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Mac Miller's New Drug Habit is Grande


THU 9/22 - Mac Miller stops by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new album, "The Divine Feminine", his sobriety, his outspokenness on social injustices and the love he has for his new drug of choice: Miss Ariana Grande! Speaking of sobriety, someone check on Don King...he just said the N-word in church...while introducing Donald Trump. Cue up the hee-haw please.

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I love you more than ready to set out some of the most prominent when you were a little more bluntly. Drama was young people's choice, people whose busier good morning, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning, Angela YE, ladies and gentlemen, a guy who's did a planet is less Thursday. We get efficiently thoughts. Now, absolutely you dont know Iheart Radio, music festival. We can draw on a cool bomb, led them. That's right, so many different artist performing from us to drain to new to Brittany Speed will be honest with you. What
we can do without the Brittany Spears thing. You know like Britney's beer, that I believe will capture pussies Britney's pay thing on us and they need to start like we don't pussy air on em. So why are they can drawn up? Was Brittany on out of the Pope Pair Sierra Britney's, I'll catch? You know what you're right. Ok he's been doing a great job, out in Vegas legacy of the thing for her. That's too pleased with what Vegas that's good, that's a nice low novelty. Everybody? They came out to our juice by ITALY. An eye opener produce bar abruptly. There was a lot of people are stopped, really appreciate. Everybody through. Would you show some local support? We thank you guys. Yes, it was day one. Yesterday I was running around a lot. China get a letter last minute things Mama Bear showed up, they were drinking, they were drinking Joseph Giusto Catania juice. Now my parents are actually from that neighbourhood in Brooklyn, so they knew everything about the neighborhood. They knew somebody people I came in here, so they were pretty excited about coins from cohesion affairs.
Then a neighbour, and it seems like every change alive when it's all enabled she would like to show you open idiotic miles? We should got this. You may notice. Is nice and each other models came to the cave. Lastly, decay gentleman's club in per se ignore nor Patterson Josie Pye is happening here as he has achieved. The venetian yesterday actually hosted a screening. I was living, whether maybe yes, it was a great movie. I would drop monocle bugbear financial made. My friend angrier impairs. Everybody in a movie data was right tat. My friend anger was like this is too much to stand with egg, whereas this is too much several jailer deal with their own enough. Of course, she said that she cried like a second owl was great. For us, our we need you know of torture and eyes and whip in Athens dubbed the second. We seek redemption and revenge and knowledge why people get killed
now why people guy slaveowners Guy killed, but then they were hundred hundred modernity, hundreds and hundreds of a movie. This is what he said in a movie. It said sixty slaveowners families, Similarly, with families were killed in an it says, they were hundreds, though, of black people that were killed slave. They were killed and why they, with China, imagine if any prison whether they were free, whether you actually they were now is very difficult to. I saw those on both revision of the great really. What is its light in comparison, the books that you read about maternal, I not going kill children member an acute women Augmented didn't play. You wasn't lying me. Miasm resonate with this that way Charlemagne seen it scene. It equally wasn't talkin to white people for three days. You feel the same way These are crazy, so and couple things happen. First, right before the screening started, one of my friends, one of my friends into go, get popcorn city to wag. I said to come and take the seats. Are they gonna? U, cancer, there. They are
I want them to sit next to me right now anyway, so use ordinary people, s Sometimes in time was leaving, there are use and of protests. I was leaving their allowed a protest that were happening in times square. Also decided. You see a lot of people processing the cops they industry. They was cops of capture the coup, clubs, clan and all that, but they saw a lot more. Why people marching vocal, then blagden action. I would allow lines and having emulous be cleared, the movie is going to bring out a lot of different emotions in you, and you may know when it's all the waiting for a few days, but guess what, when I saw you Has anyone going away? Ok I got on my MAC appear that largely art does all night meal and ELM street. I want to sleep for shooting those gay does. What does movie does those I mean, I think we can all agree that we ve. We know the horror stories of what had of slavery, covering slavery, but it is still difficult, no matter where to which each individual story play out on the screen, but it is also feels good to watch NED turn a b, a real live hungry hero. So let me I think we should look back on this level is a bad that we have.
Guy journalists is more now stood. Sixty ok acknowledge. Joining us is how we don't want to go beyond measure would have my God, my god, you didn't want to stop the way before a couple days of the asian two months ago. It is Eu Leslie, now consultancy, this screening, What does it even if we combine, which only I want to know where my computer clean as we need to talk about? Why we're getting too? let em oil and we gotta from here right now. This is the weekends new song, as we are demanding that as yet no more dreads, it has like a gun, be he said after a man, so many blood you bloody again jail matter Reserve would have really it s called star boy is feature daft, Punk Anna S, breakfast on promoting the breakfast club. I lost him. You know, lobbies now. Is he saying I'm a formal, starved? Ah boy, yes, Ok, if you Mr Des weakens Nijio, I'm gonna get on every hour, so you get ahead at again, but right now asking so front page news. Now it there
football that relate the Texans, plays the patriots similar when the night with a third group. Back everybody on that team need to be tested for performance enhancing drugs, and we need to see if they're still doing spygate, because something is not right. Okay, that is like one of the greatest I'm not Will they depend on the delegation of consistent franchises, no matter where absolutely believe what what ails you know right away to wind of they went and they would urge green quarterback. We need to check them of Formats Indra Agri. If this is achieved in some way, shape or form. Now, a sudden. What's going on is surely yes, there has been yet more approach has for a second night and some of these processes, Where is the very angry and violence as they took to the streets they now have caused in the National Guard they did arrive yesterday, following that involves an unwell, keep a man's got. Some people are saying he was unarmed,
putting two witnesses, please are saying that he was armed and that he ignored comments to drop his weapon. Other witnesses are saying that he had a book in his hand. He had seven children so that even the Bank of America, which his headquarters in Charlotte, they told employees to stay home yesterday due to the ongoing unrest. Now these, what they are saying and Charlotte is- You using basically stay home. I understand concerns and I understand frustration and anger, but I will never respect Violent, no, you don't understand frustration in anger relating to the governor of the governor of the frustration and anger at it, and you know what what else would he expect? What else in America expect at this point? Like honestly, don't you think people are outdated points? you can be a little more of this happens all throughout the country. Booed maritime one of these situations have food. What? What did you expect this y know? he's trying to do anything. Nobody went about live you grievances. When it comes to these in what we can see unjust murders. So what did it?
