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Wednesday 3/14- Today on the show we had the pettiest African alive Michael Blackson stop by, and lets just say he stood his ground and was unapologetic to his comments towards Kevin Hart, even with the backlash he received from other comedians. But the jokes turned on him when his ex fiance called up and really gave up the receipts to his dirty dog ways. Moreover, Charlamgane gave "Donkey of the Day" to the dog owner and flight attendant that left a dog to die in the overhead bin and Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Forgotten- is in Newport cast about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and turned up dead in horrors. Mexico right across the border from El Paso Texas, story about borders, migration and corruption. We talked of it Families, FBI, agents and my! U S ambassador, to understand why Crimes have remained unsolved, listen two forgotten women. Farmers on the eye at all. What have you got your put costs I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we got no point. This prize round have recently joined a breakfast club say some muddle
Good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Good Morning Angel De Mining deserving Charlemagne. The guy presented a plan and guess what day it is guess what day it ha ha ha ha ha ha Yes, it's Wednesday hope they Miller. We did. We gonna full fledged a mass negro company is mortal Michael blacks and a big man. Oh no microblog. The news is eight nine but see Magee Hayden hard on governor, and while we go find out the small you gonna get to the bottom. All it is God Dammit gas will be guided, did venom comfort we'll find out if it asks you to raise your enemy,
Allow me just to me nothing. Grand nothing has caused the Charlemagne light skin solely of Charlemagne. Solemn Charlemagne, Jack's out Jack's some like that and that didn't have enough and they get upset about legwork. Why weren't? today in our last day my daughter ass me. She was you know today, at ten o clock, a lot of the students middle school in high school will be walking out his glass for seventeen minutes in honour of the kids killed in Florida holiday destination. Ten o clock, someone don't ask me she was like dad she said are really wanna protests and I really want to know about the class, but I don't think so. They find the assembly me he was, I think about it. All is in the same place web of another shoe to what did you start? Shooting kids? Well, not anxiety. He got his idea. No trust me other programme ago that there be for anxiety already know. Debt is similar. To tell him I said: do you ever feel comfortable with exact lesser? What have you feel comfortable with?
it's fine you normally schools are organizing it too, and some schools are saying you can't do it. So I left the worst thing in a lot of schools are organizing. They make an everybody, go to Jim and she's like well. If we all or to the German. Somebody else must know where we are allowed us to stay out of nowhere. Does God I'm actually we'll talk my barbers about bed this week, but I have the same type of psychological hypochondria, if I see something I think is gonna happen to me right? Think about the worst case scenario, all time, that's what anxiety, if she's got anxiety and rightfully so I was like a giddy understand. I don't think about it like that, but whatever you feel comfortable with in safe do it. My son is like seventeen We're gonna class, I'm workin out yes and vague seventeen days at these emerging average amount was havin guys. What they do in its annex XV across the country is middle school in high school students are protest.
What other laws and they want to be heard, and they want to be seen so this stepping out the seventeen minutes in honour of the seventeen people killed in Florida. My God wonders how Missus shimerda Nosegay. Yes, I will have to have any perennibranch, nor about my daughter in the class at ten o clock this morning. It had happened. Like my wife is gonna go to high school just in case just into Make it as I wearing a guy? Yes yeah man, Robin Cook bombs would legal Gunnar. Since League Allow me to carry a baby s right. Ok, so she will be there just just protecting just make sure everything is ok. What do the movies you comfortable right of my bearable? Tells me: ok, you, Avoid approach are attach ukase of you. If you want to avoid the joys of good image, you uncomfortable cool, but if you're gonna approach it in protest at ten a m do a with boldness. Ok right. Well, ask it to show cracker front page news or which are you. We are going to talk about another person who has passed away. Seventy six years old, Stephen Hawking, but he out lived what doctors told him. He
Do the ugly technically been dead for why, when I click they'd, they said he was going to raise any daddy actually accomplish that after that, we'll talk about that. When we come back again, Michael Black, some will be joining. I hate mass murder rate. Will he will we come back? His breakfast Lamont drop. One includes Basel Committee be damaged party, be drawn on twenty one February. Twenty one tat, whatever form it for a bank account. Alan Yea and launching the new charity got twenty one Savage Bank account campaign is ok, make sensible to twenty one less Dubai allude to Ellen, produces bein in tune with the culture got them right. Now, let's get some front page news, a talk about your present down a chubby, yes down attempt has fired his Secretary of state erects. Tell us in that,
fourteen months since his presidency, and yet another big firing in here now see we're replace Rex to listen with MIKE Pompey O the c I a director and formats he party congressmen. Now you found out, he was fired via twitter. Of course, Donald Trump weeded out might pay. A director of the CIA will become our new secretary of state. He will do a fantastic dad. Thank you too, ready to listen for his service. And actually Rex tell us in found out when somebody showed him that we yet another, this gradual, Donald Trump trunk couldn't stand, see Craig MAC trend in yesterday. You couldn't stand. And see Craig Maggie Knowledge. I leave that do somethin you take away from Craig Maximum, never citizen said he would end to service at midnight. I might thirty first and we're not sure, what's gonna happen with the people that he has in place his own inner circle, but we do know that China has now become the new director of the C. I a and b the
women chosen to do that in place of all of not knowing the true to fight him because he blamed the Russians, for Poland is a man and he s a climb down a chump, a moron according to NBC News, and then he had to hold a whole press conference saying that he actually is supporting the president to ensure that each state blame the Russians are poisonous among them was allotted different. Restaurant and maybe I did some distance between the two of them. So I guess, if you're not completely in support of everything he does in, if you don't hold your tongue, not criticise president? You knew at I, it is law, the distraction, man, I'm Tellin, you everybody say arresting pleased, Craig Majesty and paying homage to create. Try failed, I doubt just have become in and do something to deflect from Craig
and if they would all is worth what else is Automatic Sagres, Stephen Hawking, legendary scientists. Seventy six years passed away now he had a neurological disorders called unless you guys know about allies, and they told him in nineteen sixty three he had two years to live and he has lived on now twenty eight scene at the age of seventy six and during his life he wrote the best seller, a brief history of time. It's an international best seller. Any follow that up with the universe, in a nutshell which updated readers on concepts like the passivity. Be of an eleven dimension universe. He was so recognisable as far as such said he, I cameo TB, appearances unstarched check and on the Simpsons blossom. Now, the whereby would double nice on ahead of couple years: migrate, playlist! I yet idea it wasn't necessarily framework with somebody else, and I realize here all right, we'll ask it
volume at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, or maybe you feel blessed me with friends and positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest. It is now is the breakfast club good morning The breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on the breakfast is good morning. Angela pay is this nightmare begins. Yet all right. Then, I really early in the morning for use in agony. You got an editor press this morning, yeah yeah. I went to the Dentist Alfred check up and he said: do you guys? Can you do so? You I put on my pants and get to work, that's funny going alone. Authorities have no injury, we'd be calling at a meeting on cavity
