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Monday 8/27 - Today on the show we discussed the passing of John McCain and also noticed it will be the second funeral that President Trump is not invited to. Talk about Petty! Or is it more petty to un-ban Trump and have McCain have a video of him roasting Trump at the funeral? we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners would choose. Charlamagne also gave "Donkey of the Day" to the man who jumped on stage at the "On the Run Tour 2" concert . Moreover, commentator and journalist Roland Martin stopped by and honored Aretha Franklin, spoke about his new show and more. 

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the smartest way to hire MRS you'll wake up. Call to Angela, you show me in a good word, respect issue, because this is a voices aside zones in a day the coveted morning. So I didn t want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go more. An angel e mail is Andy. Charlemagne guy presented a plan. It is my ears since Monday back to work week, s men ensue doll in turn that we don't have this one. Yes, no interns, while we just through that we Scranton deserted. I can give my breakfast.
Not any more green tea no water is here parched, but we do have greens. He appears not as good as the greens are. You could get a deadly none at all. What say guide, let it out. We call suburbs cooler than I thought I have my own greasy. If you want to pack of going you some special, isn't it agreeing to take that all day. Long for this is the last week of summer- and I say one last thing to tease very expensive- is- makes a lot of sense to bring our own pack like. I bring back the tea and I thought it was for either the tools for your presidency of his nasty, not the best greater, pretty terrible during die every day, so those Warner, I was a report as we get my God. My weekend was crazy. I feel a guidance that working by I was in Atlanta. We had this red, both sound clash, it's called culture, ass, it was a battle for different bands. Cranium actually won ragged artist, cranium, you be they Tobin, but it was a the best events. I've ever been Sousa because I've never been to a class. They originate in Jamaica, but as a huge
Everybody brings out special best. Guess he dab dab. Nathan you actually like kind of dis. Each doublets now will be great cranium ogre yes, I know, but it is a jamaican thing and cranium is Jim. Exactly but nonetheless, many have major hype with him, Wednesday, Northland anyway amateur you were made him when he bought out more vital teach at the last minute, but that's what you supposed to do, but you know they tell them what our young doth hours I got as it. It was a pretty great event and then add a really exciting time, because I launched man of business this weekend after upon Festival in Brooklyn, so it's called during fresh uses, a subscription based juice business. And it was so where they actually ass is enjoying the rest of the african tour with Toyota. So sad at nice all right. Well, I shall to everybody that came out to the the backpack give away. We did a backpack giveaway gave away. Ten thousand backpacks
Sunday morning we drove the different locations. Retorted have offered uses for life in Yorkers, indecent, several locations is given kids, backpacks and and I do my class is a realistic last. What we teach people, how to get in a real estate in or are there was a lot of young people aged eighteen years old, sixty years, Otis teach them. Getting real estate. How to invest would look for just how to help them out. For since every time LLC always went to my countenance my lawyer to do it in the always charge me like seven hundred fifty two thousand hours, but people know that you can actually do it yourself or line and has a hundred twenty brought out and is really easy to do, and we have all these websites available. They actually work. You do at all. You have to do it at the Forum Bryce, you know just teach people how to do those type of things that those with things I don't know, but you know somebody had to teach me so we just each of them things I didn't have enough get into real estate a game at our spending as much money. A lot of money. So was a great court.
