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Thursday 6/7 - Today on the show, instead of having our segment "Get it Off Your Chest" we had Diddy call in and he spoke to us about the new season of the four and more. Also, we had author Michael Eric Dyson stop by where he spoke about his new book "What The Truth Sounds Like", Drake in "Black Face" and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that was purposely trying to spread HIV to other people and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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is there a day nor demi Autonomy? That weakens almost here. We can see them all in my door is going through a problem tomorrow we ve been getting about amendments it. No, we was usually they reservoir, allowing they get. The dressing gown addresses important. You wanted a problem for us in the dress for you and you gotta make sure you don't get the same dressed other girls? Have you tried to go to the strangest places of different places, found a joy to jog daughter goes. You went out with a little boy date. They went to poke a bowl of workable hopefully with the Pope bow drunk? When I went on Sudan, young man, why am I got as possible a book about where they go whenever yoga going on and at how its James? Maybe you let her go to poker, boardgame Silesia, jewels bogged down by him. They gotta juices for life You think, I'm a let them Dr Jersey to Brooklyn Battle that far the car alone, no dubbed a going to place their thoughts with poke. Ok, yes, absolutely right! cable to Poconos night having
forget, I know it's right around the block, its juice bar. Can they pay poky man Oh, I don't know. Stay the subject is my regular guys will be hit. Is one yes, Michael Eric Dice Nokia chat with just one also ditty video be checking, and, of course, the four comes back to night season. Two so we'll? Take it with daddy as well? Would you call and of any new Ella is an earlier. Nevertheless, in earlier years a hobby checking and you'll be calling in what you guys do anything anymore, I'm a book club yesterday I was that it was really really does this year. Mrs was there she, when the President a plan parenthood for twelve years we had our immune to breakfast club as well as a book out called make trouble. It was definitely like it. How my meeting it was really does that alot of people came out to tell their own individual stories and ask questions
one person there whose suffering from mental health illnesses and he was Talkin back how being not able to get work, because I guess he's inconsistent in times when he has to get on his medication and he was talking about not being able to afford medication and all kinds of issues and so basically needs a job at the system is set up for hence who succeed he felt like I feel bad for any body had been a little planned, was a pet play apparent arrive about my little revenues in all show menu. Two on awaited Bobby child is a plan Hollywood there. A planet
I plan to prepare in Hollywood hoarsely guy just shut up and starvation operators must now because they always out it is striking and they always out their protest, and anybody ever has to go inside. They have to deal with go into debt and I always feel bad for the people that that have. Nobody does not just provide a boys and they do all kinds of services is all kinds of preventative. Many they do birth control. They do screenings testing mammograms Sdr Testing Olive ass. It was not just Bout Bert boyish I mean gap will provide us with more worried about health care for people any plan in Hollywood of doing abortions. Are we need to be protest, arrives, I'm all What planet, Hollywood they're doing important protest I write about this morning. Ok could decide to show you done. Are you are you feeling
Pray though, without by you, didn't take about a new restaurant cause. I have theirs. I will start in smaller I well. Let's do it How will we come back as the breathless locomotive yeah morning everybody has the J Envy, Angela yeah autonomy, the girl. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news: is team, just unfair last night now, nor is it the calves one tend towards. Oh two, they led the serious three nothing. Now you got a thousand a warrior team is unfair area. They are amusing warriors before. I guess now governor Ambling, not all we haven't me last night. Curry was obviously at nine points in likes incident than that. The fourth quarter and the railway Five is going forward these goals to forty points over forty, he was getting so be, was hidden beating like they are when curry has a bad game, the other things we know why,
Kevin to register my dream on green agreed terms. Exactly that's why it's unfair! It's unfair alleyway defers happen and I went to sleep at night, travellers doing great the forehead ass. I say I can add that in my when they did not talk about. Ah yes, How is changing their name too? I h o b. I have so that Spain has been around for sixty years. I've heard that I have named since nineteen seventy three garbage borrower. We don't know what the beast S four yet they did a internationally and breakfast and forty one percent of people wanted it to mean bacon everything can be bought, that would not make me want to go. I wanna be Breakfas Share and that it only makes sense, but they have not release, but it's gonna mean at a. Why would they even to Mount aimed at sounds whack, whereas those terrible I cells gross, I'm not yet. I was gonna. I and those are now gusting NASA
gobbling around reminded module slob. Lastly dogma now, let's talk about Alice Marie Johnson and she's. The one that came car dashi in West went to go visit, Donald Trump, for to get her Fiji's. Sixty three euro grandma. He was sent to jail and ninety ninety six on a non violent drug charge, her first ever charge and she just been released from prison after she was granted clemency by Donald Trump. They said she had been a model prisoner and worked hard to rehabilitate self and Kim Kardashian had been lobbying for her release. Now, here is what Alice Marie Johnson had to say after just finding out from Kim Kardashian, she would be free. And when she got out had you I am not going to solve a nasty. I didn't know what it was when they all came on the american car dashing boys and she was the one who made that I was there and I have been able to read it out. I was nor the ranger Lever,
May. I draw the bottle. Jim goddamn occurred from solar, airs behind bars and ask why I believe by Nelly free. She was also on the following Anderson Cooper, who had her daughter there and here they are outside your girls and trot gone. They gave me alive. It will not disappoint. It made me think of a world where the mistake that not all I can say is that you get drunk you kill. My angel about big you'd never gave up your by your religion. I shall leave me every day once again for a million times been telling your Donald Trump is not a president views. Liberty and chief politicians don't speak his language, but other celebrity probably do so does what it takes obsolete HU, the right information and let them go talk to them. Make some things happened salami as requested in our people mad. Now that Steve Hobby went it's all too
more kindly way to talk to none of them got anything done. All they got was photo up or meat meal was gonna. Try It's all termed. I don't think we should want to speak to buy meat. Lizzie got it listen. You know a trump likely like Tina. DNA and got the liberties with the t any he likes it. When they re about his habits. I'm going to engage all right and by the way, don't let your politics of your bias of your hate for Kim and her family get in the way of progress, be happy for that. Lady alligator. That was amazing Johnston this one front, page news now when we come back, Diddy is going to be checking in, of course the four is on tonight. So we going to kick it with daddy talk about the phone and everything that's going on with him. So don't move When we come back to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning, everybody
you D, J, envy, Angelo Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club. Usually we do get it off your chessboard, a puffs on a line of course. The four comes back tonight: we're talking to dairy products throughout the world. This club at its finest how we are doing on a black and highly favoured sir. So far is back. I see no. Your mission of four is back and I put my night night. A peer of user has tried before we gotta be looking giving.
