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Power House Recap, Keyshia Ka'oir Interview and more


Friday 10/27 - Today on the show we did a recap of our annual Power House from last night, and apologies to everyone that could not make it in for the show. In fact Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the people that didn't have ticket and tried to bum rush the doors and ruining it for people that actually brought tickets to see the show. Moreover, Gucci Mane's queen Keyshia Ka'Oir came by and spoke about her wedding , the haters and much more. Also, we had Pastor Carl Lentz in the building where he spoke about his new book "Own the Moment", race relations and more.

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You mean you myself alone over there alone offers them again. We might now urging them man face of an again loves. Donor organs were right, so the gas market, what the hell's, how about this agony? Arrogant as my lord? What does I tried to do it. I didn't work out from now. Gardena see you try. Well, this is the day the powerhouse. It was the powerhouse twenty seven feet, what an ice cream you crazy crazy night. The show was, don't don't show so to our economies locally. Now, shouting Kip
In addition, Craig premium who said this on my guys, Gypsy now exists and other ready, honest cranium, whose thought the Albania nobody. I know not only economic wrote to me they suggest gangs hold Yahoo Google glad when goods are even Oliver early. How do we can't do we all kinds of JAMA level? I rather think that the rest of our lives as well as they say, to the people, couldn't get in failure was a lot of him everywhere most. Could I do your bad about their alot of people couldn't get in? I get something happened ass. I was, in my view, be emaciated down outside, so it was the venue it wasn't. It am I pity they were all doesn't where he was. On my disappointment, I don't play an elevator commoner because, like you, I love them lower to know that at least I guess what they're saying is people started to rush the door. They have. Neither would I tickets
singular Russia Doin. Ok, that's a little rusty crowd. I salute low food buffaloes. Never before have already arrived vesting levels. I will still find very fine. Ok, I like low, is an audience and everything else he killed along, like a like movies energy hostage deficit. Has there been shot the castle over castle over came out? Almost set drop. One include Balmerchoffen over the last year, have noble could even keep on the stage and Iraqi added to snatch the microphone. Rushed to state your formed in it. They wouldn't turn alive. Now form machine was coming out of the pressure on the hill. They also a sad fur came out as my guess. He killed it as well. Shouted, alleging Oji Buster Raw madrigal love, but young boy, that that is the main investor rams made at the last week.
Ok, I know you smoke. I've never been Glinda else. What five years ago, shouted see, grisly, add right down the troika. What happened was very well Was a commando myself any missed his flight, Dublin offered, you are using threatening Europe. He didn't have a language that MRS flight enables an early couldn't make. It now has a big part of my said, so I had to find, You know somebody has a commando. My Seti Grisly was actually in Baltimore, so I to fly him in here to show last night and in private jet him out, so he can make his show any did
He rattled stays. You literally was in a building for about ten minutes, and it got back out of use, are preserved utilities, research, jobs both accorded meet again and then make us actually previewed anew song feature in a given at anchor. I d be last night ya. Gotta this morning to us will get their own because everybody was they had assembled together, and then I want to say ass day, because your left in the weekend, when I last away ass, he saw me across our borders on all those living in a lonely. We're was when his security without really crazy. There was an answer I'm not gonna. Let me they should went crazy. There was a young man back these. I was very annoying that nobody, nobody, wait any trouble getting. What am I gonna do a monastery we on it I introduce him when I was walking back to add Benumbed Paris, employers to my friends, were me waiting on aside, let em a bag of my staff and we were actually getting ready to leave. So let's carries Ike get out everybody get out here, but really just the three of US girls.
In its hands in this whole began laughing I come on, we area will, even anyway, we walk into the staff. Summarily pushes look parasitic floor. Push why? Yes, I wash when are we gaze at year, so put it on the floor. Somebody throws warriors foam and then they like, Get out get out in his was worth security. Guy wasn't apparently on the floor with you. You know she was gone crazy
regions as regards temporary maple delay or little dirty, pushmi guy, especially if I got the good years. It was born to be back here and now that I would have a whip me last. They got to show me the Blue, about with forty people living on others already working from ordinary, Ria eighty people wait I'm on a day it would have been able to guide the boy ass. He last night boy found next gonna bring. Eighty people had been at the root of the problem. Is there to the ground, like I held my nobody said delegated already with crazy about us every day about knowledge management apologize, the security was still acting alone out. Your kind of you guys you were back in and I tried to tell them that man waited amounts everybody's, that nobody is that everything gave you as security and at an event you as a security presented three women. But all you have to do is say: hey, listen. You know, everybody has declared a state right now,
way out by those opposed to be a minor incident like that which he has just be about a guy that sound legal authority sharply five seconds later proposed. If we talk about how we are going to talk about a woman, You got knocked out cold iris. Did people working by grew? Did they help now in fact the college in key K or on the shoulder he's, ok I'll, be joining us this morning also pass the call lands eyes. The musketeer Gaucho cracker front page news is next, is humble breakfast locomotive really really here on a Friday one another by MRS describes the morning everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club luskin some front page news: thou in sports Thursday. Football is disrespectful, the ravens beat the dolphins, forty two, nothing that is disrespectful
Oh my gosh matters. This is down to their amazing. I do it again through the world Series is made between the ashes and adopt a series of tat. One word now are we talking about you Alex I gotta women who was knocked alcohol than any tat. You would have anything in Pittsburgh, noticeably since video shows the moment that a man actor out on a busy sidewalk? Now you would think the body with sad to have them Claude. I want mine, but instead the women get beaten and arrived by people who were there and then they start taking self with her ass. He is unconscious on the ground. Why would someone will be somebody nominated? A woman was unknowns. Rug attics has been arrested several times in the past, mostly for illegal, say exactly as unfair as this could be some random woman about with a modern, enable good news, but still you still don't do anything selfish. The amended ass transvaal by a man. Yes, you're right you rather and go to have packets, but in methods then everything is video, so the people that actually did that a group of men they left within they come back
He says you, the drug category, as even only rise, was rather dragging nobody. No respecter of other boys person dies. I agree with you like us. Just tell me: how did you get an arena? Tens of thousands of port illegal residents are fleeing to Florida after Hurricane Maria. So far more than seventy three thousand people have arrived in Florida and they are getting have agreed. The house residence with the help of FEMA, so Brown University is also enrolling. It is important to go to wish in free them rolling up to fifty students from the university a party we go to wish in free after everything, after Hurricane Maria and update for you, Charlemagne file, as somebody gave donkey of the data as the man who in Brooklyn let his girlfriend die. Fiery car crash as on, creates deriving got about it. There a mad appeared in court and he is now being charged with second degree. Murders second degree: the regular, and slowly leaving the scene of an accident jiving while intoxicated and other county is pleaded not guilty
