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Thursday 5/4- Today on the show R and B singer Marsha Ambrosius joined us and gave us details on how their wasn't a good flow in "Floetry" after all. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of Day to Swanson funeral home after they put the wrong body in a casket. Moreover, Angela also gave some listeners advice during Ask Yee.

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This is your wake up. How has this day child these Angela Charlemagne myself on a plan in this respect, is shown because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning so called soon. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous mortgage loans go out all the thought of it. It is crazy. What was that
why didn't you do Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO easily easy. My ever we haven't problems would help make sure they was Bob in breach of the planet. Is yes, it's Thursday, China regard. This thing was going to do a guy logical, my yes, Moody's near. Is there at one or two five mammie dear figure, it out we'll get it together. They should go down I have myself twice a year after the last thing I want to do is here myself. Do you and me Marty hear voices going ahead? It is. It is now shouts of coal, louse corner houses, a restaurant, slash event space here and now
soak city Charlemagne actually had a his book release party, their dinner mumbled large body to launch party that it's actually a restaurant did. You know, I kind of assumed it. Can you when you walk in, they have light tables and stuff like that in wages and wages in a bar not doing well. You know it. Yes, he had not added a couple evaluate any were serving food at my book, Greeley Island, I didn't know it was an actual restaurant. I went there last night and they have amazing fool me, the World Bank, but all I thought just as you base Lego cut in all events based all events, I did. I did it a bit with fat Jody I came to you are aware. There are noted it was an actual sit down. Rest marble. Yesterday's I went there last night at amazing. Food was very, very good. Shouted a people call allows. We got a great time. Liege agrarian mill, yes
only. What do you know. I have not to tell a lie early in the morning on the radio call. Our carried away, but congratulations, I dreamt monocles buff call out today about the bombs outward looking it ever. Ye actually hit about you. You know you ve been here. Let me
it follows that method because they had fallen arose and the labour, then all gaining bombs are naturally aid allocated salty again illegally, but his radio show you the most junkie. Radio show is successful. Radio show about any absolute all is indicated in seventy plus markets, and I really don't know why I will be only on which we can only live. Only we are a little Jackie, most likely shows put together with duct tape. Ok, scotch tape, Jesus, I don't got a beggar, the blood and intimidated. Maybe we're gonna blow on is shown by the five just to get at the play right. I think that there are both this is. This is this is? Are you going to care about the rebels? Chromatic leg eyes were out here
law alone little island trying to figure it out, and I know not what Marcia Ambrose is will be joining, makes me happy mirage. Ambrose is one of my favorite artists ever historically since floor tree when I'm kind of sex and Marcia Ambrose is inhabiting Charlemagne. You have no idea how much me and my wife have thanks the Mozambique roses news when they live made? Narrowly mornings was done Can't they re not drive like I'm looking at it in my head peace. I say yes, I've told you at the moment to say. Yes, we have a lot to say that as a whole is not yet a yes, maybe there's a year's dumb drawn a blank right now, but I love module. Ambrose is music right. So much, You can be in any time you might southward again who might fall in love with outlines a lovely maiden early morning to friends and love is both love margin rose, you have no single, I'm not gonna, love ya! Lawyer! kicking marsh. Ambrose is, if you don't know she is, will put you
It's a game. I ain't on those here than it does now for you, when you mom and yacht damage Innermost Ambrose morons wanted to have you not have you ever felt by its to designate the old mix they gave me a coup cloak raise. Those is next to breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's dj, envy Angel ye. Shall I mean the guy. We other breakfast club of skins and front page news in all last night. The cavaliers be derived is one twenty five one or two read carefully the series to all honourable gonna care, maybe not in you think, armies, whales. I don't think so smoker and also the spurs beat Iraq is one twenty one. Ninety six these territories one wanted Annelida annually. Guess now allow Angela now I'm never pay for different bay, LUCA use it I'll do it. I thought Angel ye would have to be ready by name and makes a little messed up. It seems
I am the Obama's biography he talks about proposing to another woman twice before you Michelle let me show the woman. I don't believe that rug Obama promoted Germany's and assembly that last she's not fully. She said she was mix with something as already ok, all on Isaiah would allow leg out. You look. I write them when I thought of the pig just up the ladder she's among illicit audio of all. We got, school. He was with a woman ETA Colombia with a woman named Genevieve Cook, who was a little older than he was to white. I see at the time that he was very conflicted about is raised, you know you really have raised by his. Why grandparents in Honolulu, gonna, prep school, see didn't feel that he connected with the average black America. You didn't he, how did that beautiful woman named Michelle Obama Aged had never went back. He glowed up from the air.
Bon Rocco Mama, but are you Dinah, sneezing metal, agree that were made further drawn a hole in his knee life? Your brother, at all, in the lot of you have died, they re always oughta might now also at least with due front page news that happening so tell us about obscene. Obviously you wanna Steve Aviano. Since the vote. I absolutely that it had nothing to do with. It was weird leeway like that: we're gonna Donald, although my guys Lee Harvey, show yesterday promoting my book black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create New York Times, Sl, as this came out again yesterday. So on the second week the ten on the list as we grew up on me? How is it out on the street? I love endows: Vive LA trader, contrary to a lot of people. Problem, leave our thanks to use a very real individual and we have a really good conversation about life. Like listening to my eldest doc, I could they lived the life that we have yet to live like brothers sixty sixty one years, oh god, like twenty five plus
is on meat. Absolute, ok, like I love sitting down, kicking it people like them can anything it possibly could be going. Do he's already and went to absolutely. I listen when I put it in your time with us. As we speak, sent me a text and it was like a vision. Six, ten thousand two hundred and twelve. You said you need to have your whole armor of God on right now, because the so called friends in Seoul. Family flip, his my words? You view? Is gonna come from nowhere, there's no with I was already definitely when I was eleven million under the dynamo and stigma link picnic non disappear forever. Proof of our love having a reason not to deal with someone? You know you know me you and me, but I love to put my phone on of do not disturb Rockingham MILAN Front Page news that Cellarway you met eight hundred five, eight firewall or far one or tell em, why your blessed, if you may, you can go, someone put you live on air. You can explain why you are mad or if you feel blast ones present positively may reach a birthday, whatever
be maybe a co worker is in Miami in her MIKE's network. Will NOS eight hundred the firewall or five one is the breakfast logo, the breakfast your down they get. It argued yes, whether your man were black payment. We want to hear from you wanna bread, but now a growing we naturally an hour. We do you claim to more humane mama, I'm mad, because I would put the curate accompany overnight at a truck inside. It may provide a trust, but it now does not work, and I was glad when nobody here they expected to still be cold in April in New York in New Jersey, but it is. I have been going on right now, the Emma Code, honest man, I'm sorry for Mamma. I know what it is. They do need to have new vagina. You vagina, given of low, walked too small.
