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Today on the show, it was only right to start our Monday on a positive note as we had the pastor Kirk Franklin stop by who spoke on God, healing, new album "Long Live Love" and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to another Florida man who fatally shot a woman during foreplay, accidentally. Also, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners do when they are denied sex to their partner, after a guest on Angela Yee's podcast opened up about why men cheat.  

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for every one more info it on a virus stock of. Let's all do our part because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the Council hi, I'm Laura Vendor Camp and the host of the before breakfast cast and the author of several time management books. I most of it did I hurt areas newest podcast, the new corner office in this show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past, listen that first cup of coffee and I pray you'll learn something useful, listen to them. You corner office. Every day on the I radio, app apple pie, casts or wherever you
You're podcast morning you gonna got been talking to experience a morning showing my skin color to the birth of the devising of culture bank. This plan my morning, you really not happen- is waiting come to show men and early I'd be a big time. Let me be, I gotta be very big, actually Charlemagne, the gun, the breakfast club
money you as Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo lays enemy good morning. Hiv aids minded yes, these airlines out again today, yes, in revolt, dvds beg for anybody who cares ray. I do. They ve been gloves. Who two weeks I look. Where did he go to pay money region everybody always lorry loads. Us up until said they see. Is our vote tv you haven't seen over the past two weeks. We are back over this money is not cancel, does not. In fact they are so that's it anyway. I write were crazy weekend. I know you ve, probably what's the Anthony, Joshua fight or not, I was the elder Ruiz Junior fight. They have any Joshua we're. Not relieve Junior refers mexican heavyweight champion at a world where I was, the gambler man
the ban on now and you didn't think evidence ass. It was gonna win for them I am on record in Tony Anthony Joshua to his face right here on the breakfast club. I just never believed in Anthony Anthony Joshua was a fighter. I didn't think that he could beat they waited in vain. He could be Louis. I even think that he can be tightened fury, but here got a chance to prove me right because you didn't beat ruins junior. We were, I found my cases has for his birthday. We let everybody was watching. Right there, the women were interested because they like to look at the known ass. It would put down the pointless and everyone was a nice guy, a really nice guy and he looks depart in narrowing is a totally different story. Ok, totally different store, I via when you see I've, always doing it. What did you say? what do I think of any reason you actually saw Andy Ruiz Jr fight before I saw him fight Joseph Parker a couple years ago, so I know We got down employees mexican by making the tough days. I live out. His mexican aim. Emilio me in used to fight every single day for hours. Chemical,
but when you don't died, no Mexican don't die. When was even, though I knew that enemy jobs will go, have trouble on his hands on Saturday night, the day was gone Lou. Why I trauma and is AIDS that was saying I never really draw political above Andrew S, Junior they deserve it and when we re a last minute step there, like a man who knows, he wasn't originally supposed to fight him, so that's it even crazy. You know, you know you feel stupid. Big baby babies, rules to protect Ziegler came a day rubber Brooklyn. He could put demands on every Joshua, the same exact, wake aright right well yet a panic deck beyond which you now I'm dead. There is, I think, Anthony Joshua nor can I think he suffers from some type of anxiety, because if you notice took a wide commodities dressing room, and it's just like that.
By rubbing his bag and rubbing his head. He looked like the moment. Was too big famine, I'm gonna sounds crazy for a man advice in front of eighty thousand people have run into UK, but this is America, Baby Madison Square God. I think he had a slight panic attack are really do men. Some with button was off lamps ever find out assembling, would have What we want from pay newly about that, but the power by Jackpot winner, that person will tell you, where therefrom also this story, Really. I gave me a panic attack I read in a woman who escaped a six hour: rape ordeal Jesus, that's not the way I wanted to start mumbling be off. We are, quite frankly, come in and wanted to as well using as a new album out most a minimum of what is it God, love you now they learn wall. We love me let level! my love of God long live God, love now that matter
maybe I'll and long may long, Lou love. Yes, remember! Last week you said it would be a great name for whenever my body that will occur from can be it's more than that. Is the world more dangerous, Minnesota breadth of clever, we started starting with low low baby. Close friends all right! Google, ok button is this Monday off right, would alone, ginger honey, Crystal T baby, the world's most dangerous monitored. Clubs our main guiding annually and would help envious. We have no idea these. I am back to my inner gonna. Be here. Message has been Anthony Joshua as we can to be there. They got their brain. You hear me, least either alone. Now, let's dont front page news, The warriors be derived is gained through the NBA finals, one on one or for the government that could have taken another day of dreary gluten instagram outside a statement later, but I fell asleep at the beginning of the forthcoming.
I was the one thing I know what was going to happen great game. I right now. Let's regret that three hundred and forty four points six million dollar power by Jack. Pat, there was a winning tickets, Saturday night North Carolina, Jesus Christ, yes, so congrats places whoever you offering as we do that we asked that, where winning ticket downstairs and has one hundred and eighty days to claim that God bless you and then you live a Nokia longitude would have cost the lives of their high butler. Great life? If you choose to data there right right? Well, congratulations! Whoever! That is Now, let's discuss a woman who was being raped for six hours. Yes, it was a person that was an acquaintance of her, is, she was allegedly rates are repeatedly while trapped in her house in Queens and she got pens so hard. She was left with at least one fracture in her face. Finally, she managed to jump from a second floor window of the house according to cap. So now
please, I'm looking for a Michael hosting fifty three years old, Michael hosting. The whole thing. Yes, they have got amicably every vote. You can see what he looks like said. Seeing at all levels in a red several lay with the Florida license, Plate Jesse, why the Reed Sue mightily muddle journeys of any David, but you ve projectile, although you? U pictures all over tv, I know your name. There really unfortunate incident took place in Virginia beast. There was a mass shootings left, twelve people dead and there's a lot of since that remained away in credit, forty years old he's a veterans the engineer. He targeted people that he had been working with four years, but they don't know why they said that he resigned and him a that recognise. Letter on Friday morning and then he showed up and near the end of the work they shot. One person in a car entered the building and studied firing at victims on three floors. They set at one point. He was barricading himself in an office and shooting through
The door at the police are fortunately use black event were voiced in ITALY. Twelve people got killed is where they did find. Two legally purchase forty five caliber pistols at the scene when there is shoot her boy in twenty sixteen and one in twenty eighteen as well. Just when you know the first, just what you think you know, defaced domestic terrorism in America looks like rain and those you for aloof. He didn't have killing his former bus as well and they don't nervy targeted, specific people They have no idea of using resident boy what this was about. Now he will. He resigned on his own. They said his work was pretty good people that work them said authority. The good personally with a nice guy, he wasn't a month, He gave a very bad the candy around Christmas, like everything, was satisfactory. He had no issues of discipline, nothing clearly some time ago, when something happens, if that goes down, so he was fatally wounded and issued out with the police. So he's not here,
I don't have, will ever know what happened. You know designated as exactly why he d be like in crowded areas like aid to be like things: with a lot of different people, because you didn't Never never enough. I right where that is you front, page news. Yes, now we gotta get it off. You just come. If you want to wait, if you want to tell us how much your blood Kirk Franklin is gonna, be here this morning by the way our rights going to tell us how blessed you off, if you want to get someone off your chest, reach out and touch this one, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one, it's the world's most dangerous morning show the breakfast club the breakfast club. Go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you what is the bag, this club and it's a mundane it's time for you to get it up your chest, maybe ecstatically the weak ahead, I'm leaving you guess, damn Andy's anyway, I defy the five one. If I want is a number, let's get it up your chest. Combining was this man is beating internally, but of course I was now get it up your ass.
John may be. King was at a beautiful day. Man had the floor. I know we are all crazy man shot out about Europe, a lifeboat bill. You left shot out about holding a gay and will create happy birthday. Mash up Everybody in the world of ok, we're this money. Thank you for calling us at last Saturday they show us that, commissioner, how are you the morning mining? How are you fail in iron boy and I call on all the way. I am sorry that we have been able to do that. And now the hour Memorial day together, I can't wait. Driver told TAT the community had paid out in a number of black web Y. All right for many people come for formulating arrogance.
