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Thursday 5/17 - Today on the show we had Miguel stop and you know Charlamagne was excited for this one. He discussed his new music, getting more connected with his spanish root and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to attorney Aaron Schlossberg who threatened to call ICE on Spanish-speaking workers at Midtown Fresh Kitchen and Angela gave some advice to some listeners during "Ask Yee". 

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I heard radio in Tribeca Studios present fierce ipod cast about the incredible women who never made it nor history books and the modern women carrying on their legacies. Today. I'm your host Joe Piazza each week will be introducing you to women like Chinese out she outclasses every other known pirated by every measure and our modern counterpart Tracy Edwards. I wanted to be navigational, my both when anyone can do that. I sweat she create my own project, listen and subscribe to fears on the Iheart Radio out Apple podcast, for wherever you listen. The pot casts Charlemagne wash like one more very shows just because you're always keep right now, but there are quite aware on Facebook there you know their listening as a vector yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mining, Charlemagne. Xavier we presented a plan, it is done they ribbon. I read in this mornin already, so I had to get gas this morning as I could have made it to work, maybe that I would have been able to make it home if I didn't get gas is pouring down raining and I dont pass a gas station on my way to work with them
sad to go a whole different rats, gay hating for ever to get to work this morning, not allowed those gonna run or can you live in Jersey and I gathered during. You may not like ass, though in a magazine, no mother, you know it was rain, is so high. Yesterday, I'm going home, I was I can. I am come back out late and I never left my house again and I loved ordering- I guess- comes from South Carolina soul when we my whole life, like you to give real dark and all the clouds come out and install Rayner real hard. I love DEC on energy. Doesn't good nap nap web is not good. If you have to be outside, though, who gotta be, is get it? If you don't have anything to do and you can stay home, it is nice when it's raining out, but when you have to be running around doing things and its point, our reining in the way that here again frizzy in attending to a whole new situation, start to gas, alter start running streets. Actually, I was working Loki now I look out of business to run. What am I favorite? No, not one of my favorite aren't be singer of generation now will be used more yes, we are, I think, universally up here on the breakfast club support and lead this guy. Yes, Mr Miguel, abuse wanted Robin include both from a girl, I think, is promoting new single of worn leaves one we should carry on December. To buy a new man as a commodity should complement come through, ensure come to and says had in, producing s arm remain, would Jacob logical for us for us on the record. The second reason why Jakarta Phenomena- and if you answer, might seem to get away all of it
I was watching some other within it was raining outside to resolve, recognise our vacate, the wise not to have a community. I gave you anything again. They recall when is rated at under it happened. I watched her Lolita Mortimer finish the data I re Bilbil has some of that for you in the room a report this morning. So no fears that way about it. We got you, I will be going for a business. We are going to be second about two different things that happen on opposite sides of spectrum. Imagine why man threatening to call ice on you, because you're speaking, spanish, now Maria and then here's a grave situation where the calves actually shut down a white woman who was harassing a black man. Well, good, I'm glad that racism is getting a respected it deserves in this country, which has no respect loved. The worries, police officer shut this woman deadline of illicit we'll talk about it. When we come back toward motivators more purposeful us all, you need to know who
Crow Guideline crew to bring back the Duomo gauges. More reference clubs, Charlemagne God annually, Onawandah held in Rio, Aviate OECD was stuck in traffic arenas under he has arranged for a couple of days now another a lotta people flies got delayed and you're gonna like one and the same line and because of the rain, augur well, let's get in the front page news. Last night, the record with war is one twenty seven one o five, the Syrians tied one, the one Michigan State University, reached a five hundred million dollars settlement would who Larry NASA's victims. You know about Larry S had a medical doctor who was entrusted to provide care for,
the young women at Michigan State University, always nasty asthma, let alone young girl. Yes, he sexually abused. Hundreds of young girls and women in Michigan State University is gonna pay, five hundred million dollars, that's four hundred and twenty five million paid to current claimants and seventy five million they are setting aside and a trust fund to protect any future claimants alleging sexual abuse by Larry Nasser, so Michigan State University will pay this money at a packet and then sue their insurance company to get that money back represented a yeah he's sentenced to more than one hundred years in prison. What did you do cartoon order, broom they probably an isolated from everybody. Wild animals delivered because they know that he's gonna get killed, it put it having population. Ok, you wanna, molest them young girls gonna, get that accommodate. You deserve. There's also accusations. Last lawsuits against USA, gymnastics, the? U S: Olympic Committee, gymnastic, coaches and other parties as well. So the sediment only deals with accusations against Michigan state. Now more
in three hundred women and girls actually came forward clock about Larry NASA. So you can imagine I'm sure, there's plenty more were now. You are the cops shut down a cracker of crockery car. My will want, or blogger illustrated rose this now. This happens in Tennessee Ogre our aid, a woman, a white women, cod to police officers. It because a real estate investor, Michael Haze was actually visiting the home next door and he was inspecting the house and taking pictures before repairs were made. She was basically harassing him and said that he was called the cops and they were becoming unease. I got on understand. Why would you be calling the cockroaches away Devil he actually found runaway devils. Do I believe we have that audio? Yes, Now we don't ok, we know about you are right. So yes, when the police officers came, they actually shut the woman down and told her that he had every right to be there and that he can take all day and all night if he once he's in control, he's gotta contracts. So that is what it is and
Reed's officer said if she called the cops against will actually be in trouble. Nazarite, races, big it. Ok, you go to jail for your racism. Now should be very great thing that happens. We are, of course, that we see something awful happening a man, ass, he was going to a restaurant in New York City in Manhattan. He was going to fresh kitchen and
He stated just be rating the employees and customers because they were speaking Spanish in the restaurant tell them they were undocumented dwindle call immigration, officials on them and it was all captured on video check it out. I every person not authorized river. My mom was a new era and work errand flush work here they did say that he is a lawyer. Any work than a near by law office was a body we always ruses boots deliveries, bigger wide doubled, ordinary laws, burger, notably, would already nobody tried. I wish I had no mere marking glamour would love someone at action under Michelle Obama has made, although we go, I not me when they go lower tickets to flow. What am I gonna? Do you expressed a random vagaries of luggage? You gotta give your right back to ok,
he's telling you tat very morning, document related you undocumented aid and he'll call. I too have you deported eyes, shut up you Craig. I went back and I pay for about a year. I pay for their ability to being a you come here and live off my money, the least they can was being English. The least you can do is not manage, would spoil your daddy. I Keyser at the least you could do air ok I re, were that is your front page news: heavy pay, you guys get it off futures, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one of your absurdity debate. It is up right now now, if you listening from New York, New Jersey of Show Boston as well, give yourself a lot of extra time. It is so much flooding the owner roads. The way,
it's disgusting. Give yourself a little extra time are adamant data around three flows today, so eight hundred five EU jordan- I wasn't it oh dont know downloader. They hid heavy rains, Boston, whether report on people and bottom, a bigger flooded areas, lasted entities in New York. New Jersey, Connecticut importance really nasty this morning. So get it off. He chess is up for loans wide open to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna breadth, allows s brain. We wanted a gang. I avoid age. You have been seven five, seven, eight or of each asthma calling for your love, fell in love backed up by a month. I want to thank all my life, like all other things, a beautiful looking up and we will go right. You re, I can't leave as he's been tied in only got its ways. Entrap guess do every day, but thank you for listening, because once again, trap comes through the back door. Hallows is Porsche.