be pulling down your pay all you care about goodness bend over. Let me see you Jane employee, he's a worse hello. This is rather Brandon was out of each Ezra groundwater darker pray. How thereby have a progress day. No may not permit a book very well in Orlando on Miami applauded after much area. But there were no. Thank you, sir. I, like that kind of energy, good data, every body and floated a great data floated crazy stated floor, allows is thought you was broken refugees I was calling about about all being blessed thing. Just want to let y'all know a beautiful future wife or beautiful, fairly lovely key. Where did they go out in a port and bake in a way above the boy like? Do? Ok, all right, we'll keep their past You go abroad as it is managed reckless tv for my g matter matter, all trio: aren't you
Y Y you met at all to do you always all them all your yard, in an email you was in reality, is gonna. Try. I still am. I think, your budgetary savings old now because you're a different issues there he's, but I think that enables Emma there's someone. I mean different things when I need to give an opinion on the bodies music, I don't care. I couldn't see whether the added musicals wagon mapped out in the Charlemagne pulled up this morning has garnered broccoli, attic my army, playing God. Damn you d, C Llc. Let me see, love was Madame wiser, so upset our man, people be no movie that, after all people right begging, man, I'll YO, Yo Yo. Sadly we stop using these Dhabi right. They can. I thank you for a second has made over a billion dollars who give
damn. When I got as they may be made available, Valium Odo. If our own people, then it is like live on, how we can have a moment blissful has on the positive tell them would be an amount in autumn. Say that What did you think maybe, like I believe in a fictional country like what kind and I believe in a fictional, personalized I'll, tell him take death, coffees, poles, doughty warden. Could they way man fiction on there? You have a name another. Therefore often Oakley am be out of the airport. I got you. Are you calling me? Oh grander, people mad about. It is something positive. You know their letter, then our little moments, motorway
let a bad bad ass right now, I'm not mad about it. Just go harder, don't knock would know not what motivates somebody is motivating somebody, let him motivate them negative makes no sense to me. Get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one, five one of your obsession divinity sub now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off the agenda. The email from you on the breakfast lie below those of what it better, from you alive. You bang Blount, you do at Berkeley LAB Gable, give back again people about it, all the more because I'm really could you do not mind, have no jail. I don't understand
without dream, called the store for fifteen days to the people as was theirs, is to make sure that there is a preventative measures to correct it. Know, your body. What's the problem most successful black men that want to date a hispanic woman or caucasian woman and you're not going to date, nobody that makes under two hundred thousand a year baby Yeah. I understand Mary we are even now, people be happily not married to know, but I have to remind me My wife mud gave you Why? What do you want to know? and I ve been in the way women like that. I mean why a good to have sex with our. Now. There is above all a bit about sex. What have you I wouldn't, but I've never been attracted to the white woman. Well, I wanna be won a boy. I, like most alike, desisted. That's what I like and I like.
Black, contrary to programme, for anybody was eleven. Whoever their level came. The correct I, like my dad, is handing him a mammoth black man. My data. That way I will be here- about a way out of the Roma. Nancy must now be politically correct. Problems lie all right, but you know my way: mammalian importer regulating everybody got a preference below. Ok, I use it to endow drags Lesabre height because all may I live in. One of these was happening. I like eyes, energy change, its ages, overturn haste I call on the government of mourning attire workpeople. Take them up, they won't get. You know you better You are to be well now and integrate really give me a problem like the people they were talking. Wow Bruno Omar AL you that bad
me too. I agree with you. I read me first on it about the other day by the state. Will individuals trying to get Bruno Mark out here and I give them a quarter of appreciation rubber unaware that the culture of nothing but respect and everything that you pay homage to promote culture? Like briefly he didn't quite away to bed founded dimples. Ninety Barbie album it had been living color everybody gets with me. Do we want a person of color? The only party alone, allow blurry person a color himself, yeah he's not all borders half. What do we get given me that all boiler, but everything I read about it- is that the EU is worried in here. You have much more to reading, but I'm innocent. He pays homage. That's all you want from feeling, like I don't know which often Bruno mother, I don't even understand why people I'm mad Bruno Mises, the telephone calls about why we have a whole Jamaican, him, Canadian, might impose the net. You do good when acting in a way
in areas where we, that would that be sir. We are no, no, we don't say it. Megan, I will take immediate aid, but I can't even have cultural appropriation or because of you have been a candid heavy causes used, caribbean influence at hand and allow the caribbean people in the candidate countries that have cultural programmes that the culture at all. Drake Graham knows me. I guess the canadian Jewish to have you found a maying at my own perfectly fine, and you have a good time. Tat theres, nothing out without a why people act like you can't be. Happy and not be in a relationship Java Venezuela right out if you want to go out the DR bright drought get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one don't forget. Michael Blackson comedian is Michael Blackson hating and we won't find out this morning. Okay, absolutely I to even out here hating on Kevin Hart for the past few months
comedian added come up here and are we ve? ask them about it. I've had something to say about it. We gonna put Michael blacks and on a goddamn grow this morning to see what the hell's Goin now re even got rose at away. Yes, let's talk about thou. He had a lot going. I yesterday showed no more different angles. Alright, literally, I will get that when we come back as a breakfast at the moment the breakfast warning nobody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club, as happened in Happy Wednesday, happy humpty that I still say Andy you would we do anymore Are you happy hump day right? No less than five minutes, Michael Black, that will be joining us, but before that lifted lagging behind the USA we hate my motto: is a black stand, a black, so I will just in five large out also right now. Look it's rumours. Are talk, bow
with an killing. It is clear that I was very active yesterday on the blogs. Now. First, he put out a new song drunk of Iraq, and it seems I keep feels like him and Chris round, have had a falling out he's wondering what happened with their friendship check it out the scripture. So just works Chris was no matter where you will always be hollow. Brother Public away, you speak, so we show that this is crazy phases. Roundly sprays girl, this is crazy, allow refer to somebody with a little brother right. It's like bow everybody lower brother. Well, Chris Brown has no idea what's going on because he wrote under the shade rooms posed, I'm confused
guy brow trouble include Basel grid round. I ain't even thinking about your brow and studio, drunk reminiscent of a feud. We could run a criminal code and about know we had a few going away. If I write well, thou then risks and that in the comments I never had beef with my brow and never will ever you wrote his own and then he said, that's what you give her being real on record that music posted do debate about it. Talk about it for the record. I have no beef, I static with nobody. So daddy is not a disk, it's a simple damn. I miss my dog. What happened to us type is out all right, down bs. I write my life. Experience is simple. I'm an emotional purse I'll be rule. If the present, don't even notice all got a few digital beef, but I hear of if you increase of headache. Decision before you noted ya. Gotta issued in have different, but you even know dining thou feels wave of criminal feel knowing about low as Belladonna Secured is needed there, and I guess he fantasies had a public Uno speak, and Chris Patten has no idea what's happening around by those jobs? Thou art you speak devour is pointless.