Alone is calling for more caliph water who sat broken away, met more heavy. Solar and illegal line now working where hey, I'm, not mad. Wanna bet neglect turn thirty Vienna. My work in every day- nope others? I don't wanna while fully draw political bother you for what you said. Today's your birthday. We boy dated thirty man appreciate you will only bird. Would you doin in I know so dirty their dangerous data. Would you do internet mobile, good dynamite?
You go up a good previous biniod. Thirty four, either nothing good. I may get you a nice curable, STD, ok, don't you dare not another that follows is genuinely bless this morning I am. I am because I'm graduating from any kind of our three. What about delays and I pay him down, but I'd like to hear that's what I like to hear absolutely tonight: relations mom! Thank you that about my that every morning, namely more. Do you build a best nurse you can be made. I had a dude, I was at Saint Peter University yesterday and enough do in a book signing and I'm a guy walked with mingled jumble be a star and I'm like God. Here we grab anytime, you can be a rabble. Actually, he goes I'm a b of physical therapy. And I was like men ass- what I'm talking about other successes subjective. You know that ain't in Amerika we acquire success is celebrity what it is. Many people I had a successful who are just.
Not everything is absolutely salute to everybody out they added living that beautiful successful. Now in his life allows is twenty four may the May. I twenty four hour, Mated Cellarway mad about it. The man would Savannah gotta, get this Evanna man. I love a man why mad mad mad mad? Rightly ok. Ok, let me come right back I will be got it, we got you aways image. We waited there that there would be no, because I she's dying, we do not pay a mouse. You grew up in what are at that. No, no. No, whether one is looking at long last to remember about I'm apparel man took the mammoth girl file. Now the NGO jealous, why you follow you just wanted to get out. Ok, ok, I'm in a boy all night had been noted, be noticed, rightly noted right. I get a calm about much lower
a girlfriend of Barack Obama been afraid to put our own house oh I'm on my way back to the house. When I get when I m I'd, be happy to do. You recall that bad though, when I How is right to almost every other door? My girl- and you are, if you like you are
Don't I really think we make up as you go along Agro broke in a more you have a blast our which I will be out of that like when you are mad enough, because we have a future got tell my man, but I did do yet now to drain from much. You love me when you said using studio record. They get her off. He says if you matter, you bless, call us now. Eight hundred foggy five one or far wanted to breakfast Togo Mona the breakfast. Is it your time to get it off each ass, the young man from you on the breakfast lunch there on a low wherever possible. You blast this morning, less than a man, bad zealous, both by Wednesday, while math now lotta breath the glove allow Solomon How much do you know that I don't getting along wrong cuz? I dj envy and Charlamagne Charlemagne here every day that they play my man style
exchange brand new local show, you note the shell does the same. The gay call you in our major call day. You got it, you won't. So why? Having it, I envy the guard Solomon. Get mad about my manner the day all, but if it finds it, maybe maybe maybe I'm confused the thing to say, but I will say this rise until it does the platinum black rightly did and I'll, be honest with you. I knew not wanted to platinum black from brazen syllable when he sent it I'll. Let you know what for as much as we gotta hit a damning change song and real appreciative flattened applied from you grace until my earlier alone. Now, what's goin on, Most of you, Mary, was this morning. I met this morning.
Why you bless them is why do we want to give a black jack out my girl man they out of work? Let me he put me off is more like a care about getting more than three anymore. I don't wanna tablet. May we permit me to say she busted me off at the deadly sin. Did you mean to say you passed off learning we only lasted meal, follows this guy and sacrifice envy you bless. Demand is more mama. I'm ok tells Well- and I am quite proud when it came to me tat- tale about the fate of a thing tat refer mainly to the king s river. So you got crews, brows, clothing, company, tat it on your ass ever again, why do you do it?
I built and then I'm gonna need. I don't black backlog in item corporate them bank. Do what you do you, because you gotta turn to creep around closing one on your body you're entitled to meet him now she's going to retreat. The one about the new. Why did you catch that? Or do you think you'll be closer to him? You get a chance to meet him. Talk, don't touch him. Learn he's not my trouble. That was your youth programme, which aims to green howdy, I'm twenty twenty penalized. We have to de underscore at though it ok, everybody and her inaccurate brown entire tag tag her picture of Chris Brown tattoo in the post near to a Christian, see. Look, I beg you Mamma there are solemnly. What do you do right? Your daughter comes out and she has a cruise Brown said to one does not go. Have their say it does Alessandra as she has a correct blackjack to neglect all right. You darted things I have been in my life, your daughter comes home and she has
drink out as my lab and furthermore, without his eight are none of you, you name will be hot when my daughter s thoughts getting into their their music. Ok, if, if you'd like ten years now, when my daughter really thought is given to hobble whatever they would not be sorry that'll be some gotta. We ain't never heard of that, we'll all be too old to be interview and at that point right right, so many whereby so when she comes only to tat of a favorite artists or honour at the age of twenty one, what is it me? We're gonna think I will marine alma. I guess you're right, tat. I would remind all right I felt like I guess that's. Why show? How is tat? Well, it's on the letter and not to make the same mistake day when I was young. Ok, I will tell you why you may I don't you find a firewall or fire wanna tell em. Why bless now? Let me tell you, see: Visa Rail yea very. We got rooms on way. You can hear me. Really bug juicy. Allow a value is lagging. Can you hear me? Yes, we are a little way.