Responses to everybody in real time, and will we do not? We find will finally happened. Every Evie, I'm not an eight year, yet I could tell you put it out of development. Of our work on is always may showed up looking through the teaching of various Vulcan coaches structures that have internally all my things and then I put him in studio she'd been in the studio over like the path six weeks we are life came saw Doin nothin about in the direction you Norman singles, ready, she's my command, now our law went to shape up, and I wanted to find a voice said she had a lot of deep, so she's, an incredible erected for heard, not right. Do you not? Even really does you gonna make a guest appearance analyses? And since you, unless he's in the first phase and get you doubly, will never get it
No, she waited on the Red Army soldiers, You always had an end yet Billy our house, other about Molly she'll, be debut in favour.
Now see a son who was on the verge as well as he is subject to a one ass he had to shut the video. You know, God is good work already guide on my site is the only word others with judge the new video with any Chris Brown source for love you better envy. I need you to help me with a stand. Guard filled it he did have album called nineties baby an arm. He just didn't make cake download from the foul drought and wanted a single off with it. The singular he their requests brows used case. Be you want to add that this doubt my video and Chris Days, no more chairs were much as video over anyway, don't out of there.
When you say in the sea, like your kids to take with you go in there, I hereby in it and take it to another level. There was, though, did you know? I need you to help me. I need you to buy a coward MAC and I'm looking at you and I see you lose await calibre work of a two year than a lot the pound. Yet it also little bits I need you. They inspire I d really start losing weight to railway lousy. Cabotage lie Gallagher. That way why tat is in no way you'll, be, namely, why didn't you re ready for him ass? It did you any form as yet today, when I get finished with you guys, I'm going on the wonderful get. If you get it, you know I m all. I knew all you guys all your chest.
An unnoted, you noted combat found where you will you click it and you make a decision at it. As you know, on health is well, you gotta. You got a really really for that. Time is here. How do you know what I'm gonna? Do we got more popham we come back, don't move is to breakfast Club Damone Breakfast morning. The body is the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We all the breakfast club now we're talking a path to four is back tonight now Papa got ass, you ve been through a lot of them push it see, Drake push it to release
Our two days later we seen you in the club drink. What did you take it to other? No result we saw, did he say: Pusher was classic right, then listen club, where, every day after day after I am so, what do you take part as a part of his bright unabated? There won't be battle in at this juncture. Is? Is that kind of fate do you know? Where were we would have a battle? this is the most skilful drink had come up again when we would eat you dig out, you know we had o dj prince of, and he said that he feel like everything was. To fight they. Should I put you into line. If you like, the response drink was gonna. Put out was too far,
so you ravages shouted all down before it's crazy. If he felt tat, you know painful wanna get so negative rearing in inviolate. You gotta, listen to your old gee. You know there have been very thing, because that is a word. You knows, and I agree, but it's five in a battle. You know in this parliament. Then you know he took you. Go Jerry once have achieved our skin What are your art of Hungarians every is everything. Because it aims at you. I was born and outside the EU should listen. Listen! The J friends is about the same position, a faint with this week. We heard a lot about the exact spot understand. What they put em like somebody was gone. You know where he's going. It is good that you are saying
Just take this right now, because we know that did they ve got a lot of rule forty eight hours to respond very like two took, it would weaken right, so we little combat or to judge fire like little fat. You know that, but you know every scorn was pointed out in and you decide to turn
Not this fine, then do you gotta get to push on this. One is all good light, more law. That's all my poor, drink I'll, be fine. You know Sabre teamed asking got this dialogue rather like the fact that Poyser represent over forty crap phase. I rang out dragging then, unless you wanna, most rapid work either go or well someone, just as you know, one on the hip hop level right. I think the right to take the right decision was made to get things public goods the only place you couldn't wait with lower in it. If you do what a guy more personal. You know I'll take that would have been a good day for me as your question for one last question is a big big out a response we hit. Em up, you know, being at things ended up the waiting ended up anyway. You wish you, let him put it up and did he recalled. It now need ever Goin
you. Let me know what it was wont be sad, whoever just too much you know. Life is too short. O Connor throughout Africa does what they do Prince North Africa. He felt so Europe. Will we appreciate you projecting the forts and night, eight p m deftly to end and area today replaced our fight that Charlie walkways somebody else as a judge, no lower. Just three of us right now up all judges, really the audience our audience hit us up has died before help us with you today, It's gonna be an incredible speed in the Congo tonight ATM now right. What did you think you could check it in a proud of your luggage? Don't keep pushing the culture forward? My brother, and saw the yes, sir. You know you know. You know we have a true right now we re not honour all. The team does
Life will mean that you do not merely leaves a plot. A black bachelor tell us whether all save colors we deal with the situation of each other such arrived at. The top is the only thing he's got. You know, live about upon them, of all of what your organization Asia's telecles. He says that the tooth, nor does it Oh did he's right, but it is still gotta be some order and I think they need Listen even to emotional for too long and lean I've. I've learned about quaintly like Quincy lies, get it right, the matter will candies. It has no lies in black women that will come to dinner. We think that we got a pebble boy. Do the everybody we re opened disdain tribe,
let us build another city put a life give. You will recall that we call a well kind, well kind they lack while guide lay back. I take you off now. When we come back, we got rumors. Who is the breakfast Club Damone breakfast right? Hey now the morning everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast clubs, countries, rumours Salgado Glover, filling the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. Madonna glamour is reportedly supposed to be playing Willie. Wonka, apparently, did doing a really Walker and the tablet factory spin off and they want him to play. We want In our view about that, because it is possibly approval before he took over the chocolate factors
started over the black man and then transitioned into a white man when he thought it run it. How would it loud Latin America be joint and said, I guess a role that was may be written fire. A white man this is like part of another movie. I don't want to see Willy Wonka is a black man. I'm sorry like you're, just like I would want to see black Panthers away person like something need to remain especially if you want to a prick. When are you gonna do a whole new reboot and you and plan. Will you walk a cool? If you won't do Praecordia makes zero sense, but maybe now be stand alone. Tat movie sell. You know, I mean clearly are you gonna play that kid? What mom? If those people, how did he become I would ask you to run in the jungle of virtual pointed out supported our right, but they said this is gonna, be in a different direction. Is gonna talk about clearly like he's at his origins and came to acquire them, so they can all be a whole new movie about Cynthia S. A movie the whole gathers suspension of this police are used that would in that way and that the presidency available
way too many workers to believe that he started off his life is a black person are committed to Cassie is saying that he had nothing to do with the shooting that happened with Chief Keefe Natty key for the shot, but they were satisfied in New York and he went on to empty, live and said this. I guess she kid you against worry, so I mean, I guess He has a lot of peace on the streets. I don't know who's he beefing with that wants to hurt them, but that mean I mean I'm actually a fan. Had nothing to do with the shots fired over the weekend, get right to the end. Onawandah continue that their young amply Oddy and furthermore, tv from most just so much violence, its Akashi six now deliver the goods, I got up against the ADI everyday. What will we expected him to say? Yes, I am no more than any of you. I won't do it
