap. Your sound like complete idiots they guy Burma's at me exactly an emigrant clearly. Sometimes success takes a shot. Two year, american slab, you what happens after it. Ok where he got dollar that, regardless of who, you are no matter what
vision alive, you're, perfect flabby website, would have let you will be signed with bandit on his twitter. He said: look I never comment on this type. It is, but they can't do me dirty and say offence. Mac me. I know it like that some guy waited in line in the cold since ten, a dot m, but my cd when I signed his cd and shook his hand, he tried to hit me off guard to do- was released from a mental hospital, week has a long record of mental illness and was off his MEDS very serious issue. He claims he wrote songs for Michael Jackson's, Asia. Was the better man, I'm hoping he's getting the proper treatment he needs. I wanted to keep the signing going, but the store shouted down. Sorry, a guy ruin for the rest of the guys like that and make it bad for everybody else have the next time you see big Sean and he standoffish. Are you got people with him that won't? Let you get close to him. It's cuz of that situation. Rapidly right and you can do nothing but respect any, did nothing wrong. He not only aside and organised would affair out. Another tried to be nice to try to talk the inward left far behind, but look lab either. No a time. It was a noble
I don't talk to any words of any race after five p dot m all right now a fab had posted on Instagram over the weekend. I guess him and his mom had a falling out and it was her birthday. So he put a picture of his mommy said we hit a bump in the road at the end of twenty. Sixteen some miscommunication agreements, but I love you know less. This was the first year of my life. I wasn't with You are spoke to you on New year's eve in that hurt me by sometimes you gotta, let wounds here, so we can look at the skies later. As always, in thorough mammy. You made me who I am good or bad. I love you for everything you ve done for me in every sacrifice you ve made for me. I am I. An honor you everyday even from a your birthday, is on Valentine's day and is so fitting to me, because you are my heart, so he did a whole post. A couple of days ago called his mom. Is
in time for life and got a meteorite whom all right- and he said I'm sure you forgiven- are accepted people who don't have as deep bonds or even if you have to lead them from a fire for a minute, never stopped loving your family's anyone to share it for people who are going through tough times with the appearance he said he just wanted to fix. Whatever was broken, is always a way to do that for people who are responsible for your existence, you're gonna love the vagina from which you do. You have any direct era. Now Emma you have worked at the member Charlemagne and I were talking about the top ten highest paid MBA players for its twenty. Sixteen, and I want to see you know Who is in the top of this less thing. La Brahms at supper, Lily S a brass number when he made eighty six million dollars in salary from MBA, nothing mellow might be of their levels are well you, the number eight number, eight years after I raise as if you can figure out who s is on this lead on average, It was a big contract think among the best plan now that the best way, because curried now making money at them again and three- is this NBA?
this all anyway. Mba car having the right number to Heaven to land? Of course he took their people, whose number at staff carried along with them before James hiding James Entire. Yes, I'm a rather Westbrook Wesley. You can really leaders really look at the skills that players Rayner engage a get. They times and that they are not yet bludgeon. How many they are way way. Number seven is Derek rose Number eight is one melanoma, nine is Chris Paul and Emma Ten is carry Irving the organ. It is allowed in mellow, though the employment of old Bob dared rose our girls balls in Malta. No mellow off the Iranians. There are those who should not be tied to know a lot of law rose is knowing what what what what country do you live in what world you live in wood there, rather than all thought. When he's there would be? No
ball out now were now I raised my Ankara's Brad rise. I waiting for that fight, so debates we did that cause. Brown is scared of him and he said I can't believe this Emirates geared to fight me sign the contact bitch as and where is set up the backs and met. I click to phase in the streets is his whole. Beef is, and I went both face. I guess Christmas. I heard a guy scare common boy. He said, Edward Saga is just the Baghdad and I signed a paper work not about their life. No action don't want to hear about this. Ever you want action more right, so he said I will see you don't want to leave him alone before we just have to call my phone over girl. That was a second time, so it all, I hope, an improvement at each other for another all areas around nine after another Europe. I re well, amazingly, and that is your rumour report on right. Thank you.
The aim of events now in Brighton Silhouette Exchange morning, everybody e g in the angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we pursue guests in the building mosquito. How are you guys a beautiful day. Even when I got to know and sign, epic for independence or low murmur year. Familiar one found. Independence areas is a little work. It was more work than anticipated and incited to become little bit difficult, moving alone, like that, but a car Doug more Zeb with Mama workable month a lot and no, I saw caught em just as there was up and everything in that car use, and it is the Sun S got no. You know that has been achieved little while, but I've been independent, it was. I will, are you you need anything. What what can we do? I was like what I don't. I'm trying be independent, so we're just you know. He said
that a mean well, I read and was they would you know where it goes from their nest quitting much weapon? I mean already had a bunch of music recorded, so I push the button immediately. That's you get naughty like mainstream tv looks wow range from older rule. Ok, a lot of things are valid. Gonna get on my own, but yeah. That's that's great is great. I feel you another could elaborate, though they always onto a labour market that independent by it is true. That is hardly Can you like you have to have on the whole rights? He met people around you, gonna, let you getting somebody, you know they have less likely to make happens, and so it is not easy like to get. Additives must be to get the right team year because you have to stay on them and try to concentrate on being ideas. We pretty much that I'm done. It is done in a prodigal for like two more songs, but then within them we're gonna rapidly.