Yes, we are going to be talking about schoolboy queue at his armed robbery charges. What happened with that us? It is Jake the baby on the way over we'll get into all when we come back, I'm going to show you pay, we missed it is the reference locomotive breakfast some The report on the breakfast. Yes, there now is yet another women who are saying that she's pregnant with Drakes baby recall it was women, namely lilies Erst said that she was pregnant, but according to Drake, he's never even met her she's wanted attention. One now this woman named Selfie Bruce so and she is already hired a lawyer to get the paternity test going. She said she's three and a half months pregnant and she says that the concern
happened either January twentieth or twenty first there. You guys a pace it with great that was taken at a restaurant in Amsterdam on January. Twenty fourth he's a retired porn star, as he actually allegedly has text messages between her and Drake. It says Drake I went to Heaven We too involved you sorry, he says indulge me, f uses a white and he said you do know what you're doing you think you're going to get money. A white- and he said you do know You doing you think you're going to get money and he says he's having a girl a mainly someone bout time. Somebody drab deck and eighty will you arrange our you have lobbied. I'm gonna know that it's too well what we don't know of his true, but allegedly even leaden, dregs of biotic flourish and having sex with every woman in the world you none of them. Use a binding filing autumn good. You know you sound like a hater, I'm not a number one ppm, which is probable. Poor management. Ok, if you according to one one Jake's web says, if it is in fact makes TAT
but she does not believe he would do the right thing by the child. You gonna drive one drink is the one to trap, misuse you name it. Maybe who, as gracious named babyhood attribute baby. All aid is why you name of who you are you know it's crazy. Rather anybody could accuse you of getting them pregnant and you have to get a paternity has. Also urged is never, even if somebody you never ever even met or even of his, not dregs baby. I'm not knockabout girl for trial Ok, all right if you got trapped, one other good when the trap praise Alai Charlemagne, not a woman delay in arriving at a desk wake you who know you was even under investigation for felony armed robbery by Roy. For him he's not going to be tired. Now, according to law enforcement sources is don't happened in March. There was a concert. This schoolboy wake. You was performing at some victims said they ve. Let him soon after party and when they arrived to people rather Mcgann point, they felt lay schoolboy. You was the one who set em at and on yes, now
Please said that he showed up in another car while it was happening, but the alleged victims actually that report the robbery at the time it had no interest in having charges at first, so they just actually rejected the case how about you is doing ale can lie mean, whereas the latter yes go, you did not have the rob, nobody Now, don't sound like a Red School board, you deadly seem like the type that will rob you, but he wouldn't do. We now have a reason to that right now in our own. Maybe it seems like he would do. That's that's what you would call a lay back do, but I can town and he ll pull a pistol up era. And he has a new boo. Now we told you a basket zig earlier in the week and how he was caught while he was with another woman- and I am quite ashen- walked in on him in the room with her called the woman, a whore. Why? Now, his dating somebody and is only twenty three years old is actually a model, so you know twenty three years or how it is going to cut as yet
He now thirty, seven, four, thirteen Courtney, fine eyeing laddie, she's having a good time. She's single now she's got the kids. You probably wants just now get out, I mean before She was eighteen, Justin, Bieber, allegedly, so why not? I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss e everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain the girl. We all the breakthroughs clear. We have a special gift inability man, one of my favorite Marcia arouses. Ah, you said in your eye good Monet. Glad to have you back. Thank you out of motherhood, amazing, amazing, late nice and early morning, like I've, never known that great I didn't have achieved you in any way, shape or form absolutely dismay. She laughed she aware
way more honest than of ever been. You just have no filled affair, It is for that reason that I now I now another had any felt about now is a mother. It is at an end, was just over me out to a whole new thing, while waiting for a month for this could be a mother. The excited about I am, but I was just saying in the U mother's day, is on a completely different that railways we dislike Marge or something, and I keep them This was my mother gets on my nerves, about with my mother's day cod and combine anything the states that they don't have them on the shelves yet because it so late May from my Mama lucky man. So she did give me a mother's day. Card from the UK already saw a kind of celebrated little bit march, but now I got my first United States
on display. Any music motherhood you put out the EPA, don't wake to baby aim to cut the kind with very exhausted mom very upon my breath leading pumping the home, nipples protruding air, the things that they don't warn you, the so glamorous. Are you can have a kid recipe? The nectar of women. Are you look goodness It is good that these agree love. There was delicious. Now you re actually ever tasted a couple of revenue come. Did you buy? Now then I lived at one time. I enjoyed them from now, but you were able to be. Why am I slipped up? A deity began. I die put that on display because that's what real women and all this glamorized editorial
version of what motherhood looks like until you actually get in it, and then big pan ensures that you have to wear a diner linking like I didn't just flush. Seven pounds of unknowns baby, it's real down there, at that time, real down then at that time. So I will put that cover off mothers that didn't feel at sixty as they should Unfortunately, it was thought that happens to accelerate lesson when that doctors told me you can go forth into the wind. Let them go. There was the great lap. Now seriously you don't realize how long you anticipate something something so bad words HANS and have it physically could I even think about a pain is going to my vagina after that baby him Why was it she felt like I didn't want to. Did enemy would was true, whereas I add two daughters but our friends,
didn't know what it was: a good legal bases of extra costs. When can we are so you? May you physically didn't like me? Why did you say you were ok about? Was there with my When you said it was ok now now we just do it at any given time, which is I don't like the baby was so appropriate. Initially, had written it. For the answer a year and a half hours in I did baby. I didn't have the answer: he there was none other than the wives, though it didn't apply to my life and at the time she was recording lemonade, I didn't know this. We would just that arises time for the secret squirrel beyond say, project Jay Project. That was gonna happen. So my interpreter, of their love with realism my give real relationship like you argue, he fastened you find. The bottom line is a good omen.