Their friends now Bow also a video came out on World Day yesterday of Bower getting attacked and they say it has something to do with future, because the right before the attack happens, someone says what's up at their future, is and then back to tighten he's on the ground, and then the video cuts off you guys outside yeah, yeah revolts, even more sanctions. Give me anxiety watching over here right now. They jap underground now thou hast since responded to what happens in that video here's what he said in a word, I know your we want and that we do not have said so. Many more about that does not light were sent. If it was that's, I've been thinking about this book about light were Dingle down like that, and that's all I'm gonna SAM Illegal, like tat of a room when it play, will dwell. What have you got to do? You know I'm saving autumn Lenny
was right now or my daughter and NGO down like that. Listen Shad. When you say it didn't go now like that. Are you the eight because they view the eight they went down? We thought it hit. The ground has marble about. I had to say, let's just see what this girl, who was actually backstage, compensated playful play. We got that disabled Thursday. Let this area com girl- I don't know I never marry, seek in explaining. How was you saw she was right, clear from talked about it and go down like that, so enjoy our thing. To do it's good. I mean anybody snuck a snapshot menu thus snuff before, but is one the draft, where none and another is a different. When I got enough, there was war people out by myself a second now creating to replace these videos from an incident that happened last year and according to this young lady, the part that was left of camera. Him defending himself say about thinking about sex, but I just have to end up with this. Here is the person who allegedly involved in the attack bus man seeks respond,
while on the enemy for mining, dont, like that, I can't mail, Would it on imported? I gotta go now go round away, went down on the videos on which we would now we see the whole mothers. Do you know what's goin on here once again that would do better. A name, lean and learn. I do agree with and alleviate diet is condemned by letting them when you bring it down into them, is UK way too much about will be a good thing, but I want to say something: what bow? I need a whole duty. Ok could have you walking with a group of you what they want to move with the girl, but the rest will guide the fact that the mere fact that guy ran to it at a whole, often of line sag lowbrow, you gotta everybody around you go. You need a new laptop or new right agro anew, God, new Sinhala, your line is trash. Bow I re enter. Them is to express my about attacks. Bosnia, I am Angela Ye as you are ruler report, are right will thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back, we hold kick it with Michael Blacks,
oh blacks and hate nor german hoddan that let's just get right to a great or does it seem, like you, say nothing. He said in a low bit. I've been collecting sum up, maybe So if I may go out, I live in a halo Bible. We ask when we come back. Don't move is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall obey the girl we oughta breakfast club. We have Michael Black there's trouble, making african Michael blacks and in every part of his life. What is going on is it is cold. You noticed that one of them is what is on illegal as that right now, Not only that I want you to know all about, Inter Alia, that the numbers in ITALY, where there is a problem that Gimme another, see so looking nobody really well, it was now. Would you be?
whichever hot Michael blacks and avoid the state of play, which happens there when he was here play Kevin might turn into the is the Grandmama ledges shows Ass is looking for even those for those who might turn into might turn into a guy. You cover heart. What that's? Why I'm your guy? If you don't know me, I get it I'm supposed to be a guy, but now you are looking for likes because the cup, social cover, hard drives attentions ease and was so now you put. Your relationship will be in jeopardy because you want to try to give a new one. It allows lovable camel Margie scandal that becomes your beds, I'll get my. I guess, furthermore, does Michael Blacks, Hindu, microblog, some migs front of everybody from Bill Cosby to Burma. We came here. Try to Choky to Teresa terrorised was an area nor that well,
and I learned is that a foolish thing got such a sense of humour that you call me a lid on. I got kidnapped we'll communities we there is no. We talk about everything, Montenegro, we don't touch fun, we don't touch widened untouched. As you know, if you'd never made a video, when only in battle cry, it looks so stupid, ages, medicine easy for like me. Thank you, my friends, we're friends We back an orderly doin immediately. Try I, like I, was often four thousand a move to fully sum of nineteen. Eighty nine Kevin was probably in India thousand regional or they didn't. I, I was probably a regional Philadelphia committed you think what for about community as you go to come, if you back in a day rigid from West Africa, now raising fully Michael Blacks fully Burma home. If without fully, I will not. Don't know comedy. Ok may have go way that we all been locked up together before.
When I went to do to moving next Friday, Kevin HOT drove me to the EP of moderation, beckoned. Ninety nine, you know we win us and one point. I don't know what happened, what have fallen out fell out at bet, lady. I dont think me for some apparent reason. It doesn't matter because I didn't do that because out of with him, I did it that's what I do I rose and they ve got. So don't you don't? You know you can s situation when his houses in shambles, Am I my seeing me up when they happened to me. You have made major, I've been other guy came here. Yeah measure must take state in the museum, jokes delete, my as then we ve got you deserve. Whoever comes to you ain't, no, he deserved it, but as it is what you guys not cool before you in- and I encourage you said you don't know what happened or was it because of the joke said to me- and I was probably before it
because one thing, if I'm your guy the first place, I would have may well you don't the furthest would enable you to call you exactly what you think I am you give him that respect. They went away any friends your friend. Would you call him the same care? You? Ok, you good was wrong before now. At the same phenomenon is ninety. Ninety nine calves had thirty different numbers. If human homey postmen under you gotta two million followers, I would call you put it down and does not have the time and I respected. It is true that we not by so called guy babies. My guy, you know a cap on nuclear bluff, go pick my special Now that I put my money away, you so does big money to get my you know get would get what you want. Then it were heard everywhere you work with and how to draw out the word: do you want it? My John put Muni was as well, Sancho Jamais Johnson underestimate money, but in that situation right talk to me. What did she?
HU the eggs who you know I see. I have never cheated, George, you re, causing I don't wanna buy line, listen what goes on page or came, do something it bears the long very long story. Notice, begged us a fiery Burma is, is the champion they make a long story longer segment. Ok, judges court, the stories at the wrong time. People honest, I would know what am I going online families Villages are leading US pain, as you have done is I would look at me. I'm a girl everyday, never ever them. I did something wrong. We had a temporary break up where the temporary break up. I went out of town Super weekend somewhere you staying some thirsty beach.
It had a hearing. Before we can, we have new poison went together. We had a big argument, some beach, whenever stability, but a month later me a mug, get back together. We engage with lane. At all as an ongoing social media and goes on. I know you were there, It is a big stone. Look at is the green light not a good time and pride is the greatest shut. Dont know why what did would dare say, I'm sure care, told his wife the same thing as she gonna grammars the you supposed to be a frame going on carefully. Recital- u can see when I was expecting every body to roast me. I deserved the he deserved, you ve got you deserve it doesnt matter, he's here! video, don't make it easy for savage. Like me, You know we had a problem, I'm your guide. Let me know you, my guy, you know my, then we might have my ripeness bazookas. Two million dollars must give it to me.