If I look at you, you may see said shouted the tariff like eating. My doing it right here is not an hour longer we want it remains low. I mean it's a blessing to be able to just got around. Just have your fancy just be cool. I could tell him what you have in then You know a blow up like then they went Grammy may not ideology, and yet glad you feature Mammy Ma Am France Montana, remember one that we are talking about. The new song as well. Well, though, is the danger that the atmosphere as well Well, I know right, you're with those of the much I mean, I'm so proud are proud of everything she has become. Part of your becomes all course begin with. You know why I think I think maybe Dallas I can't remember can I have to sit there and ponder that together that really dont remember as members we are real. Since his back go so yeah
furthermore, in jail of labour and then get the visitor, no does wrote in Africa. It would definitely that's how you and I thought you the other day. They were the rumour that you were gonna, be on love in her path. Right, so explain where came from which his ever something you contemplated? Is it happening? I mean Mona, reached out to me a few times and got remain restarted. My management and dumb was this accident. I will be willing to do, and I'm just like I mean, I think, is a great platform for artists. You know, if you do a right in, I wouldn't want to be in all. You know like the crazy staff and are less so, but As you know, we shall some numbers around and that's out of what it would take me to be on the show, and she says she would think you know she was gonna try to give back. Good? It was like you know. A number obviously is needed, and what
The London I read a million on media take out. I think, there's a lot more than that non point. Five five enable we would get a million is not delayed. Wow a boon. What we're gonna do I didn't do anything and everything that had been set Kisuka with only one point, five and you will get a million. Well, you tackle alone. However, we also take the good of the child. A boy Devlin only DE would be one mine. He gives way. So you come back with the right mobile. You know what I did that today are less than that thrown at the edges, the edges and like the energy of it on you know I'm fantasizes like let me now I'm cool wound, even among a market for as you, Have you embody the bag? You do you understand that me. I don't know if you really know never to explain it to make us as it is. You
we didn't think about you, honor there cuz I'd like to see Remy. Abu must houses on their now. There's gonna be there, so I don't know that's not as bad as housing. Man don't do that, but now that I think about it that when I do have a couple friends, they re having a real. Yes, we want to share to raise with you ass though he would be a part of anything that I do, because we could call parenting these days. I would love to show their. I mean we have a great relationship. You know, that's good, takes it six in time to get to that great relations, but he said it. Of course I had in my first, but I'm is good too. I would always makes you read it looked out for period. You know him. You see here you gotta music, you and still is championing like right amusing. Thank you. Lord worries me. I you know like you know Every was the do. Is cool like I don't want you here, an awkward Bambi aid from you
me. Now. Man not put out brow difficult to be a Colbert and like no is better, is a blessing guess. Great father I mean really is. I couldn't have picked a better father visa because he's Ways on it? You know he's always with them working with them on school sports he's great is great. I propose to you my little girl now to our love, a little girl, so that, if you wanted to you- because I know you gathering together Would you say why I read? Have it so they say the No, I mean I don't know yet rattle. I don't know I haven't gotten to that point on which we will it out. I wouldn't rule it out, but I would rather have some someone that I'm married to and raising a family with there, and you know what a committee of experts who were works.
That's a good one lose breed another. I won't risk your logic. Just like you. Thank you very well. Yeah depends we standing next to it? Do you have a short like sacrifice your career, so to speak, to be a mother, even be a life, of course of oil or longtime. Definitely, but that's all over, because we were called parent in together. Helping along this process. Along with the nanny and I got a lot of work to do. You know how to make up for the time law. Are we got bored keys, you call me combat. Keep alive is to breakfast locomotive was would break love morning. Every body is the jury. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club Chiesa calls in the building Charlie. You take. Events. Have yourself, though, like to some personal keys Yokota. I don't have time for that.
No man! I gotta secured is bad luck, you don't you did you make the music better? Let when you get more in touch with yourself and you figure things out will. Ultimately, I don't have a lot of room, so I got a good time at that time, but I have taken a vacation and vibrant. Why is it that you don't have a lot of friends and to tackle the were really seriously and dumb everybody's? My friend I have we, We have to be a real friendship. You know all night, the Hollywood vague, we don't talk, you know, is not dead. I feel like you don't like me, hurt so you leg, the lip, when you no one below the current problem? I was just saying that to her yesterday, thousands of your leg- you just have to people in different categories. Could I and their legs. We call a ban on tell them my business or anything that a German, I don't you know, do about right, but then I people that I'm so close with their whenever something.
