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THU 8/18 - The Breakfast Club discusses the issue of moral consistency after support is being pulled from Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation" due to rape accusations from 17 years ago. Didn't stop R. Kelly? Kobe Bryant? Mike Tyson? So why Nate? Also losing support is Ryan Lochte's story about what really happened in Rio. He gets a hee-haw for swimming in a pool of lies...

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This is always a whole day child these agents, Angela Charlemagne Guy on the planet, is respect issue, because this is a voice is decisive in a J W gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous more to share with you a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, ordinarily, landmines is Charlemagne, rested a black day for personally that we get it right now. That's it! That's why? I think
today to be officially the we did we get to deny is weak envy, as is the EU. We must reject the ok. If you want to call on you all right now, nobody like glass and I went into a team parties like once every three weeks once every four weeks, and it's the ages are thirteen. Seventeen, so would it varies from my thanks. Go to high school sounds dangerous now, as acts that dangerous teenagers is no problems is no fight. In no guns, no drinking is just soda TAT Papa. And that's it and water put down a visit. This is in our coasts. The New Jersey, ok, so to variation of of different people, Asia and its black its widest. Let's see no good makes last night he can be performed. Killed it. If you don't know who merely ask here, he's Roma fairly killed, they killed the killed it. Do you actually at every, though at the future and make sure they brought him out on stage so how to do? It was a buggy and I think he bought up here. You ve, killed in it are brought out as
should guess COD Ii, be it say COD Ii, be they went crazy and killed it Cati Bianchi Cardy be cardiology in peace, dance for beyond, say travelling to collude bombs and car, because we, the hood beyond a damn it. I was a little embarrassed because Carnegie after she performed wanted to give advice to the kids and was wrong. That was wrong. You're dying, like I'd, be divisive, though an emergency give. She was like stay in school, great vice. As if you wanna suck D for free, you should stay in school. Cause she sat or mad people's faces to get where she was so that the real reason. Why do I like I've, not greater visaed with whose Ellen girl disdains go? Unless you want to be a positive DAS issues, as it does all she's really say, I wish you to sit it like that. Was you didn't, but you gotta greeted between allied, like if you ve got com and since you can comprehend was you say well, I was a vice kids were yesterday. I was out and about doing this event with bad light and big shyness performing and second political party convention.
So we are giving away tickets yesterday at Harlem Tab, and then I former internet was her birthday What, then, are making the colony gauge Atlantic records? Now Robin Cook, Mov Nicky young african cartoonish creature, making our way in a case where a mirror in the airports? It was workin for tee. I say your project blue and he submitted. Razumihin ended, I'm getting the internship and then, when she got the intensive she did a great job. She did. She ended up getting a job at Atlantic. We did refer her and recommend her, and all of that so now she's been through a really well. So we took her out for her birthday just about away. Whenever I go to the airport, I give such great service. Like you know, you're taking the front line of the because Nicky did I appreciate. I know you do as he has every attack
yeah. That's me. Let me know they still do take me, because I think you could actually got Manfred that work to come up to me to be an economic entity like I was looking for. Any notice me right to defer internationally to come and get you and be they can I got you a pretty sensitively Nicky. I was sure tat. I want to say two young Ladys magazine of which you know what she pulled You don't know him any method, old Ngos and aid to her. You know you are different. Now you go well, let's go start to show front page news when we talk about. Yes, everybody is talking about there's a robbery story at the Olympics. Whether real was a fake will give you an update on what happened. So the flooding in Louisiana is the countries worst natural disasters and Hurricane Sandy according to the Red Cross, all right All that, when we come back, keep it lacked is Tory Lanes is loves to breakfast locomotive
morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast front page. When it sorry, land will come out what a hook of his own record hobble us not act like you, look, don't be conflict over ninety record, three wreckage Ellie confidence requisites already my sounded far as one would say it is for our own lives when everybody fall in love some time anyway. As well as the way is, a formula has been. Where is this work, and it is working well go, but just does not. Act was denied eases props, ok, but, let's get into foot. Age news of get olympic update. Now, you're men's basketball team be Argentina, one o five. Seventy eight they play Spain in the semi, fine, also baby. Like a bag, nobody's both be doin. There was talk about this, less when, as you are aware, there some consistency according to authorities, in a story that reality and three of his teammates told,
is that they were robbed early Sunday morning, but now they are questioning whether or not the accounts of what happened is true or if they try to cover something up, because the story has changed in our originally. Lahti said that he and his team is worn pulled over as he had previously seen It is that they were at a gas station when they were robbed. And then one hundred and twenty He said that there was a gun to his hair. Will a cheetah said: that's exactly what happened when the robbers had a gun and painted it in his direction, but not directly on his forehead. So right now they kept asking him about inconsistencies in his story. Whether this will measure with anyone did they shouldn't have been with at that time, but he is denying that there was any cover up at all. So when you told drew you dont have to remember what you said: brows remember, people Bordeaux. Would he be life one that makes no sense to lie like what was he doing? What we want, because we know that you have. The swimmers were actually removed from their fight back home by brazilian authorities. That's how much they felt like your story was inconsistent, I want to know the I'd
