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Ky-Mani Marley Discusses His Father's Legacy, Releasing A New Album After Eight Years More With The Breakfast Club

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We'll see, boils celebrity real. Some joint existed in mourning body, Dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club Spress guests in the building this morning, commodity Molly more exists. Was brought home or rather those them. Let me love bitterest traveller right. Yeah, you been evil moments. Are you at my spat everyday in Brooklyn footprints. Really. I got me all the time. That's another workmen tonight, maybe a stupid question, but Juno guitar. Did you make a fool that Basle? You know what is so much is so much good as it were from many when people say you're like Indians, making food and you have chinese Jamaican. You ve got to make into making the latter had seen on the language you make me latitudes well you have a new Adam coming out next week criminal.
Yeah. Well, why eight years of a break down their money? How with a thing, which is that in our joint to get away from, alas company, and so we went to their process of paperwork and everything else, and then in after that, it was making sure that when I do released Sab on that day, the production is on point in America, continental corner, we do have a complete album verses in a random is due to making a few songs and intranet, throw it all out. An album was important for me to to make sure that I was comfortable and always mean.
Excited about so is any pressure which you did, of course, being Bob Alida to make sure I kind of, like you know, he's the great MBA play now. You know just as much for you know what I've never felt. That pressure. Is that thing the mark that my father left there is there? Is you you can't duplicated in affirming that rightly replicated in so for me, was less important to stay true to legacy stage, who to myself and to strive to make the music and you know see what comes of it. Now, the true you weren't aware of your musical ability that later on, I run off or this thing for Mamma was coming for me- was all about play. A footballer at war play basketball, whatever may be and so for me Mommy's. I said all the time that my musical career started kind of like a fluke. I don't like you know, I mean.
I'm at a friend's house being around you out of the sound system in was like you going out to play tonight, so I should give him a dubplate and I'm like brown singing like oh well, you're mighty, so it don't matter this thing. And I started playing around on the mic and at the time a producer by the name of Carl Peterson walked in now call used to do some work on my pops in the early days and I'm kind of said to me, you got a nice tone come to the studio and see what we can do and started going there once a week started writing music and one thing led to the other. One of the earliest songs I wrote was on the song called their dad was a letter to my pops and that's what got me my first record. Then it was funny cuz. I wrote that song when I was about sixteen and got to be when I was about eighteen. A low birth rate- I am the under her memoirs, their dad is loud Ryan, as a member that came out like five years ago, when I was a little bit controversial as time has arisen rings in there,
that people know about the elderly, the family wasn't too happy with some of it. I mean, I don't think affirming was unhappy about any of them, but I think when I come from a very humble beginnings- and I don't know this will be, that would be controversial and outward from very humble begins in I was living. I was raising Jamaica until I was eight years old and a little wooden. Two Bedroom house countryside- and I remember my grandma moving to America and more Tell him! You know. Grandma is final. Four, this so we'll be living in America soon, and I just remember I had this image of what my home was going to be like in this new life that I was heading to, and I still remember the night. You know coming over landing to Miami and just seeing all the lights, and then you don't all- and it was night. I remember when I got to the house like the house. I am not
the little house ahead of Us- will have an eye radically ills and where a group unlimited city. So when I woke up this morning, I realise that I was still in the bedroom wooden house with nine people worse than the one that I lived in Jamaica and across the street Democratic house, where is so, and so that was my introduction- mean and you might have envisage new growing up and make a silver spoon in you. Everybody is you know that they would assume that you dad is Bomb Oliver Jude had riches, and you had mentions in Jamaica rain but you were kind of cut on, say, cut off. It was, as you know, that the things that have been adopted, they are fairly are managing to tell the truth when they wanted to be They ve got about you. I wouldn't do that. The family was a man. I think people has assumed that you had only one man, I mean. What is your truth is true. Let me no matter what it is, no matter how good, no matter, how bad it through the truth- and you can't you can't
Around the EU, I would think that I reckon labelled were possibly does given you deal because of who caused the alive me. I was again audience. Ass. You can help me out here, you don't you get it. It is definitely a double bladed soon, because a lot of people think that you don't you don't need a chance. You don't deserve the terms because you from And and and so on, then you have a lot of people that will give you that opportunity, because you know the interested and did they they gravitated name in a legacy. So in other words, both ways. May then, how do you get my eye was broken down? Is so much Bob Marley stuff out there I mean everything Bob only have merged today. Emerging earth might be a body liquor like a bearded everything Bhamo family eat off now does an emerald primarily the other day, and he was telling me about the coffee that you guys have now is a weed
yeah on fusion. You did you guys either Let me add to license. You definitely definitely definitely gone. The family benefits from everything this out in more than you. How many allows ten of US tenant while you closeted Damien? Will you take a united on gas in work together and I am unclosed warmer brothers will close nobody Gruber wrong. We both Gruber mine So you know I was planned for the hurricanes, yet we grew up together lambs and I would be closer to him in and in that sense it really is, yeah fairly. May he flavour her gaze at community level. A mom is a table tennis champion also. We need
the Atlantic bunch tabled in his aunt em what is really going to table very eggs ethics? I'm gonna have a coordination. It was in them days when she would make him eliminating all video they would. It is measures represent. Now you all Black Sea travel were wooden entirely within his imitate things, making money. Now? have. No, no money. No stable, then, is what is this? What is the same things ping pong right? We come here now. What are you make? The most of your money? I like the music gonna gotcha cloven, like confrontation, so we were going on. The rain is definitely music, definite music. You know that a few movie projects with the one thing you did the shattered
Shutters judges is kind of like your life, almost a piece of you now like to make them. I am selling their eggs pieces. I know you won't even then I came