But then what about being like upset about certain things like you know what I don't like? Why would you do that light in advance somebody would prefer not to being a friend would ever, but everyone by an offensive perfectly there sometime work, those brave if you, if you know what I like in, I know what you like in you don't like in the same year. There are certain things that we should do to each other: the hurt one another for friends now region who, when we associates in use fake, is a cycle. You think I ain't got your number. I don't really plan on talking to me. That was good, and even then, We like don't talk to me, so I don't know. You're really dynamic Many of the same way exactly you what we see what happened when remonstrance by the
may come on it, but we need to do is true. We takes friendship very seriously, don't be around me like the one that is crazy, but it'll wrap up you're, not you done with the love thing. For now why Geneva for Loki I give up. I just like in his business is: isn't is gonna, very hard to find someone, that's gonna, because ego and reception of who they are, and all of that kind of stuff is just to me by the ball in advance. If you no one will present his noble item. We do not do this because it is in now. People to be thinking is like amazingly when you wanna thing every rampaging imposed in if they went Bay may like no, not even that, not even that, because, most of the time it would do well to take bay pate. They live anywhere in the next day. They want to take a patient, everybody's, going through your enemy,
augmented and it s. Okay, Nedda Y gotta- be reviewed. You can't because, like I've lose out, but this too is like who do? Who am I a who do I meet whose always- and you know like I'm me nobody really, but people in his industry is regular people. The delivery. Due to my bring your food, my men and great guy really under Harry saw me to say this because there was, as you do, that Donald Network them in it happens. I e is a key issue as I did. You would be needed today. Europe, through you might have made, are miserably in power that might have been a man and a do with like almost I got knew when I met you, you go like me all. I know you're the you like me, a chuckle guy. You know, allow chocolate
how much I love rise, a murmur learn by movement. You wanna hear it is also because you want to come here, but you know what you're gonna take account too, though, if you'd, like somebody would you know at the public? I you know making money, you know so it's gonna hurt as a man who has a man like like they say not going to be hard all yeah I can take. I can make sure that you straight I'm going to make sure you happy and all this, and that, and did you see me full it up, The dubious got the damsel coffee side at the healthier candidate. Always I did I'm merits my luria men. Men fell away about them your ego round, ass man, I Mcdonald, being I know ye go Now- have about their eyes like any was happy not allowed a town about the guy. Did you use data while you you him dating him about hormonally? Oh, go out the sea and his guy and he came to New York with me. She had brought up this. She seen em incited the
always recording and I was like yeah. I woke me and him Manny. I went to go babe it ain't. We went to baby, that's when it was popular and he asked me for a pair of shoes like he should do. They look expensive shoes, I, the monoplane at the devil's. I take the shoes and go on like this. Doesn't make any sense to me Why would you acts media like Emma? You appear pamphlets going on the values that was easy money is a regular guy. You're gonna die negligent. Why do you think let alone by your page you. Why did lively wing Phil don't. I mean this immediately big she's out their journey like her boyfriend. Nor did it the other way. I mean this is big out there who decided majority you tell her best suited daddy. I see he was chocolate is hardly a nice. You know white teeth. I love that
nice smile and less so I was like you know. Okay, this could be know they know it as it is me off. Take it ass. Well, ass, like nobody for nothing like anomaly that thing that kind of a turn off even for a woman to act. The man like if a man wants to do something for you to something you want to go not watching. You call me back, we create audio, got an airplane, Bobby's monsieur. I wasn't any problem Agnes they're gonna, like outages, like maybe I changed my mind as one day her career here year, but now they like now, you wouldn't bring a guy with you like that. You were dating to go places induced that with you. Like I mean I want to best ultimately under mentally our again call
Mcdonald and get the. Why can make their men legs Calvin fall? You know you might be too of great. He needs of great. His life is possible with the aim of the late hour now get em now, learn and aluminium linen do those in Burma. Could disseminated when it nobody, I'm Barlow when you re somebody edge of valuing- and you know them casually and maybe they damn you As somebody I'm following, I can see the dm right away. You would you consider if somebody was. I k you I saw you and if you want to back this clash with the plan a modem, but I decided have a nice now raise doubts about you out where people are no really allow, no ness crazy thoughts or rather ram and perhaps said that they were gonna
I me with the magic umbrella commonly are you about our scary movies? I left Gary. A bogeyman army and navy. Now that you ve been Rwanda, scary movie, You scared, you might whole nobody there. Nobody car cause your balance. Now my mother is Eddie Balmy chocolate. As we have done a no. I don't want a balloon annual thank yous love is I ve got more keys, you call where we come back mad if was given to accuse you call many makes is to breakfast logo, was it. You should call many makes morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yea Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club key, should calls in the building Charlemagne and your interview in the cold. You said Dayton more work for you and his generation, because you not stupid and unjust nasty explained that somebody post something are smart enough to know what's going on, but you play dumb and aunt em.
Emotionally prepared to play down some people say: ignorance is bliss, that's kind of it that is like. I don't want to know If somebody, then I must say that I'm just not there right when you say please Does that mean let go? You have the equity on only one all knowing lotion almost look again. You know, I mean that's what I see. I see guys they really dive emails. That don't react. Anything in other says some more smooth. Surrounding them, budget could did she could do her and inasmuch as I do not as guy he had had this. I peace fifteen years metal. Fifty years he's a is, never see her cry one time, the ground. What it is she a man and it's crazy cuz. He like you, cause his wife in front of her level cry, you think, is the method than you like. You can still have emotions, shoes and honest. As long as our guiding motions on put it on their. I got so many grace. I think I saw you think, is the grand live. Maybe go yet
emotions stop take it like I stop using them would give. There was the beautiful thing when I, when I stop haven't met a bureau. Emotion, yes, it is now have emotions, forgive you! Ok for him, absolutely K. Usa, stop haven't emotions with somebody. Would you make it you care about him? I'm sure I'm sure leavin the death when want anything happens. Much house bother at arnwood is always gonna be family regardless, but you haven't emotions, but somebody day you know, like you said, where he's gonna do. What ways is typical thing? They he does all that that pisses me off and NASA same thing same thing. Over and over. We always hear rumours accuse. You call flip him out such a bow of car right, and you said I was a youth and our absently national to take. Let me see I would love to see right here I mean he said he had a tape, so that was often, but he never put it out, never never sent to me.