but you were software Moxa birds, yes, Mark Zuckerberg and has a pediatrician. Why Priscilla ten airlines and effort? I plan to spend three billion dollars over the next decade and that is secure diseases. Now Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his remarks. He said today. This board kinds of diseases caused a majority of debts. We can make progress in all of them with the right technology was on his facebook post throughout history, most scientific breakthroughs, been preceded by the invention of new tools to help us see problems in new ways like a telescope, the microscope in dna sequencing, It's not hard to imagine the modern tools required to accelerate breakthroughs, and today's bore major disease area. Four major disease. Tanzania's point may judge major what else where they went to detect any type of infectious diseases and bloodstream monitors they catch those diseases. So I would say top three diseases: cancer, racism. HIV in. If that's, what you think
Don't worry, I don T want to secure immediately token. Megan calves in racism for us, the data. We need a filter front page news. Tell tell him what you mad eight hundred five, eight five one thousand five one of your of such need even call us right now. Maybe somebody piss you off We had a bad night or bad morning. Whatever may be, maybe somebody wiped your whole computer clean and now you can log into anything you known as an endless variety of your password and when we actually love it's all computer this morning, Osama new aim, you laugh logged into our computer, real, no money, and we all know why me with any one shall very laptops today we are leaving it, but you just saw the man s last night was she feel in awake, ok, Amy and admitted I keep my area clean and need. Every day there was garbage everywhere over here regional begin went onto another watch logic figure laptops is put in office for simple steadily. My laptop its Armenia is too distant hp. A bag of any remind evangelist. Look. We are facing
yeah, let's face on your laptop on those going back, Zella Matt, eight hundred five hundred and five one and fifty one call us up right. Now is the breakfast locomotion, the breakfast club, hey. I got a younger body, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Matter ass. They mass the angry as the aid it has been resolved and why you man was bloodless, gulp loaded down with a third, the Delaware. You married not bad at all it is raised, is both a man. It's a joke ban it. We're inside ever need to get along. I see it every day, did get a move on and get along narrative gonna be a ban on that. I mean it is a lot of us getting along man, but you know you can ignore those of us who aren't you can ignore this thing called racism. Ethelred is ugly aid in our society deadly racism, but there also we gotta the fix up took as we are for ourselves up to allow this. Everyone
mark is, would again go yesterday, why you mackerel malware Charlemagne I have met with our solemn day, three of them about it. You know they go where budget about their quarterback both show like Zubaydah not bad. You know what you did. You got your I don't know. If you can talk in a patriot system is designed to win him. Let me think Why does he black not to say why you are not going to work out? Why not let go the whole damn game called any of them Well, I'm telling you you, may I am a cab with them? that's a nice african american rookie quarterback me down for us that who salad, radiator urban deathless over man, my Caitlin Jenna intransigent over their wedding thing. Why regular, Canada is you with this aid? Is China
days everywhere and more intelligent. He met a man because I've been doing somebody for two years and they have these over the counter cats, where you can hang if the child dna tests gel yours and I took one of his barnacle of another, his band had been here Maybe I'm gonna help me miles. Furthermore, there really has nothing to do with you. He asked me when we first started dating if I thought that the child appears and on and on and on told him that I don't think that the work put it this way, I didn't feel a better job was here, but I told him. I fear if you love him and be a father, because every every young man, the Father ok now the below boys, for so you ve been taken here for four years now you just dropped a bomb on him. That is now his that's easy, something it did himself if he wanted to do she'd like the Mamma. Is he don't want among out domain?
merrily in many ways and in your place to do that. If you wanted to do as you have just arrived at how burial personal and look at it like there's, a lot of female trotted, get all round do, and we now, when we have do thou here, that don't take care there their responsibilities and then we have the good ones. You wanna me. It's always a balance with an important to do now that he knows this oil, even like like happy at birth and now lie here here? The issue would be like he's, you know, you're, not a cop and to me you know, and we ve been together for a while. You know so I don't know what what what he's gonna do. I know you had a conversation with her and she and her coming clean. You know, but I'll get like this, if you might have your mama and you have my back and I have your back. I'm not gonna. Let anybody else in the world to see you and that's how I was.
You, went and did not take care of this child anymore? Nominal is not the fact of him that I can hear the child the BBC you jewels mad or yourself right, murmur channel eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need, the vet call us now at the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club was for three dj calories. Everybody's is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are the breakfast club was no doubt we all have grievances that our job and, let's be clear, love my job right, but we ve been asking for lock on the door for the long as a lock on my studio coup we work. He drove the negro steel and I came in here this morning.