We are rebuilding. I mean it's just an overwhelming response, so I am just wanted to Call- and just I want to thank everybody, not just in Dayton. Bobby area people they had paying out afraid we were ended. Private naked Love way can easily apologies. In my speech, I am with us from day in Ohio. Spirits are high money that has been such a tragedy. Lovey energy! Thank you! That's us among. You could see me oh, come together in the wagon assent, their light that happening now we have, Beauty on July was that liability gave warning you guys, mine saying whether guy now you have your password trap with off yeah. Why aren't you I'll grab planned by the back door behind preside over the little boy? Like me, meeting tribe, light None of the tribes idea do they say rooms and a louder than that, and you ve been directed videos like you, ve got,
You are once again into the ground and oil or you click. The link will be in so doing by also yeah that'll people always wanted to be made of all be like that, and I do better be made good. You have announced low motion. Ok, I really one another, but you guys think a bit like you, ve been trapped. Tory we're gonna have to go. Look at that so entity went to abuses the first article of the briefest of eating when anybody to know his name was Now you all over the goddamned, ran up videos on, say all lamp on the songs peoples to be like. Let's tat name O my guide, obligingly. We can't wait here to pack has begun its. I gotcha slow motion makes yet air of this young man. I love you and you realize TAT. I should die and I know you got fired on it. If you don't like it, though We need to develop an added breathing June, are being driven, ah, ah
God you now living in the knowledge we have that they think you'd be here, because you have been so I'll. Put me over the years. Tell me I'm sure, ass. You call me and made me bright better though it means the lifeboat within I'm always you to call. You drag renewed, a big yeah arrival today. I read your guy beauty when a hundred babby by one of our one, you can call us up right now, get it these data by get it off yet tests on the breakfast club. My name is sure wells. This is the story. My son Courtney. Your money was critically to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here, my life, you were there
a lady man, even wicked Audrey image, grandma, I'm just the wrapper Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. Twenty nine, however boy diagram of federal government in its. The story of mine search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty first, wherever you get your pocket, this is somebody's time somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast. Wherever you get your pipe guests. The breakfast club.
You're gonna, get it obvious, yes, whether you're mad or black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna breakfast, what outlets mandate and its abrogated up your chest. At your days that, right, maybe a man may be a blessed either way we want to talk to you a letter to Cassandra. Without Cassandra. I dont want. How are you go mining? How are you ok When you talk about I'm positive last April, climate warming, Maxine borders. Has seven of the nascent largest bank Theo come to be seen to talk about this? That is, they build them out. What was going on so congressmen green from taxes with action? seven white men before me in the EU. I think that you will see a minority in these provisions, or do you ever think a woman would be in a position to, of course, Nobody will the hand with the minority languages
as about no women We then how about my ninety nine Newport Birthday Party and I found out but one Their members has, in fact the ceo a beggar Miller is in fact doing that he's the first a his bath with my Lord and he's also hire women, so I think that that's what that's A national comical woman of Konrad woman, Maxine and our common green need to me to know that there know that fact doing it. Be it at alligator kind of stuff. This morning they sat at the present. Clearly, maybe people do that all came again. Maybe call him. I've been everybody's Doyle and haven't one thing I would love to do that. So little What was it about? Joshua sword and no jobs you don't want do. I know Jaws would
be the Benghazi Bank Avenue of male and female mademoiselle de but anyway, yet jaws warts pull up to two brothers gloved. If the people would love to hear from you This implies a now. Let's get somebody who wants to remain anonymous on the line now good morning, anonymous you more That is the reason you wanna be anonymous this morning. So get it up your ass at all. There was a king, well man, why did they climb over as we do that crime? second degree by all my hair at the time a bit over my with it happened, and you can make nothing good heavens you're right, but it was not exactly where it Billy body or get it will we be able to require a reality,
yes. I did I get here. I was just curious, which I'll go the extra mile for yourself with Why would you, but I do something illegal for my brother, you know about them. Maybe that whenever want me to do that, though, is bogus, will you failed? You the average wage anybody that love, you will not ask you to commit a crime with them, could they don't want to see anything happen to you, sir? That's absolutely. The movie, so yeah real knowledge of getting a virus that not everybody up about was greatly. And you see how it ended. You know what I do. What right it? Yes, now. What were you saying about it now, you'll backward looking just really cares about them. Okay. You know, I don't know, I don't really know how she's going to make this up. To me to be honest with you, but I feel, like you know she should,
the ITA go the extra mile and more illegal things for your sister Mamma dont forget all about it. Should not make anything up to you, she doesn't. Oh you anything! Ok, you went along with her to commit a crime, and so you just guilty as our election or all you nothing for it. That's why I wanted to It gives somebody money and act like this from the heart, but then you be like I know how many women money, limo money, Then let him live you you take those burns and you know It can be a lesson to you and let this be a lesson to everyone. Listening, ok, don't let anybody put you in a position to do something illegal, because that tomorrow you will have little sister year, especially as your sister is water voltage all get that offered by what the devil I would I get you know, but ok, Bob you recover, notably members are. You will get some sympathy, appealed. Your goddamn berwin be happier alive. I
get it off you just one hundred forty five one five. When we do that every morning, will you we govern report coming up? Yes, let's talk about me now and the cosmopolitan how its head you know, he was saying that they were. Races will find out how the hotel has now responded. I will discuss. We come. The one with native my sort club, the breakfast so bad. The report annually on the breakfast form, an employee of Kelly, is saying there. I Kelly would regularly required tapes have sexual encounters with under age. Girls, don't keep those tapes, his showpiece and now they're saying some of these tapes are in the hands of the feds dough, so some more tapes out, multiple tapes, where he's engaging in sex acts with minor. And they said that he did pay a large sum, a cash sue
employee and a return to employ handed a tape over to that singer. But somehow, now that tape is in the hands of county states, attorney Kim fact, food is person meditating off obvious to form in play this testifying in front of the grand jury we seen one of those tubes and every hour he told us they had a couple more legs, all localities confirmation. I guess this form and play also had wanted to table. I knew that there were many more that existed, so I guess those tapes are now being handed out. Well give up the job born for evidence purposes, and you know and cheerfully everybody knew this was happening, including this former employees. So now what happens with other people being held accountable? I write make mill the car. We'll pilots in hotel has apologised to meek now make milk.
