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Lets Just Get Married ( Michael Blackson and Trae tha Truth interview)


Today on the show we had Michael Blackson stop by and gave us Breakfast Club's first proposal, as Blackson proposed to his long time girlfriend in the middle of the interview. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of Day" to our president Joe Biden for his comments about the filibuster and Angela helped some listeners out during Ask Yee. Moreover, we had Trae tha Truth call to speak on his upcoming event Trae Day.

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And its continued support of social equality, Doritos building on last year's amplify black boys campaign with the launch of solid black, a new. Ongoing initiative to provide resources in a platform for black change makers who youth? innovation and boldness in a creative in community endeavours. Salad, black celebrates up and coming leaders in the black community follow along on the retail socio channels. The hated stories every Friday learn more.
will motivate them in the solid blackened mission event. The readers that come forward last solid black gratulating, hollow famous Vienna present radio loyal here this morning to the breakfast is a big deal. I think that's all. I have a certain amount of respect for what everybody else does not just the best in which all do we love ya. Within a people's chance degrees drew yeah, good, yo, YO, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Mornin, Angela YE mine did Andy Charlemagne Prize. Did a planet. That was why we're happy. They were my day answer. We gave a week- and I was thinking you know- amiss
Ports are ready by what are you doing to football season starts refugees If you got kids raising kid is, as you know, last me Olympics Vainer body astride, the Olympics, nighttime two kids go to sleep in desperate. I used the watch, my games or not video like watching the Olympics sounds exciting hands on the activity. Ok, I When you ask the Olympics, what are we watching on it as a sack is not like tracking real tracker feels dough somebody just stupid borders, collage rowing. But I like normal down a larger role. Is this the competition gymnastics gymnastics is, though I want gymnastics. Debbie. I watched him now the water sports, by what swimming? Yes, women swimming, though women, a basketball of course hurling airliner curdling was the Catalan curling curling current that IRAN could, I would mean, when you workin jobs, working to Dr Darling, I want and they lay open to everyone.
What does that boy? I'm alive to shop with Good Raven scientists from aid for the region sometimes even the shop would some more debt couple things I'm watching check out the nightly marks Will you ask the valuable work as it gives it? Its anti sums are lucky for you we're leaving. We watch healing the monotony. Naturally jelly is. It is not a neoliberal dogma. The whole report about Algeria, gently not considered a sport, but it should be in, is not a new level. No complaint agility should be too. she didn't know young, specially, combative Jimmy. But yes, when you say wash the Olympics in August by setting a deadly White Box, one hundred percent fencing, I watch phantom. Ok, I see a man whose visit sore fighting They have ready, utilise all right do now. So if I certainly loves overflight who fought every, they have their mountain making clear enough,
guy, involve some what did handle? That is I didn't know, ignored lace, you handle Dominican, Lyric kids play a ride. I play that and it is clearly I know about it later. Gaza Miguel has. Are we heading towards the bottle noisy? Now you lowbrow bring handball bag and began Balikh, popularly elected wrestling. Oh you did the real relates everybody devise, await lifting the board but even though all is what is really happening in the Tokyo table, tennis or study, the show. Cracking Michael blacks and will be joining us this morning. My guy in my blacks and always Fanny need always funding is all we ve got a lot of different things. You just come into America too, he's back on the road to a stand up, he's gotta, pod catacomb. What a sucker omnibus perfect, I already apply gas network in the air. We do it.
Catch of Michael Jackson. This morning array we got front page news we talked about, but let's talk about Joe Biden present imbalance, town Hall yesterday, CNN Town Hall, we'll get it there. All at next keep alive the breakfast club component, morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast Club was gained some front page news for restarting you love has an ambassador. Was an Cincinnati Ohio yesterday and had seen in Town hall to questions at a town ha amongst other things that he discuss was the first, faster and why he doesn't completely remove it now. Why is protect the filibusters that more important than protecting voting rights. I want to see the United States Congress. United States shall pass 1s for the John Lewis I get in my desk, so I can sign up for what I want to do. Is I'm trying to bring the country together, and I don't want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster, except as the filibuster for the going back
way to filibuster, had to be used before this. Isn't that the only way you're gonna get it done right now, Jack? Why protect it? There's no reason texted other than that you're, going to throw the entire congress in the chaos and nothing will get done. Joe knock it off. None of those bills get inside of you don't get rid of filibustering. You know that I know you want to bring the country together, but until you thought at an ideal p that are absent, knock out this bipartisan way of thinking. Nothing has changed. You ready to filibuster, big night at present about an hour? So addressed this immigration status of dreamers during the town Hall and he's pledging to fight for a dagger deferred action for childhood arrivals programme which protects immigrants who a boy to United States as chill undone Many immigrants, by to the United States is children. They call them dreamers. A lot of them are now adults in China to send them back to the country where they are from here's. What he said about, your five years, all your mommy, your dad says: I'm gonna, take you cross the Rio grande error legally gonna go in the United States, wasteful
not me? I suggest law what get again say they come here. Really no choice. and their hair and a good good people, they ve done well, and so what we're gonna do is. First of all, I feel the case number one. The number two we're going sure that a number of my republican I say they support the right of dreamers to come. I write: The thing that Joe Biden Discuss was that Elsa vary in an Aladdin misinformation. People think that if you get vaccinated, that means that you are immune to catch and covert. He is what he said. One way thing is really important. Is we're not a position where we think that any virus including the delta virus, which is much more trains. More and more. Sadly, in terms of non vaccinated people, the various shot the people are getting now cover that
you're, ok, you're, not going you're, not gonna, get covert. If you have these vaccinations ray. So, as you know, he was wrong here. He was then, what is it a covert if you demanded of it, if you give it back to the point of getting vaccinated, so you don't have to get hospital like I get this thing as how are you, a conversation talking about Miss information, but do give us misinformation, and you wonder why, everybody's in mind they did therein right now in America right I do have a look at the United States, but here's what he said. People think of us abroad thrust the world's wondering about us out of jail, when I went to this G. Seven, all the major democracies walked in, and I know a lot of them because of my role in the past. They How can I send America's back and they go? Are you really back me? How can I we, we believe you, Joe of all the country ever get it together do people talk too much nowadays with sugar.
Is that one? The readers is so much misinformation. Could this impossible to like talk all the time and not dispense information? The goma we made we do radio every day we a lot of mistakes sometimes of hearing we do. Let us try talking, but that's my point adieu. Are they all talking too much too much cameras too much? You know: tweeting the too much facebooking like we hear from him every now and then that we use to the state of the union in saying that we are far too much. I also his right is goes riders right from the ground, was I was running away. My reading, I know when I was young, I wasn't in politics, will know that I am now, but did we hear from the president? Is no legs like every three months? Some of them, I want to say no guy. I don't remember at stake for the first time in six years about his six man he's always call galleys were always here like a couple of like a month ago, a couple weeks ago that this thing always as you know, the president used to speak is to be big. Like you note, it was like all press and every channel.
Danny ever out, even though he was speaking just as no. When you hear the President of the United States of America stated. If you get the vaccine, you can't you call that sticks with people We believe that they be man, I'm not getting vaccinating cause, I know, says he says, got covert and they were vaccinated, but the President of the United States of America, or I will front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five, five one o five one. If you need vit hit us up right now for wide open to breakfast locomotive.
the breakfast club? Do you ever feel like somebody's flies by, but may I feel, like I get my body fit toning even eat more healthier than I need just for winter to come in a blink of an eye. Well, with the year we previously add on. Making sure that does not happen is somewhat. In fact, as long as I have caused light, Mama's odd things will be ok. Cause like the official beer of slowing down summer was light. Is coal laggard hold filtered in coal package? A meat is literally made to chew. We spent normal is looking forward to this moment, especially with the past year. We have. Everyone deserves to have fun, chill and long lasting. Some it's. Finally here so this summer, open a cause, light mountain call, refreshment and rediscover what makes some so amazing because, as the bed has made the chill, we want you to savour every second of some. It cause light some a package in straight to you,
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busy eighty t dot forwards last best deal to learn more restrictions on exceptions may apply TAT wanted does it your down to get it off? You jest whether you made or blessed eight hundred private bag, one one. We want to hear from you and the breakfast club, this year alone. Out, what's up, We know of your chest, they are going to get a mile, You know I, by legislation She died in all about we are in A normal person by default Where have you been business activity because then we make of the family to look magical. That aside, I knew you'd like
years upon it, I want, you beat him up on my back. You know why I remember what it was about. You dont want em cargo girls probably got a normal life. As you know, there are no more, maybe no argument about doing it. Wasn't me knew of it. I wasn't even touching it rightly call. Oh, it had become an unfair. All in all we need now is not founder. Now, where'd you go, I have a question. I do not recall making a profile on a dating peas in signing up I leave you. Gonna get a life.
five minutes. While the arrow eyebrow row row row, you not talking you not talking to your girl right now, you keep you wanna. Would, as I understand it, you community alive. But you do you can talk to us. I don't car. Ok though because you have been I didn't Ok. Now you know you don't have that right. You got me might want a darker doing so is not directed you dad used to talk. You know the women of the fact that you called on women. You talk to conquer yesterday. Whatever came all the way back to that so you got a friend from Congress of you. I never heard glass. You had a federal cockeyed one that you need an immortal It seems that saves money you if you like, sir, we love it alive. Who's. This Furthermore, as you know, there was something of a chess,
yeah yeah, Furthermore, it. How do you want? all the same evil, doers in this area in the world, and that would be a good idea was like with like regular airborne. Like me, ok, bono. Though it is called the ball of it all is their right so I really am again any right now that we close is ever olympic hambone match. Told you know, he's gonna, we sometimes bread, misinformation on history, Hake While I know you're ready made much of muslin gown was worried. Now a jury order, no, no one's. Ever Above all, you do Edward ran away both on my own. Mary Jane went down as this new approach.
