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March 4/12- Today on the show Dj Envy and Charlamagne was ecstatic because Angela Yee finally came back from vacation and she put an end to them doing her rumors. Moreover, we had Mysonne a rapper from the bronx stop by. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Sean Spicer because of his Hitler comments and Angela was able to help some listeners out with Ask Yee.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories? Only one may be reduced Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mornin, Angela yea. Landmines is Andy Charlemagne. Guy piece to the planet guess what? yes, what ha ha ha ha ha ha,
Yes, he is speaking of humps annually. He is bag than that from a young jades. I was in Jamaica. I was an altar Rio My view days always saw you had a nice vacation, saw you average. I was in the act and up much even irregular- and I was a vacation, It was gay now his bag, ready to where I had to go to a funeral today. Heap of Emma I now, my mom's uncle passed away. So in answer and things Unlike he's, ninety was ninety. Seven years old, all can every single day after where she had to go and take on him. Cause he's been sick for a while, so he's been he's been in but all this time, so it was like every day for the past couple of years. Mercosur is in a better place.
Yeah yeah. I didn't ninety seven years. Also after ten that and see family, I guess there was someone an odour die than than people try to see Clichy cliche evening. Would you feel better, like eight, a good dialogue? If ninety seven lines now, a long way off land slowly last then I want to go see made until you in big Sean big Sean is his show came in New York City as again posting that it was date night with the kids they met with the kids and indeed he so I had to take the medicine in her friend and it was a good show. You don't shout to big showing you never, oh I gotta say I forgot how many it's big shown has like you re right for our forty minutes just smashes at this mass of this as you know, a great as its obvious four out of five hours with downward. Today I go, he bought algae Eichel. It was just a dope show. A lot of energy are keep telling
big sign in to build the wrapper out right now at this moment. Not all that I could change the morrow and Kindred drops when I'm done. My right now at this moment, Bigshot that absolutely right now and seen him in concert last night, him control a crowd in the different faces in the crowd it was. It was black. It was why it was asian. It was latino, it was just a dope dope, dope, dope dope show it after the show. He took really good care of my kids and wife to pictures. He sat with him for a long time, talk, uncharted upload them, just don't experience whereby you and I was at a radio musical? Would you data losing all do those type a concert, but they did their cards it was. It was really, really don't show G easy came out were made in Tokyo. It was a dope shows a shout to big choice out the damn shout. The steep Bartels Assisi bought a lesson Argentina, a Tina love from death. You usually takes care, you gotta get someone called
seventeen of them going to get this aim when its information for decades and away for good- and one thing I mean since how you guys on this chip. My one of my friends, it came with me the eighty flipped, on her arm, we spend a day hospital after ass. The was a really bad out is that was a Jamaica hospital. Muse cures Well, it was a very nice and they will yet it was a. Scale and wanted to, but he made a drink. The oil would everything internal gas rubbed. I was led programme currently on. You really need to hurry on you all you'll be fine, my goodness, our right, we got front page news. Are we talking about? think about it. A lot of them have a lot of apologies, a lad of apology, Son spices, apologizing United Airlines apologies, but discuss all about our right until the more you blow. If you feel bless you wanna spirits and positivity, eight hundred foggy five one five. What does to breakfast locomotive envy? Angela YE shall a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news now: where are you
We start you well, that's that we sign spies it. White has pressed secretary evil miles on vacation. I was still watching the news every day in watching all of the drama that was unfolding doesn't seem real national by had said these comments when he was TAT about United States relations with Russia and here's an with fear and Russian. That's here what's either have to say originally we didn't use com for weapons in world war. Two yeah you had a someone is despicable, was Hitler who didn't even sink to the two using chemical weapons not even ordered two point: seven million jobs in the camps, gasped about thousand a day and asked which alone said as ITALY gag on areas within that chemicals. I don't mind. No, they define the fine chemicals Sean's. Wiser What are about location? Do you know that allows of slavery. Has since apologized, of course, and hears his apology. I was obviously trying to make a point about the heinous
set aside made against his own people last week, using chemical weapons and gas frankly, I mistakenly using inappropriate insensitive reference to the high costs, for which, frankly, there is no comparison, and for that I oppose it was a mistake to do that. Anyone who was by those comments. It's not, as I said, is not in any way standing by them. I was trying to draw a comparison. Forts there shouldn't have been won. It was insensitive and inappropriate. Note is not that due to gladden. Here I gotcha don't let up on him. The pressure on and keep your foot on his neck minority leader Nancy Policy is saying that he should be fired. She said about jewish families across Amerika, celebrate pass over the chiefs. Bananas Oh yes, not this White House is downplaying the horror of the Holocaust, Johns buys it must be fired and the present was immediately disavow. His spokesmen statements either he's speaking for the president or the President
better than to hire him. Even even nothing he said made any sent banality will understand the point he was trying to make believe like why he did not even brain assembly resolution of the even Hitler wasn't very bad like what are you trying to say? What is no love? to the devil. Level. Is the devil at all times? Ok, that's what Hitler was a double period have no sympathy when it lit and no softening Hitler. China normal either wound up. I think I don't know like. Why would you trotted appeared? I just ignore it and keep your foot on his neck again. No, let up one of jewish people like that jewish privilege keep your foot on his neck right, at another policy that happened was a ceo of United Airlines has issued a second public apology over the man who was dragged off them believing a right that it The DOW was his name now the CEO ask our union's wrote a statement. He said
that no one should ever be mistreated. This way yelling, and he also said originally remember. He said the man was disruptive and belligerent over China. We accommodate passengers. Well, he s in sent out Owen entire new letter to his whole team at United. Any said like you, I was upset to see and hear but what happened last night by the facts and circumstances are still evolving, especially with respect to why this customer defied Chicago Aviation security officers. The way he did to give you a clear picture of what transpired Ivan it below our recap and he went on and said that there are lessons that we can learn from this experience that stocks dropped o angry. Regrettably crazy. Bore cutting up their United Airlines cards in everyday frigate. Overblown Laura will lapse. Page news and tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one? If you're upset you need to vent cordless right maybe at a bad night bad morning, whatever it may be, eight hundred foggy five one, buy one four lines: a wide open, tell him! I you mad at the breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club, You know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can have that's why you may want to break with this. Man is so blue vehicles are crazy. We're trying to get the low sexy boys that morning more Britain what part of South Carolina Lake City was happening? Lake city, You got no solemnly already bad drought that bag man. Are you listening to ninety nine? We are no longer your man come on, United in Icelandic, the metro it'll do gum. All data is weakness. Paths we get. What celebrating all? Yonder is an idea there. Now, I'm a million.