Should we draw political Bosnia, judging charging Hamilton, remounted charging and yes, as he should be Laguna. Sorry, well as front page NEWS Charlemagne. As a really nice watcher, jammies Norfolk stays out some five, seven maltreated out look a fear of clothing African American College, lifelong everything you any longer Brighton, overstayed, noticed age. We were like everyone with age, be sealed off of stay shouts. Everybody nervously decision faster, the ito for, and I got my hatred or no but I'll write. You refugee has eight hundred five a five one and five If you're upset you need event is that right now, maybe you re, I would allow these causing, maybe of historic or maybe just one is present positively. Eight hundred thriving five one, five one is the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
Go away go matter, bless me, one of your voters, Latham vaguely abandonment of law with the one I wonder, goin ready for you ve got a dominant joke about being made. One or two I'll tell you. No problem Well, there are going to respect women's why there were happy, we're, not valued young, don't let them flowers guy. In other words, one more making offers yeah noted TAT day was hanging out. One right. He had bought a story of a shock broke out and making I had done
I'll. Tell you another man. Ok arrived we know what are you doin nothin like you wanted the last month alone? Ok, ok, making often we do not forget the divorce. They wonder funded a judge to set them can open when many many years. Why would you the water now looking up at that meeting as the Judge Sheep and go from around? Am I do he shook his head at the guard? make them believe on holidays on those jobs are more like a caterpillar. Do not develop fully into about what
God bless you love your get along the lines of a glaring. I ride, I think even making our regular features. Ada, Jude Friday, Firewater five, one of your absurdity divinities. That now is the breakfast love the moon. The breakfast club is your job to get about whether your man, what we want to hear from you, wanna breadth of allowing this poor guy. The poor guy. You love it s a while ago, Thank you very much we all jobs, boy now free, wanna, they are shared because referendum there, you can find out where it myself like a lot, but though he got free future before and then I found out there
the way there you know. I just want to say there is less than half the poor people like now I was there how these women take advantage of child poverty Lou now an on line. Now you get it, you said you may have Hathaway, but how do we know how to do it, which I support? What you mean by suddenly Veronica die because you don't shout boy, that's exactly. Why did he die? What was one of the causes that wouldn't you don T say TAT one right now around once more? It would change and watch out for children Mary. Louise s dress distressing. Now I hear that will get features eight hundred five five one on fire wanted off again. Next, our key chaos will be joining us and also this morning passed a call lays. Would you be governments on the way he has taken
Teresa Access and claims against him, and what are you why he says that it was a funeral. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast local border. Breakfast morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago we are, the breakfast club was due to the Roma's we gotta talk to areas where I read really go into were right. Now now he was inquired. His ex wife is trying again, permanent restraining order against him to keep him away from her and from there regarded each year together sailor now, Norma Gibson took a stance she said. Cyrus has been harassing her since twenty fourteen and also having somebody follow her he said he's been having somebody follow her, a private investigator because she was dead
a drug addict. That was the reason why now they asked, if she's afraid of him- and she said at times. You also said that he allegedly punched her while she was pregnant and that three of I people met with her afterward and got her to sign an agreement not to talk about it. She said she did sign that agreement because You don't want to ruin his career at the time as a whole. Should make death row tactics nuts? I read a thing, although this is not true. She really is this absurd that he moved I'm gonna re married. He said he hasn't seen his daughter and over sixty days, unless you get this resolved quickly. Just so, he can see his daughter now, his Ex wife Norma claims that actually put his hands on their daughter and grants. Her hands with one arm beat her with the other between twelve and sixteen times and that he hit her so hard on her bottoms. You couldn't sit now Terry says he only had her once on her bottom real discipline. Your java low pop star, restarted,
crying in the court room when he found out that Norma wants to take their daughter to Israel for three to four days to meet enormous grandmother as well. Now I went to court for in all black or any told him Z, this today, I'm Lampblack, because today I witnessed a dial innovation aggravations that I am here, one child one person. I will give my one an only child. I got nothing to lose all allow. God has the trouble goober, very I'm so tired drivers working time and his talents on actually movies when drama is clearly was bad enough. Maybe then, as I tell him, seventy two hospital last night is a bad chest. Pain visit, Nelson. This would leave in the corner of the sea in Hartman. He said east I haven't,
and he said he fell dehydrated as well. So we went to the ear he's getting fluids for dehydration is undergoing some tests to find out. Why is having chest pain now he did posts in Dili now, posted the wristband they give you when you're in a hospital for their use is positive and they may also give your name and aroused will witness the cherries Father cannot relax. I guess in anger was rather I believe that the communist regime are rejected, that I have been informed. My name was black bothered added, wouldn't want medical rest breaks. Marry me and my family appreciate your prayers and outpouring of left. My friends and family pleased that texting and calling for now global include both very about our. If he's always been a good father gardener fighting for their little girl, lamps retirees witches, start signals. So fiercely and let me produce a curve. Enthusiasms thou reality shows darn him. It would be the funniest thing on television I right now that we have arrived at our house last night. Big deal Amigos previewed a brandy song and try to be one
here as well, see actually had performed before the meagre got unceasingly He came back out for this announcement, apparently the me We have a song which Nicky Menage an Cardy B on the song, so they previewed snippet of that here Our rights under threat. We can wait a thing, maybe where this morning on here, for that I should ever they said they send you Brad instead of my email. Also, I think they said that Conny Wes is alive. Lee EPA now account you threw up there something like that. I already have a very exciting prison executive Deanna. Somebody were talking to honey German last anything she got out of what we have. We are counting on you. I got your part on the Sarkozy came out during this.
I wouldn't can't you couldn't hear me? Go though I will see it, but I'm, threatening mighty remarry yesterday- and I am here as well. I think I gotta tell you, for this. Rumour replied access denied. I write what because more quickly to the aims of the honourable gentleman that answer where I can do, I see one sixty five thousand dollars in spouses support has been denied, so they re getting thirty thousand a month. A judge says that Egypt is not his reputation, that
worried for marriage implies putting her music is already getting thirty thousand a month. Just re lack ivory goddamn model hopefully array well I'm Angela YE and that you are a rumour report, our revenge, you monsieur. When we come back key, she k your will be joining us, then, as Gucci means wage may quaint earlier on the Shoah, with an image of the lost his wife's The name is made of it made where our rights and working with care, Kiki, Kayo we come back, don't move is a breakfast locomotive. To ever made still wonder your radio station. Nobody ever shall remain. The guy was poor and everybody is dangerous. We actually Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we got a special gas in the buildings. Are he's. Ok, are gas you'll like money?