on Monday beginner, either chief cases a gangster promoting music. I don't you do they are right now, let's discuss Oriana here. Some great news as source close to Vienna is saying that she has wrapped up and he has done her double disk album. So I'm excited for that. I am a big fan of Deanna. They said she was unhappy with how her last album performed, even though she loved how it turned out. So she actually lira hull double disk of smash. Hits now when you ran away as it is planning to make a reggae album. So that should be pretty interesting, Riad AL, why Latin really? Well, you got acts and everything out at some sounds that she's out, you know she's pop and some saw some scientists be themselves, have a ragged tins too Urban radio stations and urban reduced mobility, especially device, would never want to play reality visual to pop. Yes, I made no sense. I write everybody was excited. Thinking that beyond Sanjay Z finally show
just of their twins on the on the run tore they're holding to babies. Out of you guys are those pictures that went viral yes, They were turns out. Those according to a rap for beyond, say, are not their baby. That they're holding in the on the rents who'd tore intro video, so they said that's all they said is not there, when so I don't know what it is, but it's picture of feminist as a love is universal. On the tour told you I don't know, we don't know that information yet array, Malcolm Genk. And he wants to let people know. What's going on with the national anthem damaged demonstrations cause people still seem confused about what everyone's really them straining cell. He was in the Eagles lack a room. Any use signs to explain. Why there are these national anthem demonstrations? One side said you are listening. More than sixty percent of people in prison are people of color. He put up one sign
set in twenty eighteen, four hundred and thirty nine people shot and killed by the police. So far he said in the: u dot S. Population is eight percent african american males shot by police. Twenty five percent african American mills- he also but up a scientist. I calling cabinet gave one million dollars to charity, and so I guess he feels like you didn't speak at all, but he just show these signs kind of two, let Donald Trump and the rest of the world who still questioning why these and if our players are pro I think these are the reasons. Why should, although more scientists who talked recalling cabinet, you started this and all the more surprised this eastern Bloc, Blackball in college avenant remain over my age at it s colleague happening. He also had the peseta. Chris long gave his entire years salary to educational initiatives, justice, so how much players are doing to try to do their part is not protesting
flag watermark on one of the people that initially like Canada, gotten bed with the inner photo led to get people to stop Neil, I shall say: I'm telling you what he's doing now. I write any ideology and is your room reports. All right. Thank you may see. When we come back Michael Eric Dice will be joining us will kick away, and when we come back to don't move, Mr Brok was locomotive more everybody is dj. J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club gas, with special guests in the building. Yes, sir of Michael Eric Dyson, whereas a book that's coming out what the true satellite, the true sounds like were very say what it sounds like that's. What I'm saying great to be here with jargon, one of my brother and yellow but brother, what you yeah James Petersen, James breaks into Petersen, is laid. His book is the prison industrial complex for Beginners Sears cat row for books hip hop intellectual ahead to the end is p
is the universal pensive annual on him. Home is on the ground, and let you know that, like that title though hip hop intellectual. What is that ah I mean I'm a mud, english scholar by two it is. I have appeared in English, but I've been study writing about about Colchis is the nineties? Let them A timid Monica you, you'd, exemplification man, get out loud and smart way about Europe and its impact on the culture. Maggie very might also new book about that. Would the true sounds like year. What true sounds like is the subside away as Robert Kennedy Jane by one in our unfinished conversation about race in America, man suck my time we write so is about a big meeting between Bobby Kennedy. You know on June Fifth, that's the fiftieth anniversary of his death so I wanted to write a book about him, but not taken it. Leg is assassination song, so I went and looked at a meeting that has been to me under study. It was a big meeting between
Bobby Kennedy, who was then the United States attorney general, so he was basically what Jeff. Secondly, as right now, ok, but with since in brain death. In here you, U meanness. Humane, as is humanity, was, was manifest. His brother was president right of the United States at that time. Jack Kennedy and so he wanted to have a meeting with James Bond one because he wanted to get a guy age on a handle on the rage and Black America. There was an exploding. People started moving away from me. This king Jr Non violence. They were getting a bit more restless and Bobby Kennedy was us. It was was astonished at the development of that rage, and he said, let me figure out a way to get a handle and who can explain to me so it at breakfast what what James Bond and but Jason This point was late, so he said I tell you what Marla, be in New York. Won't you get a couple, your friends to come by and when you James copy, your friends are Harry relevancy. Why Lena Horn rain hands very? Why in a guy named Jerome Smith? Who next
Jean Louis was the most celebrated figure within this. Rise movement in terms of freedom riders because he was beaten nearly as much, maybe even more severely, then John lower, so he was at the meeting as well, and Robert they went in there thinking I'm going to make these negroes grateful to me in the candy administration for what we ve done. And they lit his answer. I mean they led him up like a Christmas written. They were like. We are grateful. You put. Your brother needs to talk about race as a moral issue and not just a political one. He needs to stop trying to placate these, It gets sound familiar because he's putting Inherit Cox, whose a judge you know in the south who talked about him when he was on his bench. Kennedy put him in and he was telling the governor of Georgia. Look I'm not going to use the federal authority to intervene in behalf of integration when I become present at the same time it shines
Martin Luther King, Jr and other black leaders? I'm a hook you upon the civil rights front, so he was, he was really ambivalent about civil rights and they knew it and they did not. Let him off the hook. It turned into a three hour meeting and let me are you. What, even, though, is a wide liberal? He was extremely upset. He went to his office, he authorized. The F b I too wiretap most of the people in the room where I was I was in that room to Clara Jaws was the the lawyer of both James Bond when an Martin Luther King Jr, so a lot I already had a little bit from their beyond, but he authorize it liberal white politician authorizing the further wiretapping of american citizens, but then he calm down, and he said you know what. If I was black and born that way, I might be full arranged to went to his brother. And said you need to talk about civil rights as a moral issue, Kennedy gave a famous speech, I think in June, talking about it there
I am so Jack John Kennedy now and for the of his life, he was transformed that is by the Kennedy into a man who was much more humane much more sympathetic. He had been a bull dog for Mccarthy in the fifties, but in the sixties he was transform in that meeting. Transformers outlook changed history because it made him much more sympathetic and sympathetic, the black and other people in this world. So that's what this book is about, but then that is the first chapter I deal with them, What our related now TAT was going on now, who was their activists? Intellectuals in it others, artisan entertainers and I go through that now, I go and I take it from Here- a bell: a fancy to Jesse Williams, to get out to black Panther I'd, take an intellectually I take it from James Bob on beef and what cleaver the coroner was beaten with China Hussy Coats. I take it down now to art it's too leads. I got a chapter on them where our Lee was dominated. And Bob and talked about him to La Brown. To capture Nick answer folk, who are doing