Manage these computers was switched over and I thought that it was somebody named Amy on my computer, as you know, was Angela than I measure of God. Thou theirs was initially. Ok thanks, somebody Mimi provided gave you know, is eight it s. Not an screamed also might remain Amy and aiming to exert Amy, definite, unamiable, Angie Emmi. Yes, I ride with the moral of the story is why do people coming onto our workspace? Is God? everywhere overhead? What gusting lock onto them door? Please wildly waters papers Miller will be joining us, this modest all capital and laughing a little, my guy Miller, ineffectually, my guy in real life, and he arm he needs oriented rondine. Oh, my god, I always wondered at the oriented it like you she broke out. But our Jani the date Bigshot right, yes, now is always been rumours that they call in big shaggily at a huge painless and they had these new picks, always wonder how does mag feel coming behind I hope it is a big about it. Back big
pain from the new text is the biggest magnet. Are you look at the new books the new pics and what I'm glad I have no doubt has ended. Does it you will look at what you never seen. A new dynamism in Newport could never did flaps Cross timeline. Yeah aren't ya, think new pixel. Ok, you impressed big Johns YE may arise in the evening. I will make available say: Photoshop I write well yesterday we the about the game naming names right. What today, let's talk about Mckinnon Cannon, he actually spits and bars his ex as well, and she has responded. Nego Jack's also Shorty, I will tell you what's going on now at the tribute concert they have planned. A rotten Ola I'll, keep it lacked the breakfast global model The breakfast club
with Angela his club yesterday, I saw then they can and is on a new song and he's talking about his eggs Jessica away. Why? I guess what this on college? reaching German, because only with a look Amadeus of AIDS I as one of their incredible artist, seconding or go. So here is what the song sounds like Just get him out of the present now says about a beggar web as an address was rather not second, as easy. Your mind, you Fergus Aren't you mad why one does not have time to go and do not regard these global Bosnia's, probable songs, win
I've got a hundred jobs. Why is time money is the incredible gang featuring time. Many this eyes could Jessica it's their remakes. Why now Jessica? Why did it responds? She was in the airport, had its effect make him alive but she said I'm on my way to the airport at to MILAN, professionally done really good and have a safe flight. I guess I'm really incredible. That's all! I have to say about that I also like to say that I would never ever he became a rabbit was eventually, let's hear what might happen now. Alone, and I like China, that once again we hear what he my guy lyrical about twelve in her. She motto: professional sex him but naked in the back of the whip, the tab you might went away,
and you're pregnant. I just got out of the personal says about a beggar. Webs is incredible as energetically as an umbrella. Knapsack your mind, your frankness preclude my guy Mckenna Incredible, this man young. Thank you to a light young dog, incredible booze. May we do business gather body, the terrible represents again Attica pass the friend now to be like all you gotta do, So why blogger do if what you say about belated, no need to make the line of. Why grab was like that one, ok, I'll, be back. I would never have one very well. We ve gotta, keep you up and was gone out and I'm glad you know the person can do that. I'm cool the IRA, Saudi loud They do have a memorial service is planned already now. Here's with Cray crazy, shoddy low is actually gonna do it. Track that he wrote for his dad colleagues who my father, because his father had passed away action.
Earlier and he was still grieving from that. So the plan was for him to go on days in debut there the song there was a letter to his father. Now they still are going to do tribute, but now it's dedicated to Shorty low instead of his dad is an asset and Venus ego is gonna, be there as well. I've been Siegel hasn't attribute that he has planned as well for four shortly so many usually go. I guess that's why you're here I am
Malcolm Jamal Warner has penned a letter, and this is all about the cause be show problem, cool above the optimal them thirty two years ago, the cause be so air and for eight years and beyond said broke records made history, change, television and change. The trajectory of many many lives, its positive social impact is innumerable and cannot be denied. So he said no matter how one feels about the man behind the show, no matter, if some networks never bring back on air, the good at this showed did worldwide is irreversible. He said he's conflicted celebrating this post because, with that said, it's obvious at the world we live in still has much more to do. The show has not prevented black men from being shot by police, even if their hands are up. The impact of the show has not protected black man in black women. From fusion, intimidation, sheer hatred and downright ignorance of a large part of White America and in some cases, Black America, which are mainly meet all because if people are so scared of of what, if someone fuel cells get a black people waiting claimed to be the cause,
she would make you absolutely not have a fear of black people. Pay set may be cut. Only because only because of his neck cockerells. Only because it is our and in other news it looks. I go french Montana. An egg easily are still going strong out an up. He saw this post see both jewelry wrote that egg you put up by France Montana actually did by her quite a few rings from man native abundant in black girls you be taking to it all in rings for its now, let's have embraced oh boy, I'm bites. Rina Things have you have guns ever rings afraid we need to know right now. Maybe no seven was the significance of seven of God oh my god phrases play a filthy Jesus Christ. You the animal posted Instagram. She said he told me: pressure makes diamonds and she added friends Montana, on what Where can I beg you mind the white woman gods number
I want to talk about infringement Dana, I'm living like a little Red Montana. I want ya to know their rights Montana without knocking down that isn't Chloe's already more dawn, doesn't matter so richly dressed in and French is fine, but their friends. King of all Scumbags Aggies single after the battle Whitney. Young and I see friends brought out Trina during badly cause I've ever had. So I guess there are no longer have any beef with each other and Jean actually posted the picture. God bless her if modern loudly. The way. This guy, we may allow protect penis from anything negatively possibly happen. While he's out here live his life, like his goat, edgy, united idea. If you have to go to the bathroom and take it down you closer, don't let him know maybe going to lobby go somewhere else, because french does not like to know that women Pooh. I write give me a break up the mighty after weeks. Doin