Forget it. I can put together something more people. Would every ably will do some liable has brought. It was my blessed because they were mad man. I think I made. There are another heard. None of the body of the outer male drought. We took but I did it when you have and I could go on Roma still doing I'm waiting for the right time. I guess maybe spraying maybe round memorial weekend, Lafitte fry celebration, it did. The sooner the role of Dylan Roof DA mayor allows there's any corner from animals or member voted enjoy better on American. Better other animals are managed in a like last year. An idea about, as I just seen, a monastery to work in a billiard room is that it is there that what really matters underrated. Are, you feel, like he's, underweight, very, very values, infallible ass, that you guys album and that you will have it. Ok, don't get very bad ass up here or there
radio me like ie. Like me, you know what it is something that does not have that these machine behind a mafia like big shot like that joy, bad ass, while lay in a lot and a lot of ways, I didn't: have them hey, that's it! You haven't heard without have height bees behind hello. Is this about turn away Matt and I'm mad Charlemagne right now. That you're always puts a probationary by always puts aberration that everything whenever something bad happened, we all beat. It looks like you what you said here about the jewish people therefore, on the keeper put on their backs reminder that we all just come together at one and the instead of always enjoyed her black bats
Why is Europe voices are? Are you even aware what songs Visor said? Songs vices said something directly that affects jewish people. What are you talking about? So you don't want you if you were to keep they foot on his neck until something happened. What are you talking about? Quite like the one iota Everybody always puts the preparations. Why branches David particularly offensives a jewish people because of the Holocaust, because when Hitler did as fires and murdering you know, I give out he's any say anything. We should not have you noticed neck argue what you say: you have enough, not separation s, death, that's actually paying respect to the people who were offended and asked finding the people were offended and why they were opened. What have you will know the history of jewish people? What are they to know anything about? point seven angels being murdered by Nazi than death camps,
thousand a day, Gath and act with what are they don't know anything about that yeah I get when you say that we say that we should stand together and stay in on it. May yes, we showed, but if nothing wrong would fain age with people everything to separate out. Somebody said something offensive to women and women this is just one that have nothing to you. Go women keep your foot on his neck. I don't mean, in tandem with the women round to say women keep your foot on his back was the problem with that. Eighty five, eighty five one off. I want to tell him why you're mad now, where we combat celebrate, you bless. You fails me. What does principles activity this mornin call us nails to breathe, club bemoaning the breakfast Are you bless and highly phrases? They'll tell the constitution at eight hundred five, each five point: five one the breakfast club allows is immensely bless, Mama, I'm so glad, because I had to
It is quite right in the world, and I know you ve only been like a short time- is then lying over a little over a month. My god come down similar, hardly remember down everything. Just some more right. Let's see cool off a little bit. I'd go Barcelona Farewell what had been a ready made me As you know, even know him. You know he's represented a right. Not it will time. I was less legit radio guide. What does he do you Dana's hologram right now, but you are right. The key thing of all time, make hurrying. Tell Oliver friendly. You know you James, we, yes, I did. You know my dear these better women that I work with. Ok, you gotta be blessed Carlos Burgundy call of Bergamo
for two after he had sex with you and tell me if you're still Evanna veto would have you believe. I love a low delusion in the morning when my greedy hello, this is what I would have you shut drive until a mighty. RO, Martha, never more light of Africa. All you ever to get a little, but it turned out of those date. Lies it, but now she thought it a thousand alight why values of them go. Do you think you know if you'd better? If you feel bad, now go back with rather more statement it a good yours. Do nobody story, loud arbiter in la la Mancha, driving removal. Ok, ok, ok was they brought by mistake. Oh George, ok,
as you seem to bills and cheap properties and George. My mother gave a do you know about my, adopting a mother. They domain augur myself a savage and I've got my alma gamala too warm at a glance at the back of a low on Burma. Allows is still awaited. Blaisois are worth ever be. A repeat of boys did a great job. There you go. Quality ass, it s enough right there, but I was watching the door worker nicer than about your family. Not a day is now a variety of boys. I have a six year old, however, they are moved out before you wrote that, you make sure you play with them, boys may keep him close. Mailer noted that eleven I got one we'll be right. Now they have that. Ok, I brought you know my certain also rapidly
Muslim, beat me a basketball yesterday, real what a surprise Muslim new bascombe those good. I was up seven one they are going to examine the Jackson was Jackson. Maybe you know was Jackson journalists to euro you as a barrier to you're either you just gotta Jane. I thought a plate of close the historic cross me over and they got to the point where four out of one goods Where does that, like God, like a tumult of law, you can't you got better. My word would, as I will, let you not say we will not Let em earn everything that he gave them a little bastard all right when we come back thus in Rome, as will all we talking about yes, but how great a new- but that is, hang out, and this author is discussing how his life and into a downward spiral because of some sex skin knows that he had to openly admit happened ourselves, deaf car the other MBA ballplayers hate him was hell. You what's beings, nobody really like slaves, can guide which watch and mouth I will get it so that when we come back as the breath is clear,
one of the breakfast club The report annually on the breakfast comrade yea. Thank you. It's good to be back. I know I missed you do know rumours energy did an excellent job. Young Czechs rags at the bar, you handle it bathing suit, and I've seen you is at this moment that would in the Bahamas Shea at number, I Kendrick Lamar has revealed his album details is album covered, damn what did y'all think and I saw it all
I'm your learning, diver yeah, awfully generative always are fools water will during its own wish. Before you know its funding has been Africa. It made me have all these thoughts about, because I D used where food hang it well dirty bastard and I actually made me, come up with these memories of working for whooping in work and were already Bassett when I cited inspired all of these memories from my first real job Boca as an adult. So, yes, I see the o d b in this and is called damn it's fourteen tracks. Have appearances from reality and from you too, as well. So I know we're all exam. I need to see what's going to happen here, for a new Kendrick project. Kendrick is you know one of the leaders of the new school in this rap game? It's not believe he is deleted a new school to me, but I still think big Sean is the best
this present moment, but all I could change tomorrow. There big shortcuts Leslie raise. You forget how many hits their guys, it's as if they were a lotta means from this Adam Cover, as one show you guys, certainly those as well by where are here for David Letterman has a book out as cod. Let him in the last giant of late night, it's his biography, Annie talks about how his life's, by rolled out of, control. After his two thousand nine SEC scandal, he said he compared to having killed your family and a car crash. That's because he had to come out on air and it meant that he had a series of affairs with female employees, including his long time assistant, Stephanie Birket. As a matter of fact, Birket Ex boyfriend tied to extort David Letterman, when he found out about the affair. From reading her diary, he actually ended up going to jail for extortion, and he was sentenced to six months for that, but he talked about a lot of people suspected that he was having this affair