What did you tell him for to decide at the black man Blimey poem desires it broke. We, for all these white Bouman call each other. The word breathless, let's call each other king No, we are forever on the job. all right. You were given money by midday. Like oh I'm trying broom, I would say, is the football parents or one of the most competitive parents out there, There is quite a yo yo We all know I wish you open about beg you to create there may even more go home and I'll be as a great season. It works out. wasted? I will one day. Well, good luck! The sun to man is encouraging the key work and achieves a magistrate gives him out of trouble.
Those are my boy roadway. You gotta be the meat. You know tat tat meal. The greatest echo follow, Missy I was season, is above created, of your chess eight hundred five, a five one, o five one of Unita which is now to breakfast locomotive the breakfast glow of your time, to get it off your jets. Are the men were black from you? Wanna breakfast gloves on your mind is Jane James. Would I get off your jazz name of art? a man of low happy bearing a very rigid talking here. We shall obey the guy, don't forget I've been out of my tat right now. twenty seconds. So, what's your side? Are you on the cusp? Is it I'm old guy web earlier
Kay cares again. What are you claim was that you were a claim on purpose I declare that why more than a mental and every day, Yes, we are, we did. We are impasse and we all sensitive and we of deep, oh yeah, yeah variant of a? U guys of regular total shouted out there. David David, happy birthday names. You have a request for Dj Andy for the mix, big area either way, I don't even though they are not, he has to remain very daily. It had ever heard man. I love you guys. We love you back me. Ok, great ACE, hello. There is indeed a jazz regular features jazz morning. Please cooing mining upon it.
Why I want ye homeward anyway, my normal Milwaukee Harry the immense within a year in year out, ok they re playing around how one might have been working in Edinburgh. It is their right to live in their own way. I was the pays again: yeah beeper, Jazzy perfect salute the jagged virtuous lewd everybody in the mill man. I love no ugly. I do want to give back the Milwaukee Zuzu, barely Reggie everybody. We want you point seven. I really love decision. A walkie allows this this shock, but there was some provocateur over jazz, I want to show my wife, Solomon, Avenger email, Land Meyer under before a word. I wonder
Jaguar, Hurdy gurdy love play live repeat. one browser like old urban. Listen, I'm a deadly jaguars. You psychotherapy likes to. What did you do to see? Offer free? There recessions, the people? Where is she? I do not want your library beseech. You know who the grip- reworked- God you, We need more, culturally competent people as psychiatry His own devilish agora email men have been a lot of money on which are How could you know I got my foundation, the Mineral Wealth alliance. Are we building me me me and doktor out? We will build a whole database of like you know, culturally competent. is basically black their vision, psychologist alma devilish? I grew up. Barely his own language? You gotta come and above all you say. Yes, sir, residual antenna. Seventy writing you're just eight hundred five, a five one and five one. If you need to vent you be, it is about any turnover governments runaway yes,
that leaves you right into the rumour. Replace Charlemagne is going to discuss his new common. Central late night talk show exclusive right will tighten up their legs can block the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, Is it the woman at war with Angela eat Breakfast Club whale unarmed, Mikhail. We is hosting a comedy. Sensual late night show that executive produced by Stephen Colbert. If you don't know who Leonard Macau is that is Charlemagne you and give some info while PLUTO Trailer, to date, however, really go home again or do you have to build your own home? What happens when things go back to normal? We all need to go back to normal
need a new nor browser go for some, some truths and realities. Honesty is time stepped up its time start doing. What can one person Well, you could start by executive produce. A model should be said that, all time yet the main Monticola gotta radio gotta come and accommodate the usual gonna drive year. When we give poured over, please let him know live and vice like Gallagher, yes so September. Seventy comedy central to show called the God's honest truth would mean Menotomy Macao, the executive produced by me and Stephen. and my guy Errand Magruder at ten p m M A partner Rachel, Edwards Debar, she's d show running IP, so I can show you, bear negative woken up. Gratulation. Thank you. I will say this is the third talk show you know me, I'm a guy charisma coffee have done, and I know all that was preparation fully show in it. The issue I've always wanted wanted to do yet. Give us spoilers is not an option,
releasing ah watched boilers, gonna give there's none Presley's. Ah no, show you been agitated follow. I think I think he had given him spoil the steps they. I could show you, but it's not like a script in short or anything I M unama despoilers would rather, yes was the format to show you bedmaking telling you gonna have to follow. Follow shows every morning sound business follow absolutely show see tee age s o w follow acceded. Show on all platforms is inscribed. In God's, honest truth, you, to channel to be a lot of content popping up there between our September seventy policies, you look over south, which little for truth, honesty in Rio Turkey has led to my knees. Chris care little macro scale ended, the voice would have bought. You know. Chris Galen is a radio personality in chocolate, Ok, my nose United do Jack she's an absolute star drop include Watercress Canon LAW, both in MOSS Bird Montana Track. You heard I was. I know it you played it later.
Recording the mixed! Yes, yes, saluted eight for do you will respect, is geeky from IRAN out? Ok, I rival congrats, thank you and you gave us, but the right now because of method Let us be God, I'm their gods was a play. You knows a play on. the name Ciba Geigy affiliated up Guy he's trying to age, and sometimes you gotta, would they have been doing for solar system like watching you now. You know me, nobody ever say that. Have you any added value may wreck gradually man. What is a ludicrous spelled ludicrous directly to arrive at it? now rages he actually open up. A role is gaining palace. Just outside I lay cod disco. Always is it last night with a grin opening anyway, goodbye him Medina Jimmy I ween and Liberty, Roth, so that was the big shindig yesterday than ten thousand Square foot outdoor spades. That's all all botanical garden. It's also a role is getting ring. That also has a dance floor.
Go I wanted to buy. Work annoyed, Idler verily. I didn't want to go a very cold, firmly alarm outside out his with red skating, what it's a disco events in what they gonna do after this is began, they're gonna have de Jays they're gonna be out there, as should be really fine, but you know now right, isn't my guide us my boss, but yes, I would love to know Roger just to give you a pig it either. His various bank accounts now just gimme a peak lesson, and you know as much about actually gonna. Have him come up here to discuss the latest venture that he's done it's worth quite a bit of money, I re now common says that he has in Bonn evolve into the man that he is now what Tiffany had it and on the people. Every day pack has here's. What he had to say were reported booze about relationships It's been two like really know myself more love myself and be able to express the days, and I want a because of evolving guidance that place
because it is easier to be a relationship. They communicate back, listen inciting, then, and also understand. I try to do my best understand. I listen to what my partner has to say what Tiffany? to say about how she goes about its understanding that always out of asset. our life Tiffany had deserved it ass. You deserve their love me. So I let, when I see them together today, always lady having a good time, and then they are both like separate, do their own thing and then come back together. What is an impossible not to have a good time with Tiffany? That's who Tiffany like she's, always smile and she'd, always happy. You know she always wants to have a good tat, even when she gets into a space where I feel worse, you must shift her her energy immediately. She very body of an institutional fugitive, eyebrows Springsteen
President Barack Obama, I releasing renegades born in the USA. It's an interview book and that's after they did their package series earlier this year. So it will be a collection of candid intimate and entertaining comedy. In between the two of them older labourer, told the nobody ran with. I don't know it was a lie decided. Like a lady point, somebody in the no lawyer somebody's nosey a jealous. So that progress is not just the cliffs. There were made the news new thing. were President Barack Obama will break my nose and nobody. Nobody like the guy who know got broke, never talked about it ever even after he said now that I heard about it. My plea that the proud or at a whole book about the further argument then brats friend at aided by be friends they may they made up either way, I'm still telling stories, as you told us that a cookie he actually didn't break my nose. I write a winning.