this aid. Unless you do not want to know, you said that you were right for five years and never ever or seven years how Villona, where they need never ever even notice. You went to Tibet on Burma Gonna arrest. Iceland's broke rumour report. I'm Angela rightness, you know when we come back, Mack Miller will be joining us, will kick with Mademoiselle go anywhere. Is the breakfast locomotive there was a week. It would start boy morning, everybody's dj, envy, Angelou Yea Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess, inability and this man in love, whom I mellow Divine Crimination, Germany, Vanity Divine Television, flamer title interrupt. The title does. Women is God, I'm just about you know, How are you love and how it affects my life? I love have. You are down sound like
He is doing, but this is what this is about is this is this? Is our mother Morgan offer for awhile, though? What I like about this, because what was why you smile ass all day, magma you you move to Brooklyn, which was exciting. Miller has seen a mountain about a couple of times argued nerves together with your girlfriend. At the time then that is when you started working on this new right. So what happened to her? When I was a whirlwind, what happened to you Haven't you right now, Norman, it's it's
You don't like unto me how you do it every year, while we re out there, you got a good thing, but that may sound. Like a woman, is your new ways, not drugs, was crises that we would like the love is like is always I've always been fascinated by that with the similarities between loving drugs. Yeah, ok ice really feel like the two things can afford, a human being in a very similar way when, when that window, is gone. You do should withdraw from the airline anything dopamine you can be high legs crazy? We raise our veto because you are day Marianna Grady, You probably don't want. He would ask you about it in a view which you do a whole lamb death Why won't my love? So you know people who put for sure I get it I get. If you put it together, crazy to me to be warlike the whole albums about our who
I'm saying to book but like the time table wise, like how quickly you think, I'm a man feel about you, make a song about other women, I'm not is not necessarily about other you needed to is not is not is not really songs about. Other women is songs about my prospects. What we did we love makes you feel yeah yeah and but by the way like like grown like there's, been people in my life that, if that have that have affected, perspective, or what love is? If it does, then people entering my exactly and have like when we everyone. Everyone learns from from all experiences in their lives, so people people the who I was about is is is is why Let me just because they like Ebby impassable timing, there's that it would be literally impasse lion. Soul. Mate has to be about somebody in particular, not armies,
This has to be far more. Thank you for listening to that out. Who matter or may you really like? Maybe thank you, but no man, I mean it's, it's bits and pieces of everything to be. Boylike, who knows I don't know gliding good as getting into good. Not, I hope you re about to be real, like. What's all what's happened? Yes, it is. Would you say that area grandes, your dream, women causes U I remain an inverse single. And I know I'm sure you had a load being banned if come wall for small disrespectful Monday. Burma grow like down even in my bed, but things I'm coming Certainly I now my work. I want to see him. No one, a gradual Roma use levy come right in his is bullied as picking on your woman right. That's what
dot whose pig was a Lizzie Oriana Granby. As an interview, somebody gets a little disrespectful, I like it. I didn't go this. He wasn't a spiteful look. You can't go around looking nor pastries D. Artagnan! Yes, no based remit, Ok, ok to be alone, when you have a lonely nearby, that's my guy was seated on a blog this week, which you, Mr Mcmillan, I alone, be aloni when you have a low level, that's my guy was it on a blog this week, but you and Mr Mcmillan this moment saluted him absolutely area. We do not ask me about my online tv. Ok, that's my maize! miasma hates me that she has no just she saw the Cairo conference. Two goals
I got my worst nightmare. That's why you don't like a cow or about why we slows down. Do you see hated you she pay? When is there any non man? Not like you all innovation income, that is by show of hands Having come and to remember that, lie at sway does burying AGA you he's Venice way that have been down lines. I can see that didn't act. My question: would you that's your dream, woman, you on her hued single now full circle. She's on the album was that somebody that back then you will lag No, you know what is there. We will just really close rose,
the buggy and tobacco my neck, his car can now happens the caucasian male. Sometimes things you read, you wouldn't know what that's like normal, but it is like because I noticed, appeared time you, a big song, we're cool! were you? This is crazy. Over big peanuts, fixed, intimidating, cannot live where you intimidated after the big eyes, see beg of you for you
well, you better leave them out, for my younger was crazy daylight right, I was wondering like I was like. I wonder why what's good like what's gonna happen this morning, you know new sums it was gonna have and what I d like this. I think it was going to come from. I mean, like that's crazy, mahogany. Emily didn't have a big penis. Could you wait that's crazy bars of Charlemagne, how you do and how you re my brother, good, ok, cool, white penises is met. Joe Jesus Christ, man, how we got more with MAC Miller when we come back, keep a lot since the breakfast club. The breakfast club, that was Exchange Bryce and fill a morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are. The breakfast club we have met.
Miller inability. Now, no more relationship. Talk back to back to you got a bar. Will you say used to tell me all the time I just type now you always want to spend the night bars like a triple onto deadline about Sir that's I'm saying: oh, that's not like a bag around you see how about airbag blossoms and is it is not about anyone is it is. It is about the idea, like the idea of notice technical university courses, illegal work. Once in this interview you not error, and I you know I don't know nothin about tactics and all I know is how to be real love down my way, Damas DE this out with anger, lengthened island there. Thank you. It's clearly come from by it. Place, though, give but I'm saying I'm. It takes a lot to git concerning tiles, we're like I was being came out of relations relationship and I'm pulling so much from a real life and its becomes draining knowledge of polar Brad Pitt.