like our real bag on mine, as your causes, a mighty taking. Yes, my hunger literally take advantage of these jobs. Alkaline performing IBM. You think it possible that, though, what's the matter possibly single handedly thickly to blackmail, but you have to answer that question Charlemagne as a jail. But she said people respect, get a love, nor are they will genuinely get over. What we may not like, I was trying to say. Baker relates more partly because of his whole background as something, tell us how you guys met first of all established are, and how did you meet me? Ok, good! You laugh tat. It was two thousand ninety thousand ten and he saw me the double exile magazine. I was, I
Andy model that a year and he reached out to me- and I was always the scar I'm coming out next week. I got this video. I want to shoot, make sure you Booker, swimming or restart demeanor like I want a video that I didn't believe I don't know yet so anyway, a long story short you book did the video we met. And that's how it all started. Our duties will do so. When I first saw you he said he told you, you could be my wife. He did and allows our guy as does the game is right. I don't believe him. Obviously you know, and I judged him based on how people perceived him from the internet as like whatever by the guy was charmed was a gentleman. He opened a door, he held my hand, and I was like shocked and so surprised when he was data for us could recall Gucci men bogeyman presently back then you under a low Tarifa. I was just getting and that are not at all, because he didn't show me that I never saw that site
like. I said I sought on the internet, but when I met the guy's ill I was like sold differ. The gucci you guys are seen today. That's the beauty of large that charming person there were rumours when it when you got locker, gave you two million down so utterly main Ozma dollars, and you should decide to set a date for investors to any gave me. Some money came out a lot more. What would you do it yourself? Do we now no delay. You know I invested the money. I started some businesses and everything I did. I spoke to him about his. I go for it and I didn't unaware tat since I was a cosmetic line, though ways trainers, re likewise medic line. I had an online another time when she got locked him. Two thousand thirteen. So now I didn't have anything that would. As I started, the wasteful
When he got locked up, there will need to wait for me. You ve been another job allotted Download Youtube without a low launch great. For me to see no one among the honestly, I felt like it was the worst time for his life. He was looking at about twenty years. We was a sure how much time he was gonna get an in my heart. I could walk away from it. I knew he needed me not only said just support camp, but he needed guided and I felt like I to be there for this man to make him a better person. Why do you have through deeds in Jamaica? Reminds one of those were absolutely lack, and I'm glad you expedite Charlotte shun me, because I can't remember when I was ten, so a lot of people I think at all from the former United Internet. She came her when she was seventeen eighteen left all the kids in Jamaica to be what does?
rapporteur absolutely thought this was assisted US adept, assisted us started at Malaysia. Have you don't have a sister? I dont have a sister Tanya and I were friends and I'm not an estate up. You know we all refer to each other as this, but she's, not my sister. Though she was one of the kind of created. This really believe. Allegedly honestly, I don't think Tanya started it. We ve been told that the day we got married, that blogs or being paid to discredit our wedding, to discredit me and to discredit our married, because if you notice that all habits spiraled, while we were getting married on the tv whom I want to pay blogs for that, many people, I evil, agile, you just don't know it's it's, so they argue earlier than the right now everybody this good idea, but I didn't believe like under sunrise. Like alone, I don't you did you put you to believe in a little because he's married me with an unwelcome nor a goal.
Believing Eminem Listenin to his response and he's like he's com and he's living. Usually when people get upset it, they why you gotta behind see you think that having your wedding television is make you like, as what happens is when people see that obviously people, when I go ahead in satellite, make the worse out of anything, bring up all kinds of claims and you know absolutely miserable time for out of Vietnam, like God, damn we would just your relationship yesterday, we get married today, all ya come for me what these abandoned children in Jamaica and they photoshop for, Kids, negotiate a middle way can can I enjoy. My husband is important for a couple hours before us. Thar with me, because you got you and I both have children, or else you know we do
it's a situation where I am proud to be a mother, but at the same time I needed to be private. I don't want the kids in the line I dont want amongst those your media. I need them to go to school and suggest be children in all its never situation where they are left with my mom. They all of us and we have a blended family and we have fun, and a spoiled and they had been in the Euro Zone and my boy there was among the wedding, because that's how went as far as oh she loved the kids are kids. Can you know? Absolutely balls and you say you have to make our terms rather than use five an improbable met earlier, but I will wait kid he's really dramatic. Now, then, I did out an unknown organs. Is thinking of Jamaica why she had taken to bring this issue from Jamaica, but you really do make I'm really not a cookie stealing your chicken that demand
whoever good you're dead, makes them back into their allies, There is also room is dead. Invite his mom was progress of the later monitored by the morning with all this by there was at best man at the wedding was long and his younger brother was not there. The JAG arise which about that poison, ivy dramas. The red arise began about like that. When I started, I believe, okay and I've delight that sometimes you have family and you'll have a frightening closer to them. Then you, I guess it doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. You know my family, you would call you she got married and I, like you, decide you made those Choisy Dade another had our wedding. We we wanted everyone at our wedding to be passing. We don't want any negativity there. We didn't want anyone that didn't. Surely love was weak. We didn't care about anyone else's feelings, but our
own is already we are allowed to be selfish on that day and we wondered, are ceremony to be filled with love. That's what awaiting is it's about love. We got more wikis, UK, oh, we come back, don't move to breakfast club. Morning morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club we have key. She came in a building Charlemagne, she's water, when first and is so well We know it out while busy came up with that idea and we kind of went along with it because, as you know, ten seventeen is a big day. For you know, if he's not dropping album, is the mix tape a concert something for his friends? So we wanted the funds to be a part of the wedding and then Deasey also thought it would be cool to show the wedding, but also that the two finale is the entire writing that wasn't. The entire wedding was just ass, walking reception at the out of so much more, both the most expensive gifted you get about lavish gypsies are seen checks. I seen diamond gases Michael,
The re February was behind the gallery, for the guests are from the gas o this necklace year, thereby Who would Pierre all people choosing yeah? I got the key. It would seem that the lack of any posted there go on down those agony each day for rich you'd, irish transmission, as it is that users of the wedding, are you guys gonna? Do my television or are you like? I had this fine, I don't know I you know everybody has this software reality shows, but if it's something I do decide to do, which you and I will come to a decision together. I know he ain't doin images beaten by I haven't tried. I want to see how this works hours before I get caught up in
all that somebody they would. You say I got some of the positive and what is thy mother negatives, of having your wedding on television, a positive. Is you get to share with people a day? You know you put him in your world. For that moment, the negativity was there
hate. It was so much hate behind it. I and I was really shocked when I didn't expect the I'd know they would come, but not the day of the wedding. In a like, I said people are being paid to describe it as incidents do these evil things, but at the end of the day I can't even fine I'm not like heart and terrified. It's ok. You got the bashers or do whatever you want go ahead, because our union is so strong in all we ve been through the worst. It can't get. No worse than that me man, been in a maximum security regime is in jail. Is he was a real prison where even took me to the bathroom one day to strip search me? It's so strict. That's the biggest prison and Terry highlight if you're gonna get the chair, that's where you can also was it was so weak inmates were dying every day. I would call down there and can you get gucci and of the responses he did. He go
but he can talk to you right now. This is that it was rough, so the little the little land and all the hate that their doing so it doesn't come here. So we went through Helen back and we're ok, so keep hating. If you need one guy who sources for some of us crazy about that, I dont know Kyar. I didn't know anything about her until that day. I mean, of course, that my name my back, but I was found a migrant women are familiar to you, but I heard that she doesn't like Trina, I'm wondering if his because she saw treated the wedding, I'm not I'm really not sure. What did I do to your man for you to come at me like this, the kids Sufferin Lever and what's where it is my family, to make our so upset, because I take her up all of it, feed them. I build them. Houses by them. Cars take care of my little cousins and there like they're, so angry in order mad all day.
