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Michael B. Jordan Interview "You Gonna Let Her Walk Around with a Bush??"


Tuesday 5/8 - Today on the show we had sex symbol extraordinaire Michael B. Jordan stop by, where he spoke about his new film farenheight, the essence of Killmonger in Black Panther and on Tiffany Haddish behalf we asked him for a small request that dealt with a particular type of bush. Also, we opened up the phone lines for our listeners to call up to shoot their shot, and this time a caller definitely left out one big detail when it came time to shoot his shot. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to University of Florida faculty for manhandling graduates. 

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I heard radio in Tribeca Studios present fierce ipod cast about the incredible women who never made it nor history books and the modern women carrying on their legacies. Today. I'm your host Joe Piazza each week will be introducing you to women like Chinese out she outclasses every other known pirated by every measure and our modern counterpart Tracy Edwards. I wanted to be navigational, my both when anyone can do that. I sweat she create my own project, listen and subscribe to fears on the Iheart Radio out Apple podcast, for wherever you listen. The pot casts even so this morning of the day, and everybody is anything to go by the wrong way ravaged by good morning. Usa. Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Good Morning Angel Ye Minorities, Andy Charlemagne, the guy who's due to where it is due to this day absolutely the aluminum Lou moment galley would last night was ago memory. Gala Illuminati met gallows, illumined Mc Gowan, yes, a little girl who do this smell in New York City is to smell of discarded animal carcasses. To do all we can mere sacrifices. Last leather demas Heaven room was an avenue Gallagher. That's why he's happy suggesting that it was ass. God is in
oh god ensure at the same thing so religion. Heaven knows all father the same umbrella. Yes, did you go now? I like that, but I would not be aware of its. I got the met gallus met yesterday and today, at an unduly way, does not thought he was going in that a thing I mean I guess I did only knew would be eleven folks here we do pop culture. I mean a lot of the people that we discuss our had on the show where there I think I would think that would be a thing. I talk about the legislator, we let somebody who was going. Some people were mad about it, that Christians, christian fury, I met Gallus blasphemous catholic being relaxed Christians. God bless YO, that's a great loss to relax Christians. God bless YO notified of Bulgaria. I mean really meant that are really meant guy does the name is heavenly baddies fashion and they can, as it will drop. One includes bombs were reactors heavenly body. Does she deadly got one carry on it, though? Like kindergarten, pencil and love, God bless her. She looks great every eye was there. She she markedly be. Let me look great jailer jail man, Robin Hood Bondage and of a low paid off at anything less from her. Yes, but you know, involvement is an illusion to a lot of people and I'll give you a man or woman too. Many of us would like that, if it is only if the issue about inviting seven three years rather than an innocent become rather than now, she said to the chains propose assay knack: congratulations to teach you a carpet. How would you feel about that of you, the woman in proposed to undertake Aubert like that? Does it go?
they, then don't feel it. When you propose, you should be created your own moment, you're gonna say, like estimate, gallant, lad, hidden moment. Levison. Anybody do it before, so he Kanak created a moment within that. Have you ever seen anybody that have now been waiting right now grown by do James back no international? He slowing of offered s eyes for his proposals were dropped, good above until Jane is one I think before until I think it before the Magala realizing videos of him performance says let incredible she did as well who s lines, I liked her outfits alarmed you out some margin. Yes, Jesse. Nicky was there are yet, as I Nicky rightly call you really like Zita glaringly item over now. Ok, William, shouted Michael, be Jordan. Here you don't wanna put above Michael, be John Money for the line. I like, Michael Beyond. Really it is more refugees either yesterday, or can we talk
I am attending them go yes, you did. They lie, and act like he's here in real time is wont to bleed didst thou by yesterday before he went to the meadow. Alright he'll be joining us this morning when it ends up anywhere, comes either way. Ladies, you still get divisional it'll be our voting. We dig. Ok, they're! U good! At a literally when I posted the video him, a band aid is more people like that's when I gotta watch all of us. I now you want a while. You know why level
Why did you love me? I don't know: why did they love em, charming alone looks gonna like me, I don't think that, because we need a lot of comparison of the latter could reduce mentally looks. You nonsense of the sex and myself. I hope that is not a good feeling to be objectified lagging well. I gotta be watching this morning. I get mistaken for him all the time, but I know that my jacket tat. He would do a transition. Everything with figures will Yellow Ann's issues from rarely Michael due to a transitional gown. While we collect my good in government have merged into a full fledged why women, but whenever goblet? No, what you talk lol, I know what I did they get to the airport. Sometimes it let Michael Peekaboo
repay the Lusaka about. I will talk about. George simmer. Many is back in the court room, it's how you, why had edge it helpful, and I will stop very already. I tell him, you know, recruits to God tat God you are joined. Them is still walkin around in Amazon, about graduates at the University of Florida find out why the school has to apologize to them. Belka we'll get into all. I always come back end like Charlemagne, Sir Michael be Jordan will be joining us next hour is to breakfast locomotive e g envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We oughta Breceliande stop trying to do to dance, which it you'd make a blog. Would you do try to words? I know you got we'd knees. I wondered legal. Go on your average adamant. You happen only job before Lui, my power. I will ask him some front page news: Cavaliers clearly knew swept the Toronto rafters. They beat once won. T eight. Ninety three: where was Drake look alive? He wasn't have again over those are hung. Cleveland gave him show he was upset. I allow Malibran really be life. What did enraptured Java knows now Philadelphia? Seventy six has been Celtics monetary. Ninety two celtics lead to serious three two one night, the rock estate, don't jazz pelicans, take article two state warriors now. Let's talk about University of Florida. Yes, there was a number of african american students at the University of Florida. Graduation ceremony, who are rushed off the state now apparently, amyloid is decide to use it as video. They decided to do a low, quick dance when they were gone out to get their diplomatic language, be Robin I'm sure, let their excited, and there was a faculty member that physically push them off his days or hours can employ. Kid was Macleod. We were actually going to get their diplomas now, one person posted this is absolutely describing. These students have pay more than forty thousand dollars intuition and they went to dance perforce seconds. Then it's their prerogative. The University of Florida tweeted. The university is proud of the achievements of every single one of our graduate and regrets that any
liberation of the day may have been diminished by those monitoring a graduation. Sarah mortgage your day for me, we shall be able to do it all day. Say: Duologue gotta remember never walked across north sea. So don't they say, Duello damage, a problem that I did. It is eat into this worm and say you the day that I graduated was pouring raining for now it anywhere where their outfits we wanted. So where does model Odessa Brody? When I'm on your side,
It was raining, though we do not about a runner man, Shasta, the monumental pilgrim you're all ass. The dismay now neither candidate eventually airliner said during one of the weekends commencement ceremonies we were inappropriately aggressive and rushing students. Across his days, I personally apologize and reaching out to the students evolve. One of the students enough ISA outside who is she was rushed up to stage, said her dance with a symbolic gesture in a tribute to her sorority. She said he really aggressively push me and put his hands on me and really took away that moment of me celebrating my graduate tollivers adjure. Do I put him in a brief or girl I wore their Taiwan's. Our guy molasses will continue to be granted. You don't even know is, as they said, he was ass, an usher and they wanted to find out. His name was used as one of the people there was alone is not like all girls, Malta to get his job to serve me air, ridiculous. Let us is, although you George Zimmermann, he's allowing quiet now, I'm gonna dig accused of repeated, threatening and harassing Dennis WAR between December sixteenth and twenty fifth of last year. He called them fifty five times left thirty six ways, myth and sex at him sixty seven times and since when he seventy emails over a nine days, spam warrants a private investigator. Who was higher by protection company? That's working on a document every about trade by Martens life were worn out with your level. Certain should assume geographic, solid. Georgia moves Britain. If you call you know many times on Eu Russian, you understood you grown Ojo them. Why he's still alive? I don't know, but who knows,
get him in jail- is something at least. What's gonna happen to him when he's in jail, be nice, Nora S, front page news, get it off my chest: eight hundred five, a five one or five one of your absurdity, divinities up right now, maybe at a bad night or a teaches parent conference or covered set us a good kid school where our personal merit party did. We had occurred yesterday about kids learning how to drive and he will come. I think they were talking down to the parents. Overtone apparent well when
kids drive your car. You should make the surely do this and make up like that they're, my kids, I know what I'm doing, but maybe you yourself on in his screen smashed on it and you still have to walk around with is broken south, whereas we are far from it on the screen soon learn just now. You know what I was going running and I was putting it in the low iron banned in the park and it fell. They make the now glass anglo glass overseeing whereby teaches captive, Nicky Lotta drugged. No, no do not teach me how to a conference for parents, and he would tell an appearance with apparent, should be Doin for their kids and, like I know how to raise my daughter and know how to tell her how to drive and know how to tell Adam Berge know how to tell her how to watch for eighty will, as I do this like we'll have a conference for me after I was there in your school icy.