Did you like Brigham, which all far as far as wrong hoddan? Can we just have a moment right areas makes it easier wiping away my browser, leanest growth, but does not one guy huh, that has to do is what I'm saying. Oh no, I mean thou wouldst thou was big NEWS, I don't know I just seen and I believe we can all crazy is I seen. Can we talk about this, whereas of you know why not will be. I know it wasn't me good english language spoken given to women, because anyone who go about you will really in the drugs another day. The new music here with this transformation. What trade and up to now the give me something you seeing something What turned you on and at what do you want
a women is what he's not appreciate a rude yermil. I let's have a conversation conversation I think, got tired of creating from that place from space about ass base because is like just drug doubt depressing. Like talking about like sadness, and all that stuff. It gets much music is our make. When you do that. All the time it gets repetitive for the only narrative exact and it s kind of like it stops being interesting. You have to grow right, not be the draw guy, not be the love! God not be music, the hip, hop bars, guy, gotta, happy guy, but just to be a human being, which is all of those things of a great point of everybody, always so caught up in narratives, instead in nature you have a humanitarian one in human nature. Exactly and an end, as was is so crazy to me, because it's like
nobody is one thing in his starts to feel a lot like when you go and you ordered this. You know what you're gonna get mean an and everyone is so much We're dynamic, dinner agri of why you can't be afraid to grow. You can be afraid of love. Right can be afraid, change right, even girlfriends you will good now would own dazzles ever like my life is just come to such a group. Is, were a wooden leg. Go relations as people again like care. There has been one of my closest friends since I started you know, it was while the be around me for a while you mean, like especially my creative space is thy. It was weird of euro arriving to crew. Got enlisted age where everyone is so much better. Now without you No, now that you're gonna tell me like does like that. You realise
That's all you're, always love you, they are building together, vowed you, whether you are rapport with my unnatural. We still talk every day like those are all still along these lines. Like is not my fault and yellow haven't passes for everyone bring. I'm always up here. You only on Git Mean Albert Marrow and everybody I am ready whenever I'm sorry, but it's like. I don't know. Man like the universe has just kind of really been working in my favor since I like started like folk. On actually em and an in Vienna, like I'm starting to understand what my place like you, Melville argument was unbearable there what everyone should see there, because when I think that The net is so light. Push like and in a society that we living here like frowned upon where I live The brain is is a part about. It needs a check up just like any by users.
Again near. I think we all suffer from cognitive behaviour. There yeah. I mean we could you I'm crazy man, we're meaning that, like like, like this is great best job in the world? I make music for living ass. I see the world, I fancy. I do amazing things, but that's all a part of who I am or what I like about you that you're young, but you always pay homage to the Ogs I just have to be like y'all want to get bleach. But the Ariane Alviella wondered where last year, where do you get therefrom? I'm a little highly body like enough. Oh there, you know, like everyone has as its entails the opinion, and now they look at me personally, I just like childhood dreams. Type you mean like like like, like I just like consider of a blessing to be able to work was you actually work knows it actually we're gonna like like. There was a time I wouldn't you try to do. What I could to get a sea low, verse, sent
you mean like what do I gotta do to get a seat overs, but now I've like build they were like I'm in the studio, was see low. Having conversation that it to me he's like almost as prices is. The music is to me until much love music. Now I know you there soon dawn of risk for sure crazy here by who doesn't know we eat in. We do freestyle, like every other wrapped around their right. What the president, you did, this freestyle locally, actually didn't sell, is reckon you just put it out any so soon, for they never pay. For. Is that limit the amount of music you put out and how you put out a musical? You can't be as creative Eu Amy it makes me think about it, because that would like always forget the dance like part of give him a man like at the time I was eighteen year old kid who favour wrapper was big girl loved or Vanessa. I didn't think it was.
Give millions in many domains views I'm just making music for the sake of the music. I really don't even hold no crazy grows. Glum do far area like it did it with a blip Did it in an we finance Lamb straight someone's gotta check, for I am not allowed to say, buzzword, respect it. S like paying homage rose again like like life, every rattled other followed obeying a male animals. I will probably put out by the way I got no problem with with carnage over someone. I think I'll his door well because, as someone who is a pivotal Jeanne, a game I and a lot of music did. I love. I we got more were MAC, mellow will become back beloved, don't go anywhere, is to breakfast locomotive, body is envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got MAC Miller a building. Now following me, you may download from into darlin I here
You afraid? You know ordered you if you become president by that, I mean all of yellow twitter before him for a second This is this is. What I want to matter is that people need to stop taking it as a joke, because it could. Actually happened should every two years ago That's why we do know. That's where we go into this, but live People need to stop taking it, like is just a joke, because yeah just keep laughing his men will be the president of the United States and we'll get out of here. Now, all these big you first cell survival but like, but like is a real thing. Man like they never did you make it this by everybody was not taken it s theories, and now he is right and now we're all sitting here. Legs, like the laughs, is what from her to like me, What do we do now yeah? Exactly and its is
crazy man. But why does the world we live in people? See don't jump in gay man. I seen that tv show like he has money like you, be great work now we asked us anyway ask about that here there. That is row I won't allow. Allow forgot all about the brow wants you to know. I want you to know, I want you to know how I want you to know. Who else did you see? above and lady, for that's all, I'm saying of body but you gotta know that you do you can't go to close. Could they gonna try to show you that are given the right to be rethought, honour? What happened? I don't look like the like. I lay like like ours is in it. You need to play at all. You could have got a break. The anthem floors. That's what I should ask for my home, we told me most like you should have fought, fell all the way out, like you should like on the ground and bit like flopped learning taken there about one have about, I was taken today on it. Like what
go my doing he's gonna be about you're, not about a bird like does crazy, but like by the way I want everyone to know here like see me is really not a problem to be real life. Not he is not a problem. I like yoga, wash my highlight real, be real. That's just hold on hold on that justice. I bore in a long list of double highlight. I'm just saying I can go with the right right. I can go with a laugh. Ok, I can step back hit him with. What's in that wage, ugly old eyes, Miranda mortified oppose you hurt I thought you had a stroke brought us is a broke. His report more worthwhile for small first of all, first well, first of all, first of all, while I think of what gonna say was brought had been like I always like, like burly, I'm not yummy
bad it was bad, but like it was great not for me, brow like why without laid Annetta, celebrity basketball game after a hack. Yes, I know how do you know that you have MAC other macro model. Never learn, learn avenue of that mom you don't you wouldn't that you would go. You would put himself through the gates. Add not like it was you. I mean a man and as what I'm saying, I'm goin on Tour MAC, Miller's website, dot com for tickets. For now, but like it, it was fine man like that. Do that he does like I do is my music. Would that do does take people souls in front of everybody with a basketball Can he do you worse than the move, though it is an insane. I know I did now here I got more. We're back. Mellow will become back, keep a lot, don't go anywhere.
To breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's e g in the angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. We got MAC Miller into building now suddenly Bognor vocal about police brutality, and you thought about the black La Madame year. What would you think now, because things are getting worse desirable raising a meal. Very well go on twitter I just I just need to vent. Did people need to pay it like pay attention? Because it's not like this is anything different than what I've always been happening. People can tweet, and people can show and people going to have that conversation, but like something worth having a conversation about get started, and then the world wanted is like. Whoever is doing is doing this wants to distract the conversation. Nobody goes with it like that sucks, monitor what you say, latitudinarian Nigh way out on me. Ok, Yemen is crazy any and I think it
while do me is it that to see is that some people are just unaffected by like mentally you mean, I know every people live, you isn't it played like it's a Caravaggio care about the future, not benefit a fly, Why somebody to create as crazy man like lead them like? Let a man civil the national aid than my way like there's so much good. Go on or owners thing is it's almost like is like talking about, Brad Angelina like that, really distracted from other man, you mean like it's annoying is like they don't want to hear it any new and then zero, too, though the world about it, men move on like is not something to move on from I don't have an Ezra. What to do. I think that today, The people need to have a conversation, regardless of like what you, what that, conversation is about like Everyone needs to talk a bit more, every thereby don't enemies
good, our desire for the maximum. Why privilege remit? Would you put your first air affairs you're as they have things that came through the grapevine to you Does that the gray vials of here to lead that information the Charlemagne little boy. Super of news? Did you pay our universe of Egypt, No, I don't. I don't know that's business side of the little boy. You will see you of your everything's culture baby is everything unity and a high profile relations Airlines differing you know was weird, is actually that question, because it's like I'm here to like talk about music did I make an? I happened to be in a fantastic relationship. With someone I also enjoy making music will mean so it those those lies can give blurred
very easily old, like what I'm here. Trying to do is always takes effort. Does Why is like ours in the middle of the year? Wiser right? Why did you go to your your type or further in your email? You were right to the bookmarks. How do you start talking to how to just our data mean? You know how way way way way. Let me finish my point. Let me finish my boy over fifty zero thrown off by a button but wouldn't Charlemagne Spain is. What I'm saying is is that you guys do? Yes, that is true thing in my life like she's amazing, and I'm I'm I'm your first. I merely having to deal with being in as part of a group which is weird causes like my album is like, is what I'm here to discuss and analyses
about love. Machine exact. Exactly exactly so like, of course I'm, not mad at you mean like, of course, questions are gonna calmly. Find it s? Mental feel weird discussing it, but it's is I would never ever want the perception to ever beat it I'm trying to market that market, the enemy and I've Dashwood Disarm. What are the next thing? what I'm saying my but like but like? Why not does that What I'm saying owes its net is not even about singles or whatever, because anyone play me on a radio anyways is undoubtedly right. We grow feasible for your answer. Is about. It is about the fact that, like we have great chemistry ball, but I'm SAM the mute. This news, if we make, is a fantastic together so Can we not do that? Because you mean it's different? It's a new, thing that I am experiencing shamed EU boom.
What a shame to know why you flip like about her, like you know, bugging crossed. Oh no, I know not all of its final version that does exactly what I'm saying that this strategy, when I'm gonna put it pigs, naw, naw naw, we do is we don't want to know you kept it under wraps for a while However, we do, but we maintained to now worry about all that and Asthma year. Oh point is the exact opposite wish them. I, what I'm saying is just because we are people who were in love and how a grey relationship doesn't mean them in and get weird about this incredible music that we also make that you mean as fine. We could vote for. Your lack we ride after about is what is usually does. Is a new thing is its own. It's weird! This is new for me. You may like, like what you can do anything you want to put that puts. You want to be left alone like exactly how they thought. So let me know how
how's. Your girl gave you it's beautiful. On a brain like enough you, my boy, I still less like that, like like their rang, ready, got arsenal high, are needed to allow the thereby permanently LAO right now. That's what will your pop requesting forget the make up of entering a packet? listen to the forest floor anyway, is ass, crazy. Everyone knew that, but now, but not look les Francais arms and is like here we are together coup
Remember my legs and his eyes. Enabled muslim arms out. Ladies and gentlemen, is mad men? Don't do not say magazine movement. Mind feminine. Really, though, is the breakfast. I beg you. Did this boy Fisher Donkey Gavel, dont you dated thirty September. Twenty second goes. The boxing promoter wanted to old. Scam. Is it a business down King now yesterday I gave Don Quixote David David Simon, create of the wire who was landed on Twitter Monday for violating one of the laws and the caucasian handbook for those who have a caucasian handbook. Please turn a chapter, one. Thirty two. It clearly states that why people can't use the inward under any circumstances in these terms
killing time, unless, of course they are racist. White supremacist who are using the word is an insult, not editor. Dammit but you did in the context of referring to shine Hannity as my inward, he said in a tweet Hannity, my inward, if they couldn't get toddy see, I d rate a hosting who, but you want to post of America referring to that stand up, comedy specially caught a town hall last night or Donna. Address issues affecting the African community moderated by Shine Andy right away. Wanted to do that. Came out of the town Hall was Donald Trump, proposing reinstating Stoppin fritz frisk across the country to make black community safer even though a federal judge ruled the practice was being youth unconstitutionally in New York and resulting in racial profiling. Donald Trump thank this is exactly with the black community needs more violations of our constitutional rights, but this donkeys bogged down. A job is about Donald King because the same way David Simon violated chapter one worth thirty, two in the caucasian handbook. Yesterday, not