that would have an embarrassing I, during a period of time, in your life to get arrested like for selling drugs. Simply my dad than in other parts of the big led down. There would have been watching also grogan these environments, and sometimes you know there was a product of that without definitely was a product that environment, but we also have choices to me. You know sometimes golden things were we feel as though the choices we make is the only choice we have to make it. That particular time- and you know for me, Was- is it was an interesting role, because I have a lot of friends. This is not here, and I have a lot of friends does here will never see the light of day again and so for me, as it is going through all these rising tribulation in inner feelings, though, where maybe it's not it's not it's not just luck, as keeping me out of trouble me. Maybe my life do have a purpose, so is important for me to start
taken in finding what their purposes and making sure that a move towards my purpose. I watch the video for other way yes combat in Jamaica. Then it s a beautiful song here. Thank you. Would you prefer Jamaica my remarks to make as bad as you have a bit absolutely ok that actually I went to a young lawyer leave to resort to work and and invested and ass the beers about it, because we Jamaica and you don't hear about tourists being her. Sometimes you haven't been one towards their one down into the wilderness. You know they might get their property taken away here, but you make in her Torres. Like that's, that's never earnings! Earlier, while iraqi Mega Libano Rob, I wasn't my we said the boy
I mean the violence is. Is this like years is, is within the community in Armenia? Does reach the outskirts where the tourists would be and so yeah. So if you listen and come to make any time you safe, it's one of my favorite tasted, it I'm going to September again left and my friends buried they now am. I tell Jim at your brother, RO. I am highly now when you guys decide to do Lego. Adventure didn't have to get approve. Like say you say: ok, I want to come out with the headphones or he's doing the coffee. Is it something that you all have to sit down and say? Ok, we're gonna use the estate name for this. Everybody firmly goes through the building, a nurse boop. Definitely you know we have to finish its along the line. It is its along. The line of the magazine would you know the bran represents is definitely a conversation to explain.
For approval, who runs this date by systems together are relatively young. Men are all you and your father. I was five years old or rather over five years My father passed, you have, any memories, will have one memory and I mean one memory. That memory is zombie and picking me up and I'm from a little town called five month. I'm trying and then picking me up. You have my older brother Steven with him, I'm a friend of his body name on farm, sending who's the guitar player and pick me up. We want to know my eyes were used from those whenever maybe I just got back from mirth is a year. This nice slingshot first, I'm seen one made of iron, and you know what a nice friendly things were. You should ones you this final.
And I remember you had that slingshot in me and my only brother went into the woods to go shoot at birds and somehow the slingshot got lost on the way back, and I don't mind stealing at a time telling me that you know you lost that is slingshot you going to be in trouble. That's going back and forth And am he'd won or lost its? I remember walking back to the house. He was standing in the doorway and I walked up to him and said daddy allows the slings dairyman loses slingshot and he looked down and he laughed and was at that point I realize ok. Well, I'm not gonna be silent back off the plane. I remember well
How hard would it be to put out the song dear dad? That was a personal letter saying you know what I said that I said all the time that that song for me was the hardest song in the easiest song to write. You know, because, even at the time of writing the song, I wasn't trying to write a dad that song I was actually trying to ride some of the lyrics. I was having a little stepped away for a second one, to read the Bible and came back and for some reason the first words was there, God. I have left here for me today and that song pretty much wrote itself like.
Is honest, however, that I never had a thing once of what next word is gonna be and in our memory in the middle of Reindeer Sana a broke down, because he was so with some emotion. You know I've never really express anything. I'm not really want to bring more problems. The people's I've never really expression of my feelings in and when I'm feeling towards this whole situation, sorrowed it in a song. I remember you know been halfway through, endangers the tears running like a river, how to take a step away from it and came back to it in you know. Just like I didn't stop along this road itself enough, maybe the first year of sing a song or state. It was a very emotional tat. What s
This very very easy if you ever did, is a very personal saw so as what it is which witwer traits equality either. Do you have that people who know your father say here s your body, fat legs? I think I always hear humility. That's a lot of people! S sound like into yes. Ever again, about an album is coming out next week in it very you know what I was out this into some of the songs that you have on there now is wondering: do you ever go to the carbon dagger or anything. About a dollar one inside of festivity. What's the dagger you don't, while out any of it, awhile. What manager? I myself, and I mean with I'm, definitely not jumping over speak, none of it,
saying all people equal? No one is, above all beneath him gastro, as is as not evil sum this up for discussion, as is what did it mean because you have a dollar more than meat or making any more, especially if you have a dollar modem me now loo and if you have a dollar less than me, the same thing. So are you back on the road said again you're back on time, back and above that want to turn the West Coast line? Nineteen to twenty nine, take a break off in August. In return the east coast in September, whatever our release body appear on the twenty ninth Monday next Monday, so I M excited you. I mean I'm excited looking forward again back on the road and looking for you know, little people here would have a workable and so
We cannot tell your car related matter anymore. Why didn't you our for? Do you get your life? Rejoinder knows how I want my they want to ask you about. Was the Marley documentary? What did you think about that? Is you loved attack, yellow in love with a lower the document was on, for I will learn a few things move. Should a document was worse? If you got a chance was was a nice documents, you will put together way some things that you didn't know. You said that. From the document, well, I can't remember right now: it was a few things that he would like loud in adding had no knowledge of all view of your box there,
I gotta get you out of your way to do. Research, don't like when you got all like when you got older, like I do want to know the history of my father you to talk to people. You know what I never really one animal way to do: research, because it was always some money they're telling you about gadget where there was my grandma Nablus associates gone. I wish he always tell you stories and then you go to Jamaica, run into a whole bunch of his old friends and dig EU history. It you know little piece it a history, so Belinda I would thank you again for join us breath thanks for high, so instead of remaining Molly to learn indoors and after breakfast, let me observe.
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