Congratulations! The gratitude know that did them. We answer mightiness his bible, ass right. I was out all right. How shall I would put the edge Martinez, barbecues, religion, age, Martinez and then other than that I watch Netflix, all goddamn weakened annual coming out. They look. It is one thing: they're, not my Mamma, Mamma I thought proud Married is weakened on Netflix. I thought I after party on Netflix out power is weak in nice. I watch in secure. Ok, was elements. Are we went to fetch Jos birthday? I had ever joy at the better we crack Hannity. It was as a black girls ran over the weekend, and I was amazing that I tell you that our main invited at that age old they were amazing, goes nice. I got two nights in a router loved it it s to be performed, swayed swear before Girul before you know it I did on Sunday was got out to be a breakthrough. Is no sleep underground,
trouble include blasphemy dammit. I imagine what about me the time that I will say more about that and we got front page news. Yes, this is some tragic news. Two people were killed in a Jacksonville videogame tournament. Also rest in peace to Tommy came all right we'll get into all. I will we come back. Keep unlocked the breakfast club kimono. Putting everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are. The breakfast club was Ginsu front, page news. We talk about you for rest in peace to six term. U S senator from Arizona John Mccain. He actually was that internationally for Republicans back in two thousand and eight, and he ran with Sarah Palin in the vice presidential. It back and lost Obama and later said that he regretted having Sarah Palin as his partner who he ran with bed. He actually made decision to stop medical treatment after he's battling brain cancer for about a year and
shortly after they announced that he did pass away. They did say that age was a factor in his decision to stop treatment and he had surpassed expectations for survival. Now he says specifically, he did not work download. Shams who attend his funeral Emma was great about him was that he actually did. Even though you Republican kind of cross over those lines. If you guys remember he, I, after he got diagnose your brain cancer, cast it deciding note that killed Donald chums attempt to repeal Obama CARE, and it was a huge surprise, but he did make sure that came back to vote. It was the deciding vote that he has he was very respected in the Senate, even sometimes In fact they republican rings when he felt like it was more important family do. What was right then, just to be a republican or your whole. Nobody is going to mean I want when you did vote against, making Martin Luther King Jr birthday national holidays. Yogi did evolve from net now doubts him. Did you see that I'm a cane during his presidential campaign. Imagine he mocked him for being a
nor of war. Now, if you guys notice, he did you so well. Limp, and actually, while he was battling back in nineteen, sixty seven, he was watch after his bomber was hit by a missile. The force was so violently broke his right leg and both arms. He said he was held in a camp where he was beaten every two or three hours. I got guards over the course of several days and that's why I had a very a lamp when he would walk and he couldn't raise either arm above his shoulders, no rest in peace to jam. Katy with eighty one years old and I wonder, is more formed a ban. Someone from your funeral eyes embedded a record of video. You call em out calling about your funeral for being anointed message when he was alive. I bear now know, may imagine record no video and then they call me a funeral and play a video and you put him on black for the world to stage a funeral may well be Patty and death
I've got a brain dead and I would like to concentrate on him loading. This is not about the data. May Europe public servant, the Donald Trump Cards and Youtube. You put Donald Trump Laugh while a bigger than that your family may be eyes usually of your eyes. It only petty Mccain. Others still went down from to be called out. Even in death. All about one. Last time you sell for the world to seek narrow and his funeral at his funeral, etc celebrated lighted, the world's Machado, save you would like the black people only to Graham now me like a like them. You see me comments of a couple days. Did they wanted to put right the piss them off employment. What to do that? I now let's move on and talk about, two people who killed the shooting at Jacksonville videogame tournament. This was Sir David cats. He was twenty where you're old gamer from Baltimore Maryland. He was in insects, velvet tournament Sunday he bought a gun in the venue, open fire and killed two people, and then he committed suicide. He turned the gun on himself. They have not released
ass a motive, but he did when the maiden tournament back. Twenty seventeen according to multiply gamers, so They don't know what that motive is for that yeah, but two people were killed at the people were injured as well, and everything was capture on an online stream of the event was posted on switch once the gunshot started. That's when the game abruptly stop in Latvia were screaming. Nobody commonages you'll, be war, would be talking slicked, each other while playing a leading laws. He lost in that upset you they don't have the motive as the We don't know what his plan was. I mean the fact that even had a gun in the venue with him it is crazy. We don't know what that was about yet, but this dilemma to getting all right. Well as front page news. Get it off my chest, eight hundred five, five, one o five, one of your upset. You need event. It is up right, four, learns a wide open or if you feel bless you want to spread. Some positivity is to breakfast Logan.