Said that they were races to him. They threatened to arrest him for trespassing if he didn't comply when they told him to get off the property and they said that it was part of a prior incident, but didn't give any specifics now there was never a prior incident, they release the statement. We apologise to make mail for how we handle the situation on Saturday. Twenty fit as we did not act in a respectful manner and were wrong. Make mill has never had any prior incidents on our property. The cosmopolitan There are two elements for discrimination and we pride ourselves and providing any lose of environment. We look forward to welcoming meet me back to the resort also the apology enough people still gonna go to know, and I really feel about Balmy did accept the apology and they said they will no longer pursue legal recourse at this time, but other people, coming for it is anti had similar stories exactly so. If you know how to people really feel about you, but they just put out a pr apology to make sure that their business days good, you still want to go frequent s bought and guess what you have so many choices in Vegas like so many places
and go to literally like that you don't have to state the cosmopolitan I'm. Not a big verbal guy go to Vegas wants the method. I read a music video. I like Vegas. I really want to take my ma am, but I enjoy going to Vegas. I enjoy gamble. I enjoy the ran I enjoy the shows I like warm weather yell. Is it a grateful argyle reader, music vessel, I rise to fire, will be closing their stores on June fifth and that's biodiversity training centres. That she was profile. If you guys remember, she was shopping at etc, buying some fancy beauty products at a stirring calabash, as when an employee cod security. This and make sure that she wasn't stealing come on so has even been in the whole of fancy, beauty, lips, a campaign, and all of that so says it did say to social media to talk about it, and he did say we had a long talk. You have a blessed day. Sandy Sephora Well, as the boy did apologize, you are part of this effort, family, and we are committed to ensure
every member of our community fills welcome included at our stores. We want to let you know we take complete like this very seriously and are actively working with our teams to address It's always immediately. We Anna went ahead and sensor a gift cards who, with a hand written note, said, go by YO plenty beauty in pieces. One love react, what does the veracity draining look like I don't know. If you watch the office, they had whole episode where they did diversity, like all it all goes so well on their politics is one to figure out how to treat negroes is one day. Let it you and I inclusion workshops whether employees in shutting down one example, wider endeavour, wondering bed so on June, fit that you are planning to go just no support I will be going to give you a note on the watch you can watch when they see us and say, look, don't treat them like this. It s our yeah. I don't know what goes on I've, never adversity training. Maybe we need it now. I right now, fifty cents, is now looking for its yea YO to pay him back. Some money, apparently fits he's, been letting him
many over the years, and once that back here's how that went, I will gladly- because I was I was talking about will you gotta get my money back. I want you to talk much benighted. You said that you soon give me back. The money I've been giving. You haven't you might for years for long and then you will be divided up in Baghdad. Tropical it's that go above and I am ready his afraid. Somebody, ok, We cannot pursue shots. Before you for the money back. If I were you Every new fifty was recorded that all no budget out toenails are very sincere. How do I owe you a lot of money and I will collapse somebody for you to day, but the cave where it actually did say that I've been giving you money. If I'm giving you money, that's a gift right,
come on. You never said I had to pay you back and I beg fifty pages. Feeling like a unappreciated cancer. You know what I'm saying. Sometimes we get like that. You know I mean every night and you just want a person to say. Thank you, ok, good. Looking alright, I appreciate your help, your sister and every now and then cuz cancer. Give us would nobody'd ever give him back to them in any way, shape or form lad. Tony, I didn't leave a comment and at his post he said you put this attitude tripping Homey Jesus Christ do you want the euro to meet? You shot leads nowhere. Where he's gonna call, it wrote to me now thing only wrote to me: that's been settled, Jackie lungs bits been settled. Banning them has been set up, our Marie's, only Perry, said Lord have mercy. This hasn't worked with yet more the longest right I'm annually, and that is your room. A report You know I that we offer
We need common of natural you! Yes, we do we're gonna talk about a Marilyn couple that was in the Dominican Republic and they were found dead in their hotel room. I cant, do you have any good notice board? I gave you serve big fits flattery winner. Oh you, it is the breadth of club Monday, what's the weather for the breakfast club, Charlamagne THA, God, Angela, you got front page news coming right now the warriors beat the raptors in game, two of the NBA finals, one hundred and nine, the one hundred and four. The series is now tied one one and thank God, Any of us could stand, see dregs gluten on instruments. The rapporteur who went up to games to nothing are right when they go back to go you state on Wednesday and I of course, Jason haven't, sent back and forth to right. Yes, he has put in talk much less the landlady equal. You know why they are so making fun of Anthony Joshua for losing this weekend. Not only railways, because you posted a picture would Drake S about to break the curse.
I am only have an hour that didn't go well formed. Nanda has tagged you in fact. Does it death? I you know people in all our box and no good. I said that Anthony Jesuitical B is in trouble on Saturday Night Finally, while United together with actually lose, but I know it will be a tough fight for the places where two Jake's leaning on his arm, like God, yes, it was kindly take a look at it. By so that fight happen over the roof. Tell her focal shut up as the heart is the gradual we get. I thought it was vague I said I'd crisis still in effect against that might be true, my leg you might because for road, and it's always for I guess what the other ended a theories rights. They did. The theory is Goin five game, six gave it the most going. Fatal illnesses are right now but a Marilyn couple. There was visiting the Dominican Republic. They were found dead in their hotel room. They died of respiratory failure according to the country's national police. What is respiratory
apparently with a thing is they had a condition that was caused by, says fluid and their lungs, and so I guess they couldn't breathe. So her, yes, Edward Nathaniel HOMES and Cynthia and Day they, MR scheduled check out time at the Baha principles. And La Romana and that's when they went into the room, found them unresponsive. Never did say they were various medications to treat high blood pressure found in the room? Are her heart attack them? I know it looks like some type of respiratory failure and poem my primary adamite cause, I'm trying to figure out really bearings. I decided to excess, fluid and lungs said I was swimming now they were not swimming that this fluid and airlines. It does have to be water from drowning, and they both guides are only there had to be whatever it was taken together had caused this. I know they would lead. Diet the same, namely unaids, escalate? They still need to be investigating this weird they're, both of them down. Let me know, I'm outta, my good hypochondriac, I hear
I'm not gonna. Do me: ok, Now, let's get a woman who escaped a six hour or die she was allegedly raped repeatedly. While a house in Queens is in early. There is day she got pan so hard. She was left with at least one factor in her face finally, she managed to jump from a second floor window of the house and escape. Can you imagine that six hours now she says the man was acquaintance of hers, and so now we are on the look out for Michael Jose. Fifty three years old, five pretend two hundred pounds: laws with brown eyes. They said he fled and a red Chalais with the Florida license plate J C. A wide three to my goals and what do you think you're going? You name it all over the news this morning we are right in and a good knows, there was a power by Jack Pat winner in North Carolina. Three hundred forty four point: six million dollar power blood jackpot- maybe you know the person Charlemagne, because you those in the Carolinas report,
I will just know: is a North Carolina? That's all I know so far. No North Carolina does not allow the winter to remain anonymous about press him, we'll have to come forward and they have won. And eighty days to claim their prize? Would you claim it right away may know life has to show, and I would ask the legal claim to meet. You need remain anonymous and argumentative right. Now you can get now I was they'll claiming to be up summertime. Do we out sound whoever that person is? We came to find out your information. Leads orders about two people dying of six hours in a power bored. I didn't when I'm still depressed made me feel good. I can't because I do want to address this fishing. A beach mash eunuch. They left to our people dead, Dwayne Credit. Forty is always fired No no Dwayne Craddock actually resign from his job and they said his performance was satisfied. There were no issues, they said he was a good person, so they thought at his job and for some
Then the veteran city engineer targeted people. He D worked with four years he's forty years. Then he started to shooting on that municipal buildings the afternoon and then he ended up getting fatally wounded and that shoot out with the police. One of the people that he did kill was his former boss and other long term city employees and a contractor as well. So they don't know. If any of the victims were targeted or how many may have been quite just as he was shooting indiscriminately, but they did finds who legally purchase forty five caliber pistols at the scene, is that what you want- but this is one of the important ok is. Why got to get to the root of things. Emotional iq is at an all time. Low and people don't know how to handle their issues without violence. Her people are hurting people and whereas was in pain, and I he data would go a redistributive pain or some other people you gotta, get it WWW dramas, people. I re well that Asia Front, page news on this Monday June. There it. Yes, Those are my uncle Michel that, yes, please signalled by the name of credit. Franklin,
frank- I am joining as MR positive energy himself right negative. I was as it into his new album and I like it. Did you cry adding cry beggar it does make. You feel joyous was inevitable it is called the long lived, long live love for going to be here next to talk about, it is to breakfast club hi, I'm larvae under camp and the host of the before podcast and the author of several time management books I most of them. Still. I hurt media newest podcast corner office in this show sure strategies for thriving in the new world of worth, one where the education and ours are more flexible than in the past whether you working at home for the first time as the world tries to slow the spread of a pandemic or you ve, been we commuting or running solo enterprise for years. The show is, for you, please strategies that have worked for me for people I admire and that come from listeners like you tackle everything from to do list to home office design strategic career decisions listener
that first cup of coffee- and I promise you something useful. My goal is to help you succeed in the modern workplace, where ideas matter more than ever, but shoes might be optional into the new corner office every week and the I hurt radio apple, podcast or wherever you your pride God annually by brother. Dj. Envy is not here with us, but we got another good brother in here right now. He have I'll call long lived, learn, never forget the name. It is album. Yeah no issue today, Haglund is here, ladies and gentlemen, has good? No, are you brother good use? They look ass young man, you ve egotism borderline. So when you say you almost vaguely presbyterian, not reputation
sure there have. The theory is, don't you see, may soon see how big it I'll show you how many nobody? Nobody can go about you? I gotta be my feet. I got your presentation was porn. Presbyterian, China, each anaemic, showed that I'm ready, coming from river diversely food on Sundays, primitive, none another is its adieu, maybe stake. You know maybe light once a month and anti, and some lean believe me about a site that I do you know like whitefish and chicken. Ok, well, congratulations on the new album. May that amount, if you're already what I love about listening to your music is, can like you know, people always had this idea in their hair. I do know that you listen to music. Thank you. Were you not growth? I gotta go
workers have come about as a German to it, though, I M thinking that, and congratulations on the media word nomination as work, you There are specific event: lead you to name now long live love course, of course, it is very obvious where we are and just a climate of culture, just the polarization and in even my christian brothers, even across the island and their lack of empathy for black and brown people can and and not being able to understand that they create of love is challenging us to be able to learn how to love people that are not always the most lovable, because where attempts not always the most level through, you say, read. It is lack of empathy right. I start thinking about old white male because I feel like they'll, never have empathy just because they so soon.