Dr Xyz Drive, the lash value highly death. I had to watch you take with him with the latter want to watch it yesterday. Ready we get it off. Each has called us now is to breakfast locomotive your time to give up its asked whether you man, what we want to hear from you, wanna breakfast, is ready. Will such a year without my area would have this number seven seller living? I love you gonna, be like both do people home again may have any path from people home. What you find some or what somebody find a year for a picture we of another man's button, your boyfriend phone, goes out of my way friend where non EU level I hadda guttmacher limply for now leave me with a vague you or party right before he left her do neighbourly or do we want a break right now, lay went to her phone and when I read a mere messages and economies, those, let me have a level you are you have to. Let him know did you with gay real quick when he called like look no point in discussing my cabinet level by our belgian yoga, though you like that they have to pay tribute that ok outside girl try at least to look for me. You'll be out of you and I would add, jumped on you and I'm really when I was young it on and they reject anniversary cement. Full trail. Yes, but I was later were and replies. We would you, like my driver, you laugh, I allow you do it didn't disdain job done above added to this. Is America Video online Bobby I'm a bad in flying it now and is the fancy was choking enormous supposed to see those tests messages that legislative provisions? I got your call me only occurred, my woman, the chill out nobody encourage moment Chee trap me call me all the Davignon group aspect of a body is right. If you like to go into like because I don't want to have any issue, then
William about them it will not be gone about, but have you were wrong with deathly were Drav just admit it. Ok, call about and apologize I remember tribe when you go to Vegas would happen the vaguest saving you. Why what I never heard that would allow this, I'm marrying a Mamma game of chess calling the lad. I have a wonderful that I felt a bit like the guy hardly gave ever to have a modern. What good are ass, though, is that, if a great and then I'm off of last summer house last Monday and looking at the Kangaroo moment, a great failing reminded the tramp leaving no minor wrap them. I thought that I gotta Rita or somebody got. You are an outward yeah. I heard you five or can gradually to the main drive doable. I'm gonna get the financial regulations and laws, and I are harmonised when I most exciting things you could have have slowly it s amazing and have a black bear little kid at every morning and are made they knew to follow your while. I heard that before the others allows those countries stood move. Crews on the girl boy would you launch was about it. Do not wonder why do you think of me, I'm not talking about your diary authority very taken a valid, but with loud you will always lunar solemnly. I do I do to release I did and now my second book will be released as follows: called shook with anxiety playing tricks on me, but you're right, I don't know they needed, but our road of your data available. You can't everyone knows on demand that I don't know anything tat is sitting room. You know everything happened. You open your off everything. You ve got the wrong guy, your body with butter conferred the denied, but he might David but of the know. Somebody might. I would be scared, but also about the arrival of argument put about by Miguel. Lastly, we do you have any less, not admitted the mega babby of its founding five would have far what if you're upset you need when it is now a breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off your check. Your breakfast allow, as everyone is vital.
problem brigade of each S, disbanded company. Would I be having a bad days or whatever I had no right. A lot is going beyond I would have you forget. I'll call word would be every thing: One day she be smell, Luther everyday. I never heard it I soon. I want to say how both like teller YO, you stay, You got it. You gotta get a we gotta get a woman. You gotta get a woman did tell another woman now she's thing unless you sleep was a woman I what I want
sleep ordered and money. Maybe get a nice well give basket s and self sin lotions is now get out of bed. She get a good. Is everybody about job? You know Santa Yoshi stage smell like truth or whatever it is. It's a nasty finance. I wonder whether it be from or make her a ghetto give basket in that give back can have the oder it. You know I never saw. Maybe diabetes had diet. Everything as you may have been a nerve below all we know is staying here like a dog You know you have you known ass, the opportunism? No, you not! Now she would round you saved. My life is not no. Not you, winner in Sheep's, bloodshot instinct in his heart, is thanks to New York of his you haven't you got letter. Have no man, you gotta? Let no? No! No you got your letter in right did not allow this happened set as somebody that well, what am I co workers?
smell, really bad and we actually had to take him to decide, and I would like to stress that I actually had to tell him and say you know, there's a little bit of order and I don't know what it is, but I think it was his clothes cause even with his coat and a cold, he would never washing and that's not really bad, and he just our now he just didn't chow every day. I know what it was, but we tell them geese allows is. Because I broke, it If s, I gotta different colours and my girlfriend I just want to tell all this out, I do it, it would have for by now great things Dormice used. I was not as soon as you exactly that. Other guy dorm arm show that somebody tell her. You gave her a girl in a shop may well, you might not least with the everyday. Alas, I gave you a lot of books, so you did when you go to it all. Girls go. She say she hasn t.