now, so this book tries to bring it up to date and talk about what is going on. Today, is a reflection of what happened back that at that meeting probably helped shape the civil rights. Second, eighteen sixty four Leah. Did I had we engage with this press? because it seems like he had the open air. Celebrities array or should we engage with this press? Oh yeah, you always gotta engage, I mean, but but he does have an open air for libraries, but only a certain kind of celebrities. I mean Jesse weakens us. His liberty angle. Isn't him here, Miss Hale is an account. But can you gotta listen, doesn't look. Cognate admits that Mental illness caused him to say that. I appreciate that had a conversation in the aftermath you know you took, you didn't bring an interview with him. I talked to Connie on the phone and then I talked to Kim Kardashian beautiful people, intelligent people, but I'm trying to tell Kai The internet is our shared with him that I told him a year before then as it. If you ain't at the the table, you own a menu you being consumed. You
employed played on a certain way. Why led trump leverage, the enormous political and social capital you have developed as an outspoken artists, to reinforce the vulnerability of black people dead. A graduation came resolved that in your genius, no doubt about it as his most recent album proves. So the persistence of your aesthetic genius does that mitigate your political compromise when you get used by a by a man who stands up every morning and five thirty two tweet he excrete Feces offers more depravity into a nation. He has turned into a psychic commode, that's what he's doing and as a result of that, what do you want to get into that Miss mess down near right above with your intelligence, and think about your mother. Think about what she represented. Think about all of the hip hop culture that is a resistance movement against the vicious vulnerability to which black people have been set,
so is as great as Kaji as you gotta just cause you a celebrity. I mean you got nothing to say. Johnny has got plenty to say, but let me tell you this and I must ask us and you're a genius but going to college, makes a difference. People can call me up Obama cows, professor its self servant, but there is something to be saved for going to a school where you study books systematically when you think about issues that you are introduced to Can you said, for the first time being eaten noted, black people have been republican in the pay gap dangle water? Why not? You can drop out you a genius, but if you had stayed in college, you might have been exposed to that end then it against campaign against everybody who says you Smarty authorities in what ya. Don't I'm an unapologetic advocate for serious black intelligence? You got to grow, with use words. You don't understand, grew use concepts, you don't understand, because people are being used. Those things are being used against you and those who want, it came to me said Damn Dyson some. You be using these big words why you be used unless it I'm use them against people who
and understand who you are you mad and understand my words, but they dont unjust, and you and I'm trying to defend you and Mama, told me. If you don't send it look it up, stop being lazy. The internet has made us a bunch, a laser people. People be hit me. What do you think right? That's book. I go tweeted to you, but if our science on say and get your game up sure wait up you think Coolby got where he is by just being. Well, I'm I just I just want to do the cliff notes, version of Greatness satellite data, What is more broad doing now this damn near unprecedented in the history of this leak, because it takes discipline, less appliances, discipline to the life of my eye. We got more what Michael Eric Dyson Genes, Peter since it all over the breakfast club, more bread for Europe, where back is the breakfast club, DJ, envy angels,
you shall remain the guy. We have Michael Eric Dyson genes Petersen into building so megawatt, yet that's a badge rake in black face. This is this? Is warming by college? You not. Do you remember Spike Lee variables, only my God, what he's doing as signifying on the perilous limitations imposed by black artist? So now I'm gonna take the black face to show you. This is what they reducing us to the inability to articulate our own aesthetic independence, so yeah again. If you look at it whom or go here black face, he must be done what the man is: Jim Crow, no he's signifying on it, and if you understand the backdrop of studying what black face has meant, what the cork has meant, what minstrelsy has met black, it will put non black lace. Mazes is differ from life. Black tells a bit about what a black face? All live? You all, meaning there corner with an empire, the militarism? Well, yes, there was, but I think it is historical context in a mean like, for example, we could say a lot about Brazil Coonan ahead of us
Maria forth at all. It is there that argument that those rabbits are trying to make money you're trying to make some kind of career. I think you have to make looked at him. A day said you know. I made my career. Vienna may write act tell me I'm a performance stereotypes, but that was the only thing that was open to me. I think, with some blackface performers. That argument makes some sense will have to make it a car that doesn't excuse Drake right, but also the excuse that we were misinterpreting would drag was trying to do. They were actually trying to make commentary about the limitations of black performance in the twenty first century. Anything the vote on the way in which it was appropriated by whiteness to reinforce the mobility of blackness into signify that they could appropriate blackness and where it, but his great, take the great critics in black and white people when appropriate everything, but to burn. They want. Everything is separated, want everything except the hardship right and so our way represent. Look at just in temper fake when you like you? You? You, you put you? U appropriate blackness, but when it comes time to pay the price for their blackness,
a black man. I just play one on tv, so you reach across the out. Grab JANET Jackson's breast in its resting place, the nipple is expose. Now when the black was beings is in service of white society. It was celebrated ain't. Nobody had a problem with the exposed black breast when it was nurturing white civilization, when young kids were being suckled at the breast of black women, but when got a union and when I went to work for itself and when she asserted that I will use my breast the degree that I want to as a feminist agent of my own destiny? All of a sudden. It's a problem. You got institute clients who she's on the sideline called cheerleaders. You got Viagra commercials in the super bowl, but you mad at the black breast being exposed, so so Justin Timberlake allowed go under the bus, never pay due recompense for that sin and brought sexy back. Jackson barely is making it back twenty years
I would like for yachting found a little bit more on the black facing that. I think a lot of you don't know what it is and I think it was it was out of content. We sought a picture. You got a plain out when you are black phone, just very quick, abbreviate history lesson. I me black face performance is the original pop cultural performance in America, right. So literally, the whole enterprise of popular performers in America is predicated distorts eyes through black face, and I am obviously white folks black face to sort of redefine Jim Crow stereotypes, so it was away that Papua and attain array- grab the racial order of America, black false, also did it in the same interest, but also in their own interests. Survive and try to sort of navvies. Some of those things there is no excuse really for any body wearing black face as a form of like Halloween costume or as a form of trying to denigrate by force in the twenty first century? But if you think Our bamboozle in November is kind of all refugees, fascicles alley that Portugal see that's understand what was possibly be attempted,
drink, any woman only drink excited. He says he's trying to signify on the limits imposed arbitrarily against black artistry and the degree to which we have to be deferential, inferior whiteness in order to make a living. That's what black face was about. It was built an acknowledgment of limit and protest against them. At the same time, I agree that my only critique was we have drake really stand of a black issue since you ve been on. So why did he care blah blah? as you so much in Sudan, seven we ever earlier and stand up in him tat you ve been out. Well, that's, that's! That's! A legitimate critique enough draken engage their himself, but I think the expression of his own artistic difference. Harry is a virus the boy from Toronto and in Memphis already being challenged from the very beginning where these black enough so forget represent black issues, All black issue is, can I be recognised, listen to me when he says? Oh, my God, one of my wife, France, just say the inward, and if somebody
