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Monday 8/20 - Today on the show after Dwyane Wade clapped back at NBA player Jimmy Butler for commenting on his wife Gabriel Union's picture, we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about their friends commenting on their partners picture. Moreover, we had Ex-Crips Leader, who now turned activist Big U, stop by where he spoke about the black community, Nipsey Hussle, YG Union and more. Also, after Nicki Minaj twitter rant this weekend over album sales, Charlamagne gave her the biggest hee haw for "Donkey of the Day" for being a sore winner. 

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honey. I hurt radio up or wherever you listen apart casts even do so also spoke this morning, an order of the day and everybody phasing in spending to go with me to the rainbow rubbing the wrong way. The breakfast for everybody Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo. Good morning, Angela yea. There many details Charlemagne. Please do not let it is my ears, its Monday back to the World
We have today is national radio days or happy national radio. I did all my fellow radio personalities and radio dj drop, one of whose Bob for us today is already dated. Our great profession called radio was invented, I know, but on something like that. He was invented Let me get this right. A pretty showed invented today are something Canada. Local me causes a lot of natural gas. Lemonade as Emmy Lemonade was invented today, probably not world AIDS day as well, but when he does the boy, and today we asked Oh, are you? Why is the data as it is really worth recognises the great invention of re? Now right, ok drawn one of the love me right on that I have great awaited dispensary, but I was involved park aright, recognising degraded. Vision of the radio at the guy recognition lead.
Domain at the radio's actually invented this day. It was invented in the late eighteen. Hundreds really review- and I said not just one person- can be credited with the invention. That's true and that one product can be credited removing the coach afford, but afflict irrevocably than airport. I studied backed opinion. Do you, Well, the small and big you will be joining us. Rob article barbecue movement, culture, transport right ISA call me from the West Coast founded corroborate was the first person assign, if see hustle, very very interesting story, but you have to learn a lot in life that a lot of these Rapid Arap about review is actually live. Where do you live that life anymore and he has turned it I've around in a big way, and he wants to do more positive for the rest of his life and he did negative in the forest privacy, aided by observing a lengthy jail sentence, a lot of things that are taken
that also told him talk about his impact on a culture impact on the West Coast in his affiliation, if any with the crib. So what's hold him a little bit later arrogant front page news coming over, we talked about how we are going to talk about the national anthem and what's going on at the end of our time. What the rule is gonna be now they got another already ruled that go make about this thing. Man, even let people need only people need. I want to talk about it when we come back and also happy birthday. De facto yesterday was fat. Geography night they fads birthday to Joey, cried rob, monocles, bother, fetch Omer, wonder people, you ever mean the world one great human me great guy, so out of it Jimmy Lovato boy. They do ok, happy birthday, Demi, Nevada, She would usually rallies Benda getting high, but then she had a couple weeks ago in Brussels, rehab in right now, the train as he gets it together. Man is not easy. Or if you want a shared adamant about to get us out of our rose trees, outlook was birthday, he always had a robot. Thou rogue. Who is a great guy?
I would weaken us build one puffer integrate into good ass, was Carter INDIGO, Smokes achievable for me. My anxiety go to the roof. Indigo made me way too relaxed little while got his own grade of INDIGO called reach broke into a genocide. Listen I'm higher like to talk to nobody, so I need to be around you're going to hand, and I don't like to talk to if not another. I don't like to tell you that I have to talk to you now. Yet you family and are you up to all the time, but you keep talking to you now. Am I beat back just days at EU level global movement is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bet, there's money in here to get it off. You chessman, oh my god, baby dad driver from out of paper. I can't it was any more lad onto me, told us. What am I the bad one purpose
and you ve never had a bad person for getting tell supporting. Did you bear for the disposal of you? Gotta stay I mean you know immediately in the attic and could be beneficial for him too, for him the hand of his responsibilities in so there's. Never any question about where he did or didn't. Do we re right? So what's the problem? Nothing more! I just started feel like you're. Only single manpower left shoe colonel without I feel like he does it really think into what the cost really are. I mean others in his head were all know, it's been a while it's up to us, as over here in Vienna, child life on he's been any time with job. I mean you, don't talk yeah, he does call, but I feel like I'm not like. You should may become
Is that why hello about maybe they'll be here, but you re booth? I think you should go to the judge, even though, more and like you said, there's a ladder expenses there come with having cave where he has taken the consideration that he probably doesn't put it out of the tax on right, Mama. Our. I think I love alone this vote. There was good for consumers, Barbara the I'm in a hurry yesterday, right now, I am unable to form a year, and I hear I hate it. The background they deal with. Dr, though, goes current, why you, like you know you can't we don't have what you cause you. Cars towards our job would never know. Apple trouble. The more he was Carson's whom I gotta give arrive at a dozen yards want to profit from Kosovo curse. Not you can keep it a real allow this either from Baltimore
I drew you knowing drew you sound, sassy, well, well, knob elms, but all I want to say I want to shut out my mama. When I was your for change at a large. When I was a kid you came up and people Should be the lunch lady that oh yeah was source for some change around I'm running late? where we can join us? We're not be beta, started out. A branch of rough allow hello, he's gotta go to What can be started off a story that amazing and did not give us the did the end of it. I tell us how it happened. My new just was short money for luncheon your mommy to beat the lunch. Lady ass. I need to know more, get it off your chest. Eight aren't you? A five one thousand, and one of you need a varied hit us up right now with the breakfast club, good Breakfast, Georgia.
Get it off it s. The man from you, wanna breakfast on your life, is gathering from Jersey, get it off my chest. Mama oh man, I do my man for a couple years now and he does not like a man and refuses to live with me and I had it. I was at his house this weekend, I'm laying up in his bed and the whole sheets smell like. You know what is that our parliament, more or less Daddy's your debt, Yo Yo Yo, grant your father the last thinks in what you say, Big wisely lay guys back. I don't like it said Ozma, Daddy round format. Yeah, the knife and I M a broad female, I'm not here to you and why the hunger bodily dreaming about.
That is saying that the man smells like sugar, honey, I'll teach. You say dead ass. He smells like dead, ass, mom. I beg you guys allows is I am wondering I want there, not a man from an anonymous gilolo reaches. I'm glad of tat are going through at the British and the board, and I did and others have begun back. Either bang went somebody and, I venture to say pilot even encourage all of it, but we cannot conduct. When at our child dropbox. I'm gonna move all my life. I neither were the tide the agri by the diversion it the divorce separation wasn't zone yeah, but we have been called messing around you didn't know you were moved down with someone else yet did not at all on their whether for the rate of all call up heard everything I wouldn't
type occurred when eyes, somebody else's problem moment back late. I've got it all life, have you been up to date Oh, no, I'm re very break about Albania now remember allows this with other Matlock broke into a future, which is a medal. That lot, like the old tv show more. Your word starring. Eighty grim back, that's my guy The good news is all casual widows, monument we cannot withdraw any about that, but there are many good Mcgrath work like long live. We wish you, I guess you're going Three, my eyes: I you were gonna screw club agenda. Yet I worked with the law and the market.