You can't say it was. You, though, did he. I don't know what he said. This is what I asked my car is something like that, but it was asking me- and I don't I don't know I haven't spoken to him. I don't I haven't spoke to him at all, so I haven't asked him like: did you say that? Was and you are from Oakland is not like you have cut to let somebody have onawandah. Could anyone but cut anyone, but I don't want trust. Me trust bad to lose your child because you in jail over some stupidity or both I definitely will go in, you know depend not, but I rather going, space. I don't wanna, do no. I want to see you and see with that which you like unanimous in even my fake, like I'm cool until I get next to you she was lagging your face like I want to know. I got questions got questions in new. Send I gotta homegrown, says she beat subsides, makes it still. She says you feel like they know
They should know better. The woman in the mess would a married man on man and research, as men lies in his eye. Taken you don't know what they are telling them that they they are. We now Together, we can guess is the issue you need to use used like yourself, Amy's check your guy like evacuate, go into the same, but you over and over again, and I'm not step in us out of the situation, and I know how far can go when you piss me off then is that makes no sense. Then I deserved to either get marble. Causes be in jail or what Amber cause, I'm I'm I'm do too much at that point, you don't hear some business smarter for me to get out of his way to how much of this is on the album back home? If this key issue co, what went on a map has relationships? How I feel about love, not have an emotion is from my eggs shy.
Find the right guy, but I can't how much of this is on a best friend. I got up Sancho called what I'm looking for. Looking for the that acts myself that, ultimately, what do you want? What are you looking for? Nasa best ran like when I think about my friends. You know like Remy, you know pairs lose their mark wish. My cousin like we do. We just want do certain things to each other, the hard each other. So that point- and I mean no sexually- is- is involved factor, but at the same time as certain things that you just shouldn't do, I get it to somebody that you love now, as I will, of course be all of law. Let people inside you could you know people are present in Remy, you're gonna die, but it shouldn't be. You know what that's what this guy told me actually it'll me that it was like you gonna get. God is gonna, give you which are looking for, and I have a question him God. It's gonna give you which look,
orbit. It all takes time. So I'm ok with that. I have been clear. Remy have have whose warrant like that from the beginning that lag Remy Tommy. Don't you tell me about him for a long time like who are united and over me with any pebbles? He was ahead top eight on Myspace number, one and sadly way back. She still win amid a bad day. You darling, I remove the pebbles book. Roomy do in Colombia is no in a summit in South Carolina and like two thousand and seven. And I had to get our a hotel room. The kids to flight from New York and somebody from the hotels had No pebbles is there He did read what are you about even beta and stuff like so as nice, you oughta I have a guy that I've that I've been talking to literally but three, but three years we have the same birthday and I've been talking about three years and haven't seen him yet Tell me what you one of the vase time now lagging.
No, I was now was following a year. We the of course ok son, but I'm a really physically say no Of course, I will lead Hollywood, I didn't care more forward and whom we need a maximum bid. Your dog, you know like entirely hilarious. It no. I know my dad know them ok you got had knows how their religion is awesome. Conakry, Gordon Brown was, did your father mean to level?
can you lived so long without him? Do you realize what you you're missing? Something? No, I didn't. I didn't thought process that I've been going through lately. I believe that comes from meeting him and having no biological father. You feel, like you, automatically loved him when he saw before him and no use my father loved him. I just knew he was another route. Oh you definitely year ashore. Are you back also what you sisters? You know what the levy is gonna take a little time is a work in progress. Don't take a little time for me to
like as a change and we could grow and really you don't become real sisters again rank. Are you willing to give their time he's been given? It is time those like the ILO Gimme a low time. I Michael how you doin? Ok, you know, and they should do something about that- reminds me of something that she didn't about. That is vital Gimme some time you'll give me not as man you have a crush on. Do you have a song about him? One does he know you have a crush on. There's gonna be the guy, maybe the guy. You have to go to the movies. No ok, now you haven't got a movie or moon. Asked people actually diseases. Please don't tell him the response to today's. There was no one on your life is beautiful. What is the problem now people be busy and happy busy, but you know you got Elvis
he does not want to have doesn't live in LA then. So it's kind of he said, pull up on me and it's not bird sodo. Please. I beg you got the Bulgaria. Was a disgusting exactly where he was sitting to railway sitting when he was under breakfast club. Archer. Your keys ago, ladies and gentlemen, reference club, the breakfast club, Dj Envy Angel YE, shall I mean to go abroad. This cloud, loveliness low song in the morning and telling you now is not valid. I ride work would be when she was gone, is not even a range of other rugged. Magnesia, listen wages, interview, Chiesa Cause had to have a staff into a lot of guys. I'm a timeline asking to be her deputy.