Members is sunrise, unskilled boiled down to you still one I had sex, though absolutely I'm pretty sure, Jay, Z and Beyonce got a big enough house and nannies that Blue can be on a whole. Nother side say that and then you have a kid. You realize that none of that method- Busy is kids involves as it money involved it so many factors that go in relation shapes and you like you know why I just wanted to do it. Put it a baby even here to phone thinks she died. She had several thumb and it was it wasn't that they one great, it was greatness. She wasn't there, that lemonade lemonade was like the complete opposite approach. You, as far as you know, the concepts
I have known you was in that place. I'm accumulative our mowing button. You did you two non allegedly wherever you go through any relationship like ok, I wouldn't approach it differently, but then, thankfully, that some replies to my life now and I think it with luxury. Lorries me, do you think you're gonna could fit into that? They love you. My young, my wife loves you. She lied, love useless, Lord resolved when I had a feeling of an issue like alike, sounds like the content, I didn't catch you if you like, you got. It may run indiscreet than you'll come on now. This is the thing glaringly obvious that if we run in these three as long as you come home for me, I think that the lines is referring here is really the pole. And I'm not absent the thing he's running these three I'm talking about our kids. In thy. Uncles are our men that have to go to work?
every day, mothers back home I answered hey that moment where you walk through that door. Again, stories is just as well that we have to live in and has black men. That's all. This is tat. You know history shows that it was rooted out other. Maybe you don't know me, you won't even wasn't cell in any dough boy. It was literally. You know. When you run in the streets of the well without me, I just hope you, some other cheating round exact signify. A couple more wiseguy now now answer that I got more Marcia Ambrose is where we come back. Manufacturers get into her saw her no saw a little bit of it is to breakfast locomotive owning everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We oughta breakfast Club Marcia Amber This is in a building. It was floaty was less I'm? U gospel. The latter. People am Audrey
very laws day of last year's reunions. All really I was it yeah. We did two years back to back of a reunion and on my end it was absolutely sir reconcile. Is very the hatchet and clean slate everything with answers. Patients are possibly movements affair. The things now the time definitely didn't work out in good faith. I work out. Another time, which was the last year and definite Black work out again but was strictly for, Now, where we start, the truth is growing. Pies is Israel and it just happens, and the last thing that was done on that second tor, was a hard man I was I found out. I was pregnant week, one, that's all I had no clue
out on the road to the cobbler shows in Oakland. Get to allay so was run showed sixty seven and decides take pregnancies hasn't my way you have hold toward to do right by forty dates. To do so. Is a high risk. Pregnancy is told by my dog disarm already cautious on its whole bus is taught us etiquette anyway. If I'm vocally going for blood every night, as I did on that score, I don't really want any smoking on the bus. I more on the bus anywhere other, so added disclosed. I was pregnant until the last week of the tour cuz I was so nervous, was very very early in the pregnancy. I was like five weeks six weeks when I found out so come that's all I'm! I tend to eleven. Some at that Magua. Ok, you can tell people I can tell people now saw was throwing up on the first row. Of several crowds and stay with us and Ethel. I would wager-
At that point, I had to disclose that look eyes and ways to or anything I'm I'm pregnant, and but telling her, and she said our kind of vague at that get out alone, as I ok and welcome I don't know, there's one thing you ve, probably I allowed now so I left at that petty petty and me, I'm just like: ok, now, gradually, ok, I'll leave that be eventually congratulations, Caymans order, but then the last day of the tore myself, my fiance on one side of the two of us Smell, wow. Rarely blamed issues back like now. Smoking? The bus animals, like others, ass, the nail in the coffin in I stop the closure. I needed, sir. A firm that you just won't be able to get right with me. So
he just never be good. It's never gonna be cool because she'll never just eat ever me. Like a French, be I'm a loyal LEO to the very end. So I was expecting or love. You don't like you know. People like nor disguise is now which I might add that I said I did too Torres back to back fans strictly for business times. There isn't a penny where the ball would happen in the first issue you set out. The second is the fashion air met. My fiance The band had this old fellow, I remember sprint. Chirp phones, three used to send a man. Judge evil. I was up and will come up on. Your phone is a voice mail. I mean a voice knows that will be on lousy, scarlet wasted in their his phone. Is on the table. Were Dinah chopping up like getting to know each other types and on the loudspeakers like There's you ain't it
life, as I know, play please because I'm a bull fast locker room talk, I can handle that last comb another by member times in line now. You'll, probably I you know she's very binding, Philly Wall. I mean I'm fine, really people up, another one signs in and his hair nowadays, study. I wish I can't make this is, is messed up. Is it was most. Because our little those good law, what does she'll pines didn't even manner, and that point was cut signing everyone else's
Yet, as was was, that would do sounds like ok, Once again, affirmations Thelma shows you the odds, Lillian believe unbelievably maritime so they go, but there One day you wouldn't understand is I then have onstage every night with this, but with these people I'm looking at these by members. Not couldn't hold them to fall, I'm supposed to be locker room talk, guy can be got nice agenda be lie, so I can let that lie not so much like you know, you don't live for me like that. So I still got Wednesday every night for a fans and knew I had to do, but that at it saves everything is voice, knows everything is all recorded, is just in their phones. I'm pretty sure you know this we very nervous people out like hearing them on the breakfast club, like oh she's, been as they say, and the best voice no ever saved on there's like wow fellows
Guess somebody fired the great in over an hour is all we are less and all that to focus, because I think we should now do that, but now ass it was she petty and six when you're broke up as well. Well the technology, possibly we both were in our own ways, but there was some things that would just happening in just got out of hand She was an essay this relationship, and the guy was very, very off just as a basis. That both volubly emotionally and is hard to what your friend Dude I solve I'm your homey, I'm your right dine unlikely. I need to get out and she's dang this. I call why would you when you want to actually jump off the edge of the cliff and then be guilt ridden in sir, not jumping with you room as that will fly around about what was happening.