As rapporteur, I see a prostitute user industries, she's gravel drugs treatment. I want you to do so, should not of your browser. To also are you not our group? He is right. She's, not a thousand. I can imagine as very that message that no innocent they happened and now, when she's, outside yellow abated. But it is well known that that is the line and the like the palm in its last word. Why don't you take it out of the streets? May want to encourage and not to be a prostitute anymore room. I mean I'm all those right now. The not curse have a good day care, but you are you, proud, goodness granted me get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five one
I won't have you need event. It is our right now you ve got rooms anyway. Yes, we are going to be a second matter. Rapid marriages finally got release from prison. They will tell you what he's up to right now. Also, I guess we should be talking Nicky Menage- would get started with that. You know she was not too happy on Twitter yesterday, Universal Mobile Como. Guess you got those guess. Ok, the EU has to breakfast locomotive breakfast Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast cloudless, gets aromas, assault making menage with Angela his club arrive and make him united. Queen album is in the number two spats he saw, two hundred and eighty five thousand equivalent album unit. Seventy eight thousand were traditional out
and say oh she's, nematode to Travis Scot I just like to say that I said she would sell between one fifty two hundred azure. Yet my member was extremely low. I picked between eighty and one twenty, I thought of being. Canadian one hundred and twenty? So I one hundred and eighty the respectful number drop on a cruise Boston, Nicki, Minaj, when eighty five, when you five, is respect for novel I ride Travis, God is number one. He saw two hundred and five thousand equivalent album units and us about right he's all five hundred and fifty two first weeks. Will you really brought fully lose? What happened it now Nicky when such a media and said Travis held over fifty thousand of he's with no requirement of redeeming the album, with no dates for its whore had said I think I'll get knows he doesn't have the number one problem this week. I love my. As for the number one album in America I'll explain on Queen radio for albums and in number one and eighty six countries notes
This does not know he doesn't have the more now than the country, because we are all looking into same numbers. You are Nicky, he have the number one item in the country. You have number two was the issue here. She said my father sat himself. One hundred thousand, no one is doing that would debut Alan's now ass. I am so grateful I lost out on top I was a sales and did two hundred thousand and when we get, I was supposedly cancel that bit my tongue last queen radio, but I won't on Tuesday. I love you guys so much. I looked at them as the card is Congo, nods, etc. Recently did Travis so two hundred thousand in his first week of clothes alone. So I spent last night- and he said, he's been selling closed before the music billboard says: they'll change the root cause of this, so it should be changed, now. Nicky, you say: Travis sold merged both his arms sales but Nicky was boiling. Her would concert tickets to so the right makes no sense. I put my blood, sweat and tears in writing. A dope album only for Travis got to have highly Jenner posted to our past, telling people to come see her
stormy Ella. Well, I'm actually laughing Queen broke the record of being number one and eighty six countries thank Jesus, and thank you to my fans in me. What was wrong with our posts in chives examined, as is their retirement. As you know, you re absolute right to say way: doesn't drake those that Lithuania, as for Burma, drinking put pulse Nicky out when I went to gossip, you heard a flat if I play to his face and every playlist, but tell me: they'd, have to teach me a lesson for playing my music timmins. Early on queen radio. Even and giving away my music for free for years, and I am one of the tap Spotify artists of all its high Magee ruling is referred, was rated. You see someone please themselves away medium and large played herself on social media. Three languages a good body of work. In my opinion, and I mean I'm a little longer still good body of work, and you saw two hundred eighty plus Darlin records, that's great as great. I was the rapporteur when she says that if at the tease me a lesson by rewarded, man who has had an apple radio show the longest inadvertently, helping the apple platform the most likely, way for Queen radio on Tuesday, they took away my promotion they have
I met with them for a couple of days because of their my girl, Morgan. I didn't want to defend me for clear. If I tried to log nobody Oriana, let nobody would know their own people need, therefore, to good luck that within my let's, because some people call him, you think I'm happening puffin. Oh my god, you are, this is sarcasm. Dry humor, yikes everybody wanna, be a comedian Madonna by one vehicle, I'm having among had Nick time come. Let me kiss you who is coming to the secret, shall when people call me and him cracking up laughing, they seem so build loosen up? Nicky is blaming everyone, but our Bob's. Instead of activating the attack people activated by to I keep telling them as we all whenever you feel like slander and anybody, I think, is gone against. Nicky just purchased every time. Every time you get it thought I was indeed tweet, Cati almost industry to envy almost into tweet academic. Within its. We shall make something to do the job I just go by
How simple is that I now welcome the Codex black gradually is out of jail. Number two does not act, black is home, and are you guys all the pictures of him he looks very excited to be home is already do a photo shoots in everything now, while he was in jail for seven once he turned twenty one years all got his g d in Germany changes birth, name to Bill K, Caprice from the icon activate. He was tries, if you remember, with grand theft of a firearm possessing a marijuana child neglected to count the possession of a weapon by a fell in also to counter probation violation. He was supposed to serve until October, but some of those charges were dropped over the seven months. So now he is home, but he is still raising a trial over accusations that he sexually assaulted and women in a hotel room back in South Carolina in February of twenty. Sixteen so welcome on the correct Blackie Post, I already so my ass now mallette my I like Kodak Black, the rapper, but I don't like welcome in God's like anymore cuz. I don't know how long you going to be here, so it's kind of like,
we as members of the more you are Rebecca Array and Kevin spaces movie, took in a record one hundred and twenty six dollars in the box off elder record Tibet and worried love, your goodness gracious record low. One zero, the record breaking loud, ten theatres. Actually, so that's about twelve dollars per theatre earlier, a movie. You know how did I called billion boys club and about whether you can give it was at last found that he may, before their sexual assault allegations ABC was made a while ago. These no put it out. There were other big names in that cast, but the film opening just ten, a U S, cities and in comparison just so you know last here has found baby driver where he started in that movie took more than twenty million at the box office. So that's quite a steep drop twenty million to a hundred and twenty six dollars are right.