Beginning. I know a Jew in seven five. Seventy two features mama, I'm calling you thought you love, so it looks like a month. I wanna, thank God for my life, like my family things up uniform looking, not that we will give you re accurately that she's been tied and only got its ways. Entrapped guess do every day, but thank you for listening. You couldn't once again, triumph comes through the back door. Halloes is poor, shared a portion of it. Yes mamma. I wanna get off my chest. Thirty help me out will help create a strange way. It
Guy's name, didn't embed will hardly be Providence. The Akashi has leg, allow thousands of people who know that you're gonna blow fashionable. Why you gotta be a few fur set out by the thing is very like maybe I'll be we'll have a low, more clout. My goodness also you agent, fragile, overdressed Mamma. It was a facade, was of a price but was afoot for sums by four men. They are mere night. You know how we picked out, but I refuse to part with anything, and they feel only like anybody. I am I listened, is what you do. Semi idea may now cause. I do know a couple of people, their work, their some ahead of my guy and send it to him as he beheld the good law legal, feel sure, audiovisual bell, your realise, vulgar trouble dawn of rational allows. This is definitely not a morning perfect, Shiny Charlemagne, HIV or your name. You little features. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you love in the light of my life. I've been through a lot of my mom decades ago, and you know me. I were very close very though you know I would overweight had a lot of things, and I just read me love. Eighty pounds arise very wine, or could I am said
If ever I look like my high school days, I've been a stay at home in order to obtain a young man. I gave way back to work for the first time an abortive for a year, and you not think that is really looking up from a funded from the sand left. I love your Charlemagne and from TAT window crowd you talked about. How are we have on the best way? Last night mercy? Wasn't goodly man fleet my backing for anything, but we forget it. Does it until you haven't legendary? Do you want to talk about one area? Do you know who I was half a pint of it? I am ok, I'm doin it. You know me, I'm gonna get a twenty two years under glass and I haven't bankers you're, so much more confident now too and happiness in algerian Fatima making. No labelling has ever. Nobody can not only be an algorithm when there are invaluable grass you Mamma w how'd, you like to know how I was reading. I don't go play while it will reign and I would wish it will weaken. It was really love made them a demos wonderin there was never lose anywhere. I wondered where I was going to bed and Levin thirty Marine amusement. I read a good if we get it off it, just a don't you father Firewater, five. One of you need a really to sub right knows the breakfast locomotive breakfast of your time, to get it off your journey overtures row. Person, closure, dog, Karlov doll.
Are you know like closure, her like that you're? Not you gonna break out by Allah. Let's talk about a less work. It out now break out, Robin happens here whose deadly her what happens lose. Those is closure. Pretty large Umbrella data and Yemen at that and dealt with that you wanna closure, he's, hurt you wanna, clothing or yeah. I guess what I like: a mutual good bye, bye There's no such thing as closure man, you, the widow, you not clearly are not no more! I'm sorry, you got your families have a sizeable who congratulated Congratulate gotta. Have such a girdle bar stop it.
It is good to go online. You gotta get even not you almost as close it, and it's ok to be here. Ok, it's fine, nothing wrong with that you'll at their men or toward a telegram, lazy, bang and a good one. I write damage is not good for you. You gonna help. It allows this, allow its Rachel. Rachel ravages I'll call, you say so less this morning, my new interactive children's books climb in a charcoal Amazon doktor congratulates, was a day with inimitable it caught Ambrose Magical favouring the box. It teaches about early saving money given old, millionaire the hairs bar on their roads, the Financial Freedom House. I do but has no well. The kids have two White Beard financial year been gold is back in a book. They follow Amber as he earned money for this magical toy you what's the by and they have to come alive, walk along. Her in his journey guarantees in case a value
how to save and and spend was an amateur book again, I'm a look. It up Amber Medical Savings Box Connor. My knees amber we lost at the age of three, though, is the aid is three to eight euros. Just getting started is the few that can do famous journals and back of it and everything. Ok, thank you. Mom I, like you already know, are they a lady called and was like US son was addicted to fortnight. You couldn't get a son a fortnight. You noted these kids are making money for that. I am not a lady knows, but she God, Hudson into making money of, my son is into twitching. He does tutorials on fortnight. Pay him to do it. I still think is sometimes socially near enough, intellectually making these kids stupid. I can't believe I'm on video games, all a game, you're all its own video game, because now, but somebody's the only way. My son does it about what our day after day
I would make a living off that when he's thirty or forty the Atlantic has highlighted, is that a lot of kids are learning how to do things in the Tec world. Just because you had an easy games, but you just have to help them taken a step further weathers We are all Abbe right, but yeah it either. If you can help guy, dams and how that can help them make money uninterested in something or other radical. You don't let them be hypnotized, whatever more dangers reneged on twitter limit. Foams literally, is akin a ninja who was making like three four hundred thousand dollars a month or footwear, not word an engine and I'd like to nominate the ninja. That is logical, does there's a lot of kids out. There will not be making that my baby. They make him an absolutely. I know what I was that AIDS. I wasn't making money doing anything so we'll figure it out and help net the problem, as I think that, as the others
region, we don't understand some of the things that these kids do. I would urge my involved in life aggravated out yes, and can you may carry out of that? That's what I want you can get you absolutely no less like I don't. I gotta talk to my forty though this is the only one in what I want. I want a mix tape. Do they were you can't? You can make money of mixed age where we need to make the room? What but you you don't send it towards go now. What would you say? It is right to that. They do so now and I'm sure welcome these kids. Don't data when from you to to This is the only way for you to work with it happening as it with a war. How well the tag right now, that's gonna, be the money for the future is happening right now, kids, go. We gotta figure out. He now and went home guy them and even put them in programmes. Have you knew how to do things that can actually make them a be economically viable with absolutely we'll get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five one or five one of you needs event. You can hit us up at any time. You got rooms runaway. Let's talk about gee I this is the dexterity yesterday. Let when I would see I did he get arrested, or was he just?
