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Lavar Ball Interviews and Dutches from Black Ink Crew New York Interview


Wednesday 12/Today on the show we had the Ball family in the building! where Lavar Ball and his sons spoke about Donald Trump and what happened in China, Lavar's confidence and more. Also, Dutches from Black ink Crew New York stopped by, and gave us all the tea with what happened between her and Ceasar, and even had the documents to back it up. Charlamagne also gave "Donkey of the Day" to Roy Moore's spokesperson Ted Crocket. 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back
So the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot, com, a family to think Smith here, bringing your favorite where tabletop episodes supplied cast. I want to introduce you to the most important women in my life, my mom gamete, she's, really old school. I never wanted you to be in that situation like that they will at all, and then we have my daughter. Will I'm gonna be my ancestors interests? Do what I need to do? Listen to the red table, talk podcast, presented by Facebook Watch and Westbrook Audio on the eye, hard radio at Apple pie, gas or where you get your pocket.
Order of business or some other very soon. The captain there's only one, maybe you just don't: Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel E government agency, and they Charlemagne again, please replanted! Yes, why there is just one day
yesterday's Wednesday Hook data right to more David sort of birth of club, how they vacation ass, right or the second. I waited vacation within one. The thanksgiving then, of course we need a Christmas and new year off cracked and happy autocrat. Everybody read before they are correct. I salute ok, what's happening we had a great show for you today we have Laval ball and the ball fairly join us are not met the whole ball family law and then allow only ends and airlines are low in the matter. But I live on one of my favorite entrepreneur, negroes lover, you know when you post we oppose the video the who's gonna be on his show that the forum for today, I see it all. Aid. Delaware, ball gets a love it right if it People are afraid of somebody who was not afraid well so that he was playing against the Knicks last night makers in it and mixed one mixed one? Ok- and I was at the Brooklyn- that's game very excited,
eating. It was Karen civil day. A little took you for church civil. Yes, I saw apparently I guess care was taken away. Time to come down to so I was has carried out she a few courts, acc a few courtside seats thing every single year, nomads you I'm in the Brooklyn that's campaign, was on a billboard in everything from Brooklyn, I'm from Brooklyn. I go to the games. Is my purse game this year, but I do go to the games quite frequently em you. Might everybody in and knows me shouted a grey staff that works at the Barclays and for the Brooklyn? That's bad as well. I am over to me: he's a white guy and Ngos. Hey I needed is three seats with Lenny as well as any other needed us with. It's our sitting next to many of them as sit next to babies, but anybody's name internet can you guys would seize? I want you to take a picture. But you guys on the screen at the same time. Ok, so I swear seeds, Samson Inessa Davies in his acute daughter, Tiree, very cute.
And all of a sudden. It says, ladies and gentlemen, please well gum media, imago, philanthropists an author Karen Civil, I would include above, can fill them hardy Vinos our day, every woman in the building was a care civil. Ok, let's be clear on that. So what did you do Anthony, say carrots and laughed it back? I mean it was funny you know, and then they were very apologetic. So everybody came down upon. Oh my god, I can't believe it then they did it do over draw. Is that with operators, as I think amount, we gotta do it again, we gotta get right, so they did it Well there and another was confused people in there. As they probably like, I regret that I was curious about family. Ok, you can use a lot of people. Also, duchess from Work in cruel, rejoined us this morning as well. So could you involve them should be? A lot of farmers could show crack a front page news. What we talked about me. Let's talk about Alabama and the election at last night. You know very more was running against Doug Jones dungeons they're calling here and which are you one culture
get into all that when we come back, keep a lot is rig. It up is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the envy Angela YE shall let me the guy. We are the breakfast club blueskin some front page news. Now, let's talk about what happened in Alabama yesterday. Yes, it was a very, very, very close election. A sentence best election in Alabama and Jones did beat Republic opponent boy more by more by about twenty thousand votes, it was a surprise, big, Threeg ass. He was leading all this time. By where more still has refused to concede that we want to step down, even though he had a scandal which, ever women accused him of molesting them, and one of them says that he molested her when she was fourteen years old when he was in his thirty's, there must be a lotta registered sex offenders in Alabama showed footed boy. Roy more gas, though he wants to get Recount now
happens, is automatic, recount happens under state law when erases within half a percentage point. This race was about one point: five percent is points, so you can still cough where we can, but you have to pay for it yourself. So Missy what happens in their saying the outcome is now likely to raise would even have been. Is Kosovo we just as for basic respect and dignity and integrity and morals from our politicians, because truthfully remorse and even in his race right- and this is the first Democrats when ascendancy in Burma in twenty five years, while congratulating the dead Jonesy, they call up to the breakfast club sure do as well as Jones, you barely be too petrified says a lot about said about them better. Alabama did the right thing. I wrote an internal matter for business. Well, let's do an update on Keaton Jones Keaton since the Middle School in Tennessee who put out that emotional Facebook video where he talks about being bullied. Just refresh your memory. He is part of that Y know boy. What watch point of the long journey
good, oh by the way have been made to run about knows no bread. How does that make you feel due to bad enough? But you know I do other people can ok before the vote debate criticized about it, not no phone the irony is, after all of this happen, his ma Kimberly Jones. They have all these pictures of her holding a confederate flag. Her door is Twitter also has the army photo with a computer flag. Now she did a response to all of the backlash and hears what she had to say or not. In people, but now I know that it was meant to be our ironic, and an extreme? I am genuinely truly sorry if I could take it back. A word: May I mean, and whatever that's fine, but that still tartar gives a cause of this event.
Terrorism. Is an epidemic so's you full of it? I don't know a decade went through a lying went through it, but I do That's a lame as excuses mobs gave order racially insensitive thing she sent on Facebook was the irony in what she said was funny about what she said nothing about. It can also says he was targeted by five fellow middle school. As he said, he never complained to a teacher, because it that the bullies word for short attack and his mom said he just didn't want to go back to school because he was so agitated now and another twist. Keaton Jones is Father, is a white supremacist whose in jail, the father's name is Sean Whites, and his Facebook pictures show all these means and their things like Holly EF, I love being white. Keep ah may be white pride and air. In private capital, far too far from the tree or Krakatoa four to five bucks Like you know, you got you kid online Cryin saying people at a different shouldn't be criticized: United Biological Father online. Introduce out if you would have a different about it
That's how you on his neck. That says, see W B, which stands for criminal, one more crazy white boy. Oh my goodness, all right, we'll ask page news, game of chess, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one. If you're upset you need event hit us, right now is to breakfast club. Good morning The breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but allow who says hey. What's up was get it off. Your chest has run blood why? I just it was say learn banner ragtag Rome upright allows as job at a great good day, drab given ravages roof,
Really, though, every day to get over the lively, great, I'm a firearm that is brought back in cork, all of which were already a bow millionth. Graham J, O p p. Eighty eight, you are eighty enemy days, I'm a breakdown of uniting avenue. Beaches get something off each other. Just something positive is not their own National told ya. Yakking Columbine celebrate life. If you won't allow days, Taylor firms order. Clearly, you know, features mama. I don't want to tell anybody who going through some right now, the cove I'm going through I'll just hang in there ever these are being ok. Wake up every morning thing guide for another day needs time, did so but hey America. Gonna be right, now
now you re not at all it's entrepreneur. Last always and without the positive at its absolutely I you know I had I been dubbed prize, but finally, I woke up and I'll. Let you know why I just keep doing the right thing in though right they were gonna come to me, and that is a threat in the bursting with figures that the world's most? U turn and whether you agree or depressed and not exactly an you guys. I will guide every morning on my way to where you live up every morning. I love you guys, I'm shaking her them How can you know maybe, where we live you'd say we lead those great inspiration, where'd you gave us this morning, but have a great mornin? eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent hit us up now with the breakfast club come on
it is your turn to get it off. Each ass, the young man, are you from you. Wanna breakfast on your mind. Is my magic belt democratic, noble, Jonathan ravages broke, a man is the only is made up of. Nobody is already designed for leave to see what the build up of what they do have both What are they bore. Novel my parents work like a madman with what my paper industry among the comment about, and I got getting right? That's you. I've done work, didn't like ok thought Beryllium, my red. The Mai lighted mile poet, labelling reply, and I got the idea Ramoth tagging, thereby cutting back right. They retire. Independent com. You know about my cup is, if I may mark a month,
we know about May about led by my Latin America know about you to check your car made up of Bavaria. Did each morning mercy, unlike you sound like a toy trying to explain what we didn't last. Who will look what would happen when you that they were that female pardner climax to this story? What happened here no door. Her love is Corina from Boston. Corina get her features moment. It's real bad. My new thing by talking about racism in in this woman in her father, Vienna, a racist, and I disagree with all that, but calling him a cracker is right either the wrong message. My daughter is going to vote in school, she's, been keeping called Casper White Chocolate and then take a bad. Is it just hurtful? I live here.