my amendment, no eleven are leaving a prostitute thousands another day they said they were leaving our Asia wherever school at the friends hospitality. How big a sound like a whole host of us as a friend we receive. You had a whole house. They said that the people they rather more posing as police officers authorities, did issue a certain seizure warrant for the men's passports, because They don't want them to leave the country to seem. Weary took every daily intake, the gate and creating a wiser than take their watches is loaded when they talk about a hundred and twenty four dollars worth of money, but didn't take any of it jewellery before they are only one hundred twenty. What I'll blow your morning, then predication what cause I'm sure they use their cars? Even I was late when you Our country is no sense of keeping a Montague deck articles is not your currency, so you Mazo user, Guide yeah. It translates into line to twenty four hours, american money from our normal. You tell a truly United Europe on board. You say: origin labelling. Take their watches, then take yourself. Aren't the judges like? Why would they take the merest Conaway watch got a guy got out of Dodge. I want to go home surmounted air missile by this flooding era. This aim
flooding in Louisiana is the countries worst natural disasters since Hurricane Sandy, according to the Red Cross, seventy thousand people have actually registered for FEMA assistance. After that, a lot of people still don't know what their homes alike are: staying in, shelters, staying with friends, one person, justice oh. This is saying that we stood on the state of our house and you just are relying on Facebook, videos and word of mouth to find out how bad the damages for they still being able to go back to their homes in North Korea, about that. I said a lot of people have houses, but don't have flood insurance because a place where they live they wouldn't needed in. That was the place they got flooded can't even in their homes. I guess they just lose out on all that. Money is stay home. They lost everything they valuables everything, but it has been declared a national disasters that I would think they could get some sort of assistance,
also thereby, and we then o J. I really don't know what else to say. Other didn't know that people are rapidly laid out of effect right. Let's front page news that tell him what you mad, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one for the wide open, if you want to highlight as very little bit call us up right now, is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club? A young about a young man was everywhere matter ass. They mass the angry as the aid and ass they passed off. Why you? Man was bloodless, go mad because they are worth my sorrows: a police officer, Warburton, Delaware, oil, but arrest them, one in which the torch smartphone cuddle or due to call when they arrested my son, told who taught to call Where do you see a man because the recent arrested of one and ill,
Oh, you want the blue all of to protect him. Now. I just need to investigate we got all care more police officers. Was got a rapidly so miserably wasn't consistency from the police. If you gonna let one of its offered new IRAN, let em all off line disdain, and I am all for you when it comes to morrow consistency. Do that none would dare tell like moral consistency. Every some wrong? You should have been arrested regardless allows. Is nobody. Nobody data by taking a piggy oases is surely one of the upper limits. A may better than you. Mom was very you off of you. I know you did.
Like the US, It is those do Guys do was gone. I gotta on laboratory One word when I should be driven to work. I got there. One week and a wide berth, in other words, can gas, but it was early you have the war broke out even towards morning. You have to be driven out ass, an object are you gonna write brown look at eleven a m.
Look on your overtime! Tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent cordless right now, it's the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast club that was rising, silhouette, don't owning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yea Charlemagne, God. Listen, I'm ready for the weakest, simply because I want to watch to get down on Netflix zombie. Netflix monopolies always got one thing. I knew that everybody benches and I'll bring jobs, recommendations. Nobody recommending a good dialogue and waiting to get TAT actually goes very, is really good. Now, when I first started off is kind of like watching a Shakespeare play cause, you have to get used to like shades, rather at you have the kind of get used to the flow of it in the language of it. Given that I it takes place and the seventy. He's right when discussing homeboy ending in here Pappas starting and it's a kind of a musical also causes very
music incorporated the birth of her path. Is that time period of leave a guy who made it made? Romeo and Juliet assume, but it's a love story at the same time, as you know, I only was the first to so far by israeli guy, I'm enjoying it allow you know, jaded Smith is in, it was miss and what the God of all time, nobody told me to disease, and I also Serbia, but he was talking about Jesus myths, gay kiss on their own. And guess what daddy's first rule of the game that eighty nine is. This is about ten zero hope yea. Maybe I as I might when we combat, we got some rooms. What we talked about you I was about cat away emphases facing some prison time. On a personal note, I could picky punching. People are not really have a deep level, also discuss houses, but TAT What these young ball is adorned, whose movement in together in Beverly Hills and who just I ve. Had another House mansion, really Laura, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club. With annually on the breakfast club, as amnesia may have gotten a house together, they just renting it. There were thirty thousand dollars a month in its in Beverly Hills and therewith measures before their as China by a priority together, but then this house arrest situation have been so now there they had this lease. So congratulations to them. Beautiful house. Bizarre pictures online cocoa butter. Highly generous, but another house next door to the house. She just boy in May for six million dollars the house next door. She, but is four point five million and that's actually gonna be for her cosmetics line, a kind of a crash Passover friends come in
they, while their satellite, these closing a tiger Mignonetta you do young women pregnant, I drop one includes bombs were trapped in a woman. You gotta Goodwin, financially stable, you gotta, do it you gotta, do I write cat away and, in the meantime, has been officially charged with a misdemeanor battery that is for allegedly punching a woman, Now a female employees at a restaurant and studio city said that he attacked here and there were some visible marks on her body. Some, injury, so if he does get convicted, he faces up to six months in, for the market will be allowed to live in the rest of us, have their backing it will save at it Freddy gives in the meantime, as an update on what's going on with Freddy gives now in case you guys don't know he was arrested two and a half months ago in France from an alleged sexual assault. That, too, place in Vienna Austria last year, while he has, I've been formally charged in that incident? Now at first there were reports that it was to women, but now they are saying the incident
