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Wednesday 11/8- Today on the show we had OT Genasis stop by for the first time, where he spoke about being signed to Busta Rhymes, new music and his love life that he tried to keep on the low, but the proof was right in front us during the interview. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Marilyn Manson because he aimed a fake rifle at a crowd. Also, Angela Yee helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee" with one listener who needed to be taught, to never doubt how crazy someone could be. 

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Forgotten is in Newport cast about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and turned up dead in horrors, Mexico right across the border from El Paso Texas. It is today about borders, migration and corruption, we talk the victims, families, FBI, agents, and a former. U S ambassador to understand why These crimes have remained unsolved, listen two forgotten women farmers on the eye, hot radio. At all. What have you got? Your put costs
I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we ve got no point. Has praised round, have recently joined a breakfast club, say some muddle Do you mind loaded easily, less good? Ok, we're data is just Oh yes right
Wednesday me little weak, yeah elections where yesterday, that we have a lot of those results in today, a lot of first time logical, vote yesterday, not where I just was my license over to New York, I most suitable in Jersey by living in Europe. That is what my restoration. Well, I did vote yesterday. I don't know who I voted for not having been a city. Elijah's boarded democratic, all the way down the random random. Why that's what I did I didn't do much homework. I see that we did win in New Jersey. The governor is now democratic. So I guess that's a good thing for me. I don't even know me about that. As is known as a Democrat and he's gone against, which I like I'm going, I strove policy so that some of the things I d rain, also every once in a while, you gotta have a family leading at house right way. I'm telling you fear me is the best thing and you sit everybody down in and they basically complain about other people.
So you know what yesterday did they have a lot of complaints against me, my kids and I had a lot of complaints against them, and one of them was they keep the lights on like I'm like I'm getting to the point now it's gonna be no lights in my house, and I'm gonna take all the light bulbs out of all their rooms, and I want to see them go to the bathroom. I want to see them get dressed. I want to see them get ready. I want to see them. Try to watch television what no lights on unplugging everything starting today! That doesn't really make much sense to me that ok now, because they only every time I go home is a light on the tv. So I'm gonna take all the light bulbs out in all the wires. You know too wise to plugging a tv them taken almost too you know like I don't like when people leave the head on in the house cause. You know it's gonna get cold now right and I actually just turned everything I yesterday I haven't been using the in my house, and so yesterday, as it was really call yesterday,
eleven of the amounts to heed your house. That's how crazy I, my kids, like the war rallies really expect alienated leg. Is too hot, like is so high miles? I can't breathe when I get home by your visit. Is ridiculous grown up my daddy's ridiculous because it be freezing in our house. He tells the put a quota pop citizens. They have perhaps put a codeine at seven o clock at night. The heat was off. Yes, we had have you had to be under the covers enough? I think my kids have learnt like us did to my I woke up this morning. I thought I d, Leader was grieved. Legacy is disrespect anything Spencer, their bill when that they'll come when the would have comes exactly here's, my daughter they can you buy me a phone chargers? No, he left later you not give no phone, John or artsy Genesis will be joining us this morning. Looking with Multi genesis, of course, he has signed to bust worms years, numerous platinum wreckage, homeless and carrying cut.
That's right. We got front page news. What we talked about in front page with you about the elections of some of the big wins for the Democrats. Tell you about some of the first timers that have actually want to let I will get it's all that when we come back, he will act as a catalyst to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy annually ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get in some front page newspaper last. There was a big day for Democrats be asked about the elections just today, sincerity right, you are the right way about terrorism. So congratulations to you guys, film, Murphy, one in the dialogue and gradually the media on the level of what our hope you did devil democratic course. You do, but it will fulfil Merv. You know why, because you want to
is the minimum wage to fifteen thousand was legalised we, my kind of guy. I write whether governess adversaries he had been in the republic. His hands were at least eight years. They had precisely for the past eight years, so that was a nice flip that across the boy Democrats had some really big wins yesterday, also to openly transgender candidates, one races as well now Danica IRAN from Virginia is the first openly transgender person elected in a U S, state house, so congratulations to her and she was actually up against ravaging Marshall, so she was on the whole platform of you notice, tat, Green Inclusive, and you know now having he's been gender identity and by Marceau calls himself the chief homophobia and also wanted to make sure that transgender people could not use or do we go. We call himself to channel before you know it all
Seventeen in America, he probably good run on a platform guy went grabbing. Coda, went in a lot of people to do things TAT day, but it didn't work for that. Those same voters that were so supportive of champ we're not supportive across the board. Really think that the game Lana me as the vice of his possible, be his prejudices possible causes of the chief homophobic. They try everything that's gonna happen again. I said Democrats when summarily big racism, Derosier Virginia Charlotte, North Carolina thing, Saint Petersburg, Florida and main, so that great- and I say this is gonna- be a psychological boost for democratic.
Help their fund raising and also candidate recruitment. All I know is mainly distort. I was sick, is ok, it'll, never! Think of orange beyond our borders away with well apologize Euro is drastic, as I have already observed the end, and I gotta sticker in today s world, where it would also donor provisions. They definitely do this with an interesting story to me now pain had to make an emergency landing. You know why why the wife discovered TAT her husband had an affair while on the flight he fell asleep, stick his finger, put it on a phone, went through two messages and found out tat. He was indeed. Eating sufficient proof of the affair with private boy. Now, though, she was while available, they would allow another do like land is lacking because I jumped on him flight attendants tried a calmer down. It was happening, got so out of hand. The pilot had to land do an emergency man change when it was that of her in her husband with her child us.
What did he do to God? Why would God allowed at the happened to him in tat moment? My Jesus trading powers Lazy plays hand on apply its finger on the phone line of emergency exit. That's it emerged that women two thousand you do know how did when the ram come down and why not having myself it's ok I'll write. It also rest in peace to a pitcher Roy holiday. He won T saw young towards visa, it was a Philadelphia, Philly Eyes Plain went down in Florida, so we just want to say rest in peace to his wife. What is going on How do I find out anything like that? We, our lab himself, arrive and as front page news, get it off each S, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you're upset you need of it It is up right now, maybe at a bad night or maybe want to spread. Some positivity call us up right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one at the breakfast club, the breakfast club.