You know it's not about why exactly with the nickname of a very famous, why basketball pledges arms at one point here, boy, but anyway, fifth grade aid. Why do we get upset when we got a devil? The devil, this man of the clear white supremacist? He clearly that, unlike black people, either you think he's acknowledge you don't like live you, but you get a secular call him a crack. You nothing I've gotta thick, but if you can't somebody out another great, what somebody else What do you imagine no races means and how you like they had no races names at all Right. Well call banish person, sump n, dad left us all. A black person from combatants up alike, are no less data. There Bab called anyways. No call a spade a spade. That is exactly why Roy more within the Senate ratios today, because you don't ask your size, people,
camp column of Freaking profile. I would add up I'll that's what he did, but because that, because somebody, why can the meaner, cracker baby, that's out of flags burglar opinion before the last time? You know that I use names. I daddy there for the last time all why people are not crackers, but racist, no bigoted, white supremacist are put given that I support the proposal, but I did it send the wrong message. The younger list, as our group is going through some unnameable right now, so all right, we'll get it all features. Eight hundred Froggy five, one o clock. One of your absurdly debate. You gave us if, at any time you got room stowed away. Yes, let's talk about data, pickets met, she's upset and it has to do with seven. He had it and the golden glows. I tell you what she had to say: ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep allowed us to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast cloudless gets aromas, assault, Judah, Pinket Smith. We urgently need his cloak always well. The golden globe nominations were announced and jaded pickets met the road on Twitter. I have so much to say on why Tiffany had it was not nominated for a globe, but I won't and then a little While later she said you know I actually I Well, did you follow up what she says? She's it? Actually I will here we go, I'm not upset about. If any had is our goal. Chip, not getting a now. I'm discouraged about the fact that the Hollywood Far impress golden globes wouldn't even watch the movie girls. Jim was one of the most successful films this summer, as effect and Tiffany with hands down the funniest personal on screen seventeen without having couldn't get eyes on the film or a press conference.
Could not happen and how much more critical acclaim must and will be, have to simply get a screening she said, but yet Tiffany has been asked to present at their ceremony. This isn't about shaming. This is about the need for this and of an antiquated system, and I dare not invalidate of the many journalists and people from all walks of life who have supported this movie by defining the issue as simply racism, Hollywood assistance and place, it must learn to expand. Concepts of race, gender equality and inclusion in regard to its perceptions of art across the board, and then she goes on to talk about movies like at the sick movie and get out that they can the comedy and she said, but the big Stick movie went unnoticed and it was one of the most prolific films of the year and even about Emily any Bain. Here I write so she said I it's time to discuss what I asked them, one in Hollywood yesterday, while protecting denominator, foregoing globally said because she's black and because at a time of moving to girls, tributes but ok of lonely to global celebrate what he was saying, though she just would have liked anti even wider.
Maybe room where they went even agree to watch the movie, and it was a very successful movie. Could you not even consider it enough to watch it not have been won a Fc Aylward for Beth warning after four girls troops, it I've got a right now Kelly. The man who is suspected of burglarize in his home has turned himself in of cancel worker turned himself in he was booked on two counts: a burglary two counts of death by taking into account of deaf divides set and so there was an arrest warrant out for him and that's because he broke into well here working with our Kelly, and I guess I just took everything- took everything out what, if he's stove Machiavelli within you find the sex tape of all under a girl he turned, then it can. Say that he was looking for evidence now that it can lead Denmark, Alain taking envy and all the other animals it was on tv. Then do you get away to steal. My lord, on his laptop. I write data has announced ounce and exciting. For me, she has some new fancy
many products and that is gonna, be a line of Matt lipsticks. It's called Madame, Mademoiselle so yet Mademoiselle but met them as well as the UK that interested no matter how you dogma was met. Fancy beauty, I mean that her proud, as a kind of products have been. No man is actually not shiny. Now showed more radical, those are more person over will react when I tell them is its based on a color bogot. Yes, so it's gonna be fourteen shades and this collection is gonna, have all different colors, ranging from brown to green, and if you guys, I says actually is part of this fancy beauty campaign and they will
their picture says a yesterday as well local. I write well I'm Angela YE and that is your room report. Already love good tool. We got one of my favorite algebra negroes, commoner, ass right, Laval, ball in the ball family or not the whole ball fairly. Laws is not here, but he's bringin, mellow and lay Angelo and yellow and mellow and yellow come back. Keep electable families to breakfast locomotive pointed everybody. Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. He got his brush garrison about big ball of the families of all the guys who mourn hard law, let alone the mellow best right. We came back for you guys a couple, a kind of you. Her Charlemagne gave a lurking. Cobbler people don't get a day, an undivided, then all the whole flag, they'll evolved from Vienna. A brother who raise three men to do the right thing at all along it. Where are you gonna go get it from them. Haters like the gridlock, stop don't,
any time somebody goes against the grain people always a critical like when the brine came in any had his manners its aim of Hamburg people had issues with that. Of issues with that. If the guy you know I'm talking about that guy in looking for, but he ain't it, You know the vulgar and wanted to ask. You is always interacting with the OECD Lysol me who do we want to end of you and I would never have ass until I see it on a paper like going to Bob coming to the other questions. Laval, do you think if you will wait, you think the procession? You would need a thing had no, I now they get all day they because I'm uncontrollable, we can hold. It was you and from our vision, is, is wide open. We ve been doing the same thing. Everybody else benevolent these enjoy. We just the convention also giving conventional right on my even facebook, while in the family- and I had to say why didn't I show I think is everybody a better understanding of the whole family. Dynamic Jesse like has supportive,
Where is everybody loves each other and how much fun you guys have at the same time you're working but are also like real? have a good time together, you have your brother's as that security. Everything's in the family, The reason is shows, is so good because it genuinely one thing you don't want to do is that the right of these products would be exciting, for you guys, watches someone people's see in a different light. Instead of me screaming talking go beyond all is seen as being carrying having fun. Which is not normal because they do for me to have a mistress zones that meat and drink or my brother's somebody's remain. We don't smoke or drink. So All. Good may wait for someone to blow wallbury rank. We tighten group recently It is significant that a school in infernal These were not lower. The high school were low use. You feel, like you, again, we do not even going I will allow all was that with when it came to think about doing, taken him in and found him overseas.