He had a meeting with his staff as he has a kind of let everybody knew what was going on. He said I did. When a go outside our sad. I was scared scared, as I've ever been in my life. The show was endlessly helpful, yet said: publicly apologise on a show and amid everything that he was having sex with different women, worked for him. I mean people can survive a little infidelity like Louis Delity, adultery, ok, cheating on your wife. We get it Vinos, really not for us to join us. Between you and your how him and his family not Jose lad. I essentially a sultan women like below Riley. Well, the thing is that it was a series of fares and he actually ended up having to come out and say it on air. Some show that was very destroying and hurtful to his entire family. The detailed work, and lonely dollars wafers and got that other way. You tell her body of equipment a menace to the press, and the media, I went to some similar in his studies We are more day. We let him and sat looking at a now. Yes, I think they would have had good reason to fire because he could have lost his job over thy as well, really he's
But at that time I was largely ignorant as to what really I had done. It just seemed like okay, well, here's somebody who had an intimate relationship with somebody. He shouldn't have had an intimate relationship with, and he sees that. I always said what who has it myself. Why would he loses job? Because I think I've been on investing in people that work for handling repairs if he paid is assisting good it did, but if we were pleased that he work with, maybe you can of unemployed when europe- nor I am really do that cause in people- could argue that it puts them in a position where one about would Josiana will haunt you. She was big modernity, that's true, but he bought all around you. Do I now dating and have am having a real relationship with is different, but very well, but on my now let's discuss deaf curry. There's a new book out by market. Compton and says that a lot of players, don't like Steph curry at all, he has to do-
any view, and he discusses the reasons why people don't like him and his with what he said. There was a time when the broadest death were like little brother, big brother and they were low. Braun was like a bit for this kind of like palette abroad status, and I think the part that respect is like water bed me. There have to be some peace between the outside world is pity that together, why do you- and I have to now- have been this day between us? I thought we were cool, that's a question that is encouraged by the current. Why do you not like the what All I did was basically respect every bit you do come to follow the bottle you carry out sound like hate me that we will look at more into a later has begun to discuss this in more buddy us it s about Chris Paul not liking him any even said that Russia Westbrook just didn't. I Chris Paul, I mean just didn't like staff, carry at all
That book is out Amman about a miraculous rise of staff. Curry jealousy in Rio, me stuff is little. Linux he's catchy coloured and you ve got it perfectly image day no wife and kid. The number one Selinger is ITALY. Manipulative hate on the smallest things was Tesla guy. You should chicken trash likes to resolve There has to be light very well Angela YE, and that's your rumour report. Hoarding everybody has the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God. We are the breakfast club can don't know you don't know ever you still have work to do just cause. I'm here doesn't mean you, don't you don't stories, alright, what talk about shows basic science by their has had to apologize. Now you when I'm a wolf Blitzer anybody made mistakes. Everybody makes me right well here I am worried by the fact that their white, as per secretary signs Visor made. We don't use chemical weapons. World war. Two you you had a someone is despicable is Hitler who didn't even sink to the two using chemical wet,
I'm not going to Google is gas, a chemical, a chemical. I he I still respect these people positions Maybe they most of them at a local pluto, used to be a plan to beg me, but it also put our plan of a maybe gas, not a chemicals lad. Google, and what did he say, the agrochemical orgasm telecom gas is made up of a hundred and fifty chemicals and yes, ITALY did kill the six million Jews jewish people in gas chambers, so those are timid chemical J. So stands by the wind. Two brief reporters on: U S, relations with Russia, in syria- and that was his explanation. What college did he go to anybody compared? I don't know that's the Hampton via their fleets We are very well. You did apologize with these remarks and that's not good. Either, because I don't really know you can apologize. I was obvious trying to make a point about the heinous
so decided made against his own people last week, using chemical weapons in gas and, frankly, Stake only using inappropriate, insensitive reference to the high costs for which, right where there is no no comparison, and for that I poligized. It was a mistake to do that. You who was offended by those comments- it's not, as I said, is not in any way any by them. I was trying to draw a comparison fortune. Shouldn't have been won. It was insensitive and inappropriate eyeglass over and don't you shrug off and see anyone who was offended Ozga, any bottles com, it's ok! It's the jewish people. Offended by those com is give them may do first in density everybody else. I was, running back from Jamaica was actually watching when he was doing his whole apology, song and dance and everything even they oppose. Was back cuz. You made some mistakes and that too, but you're the spokesmen. You can't make huge
lenders like them about Random Hammond, sent another greedily dispensary. What I know for a fact LE killed millions and millions of jewish people by putting them in the gas chambers. Anything like on my come on. What do you call? Ok now Added airline ceo has also had to apologize. Ask ammonia. Is he had to apologize that video went viral of passenger being dragged off the plane, he bleeding and everything and company shares plummeted, think over a billion dollars. The stock went down and Apologized. Also- and I don't know, what's gonna end up happening. A lot of you cutting up their United Airlines cards. Alien fly there anymore, lotta means were made after that. I did airline this island and other elected actually take miles a baby like dealt in United, sometimes mess with each other. They should take the miles to take similar people or sought by there was no man dragged off United Airline Flight, in fact the males and carried because he was sleeping new unite. Above and beyond the duty
carrying his man because he knew he was tired. Well, shallow Riley also is on vacation. I just got back from my vacation now. Biller rallies and Bay case in some people feel like it. So actually might get cancelled while you away on vacation because he lost the latter advertisers after these damaging sexual harassment allegations that have said fist and they ve been servicing for years now and which he has settled in a cell, cases. Now here was bill, O Reilly before vacation, flash all able to trip that should be terrific, not gonna. Tell you where it is. What we have upon us on the lower our guard guess we're bills going. We all need our in our put it to good use plan it. All of us deserve a grade to make sure you take yours, we're going to? Let you knew this distract us from the Fag Bill rally lost forty sponsors because the audio sexually or harassing when I was going to say Ties in that money is what carries is so obviously he's a thirty three national adds. There were more than forty minutes in an average broadcast. Now the show has seven adds that total four minutes and forty seconds
I don't know, what's gonna end up happening, they had to give him a bunch of different extra content develop that time, but The advertiser billow rarely out an opaque and support your product at european have not a big you. Never you call a rich white supremacist suspension. Let the disability away behind a bill take a brake on vacation in spite of what the Connecticut College, not you can't Connecticut collar people from you can't let you go here. Knowing what the Connecticut Groundwater locomotive you go out on a number of medication, Connecticut. I've actually visited our college in Connecticut. I went to Wesleyan, so we ve actually gun events Connecticut, sharp eyes. Animal problem alumni must have something different girls will have to build. A statue assurance by the silken. Ok right will lead is front page. News. Now. When we come back, we have a special gave us his name is my.