king violated chapter one birth. Thirty, two in the Negro handbook. Yesterday, ok, dog king, was speaking during the campaign event at a church in Cleveland and was Donald Trump and a few other White Republic. The dawn. King said this before introducing Donald Trump. We need more of Us President black people, because you're not gonna there. My breakfast, they told me you, try to emulate in imitate the white man, and then you can accessible, so we drag, you said you didn't money. You can do as it draws. Michael Jackson, I say to you poor you all, or negro girl. I will use the inward, but if you, if you rich you're, rich negro, if you are intelligent intellectual, you intellectual negro if you are dancing is latin and glided. Negro Magyar Bear singers lad, glaring negro, so bad
because you cannot assimilate so you know you go a negro to get that. Ok book a negro job, the one worth thirty. You do. Under any circumstances. Be Freddy yourself? Are you people as well? e g, a in front of any biggest, are prejudice. People now move beyond which I want. You then work anymore. It's jumped for me as the constant struggle for me, I've tried to stop using it over the years, but have to watch a video and watching you know. Don T, say tat and watching Donald Another two white people behind him die laughing and smirking at Don king. When he said it, it really made me say: I have to stop using the n word, at least in public You are like me and is our view to stop using it at least give let lived. Back to using the inward and hush tones. Only amongst us put back the dying,
First of all, you don't know who don king is kid. He is what happens when a treasure troll gets out, and what bothers me about this speech he gave is because this is how those same white men sitting behind him laughing Morgan at his speech. The way Dodge sounded is out. Say: white men talk about us behind our backs, except a used in wired, okay, old best, believe Lebron James. Is that good basketball playing at work. President Barack Obama, is that half and where they can't believe God in the White House. Beyonce is that pretty Inward J G, Daddy Coronel Wise my glared dies in over another matter who brightest and best in the eyes of some. Why people, especially people, s age, we none, would niggers and die king in their by saying that is justifying how they already feel it s. Body was laughin, is Murchen, so so hard because can could relate. Everywhere, dogging with, was saying because they said those same words verbatim thousands of times what Don kinked all Michael Jackson was wrong, but repeated conversation in front of old bigots in that setting new
No, we aim was all wrong. Oh god, we voted on White Mumbai. Knocking the scream out breeds pass through dawn pause. Throw out was always taught. Did you have to teach people? how to treat you. Ok, we can't ever get to the point where we make any raises any big. It feel like it's. Ok, refer to us as the inward. In that context, on any contact for that matter, we not going back in time. Ok, we we can't ever go back to win. Why people would talk about us like that to office are referred to us in that manner. If you a big in races- and you want to do that- and private cool, but dont, let down king for you, it's not ok, to refer to us in that manner. Don king does not speak for me, any black person, I know the only black not acknowledge, is Bishop Don, Juan and Brother Don Mohammed. Ok, Don can kiss my black ass look man, everybody would avoid everybody would a platform and you get avatar need you to get to either people when you are in no settings and you have an opportunity to teach to those who don't know don't show
give a damn about. What's going on in there, you have to use those moments to teach and give them the rail and on confronted him and put on your dancing. Shoes are stuck in a job. We all got time for that staff. In the words of the late great Pepsi? You embarrassing very simple down you As in us yourself, Try the trolls everywhere, please daunting two biggest here, all right. HU thank you for a donkey today, Rynason when I heard that when we come back, ask IE hundred five eight five one or far. What have you got a question for you call right now should put you love on AIR Hopi, which problems call us up is to breakfast club morning with Drink Vienna morning, everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club is turn for ask
Yeah. Now you ve got somebody in the forest. He says her name is Linda, but I don't believe a nail Andy Lasher class in quest of her daughter. Is in need of books and other things, and he can afford to get those broken visible, but if you go, your daughter is entirely z were, whereas you gonna score to go to school or I'll, but isn't it is she in college? I will say this is a lot of scholarship. Grounds that I am you could actually apply for and is Galicia to archive things that you might not have any idea that you could get a scholarship for if you do so, if you do some research outcry and Actually, Jesse Williams was online, giving out advice on how you can get scholarships and he was working with my colleagues I com, which is a website where you can go to lead for different scholarships. I could help you out
or you can always go to Amazon and by use books. You books are a lot cheaper, like sixty seventy percent or you can go on Craigslist, our Ebay or anything. What does it matter? Baghdad? Where I went to school, we had em used both in the bookstore also, so you too bad about brand new right right out the wine sector I'll get some of the local bookstores and, for some reason, the books that she needs date. We announce it, they don't have them. You can also get a lot of these books online. Also, our do some checking and it worked. Meeting, you, ok, even at that Linda. Ok, we're, ok, apparently meaning ladys of law. No right as key
five a problem, a problem? You got a question for you call. It now is to breakfast club. Gomorrah was don't rice until morning. Everybody is e g envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, where of ask IE eight hundred five. Eighty five one o five one allows this fear the I've wobbling. Why, my god, when I think it you don't, but I'm So why are you doing that? Because you don't pick up my phone call anymore? She ever she don't cook in our house anymore. She changed. Everything lives with you, but doesn't answer your cause indiarubber, because you know she hard work. Ahmad work are called to charge you, don't you not to go before? Usually we fifth time you'd stop. No, we don't do that anymore. You jamaican a door no disrespect me like an amazing, lovely outsize, opposite number, Libya and I still haven't sack sleeping in the bed together effectively. Have every once in a while? But do you not think she can do it and I'm not too attractive to allay so basic,
you bill. I seized cheating because he's not answering your cause, but at this I say in time you also not attracted to her. I mean through my work, Where does seem? Rather they can feel that you're not attracted to her. I'm sure I mean I'm through Cooper and Emma. Ok, that's good as you though you you're not attracted her, but you want to stay together because got more firmly with affirmed. I'm supposed to stay that way. Thing. You read her like you, love her out of every body do, Ok? Do you treat your wife that you love her, like your wife operated bill? I'm actually on that by paying bills, I'm talking about emotionally showing effects. Are you love her dear woman, Romania motion for me to worry about I'm supposed to bid abuse everything. Good she's die sick of user, so I'm supposed to do thing. Do you love your wife? I do I love my work. I love. My wife, I want my family. Ok.