Can they ways like a lot of it? Is racism? Alot of is excellent news. He was going out. The abortion man he's yachting, historically treated us when asked when you say you were to get rid of it. He would know vs like they gotta die while is at what, while is adding to the mast head does have to and and even there were white man, you know that that were abolitionists dead, contributed to to the betterment of black and brown people at some point. But but at some point you write, it appears that if you are not asking the questions
engaging in a group of people that I'm not like you. You are not aware of what the systemic issues now cause and create and why people have their fail. He met their humanity of things like I was looking at how and conversion therapy and how their studies outlawed in some places, but I can't even believe Esta legal area and I think, is very embarrassing to think that we have to make people exactly the way the we think that they need to be able to do life with no one group of people will have to be monolithic. You know everybody the different views, even inside of different communities, but it's all about learning how to agree to disagree as steel, letting love led the narrow. When you say that right, like you, don't know that sound like Disneyworld, although it is true tat, might live you when you think about the Bible. Rana, look at Babylon got no doubt By telling you you know, you can read things marginal being gay than a bomb Asia and you can read on when he said. I think said: she's told him that the devil is the Father
fuckin, a jewelry was without doubt there doesn't give you have forty seven about. You have anti semitic stuff in the Bible, and it's like this Love, if those there's, no God and is not homophobic stuff in the Bible when it is, is dead, are men and women who have not initially been trained and to be able to execute scripture to be able to understand the totality of the text? Because if you are going to call one thing to send the Bible, you cannot eisegete that text and realize that pride jealousy envy
import. Well, DNS, o testimony in oh dear no aid at any sandy Little John Bacon driving is out on bail out it s, because this was your ogre s. Often how we could just get never went to this day is wicked bibles at all. All scriptures of god- and now it is in our group too, is God breathe, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah did the whole piece about it being logo spent so but but what we have to understand also is dead Canada script is still to come from a place of a loving god. God is not built to hate gay people, Bible is not a manual on how to hate gay people, and so, if we continue to keep isolating these individual things and make that the premise of what God isn't who got is went missing the step for the debts there's room at the cross for all of us and almost got something and to make your something bigger than my something
to miss how big the love and grace of God is in as it is. We are even if they like, two thousand, I kill any you that justify banning abortions within it. A bit like us. They like Alabama, do execution the very next day. Yet an engine of being adopted, look out of your notice but enough, but I was adopted without bore, but yet but a sixty four, your lady, about six for you and we drove our creed boy bananas, but I remember my biological mother who my doctor mother, trying to get some help to help her cuz. She was on fixed income and then the woman adopted me, and so she reached out to my biological mother because she knew her and try to get some help financially when looking up twelve thirteen years old- and you know we live in Them- As you know, why were you can hear every compensated? Go they no doors and our member Ma Biological the telling my adapted mother did. I don't want you did I wanted an abortion?
you won't, let me so. I lived with that abandonment issue. So, yes, I am a pro life person, but at the same time it would be hypocritical to net. Also tell you that when I was a teenager, I paid for an abortion and over three. So so so it would be hypocritical of me to not also say that I have also contributed to the conversation or to the issues will do the same thing that I heard that hurt me and his method of labour to apologize young lady us seven years ago, and it was a moment, whether they wanted just your decision was well, you know, is, I do think deaden in all dead man. Attempts in common in no way do yeah direction. Yeah man and you know- and I want to be real about that- guy pelayo- you could do it bearing on the air. Yet I know it's mine and I draw
You know who you know so you're even driving there. You know I contributed to it. You know my point, isn't that I am pro life, but I still believe that I do not have a right to force a woman to do anything with her body. The same way that I can afford some, to come to Jesus Christ. We are mobile curve, regular coming up next reference club was too well. They just want to show to Breakfast Club Charlemagne God annually. Kurt Franklin is here you gotta question: when did you forgive your biological mother from all behind our conversation, did you guys, if it's? How can you do forgive her point now begin into the water
while thanking all my way out is that is, I think, I'm still in that process in his arm, and you know I'll, let you just because, like I have a half sister book, that same Mama am I have system because of my mother's abandonment, it in a love. She really got on drug she's been over a decade and prison. She just got sent back to prison about a few months ago. So now you know my daughter, I may my sister is back in prison. You know just because we do not have these Mama's undiscovered, thus land and I've seen some some selfish things in my mother, even though I have relationship with that for me, if I can keep taken a kind of you know, one thing about growing up. If you do get a chest now gorge own heart, when you can sometimes you become
make them of everybody's foolishness, but when you get grown you said you know what I'm good enormous at tat hour, but I am even had to do with that when my biological father leisure, as I got a random call, telling me that this man, who I didn't know I hate it- was down a cancer. I need no one and, as a Christian I had to look at ok, I'm gonna responded is, and I got on a plane and when Daddy's Livin in projects Unum Sandy and and I haven't much in owen- he was his down there and end up, and I told him I said you know I hear that have you know so some albums and got a couple of wars, but I gotta let you know, because I did not have you as a father to tell me by value, I'm always the most secure man in a room, and you know he's in oh he and here he is dying, and I was hoping for that. This is us moment what he grabbed. My head upon. My forehead next is, and in of say, was shed tears in it, and then we break to tv commercials ignore the main
but that didn't happen. You know even he did not possess what I needed to be able to give me the type of we saw that I'll look, I've known closer on that leap. You know he just looked him. He said you know, I understand, Sir, that's all he could give me because we haven't, even though it is hurt. If you, even though it is mainly, though it is trauma you don't. You know not a love rest in peace to a sober, because he passed by what that today. But in the conversation he told me say, I've got three full at the key is aimed in a good added them, either alone or mirth commit them. He did it in a way that, like really rubs me wrong years ago, would like we got started like really blessed in my career of twenty six years old had a concert Houston because he lived in Houston and he shows up backstage with these little kids. It says that shall brother governess it had a brother. Oh, my as you know, will cover, though governance So you know is enough. For me that is good, and what did you do?
it better than I do, but I do pay for the future is all makes a glass or your uncensored absorbed, and you said, you'd biomed. Thank you said you never really felt enough still so now I give it your war. Would you mom, though you are, You wanted to have an abortion and your father wasn't dead. So how did you even get close to a place? If I guess we're Venus, I'm still working on it, and I think that whatever term you would use a success, it can exacerbate broken his in ITALY. What if you sell Megan albums and if you are broken person- and you do you- think, I'm making people like you but at a minimum of people like you, but when you're broken person looking for love and accept a you think, man they like me and then at the next happened, go go. You think that have just ass half a million people die, don't like minimal, so you always trying to do something to be light yard. I let you said you were nervous about this album and I was like,
I have great Kurt Franklin Nervous, I'm nervous about ever. Am I a bubble goods by rail online? You know, and I also know that was to monopoly like they used to in any John years of legal? Take a personal. You know I do fella people look at you and expects you to have like they have these high expectations of you as a person that no one could ever really live up to the idea of you because you're very honest about struggles that you have done and I feel like that takes a lot of courage because just people look at you, people automatically assume he supposed to be holier than Ireland in and is really one of the reasons why do it is is number one is a heel? Is our review and I come to table. You know with allowed the PTSD with anxiety issues with with depression, and so I like to talk about those he, because those things always tabooed at all.