Do we not gender boys? Girls both are losing edge for no real dialogue with our age is if they do not lose our guy she's that voodoo polluter enemy well, it was a good man. I want to use as a major, as you say, Hu Jia, we see now you always know we ve been finally reverted to due to the work. I feel like he's a grown man and he decided he wanted to change his life. You don't have to walk around upset everyday girl came you're, happy people came to be happy, but I told him. I said it's ok for me to love. You allow me to love you because a lot of time you have these gangs as they go into battle. Shared thing you know second, like broke it down to him. Like I love you, you need to come home to me and I want you to be a better person for yourself in order for you to be a better man,
and we just oak everyday about it. Until I saw you know people I always jail talk, but, unlike I see it, this man is changing the way he came home. It was confirmation of the book of a couple times, how could you low FED up, I thought about? got it Atwater right, then he went on you, wouldn't even one ice yeah I mean that is, that was a crazy to increasing Mona. I was shocked that I saw him going through his right, but I didn't expect him to come for me because I was the angel, unlike the baby, when he did that. Unlike what is wrong with you, you know and he started screamin on the phone and I hung up the phone but immediately after he was like I'm so sorry, I love you by then so days after TAT he went to prison, so he was just going through so much and I just I honestly felt like that sentence changed. Will you surprise me people for deal now, because
now he was going through it. I forgave him immediately. I think everything he did. He didn't really during TAT in his book is very open about it. The drug use name was mine, was the lean and what's crazy, I've never seen him take them. They would hide it from me nothing. He did. He showed it to me. Really never seen him, I mean, I know he was doing it. He respected me so much tat. He had all that stuff for me, because I am not that woman that, in its turn, watch you just damaging I'm gonna, be like you can't do this is it right in also like that's another is why he respects me so much more because, like I've, I've tell him, I'm not a guess meant and you ve got to do better bed. I love you fix this, for you, please get alot of people talk about how you doesn't rehab people to feel like very good. You
kind of actually, maybe, in the end of everything, a positive thing for him, because you dig him off the guys. Have him sit down, think about his life somewhere and come out is about a person absolutely in all he's been locked up several times and it didn t happen, but it did this time. Like I said this, was it wasn t just gonna Fulton competence during a maximum security prison inmates are dying every day your facing twenty years. You have your career, you have your woman at home, which is so it was like now you have to choose and above the prayed, so much, and I start to help us Well, I got answer dollar fires in Europe. Was your return favour is the change. I feel like. That's really what happened now your lower unit? What is good to hear that you know what do you have that he doesn't like what
these are the major film the complete you well Gucci Super intelligent. Any super smart saw, my ah. I think we both just bring everything to the table. We ever household of two incomes. We now I do everything for him ass, a wife should do. I could I packed his bags. I clean up. I you know I just like everything as a man. He should do he's. He does in everything, as a wife should do. I do so. We just makes it even better was indeed woman, oh yeah, absent. And take their my man, I'm aghast and I'll wash his back. If we got more wikis UK, all we combat don't move to breakfast to upholding everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club we have she came in the building. Now people say easy to forgive melodies, while lackeys like if he was the garden They do some dirt with another woman, maybe forgive because he is good. You may not like this woman.
Like I said I love Gucci, but I don't I'm not gonna, stick their allow anyone to dismiss them because he's Gucci I have morals and principles and I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a daughter- and I have to respect myself so in order fate for a man to respect you, respect yourselves or non legalistic and alarming. To do anything. We are retarded, sometimes makes me a little retired at some time. We have a low lapse in judgment and saying that we make one little Miss studied a lot of mistakes. I suppose so from has then I just So much now, I don't have to worry about. Sometimes you gotta go to alight you how it is, and how do you know to me, my? How do you know when you are made have completely changed rehabilitating? You know, you know. I write by an installation like you know like. Even he's on the road and I'm not there. I don't have to get up and think he working he's good and and that's what a marriage is like. If you don't feel that way, don't even get mad
I do not know their prenuptial agreement in place. Now these nets. We only I mean the man shows me with his whole life than eyes money and therefore we need a prima rule. Would you Oliver everything Everything is hard enough to let those after all and for how long we are together, oh nine or two thousand ten, or to use. What are you doing here is longer than that, but what's crazy the beginning. Only when he wanted to give me all of his money. I said I dont want he offered. You want to give me so much money
babe, I'm away. I want you to ask, I don't want it because I didn't need it. First of all, I was doing so well for myself. One slash two, I'm not here for your money, you're locked up again. We don't know how much time he was going to get. I wanted to secure him and make sure he would be okay for, however long and he was going to get so. I didn't take I'd die while you for you, you got money, you don't have a financial to protect. You your interests chill and you my mom talk to me about it to buy again. It's like what we ve been through. How are finance is. Is that now it when you can make sense of the light was the purpose of which is that Europe would not want all Maybe I see well what you re talking about Gucci argue never
it's hot prominent divergence out all the west, especially where nothing there was. The special needs of a lot of people has Emily, hardly speak. It then I have done I laid my day, an fans and will have noticed that China, when I actually their own and they just as long as we speak there just now hearing my action for the first time you under real closing the real, but that was recently announced on all the past stuff, but about back to your honeymoon question but she's on tour, and it s There's going to be that old, traditional wife again, my upset that were not on a honeymoon. No, I don't care about that stuff guarantor you workin, I'm gonna come under which, a week a honeymoon onto our or we do it later and words of the I seriously were so tired of hotels. We just wanna be how we don't even want to fly all over the world had been.
Bodies hotel. We love our house, we love our bed and we would be rather hunting in the bed. But how do you may dave such such good shape? If you like the college, I don't got that food every day. I probably cook like that when our window Atlanta usually do it. On Sunday I used to be our day, but from Monday to decided at all known, salad and foods, we don't play that game or do your job. You have a good day. Yes, I make sure we have a strict data. We worked out five to six days a week I should die. Would with those who have emigrated discipline discipline I literally couldna food and only eat it, because it took me a while to get here, though this wasn't nothing new, like I've been working out like five years, but when Gucci got locked up, that's when I changed my whole died at source.