Ray Party while, but the big led away would steal your girl. Now you tell me Why should govern names that IRAN and Zella congratulated the larger love underscore larger, we even now all girls coup and is some girl in a door would DJ gather won't due to his way right now. I ok, which is a dab whom poem around lower damage to deny I, obviously as eight hundred five, a thousand and five one of your obsession need event you can hit, is right now even got rules on away? Yes, Bryce Taylor, he has admitted that he's havin some issues and we'll tell you what those issues all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club, let's get to the woman
so bright until the Reul report was rising, has just reveal that he was battling depression. Now he had on twitter, almost half way through the year, how you doing on the goes you set for yourself in January somebody. Responded man. Nobody went to hear that is, have we do to you and you haven't job anything bright like I said before, you show no loyalty to your fans while he was back it wrong. I led them to try. My heart is not to disappoint like I did before somebody, I say well. At least you know it and then he went on to give his own explanation. He said one I was depressed before I may that album and you can hear it in the music as far as the second album south enough. In order to measure blotted the present she made my life, and I was he said to statistically we didn't do that greatly as if it and three depression ended in twenty seven
in and I've been working hard ever since stay tuned junior. Would you depression and musical? Well, I guess it where's different for some people I just didn't, feel like going out and inviting and working like tat. So anyway, don't never really when I'm promoted or you're really depressed in their forces. You to record- and you probably know making you best work right, so it can happen, boy maybe do a great job rival. It doesn't work that way. I still more, both into looks like- and I met him before I see them a brother would ahead on an elegant, big business. It is not too high anyway, so imagine him being depressed and put him years ago. Amazing, given, as has now returned new Albemarle. He was on the red carpet at the met gala hears, which he said that the well know that my album is harming lines you in fifteen, while queen I rise. Yes, it put out Suva by beatings, intently on Friday, like we told you in those are gonna, be in the upcoming album as well, would obviously be children for misuse. New own inquiry be shit chatting with each other at the met Galloway, Numerical Nicky's new video, though you do. I watched him up here.
They may not America as wine and watch him this missing a guy. I write two mean in the meantime, on the red carpet. Has proposed The key word: who is his long time partner, now thought they were already married, but I guess they ve been together. Fellow over ten years may be officially you kind of our they have three kids together and so he did propose nab meeting all these different reports about what happened. Some people are saying that he wanted to upgrade that engagement ring. So that's. Why He did dad and some people saying they were married already, but he wanted to make it official because I've been together for so long, but they do have Heaven me and halo together, three children, so that's pretty exciting great when you had a life, long commitment like marriage, you gotta know that you are absolutely and for the long overdue persons who have detenus in three days. You sure he positive picture himself on Instagram saying she said he s, brow so Kind
Delays in to change so that happy couple hours, I was one shooting in about fourteen fifteen years and I finally proposed I that's great news- Deanna, Jackson is gonna, get the icon award at the billboard musical words this year. That's gonna be happening on May twenty. If, and I will be brief, has it life from the indian Gran, Grand Garden Irina, so congratulations. Two JANET Jackson's rob us going to perform problem include both agenda. There is gonna, be her first performance on television in nine years, but amid showed enjoyed close automobiles roads or does not another lousy leds really gave a lie. Already ass, ever I saw her she algae ass. She had a lab reforms into social media airs. Different disparagement onshore began at people who killed her. Aren't you going to a deep depression? You have bad showing now that leave animal day we largely Anna Jackson, so congratulations
her. I ran up and told me all hasn't. What do you mean? I believe me July's ass. He lay back right now he's just we will have a record have fully live, but I met her liking. Two dozen sixty that started in this and she told me out his life. He is right, and I am all for you. You always only on those you do nicely would deprive the United worked for me direct region now right. Thank you for those rumours. When we come back my be Georgia will be joining us working with him when we come back? Don't move? Is the breakfast club kimono painting, envy and who are Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. We got espresso, guess inability, I'm telling you the facts: thimble extraordinaire air, all in all the fellows like Michael, be doin. Ok,
things. Romagna mail is very real, who I knew I movement going. I now you guys, kids harass, Michael our you do a Google. How would you like change is like that? It's insane you know what kind of known before I guess now is this. If I can go anywhere malls off limits imposed mates, you now say when Postman's built went through the roof and the Ouse Issues is missing because you with the kids in a generation and seeing them caught how excited they ve been. You know at the Saint movies color their react to me, walkin around has been has been pretty incredible. Grab the bear me in the ocean when my ass as dead jump from ships you could, they knew definite bedded embodied who wrote that lie. I was right Ryan rank who lose. He is incredible. Man will wonder now really get the essence of kill, monger was drawn up
was trying to say no And change China, China, China, live, wasn't really. One is agenda usual in the doubtful what he believed in Goin out there was this province point He won't be got his point across the channel go back to Oakland, you have saved by the building really liking and up the borders were kind of so that was, you know, kill mongers victory, my diary during the time that you did black hand there for most marker does in general, not for television before foam, I like to read a diary for might the earliest memory of her character of, and so the first page of the script is gonna gives me like a back story, a sub text. Always know what my characters arrest, always kind. I keep those I gotta go. I create full of like no need no books, like all my colleagues
labour law and is come your memory, you anything with you think well know. Maybe you know maybe one is also done or like an hour, then a video, something that people can look back on and he's gonna get a sub text or the characters it does actually gonna do something something I never really thought about it like that. But let's break it down. Let's go to begin what made what made would introduce you to his character? Why did you wanna play com rival, call me up over you're, my you. Maybe it was good that nothing was. Let me wasn't even ass soon, ass. He got the job much you hit me overloaded after then, is that you you wanna players. Don't go on Williams, inability! Think a bigger move! Another Eichel weekend! If it will you, when the commission presented the outward I'm mobility mama, I'm ok, we always like Batman. By will you let me I might have been the best web as one he was like, but me This market is always like, like ahead of everybody else, here, wave kill, everybody does cases that are Tribune. I was, but those lay Superdome,
The marble was always liked them immediately, another window or living there may be. Data then have no, never none, and I thought that's what you want. We ve been a big alibi grown up, so your mother was like a no brain or for sure for some plainsville. Aren't you prepare for the role that yet God was it a lot of training? Did you watch and eighty or the black men getting shot by police, and I get angry away from me that in a man s not too, you know the life of me. It was more or less a allergies. Not only does it not devalued, none diagonally IBM lies with things like it took me to a dark place. His character, not even a dark place where it is isolated. My view is one of those things were: they'll kill motto was vital for wasn't too far from we know what the culture was villain mom land area was opportunity for me to come express a thing.