The pounding down you're gonna get it all, began your mail. You want a breakfast blessing, but they will allow this No, you need a hidden honor embryonic can only dream of love yeah together together, you don't have much time. Ok, go open, a new dynamic by some other, very real, quick with I've. Gotta work. I am a! U S! Army, folder, and at this point I let my fellow battles know there were doing a great job we are describing as is going on. I don't think we're getting much recognition is we have to deal with so much behind that address bar with our vote? No
You know we got this legal, be all right and just say what do you do in a world where the dishes were removed? Her arm was now in some might be different, that with the sun, because the flag is or is not just for that is for the better in that, as also support, but I understand why their new aims to at the same time is good anything. It should be a good idea to scenario you can choose not to hear about my you never go. Oh Mamma, pressure on early this morning, when I got there, parkways allows is be there. The Solomon Islands come on it was an error. My name's alfalfa, the balkan area, Nagy low features, a writer ban here before they are disappointed in I. Yet you got a platform that he gave a loud me.
O Brien that none of the God damn now I don't know we do not allow any body to do anything. You say what they had to say. What did we find the earth? I mean if large, children, no credible sources. I don't know who you know that all our girl, but unless you, what do you know the bill which player in all started a fight or whatever I faltered force, was from greater value either the chorus raiders troll fan account is my credible. I think it's about look insulated agreement However, I feel like she said on her part on her pack ass. Someone else said it of any sovereign about rated Bonica is illustrated by you got you need not credible. Would you be the writer Haider? S? Name is former fair, and even if it is not credible, have your browser stamping out
they don't bring other people on other platforms who may not have credible sources and they say all kind of crazy room and stop it. I got a bad look man, I think you bought it altogether yesterday with the iraqi independent. Eric are one ahead. It they are fragile. Man now try to actually get em Herman GO raiders. I appreciate you guys think you could randomize. Thank you I think about the rate of closer together? I think they dams your game together. Let me go was lying, get it off my chest. Eight I dreamed of a five one, o five. One of you upset you need event, is to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. Go away, wake up or black. We want to hear from you allow this to them
directly club Euro features Angel girl. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart that match dot com. That being that you do, I met the love of my life congratulation. What's your name? well I'd rather not say she's, a celebrity blackout, now you draw spoken far from what I know is I never intended to be taking Taylor swift than you fell in love with you go on adult learning tailors if the child compared all allows, you did not mean no celebrity on no other girls into a woman's job. Now. Can you remedies are amazed at how did you meet the first get as low? Yet I did. I did well you're such a lie. You know better than that. It is a good thing for you. Yes, I know it won't. Let me noted your line and Europe, it I'll just say hoard feathers, Demi. Oh, that mean I don't they had others. Well, congratulations and glad you met the love of Europe.
For a man to horses don't have, rather than you did not mean those very homer. You say that many years lemmings different then truly live out his vanity allow. This also goes for my lay yellow Angela ye myself. I remained whatever it was some rough of it. I want to tell you I'm glad, because I've got another their life will. I believe, as well enough for my late where's Thoust baby out and play one bled ratified. My girl, you enter I really believe an iron back there for more than just then she came over school. Do you know about the arab world as less reason feel blessed emigrate. Digg is arrest. Me go.
He's in love. This might in our lab hello. This means celebrities job, they Kelvin ravages. My party thought this kid you don't they declared they always something that is a big, less red tape and like it, but I want the bachelor for me, my charge weak, but the law. What sort of new you don't? You know my baby, I can't stand. It is quite clear that, like us, very pleasant alibi. Nothin I wanted a sexy body ended. I like to say that I can say I got
nice now Bulwana Bodega, then ass though you have like we're cargoes. What idea do you may conversation limping goodbye personality, but it was very lightly on the army's duration, but nothing but you may be able to get some man walked into the sexy now beautiful women, man one. I am alarmed to Jack. It's also in Colombia Out Polly wanted to watch on each occasion. My legs, you know a lot of data. A lot of new things, however, is to grant aid, but I took out of paper. That has come into your can be a start in the garden. When I first started what did manage to forty point that I would have a window, but I, like you, stay out of winning you're out of three
What are you telling me that you would go into a lovely participating in the bar travellers is coming at all haven't. I may perhaps have been found in the port of God. You have drunk and keep him over to the next customer, I'm like WWW, tabulate, other you threatened, which he shouted began to have a black data. By ever. Have they know I'm Agatha opened a month. Would emitted is more now be looking into it. I I think the guy named TIM's eighty seven tropical. Morning when I mention in a penis our bottle, don't think you can do it because you can't you wait now schemes and says: shut up. Bitch
Why don't? We ought to have a right to accommodate all rise early in the morning. I just read: I barely one of your upset you need of it. You can hit. Is up we got rooms on away yes? Well I mean we may well get writings. He let me go Grimes. You came up here on the breakfast club and says, and things and whatever you have people responded in particular, how did the raiders players responds and what she said bad the breakfast club. What we did to her now right all I M more Cuba. Lackest breakfast global morning, breakfast we oughta breakfast club. What dances death devolved, Nigger?