You mean obsessed with it till I looked thick seriously and a hacker like catch myself. So now I finally understand my body and finally understand one I can eat to maintain my weight. It took a while, but I got it Would you say something to book? I'm still trying to forget it away with Jerry. I used to get up and work out to get tat. They have a time they get up everywhere. So, let's at six a m, so we had a whole schedule the gathers I would get at the same time with him. I would take the kids come back home work out, he's working at the same time he shower. I shower twelve o clock, lot he cause. You talk about our work, I would talk about our lunch and we did that every day every day, so his time would go by faster and so he's not like. I did all of that on her get his mind. Ok, I don't want him India to getting any trouble to getting more time. So I cannot just did all those things and I would you not lie down there to see him and he said
station for five six hours- and I just sit there with it, but you could tell you really working out, because you saw him it isn't that the first two months he lost my party. As he was detox that stomach was lean. It wasn't even fat, it's hard to get off me because it is their constipated. They don't go to the bank data within a book ass though all of that was constipation forty pounds as he went in like two ninety and then the other fifty he had to work hard for that. But what good Megan remedy? Would you give him when he will constitute looked? He wouldn't like? I said he wouldn't tell me He wouldn't tell me he was hiding all of this for me like in when I would like the House in Atlanta and I'm coming over. This is Duffy's he's told me now. He said he would for the lean in fruit bunch to trick me and my God, what have I tasted the gun? So now, when you read about that, you don't know, I know I can
everything and he was riding the book from jail, and he would make me the sheets, because I heard someone say you didn't write his book. That's absolutely path. He wrote page by. Even if you read it, you see it in his own language. Own words. He wrote that book, by patient mailed it, and then I would merely to the people of printed up in the book. Will you have a consignment when he was indiscreet that people would come after you? Could they were you like the close personal now grown up in Jamaica? I witnessed my daddy and, like so many things. Sanctum ethical saw an end. That's another reason, I'm so protective over the children, because his own finds that amount to be murdered some kind of Baden through that life. So I understand him, you know nothing, he digs scared me. I was never scared of him. Even sometime he's going to what I would fly tat led him like it was postponed, which talked him. You know I I I don't fear that tab stuff, because ice ice seen it as a young child.
Line up, and I just one always protect him. Sometimes I feel like I'm his security. No, and I cant do nothing like if people commend him on light, yellow, but no reason for the EU, Jordan Funny you yeah, he arm. He was coming home one night and they were out. I'd waiting in the bushes vitamin a walk in and they shot him in his head. So we were inside, oh you, then we left you make a week later. We all share for the rest of the family or balls. My mom is like we got to go. We can't stay here, but he was wealthy, so they would rob him. Then you know just then they finally murdered him. How do you get over a trauma? I have you I'm over it. I'm ok good. She reminds me so much of him. So it's like everything that which has done in the past. I forgive him on poor widow,
if somebody do something to you and you have to defend her- something gotta defenders that we look forward to see a more to show a procedure for joining us ready for you to write a book, I wanna hear more. I wanna write one so because my life is very interesting. To tee all day- is the breakfast club good Morning, J we actually ye Charlemagne? The girl? We are the breakfast club, biscuits it aromas. Let's talk was brown, with Angela close now creates Brown has gone on Instagram and he said he wanted to respect. He said: take it how you want, but due to the back after defend myself, a winning as a damn, shame I am bringing bris back. My music will forever speak for me, so anyone who think I'm going to keep letting you all try to make an issue out of love needs to take several seats. I came to New York for a great free concert. I'm finally say this is I'm the
out of all these items, and I will not allow these and I will not allow you broke following need. A hook from Chris Brown, say y'all records pot to say otherwise, you're better start, showing some effing respect and act right. I make music for people who, like my ish and obviously everybody to hook or a sound, but me from anyone's three platinum. Singles are for my album by direct Eric Vokel, arrange and make you hate me because I'm the effing bastard do yourself a favor, ask to get a work ethic and grind, because I'm at out Hussle RAP, sing better than all you scared industry and with I've, been here before a lotta and yard, and even knew about real music, not nay. When named one of y'all can see me and you actually truly know it That's really right? Nobody of denying Chris rounds talent and we don't want denied in normal Chris Brown denied any other. Some subdued from. We should get better, become the best bridge Brown and he could possibly be we actually. Socrates brown perform in Boston. Yet me every year,
You did a great job creation of autumn after two you showed it. I want him to be his best, as well as the means to live out and said. May, when I was right in this document, we remember when he performed any. Did Michael Jackson Tribute Man in the mirror and he broke down on stage. Could that was at his first returns. It his days have to honour their obligations, as would neither do. I need to look at a map of the incredible performed. Look in the mirror and faces demons and while I was watching her and become the birth crude Brown and your possible era, Corey Feldman is planning to expose the Hollywood pedophile ring. He wants to do a movie and is putting together a campaign he's trying to crowd, found ten million dollars of a two month, so he can finances. Project now said he wants to dismantle pedophile ring that he was introduced to as a child in the eighties. He was to expose and dismantle the petty firing hears. What he had to say. I proposed to do this by making a film that'll be the most
honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed by telling my own story in a very real way, with no editing, no censorship, no studio behind it. I will make the film underwrite the film operators, the film and I will self distributed to guarantee against the actual release, so we gotta wait until you do a whole movie for you to tell us about this. Goddamn pedophile right, you ve been talking about it, tat given name, let alone, but a lot of people were setting him down even when he was on to the police. Give them. The name and occasion of the protocol ring the Prince of Orange, shut down to Madame Manning. I met on where they do it on him for illegal purposes for Saint People's names. He said this before illegal purposes. He couldn't name, but if it is an advantage, but here the book out and everything is still going on,
God's is certainly going to a whole movie about it had served to make it so you see what happens, but then he talks and he's so far as ways raise a hundred over a hundred and thirty million dollars. For this now here's. What does he had to say about what happened since all his allegations have been brought to light? A reason to discuss the fact that I have his plan. My life is turning, Ricky eyes. You can probably told me the son of my voice just over the past few days and they made them announcement been arrested. I had near death experience last night right felt like I was almost gonna be killed. Two trucks came speeding at meeting at the same time, I'm crosswalk and then several my band members decided to wait because they're afraid for their lives. Well, well, we'll see what happens if this really is gonna go down. Albanos integrity is choosing thoughts and actions based on values. Rather than personal gain sounds to me like he's, trying to get personal gain of this by saying he's: gonna put it
in a movie and self distributed and make it go to Thetis. Tell us what is going on now break of Tibet of our ring. Now then, you said: Teddy one million stood one thousand that he's had a hundred and thirty one thousand brain under this is thirty one. Whenever it is thirty, one thousand undergoing went out and write. What I mean is that he raised two hundred and thirty one thousand dollars so far, who carry out my niece at all, as it is, but one million in total hundred without our right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report, I thank him. Is he shot? I yes, Gimme a donkey man. Let's talk about powers last night, let's talk about the mess that happened outside. Why not for our need. The people who tried to rush the door of the Barclay, sinner and Dino's party for everybody from the front, the Ganges you like that war with employees all right we'll get into that. When we come back, he blackest breakfast locomotive.