Saw- and this is one of my guys- are guys yeah, my stanza guy, you know myself for a long time is a rapid, slash activists. He was a rather from the box. He urged MIKE Suffice for civil rights here now is a good rhyme. I myself was one of the Navy was assigned and when he got signed at the same time he was signed in his career was about the take off. He was also facing a robbery charge and a kind of lost it. I will talk about all that in more my saw when we come back to breakfast locomotive breakfast, like everybody being gay envy angel ye shall be the guy. We are the breakfast club. We are especially gas in the building. He goes by. The name of my son is the activity the rapporteur. Any Africa about
We have made it a gentleman myself. My thoughts would, I would most arms as a bill that now my son has been all over the internet. The last couple of weeks, for a couple of being our talk about their right now, recently dossier Freestyle made people were surprised at my side can actually spit on. Like myself has always been nice, then they do. You feel like you that a resurgence of of new fans narrative people- I was never heard before every night, looking more security there, you know I was the woman more security, but I M glad and less exhibited in every way. Security were a lot of people like you, they should be analysed. Did you kill? Everybody knows you don't you you ve been aroused, so you know what I'd do so you just gotta embraced the people has finally gain. He is its. They welcome, there is a resurgence. Will you know, because you know in the late nineteenth laid man lay ninety you like but we wanted him next guy. The long with the mexican bit will put up in applying on without India you had to deal with them.
All the same, like they include way more competitive. It wasn't way more competitive with their point. It was lyrics. You nonsense, losing you had it with you. Just had to be a complete ardor said: suddenly wasn't just sign you because you do one thing you left the partisan was complete artist, you had, PETE, always different level. So, if you had that situation going violated there, aren't you end up in prison for seven years, I called to I'm robbery cases prior to me being so. You young you and of youth and browser fauna, heard you running around you. We're gonna pay lawyers and going on you, you lack of most people, give probation, you say, I'm beat of cases and that no son, what are you really do it? I was, but I was locked up for a million panel assented to I'm gonna what I'm just taken coordinated. You know. First, the entire me I like you indicted within me, girdles and so that a law on another I had of regular. You know,
quota pointed out earlier. Does anyone you know you like I'm eighteen years owing Robin domes and we had a discussion of a beef, but I robbed nobody knows simple, so I want to try with Lloyd IDEA, like they're really didn't, even though he was doing. Let them tell me who is Lloyd and in the long term, why did they offer you deal when they offer me one? You imprison right, you you didn't take me I wanted to say I discuss what the hell you're, not my then we'll take a year, and I do if either, unless you can tell me in all mingle system now it now, you got a deal. A bunch of bread near you name is ringing like crazy, crazy and then you get convicted of seven years. Seven. Fourteen each of us. How do you do said? I must say that the written rail everyday ten years I mean you, do seven to come home for ten is still glass like set me back, but then it twenty nine noted
when you before you got locked up, your nickname was the problem child. I remember everybody thought that you have fifty have beef because of one of his verses problems, tat would have been out of the city. Was it was pretty much pay homage man like me, a fifty we came up like at the same time, Remember him being in the studio, would on to Jim Ass Jane, Prince Monkey deal me him going back and forth like we was the young up and come into that better. When I got locked up, he even to one worse in one of the worst would about the browser. Do you love me like Amazon nonsense was, it was never know be for me. Do you know a lot of people always compare right, and I was always peoples in comparison to the iron on drink at this and Uganda,
battle with somebody chair. She was ashamed of their battle between you, a dvd set it at what happened was we was it just means that needs to be passed out. Large monotonously pop in twenty hurriedly, those parts in those days had just shut out. Hannah gotta mean how do you know I'm hungry from St Andrews, compare, I gotta many around him. We adjustments have enormous outside this room down these losses that Ireland or shadow girls ages out at least dollar notice I jumped in safer. I was requisite nobody's. Looking com, they'll kill us, let you don't read. Today's lay slowly Musha is like it turned into a personal shadow of lack of four and then you know. I remember: noise displays an inordinate just started the birds ahead, like a big bidding war that time pool about I'm here,
Our I want. I'm gonna tell you, you know cynicism and asthma wrote to you no good. He eats like he has many they now you he one hour. You know, since I thought I had a big bidding war ended this move and I ve got more with myself. We come back don't move morning, everybody is the e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have my son and build an activist raffles, but you ve been signed. The deaf GM throw Chris Lady at the head of his career, actually got locked up in damn near lasted all well my sword. Is it a building the one thing I like about my dear Missus, real innocent? Who is being a real may within you. Real and NED two percent of the criminals dove to you. So you have a right to speak about certain things that you speak.