Generation spilling right now. You know through my art than in Was like a real, liberating now say if me so in Austria, I'll come with my family. I already talked to my mom and my dad, and I'm saying I like my brothers and sisters and stuff like that. You know I was we're gonna lie, it was a fair placement. Can I say to myself: is the physical aspect was how the easy part mentally kind of going to a lonely place, unwilling to do whatever it takes. The kind of freeze people was not, it was. Challenging for those love one to what about white women. You cut away women doing man. Why would they go back there? I, like women, Pirie all women, everybody is on the table. Ok,
while everybody run, save, may error by how much amateur your motive? Latvia, do you agree with a mean, after light for those who know, since it has a lot of things that kill monger has to do to serves the character of Saint serves? The story was an attempt to challenge. The challenge is to then in a movie, but there's a lot of it that Emmi grubbing up press aside. He noticed the stomach society now you're gonna create human, but you you can create that so it's on that. I agree with the phone that I don't use an extreme version of what I think a lot of people feel today and what happened. I was like glad to kind of be able to play that character in lights, brightness of screen I look double move tree jabs. He gave me just now. You have to pay them will be. We had the impact that it was going to have when you were filming army up, though we thought we had something special note,
what kind of did I drive no stamp from behind the camera from the camera. I never imagined that it was going to have to reach that I did a Torreon last summer. I fear live animal mingle, a billion out of my life, as they are telling you could you have all a marble man, every black burthen in Amerika who ain't even upon common go see, can do a bill not end in whatever the account, for. I think people going to see three four times less. I agree TAT S your hundred people buying at the dead? As I say, I guess the play as well being able to light, say keys. That would naturally have absolutely order means to go see the firm. So it was it was. It was a big do in this kind of like it's kind of robots. Impact has really hit me right now. Like the still living in also. I think the real impact for me personally will happen in two years later really sad, but you can see that you have been well deserved, like Michael, can Obama all avenues that acts lilacs there was
the coup interview. I do how many times my honest. It is to be able to have confidence in these spit those gems and being able to like a no hear him kind of like you know that wisdom was it was. It was a big. Do you said you next, the lot of pressure burnt low, but not for me is I a mean I must look you don't I've been doing say like a grain of production. Company in our society was a big deal for me, because I realized the true powers bonica. It was an error by most of you know, from the camera be star, be famous no say not a gust of wind, ass, cool fun. On August of, but you know when you gotta make decisions when you get a chance to employ people but key people of color, Unum Sand, women say like. And in those positions that are really gonna, make a difference ass. When you really started
We are more. Where Michael be Georgia, we combat keep a lock of the breakfast club. Kimono breakfast for everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast Club Michael, be Georgia's in a building. Ye is very high, I've been doing. I is from you forgetting company, a cooperation between you know its veto on and remain Bahrainis whose, when our director has pledged, companies will end as my first no real project that I got it reproduce. So that was not very much so it, but you know you're from my Wallace and why are you know being casted from the camera, so you know fifteen years later, being able to like four do something it was Most of all I want in which always go, do have two black present. So what you mean like this in general I going. What was the next role you taken? You do some that monumental alive baron. I am what I think, because it is so relevant.
What's going on today, you I'm saying what light media control you answer, intellectual listen, you know say and the fact that you know free thought, free thinking or a distraction that we technology the I'm saying propaganda. Etc, etc. You know what we re bribery dead no of sixty years ago, still very much a relevant, and we wrote them will be before the presidential election, so is like there's. A lot of things are in this film that that are very real. Today, I wish you to some changes due to like new technology in the digital era that error that we live in. We incorporated a lotta like no and a future success by things, but it's in the near future, and I think that we really article we can see. If we go ten more years in a row, we can probably be in this situation. I now so that's what recent warbling one step into a character and played a role in Origami tv movie. I didn't
nine who are going to be ok, I mean, for me, honesty is, but it is an opportunity to aid so as to be able to produce something. Get credit. Cinema production company give some real estate and the credibility of BO and I'm saying is be able to like you. Don't have my logo go up right after HBO is like okay, cool and instantly gives my company a lot of cash and then in story. I believed it. No mortal Michael Shannon also now says that credible actor. So it is a win win for me all right, but what got got you in agony. I know you you were raised nor a lot of times look it's probably a little space, which is what is going on your side out. You could somebody mainly capacity for me is what got you in Athens? I mean it was it was, ran, my mom has Lupus whatever she was going to back the point when I was eleven years old, I was sitting the room she came out. The receptionist leg, eighty one and eighty two son in a model, a model of light for Russia motels. How will we that eleven twelve
What gives you the Pennifer network? Could it I'm gonna die? If not yet she had some signs that was in the business I'll be right in my mom was probably thousands or some other appointments about no report I was actually make Xbox is easy. Come to the city goals will go, see quick, looking whatever, whatever and I guess over time as our booking- so I guess over the next year or so my agent- was his leg only when a lifecycle enough, like no commercials, background and extra organised, oven and its slowly evolved into act, can never really like to Acting Series, Lienzo Hobby, the wire and being around like address and David Simon, Jody Williams and Andrzej Royal, and obviously not a phenomenal, better and actors on her. So you might Actually you something you can make it created this and ass one. I kind of started thickness, say you ve had a relationship a spear for a while. There is a belief. Sixteen years
lot more respect now show without a doubt. I'm is grossly. No american only pay my duty as a kid and kind of grew into the man that I am today. Look a beggar legs? I was a child actor, but it wasn't me. I got too much too fast rose like emotionally. Not able to handle was gone. Also meaningless. Emu in red industry crazy. You know, say no drug have got a good family, my family, my friends, everybody can accuse me dry. If you ever around me and my friends like damn, you might need some new friends. They hate you, they keep it real with me, but you know I'm saying they just keep me home. Let me underline that he's day positions, because they, why wouldn't you know save you good opportunity you make money, can also make enough, maybe a particular family to kill you, your whole life. Why wouldn't you move? I ain't. Never let you know say another about you feel like you. I shall, after four by bad, has begun a money. The salaries either the besides didn't.