Better than the actual would what is actually going on as they are contained people saying that we will lesbians and that we, as absolutely not true what was actually going on. His way was to me, and I never wanted to say, and so None of that methods anymore, because, according to her, those because our manager got overzealous in he. He wanted me. To go so low in at one point she said he blacklisted have from the EU its days. She couldn't work here anymore. She couldn't get booked a sample. You just have to acknowledge that you know get em booked and that's ok. I lived in fifty four. Hunting is the roots of never bug me for a ruse pigment. Some times you just not gonna get. I am also able to get you you haven't been by default than did the hood ankle. Islam but you do not understand that some point you just you have to get
and for me it was the guilt trip of all these people that I get in these stories about the time the two years of the float reunions came about. You know everyone takes eyes, fell, why you just knew you were never going to see me again. So all of the Chinese with is all they wouldn't say. Lies wherever over exaggeration portion of the story is over. Here is one overhead There was a time when everyone confronting each other is like this, that there are two sides to every story, but this just facts and the fact that I attempted to reconcile twice two years back to back, I only got bless because of that. I wouldn't met my fiance if it wasn't, for that I mean might have, but just not under those circumstances like I'm a wife to be I have a baby. Now I shall let you will debate with water at this
when it doesn't matter when, when it came to the smoking on the bus and all the things say, that was enough. So we was, I don't even want see your face. I can't hear your voice is good. I was nervous, is over Time mother. I don't want any negative energy whatsoever. It's like please, please, please! Let us therefore areas we are the breakfast club we have more. She Ambrose is from the group poetry in a building showing how does a woman convince a man that I guess she's, not all But he had no doubt all got you down I mean it's crazy that fast or when we were too king and disclosing all my business outside this sum is about to be serious in Italian, everything gave no affects all facts you know what he you know exactly already know how as she already. We all, of course, close
I'm not going out with a group together behind closed doors. You knew you by our group This is why you have the say this format. You My it is very limited were like. I was never aha actually lie on my vagina. Just so my horse, friends didn't feel so bad that they would be in whores, and I was alleged absolutely that's how I maintain my vagina by telling everyone I was doing they do in that all my songs dictated. I did it. Why not smashed. Everyone I work out is that is true. Always big delegate, my limited my good thing about it as much as you do your eye, and I will follow you never know. That's not I did what I had in my head. I wasn't She is many people there you go so when that was nothing hours back to cricket gradual, but you have as much to the floor before
the fortress, in a way that can bear that alone has done it. I didn't ask you like them tell me about your its touchy fairly when it comes to that? It wasn't even that my come her manager at the time of a green light for facts, we had a life of facts have manager at the time was someone the I was involved in the UK that we meet mutually Bolton of mutual friend. I was about twenty one, twenty right before I came out here and she knew this ended up having a miscarriage she knew eight years later, I would find out that she'd appointed him of all people as her
manager so May holding on an harbouring onto other those thoughts and feelings of mine who are just the petty is of all tat. I just pay is the whole time and learning is lay that she would tell me. Oh in I had either as to an ad empathy for that and years Laotse. You tell me Sheila I'd about that is this woman good is not about. Who is this woman? I'm just trying to get you some understanding and clarity as to? Why don't you know, Agnes Regular me where people Eliza vouch its glorious, the music. Phenomena we landed in Philly when Jill Scum, recording half assed, Album music Sol child. Allow Glenn Louis Class Kindred like class six flow. Wetting happens a jump on that wave. That wave wasn't a temporary way. That wave still gives me to talk to this day. I could still things say:
ass, like I will eat yesterday, while its seventeen years ago in Philly. That's what was happening So even with the Michael Jackson situation, all of that was the same year like all these demos around it stay as to say: ass was four run Isley and he didn't take it. Thank you. Will you take a lot of light, but all of these things were happening then saw him not faulting what three The music Moscow makes great make love music Are you don't put MOSS Amazon would decide to discover you would she's she's gonna, be the permanent there's no famine enough possessed a lovely maiden early morning, where you can put me all the way through the storm on the move, discuss, but it's good,
I don't know where that comes from the natural gift. If socio music, I have It is, but the sand sounds tat. We ve created that is called for. It got test driving That's test, drive your own wag. So when its release light yell some come Oh yeah. I know it's just me. The one on the new NED, absolutely Dabsolute, Liga Mexicana Come the condom of ok, condom offsets flood they're like only live on this score, scored a lot to do. Let out later how I love these titles will become. It was a job
When I got out of everything we ve been new, our men need Marcia Ambrose. Anything as you did. You love each other about me to collaborate with the unnecessary and great laid the mad. We just be happy people aligned don't hold onto letting go home, he's dead. Don't I've never having s, pray for wish, none the nothing by the best as always have an it's. Ok to leave it at that. You try to move again. No Amanda feels like a man to sales, our say. Sorry to you as I never say I never. It was the love hands that were in that some made that this situation I was in our tried to fire,
because I was gear our than a fire in Atlanta, the Ritz Carlton. Why? Because He was getting forestry aid. I guess the other guy though she had done. I interview a Wendy Williams in saying that this September both yadda yadda yadda. So you know fly and Amanda calls me and my hotel room in a large cities to hang up, Amanda. Nobody knows you don't buy ahead of the land but I'm mad. Those are my hold up a cold, her hotel room. She pigs outside you to sift. Do next. I wonder, in Florence. Bang, another Kashmir, that ambition! didn't we had the gonna stay the night, our manage a kind of had to defuse the situation, and it was a bad situation for every, but I've never had to or wanted to confront, summoned to Pfizer losing a bow head on what it was about. Everything with that was no injury and the boy