Again. I would ask you like, with their tween real versus criminal criminologists. You do crap, you don't ended, you, God fake. Do they do crime? You less stupid. People do chrome a me doing. A crime does not make you and I think that the biggest misconception duly what I was both American ya soulless and also with is that means. I wish your character real me that if you got a problem with me, a real manifest them face to face I've been in old Fox it. Without am I gonna get a gun for you? Could we gotta disagree, It was a real about evaluated this agreement, you I'm up. I believe that a face humane man, if we gutless grass does Rio. That means emasculate the scared, a bunch of skid, do the shoot. I know so many scale knew the whole bodies. Could they show someone any wasn't nothin
nothing tat. There was no level of honour, not live with dignity in people. Keep confusing to invest more. My problem is with this era. Is their people confuse stupidity in fear? For somebody to be real, we got it all out the boy why we call it out not on my watch. You knock on do some stupid in front of me and I'm never call you a friend I would have you know, contributed. This might area feel like the ninety two down into the latter. Real people in the rat gained by people who actually did real things in the street and they became rap, was but then again the lifestyle became profitable when it became profitable. You dead, Ali Phoebe for those who, like you, know what is wrong, but the criminal life that could that's what sells wreck and in some of them actually, which is never was built for the lives down just got in lifestyle, because what happened is people start taking the the consequences that like when you lose?
right now, everybody the super game, super dirt. There's no consequences. Norway goes you buried guys, did you make moves dollars and you just live happily ever after you industries. So what happens is some kid any really industry they were. I can do that is no cause for you just make money invested so they go in and get involved in at least do when he realised that in it they will come.
They work with the state or tell on everybody, already bring everybody down, because you never was really bill for their life. When you a myth led into actually would their life was any wasn't that you as a promise about Troy aspect with loving gesture or what would you statement, people who haven't heard? How do you feel about that? Nobody ever say I've. Just what my statements were. The day was a bozo. I was so outraged just watching interview, because this man almost losses. You know something this man's fight. If was this, man is on court facing real charge and when I was little,
it is in our view, there was like somebody with in a movie giving you you're just happen. I told him is arguing against the no killer in our per annum. Dislike like this is not what it is. Not often it is not that's not. What I want you to tell my son is watching you might like some, your movie alike, Simeon Music, so he might listen to music and see you and we, like that's real and if I say that then I'm I'm all right, because I know its not read. Avatar Lizzie did at about tell your story, Boston gangs of derive done enough in America different stage in my life and love and as a main realise, the danish cause people lies, almost lost my life, I'm not telling me to go in a we call a day will when we,
No, we call a day when the day will come to day will blow your mommy and ran up. One is indeed to have all these aunt. They send you be listen. I am obviously go away from a good acute because we did so you glorified. What is it will give me a mighty some level credibility, because I did some stupid if or a mug incredibly cause. I almost. I am telling you Stormy Tom thing: a fake calculable just think about it. Motive route because I know was killed, but they wouldn't kill by another real. Do they was killed by a fake was somebody said that they would see as a threat, so that statement nor even makes sense, but this is what you meant physically or other you drive they like the character of a rag of paper. The Cancun occurred, the rope, I don't know but I just know the average person that doesn't have forced the juicy does it have the determined then you have is gonna. Take it that you just can't I had to do on argue would me it would be made a whole video bell me
some. Are you not been today to grab the gun you almost real and unjust looking, and only so. What do you think? That's what you do and, as you point out, energy into the work is well when you start doing it, because there's predators in his brain- and I know that he would have prey or ok, he think he can't. So let me show me can, though, when you put out this energy, this machine modest ultimate of aggression in this, and that you see what happens when you see Do our time is never worked for nobody. So I understand so. I feel like if I allow you to put that into the world as real, and I call myself in that doesnt coarser. What I believe is real and I will be real real person guy Troika morning, fading vendetta because of what he said there celebrate afford innocent, but you can he
club and you'd love whatever like. We have rewarded people for that kind of a new and invest destined to error. We invested with the culture has trying to you know. Why did you ever accommodation, impersonal, call on reach out on personal? I don't have a plan. What am I gonna problem? Wouldn't, but we just different individuals. I don't I don't want a friendship, would cause inevitable person that I will have a friendship with innocent system. We call him. I've been in situations where was around. We said things. There was totally disaccord into any thing that I fear was real. So I said to myself this nascent my I'm calling this sum I just have to call out and stayed the same room now is not about a cape. I wanna, keep reiterate is not about beef is not about. Violence is not about their sister Blouse Severin, a narrative, the unknown, not real from one. That is, and I would rather there, because
How do you put in some MOUT negative to the public that you think in Florence, in people in or in a bad way? You should publicly denounce that as he put into the public yourself, And like any like, he deemed me something this is and remains an outer hidden. Probably this is certain you put about postponing public everyday outlaw. Much is, in my opinion, have accommodation appeal because Israel for me anything. I say I come back or You stay in on a MAC old, nor you lay all you need me. Your fan, you, U irrelevance longer was Y know, I'm respond to you because you might have a question or you may say something that might marry a response. Give them say. So I think that when you put anything out of the universe you put out of work, Aspasias entertain in people creating new subjects, ridicule use, somebody different opinion and asked his party gotta, giving you love to have a report that I was able to earn a minute avenue. Freestyle always showed love
another genuine do men when, whenever you speak to you is like a new telling you you know, do given you Jews. We already have do their rallied in there. We need in this area like we need the deuce right under the star, given a Jew cities. Code accident, like these duties, don't lose some mighty gotta cylinders. Ok, now Harvey guy. Here you from the streets and it's in there we all from that now has taken here. Let me show you how to state curve and they are in vain. Somebody who was just like you didn't next, though ass we gotta do right. Well, my thought we appreciate you could join us all definition of a deeper three Oji, while Johnson Commission around their driving May we go my God given the sixteen or something I mean? Why not as we do, I would rather be played a record near every law abiding gobio by one revised
are we only feed your day these bad? They require nor are we all now right, ok, Grenadier, whereby regular bay- the breakfast club complain about all the pain is pixies receiving, but I'm Sidney I bought them low, ass, cheek. She showed I grant. You wanna, showed its high Nike way little. Ok, I Lang allowed a regular, Leno, less low hope. I've occasion was Mama, posing a picture on vacation had been raw, waited I'm just telling you don't once you showed him, cheeks don't be surprised, but all the pain of picture get you got dude heightened bothered. I one leg only now lodging back looking back at labour ordering drink driving bombs were enemy that currently the among our instagram at annually, both at a big ass, the picture, the nice irregular vacant,