vineyards, or I will get into all that when we come back. You belong to the breakfast locomotive breakfast right morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club- happened in good morning, happy birthday. Let's get to these rooms with salt, see with what I believe tat. Apparently he was trying to get home into his gait. A community was for, I am Annie, got into some type of argument. With the guard that was at the gate now a core to law enforcement sources. There's saying that I did in fact managed to get into get a community aid and have his key, and I guess they had to call tiny and he initially had gotten into an argument with the guard. But then he returned on foot to confront the guard again and that's when the guard called the cops. The scene they ended up arresting. Hang him also allow for assessment,
This is our saying that sea I did not touch or make any type of physical contact with a security guard, but the guard- that he would be hit. So it was the arrest of touch us all together in there this I know they are actually arrested him for disorderly kind. And permanent riding in this, and they said simple, I knew how to be more than a story. The latest I was told yesterday he pulled out his gait couldn't get in and guy called the police on good. They thought it again, but if he of t I back to talk to the gotta guy, probably felt threatened what they said. A guy cursed out his wife and when he got home is it's your turn about us very now. Guys then says he eyes. Attorney says that it actually tat took some time to wake up. The sleeping gaudy was asleep. Gee. I first pulled up and anti identified himself each eye to get in the guard refuse and then Tipp was in contact with tiny by phone tiny Firm beds have should be led in immediately in the guard continued to refuse entry without justification. So
surely they d let him in and that's when he actually came back an arm the God new, it's gotta, be a new guy. Dear God, have been workin it. What the problem is not the girl was black, God. Ass though he was on, it was avenue was whose african murder he said he didn't recognize. He I, according to the secure regards that's why you didn't let him pass and that's when he says he. I studied basically cursing about telling him to open the gate. Eventually did open, you, don't recognize t iron and land, deserve that guide. I wouldn't winnowing anywhere Kostiei handy who cares? What he has said here's, your being here now, none looking like yesterday, man, I was Convenience arrested with all we done been through. This has small potatoes man, majors birthday, I'm here present at school ain't been to sleep, but guess what God is good
I'm glad you're, not on probation of Verona, could ever be a revision of rural violation re while he was released without bail. So that's good. But he was actually again with the police officer to and saying that he has a right as a homeowner in the community to question a security guard work, the data and the cap did not agree with that. So they did agree, though, to settle matters in court, so that is what's gonna going to happen, the guards Eddie fancy I and the resident directory look for tee. I should but little clover hours ready now comes here, have robbed them. Ok, don't boy to trap so illusion, both local quivered, her that iranian Galicia, where the holiday just let him in and that's the guys had Huda after you think you is talking to me like that- and our policies more to launch autumn a lively, I broadly hated that Graham S is you'd be dead,
Molly was appalled at the table, grandma mean you did him five and more in my area now, while I signed a new record, your congratulations to waylay, he was on Atlantic, but now he is on a Warner, so he did that he has done, and that is that this is an exciting step. For me, I'm thrilled to be at a company that is willing to showcase my artistry. While supporting my entrepreneurial spirit, I felt their passion commitment, and enthusiasm from day one. They believed in my vision wholeheartedly, and I am ready to show in Peru. I want to pull back from my guy wildly while they miss smoking all year by year, put out his AP self promotion? Is there that's gonna, be his last independent recorded in he had said no Molly of LA missed yet all year, long, ok directly, God caches. Oh my god, I'm not staying power out now Jack. Please I mean M that Black Bonnie with Jack he's right now, never going it just sitting out when he made the announcements are economic human eyes,
she's gonna be at highlights bar room in New York City. That's her! After pretty for her appearance on Saturday, I live as Haiti is gonna, be on the season. Finale of of The night lie. They did announce that and in addition, she posted season with the one and only Tina, Faye gotta be Thank you to me. Oh Mamsie, an irish shooting our movie after Saturday Show airs. Yanks gets a whole f in life, hose in fact ass, the name of them. Be broken, live a life that you were not yet a shovel, Dj net Afterpart, of course he is, I say, labour the nice little queen loaded. I go down that you know nothing about casual load, queens envy Nicky include loyal each other because ass I reminded us it was true. Oh yes, madam we ok, I gotta speak my mind as they would all you Bobby to get on twitter. Right now remind me outta. Here we go right over this again get up off his name was autumn last we don't let up often fail dies. You are you. Are you wanted a party that link know? Why not? I have other things.
Who shady boots attitude and I simply want to shut down the block club ties competing part would lose all of it. There is no competition resulting in a corner or cargo hold over the body and readily all they're gonna be ok, so you have an emergency daily right now we're doin a party was that it had also really on your door which one you should go, and you can say things in it. They don't say that I was in the room now. Remy Netbook, denounces me to have time for number remit to your messages. Joke right, Bob's get on my ass, a lad become tied, whoa whoa.
I read your room, a report. I may Villa ye keep a movie right now, Abidjan of Rigour. What are you the unicorn immodest, but they want to stay Oh yeah! That's why I awkward! Unicorns Emma started everything's all right now, for he come back Mcgann we join in as the working what Miguel so don't go anywhere is to breakfast club. The morning Everybody is the J envy. Legation mean the guy. We are the breakfast club because Present guess inability of their lives would have roused Walker lack. Was girl, told you all you boys law and order, my bedroom not right away our. I thought I had a feeling is: never by himself no Mamma tat. We know the purpose of the music is always so when I saw you cannot go ass, you think the mass is excessive.
Light is dream would have known how many drinks made people not appreciate your projects. After that, the way they should have no actually not at all, I think the music fines people at the right time. You know- and I think at the end of the day we're created with this that the point is just to create you know so. Rigour of how and when things by four kaleidoscope dream That was the right time, for you know that time in the people they founded and for all that dubbed the genome project afterwards is just you know the timing for that wild heart was that time and from people that time more leisure now is for now, and it's gonna be more more on that stopping you know, and you never chased the successive adorn. Ah, how many drink? That's what I like, my wife, I don't satellite go Dree, while using satellite, a wild who does what I mean is definitely very timely. It feels like also love if, as I give very affected by things that are happening,
try to just be mindful. You know it's hard not to acknowledge everything, as is right in front of US overtime plus plus. Now we do have like social media. You know what to see things as they happen more more and also, as is now being led, those now being swept under the under the rug as much as it could have been in the mass with controlled media I'm saying so we get to see a lot of things and repetition and things gonna get pushed to the forefront as hard to ignore uniting us. Where we get things like like the video from from outage albino, you know that videos incredible you know and can again we give verses like as I come doing, you know what we're still hearing, even in the middle of a song like who, until we're still being brought back to current events, and he tasted the down arrow heads is the belief that as well, but I noticed just Jake,
oh, come on. Let me to try to get some girl, don't listen, indifferent things, as is probably place carnivores. The wooden rightly put that in the end, the right space in the song come to ensure we still want you to come bring their green. You know, and you have to tell you something about things like that: will really I'd kill him with somebody. I think you should be able to have those conversations or you as soon as a reality with it with the layers. Of Araby has changed and I'm sure you will listen to it. You know, do you chased at table music deck and still LEO Radio, because you'll hear Army music anymore radio is not something net will that you have to go find it is done in your face later, though we hear Skywalker morning, I will go and I waited six or long for us to start with your purse Emma her that song, I was eight that is a hit record reforms you do take that not a thing is a longer time chasing. You know we can't chase energy either the energies
come on. Let it flow are you gonna do time is more again. This light this pudding it out there by US as an artist as an end not dislike for music. It's across all platforms. You, like I'm creative, regardless of his with music, is right, nothing is withdrawing or doing or whatever. Ideas for visuals photography It is not going to look like live. Are performances You know. All of these things is light. We just putting energy out you know and to chase as such, now is the time. I think we all know this and we ve learned. That's why you guys are here is the adaptation of the energy coming? you and you know how to just reciprocate, and once I think we learn do all that the war and these are of life. You know you just figure. What's, your energy is and how to give it in the best way, and it is always reciprocate and ass. The beauty of it and it is a waste of time, because I do not know what you want to do to begin with and if you make record like that and if not what you