Crazy, rich Asians by the way is in the number one spot, opening to an estimated twenty five point: two million dollars at the Domestic Box office over the weekend. I read that book when it first came out, so people did not expect it to do that, while by the way, this is the first major studio film. Since joy luck, club- and that was twenty five years ago, so crazy, rich asians- is the first film to feature a predominantly asian cast. Joy, La Club, twenty five years, who drove include Bozrah crazy, reduce the arch of Phinis as Guy called girl, called alumni right deal of Desir glow and up the way to she is re, so wonderful, a tremendous feet for them. Over the weak, Aurelia wasn t number one movie, this ocean was the oceans. What ocean wanted ocean some number or ocean, whether we react Oh yeah. I know I can imagine that I came out no member which nobody, because of the late, I wouldn't know the proposal just what I that's a seven, but we all know very well, I'm Angela,
and that is your room, a report and congratulate the negotiators to every pointed out. Something really interesting, just nodded, but gradually graduate wherever the number two elements That's not bad! Congratulations to MRS Mcnally, some numbers. The number to outline the country drabant include above Nicky Monarch, adding a number two countries look at. What is your room, a report on uneasily? We come mapping out front page news what we talked about, how we are going to talk about what is happening to a man who tried to blow up a confederate statue. He was sentenced to how many years in prison Now I will get into that when we come back, keep allotted to breakfast locomotive Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club looking so front page news or restoring wireless that with a youth and manage our more than sixty years in prison for China blow up a confederate statue. Andrew sink was tries
attempting to maliciously damage property, receiving federal financial assistance. According to these federal documents, he deeply guilty. The casement federal, quite court, because where these statue was located, gets better meaning for its maintenance. Now, though, person and the statue was Dick down he was a confederate. I guess Quantico WAR Hero back during the civil war and no sank clearly deny laziness I too am in every single day, and a pike and used in use in Prague ranges patted him kneeling in the is near the statue last year and holding two small boxes containing would appear to be dug tape, the wires so later on. They found out that it is trying to block the statue. He did emits you doing and it was about a week after the unite the right rally and Charlottesville Virginia. That's all the same way as other reasons why people like I'm not going to jail was something I hate, no sane, I'm not taking off years of my life over something I hate. Now he has more than six years in jail after us is much as much hate you fat death after you can blow it up, and when you Sidney Jealousy,
Did you ever think anything more about that you are trying to blow it up when I write nap, Europe and them at all. He s paean has said that they are not going to air the national anthem, nor will they hear any other. And has said that they are not going to air the national anthem, nor will they hear any of the drama that goes along with it. Generally, they have now broadcast at the end, and they said that will not change this year. Of course they can predict what could protect, potentially happy and by now they are now planning to the national anthem. I rise, while no logical body able, even if I did want to football game for them, we have no way than we ever get about. The national anthem is one is the simple and they got somebody a superstar thing. It is a right and a man was detained about driving is pregnant by to the hospital. They said he had an arrest warrant in Mexico according to ice, now Joel around thirty five as a citizen of Mexico, according to ice in a statement that was illegally residing in the United States and had an standing for homicide charges in Mexico. Now his wife is thing. Those charges have to be a misunderstanding.
And that he's never been in any type of legal problems and the mexican consulate is saying they don't have any record of this either the office is, did ask for identification from both and his wife and they were having a schedule c section, so they were on the hospital staff to get some gas. That's when I surrounded them in the gas station and they detained him. She said she spoke to him for the first time. Saturday and deliver the baby without him as well know what our little reportedly really didn't have a war. According to the mexican kindnesses CNN, they contacted the mexican consulate. They say they have no record of any type of homicide charges till he doesn't have a warm according to Mexico. Now, accordingly, ice here, they're saying that he does, for our can be men and ice in this situation as a lot of it. Would you be where every day I warrant yes would have if it even if it comes, he has a warrant for murder. It gotta bring me gotta, bring you, and this is what it is now, but if it comes up, then he does too late to do the job
It is unfair that happen. All the time when it comes to justice is anything but a went wrong with the baby thou man can at least Take us at every as a war. I regard the woman to the house, but every as a war for murder me, you don't know a war. For murder interpret. Nice is doing a job in that situation they visited escort. The women's in an orderly revenues about they didn't she answered. I myself was getting these exile and legitimately unless you have gradually now she's a schedule these accidentally. Let's see why women Lee she wasn't in labour is elects a little different. Asia wasn't labours in that like he was breathing order based on non contractual naive as yet at eight p M schedules. Exactly the way is a little different trust me. I got one when they might even Nano wanted to happen about that. I wanted to come out of a that's delivered a baby. They shut up at a payment weighing all my options right now that do not one that is the second by one of those options and if you don't shut up now
he's sound Jimmy boy, my wife pictures, but right, let's talk about it. That's front age news now what happened with the Wayne Wade over the weekend, Lithuania aid, Gabrielle Union posted a picture of you know that's doing ways: wife right very sexy picture. A lot of people commented on it, Moving Jimmy Butler, he said: well, they have now doing ways have put words. I'm in calves them my wife photo again and we're going to see what the good the bad and the ugly is alive, Try me cause. I waited for prepared. All the time you were not put put to you ass would be long velvet slippers. I got Jimmy Butler responded, but ask elated quickly. Point noted. I'm still come into the back. You, though, thing just go dress like a ballerina. I can't fight ok, get round me if you want to Jemmy button right wireless over the phone lines. Eight hundred five, eight five one o five one can you come? my own, your friends, girlfriend wife or partners, photos like well day. And you can you come like that. You don't you say comical, you can leave a comment, but you can't be lost in