in modern wait. I'm the last begins. We have pulled me. Another Pritchett, nominative, authoritatively shut their shot and her hands still, and I add my way you re will ye say before grabbed my that without change oust Alice, I do anything that graphic about a picture in a wine peace. Bathing suit, explains the people. What type of pictures you gettin right now there's some these are people who are masturbating, ok, dazzling, that's enough! That's all you can you can see the rights of all your fault. You know arresting list. The room? Was Michelin cheeks, blaming, cheapest crisper echo the reul report? The Roma is that Croatia from to make us is dating curvature now and crazy. Brown is angry and feeling betrayed now. Take it to the greatest thought. This is from teams Eve, this ain't Chris Brown, actually with big supporter of the negroes, in fact like he was friends
wave? Oh, he actually even called them his real friends, and rather than an interview. A billboard magazine he said I will never hate on you and words well now there's an issue because crew to his ex, who we all know he loves, is now dating wave on now. Chris Brown also feels like it's not a coincidence that grew to went and got that restraining order against him so that, frankly, Boca go public in peace, so I don't know, is going but maybe it was cool and I would hope label would imagine something to infer Chris Robbie ready to die for average crystal meth fleeing when it comes to count On the one hand they will call. Is it a matter of him just telling him? I was imagining staying away from his excellency the industry. We automotive industries incestuous anyway, so it don't matter. We coolies call me. Let me no. No, I gotta buttery, I'm not gonna call him when she bade him of God. We gotta go. Regular medical. Nobody was. She did somebody else they a friend. What would our baby be named? Quibble inquiry allowing
soggy around like everyone in normal, nay kabuki. Right now, let's discuss abysses bad ass. There was an issues. While he was shopping in Mississippi, he ended up getting a lot. Lee Pepper Spray, while he was followed by a large crowd, they said Alice Prevention Officer, mace him in this. While he was looking around in the polo wrath Lawrence, though his security should awoke them as they do it. If it was a big scupper, this video should have an embassy us as they stole his jewellery. The police he says, took a bag of his death, with a million dollars check it out and more multi when a pool of varying over leave an average of Rachel a couple of hours ago. Widow mergers echoes in over a million hours. We now they're saying no church SEC was in not not now. These cops are trying to steal
million hours were virtue, but I'm a five, a mantle of his own does when there's gonna be a hard one of illegal me, fine and pull out, maybe police Department has evaded, deny that they took anything from him and, of course the same is not true at all pay, apparently, same three men had to do and also being charged with assaulting the guard outside of a store Also, the doom there was sharp and gas breeder when miss out on no listen, they're, really when it was crazy. I write see. I was on with that Andy minds he now I want to love in Montana their religion and alive. They came out of this discussion with Miss Azure Martinez. Now he talked about
There is in her marriage is a distraction friend things that he has going on. Take it out of striving to take my family, its name in a legacy as far as possible, and in my life there will be people places and things that help me get there and they ll be people places in things. Distract me in determining giving you know it. You saved me lie marriage with marriage, marriage, it is one thing to strike me to marry the brig Guy Korea. But let me tell you something: oh, my marriage only distracts you when you got a bunch of it
x out near young man and you are the airplane you trying to keep up with just takes an you married. Then there were become yellow dragon. Could your wife's Cresson you about all the change in the egg? I too have a definite Africa may vary distracting. I also talks about Bernice Burgos, verses time. Because you know I know you guys hunts about this yesterday- how they would go back and forth to salute on social media check it out and will mean that engage woman's business. Women do You see his hurry on. What is I got. Nothing will happen as clean sky regarded left, guy, atheling, marriage. Actually, forgive me absolutely flowers. I've got up. I've never been guy locked outside Nozdrev because, like all our work in the rest of my time goals,
what my family go them away. The goals to my daughter, like that's, why I put my energy into my work and my family. My absolute I'm good on everything there is everything else is just a distraction when you, they try to play nude that chick loading around those distractions marriages. After looking at the discretion of your focus Nancy, I also tried to music. Is that he's the creator of trap music check out what he had to say? I'm going for trap, muse, lotta people, you know no. There was no such things journeys prior to notice that you didn't do it. What do you mean you did you get that there was out, cares and chrome? I there would war organizers, organise noise, we'll labeling, that out the gate yeah, my second, no two thousand three regular mean by that is accurate. First, I'm a member here in terms of the eye on a second armantrout music, now would say that it was recognized. Daylight had trap com.
Like you know, you g k pocketful of stones, but they weren't, calling it trap music trap music. Her determined Wendy, I mean development. I re was beginning distractions. Do now. Monet is encouraging equality. She didn't With Marie Clear magazine? She said people have to start respecting the vagina, and so man is fighting for a rise. We should consider stopping having sex I love men but evil man. I will not tolerate that than she had to go and social media to clarify what she meant. She said that, as I remember, choosing a partner for a comparing is important because those values down for generations. She said I don't. I don't think that, but I do get frustrated when women's rights are trampled on and do disregard Emmy. We must demand our agency and its very frustrating, but no, I don't think sex as a bargaining tool. I just wonder how these people get born and raised Rosati Wash. I wrote yeah a manly me as Iraq is based on other things. You with a women withheld sex to stop people from wars in everything, Jeremy use drugs
but what are you well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room report. You think that abstaining from sex with step you guys from certain things, if your women ex abstain from sex, William, you might want to come to the table unjust. I know how to act now knew no punishment. What new appointment for what is to be ruled out, not act. Well. Thank you for those rummaging welcome I was born and I don T mean gabble. Yes, dad you today, for when they April twelve goes dots celebrity achieve spokesmen, Sean's visor, now, kids I know your uncle Charles Book is coming out of this come into the April eighteenth. The book is called blackberry,
Gee opportunity comes, it also created is a principle that I learned in my life tat I want to share with people and wanted all principles is always give people to credit. They deserve being stupid, including yourself footprints, who is simply saying the know? It all knows nothing and if we don't act like you know, like the entire denote, almost nothing and don't act like you know. Some You notice, always they open to new information, always stay receptive to learning. That's how you grown up. Are you constantly evolve and as our you avoid putting your foot and mouth like Sean spices, the? I can't call you a donkey for what you no, but I can call you a donkey for pretending to have knowledge of the subject when his clear you don't ok, one thing about people and its Trump administration is that they speak on. Things. They have no knowledge about with supreme confidence in us. We wish our basic did yesterday when he said that did devil known as Adolf Hitler, who massacred more than six million jewish. Women. Gas chambers never used chemical weapons. Believe you really said that you go, we don't use.