A lot of people go overseas for different reasons. That's why a lot of Folkestone, outsiders, thinking like many, not Do good over Ain T make wrong because everybody you going over there to make a living already makes money I'm working on overcoming a living on money going over there for a passionate a day they want to play and what they want wasn't competition, because what they goin over a fourth indifferent me you'll godaddy, all cocking, try won't play now. How about you guys go into a lithuanian Aigner, laid a sunny day old anti? Does they had a pronounce it? I wouldn't go, and how do you feel it is will be going to another lament little look. Every already applies, don't we call cover like, like you said Wanna play really. So I wasn't really right about where the beer, Lithuania, anywhere school women, so what I M saying by adapt,
like the closure not now for you liaison with this a strategic move over than an emotional move. They thought How do you feel it was worth it to let me out of one myths about where teaching along designer national bathed out loud and clear. That is definitely not a most welcome upwards. Not like is even more serious strategic moved there. We may add nobody. I control, but us you know everybody. Stuck on all you see. I lay so good. Don't pass up this opportunity and you see allaying us So why do we want Europe sit back and think alone? You gonna wait. Let me mother gas it back. The big ball away. We move whom we move. We ain't got. No basis for you know what we do want branded in any kind of prior right now, why generals didn't pay Sometimes we really can display of getting me. Don't you, took another day. He was surprised not to how this works. You tell the code before
may lie on. It was very surprising everybody in the universe. It was surprised he told me nuns weighing from them not surprised answer me more boy plan. If not plan would have new sums we up. In God S, Roger Romena. Now when we are coming, This is a discussion. The dictatorship. The leviathan notice, which I want, do a u thought too you're the guy. You know we make us, do a very do her Bostock all day, big far just control. You know I do guys what I mean by wrangle happy do nothing, but don't come back to me if I say that this code is way. This is very good. Things for going is wait right, but if you decide to go left, I'm cool debt, but don't comprised back with things on work out. Your way can that's what people, keeping
with all my boy. You think about all any to let him be man give her mind, never be mine side of legal misguided, but I will give them advice where wonder people take advantage of me to young enormously I'm experienced a teenage thing that I love a button. You boys they are young, but they do theme to listen to their father like what makes ya listen to your father in the area. With a lot of kids, don't want to hear nothing from the fence. It always been. I helped the southern stuff. Just do your dad, they appear, so you can just this was back like that, Well, I mean you ve been right pretty so far, but the mellow complemented sent you a couple my computer game- are you out of my mouth is only right. Help me a lot of most of the time when the king, when you ve, been using it lets me the wrong laxity What are the player one hour,
Let us not beat you want all. I repeat our to reward the London with a dream. I dream a couple: aluminized elbows, your balls, thirty one moment. No one incident in China in and Donald Trump allegedly helped in any case Matthew were given by common at you in did you really citizens naked affirmations? Lucas three hundred Pennsylvania came prepare their know how we wrote. Light blue zone. We patriotic level mugger the bombs. But what about us? We had our guys we're both on the ground
Nobody was over, therefore, regionally by left wing with radical, now coattails and I'm not gonna, think nobody. I'm marrying face to face with one of my keyboard obvious that you know what I'm a random America. They got three Americans overly Gobrias. He was like he was over there like ministers like good to see you never met, Martha Andreasen, think so that we are looking at the negative publicity think I'm here with publicly here. We are already earmarked as an already. What would have happened? both on the ground. It was moving already before even came over here. This become over. There was thing but who says something on other sites, like I told revealing somebody. Could it holding out I will come back. We got more with the ball families at all moves the breakfast club, pneumonia breakfast
everybody is the envy. Angela ye shall remain a girl. We are the breakfast club. We have Laval born in a ball family in a building. Show me: what are you big vowed from one an apology from you and really Angelo Audio, give more power to look on the big ball ass, wise atomic disguises Now what would love is going on in your my window that happen, because we had a whole discussion about that up here and about the concerned. Is it I got it allows defrayed anything can happen, and I ask you gotta, make stored, make a sound. To put my son got enough character appears somewhat disappeared, mistake. Their young kids may come from at least twelve Central America Summum offerings beyond sixteen seventeen years old louse folks, killer, folks in explaining that they already going for life. Just a guess. Most aid sent like that may anchor fuss about it. I'll look a little differently well nightmare. I've seen a lot worse This is what the only when he got the money. You got a ferrari.
We for our whole about a. Why were you look out aid wordy lily but I thought image you put out yesterday, you say you did it, you could give your friends would do, and that does not seem like the ball way to be following up on the benefits of her. I really said I too, have you read as a rule, they remember the day after we are still in the shop my friends. Did it go, go, go. It looks so, you like I, we out, but it never crossed her mother. I got the money, the bodies is Heaven. I thought I wonder: why did he don't know? Why did it was raising like that? So, but I'm not gonna jump only. Might you know if, in his mind you I did it with you locked up or not its appeal for were so you know it's not where's like thereby Gipsy oil in China. The different punishment me. Will you still anywhere you in flop? Black is wrong,
disappointed him at all. When you first article, you know what the media was, especially while you two maids up each one of my boys have done something stupid, but before the trip mellow I've done some gum. Lazo I've got some This was the only one who do not know what kind of every day and it just so happens, happen over there, and I call it be unlucky on the fact that we were all right. Anyone by herself in also saw it, worked out pretty good, but I come We all do stake somewhere. I just thought: I'd always do double, examines those magazines liked them. Some of the review of the log now my wife, you really don't have waited I'm good at all. I mean everybody in this room has done something is simply no which occur for them. While the confidence- I will a communist, you feel like you, sons or have a target when you play basketball like they want approved, they could cut him down to contest. Whenever target from day, one
even when I was young, a third grade. We plan eighth grade, I believe in the name of our team, was called the big volleys. He knows a lot in the name of supremacy you what I want, and I want to come out with a bit borders and thereby becoming urge openly debate Baldos. What is so small details, but Netela come off alone into real big ball, so they d like get all life If you don't want their target on your back, these are easy job. I don't get. You know if you ve never been solved on you boy. You know without Sonia, not at all what we are all of the kid what you would do hit up your boy Never for super young vows Bihar could use a lot of things in your life into existence, like you know you were gonna, have three boys is right. You know that there are gonna go
later years. You know when you met your wife years, that our gonna be together must be good, must be good, but you know what I tell everybody in after Mr Bonde away. Are you blow for, and I figured anybody can have anything they want a willing to put the time. Sometimes listen, you want someone takes you about a week, beginning even with a week, maybe may take you ten years ago. We thing is, is if you really why you don't get it. I can't tell him he's got one day assuming you know, you'd get any woman, you are scattered, wanna put a time it. You might love letters, lady and she get married. Ok, you may have to wait to see a widow for you come back out
might be forty fifty you will find no you're like that is closely in this era. Take it don't egg young man tell ended I plan. I think anybody could be a problem which got it if you really want to be approved as a lot of things you gotta do, but I think it will be really want the money, but it might not be repaid in the beginning I got home. I wish they warn. You born a go pro as may ball. Everything lined up fully to see tat. I thought they were first I'll. Have him on. They seem like some destiny going this matter. If you make it like you, I play ball. Today is a problem. We regional ball family basketball them soccer, a baseball we got three ballplayer may have Mabel. Who else is lighter?