to do when they lose their relative age, appropriate by the way that they are provided that all ages compares to by the way I don't know, there's their water flounder visited they again all the vogue. Let's get to. The Roma's has told me, go Grimes aghast at the rule or for the breakfast make up rhymes, whereas on the breakfast club and she spilled some tea ass, she sat hears what she had to say about the raiders. But the reason dear cargo injured is because a raiders office of line allowed him to get injured because he was against and protest in their car, either a bible thumper to the fullest, and so
was basically trying to force the players to read the Bible before the game into other stuff and they will ignore our youth ass, you, and so he was so upset about when the whole office of long saying they were the Neil. He was right, you're, not Neil enough and they gonna fight in a locker room. So when they came out to play a basically gonna play like you know what I write around the big deal yesterday when the dsl yesterday, now some of the rate is players actually went on Twitter. To deny these allegations down openness in a fight offensive Lyman said: crazy how people make up lies and tell the story so far and untrue to get them some attention. I hope it was worth it ah lies. Marquette king, who is the Panthers, had folks. China come up so hard just above the following that they gotta create fake news as an age Antonio Hamilton is a cornerback that a lie, don't care who tell it as long as it's told people will do and say anything just to get a few minutes of fame. Almost every word was false. This is all the explanation you. I won't reply back to anything else on this subject. God love and peace. He said the part where she said
the dairy car is a bible. Temper is to use a great man of God who was afraid to express and show. Is love cries everything else. Yes, it was a lie. That's the most energy she gets out of me. Let's put our energy into spreading peace and put positive vibes in the air of a man who don't know what to do about the true from the lies. More entertain. Derek cards waited, but treacherous people have an appetite for violence. Those who control the tongue will have a long life opening your mouth can ruin. Everything was a marble scrooge. Yes, that's the only thing you did it. I guess people looked at it as a sub. Tweet now may go Grimes on Twitter, defending herself, and she said that with club edited it like. It was fact when we were there when I did the interview written at any time. I told them you go about it. Is that all She thinks she is right to say that it didn't come from a herd added. She got the information for somebody, others you'd, repeating it right, but I don't know she said at the end of you and I remember, as you said, she was going to spell some tea. I guess she has on her back ass, someone said it but another. She said that during our interview I don't know, I guess he was.
That is not like the raiders told her. She just heard that as a mere always say she did say. Allegedly the allegation legible include bombs and legal ground for the content drop, one of whose Basel rated locker room- I don't know what's going on, but it was grey content for the purpose of yesterday. Dammit assault because all you care about you know me. Ok, they combine nothing else. I see ass. She had when private for a short period of time achieves back public now. So you now cannot take the heat goddammit told me gotta get to unblock on private. You page take this. He wondered what come up here joint evading you gotta take to heed their comes waiting and making sure that was good morning F rate, and there you go job would include above me, go God of the younger, solid block, no paid you down among the non private eye. Right now, lay Angelo bar along with two other. You see. I lay back about MRS Kroes, where registration uplifting, they were added steamship in China alone over time and they're, saying that
Job Coty Riley in jail in hill also have been arrested alongside him. So I don't believe this summer you see, I lay issued a statement. They said we are aware of the situation involving you see. L, a student athletes, though university, is cooperating. Only with local authorities on this matter, and we have no further comment at this. Terrible family got money, not the Middle Jog out of Harare What type of car wanted them? Kids, worse shoplifting, that's what entry double they need to pay to play is, so you don't have to sharply from the Louis Louis for towns total. If they wish to have lived in China, they may not come over to Athens doubly for living and brilliant thou. Logically, they should give them kids in Manila outfits we lack a month or two three. I guess they believe yet evasion series knows This country is that different countries. I went to jail for three anyone who was resolved off if avenue the issues to you. You know that you're probation they take their SIRI. I don't know about that. I use it
I didn't know you got a nose, a guy like that, for they had the city of over. You know you ve been going beyond this immediately and that's your room and appoint. Look it up our right now when we come back out. Genesis will be joined. I mean I know already genocide, which damn sure knows music cut it cut it put it I'm in love with the girl go. Yes, there will be the platinum artist, yes, that nobody knows his face, oh breeding those few people know. What do you think you know because all the big it and it is also being about when we come back, he beloved o T Genesis is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody's he D envy Angela YE shall be the guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a spur to guess about. I'm a platinum regarding artists, who don't either is prejudiced, are all our concern is the first time here and about his first time. Right now is that we have
from the beginning of the year to begin an altogether you with energy ass? The first time I heard only fifty one without the other in and talk about the whole single do not obtain highlighted song. Jackie tat way way way back right whatever, so you, SAM for Single, do you know just no more doubt? No, I do me like I did I come about that his name some make him. Do it in the globe is like a small one haulage men and he's gonna play your breakfast yeah whatever, which might manage Dino mark and cool, so attempted Odin owner and any kind of fish caught the older one like the weapon arising browsing. I fly you out whatever you nomes enemy, job. Let me think that many of you know how much I give you a number of things. By why people do it excited to do a thing that was my first like recommended, like none of you know,
A blow of your yea is more commitment. I don't really understand standing like that. Biofuels Loki. He was telling me, but I don't really understand it. Look you want to go but go around telling you. How would you is decided on and rising was laughing, but he was how to tell me in a whole new way by number. We understand, and by just a few figures is like none of sales. What we know of what and who use whose great democracy there now made such a figure and any sign of both arrived. He thought about China both in a year you. How are you making big? right rewrite closed again, I know so every Every time I see you, neglect Eliza understand how important it is where you locally like when you are trying to break to guess the boy in your region allowing show supplier, lady, like one immediately how to get radio
do any views, but I thought I had that Andy's knew you had to go stupid would especially like to because by I found it Mary body of delicate down. I write em all emotive Asian really come like lies. A move around more ran a sovereign. We shall get his stop wherever, like. I like this indifference when I'm over here we back Kelly's gonna hard drive and they do actually knows not is not allowed to musically climb. I dare say so. They just seen only pick up on what they pick up on speeding. It allows the port from a later I've got a guy support, but it was kind of light they used. Those by this means that Pekinese these enemies, don't you use missed the world. What do we do? we do want do it. I don't do well, but Mozilla they don't like. I was all must always, Then I will ever know what goes on my desk
de I use it to my van is right. It is what I did when I when I hear people saying like loot DNA, if you make it sound like that at all, you kind of like the rounds, ok cool and, I will say nothing mouse in other members from the men, and so we must stop no goin on We see from here I never said not waited until it was too late number. Hey, you know away. You know, you know, there's a because everybody keep you in when box him. You are you. Are you just gotta wait until it was too late or medium Thou must live I'll, know, man just like every opportunity. You know mean you You know every opportunity is not the right opportunity. Just like Amazon, our no
like I'm young run around US trees, our normal, you know, I'm trying to figure it out. You know and does on Blair, like you know, a lot of happened earlier. When I know a lot of art is one thing that their actual want to be almost got us really gotta studies, for recovery, so we're out just like norm taken which, as you know, we were shut up in and we had a real real conversation and does what it was, and I was let him know well come from you know I mean how movie you know searched we just talk talk. Any man can be tolerated here back and forth and issues you want me to chop it up and make us go beyond a thing. You'll be on the same page, and that is long the hour You know me more than business Immortal Street more anything like vacuum, respect you as a man when we have this conversation, I recall a shop. Eleven is make sure that, in terms of both the really like cocoa, so more than one time he came out with you and he was bobbin. It has so much did he
seem to hurt himself, you think they're dead made. A dash of ours is right. This is let us your honor code will come up a while and seen a dislike looking only yet on children around an odyssey any far get up another see as his hair bloody ease, their days and hours of others. Already not of any plumber. It wasn't easy yoke. Is he ok? The first that was did did lives are all blow. You were gonna steal. My days in June, I was just crews to grace. I we got more we're all T genesis where we come
I don't always to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast was Bruno Mars morning. Everybody is dj. Inv Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club o T Genesis in a building Charlemagne, one unemployment that Montenegro must be got them. Twenty leave their bureaucratic or Like the whole sovereign wants, you randomly win in the lab. Where have you been Malaysia, establishment of related drink, some thirty zero dab by Mr Van DEN Berg. I like this place where you live in the liver August, we're gonna buy gas me? Do you young boy?