damn. How can you say looking guy Nano You say that wasn't. Ok, comment in UK is no USA. Any anything genuine common on your man. Pictures of day a bikini. If your girl bikini a buccaneer, some like men, it ain't likely that alone scroll pass tat. You know she put up. You know What have you I gotta get to work out? Man now not only to bear I use the word outlining bed believe you wipe was wholesome adds some. You know as overload. Can't you see that you see to pick it up It is not. What about our work out, life isn't label. Jimmy bodily did other delegations, but what I showed me you know that lorries by renewing awaiting always before anything, going way carefully deftly team to paint we gave way. They couldn't way we're we're, keeps asking you a cable. Did you see here and Caprice Saxon right? That is already eight hundred five, eight five one or five or call us up right now, the question again: eight hundred five, a five? five one. Can you come on your friends, girlfriend wives, partner, photos but alike
Well, they no call us now is to breakfast. One morning everybody is d: J, envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club, nervy just join us. We were talking about the way weight and Jimmy Butler. What happened? You words way way too, as you all know, is married to the beautiful Gabrielle Union as a positive picture of herself very beautiful picture and Jimmy, but leopard well em We may respond to put with them and kept him. Oh my photo again and you're gonna see with the good the bad and the ugly is like. I am absolutely problem. Every one of you, my friend you, my people, don't Commodore. My wife's picture is messy now what a well day What are you looking good at near the edge of they just? Could Whaley walks Ironical prepared with no saxon low velvet loafers on with the penny and am in caves in oh depends and crop top. She is shirts, you think you can just I mean your kind of wages could address like this. You must not know I can fight. I write is no way in how my mom and the right to be teammates with affair,
colleagues in my profession can leave. Com is like Obama way. Is there anything you can say? No, that's ok like on appetite the picture. No said you got about, what's happened? Can you double that you should like it? If I, even if I see your name like by Jimmy but Love, Feelin away, let alone ok, it might add in silence now what you don't open there. What about you I mean cause? You got a boyfriend, need a new post picture. Sometimes, He was so sexy picks and when eight, when you do does your boyfriend if somebody leaves accommodated in Libya, is never said anything to me like he has a problem anything I can show any comment. Anyone remember honestly because obviously become as we when you were when you got post pictures like decorate my dad The European Union should not be responsible for Jimmy by leaves on her page orgy. My butler, do you see any? I any that any other NBA play a minority as may doesn't tell me about it. What about the pupils? Remember picky pose it when it was but a beach, and you ve seen on a stool which India, Japan, but up, and we always make it don't let your phone
painted no, no, no! No by another picture. Now, in a continent, Epic, China Weed out ass kind yeah, but it don't matter if somebody left the comet. My may era of Rome ever range with t mate the same leagued together, chair issues friend now not level anyway, Andy's, wife, post pictures? I get a bathing suit, all your wife perfectly. Follow me pose they. Can you doublets at all? What would never do that? Does you spread death like a picture beg pardon likely. We don't like they do these languages, but in order for these things- who say they are afraid that post pictures, wives and in times like that, I don't. I don't like nothing out of school. Two thousand only want to see like in his heart. You had a big. Their heart. Fill up with joy allows this pay charisma. I don't think
It's ok to hardly I Neer bring forth investigated bumpy like that fees or, if I get a bathing, be, will enjoy issues dealt with having keeping move. Unless you want this problem by also says how much respect you have for your frame. Real make a gentle say Jimmy, but it has no respect for the way way. Now I've ankles allows this year was good. Giant around it. Would you being about Jimmy? But what would you do you do? What he did was found gender equality, while a while ago how your baby girl, partially like a partially long enough to know you have a mess up my ear rebound well. What is it a crazy? I'm telling you do I'm Jimmy, but look at the way, and all you see this Sassy UNICEF, Sassy savagely disease says and you see you could tell the way was magazine, you believe the calm and under the calm and he went to his pay. It is like. I want you to see Go to the next picture you posted on. He actually war socks around you. Couldn't these pledges further up, if you guys want, like my boyfriend's picture
domain, if he Alan, I know your boyfriend having, as I swim, a chance to anything you guys. I find out that virtually eight hundred five. One in five people were asking. If you re right well damage to his picture that now you stupid Kenya, common or your friends partners photos. I can you ate under five five. What will follow? it's about the slogan. One morning everybody is dj. Envy Angelou Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, nervy just joined us the way waiting, Jimmy but look kind of got into little over the weekend when explain you. Yes, I Gabrielle Union posted a picture of herself very sexy, beautiful picture, the very beautiful Gabrielle Union and Jimmy Butler posted well, damn under the picture and doing re responded, Popa damage, calves him by thorough again and you're gonna, see with the good the bat an ugly easily Jimmy Burma's thinks D.
It is a sucker, a complete and total saga, and this is what happens when you show your ankles a little too much. Every time you see me, wait out he's gonna come prepared with velvet loafers and guided ankles out. Jimmy Ball is simply that I respect him Just as there are much you can never common on. You may, as pigs mean you may, as girls PIC is never called, is never ok, don't like it. Don't leave a comment, nothing away weight as too much unisex clothing, but Jimmy bother to respect and affection. The way awaits him. Gabrielle union dress a lightweight too much and I can tell what he bought the offers rooms are for her Azhar with him. I write so you know respect away. We let me for another Solomon Sap, as our allows this now No, so can you comment on your mayors? Girls, take no not at all about the aid, and I want to fight on and on my dad got eyes. I agree orderly. You can't do that. You have an authoritative world by introducing certain somebody imposed it. I already got a plane
Don't worry we'll be matter now about eyes. Looking out on his hand, I loved my dismay. They thinks he's a great person, lay somebody the cool, like your girl, Brittany, good morning that is happening. You, Brittany, when me twice. Actually, I was, I think, that a local show that I was an end up, I'm an cowboy, the runaway war. I gather rabbit and am right all these that under so I haven't seen it yet. But what time I thought everyone was at the house and I tried to delete it and I don't want no problems. However, in our view be any aid, I don't do that. I am right back and you may be able to do it think about it. Lack of nature whatever. Why don't we I mean you have to go out and what did he say? What are these areas monitored at that time?
that is. Why did earlier. You can lose it using into deep, allow Hu Jia, nl. Ok, they may I draw to howl at his wife, a local production as right, read all the women in the world are the woman in the world. You want I'll average one. I let my woman Mugen Ray, come on now hello, there's Yo Yo Breakfast Club is TAT Man, the sombre payment when Eliza goes without Charlemagne. The man I'll try not to do your day. You already know Gruber. You like. There is any day Gabrielle Union shouldn't even pull TAT John. I got ass daddy. She Campos, it puts it. Naw man that, like the man or woman, looked like a person you, if you ask me, I thought it was a beautiful.