We feel it comes out new flogged, and it's like you, learn to is like people especially now is like we right through both you know, People just want the real anyway, a lover referred earlier. Eddie do switch of yesteryear messaging in your energy on purpose. Every I'm, like you purposes, are not doing that. Now. I fell up I need to I not felt As always, I everyday warning to Washington level you know and that the army, I guess that's kind of, like the everyone. You know we all want a level at, but I think that's the das. The intention you know like ok. What else do I have? You know to give and that's that's why Abu sound different, because my life is evolving gaslight. Changing we fully. That would be a look of living at the thing Do you know the drill now had the locks yield lacks when we add on
We got better things talk about in my hair that we would like you. Can you remember when I had to see that has seen a failure of growing? My legs is evolving level. This argument I guess so phase you wouldn't they wouldn't feel in you know you also, I saw, went to Mexico I met outside of your family. How did that impact you? I change my life religion. I really did it in in a way that, like you just made my connection to my family, deeper, you is like ok, we know. We know that in our are make sacrifices, and you see You saw, like you, know your immediate family, that is your mother, your father, where it is you grew up. They may sacrifices, need to see that, but we often forget that Not only did they is like their parents and their parents and all of the people before them shall going back to Mexico
to somewhat I'm gonna, throw my families from my grandmother rest in peace. She ll they are on our own and and and came to the states as Emma. And started working to provide for a family, and it took three years before my dad come up grandfather was taking care of the family there, because she couldn't. She wasn't earning enough money to bring everybody out the same time, so cheap came first, she work work. She worked for a hospital and sent money, you know and over the course, three years in my family was able to move on to gave up her dreams, you know sheet, she also was. She was in love with music, saying on the radio, with her sister Anne decided thing: sacrifices. So when I went back back there just really made a deeper, because I just realized like how much sacrifice goes into giving us the opportunity. We have now in our major one, embrasure Yo Yo roots more within the community,
hey man you want you you want to, but I guess for my for just creating. I guess I just was a guy. What else is there and wanted to deeper. What is more in the hotel, you spoke everyone connection of your roots, because sometimes until you go somewhere me people, you don't even understand what that feeling is like it's weird cause. I grew up with might like all my family. In all my enthusiasm, ideals are all pretty much. There is concentration in these growing, not they all lived in Inglewood where my dad grew up. In the states you know so I who all might the as it my not only that, but they all live in a city. Area. We spent a lot of time to gather so I grew up with a real tight knit family and really understood what the culture in mexican culture was in my life and they all they hold it seriously it so they like they put you in the past, Yoda Community, they have from the very beginning, no matter where I go, especially in a lake when it's it's a mexican community or document they hold
the high level from a big data community support. Disappoint her, like a support you, I feel as happening now. I really you feel like you're, starting to like for black culture. I think is being pushed to the forefront that there needs to be support system in a unity regard, so you know way of life or death in this and that I think, is light more about celebrating an uplifting each other just because his leg, now. We are all we have and the culture has been stripped and systematically pulled from black people here in the United States, where the culture is just capitalism. You know and so now we're starting look at NGO, older. Now, look at how these calls there were raised with like families. The unity is, is the unit in the end, the nucleus of all of it. Unless mimic then that was done, see that with you not just the others, think like through souls media because of having
address. All of the real issue is starting to happen. I we got more Miguel when we come back. Keep it like this, the breakfast club kimono breakfast, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have Miguel in the building Charlemagne. You d want to spend I'm too. I wouldn't want version. It is our moral gonna. U with, as I know you did, you really did a couple is: are we Where were pretty deepen it? I'm super excited man actually almost done. I'm going I'm going to Mexico actually tonight very often when eleven flow, the already that difficult to attain the, whereas up and is a completely, is a comeback really different a whole other guy It is the whole again we're going to China you're trying to convey the message, but sleep. I think Spanish is a much more poetic language, all the languages of love or like this way more poetic night, but it also makes the union the rhyming is different, so
They say when you learn a different language. Your mind is like rewired to think in a different way. Because the words have different connections to each other, so is that has been done like you know, do innovations in Spanish and try and get the same idea are growing at a spanish music and have no idea. What is being you out of your Skywalker has been just like. I love due to my side, granted as on other time and Allison to open up, and I have no idea out. Even if I did I mean you, ve gotta know who told us like just hard. Candy heart made some map. you may allows guy organs manager, though the Spanish, the spanish version goes there gothic decker, yeah. I bore lessons as John they're locker
fluid, I said I ll know J of Low Skywalker, Ani sighters seller Raw Mosaic, I'm almost though no grey is seen as we well know, is lower, as that would be a guy nowhere more than I wore lad, no, the landmark, then I warlord Here- did you not have been granted before now you know growing up spinning allotted time. My dad family, especially in the summer I spoke, I was speaking fluent Spanish, like with my minority. I thought there might be some ideas over the summers and then I would leave and completely kind of lose it because I was between. There's a divorce, so I spent at a time of some of my father's family and then and kind of my the other week in those for those of you. You know understand like how they do divorces and now has been alternating weakens, have you got in other parents get it arranged, but for us I spent a lot of time. In the summer, so
some reality by then the summer on. Like I get it, I got advantage in our business practice more anyway, right in here, like that record, seem to fit this error morning did two years ago yeah. Was normal anyway offer them. Wild aren't absurd good time it there's. Probably one of my favorite Who is I've done in our I felt it was. It was a real connection to my core audience like fit real fans of Miguel, that it is like we're fans of anything you create an with us in and around much normal anyway, which is not just about going at the end of the day when you realize there really is no standard and all This is designed to make you feel like you got gotta financed as some kind of bug. When you realise that there is no box, he started his villa man. You can be undue and and thrive in the way that you really should cause you can just acknowledged like now. This is who I am. This is what I want this is
I believe in regardless of all of the all. The things that we're taught and and pushed to believe and look for and strive for Stop yet that's why I like a new now like what is normal blueprints of whatever you thought. You been ripped up, ripped up the beautiful thing again, but that's how it leads into war unleashed and always normal anyway you knows a lot of people who say they don't want to be normal, and it's like a lot of this is still a lot a copy pays. You know, I think, everybody is hard to light. Now, pull your phone out, just look at what everyone else is doing this programme, even if his subconscious you're still seeing unable to go all this is what difference in only a lot of thought, eliminating or went on to say, but I know why weren t watches once renew your time one for a later. As about a bit by storm anytime ambition to more here, oh Garza, as here
business hours. Here I got to be up for business hours in New York and then you know the connection with your fans, and I seen you out and about you're acting with you and you love your fans, but you have certain rules. Can sometimes you take pictures with people and it could be so did they pose new a couple now here or anything here yeah, you know it's is definitely pole. With some challenges. That learning is very so what does that mean for you, because sometimes it difficult you're lobbyists and you don't know of somebody's gonna posts, you and say something crazy, at the end of the day, is just discretion? and also warn us Move we see what kind of culture it is now. So wine, just being absolutely aware of what it is and it so to be respectful. You know, and also say now you know and decline.
I believe that this is a child s he allowed. Nor are they not only with other Libya a day man, I'm not a new better ray, you know are good, and if that's what you think after the interaction, then that's you that's your reality and everything. You say Anybody politely units and even more so now, because I understand what what happens when you don't think you know, so you just learning experiences. I appreciate that you didn't go ahead. It jumps all the way in which you asked me to relieve ended. It outweigh. Thank you. Thank you really with the jump and all the way and without any doubt, because, because our just say, because there was a moment to eat a year and a half years ago, where I took a photo with someone else, kiss me of something that I didn't do an that's the part where you got ok hold up. This is real life. Now here I mean now is like, the attention that you are bringing is not the case.