Bob, a fan who went to one of his shows and It Lee. According to these reports, she's accusing him of spiking her during and at that point, leaving her psychologically, haired and offences and then they're saying that he did sexually abused. So that's what he's being charged with sexual abuse of a defenceless or psychologically impaired person. Now. He is denying this he's facing up to ten years in prison if he does get convicted, now, according to his lawyer, they're saying that he denies these accusations, he never had any sexual contact with the alleged victim at all and he is one hundred percent innocent, as the investigation and process continues. Mr gives remains hopeful that a thorough searching and complete investigation will reveal the actual facts, which is that there is an absence of any science The answer is a call. I private, credible evidence implicating him as well as one who comes a real case is made to a thorough investigation of the man whose bill
On the other side it hadn't been accused of criminal sexual conduct. You gotta go, do all that. You gotta give you dna and ass animals. You are the immediate guilty until you prove yourself innocent? As you have a ban on these two locked up, he was released. He got out I'm fifty five thousand, but then they did take him back into custody after him into quite the last time and they extraditing him from France. To US like a big hit me a few weeks ago. I thought you like, as you begin right, so as I do see his feet, say he had one. He has a one month old right back in homes. I see that she's been Lemme tell you boys, a lottery garnerer lottery by allegations going around Jesus Christ, you'd like Zika, I may well. We will keep you updated on go along with that as they investigate. He is saying that he is completely innocence, and that is your
whom a report I may easily ain't all right, miss you know when we come back front page news which puts an illusory our taking about the flooding in the wheezing Anna. The thing is the worst natural disasters. Since Hurricane sandy heads were ok, we'll get into it. When we come back people at the breakfast good. Is the are dj the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast clever alone front, page news now Olympic: baby, you s men's basketball, team team, USA beat Argentina, one o five to seven. Eight nine o clock train in the semi. Finally, I can give you I'll give you will probably they supposed to do and if I go farther to give his cave my giving you profitable to do a map. Anyone again we're looking pretty close, but they blew his team have to use the inhabiting catechised Ellison these are: U S. Whim is that they really get robbed. I don't know
what's going on by the Ryan Lochte- is saying that him and three of his teammates in the US were rather early Sunday morning. Some details did change, and so right now they do have them in custody. Just trying to figure out they detain them from leaving figure out what really happened now recently there was saying they had gotten pulled over and they at a gas station when they were robbed. I don't know what's going on with these guys, but the story has been changing a little better at one point: lassie within you, gunpoint. Now he saying that he wasn't at gunpoint at his forehead, but a robber did cuts the gun and pointed in his direction, but not die. Leaning on his forehead, so they ve been some inconsistency and two of this amazing ass. He pulled up of a flight, that's how serious they fell like this is as they invest gay. What really happened ah said, the judge is question.
Why were they watch is not taken? They still had. The only about a hundred and pointed out is whether many was taken all. I know, one thing of all why people who get upset when people say that the age- hardly please don't point around login, for example, of your not asian. Hardly. Why does he have a full gray? Had a lot of you look: seventy three euro, out and Ryan lucky I would have his name is how they get it is great. What they're going to do to face. Look at this picture. Look at Eminem Picked you have an emerald, twentysomethings, Lorraine, laggard, look sixty seven easily Nellis. Also talk about the floods in Louisiana were right. Now the floods in ruse other, whereas in since hurricanes ending the war natural disaster support sadly now at this point, seventy thousand people have registered for FEMA assistance in Louisiana and they still don't know a lot of people. What their house is looking like, so there relying on Facebook, videos and word of mouth to find out how bad is it. A lot of people are in shelters. This thing at friends House is China.
When will I get back to normal or if you will ever get back to normal because they don't What's going on at their own homes, so very terrible but you re very in New Orleans man and I say what what makes even worse is alot of people didn't have flood insurance and their home, and nothing will be covered because the at that Would a houses is not a floods or so they did. Have to have it, then it seemed like a big Let us allow, when you log, in short, is personally have to determine what some people live in a flood zone area way. Data require flooded sure I would you to just in case the flemish or anything else a nuclear basis as absolutely innocent people. Out of that in a pleasant, you don't have to have a very quiet now right. Now I will guide dragged also, I think, about we think that possibly create and will happen.
I'm the zone of ensure that I never had any view when they say you should get rent is insurance is really cheap, enabling share everything in your home lordly them. Even I won't even know I mean I did and his insurance I've been my first apartment. I did my further vomit out in our resolution on my head, like some mill due in the closet is something would cover- and I was so upset about the something out element will have now. You mean you are renting out to someone We are now in a while. You have to pay for the military wooden pregnant with no, it was something that happened. You close going to hear something I ruined and I would like these days should be covered is indeed, although you, my renovation, as front page news. Now we come back we're talking rate one eight, good you, even if it is Windsor Jesus Christ. How can I make it happen?