When a dirty. Just in oh, you just pray everything away, barely visible to talk about. Mr I've been there because those eighteen years old, why a man I'll come a man may Wifey Winthrop, often of about four years. Ireland, marriage saved a marriage but had not been has been agreed with a broken frozen. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and I do think there s just to be very candid- and you know I am in love with the faith and professor, like I've, seen. Christ changed my life, and so I believe in it and I'm not talking about the white washed Christianity of Amerika. You know that think that it it only came up at the new transatlantic slave trade and colonialism. You know there were african Christians, we note to censure
we'll Constantine. You know in the substance of Africa, so I really believe that I didn't know got guard prevent it will create a bargain. Nope Christianity existed in the sub Saharan reports of Africa in Alexandria, two centuries before Constantine, while yes, Sir, yes Augustine as in Africa, but there has been a whitewashing of Christian in America Europe. Then it flows. Africa, applicants less Europe, but I do believe that because of the whitewashing of Christianity in America and is broken this when it when it comes to black and brown people is that there has been this rise of religion. That makes people think that you gotta be a certain way to lie. Like what a person their lives got to be in my job is to debunk all the that making a west is doing right now, and I said I love him, let them man he'll, let them music he'll. Let me If they one of you really paying attention, I mean his wonted of the first Jesus walks and was made a Jesus
I was mad at ease on like you'd, want what you can. Why did I ever met again turn your back and attitude. Never should have been much better combination, fatality, like the beautiful that he had to you for guidance when it comes to what it is that he's doing now already bring came mule man wigley, you know, is, I don't think a relationship that has to be for the ground you know is. I think that if I'm trying to be the man almost me to be, then I'm tryin to beat your on child with everything I got a book. I see the ugliness step with Christian, sometimes can portray. I mean you, don't go see the foolish. Listen and I and the things that people think about us, I hear it. I see it and I see how it see. We contribute terms, we, you there's some great great churches, great people, doing a thing, but there has been damage that we got to address and has been bear ricin his alma. We love our people, our black people, but there are people in our committee
they did. I come on. Man come on now. Maybe we ve come to avoid them he set out with time. I hear he's been glad we will correct all deserve a go down. We have the final word for the Christians that we're talking about the big who's that were damages good, that's, a beautiful and yet is a bureau Are we I'm all occur? Frequently we come back, but right now of getting the one is classic records. I some guy and yet this morning is stop was everything Angela gazed about was clever. We have on this Monday Cook Franklin in the building. National and you have a question for you approaching when it comes to be no being enough of certain provisions, but then people want to pull up stuff from ten years ago fifteen years ago. Unfounded. Say, then you might tweedy fine, but that on the farm at that, I'm fine we're talking about the broken parts of my life. I would talk about how I'm trying to grow. I'm trying to get right. I listen. I can impress you talkin about accomplishments,
but I can impact you talkin about my mistake. It s amazing. You says on the Gaza and we These are millennium leaving the church because we showed my scripture rational anymore scars, a man. People want to see the gospel before they read it and we ve got to do better when that's what I'm very grateful like as big as on all life enough for Europe's allowed symbolic become true, all come to the barn come through a job. You're not gonna, like that. You know like this. The breakfast Pinocchio need that word. We love you gotta, be a balanced action is righteousness, but yeah began. I gotta do it, though you do well. I got upon his feet when you got a platform, and you know it. Don't you, you got a platform on you, you got a big stick in media. You control the minds of the masses. Are you can't ask you what you can
Given the matter hijab ailments buying a willing, and so have we made it. Then we feel, like our audience needs at his death was tortured there. If people and culture confined the things that people are doing in the things that you see, that they don't have to do less make their big. Let's make that useless, celebrate become telling me. What are you gonna do in a war that if they make a mistake, dig castle and then what about when it comes around your time, and you must stay and everybody everybody arriving arrive aromatic as a donor, but against the turtle fall. But Dashwood growth is about following right. You are who you or is the by product of all of your lesson is correctly, love self, because you talk about arms sales and feeling, like you, didn't, sell a certain amount of now no valid their career? Franklin love himself like what gives you validation now true, validates much it's my keys and my wife, the because you know the indian pay to himself in a woman go stay. What you twenty three years! Time
She prior you and believe in you. If she don't than that at no twenty three as members in amendment no four twenty three months, maybe maybe rang. May I do a rat's early boy boy did I take her to live by damage. I miss a bipolar christian. You noticed and you know I just I didn't know How to do it. Like my wife, comes from a well, it's not a perfect family, but like my wife's daddy like me, he is triple og. I mean you know, I'm it just a loving man he married Tammy, Mamma and time is Mamma red hair in a like three kids and then you know and an end, and he was tank if his fork here and so when they got married, they had like seven case and he was at every one of the games. Just super dude, and so she came to the table a more healthy person ass. She taught me how to fly their dad about attack. You no limitation,
really dumpster. You love distorted here. May ten women for nine months she was pregnant. Stump was out. I was arrogant in a what you know, like this big medallion? I just you know. I always thought like a bunch of happy. I would think that the already hours- but you are only now here's the thing. I know what work well and not only that remember it wasn't got what you did for me. I was raised Bobby I made you know. Man must remain with kid fresh, so like don't you know like. I was feeling myself in one night one night, because the family was moving back to Texas and it came down to sister Christmas and it was a house that I bought when my career took off. So when I first got married already had my own crib and remember, I was raised as a no,
Kyle, so I had a ladder only child syndrome. You know that my real dang and get my toys writer figures so one night with the house full of people, sleep about sleep and May Tammy Canna got into it she's pregnant right, and I was like act in a fool when my wife she gets up. At two o clock in the morning. If you stores yellin five daddy joy, nerdy, daddy daddy, as you said, and as you said, I talked him. If you talk to me now term is dated. He's right? Waste taboos momentarily would like what is gone, oh yeah, and so I'm gonna book now I'm pissed at her life
and then I go in my house, you know, and so I'm going off, Tammy's mom and daddy to some in the morning grab me and Tammy's hands and they both got on their knees and just started. Her daddy just started, praying I'm not going to let you come and get these kids Satan in the name of Jesus going to be blessed in this out I mean it started: rebuking YO man, my wife. I am so sorry for doing that to you disrespecting you like that you're home, and I was like what I saw that, right. I wanna be that can make good I've. Never seen that you know you know people love each other. What was re? You fight a budget. You got. Oh, do you understand? You would want your door, The call for you too, as you that if we do not doubt it all down right right now, did because I'm little don't don't don't mean that you will do the same thing
on little, but I put Paul how brave of only eight and nobody will when you build a visual republic memorable my hand on you, know man what the last summer, you know you know some people try to me, you know a low twisted about that. I needed to give him my daddy some money and needed to bring up, and you know what I was like you'll know me like tat the jaw actually given alone obligation. Um, I get an altercations very often Quick temper and I'm workin on you haven't, got a little man center. I got a little order, though a great my heel and aid cannot mean slap can be here when I put Hansel people and so my, but I'm there I can vent quicker yeah and I'm workin on we, yet we are why'd you up here, a western those path.
You dig it out. You know you question, may I will hogarth kindred? You call me a thrilling, don't you ever questioning God now what loving Father would turn away dug a question from the children near dock work already reality of every time something misfit any type of Miss Brayton happen. You automatically just accepted it as God's will, There are not enough, that's the thing would, at least that is exactly what I'll be. My pointed I'm like, I think, sometimes think that just the absence of God like somebody is submitting. They will to the devil, in all things, I wasn't even going right now blow your brains out. I don't think that was God's will, for you wow wow wow. You know that's some deep water, but because when you talk about the sovereignty of God and and and why God allows bad things to happen to good people is, I don't always know why and I'm not going to take away the pain and anguish to people go through when I'm
lose her child is. I don't think that there is a time to talk about, will ever needed. Another register, most ignorant thing. I never know what they are yet you know button. You know what I've learned and what I don't know doesn't castle at what I do know. We live in the now. We don't know what will be revealed as ten twenty thirty years from now why this happened? Why that happened at how all things working together for good, because we live in two thousand. Nineteen that is true of God is already in two thousand ninety in some saying it wouldn't know how the a t and will be the beautiful platform for something else laid on. We don't know, but while we here, we are to weep with those that we rejoice with those original DES Moines with those that mourn the title in New album long live love. Just because that's why? I'm so big on the mental health thing cuz, I feel like
don't love you man, bro! I've been so proud. Well, a proud of all your man just watching y'all. You know I'm so proud, because I seen Mitch Mitchell that protect my family. I seen mental health people try to shout it away, try to speak in tongue, get away, and you are body and soul and soul to be able to minister to the whole man, The right thing to do is what the very proud of young men, and now you long live, love, there's gotta, Lugano love each other, more beatitude prattle, our brothers. We you. Don't we appreciate? Yes, yes, yes, congratulations on your kids, and see where we always appreciate you come in through the gardens. Long live loves right now is carved fragmented breakfast club become law, baby radio attack maybe get oh yeah Jesus Christ, the one Moldavia monitoring and he's gonna Charlemagne naturally we are all reports coming up. I have now do it on him up,
really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where Ellen Degenerous, when I'm my next guess, needs no introduction that David Letterman's Netflix theories. This was on Friday, as he talks about, relationship with her mom and also her moms husband, who was her stepfather, here's what he had to say about being sexually assaulted. He convinced me that he needs to feel my breast and then he tries to do it again, another time and then another time he tries. Break my door down and- and I kept the window out and ran because I knew it was gonna, go more. I didn't tell him mother, because I was protecting her and I knew that that that would ruin her happiness and she was happy with them.