Who could have occasion to give a regular management, as you probably, Mr Blessin, with that Guy Mcdonald Peloponnese Chiesa covered a gag top of you. We have too much ego to date. Her you don't know you going you grown unworkable novels, man, you are a man with no prior binds the we may as it abandoned shoes, goodness all right. Well, let's get rumors were keeping a real go wrong. About the war annually on the breakfast, I write that you guys limited openly gay backs here. Use have Mackey came out after there was a gay adult film that he was in first said that he made that found by. He doesn't remember anything from that night. He woke up on the train with
Eight thousand five hundred dollars, no no idea where he been, but but the tape Adam having sex with two men, and then he ended up having to admit that. Yes, he was gay, any issued a public apology and he was actually engaged at the time and has ten children. So we had to tell his fiance that he was completely aware and fully conscious when made that that gay porn. Well, this very same man, Youssef MAC, actually just recently beat somebody The lady in the middle of the barbershop, apparently under active area, had been repeatedly making homophobic comments about him. Mine, just trolling ham, harassing him, so youth Magpie, that's it the barbershop la allay, clippers and Philly hit him first, an unheard. He was getting his hair wash in sync at the time that use of MAC pulled up and basically beat him up. They said it took about thirty seconds for this entire fight, but I did that because you can take the trawling any more online line and other homophobic comments were even after Hector got beat up by use of
He still went online afterward and said that he would rather have that on film been getting a d up his a required just ass. The men was the moment you preferred an ominous. Have you just got beat up yeah in somebody's those. Your rather you'll be have a deal more, but would you look at the guy thus all in bloody. You like no. He said that online. Let me say that guy's face ass. He got beat up, you went on line and still was talking crazy use of MAC even graduate decisions, have the tools from the Bible and smash them over hacked his head and everything like doubly easy choice, though they beat up. Bogota did beat up right are gonna, be everywhere, are adding a bitter. You say it I mean. How do you know you said I may have you had any of you might know? How can you, even in that we are going to solve Lecoq lose up, has ever been paid out?
Yes, ok, so you don't know what the other feels there is somebody out there. I met a bit better that it d up there, but an got beat up and made me. Can I take the pleasure over to paying any day? Ok, but you eighty is, of course no. He said his eye. Is it for him? I don't know how to mobilise. The really I mean for comes round will probably depends. I have the size of the d because out of the country. Have me government, gonna fuckin money is now. You know why I'm telling you it's not a moment ago. Nagging. Be me, I was: u fine on up to date, is gonna model gonna. Take your dad would be found with that. Nelson Mandela, the country have new government going to thank him and he is now. You know why I'm telling you it's not call homophobic on what you want. I'm telling you you know Please be happy of your happy now
him right now. I right now offer any more and off I'd give us more than any viewing them tax on the sand. Radio show I'm beats when an end. This interview that Drake did it s about a ladder, defend things. He addresses a lot because you Jake Husband, do into many interviews. Lately
where's. He talks about his relationship with kind yea and how confuse he was overcome. Yea criticising him. I don't know, I think everybody has little brings goin on. You know, I'm not really sure what he's referred to have time you know occurs in the same breath. I went from being like working on a project with him to him sort of like publication on the in Dj Khalid for being on the radio too much. You know I just distance myself from alike. Are you know? If that's what it is? I dont really even understand the point you trying to make, but you know whatever it is that you're Goin do you know I accept it? I dont respected at all. I write he S. A taxi about ghostwriting have question has been such a topic with Drake since the whole beef meat meal. I never felt the urge to like have to defend myself, because if you ask about any of the biggest Drake records ever I've done them all. And if you ask about those Quit Miller sessions, I was there. You know I was working. You know we sit down, only talk,
cadences only talk about which lies a dual whatever, whatever not just what a collaborative experience is, and if people are that naive and they think that that doesn't go on a music, then you're out of your mind. Ok, he has its answer now, meek mill, quite a bit in how things went, leopard meat milk, as he felt like you, did a laugh for him and the beginning of his career, because I dont have real hatred for him. The key was light. Will first of all my biggest focus, the entire time was. I cannot disrespect Nicky Menage or use Nicky Menage in any way other than to lift her. I didn't goldenrod bunches terrible knaves. I just use wit and good writing. Ironically enough DJ have to take a hit when your hosting a party cause they can't play them.