I know we all know Nate Parker, you seen them over the other day. He directing our formulation in that turn up one of an authority by maternal amazing amazing move. Now, yes, M re Bulgarians. Does that prevent you from supporting birth of a name, of course town. Would you call them revaluations? Can he was actually child seventeen years ago? He got round innocent right, tingle, feeble front about their own heart. He was. I waited for aid five, eighty five, one o five one! Because of these at what accusations, because he was charged because these past accusations that prevent from supporting birth of a nation that you should boycott the movie. The article on complex vested in it like. There is absolutely no reason to support new pocket. I was then, how can we Talk about his accusation, gonna talk about what happened lit up by some of the things that were in a transcript, so you understand exactly just wasn't: he was charged raven you beat it. You did a lot more to its, so we'll talk about that when we come back as well. Eight hundred five, eight
five one a viable and keep it lacked is the breakfast local morning as air for free scarlet another one another one authority Biagi with juicy morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE charlemagne- that we are the breakfast Club Nate talking in his of a nation. Now Charlemagne you act, sustainable visited movie was amazing. I thought a movie. I think the movie is absolutely incredible. I think that everyone should state is more. We have actually I'm accomplish what a professor yesterday was torn about, whether national wants to see a movie and I'm like. I don't think that you should keep your kids you, students from seeing in now his pass, and with these rape accusation seem a loose get you to me. I read: the transcripts seems little found absolutely positively, Frau what I do think it's a movie that african amount and people should see a bit the story that should be told- and I think it is a slippery slope but our door, and if this My daughter, it will be one of those things I will try to kill a meal is
I am able to separate the often artists and is movies in its invitation for true story and I'm glad in their turn authorities on a big screen, and I think we ought to support this black liberation movie, because Doin that turn is very important and if it makes you feel better, rape was killed in the move, but you know why you say that, but then you know Ito support. All Kelly yeah cuz I'll Kelly was on tape, peeing on a little girl and it's documentation of him Marian fifteen. Your cheek NEAT Parker says it was, can No, he didn't do it the guy was being charged of criminal sexual conduct. I don't have no reason not to believe him, especially if you got found guilty in a court of law using separate artists from the artistry, what great from the odd boy. What can I get? The also resigned saying what we saw at eight. I thought what happened? I read what they're saying happen: the night that she deadly withdrawal period. We don't know you the blackout, drunk or a neighbourhood, it that's what the discussion in my black out or showing where it was at all because it you know even in a biased, he was waiting for a private. Oh, come on a date. He
two hours late. She was waiting the person that was waiting on her said that they feel bad for her, and somebody else in the restaurant came over and brought her about five drinks, and I think the waitress gave her two additional drinks. So they said she was definite at least in every area, but they don't know if she was black. She was drunk as a godless, their young lady may our sole rest in peace all out What is a moral consistency when it may you can't pick and choose what quota quote rape? Is you choose to support to play my time in Kobe, Bryant, ah, sexual assault rate cases pocket might actually got convicted, which is still supported. Them call be got off while he was still supporting better ass was bargain. You ve been accused twice a sexual assault. His charges got drop, you never ceased. The family, social media. Did that not not not the kind of if part of me get enterprise. What aid also address, don't I'll pick and choose what Conan quote rivers to support our knees, moral consistency from everyone s all our lives, Therefore, let us allow this Japanese out of her mouth corner. Three was happening from
pray. Let me know each other out. Right now is traffic. So how can we talk about new progress, rape, accusations, disease prevention from support no movie? Now I won't prevent mediocre accusation of an act of big like I still. The parties are carried through his the accusation. By projected to her about it baby, throwing around accusations and then doubts that can't stick to you. If it's not like our conviction, I can see if you do something like that, dude that played for the Panthers. When the boy that went on about regarded it was built, reported that you can't, I beg you, allows it anything we're talking about Nay Park. Do you support his birth, emanation movie and then desperate economic environment, though you might be the person line? someone like that, but there is still a turning point in our history right now. Not at that moment only not beyond the sea, so
Literature film, Anna I'd, never thought my life. I was. He had not turn a story on screen and right now, with the vital to time that were- and I think this is the perfect movie for people to go see I agree. I think the movie is needed, but the problem is, you know, I'm looking from two different size as a dad, I'm like f him, but as a college in somebody with a college in seeing people, get drunk and seeing people doing crazy that they did is like it too. As you know so, once again, I want more consistency. How do you feel about two? But how you feel about my days? How Lotus downloader Situated wield power matter accused the railways can correct the outer young repatriation of every leading care that aid? That was what I found my people are allowed to pick and choose wherever they want to do, and I let him have here, I'm going to tell you you should support somebody. If you really don't want to answer the question, how do you pick and choose what so called rapists? You support? That's all I want to know if the question is absent, visual events that person feels like on that. I read the transcript. I saw what happened. I dont want to support him. I'm going to tell you you should