that turned out to be good. I was still sign to the label now alive. You have outlined to push and die the chick. Dude managing her and said you know give herself the eleven walk in south Jimmy I vain and unfair said walk. Then she's out the group, I'm still signs to the label an amount with amended evens I mean, The sails- in I'm so happy family being the she's doing now, she's a hustler, oh yeah. I look. Maybe they applied over that. So you know what I'm gonna get a grab. Some of your civil disorder we now have to flow tree is the flow assist and the songstress Natalie. Still much Ambrose is ever that dies, music, never dies, music, never dies will be dead in that moment is solidify that wave and we were and managed to have a classic album. And several songs that you know will live forever. They are indeed
air roses. Is the breakfast club for the breakfast clear all aghast at the Reul report, Libretto glove demanded, you guys have the opportunity to wife. Marriage obliges strength of a woman's acumen on the age. When aren't you know, what's going on? It's obvious swedenborg? Yes, she's still She was in, they were NEO. She was in the studio you produce some tracks on a new album and she had some things to say about the woman that her husband cheated on her with, can do and here's what she said You have a studio, Vienna place right. Let us not later nowhere near what do you do for me because he's she's Teresa, that's my backing to laugh grace
great I'll bet usually say do not let that woman and obviously was the Idas STAR, show that everybody saying that marriage obliges working with, allegedly that was guess, protegee automobile earlier, what to do with me there is a new phase in a moment and autumn Beagle wielding a bigger here would turn it. You should actually whites declared say, can see his face and see he's all right. As he goes on to say that other people, s that the women that she did she seated with can do is not remorse she's, just a poor girl from outside a blessing who slept away to the middle, not even at times in its up their citizens that awaited and middle judicial needs at the top of kin. Do get in payments for managing blood. Can spouses aspects I write well, let's discuss something. Some good NEWS, French Montana, tweeted out my trip to Uganda was unforgettable. I got inspired, their community and want to help some donating a hundred thousand dollars to expand the Scooby House
and you're gonna. U can help zoo, donate NASA. That is on his way to pay If you want it, don't you can go over there and see that no drawn, as was very suffice, Montana, an absolute ya say you got that day from Africa without the least you can do is good So many back when people are inspired to do great things have arrived, so their car, their errand Hernandez, was allegedly driving during the twenty twelve jai by shooting that had him in jail. It was on Ebay right. They returned to set this two thousand six Toyota for runner and they're also going to think when is jerseys with it as well autograph, and all of that So we are that they actually had hold it off Ebay, but guess what the bidding broke, the one hundred thousand dollar mark. How agrees that now? The seller is saying he too that option down an Arab said: the listing was removed as it violated. Our offensive materials policy items related to violent felons. Any listing on Ebay platform that violates up as are removed, and we take appropriate action with the seller. So I can't believe it.
Two hundred thousand already so unopposed. Who said this is the cod. I wish that yes, errand and is used wow. Why? Why would you want to know why they wanted point like her. I don't know why people bid on the things that they ve been on. What type of collectors That could pay? You know not what do you have to have this to say? You know what I want to buy, earn Amandas car driver very we're your very board and you just got money to burn out now. Talking about MEL B and her former nanny, though, when that she says, got pregnant by her husband, Stephen Bella, an allegedly. They were having three sums, and all of that was she just got a restraining order for five years against that nanny right, Lauren, Lorraine kills. She's, a nanny who she says her husband had an affair with, as he says that jails has been verily abusive toward her disrespecting our rolling her eyes during conversation. She will make activated sounds that were just to annoy her and she
male bees? Kids, her kids, that's enough right! There the restraining order is in effect, like we said, for five years, is a rap for that. Why would you in depth IRAN's you, but am I right? I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report on Turkey Devil dog you today for their they may for goes to this wanting shooter home in Flint Michigan, this story or, Slowly, let you know that the water isn't the only thing they can't get right and flint. Ok now places that are absolutely positively do not expect to get my order role, thankfully, is one of those places in a funeral home, the other, When I order a number one would cheese from cheerfully. That's what I expect to get ok
play is shooting a high percentage from the when when it comes to getting correct, correct I'm not gonna would you know have never had that experience that chick fully not only are the other place in the world. I expect to have that high standard is any and every funeral home across the country, their job actually quite easy, uninsured fillet, I mean you have the funeral. Rapporteur HU overseas funeral arrangements works, would grieving family members does to pay board. Then you have. The mortician will prepare the bodies of the deceased for burial cremation in some cases, none. I know you think damn shall remain valid petitions, job would be way harder than working at cheerfully. Ok, maybe, but what tissues? If you know, directive, don't have to remember to give you after polynesian a chick fillet, sauce, ok, slightly high degree of difficulty, people real estate, on the matter at hand towards free wrong got some ones, more is done. Flute that brother had to put his mother Alice done the rest last week, but when the family showed up to the funeral home to say their goodbyes,
they relied the throng order, was put in a casket gotta W any MTV Cbs Fava report least Maurice done. As he had to put his mother Alice done to rest last week, but when family showed up to the funeral home to say that last goodbyes what they saw left stunned, total stranger dressed in their clothing, that my brother, joy and the Whig Select Before our mother, you heard that right, the wrong person put into the mothers casket, that's all It's not our Mama done says ones. They alerted employees at swans and Funeral home in Flint that there had been a big mix up. He says they start