we just be coolin. We call me call girlfriend is never doubted that out. Those that majority and the like food with one of their own roadway lignite release. Ok, if I get off we're not another matter that might have been going on for a while. My brother, you bring about. He answered the Stacey. That's like lightning status is true nerve because you know just bring. Anyway, you they ve, got a burglar good. You act like we got I very early in allowing enjoy. Now, you pupil, rugged call goal, could eat pussy? What why haven't you drop the army? Does the doses does a very, very good question in his own, because I've been having so much light.
Don't come nor grab a base and even a basic put on record that I find myself in a row Would I fooled me a long time he's gonna go go so we do as like. You can't really. The way you wanna. Do you just don't wanna put out anything comes right. There are our own, with Colleen Nausea, almost sound doubled from our first one, economic actors not drop in the whole budget, and I understand it. The attention span is very, very short right now, nomes air for Europe were or consumers This sounds like I've found grabbing bags and I really get time really put it together right now. What I'm doing it? I'm just like you know I learned to like you know chill out in army work focused get all it did out new start running around these days, people the same motives, but they still want to book. Anyway, that's a lot of pressure to get everything you put our heads. That really become a big club or go with double room was correct
cut away, no code. All of you to read the note, because I got a big what a yellow we thought, because you want the masters accessible at yellow you things on my leg, design, aware panda Bookmark said like what would your minds that when you start Another recognise the cocoa than usual economic irregular. Bigoted, ah, you know were fairly mucus. Everybody keeps telling us, as only then did not know you want you know you gotta get round is an ominous. I am like why why put not at present meet. You know sober one of the most important days? I learn as artists like we stop, we start getting late and we do it in and we making green requisite home, do whatever we do. You pleaded in the car again call you had that love wherever they come from that, now you been in industry. Now you weren't about was somebody else. None of them
so we do and how we can use our sell arms recognizes like oil revenues, haven't firemen and know what you don't worry I'll call, you know you! Well you just go. How far you know me in and enough Robin doing been enormous advantages. Answer back to them, TAT is pretty, is pretty dialects, whelms wisdom and click on our are you trying to do You said, like you, want a classic type Avonlea. I want a lot of resources. Will it, but what I think the thing Emmi I understand logged in people don't want to stay Lamar's nonsense. I don't wanna go by and I want to stay away from where people know. I'd like you to fifty fifty we'll keep clubbed reply. However, we do here, let me hasn't times right, maybe have had put. It says he was right. Wait no me! Rather, there is our home for getting about in arms.
Put together was perfect. Maybe you regularly bigoted you, you think you know your reckon more. No, no! What you know what I do think that in our own eye, fit all time allows on foreign workers and fragile ok, ok, thousands! Why don't we did? The parties were begun old, cabin on it or did not nah nah nah not allowed nine cougars go so it's always women ram and as a performers use? If you like On the other hand, back, like is why I'm shooting I'm shooting shoe nobody's baroness here there's always idea, but another thing that is as well as a complaint was, like you know, lay was like a really Pierre Werner. I never pr rupee. Are you gonna me? Finally, down follows on EAST River and I'm here I'm gonna piano man. I got the big regular, all kinds, but about enabling I handle in that way. You know
That's why we gotta just. Why did we have actually really talk about the money when it when it comes out to alight Atlantic go? Do you say tat? There is a very sensitive I go like I gotta figure out, because nobody, nobody figures for their almost register, has been me. Auto record. If you are with me as me, putting in the groundwork running around hitting every different club spending, my money going to this hotel disco. Tell this hotel, knowing this dj, going to rock you know how many performed his day. Ok, we run around. We will do all it for free. I don't wanna come back. Are you gonna get us back run a raft, venom one me and my bro, I wholesale strength lies straight. If I got it, If I got a rent, a car jumping over serves ass. We might do not observe in Ireland in a dozen marijuana? Nobody wanted value, nobody, how you feel about game, called you being a trinity thing, because you a grip,
Would it be like everybody, the replacements? These would be even the gridlock and like as a dance, not now! only you know already, but like The hearing was: are you navies, none of their so army juvenile. Omg. I don't even get into it. Cuz, I know what it really is: none of them, for only One is that nobody for false gleam in doing a man is late. You know cause a dinner today Well, I'm a run on roads are rock and from which I come here to be performing talking to I can get. My military might come here to be going back above robbers
Well, you never see another new academy in a mixed Emma. Could I also ask the coolest remit, Europe's air wet with a guy respect very bad brought, and I want to get an idea because I know how it really can get women do not observe or anchor me. I came here to get back, but you don't know All sides together review if it is in an even unanimously by we, mostly from our accounting old blood group. Don't get along, like you don't say, does not know me, read a broom agree, absolutely do from here from the county jail to you. You ve got it all with no increase brown on it have blood in european crews, but no man could do so. What everybody thinking that it is economically everybody think I'll. Let you know what became of regaining with is all you need is all respect. This is nice and super straitness industry and ass
none of the EU as an enemy goes on my desk death there, but other than that broke aviation. I give money right now I'll get her case. Is all kind of both corner. Whenever you scenarios and doesn't go crazy, I will not get into a o t genesis, many mix. That was our tv addresses many makes morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club o T Genesis in a building no last week we heard a story about somebody. It is in the ballet guy driven if anyone would, I will, let me say something, MRS Memory, what they saw was now what were asked what happened here and there. I should think what you gotta show you. What I haven't Walker