as your own believe, so to call the transcript might Ivan transfer to buttress gripped ages weren't as bad as this one, a one candidate to contract of too, but that sex from a young lady on the dance floor, and then they went back to the room, some of his God, Massey Slab, neuron a boy and he got shod with sexual assault in it went to jail for that. Ok, adding! that's easy. For me. I was young. I was like ten eleven twelve years ago. I was an outstanding and about how we should all yard, no doubt or no don't tell me you're the young, we'll all be accorded with my favour player, thousands of user about it I was I was, then how do you like? You know, I'm glad you said, and we spoke about whether they care or even be glad. You said that you know I'm glad you said that could it does have to do which start. I wasn't really don't let anybody blocker with a star like a superstar, you ok, I know not whether someone my cared about never was, the league is really wasn't it the moral consistency I mean
Is it aware that woman did end of killing herself and she it's all right after that. It is a tragic situation, is worn moral consistency from every body. That's all I want what will become backless. Finally, morally consistent as part of a period of evaluating their direct Nicholas Water available to support the movie will become bag. You, a female, eight hundred five five one. Five wanted to breakfast level that weighs Drake would control of mourning everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now we're talking Nate Parker. He, of course he was accused of rape. He was acquitted, and yes, it will be worth venetian comin out, use this movie. That is, of course, no ads. Will you support the morning visit I feel about it after reading a Parker statement of what he said, that the statement that he gave- and this was important to me- he says- cannot. Nor do I want to ignore the pain she endured during and following our trial. He said, while I'm, hey my innocence that they encounter was unambiguously consensual. There are things more,
Well, then the lie. There was morality, no one o clock of a manifest fades should even be in that situation. He does say that he can look back and say without hesitation that he should have Use more wisdom. I do appreciate fact that he can in acknowledge that he should have used more wisdom and you know morally, he fails leg. He should never have even been in that situation where he did something he felt like. Perhaps if we could go back, it was wrong. He was lying in that situation, so I do appreciate the fact that he has spoken out about it released statements and is being very vocal about it. So, yes, I believe I will see the movie. I believe I wait, I mean in listen, I watch Woody Allen Movies, yes, and he definitely was dozens of what they all unwanted mortgages. Nobody, but you might think do why can't we believe him if he maintains its innocence. I look at all these cases different, because I've been in the criminal sexual conduct and had to go to the whole process. Given dna samples in all that- and I didn't touch the two- am I really testing
after all as himself say that morally, if he could go back without hesitation, he should never been an agricultural use, land that is on where she was drunk. He had sex. She knew she was drunk problem is you know, she's draw. You know, she's intoxicated. You call your maid and get some rest. We plan to do all I can do it all. The time do not have sex with drunk women do not have sex with high women is just not worth it at the end of the day, just because a woman is drawn as you feel, and although we may, there still is not learn lessons to everybody, just watch what happens in a pack and when he was younger, which he regrets now and let that be. And for you, because you never make that mistake with the truth of the matter is as a man. Nobody cares about a man when Europe, who's the rabies guilty until proven innocent, and even when you get found anything you still guilty in Dakota Publicopinion right hello. This is what it does. A three. Have you this morning, nay parking?
Will you support? I would support the word, but not the person it all out Isn't that true said he with a legit, you gotta, you gotta respect. The work from the heart is right: the break out the work. Larded art. We are the great, therefore he's dirty old man, but now, get em when a guy doesn't know you're right, you're right and we do know what everybody we do know. What shall we do now? Michael Jackson, you ve done that would create Brown with no. My ties in Tupac over bright, been rather burgee. Do it I'll die? What mortgages you, that's all around I'll pick and choose to support hello this day for Anti Shriver, you name it wouldn't. Let me talk about Nate Park is movie birth of a nation. Will you support? Yes, I would
Oh god. I don't understand why a charge they had in college has to do with the movie. Our people still support Argovie right now. You know really support all Kelly as they did. They D bowed down every stop if they work with optimism. Number one thing about good grounds or even the name aloud. He came back and did it all with J D which talk about
have a little baby mom I'll lay. I love it. I was much of what we would have made it. We don't have more consistent and therefore they were anything like that finite Africans and that's all. I won't go away, I think a movie long we're meet there were morally inconsistent, allows it to you. If you decide to support support, if you dont decide, you don't have to go out and have tea with the guy Monogamy best friends and immigrant my kids over. I want to know why not you need to use. Our stories were, gave us his nodded. It gave us may well really hold a man account of what he did seventeen years ago, even if you still maintaining its innocence in his mind, he's dating his innocence. Even oh, if I went to redraft or ambiguity, there was wrong to me because I would have liked you to drop woman, and I call him a language. Even then again. He then, when he lets back, it was very malleson. Mammogram next was once Markham little. It is generally wouldn't don't allow you put a row in a ball like he's, not to say many once was is tragic.