Here's that he said and if somebody hears that what's gonna, be the consequences, that's a different perspective than to pack. So what he's to us is an understanding. By racial identity, but for a black person, whether or not they can stand up and be black because there by racial. So he's come from an international perspective of blackness b challenged by the fact that you, jewish and black? Does that mean that you are really black so Drake by very where is very, very being evinces arguments, conversations that to be here that are going on again. If you come to a college room again, you would have some understanding and context for black face, so I'm say we would surely we just want everything given to us. I mean I go to school. Look, I'm fifty Is there some stuff? I'm just now learn about black people, because you gotta keep reading learning growing, don't expect everybody the handsome the EU, and just because you don't understand it doesn't mean, is not understandable. You got to dig deep and think critically about the whirling. What you that's the down,
proper approach, my god, I don't know what it is. He so simplistic he's reduction, Mystic he's a but heard of brain dead. White bigot, who is a bigger she's a racist and residents who is amplifying the worst currents and instincts of this american populist and I'm tired of the answer naturalism and I stand up unapologetic. As I read a damn book, don't just tweet don't get on Instagram, don't go in your facebook. Have a fast from social media and dig deep. It's an intellectual resources, re Tony Morrison or Bell hooks Red Farrah jazz. Griffin or salami should till it read Brittany, Cooper, Re James, Braxton Petersen, red mark. He'll written what as arise. I read your book read my man over here, Ray both of those books about mental illness and vulnerability and about black privilege We got more with Michael Eric Dyson genes pity since it all over the breakfast cloak moon, yeah. We're back is the breakfast club deeds
Envy angel Ye Charlemagne, the guy we have Michael Eric, Dyson and Genes Petersen into building know what I want. I want to ask about what is your opinion on the commission to tell him the athletes that of it? If they do NEO get fine as ridiculous? First, a Bible It is now a legal right is Jesse Jackson, so you can go to freedom. School, Pharoah, scholarship, about away plug out to Jesse Jackson, ya, wanna there's somebody in history who is one of the coldest ever to do it before you a rapid, he was spitten definitive before William Buckley, going too far debating go into Nike. Opening up borders check out Jesse Jackson, but Jesse Jackson is right. You can't you know is is not to your convenience, Mohammed Ali, didn't, have a convenient path. Jim Brown, when he was didn't have a convenient path. Luella centre, who became Karim, Abdul Jabbar, didn't have a convenient path. Common cabinet certainly hasn't
It can be a pen. So you can't allow Roger Good Deal to tell you. Ok, here's the appropriate way for you to protest protests. If it doesn't make you uncomfortable way, protest. I hope those brothers go out there. Ok, you don't want to ban Co. Let me raise my fist, then let me put my finger on right find a way to signify your resistance to white supremacy. Social inequality cannot make injustice because the point what it ain't about a damn flag? First, while you don't care about that flag right, you don't care. Wasn't on your ears, the grandest stated they care. So much about the flag was burning, crosses, you're right, you don't care about that, and the flag, you don't care about. The fly. The flag is a piece of cloth unless is backed up by the ideals and the noble aspirations for which democracy was created. So what did those athletes have to do is to understand? We come from a pedigree and of people who stood against the odds, so Raja they'll says is that, as this is not a legal and is not permissible
do was not permissible to stand up in protest against the lethal limb is being imposed upon. When I set out a week, I mean how about a year about all of us, because, if argue negroes set out the best one is over, let me show you what the innovators, what sixty nine point- nine percent black and white boys here before couple weeks- baby, beggar, mister, How do we fix it all away which will lead to better protect everybody participating? Well, you most me another milestone, women. You know what, if Julio Jones right, look to summarize mobile using most people involved. No, no black. Most all black people benefited most black people didn't participate, but I'm saying you very few visible people set up when the brand isn't while Love Leubronn, when the broad speaks out, despite Michael Jordan, was unless the ties Michael Jordan was himself a drug Michael Jordan was something they took to make themselves believe
consuming the body of this dark skinned black man. We have appropriated intimately the offices of blackness, and now we participate vicariously in his arise, know his inability to tell the truth. Black people who produced him, made him a a put a figure who didn't do as much as he could for us. But when the bronze steps up and when the bronze speaks up until the brown drop, some history lesson, when he's asked in in a q and a Press conference. How you feel about your being scrawled upon your fence, what'd leubronn sake. It brought me to mine of immaterial mother say it I'm going to let this casket first of all, kudos de for no one else. To number to thank you for linking the pass imitators mother said: I'm not gonna have a close caskets money when her son had been bloated. Seventy pounds the gin cotton gin, fan retired to his next thrown in the telecoms you river and then extracted from that arrive,
and then here he was. Bloated in his face. She says: let the world see what white supremacy does to us in the Brown was me a parallel there, when we have figures like that. Speaking up that changes the temperature that changes the dialogue on as your causing much a book for you, gardener is called you gotta, appoint nekabad me, but do you not a big fan of that word. Sonya was at about I'm I'm I'm. I'm I'm I'm I'm a promiscuous abuser of now just like that. I don't like me, but you know black people use Nick sexually Dornier use. If a celebration will use, if requesting, will you for anger, its own is highly electrifying. It went articulate by a known user of the discourse who is who has permission and licence to say so, no white person listening. This should think. You have the opportunity to say to you
do that it's our work, we do it as we want to, and I know a lot of black people, don't like it now what I mean by bad Nick that was quoting James. Baldwin, who went to testify before the New York Legislature, and he said My he rose. Abandoning do you. People who are celebrated by me are bad to you and until you come to the point, Were you understand our bad ass? He rose, you will not have grace in America, so I wanted to talk. Mohammed Ali. I wanted to talk about what he represented in he was a bad to them and how Callin cabinet yes, Sir a right now or any black athlete or entertainer who dares to stand up and speak out against. The vicious swirl of white supremacy in this culture is seen as a bad. So I wanted to celebrate them to talk about their achievements and to speak about what things they could do to make certain that there's racial progress enemy
I got a day and Michael agonizing is what true sound like when you go get it. We re read the four love nabobs letter, whereas law allows like the blood of martyrs silks, the soil of american society. No doubt no doubt sorry ma- am opening of the book. Talking about Martin Junior John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy I'm talking about the ways in which their deaths transformed a landscape of american society, provide an opportunity for the rest of us ass Christians, I'm a Baptist. Preacher too, are no use we are going to jail, but why was it right? I'm a cousin christian, now amateur being Kendrick Lamar ambience it right. But but the thing is, is that those of us? Christians, look at the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and see what that death met, and I am suggesting that the death these three men in the nineteen, sixty transform the landscape of a marriage? in society. There will be no celebration without some.