to deny it. One of the Eurostat insisted that it was our mother ended a name and is the reason he definitively. No, that's our mother was professionally Alice's. Other son shows, as the funeral home eventually brought out their mother. They didn't. I offer the family of explanations except indeed occur. I didn't catch up without Neil Swans in the President of Swans and funeral home here in Flint. Earlier this afternoon he told me you were going to give me a call back, so we called him bad still, no answer. We also reach out to the funeral home and they are telling us that o Neill is not available. Right now should for lay wouldn't ever what lesson practices it should fully was to make this kind of mistake. They would own it. They would it being wrong swords
funeral all looked Maurice done in the family in the faith and insisted that it was indeed their mother and Catherine casket. I hate funerals. I don't go to him, I'm not going mind if I can help it, but I've been to a couple of weeks and yes, people of slightly different in the casket, but you still no with them, but there is no way in how you gonna tell me: that's my mama when asked not my Mama, ok, Mama. Imagine that the woman, raised you your mom the vagina from what you came out of your mama. You know what she looks like smells like sounds like even when she did. You know who your mama is, and his funeral home at Swanson Funeral Home tells you that your mama is in the casket. And you know it s, not your man are you and they, when they finally realised the jig, is up and can see that this is not your Mama's ages, we'll one body bag and wheeled or other went out. Like my bet, hey, listen,
equivalent. Are you order and is biting genius out you bite into it and is not busy? You touch. It really is not spicy uneasy. Yesterday's you, like, I know, as announced by sea, and they say yes, it is you say hell. No, I know spicy tastes like I eat pussy every other day and she fully. Finally, image is not spicy and then they finally bring you used by teaching a sandwich, but that would never happen at cheap fully and it should. And had a funeral. Is you compare a bad? It's a tick. The lad need you to relax, please just Wharton! Please, this was a finger on the biggest the obvious What I'm actually comparing is the fact that two places I should never ever get my order wrong it. Hopefully in a funeral eyes, the highest quality a space. Yes, I'm hungry. Now, So you want in their body since it fully takes named.
Technically it the same. It is dead. Is data embody dead human body? Ok, I will take you for a dollar a day. Will we come back? Ask IE eight hundred five, a fire one o five. What have you got a question for you, you Call her right now, as you hope you with your problem, call up. Right now is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Ask IE eight hundred froggy firewood far. What have you got a course in for ye allows this area at a high area Was of course, a free as I hear what you owe game, I have an x ray. You want the really be with me why we really want to. I will I will be with them. He was built me by the only thing is, I feel like if, as they were with him, I'm always shit. I'm with Greek. I fear. Both the malt I'll get you not all is actually very valid reason and
there? He is aware of it I think my wife, who ally, I really want to be with them like eloped, Macchiavelli, loved me and but, as is does it make you orgasm gas him do with it. Not the bow The way you that you had an orgasm before from him. Ok! Well, here's the thing, I'm until you a couple of things at failure, pain, you don't feel anything but I will say they usually guys was my penises- are greater other things. Is he gonna oral sex? Is he passionate and other ways of there's no way you being with somebody if you just going to cheat on them? I say that might lead is guys were huge. They don't know what they are doing, so you should be that you have somebody who has a small penis and is able to still make you have an orgasm, and please you in that way and take great care of your kids and take great care of you
tell you what you want air boy you have, you ever been. What a guy would use being. Is that isn't good joy, Charlemagne always orgasm aware? The other thing I like stimulate straight, an amazing penetration alike. In Lebanon. Raise about me Y y. You leave me now. Who are you pay out I got a grip on the town. Well, you know what I do see the with each other, the Arab. You guys use toys. I dont think even today, No, I mean on you like you, you got a giant experiment with other things. Tat tat, I guess vibrate is involved and get him to do that to you
Why was trouble? Oh wow another negative, you that's what I'm saying you drag me like you make it known that I have a little back. You gonna, buy me a big one. Why why near gives a very Abram, primarily relationship, and so will you with that? But I, also feel like if he can have that passionate intimate connection with you- still make you orgasm. You should Ok with that, and if you're gonna to cheat, then just don't be with him. What which, by, Member of the penis isn't always bigger another said well what Let me go home, has no meaning. You may go, go somebody with a big subpoenas and everything else might be wrong and then you're gonna regret it, and then you wanna get back with him unfair to be a man. May we can't go out and classic surgery to make our penises big. You can only act. Many we couldn t now lies line. How have you draw is all girl, I've looked into it and to do at length are right, you
Can you ass shots in fig breasts and head weave? I can't you know extensions for my penis and now you want to leave you because God bless me with a low pepper and you know that they have Paypal cuts heard too, especially when they went away war well. Somebody in this room has a small penis
we have simply we are clearly Rob had identified- are able good luck to you by listen, don't be wasn't anything going to cheat on Amazon, I have to say, does not make him feel just God to have for you, and you know what we do not think a little bit like you told your blood through more and we mean little right now I'll write as IE eight under five a one off far. What have you got? A question for you call. A right now is to bring the slogan that was storylines with love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask IE, you alone, you wanna, go to add, and I don't have any options for. Ok, let's go to law six. This was an eye, then let it go on Roma from broken up, which is free from Massachusetts now, which of course, my beautiful got it so with it. My I remember like the White Beard and he's why a black allow we ve got what we got. One looks documentary dear, I called white people law about dollar and every day. So what about you like on a white boy? Do you can't baby at work and I'm trying to get? You cannot they'd Edward
like about outweighed by going together like I'm. This is good and I like em like ok, but let me bring you to give real quick come to their obligation because we got them work calculation I get. It cannot always out he's gonna and wait till you in bed. He could say it say it and not we'll play that. Look don't go. Why did you want to see the way so badly? He don't want. You won't be able to pay and accommodate like a mere they're gonna like now. You can't you can't they at the thought. You did a home quietly to yourself. Now he's a bottom in when you put it in.