Are you referring the matter back to growth, and always the agreement was a player by a few days ago, in Ahmadinejad girls? No man would you would you like? I know you have to begin in the Armstrong, Aren't you going to resolve those boys? Boys were not found because what all my life, I've known, you came by twelve, give me boy and that it is gradually let that they are ready to eat you. I've had a stroke in that it shares drugs and unrestricted for meagre them would have him God you gotta go, then I got told him all seek a smile of boys. We good God, are you. Overseas to Lithuania? Do you stay here because you or at every look again you are gone, moreover, the african lithuanian people, no no, we got a mellow. There were down, and even you wanna tell your father torn down on now,
You scare you doin nothin, no point What do I do not know, by Julia Worthy Man, toning down, but now I'm you so that you get out of my life. We ain't got no from culture may come up right from from your father. You know you got absolutely I'm even if your mom new deadlines that amendment no one is just to this day. I don't even tell my parts like sought me, do not like it Ahmad away. Could I came in a widely when using housel? Listen go by rules, even change people. Even people were given you that fainted, you could be Michael, Jordan. One all want stuff like that I don't know, do many black while showing its definitive tell another one. That's why the game one or more, We wonder why you came to me too slowly too weak
my one on one one up and down at coordinated why won't be arguing and anal dream, a key to monetary power is going to do not want to work with. You got their name to it. Just like my talk about the game. Look at me as honest as lousy dare to talk it for two years. All unknown agreement aimed at heart affable, that's where you want to go out and see the little now. What about out of you and join with the play? One? No one can you do that you signed it signed was to yesterday. From Jordan Agreement with Jordan want all activity. Fifty four, or you may regard me, though you kids allowed to wear, Sneaker, though the brazen odorant assembly we seen, aware different sneakers you woke up one day will join one day. They allow What are you big ball, o Brien independence? You can do what you want you where was about you're, gonna, closet you'll, just have
and you in a great, less you were money. We endorse a pretty quickly put off. You know how to give these guy. They showed today house what a truck loaded, anyway, all Jews, but we thought my arm in a game. You won't tell you, boys is shown unto my house with Diesel fuller shoes, I got em all tell him to come back and give me the money for their safety these, what we're money I want you can get a lot of guys when you knew given endorsements. You had nothing you. Maybe we not me just kidding. We got more with the ball fairly. Well, we come back to normal with the breakfast locomotives warning. Everybody is the g envy. Angela ye shall remain the girl. We are the breakfast club. We have Laval born in a ball family into building their use play? One? What I'm sure you play your wife of what
Does he beat let them Eliza went on never lovelier, gonna love. As one of the things we ve gotta be in school Luella. Did you ever want to do anything else about what was I did But why would you want to do their utmost freedom without move me? I'm your play football, I don't wanna go overboard lying like afterpart cycle Nor do we know what the rap I tell you about his life or phone number do overboard. It will do that because you are you're, really lovely game. We have father love the game, you no one. It is my only love. I was in place of the level of development plan for how many fight it you have to break up as a dad would be a sore competitiveness by the fighting.
No one will know by now. You know why I'm decide to my boy on raising right, but you never do despite your private stuff, get what we all want to be your family while beat up to help. So that's why you have been lucky enough to have different roles statement. What can we act? It might I be almost like, what's goin on going home but never breadth, and I, like I say if you don't take, your brother who will, and even when you asked to show you, don't even feel like that tension? Anything everybody's support, those support of every job at the dinner designate a little, I give you a crazy story. Innocent people everywhere are Muslims when a young man and I to resolve for useful. Actually I said you know what, if a guy comes
ban any throws mellower somebody innovate. What are you going to normal boys? Don't we didn't come here to ask what they told us off the answer I can give me by the time you can't get, meaning of which are brought it off. We don't come to me, which we all year, term autonomous back there. All three global companies envy date, our trio, no failure and that's what I'm jealous three no job hoarders prototype refused entire Martin. We all go in there, but not always No don't need to do. I've tried you so much with the boy the mortgage. You know you will remember number two The race relations, but you can't he had raised.
Three black boy. Only a black man continue to rise, like boys are due to urge our teacher out arrayed in one of the things we want do. Sometimes marks were dead, like not only put me in the know. How have I got all but also told the boys and that's why people take this. The wrong way as a result, if, if you want to just respect your mama, you want to wake up and tell me you love me like that, with your life, where do you can be like a mom? Cannot do this kind of that to think about how you want to trade in every state, always respected and it whenever she wanted at the angle, bein a wishy, washy stuff, but I say the Ottawa you'll be men do not to have normal. I had a question three only dollar water. Hypothetically speaking, what do the math plan to get all the boy than the NBA doesn't happen? Would you
You felt no are gonna. Let me sum up from the bar: that's. What are you talking about? love is struggling with how we your millionaire playing a game, any love, what we're just gonna! Let you know that about the money that we ain't about among people don't want to stay in the kind of life I don't think is making all the money in the work of motion and bought everything you want was left right. You better have a passion for sub and any day now leg is my boys, notably basketball and in it just so happens as their livelihood soy, a wedding. You can have behaved like you guys in here you parties to suit the breeze on block man. Now you guys didn't pay the exact like I'd credit, Didn't you, you haven't. You have a nice time covered here. Every day I was ever in just talking to people meaningful.