Local weapons in world war. Two now you had a someone is despicable Hitler who didn't even sink to the two using chemical weapons challenge. Wiser, Google is you friend, my guy, ok, gas chambers Keyword, gas Gas is a chemical, not just any chemical gas is made up of about a hundred and fifty different chemicals. A hundred and fifty different chemicals I can't even pronounced. Nor will I attempt to the point is: the reason I know this Sean Spicer is because I googled the gasoline a chemical see. I had to double check because when I heard Sean Spicer say that yesterday I always give people the benefit of the doubt, because it may not be you. It might be me, what's my principal, if you for the credit they deserve for being stupid, including yourself, maybe information has changed. Maybe gas is no longer considered a chemical
Oh that's why I googled. If gasoline chemical just make sure I wasn't the idiot here, and it just reconfirmed me then nope, it's not me shown by some issue. Dumb ass gas is indeed a chemical and Satan. A Hitler kill more than six million people. In gas chambers. Now moments later a reporter Ashine clarify his remarks. All men is good played a clip. While Hitler didn't, he think the to the level of using chemical weapons. Would you remember when you come to certain gas? There was no. He was not using the gas on his own p the same way that a shot is doing. There clearly understood I thank you. I appreciate that there were not in the end. They brought him into the two to the Holocaust entered. I understand what I'm saying that this shot Assad use them where he went into towns dropped him down to innocent into the middle of tat. It was brought to us so the use of it. I appreciate the clarification that was not the intent of the result.
To unpack your holocaust and the withdrawal of the Holocaust, and I don't know concentration camps, Holocaust sounds like you make. It seem like a holocaust is someplace to kids with some initial basis. It appreciate the clarification to the reporter. What what clarification there was no clarification. She asked you to clarify why you think it proper for clarification. What you meant to say to her was thank you for pointing out then I was wrong and how does the mighty points out that you are wrong, just admit, you're wrong and deal with the consequences of you being wrong? This is why I have come to the conclusion that a vodka trump is these modest person in wider, simply because the only person from the joint administration. I've ever heard admit they dont know something. Member last week when they said she was of complicit, look ass. She answered this. I dont know what it means to be complicit.
I hope time will prove that I have done a good job display fourfold with Israel with it is a good website for port, summed up wash you the smartest burthen minimised written, but I dont know what it means to be complicit s grave I hope those great just admit you don't know who did so K E, ok, Sean's by that it had to be a party of brain. I said you know it's them: salary Adolf Hitler killed more than six million gas chambers, Nazis murder. To when seven major with people in death camps, gassing, as in the chemical gash on gassing six thousand a day and asked what you I was shocked by just forget about that. I've been trying to process was shot said simply to see if it makes sense from any angle. It doesn't
because when you say someone who is a despicable is Hitler didn't even think the using chemical weapons? What does that mean that doesn't make Hitler any less despicable, doesn't matter? He drowned them burn them gas them. The fact remains. He killed millions and millions of jewish people. That is and always, we'll be to issue period. Ok, in the words of Charlemagne, God give you would credit they deserve being stupid, including yourself and shocked by let me give you your he has or you're still alive, to hear them. Please give shocked by the two biggest hopeless a break it down with Johns, buys it was trying to say, was well hello. And as bad this guy's is that he's trying to make the skyline rely. Where'd you even of air terrible acts with editing the one area. Again it doesn't matter how they will kill due to the fact that their accounts,
You kill millions and millions of people. That is the issue for our right, what they give it a donkey of the day. Now, when we come back, Ask IE eight hundred five, eight five or no five one. If you need relationship advice, you can call you right now. Eight hundred five, eight five mano fire, one, maybe you're gonna vacation and you need to take a picture and show your butt cheeks weak. I tell you that my friend a girlfriend, a man I was with me on this chapter. We were uneasy these and eighty flipped out my arm and we had to spend a day and a half. After that, did you have one piece on in the hospital those with fire? Might plainly enough. You know I really bad we once it has, but we were covered in made because we want see these. We d have on our bathing suit, but we had on cover ups over, but it is still felt an appropriate bright. So how so? What happens after Bobo I'd have lived over issues was of now was without other friend, and the two of them were in the atv together, and one of them is driving in those eighty flipped over on her arm color with rocky mountain?
is really bad. I was scared to death, had lifted up off her arm wholly in addressing her arm. Those bleeding due to cast and everything the skin was well burned off right, eight hundred feet, they want to buy one as key is the breakfast locomotive breakfast owning everybody is dj: envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club for as long as there's gonna pay Jennifer, which, of course, if he acquired an album meaner than we ve, been dating a game. I am often on line not over all there. He had three boys together and I think I can say no more guy.
You lied to me alive and I, like you, ve comparable with lying to me, lie to you about what a lot of things like last summer. I might destroy club, and I don't mind you goin, to run up a woman's. Let him go by lying to me, and it really makes me now when he has then good at how we can develop this. Your plum, ok, you, but you just said you don't mind, I'm going, I really down by lie in this scene. I visited everything's here, I will be annoyed if somebody lied to me about anything, because I don't feel ideas, a reason for me to lie, but you just said you know I am going, but then you said well I'll see why he has to go because he's got a good thing at home, so there He let you do mind him going, but I mean I don't bug me because I wanna have a woman like the greater role and hinder the bank.
