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King of RnB Rumble to Always Remain Humble


12/11/18 - Today on the show we had to open up the phone lines after social media was in a uproar once Jacquees said he was the "King of RnB" so we asked our listeners who they considered King of RnB in this generation. Moreover, speaking of the "King of RnB" Charlamgane gave "Donkey of the Day" to J.Holiday for weighing in on the discussion of the King of RnB Rumble, however him weighing in should have gave him a humbling experience after being mistaken for Valet. Also, we flashed back to when Lil Mama came up to The Breakfast Club and teared up on the show and rumor has it, it was all Charlamagne's fault. We also flashed back to when Prodigy stopped by and spoke about struggling with sickle cell and more. 

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