But she was doing it for free back in the day you ve got to, let you know what's goin on all you guys me, but if this your password and does not like working up now we're getting a little friend, your one votes, Currently, a Joshua YA failed of Uremic MBA Num up building Just let him play really so it's not pressure playing or nothing. You just go out there and do what you love to do. Much vanilla but now I'm the lady love you guys to so why? Why do you learn about dealing with the Ladys the latter only women in Lithuania, of what our two but where it lay what it was learn at home about relationships here. With the women at a lady's girls that accommodate you. Look like you. Do
Oh you know Greece is that means is monogamous as far as do you dare does like remember how either but you have seen a heavier with your mom. Father all easier, the alibi that, as you are you gonna cut back on the sweets. No, oh do them sweet for good I've, Lando Boy, you got an incredible filled. It seems like an addict because I know it allowed his leave two years as another terrible every line. I do now
This is my last question with the plan being case basketball everywhere. I told you about plainly: they ought to play a b. What did you say? You wouldn't be disappointed about why no plan B Dago fire, because I was part of the eighty percent twenty four zero gravity hardly be made. We will make you we're about to fall back with a mob word. My father, that here's the thing people keep talking educational tat. I took him, school in reality wrong. You can take your boys out of school when you got a brand new gonna break loose, walk we believe in time we walk. The boys are gonna, be fine, but no plan b
embryo. Think about Dario. Lithuania have effect through some random women. Ok, can you know about play? I've been that's what we're predate you gotta join us in which our sneak upon I always make upon. Man gave us the best of your disease caused man. A boy try, opera, fourteenth, managed meagre poor. We had a great time there is a heck of a got inside. Chases is funding a lotta, but what I like about this, too, is the independence, how they made me think out of a passion of just and sneakers MRS Lucas. Now, then I put a very tense. You don't want to know that I have submitted a women's coming. May we got that lie, we got we gotta get out, and I can only endorse this comment. You d imitation, through. Not me, no medicine is all we get it right. You got a job that woman I sold. You know you like to call you a massage. They now, but I'm married, I'm cool,
did you say what they want they now having a women's lie, makes him besides in this sort of things like, I was telling the girl, but listen. If I never told what happens when you know stay in. You didn't Rick for that was a warning. Just be climbed down alone, you good about. Unlike stay late, you're one and I want you and I just don't want after she scarce may I once saw a lot of times. Now, what would a different route he's gonna have armies to ask her. The lady more money. Well, I will give you a real at how much it would trigger that. Wasn't you talk in the Christian legally, the black man Amerika we seen as thoroughly so many times. The white- Are you threatening? Are you treat me like? I praise, for you threaten somebody behind long announced, relax. I'm getting all your lets. People got me when I made the comparison immature. What am I gonna have the same energy? They got him until you. Yes, I was definitely me and, like I appreciate you know, you got your days. We soon
and allow people had does. Why do you guys been looking at us in all? There cannot be a tourist is crazy. Talking on his ear to ear shows no puppets. They try to make things grow out better. Do it like you, gotta work for those guys. So that's why you talk like that. You are you all mines luggage S due to tell you to do you, you don't don't like your balls in you. Don't like it was talking about our balls and like the car dashing, is how easy they got a good product. Keep your! has offered him forget crazy. I retorted the ivy was invested in the yalu. It makes no sense at all get out. You know why they began. To put it, but it's cool knows My boys know what I'm about minority about in closing a grip group and we just keep going forward.
Sorry to starve his meals. Are you gonna hate you gonna hate only by the successive just like you guys we go now. Resent you guys vileness ovation earlier that its accounts tab. We appreciate your guys, and so is the boy family. If the breath club the morning, The breakfast club wanted everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast club looted a big ball Abram for coming through Laval Ball, yes, mellowing jello! Now people are afraid of the work of the law, not afraid of you to forest furthest up another attempted something that people having seen before they call unites. What's the shell, while in a family, to achieve integration in its on Facebook from a watch it over a vacation? definitely check it out. You is united season. Two, I think is like three or four episodes in big ball, a brain sat back on this morning. To yes, re go represent net black entrepreneurship. Why not absolutely muskets aromas? So can you glimmer
the report annually, eat breakfast workings, economise, tat, bad attack to how its daring and they had a nice long talk about Japan topics in particular, they talked about working him. Working would tell us, swept here's where Kendrick had to say about the sound bad blood. This particular reduces me just five and catching her legs. Had a woman came to her head too crazy as one of my own inspiration in hardware ticking, so you do take the she'd look at you afterwards. Ok Kendrick Island, That would give me two more forcefully that the. Why was right in it and take to any takes in losers, really lacking only on a key issue. Fellows go alone as Annabelle, so it was yesterday this year we natural evolution,
modern, listen to Taylor. Swift first stood again right, you got, it would join season. Should our re well. In addition to that talks about almost having a collaboration with prince, you know each eye hard to get that to happen. But they did have a nice run in check it out of platinum. Economic Erika complexion he liked the record with his estate. So much corn holding the moment mare I did a show that day, I'm with them onstage, I didn't even know I was coming out on stage Do we always next door? Why just played on the song we run back and forth? He didn't tell me: I'm gonna stay just one. See and perform, and you bet you're gonna want. Russia was a meeting, he was doing any visit he's at you and wash. We leave, in other words a common space, her maid performers. Free download, it has turned to solve the nose. I told you forgot about the song habitat. Now listen how many people could get away with this be LEO, come upon his days. If you know you know Prince dad, you can't do that.
Teleprinted, no right, nobody nobody's gonna, say now again of their new. Ever webcam cried ass, he was dancing knows Is it the prince got owner? He asked ass the undying she little Mama that our rights have any had his has shot her shots. He was shooting her sat, which have a noah. None of you guys studies, but you posted honest Graham a picture where she was on with no issues that are usually duties. What the hell am I mad crush Monday at Trevor, Noah sounded travel respond. I haven't seen as response. Did you memories and idea I think that would be a major language versions, yeah, yeah yeah right away to write your man, no replied: the man replied Mangrove Monday, brierly gotta go miss Alice each other. What this man I my wits about an hour ago, you wanna, buy up by your give estimates as ours wait travelling wait anyway. Why leap towards the Christmas I write,
Let me give you an update on. What's going on with the NFL network, we told you about a set of people being named in a law suit and they are being named by the accuser, Jamie cancer. Now she said during her employment she was subjected to ongoing and continuing sexual harassment were here are some allegations. She said the marshal on whose currently, on air ass invasive questions about sex, like her favorite position, whether she likes oral sex and whether she data black, men at any got more aggressive, inviting her to his hotel rooms joking and pulling out his genitals in front of her pointing to his. Right and asking when you gonna get on this already. She said I wish he even pushed her against a wall and demanded oral sex while he pulled his pants down. I'd tell who is also suspended even on a talent. He said that she said he sent sexually inappropriate pictures of himself in a nude video that he had masturbating in the shower Warren Sap or supplement, the Beijing men what we ve got like
Maybe for women is now like within. I want to join in with you because you look so appealing is really kind of like disgusting. What are you doing you? No war in South Asia, warmer on its hailing- came into the restroom while she was preparing her clothes and urinate in front of her and then she told me to get out and said sorry mama, but your office shouldn't be our Usher and he is also accused of giving her sex toys for Christmas. Three years in a row the of accusation that a new picture is being sent a letter groping grabbing all kinds of things one. And dynamic. Nab said she looks like the kind of girl that squirted when getting aft and now EL. The alarmist gray argue I've never been a birthday in my life leg in railways like never occurred on February? Eleven you comes. This is what people are. What would you go out today? I gotta go to escort, then what
dignified and what will you factories bother? You do go at all, it's maybe she'd mainly to get a response is on offer I well I'm Angela Year, that is your room, a report. Dora Charlemagne yes broke into the mix, the man I tag Crockett campaign spokesmen for Roy, more Roy, more who lost in Alabama yesterday drama include above Roy Lou. Why? I'm gonna go balmy has covered, It s got a moment, tat, probably for half an hour dont you they re, no forget duchess from black cruel, be joining us next, our tools to breakfast club warning, They re going. Don't you u or or not