The breakfast club pounding down you're gonna, get it off my view on the breakfast gladly, but they really is every day. The domain and promote our thereby. Ninety point bobbing led me we love man. Thank you regional delay that we appreciate the law yeah did give me understand where you want to find out. I needed a mere detail. Go ahead of time. While alcohol are, you are you well? Why should we fly you out, we want as our new telephone eight years ago, but I thought I d. His name was one idea. May
idea very positive dumbfounded only to apply what is both reports like video, looking everyday formula, your pack has the video WAR Charlemagne do not affect you. You guys What are they gonna do apply. Thank you. A about the platform wake up with a podcast in it, the video arrived about every guy. You sweat out a bright idea like everybody, any mommy and already doing park as video allows. There's a merchant Monica Monica. Get the meal manning warning you die. Montague package was have actually gaming. She got you just talk about. It was four people that killed and then there was a house or shoot out no really were at that. One of the urban high school here
That will be on a lose out to you that you are now over four thousand people that the game that night I rather like kill them citing residing at our condolences, of course, tat awful disorder legit. I know that it could get out. We need more people out three what did languid everybody giving students here. The thinking here of the disguise it not. Better at the shit out about every year, ochre moment, regular, What am I to load load of all telling me that yesterday item kid in January is killing each other. No damn reed allows is causing Kay What was that broke it? If it s a blast, you know working through job. I set off work. Member are higher than her down to earth where the two jobs can, I think, accomplish graduated about next year. Taught you notice, must now obliges most profound tribute to everybody
Iran would take you for checking member. I beg you to show my fairly makes me. Yes, I plan to like a Hickey all right get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a five one. Five, one of you need diversity. It is now is to breakfast global morning. Breakfast got. Wake up manner, bless you allows this, those looking back at the tragic inside out, I'm your man, you see the daughter by down you for I caught up with you admire. You didn't call if you would know play than any other, and none of the Indians have asked us to fly them out to internet agri yard. You got the wrong mindsets charger. Yeah. My first impression arise and present every day. This is done on,
furthermore, the mining of exhaust refugees Ripley, but they dont budget, now supported by job again about China, Adele that we should give on why people to build new. I do that. That David all this data career, he had cancer Lando. What people call him among them is the fact that the video out when he returned it, lay in a crowded he's. Not you not about lemonade actually a really good guy had occurred, rely on a local elections during a fact that these European of Glinda Obama, you did know very tat the guy got him. I arrived on the innovative View W W W Rob, because we always talk about people about the devil devoted its model of the king's holiday back in the day, my megan another, how anyone could have, even if there are badly he did, but I got a better now. You're good at great, become a fairly violet drawback.
And allow Obama large white? What are we talking about a hundred dollars, a puppy? I'm having a heart will be on signing. It is not for you, Baroness, so annoying I'll be fine. You learn about a whole hundred run a whole article, nine hours. He, madam, is placed it Bobby. You would without baby with corner, where you may Bobby. My girl girlish messed up your my girl that type, because I because for paid for Brescia, understand for dinner, who's to the point to where, if you don't know what you think your brother and sister we cool like that, so you know my child's mother is going to get it done. So I'm like I like my girls, she shows bears yeah right now we are you, gonna, be paying for another women's Bryce Diet. I found a little crazy love camorra matters, how close what that might be. This? The low a bit too personal for you to every year,
and pay for her ex boyfriend penis to get extended, although with a larger You may have seen its extension. Do they do You know. You're subpoenas inside where they go wholesome and that all really I gotta go be stuck that's why you like so many people play which it might some solemn there's, penises audible. So do you legally residing in every day. I will never forget tat. Never forget right. Uncle unloading Marino now made Niver learning recent anyway, we wanna get nine eleven reunited good. I've had a happiness is inside of you, get it viewed chess. Eighty five, eighty five one and five one. If you need to Vietnam is up right now and we got rooms and away. He hasn't.