Exert a desire running on the beach. I didn't think I was in my legs now. Why wasn't added thing I know come on man? She got a low tat. Our talk about tourism evade bay, you should have a little low bikini cap abundant. Shirts and not as an active algae acts. All the time you see a lotta Gabrielle unions, he's Billinger was roman, proposing a pig The man I was a third Mary already built with their work magic avoided them views magazine is her thought out. I really like oil. My legs are like seeing forty old people flexi penalizing Gabriel you, forty plus years, all flexing. Beats me anyway. Already I'd always ready to risk day, Jaws now respecting a jaws by leaving dishes Pebble commissar page was what was the matter lotteries orphanages, immortality story? Is this in his disguise quickly for the way way way way? You can't force a person to show you respect, but you can refuse to be disrespect
You got to punch Jimmy Butler in his job right or at least found a hell out of him next year and make him hit the floor. All right come got to give Megan now. Did you beg you? Look at you augur radical programme and velvet loafers would caves and show, depending on her, I don t don't a lotta level additions monopoly as implants him in the joy. Anything like parliament, a juggler Lord on you see through sheer shirt with research, be way, maybe this year, that would it is sheer. Yes, sheer showed little blood on yellow sheer shirt Dwayne Way, nor I what we got rooms on away. Yes, I said that the visa may they going down to night, will give you some highlights about. What's gonna go down also one I favour. I'd is ever actually got married over the weekend and will give you some details about thanks and congratulations to. All right we'll get into that. When we come back to breakfast locomotive J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club musket to these rumours assault,
Somebody did the reul report annually on the breakfast club, where congratulations. Tattoo Jaynes accused away his wife, it's a fisher, they I'm, They got married at the Rosati mansion on Saturday. So congratulations. Some of the guests included Kim Kardashian an unkind yea that away in keys with beads gucci all them showed up to show their love they walked down. I'll to John Legends Olive mean they been together since two thousand sixty always of reserve as wives, the people that they were already married. They have three kids, either, but now they are officially married. If you guys remember, he proposed again three months ago at the met, gala and people alike, but they were married already by not officially that was as his wife that whole time and now its official so
w clues bother to Jane rang upon arrival people with about everyone's outfits he's a kind of adding his easy lies. They were little smiles on lots more days. Peppers wardrop include both when executive, adapting to attain a cinema. Giddies easy slide on those you tried before us. Yes, do you believe, yes, clear, looks so comfortable nowadays, I'm uv is really idea Reverend for forty or fifty all right. How unclear what jobs the underscored? Your father and I may I add- ons them easy. Today they looked silk Ok, I think they look at a more comfortable shoe already when I myself, where crack this, and we will also have to come to you. Can they are supposedly very stylish crop. I'm gonna get you some class. They ices input was, I went away, they accountable. I had a guy called on both baby tolls are right. So damn flip flapsy had antonyms lied. Look extra com,
look cushiony alleged to small businesses to small compasses. This was your idea. Would you got to him? Had those of you who is? I think I need only remind you of Chile's tending acutely sending hanging off the burglars Conakry. Irate, Regina higher has given us some details and I just want to say, as I would do, no harm on a flight one day and she looked so beautiful with no make up a nothing, I'm so shouts who Regina ha she's talking about girls chip part, two, here's what you had to say or trying to make them. Happen, so we're trying to get everything together down the schedule, and you know I think they're working on something so yeah. I don't know where we're going out lower the girls go. Oh man, you know where to go its own way, we're going somewhere. The girls are coming back. I re so get ready for that. Now less disgusted I may those going down tonight agenda for low as is getting the Vanguard award, Sir, I'm sure there's gonna be allowed. A special things and performance is happening when she gets that award and, of course, her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez will be
ozone, Nigger, Menage and safari are both supposed to be at the Vienna maize to night, and they actually have extra security in case the two of them run into each other. Poor Morgana moves knock it off. Let me there, therefore jar the whole damn they just in case go their legacy and they said it has no interaction between the two of them know it taste of the far in making or due to each of them. Not then he said that she stabbed him All my lightly no write another right. None of those things you rightly you're right, you're right, but just let the register That was a man who had the woman you need deftly would not be invited to no goddamn viennese plan. Yet he goes. Yeah. You know he is even in way toward nothing, but I'm going, I re cardy bees to be opening up the shell. Yes, you which, exciting now he's not gonna be performing, but she'll be doing some type of monologue. Tourism skit something to open up the show so
that's gonna, be some people. Thus you would be doing a musical performance, that's not happening, but she is opening up the be amazed tonight to me, Sir soon in a way that all those who perform notional perform an onlooker Nicky's performer did you performed yes, but also perform an aim, but it is not on those holes in the whole seizure. I have no idea. I went beyond The amazing here in New York is automatic, seemed you and I haven't heard much about it. I know jailers the puzzle, like a really big party after where bed I haven't heard much. I forgot about it. Someone's eczema yesterday, like at those who will come into this gifting sweet. We have some stuff, for you atlantic remedies. Having a party to follow me, and I know that your own epeira I gotta be in the meantime- is gonna be taking over the fashion wherewith fashion. No, yes says he is
to be doing a huge release, a huge party party for her fashion collection and collection and the event schedule for early November, she's gonna performing their be other big artist performing as well. We can't deny the effective fashion over his head via social media and on every body, but yes, she has her own collection with them now, and she also, I guess it's probably gonna- be doing some special song for fashion over as well. I write em Angela YE, and that is your rumour report now right. Thank you. Miss Ye Charlemagne. Yes, will you mean you don't want? To I mean making noise can refer. Congress louder were slow composition, Ethel gonna like sore winners. Ok, look you being us. Or winner right now I gotta reminder and achieve. Indeed, a winner was paying you to tat bad about elastic she gossamer the! U later you may make your native language, you don't know you why they are getting pay violin. Yes, our problem
my real integrated heads have been free- ninety, nine, but hey you know what it's like: a monthly retain errors. This is, but by love, which is a hate case by case by case basis of people to believe you anyway. They. They already do. Thank two days. I would go with it in the is the breakfast locomotive Is there a gang? Don't get out of my view or or don't you time for Don T. Talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today via the donkey, they need a breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Well dog, you today for Monday August, twenty of goes to a queen from queens, namely human eyes. Trouble includes bonds. Ronicky menage is rare that you see someone played himself the women human knowledge played herself on social media yesterday. Now, if you are not aware of what happened to billboard charged with
we came out and once again Travis Scott regard. This would only Cosette. Have the number nominate country would Astro world droplet clues bonds, Travis got Travis all twenty five thousand units were seventy eight thousand from traditional sales making Managua the number to outline the country. When I can eighty five thou the unit and seventy eight thousand, almost from traditional sales, draw political move into human knowledge again, because queen to me, is a good body of work. I have slight critique like I probably would have shortage of twelve I would like to hear a little more growth and Nicky come to her content, but I still think, in my opinion, a queen of a good body of work and is a good body of work. S old hundred and eighty five thousand items in his first week. I think that's more than respectable. I think that's a win win. Managua, ladies and gentlemen, is a saw a winner and is very, very, very red. You come across you saw a winner. Wouldn't Nicky is wanted him Nick. You responded to of her having a number two, I'm in the country by tweeting Travis sold over fifty thousand of these by
He bowed and these she means merchandise rife with no require. I'm in a redeeming the with no dates for toward Cetera ASP to him. He knows he doesn't have the number one ominous. We I love my feet and for the number one arm in America now when she says fitted out these you talkin about tore path as merchandise. What are you talking about? Is anybody know Russia has largely advocacy March to merge the thing they if you buy. The t shirt whatever may be. Yours will give you an idea who works, happier, loves Martin. He bought some of the tabs got married Sagoth items with album of whatever was under tell him. No Travis does not know he and have the number one arm in the country, because we are all looking at the same numbers. You are he has the number one item in the country. Ok, you have the number two album in the country. I write he so towards them. Thousand you saw two hundred and eighty five thousand, I don't care what bundles came would do so what have Travis God sold March without would poor peasant would allow. Last time I checked Nicky, you bundled concert tickets with job to some really trying to see. What is the issue here? Ok,
Let's look at everyone who Nicky blamed for being numbered to our energy blamed, Travis God, allowing merge along with them. She blamed colleague, Jennifer Tweet, thereby Travis goddamn. She blamed storm. You ve, managed to low baby, daddy happens to be Travis got he made. She blamed bought a five wouldn't drake on every playlist proclaims bought. If I told her, they would have to teach our lesson for plain her music ten minutes early on apple radio Nicky Managua blaming everyone like you lost something you have wise to metallic talent Dagonite, because this court has to be stuck in your brain, your life, but I'm tellin. You does not true. Ok, it's ok! You put out a good by you. And you saw two hundred and eighty five thousand records. Why you be the sore winner, nothing you doin his queen. Like I mean ok, let's just say you know what to say all, People are to blame, for you haven't number two in the country: okay, well, who's! The blue for you haven't the number two album and twenty fifty because last out the pinkprint debuted at number. Two with two hundred and forty four two hundred and forty four I was and am sold. Ok, I don't remember her children being
but to day and was the problem now in this? Our queen is to meet in the pink roads. For the most important thing is you put out good body of work because nobody was cancelled. You because they wanted to guard from the game. People say they just wasn't. Feeling you musically any more. He hey you back. Musically is all of a wanted. Have the number to outline the country is cool. Ok, I just want to know why you don't think this is ok deciduous. Second consecutive number: two is the second biggest debut week weakened female rapid into dominated by gaudy bees invasion of privacy to melt down you, animal social media yesterday was a warranty. Because you wine, if all about There were in my mentions, right now, ready to slander me all day, forgiven, Nicky Dog, you d: how about take their energy to apple taken to title? Take it despite? If I take it, the records thought instead. Important energy Slandering people you think hate making would not go
report our music every time you think about slander and meet a day are sending me a nasty tweet, a leave me an orgy captain just think yourself, damn alchemy screaming to give music grandma operators in music. Ok, Nicky, activate your bob by your arms and nuts land to people. You have issues with its way: more productive right, assigned acumen, academics page Saturday weep de billboard numbers, and she put. This is wrong. Now real numbers come on Sunday and then she put fake news sounding just like Trump. She was right, though, because the numbers on Saturday Would Travis got so two hundred and twenty five thousand with the more now and he had nearly seven hundred and ninety thousand bestowed a number two m okay. So she was right. You know on everything, except for the actual, and all I'm saying you could be number one next week. If you get people to focus on the album that of antics, ok to album is actually good put out most singles.