Don T dare devil you today, for Friday October, twenty seventh gold, all bad apples, debt swell point yesterday at powerhouse hand, Brooklyn New, furthermore slowed everybody who have legitimate tickets, people who spent their hard earned money to come see the weekend. French montana. It amigos COD Ii B. And I really enjoyed watch before last nay little woozy vert drop articles by everybody who had real tickets. Ok, I understand Damien friends. I may put a man on his head. We must all you did you, but I'm not gonna have artists who we bought out. What a sad fact over a set for two thousand
the rugs MRS emerges, doesn't it I don't care if they were positive, energy is ruined by negative energy and that's what happened last night actually has happened. The past few years now last item sin in the lounge over what our guide document has dramatically both doc. What is there in an hour from people tell them they won't let anybody and building on my desk range. So what I m up you asked me to do something happen inside the building one like I'm like, I don't know they wouldn't let anyone out either and then, of course, like clockwork my anxiety kicks in ok, you know slight anxiety, attack, gotta thought there that our Yonah grinding Concert, Nega bombed, got my boy contract, Legato guy, I'm absolutely when it openly who he is. Those causes stories and think that could happen at any time at any concert in America. They have to ask you some questions about why they wouldn't let anyone in like an angel. Said I found out they wouldn't let anyone out now my anxiety really kicks it now. Thinking is it alone, gunmen in living,
when my anxiety, which less than I start thinking every worst case scenario possible. Ok, but thankfully it wasn't that it was bad, but not that tragic was gonna NBC for New York Republic chaos at Berkeley Centre. When a group of people without decades tried to force their way into a soul. Thou concert power. What oh five point ones powerhouse show was playing at the venue as a safety precautions representatives with them. Play Centre say they closed doors, while security work to disperse back, proud, you see there. Those who had tickets to tonight show and could not get in will receive a refund fans were found to gives tried to storm inside Barclays and, first of all broken. Always be. Brooklyn drop, one of whose bombs from Brooklyn Dammit resolution does there was about linen resin adore you kid it in his saw Brooklyn. Okay, now thousands, kilowatts animal, be videos arrested but come on
you can't make it bad for everybody else who actually paid to get in the right see is cause and effects. People with no tickets try to rush the door now police have to add to them in order to react at em you gotta shut the venue Dan regain control than the people who actually pay for tickets have to suffer because of the actions of the neglected who Dayton. Now everybody is agitated and everybody is ready, and now you just gotta mess period. I undressed. And why everyone it is that is, is upset. But in this case the people should be. The most have said are people who actually had tickets? Ok now I dont know why exactly happened with the Boggley security and police. As I was out there, but I do know that people were peppers rate sign on the. Why wide is essay? No one was pebbles. Raymond EMS, reportedly treated people being published rate, was whenever interns got some purpose Ray and she do yes, she did was gonna ABC
when and why would we published during a soul about cancer about baseball spokespersons as a group of fans without tickets tried to force? way into the show which feature musicians, including the weekend, may goes French Montana carding be witnesses. We spoke to say, pepper. Spray was used on. That but their liabilities as it did not use pepper spray. Air ass did treat to people from burns to their eyes met somebody you published So if somebody that actually had pepper sprayed, may I tell you that the police, pepper sprayed them, I'm going to believe them, and I think it's a damn. Shame that in order to regain control of the venue, the people who got brave, probably didn't deserve to perpetrate, but they had to get the purpose brave. A good view deserve to paraphrase needed to be perhaps Fraid not looked the modern stories this. It was all a mess. Ok, I'm asking
about people chose, do their own thing by Russian, don't know any day now. Take it listen. I don't care what anyone says when you do too going on purpose. Nothing, good habits, nothing! Ok! I need your people. Did not get in the chasm integrity about yourself, Integra, Nor was right, not was easy, was right is partisan, its fanning online and waiting. You turn again. It was easy, is not binding ticket and attempting to rush to do it again and you Eddie it's trying to take the easy route ruined if everybody out go, get a job save your money and purchase it like everybody else? Did it hurts my heart? I feel pains in my chest like Terry's coming out the courthouse: all people who couldn't get in last night because all these knucklehead okay, so please give all those idiots try directed toward the Barclays than the biggest he. How pleased Damn she could. They really miss my show that matter and they would enjoy it. There was no when you can Moldova do like I'd like for people in front to learn a dog dildos and I was
This will allow stakes. Don't look closely examined. Glows six week do out those. Two people in nobody had a mouth so you mean to tell me all those hard law thing they will open up in the air was call sticks. Yes, I thought they were there, No, you ordered him to be. Do you know that? Don't you worry? You went glitter of thy where your visions decide. Shut up now, Oh, no, no, I'm not let you off the hook either like envy in his lap top right. Now have the measles record feature dickie, menage in COD Ii, be from culture to anytime. You gotta wait till nine o clock the play outcome. I know every face where they were supposed to preview. The entire song last night to join the EU allows the magazine preview, a snippet of the song loopholes, minimal, vicious dj, managed Ricardo wait a little farther wishes. The idea is the what
Tourism is always tone. I love you want. We deny darting Cosmo, not ask about sport. Motor sport, modest were and what you do. You want me to reckon with no not yet. This is the dams legit, but if they give you a delta, you go. I e that we like this, so that the yes, no no, You got one that has been letting go, allows in a dark members. As I will we come back the past the car. Lives, however, about the car, when you sit, may well god Damn near Human, not cry like ass the car- there's a guy there without ology baby. When I return to normality in God, man is when we come back the past, the college beta building. If you got a new book up, that euros, accept you sound like I'm gonna go, get a lot better. Thank you pass. The airlines are beginning to get him. I will go gospel over secular. I guess TAT S where we come in.
Is the breakfast Logan one, the breakfast club? Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the we are the breakfast club expressed, guess inability. My guy past, welcome back pleasure to be back member path, a guy. Finally putting out a book on them, This is my remember me to regos somebody give me a book to power a moment, and then he comes your book called owned. A moment brown to some, and I like, It has made the most of what you do have don't be so fixed on a future that you miss the power of the present. Why does Audubon the now path? Come? First, full! Congratulations on your best seller! Thank you, Sir Holler. I think and people need hope right now and reminders. That we can do a lot about a lot, but we can do something about what we have in our hands right now, as I wrote it because I think he's a frustrating times and people need to know, we can do something about what were. But
a part of you know what whatever job you have them, wherever you find yourself is more power, and you probably think right. We ve got all my time like videotaping. What's going on, is that everything in that moment in a moment is right. You know you gotta was showing you like I've gotta make up at this hour. My nap tat are used, you would be assigned he's writing his bag. You taking a picture of her writing his bag, but sometimes you need this experience and In that moment, we are living in a moment, is limited to a house. Was whack right, holder You have eyes, you have memory, you know, sometimes, as does better so
I think we go. We got a moment in time right now. Culture wise to to do something I mean it's really easy to criticise, is a lot to criticise. Perhaps, but my go, somebody once said: we need less fingers in the culture more thumbs, and what am I gonna do about this, and everybody can point in judge and yell, but I still think it is a time and a place for that, but I wanna be somebody who's found trying to make a difference. You can criticise elaborate, you seem to embrace the hate so to speak. He noted critical, your budget, tattoos, pictorial, muscles. Ok, you, your sense of dress him. You know maybe they're right about says you have only hollow there. I think you know you can't expect to make a difference and have everybody get it? You know if your goal is to be understood. Boring life anyways. I think from me. I've learned how to almost measure how I'm doing by who does unlikely that there's something
HU. I don't want you to like me always limit I might be, but all we said there. We said that in our church, like you know France's of year, if you're an overt races person, I'm not sure I want you to be comfortable with me and if you are taking ground that means you're taking ground from somebody. So you know from people criticise us as they say, God bless you and you know, if you don't want to take the time to get to know us and what we do. That's on you a job, if they don't want to be an honest, may not get you many friends, but it always is your right once exactly in the book. You say yet living the dream and learn embraced. The beauty of your reality explain it. I feel, like everybody, talks about, like the dream scenario, we know we normally compare our lives to somebody else's is the grand you know are behind the scenes. Somebody else's sports and highlight real, and I feel like is often too have dreams. Obviously