Cubby Brian are gonna, be fitted in a new ABC Primetime, Jackie Series, cod superstar starts August. Eleventh each episode, superstar row profile a different celebrity, who shaped american culture. The first person is gonna, be Whitney Houston it'll, be told through a series of never before seen private video was an also archival interviews, Whitney Houston and Bobby, as well as new interviews with brandy, shack COM, BB widens daily love, other people, the they'll, be profiling, like I think, Brian AIM Robin William to freely approves. It is voted. It is due They do summit as all other documents whenever they get there, never before seen private videos. I don't know how to give it to him and I'm sorry, you had to get things clear by remedy their archival any view. So, as now like they don't exist already. I write what that is your room, We are, I think, you machinery a front page news. Next, what we talked about? Yes, imagine you came home and some unclean giants higher house. They got where I in what way does we paid in full?
while we may get it right next to the very twisted his breakfast club your morning. So now would be the same. Angela, you dont know We hear how the Eu Back Karras daughters, gather strength, collection supports here, as it gets longer for here. That's fifty SAM stronger after one use available I started. I come in your local retailer, morning: everybody is envy Angela YE shall we go. We oughta breakfast Club Oskinson front page news where we start new. Well, let's that in it, worthy and South Jersey on Tik Tok, Louis Angelina. There it is shared a viral incidents. Now he worked at a liquor store by his side has so he cleans people's houses and is what he said happen. So I clean my friends departments for extra money on the site.
ray. So my friend tells me that one of his coworkers wants me to clean is apart in some like art sweet. So I go there to day and he tells me There's a key under the man. Get the key go into the environment clean, the entire Army, so he called me in his leg. Yo. Where are you leg? I mean you're living room waiting for you to walk in complying with your cat. He goes I dont have again Apparently we got the address wrong and when somebody s apartment and clean the whole apartment now mean that has happened to belong to Beth might sell in her husband. She said my husband call me in a panic. He said someone was here and they clean the whole place. and then they did find a note that he laughed explaining the situation with his phone number as well. So she do call him and say my husband said you did a great job Keep your info. If we need a cleaner till, you might have got a few job, but thank God
that could indeed bad you walk in India to some random Manson in your little room plan, which it plan what you'll get negative ended a whole lot of different. How crazy praying, which alike they call him the gleaming fairy right now, that's a nickname that they have given him on Tik Tok. Now a lot of people in the comments by saying I can't believe she didn't pay you if he did oh come on, but he told ends ADA Com, I'm ok! now getting pay for accidental breaking into someone's apartment and cleaning it because things could have been firewall is one on beyond on those media like because s just stupid. You want me to pay somebody who accident broke into my house clean my how that in Africa Service, but now I gotta pay for it no logical, saint. Eighty no comment I write an begin of how much you love social media. Apps clubhouse is now open to the general public now before it was an invite System, but now they have announced that users can join. You don't even have to get to invite anymore, so
people who were on the waiting list will reportedly be added to the platform in the coming weeks. No use We could automatically sign up now. According to the Hollywood report, is so you'll be able to so I am very proud that have never been on clubhouse in my life. I feel really good. I feel special actually have a club has taught come in on my days. Are you guys, but you know the other Facebook Audio women's right now, I've been doing some fun things on Ebay, never been whenever you really is really guy just launched so let alone a down I write and north these Florida hospitals are returning to cuban nineteen peaks amid the surge of the delta variant. So they are urging people get vaccinated because in numbers is voting or exceeding the level they saw during the worth of the pandemic, so, according to you, have helped Jacksonville in Florida, most populous city, they ve, seen an exponential rise in the number of covert nineteen patients admitted in recent weeks, is that the previous record
was a hundred and twenty five in January. The hospital surpassed that three days ago is currently a one. Thirty six with about forty people in the intensive care unit- a vast bottles in Euro Joe Biden say last night, if you ve, actually not gonna, be hospitalized. Hospitalized you're, not gonna, be an icy unit and you're not gonna die here. you never get it. If you acted out of you, if you vaccination he made all here I mean I think, ninety days they were. Ninety percent of people who are hospitalized are not vaccinated correct, so it is low. Is that risk that you'll be really really sick or potentially die? I write what that is your on page anew re. Thank you miss ye now, where we come back, Comedian ACT tore Michael Blacks and obey as our guy Michael Blacks and has never. You know we in you might ask why Michael Blacks- and he is me Michael Blacks and is always a good reason to have a comedian on a morning showing you know you got. A pike has called modest sucker on the black effect. I ha radio Pike have network tat, drops her every Tuesday
right in pointing out the things you got going right. So will kick it with him when we come back support moves to breakfast locomotive at state farm. They focused on the belief that diversity makes safer strongest smart, enable words were all a welcome neighbourhood that a reflective of the culture make these shakers and move it Amar it make a better world for future generations. We must amplify celebrate and empower black create is today, the breakfast club has been the most influential entrusted voice for black culture. For a long time. I stimulating conversations with different guess, ranging from politicians. The music artists and cultural influences in between allows us to continue to do the work and provide our listen is brought into conversation in a different outlook on topics and at last a farm is committed to providing services, platforms and longstanding actions to help build strong neighborhoods for the black community. They found no, there being good neighbours means uplifting community web,
customers find themselves, they don't do provide a policy. They provide a partner because before the nineteen thousand stay form agents that reflect the diversity of America like a good neighbour, state farmers, there, the breakfast everybody aids Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast Colombia, especially given the bill Michael Black
was that manassa guts was added to my brother now you'll meet the Milwaukee majority is above all to do. I'm not a bug me. I'm a fan into city could Milwaukee diversity to Airbus indicators, ghetto ashikaga, breakfast club, listening a wise, and these Jersey is Chris Middleton he's from China and South Carolina, and then we're not just by no later than I had. In fact it has allegedly they say it is automatically recently busted the Brooklyn Nets, ass, a total charisma details from the eight point three world horrid, our high school again from circular got too much money. You have any gentle play in agenda two thousand miles of the richer. Remind your champion, Michael As you know, how is Vegas Vague, as was good,
oh yeah yeah, I went to them a boy. Do their bit concert day a man whose end Joe Rogan Unobstrusive did you Now it is when it is supporting this checking my hollow Dave. He s an idea for them. stupid movie. You want me to do it. We may the guy's Easy says the moves and got african movies in August, your wife. For the movie the error rate in these areas. is always Edgeler movie. He showed me a little clip of what an idea was is clear about. Is this long gunshot guy get shot The book is coming to him. Any Doug's is stupid. What do you say that you have raised is com is only comedies got african mood. Meaner avenue is a muslim look stupid, not like what kind of type african movie more like that stupid. You are doing
you'll be they'll, be mad at you. Don't like all you rip. Wasn't stereotypes about calamity. You could do it alone, I'll, even though their me no more my gun at me. I know it. I know it. I five twenty in our lab, and I agree with you think that just comedy, but people like like hell The committee is normal and analysed been a community that is causing thousands of people that gotta get magazine he's already decided on voting day? How do we deal with that? he's gonna dig in growth, pregnant with delight You're, gonna, fuck em, is pregnant Minos to bring about this break. My luminous ecstasy, listen to me very device united pregnant, not by somebody pregnant. She said that she was an interview with an interview where she said they acted ass. You have kids one day. She said yes and he said clearly amazement. Girl would be pregnant. Not me.
Did you bring? I did. I did a lesbian ones. I do they do work, Missy Studded settlement late. She gathered baseball my legs down what I M going well. Why and how do you know how to use it I get my boma mad he's got you with each other, there's no demise lawyers go now. Mary is goes You're not married a very young age. My wife was a free, but no I don't as you know that you have. If I was, you I do not know. If you do, I mean you know what you could do it, and I did not know that just shows. How does it happen unless you know tongue? Big? No, don't do that. Did you stop? Oh, yes, I just, I don't know after enemy. As you said, you can put your feet. I had no account at all so you didn't know now. Disdained lesbian check, Grandmama murmur mad at you,
we always married. I guess you posted a picture of your home in Africa Ere. I guess when you, when you came out the crib. They notice that your whole was the only home like that the area I've been looking for a house back home because I'm going to school in Ghana civility? Goodness me very Mamma. Is congratulations. Egg rambler, exciting on a school mamma, the village, which is about to three hours away from the city in a village, slow tougher because it came out there they have to draw get along way to get to school and most of the time the school is the government school just going to the public. Schools fills up pretty fast cuz, that's free and everything else money kids get affordable whose it on what is good. It is what grounds I figured you know. Let me Burma School for free zone. my husband three years and is houses like sober I guess, I'd allowed is eaten person enterprizes decent, no high for Africa are loved. His heart is good. Something is something about it, I'm alone like, and I got there
my gun knew it was way. Was you know it was a new development area does not completely finished yet they want to areas. Vintage is only worth millions of dollars at first. I wanted because out eight thousand of them. With evidence. They know. What is what I came from. You know these keys, I wanna be workable. I'm a house, because I'm belly gonna media- and I am problem with that, but eventually they're gonna pay those p it's really not to move out any gonna, build more houses and airy fairy identify the whole neighborhood I gotta probably ago. You do not want to be no not heard, but set up, you see anything so had to buy. Guys go a man? What a sucker I tango worth? The best friend is gonna. Go out with him ass. He would have no more about it. I've been Road Eliah, his lady who Lamb go anywhere w none. I e Jesse. Nobody, if I was having a man go anywhere was only you is that you be around too many women she's panel No, I mean he was there. He invites the women Kenny.