Is that they be deadly one event about his morning. Let's talk about Serene Williams and a ban on Savannah willing to tell you what their banning just for her and role in Martin will be joining us this morning will give a roller Morton in a low bits of moves to breakfast programme on a breakfast boarding. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are. The breakfast cloud is going to women's lives. Mothers Monday ogre is Monday. They also bad out there. I woke up this morning I was late. I just wanna, hoodie random, we're gonna! Listen to do this. It will be heatwave found a wagon video, but anyone in my area, Madame I've, gotta Denham, Jean Jacket on like an angle, be ninety some degree. Ninety degrees, but I have isolates you unions, I wonder whether this morning he showed it. Let's get to these rooms a circle.
Not a six million dollar by the Reul report, Libretto club words, and there is leaving ESPN after twelve years working there now she's getting according to words a six million dollar by well, that's right! That means now she can invest in herself and power of the people and is paean. Is wanted to make sure that she doesn't talk about exactly that's the buy out. I don't know what went on over there by sixty six million dollars now, according to name's Miller, he's the one. There really broke the story on twitter coming timber. First, an amicable depart by apple Gmail? Help me as pm been a long time coming. The departure comes after meeting. She requested, He has pm President tomorrow who knows a gutless move from ESPN. You know all these networks have. These culturally cool is covered executives, who had just a bunch of sneaky chump support of any can't have any one telling the truth.
The guy, who does what was doing, and then you know a study of the presidency that he wants. His ankara's did talk less about politics lock. Why? Don't you tell the President in office about sports the prevalence of less about sports presented at the end of that. In the end, we have to talk about the president. Now, how do you feel if you take some money? She isn't my money. Jonathan democracies, leaving, as you know, has been bad about. You have being together. We for they didn't know. Guy now use that money to do some other elastic thing. Why don't you take that can stand when I say when they invest in people? I d knowledge male, who no one would ever where's analogy issues outspoken. She got bigger mind within soon. She says something other than a lie with your values: EU views you get upset under threat, and how can you be my wife she's talking against racist, bigots less? He was there twelve years? So wonderful ever know what happened by shouts Bassett for that exclusive knows It is the turkish not top forever they just for example, for ever sickening. You cancel out, I think, she's even allowed to say this. You gotta this my ass, you say nothing she's, not the when putting it out there. Oh yeah,
I thought I'd everywhere yesterday that he was going to have to pay for the last either. Canada should be another compete where she can go anywhere. You want, I gotta give it another copy or drop unopposed above Gmail brutality, she'll be fine, but I just can't Danny sneaky Trump supporters. Beyond these networks and be poison, is just regular, covert executives and they really be China check your backing for you, is on bad about the guy. I right now. Let's talk about these home break ins. Are these burglaries and allay, seen, Amelia she's, one of the ladys victims, see actually to her and her boyfriend were away and The burglar alarm was on so that these actually manage to still get in and beat the whole security and the LAPD, and all of that they made off with somewhere between one hundred and two hundred as in dollars worth of the hundred thousand dollars worth of things is through an incredible, and I do mean higher, but I think a boyfriend is is Asia? Familiar is reproach singer songwriter out in France, also assume, and they lived together
Jake that I was wanting to penitentiary jack. I don't think within a million Mihail Malestrail jewellery and lapses in they manage to get a hundred that stem cell Miguel were network. I write Demi Lovato also was almost a victim Isabel had agreed with these were arrested shortly after news broke, that she was out of the hospital The rehab facility, now they're, saying They found electronic communications among his crew of these that they were planning to head of her house while she was away at rehab there are millions, and there were four point, five million agog to see why you drive nowadays calibre that was a victim early Saturday morning there was in a house sitter that was there to scare off the burglars before they did too much damage, but two men wearing hoodies broke glass and entered his huh. As well? They said no property was taken. As far as I know, the only dam is so far is that broke glass them in a lot of that, and there were four thirty million was Khalifa got in there were forty five million. Ok carry on burglars. Now it all Caroline this. Eighty, a couple a diagonal, my dad, when I'm just saying you that's the target in the reply to those of a dog now meanings, I've got another guy, see