They live, he I'll say to shoot. Em I stay in my mommy lot. More did not only wanted to move out of my story, I never see, but he met. If I give you is that you you men and cooperative, that I will do to me. I do at hundreds of Bobby the latter lives above the bridge, when I did the whole not as the less the levity and ass their Bobby veto. When your money he's semi idea right. Am I right in assuming that posted it, but I will do that to get here. I'm saying you call me I've come alone record is doubly ok, but it does seem like Google Baseload, which who gave their lives. Allow me go ahead. Everybody corn! I listen to the radio station of course, with thought that care was visited there about. Even she was only but also must not expect belies guinea. I expect from you Light, as almost like you
This allegation allege image: lender Feyther loves it Michael Blacks, and thus I can't talk about you. Oh, I do it all the time when the one that also real Latona signal from a cheat normal family now that some day he The ideal air deal While he was, he was doing some old. I'm your damage attention. I can give you dig it out like Michael, but man this is rules they both from fairly Alma Michael got that you know the everything. But I was like moment: don't don't you for us, our hungry. He just one is on the east. We hope you don't think straight users, the developer without funding, so that we can take everything phases answers My love, What it is is local Abou Cosby did bill could go to jail for his and we all live. I gotta find me
Toronto Cosby phasing out arrangement we're gonna gently they suddenly who, as a crime, will you read that you can this is more sensitive to touch in every body. Cheats put you know how hard it is to fix it. You, do not really getting China face nothing, he went. I lie model not only about a right, though happy I'm a muslim of data on the roof and download doktor through an idea to put every body the breakfast club. I will we come back. We got more with Michael Blacks and we gotta talk some more care and, of course Teresa did he really good? now we'll get into when we come back as the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. Oh God, we are. The breakfast club, Michael Black, since in the building following Then you can get me coolly anger. He told him that you want a final bumpy nobly reason, because I thought ass. We were not one. When I was on tv, I think
I'm not looking up at a video from box and I don't want to fight off. We have thought you want to fight me, Elizabeth, the thought of what means are desirable and in an area am I knew how to see you know. I don't want to fight that together with the nomes, I fear, though, because midges hit hard and then with a regular ten auditors, you know what I'm Loki jealous of who gave why? Because when he did his, to business. I want my gown just a bit just because it, according to Georgia, reindeer about three or four women may yet on a one time ahead, minds will have drawn into fled from Georgia rain. Now, let's talk about her for a second, I. So what exactly happened to you miss her, because that was your women with our senior alliance, heavy together she's all over the place. She seems like a great cats, you seem like you live there. You engaged weapon and the weak. Who he's a great moment. We are cool
I don't get too much into details now, didn T, let me up and after what happened, you got me when you play declared from Georgia weekly behind, didn't you gonna get everything you do now that we are cool the as you did oh letter, a self love letter in an open letter was Valentine's day. She moved me, but I mean is that something cause you said you guys had broken. Having got him back together, would you love to give it another do you feel like you're, not meant? No one will see what happens so you do want to give it another to see what happens when the law has in place for us. But you would you know what caused her to speak out? Will you clown in Canada? but how he go talk about somebody genes, which was, as you already.
Middle EAST. You always blacks, and you know what she will always be team black sent once you get with him with you know there was. Lemme give a blot infectious. You always are you guys but what we got one more year committee peers who had something to say about women. When do we can move on clay? Photographers Tony Roger went on you, I am sure to have new common. I have abolished it because that's what we do some happens. Anybody is in trouble. They gotta know comics a rabbit panes and run into the bad, I'm saying it seems to me and they not need one of them is like my rotted die one day one day one do, but they both cool me right, but it seems to me like you: might you can let it go down. Is over I kept trying to fix Almighty said you may judge major jokes. It is no more time
These are the Newton squeeze on the lemon? Like you got it all these, there is always more to go. The limit ask is the limit is left out of it. To be great, you have to touch things. Are the people would be afraid of anything? And that's why I have no fear Amy Lizzy, I came. I gave my village I ain't when my head and I work barefooted eternal of by any them a warrior I'm not afraid of any doubts about speak. My mind is where my goes about. Writing it. Don't don't is no ruse and roasting people. You haven't ethnic special coming from bad to abolish them sooner this summer diplomacy in fully how much they give you as I wouldn't. I'm Dodo, defy modest suited in, and I myself am, I'm gonna get me to write money and would hold onto their right money. Come others about it. Yes, does the plant about? I have no duty not pay for spending my own money, I'm gonna shoot em, but they are talking to you. I read it. I know it talk to my people that you are talking to bid. You stick utopian awarded justice,
what they would give. You know what I'm worked lately way. I can't potass Boma beat she's listening, gown talk too much about money is freak is not a real live. Not these room, leaving paves the way for comedians about a future on special and then sell it. You think that is kind of the best method. It is we would tv shows not days if you have any idea what a movie should a movie Ngos, sadly not sit around with people from a cinema for never to put put some together. You know, then, after put together- and I wish it anyway so go get it done. They believe in yourself puts money yes and has run down the vessel. I'm not community in Abuja by social media. Irregularities is never know it in your current ammo an audience. I have a bunch of men in following up with some nautical who supported did I never get me what I wanted to. I just put it. I must have you a pit in autism watching among get morning it twenty million on us not now you moved itself was fully when you with twelve thirteen fourteen one
The first two years and its days are not new Jersey. Emotive fairly, were now is by forty fifty, but you ever ashamed to be an arrogant. Never. I was always proud and ass. Kinda guaranteed clammy a lot. When I came in an era of like Africa phrases that easy guilt bullet, nobody was claiming Vienna, from Baghdad Jamaica's willing, claiming Jamaica because autumn is it was made. Fun of them was an era of divide and no prints life. My play idea was your time. He was back then populated, noticing, work out for me to West Snipes came out in my lab changed You know better, it was tat in case clammy. Now there was defend myself all the time. No and where did comedy, when did I start becoming a comedian is like when I realize what it takes to fit in when I came to America back then, and it in the eighties and Africa where you know how to fill out a time I was in Beria, you know in Liberia and was of Africa. Women just cared about. You haven't new clothes, new clauses,
Like me, a woman, like you tell him, I got his new clothes, so I came to America. I couldn't wish my first day of school. My mother took me to recent words? Would you know about it? You know what I know we were them inquiries. When got me some brain new clothes, new no names I want my first sneakers was called in action here. I had a brand new college show some new tears. I went to school ass, I got some nuclear among Kennedys beaches and the audience I got a scooter clowning meal I would have given us which moment is new essay is not making. I did at the neck. Is bread you ve, never been used, so I realized TAT fit and you got when they bring even backdating gap on cute. You was if you was named branch It is the same. You have money and his own date. You so autos happenings in Jersey, bus about among the Philly anew, what it took. The fitting a guy had a job
Domino's pizza delivery, pizzas. In a bike I made by fifty thousand night tip money I saved about one thousand five hundred dollars when shopping brought it back. I went to school at night time, drug dealer. They had no idea. I was dealing pepperoni and anchovies, you know so was I had good clothes on expensive closed. Then all the sudden people to be my friend, You know and I was back. Then your dusk came a you jewelry and nice clothes you automatically what drug Dylan some jobs can with accident and will, when you ask them back their efforts, is what it was an immediate Africa's in Amerika. The time was mostly Jamaica's so yet had asked you automatically Jamaican make in America less than know about you, two more fear to half a dozen as quiet and where jury detail, a drug dealer is leaves So what does dolly me alone is when I started me before you got we got is,
and when I got a high school- are still worker dominoes and want to Michael work as a you know. You funny ticket but Open MIKE in his eye comedy started what people are dying in from Georgia Reign. The chicken bared use that, but it could have behind them. With his big boy talking about she just seen over conversation. You didn't! Actually I really did tell it all normal take with a beard. Nobody denies them face. Oh he S. Union images, you goddamn, saying nothing I've never met a hotline numbers. You proponents disease, they don't say nothing, bad she'll come up here next, could you do it? No I'm not! There was. The number is not always a was lover she's she's, so I was to go at a little. Facial here cause some women do have.