I want you to know that those original listen into migration from hunger and there's really gotta highlighted a mad dog is there anything might a moment in time? Is that our guide all right? My guy, like you, know from wasn't got drafted drafted a moment. I ran into South Street and fully these recognized me that we took a picture together. I tell me a joke, I said sixes. Could it We note that there is still a lab at adopted today when it became coup He was going together, whether you know even come down when they travel go out. A tale. I gotta gazing put me up whatever, but an hour here here initially met with me. The first time. It was. It was a man became it was done suitable. We get back, he was when I was the family. To always happy was lies with but as you gotta use with one of those is during that year you look handle them.
in an age of isn't about as its mugger about it. In a moment go back to their runs. Like a thing, he wasn't my idea as they know what he's? U simeon. I do a bunch of chickens right. You thing one on one of the biggest I'll be with you know, she's my language, it is a big tintype. Why? What did it? Because he looked at me funny? I believe that it is often We say some girls are my pay me by my, whose is growth me up, and I've done that benzene. Yet Togo has digital banality bent. I would therefore like other Lizzie is overloaded chicks among the amount paid You think, one of them that I just do know they don't mean nothing to me. So don't worry about it, but we got to went back to that he's be my GM and he's Subject: you'd, HOLLAND, I you know I took my hair, you know you want these whatever suddenly day so dense. Had denied applauded. We oppose my body, I just Lhasa respectful because he knows how to try new Magua had better.
residential, you lost your girl like good, more rich. But the most famous celebrity only, what are you waiting? Looking like a really lawyer woman no matter where binding. What about when you were on a break right? You guys had a low brief breaker, didn't you! We have. We had a couple of rigour but she's she's there Lloyd out she's out type. There were going one of you, my friend. my friends, a loyal billion loan on oil guidelines would have used. I mean, I'm not I'm shows used, was worried about. You know for sure, she's trustworthy. As you know, you could still further Under no home on women are going on now she had a problem with your life's Abidjan Squash that out I what me weave, weave, negotiated, you know what I am he I mean. I'm cannot decide. Judges from you know from three a month Maybe what we negotiate, I'm allowed to have one chick permanent. Ok forget her. Only one day from us
allowed to do what you want one, not one day. I might I shoot me, no one person that's riskier because then is only one other person and you might get my feeling is no army, as opposed to leg multiple. If you were one woman because year, one, oh Jim, anyone wishing wonders what about got to give women are not built for that can be taken to three Ladys explained. Michael, you mean you. Could women are more emotional, I've done my days, you guys are kind of emotion, dynamos, you just gotta most another. Both them in Don't you want a friend disappointed and what is more disappointing? That is those, do they realise that you could make maybe you didn't. Maybe seeing you would other woman before and like them. I don't care. I realized when I meet is right. Months ago now. You know for a fact is cheap monger, nay, you shouldn't, you know, there's no. What happens if you see a now by spokesman on you
a baby. I've been very, does not do enough again, trains. Don't you tried to shoot a shot issued with rose? the web out. You know what teams play. Wanna give treated with the same guy shocks now don't get more than mere, but I'm not a bigger problems. Now we know it is home. Was you sometime You need something too humble you ve just door he's on top of the world. You know you cause you guys get hundred eighty two million dollars anything degrees, do whatever and despair and doing it, One minute guy would bring you day. Do I we got more, what Michael Blacks and when we come back, this debate this morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was talking to wear Michael Blacks and YE dealing couples retreat, helped your relationship, your help me please. Building covert way when I was a worthy and we know by overwrought think it do. You know, maybe understand a little bit more getting geared to a few of them. Work is more like Avc,
a man like you know everything you could just just these women are made of You know you mean over word to me. They know better she more light. One too late, I mean I'd, get around, we ve have fun she's, been we somebody's growth as well as this does not mean being thought. Mama We ve had reason for some this. You want do as you know, in the U S in late hours. You tell me, you know my God really don't it's for you. Why did you feel bad? Sadly, we did available. With. Ninety I mean nothing is edges, are real. as the ages in meat to live their lives. In a minute- and I realize, if Thou Brook, oh, my eggs like oh, no, I will not free undue were going to do it. I have but a female France. people all of em. I want time altogether whatever it does not realise that was my life and when she came in this, what she saw Ain T figure out who come in probably eventually take me down and it didn't work by. She plays everything you have your while at maybe I'm aware you like you
You know allowing you gotta, move you not allowing like yourself to love Are you gonna do lover? I know that, but I say it could be you say you gotta, relax, I've gotta, there's gotta just relax. I was twenty years ago. There may be a reason for you to night give your oughta one. I think not I really feel rather is the one I can really We say to one: what do you mean my marriage? It isn t a mother, she didn't remember that is you went to advocate a memo. Mother asking? average only because you know she's got. I never had a woman, a hammer back like Hershey's. Why love and no one never want to anything video like you sacrifice enough ahead, because I see sacrifices alike to be with you. She dude, as while dislike of rising cut under which a month are
you guys are ok, I can judge anybody other we get me out. I guess he's! Ok with you. Look at you was she amino there was. He was some kind of like commitment. She felt like she's. Looking stupid, like you know, makes you feel like you know, you could even please me any day she want to feel like you know, a lot more special, but would you get married marriage amuse where religious, very Spurgeon? You know Does we gonna marry you pull got into this relationship with God in India for like. I could just do. What was he pulled gardener, My last point is that I gave gaudy what does right now, I'm going to be unattainable in a well Madame said no more savages at all. Not even one who model thing. I don't wanna be lie. He's on the night of my life. I was my lot to everyone. it's a nice guy!
They'll find no might work when one other women really rather we Everything we ve done in our life would do it for women you haven't, got a nice bugs one poor vision to call. You got another example of how they're gonna help you have you nice closer to grow by debt. Madame evidence was sex, exec fees that it will make them. You know I'm just saying that women with like pouring in the one woman, no like I like men of faithful, marry my favorite, your whole life. No, but I've been favorite about Mary. Did you know your wife? I got married to that. Forty! Ok, yet, even when I cheated foot in the first two years of amazing it, I guess if they see that God nice guy, we wouldn't have lasted outdoor start because no one I want to do right by God, and I want to do right by my if I'm not married, is his point right you
Mary, sound memory got, nine is not applied, it was awful got in it and I can't not do it. Would you would you gotta, stop those habits now? Don't you gotta be ready How do I get my way night? The jailer thirty seconds twentieth You know how it is used. My eldest son. We know dogma the issue him he's a bed you know not where I want to be. You know he's I easy, you know decided team was there was mother and he's you know, he's done out of trouble. The twins, I dont great. the occasion a mother somewhere right now you pay for it. I'm sure I am. I need that one more good thing they happen. I mean we me and my baby mother beat for many years been really bad ugly in and out of courts, but recently I think it best Medicaid, for you be Malaysia, make up to be mother, you gotta just gonna. Do it no other way any other ways on currency a whole bunch of money. I move I've been who they last year.
over fifty thousand already just fight it. I'm right, go to as he has got caught persuasion. the way to beat both be too much for adults and work it out. You know so shut down down down a wet. Then, as I have been the last couple of age, that's so yet as a big, Will I believe, mentally for big when it was there was the only thing. Those keep me away from leaving my best life was the fight that I have read. If the struggles women might allow us to fight it, ages. Everything is like custody ego comment there, my life, what mine, upright a covert. You know new, I'm a court, or is she? she put em on a plane to come to me and then call becomes you energetic has had has asthma before that electronic easy underplay. Understandably, no, so How do you like that idea? Exam like it like. You know, people on a plane upon them ass. They follow Russa regulation in national, stop custody It is a big fry. So I say: ok, you know what I'm gonna go up
money, I'm gonna go get a place. Where did we guys live and try to fight for custody? in Dublin on five who you Anna was ugly and you have covered before I did get it it affected, your sex drive. And when I was six zero on my two mugged demography side to come after you know she came out like a few etiquette a few days later today. You gotta give me in Vienna condone covert. She put a mask on it over there. Yet Desert Joe Mortals, who this isn't a debit we still practised, who still mademoiselle, do not write another. We didn't. I opened the doors, a media without any doubt, and I hit upon a back so is vice, though such a distance. Amidst six sixty, What disease did it back to you, I mean us alive. Did nothing in on me. I had a hard, you know now much a loose.