More videos. You so busy worried about what you don't have. Did you not focusing on what you have and which you have as a good body of work, a loyal fan base and a number two standing on a billboard charts this week you have a lot to build Nicki, okay, you are a God, fearing woman, but you know as well as I do that what we don't appreciate, we risk losing if you drop the number eight on them until next week you going to wish you was back at number to stop being a or winner, because you one you dated on her aid less celebre you haven't in number to outline the country all above the celebrate play a joint police play up. What the hell is that that's my joy play might do. I know you did on baby. She did it Otto now
Allow me to outline a country nominate dome, you could have always know played out put didn't want the number tools in the because Nicky did it on and she got the number to arm in the country we can celebrate. I'm glad I hardly saw a winner. Ok, thank you Don't you wait and actually do it if you don't wanna, come on all fours heavy with only cleaner motorways, and I now come on now, Bergamo, Tuesday, at the upper manner. But you didn't like a piece. I envy you. Would you don't appreciate you will lose? lit rumour, given the community, you stupid mother, you why do you remember I use for me my body I use
do you know why you wanna do is they are many trying to give consumers a miniature headed girl, I'm in trying to get you carried of criticism. Paddy heritage are limited to be pitied. I got my number tools and petty Managua throughout the country. A hundred eighty five tat is so good body of work drop, wanted to humanize Dammit No, I mean divine numbered tools in the egg. Is Nick Hetty Bro number two I'm in the country, including the second consecutive number, two wound, was number to carry the new code number tools in the air to celebrate the number to helping the countries maps she wore No ma I'll sit down will be dead, album barbs right, get out
but they give radio involves a day go get queen. Bargain dogs and asylum AIDS page ass knuckle. Do none for arms sales. To listen to. You should try to keep all our focus. Go. Get the queen. I'm lab right right. When we come back big, you will be joining us big you from the West Coast, of course, Oji big you. Yes, I had a corrupt from door pounds. Some also lip see. Hustles will talk to him about everything that he's doing and is just what do you do for a culture when we come back to keep a lacklustre breakfast promoting the breakfast club morning. Everybody is D J Envy, Angela YE, Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club we have from the West Coast in the built in one of the first people have found it inside and see how so? Oh gee beg you never was analysed and you got some special guess. You got your orders, which is well known to us. It is always be views one of your last forever
was allowed the big you made a review, your reputation proceeds you, but who exactly is big? You for two people who don't know a man. I mean a governor raised from the West Coast. Mommy me, Sazen Jelly would do all the books. The Moselle body worthy prisons, trees in a sad sometime. Did drama dinner merrily. I lied to pry myself, also model change of activity of the gap, Donna LAD to try to change my legacy of all of what was that at that change that you, what it could be war stories of big use? Where was the change you said I want to do for better and change that were I to say what were biggest thing I get out like celebrates. If I do up to today, losses gotta poison, has been in since one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, we have the gang violence in LOS Angeles to Lois has been since one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven flight to eighty one percent decrease over the fifteen years that I've been home
My amazing would destroy the color lie because, while I was in prison, and I was thinking about what I was with you when I come home. I was doing three years. I just please do not mention the shoe so getting out the shoe. I was twenty one days before I came home, so I already wrote a program my, but I knew the problem was. Is it colors? So you know you see where you see blow those mainly going crazy. So we came out. Nancy you seen if you wear a lot of red, so it was the first time a Crip was able to be able to push that red line like we was doing it and it kind of killed a lot of the distress that was woman. La when I came home comes as broad a lovely AIDS to the street, can you say that do this? You will always talk about the negative. Gangs brain. Would why, on gangs good for ecosystems well, either way you know about the site is outages arm. I was gonna declare four dollars show. I was taught my gaze mob
I feel like this. No matter where you go, man go unite with each other. You going to grow up, you don't have friends, you can call yourself something that's going to morph another people enjoying what you do that's. Why was she Crystal blood growing across the nation and then I'll cross the world? But our problem is this: we haven't. We haven't took the natural growth and becoming something else we're still built on the ignorance and how ignorant we can be so we haven't seen the guys who should be you at forty fifty. You should be taking a certain way moving in a certain direction, but that's what we missing you miss in that growth and to become a man response will mean a leaders and leave in a different direction and I am allowed an army. So I did it again, some other time or some- and I was talking- Why are you following emojis if they not been example to you, teach you not to be with your woman. Teach me how to raise your kids and I'm still for my neighbor's. I represent
shown no mile. No matter where go, but I represent, was good and positive about coincide. The problem with the game. Gang gangbanger they'll get a chance to grow up, they die earlier, I go to jail they live young nausea, as is is, is this wasn't owed you get older, but I mean I still don't grow old mentally. If you stay in every state ignorant, the Viking only have accounts as well. My big ol boy and all tat you could talk to me about is how motors Peck we and we always smoking. We will remain an enemy. Then we allow nothin else. So we don't grow, we not grow. We not do and even where we see Sancho Mafia did when I start, as in the case of cars to go, you become mares burn those in order to travel. There was a good twenty. Thirty years down the London we miss in that year, Chris blood missing it. You think I'm happy to cement iranian people being able to come together and, I may say, like you, said, Nessie enabling a decent Edith,
and when he had no matter what, if your blood or cramp were driven me, wouldn't do that on the union between knew she'd like e, was a prime example it when it I'm a big before I was ever really been make tee in unknown, whose nazi does emerge in the day. Pushed it, and I was not really where you know you're too young guys, who was Prime it was in the caribbean and blood in what I do want to see. The movement in Army so's it was, and in what people didn't point for next year's we ll come out. Claimant Ellie are plain in captain was lobbies, it was the sixties period. It was only the where no one say in the nose- and I got some was black about trying to push near the time. Why I'll do like America he too much like new
the crib he's a crab nobody's gonna. He anatomy. It was all done everything I loved Nixy for some are a bullet saying I know, namely our time efforts. Municipal marijuana, unlimited Lizzie, your house, about a couple labels advantages follicle immediately, go along time. Take if people were concerned about his affiliation, there was a mean it was it was. It was great and now look at how we get to know one project. And now the goddamn was energy so that every goddamn. What are you ready for this idea of a little bit? He was a leftover voted. Not international Elliot was the first town. Did I ever created that checking law waited edible, come from Well, it was check me a girl was more like a guy at it alone. I digress. What am I to day It is reminiscent of remedies for cultural problem that it cannot go back to where I had a key item: crews. The kidnap does