Roots she'd be still have a b this. This is a hate. Her right, we got more microblog when we come back, we gotta take more care hot entire is. When we come back to move to breakfast locomotive, we're Michael Blacks and in the building I e did you did George underlying it, I'm trying to allusion now what happened? What's areas why she's gonna call and didn't really show up yet it issue of Nazareth, tar visas, a great Agnes whenever you want to accomplish their companies that they shots book. I gotta have, after that, thirteen thousand a modern war. You want from me you got cut right right, so he played a well bred up Tarpeys essence of Greece as a human. Well, what has happened like us, the autonomy for his daughter, my full, it is warmer. I just made fun it and it took me a while to even think by megaphone in disguise. Kennedy was no thinking he's a comedian. He knows coming with time
Somebody out already noticed something under is, of course you said I mean: where did he pulls out a try, not a thought. I took some time to think about how we glove wanting to my lot in her. In you know we would live. I mean and how it was so small. So I wanted to him a lot, so you now have not been as party we ve shook here. As you know, we dusk and others will recognise each other with each other, but it after like the second Emma Guitar, easy getting one one Video, you gonna get its locate as they did you get in it and I did it, but our demands he felt like what I did was Joe Joe jokes. It was funny he laughed daddy. Especial electronic trade him for two lysine Nix, so easy to everything. Our day was funding and as why contact me, unless do something is bringing light to this did any, not reason why to come, not evolve, because at present- and I know it
having them are stored in my phone. He tells me tat night. After the first post, monotonous, Tommy's Ella, he took my phone. He say: you'll magazine rail as if that is as terrorism, no game. The dead duck called the cut off with his own eyes. Yes, statute book police came had a cop. This came almost out and out in finding out I got I woke up the next morning and he fell asleep side of a diary. They're not no more. I'm of all those who made next of joy You know I woke up and I found out that this happened so Don T S against me unto my guys tell him do unaware met and, as it has done, a fine those tonight, Mr Charles everything, today to find it. Innovation as illegal stuff, underwater road. I gotta make some problem got a game of phone back, but it was all funny you know me a guy like him at it says who manages no comment, that I don't give a shock
What is one of the hardest working guy in a business, and you not in what I like about him. He may everybody step their game up. You know I'm saying, and in never hit a guy he's like a little brother. We watch him grow. He watching came and passed every one of us and went to a whole different level of respect and we support him. Last time I saw him in person. I went to buy wunder2 for him and when you shot it special at the football field, Why does less muslim phaser face? You know we shook hands and gave a hug and which has kept the movie. You know I don't have a try to reach out. Don't just to say was that befall it is I mean I'm doing a lot of. You will get successes, not them that changes people around emerging month. If I see him, I nor am, I big him up online movie made us a movie ASEAN Emma Bonino, saunter carved up, does sunlight debit, baby. Don't think I'm Norma thing you know, Argosy is Numbers CHE. I've had the same number.
So I can't believe you know, but I guess I dive no infinity Ella Mezzaluna brother. We got covered, allow right now. I love Hello, job she's gonna get going. Georgia. How are you does it the breakfast club video We actually Charlemagne guys just sat grey area, fiance, Michael Blacks, and here we still your fiance. Am I going to do you stay outside to Michael, as he says you guys, still kuwaiti, teller airport real cordial? What did you take when he was megaphone, a chemical for cheating? You know everybody felt by you, but then I will buy them at a cool. Yeah. I guess he yet elaborate. Good. They were ever is urging overdue long years. Why would you don't even have recruit? He never said that many babe every year by year, you know better than life
interbedded, why you out of you now heads others daddy in particular, he told you look, it is ethically because, when his showed up, I live here, whatever you do? Don't invite seven a m, and when I rode over the briefing, if ever come back with food, I don't become integrated and my home branded in a building. As you call me by Europe, your phone company be out by five weapon, but before I got out of bed- and I give you my own awhile announced by oh, my god- is do now. Let's talk about this woman thou using other bodies because of ours who, as you know, is the fraud blue line of listen? I don't know, I don't care, I think the borrowing.
In that time, and you know you got a movie about Georgia. I know you guys are broken up and guy who's with a beard before we can get back together with him again. Why? I don't know, I don't know I don't like a baby, don't be, it was vital to have like he'll be, will wake up within your phone awaited. Like turn back, and though your hardly combat like women are always how good the gorgeous ADA our going. This still want to eat seizures one really. That is really love. Oh my god. You love Georgia. Of course, Georgia! Do you love Michael? There was the problem.
Like Hell, you argue worked a pat on the problems. You have sent me a page that is women with the bear, and now we want a billiard. What we will be able to tell me about this situation. Babysitter Boogie oil can bear. You know birthday. I lead here. Let me see all of a sudden. I get a random dm from a family ok I'll, follow you and it knows little levers. Yellow plan for the people of Gaza must suits. I gotta massaging the furnace limit. It is not the same fear. Death of you fell asleep. On a girl. She was. It was a massage automated within them with us. I do not remember what happened to cabin and you make it funny. I'm a lot of money. This young man, Michael? You Michael, has not that we want to learn whatever I know better. Jean Valjean. You know better. Does Amazon Gaza soon set with a beard, my bad my good: will you do
one more lionize! Now you have more problems with them in picture online. I know I gotta leave before I'm just look. I was a kid I dont bluntly. We won't let it up. I lie down on the ground. The pandemic but just needs to come clean with you and just kind of tell you really what went down and then maybe you consider it. You know is to go to eat. I don't even care about what went down you know in the past because it's like, I made so much progress, and I realize I am a crazy bitch. Michael Game and you Jesus omitted to where the devil is alive. I'm crazy. But the thing is, I don't even want employment, but nothing a dismal interview. Feel right now, I'll cabin where it no doubt on what, if
what what they want. Have. No fear was if I wanted to IRAN. It is harming leave. You trust me I deserve it concerns a God, do the amateur herds, Jonah you're going to treat something very thing above his head with care being evacuated, man and again about my forgive me wrong button cabin paper bag from practical value? Twenty thousand because I'm like that, you hear about my Mama beyond a doubt, a dummy averred among pointed out and, as was noted, a number of the prisoners Dona regardless was above the present positively. I you weren't supposed to pay you heard about- is
as you know, a thing about Georgia, we appreciate your Georgia. Of Eu Georgia. Thank you do when I go, we will allow you to see my mother. We got more Michael Blacks and when we come back, let's find out if he wants to make a week have been hard, we'll talk about it. When we come back to Furthermore, a breakfast everybody is dj, envy! Charlamagne THA god we are the breakfast Club, Michael Blackson, still in the building, so they can. We make you and Kevin Pool today. Can y'all be cool You don't say no problem, but you know you are like em. We do these of tat. I will let you have a real problem,
but we think I'm doin, it is causing you probably home or whatever ways out a muddy thinking constitute a problem at home, where we really, what would you say, sorry, sorry to oil Tyler's, either to whom a village called it and problems at home, if we just for if it was a very worthy said, and you are not going, any parties have their home. You cause my house, or would you every video call me and told me that if I may be this area, I want to see my home. We go down the baron thing. I didn't think it was debt serious. You know a dandy teacher. He did something in people climate. When I do my client look at it. Be a bitch. You don't say anything because I believe that it has been adopted, and I was there was a massage. I've got enough. Nobody, besides I now saw did I that, because there is a different picture where we're in different clothes, I had a stock in trade with a de facto amidst a boot. Looking for you
You will not be forgotten that I'm here to mind, as you know, we want no more into us. Does more study for like Martin Young Maid Boggley? Yes, I'm coming, but I'm not I'm done. Dumber debacle, exaggerated brooklet, like last, we get some on the net did thirty four, as when one Atlantic city at the broad walk it, allayed or to Oakland? I'm gonna do about ten days. We might, would you Rosemont, If you got intends to my God, he would get it not me my as everybody, I'm onto my gives also with just a few days, and enough was abdomen thing just follow me is grandma. You see my dates. Have anybody ever tried to fight you like for Rail guy Merriwig, I wrote it. We're I'm sorry, nobody ever I rented the Burma there. He was gonna told me: gimme a gain. Gimme, a brown sub, there's one ass you want. One like that. Meaning is me what we give me my with crises?