We gotta do something, but we have right now because you ve always waiting for the idea of thing. We miss so many moments that could matter right now. So from me, I got big dreams are less those great, but I also have a responsibility to do as much as I can with what right now. So as to fall is not like no dream, I'm not like anti dream. I think in more Luther king was I have a dream, but he said it while he was walking into me, there's so much power and that, as I know, a lot of people like some day, I am. I have a show like the breakfast club that coup. Where do you dear internship Woody studying and I think we ve got a raise up- a generation- is willing to dream and willing to work because they don't they don't. You know work without each other at a balanced text. That emphasis is tough balloting. I think you you, you gotta, keep your hand to the plow, so to speak, saw I've never once waited for an opportunity. I think it's like I'm gonna, look at opportunism and knock and I want to keep moving
but I'm not going to wait. I'm going to do you know the best I can with what I have right now. I think God always buses that I do believe that work, because I'm a christian you end up looking a lot better than you really are. You know like it's, not that we work harder or somebody who's successful is better necessarily just mean. Sometimes God can God can breathe on what you're working with. Come on? I believe, and Sonya reaping com has a different were, but the concept of you get out what you put in to a degree. Try to a degree globally. We know who I am. I believe in wholeheartedly as well, but I do believe that if we all got what he deserved, as it is a question, I'm thinkin I don't deserve to walk with. Was God I don't deserve to know Jesus I don't deserve anything. I've got to them. To that, but, beyond that on, like an earthly, practical level? Yeah you get out what you put in like: don't they don't expect us to grow for not going to water it if you're not going to be no grind for a tall, is living up to your potential but exceeding with your own x
patience. I have yourself potential. If, if someone looked at me one day and they said Karl, you really lived up to your potential, I feel like I would be doing God a disservice potential. It's like I wanna, be that guy people like Norway. I can't believe there's no way do from Virginia shot out and meet all the Hampton People dago, I loved her love. How people who know me from like that's, what's cool about going your hometown, because people know you, you can't take anything either hoped, and that is all people see me they like. Ok, I used to be an atheist, but you I'm interested because you can't fake, where you're from what you know who you are, and some people see my life. There's no explanation for other, then maybe what he believes, the real cause he's not dead that anything that all caught them with his illiterate. Because you never can quite live up to echo the orally. Nor did it. I guess you might have your own goals in your own things. It's rang accomplished, but most of the time potential is based on what people say about you after the fact
and yet you gotta addressed at an own. The moments after when you said that transcends immobile and true by needs would never really accepted our appreciated an attack ever ever again. There will be. No common cat, for instance, like you know, he's vilified one minute and now starting to change the narratives different. There will come a day when people be like you gotta. You gotta, Neil, you gotta stamp. One should believe, but I think number one when you appreciate people right now and in number two note, nobody's ever stepped out was cool, a moment ago, body that model of a king Jr. Now Mohammed Ali, none of you people we are alive now, none of them no body in in that's that's with people. We live in a culture where everybody is desperate to be approved, of you can't change culture, if you, if your number one goes for people like you, I think the essence of changes we will in the summer you by myself, and we have a phrase at church ass God to deliver you from your own prayer request, can on one hand say God, you know you,
meta. Go out on waters that I've never been on, and then next week pray that you know you feel shaky or God use me to reach people next week, people walk all over me. It's like I said at the book. If you ask use you, he will soon be careful before you say something though it he's looking for available people. We got more pass the car less when we come back to don't move this club good morning morning, everybody's e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. We have passed the comments in the building, ye isn't how to embrace somebody like say, Haivy, one thing when it comes to health on he was like. I need some help. I need to talk any some guidance for anyone, the last time I was here you, U S, goodbye, Charlie, shame, and here we are hardly lies mainly in Lord help- me get a peaceful new cycle. I wouldn't be hard for me because Harvey Wednesday in any
he's just like, I need Jesus and are the consequences of his sin heavier absolutely, but at the end of the day that that man needs help and if there's any place I recall that would open the doors it will be ours. It doesn't mean that we absolve or endorse, or advocate or excuse his behaviour. They just means. Our answer is the same What's your problem is no matter what your sin is, no matter how big or small we might make it. I feel like we know. We know what the answer is so Harvey pray for him like we would anybody it's sad and it's gonna get worse and it's interesting how, on the one hand we honor Hugh Hefner when he passes away, the dude was opponent, but yet Harvey wines theme is is this demon in culture right now, and I said we gotta pick our amateur. Do that at the current I do you have, nor was it you, crowded, Playboy, yawned Playboy, those playmates one.
Listen be their hunting gas harm you with using his power. No, I'm not I'm not like getting what they said. I'm saying what they represent so were mad on one hand about what Harvey wisely in his done right, but the culture that created it? We also honour with the culture that created. I think I'll you mean like are eating pornography in year. I think today, how can one? be acceptable in then. We not expect things like the Harvey wines needing to be accepted for so long. If there are always set with Zimbabwe, ineffectual pray Absolutely I in no way my likening these two men together. What I'm saying is we have a culture that can't pick which direction we want to go so it is, is play boy. If you have worthy of on right now and yet you know we go to Harvard
Einstein, and we vilify him. You know up into how to I don't know. I think that some time and it gets into different things, what is totally lacking data that every legal somebody out there is no doubt that lets say under the same day. I'm saying that the point is we have very, very murky water right now with morality, so that that was my greater because when I get these immoral, I think the evidence is there that pornography is destructive to anybody. This involved with it now, if someone's got better research, please show me, but from I've. Seen from what I know, I don't think it's its help in anybody. Now you know she's my view at one side of the earlier here like it feels like who desires more thought and other things. I think it definitely devalues. What is what is right? what is wholly and I dont think you know. I think you can get to appoint culture,
you're so ingrained to think something's are right. You know we started to start to lose our sensitivity. So I think from from what I study from what I know that the people that I've worked through some some pretty nasty journeys with sometimes pornography is ever press. Factor in all these scenarios saw a young people need to make their own decisions boy them right now are ready. I was I think that, as the commissioner was that I was talking about culture, Yarly Harley infuse and have the same, I can say that I'm just saying it looks to me if a critical, though in a new they d, you had a brawl, Justin Bieber and they posted pictures in bottles budget. Were you
That alone will not alive all you want to know what was it that way I was when I was trying to painted the inappropriate thing depicted every word. You like a guy in a pool right now the juveniles are saying that they pretty much that the reason just to be stopped his tall with, because his conversations with you right is. Is there any truth? No, sir, if you look at his instagram, were you, he spoke on his own behalf that only people who speculate like that don't have been contacts of what it means to have a pastor were a friend just a made his own calls. You made his own decisions, is not my role to tell this boy this man. We made a guy. What to do. His is going to do and I must have their say on with you. If he asked for advice, I would give it That's not my primary roast and we want wow what a heavy handed him cancel as to. Why would I want believers mad at me? They manage to film, I mean some of some understand. If you love your fan of anybody, you want them do his best for them, whereas the recovery were met. Yes, those photos were weird. They weren't me
one time ones out once how much I leaned into listen- and I saw couple follows that you know tried to make that summits that, on my comp, thirty eight been married for fourteen years. This is known just for ever like how desperate are waiting to manufacture stories. You know. I think it's way that we live in a time where, like, if you see somebody genuinely do something good? The first thing we do. You may have been inappropriate, They are right. I wrote about an book. Leg is so much easier to go back to back. His plump is for you. I gotta do some wrong rather than go out of youth, How many markets are you in seventy plus seventy play, something
Eighty four, eighty mark is it's gonna be easier to look at something. Don't it's going well right now in hating on it, then it is to go. What can I learned from and so people? I gotta talk to report one time about the just and thing, and I was like get there's nothing. There's nothin weird he's like I just don't believe it. I dont believe that people can make their own decisions without heavy handed it. I said, I'm sorry that you feel like that like what, if what, if you just making good decisions like, why can't you just believe that this is legitimate?