There can be no joy without sorrow and there can be no redemption without the persecution that comes before so I'm saying in this book, less open our minds deal seriously with the issue of race class culture. Sexuality. And then find a way where we can join together to do what Bobby Kennedy James BAR when inherit Bela fancy in Lorraine, hands bear Lena Horn did tell the truth, be honest about raise, come across our divides, talk to each other and in figure out a way to make Amerika great for the first time now I go to a sound like right now, Michael our dies and vague you would join does also James Petersen. Thank you, brother thanks, bread, you, and if the brows cloacam, all the breakfast guy thy eyes, I hate. I sound complain at the same time. Every morning I don't pick amusement allied to weeds, makes
this hey them. I think when I powers about be Skywalker, all right, said city Every morning here on the bright now haters there's an appointment, disappointment listening agar come on guys IRAN I will come on guys. We other breakfast Capello high. You most gets it always a sober. I carry the reul report of reckless club. Riah carry is talking about her bipolar disorder, which he recently revealed that she has, as you did, an interview with the guardian where she talked about experiencing sexual harassment throughout her career, but she said it had less of an impact on my life than being in a completely controlling relationship. That relationship was when she was Thirty two Sony music executives, Tommy Mottola, that was from ninety three. Until one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven she had said she suffered emotional and mental abuse. Now she said by them
strengthened her in the long run. She also said it also wounded me when you have to control your own emotions constantly and be aware of every move, you make em pretty much asked permission to exist. It affects your life. She also said that struggling with being by Rachel contributed to her condition, and she said there was an incident from her childhood friends. Are her dad for the first time and burst into tears, because she had never seen a black person. She said I had to go through so much of my childhood justify accepted and fill worthy of existing on earth, because I felt so different from everybody else growing up, because I was by racial because I was so ambiguous looking and because we didn't have the money to escape whatever the everyday realities of life were, so that is Maria carry again in the guardian. If you want to check out that full interview now, coffee cerebral has made a case for
discussing black mental health as well as a new short documentary as cod deputy of what they have is mental health. And now he says I feel, like with mental health. People always react negatively. We can have a lot of stigma and our community and in society in general. I feel like that space wasn't really created for us and he's using his platform to try to change that and that's one of his first forays into production. He has a project it he's. Releasing it exclusively to having ten postal was found in them, Bronx and it explodes mental health among young black people does good man. We need to be discussing our mental health moyne, unroll discussing your grave error in Albania. Sego is announcing his own bagel business. I love it. Bagel, yes, bagel so ease teaming up with the owner of Angelos Pizzeria and he's gonna, but put out so that we can put our Instagram beans beagles coming soon to sell,
Billy Legends, any positive picture with Angelos Pizzeria South Philly nomadic bedrock include laws have been a single allegorical, nor should I get a beanie bagel ere. I Jordan, Peel has signed a tv deal the Amazon they all driving court him for quite some time. Now, under the ideal, there they'll have the first right a review refusal for any of his tv series that he has so they also committed to a tv show and a documentary they're gonna do a ten episode straight two series order for a so called the hunt where Jordan Pillar will be executive producer and we totally by their previously. So there should be huge deal for Amazon? The game has lasted twenty million dollar lawsuit against Viacom. You guys remember. He actually had it.
One point: one million dollar judgment against him and that was for a whole separate lawsuit. There was filed against one of the contestants from his show. She's got game that is being when dating show. Priscilla Rainy accused him of sexual assault during and after hours date, and one that case against him back and twenty sixteen or the games argument was that via is it actually cover that because they hide her, even though they knew she had a history of criminal activities, multiple felony arrest for battery any us if they knew of her history with mental illness, with a judge did say with via come in that hearing, they said that it was an exercise of its free for speech, free speech rights to hire her so you're supposed to move he s, so he does does not have to pay the seven million dollars. So there you have it, I right, I'm Angela YE, and that is you everywhere, report law right. Thank you. Monsieur Charlemagne ghastly given it down to two lives it I will talk about bread, ok, wasn't right away, was frightened, love, okay and not always loves, and people like spread negatively because, Sir I'm
The love any view that energy is never lost, destroy this music transfer of one party to the neck so flat out. We will talk about just sprained spread, spread right when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive you, I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now desalvo today I got the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Well, targeted David there they do go to a young twenty five Yoda my name's Stephen catch. Now I wake up very describing to be to change. I want to see in the world contrary to popular belief. I wake up everyday thinking. Who can I infect with positive energy today, ok to great notorious Biagi once said, spread loved to Brooklyn Way, which spreading love is not just Brooklyn way. It should be a way of us all. Ok, Sir Isaac Newton
The law of energy and energy has never lost, describes merely transfer from one party to the next year. Energy is positive. You will pass that productivity on other people will feel it. Ok, we'll say things like He or she is a joy to be around right eye wanna be around that individual cable. When you have negative energy, it will do to thank. You was bred, negative energy onto others, and nobody will want to be around. She will collect the laugh now I d like to play in fact up. I'm I'm may play too much. I now give me in trouble most of the time, but nevertheless I like to spread by the activity not in the non profit campaign. Online called spread positively dot org, their mission of the highlight the power of real world human in her action to encourage people to try their daily lives to be positive and kind, and empathetic and proactively seek simple opportunities to help others without wanting anything. Return, I dont know those people. I just stumbled across the website in the campaign alive, and I decided this moved this morning because they are spreading positivity and you get back which you put out because I
showed him love for no reason at all drop one includes clues. Bombs were spread positively, diehard. Ok, now even gotcha the opposite. Everything I just even going around spreading something. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not love of go to kind of EU aid. The embassy what're you probably in North West Arkansas Man, admitted to purposely contracting HIV, so he can in fact others with the virus. Even call pleaded guilty Monday to attempting to expose another person to HIV infection of math with purpose to deliver in eight council. Winning or viewing child pornography cup was sentenced to fifteen years in Arkansas. Department of correction is also required, learn to register as sex offender according to core documents, while been county prosecutors were searching through Stephen Coax computer for child pornography, they discover but he knowingly infected himself with HIV, then inquired muddy Coke admitted to it. What's the cove intensively
contracted HIV, so he could spread to virus to others. I really feel sigh for ladys idea in history, single women, just a single forever become lesbians, because it is which I gotta do We may again why it is the a pity me of her people. Our people would, de facto into intimately got HIV not accidentally, guided but went out seeking it. I need to see origin story. It is moving again longer would down a glove. What did the people it is found? Because I want to know where do you go to contract HIV when you want each ivy? I was thinking the same thing. I wanted the Google search, but afraid of what I would want to fight Jane? I have read about bog Jason before bug. Jason is the practice of pursuing sexual fifty. Would HIV positive individuals in order the contract HIV, but is there a club group Chet website, like Christine mingle, why is intentionally catching HIV? A thing? Ok, I know you. I know you think you can live doing think of magic made. It were now. Ok. I know a lot of people are living.