he was gonna hurt. I got little angel. There wasn't a low wage organs on a number of New Jersey, amazed, son, kisses Sunday. You not you know he's a heated uneven and I dont have assessing, aren't I think, calves, yours, but then some that easy. I came an army, they would notice a human tragedy. Will you not a comedian this way what it was is this not a zone of almost come from another country or my office with customs have passports, which is Tessier Ok, don't you have determined all after mice, Felicity's all at Michael Blacks and with those who want a public school is. Am I see ici L, B, OECD, Iceland,
We want a common like to talk to each other on social media. Today does reach out to each other and love, I'm com collect, and then they can play to see you and genuine going to eat vision greener lay food is on his way, is Michael Blacks and now, let's get right into Romas, we're talking Evelyn Mazato. The report annually on the breakfast evident that it and shiny o Neill, were on Van weakens. The red pill. Pack has dramatically bombs from my guy. There have only been asked which one of their famous x is what they call if they were in a life threatening situation. What do you think that Evelyn said? Who do you think He would call now known goes. Was this maybe firebomb you again, aircraft day were engaged. They had ascend before they broke up last year, whereas not who she said check it out.
Life is on the line which one do you have the most famous. I know one. That's definitely come in, but I don't know that's not Chad College at ever say why That is the surprise, for you think she call baby. There can be no, they were engaged with. The baby. Daddy might be more loyal to the child than he is her like a giant, but I had a closer connection enabling us it's a bad break up at their head, budding situation and everything in, but we don't know what I'm now today voted could irreconcilable ere they could have, but then acted as he got together had it. I was embodied out to county. I felt like you know, you would think that, because you have a child with someone I would be the person there would be. No Lebanon is your demand not drew on those in Gaza. Will, let me be Mama's drown regime because you will be sent out and how that would mean old you haven't got there was a mighty other legal. You gotta stop treating like negative the mother view. China. I don't give a damn right, DR wags, gravely I say with them,
in our lifetimes manner, we re now, let's discuss Tory lanes versus Travis Skype. They are put at this new video and it's an old dispute that happen. With Tory Lanes and Travis got. Everybody knows at one point that suits them had some type of confrontation, and this is because tourmaline says that he was a ghost bite of her Travis got back in an interview he did in twenty fourteen was video footage emerged It's because of this young lady everybody compensatory lanes, kind of thing. He returned a sound thy. Travis got problems. Nobody, these latter, Terry leans economic mills honestly knows a word. Sorry leans had an tweeted. I can't sound like somebody I wrote for just so you know he was talking about
Travis Gatt, and here is what happens when the two of them had a confrontation. Where I say you felt away. That's what we're here right now. What do you mean? You don't know what we are going to face. Everybody does a man, a man is just the way. I don't want to know what it is all further weeds, gunfighter what date, let's airlines, where every turn
I can tell you very guy, I'm trying to find out that it was raised to phase out one point. They wanted to get it and make it gotta be right. Our respective, though let us fight clearer rules, fight didn't have to fire. You could talk everybody out here, the cameras out here and in their let's get our motion not the way I management of labour legislation, what happened which, having got when he was on the breakfast club history lanes on the breakfast club. There was a record that I got done was to me, can Travis and it was around I mean I got beat us, may give it to me, and I did the hook voice on how some way got. I guess the meek and tat and they put Travis unhook looking at it now in, like northern dissuasion, North Travis standpoint, I think he wanted to sing the hook, but I looked at it like your mother, you some my rug.
I wrote it. Ok, Wichita much like a bug. You guys like ours, you doin a favor when we got over it ass their point in talking about their situations. I get if now see how sometimes you gotta just talk to somebody face to face fully. There's always obvious offered him a couple years ago: Sal you gotta just talk to somebody face to face any also addresses it on his album. Memories don't die, which is out now, here's what he had to say on the track hate to say. Mr Scott, yeah, it was losing possibly cook s bigger enshrining. So my apologies to forgive me for joy. History Mary hourly brought a couple together with the finnish disorders the world watching essentially industry itself, Would you like to Travis Governor Interrelated, very, very town and I've been choice, hotel alike Toy morning, Travis Final know whose like who writes were who, by Tory to me
the better, and it was interesting on his first album. There was a lot of criticism of people saying he's still another people, and deadly said that undoubtedly told sounded like a bunch of other people would do you find other human rights and for a lot of and travellers in Santiago international alot of agreement. Can you get a lot of Europe's? As you know, steeds nouns, hiding and tat is how to get the right now when you find travel written for Canada old I'm. So I re when I'm Angela YE and that is your room report. Thank you miss you Charlemagne. Yes, we giving you don't want to. I wish we could have a discussion about this continent. I got a cold hard I have a corner. Maybe I'm not looking at is the right way. Maybe you can help me the right wing. What I need you need the need, United Airlines, ok and passengers Sophia. Biogas in her mother, Catalina Rob leader comes at a friend, a combination of a yes I'd, die, feed he's all across the board. In this situation, everybody going hard on United, but I'll tell you about a flat out right, we'll get into that. When we come back, he laughed ass to breakfast locomotive
a guy like you or or don't you. Time for Don T talk. You today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today I got the donkey. They need to be done at the breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today, while sharing dont you today for windy March for you go to United Airlines and to pass images that were on United Airlines there on United Airlines flight, one thousand two hundred and eighty four from Houston to New York. Sophia see by yes M Catalina Robe lay down k of fear. The daughter catalina the mother. Now usually when you knock you being handed out the airlines, it goes directly. The airline for something they did to a passenger, our passengers, and this situation is a little bit different, because United did do. Oh fear, in Catalina, dirty which Sophie
in Shadow Lena, have to get fifty percent. It is donkey because life is not a matter of chance as a matter of choice and when the devil ask you to make a choice, you have to choose wisely, if not bad things happen now before we in practice situate. Let's go to ABC thirteen New York for the report to find out why United Airlines in Sofia and our mother Catalina are getting donkey of the day Sophia. Her mother and their friends Bull dog boarded a fly here. I Bush yesterday a United Flight and they say that they were told by a flight is distorted. Dog there doll, gonna carrier, Amy We're had been on that three hour Why to New York City their little dog die. Computer was his name. They see was just part of the families. You can imagine how distraught Sofia and her mouth all this morning, their own. For stories about whether or not the flight internet knew a dog was in that bad. One passenger saying she clearly:
No, but Sofia and her mother insist Sheen did they say, go Cato barked and they told the flight attendant. Several times are puppies and bag Sophia's as the flight is and it made them stored the dog above because their best belong the aisle when the plainly there, they discover that heartbreaking news. Does this statement saying this was a tragic act, and they should have never occurred as pets should never be placed in the overhead. Been we assume full response baloney for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting that. We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again views as United has called her mother offering to settle this situation with money. But of course you can imagine this family it's not about the money at all. Let's get this straight. Being Catalina poverty in a bag. Airlines asked to put their bag and overhead been. They complied put. The bag,
they had been in political Cato. The dog die Bow Catalina mother The speaking was, but the daughter Sophia does Sophia has spoken out about the situation here. We go. She had to say but I honest, my court doesn't feel I have people to you will at all, no gay. It is certain things that warm I called out with those days when I wanted him. I want to have empathy for him. I want to have sympathy for them, but he's got a hard to when they made to join the pudding. Overhead been. Furthermore, this is my dog, my puppy Coquito named named after a beloved puerto rican drink. If