Even though he was a horrible man and I should have. I should never have protected her. I should have protected myself and I didn't tell her for a few years and then I told her and then she didn't believe me and then she stayed with them for eighteen more years. Just so said, she was only fifteen or sixteen when this was happening. Linwood elitism, our sixties and she just telling us or right aunties alluded to it before, but she's. Never its hold those details about it and she's telling those eat. Does now just because other women go through these things. Young girls go through these things, so she's, hoping by giving this information as seeing other people speaking out, right now and a lot of victims. It I believe she said we don't just make stuff up and I'm not even just wouldn't know well meaning for her for her own personal Healy generally hill in the UK. Would your reviewer disgusting that that happened to her now her mom has spoken out. Betty Degenerous she said. I know now that one of the hardest things to do with speak up after being sexually abused. I love my door
and I wish I had the capacity to listen to her when she told me what happened. I live with that regret and I wouldn't want that for any other parent. If someone in your life has the courage to speak out, please believe them. So that's her moms Rio statement that she gave to NBC News our right now. Talk about Jesse smile at you know. There's these new documents that have been released, that so everything that was get going on in that case and how the charges were dropped in Oliver. Now? There's some new documents that have never before been seen, are reported and those documents show that there was a witness that people didn't even know about a security guard from the Sheraton Hotel directly across from Jesse Small Apartment, and he gave us statement saying that he saw three men getting away, including one white man was a kind of back up a jetty smaller had to say about. There was a white person, he saw the white around in the cut out face mass that he had on and also other information such as justice. My had reported to the
our men of his building. He gave a statement as soon as he walked in and the doorman gave a statement saying that Jesse smaller did say I just got jumped and that he did have wounds and cuts on his face. But please, before that had been saying that Jesse Smollett entered and did not report what happened to him or anything just pass the doorman, so there's some new information. That's coming out in these documents. Now that had it been reported before, disable. Nobody cares ship airship resale right because, because the correction, The truth is never going to be is entertaining at their first headline. Was What everybody go run with death was stuck in everybody brand. Then, if I get there was that women who was a neighbor who saw a white man where the attack near where the attack happened, smoking a say right with a rope hanging from his coat. So that's in there too, so maybe there more to this than luxuries. Not so you believe Jesse neurons essay like. Why did they please not report? This other witnessed a security guard from this area and said he saw a white man among now. This is the first time that is ever been reported. No
or this door before two guys in an aside Jesse's apartments more than a cigarette. Now this was a security got across the street from the Sheraton. This witness has never before been reported it in this way. Their lawyers in, even though you know about the reviewed, my life would distort anymore you and if their man, you gotta, think it affected his life so much I can't even get work now so thing that could exonerate him or they definitely made it seem like you. At this whole thing and has self inflicted wounds final. Did you made it up? I'm saying that there is a possibility that maybe is more to it than we know I write em Angela YE, and that is your room. A report and yeah right now. You know what time it is it's time for that donkey of the day Charlemagne where you, given that donkey two guards or young men from Florida an arm. Situation you you know I formally and before you got to actually do to do the guy busted off Yannick Olive in his face right. Ok enough that,
who talk about if we're, after that, higher facet donkey did not talk until I get a flawed draw. I want to Florida man intro why the floor remain, enjoy their guys, it's not in us round which are come on now. We only do this every two or three times a week. I hit the regular droning Goddammit Emerson up my by one of Monday is disgusting style camera bag you ready, yeah, that biogas bite you Don T devil dodgy of the day for my day job there go to it.
Through your floor domain name address should note on the Lama Florida Intro for Doggie in India, but whatever not. What did you? gosh I'll, always tell you about Florida, the creative He will in America come from abroad and all the flawed ok argue monkeys, though, because the only people dispute and the crazy that exist in Florida is people from Florida. Our icy also crazy. The greatest having a flawed in a little while to the rest of us had become known. More too young, and I am shocked that it had become normal to me, because this day I still fire Florida crazy. Ok, I mean a normal everyday things that happen everywhere out become crazy, a fly. Ok, a show of hands in IRAN who idea participated in any kind of foreplay is weakened. I'm the only around me one Eddie, guided Hannah Nick Let me draw drunk out. Is there that we could not nick but if they are only present with engaging in sexual activity to proceed in a court this week in my God, made either Mary ones, and here we don't want this. It may gave me ok
what what do our listening audience audiences now from Florida, raise your hand if you can hear my voice and formulate as we can. Ok, I'm gonna see now on the table. I'm always down to learn some new tricks in the bedroom. If it's some new techniques, I can bring in great if I can find something to spice things up. I'm with that. I not to mention, I take full play, Barry Seal, because can my age foreplay last long and insects nowadays and everyone is sure to get the Finnish we came. For a right, but there's four play and the nearest flow play are rife way and what happens in Florida before sex? And you you, you said: did you in a situation where ok A man busted off during foreplay uranium has any was so disappointed at himself. It was either their disappoint me and then it had his chin and some of his face kazoo shot up. Ok, That is a point of inland you doing formulae and he just fires off before you get the penetration. Ok, he just left around of your, even get the what the fourthly was
Sweden too. We have exactly, happened Andrew, but it wasn't feeling that was boss, let's go to them early embassy, eight foot republish shot during sex tonight about You go. Man is facing manslaughter charges accused of accidentally shooting a woman during a sexual encounter. It appears this was a fatal case of foreplay twenty three, old, Andrew Charleston, Alt fantasy has cost him his freedom he and make them were engaging in against. You could call it a form of gun play. It was sexual excitement for them, using the guide to rob it on one another with their finger on the trigger investigators. Tell us Others were in the house at the time and heard the gun go off they can. Nine one one! When deputies arrived, she was very upset about what happened and explain that he and the woman knew the gun was. Loaded but thought the safety was on all the evidence.
Clearly showed that this man did not mean to shoot this victim. Aromatics rush, the victim to the hospital where doctors pronounced her dead and deputies Orkut lay holding, should alter the Hillsboro County jail on a fifty thousand dollar bond, Floriano demo sex those would have. Vibrated, in handcuffs and by plugs. Okay, I M up my brothers I think my brother's Vigo Bus offshore foreplay does not how you do it. This will load the war met when you say if I find her This is what happens when you get in some fellatio and you got your file on you. Ok, this for we're gonna play, will clearly globally and Gwynplaine floated the same thing. The only thing that can make this story better. If the flawed a man in this story was actually the good brother gun play. Ok, I have nothing else to say about this situation. Got some doggie David. You saw himself, I really will have to explain your white is to right. Do I now? Ok, please give Andrew should not the biggest here,
Jesus Christ floor, situated. Never ceases to amaze me. Never ever is really sad, though you don't in the evening, aiding their sex. Ok, What we do in exile well on our package since we're talkin about sex in relation to this, is a different type of twisting lips. As we had Cadena Devout Alice, you know the elephants, and they're married couple. They ve been together a long time since they were back in college and apparently he has certain views on sex and why men sheets, when they long term relationships, here's what he said. You know how hard it is for me to try to be monogamous to a woman and then, when he's ready to have sex the woman accolade, be they she's bother him, especially when you, in relation for a long time, there's a lot of women who does dynamic as you have sex again, as I go, I'm trying to be everything to you and only give you This is what I need, and then you act like a bother anyone you have such a fire taking.