His record at night cause you're standing there. You know I mean I wanted it to her. I right here in my way I drink had to say about meat meal. In this interview you know I could take a lot of things, but maybe you really tried alike in you. You know how good I am writing easy, but you really tried to not only spin the entire narrative of my career but like in my life and like take food from my family like really childlike, pretty much ended all and you didn't even do it through music. You just talker tweeted that I respect revenge when is warranted and that was just warranted. Well, could Jake Emigrant ever make up and be friends? Here's where drink ass? You say you know, that's just not somebody that I've ever really want to be friends with you know. I think Jazzy has a mutual respect for noise. I just really don't have that level of respect for him because of his actions, so allow really looking to be friends or cordial lights would make you know. I did a lot of things that I put you on your first tour. I flew to fully to shoot a
video with you, I was always there. We're always supported, and you just chose to flip, I can predict, was going to happen in the future. But right now like now good well, there you have, it is here. The whole thing to me: there is no sound, was hex interviewed centre could intervene. I write a man's in a year and that's you I'm a report for don't the other day. Job Democrats are being I'll a little bit of a mess like club bridges. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. Been donkey. Other day is a new. Why don't you today for Tuesday February? Twenty first goes to Peter guns. Bates dollars and Cisco collectively noted
the creeps quiet now. Have you don't? Watch live in hope of New York convey Twond, and you have no idea who decrease qualities, but it consists of Peter guns. Age. Fifty is all rich dollars: age, forty five years old, Cisco aged thirty, eight years old and dj self. Now homily dj self artist donkey, simply because I work with dj self here at power. By one in New York and I give him hell about the cream squad every time I see him. Ok, in fact, we will call. You should call self in a second, but let us get back to the matter at hand in the Bible. In the new living transit First Careers, thirteen eleven says when I was a child. I spoke in thought and reasoned that the child. When I grew up, I put away charges things guys I don't know. If anyone told any of you, I don't know. This is the first time many of you are you are hearing this, but the creep squad is childish in colony. Is how, and what makes it even cornea is the fact that you all take it. So serious is sad and it saddens me to do.
Care by decree Squad awaited you do and last night on your reunions for lies in her part, New York, ya, step corny up to another level. People who have no idea how to creep squad is just keep in mind. Audio you are about to here is a fifty year old, a forty five year old. The age old grown ass man arguing about who started the creeps godless. Here I came to these two guys with the idea of doing clothed. That's another issue I'll catch. You should call me to row, you don't just cholera, who let us guarded they're gonna, stay that that the thing I'm super unclear about is one two three Body, all three of they started started the creeks staunchly. Do you say we have deeply
we know who's got. The police are laid out, the name Green Squire beneath our problem. We don't way too much ended a day. The cream squatters was this one guy rather croup. Now, without being said, he was only acts, so you absolute, ok. Now you will make no crews. Why decisions? No more! You want out I'm on the outlay. You know on we're going on. I did talk that tough guy. We will be adopting ornaments of people. We generally. I got you talkin about, did I
is that how you go over their rage, us garbage, Maximov them off and timely way, rich later, tough, you want to get some results. Security. Charity even doktor me for what I m talking to you These is to pay homey at creep, quiet who jump? You ain't jump you out, ok, Let's keep my three individuals who are combined age of a hundred and thirty three years old, argued about. Who started the increase, glide women really valued, using the vagina to and have babies by grown as adults or in the creep squat will complement a member to creep squad. You get health insurance any benefit Can I get a full one came from being in the cream squad, I mean when you fifty four, Five and thirty eight. You have to ask yourself these kind of things. Let me give you an example right when I was a teenager with Angela, we feel, for you tell me how corny this working out a teenager. I had a crew God, the infamous boat aids.
What we used to smoke we'd all day and we had nicknamed based off marijuana. How would I have highly chronic Matthew, I will end here Bobby Bhutto. Ok, I know that fathers grimly Connie now right what in line defence? I was a teenager boy. Ok to have Miss booted crew sounds like something teenage boys would do you denied shut up just like a creep squad, sound like something teenage boy who do we have fifty forty, five and thirty eight is all you have to read for Corinthians one thousand thirteen eleven every day and not just read it actually execute and put awaited charges because you grown view. Brothers know y'all got families, kids, look up the owl He gives all their heads high and they would any type of pride and my father then the creep squad from one room. Man myself to three
The grown men who clearly cannot accept the fact that they grown go, join a crude s, age, appropriate joint, a motorcycle club. I join, real and three leave. Would basketball player that ice, cube started started oh geez there like fish, I find Bigfoot join a pity. I do anything, would be a member to create squad praetor guys is my guy. What he's fifty do? You know in five years he's eligible for free pancakes from I up verily, you can't be a member of the cream squawk when you about me out over free baggage for my hat. When you think about it. When you a man and fifty in forty five, the only in your squad is creepy is because all men in the cloud brain on young girls, all men, our brain on young girls is always Creevy o cases You got a vote is Peter Guns in bitch dollars, but when you stand and with the old man in the club people what they wanted, three things either they think you assign the nephew I just another man who looks young either way.