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now dissolving today via the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today as well, MR each year and dont you today, for when they December thirteen goes directly. This campaign spokesmen TED Crockett now I could have given it to. All of you in Alabama who voted for Roy Moore to seventy two percent of white men who voted for him to sixty three percent of white women who voted for him, the six percent. Lag. Mental voted for amendment two percent, a black women. Reform, but that's your business ok Anima! You justify voting for an alleged better firewood. Stand up huge, otherwise important our colleague doll easier, but whatever ok. I where's that they would relieve the number Reggie Sex offenders who voted for Roy more? I would love to see that strictly for research purposes, but after that I have to build your own com, a boot TED crack Roy
More campaigns welcoming was on CNN Jake TAT last night and they started going back and forth with each other on whether or not Muslims should serve in Congress. Now, if you, our vote tv. You can see the video ok if you ride you car listening us on our radio up. You can go to my Instagram Ciba, Geigy, C D, J G, o D and watch the video, but just snow it. If you can hear is audio, are you about the play is not edited. Ok, you are about to hear what it sounds like when the cat got. Somebody talk. Ok, You are about to hear what it sounds like for someone to truly say less correct. Silence you are about to hear during this conversation is what happens when a donkey is caught in the headlights? Let's listen to Jake Tapper and TED Crockett. Therefore, from the judge, more has also said that he doesn't think a muslim member of Congress should be allowed to be in Congress. Why, under what under
What movies have to swear on the Bible you win You, when you are it before I had to do it on elected official for each I had to swear on a bible, swear on a bible to be elected. In the United States of America, Hey alleges that Muslim cannot do that. Ethically, swearing all about you. Don't actually have to swear on a Christian by or you can swear on anything really. I don't know if you knew that you can swear on a jewish bible. Gobble up that is three times have I'm sure you ve picked a viable, but the law is not that you have to swear on a christian Bible about is not belong. You did you don't know that Aren't I brought about? Oh no, no, they don't drop, didn't want any when we made him present, because this first and ineffective that's what you wanted to that's. We want swearing to grapple with the more campaign. Good luck tonight. Thank you. So much for being here,
Let me tell you something my brother's, I'm sure you all can relate to this. Have you ever been confronted by your significant other for cheating, not that she Thing cheat and I'm talking that she and went through your phone. She noted first and last. What did she know every? Please? You been with the check for the past six months. She, Ah, he looks you in the eye and says how long you been sleep. You can't lie because she no you know she catch you just sit. There were detained, Crockett face her cry. A great example of life, I tell you all tat. We live in an era where is not about republican versus Democrat. Serve the verses. Liberal black raises white. It's about right roses, wrong good versus evil, God for processing, and at this crucial time in history, we have to ask ourselves what say we want to be on, and would you just saw it when you ve caught on around sat right, so you would have
a dead grab is when you know your heart was right and was wrong with you I urge you to do the wrong thing and TAT Craig. I gave you the tempting to defend the wrong thing when at some point the lad, and in the truth must begin, and God gave TAT rocketed chance in adding in that moment, to do and say the right thing. Just like his man Roy more? Who is a campaign bulls for he just can't concede defeat. Even Oh, he clearly lost front of all America kid if you're wrong own up towards didn't do right now, that's how you learn and earn respect so republican. Conservatives if you are wondering why people are losing respect for your body. Look no further than the mirror. Please give TED cracked. Campaign spokesmen for Roy more biggest. He hardly Moreover, while they are right Thank you for a donkey. At a day now, we come back, we have duchess from black in crew. Nephew remembers
Caesar that he called this week. Alas, we last week- and was here last, basic aim of the new season. A black inks died. It rightly talk about off. You talked about the relationship with Dutch is now he gave her. His new tattoo and more so we gonna talk about all that. A more delighted, drama is less episodes. Sky and debt is in the sky sign being interviewed your address. His shop, yeah Rwanda blogging cruel along turbo bomb here for the mess focus. All of you arise under the mess around it was messy. Suddenly it was our desire for my girls come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotor, the breakfast club, but one and everybody is the jury every easily ye Charlemagne we oughta breakfast club. We have now got rid of any right and also has been issued in view in flames, and she got here with his from blacker grew.
Bureau black mowing I have been a great mornings gave you will see that the result is that when I write sell, you know the new things in a black eye to every day have visa appear to promote their any said. You're gonna get half of his. And Thou guy hasn't issue? Can I address the yes, so Anyone who knows know me know: thou from the south and I come from a saw parent Mary family correct in order to get half of something you ass Mary? The part of the first thing that I did and sees a five will give him the ring That means I have no intention of warning have because I didn't marry you. I would have married you and follow through with the plot that be eight once suggested. If I it has a rich one, but I gotta get worried, and indeed I want more excuse me. Let me say a correctly big fish productions. Cap pressuring me to set a date suitable for four awaiting an
like we're, not ready to give May and that we need to do before we even get to that point. Ever was that a date like will ya either gonna have to break up or get married. Well, you give someone that type of off made em when this is our real lighted, his life, because I'm not gonna, marry somebody because you think is great for your writings. So you get us a wedding special and you're gonna pay for, and we can be a destination waiting in all areas of none it s of matter. To me, what matters to me is there, I don't get married, have to get divorced. Why I didn't get married and I would not set a date so they went through all it is. Foolishness took problems in our relationship there may be just exists. The Roma, that I wanted to walk away. I needed to get away from the chaos. Will you? The waiter got their storyline, whether Yoga Mary Yarborough Gub wandered into actions they had withdrawn and they definitely force those interaction, though, if We have of anything these, I'm so sorry, but
You don't know what marriages cause. All of our people don't know what that institution is they ve never been married from these mother is Mary, but is not to his father Yeah, I don't really understand and I get it, but everybody else in the human population, the load of it a logic knows that in order for you to get have you have to jump the Brown get mad burns based different dollar. Give you gotta common law, married and commonly York is where we live and where it would have, everything would have been in a state of New York. That is now. It, the state of New York? If I would marry him our both Com would have been part of his child, the boy and made him North Carolina is not like that with a North Carolina. His child support is his child support, but in New York the household income is what has combined is based offer of travel. All of these things. Those reasons why I'm like, I don't know, While we agree to living there, Well, what do you want?
If everyone have did you want some Livermore, I wanted peace. I wanted to walk lay in have peace, which is what I have not had this entire tom. You haven't seen me post anything about them since the break up now. Interaction is those were media. I haven't seen them in the physical form we have in. I haven't found with them. I've had no communication with these people right. Had they try to them with you? Could you? Yes, I have test method is also at the end of tat. You see that an agreement here and all big fierce asked offered me a big first. If you don't know the production companies groups were removed, I have a couple of development agreement, I'm pretty in ink, so pretty in development do not gonna. Want partnership? Will you get used to so That means that they were offering me a spin off the wall. You d say my signature at work: dignitaries, there's no signature because added
I want to do this. Rarely I do not want to do this. I am. I really want to be happy. I really want to have peace, Carolina live in my life, I'm the amazing people around me right now. I'm back School are finished this summer. I got so much other thing that doin that nobody else knows about. You said that the big treasure level was creating these different scenarios. We oughta break up now with either was here either Yonah, where you came from ripe egg, could have airdrop diminish phone number. I was on a computer and one of the bureau will restrict occur from those of you know, I about me, may I says: there's a copy of it. More importantly, what I feel like people gotta be able to tail love ya gotta make them.