John you re ready made. Almost every little is always Amy, I maybe two million. I don't know I mean I'm does amount differently wrong. Are you? Are you getting that you get these numbers? We can use those from the internet ass thin ass. Well, what do you want? A sore point? I've been reading through trade through Nosair Bonobos, one of things like either, which mom? Not I'm asking you guys, like you know at a daily. More was marble. You gotta be do is best for the project. S asian again say word, no innovation, acting careers were all kind of like you a like what we don't. We gotta do if you letter and you have a Netflix movies, there has been a flags when I got. I gotta show that I own that I saw two networks reason: DIA Butter, a single mom reason. Her eight euro was superpowers installed it miles. Perspective are severely
our single black mom, in a reason, a kid in producing as well so actually being in the swamp starring in it for a couple episodes that was a trade off when you get to a certain point of a young can production deals right now is the active you got to kind of like negotiate a little bit in your trade yourself off a little bit for a couple episodes to get that producer credit to get that show on the air, was one of those things but Netflix incredible homes, work with labourers, they believe in creative and give us a lot control to go and do I think so. I think that what macro trial- Nobody is amazing and
german. We get Gary discussion at the summit and I thought about these women. Men always go away. You know who I am. I want to know about what I'm your mama, you gotta be disciplined Michael. Could they aren't you a rainy day on you now that now recently, this girl from Temple gotten you dams and bought you a movie and you pulled up or no loopholes that one of the budgets movie you pull up on. You read the internet at the clan smoothly. Ok Bobby knows more than others were less s here. So I think the aims and it is absolutely critical, see, listen. There's! No! No is we're happy. I care I hear would so units of a university in our base camp is behind the door come out here trailing it wasn't. A windows went crazy about one out. A couple of good window. Just ignore Samson low may actually be went off the cook. I call comes on whatever just
nice, this little Medea. Where can I seen a fool? I answered a couple of seconds condoning need me. I made at the news, came after security to chill out when not the enemy of wait. Some the friends. I thought it bring a friends. We someplace you ain't. That was it. I took some lights. Would you know, a period blind, I've gotta get. You have wrote voodoo mom in that's, a goodbyes tells me what it was cool they'll pay is coming as I do from a database that bears the military political bite. It was cool during daylight. Now, what's the craziest thing, a girl has done to get your attention at any time. Part a bit you create. Lady obeyed and you know it
see the blonde redemption. I know you ve been taught you. Can you asked what might be right out of my early arrow videos? They sure you want to come in here atta control. You gonna tell me what you make one additional energy today we might well be joined. My guy rumour has it that even a relationship so rarely Suleiman IKEA, actually mom cuban person, whether this Asian negatively on Cuban, that until I more with Michael, be Jordan ACT or when we come back, you laugh is the reference clover moaning morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have Michael, be Jordan in building now. What is the craziest thing of female fan is done for you, although this must be fully August made owed
of me and leg. You know it actually took me to problem areas in order to give out the brownie exactly and out now little extreme knows answer responded back so am I think you will see how much ensure that was so I mean a manner wrapper like these robertspierre leg knows in his veins, Dublin crazed, living musicians, vans and Agnes means different things didn't type of late. Obsession. Lobbies are really gets me, crazy, crazy, this makes. It was tat of a woman donor, Pentagon's data using in ignore as Greece out of her with without paeonies on no other illicit activity- family was crazy, elevators entering, but she told me seminar. Do you know? Why? Should we repeatedly made so don't know? Listen! She, though she says you not even our pubic here until she s eggs, which you ok now you know it can be hard to some need. You want to have done it all. Bullshit can you make there have been? No Yugoslavia demanded the met Galileo potato me.
Yeah. What do you mean? I gotta do a little walk or out of Bush Langen and do a man of his birth implemented about yesterday certainly knows not been growing at a good luck. Fyodor lab african prince anyone do stay. There were major thing about it. Now I know: what's real, does data legacy that I've gotta? Like me? Not are you all you gotta release? We will, while China baby enhancing this got their quest. I'm silly! I'm Cimarron shown us that what did you want on his name is about what are you talking about? You know. I didn't leave me alone again. These ass, the last man on similar mellow, so no religious integrity added is what you mean to please don't, kill you
you're not gonna bade him in this interview is basic law. Until you can use here tonight at the magyars you gonna fall. Bush dinosaurs on you saw me beginning removed, wasn't working you can you get a visitor together? She want to use this United Nations value down an amber. How this is also the initial gotta think, while the money should go making a future, it s a good luck in Belgium and not leave me alone that giving all these have to be very fitting in shape. You think you know something where you actually had to you. Gainsaid. Sixty pounds attache. I can't wait, you would do that all men I can't wait to just like I said I got to do it soon. Cuz, like the older, you get the harder it is to get back into shape. So I can really can't wait till I play a role I got to put on a lot of weight. I can just eat now. I do like out now we're going to be all right now in the Middle EAST Shootin Creed, to enslave a bodies Le Loup I hire. I am tired
Was there any party they didn't want to come back and do for you too cuz Ryan doing it. In the beginning I was, I was a little hesitant. I honestly it was something that we started. We created you, nobody came on board and you know he's producing as well, so he still has his fingerprints on he's still involved. But in the beginning you know, Yea- was a little hesitation air, but Stephen Cables when we finally got him well down to a directive from Cleveland now want to? U S, he know that has been called the land. No did a lot. It made a lot of noise and Sunday as he's an incredible filmmaker and I were really lucky to have him cause we're pulling a prince on its home. So Rigour Wranglership. I don't like the premise, though, whether you have not a premise that Rita rain had an editor russian is over. Did the warlike
Furthermore, the second signals, really tough, ok to anything, is really hard to make. In I'm saying I really like bring in the started back in tying, you know say what rocky and in instil give Creed is own legacy and lay branch off down and now give creed is all his own way. There's a desert is a natural tine is not natural balance there between making a second and will be bigger than first one, and the same We have a true bad guy. It wasn't a real antagonist
Phone army was really about the origin story of dinosaur. This one would want China don't make these ligaments icelandic anus man, because the first when we all live together- and I look over envying S cry out to your order- was off when you cry baby travelled to read. You know you are naturally more emotional when you play in it Furthermore, you you're more likely to cry why something when you learn a pediatric insane. I read your internet speed it. This is America, you tweet energy community ports and I very much enjoyed every man who is incredible things they right on time, honestly home in Africa.
Donald we actually came in last night. We were. We were hanging out last night in time for the wedding stuff, like that. We know singing his praises and stuff on night when we had a good time, but I Donald is a distraction, child can be in such a Nottingham distraction. To what's really going on and I'm saying in in the world right now, just as much as we're distracted by everything else that's going on and I really pay attention to the world around this. So I encourage people that watch the video, but don't look at
a job. You run out of the agency to pay a horse in the Maghreb and the guy got car following decades. I myself accordant everything you know soon see you see, you know now announcing Schuman, Sanjay memorials of their permanent head or whatever, but then also seeing him tremble Mun turnover is other now is now is not is not alcoholic. Another idea of ESA is an item. I miss book back into a lot of people that I hear nothing. There was ok cool. I saw their resembles an ok, ok but anyway, but you see the way to conquer doesnt. We put the gun, you know say nightly away, but the bodies dragged away somewhere that gonna feel exactly sort is allowed a little things in it. I feel like his soup important needs. A genius heroes is made to the directive. Does a lot of the men of the child is a music video so, given its governing, I loved it. I just wish tat I now one scene where he shot the choir was it was a white person actually Shootin acquire? Instead, I sat down on a teddy packing crowds of people alike
attics of black people, killing blackness, which might have been a little bit more like clear, yeah, shyness, economic view, white and you watching it always is black and I'm gonna kill him live. He asked you to remain in a reinforces the negative it have. You already have a was anyway. What are they
I thought it was a genius icon, video of Ngos, the legendary but my lily during I d get about agar. How can you do very busy, but we really appreciate you for staff and to me I can always tell people from Hollywood, especially the black argues. They forget about the black bases. You know them. Stance was good to see. You're still come about calling Runnin off to wipe it. Man I can only underline evolution terminals. Does room arising out. Research has alluded, is Michael, be join the breathless cloak among the breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy age, Lee Charlemagne Guy, we are the breakfast cloudless. Kids. Rumours is talk. All Kelly, Angela, his clothes, were actually as coming so lifetime. That's right, there's gonna be a documentary series about the women who have.