So now we have lacked saying we have you don't wanna have setting. You expect me to live do you know I can't keep saying onawandah bother, so let me to school, try to get it. Then you get caught now. He too bad, First of all, blackening, don't you are right? Who is this age? that is trying to bring down the black man. I know a way to forms of plant when I hear one who is this man, Britain, Devout Ellis from Social media Youtube's your theories in a package of her dead, ass, nope. Ok, no he's a form. And if our player not norm, dont claimed by black men don't cheap, but it's interesting as we have. This conversation one of the girls in the pact disease like leg whenever my man was to have sex, even if a man the thoroughly in the mood. I will do it right, but that and give a man to me did you may that we will no doubt on anyway, but that doesn't give a man a right?
see, but I can understand how some members feel like. Ok, I want to have sex. Sometimes we dont think up sexually one person, you d like to have sex more than the other person, so does that mean a man is kind of like I don't have. The word is justified or might be more prone to go out. He just because he's not having facts at home. What do you do in that situation, I've been in the roman border regions out, although blackmail dodgy as drown in states where we're going to as EU level like one of five one so you are some people- have had this issue where you want to have sex more than your partner wants to. What are you doing up? It does not want to have sex disgusted Club Breakfast Club. What's happened to Breakfast Club am Angela YE. Their Charlemagne was happening. The end is not here today, but right now we are talking about what happened on the service, about Ellison Caudine Ellis were on an
Mary couple, and they were talking about? What do you do when your wife doesn't want, have sex as much as you do here, He said you know how hard it is for a man to try to be monogamist to a woman and then, when he's ready to have sex, the woman act, like he's been she's, bother him especially when you, in relation for a long time this Women who just dynamic as you have sex again as I go, I'm trying to be everything to you and only give you. This is what I need, and then you act like a bother anyone you have such as I fired taking. So now we have I'm saying we ask you don't want to have faith in. You expect me to live. Do you know I can't keep saying that want to bother. So let me just go: try to get it. They get caught now now he's a bad guy right. So we went to get your emperor input. What do you think about those comments? Less? to read me back. We talk about it. Ok, I bet you said black men don't season, in that light, men don't cheat, and I want to tell me with them, and they will now at last of our elysium you to stop letting Satan use you Dispread, those live like data,
it's all, but I can have a hypothetical conversation above. Ok, I write No those aren't in the Bible. That's not what marriage is about. If you want me, doesn't want to have sex, go, read a book. Go meditate, go create something go workout go, do something productive, there's, nothing I got the new sex you get when you, and done, they want to do it and that's what he said Let me give you two right: the guardian cheat, nor have they give me two thought no want to guide the agency does not in my press. They have not, in my thought, process number one, because black men don't eat all right. A number two is black men? Don't I just wanna, get rid of blackmail. Does gonna get the guy's him advise that there too sometimes yards as roll over and that which is supposed to have sex and don't want to do any foreplay or any being and we're not in the mood of kind of your responsible Eddie as well. I understand that sometimes you want to have sex and sometimes we I am vice versa. Bet you now you can try to get. Somebody can try to do other things. It doesn't always have to be sacks by. Sometimes it can lead to sex so make some effort to do some things that we silly by get turned on nothing better than when you're a woman is on the move.
Women is horny. Ok, if just pull it out and take responsibility. Ok, let's, That is why that's not all women work. Well, let's had to read with a bribe. What do you think you're strew up made? Absolutely do you know what would your merit our bread blackmail, read out that one of the hardest thing you got a deal with now check this homage offers data for his God bought three miles off was seven days out of one month. He didn't do. Let us obviously you watch of their work. What are you gonna be certain that just my poor, so you think of a women as a period than you see tee. No, I just that we need more than one woman for that period. Point He knows tat none but assented someone telling out his four years. Charlemagne Charlemagne carried out YO, you know somebody you lost not already bought your book. You talk about you bout would cheat black men. Don't see why you break it up. All me probably go on from left to right up the role of Moscow foundry baby will make sense so red you darling
Where are you and I am committed relationship now? The old ass well say: Mary Ann! That's what about hardest things you have to deal with ever met I can provide. I can take care of my kid like you do all that it is possible to get your ass back there Just like you, what is probably get your little gotta go. Now is not a failure as having an gets myself that society get. My nails done to. Thank you less out to a man who put you up. There were seven land all the work you have all taken nails and specialised. What's up Amanda, are you I'm a guy? How are you? What do you think about these comments about a woman doesn't want to have sex with her man than is? If he that's my men she well, I guess I was a level standard. I was saying
you know I'm a woman, an arm in the habits of the vis and I'm the one with the heretics tribe of our man doesn't always one aspect, but what we do with gray, but he only wants to live what the we enact irritating so, but that other give me and if you put it on a boat I had to let my bow are now dead does happen. Strain on the relationship that you want to have sex more than he does yeah. It does sometimes but I'll talk to him about it. Sometime It is not yet more money. That a lot of ok, that I think it is useful, go eat item. You know that you do not want to be with a mighty about a few feet on a man or woman Slovenia at all, our group does not wish to have not within devout. Then I know hey of things they work or not. I can go cheat array less tattoo Stacy. What asked Stacy we're. Please I'm a devout Alice, his comments from lip service and he was talking about his wife- doesn't always want to have sex, and that can lead to cheat
What do you think about that? Like I said, you know that they have a field day. Would therefore, because a woman can do that, make an excuse themselves out of everything but child. If a London said that a man, what do they know me there for them? You know all the time, and so I went to found somebody who was there must now be there's no way to tell us why not You yourself, if you're, not gonna, be more gonna, be loyal to say: hey, hey, hey! You workin yourself up over I believe that it was a joy Nana Satellite Mean Don T want to buy up at last that deal with that situation and a ban at that relay! Where do you come up with this idea? Sides about men, more black men? Don't devout, allow black men don't cheat lab? And when you less a news, you ok, when I decided I would if I went callers up, let us know what you think about it. I allus his comments on debt servicing seating, because your wife doesn't want to give you any more
play one hundred and five. Eighty five thousand one hundred and five when it is the breakfast club- and we are here- I'm Angela- gave that Charlemagne Dj Envy's, not here today and we're talkin about cheating as about Ellis, was on lip service and said this about having seated in the past and why you know how hard it is for a man to try to be monogamous to a woman and then, when he's ready to have sex the woman act like he's been she's bother him. Especially when you in relation for a long time. A lot of women who just dynamic as you have sex again as I go, I'm trying to be everything to you and only give you This is what I need, and then you act like a bother anyone you have such a fire. Taking. So now we have lacked saying we have you don't want to have faith in. You expect me to live Do you know? I can't keep saying it's want to bother, so let me just go. Try to get it. Did he get caught now
The bad guys are really needed. Was laden. Leaden Satan use him with those comment, because black men do not cheap available. I see what you guys have to say less tattoo J where's that J here. What do you think about words about Alice, had to say about cheating? I feel like if a woman doesn't want to have sex all the time that doesn't justify the man going to cheat. But I understand understandable because man, you know the door, they failed or whatever, but you get tired of Darnay and that the Byron and on the embassy looking, Freddy part about that is like ass, not a justification simply because that's not gonna hold up a no go. It alone. You can't say she didn't want to sleep. These are. When I didn't ask somebody else who now even broke your vows violated your vows just because she wouldn't sleep with you that there was a justifiable, but it is understandable.
I think I'll go in peace and that you can see why a happy and calling it ok. I wouldn't call it understandable, because you have to think about. You got a plan. All we did it in which certain things like they're right, she's not going to stand at Eton still Finally, the are getting a divorce lodging. Have you ever seen it? For that reason, I ever You know I do your best whereby there could black men Don T you re about ever deeper and how you define cheating is slowly. I beg for you. I believe, were you you want to try to hire. Someone came black made, no cheese, Malaysia high less about these comments by Devout Ellis about why men she, because in our getting sexier home, ok well, I was curious to know if all members are complaining about Nigeria. Search for no women are creating an environment. Where cyclists desirable obvious, though many factors are going to want to her sexual to partner.