It is about where the right you can't just coming and slander, someone's name and you have no substantiated evidence of support. It does bull. Oh, I have a copy of, leave exhibiting, wouldn't they could have it. I pray you gonna. Leave. That leaves a bet you a thousand hours. Bigfoot cannot provide a location agreement for filming in that space. You know laughin collapse that I found in our first apartment. Brooklyn and they show their air measures on they re. So I said, oh, no! No, no! They come back in. My house saw no one had asked this through our computers, because no one had been in my home and I made sure of that because of the previous experiences we had with then taken stuff and making you look. So? What you I didn't out of air matters is cause these cut costs and stay with us they have failed to look like we're moving around Europe
our group is in favour of every job on play gave my bed I'm like a l. I forgot, though I think it will happen come here would accommodate time. Maybe they make this. Look like better. Look that like that, no one can come in my house, no true large room, there's no famine in our home. You want a family ah home, you know the air Bambi. So out of here I'm gonna put that out there out farmers, they just the obliging disposal. Living in a remote or about her maiden babies dried up air. Behind these now I dont believe the hype yeah. No one in this is the disease. Was he said that ok, here, and then he seated on nobody's agitated I am also and played out on so as well but let me ask you to make your governments with these treated all me I'll call him he didn't f and foam. I called the girl. She answered The father, like you, please answer the phone.
We have you got a fierce macabre. You kind an idea, you talk about fans, that's it the pitcher with me any. I want to say I was messing with that dude, I acknowledge, or am I bet he take no pleasure in my apartment he took a pitcher immortality. Stop we his arm around my soda like a fan, and it wasn't me I don't know how many british other took everything else lobby like attack these bridges. All alone, I hope that the new felt that you needed to express his his mother or fame like brother, you Johnny have a personal pick of me. If I'm method, would you show me some facts? Messages show me a neck. It pig show me some, Something enough go make me believe that I really was messing with you. If you don't have that, I cannot go by a fan payment what do you see the day when the growing and that on the phone or what did you say to see you a police car and get out?
Oh other winning outwatched me carry all legal, no put em on call. An animal leave came a third, that's it you're gonna go to do. If you can be sure of one corner is some. I still want legal formula. We had to take you to do then I had to carry out their love makes, but that is not what, instead of carrying out into the walking closet, appeared on rights of liberal front. Phone. If you get here, he can just take em right right, Seneca. Really we now you at all to my beginning, let me give you further. Delaying the girl ass. These cheated on me with sit big fish along with these are a thief indices sorted. They could not speak her name on the stove Tiffany, who was a producer at the time and had her sit in the car and fake kisses.
Camera, as if she was the girl about oil. Let's talk about real revaluing producers to be cast members going out, Darth became we all felt, Darthian Kangaroo story. We garment duchess in Gaza. We, when we come back, he belonged to the breakfast global Mona One in every body is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club we have duchess from black in crew in a building. Also gossip with show me. What about the regulation? If he's got somebody pregnant, make fears needing story laws if ya paid attention to that whole scenario. Also ajar see me even heart: bodyguard up about, maybe whereas it is in that you believe that you need some evidence. Ok, thank you. Well you know the laughing at this. Tell me your sister was pregnancies was useless denier right, by all of it don't sound like a alive. We both deny here but also of the warm pregnant.
By what is going on here and am you pay attention to the mannerisms patent? how I am cuz y'all know I'm the animated hyped up when I'm passionate about something you know, I'm passionate about something else. Y'all watch me straight setback like what is this girl talking about when I met at all, we do is Burma has Roman commenced was a day of long ago. Politically, you will try to be a freak back. I knew you were going to do. Let us consider made of this because it is more map in medicine. Is I got exhibit here? I know Joe. You need an interview recently in the interview was injustices, tattoo sat right, pretty meaning, and it was with sky. San sky has not seen her son in fifteen years on, as she was a planning through reunite when you have aids enough, which is their right. Adamantly. If you wanted to re United Graduate eighteen royal bizarre gentlemen by the natives he's a nice, though she said when he turns eighteen, she wants to reach out to do because that's when their adoption stuff, that's why she say. So what happened?
nineteen years out of out as just single math simple mouth ok, so you know she gave him hey Zeppa adoption and I seen them, and so Gaza bib in our view, was guys son and I was in your tattoo shop and now skies mad at both the young logo. Logan. I just say one thing: farce number one scar: the lie you lot about was the fact that their land boys, one sign, is seventeen one sign is nineteen? Does not plans. Now I don't know how uterus can contract in Cyprus joined Mechatronics. I know Athena uterus lightly, vain rights, but as far as long as you say, you gave your kids to a family for a better life? Wrote your sign at nineteen though, was released from a juvenile detention centre. That does Sound like a better life to me. You said that just had been all around the world and
You're fine said to me: he thought do by was a motorcycle. When he's, on tv and she was in a juvenile nonsense in answer. Email Bacardi, oh yeah, we think they that is made that Lithuania was a batter. My goal in my mind and body aim, like my only question was: do you even have a passport? He say? No, so all of these things, your mother said about who was really just so tat. She could have a story law, because this little boys life did not reflect the things that she made us bully for general now it's my whole thing was this: the Father is from Durham North Carolina, Durham, Carolina is about an hour and a half away from Charlotte Adorn was a motorway now I know I know Farm Durham, North Carolina, the Father, his mother, everybody in his life, is in Durban or come on. We got them. Oh boy added incentive zennor they came and overcome
to see his family, and then they came to my tattoo shop. I don't know scars, baby, daddy and I dont know her son. Is she lad about the fact that she had twins and that's not the baby daddy, we think are so Good I'll know who does may I was ass. She says she would look awful hokey is fond of. How can I find him and even powerful? So would you want? what guy come to dissuade duchess. Was she got me? I'm not I'm a grown woman and I'm a businessman out all fight at all fight. Your head is what I don't. I don't need no not only method at what I need you to do is not focus on the location of this interview near my shop. I need you to follow. On what your chow has said, because he is grooming for your attention. You don't care about me. This show Vive this interview here. About nothing but having the attention and love from. Mother who he was beyond tv were taken out. Please I'll, be on tv talk about fucking no one or two types of who he was
Chauncey, when are you gonna know vagina before she even wrote me a letter drugs the other things that the issues are at issue is not where the location of the interview with the issue is. Why is it ok for someone who create a false storyline and when the child is now in a dull and wants to understand that he can say now there is a joint people have said it's too much to bring her son area warning. We didn't bring anything. They came to my tattoo shop, the thing I wanted was for the situation to be told the truth. I hate the fact that people are looking at me like I'm a terrible person, because guy in seas are tear me down, do not assign people, they have built storylines off of laws. So how can I say? eight up everything that they say about me. I was always annexes like even with users. I imagine, will talk about these up about eggs, After all, when I go check on IRAN
what makes us he's doin bad? Yes, I do say by banks, you got family. Do you say I know, and I know that my thing was I, but may I feel like any to bash a woman at they put a ring on her finger like governance of character, tries ya real jeez I got on sounds a lot: a real geez, don't you know, cares about not load. I went out where you say where he begged me. Ok bears me when you say he gave me pretty unique. Now exhibit have aids? Ok, when you're gonna hold out ok operating in ink. So you did you re pretty. Let me say so: for him to give me pretty adding. That means he has to own the LAN right a landlord. His name is great Parnasse, those he is a white man. Ok Margo reality that is the copy of Molly's. The least ain't, even in my name, belief as in my l, L sees name, which sees has absolutely nothing to do in order for you to give me something you would have had to own it alone.