now that we have known that raises onto our so clearly they target both as a look on social media and see which doing our homework gonna. Do I asked a few weeks ago why so easily fine celebrities, addresses in L A wondering when. Why did I feel like they can just pull up like anyway? If you have any piece of male goes: yells people contract people getting arrested for these crimes, yeah Ashley with them in the vat. Other people arrested, that's how they found other. They were planning to head up her house because it electronic communications through the people that were arrested, and Serena Williams has been banned from wearing her black cat suit at the french open? They said that is not acceptable in next year's instalment because of dress code, they ve implemented. They also said that serenest outfit for it ample, would no longer be accepted. According to France, Tennis Federation President's in an interview with ten, magazine. They said that this just cobalt be as strict as Wimbledon, but they do have some live women, then you have to wear all white. They say there looking
well, wait! I now collections ahead of next year's tournament. Now here's what Serena Williams had to say we already talked. So we have a great relationship, we talked yesterday in everything's. Fine I've since found other methods, and when fashion, it ought to be a repeat of fingers of your while before this even has to come up and what was the river. A things is inappropriate, garrison cat suit and they thought like is too tight, but it does you always warrant. I'd fell form the cord like one on consumers, not us, I guess not the leggins at everything. I've ever seen where gas Yazzi Dedicated heard outfit whence you wear that black ass it. If you ever votes, even you can see it are the man
out there. They had its a pregnancy and have to come back and try to be fears in the middle of everything. That's what this represents. You can't beat a cats. Dogs are curtains from your body. Do Fredo right end, namely actually realized a slight. They said you can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpowers hashtag. Just probably dieters aroun appeared bananas which really man of global movement dominated our beautiful whiteboard, all use murmurs. Please give us a new white champion, Limited MBA woody when a big black sneakers. They want originally whites and it isn't any time started alone ablaze with black things. They did. I want to add. I remember our movement, I write well I'm Angela YE and that is your room report glorify. Thank you. Miss E. Now, when we come back me up front page news which we are going to be talking about, Jacksonville would tell you the unfortunate situation that happened and Jackson, whether they are still investigating all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive port Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club of the garden.
Pregnant. You get even l, beginner ebony all week, not that I know of butter the skins in front age news. I don't like it about a shooting and Jacksonville. Two people were killed in an issue that actually additives committing suicide in turning the gun on himself at a video. Game tournament. This was like I said and Jacksonville now, It was mad in turn him in and David catches a twenty four year old, gamer he's from Baltimore Maryland. He was there just for the tournament and he and bought a gun into the venue in open fire. What they are saying is that he was eliminated right before he get the gun and killed two other people. The witnesses who did not want to be identified by name said that he didn't know this. His identity, but that they were multiple guys who are upset at being eliminated from the events. The whole thing was actually care said on an online stream that was posted on twits right after the shots were The game abruptly stopped:
and it was a shooting it, I'm going to actual too early said a guy. What the Muslim I shot him in down to more go and his walked off terrible terrible as our condolences to everybody was affected by these senseless murder. A re, an and peace to John Mccain. He died at the age of eighty one here diagnosed with brain cancer. Only just recently decided to stop its medical treatment. After a year long battle. The family said age was a factor in his decision to stop treatment and he had surpass expectations for survival Now, if you guys remember he ass, he returned after he returns. As do the deciding vote that sat president trumps attend. To repeal Obamacare. Just a week after his brain cancer diagnosis, he had to show up a lot of times. He broke from the republican when he felt that principle was more important than what party you were tied to go from
I like the fact that these ban and download from from his funeral- but I really was thinking this weekend- is embedded a ban, your enemy from your funeral. I that better record of video, you ve, a video of you calling them out and play At your feet down it's, I'm probably wasn't gonna go anyway. You're budget, a polar bear night was gone. He I don't think he would abandon his cool. May imagine doing one live video at your funeral and put them all black for the world to see let in the world now much f. It is man while I won't. Even when I give somebody, I don't mess with attention, and my few know the funeral which Emily I read, I won't. I lay there, put our world docile, evaluate when large, but that I love, I don't want anybody remembering I want you to see barague, you do bang it as eulogy. You'll never get their jaws and if you have t mobile, they reveal that hackers has done in millions of customers. Personal data again Just then you guys now, if have t mobile, just make sure that you change whatever There is that you have, if you social security number, involved anything like that credit card info and they said that there was an unauthorized.