You don't mean that was how I made a living. You know I did a little bit of dope thing and traveling around the country. Model thing was taking it and I was we had a crew for the body, snatcher You always do a little today, but you know we are now is our thanks. So if he came to the city and any city and knew not move in right. Did you? You need a second you for not come and I'm over different cities at stake with people. You know me, I just respect absolutely and I'm in adjusting to the point to now we're almost any city, I go in his due account Let me look, let me think, let me so I checking their thoughts or explain extortion to us. With the rapid really getting started, but again them. Oh no. As you just now is like first is due got home. Is this does really like the really come up? Bang sixties from every said they don't have to do not, therefore, no by eliminating to an arm along with low baby.
Gun and all I'm coming down to Chechnya, where nobody and love. Baby, gonna, never see them and other diseases Comer right now they had a city and they got a problem. You all have a problem and they not doing no checking in or not with us, but others other dudes do got too and I'm going to keep it one hundred cuz if you coming out here, you eat are you in the club and nobody? No you and you bring your crew. Then what have you fool? You fool, but you even if you comment just imagine this, though, if another crew pull up and you guys area in age and they were not a young people feel some kind of what was it. You got your like. Ok, you who you here with a wee wee wee, which is here. The main issue of those values that you want all you anyway, if you walk in the club, I'm alone are we knew we were then. If you,
I want to say we will even have you buy yourself. There would have run better place if it pay and gain cultivated and grow up in it. I swear it. I mean you know certain fat and then you like our new until twenty five dude stubby, let us does does still kind of weird me normie affiliate. Everyone will have to be a gun. It will have to say, though that mean if you wanna progress, but when you get to the point where you, your motivation, is just to feed all for that and I believe we need but difficult. You know why, and I say this all the time it became who will be associated with a color, the latter rapid started doing now, kids are following their anywhere colors. They have no idea why it almost like a gimmick facing that will shadows ably to Kay Crib walking like gas. Was that, like I was now present when I was born of now, so I guess who my my tea
to me: the Hermes on side that they cause you go over there and asked why you see a lot of stuff is born or with two Cassius. If not because he know who to go at and that thing with him and yg, and all of them is most likely thing, but in in our family we ain't going to do all that and they mine just like it's a twitter situation, I want to treat it and he says that my blue Wolf me down at me. I mean I still got Emma her somebody, you know me, do I thought and having a deal with you, but don't you? I guess it's way malaria than was a mighty. So give me those monies. Are we ready to die a kill said
more. We beg you when we come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive, taunting everybody's d, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have big you from the West Coast in the building new. Before you went to jail, I had a sit down. Did you ever think that you will get killed or did you ever think on Russia? Seventy right commissioner, robberies seven different, I'm standing for real reason: brain damage, ass, seven differences darlin out for tee, so that would even a problem. I was I'm going to show you know located. Thou before our digital. You know I read Malcolm X, you know I changed and it's crazy and it might sound spooky I was taking out. I was telling fifteen I was taking my pops fifteen birds from Minnesota used to fly to Minnesota. If near, we moving
to us. The Cairo sailor was known in Rio, Mademoiselle autobiography we drive in and we taken along route because we want wouldn't want. We can go straight from an associated to the Congo. Wanna go Laura Middle Ass to his shirt and a real a book in nineteen eighteen. Eighty nine just make Europe and was was masonic over an unreal, a book it chain right, dear brought come my dear girl, and I was like man. I am almost stay. I stated Chicago fly six months: an island raw for a whole nother case you know just. I was going through this business crazy, trying to figure like my life, you can't you can't read, can book a book in night, not fuels and mental, a mental Leveluess menopausal first time I ever read a book that related to me. I thought I was tell Mommy and I read a book. I stayed out taskmaster Islam, but I'll still
some as Catholic somewhat. Oh, my g home was got knocked down an arm off. So all always is calling my brother, you gotta come back. We gotta leaders charged so now, I'm a combat, a combat yearly mother got you and those like. It's always like it if you're wrong, but it was like you know, like we ve hit him every day. You know me: I was the one thing I really change me and after that it cannot say my whole life and I was You're, damn Amelia Molly twenty one summer, American, a black people homo I'm looking at other jobs, You shall be my only nor can have these be viewed as an adult our people, because that another minute You know me, I don't nobody, my family, I'm the first generation even have money,
Margaret had no money. None of my mother's, an item it I was, was first generation even have over thirty thou, not at one time and is so it was nobody to guide us like it here today to be guy. You know tell how to use your money. Of the wounded out and should like these kids going to stand a consequence of the actions that you want when you got citizen thirteen year that twenty. Do you understand what our dna, while not us? It is a pity since you, you said you serve our team located thirteen Anthony air. This attitude, confinement and other three years, and I must wait and see understand the magnitude it out when they told you fifty six and I was trying to figure our instead, so they'll be flying cars. I think that was made me go. Guess you made me figure out when I got into the system, and I got since I got. I got to finish these years. I was saying to myself Dan and I'm not going to come out that the ignorant person
You know I wouldn't really did two and a half more years than I was supposed to do, based off the fact that I caught that case enough in jail, and I had knocked out of a dude's eye so I came, I mean I know you have no idea. Why came out so I came a slide are used to study marginalized, Edra, nastiest anymore, many fair use, new biggest ere. You build a node God, and you know Grady around him in the eye and is of course no it was. In the day room, and I was trying to move away from him and he was a little. It was a situation going on and they was going to do something to me. You know it's already trying to pair with me and I'm like nah bro. You got to go, get that
and soon, as you go to the yard, they going to give it to you. So I guess he didn't happen and I caught the casein cuz I came out. I'm just saying like We still do not. I just popped out on checking my item nine hours a year what he added at the end to replace it was. If you break this bone, the imo is call for you. I will come up with It was a break in a great gray Vasquez. I don't you know what happened was about five zero but yeah again I am Guinness fires. Citys were in, I had was a Thirty eight months and a and that's an I did.