club here? What are the glowed brand new costs party, which want to show is a reasonable about Lee. I got over the show you. What would it look like right? None of sand. The damage is like us, is the illegal Amazon waste of money. Now the knife and just and I got no our how her women problem do not do it. So does it later majors? life and is worthy of you all in Poland. I wonder what would happen Oh are you you tight Algeria, worship and then I was like really can't do nonetheless, Brenner outside you know where I'm not ours is ours rob I know is, I was mad, but just shrine. I work in a most of working on other animals, and so was the son of a major vigour above one army in the back, so they volunteered opened a door. That's where was it back door opened the door everytime life anymore moms. I roused it
from the let you get a car about car with this level of ok I mean, I'm new seventeen, twenty eighteen, twenty six things so am. I will let you really don't. Let go are you noses. I said I don't know what I've been, so I paid your papa Korean. A far bigger must draw, would pause. Paw like I was like dogs, You know me, I know an anonymous is all, but both magma Yonah was going away for a case watch out. There were only too much to the satellite, because, if I wait for you, this will take like oh no cease must give up. All these remarks, You notice my thing: if there was you knew you couldn't do know him lay. I keep trying to tell people here. Personal accountability is important. As you know, some of you know that things are set up and design, for
the fair we gotta be smart. You write to the club and apparently not I pay, for it got very vocal elsewhere, say if I wait devising away in a philosophy of developing whatever I'm saying you know said it, but if I say wait, don't think like six must give up on. Don't you norms in his wrapped in August. So is like a big. Microcredit le crazy. Can you drive me that the latter juries Ancona Hollow Man, not obvious Debbie? This isn't Julian. Without this year, Do we really know they'll go get by mandatory your region of you gotta? Let him think nobody will judge. You paint everyone, no one or two.
What are you gonna do about? A week ago I was ages, I don't go, learn how to go. What about I'm? Your problem is going to be anything. That's gonna be different for us like some type of experimentation, or is it on our own? I regret that my out, where the swamps, astronomy figure, everything I've got a redwood christened John wasn't coming as it does you no amount of year searchlight in his life is, I want you and put out is good. I know not what about personal level that you said people don't know who only Genesis age, they're, like things you gonna tell us about how you were a man like you know, wisdom and most of the most important thing for me is in another meeting last year. Clever artistic observe saga has himself.
I'm a big man, autism awareness, isn't rosy disorder and brain so the mother much. How does it have to work? You know me in a lesson for us and for that to happen, It's a lot of them that there were none of our jobs and they go into work, and you re don't have time work which a child You know I work on early intervention. You know it Now your child is left behind in or mentally they can't really gets it s bases at them. You still have to work and as a sad as partners, Another measure Lillian Albania was so, though, that affect you, like Mr Father, like learning now when he was born labour here, you'll learn where your boy, when I woke up well, was born in his boys. Like Mary told me was gonna like I was in denial. You know I was a wise decision. I have
Ok, so we were wage earners Bonamy one. Why did you not responding when it comes to desert? Why do you look in his way or why there is so much and he saw like right now he's like he's Liza Loneliness Rayner. In also is it don't move and wooden when numbers and all kind of Greece I crazy way, and you find yourself into not because you like us much are you know, estimate tell you this off. At the end of the day, man, I thought that's what I'm all former either that do. We know you know what I wanna get crazy crazed crazy about our own, our money for the vaccinations- and I say, don't get lucky. I don't know, I don't know
right? Now we can? U turn over the measures. Can you tell me she was pregnant. Every was already contains no longer after a while, I was probably like we was may be. Nine ten months saves name for me. Would respond I'll, give it once. I took to the Doktor Putnam his machine or code, all kind of crazy numbers, oil away. You, son son, is autism talking about in observers, so much that took place from their economy and on air. You know said again: get your right. Only men go straight to into in do a whole lot. A researchers and artistic gazing goes good. Just go straight to work has only just over followed for the disarmament of all digital, disdainful within Amy. Genesis is the first book about the beginning, but I spoke with a design when we criticise answer
range organization solemnly Logger DR spoke, so so so our citizens is in principle about me. I mean the beginning, a meaning that you know, especially when the West Coast began. His whole differ sounds an outrageous come from in Austria in one or two. We approve You could join us all to ensure that this is the breakfast locomotor breakfast everybody the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are, the breakfast club shut, my family, I ve lived in Houston on a chicken. Now, let's get aromas sought a windy Williams.
While the daily mail reports there again a windy Williams, husband, Kevin Hunter was pornography with his alleged mistress Eureka. Hudson each year be seen just as on Monday, he was picking Europe from a man had not as building after a work out before driving back to New Jersey now and be just passed out last week. She still ditches do. According to our stores, the entire staff was rooting for Wendy. They said that they hoped that this would be her much needed exit card from her toxic marries when nobody can understand is why, when he doesn't boot him to the curb she doesn't need. Amy does nothing for her but drag her down the show be a much better place if he never came back to the studio. I mainly by this woman, a house. His name is on her letter box. When is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time Mary now either sources are saying that the woman is pregnant. I don't know that's true or not.