And under the spell of our Kelly, the private eye they would do in a lifetime movie. I who would play our Kelly and alive, tell me where you know somebody. I wonder if some one to Jackie's areas, but the projects are part of our times. Violence against women campaign. So it's a bunch of programmes. Evring awareness to abusive behaviour is so dream Hampton troubling dream. Hampton lobby executive producing dream Antinous our last week and I know he can't be too excited about this, but it's gonna be an abuse with survivors and people from our colleagues in a circle who are coming forward with. Allegations about his sexual mental and physical Abou chair would all Kelly's nargonne be too pleased with Bulgaria. Tell our Kelly comes in control, to his whole, heavily did came repeated game matter, Psycho Kitty inside Phonography jewels, but It was out of a job, and I want to know my good. Twenty years ago I saw a weed.
Have we not hear what he's gonna say bye? He has been denying all of this thing. These women are adults and consenting and they actually have just put out agency mg of I kelleam joyously savage when it girls that he is with act. The working around the mall in Chicago shopping. Looking very much like a couple of them. What I did I Linz family says that she's part of his alleged sex called so she's been why then that's? How is amazing, how you can't run from the sends a your path, though, like comma always catches up? Do you in some way shape of ten years later? That's what I'm only later forty, I'm saying so, whatever A Mig mail is gonna, be doing a sit down with Anti Martinez and as for Anti Martinez's new one of one series, that's gonna be launching on title drummer, Bondage Morgiana, so that's happening today at noon and the entire show would be live streamed on title. So it's in the new series of interviews specials that an she's gonna be hosting and it's gonna, be it in depth. Discussions be
The hard work, talent and occasional led to identify the intangible and unique characteristics that have allowed individuals to achieve greatness in their respective feels so make me Can it really is no joy Macmillan? What with a date line on Sunday and are even I enjoyed it, because I'm habited all its light, is being shined on knowledge of criminal justice reform. I thought about like them out: We should continue to irrigate mutineers. For me in so doing. Gimme taming like oh, but I can get in trouble. Thirty would give me more browsers on for ten years and yet not a game or a devilish elaborated due to let it get mean sending you had while I was in for junior, so they gave you a plea where, if you take the trial, take ten years probation which, when you go take a particular
how can we continue formation, and I always thought it was a money being european money. Every might would have what have I got. It would keep me Ongoloo easy money, my mom and dad was so happy when at ten years as if they were of a ten year whereby, if anything happened you course ideal in american lotta cats. I knew you'd do anything. You end up going ass. You can even be around somebody who had from me that someone else will not go beyond mere. My father was in jail together, Myanmar Father lived in the same outward hell, I'm supposed to do just that. About that. While I would Watson and others- and it is really a denial of the allied meekness Addy, he could abandon Starbucks. Let those two black men there Starbucks, monitor business, waiting for their meeting and the cap so called on them and he couldn't went to jail. Cosette could have been a probation violation for him. If that was not a coffee did we would all lottery moon I right now, since we talk about regulation, Lester about J Zena. He is going to have to take the stand. He had previously
ignore its who subpoenas and the Securities and Exchange Commission son, I'm gonna have to give investigators some time and look in there looking into his life seeing firm iconic, they had licence rack, aware and they say that basically, the issue is whether or not jazzy knew about this scheme, which was that I can basically front all this money to rack aware, even though they knew that they in the red. So basically they had value the brim over a hundred and sixty nine million dollars, but it really was thirty four million and they were just getting money. From investor Some Lloyd and there was a sense of humor, soon gave you take this day. I wanted him goes now, Mr Carter, Seventy two Berkshire life. I don't know if it's really in this day- and I was being Jim but he is going to have to sit down and talk to these securities and Exchange Commission. So they're gonna find out today exactly how much time he's gonna have to give investigators that are looking looking into the
sensing firm. I colleagues I right I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report. Thank you. Loose ye shall abide. Yes, we given it down to listen. I need the staff from faculty of the University of Florida. Coming from the carnation we like to have a war with them, the one please flawed shouldn't, be crazy, Yacu crazy, but they can't help it. All right we'll get into that when we come back, he believed to breakfast club morning. My now you often it's time for talking. Is you don't illegally become donkey of today? The breakfast club pretty duty, yes dog you day for to day may aid goes to the faculty of staff at the University of Florida. Specifically President Kint Fuchs, because he sat right
and washed everything. I'm about to explain me, you didn't do anything about it and he could have neither thing you know. Junker shall always tells you. The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. And people from Florida usually agree with me on this audit. You'd have said about me saying at, but this story is different because my mentions Social media are filled with people telling me to give it to the University of Florida as faculties record label and mother s crew, because a what and into schools commitment ceremony now I have never had the pleasure of walking across a stage in a graduation. I got kicked out two eyes: ghouls Berkeley, high school in and most coyness alkaline engrafted high school, in whose creeks Oculina respectfully Latins outline. I got arrested on its gravity school, but I say it all that to say my level. Education is high school, ok, piracy. Diploma night goes. I didn't get the walk cross, my walk across any stage. Ok, but I've been set,
Congratulations from elementary school dive, Gould the colleges and one thing I know for sure people celebrate when they walk across death age. Ok to saw problem. The graduation duello deaf to the pomp and circumstance, but not in Florida. Ok, now, thing that historically makes things in Florida is the beautiful weather and the crazy and a crazy. For display during this commitment ceremony, because a faculty member who social, media is identifying as Alexander David Jacobs was their spoiling all the fun ok soon, kid were receiving their diplomas and wanted to do a quick celebratory dad this man, who is not officially identified as alley. Vanden David Jacobs, but you're saying you was Alexander David Jacobs. Acting like use security for our Rapporteur, ok, you have, as you know, the videos online when rapid, be performing and in people rushed to stage and a rapid security tackles them right in Russia them off to stays. That's what this man, who was identified by social media as Alexander Davy Jacobs, was doing us good embassy neutral.