Are they creating the environment where their women want? Because if that is true summer, you do that day is built like AIDS, Andrew S, Junior and you're, not Valuator, but a world. Finally desirable and how are they ask for, is therefore they involve. Did I say may get in a mood. Why are you getting at? who does over inside is thinking about it. There's one up a result: right, you're right, I'm a guy agree with you. I d lets us at the edge allow us at the angelic. You said you bend through this big data whom our! So? What are you Do you want it to have sex and she didn't Britain They therefore may you any of these. Were here like China made by men dodgy make a phone call, you say: do I make a bargain
I know a lot about. You know a beggar my bit by bit. That's right! The analogy I dare say you were closed, its eating crowd because our girl or get a barber, what a lot of women a temptation. Every day that don't mean they want you live namely the judge. I don't know why lady do not work would have goods away. So I've been thinking about you, but maybe he's got ready to start somewhere about it or vague about a yellow, was delighted watch by data. They download even matter legal, that only by why Nazarite maybe better- and you know what else black men. Don't you I wanted they out, even though we have a conversation with a bill at Berlin I'm a bad idea. Billy you go about rejects. There is excellent,
by the way you because men got friends our egos fragile, marrying, always real, elaborate ego. Amidst all I did we made away what did devolve that establishes a union that is the back. This cut back up while in any given year doesn't what you think about men, cheating, because they are girl, this significant other Why put here? Man won't have sex with their own stories. Dublin seen use you and black men naughty naughty Guerrero, revoke eminent. Yes, we are going to talk about came quite as soon as you try to get people to how bout convicted fell. Ends and one person that she's trying to help as a convicted murderers cabin Cooper will give you the details on Why do you think these innocent? But why other people believe that he is guilty? Yes, all that more. We come back
he's got the breakfast club gas report. The club report was glad about this. How do we were talking about land they allow. Yes, I congratulated the last year the new recurring roll on these six episode. Semi jannissaries be age. Nine or to an hour Beverly has now to windows. I should be plain to wipe original Beverly. How then, or to one o coastal Brian ICE in Greece as she's, the first one who is not an official The alarm from the original now two went out to join the cat, the news here I'll just what the hell is low level door, normal domino the entire that makes them drop. Articles above, allow leezie everybody's having a bad to rake in his new jack right. Did you know that jet was free of rigid? It will appear
Lee, he ended up getting that jet air Drake from Canada based airline that made it cargo dead. They believe that a more than paper itself and publicity because it drink, absolutely offering better prepared to pay for the gas in I'm saying Ali evened out at the end of the day, I a big Avellino, listen dynamic! That area Why do they remained? I was two hundred million dialogue the two hundred million that we have all witnessed one eighty doubly resist it, park is named. I whereby now you're, not a wooden arrived candy where's has launched a talent, incubator, he's gonna, how about emerging designers have been providing financial assistance and mentorship to abiding talent and fashion. And his eyes so one person's already gotten that Grant Chicago Foreign Parsons Graduate Maisie Schloss. She was part of
YE women's where design team congratulations, Macy's, and since we are talking about the cadets Yanza suck about Kim Kardashian. Now we ve seen these pictures of her with convicted murderers, having Cooper she's on a mission to help him out and according to one of the VIC, the alleged victims are, I guess you could say, victims, one, a cabin coopers. The mom Mary Ann Hughes is saying that she is disgusted with Kim Kardashian, actually helping out Kevin but now I her eleven year old Son, Christopher, was sleeping over at a neighbours home and China has California. This is back in eighteen, eighty three, when he was murdered now Kevin Cuba was convicted of using a hatchet to slay. His neighbors does Peggy Ryan, their daughter, of her and the eight year old son survived the attack. She thing that there is a pile of evidence against cabin Cooper that it's impossible for you to think that evidence was planted. She says, he's one hundred percent guilty and the evidence.
Shows it. There's a ninety four page document on the website of the San Bernardino Counties, yea Scipios, I Kim Kardashian, hasn't even That document she says she portrays herself as being for women's rights for the women's movement, and yet he is supporting a rapists and a murderer heard your own. I thought you said that his mother was against the help from can now the mother had one of the victim totally understand. Yes, who was slain Armani? She wants to see a major over as possible. Is that he is guilty, throw a meaningless. The evidence is eyes is overwhelming. I'm sure she's read those people that the Ep Heyward Wangwana, we have now Marianne says in not even reach out to them. She said I would not even want to talk to her. My opinion of her is about that was a goes because it but she's putting my family through dragging through the press on a non starter, I thought you were gonna get a muffled drug George. Now now now she's been too out speaking with him and Kim Kardashian as he wants to see what you can. The clear his name beyond new dna testing. So they said the meeting went so well. The whole thing ended in a group hug he was come. Convicted
committing for heinous murders and he's always said that he is innocent gravity, ignored their case and sure he's always been very local about saying that he was in a saint and getting some additional dna testing and it said he could get his conviction thrown out by showing a significant area and his trial, but he also wants to prove that he's innocent. It's been thirty. Six years he's been awaiting death, our right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report us right now at nine o clock. We do this every morning the call to people's choice on the web, he was always makes nobody, Tuesday, on what envy initiated DJ envy choice makes a right is no peace will involved in choosing of any eighty songs, neither malaria and give you fundamental yadda call for requested thou be alive. I went out into the nexus adding any abandoning these very sensitive. So no mixed thinking to slide things and Amy. You can shut up
right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report by revolver. Yes, you have to remain as a body revoke Jolly Binny in two weeks later next vacation. What's up? Is the breakfast club, I'm Angela YE that Charlemagne DJ envies now here today, but he'll be back tomorrow? Lily, yes ochre, but we will of course think card frankly for coming through enjoining at this morning. Long live love will to curb for examining gave us a lot of information. I didn't know about him. A big big Kurd for agreed is gonna each buried under walk around trying to be perfect? You know them save you just do you just a work in progress like we all, also salute covering and is able to talk about other issues that he's dealing with that we are dealing with is ordinary people by sometimes we look at me like a Curt Franklin and think he's perfecting the butter, and we ought to have these struggles. Then people got it all together and they don't on securities, but his album is out now, so you guys may show you check that out. Insecurities ever go away to hammering as you get.
De I gonna have no insecurities. Aren't you going to care about? You know that yeah, don't actually embrace it. Like I love being Oji really do will fade Albania. Hairs. Does turn and gray light. Listen. I know I'm not here. I live for ever got graze in my bare legged have what it is like, but it has different. Sometimes you looking you like, oh now, that you know you know why, because we always look at your turn into the alternative. To not aging is death is so many brother, says is that of the young and didn't even get a chance to grow, to be forty, something a roadmap for these sums exam. I am happy to be here. I want to live a long old, prosperous life and in this house, are these differences me to be able to stay up all night coming straight to work part time, party on that anymore. I'm is that, although I do not even a promise, Yom is that I can do that every now and then that you know it is the truth there. Sometimes you you do go through changes in its different. Is that their mom, I feel like them
I can't lose weight as fast as I used to, but I eat now and it's not as easy. I can't eat other things I used to eat and in any way. Well, if you're worried about gaining way does look no further than Andrew Ease Julia, I ride the new mexican heavyweight maybe not a world baby. I know we come back. We got the positive. No coming is to breakfast club clubs, May God, Angela YE, ask that you ve done for today, as re Emmy, we'll be back tomorrow to take care of saying to phone number. Yes, as always, go up Now. The positive note is no. Let live discourage you, everyone, where he is had to begin where he will, or she yes, very true,
private visit Ogden. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update Daily Podcast, bring you the latest on what you know about the global pandemic. We are facing there's a lot of information going around about a virus spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy is more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye, hard, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your pod cast in of an ad today. We wanted to talk a little bit about how can all be alone together during the uncertainty and upheaval of the covered nineteen pandemic, because even though, were physically part right now. We're all in this together and we humans are by logically wired to seek each other out when we're stressed so finding ways to
with family and friends. Can really help them and you manage your health, mental and physical. You can schedule all kinds of activities by a phone, video or chat, dinners or dance parties or put clubs online games like werewolf fur words with friends watching shows or movies at the same time and sharing reactions by a phone or an app like Netflix Party taken online ass together or watch a video tutorial sheriff. Work out or a cooking demonstration or craft project or a virtual museum toward together watch live stream or create one yourself check out the hash. Had alone together for more ways. We can all take care of ourselves and each other
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