You got any by association, ok, not dimension, I need you to know how creepy you look. The people, when you are fifty or forty five would creep squad tee shirts on in a club with a bunch of twenty something you look like you need to have assigning a yacht. Ok, you look like you shouldn't be in fifty yards and school. Look. Man almost thought is how I finished it: Forest Corinthians, third, team eleven. Does anybody remembered ask if you do have to read it again when I was a child? I spoken thought in reason to the Chad, but when I grew up put away charges things and by charges things I mean my creep squad, T shirts give creep squad. This move sounds inhabitant, fleece, you yeah
he arrived lad. Envy your brought my breath, Islam. The are group creeps court, not their monkey stuff up your birth and, if ever forty deaths of a cell, I know now to to say hi to say hiding up. It was not our airlines thing Ain turn how can we in turn that was of no one now car right? Well, I guess the question is on a scale of one to it can as wraps I'll call the creeps Gluck corny is decreed squad I wrote a letter to creep squatters eight hundred of Ivy five, one o five one, we're not gonna do on a scale of new cares wrapped. Would you say from a scale of one and became a turban, though we're gonna do. That is how corny decreed squat man We gotta give people a reality, check: okay, alright, I'm so
without we'd, like yourselves, myself, you're lucky around you You're lucky you, my guy from where I am being very by living on a line of our guide to, and he was about to do on a scale of Ladys wraps. Alright, Finally, one hundred and five one call us up now was to breakfast cloak aboard. The breakfast was also when year morning everybody is dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, eight hundred and five, What oh fibre, whereas can do you care about the creeps? Why do you care by decree squad in any way shape or form do care about who deleted approved? God is who started the cream squad? I d give all at him donkey today, with the exception of dj self, sparing him that's my guy who did start the creeps. Does it matter guys area you gonna do Oh man of forty, nine and thirty eight
only I don't care? I kind of fear like gold, digger sailed calling for grown men to talk about to fight about the name. Then you company has probably not even published, is not here, trade more about Mary was quite die than your look croupier, because, although much all ass men in the club preying on young girls, you need to take them. Crudely question is: who trade make a name there? camera nor waiting to take them crude squads shirts instead in the third world countries with defined, of Borgia allow this car from I'll call. Jobs, moms corner was happening there. You you give me more. I can make it out about current law, making of course not everybody does not meet all our the damn. That's all get about decrees. Maybe you could join increase. Gonna get outbreak, ignore man, I'm telling you nor able
nay, moody dear butter, on it's gonna, to tell me about a J demeanor creepy for it a bunch of all made in the club preying on young girls and when you look creepy guy ways that all in all of younger me to know and met with them all I beg you will get worse than Plantagenet, I was so long now, God man, though it's all about the previous guy, get acquits, got metal scale of one to ten then, but it should be on a twenty men. Illegal weapons may come our way down, as you Bob did you go, get you need to be welcoming grandkids in the world. Will reach is forty five Peter guns.
Fifty six calls only thirty eight, but he's really old, buys nauseated, get all by association decreed that that don't ever made no, you gotta have a name to create squat. Like you said solemnly said you and the club, you not fair, you pretty has got twenty a youth it up here about the creeps. Quite you, you, can pollute yet that's why you ll agree, but you decrease luggage are all men, brain or younger than club. Bellows is at all mama what you think about the cream squab jailed as white Asian. We got the creek why they should be called the creeping bob. Ollinger might grow free now. Have you had to pay one of the members of the creep squads given? Who would you pick ill if you had to pay? Life depended on it. He gave out a case. I am proud of you and I am sure that you solve arm driving so say no, but also from the criminal law. They have kid. If it be setting their basic mean, I am fond of how they treat women.
But the have done. I love what we're talking about the Greek squad this morning. What do you think about it on a scale? Loading gale and a one in the cannons term. My good I'll go What are one of them, which moment you hang out with Self Nano George work was not what I'm trying to keep self additives can self is my guy and self is cooler than you'd being portrayed on television. People did also all right. It's a breakfast club in the angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club where asking about the greek squad when you think about decrease. On a scale of one to the last season. A Martin had disappointing is decreed squad very disappointing girl argued about a argue about a coup now making money off, I don't know whether the bears if one of them was your boyfriend, Peter is fifty years
Logan IRAN age is a blessing. I can't wait to see fifty. What do you want to live in an exactly I wanna see fifty on lies in her lap with a creep squad. Tee shirts, arguing about who started today improves quite of all I've got to talk about yet come on. Man allows is like a girl. The centenary aim. I want you to get a crew squad. I think the clean sky is on a scale of one to Donald Trump, related daughter, Creek, like air creep here that there are written out of you. So a video you like out why job any help like all and I'd. Imagine a point that family anybody that agreements were you call your bill. Why not have the luxury of renewables in the agreement allows? Is gonna get aids? All gonna cream Scarborough do the gravy Mammy our dollar gotta like got eight. They made me you're, ok, but his bill in a car upon about mercury, because you have proven
they now, but it may be called the creeping glad we're NASA. We must all call in the previous Claude as their name from now on to creepy squat bid at that age like new wrinkles in Now why, in you Louis train, as you can tell I only if you count, rings on a treaty downloaded areas Condor wrinkled, Diana would like to do from grubby. All men oh man, I got five years from free baggage that I this candidate from new, hey bag. Here is what you think about the crude school. I think they're all maimed and be they felt that have been added internet dumping of the day and begged them. I can't do that deserve our you wanted the minute you I'm in any did turn now to me Klaus, you don't want anything by it. We will have an individual self brings velvet em up every year so that you will of area. We