Families. Supposed to be a moment, never forget what pretty University of Florida students, graduation went from a celebration to an insult no piece of art and Oliver to lose me say they were among the students washed off stage this weekend, Yuba Commencement ceremony, several studies walked up together, diplomas, they stand. The graduates of all races were rushed along these. Do you say my movies will more aggressively data stage. The video drawn outrage on social media Europe has not identify the faculty. Members in the incident is under review. These do and say the president was on stage and did nothing when I watch video a hundred times, but then I got it things about Food we being under review, have you ever use up? Ok, now. Don't this raises, but damn show was rude and my question is why ok, these kids more than forty granted to wish me can be in debt for awhile, maybe four forever. I gonna have
divide in the job when they get our problem in Bosnia for more than four years, and you can't let them dancer. Few seconds after their name is called. I was one It is a point I do innovate, I'm dead ass theories. Okay, this is one of the town while wanted Florida to really be as crazy. As I know, Florida can be dead. Absolutely no reason for you to be ruining these young adults moment. Okay and president kid folks, just sat there and didn't you know tell this memorable faculty to stop being defined, believe so yoke, and am all that really can like they rush into stage in the art of a comedian performing and guy stop right. Now president released is lame. Ass, David levity, anything else. I want you all to know that we inappropriately physically rushed a number of students across the stage and one of our commencement real- and I want to personally apologize for us doing that on behalf of myself and so the University of Florida, Few all our students to know that we change that price
and we also want each one of you to know that we celebrate you. You're, graduation and your accomplishments. Now the private just admitted to physically assaulted people. We must state what the hell are. Reviewing, ok and act. Junior practice there. I don't tell me you celebrate me and you wouldn't even let me celebrate our ideas only two ways the fixed is ok. Every student who was physically assaulted, and don't off their state. Every student God treated the way Uncle Phil used to treat daddy Jeff on furtherance, prince of Bel AIR, you come together into a class action. Lawsuit against the university afloat. Is that possible? You think. They could come together soon grew other crew President just admitted owner well. If that doesn't work, then university afloat should erase all his student lot. I'm sorry They argue their moment back, ok out the day. So it kids dreamed up for so long to lend you ruined its. I hope they either file class class action lawsuit if death possible against the university afloat audio.
I see a to raise all kids do Damone at them cut the student London in ok is only right. I right in again, I can't prove that this raises, but it was definitely route Please give the University of Florida, president of you, can't fool the faculty and staff and his men, who have not yet been identified. It out, Denzil David Jacob, the biggest he are pleased about. The guy did him since we sound inhabitants, it my boy say you We you are right. I haven't aymara open. As you know, I can't another thing I mean I, why are you proposing f, you c h s Howard.
Oppenheimer's. Would you well of you when I was little petty party can go to add president? If you see a edges see impetuous. There are giving there you go. If you see age, you It is pretty good at present voted at university abuse. Here you see age, you petty Party in his in his she's right now put at president folks. I definitely awaited the USA e r E. As I d and e F, you just put a few Fuchs our right to put a few food that's pretty boy! We will have this morning s few folks, Nokia or thank you for a donkey to gain what man I hate we'll obeyed branding them, though it does not matter what Azalea Greta, that adjustment waffle Andrew. I thought about a story right.
You know what a year the Dayton too much catchy colleague alienating gotta get out. I always know whether they are greatly what you know. He flew me, our entire railroad carry out I use a very low and has had no view today had nothing to do with our Kelly's. All this is on your mind is taught about. Of course he did the Roma report right, so I'll kill you you don't you that's what he's a yellow appeal me and I'll. Tell you one thing complexion you haven't you flew me out: ok, go right, you had a fly out situated Islamiya, when we have an auto right Look at me like that. Any real love you threw over done is the truth. We want to meet a dj for right if gloomy out. What let me was it you look
for those that will give a new signal you gotta put awesome sensual, tell your story? Is that Stalin fluently say this. Rumour report elusive rumour poor up next issued. She shall tease me right now. I've got a good story. Sir Joshua is next ADA yoga Applaud Hano following I thought about it. I was already in a viable and luxuries wax lads. Somebody will you can shoot you shot one flag somewhat out in Burma is to breakfast club. What does she just ass? Mixed breakfast is down to shoot. You shouted future shouted the breakfast lunch AIDS, don't mess it up, method of method, occupational allow enticing morning water, I ll, do it as a goal. Maybe you should you shall with Russia, with my wife Kendra billions of years, but we believe that separated the last like above and you know it all
thing do likewise the kids and everything her feeling, my guy, I'm I'm not do a mob coddling, thereby undermining I'll insecurities, because she would make it more than me. So I beg you not to say we take were latin all things like that kind of stuff and stuff I thinking about it
I want to be with you know. I want to fight for a fight, for I am way and what I can do. You know how to take all of them with a mom and dad s job that yeah checks have meant something you really reflecting on the things that happening ever lazy shit that you could have improved on. Did you do it by choice, so it or do I need to do it? Look once you get separated in over me about really much choice. You can do the work. You don't really try to take the time to reflect on much else. Would you maybe office every five years, your divorce? No ten miles you would I, like your violin Mary, separate if its hand, man, man I got on the days- are met. Other penis, you megaton for the past in much man might be great zone of you want to come back to its image, seems like a long time area. Why don't? Why did you think about this? A month ago, like seven months ago about- and I haven't been think about it- you know this is really about, but not about there being an article about anything to say in all my fault abolished aches thing about it out up to complement, to do it becomes be gone, romance,
girls gone was you know, I'm sure that these are issues that it seems that you guys can potentially resolve is not like you guys, don't love each other. I tell me, maybe right you better hope, there's no add ons island. You guys you guys have been keeping contact. As you have kids together, we haven't been completely no like ghostly each other. We just separate programmes like business to me. Have you had sex? What are not passed him once I'm your mother, I think, maybe gentlemen, have you I'd, since we nigerian inadvertently, like she's, still loves you
you're sure go yes, I will be very little. Both somebody told me once I'm never led a house is what you want. You out that house you maybe I'll, pull ever once you leader has another plan is comes in it. That's not you, since, as you looking breaks out time and get back together as long as you guys are willing to work on your relationship to respect each other and you still love each other by sometimes these agreements are in about whether or not we love each other is about other things collar, and she tells you that she prayed we're about to find out. Let us call a little cold when we come back, I personally he's nervous. Naturally, I everything you know right people with the breakfast locomotive. Everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, wherein the Miller shoot you shot, not citizens on. Allow he's about to call his wife. Well, maybe wife, kindred
up, ginger page forty. What do I call and become look I'll adopting Limburg between us recently? We can got ups and downs buzz. Think it at the time and you're the only person I wanna be with no, you mean the world's me. I want us to have a high and we like to have a mom and dad together completely from scratch. It ok, and we do it all over again husband and wife. Now will we match about the awhile I walked out with us? I wanna do it again and do it right this time, but we ve been developing a friendship with someone you, oh, I know
about diamond and about the her like a few weeks ago when they get. This is the brightness lab where cancer is Angela. Ye shall remain and envy good morning kindred. How will you die dead where our breaking up with you? You didn't tell us this wait. A minute arousal kindred muslim woman out now
women must be with you propose, is someone else about. You drew down not applying Gallagher Mass Chandra as when it be clear. We only intervene because ties until this that yardstick ten months I've and he really wanted to be with you, you loved. You he's been taken that time to think you didn't tell us anything about dying city was in securing knows you all ties, and indeed one third of the care of your tongue is worth Maria. I wonder what kind of telling her real aggressive worried about you. I propose goodbye man. Are you now know you're broke out by children? We don't want you in our lives, better jobs. I am so sorry for wasting your time this morning he didn't mean it. S got a bad guy, but
wow, you know tat, you re not into its eyes and sorry representational, irrational. You gotta go, give diamond, I think diamond I am sorry. I have a rate wasting eternally dollar time dear. How right will not shoot you shall we got rules on away? Yes, we are going to talk about Friday, find out how much the cast a Friday got paper that original movie and see why? Maybe Chris a girl didn't come out right away. We got all I m all coming up next to the breakfast locomotive about breakfast, for everybody waiting for that next Friday will not next paddy by another Friday movie. What is happening with that were jack. Witherspoon is down to do it, but he was I'm glad tv and needs
about how much they may when they did the first. When here's what he said to me, you know we got pretty bad thou. The Pisa do at the moment
both Rihanna me and then I'm gonna come back as they we Meda. Look. We made a lot of money, can give you all a bonus. Both that'll happen, Hollywood. So what happened with Chris Tucker and his environment Friday, making big we rejected J with that rush hour, big it twenty me, I will go back to Friday, the five thousand dollars a year, because every time I think the budget for all who use a hundred grand now is to marry any say. Two million set across two million to make energy put on me want to cause a hundred other. Now too many does a lot of money back. There is a lot of only shot on two different location. I, like you, said the movie gross three hundred million dollars a barrel gap at you agreed. So, whatever salary you agree to sell areas where it is and plus all of them were young and coming back then lay who was a young and overcome an army was a young lady. Wasn't like bang, Bang, Bang John was Una Wheeling, you know he's not fireworks. Faddy has his pay went to four hundred thousand dollars to be like as far as movie fraud.