I want no gonna camera, they gotta they be able. Some good aspects is what baby right up on him and can't nobody. So they can't see Dagon gettin photographed the air and, at the same time today I e g Wendy off in the next day that you see her getting into the day before. Olano is only one that is not going to give you this morning and talk about everybody else, but herself. Ok, you got on a tv the first time a few weeks ago and stated body. Infidelity room was barely even addressed. It stop acting like that. The gas elephant in the room. Ok, you claim to be so real and always called another people out spotlight on you now. The elected Mr Solana, Hudson wanted her family think about the whole thing were allegedly she's under pressure, but her parents, one had a split ties with him until he ends his marriage, they don't like the situation. They want him to step up. Leave his wife income. His future tissue Mina they want grandchildren are sound. You're, not gonna, be habitable Wendy Press on tv and ensuring a commodity help Europe. They got the pictures worth maize, into these pictures or other I've- will turn out. Can you do dispute this now? That's why I said
do not come on a tv and escape by stop talking like everybody else. I don't go much, maybe that's what they do, maybe to have an open relationship. Let us say that in my room Have you build your career being real and you, to be all away rail when things get really island young I haven't opened Malaysian, say. Let me the latest always going around here. The situation has been and I have an open relationship. I know what he's doing in a game. It's embarrassing! Now that everyone knows there can be no thirty seconds flesh. Ensuring talk about all good in item lay no people wanted, not everyone on it. I right now speaking about keeping one hundred Will Smith and data Pickin Psmith. Did they give tee these there, five million dollars well according to our source, closer them they're saying that are eligible for aid to enter. This entire bows, Peters Take me out of all the groups, as don't all unwanted areas, Noma associated people like that. Ok, I, where they do, however, feel like their worried, he's having some sort of breakdown
the concern. If you're really has run tell everybody does seem like he's having some type a breakdown of water, everybody who ever told me the Tories is foolish. And his lame YA Absolutely right! Ok, that's want, though, that arena meekness lawyer was on my hands in my teenagers and what did he have to say to attack a piano is his name. Here's what he had to say about the judge. There will be a better report. Inappropriate, like you, don't ask me, make believe rock nation because she had absorbed and other local badgered Philly who she happened, to have a relationship with. When a judge ask me to read record the Philadelphia group boys, the men their lives. There saw how my bending these issues we lived out where he was. He would acknowledge. That sounds all what Jacques
as someone to record a solemn and draw a shout at that summit. Your desk allows you to believe that these have. I wouldn't believe that is going on, but I also said this: ok, listen! The prosecuting attorney the district attorney and the probation officer both recommended that meek, yet no jail time for these technical violations. Don't get two cases that he had they both got thrown out. The other would disappear or should disregard above them. I was attacked their credibility to four years. I've I've been a prosecutor, I've been defence Orban and has been for a long time. I've never once in my life. Seen that happen, we have a charge overriding, both probation and once again in sight and meets into situation at them and when Europe, a basin you have to move accordingly, do not give the system a chance to screw you, especially when you know like what had arrived, is unfair, and so they say they do. I fear you have a jack, allegedly
like Macmillan, did nothing so even put himself to be in a situation to be at the mercy of judge, a saddle getting enough I'll. Stop it magma. Like the judge is being corrupt or fair sailor judged in that continent with love- and you have my about this later on Cassandra nineteen. Is it any view the lion we have more about that by right? Now? That is the end of your. Report I'm Angela Ye D Artagnan. You didn't call him if I may avoided just didn't cause indirectly, DR judging caused him to fail. Numerous drugs has, throughout his probationary period, all those his dry adapted it. Now we shall I what we give me a docketed Maryland mansion. To come to the front of the carnation. You know you probably never been in a church. Ok, he hoped in his becoming run a garden. We like everywhere would arise when we come back. Charlemagne has given his dog it. Oh Marilla. May it is at all who who is to breakfast club the morning
Don T dare Devil, oh god, don't you today, for when they November? Marilyn Manson. I don't listen to Marilyn Manson music. Never have never will, in fact I know nothing about him and I could be judging a book by it's cover, but he looks like he's submitted will to say. Okay- and I don't get down with Satan worshipers I would tell us they would go to hell, but as with the aim for so that, wouldn't be much of an insult. Marylin Mason was performing in San Bernardino, now, sadly San Bernardino was in the news a couple years ago, because back and twenty fifteen fourteen people killed and twenty two others were seriously injured in a mass shooting and attempted bombing.
Ok, that happened in San Bernardino into doubt. Fifteen of course, this year alone we have at the magic Vegas. Thank you about fifty nine people and, most recently, the past Sunday morning, twenty six people were shot and killed in charge in Texas. Now you are performing right, in San Bernardino when you notice town at a mass shooting a couple years ago, and you are performing on the day at another, mass shooting have met in his country. With the last thing you think you should do when you perform that night. Well, every district, Our sympathy and empathy for mass shootings in america- and you say to yourself, hey, I Marilyn Manson Y all careers and built on being provocative and shocking. Well, you would probably take the staging San Bernardino, the day of mass shooting, happened in America in the city with fourteen people were killed in mass shooting, you would probably take the stage and turn the fake gun on the crap. That's we would merely method enemy day. Would
Equivalent of is the equivalent performing in front of a group of women and wearing, and I support Harvey wines. The t shirt, ok, like walking through a rape crisis sinner. What a bill cod He is a legend t shirt on okay. This is going to a black loud matter rally when they are gathering the protests against the injustice people are facing in the habit of police and wearing a t shirt as it. If you don't resist, cops, MU, Shu, This is completely completely tone. Deaf, ok, ok! right merely medicine at a microphone attached to a vague rifle, as he saying we know you. F in live on a scale of one to ten Ruth Dedicated, let's get it all by Marvin Gaye to his daughter. This is about a fifty a right, not guardrail properly but more loyalty will believe there is absolutely no value in shock. Ok K. What I don't mind, people being provocative. If, wait right was Marilyn Mansion, trying to teach us something with a message in this performance. It serve a bigger purpose. Now, unless someone can tell your uncle Charlotte, different. I don't see what was the point of gays intent
this will all wrong? Stop China, Broadway Pupils pain, dont, go chastened mass shootings. To give me own ribs removed, so you can suck your penis tat she used to. Please give merrily man and the biggest he hardly oh geez, I don't want you to think that this was randomly tellin ya. To remove you seek is sucking on penis around. I was always a rumour about Marilyn mentioned that he got his ribs removed, so you suck his old PETE. I ready well all right. I will take you for a donkey today. So much she hated you. Otherwise we will be looking at me wildly we dumb. Oh all, right up. Next. Ask IE eight hundred five, eight five one off, What have you got a question for you? Maybe you need some help in your life, your relationship anything collar right now, eight hundred five, eight five one o five one will take. You calls when we come back, is rockstar pulse Malone's rapidly?