HIV and is not a doesn't destinies, but is still an epidemic guardian. These creatures, HIV, is not a comical if not before. Not pneumonia, ok, accordant avert dot, org and twenty sixteen million people that of HIV Aids related illnesses. So I dont know: why does your main even cock was playing with his life? A life of others is hatch O. Is it no not coach? Well, Coke Coke. All kinds of different under what you say, but I know what use it? Wasn't it leaving coke ok on the one where we live on a level with the universe, always give you back, which you put out because he got fifty years in prison. Ok, so easy he's get now only seventy five or he's gonna die, and you know what he's gonna be. No one days won't take a look in the mirror and he's not recognize office is held in vain. He won't even know why and three letters were taken to his final resting place. Ok, did you just courteously shut up dj envy right, please, even called the biggest here,
as though you gotta go to planet highly with attesting mate, and he said earlier. I said it s a day yesterday, don't make a plea to take. You said: people are always protest. Implanted Hollywood, you say people could play in Hollywood, for abortion see did say that please bring neck. Backup later I now wanted denied. All you got to quit. The online! Ok, you got the day you go, there's not a tea. Die. They hold Eurostat data. Don't try to describe from your ignorance. I got it. I just told you to read a book. We have it I'll bet. For any body having to go to planned was a pet play apparent either. I am very glad showman, you know too which the barbershop is a plan to Hollywood. There isn't people how serious HIV and AIDS is because no guy like
telling you to go to planet Hollywood, to get information planned Parrot on Monday on stuff, like this right here. Yet! Yes, we do give everyone Will you please give each of you to hear biggest? He argued tat. You can get an abortion plan in Hollywood We protest in this plan in Hollywood, ensure that old hair plan that is highly round I have no, I don't know how are they? U battlemented doing. Abortions are primarily within Europe as a play paranoid. You know I figured job I up next to ask. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship advice to any type of advice, you can call you right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one
now. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast clear warning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall amend a girl. We are the breakfast club surfer, ask ye allows. There's the odor of coins was recorded for Europe. We also liked to smoke rewrite mobility for a long time, and now my why shouldn T open about it. Like it. So we argue, but a lot and Colombo problems. We have these not we'll like today, that a two week our case is not crane you don't smoke every day every day. Ok! So what associate you smoke house now smoke now? Do we got two kids? so you go out muggy and she just knows cause. You come back smell like we re she's with you a gradually and when a process of trying to buy up by a house took so she could triple about the army. Why, like wasting money? Are we May not. Of course, you know you are wasting money. Twenty dollars is all about
excuse me. I know not what occurs nothing relationships are about compromise, I'm sorry, things she spends money on food at your leg. Ok, what you spend money on this and that it becomes a tit for tat back and forth Wraith exactly welcome calls, but she looked about right. Where I see him maybe you guys should give you set a limit of how much money, since you guys are saving for a house that you can budget towards saving for that house, which means that she has a set amount that she can Ben every month, and you have a sentiment that you can spend every month. I do feel like you know, because she's not a week Oh, she doesn't get it and she doesn't understand it not at all, and I don't think that three times a week as crazy because I know people I data to guide you smoke every single morning from the moment. Then you woke up and said to be one hour when I was little in point, now about him brought her to me, but when I went back and Queen man, it was Ok, so you know lying to me when you say is only about three times a week. Now, my while you ok I'll ever, is that bad
Perhaps you know why I'm a compromise Emma cutting back, I'm only smoke two days at the weekend s it Oh no, I was gonna last July's ray. I don't know. Man has already made a compromise from seven to greet us alive is actually better for you. Now, as many as saving seventies, we as a lap lot heard someone I was on a radio the other day, so that smoke we cut values, farm challenging stuff like that. Yeah boys, listen, Omagh Smoker in general, have a smoking lunches is now give you sell your without the alive, so is actually better for you did she allowed on edge is not telling you to do something as harmful to use. These Silly, China, better you so The though I have a problem with compromise in which a wife men, no doubt a model, radio renato, yes, Yo Charlemagne,
Andy without blown up out of the obvious brought a love. Ya may Iq Dooryard thing: ok, lively man coins, though more love, ya peace. By now I ask IE eight hundred five five one o five, one of unique relationship advice you can call you right now is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody. His d J envy, Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ascii. Hello is this: are you doin it gave Kara was because of the euro. Our question is my wife, a mere three years now Kayla course before we marry, we had lives. We trying to get together now, AIR France might have a threesome with, but don't wanna have nobody We have a threefold somebody. I won't wait. No one had long before my she has my one fact: Muddy knew. How can we go about doing this? do you want to go out and find somebody in person or do you want to do it on line either or we just ratified as somebody who prefer to gauge the money, a person? Ok, so I think just like you,
go out to zoo allowance or something like that to meet somebody. If you were a single person, you guys can fill out the situation like that as they do have websites, though, that you can go to that specifically for finding a third party, Esquire Yes, you already know that there with the end, I do agree with you that you shouldn't do that with somebody that you guys are close with, because I can get touchy and awkward you guys, glee yeah, because you you'll feel we ate it when her friends and she's hang out, and she moment that person around my ruin, their friendship and my ruin things. So it is usually better. Find somebody outside of your so girl to do that, and when you have a threesome is gonna be,
the women in- and you did, you do to put things no has made. No nobler of no judgment on a cave in the other room is that she has to pick that their personal can't be you agree which large pursue it, but my wife is. Is she honestly wants me to go the person I feel low or doing it, but I'm ok, silver knowledge of the West well layer pagan. Then you approve ok, I'll wait. It really does have proved so she can say: ok what about her. What about her, and then you can, you know, choose or approve from there and then the rules I after then, no keeping contact you're not allowed to contact that woman outside of the two of you do on which you have to do, and that's it. It can't be your house, you guys gonna get a hotel room and when it's always already odor area is going very low. If she tells you know kissing the other women no penetration by you can wiser only whatever, whatever the rules I bet she says, you have to abide by those rules.