taste. You know I like best sore throat nah goggles, him, salt, water and air. I mean, I hope, there's someone they would eat again. I was to know the feeling better cuz. I was too skinny anyway to not eat side I lost, like sticks, I eleven hours in, but I went to diarrhoea headache. I was bad out there as go down to us. The only thing you want to kill us. about at midday. No matter what Did you get it now that I know what you think it in you know we under gardening, I had it like early back in July and we're gonna die nor I gotta. Let me know if there's really don't now, most more people have no sentence and people they do. for RE again had a code three vaccinated and advocate, but you ve got
What are you actually making it? I've got, the car will mean we can't be scaled back. These guys you gotta, gotta, you're gonna have to go to why you get it was every ten year the yellow feverish you'll go, there is adequate. Yes, you are No, you got caught them. His imagination is to protect you, though I work on here Would you be weak items we may I mean? Is it come with me to get me to give us an aging at the court? Also you I gotta go I will not move. We are mobile, Michael Blacks. When we come back as the breakfast locomotive e g envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was talking about Michael Blacks and Charlemagne National Michael Black remain. What we do. We know about the park as models of the black ass comes on black effect, black eye Heredia black ass. They were every Monday every Tuesday to them. So I am
Monday. It was never Monday. Ok ever do they think that everything is its use. Your game is doing guesses. Do a good deal. I really it is running on habitats, just scared you, but ESA Tumblr COM, Adam, whereas next I'm back I'm going back to a buddy market, is far back onto a more lorries. surprised that I'm doing my own thing, so I'm not everywhere all over again. So it's a good feeling, Jamie Foxx, big fan of my work he wanted produces, show with me. For me. You know I kind of like my life to figure out. My instagram is like the only through my life, and it said MIKE. Your life is a is a show I wish you wouldn't be wise it it because he or she is so real in his soul raw like soon as you get job like oh duties, and do that. Nobody beat me up. I found a ruse. I know what not to do. When I rather than just turn again we're gonna, let you live and edit it from there
the obvious by what we do. There is cut out it did you know too crazy for words that people want, though the great via an above me anymore. When there were goes to an ethnic big while out bare feet was when we debated- and you know you gotta come now, but the meanest pretty much that we desire given money name low. Further. We have reason to, let me know: can you have met RADA know who the seriously get the Toronto coming as it does Bay area the white girl she's our? Why she's Cambodia they become a rather you make an event. We cannot, even together haste rather come. They ran my mobile Now I mainly aimed at their Superbowl. It was beautiful why? What is more, we career Does the visa illegal marry? You said you wanted you married writer, says
Why do the other day you going back on? oh, you know tat. You are you man, What about Really, new, Michael Michael? Would you turned my god? I love the worm. that makes your thereby bidding would meet
goodbye browser, ninety percent, beside business Bubba? Gradually, I'm talking about the right of goodwill lasers, Ryan. I give relief, while this is real. Savings. Are not easy would not expect them at all that, as you said, as you know, Planet, you could never have, we have never had any by men who pull you would do you decide to do his work here in the area of those years longer? When did you decide it, I'm going to propose the ride?
rather than random, you what did it? I decided derided ass on loyalty. nay, I never had a woman is the death of a little. While. My crime money needed to meet the blackness coming soon made the black sea gradually made microblog lacks a. We appreciate your methods of Alexandria. It is rather like a danger that name yes right it the Black Sea one question written when he called me. He said it. I really had sex, they recover what he told you put them ass. I came to take care of
Why do we really want to know if you gotta sixty six would have we really one in the world knows more like eighth? That is not on my mind. I need an eagle bear. My late arrival might lose my guy Michael Blacks, and I knew something was up. I got hit me here meal we can only a month ago. I will be in town next week. I want to combat a rubber gloves and meanwhile you wasn't doing any shows or anything like that are now. I remember that I was at last. Blacks at a pace that ought to show enough in Kerala. Has deaf go another? He was shaking date with it. I would like- and I am now as I glad as he seemed nervous. I got Diana any view here. I know if somebody happy- and I d always see nervous in him, but he was have you never like? I was a big, visibly soaking and I was vague.
Well, I'm happy for microblogging. I love love. I want everybody to your married. I love love a good wedding job. Good bombs were black, was it? Was his combating rod, ratify lacks name? If you follow as amazed rapid dialing, you know they were couples, their appeal to gather and other. That will clearly worked a couples. Retreat can move around about it, but let's get to Rome is this guy? This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. Ebony handed them is get hosting. I endemic him alive, and I want to do something to you guys that he did on the show, so he was actually giving away twelve hundred dollars to find somebody they who could spell this, so we want on the street today and offered people cash. They could spell his name correctly. We started with five bucks
then, every time someone got it wrong. We doubled the money for one hundred and eighty dollars and without looking at the back of his shirt, fell Jana Santa Oh in some time. Why would they already janius antics? but is nevertheless idea here only look at both of you Charlemagne. Can you spell yon as anti to compel Ain t? oh Mamsie leniency in tee eighty ok, oh you m p o allows Venosa guys downtown. Why not on the horizon Etsy? Eighty? Ok, you!
You now p o Hara out now you guys know you wrote it. Could I knew you were you were wrong right out these it or did they acted? Caves uses eighty eighty Togo, Ok, you know how you wrong. Ok, oh, oh! You, oh yeah, down way. Mp! Oh no and will be, YO. You really care about it. May without aid will be an area of its embryo letters Annie. A anti AIDS e o k, o you and Emma Bonino COM agreed. Regarding the moment I Addison. Why not make a g? I hid. name. Do look like that line and the doctors offers when they give. You died as the Greek Free Data advocates better,
Greed free? But I right now: let's talk about offset inquiry be because of set was also being any viewed on Jimmy him alive as Anthony Edison was filling in any talked about. His first date would hardly be mufflers, though our move slots a little suitable. The lava lots, of course, some poachers rules about twenty ports, jungle, retorted, the Tom Brady, with the super we'll have a policy we have them, then he ended. This allows ten thousand dollars that much. Thousand yet ok have genuine. I want my wife. I remember that when they can anybody with anxiety about it every time Debenham publicly, so that's a great virtue, but of those terrible for adding validated. Nobody going to be taken to a civil is not like. You can really sit down and get to communicate with her. Unless I had like communication before
this date should be pleased that we can actually talk these little finally arrive arrive. Always something happening does so and you don't you go to the game and talk to me but why it like, you thought you might do, don't you would you give you more composition and movements were an impressive. Luckily, you send a little. I mean I was it, though per se in any also talked about its eight b o max areas. The hype nets coming to competition series appears on August, swap it's an eight Epps load first season so, though, be celebrity gas joining I've set like hardly be with Khalifa a sap, Varig, Dapper Dan and more so a complex. His speed more men is also going to be playing the host for the hype, I wanna goodbye speedy, more speed, a large beauty species wanted it wanted, the young guys action. Is media game? I respect what he does. I re well, yes, I am interested to west at though having gotta be really good. Mugger Wiki is actually producing a limiting was happily Ricky.
Right in Congo, where is gonna, be performing at a rolling, loud Miami, so, according to a source close to him, that's what they told billboard and on Tuesday consequence when on social media he posted a sketch of colonies, passable stays design. for that performance at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami this weekend we already we're talkin behind, things about her rolling that is going to be in Miami and how they're concerned about traffic. The police are going to be acting crazy out there, I'm sure, so everybody be careful. There's been a rise in Covid numbers in Florida, so we just telling you be careful, but he did pose. what is a passable stays out? It's a pyramid, design and that could allude to his date set up If anybody Goneril aloud, I would suggest you get. The shuttle passes that to get you back and forth is traffic is going to be. so it can be hard to get. It will be hard to get a lift me almost impossible.
I'm comfortable shoes, you is a company that oughta be Q, where you get comfortable cracks where you my idea, man, shoes, ass, he met her hand. You, who are you, may imagine, role. Allow conjugal having you better. Have you re a theme bay? A k, mustache is returning to the screen and forthcoming biotech about Bologna. A month, a jazz legend he'll be playing that our role, by the way he is an amazing actor. Let's not forget like he was like a child actor slap. You know is a rapid pack ass host as well. Now so looking forward to seeing that they said that they are seen according Peter LAW, Moorland, who is one of the co founders of Jupiter rising film? He said yes, there's his life with a vibe. Easily found in Hollywood because he's not Hollywood point blank. His values and moral compass are intentionally. focused on what really matters everywhere: and who knows his body of work has seen him boldly transform himself and his music to the Broadway stays.
with green and beyond. When he looked at me as if I am polonius, I knew we had em so looking forward to seeing that era. Unfortunately, though, I will say this, the family of Bologna, as monk has condemned this upcoming bio pick and according to the family, it was not approved by the estate I'm not like stuff like that, would make me not want to be involved, be hard to like Dubai or broken you notify them. We are they demanded signed on before the state has an ambiguous made near because at the loans, monks, scientists, monk, said this project and its announcement are totally are not the right. I hate this great and I can show the music and Aloni assess catalogue. There is no involvement by any one in the monk family this project and we actually condemned the effort and, if not, even you know, Miss Mr Mr Bay, for it is the fact that this production company would decide to go out and do that without getting a blessing at a family like death. If you're production company- and you got to try to do some like when you talk to her family needs, they know don't project. I you noticed any of this. About that. I have done.