a dog or an animal. I care for in my bag, there's no way in Hell and put my dog and overhead been people who love their dogs treat dead dog like their children. So imagine the flight attendant told you that you have to put your dog and overhead baino. Put procured. Nomadic put your child in overhead been then they had. Let me know, you know, really loves their dog of you. Comply with that flight attendant. You support to look at that point. It into my. She asked you to put your child of the imagines when told you and you have to pay. A child in the overhead been envy. You got twelve kids now and you are going to play one of the youngest one and is a u gotta put do child and the way in which you go and had it been acting early, Miss shut up and listen. If you love you, dogged away. I know people Loveday Dog, you support the reactionary quoth the way would react to some. I'm telling you you put your job and the whole way had been that
although we have United Airlines statement once again. I want to me. I want that to be lost in translation, Juliette. It united sent us the same and say this was a tragic accident that should have, ever occurred as pets should never be placed in the overhead, been we assume full response. Lenny for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting now we're thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening. Again, Views as United has called her mother offering to settle this situation with money. But of course you can imagine this family It's not about the money at all. No United Airlines full responsibility, some responsibility, I would say have before I out think so: family we got it black and white people on adults. You have to stop acting like people to make choices of this situation happened to way Sophia and Catalina set. It happened to me and they told the flight attendant with the dog in the bag, and she told you to put it in the overhead Bin and that fly
Ten is indeed an idiot. What have you comply? that dumb ass request, then you autumn If we become a dumb ass to Michelle Obama Mozilla negro low. You go high. Now usual I wish I was there when they go low, you should take it to the floor with them, but in this case, when this flight attendants common sense is solo, when our own, when they intelligence level is so low and compassion. Comparison level is solo. Somebody gotta go how this, why you can't argue with full, because we were from a distance TAT was away from a distance unless someone can show me another angle. Ok, if you know Eliza someone put their dog in no way I mean in the passenger complied then all ass. He is a bunch of fools. Please give United Airlines Sophie is abolished and Catalina Robe Plato, the biggest he hardly. Am I missing something now now now? Let me ask it
I want to ask me to her. I want to see from another thing now: if they didn't have a dog bag and it was a piece of luggage- was inability I'll write em I bit off light, sometimes right where the people, the flight attendants, just pick up the bag of put it up, tat and other dogs, and eighty noted door was in you noted all gazetted, you saw fear, Chatelaine doesn't speak English Sophia does and Sophia is. Girls like along like a little girls like ten, eleven twelve and she could form the word. There is a dog in that bag. Maybe she was gay, maybe she said nothing. I don't know man. No there's no way. I will allow my dog of their exactly. You know, even if I dont speaking this, I'm not gonna. Take my bag know exactly no nuclear, please tweet me city a GEO De onto the uneven of I'm? Looking at this hour, I really believe you commented in fleas people look at this contract. You got me thinking about
I am I missing something else it I want, but if the woman doesn't speak English and she's not familiar with, how do I travel? Maybe she daughter was ok, I don't know, could you political above the daughter talking again? Please could you politically, but a document good English, I hadn't It is a language thing, I think diversely, you know if you suffocated, dog is gonna die, but I hear good English. I do. I owe person I can see there is a dog in their back and they said they told the flight attendant. The dog, I'm trying to undesirable name is cookie till I love Cucumetto. That's all you gotta. Do you know it? Thank parliament for that. Today. Yes, indeed, our I ask IE is next eight hundred five, eight five one o five one. If you got a question for you, Oh right now is reckless locomotive, The breakfast club boring
Everybody is D, J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club it's time for ask. Hello is this. Would allow May day anything more than an hour you go more and how will you wash it wasn't for you. I wanted to know if he had some advice as far as what I should do pertain in Colombia. I have a business avenue while I'm blackmail been in bed with a bow. Or year. Congratulations Lola, give it up for yourself. Thank you. So much and were filled with good to have somebody tell me that, because actually that part of regional airports because people were my family. That would not support me. They want more firmly client one client flares carbon, in particular she'll company Angela, I won't even tell me where you would not fit me, so it can be that the work is not good because she come back, but she will not. When I say Wilson, hit me. She would not take full man as he has to pay or something
at all no inane, I'm doin it allowed about them. I finally get the hook up. You know, now wait So I don't know I'm almost at the point like do, I just say the hell with them, because I am doing my own thing as far as getting my own place, but I guess it could be kind of oh god, I might even a mandate in her brother because you do want some support from the people that are close to you and sometimes a people who are close to you and even look at it like I- they probably looking at it- I dance you don't even do my NASA free and that it added I and ass my family and I should never have to pay says he says he says so well, they sometimes people need to be reminded of. Why They need to support you, because you are a family member by this. In time, you're running a business right and in order for your business is survive and to thrive. People have to pay and they will pay somebody else. Full price
to get there. I know, because I can see already go out the basic line I paying all family. You know, I don't understand why people so I know what you should do is put. Yeah they're nice email like a thank you to everybody and say to them. First of all I want to thank you guys for helping me is not an easy job being a bit. His owner, and especially being blackmail, tech, but I do appreciate, My family has been so supportive and no sometimes is difficult because a lot, as people's friends and families they don't want to have to pay would they don't realize, is in doing at their support in my business helping at the lab. I know you could go to anybody else, but I am glad that you come to me just do tat because size, they need to be reminded of the cave where they are not coming back, They don't want me to do well, and I don't want me to base it. Therefore, I may be honest. Sometimes people have issues with themselves because they are not where they want to be a life, so they That out, are you a lot of people hate because they feel like
They can do it and as a reflection of how they feel about themselves. So sometimes when you too do something and then a supportive as because they can't see themselves doing that, they're so negative and they talked themselves out of things. So when they see, you doing it. They kind of want to see you fail. Just as a c, I noticed happen and as a terrible. Mentality, dab and dash and make you go even harder already. Allow must go over. There are three key areas, though I'm law and way of Canada is heartening. I guess they in an era when anything about some money from you when you're businesses gear franchise now the place I replied, people they do. People got me and add my God, making money like bad, they will call an egg I as a mighty grimy about food. I even though you ENG at it. That's all you know, I'm an amount. Business got three kids, I just don't have a right now, just like they don't have to come to you and pay you, you don't have to give out there somewhere,
Angela. What's the name is shut up your nail salon, so we can make sure people coming know where it is alright as nails by Lola Marie. I am in Houston, Texas, on Richmond Avenue, eleven thousand two hundred and one Richmond Avenue. At the grammar nailed by low memory, but you can check out my work is highlighting the bare, though I don't know what the Bible me MA. Am I'm a big on commonly used in soon I'm a combat. All I have come to see me and I'm a pay due. Amazon. You beg you well made and the Charlemagne you o o yeah he's gonna come here is now, then he once palace. Ok, dad you. I get you out this battle. Thank you very much and look I might take here. You have a good day. Bye, bye I would therefore ask you: when we come back, he belonged to the breakfast locomotive