That's right down there. You know ruin alone would know that men are taken at just exactly. I right. Let em in the same way. Tat is what do you say that in front of the people? Besides, you he's on his way than a conversation like like your ability. You got all alike Edward Gonna make you could put all your doesn't do no longer you put that got a good plan, because you understand and don't you that war, because you do understand and that's very offensive any- should understand that if he loves you and cares about to mean something offend you and is something as small as not saying a word. That is offensive. Do our history and gives you an awful feeling he should respect that was so difficult. I think you're going
lol. I tell you other educate people like around better offer him in my teacher lowly like about the culture and watch movies with us. They gradually that people culture busy babies back then, and not using the way. Oh yeah, one I'd better get it doesn't understand it that you'll do it, because you asked me what you want. You because you noticed ah well, listen town, he don't even that understanding its intensity depends to a lot of people. And, U S evening, ass within right
pray. Lord get at least eleven have to buy. It now is going to say you should have a messenger humanities and we can understand in power that we want, but I gave my thoughts you, everyone was rushed like we were in the bottom, with anything other than a stand it. He understands the historical context. Other people they get to monitor body like how we won't be equality of people have been worth waiting time of actual Denham. You have used the word love them. He felt about people to it, which I was bad.
By the time the words that carry any minute contact away to contact, but yeah guess somebody that wasn't gain use. The F word: that's offensive. Why any got appleton you gonna get away like I M the gym, thirty downplay, but now but bad. But I love you so much real. Looking out ever more people without Boylike play the more thank you you haven't, you should definitely go buy him a bootleg privilege. Opportunity comes it alone. I read your book is amazing, like you got a culture that shit why he could regain high whatever that they need to have you up. They were Kelly after the morning after the club for young people to David before TAT, slew dried out by before you go, who call them in a girl of which a bramble better make sure you don't you. There were already November, on the eminent all day every day on the area around that was ascii. I mean we have everybody good job. You know we do our best Nokia now we're rooms on away. Yes, we are going to talk about
a pit any finally comes clean and as an enemy about all the things they went wrong in his relationship after the game. Who does he feel is a legend right now. It's how you some kind words he had to say about an artist who just put out an album. Alright, we'll get it to that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast. Locomotor withdrew his cloak surmount where the game had to show some left to cancer. Ass, a cancer put out his dim abba me posted on Instagram Mermaids, who ever the EP is concerned. This album is dope as s blood, it's the low homies there it out of your to Fanny hip Hop and you memorize by now. If you have an- and you do not have not have my is by now ep you that's all Captain bombed at him. I had in my kids, Milo a raw as F and had been that way, so he told Quaeda that he is proud of him and he told TAT dog. You know it.
Wit Oji check on me. I studied the element. I'm proud of this is so that's good. That's a lot of luck and honestly say that I slept on the damn. When I heard I have heard- and I thought it was don't, but I'm like I'm just used to being dope right play. We didn't like it was like a while to me, but I was sitting in the car in Jersey City yesterday and was riding around listening to cam. Like you know what just happened to it backwards, though I can only back with a view to a backward dislike. It back. It is like a whole different, really like that. The theme of Oda would Duckworth now the blood I lay on the air, so I like it is- is a very though Bob Alice. The seminar album at least like three songs every single day, so all right now, Brad Pitt did an interview with Jake, you magazine at its first extensive any since they split up Hammond, Angelina Jolie and he said he's not gonna, let you get ugly and quiet because you know they do have six kids together. He said. I guess we fuse. Unfortunately,
My partner in this agrees is very, very joy for the kids to suddenly had the family ripped apart. Said that he has been making for the past six months, which is good as I guess he have some issues with drinking. He said there was a period of time that it was his donor days. I want to smoke a joint with Jack and snooping Willie. You know when you're Estonia, you get these really stupid ideas, and went into the others, but I haven't made its really yet any said he doesn't want to live that way anywhere and he is I'm going with any regrets. Also, so that's good that is opened up about things and make some changes in his life, for the better is when you do have six kids ass, a huge responsibility every year willing you waited six kids, you know five, you know the times in the last couple of days my wife has been putting on some nice heels in the bedroom and in we might well. You will even though know we might you need to stop Poland Albert, I tried, but I can it too good, I can't say
Irena lay. May weather is talking about why kind of Macgregor could actually win if they ever fought enough Lloyd is forty years old now and he brings that up as well. Here's what he had to say, mercury, sir you're, done what he had to do to get to the point where he saw a little more them off a couple of years and I'm forty years own, allow odor, I mean Deca, play a major key. We don't know every year, so we'll just see every time he goes right stand enough. So does he ever up? Suddenly we may well, I can't see anything can happen. What about how you think we win, if laid may whether in kind of Macgregor had a fight, Floyd forever Floyd Floyd should win cuz Floyd the best defensive fight of all time, but I don't know why Floyd is even doing this fight. I think this is like when the APOLLO consignment APOLLO fought the russian I dont want Floyd to play with his legacy like egg right. I don't trust
the kind of legal aid will have to come out of its hire me my kingdom economy, gravel him to the ground, late, it's a big impacting when you win, you know, isn't it it's gotta, be something in the contract. That said, if you touch me any other way other than boxing, you forfeit your money he's got ass and allow disruptive got. I write. Well, I'm Angela yeah! That's your rumour report. Thank you miss he now shall to revolt. We will see you guys to moral everybody. The people's choice mixes up next morning is something at DJ. Envy git your request in right now and we absolutely positively got you estimate This led the mortar
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