Ms Mckenna, as I'm really interested in seeing that, because from the description according to the press release, they said it's gonna centre around Aloni monk struggle for musical success, mental illness and the spiritual love triangle, when his wife Nellie and one of the world's richest women Nigger Rothschild while Yes, well somebody right now. You are right that rather maybe, whereby or put in the future too ral. Will you give me a dog? Could you we gotta hold resident account, but we need President Obama come in affirming the congregation again as we like that war would cause great. Now, at last we got you on what you saw a town or last night gotta talk. Can I just say something you sure I hate paper, it's how things is gas beside working together
with the point of a people, airports will, after piety reports at the time of this charter, is about the protection of the environment. Are right. I care such as hard as you guy coming up this job way. My we're here. Take my plastic drove his s areas that, over an hour, nothing after which Egypt has accommodated came out now. He did well why the boy was strong boy. Lord have mercy here. Do you aware whack Gilbert established? Breakfast you all our boy breakfast club your morning so now would be the same. Audible picketed day is the decision by my partner, Kevin Heart, where he Briggs nine is tools for success to help and spy I ain't transform your life and
make. You laugh. Why does your for thirty days of audible of free, when you sign a bit audible, dotcom, Flash breakfast club at state farm? They focused on the belief that diversity makes safer strongest. Modern neighborhoods were all a welcome neighbourhood that a reflective of the culture make the shakers in movies it Amar it make a better world for future generations. We must amplify celebrate and empower black create. Is today the breakfast club has been the most influential entrusted voice for black culture. For a long time. I stimulating conversations with different guess, ranging from politicians. The music artists and cultural influences in between allows us to continue to do the work and provide our listen is without thinking conversation in a different outlook on topics and that's why state farm is committed to providing services, platforms and longstanding actions to help build strong neighborhoods for the black community. They found no, there being good neighbours means uplifting communities web
customers find themselves, they don't do provide a policy. They provide a partner because before, but ninety thousand state form agents that reflect the diversity of America like a good neighbour state farmers did didn't catch. The latest rule in Martin unfiltered Pard Cast here's what you mean when I say the body to hand on the panacea, the be all and end all my guys, real its raw rolling, Martin Filter and serene away our main download the role and Martin unfiltered broadcast. On the I heard, radio app and casual and Martin Steely commentary on the black information network This is America. There is no question that there are problems in this country between police and community. You are
later on that police, killing of a black man out of new developments in the deadly small shooting rampage lives really bad day for human, and so we are in a state of emergency white supremacist. Violence is always have been. The number one threat the authors, but I am also very proud wife's, like the breakfast club rigid. Please tell me why was I Don t everyday dog you today for thirty July. Twenty second goes to the forty six president of the union. place of America, Joe Biden, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. I voted for that administration, so I have the right to hold them accountable. Okay, I like the move fairly, simply because we watch the media myself included pretty Trump's every move, rightfully self. Because right is right or is wrong weak and we can't keep our politicians honest. If we not on with our politicians. Ok, I'm lying politicians are never beyond this. Just now,
audio Y know Peter job was to sell dreams period. That's what apologies in life is about dreams selling, and you just have to pick the dream. You want to buy a k, a vulture interests in right. Now, I'm not it rather than nothing you ve, decided, selling and I think is very important to keep folks aware was going on now angel, Joe Biden, a presidential town hall with CNN host Don Lemon drop includes monster. Don limit them is credit. He pressed him clean, why he hasn't called for to filibuster to be abolished now idle. I told you all his last week, but let me reiterate what the fellow, but there is any attempt to lock or delay synod action on a bill or other matter by debating it at length by offering a bunch of Caesar, emotions and other delaying or obstructive actions. If you got rid of that, Venice administration could actually get some things done, because the dim Let's have a majority that depends on attire breaking boat from vice president commonly hairs if they got rid of but that he could pass legislation without Republicans, but you got him
that's like Joe Mansion and cursing cinema, saying they don't want to get rid of it would makes which makes no sense if they actually care about what happens to people in this country. But I don't care about. People they care about their own political interests and not the interests of wheat people, so dont lemon, rightfully so Press Joe Biden about it last night in this happened. Why is protected? filibusters that more important than protecting voting rights. I wanna see United States Congress United Station Pass S That's for the John Lewis I get in my desk, so I can sign that's what I want to do. Cuz I'm trying to bring the country together, and I don't want the debate to only be about whether or not we have a filibuster exceptions, the filibuster for the going by way to filibuster, had to be used before this. Isn't that the only way you're gonna get it done right now, why protect it? There's no reason protected other than that you're going to throw the entire congress in the chaos and nothing will get done.
Can I be the first to say. Joe Biden confuses me away more than Donald Trump. Otto Why I didn't expect Donald Trump to know anything about government politics when he would say two things he would say: They are what I would expect the executive producer of celebrity approaches to say I knew it. I knew it. Tromp was Joe Biden is a career politician. Okay, with an incentive for thirty six years. You invite further for eight years we know a thing or two about politics, so when Diamond Ask him about getting rid of filibustering, asked him. Why is he protecting it? His reply? There is no need to protect it. Ok of there's no need to protected lean on Maginnis than a motor boat to get rid of it's a. U can get some things done like protecting our right. The vote that job was voting rights act out of what a people's active nagging path. If you dont about to filibuster in you notice, because in a republic, is on a black man More than Jonathan Game, six into NBA finals Ok, there's no reason to protect it. President Biden stop protecting it
already did give reason he said and no reason to protect it other than you're going to throw the higher Congress into chaos, and nothing will be done. Okay, so let me get this straight. You dont want to abolish to filibuster, because you don't want it, though entire Congress in the chaos in nothing will be done. Well, President Biden of Yogi ready to fill a bus, then nothing will be done anyway. Nothing that the people. You'll, be please not all business, then I want to start black and brown progress, who don't care Bob people of of color. You know me, I don't care about poor people of any color period in you, wanna talk about chaos. You care about chaos in Congress morning. You care buck a off indiscreet, because chaos in the street is what will happen. If you know people promises, you mean on the campaign trail. What do you think will happen to filibuster, isn't abolished and you don't you any other things done that you, to do like you know, voting right, Saxon police. For you have no idea what chaos looks like ok with you're about to find.
I read you told Darlin verbatim near the lot at stake. The most important one is the right to vote as this the most important one. Will, if that's the case, act like it Also we live in an era misinformation. Years later at one side, pedals in fake moves and alternative fats, also dabbling in fake news and alternative facts now had made no into town all about begged the vaccine. Joe Biden had to say this. One last thing is really important is we're not in a position where we think that any virus include, the delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more. Thirdly, in terms of non vaccinated people, the various shots the people are getting now cover that they're here, ok, you're, not going you're, not gonna, get covert. If you had these vaccinations not two. If you're ve not read the right information, vaccinated. You not going to be hospitalized you're, not going to be nice to you and you're not going to die. I mean hey,
I was truly gray reason to get vaccine, but in Vienna. Wind came CNN, after dad town, all wooden lemon in President Joe Biden said this less listen. I was actually disappointed. Vice President Biden speech tonight, I actually thought that he was answering questions as if it were a month ago. He was talking about home. If you get, the vaccines are well protected from having severe disease. That's true, but we actually dont know how well you're protected from wild illness and whether with the delta variant, if you're vaccinated, could you still be contagious to other people? We know that the vaccine reduces your life
we heard of carrying the virus and the amount of virus that you would carry him, but with a delta variant, a person infected with a dull Tiberias carries a thousand times the amount of virus compared to previous variants, and so that's the problem. We don't actually know about this transmission question and I think that President Biden actually lead people astray when she said if your vaccinated, you can take off your mask. We don't know that I think he's like a really important opportunity today. I think you could have said to the audience. You all are protected because everybody here is vaccinated, but if are vaccinated and are around people who are on a vaccinated. You shall be keeping a mask on withdrawal include both dont. Do it. When I dag disbelieving hearing on the news he will, even if your vaccinated to wear managers do you do they would soon have low and spread and South America mismanages is triple than the pet like seeing all that as an Irish Magdalena Winfried, it why dont be afraid
be got him? Hold your elected officials accountable, one neuron regard. If you vote for them in that regard, What party you are affiliated with the night is the american way take advantage of it There are other countries where you can't Cuba slew dollar, people like you were going to. right now, please give Predator Joe Biden the biggest Ciera, all right. What benefit are delegated to now Let me come back ac800, five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you now it's the breakfast club come on. the breakfast
the guy's me personally by his the real it all up now for ass the rear morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club reserve as key hello. This gang Gub, Gub mining must, of course every ok tell ye lead. I love it. I think we re now. My year anniversary, keep me gamma ray. I don't know how to give leg like angel moment enacting get into trouble, not a one way you can rely on. While we may debate,
I had ok, that's how you cause. You know. I have the same problem, so here's my advice to you set aside one hour a day to check on work and for the rest of the day you don't and in your return on your email, have automatic response. Where people saying I am celebrating my anniversary, I will be taken my emails between six and seven. If there is an emergency, please contact and give them a contact person that they can reach out to in case of an emergency other than that people have to respect the time that you have yourself for your husband. So I would do that, but I will let him know. Look. I am a small business owner. I just need one hour a day to be able to check and respond to things and then for the rest of the day. I'm all yours even more true way