Fishing is growth rate of suicide. Do even those committed suicide because of that were acquired rights. Amply members had likewise assured. After there and in the trash, you did say that you try to commit suicide twice during the course that period it was a difficult like her brother said she was never the same after that augurs well whatever, regardless had changed her life. I wish you'd arms. I'm sorry, I was afraid of both with the motor store for me is unable to February, to or from the others and his mood in interpretation of a true story and I'm glad in their turn stories on the big screen, and I think we should all support the black liberation movement because Torreon that turn is very employ, and I saw two days ago in rapist get killed in the more the leader, will you we got room was covered up. Yes, they talk about Kodak Black. He was supplied they get out of jail yesterday, but unfortunately not going to happen. We have some inside information on what went down, supposedly that he get out of jail? Also, why D has some good news? tell you what he s going on, and Animal Smith talks about what save
him from getting divorced. What save them from their divorce throw right. All I m more keep eleven was all away is to breakfast locomotive The report is the Reul report was glad manhood. I gladly supposed to get out of jail yesterday by during the enterprise and guess what happened? What did you do? The cook global they found to warrants ochre. There were discovered after his hearing, so one of them is a criminal sexual and that warrant, which is a felony and the other, is two counts of misdemeanor cannabis. Possession now from what I already was from having sex with a girl who is under age, Jesus she's only nineteen, so you got a thing, was under a burglary servants in couple years younger than him. So that's what It is the reason why you can get away from their people that nobody,
then we'll be there besides. Don't like this guy be doing at the guide. All the time and from a very good so ass, I got that information by he's definitely being held still because they found some outstanding warrants, have now code lack of a better. Why not how about that too, just that it would have to grow with seventeen nineteen I want any with eighteen at the time of luxury, allegedly illegible. Allegedly that what I heard nothing you know but would have any but it is definitely one of the world's is criminal sexual conduct. One all right g has some good news. He actually has partner up within a scope records, and that is for his four hundred rex it is. Then a multi year joint deal. He said on the sea, oh and creative directive. So much as I do on a daily basis is I get em, whereas bumpers about it
I get on everybody ass, a guide to oversee everybody's marketing plan, rollout plan, the gulls return accomplish the turing. Ah, that's how it is, I'm making sure it happens in a timely fashion, I'm doing my thing as an artist and roused what all of what you got together. Female was an aim begins with a K. Come come, I can't think of it, but she don't. You got a lotta reckons out diseased. You don't really get unawares. Kosovo erected actually branch it out. I can think of a name begins with a Cato thy camellia. Later earlier, I don't buy it see, though, don't matter I when I was, and am I right well. Smith says this is what saved him and data from getting divorced. He spoken about counselling, he's, Two of them had joined counselling to save their marriage. They had a lot of problems, then a merry eighteen years I can imagine you will go almost twenty years with no problems, so they ass. He had to go to there. After their marriage reached their breaking point, he said what happens in the marriage once you do counseling the truth comes out and you sit across from your wife and you said all of your tooth and she said all of her tooth.
Look at each other and you can't imagine you could ever possibly love each other again. Now that the truth is out and then he said it creates a dark moment, but for me it's the dark before the dawn when the truth comes out and people have to say who they are and what they think you get to know who they are. I think that's the cleansing before, to the other side, that is understanding and moving forward in our relationship, draw political modules monsieur normal previous movement, Renault's, called it a more lively anyone. I know that we are just not quitters at you. I had a lot of times, people get married and then it goes a word. Drownings would again divorce times. It does take a lot of work in order to me You have caused marriage, six work. Absolutely you gotta tell you woman. Sometimes you kaji, no, you just can't quit. You will be equated with unexampled advocated by just quit. You forgot, you then, who are you gonna quit cheating, yes, is that you are acquit the best apologies cheese behaviour always tell your area where that is
rumour report I may easily legumes ye. Shall I yes we give let down could do. Was this all young for his my name? What a young old trees meant Rhine lucky line while acting like any become from Congress, unless it is like a lackey lackey On that occasion, I need to find a found. A youth goes women. It ok we'll get into that we come back down today is on the way is to breakfast club on I was born and I don T mean it has tabled here today for thirty August eighteen go, the Rhine was a name lucky Lackey Ryan Lucky Lucky Ryan Lackey in his teammates. Ok, first of all, I want to say: Ryan. Lucky you really too young to be looking his old, ok, Ryan Lobby is thirty two and looks like you in pressing for ages
I mean my god. The young man is aging, like milky, has a full ahead of gray hair and looks like you need to be on a piece of United States currency it forget to turn private awry. Lagging looks like a dead president. Now riots gave Eddie was robbed at gunpoint unreal. He said that the robber took his money his while it and some other I'd s unfortunate
not hate. You will be told Billy Bush all about it. On Sunday, let's hear what he had to say. We got pulled over taxi. These guys came out with a badge, no lights. No, nothing just simply said they pulled us over. They pulled out their gun. They told the other swimmers to get down on the ground they got down on the ground. I just used a house like we didn't do anything wrong, I'm not getting down on the ground and then pretending to be police officers podium over poem. The car put a gun his head took his while, in all kind of the raft now tat
the time when you tell the truth, you'll have to remember what you, but you say, ok Ryan Lackey clearly has forgotten details in a story. Doesn't talk who did embassies Mayflower? I told them you may allow he maintained, he was robbed, but he a story: a little is telling his Bob costs is talking of Hitler. Bob causes heads. They did alter any of the details, tweak historian anyway. He hid change one thing I would say he softened something one thing he did I say this time he didn't say he was pulled over by these people. Pretending to be least they had gone in the bathroom in a gas station. They got back to the taxi and when they told the truth, see driver to go here. Low. They said. Let's go again, we ve got to get out of here and again the taxi I've or didn't move, and that's when he says to man approached the car when heat to Billy Bush you'll. Remember on Sunday Bob he said when the guy took the gun, put it to his forehead and cocked it when he talked.