you have said something that has touched justice and cause just in the leg. Clearly changed me a re evaluation. We remember you that a few years ago we see what then are clearly feel like a relationship with God changes your life. Do we have a factor in that? Will ye you help? Take you you're a good friend me. You ve, we ve had great combo, so there's a lot of factors that go into somebody changing their life and we get way too much credit for that stuff. We were a local church. Yes, we do support. Yes, we do bring help by Justin's made good decisions that are based on his relationship of God, no more its credit for that and I think, but yet we have we had handed. I hope so. I hope I've made a made his life easier and a little bit more supportive, but during the day you know We need that we need, you said it well. We need to look at things that are gone well and clap for people yet above but I know you like, I'm like one who had the colleagues I d rather Gotham messages all the time and urging me in prayer
like me, who has no real number? Guess who he is, I think, but that's that to me is, is the essence of community and life it. But if you don't know, church like in you'll know the way we do church. This isn't an a succession of years of help, encouragement, guidance, wisdom, conflict challenge, and so you see it's like looking at the instagram that somebody has arrived Instagram. Doesn't she you the days were you fall on your face? Nobody instagram their bad days like here. I am again stuck in the same place like no one wants. You know, no one talk about that and it's a shame, because those are the moments that make you so when people see just into a better anybody, do better for that matter. It's cool but understand where you know where and became from understand what endless been through time. Don't you ask you about the best seller mask about what it was like to grow up in South Carolina. You know with nothing. That's who makes you who you are simply with just and he's worked hard over a long time to make better to say
now I'm proud of that product? Human? I think that's the hope for everybody. The anybody contain well Unita leave us with rare diseases. We thank you for a new day. You that everybody has the right to come to you and get grace whom we need its Lord. I pray for anybody listening to it bring hope to the hopeless you bring healing to those who need it. We pray for our cities who pay for our country pay for our government law that you will continue to have your way. We thank you for what you ve done. Jesus. We believe that the best is absolutely yet the calm and we love you. Thank you for bringing us here today in Jesus Name, amen, May I call its own the moment. Go, get a job right now it is. The breakfast locomotive the breakfast club people building. They should No, I like water colours. I like you, I would ever you also like the easier confessions every
don't make me don't make me out to be a lie, and I told her body. I couldn't possibly be well known that talking about that you now I'm talking about a modest boys record. Now we got the wrecking early right. The motive was rigour feature in is to make future Nicky Monotony COD Ii be right, got it gotta early, so solemn even got an early, so we talked about playing it a little early before we are supposed to new right. Yes I'll, do it, he advertises we don't play so get out. Fifty flew to the shameful They draw political legacy of fifty four, while you re, like any do day on this, on a low and in your dog affords was not a good week in low doing ok right. This now came not budget now and we never works out. These are heavily worked out for you. I just got a new light on the low envy so anyway, yes, so I've been getting. That phone calls
crazy about the negative do. Do you have to record the energy has run. We all do it a couple of times and I don't have outrages, are making a cardboard Gabby. The tribe do the rumours and they will play out outer. Was we limit at nine a m we shut up so because there are rumours about So are you Jesus Christ? What already talk to a girl, some about this guy now, Angela Underbred, I met the Mayberry tat. I arrived opening had been invited to attend the NFL owners, meaning they extended an invitation to several team and players anti he's gonna be joining them now. Common is happy to attend. The players are reportedly happy to have him standby as well. We'll see what happens, as have appending case against Annabel owners for collusion problem.
What is that it will come into his book is bogus cometh, yet over three hundred women now have chimed in about James to back the director. Now this director there, story and allay times about him, and this best staring us about thirty, eight women's allegations against him. Now, according to the right three hundred and ten women have contacted the writer so far Glenn whip about their encounters, one person's Eddie. Tell me: you love nothing more than to masturbate, while looking into my eyes what some obligatory vanity fair, that her representative set up a meeting with Toby back and ninety ninety nine, the director access to read a monologue naked in his hotel room. Initially she declined, but then he insisted he was
training her to be a better actor. So she did it and at one point he said he said a rubbing his penis through his pants and asked. Would you ask me right right? So now, I'm gonna take give you this information at two thousand. Ten study based on a decade of data, found only two percent to ten percent of sexual assaults. Allegations are false reports and that sexual harassment and assault are some of the most under reported crimes. The United States, so those are just some numbers for you guys now. Ashley Judd in the meantime was talking about what happens with her and Harvey wines Dean and she told Diane Sawyer this yesterday about how he tried to trap her in her room. And try to get her to give him a massage and then, when it hurts, who watch him shower naked, and this is how she said she got out of thereby making this deal and fine I just said when I went on Oscar in one of your movies, okay and he's like ours.
You get nominate ice now when Ireland, an Oscar and then I just fled, am I am proud that the aim of two minds, the part that shames myself says no, the part of me that understands the way, shame work, says that was absolutely brilliant, good job kid you got out of their well done, so she managed to get out by making the idea- and she also did say that she free she would forgive Harvey wines dean and that he needs. Some help. Here's what she said. I believe that there is hope and help for everyone. It has to be the appropriate help and there ass to be a real, profound understanding on the part of the sexual predator that what they were doing was wrong and criminal should go to jail. If he's a rapist
He absolutely should go to jail. What would you say to Harvey Wednesdays today? What I would say to Harvey is I love you and I understand that you are sick and suffering and there is hope for a guy, like you, gotta, be appropriate over sexual bruise castration. Is a major european as they misuse the in Armenia weapon as their genitals. Confident ago. I write well I'm annually and that is your room, a report and we are going to get into this room right. Has given to the good, then we envy sit Non is modus port for nine hours must sit on an array for Macedonia is reckon featuring. Nicky managing Cati bees to me goes feature in the german article. Two b, you have directed right, Mr Hampton Alumni, we are you gonna be out, go out. I've got all change.
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