won, T J, envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club it's time for Ask IE eight hundred foggy fire, one o five one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call ye at any time, and we have Dionne alone a day was of course the free mama Believe me, my head and waded move to a new area, and I've been trying to be the most the porter wife that I can I cook for now. I gotta keep without looking girl the kid taken care of and alone. I asked him, if alike, have more drive to find a better job. He's always expecting me review every bang like fill out the dollar application Neither has made our lead. You like his ma. Am I mean? Do you call it that China do? I gotta be at the boy back ever dumbfounded by,
I don't want you to have got one rule one every year bell and it's like. If you'd, though, what do you expect me to do? How do I continue? That is? It is a positive thing. He has an issue, maybe with potential failure. He doesn't want to put himself out there just in case it doesn't work out. I don't know because for me we met in the military power by what I am he had their drive emitting like when he got out and we had cave and crime alive. Oh well, that's what it is about why the person who met because I want to be able to compound the relax. I rely on
they dump an end. Is black now about them. I've got it, but I can never do there. Do you ask him to do things for you, because sometimes I find with men. We have to tell them what we need then, to do I'll. Ask him, because I don't want it to be half an hour not per year about finding. You have to express that. I mean I have to tell my boyfriend. I need you to do. This are needed it like sometimes honestly, like they really don't.
Don't think about it. If you don't say it because I know we always say: listen guys can read our minds and they really can't. So you need what you need to express that to him, because you should tell him you need to step up look. Sometimes I wonder, relax if you could do that and be very specific, because clearly he doesn't know be very specific and what it is that you knew him to do and when he does, those things may show you express your gratitude for it. You know so that he can be encouraged to keep on doing that. I have not been pathetic, but I have explained that they have every single time. I try to do something or I'll be like. I think I'll go up. My way like you know, could therefore be dragged through the man for another person like open, like ok war. Who are you?
That's why you're timer do they are why you're gonna go em, look like beer and, unlike welcome reflection of you, like ideas, only has a really negative attitude seems I do something within himself tat. He has some issues with, and you know I always tell people that I need, even for myself like to wake up and have a really positive attitude about life instead are always being so negative and cynical about everything. So it seems like he's having some issues- and I think is great- that you're doing everything that you're supposed to be doing as a wife and going out of your way and he needs to reciprocate and do those things for you as well, and I do feel like it's important to despair,
big in what it is that we need sometimes in the people, know listen. I would like for you to do this for me. I really would need for you to do this for me. I would really appreciate it. If you would do this really tell him, you know Diane, better than mere, hopefully, hopefully will meet. I couldn't go work together almost five year about you're alive alma, pointing back then he twenty three array and seems like he's just a little bit lazy ever marry. True you, nobody be his chair leader and, like always time with his potential when his capabilities, I let him know ass, he so much potential than you. I see you do in this gave him excited to one. Are there and do things and I feel like sometimes when we see little bits of progress, it really does encourage us to do more. So well, you know, and I know you have been encouraging- you been filling out his resignation, his applications, but sometimes
That is why I am saying this in is so attracted to me to see you when you go out they, even if they don't work out a love to see you go out there trying to get it like. That's my husband s, my man, I'm proud of you, you right here for your father's charm, warm mobile go more when the latter expression up in an speak up on what you need open. Thank you re not be they area. Unless we all of the fact that you're, a great woman and agree wife or thinking it was good to hear that about a half hour, I beg you Mamma the love a bank in Norway as IE eight hundred forty five little five. What have you got a course of vehicle nails to breakfast till to Morrow morning? Every bodies
J envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ass ye. Hopefully you having a happy Wednesday who this either I broke up with my boyfriend and the other night, and I give it my friend the drop off. They call them. You know, don't contact me, don't come from my apartment, unchanging. Lot any short of my apartment anyway, let himself in, and he called me any with leaving these massacres thing it all right. If you know, if you come to my house and my you talk to my modern and drop, I stuck fast and she's up. You know: you're gonna, regret, the day you ever met. Ok, so he's running you yeah, so I'm like wondering what I don't know
I'll make good on. At any rate, you do not want to find out whether or not he makes good on I could find out. He does is gonna be too late. Now, when I was younger, I had to get a restraining order also had to do to change my number chains, my last, but you cannot play around with something like this all carrying or no in winter. I you know, I think, in the thing family, you know my friends were near whispering and avoid mail with me. If I were a radio right now, just make sure you have a record of every thing whether its tax met, otherwise things these Dan goes. It please file a restraining order, they'll growl, a temporary restraining order right now than you guys. We have to go to court and the way he's not a permanent restraining order so that, if something should happen, if he comes there and against a resident, I rose he's going to do He has to know that you mean business not playing around with you he's threatening is threatening your safety and your well being Why are you being so nice? Did you feel like onawandah that want cops in a situation like this? You have to do,
yes, that these too many women that things happen to because they didn't take these threats seriously or I write. I know I was thinking that feeling I'm like it. He thought to himself. I say those thing: what could he not only as a Briton? Cart he's not a better, then it also like, if he really did something it like you, ve tried or hurt or beyond somewhere, like I did files, he could get kicked out loud guess it was bought. That is obviously Baghdad laid out. There is his own fault He should know that if he knows he's not a citizen- and you may have to get about this country, then he showed me and in his way that's his own fought, but that at the end of it