Attention that I'm putting out there. I don't want that kind of another s yeah. I remember you can look good english or not rehash, yet you guys in Google in the year exactly happy and by a regal leave without the again I keep saying, is so. I warn leisure was the proper title for this album as because life is about learning and levelling up- is about understanding, are working do better now, and because you have a moment. We are like all you know what that was it the right choice? I could have done that better looking at it in studying the tapes and going, I can do that better next time doing a better. That's the war unleashed overall and asked why this outcome is the most reliable, because that I approached the whole thing is like can I connect my fans and just explained that like lie is worth celebrating, even through all. That we're seeing in dealing with, not only on like a social
level community level as individual. We all go to hard lesson. What I'm saying challenging times trying. You know our pace. It's trying our integrity, trying or our belief, you know are our real beliefs and is We come out of those things that really show us who we are and is so much to celebrate in that when you come out another Sanyo like yet Yak who are better than a lot about, like you know, an open up a couple days ago in the woman called the police on the If you would have, we haven't forgotten in the very next day they came back with a legal gap there. I was looking at a man to feel this diagram. She had an ideal ago. We should do that all the time let go party, I walk, while, though, by nothing shall I oughta water and apple ball. You know me like that. We should do that more animated celebrate and
positive ways to address with that teaches, as is positive ways to address. Like negativity, you know, I think I see a new thing I think, which is exciting, is like saying: people go, man ominous support positive energy, I'm gonna meet them activity with positive energy threefold. Everyone start to look at the the problem in go that was more people want to be where the positivity that period we get more Miguel when we come back biscuit ensure Miguel many makes. Let me know your favorite Miguel joint is to breakfast locomotive browser Miguel. Many makes morning everybody is dj. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the Breakfast Club Miguel in building. Now I heard you meditate how important his meditations he is he's been is definitely changed. The game for me It's made up standing when I'm not in the moment and completely live com. Made me notice it do. You know
and I can go. I could check myself. I was when a conversation with my boy and we all go to college, of any we're. Just you know he's just. Let me know glass like men. The thing is is like so hard to stop looking back right, in war Liza you now, it's like. We look back because that's what we know We can change that. We change was behind us. We can all Lee Change or effect was happening later. And right now is the moment to do it time. The pages are going to turn. Time is gonna move forward and whether or not you are aware we are paying attention to it. Tomorrow is gonna. Come the next minute, the next hour, the next blah blah all. Is coming regardless so the moment focus on here and now and get our minds off of the past or tomorrow, the more Were able to live in a way that really makes us happy here and now
and s the matter with things that have happened already when we should be focusing on how we can effect was about to happen next and their social just now. You know about right right now, all the power of now Agrippa meditate are you can very difficult moment. I mean I still subcommittee my teaching me like some good exercises. What is hard did like this Turnus off. It is odd, is like this, like, though it took me a long time to come and work out bye, dad body right now, so it is very nice. I've been enjoying a lot of being rice, you know, em, you really in Britain is mexican. Oh yeah. I mean I've always been, I'm always within the beams of the bees. Rice always been in the stables, but it was hard is like working out. You know you work out, First time you work out, you might throw up because
your body's not used to it, but then the next you be sore the next day or the next time you work out. But then you work out in your body starts to adjust and blah blah blah and and like this you see, bodybuilders are you see, people are getting in shape, it was hard first time, if you do a yoga whatever you may not be as able to to do the exercise, but as you do it- and you continue, you start to see the better its and is no longer like it's? It's not. Bout the struggle of doing it is about the happiness you feel afterwards. You know so whenever it gets more challenging for some days are easier than others are sometimes easier than others. I just remind us that I always feel good afterwards come to it. I have the me two times that movement caused you to slow down. Just inviting signal. I mean thing life is definitely made me. Do you know I'm engaged now. You know greater, like you been in a relationship for quite some time, so you haven't had those issues is
this is definitely be. I've been blessed. I've been last year but yeah. I think the me too movement is, I don't think, that's the that's what it was for me. You know. That's not even think, that's not what it was for me, but I do not know how to say was engaged nobody's, going to utilise like now being in a relationship and keep you out of a lot of trouble I definitely have definitely road the dice in the past in and being able to just focus on the fact that I have a real teammate someone, as does and by my side, then I'm a writer. Four, and that really really loves me for me: em an eyelid. Her for her a complete We freeze your mind up in time up for, like things really matter, or Europe oh god, I think that's what we're here. When you start to be like? Oh, I got time now right.
While these sites exactly that's, why it's you but it gave omitted. Dorothea scared, butterflies, anxiety was a busy busy busy its there's. There's like I wasn't it. Val, like the planning I didn't know all about man? Maybe I let her do you say? Yes, baby trust me, that's what yes Bay, put every war bait yeah, yes, beer, as I love innovative, better song doesn't mean I'm a fire. If I only on the inside, a hat so, many so far, but like I'm, contained reverence by buyer enough, so I'm sure the meat, he's gonna come that's always gonna come you always via widen song adorn is of yapping nominal. When wreck yeah reform and I will use any like. I guess it's time is: does its Amazon because its Amazon it'll be if wherever it takes place,
he's gonna be levelled out. Yes, you noticed their ahead. Are you like? Ok, I want a big waiting. I went there. I want this to happen. We already have big families between my father's side. Look, my my. Am I dead both? Have my mom has six seven, seven siblings, my father has nine total its total nigh so Then they all have children Rayner and Her family is persian and mexican Spanish. So there's the loudest siblings. There are alot of family and rail, piety gear so united illegal money, believing semi. No, no, we can't go back. I actually like that. I mean that I keep a lot of things very chill. You know I like to focus on the music in and what not, so, when China make it like some. You know. DR again that we want it to be like a family, a family event in over us, so it'll be. It'll be as small as we can keep it as the
the war in leisure hours, on a figure out babblings. I go you're not going to raise them, you just met and Mexico yeah we're only telling or only telling family to come to ensure universal you. He is alive Do me a favor producer. He's dead me ago, one of my fate one of my favorite producers of our time and one of the best mentors diary chemistry first time working the fact that I was able to be like. Do you mind if I this right this by my yeah I mean and just gonna stay with the music and he doesn't think Salaam. He he knows how to jump in and had a like take us is art in that you know, as a art how being an artist have the separation. They need giving him the inspiration they need and knowing winter and that's why is ill he's timeless cause he can jump in and he viewed knows how to play. He places game. I want you to meeting the quarterback. Ok, you need me to
you want me to run the ball, never say you want to live. You want you young MC me the fuller. What do you? What do you need, and he can he doesn't have to ask the question. He just has a conversation with you and then he's like okay. I know how to I know how to get this to the finish line. You know, I know how to make this test now I'd like to see a whole project. To give me too, let me do it, the list, its view, ham, Raphia idea, man I again, one of the greatest of all types he's been relevant for decades and yet still like people are still not really aware of all the things he he's delicacies in grooves. He plays a bad grannies thing. Satellite is Raphael is one of the greatest time and he's a real musician. Real musician loves music, not about all of the coop lie. Anything like that creates time as me, as the next body of energy. You gonna give us I'm about. Start putting Musica amounting in Baghdad.