I want to be able to do that sexual things with him. You want to do role, play and do all that stuff. So why can he do that stuff with you? Why does he need to go to the show and look at these women where he got That is our home, made progress on that day, Nokia. Now, how did you see him in this new club banker? Information? All my guide, yes, and though I love and echoed by the open door and father he pulled out. At the big issue. More than anything else is that you don't trust him you'll be on it. I really all about your line. Every eye, I'd love to go further by already that going nowhere with each other.
Why right? Ok, I go, he lied to you and, of course he lies you and that, of course, while you don't trust him, but then he lines you about things that he knows that you don't want him to do that. He wants to do our bit back everything I've, always by going they at that point. Goin back all invited like that. What you think I'm came on here, Don't worry I'll get it when she thought you were the reason that is accusing you. Cheating is partly because he's a liar himself. Any nosey does things that he is not supposed to do so. Therefore, as making them feel like he's, accusing you doing things because, as we know, happens when you know you're not doing anything wrong and you start getting accuse you gotta look at what is his person doing that they feel so guilty about you, guys It has come to with each other, but not attracted to each other anymore. I fell. Ok,
I re listening all done alive, whereas I can ok, ok, Eric IE, eight hundred private firewall or far. What have you got a course of vehicle now was to breakfast. Furthermore, boarding everybody is e g envy, Angela YE shall remain the girl we oughta breakfast club, we're in the middle of ascii hello is this reform review amount was when she calls for you, the third another member, I will have got a girl. She part they're, not even a monastery. We want you, but I'm your diplomatic gallery back. But I'm yours I want to get out and live, but she keeps saying she want to commit suicide like she want me to get married. I'm tired of your Mary, but she only the Louisa How goes it you're dying on paper? Everything about her is good, but in real life. You don't want to be in a relationship right now
well, you're not doing or any favours by being in a relationship that you don't want to be in global warming. Currently, we are either because more her both for you to stay with somebody beds, you don't really want to be in a relationship with you know. I think I am This is very pretending. Adjourn, I'm ready for an you. Just have, to be honest, like be as in let her know, I'm not ready. If you're, not ready for you to be in this relationship. First of all, you're going to be upset about it later you're going to be have a little bit of resentment toward her. You might, what's eating and I think it's better fray her aunt for you for you. It is now being overly. I mean you just said you don't want to be when Obama, no, you don't wanna, know perfectly well or by one s. Now let me give you don't want to be in it at all doubt, or I don't know Well, that's a you down. You, don't want to be in a relationship. Does it matter if she's perfect, not you dont want to be in a relationship are good
and you know you never know what might happen when you're honest with somebody. Maybe she will still date you, while you're doing whatever else you want to do at least you're being honest about it, and maybe she won't- and maybe being with you will make you realise there? Ok, I'm a run around. I don't even this I want to get back together with my girl and maybe it'll, be too late, or maybe it won't. You never know, but you gotta go with how you feel you're right you're right I mean that's. I have to Call- and I know yeah- maybe they don't do anything so you're ready for it. Ok, you're right, RO as key eight hundred five, a firewall five one. Now we got ruminant away you? Yes, let's get back answer some stories. Bad deaf carry now young as number one Selinger, the in the NBA right yet again. Well, let's talk about why other mba ball is don't like him will give you some inside information bar. I will get it's all that will become back. He belongs to workers locomotive,
with Angela. His clothes were led away, was performing its slippery rag university in Pennsylvania, and he didn't give too many details about He is saying that he has a new situation check it out. I don't know. That means they D former within after a long time so we'd all a hundred percent. No, but maybe he's managed to get himself into a situation. Irregular We would telling you about this book there. Marcus Thompson wrote now: Marcus Thomson has been reporting on on staff, curry and he did a whole book about death, curry being the golden boy and why other a players. Don't like him. I write another. The book is called golden.
Regular arise of staff, curry and here is what he had to say about Chris Paul having some issues with staff carry principle, one of those guys Chris Paul the mighty he looked up to Chris Paul used to dominate that matter. Chris Paul was supposed to be next in line to win the championship and then suddenly it was staff so that that's another related where he would like. All of you about that later. All of them, but there is no doorstep sound like they hate Non Jackie colleague killer as it sounds like a Townsend, as he's been reporting on the golden Stay warriors pits seasons and ease, exploring staff kindnesses first book ass, death, his family and his daughters. His celebrity chef, wife, I e show. How is a role model for kids and by the way, is deaf,
He has a number one Selinger ASEAN Mba, also university, sound like a lotta jealousy and envy toward the beige boy called the gold of what we could call him golden to ask your mouth golden. The cull of golden dynamic to on that list is Lebrun for the most popular MBA, jerseys, inevitably Kevin to random before his Russia Westbrook, who, by the way according to this book, also does not like staff carriages, distant I think it's probably a lotta jealousy in every plus that gives his nose clean he's, like you know, really in the God, he's got the family and the king. Let you know I can see what the jealousy and, if you will come into play, I write nasty enveloping. They ve been telling you all about. The situation was David Bella, Dante and MEL be how she's file for divorce. How allegedly these are these sexting that our floating around that sea scared are gonna, be released. You managed to get a restraining order, and now he gets. Reasonable visitation for his kids also of his daughter, but he also wants to stay and Eddy Murphy's doors life. What yeah
he's been raising her, since she was only two years all that's when they got married, so he wants to be able to have visitation and still the order of well one of the dollar, one of the ten years of marriage, and I mean these allegations against them: domestic abuse, sexual exploitation. All of that I don't know about It has been put forward. You could use step day editor now. Did you gone she, be out of sight. I am I right so I don't know. What's gonna happen, I don't have the court will look at that Don Cheto is gonna, be stirring in a movie about was to his first black millionaire Jeremiah G Hamilton and that's gonna. He is producing that movie as well. So it's gonna be an adaptation firms, Jane Whites book, prince of darkness he actually of five convention. And during this time period he made of two million dollar fortune by the time he died in eighteen, seventy No imagine how much two million dollars was in eighteen. Seventy five! There should be a good yeah
all right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report
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