Three as a nine month. But when I got home it was what we got. You know like. Never you- and I was like so now when the opposite, a regional, your history, it was like you caught, is taken out of our way. Some happened was offices in ninety you normally I may enable it to do. Thank you only three years and nine months in the hall. I don't know how, in your group, we don't we usually if you did that I have never my lateness killer. Then, when I was first go to the shoe, because that's two more time when you buy yourself- and you can remember everything you ever get in your life and ass, when you see your deems like when I get wanted a whole for their sort, I wanted her, for it was different, so they put me in a desert ho n. It was thirty days I had. I like thirty May.
What is nothing, nothing, Marie Anne, no Sal and he's crazy. You can't even ideas, may lose all so I started taking milk cords and I was making a clear course meal corridors in trafficking daring, just as you take her, I may puzzles of the napkins and draw desires and inaction. Where am I gonna cut him up in? It proposes to give just two key mama from going crazy nappies, but it was brothers, go crazy like right next to me. By really knows and I can feel that this is the only time in my life. I was really scared. I was really lie down and I wanna go crazy, Damn it remember, all the wrong you did. I don't want to go into that, but you know I mean like, and that was scary to me because I could impress I didn't remember. You know me and then I was I was. I was five organ, a prisoner in his crazy
sure, like all the negative you did in your life, you gotta do twice as much positive, not a enough, but it s hard won an earnest. Why a fully I wanna be no four. LA's allies. Being weighty is right now and in trying to get better known and gave on has been down in your black me not killing themselves like they were at one time but my final question: would you change anything that made you big you I wouldn't want to? I want to go back and change all of the pain that I may have caused other people. You know I mean that's the only thing I would want to change just because, like I said when you start to remember, and then you start the same when you get older, that if it's a heaven I want to go, you know what I mean so my work today is. It is about changing and reaching that
did you know that that that having only we appreciate you join us, I've got one other request. You think you could. Pop Charlemagne thy Atlanta may have made is taught you by Heaven and hell, I'm that do not only as a hardened island over making to require all right is big. You always be, as is the breakfast clergyman. The breakfast club, even less consumer, ask told Jeremiah building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, Roger Burma has spoken out about what happened on the tour, whether to other, he formerly was on the later that night or what's he gonna Taylor, which is now that keep that same energy tore now here is what he had to say on a radio station in Chicago, We love ass thou. We helped her writing
big right now our views on Iraq, but I guess what I like the latter like a lady only about she goes to see. I'm arrows. Negotiations are nice guy we have town. Maybe I like the idea of a groom, warm all alike I don't know. What's our dear my talk today, I'm alive that admonish shows Kindred De Leon and cow from shatter scandal at Chicago the morning. Right, I think they had one arise through tomorrow, who did Robin Hood? Often one right when I was face time, their high rise, so in particular. I would I want I want to get up, so I made a thought: kindred and release it. Does we gonna doesn't kindred Leon? Is a thought it on the website this week, so yeah that that's where we got that
particular a killer, one from body on the data phone conversation with I'm with in Chicago at a girl Kennedy, our right now. In addition, to that? You know he said that he is not that big on social media has never been his m o, but he feels like she was taking the sympathy route now. He goes on to say that eighty percent of the audience when she said that eighty percent of audience leading to set it up said she tells everybody after her show to meet here at the meeting, greet everything she said, services making no sense to me. She really tell the truth. She would amuse herself dumb as hell all. I know that torture is still going on. Then Tiana has sought out two shows his Jeremiah dropped off his or her. I don't know who day to see what seemed like an Almighty Indiana by herself made away. They nice we wanted to show in New York City she sought applicable. Myself known, Goffredo unites he added as I have wagon jeremiads ambiguous it I really like as well. I don't know what went on tourism miscommunication between the two of them.
How does Danone looks like you do, Math FIG Jeremiah show that you are too damn I Jeremy, Yes- and I wouldn't know its error- my legs like right now, let's talk about reality is gonna, be Ariane Documentary that's being released soon. The director may the announcement, whose name is PETE burg- that will be as something that I think is an extraordinary young woman is really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile, but goes into making her this talent that she is he said and will be well beyond, month and a half two months will be able to start showing it. So we don't know what platform this will be but we do know that film is gonna becoming pretty soon come here for you, I can't wait to see that as you suggest mating person array, who is the highest paid actress on the planet's world, turns out according to a new list from Forbes with forty point: five million dollars pre tax for the past year. That would be scarlet Johannsen. Thanks her roller black widow and murmured adventures, infinity war as well as the movie rough night and the ghosts in the shell movie. So she is number
on that list, Angelina Jolie is number two and Jennifer an is number three. So both of bread pits axes are number two. A number three on that list of created. Surely never good starring role in economic guess. He had one or two dogs. You know like one of the main may main subjects are almost commoner. All black widow mood is, as you have memories much more than women when it comes to things like acting and stuff, like that, you just as the normal. Furthermore, to lose no actress decisions Forty five million dollars you ever forty, point five million dollars, pre tax, something like big about. Mr rack me May I say she really have a big row he's nationally. That would be wrong to move a sugar. Forty me so I mean. Is that a combination of different things, not just that movie? You know I I kelly. He is on the now for more than two hundred thousand dollars and repairs and that's for trashing to home
that he rented in Georgia and pay dollar with their very moved out of the properties to the two properties and left a mess behind. I can just imagine within that miss they said they need to refinished flooring and carpet in many of the rooms, sounds pretty shaky already. You're also broken windows. Amateur there to study fitness room cigar, room bathrooms, kitchen living room. Some items were missing like the stove light, big shears mirrors tables all of those things. They said one of the houses were filled with trash and had to broken windows as well. What is he doing in these places. I write em Angela YE, and that is your room report and our right shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next get you requested and we lost office I want to go to Godavari this weekend at the distress factory in Burundi. What a comedy stay for the concert right, let's get through people's choice, makes our Moroccan cannot get I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo, an animal saved, my life
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Listen to an animal saved. My life on, I ha radio app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your pot guest here looking for new pot cast, who isn't they sties? Well, if you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage and hope stories that will help get you through. The strangest of times look no further than he's in four of the committed podcast, its storytelling adventure about what really happened after I do hosted by me, Joe Piazza. While we are still stuck in the house, there are three all seasons of committed for you to binge free available on the Iheart radio, app apple podcast or wherever you liked listen near podcast.
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