Of Miguel me Gaster. You know I've been, I think, has been fun to work like outside producers and people that unity tried things and collaboration, but I'm about to just go like this. Do me Let me guess that back to just produce a my music and putting it out like this, as soon as I pretty normal, albeit at another about it about it. A lot less harm. Usa, I say is about role, would have because marked with me by storm anytime. We dig you for joining, and I'm a girl, oh Laszlo, together, a great Miguel makes belated. Today you work out to be a meditation, makes it in a work out makes, I wonder what would be the meditated stuff over going more several got well, would be more more kaleidoscope, dreams, everything, oh meditated. It is my wish is that everything is quiet
Kepler get all like end. W waiting put me in a calm Seas is. This is quite as is kept by not content with. This puts me in a good while back smokes. Not yet you know tat. We know smoked available, That is my girl. Is the breathless low glared breakfast it's about this report annually on the breakfast club. Anti Martinez did an hour and a half long interview with J Coal and you know, doesn't do interviews too frequently and in
who was filmed in Miami Salamis how's that was before day cope reforms at the rolling Thou Festival and among the things you talked about was Congo, where somewhat Congo said in support of Donald Trump. Here's what he had to say about that. So you neither see here do anything Vassili album you novelty anything! So you know, there's a difference. Ochre to meet us the danger and were used on flight is really good at circling language that will resonate, and it just so happens this time he sample the wrong. Ultimately, the goal is so I can be more powerful and viewed as vulnerable. I'm not comfortable unless I sit in their see that's cool when you're promote in some fashion that don't really concern me. Don't really jeopardize my life as a black mare, but when you come in you like and power
then, as I rode like. I can't write with that argued over these anti. Several effect, I don't think I knew was using promoted up, because this is a new language colonies, beacon con. You first voices appoint beckoned twenty. Sixteen, a guy has been tweeting really before this, and yet the album coming out of regulating promoters out things you getting things off his chest and things off his minority was even those world deadline. Uncommitted acquainted enery, coincidentally enough, he does have an album coming out. We first voices support for torn between sixteen anyone. It will be the trunk and artistic I biggest ignorant what're, you doin, because you not aware of what tromp is doing to minorities in his country drives transfer style. The his reason for supporting trauma dignity are now an additional tax about the how free thinking and here's what he had to say about kangaroos, free thinking. Somebody who sees this as like that's right, love is the, as is like erosion.
Cats phrases and those cats phrases are true or free thinking. Yes, catchphrase, yes, Jeffrey thank him, but is not free thinking is enslave. Thinking is taken as a slave to your own ego. You not free thinking. We egos Poland, a strange man. It's a nice catch wearing a good gadget, very easy to catch onto like make Amerika great again. He sounded good, but, as I was drawing attention here, is it fully? people was afoot, is one person to meet Trump is like a similar figure. This is Adieu who the only end goal is. I gotta be the man he's right about that, and you can be a free thinking. You are committed to one political party because real committed them up you'll party than you have their ideas and yet thought you were going to take a livelier rhetoric. Ladderlike, you know anything after day. Congo is a free thinking or you guys are against free ranking. It is
as every big into your connected to one political by right now, in addition, what about this J call? Kendrick, Lamar Collaboration, Album well J, call disappointed alot of people with this. We just did a few saw like a bunch of ideas for the labour range, nothing about you and call it ass. You call it now. I suppose. That's that's, not a real thing. That's like a sum fantasy. This out is didn't come from nowhere. It came from us yeah, you know me, but it's not like it's. Something has actively happened, especially get their hopes up, not now that now because he never gonna have him just because life is now right now and I don't like teasing, it would be easier back there. You know me yet now it will be like Joe. You really got a black off a lot of time, maybe should deliver the people. Our rate of the euro. In addition, you know J coal as a whole lot of music in the vault, and he does when a major that everybody gets to hear it. Here's what they said about that, but is there another album coming like right away, cause you gonna tee and Madrid music ashore? Bizarre out now saw going toward a formal? Yes, us all they're, probably won't
for another, the fuck fast progress was post, follow everybody dies, a false promises, I put out before, for your eyes, only were songs from the follow, but I'll just have saw that like sit up there, I work in our actual aware, Morgan on and then I think I have a piece of all of our know. How and I got more music- you now want to light look back twenty years. I have a big fan of music. Our re, in addition, Edward Alot of people, found effort from Kill Edward. That is the name of Jacob Stepfather. Well, here's what he had to say about Kill, Edward and his step dead. Also like not kill him. Physically. Actually I have no problem to do. I was beaten today a message in old thing about my Mammy to go find is due lion and have a conversation with employees. I wonder if this is reached him well, maybe now, but when I see you ever want to talk about is like it, I feel like I inherited from it get up after, like I wanted to overcome, beat. I felt I oh, I got therefrom from him isn't Emmy! There's like I don't like it.
That's gonna, kill off our. And last but not least, but I have for you right here- is him talking about understanding, has TAT father and his backstory understand now. They're, like whatever was happening. He was do what he was when he was going, one of which was comes from whatever his life. They happen You know, I know a little bit about his life, not just from light clearly been regional autonomy is battle noted traumatic, with do as a kid like caused him to be x Y, see those party I am I like you call me- I knew you know like it- was a good and bad like when I kind of like that. But on the other hand he was put his hands on us at the time I was young and was like as this is, what it is
I re well I'm Angela YE and that is your room or permits. Are you go and take their entire interview where Angie, Martinez and J call all right? Thank you loose. You know Charlemagne. Yes, sir, would you give it a dog to all men? We need a crowd of crack. A white Dove Oda Commune affronted congregation this morning. We need an Slavs bird, the commune affronted congregation. We would like to have a word with him and always remember if you are more mad at me for college a racist, Craig Crackle than you are the actual races and you're. Probably a Craig ass, crackle white devil to, and you can kiss my black ass ink
for that? I want you to think about. Is guys to breakfast locomotive. You don't you talk to you today does not discriminate. My now the sombre divide us about breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache well Sharon's good morning, dont you David! Third, they may seventeen goes to a new. Your base lawyer name Errand, Slouchburg, located law firms. The law, autism, Aaron, am slosh work in all day. Yesterday, his law firms flooded with one star reviews on yelp because, ladies and gentlemen in the world we live in life, is about calling a spade a spade and a big it. A big it owed affronted in New York Daily New today got a right to have the picture of irish Laws Bergen a headline: ok!
New York message, bigot, who yelled at women for YO that women for speaking spanish restaurant in big boat, black letters. It says what it s a drunk. You dropped MIKE. What did you say Drunk holed up in either the author or that day either your client as me, shut down? Why diversity matters, ok, drop wanna clues bombs were yourself drop. I right. Ok, give me Joe to see what a hot out they anyway you appoint. You see all that there is the other corners. Eighty oughta mean strew, you idiot right drop. You ok, now draw no export wreak right, ok to find it out to without. More importantly, I do your daily news, cod errand slots, burger, bigot, aright net of the kind of language that has to be used when we are discussing people who blatantly are being prejudiced, ok, blatantly races. While we should be calling things when it comes to bigots in his country. Why why? If I got a blatantly raises person, a crack at crack, a wide devil? Why you more mad at me than you are a person who is actually being races? Armed just pick up what does races, putting down a right, given him back to same energy, to share it with the world if it talks like raises a present like a raises, a modern Eliza marginalized like raises, and probably a Craig Ass, Craig away, Devil racist okay. Now, let's discuss would happen, is all went down at first kitchen in Midtown, Manhattan, ok, honey during immigrant,
employ afresh kitchen name Oscar. Filling a waiver and up enough there Thirdly, we have a problem with me. You didn't do it right Don T do what I am about to do you fig Dominican, I'm about to do ok, I write ask who said that he had an errand hurt us speaking spanish and started. Yelling is no need for me to tell you what yeah, he is an early heard, speaking Spanish and started yelling of it yet
quote is no need for me to tell you what areas Losberne said. I will let you have yourself: it has risen by every person of America. I lived there will not. Let me bring downward people in a bag, who, probably I can leg dating, hear him so well, but can hear me calling him a Craig ass cracker. Quite fry, ok airs laws. Burgstead your staff is speaking spanish to customers when they should be speaking, English. President I listen to he spoke. He spoke it. She speaking it. This is America. Then he says my guess, is there not documented so mine?