What did everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club in the middle of as key hello. This there was abroad. Of course, if the EMA, though it would be very bad now about EU aid, in years. Ok, but eventually we were rare, or the day before you were out ass. The man, fourteen years in friendship, so you haven't seen each other for eighteen years request or you were ok, but I want him over to the next level. You know we ve got away Susan, okay, so for the past four years I have been dating and the next level. I assume you want to get married. So what
that's a merry since he seems to have getting married in the future. I did she not there at the point. You know me, I don't understand about dislike, as we do in pay. Nothing to lie about developing, so just go build like you know that guy I gotta put down outdated. You know in December we will have to live together, who doubt dumb all spot. You know, but they are not a day about doing whatever like when I grow up. I really like the other. A fugitive, ok dealing, two issues, because it seems I she sees herself with you. You guys, in a really happy relationship together. The only problem is ya, don't see eye to eye as far as marriage, why have you asked maybe about her thoughts. A marriage has he had some things happen in her pass door with
family has he ever been married before never been very topic, that law together with low or in the area, and that is that you buried. So what I believe I don't know out, ok says he has baggage previous relationship, so scared and as she Pappy also is guaranteed that you guys such a great relationship now that things would chains once you change the dynamics of that? So she's probably feel, and I managed to set a good thing that we have. Going. I don't want to mess it up by perhaps Iraq in the boat in introducing mares GSM people do feel like relationships are great, and so you get married phobia of Europe were adopted worldwide, and our Pappy may send nervous to got level always allow will come about
and this is a you. Usually we see it like that. The other way around a lot of women caught up in here and there like all. Why can't he won't propose? What should I do? Should I leave him, but it is interesting to me that you guys have a great If you really want to be with her she does he likes. You really want to be with you and you're the one giving ultimate ultimatum ultimate are hard to deal with, because sometimes people a very stubborn, Does she acknowledge your own behaviour? Does she realized why she feels the way this he dies or is suggesting of avoiding it being non confrontational. What I got a bad you know, will communicate to a boy and easy to say, ok, lop, ear. What I had said about it. And as you know, there is lobbying survey you. Why do you say that you have to be married off? Every living thing was reading a lot of the other part without all the lot of ministerial about picked up that involve with lobby. I get more about what it looks like
we think that ok I'll tell you what I'll listen it's important to you and if it's important EU should be important to her also, so it seems to me like you need to make her feel more come too. He needs to address whatever issue she has about marriage. She might feel a little nervous about the fact that you were married twice before she might also be a Ray because of what happened in her pass situation, and these are things that you guys have to work through together as a boy you on her side, not with you giving her ultimatums are making her feel bad about it. It has to be listen. Maybe we got through this again, I figured out. I really want this to happen for us, but I want you to know I'm pay in an hour fab before you, because you are. The president has been the rest of my life with what right by dogs not somebody when everything else is perfect. I appreciate all about I rang. Do you already have a great deal you to ask IE eight hundred feet? they five one o five one. Now we rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about Amber rose and twenty one save, as they were rumours that the two of them had broken up, we'll find
but Amber rose, had to say as an explanation of why it appeared that way, all right, we'll get into that. When we come back, you belong to the breakfast locomotive breakfast warning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was happening. Now, let's get some rooms as find out who signed a thirty million dollar deal. Feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club jam ideas. Logic has dined at thirty million dollar deal Bulgaria halfway, perhaps wow. Jim Bird Movement, when are you doing for work? Well, he said when I first time I d need. He said this to beats one Jose low. He said when I first Sammy Jelly advances. I two hundred grand so gone from section eight and food stamps and well paid two hundred grand was life changing, but their life panes, I'm talking about. Is the thirty million dollar deal? I just sign that is freaked me. I felt like a tiger all
excels a lotta records with little to no promotion or marketing doin that you pretty much damage saved if to lash that he was only major major released, a soul lottery their leisure far right now he's working on his next full length atoms as the fusion between James Brown and the red hot chile peppers, and he also has some help from Travis. Barker he's also writing a novel and working on his film, that he wrote all congratulate the latter glamour when he first him? Are you saying that he was just using wrapped to get into the Hollywood so clearly that change incredible dia, no halfway Bruce chronicled Basel logic, I write little way and he was very upset when he was performing at the german G festival in Sydney over the weekend. Somebody was hit him with a what about a what but throw things on aid because his fans to that those things I stay that are cool. Are you really want I don't understand why liberal parched of the Wayne clearly wasn't there, because here what happened next, Certainly let you know why I beg you noticed this date.
Those girls, because Mr De Rossa bells I'll be there Lee, when I talk about tone, kids is walking out at ten a m today in schools. The protests mass shootings in Lithuania threatening Mass shootings concert. I don't know why he was I have been a little way gives a referendum. Is the wrong way? Has no idea what's going on clearly the most toned down your throat, no mass shooting right now and twenty three for advice. You never do it hammer resolutely right now come on man. I right now I am arose. Everybody was saying to her and twenty when Savage broke out, because he deleted a picture. The two of them together on Instagram and she and followed him better than using meter. That is actually you're right. That is normally with something like that would mean a. She gave an explanation and now what she said to this she said his unfollow was on accident is,
Up now she said I had on file it over one hundred people and I guess he somehow got an followed in that rush of people now. She also said the reason why she took down a picture of the two of them together from offer page was because people were going in on him. She said everybody was going in my baby and I don't like that, since the suitable to come. Easy, grievous up? Man? Might you know, as well as the major tonight Evanna was going on and what is desirable to comments? Maybe Like your picture, disabled comments, he was not going craving accommodated of you know like does they will come if you notice Would they commons all the time into gotta, be frustrate invaders? Floyd me one floor. Even when I recently he will pose to most ball definitely on everybody's life. It is nothing you can do about. It would put forward to be met. You wanna put, you can read so Babbage it Couldn't com is another black. You lily
maybe the guidelines. I comment on no problem. There arrived the Pittsburgh, music Festival is coming up and guess what is one of the highlights miss alluring here, the myths, education of learn, hill, twentieth, anniversary performance. You know within twenty years since that album came out, learn how will be performing their. So that's gonna happen on Sunday July, twenty second, the whole festival is fragile. I twentieth through Sunday July twenty set. What do we re glory to alter all tat, love Laurie? I wish you would apply more muse exert as an enemy. Tat goes ass, a collated classic. Albania is no throwaway song its higher out? They usually have agreed care, be ranked top three, a top five everyone. I will not only no music and then she had the foods use albums ass. She was honest. He killed those and then see us ahead.
Where was rose in individual project. I want to know where we recommend me one. I mean come on at the great obligation to make people have had classic albums, that's where it makes a lot of people they clapped out and they put out more than one glass ago as Atticus eyes have a classic album of nationality the to do where every single song on their album is populism. That doesn't happen too. We're a love Lawrence over me a regular hurrying whereby album as one of the greatest albums. True, yes, the casual area, so you would go see them as education of Laura here for that Twentyth Anna and I'm Angela yea and that's your room. A report are right. Shout to revolt, will see you guys to Morrow everybody else to people's choice mixes up next. Each a request in right now is to breakfast club gambling.
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