May the night. He said. That's when the guy pointed the gun in my direction and cocked it boy, when they like you in media, they can been you words, make him sound, so eloquent say, Ryan, lack, a lie and said he softened his story. Yeah I'll, see softened his story. Ryan Lucky says it was for mean his teammate Jane shrieking, said it was only one guy. Somebody you didn't have to laugh until the rest of the team to play. I got a big is holding. This story is Ryan Lochte in teammate, and his teammates return to the Olympic Village Inn had to pass through security equipment at the airport and video cameras show them still in personal possessions, including watches cell phones. And even the while, its they said? Dig a for, let me tell you something: These require commitment in right lacking and his crew? Don't sound committed to dislike three types: Ally's regular lies: damn live in statistics. This right, sounds like a damn lie. Ok,
Good thing about this is Ryan Lochte in his teammates aren't hurting anybody but themselves. Like my daddy, always told me, you not lying to me you lying to yourself. Okay, you can lie of all the time as long as you don't believe yourself and re lucky hope. If you don't believe to be a story, you concocted because we don't please give reallocated team the biggest he hardly like an assured scare reserves for what they did even say. Certain things are missing, though, like that nothing really expensive, why would they Add that I really, I don't know what the hell they were lying for. Why does know when you, when you when you, when you tell a lie, you know You tell the truth. You have to remember what you said in order to say that for every goal, metal that you, when I think only twenty five thousand hours. That's fine, fine! You in practice in for four years, you rich for you strange only twenty five thousand battle. For years. You enshrined as you every day would you make so much money in endorsements?
you unafraid everybody box. So it s only Michael Phelps, Ryan, Loggia gonna be fine. You know all about the other guy. What other guy exactly don't even know who they want? A better way What about that for four years the gold medals. That means something, but it Emmy baby breaking. Free food at any that on five free, I have to mean something Ok, I mean that enable more. It means that when you are in the media- and you tell a lie, they won't call it allied, also use often just star Loca now right. Well, thank you for that dog. Today, I'm asking you something: that's eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you, you can call her right now. Maybe you need to soften up your star and she can help you out, but whatever you need to put your life on the air then lie so I must or eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one
that was read these twenty one question shouted a boy. Fifty Don T mob now it's time for Ask IE eight hundred fibre five, one o five one. If you got a question for you, you can call her right now allows is gone. Mad cow riveted! was brought back of what should I do about my girl bride? Ok, we dug out of carbon Debbie. Not there had a baby gathered pace at which you got it I made a birthday, I beg you, don't do it? Don't you take it ain't gonna build pointed to the bare minimum. You know I consider this again explained the table tag.
You know those who give everything? I beg you not to forget. Fires did look at why, but I just take it easy to have their rights, but it is cheap spending spanish, depending on where they need to take a view which are a bill. Don't worry! I'm ok! Now they're both of you. Because I know how I am at home. My home is my. Two areas. I know I go all out, but I often aye, sir and times you have two budget, especially when you're taking both heavier finances. To account. You guys has had a baby got a new place together when I suggest you guys do is agreed and not make decisions financially in your home without consulting each other, and that should go both ways. I would say you do need to sit down together and come up with the budget and figure out how much are going and every month and what you're going to spend it on that way, you guys are both accountable so for
Since when you buy a new tv, when you get a cable package, when you figure out, are we gonna, do our kind Edison bill and do monthly payment. That's gonna stay consistent or are we gonna pay whatever you guys glad you have to do it together as a team, and that's it Is that you guys are supposed to be a team working together and budgeting together and she's, probably also not use to haven't to consult with somebody else before doing things like that, You know it's all a learning process for both of you. So take that into consideration by let her know? Ok, let's figure out together. What our priorities are, what we should be spending money on has come up with a monthly budget, so we know what it is. We gotta be responsible, opera, ok, no goblin arrival lowbrow as IE eight hundred five, eighty five, one o five. What have you got a question for you? You can call a right now. Are you can email, Ye Breakfast Club, a a gmail back home. I is to breakfast locomotive, that was Bryson silhouette with don't morning,
we bodies dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God? We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask IE. If we need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call her right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one o five one allows this progress is our job Those are journalists, because if we do a wide area, good morning, but I did what was right, Saunders Girls, this autumn. We will. You know I never had a thing. Never did anything a bumpy recently about bluish work up up up up up. We ended up going out like the night after she added why we had a couple drains. Everything was cool. We ended up going through. We went to all motions ok now have waited almost like before I beseech you. She went outside she had a conversation. Bugger stormy she had met? So is a little like I'm a little disappointed because you know another four years with a year than like. We know each other like through, like a guard with that country, and now we doin now we voted on the regular, but she still has a man. So you
besides. These basically only want to govern the surplus to remain the Oda about with a beard usually about here with this, but you know how much history, whether you like it why so you, while you were I to leave her man for you. I don't even know how to take the right arm on my bed, disappointed paid by monopoly undertakings. Don't forget you running altogether I'm ok with Cyprus, but as long as you go off the power I gotta whenever I know right, yes, he's definitely winning We say about her relationship by they having issues are as everything good works she's a bitch. You never really put a vital one ass. She felt she. She hasn't she clutched him since we thought it, I mean that's about first or what so why is he still with him? You know I gotta go question he treated like a printed. It's only that I have on my right organs: money on air. She doesn't have sex with him.