this call is the ice they have each one of them kicked out of my country. If they have the balls to come here and live off my money, I pay for their welfare. I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do speak English. Shall then colonizers say if you intend on running a place in Midtown Manhattan, your staff should speak English, not spanish, and as a woman tried to engage air Heron said before you walked out. He turned around his head honey, I'm cool, ice. Ok, now. I know people love to say. Donald Trump support is our raises. Before directed according to the New York Daily NEWS, air Slouchburg is a registered republican and twenty sixteen donor of five hundred dollars to celebrity and cheese campaign. Listen, I love
alright. The reason I love you, because you can't hear what you don't reveal: hair fall at covert racism. I like my racism over it, because when we know what it is, we can avoid it and I just avoid it, destroy it or maybe not destroy it, because you always have a place in our society because millions of people like Aaron, good thing just like him, so you always have support, but that doesn't mean we can't exposed him for the big it. He is. An airing needs to be shamed and anyone who supports him after if need be shamed, because we have to stop treating races in America to say we treat rapists the same way we treat pedophiles. Ok, that's how we need to treat these Craig Ass, Craig away, devils and all my good way, people idea. I need you, ought to start using your privilege to combat prejudice. When you see one of your own Vienna, bigot, like air and in public, like this walk up to him and say hey, you really be Craig Ass, crack Irena! Ok, Why people, when you see your own actin like bigots in public or private, checked him?
checked him hard. Ok, draw a line in the sand between you and him. It's simple, ok and minorities when they out he had thrown around these falsehoods in public when they say things like air and said they are not documented in thereon, welfare scream out did him. The white Devil is Eliah. Ok, and once again, if you are more mad at me, for calling a race is big at a crack, ass crack a wide devil than you are the actual races in you. Appointed a problem. Ok, I don't my way. People races, bigot, it's a different.
Please diminish losberne, because you are right or begged for a donkey. Today, sir, now I yelled and leave a barrier of you or me, come back. Ask he ate hundred five five one. Oh five, one! If you got a question for you, uni relationship advice at any type of advice. You can call ye right now again and I was eight hundred five. Eight five one or phone call and I was to breakfast cloak more bread for everybody. Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club. It's off ask a hollow there's! This is a key issue for me: here how easy it have a bag story. I have a nephew I named him about his call, I'm the one to expel became the day. I had a train him out of the park taken put universal, but with the fate of people who had been a while
no more rottweiler girl, I don't believe you guys in I'm like Mama right now. His mother was adamant about him going through here are able or baby like nobody that I know that we are being eroded ballot stow, unlike our and the girl who had their breath go, but she put her now go one at that is her son, but go ahead man than about a careful, though he learnt anything he's or your though he did know the basic thou my and put him up right now, he's going to do on paying for so I don't pay for health regarded as go. He loved the heat learning and now see while let my brother get the car to take him the school now, once you get the car to take him here, thought when he was learning anything, so I think you you were read it with a star. Well, our beat her only well.
Brad, thereby you maybe a nap you. So you don't want to beat his mama warmer but where is your brother, and all of this is the guy that my look, my boy sat with me. He we may live. Member of the EU is Daddy baby, like he people stop at his mom. He d strangely different back with her. In our light, he doesn't tree of life. How he treated mother saw I'm sanity hard to understand. He's a young black boy. You not, I went to school. I have a massive degree. Education is very important for me what Malta my family, have been. If the two, alas, they beat you not even my brother, the main uprear there, like the one that away no, I'm like
Oh, my wife is money. If you're gonna be a statistic, ran out more men out of hand, but we're at our back and Nicky, I was I I don't know I don't I'm hands is gonna, make her changed her mind of anything in my maker, even more resistant lesson at all costs I beg to me like she doesn't like the fact that you interfering with her raising her child as much as you are, but she don't mind the money and things that providing, but she also is. And like you undermining her as a parent and It seems that you need to figure out a way if you care about this child for you to be on the same page it that means that you have to work on your relationship with her and how you addressed her, about which you need to do a her son, because one thing, if you have suggested then you're trying to help and is another thing of your telling her where she needs to do because sometimes but one appear like they're making the decision? Also, as so, they have to pay. Like bare involved in the decision making process. So that means you presented
Research in ya, go together to look at the schools and do those things socio like ok, yeah is what I wanted to hear me say that the girl is re lying on a map on this day upon the merely. How important is the light is not about me with in or bad paddy ass, you look at it as scenes. I bet has he's looking at. It clearly ran on our way to make her theme. It could see. Thinking outside our Now you know legendary road rather than that leaves I something that your brother should be dealing with, but he like now could become a bit more me a heap like because they all this morning about the car and I had the com a mob. Go pick up that if you are quite pale but he can go to school, but my mom not going to do that. Every morning, right yeah, it seems like he's, got to put his down and figure out how he can deal with her because that's his child.
You'd have to step up to the plate and a wider issue. Lousy bear a I beg you This is America Black This is because, as their sad and your brother should be the one as really making these things happen, lay you try by apply here, no, I mean you read it. Is our ally resolve the matter? I remember now that you are sound. Some way, then you have to try to make her feel. Like she's involved in the decision making process, even though you says she wretched, and all that, if you do doing this for the good of the child you gotta sometimes put ego pry whatever to decide and, as you know, take a deep breath and go ahead and go in there and they like. Ok, let me just make her feel like she said.
Even if you don't feel like she is and make a feeling. Ok, As a man. I know this is your decision, but I just do some research the help you out, Let me know what you think about this, and you know just I figure it out on the Friday fires in and see how they go blade of sea now far long debate wait. I'm dread atta how margins area the shadows were there. We don't want to send back the hours that a key I'm gonna go my mama as nine roman law drag animal beyond is what you mean, there's no when it comes to the future of a Java, real man. I put you in jail for what
go to jail dimension of this kid got a good future. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one ass ye is to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is DJ: envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of as key allows. There's this guy pay acacia was, of course, a four year term of office. We have been in relating hip with their partner or like five, but here and I beg you married like their relationship programme, down the drain, but now you and I remain are married. I don't know how long you guys baby you guard dog, while I ever knew my wife, oh my god, you're beautiful- they are not always allow. Like your opinion, I'm me and gave an egg member a bear I don't know why people related it. You know crumble, They get married, lag behind, being in Ireland?