you want to go into intervention? Oh my god! You really do. We live in a video of I'll catch. You can't let us go out like that, given the don't get a day. Thank you. So much now right, beg you. Mamma she didn't give it back is also was the more or less story story, this is a serious matter. The more the stories Corinthians one thousand three hundred and eleven really read that scripture. When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reason to the child. When I grew up, I put away childish things parry like listen I'll. I can't wait. I love growing odious, a beautiful thing, but you gotta do age, appropriate things when you get to a certain age and when you fifty forty, five and thirty eight being a member of decreed squad is not an age opprobrium. Things now know is now needed Edna Wright, all right we got room, was all away. Yes, we are going to talk about an it can now. Somebody is saying that uninstall, one of their ideas, anyone's weapon
seven million dollars from him local will get into all that when we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive That's really needed me morning. Everybody's dj envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast the breakfast club on the wrong side of the bed this morning, man go to burden these Burgo Instagram and go look at her video, her workin out small sixty seconds long. The real these Burgos Instagram trust me you'll feel better. This We re using member increase those roads, but that they should only rarely could learn, learn, learn if you watch the video highest rate and learned reads out, increase glad of it all right, let's drive him to go and we would have a good it. Let's get into the rumour report, since we display summary on her birthday was
we cannot tell you what does he have going on at the Reul report was well. You know my ready, a big fan, every added collaboration with Puma, her fancy line were now. She also has a beauty collection. That's gonna be dropping with safari. So congratulations to her fancy, beauty and she's excited. As a as who was Madam President, for her birthday database, anything on Instagram or anything worth celebrating a for all you wrestling, by the way. Wrestlemania thirty three is coming up and that's gonna be going down. Second in our land, they have just announced who is gonna to be hosting Wrestlemania. Thirty three and it's gonna be the new day. So everybody this fans of wrestling giving you an update on an idea which Dogma Aouda wise wrestling at all, either new data
If you have revolts, even you can see what they look like an all european easy anybody else. Teaser, it's another that I'll dessert. Forty o o you're a beautiful, beautiful turbulence there you are like, then that's right. They can and he's been hit with a one point: seven million dollar lawsuit accordingly, this guy and we go Taylor. He fainted again ass though his idea of an app. Check it out produces Ladys knows that you wanted to get it and he asked me how much money was gonna cost. So after I broke down here must shoulder the video bird made an how I had him do it. I guess he thought that was the four key to success, so he blocked all communication. For me, five months later, he goes on. East grew was something south pray similar to what I have heard me into a sitting?
that, of course, when you requisites Tom was to get your show while an out their name yoke, you mustn't with a genie making you want and canning I'll make you disappear. I just want to say that as a sound like it's the first time said the knight this has been done. I mean listen mechanical for they had talents mechanical Autozone in did not his head one time you just going to vanish, but he says the problem is that Nick Cannon is Apple's a flap, so it's hurting his ability to get his at off the ground. People that sing old, Nick Cannon being and it didn't work out. So we heard it is beginning to be talking about. I were really a flat. Rarely do I write their roots. They have announced their tenth annual roots picnic, a line up and sounds pretty I'm good is going down June, third and Billy and four round his head lining and the roots. Of course, little weighing salons twenty one, savage p rack is gonna, be there a buggy with the hoodie pamby Rad, DJ spinners sounded
good time really along at a low level, but I don't want to know your initiative here. They just started doing many. You know that later I guess this is first them June. There it in its tenth annual roots picnic, says a ten year anniversary should be. Big deal now. Angelina Jolie has spoken on what life has been like since making that decision to get divorced. Brad Pitt, you know they do have six children together, and here is what you had to say a baby see, I don't wanna, say very much about that, except there was a very difficult time and we are a family and we will always be a home and we will get through this time. And hopefully be a stronger family for it. Many many people find themselves in this situation and this house in my home, my family, we're all. We ve all been through a difficult time. My focus is my children, our children, and it is me and my focuses finding this this way through.
He has no movie coming at first, they kill my father. My father, if you lines, I have video and end showing you how to eat like spiders and stuff, like that she's getting all kinds of bugs I'd rather be me when any them gave they adopted to just biological, and he has been seen. As far as usual, but yeah seemingly figures will relocate. I've been looking no but always saying that, because a let me live an air of alternative fact, chauvinism pages of Bramblewood them adapted gives us.
They got divorced, magically rock a bribe? It is. China has out custody agreements for their six kids of controlling Jimmy attitude of mine will not at all. I re. Angola was on elements. He talks about dating younger men in everybody always has bad jailer. Last way from was wet, twenty, eight twenty nine years old and she's like forty six or something like that, I right here's what you had to say about dating younger men. We will make a big deal about that. You date younger man. I don't think that you asked the wall. Stop. Ok, I dont day younger man. It's not like you have to be younger, it's not about that. I just meet people and then, if I go out with him, I go I will come and if I may, but my I like them, I don't I don't. I says it there's it's about the person you not, I mean it's about who they are yet a race you made. If I like you, I, like you, does it matter.
On our noble lady, seven, eight on any young men who gets to be with jailer. Ok, you know what I call women at afford: an agent like why and milk, but vintage vagina whatever. Why aren't you break it? over. I well I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report or right bank. You miss ye, shall to revolt revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody, Never to revoke Cameron. Eighty not examine the man. Did you know that even already border, they got a bad, they went back, don't want the truth. A beetle is ok, my Casey crew, I'm alright, were granted, right, only moved again again- the yard.
It would have been watching us. Our vote. Aren't anymore and congratulations on your global, it's been a while they dictated Azure revolted. He could thereby problem embassy, thereby become airport I'll go near anyway. People's choice mixes up
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