Now, when you asked her, why she doesn't answer your cause or if there are any issues and their relationship, what did she say she's busy? You know I am a banana she's, probably not getting the affection there. She needs from you at home, so you look of or somewhere else run We all knew. I don't know that for sure, sir, but I do that it doesn't seem like a stepping up to the plate as far as being a loving and caring has been in use doesn't seem like a motion. Is: are your strong suit? It seems like you need to communicate with each other more. But what do I'm supposed to tell her I think you guys need a really are find their romance again. Ok, I'm wondered why, but thank you, arrange your it is hard, I think, women we are emotional and a lot of times how we feel about you and I chemistry you is connected to our emotions. Throw if a veil emotions from you and then you have a problem with s expressing how we fail, sometimes as a turn off broker. All right, we'll ask IE eight hundred five, eight five one five one of you got a question for you. You can call hut now now you ve got.
Was runaway. Yes, my with Brad Pitt an Angelina Jolie. Apparently he is now under investigation and speaking of investigations. Let's talk about what is happening with curse brown paper, our like hey, this Hastings egg. It went away with that women accusing him of assaulting her. Well, that's how you what's the update on that? Ok, we'll get into all that will become bad, keep it lacked the breakfast cloak. The reul report was hiding hanging back, had a little bit of a back and forth can carry on with our Chinese onstage Conway had this to say about cake Eddie good I mean you don't seem like to be for the button of than anyway I feel like he seemed disgruntled
Randal Little management, even anger, music seminars on saying I log music. So what are you mad at me when you all good music amount, not I'll go music, so I think I think those double can't you just a big decoding working parties as it happens, and personal drama as well he's been ordered to stay away from his daughters Are there because, according to her he's, been sending her emotion, he's been causing emotional distress and zuyder over the past two years, and now she says that he sent her an excess of a hundred and sixty eight messages between August eleven August fourteen he was threatening to call. Our services on her and that he was gonna, send the I stand by my house and that she was gross and sick in the head and that she ain't is and he was planning to serve her with legal papers because he was seeking silk city of their dirty? He also said that he's in her message calling her a fat a whole and told her, you better take my threat seriously for first about you, don't talk to your child's modern, absolute up here, you ever. Ok, you shall be talking to anybody
yeah, but apparently she has these text messages so will see what happens variables in words moment useless right. I write Chad Ojo. Think, oh, he is struggle. To keep up with his bills and he couldn't even pay twenty six hundred dollars that was owed to his home owners association for his high in Miami now actually had to send a letter court, he had they return of foreclose, but he says he plans to pay off their debts in the next month and he's trying to save the house from foreclosure. You gotta do is pay this Six hundred dollars has always hung his hat on being frugal, like you eat it. Mcdonald and stuff like that lost market wasn't always like ETA The rapporteur rightly be everywhere Roy before do that, channel genuinely to be somebody dvd. These boards anti? Was the you mean as a common area of my first one? I don't need to be on something where we get it together and Brad Pitt is under investigation for
Child abuse now, they're saying the LAPD and Allocating Department of children and family services are investigating him for allegedly getting verbally abusive and physical, with his children and according to source is apparently sugar, the divorce. So I may embrace didn't Angelina Jolie might has some very different parenting styles, apparently so Yo Energy kids are even you knowed, jacking, UK, though, by renouncing, given him a brotherly than about fighting to so I says he was on a flight last Wednesday. He got a wasted on the private jet and went wild screaming and getting physical with Here's the plane landed and that's when they say Brad Pitt, continued ranting on the tarmac and even try to leave and one of the few old tracks robot aware of what I said yesterday, say Nada, Brad and Angelina. Separated you going to see if Brad loves and loyal United Nations children and got them to see if you let a little black girl in a little asian boy. The way he good, like you loved him other somebody anonymously reported this whole incident and rapid on
as we have a saying that he has not committed any abuse to any of his children, and he said it unfortunate that people involved are concerned. Doing to prevent him in the worst possible life, I write what I'm Angela YE and that is your room, a report. I write shelter. Only a revolt tv. We will see you guys tomorrow, everybody else. The people's choice mixes next, you would hear something. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us now and don't forget we got to start them. Over the weekend. New song call star boy featuring DAF punk is tobacco breakfast ammonia
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