You never know where someone is capable of and you dont want. I it out right. Ok, that's what I thought it upon the elect another opinion either. I know there are women out there who just ignore it, and the next thing you know there are sixteen under Meda will go to the police and found that during our term right now and males by yourself. Ok make honour from your home you not by itself, even if you could go somewhere else for a little while does do they may show you change lacks for real immediately as an emergency. Ok, here really appreciate. A major backgammon lobbies are you? go now right yeah. I really do not think ill ask IE eight hundred five five one off I won't have you need some advice, relationship advice. You can call you any terms. We got rooms on away, yes alleged had to other women out there. I tell you about some power for women, making moves in the music industry and we're gonna salutes all of them all right, we'll get into all that when we,
come back and we have a huge announcement will become back as well as to breakfast logo on it. Are you looking at me like this? Ok, stop looking at me like that. The winds, I don't like. Whenever gravel nobody may be thinking, can we stood on on dead, snapchat stuff was here for night, then you will be looking at each other. Does where's double what unwanted weary other format on you just do it that way, and you're going to fly? Enjoy life, that's As you see only the board Likud, his lips, I like how they might the bottom left like white, like you know it What about the bottom of women merely regular skyscraper? fairly rapidly. Philly Rock on any blood arrival. Less gets it aromas. Let's talk marriage blush,
The toy annually on the breakfast I write marries oblige is now doing a fax musics focused scripted series. It's our long term. It's called a counted space on the life of a lorry, an Gibson choreographer, uncreative director. It focuses on a young choreographer, with the damage. Reputation who invest in an up and coming singer and effort to revive both of careers. So that's should be exciting. Erika Al Jazeera, who wrote shades of blue and queen sugar, is writing. The script and marriage obliges also the music adviser, as well as executive, produce old problem Bosnia M J B, like Dimitri credits. Not personally are people write and she's gonna, be in my bound on ethics member. When Mary was up here, she talked about that mug bow. Yes, the unexamined envy dumb ass accident. We send my
So there is no doubt that we need to be more, was and is even inside the patent rights happening had as he is gonna, be the fairest black be male comedian. A whole Saturday night lived, Rob Wanna glued Bob dammit happening that families are less army, so we watch ongoing and show the power and you're, not going support. Young Tipp of Tiffany had said that is happening on Saturday tokens, positive. Videos like meeting house, that's crazy along its editor. They live around. I mean us long time hey better late than never right? I'm not happy at Tiffany. I love Tiffany Ashanti has a new song. I don't have guys had a chance to hear yet it's featuring Ty Dolla sign produced by dj mustard and is called
here is a little snippet like gold dust Charlemagne. I guess it doesn't matter how hard you dare to sovereignty. So she's not going unblotted. It's not gonna onawandah becoming blood, maybe with an accident or did not want to go,
love is the car yesterday and I will listen and Age Martina. Nothing tat will give you planned song, and you know it is also the soldier is our luggage. Keep thinking about a shock deserves to grant me literally. Every is the grand pretty love of zeal was argued problem. I have little black. How you say, if you block, I blog, is to get well, maybe hush logic, not a pact that Nazism so featured in the Sierra friends, vanilla billboards and adds in everything and she's gonna score, which arose at a doing a select cities to her for the next three months. Cobblers shot, tissues, aging. Well, I right now colony is gonna, be getting an honour at billboards, women, a music events. So congratulations to Conny and you know she's gonna, say
on the rule, Breaker award because he's had a very successful year. So congratulations so her I'm stuck about all women right now is celebrating on these different women do throughout the year and Kevin Hearts Ex wife tory heart. She says she has baby fever, but she doesn't want any more kids she set out and she talks about common heart and illegal having their baby. She said I want to be able to love on this baby. Just like beer, loving on the baby with coal parenting. You have to get it right. So, weird thing. I just went peace now tore rheumatism, you one more care not to get there. Maybe she can get. As am I told you, I don't want anyone babies, but I felt that a negroes having a baby and seas is gonna, be treating their baby. Just like she would the rest of her kid in loving the baby as well. I'm sure invitingly, aha babies of Newgate, we drove all nuclear bombs requirement, at the back. That, while is it's only a few people we seen Harlem, said depression. Man in command unscathed- God bless Kevin harder hit.
Man is covered with the whole lama. God you hear me and I'll have you guys that has been twitter is gonna, be doubling their character account from one Eighty two eighty looks like they got him: a horrid windows plan. The announced that yesterday as bad for you, they ve been in September. We launched a test, it expanded. The one hundred and forty cared to limits of every person around the world could express themselves easily in its wing. Our goal was to make as possible while ensuring we keep the speed and brevity and makes no, twitter is an area that is a nanny ass in other men interest and on promise. You that nothing of the ninety two thin and then insurance majority Toy lady characters might sweat longer member. They also between longer that had been gone yet, president between a whole lot now Ellison. More importantly, women enough something at the breakfast club we ve implied in it at all summer. I want to salute Carling cabinets, no you're right Campbell. Slow to make a Mallory Labour Minister, our common parade, the West's logic, Justice League Arabella, fighting the gathering for just as those people who have been fighting for us in sacrificing for us for,
a long time and now it's time for us to help them. So if you want to know how you can help them to stay home for detailed baby, you are right. We ve been caught it ok when it comes to mind are really brings the Java God there could hang around for everybody. They went to the women's Myerst. That was really a life changing vein. I bought some of my friends in the nice bus ride out there had to duly green while who put that together, fries and just things like that can really change a whole view, on the world, and if a lot of people want to know, how can I do something? Yes, I can I help having I've tried, dissipate, indifferent things were going to help you out, whereas what were more detailed later. These are mutually follows on social media rooms, club area. We will need all the blog support and help us to announce this but all in all out did want to help. But don't
how to help. Why we got her employer, ok and will have full data, is, moreover, do before details more our right, Mr Ahmed, you haven't even ok. He yes, thank you, for those rumours are no patent till you made a start, but is to be damned army did elements that these do not lack of those tat were destiny is right. You gonna play as a guest revolt will see tomorrow. Everybody else, people choice mixes up next to breakfast locomotives.
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