Gotta be a lot of effort movies now, in addition to the fact that Chris Tucker went ahead and did the rush hour movie after that, I said that I am. Critic are also had distanced himself from the smoky character for other reasons, as we know, because he got religious and the two, The council did not want to glorify kid smoking weed the preaches, got him and says that you can be in a movie with smoking. Weed and staff by our aid is legal. Your critical authorities and industry leaders illegal now you'll be animal. Using like these animals medicinal precision or of their you, gonna shaded live gave the gobs they'll, be you know we ve medicinal herbs and is all gone away. The right girl I right now Rita IRA. She says that she was discriminated against on Iraq nation because she is a woman. Now, have you guys remember everything that happened in sheer fatherless who back and twenty fifteen saying that they neglected her? She said when she got signed the senior executives where very evolve with her as an artist, but now there was.
Fewer resources available in the company had a revolving door of executives, while resignation to count Zubaydah aura, but two point: four million dollars. They did settle amicably back and twenty sixteen, but now she saying that things might have favoured better for her under the label. Had she been a man she said to the Sunday times. I want to find the right word here, and maybe this is my interpretation, but I do feel like got discriminated against, because I was a woman I almost and maybe this is just my interpretation. I could have had a better chance if I'd been MA am, and I can't think it to me other women, no sign or admiration Unabridged Kelly was Onerato losing motion, not memorial, so amuse you compare and is too. Maybe she aim because he was in a man.
Maybe she was too much like real she's, whom I have to think about. Remember. Jazzy himself personally walked up more than one hundred and Adam Drinkin, two kilos Tom Pullman, add another ass. If what happened where particular situation but ass, his house he fails now, it is time reveals zoom where two m refilled, or should they without ratification monsieur side, it was a rock of why the GM region of reality, overtime, reading words here Mary took responsibility for herself, and she was very young and ceases wasn't doing where she was sitting worker red in the order of the day, the reader than that have directive very on had Meleagrina become lost up. I don't even know why record she had exactly they. Wouldn't I don't know. No, I can't get. Somebody ought to generally walks Tudor Radio Station and sit down with National Yola. Nobody that would you call
call or nation? Are you out of Fiji vs rigidity that I can about Mangi certain about women's again and that those who are we to our- I don't know where experience was. I don't know, I'm just aid everyone's, each of you all to a revisionist Adele jiggle into an interview or Wally or any other guy goes on our mission. I dont need our leader, but that's how I love to possess eating daily living went over. There were about run right now. They think about some first week. Number is now the first week in number. Projections are information. Much trouble album
If you guys have you guys hurry hurry among between fifty five and sixty thousand is where they are predicting Democrat. Album is gonna, do not enough. That includes the fact that it's a triple album and that gets triple that. I know how that works and was suitable between thirty five six rectitude between fifty five and sixty thousand area. By let's talk about post him alone, he got his first number one on the billboards two hundred albums chart and he had the biggest streaming weak ever for an album, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau Mermaids, music and that's forbear bugs and Bentley four hundred and sixty one thousand equivalent album units farewells Malone and he has eighteen songs on the hat one hundred. So all eighteen tracks are on that hat one hundred, and that means that he is only the third act ever do that. So congratulations to oppose him alone. Result. Milliner, revolve, reportable ornament
yeah, no ground down! Well analysis! No damn pulls mamma. You can't help here sounds appear now: Drake has erected for the most remote areas aunties. He has twenty four so likewise outposts MILAN and that we can both have eighteen tracks simultaneous nor can gradually this region. I write em Angela year. That is your room. A report are right in the Middle EAST. Tell you guys tell us our Sonia earlier report. How? Then this is an exclusive year, so all Kelly reached out to me and wanted me to be his towards Egypt, or you will just before the table out, and I think this is both visible fortitude of annual. If only to Chicago me. Others ago, I was a young book back then you formula to Chicago was wanted not a genuine opportunities books and put me up in a hotel me. Then. He just never call me just just lad, also by myself
let me do inherit all Kelly, flew you ought to gag only Chicago you're, awful colleague, negro, I'm gonna go near the same color the urine and comes. I tell you, I mean I don't know a color like me, ass. He might have been for the best be included Chicago he did and when you got these obligation for it it he did. Have you sit in Kyoto? Should it man, you got signs bird and habitat, nobody there actually Juliet rejection that protects their rejection with five near your protection from an all Kelly Erection, Percy Beaumont. He was choice. Mix up next. Is the breakfast locomotive, here's something you shall from the cynical women podcast network and I heart radio. Each day we aspire to bringing the Good NEWS, the silver lining, the glass half full, because there is good happening everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it. Here's something going it's a short daily show that offers positive stories, helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something good on the eye: heart, radio, an apple pie, cash or wherever you listen to your favorite shows subscribe now.
A glass of twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately. You're, not gonna, get the graduation Sarah. So I hurt radio found some people to write commencement speeches. Just for you, John Legend, Hillary Clinton into over twenty of your faith from DJ college coach can have you won back to halls. Listen to. I hardly knew how to commence. Speeches drop me. Fifty I harmonious Sunday may seventy, across all radio stations brought to you by directives taking the class of twenty twenty valedictorian to another
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