I have made my girlfriend of heavy beekeeping Ethiopia here, but I want to try, because I do not mean you don't try girl do it, because at the end of the day you have to understand the world should never fall apart, just because you're on vacation, they should be somebody who's, a contact person. You can trust, and you might think everything is so urgent, but trust me once people know that you're on vacation the respect that and then, if there's anything, that's important. You know you have that one hour a day that you'll be checking on things and people will understand. Look I'm on vacation arbitration between this time in this time, if its urgent I'll get back to you, if not on back next week. Thank you so much. Ok, no problem enjoy yourself. Mama
the eight hundred five a five one or fire one. If you need relationship advice at any time of advice, call ye right now with the bread with global moaning railways, which real advice were actually it's ascii morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club in the middle of ass ye allows this through nobody is grey, was abolished. Gossipy. Where are you ok Finally, I want to talk about really early November whoa. Tire out on the lake was absolutely to combat. Like harassment from a quarter, place like they are me forsayd harass, like my family members, My girlfriend and persisting basically that make me reach out to them is complicated situation
Sunday was goin on day was all about. How would be cut it off I told you, I don't wanna, do ok, let's being completely transparent, so you have a covert and you were you cheated on your girlfriend with their coworker right now cases be transparent about it. Ok, so now this, Work is harassing your girlfriend court because you cut her off work better. but you haven't complaints management because you don't want them to know. The relationship or, what's goin, on orders girl, no law? The village was is, though, women's arousing the girdle area toll reaction to it. you had no choice right after that. Long time, what our confers to it and there like what the partial dotted door was. The story impersonated somebody else meagre aid is constantly horizon,
family whenever and then I found out, I was bamberger lives close within thirty days, be worse than the beam like reminder of what happened and on about what they use the camera if he picked them. So what I confronted by your? Why are you doing this? They did not it later. All they gave the go. I'm sorry to do that It was an honour by colonel of the audit and our light whereby That was why, why are you a man to be like to know what it was like a herald leave? So at this point my harassment start after the battle. Have you glancing manager, I bus at work We are all familiar year, ok, and why? What happened? drugs amount, Starlight Investigation, leg, if Thou light weapons even make arrests wires, now now, as I management to figure out what to do, because what happened
outside the workplace is in on them. But what is happening in the workplace and affecting your job in relation to it? Where can I allowed to harass you like, as though I think that people know about, it has said that at the main thing is you have to come clean to Europe, a new mass tat, okay seller. Now you have opened this door is back. There has closed you. a whole bunch of issues right, and so now you have to figure out how to handle it. That might mean you getting another job, seeing if you could get transferred somewhere else, seeing if that person should get fired for what they're doing. Okay, because not against the law for her to create these things. But what you can do is call out on it and let us it is not affecting your relationship in our way. In ITALY now this is affected, not just your home life, but also your work life, and sometimes you put Seventy situations- and you know it- what it is, but you have to figure out how to get out of it. So I work they should be able to handle this professionally, where this person either has to stop. harassing you or they have to transfer them. Are somebody has to give fired or use
for another job. So what is it? What are you gonna? Do We have already started a complaint for us to start applying for more stuff. I've had these in order to be saved I really feel that any Ahmed isolate career may like that, like at this point they took place where my skill levels, I really hard. ok, so it is time to move on anyway from his dab, and this might be the catalyst that you need for that. But I bet you Evans eat again larger lesser the highway Ritalin. Ok, major, you're, very transparent, which a girlfriend about. What's going on to a document everything and Don't you do nothing crazy but make sure, as a person is doing things that you're documenting it so that you have it in case you need it for any reason for legal purposes,
absolutely like I even by candlelight base we want by all night. I would forgive you for life as you did. You just leave us cloud aid payments. We progressed everything, so I got them already Ok, there's always is like I'm a criminal law in this field. ass. They happen from all this while leg you really have nobody to blame, but yourself, but with this person is doing is where are they have to learn how to move on? But you can never conch people react when you do certain things. To them. So now you can do is control what you do and figure out a way the two can move for they can end up with a positive result for you who, right well, I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully this is a lesson for anybody listening to dominate. This aim is He did heard that I have a government in Lahti as
IE eight hundred five, a viable, no five one. Now we got rooms. Willowy, yes and who are the greatest produces of the twenty first century, will tell you who billboard says is number one hour. I will get it right next to breakfast locomotor package again. The ruler of the rule of law, the breakfast Club Dagda Gerais, reportedly, has to pay his Ex wife, Nicole Young three, a thousand dollars per month, which adds up to about they, said three point: five million dollars a year. So that's I suspect that support by the way, so yes is payable on the first of each month, starting August, and they said the only way out is if she remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership or death of either party, maybe pressure for reform and humor, please, I ve been together how law, instead of Dayton, for her
That is why I, as the body to marry her Turks into my job and also body that living I would just be dating visited time. go out on the merry. Nobody, I'm Avenue Domestic Partnership Montana keep my three hundred thousand a month, and so yes negotiations are not over, though right now they tend to agree on an overall settlement of the divorce, so that would be the money to be paid. It could be a some payment. Does it around and then He'll be known, only remains only vote do when the lottery is only three million the boy for me they were a year a year. Oh you something! I would rather do like somebody lump sum in over them. You know was important devoid of fifteen years. Along with together time. Yes, but every year look Eugenio locates along their kind of grown year. So let's see what happened at the lab,
Is it aware that they were like a billion Bulgaria with a whole lot of money, and would you get the data very minors Letterman, but she deserved dominoes away? now, Megan stallion was in the hot tub with terror banks. Terror was fully clove as one of the things that you discuss, as wrapping and letting her mother know that she was a wrapper. I don't wanna tell it is around since allow like, I think about what is to be Harvard. I was privacy and says I was like seven so finally came to her. I might have been twenty an alibi, copyright issues like no game, not like that as you buy me and I'll, be ok, Mamma dont want me, but I'm bodyguards. Bulgaria saw started going out on cars them you like phase, but you weren't, you. What struck me like, I was built a baby ass soon, ass, you are you not criminals. Are you too, thereby,
away thy supercool. We were blessed up here to meet MEG. This dahlias mom when she first signed her dear, and in our mom did used to be a wrapper also by Megan Stallion did lips is like super early on her mom was in the corner, Yelena all kinds of funny being so she always inquiries Megan it be like bold and outspoken and megawatts egg embarrassed to say certain things if her Mamma her mom is going in there somewhere banks had all of a ass. What I will never love is a Megan mom, but like yeah, why? blinded to resign, and I am in no doubt about it. I heard you say that it is nevertheless where this girl, bad that yesterday outlay ways you wanted an internet. Please almost got this woman Photoshop enamored up, I don't know. Why she's wearing her clothes and a heads up? Maybe she Mugabe's zoo Maybe she knew talk about how do things like that? I'm in an interview and would greatly by God, knows nothing about it in Havana? Doesn't look at his wealth is that's. It could just be an area where we talk about a new Bagliani woman.
Now the apathy and is already talking about this too? He is, of course, a hall of Fame cornerback, hey coat subject to stay football. He walked out of an interview because the reporter refuse to claw him coach. Now he can't referring to him by his first name during this the western at that it happens, media day events and here is report an excess interview. Indians Anders Eddie, I'm just wondering if you could double a bit, you don't got a big, don't I'll, be there Let's say the mic: theirs alone, you ve called big big. You! Don't you get caught that spots or do they treat me like me wow, I re were alone. The Icelanders respond spot coat, Prime responded
never walked out of media day. I prolong my time to answer another question in the person thought it was cute to address me the way he did so. I dropped the call and went to the next outlet. Please don't allow fool to fool you because then nobody would truly know who the fool is now. That's explains that, because everyone that interviews by their first name is the weather is someone I've been working with for years or someone I'm talking to for the first time. This issue of the coaches and players on the Ole Miss beat the coaches and players at Mississippi State and Southern miss when I helped out covering their team and as recently as January, even Sanders Tuna Deion Sanders said this is how all of this started. I really pray for all of us because it was something so minimal that was hilarious to me that you, a lot of foolish media outlet in person to play on your preconceived notions, I'm all about peace, love, work, commitments, sacrifice getting to stop allowing folks. You don't have a relationship with to convince you otherwise about someone. You do have a relationship with I've been one hundred with you since eighty five and I ain't going to stop now that I'm coach prime,
call people what they want to be called. It's a respect thing. I don't see the problem. I asked you not to call me Dion. I asked you to call me coach and you blatantly disrespect me after that. So I'm about and I love the way beyond- is got up and walked off. Don't trip? No national colleagues coat Prime Godaddy. No labour got up and walked away, aiming no fuss about. I know nothing corrected and say that you called me that I won't area billboard. Said that for relevant, Neptune's are the greatest hip hop producers of the twenty first century. They produce countless hits on the hot one hundred chart the rather too thousands leg, Nellis hot in here, snoops job like a hat java. How is he where's the bodies have a bad girl, ludicrous his money maker and so now- the greatest produces of the twenty first century. Congratulations to them!