Even own it. So how did you give it to reduce it or maybe I may not be able to business. Not the lamb. Give me nothing and if you got proof of the money the money that I approve of the receipts dinner when I pay for child support, orythia his knowledge and a lot of these shower payments in year on. Thank you. I have a problem and I pay the lie. View ab lacking in what areas are much? Are you crazy sizeable alone so, and I have received the one I did more than just the town and it was on the show, was, was interviewed too they are going to say and to pay less attracts, though, about twenty thousand dollars weren't. But what was the amounts of repaying thirty dollars? He has a right to lodge an authority dollars, but our support, not jobs, hear me. If that's Abbas for you, you told me you couldn't to another out Are you looking at AIDS, United, Daddy Daily Disease, dozed off right now gives you I mean when its author Gulf is bought up, Bessie somewhere right now, listen
Our people bassa me. They dont have substantiated evidence, yeah, We they say about me all. I want to say here saying the stove, show me when I saw me the legal documentation when I asked you for half a blocking Nelson you got that. Allow me did army allowing it does. It will examine w their state bar licence, because they're gonna tell allow for you now that is watching this amnesties and does it. Because you guys were engaged and in love and thought you that going to get married to see him while an outward all divinely. There was more. That was my peace ungrateful. So I made a bullet iodized vermin, for him your miserable I'm, not the type of woman that each of these can you, while you the black when you being goods as somebody see what I'm not gonna, do was bathroom I'll? Be right? No more be little, you I'm not gonna do day.
I was there. I was invested in love. I was in love, but after fan the behaviour as they are, you allow people on cells are, but there is no person in my life tat. I feel that must disdain. For that. I will love somebody to drag. If our really was invested withdrew the fact He's carrying on in these behaviors he's made. It, though easy for me to get over Andrew he's made it so Easy Committee held yesterday in the Carolina. Panthers acts. No, no that's been kimono vulgar. Does Van Day many will never and it was never. We was day it was we was given Are we to have a light? Almost single woman adding gets a no, no, no that's not dating is when you decided you want to commit a and b b there with these rather relationship dealing, you're gonna go that has released on bail just now, I got that they conjugal level that is done there. He will it no one. No that's
over and done with that has got our candidate for a less pursues the season they we have under your neck right. You know that is not is says. I pray for those. Who prey o me. Ok That is what it is viable. We want to make that very few biblical motor bug. Yes, so you know, I'm not bash! Nobody, madam to I'm, telling people how to be a better mother. That's all somebody's logo and I came to accept him loving your child, for whom they are all level followed. I am somewhat alum Debbie prayers out their pick up. This will give you a little pointer or are you can get your life back right which Oh dear Margaret, there you have it and I don't even have no kid, the slogan the breakfast club body The J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a girl. We are the breakfast club
let me shot out to a church in New Jersey, love of Jesus charge? Yesterday with the Bible, I want the Bible study. Yesterday. I didn't toys for tat at the church in then they had Bible study backdoors. I wanted it Bob study for a couple hours, I pray for you guys get a look at some. China make show Athena put them on a nice letitia, thou the heavy man I was praying for you guys men are present. Are you? Are you doing this with the arterial motive of making sure now spreading pray for everybody had an american round? This thing is that you are praying for us to pray for, as you raise estimation you get to having no, I want to get to Heaven brows praying for you, so you can have. I am, how did you know came from Heaven you got? It exists? Ok, I Oh you know when they came back of it. You know I didn't have enough, there's probably come alive. Adding I mentioned. Are these open on Sunday than haven't they might be out there haven't comes ass. One is our pay for your excellent beg. You appreciate the prayer, a gardeners, The major thank you. You know, you know what
at blackened rooms. This guy the Reul report, whose glove Glad oppose the real is be going on. None of that have Skype is or any data up in the nineties, verses rap. Now, if you have revolted me, you can see the posts that code I black did now. He posted jazzy money how the money can hose why money can hose Monica Hose, and he put that that's the immense over. So many cares hose and he alone and versus the hawk. I don't know why you would choose this particular and then he posted about himself can a bargain. So can ask that when I live long enough to raise my son made something that and nothing nothing we're on can you boy do something productive for once and whence and where make it they gonna wanna. Take
money don't change about it! Do job! You crazy, isn't Yokota blend algorithms, Lego, thy Bludgeoners, Lakota Black, you absolute trash compared to GDP and on the why you would pick a hook of a record. The guy. We'll get worse division spirit which you need. Bag and listen to the mighty James you. But I can't you can really be two autonomous clearly analysing the tumult opened. His life is knows that one hurt, enneads did it makes sense to me, but at the moment you saying that you're lyrics mean something you know about it: how to compare it. Call a border. You, oh geez, in Florida, collar regrows call of drink daddy. Carlos am I gonna. Last all applies collar. Somebody who knows hello, more than you called at a rapid rate from previous generations, our right now array, moccasin is going to be suing in a pair of from Fox NEWS now: is saying that she he posted on Twitter, I was found. Guilty, and I didn't direct any violence. In fact, I was protesting. The violence of the police stop lying here. The emperor had to say to cause them to sue S. Rejection
what case they re Cason, the organizer actually was directing people directing the violence of visual yeah. You can see him, but guess what the judge said. You know what he was engaging in protective free screech. Now I want you to guess who pointed this out oil drudge well Reagan Rock Obama Gingham De Ray, Do they re the re how'd it go, get em the re assume our eye. So yes, you absolutely should still very high just saying anything, speed spouting anything out of her mouth and I'm a little now chance. The wrapper was on sesame. She's super cutie Pappy, there. He did a brief appearance. He got soon, almost superhuman as super cute appear.
Oh, let me see less Q observers were to depart body while those who say that it is better than a super kid appearance, so good any as that by seventy three, and he was talking to ask of the crowd. He said, I'm sick people say my music is trash any associated out his daughter. Has he got to hang out with cooking the ammo and ok, clearly Autonoe, whose Abbe could Abbe that an original has messenger Decimal right out the right one wish you always know. Ok, just checking out here is how it went again hanging out on Sesame Street. I will give out and give you a big hug when I get home baby. I can't wait to see you. We love. You the boy,
see you tomorrow. By can you imagine a syllogism your dad on sesame seed, another sesame, three characters. Shouting you out. There will be no privilege, Airbus, as Ms Room, I am sure his daughter was at home watching their and was so excited. I don't know baby when it. How did you like three, I also listened very well I'm Angela YE, and that is you aren't rumour report right. Thank you. Monsieur revolt shall do you guys will see two more everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, let us know What you wanna hear will get you requested to breakfast locomotive, whereas the world of golf been more fascinating or more in flux, thanks to a suddenly newfound appreciation for sport that millions, love and even more millions of Miss watching my new podcast, the shack, show hosted by me. Jeff Shackelford will be that say space to discuss matters both vitally important and total escape us so, as the pro
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