Right. You know all information these unless you been in only four rising Emily Burg Balinese by their about how to have a puppet threesome you in an apple, because she was on my back ass. She lay down about it. I started work, even if I were unaware that, because, according to the boy training course wouldn't leave, the club says that you guys maintains its needs to take a trip to the Bunny Ranch or something because I, like you- and I are you familiar with their knows all about you. I may we draw ye, may genocide and whenever they are multiple times you guys can actually to embody the girls are tested. You know that may be that idea- and you can tell them that we refer you hear from the bank was club. We give a disco, was lively, grey area Jordan Van Gogh, always jeez, always in the towards you got property of joy. She say what a dandy time is something that we can no longer voice. You might find completely pointless bay, gonna! Let you go
not. A word of marriage is due to a lack of work it out with poisonous bay. The seek a way to save up brought there, you go role, Cape go places, baby and always and a bed Oh right. What they want do before I dont want embargo was the worst I look at the Bunny man's. Could you can go? there and the women at odds has it so you can pay for their service in their look, Yola argued Java, go with you too, all right, asking he eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one you can ask me anything and everything you ve got runaway. Yes, we're gonna, take about Eminem and his daughter, Hayley Nasty. Recently just did an interview and she opens up about her relationship with her frame. Is bad Marshall matters all right, we'll get into all when we come back. He believed the breakfast club on Monday morning. Everybody is the J envy age. Aha, Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast Lama. Ah kimono was happening, yeah, hey. Where are you sound so either
my idea, I may be right: let's get it over with assault Eminem, We actually need is clear. We are really talking about Eminem daughter, Hayley matters, you know He's always been kind of hidden, that was Marshall Mothers, choice to kind of keep her face hidden from everybody and keep her sheltered. Well, she's, not sweating. Years old and she did an interview with the daily mail. She just graduated from Michigan State University, and she said that she and her that are very, very close and as far as what she's gonna be doing for her future and making a name for herself in the spotlight cheese and influence her. As of now, she has close to a million Instagram followers
so people happy meeting out to work with her and not so much magazines by companies who work with them. So I will see where hell is about it. A beautiful young lady them she could do was she was dead, is is filled. The rich has a bunch of businesses, so I'm sure he'll support and help as much as possible in a white of our hopes. I write things at heart: ass, young victims, while his did my brains while a thousand dollars on go find me all of that in just one day now what happened is x x extent, ass yawn is being accused of some very disturbing charges, including witness tampering, this harassment, false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. The woman who is the alleged victim I started to go from a campaign to raise money for her extensive hospital bill. She weighs more than twelve thousand dollars in donations, but it currently his Barlow These are now basically harassing her. They actually hacked your twitter page and shut down. Her go find me as
Well, she told the Miami NEWS Times: their fans doktor at work, took photos of her attempted to follow her home and she actually and of having to quit her job Duncan doughnuts after working there for just three we, She said she can't even go to the mall, are Walmart without being noticed an eye down so she got beat up but not a treating her election as it lays allegedly suit. What does your video weather, which what would follow video with different cases as before that this illegible, saying that, while she was pregnancy, was beat So he's hit mortar one girl, allegedly while right. This is a twenty sixteen domestic assault case, so yeah now they're harassing her leave, don't let them is this get here not trying to cancel extension on the other major as it has to be handled when he goes. To my hand, was young, lady, mayor more more about men, hidden women? This is getting ridiculous bullets automatic continuing another more cancelling out. You not know boycott on the job of it. Leaving the same, a giant step thing happens in there still have to go to court.
And his eyes closed of it Labelling is one of melody than in the very facing criminal charges from this, and it has affected him members bad. If I did with my movies music but inadequate about yeah, they put it back from the playlist, not off of all Spotify our right now, let's discuss a new movie that is coming out. This is gonna, be lady, Gaga spurs Lee Rowan. A motion picture and Bradley Cooper is in it, and also this is his eye. Victoria debut elaborately Cooper Also- and I watched the trailer and it looks pretty amazing- is called a star- is about check. It out, drag your question. Tell me some do right, songwriting, announcing land songs. I still feel comfortable owing to show cultural. Almost every single person has told me they liked the way sounded.
They didn't like the way. I look like you're beautiful, moved me you by the shoe you gotta watch it because it looks great as you can see, is performing- and you know like Lady Gaga can really things and when she gets up on this stage and performs. But the point of it is that she's Writing turkey were. He saw that you buy detail every decent one who just weakest mercians. You needed to hear that for her to tell me what have I read to get up on state and sing, he s forces And yet I was I was thinking about it. What does age they get on wage and fell because he was on stays perfectly westerly designs days in these plain and he's I command you gotta get up and it s a beautiful song, she's like no, no, I know whence who, in she gets Anastasia, farmers in an arrest. I already, and sometimes people need our support. Generous music industry, where they act like looks, are so important a mean every day.
To sing. Langerman is www. Stars me too was a good hours board, alms or area days. Loaf is gonna, be paying marriage license, cause for same sex couples, and that's all gonna happen tomorrow. You know what she's gonna be pay. For marriage license costs for saying. Oh god, oh you say she was pay for self. What you pay for couples out there? Yes, she apple. Does it aren't you and ate them? Helping people get liberated, visit New York City Hall to have your marriage license cos covered by me locked away what one of these was going to. Let people get liberated others. I guess she has a new Sancho liberated, I'm so she's gonna be doing that but it declared in Oregon. I don't, Sadly, as in conjunction, we really And as long as you know, a net flour add another something I could go. She said our preference is people so similar to denominate might not concerned about it. It allows stir for us. Socialists, therefore stir fry recorded yachts book
as such. It was. It was your pants actually he's yet you have to go out and vote. All bought out came out to meet us they're allowed. Our ambition to have me ask yourself: is relatively everyday: bisexual gotta play a hologram out exactly what you tell the present proposal quickly now carefully weighed is only about arrested everything plant play, apparently planet Hollywood and, I repeat, in museums. Therefore, I raised a point of saying that today I am about to make a donation upon parenthood. As my pants his birthday Amadou opposed in honor, then I think everybody should donate supplant parenthood in honour of my pen birthday you trying to defend plan pair about play Hollywood, how they play Cinema wait drop our boy, I did he's. Not here is your erase. This is no reason to believe there is a bully. Well, I'm as illegal and your room, a report,
I thank you miss Evie. Now, when we come back and other people's choice mix, shout the Fetty. Today's very wives, birthdays illegal play, some fifty joints and revolt hey you guys, labour. We on our raised it play. I feel bad for you. In your body having to go to planned was a pet play apparent, either because you know show menu. Two on awaits. The barber is a plan to Hollywood. There, a planet who does union the boys in their plan in Hollywood man and then get sick and fingers loud Abidjan, play it. I don't know if that's what I've been eighty them you may want to take you on a date to planet, They will be where the volume and I've been trying to figure out the bullies cry. I just woke up the first break it up in a way I get you a revolver see later on the bulletin volume a resource right now. I can't believe Jackie Bully
go to play to Hollywood. I'm gonna, as did you know what I feel is the breakfast locomotor. Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I hurt radio. It's a great way. To start your day on. The positive side of life were so grateful to Bank of America for supporting here something good and for supporting organisations across the country who are on the front lines addressing medical response capacity, food insecurity, access, the learning and providing support to borrow populations. I'm came as a really listen to hear something good on the eye heart radioactive apple pot cast over every listen to your favorite chose, renown Buddhist authoring, teacher Jarvis Masters. Instead, ass, the maintained is innocent since he was sentenced to death and was thirty using New Party ass dear govern Jarvis poses the question from the yoke of water.
From the confines of his nine. By for sale in sampling, Jervis will share his riveting life story. How we manage to maintain a sense of division in the most dire circumstances, therefore spot, thereby, regardless of our house, will provide the details of the bloody murder trial that landed on debt relief work our charge here, details from inside this is a truly spite for his final state appeal with newly disclosed evidence. The posters and claims of innocence will the California Supreme exonerate him reaffirmed, His death sentence, listen to dear governor and the high hurt radio apple podcast canst. Wherever you get your past,
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