In other words, I made in my eyes on legs all why I'm kind of like the parties whistle he's the main peace cause dizzy. Does he know about you? How do you know you? She asked a man who does he say is a man. What do you mean who's? as you a man I if not you Yeah. Ok, please no desire piece. You gotta go anywhere, I don't a confused and we were there you'll take what you can guess you are okay with it but you just now have you got whether you think you would trust her ok The dilemma is: this is a challenge to you because you feel connected tankers, you known for a long time, but you also know she be trusted so the little disappointed romantic. I guess I'll just go with the rough like you know, go with them
Ok. Well, I already know now: you're, not gonna, stop sleeping with our whenever you get the chance to do that, but just be prepared to know This could end at any time. Your feelings are invested. That's what the real issue the real issue is: keep a mine pew IP play your position. Yes, you are this ip, don't ever get it twisted, don't believe it He has naturally been with that man is treated like a princess Cecily sleeping with both of, Ok with it, are you not that's how you use you about? We wanted cooler perceived it. Outnumbered renato. You're gonna talk, you visited the laboratory, I think that if you put it down or as you gonna leave our man for you, ok and others, what you think all right ascii account under five, eight five one or fire one. If you have a new relationship, advise you can always call you easy, but you was covered up. Yes, band, what kind of aid is doing across the world starting tomorrow? Ochre will get into that when we come back. You been, that is the purpose of the moon
The report is the Reul report whose club is opening up twenty one, Pablo pap upsets across the world and that's gonna happen. Tomorrow. It's been in city, they, Singapore, Amsterdam, Melbourne and the United States it to be important. Mandatory San Francisco biggest Chicago in Atlanta, so there's gonna, be twenty one. Popup sites and they're gonna announced everything on his website before they open it. City gets his own tee and hoodie, with its name on the front. End varies I met a kind of conjugal. The urban Alfred is by the libyan inputs. Pablo wanted his green power in that low funny old english letter than people go crazy problem the clues bond for Congo for nothing the system as it got my better paddler Jakob Legal, medallion, Reuben Operative, imprinted Old English, let alone it is impossible to keep it resolutely, sent it to me, and it is an excellent idea, My brother really happened. Guy, you ve liked it it's a nice. It's a nice maroon color
us along, I got what I want and I got down. I'm Obregon under one umbrella, repeal of all old English led us into rocket thanks. The Tina HU, thank you not in their eyes in ASEAN and while I was at the dinner but nuncio becoming a random, whereas now by their congratulations in eighteen, oh by the way you gotta promotion, adapting drop, one includes lazy, loud shouts and obtain, as we would have articles you doctor, Miami is rather have where I right now. I don't have you guys know about this, but Lebrun has started his own digital network. It caught uninterrupted and he was ass. A guest on Jesse Williams package allow majestically ho. Ho Stefan Marilla Attack is thereby gas is called open run now, while he was there, he talked about a lot of different things. He says that he wants to one day own at sea, he said I will have to be a part of a franchise. If not at the tat. My dream is to actually only team. Need to be fully hands on if unfortunate enough to? Then I'm gonna high, the best GM and president that I can, but I feel like
a good eye for not only talent, because we all see a lot of talent, but the things that make the talent the chemistry which have a guy is his work ethic, his passion, the basketball, IQ side of things because tat only goes so far. I've always wondered. I don't even know if this is possible when Lebron made his decision to go back to Cleveland, always wondered why he didn't ask for a percentage of the teeth, but I feel like Lebron could have got that I feel, like of anybody gotta Gardelle abroad, gonna God then presented at the tea at that Unifil. Do somethin small management and almost one that is possible, but they also asked him what kind of animal with J R Psmith be if he was an animal and guess what animal he said very odd course Edison. I question was there so you will be adopting my Jesse Whims, the activists Jesse? We asked grace anatomy the activists, yes, Need him to do activism and not give any views. Could that's like good? Why would you ask a Roman and onward tried an end of your mass, like somebody vicious that, like landing next load,
Thou graduate outcomes of whom live animal? Would you be a code? I beg of you are an animal. What kind of animal would you be work, and I am always Charlemagne, be if he was an animal? Would you say? Nowhere wolf, I wanna be team of when I was younger you damn it. I was going to ask. I thought I was them question now right now. Great Illinois, raccoon solemnly like Iraq, used to be a regular, not decided to go in my own asking please John Monocle Vanderdyke. Actually he be low, have drawn a key among them have drastically. We appear to have the data drug use well when he answered the question and I d artagnan. If he said he would be a dolphin he said. Dolphins are really killer, shocks are afraid of, but they gotta have a group around them to come to become the best of their ability and, incredibly smart, so local, that's a nice thoughtful,
I don't know shock needed group dolphin, J, O dolphins, he said shocks are scared, them afraid, and I thought about sharks, dissolve the geisha, comes our weight, Adrian Browner is getting released from jail after thirty days irradiate ass to be released early, so he could train for an upcoming fight. The set that down, but they say now he's about to be released. Songs you didn't do anything stupid, though want luminal daydream. Ronnie broadly, will remember that, as we know, ever cuban what's going on the code, black black, by the way he was supposed to get released from jail yesterday turns out, he had to standing warrants and so yeah. No, like what can happen in one of them is a no bond hold, which means he cannot be released, and that is rumour report, I'm Angela Yang all right. Thank you. Miss ye. Now, shouts of our family at revolt. Tv will see you guys to Morrow everybody else people's choice mixes up next wanna hear something eight hundred five aid What oh five luggage you request in right now you can always munitions,
I am a twitter or even snapchat, and I got tried to breakfast locomotive.
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