for a century what it becomes thumbs down without in two dozen irish agriculture, two thousand to two thousand and twenty Rhine d- think about everything they dance for. The only other person I would put up did is Timberline are not opposed to the Neptune's at all, but May Timberline hellerman grandma relative out, I would have to say, had an ethical hats at timberland after at the first person they had on this by the way was an MAX Martin who produce far Britney Spears, Marianna, granted the weekend we can then the Neptune's and timberland than the dream and tricky steward them might well made it than cannonade just blaze. Forty The reason I put him in an item in the Netherlands, because they change the sound a radio matches black radio Roy You could be they record plan on airborne all stations in those aims. Visions in everything from land in Neptune's would
these bees in early to doubt? Absolutely I right where that is your room. Reports are right. Shout to our revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next in and after to mix traded. True. We join in austria- has trade day to day in used in ass starts today. Dead ends the Sunday Somali ruins re. Now that I really can't we treat our views known it, I've never taught trivial. Twenty three thousand zoom all right will be looked up. The tree after makes it up is the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be to say Angela here and a generalised areas has been helping. People save money for nearly sixty years, take a closer look at the general and get the great low rates and quality covered. You deserve far ahead of me Well, today, caught a hundred general or go to the general dotcom. Some restrictions apply morning: early bodies, the G G, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guessing
and on the way I am awaiting his brother sound views. We can't wait. He I found you hang about that. That's a movie and though the blizzard the solemn may still be made using mad at you, didn't invite me. There's no way to know what the protocol than it was. A joy by none of us this year will win when I get so. What did we can write this early youth? Theirs? They do something ok, limited to repair. We ve been talking about evaluating what you're doing with that. He is going to happen. We discuss that in the room, a report. So let's talk about other festivities betray day this year so yellow MA am a super use, probably born in a big way, Thursday, so Thursday, we
Howdy Homemade ice cream, whitsuntide concept. That applies especially to now. You know. And then own cause The day I read out a whole japanese facility for occasional, or at least Three thousand years. No bumper called lays a day. I got there, not crazy. you d, you know, you know never elevated giraffe, then this is a day wine. Let's get there. There were thirty years. We those only they already now so data in the window and a habitat reminded him bring a lot of visa and I'll know. If you will you not partner with you, football and the city called the crew We gotta leave a soul of three to four years. whilst the whole city. You know these do tell it actually some states areas. It is they never their opportunity saw museum, a platform. Everything I've got to get behind You know the giddies he laboratory specially.
In the hood, you know they need the chance to explore that greatness. So I'm doing that with them. a man's aims were given out till scholarships. College students got the work of the EU. Concert and then is a sad day was the twenty four, which is gonna, be the big day, every nook and as promised brain elephant products many years ago to Algeria, allows the Philippines now like snakes. Airline lobbyists package has never get their able Ebby Annette Camel out of my head again, we do every year, so we got you know we got the camel. You know drastically and wrongs RO the Houston overjoyed? We don't bring out, oh my god, and everything the kangaroo in person I envy, you knows what has been done for you took me arrived at the same time. I've seen it I see a man I see now the Santa Maria
three hundred and twenty eight saudi Benezette Aviva Stadium, almost a new state in Houston, or pushing everything free. All three: have we all that our Galaxy flying down is lyrical pass. The one such anyway, it's gonna be a real big play, LAN other footing That will be less play. Browser ever be so specify me, ah together how many so gaiety, everybody come in, but it won't be allowed. A lot of people have come down. can, I guess, and I guess why am I thought, a video you did only if the grandmother, I think I'll, never know exactly solemnly above the earth and when I thought it indicates that know exactly what you re talking about those the rear view and they were gonna celebrity, does bargains, and so there's no members Bobby vomit,
mandatory, went went when you take one. Did you think philanthropy card you? Could you always been abroad that I gave back, but it seems like over a year we does want you grown into a full blown philanthropies activists like when you think, then, when you did you gotta call on the bureau, I just be hating them titles I just be being trait. You not think my heart is my heart. It's been that way before it. Just now, I'm acid, and on those acting what's do and how to get it. But ass. They were either with the active decided to stay away from the title, even though, Stan the work is, give them, but you just stay away from that side of his people. Put you on a bachelor spected to be so way I'm still in the hood everyday doing what I do so it's like. I don't want to convert to having to do with quote unquote. Activists have to do and things that they can still go, make my It must, however, be I'll do what I do want to regulate. You know I just wanna, do the trick loudly will be like me. Will you go wrong? is like gonna wanna do politics. I want to stay on the state, a renegade you now
ass. I remember I'm earlier on in tray day used to pay for everything yourself right so have you got and to the point, where you alike, ok, I can. I can actually use these corporations to do a bit than bigger and now have two empty, my packets, I'm learn in this year. Of course, you know something they can do. smaller donation, but a big anything anything Happens anything tells because the more logos, the sooner you know, N intrigues. Other companies will be pointless. Fasten oversell up ass, a nobody asked again through they take up more than this China, though they usually don't clothes. We try to do different. They, then with them over the years. I wasn't nor do they pass in over chairs, but to think that mere muddle The truth is over there and we have adopted a now. They say the work that others will say what they do, so we go in the bills, are reared, be checked, What do you take a break down like have occurred
When do I so much even before a pandemic lagging been talking about for all these years? When do you take a reg, do go on back. His anti community. still haven't been on vacation, but I know you know you had a company bumpboxx. You know that that take a lot of my time, so my partners, They only right now, the most. so to say. Was I get through with trade they re just don't take me some of you may regulate among any man. John, I'm literally look over my bombards right now got the bombards raving cane in people now. No one there I didn't I didn't realize it was a blow- do a play on words is done about somebody else and breathless clue pages. So even the Vienna give me some young business ass, though, with the aid they anytime, you no wait. Wait where you were. You can't do something tree somebody asked you is something that you do not capable of doing here. man, believer than that, you would think when we bear a rapid, while my deals would be
Women are afraid they remembered them strictly help your bill, and I came to everyday, sometimes like it is too positive. Sometimes I get it you know they are you happy you I'll, be ok, with your export for some time. they'll be array: the ass old ass, the idea that the Bare brought about a man- I really want to go there, but the slope of the latter people to come about they did really be a scam since, as we believe it is a name they built. I hate colleagues, I was wondering if you could help me with this money and I daresay and even copy and paste the right name there's nobody ever knew. You have people do thing and then, like after they good they don't even don't even think about. Like man, I really just stopped somebody else who really could have got their help and that's the part that disappoint it would be worth a damn discouraged, its appointed me, I'm a lay open about it, but in another
people than the final step there. You know age by nature. Relieved gang, I think you know tell freedom, those organizations that regards something's happening. People should be donating y'all every month. You know what I mean, because we already know who's going to be on the front lines. When something do pop up. That's you know, He knows Hurricanes Z list, so crazy, elbows. my labor bugs I'll try there, but you know we gotta play the trucks. Ready right now you know like it's like this kind of took a while whole life. You know staying as far as just being on the front line, for the people we definitely we have put in. She Burma notoriety TAT. I may not be sent in a molten buildings under check again it is good that took the baby I'll get him
Emily now. Nobody will then we need, though I know that no drugs, we would just desirable terms door war. They were a year waiting outside and right. So you don't nobody went down. I was back in the day now now I just don't. sums the cat right. That's what I'd do if it s what I do. I do don't take action now. A man says about Baxter animals have to make a man makes you ever get up and play those marriage. That's right. when in the country we built, a beggar, makes you ground support, traded through trade day, and we appreciate your brother. Saw the main. Oh no, you got me where gloomy honour. China make sure they do right there with the book yes and it will vote as well love a tray. Yeah lab really puts the lightest together about map and beyond them. Look like the wind and personally, I understand Yes, sir, it's the breakfast locomotive drivers, wake up by again shouted traded truth for joy
in us and now Charlemagne you that a positive note well, first of all, I want to tell everybody made to night at eight p m: the black affect podcast network. We offer sitting in a vague cod, they're, happy gems, virtual event with my goods. Is Debbie Brown and Zuri Hall happy Jim's brings together the host of drop and just walk out that every brow, host and hot happy messed ETA, Zuri Hall Hosts- and it is by mental health awareness, most Adele beyond a sharing tools, and you know. Resources in just create balancing manifesting happiness. You know in a lot of from people's lives. So make sure you get you take it! Then you can join in the night. I I doubt if I M forward Slash Happy Jim's as age are dot of em forwards, lad, happy gems, I'm a posted Obama, Instagram tools, you to follow me on energy, at sea, to God She D, J G, O D, and you can watch Debbie Brown and Zuri Hall tonight A more positive note is simply this man. I am the architect of my life I bid
this foundation in two Its content, remembered at present They did not clinical yonder for decades. This area has been bed for paranormal citing? This is a strange place, this part of the country I hurt radio in grim and mild presents Bridgewater Story, Musha, Collins, Melissa, Pontio and Nathan. Filial created by air and maybe and written by Lauren ship and listen to the first two episodes on August sixth and subscribe to the show for free, I heart radio apple pie cast or wherever you listen to your part guests. This is my enemies own dj. He offence co, host of the drink, chance podcast on the black, affect podcast network and I heard radio every week we and I sit down with the most legendary hardest producers, an icon in the music industry. and the culture at large sums-
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