That's not always true. So I don't think you can get anybody's relationships and compared to what Europe is by. I will say as people that date somebody ten years and get married, and it doesn't work out these people they get married after Noah's somebody for a month in it it doesn't. It is really how you work on your relationship, a marriage and a relationship is work, so has never always smooth, so you just have to make sure that you guys are always communicating with each other and no ended gonna, be simmer patches budget dedicated to work it out together. Sometimes we look at what other people are doing in their relationship and compare that to what is going on in yours, and you can't do that, but that Europe can be together bird with big building here, the live, a better get married it by. I wanted the board, where how wondering how that happened, budget that completely jus like again look at everybody relating I'm sure. You also know people there have stay together. Do
right so that focusing on the negative- and if you don't even does like everybody else out, because no matter what happens with you, that has nothing to do with what anybody else has going on, and I think that's sometimes what issue, as you know, we let other people's negativity influence as in is not a good thing to do yet anger you remember communication. Everything is communication about my wife twenty four years with a merry seventeen. Last Sunday in everything, is community it's gonna, be good, is going bad, but as long as you sit down and talk it through and be honest, you're always get to agree outcome never go to sleep upset a mad ass. The key! Never when he will give him set up, very employed in a cave in to you on your upcoming wedding. You may think that they got them a member communication Mamma and when you see who gave him then employment and then do a scan for giving part one
Jane you remember that our right good luck, I don't know what you said. I just hope she said I'm a forgiving Charlemagne after she said right. That's what I heard I don't know why she said that they don't communicate. Ask IE eight hundred five, a five one or fire when we got rooms runaway yes and speaking, a relation says we have it congratulations to give out to one of our favorite people and social media, or I will it's that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast locomotive body, his d J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning How good morning rescued to the room was a saw would be used in this. Is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club documentary about Whitney Houston their permitted. The can't film festival permit Wednesday night and it is gonna, be released on July seven and among
The things that were revealed in this new documentary, which, by the way, was done in conjunction with the cooperation of Whitney Houston family, is there act that Whitney Houston was molested by Didi Warwick at a very young age who lady did. He is the hour Warwick Sister Ok. So what happened was according to Whitney Houston assist that Mary Jonesy reveal that the singer told her that Warwick had molested her and That is what actually cause went into question her own sexuality and perpetuated, her drug problems later in life now she's. I think she was ashamed, which is why she never told her mother. She said if Sissy had known she would have done something about it, because see, loves her children according to any uses, half brother. He also revealed in the film that he was molested by a female family member between the ages of seven and nine, so he's
It was something very disturbed about her because she was never comfortable in her own skin. She seemed kind of a sexual and a strange way. She was a beautiful woman, but she was never particularly sexy. I've seen it done some filling with people who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, and there was just something about her man, and that was reminiscent to me of that. Of shrinking, are usually don't like these stories about dead people, because they are not here to defend a story, but I guess that's a good conversation, because that is something that happens. The kids allow when a younger, but he never comes out perhaps about family members. Unlike I used to get touched on when I was eight, and it just goes to show you that you never know how things like this will affect people later in life. Some people say whether happened so long ago or what the person away so long to come out or should be
your penance people, from something that happened thirty years ago, but this year I people for, like a total logged out afflict Numa cousins at wife was was touching on me. I do noted regional meter stops. Gluck couldn't stand smell of her Jericho and, like I don't ledger, groceries is very painful, watches great on account of our right now. Crazy, taken and Jan Leginn have welcomed another baby. Then a baby is here she treated out somebody's here so can gradually grass it am. I take an enchanted yokels on what I wanted. Dramatically Monaco to me. I thought I was up somebody I actually knew could I have here and in the studio Creasy Outer Bay, because our debate- whether but who is Chris, who said that come on. I feel, like I know, Crystal Jerry Bernie. I know anything about the media have actually never met her bait. So exciting to increase it, albeit one time. No does it on our decreasing, always Charlemagne, where we will, we ended up, but it didn't come away once I mean she was. Maybe was he
Patty whether here but congratulations, said crazy and John Leginn aright. Well I hate to do this Dorie right out there, but I look across his wife. Eudoxia actually had a miscarriage. She posted on Instagram. She said this year did necessarily start off right for us, ahead of Miss, carries and needed to have surgery. It was very easy to complain of self pity, but I refuse to let the enemy win. I stayed faithful and prayed up. I spend hours focusing on the many ways the Lord has bless me so she said she wants to share this with you to remind you to live in gratitude when the enemy tries to knock down, get even closer to your faith.
But not always go as planned, and keeping a positive ungrateful attitude will only bring more and bigger blessing, would usually was money over Mister loosely serve your loss or just sorry Ma Am society. It is already hated the Ugandan you need any. Let me now and then it is a very emotional, does very emotional of women because they feel like maybe it's damn. It was their body. It is very difficult for any sort of our women. Their body goes through a lot of their time in an air dissipating having a baby. Sometimes they ve told people and it s you can imagine, but that would feel like I re fifty cent. Facing legal action, and that is because he has opposed that picture of terror. Marie the very explicit image that somebody hacked into her accounting and of her performing a sexual act, and so now, according to attorney LISA Bloom press releases, eleven have happily with Hollywood star Teairra Mari accusing her ex boyfriend of using her password to get access to Instagram Iccat account imposes graphic images and that there is a close friend of her
and immediately reposted the images to his eighteen million followers and used the tagline get the strap. So that issue and now he's involved in this last. In other words, one of the fifty should have anything to do with that, because it is already I'm issues out. I did was recently repeated. I guess absolutely and get to scrap could be porno nausea,
Good thought was a porno either said I didn T Emory disappoint our thoughts. I think it's because you get to travel on everything that he pulls out a is, as it were, described one or what we did is trapped as they get this job. I did it put the strap Mercedes Justice crap on NATO, analyse what you gonna get you say, replied you gotta idealise Bates. He has announced the nominees for the twenty Eightth, always playing a wise and guess who has the most nomination Kennedy. Gallic D, J, Cal, emotive, agree to host a tragic lama. Has five nominations: amigos have poor boy, though, whose also just to let you guys knew who those whose Olsen you know out, even though we D J, even the programme that rightly deserted by, let me tell you guys, think, should win in some of these categories. As you know, I gotta do this, for you guys album of the year award, should it be liquid. Damn says it would control Jazzy wherefore for four amigos closer to them, Panther album or dj colleague grateful.
Look at that tv has three songs nominated for Albemarle. Would, I would honestly say eulogies you four for the control and care. Allied Josie Forfeit. I love the Kindred Gamma Kendrick, like the black pared down to analyse, as I can remember, I'm just only thought must really via to address itself what I couldn't stop listening to and then best knew I'd as to why this is a tough when Caesar her Daniel Caesar ABLE, with the hoodie or Golden says alleghanies. Either live allowed her to her like a buggy having says he's: gonna win that ourselves. I said ass if some other categories best male iron be or prejudice. Miguel he's not nominated Bruno Mars, Chris Ground, the weekend colleague or Daniel Caesar dangerously crisper. You know what we should do it. I got what you guys call it brackets. Are some delay that what do they call it? I ignored when you guys back I could see here- and this is all about on about delicate gamble-
That is against look well I'm annually, and that is your room. A report, maybe not anymore, all right. Revolt we'll see you guys later also forget. After a mixed meek, Mallory in my saw will be joining us people marble. You have to keep a lot mixes up next to breakfast locomotive. Here's something good is a new shell from the cynical women podcast network and I heart radio. Each day we aspire to bringing the Good NEWS, the silver lining, the glass half full, because there is good happening everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it you're something good. It's a short daily show that offers positive stories. Helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something good on the eye: heart, radio, apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows subscribed. Now.
A glass of twenty twenty. We know things have been kind of out of the ordinary lately, you're, not gonna, get the graduation Sarah. So I hurt radio found some people to write commencement speeches. Just for you, John Legend, Hillary Clinton into over twenty of your faith from DJ college coach can have you won back to halls? Listen to. I hardly knew how to commence. Speeches drop me. Fifty, I harmonious Sunday may seventy across all over these stations brought to you by directives taking the class of twenty twenty valedictorian to another.
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