Says to certain information as some people and it s getting that notice to let you know that your information may have been exposed. Disk yeah that heads up, if you have t mobile road, but thank you that is front page news now this over the phone does have some fun. Does me a little petty Monday morning? Let us go downstairs could have really been thinking about this man. I wonder, is more fun to ban someone from your funeral, I d better to record of video. You call it a map, literature for universal, but of the whole nine. Eight hundred five, eight five, when o firewall is build a low petty. Now, if somebody Like comes your funeral right, would you where the battle I'll, given that, alas, a bit of negative? petty near us before, you really believe on bananas, petty right, but recording a video calling them out for bringing a funky ass today at your funeral? Knowing they didn't mess with you and playing video at your funeral is at another level of petty, that's better than being in Bro this respect for, would you get support,
aren't you today at the funeral dog you today, de I did I. Why not got kids and family members there many or laugh they like? That's my daddy, that's mine. I with my husband, had people now. I know that we would have a less over the phone lines. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. How petty would you get what you just bear, or would you leave. Your video really really get nay, nay, John Mccain as a special case, because Donald Trump, the current sitting, president. So imagine he comes days like it's like dominant will. Never attain the White House. Correspondence cynical! You know like a year roasted bright, but he's at the funeral, John Mccain can beat a forest personal roasting, Positano went on corresponded in exactly a walk out exactly out every bad. Imagine, a bitter video would arrive at a router, Oh my goodness, eight hundred and five eight hundred and fifty one five hundred and fourteen laundromat open. What would you do? How petty would you get? Would you leave a video, or would you just better call us now? Is the breakfast club good Morning
everybody. Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club now rest in peace to Senator Mccain. He passed away over the weekend. Yes, now Donald Trump is banned from the funeral seconds. You know that, don't you remember me was banned from George Bush's moms funeral closer name, Mama version. Yes, and now this Wenzel Charlemagne pigs that day our battle, yummy armed is one that I was thinking about it this week and I wonder, is more funding bands and one from your funeral, better record of video you calling them out at your funeral. What I'm saying like, especially in the case of John Mccain. John Mccain doesn't like anything about Donald Trump. Didn't like Donald Trump policy didn't like what he stood still for so imagine from showing up at his funeral and getting arose. Do by John Mccain on a video screen. Could you know damage under the vote in the White House? Corresponded then, is my to avoid the ropes came, will get that one last chance the rose to Mere fronted a world. I think that we weigh more amazing Dhaka
as the I'm I'm against. You say you know about him. You got a deal with him. You know you, don't you feel made a deal with him. You don't want me around your family like just keep him in his energy out a model of a ban them as I blacken from your social media. Don't you want him to see you shine harmonizing urban, be patent Pappy Mcguinness? Well, of course you know I wouldn't Ban somebody from for mapping irreversible damage. I wasn't gonna go anyway because I don't think he was to find a John Mccain either so that you could do do the video and for what I rather spoke as my enemy people love me who I love, no no liberation of life. I don't want to have anything to do with people the Adam S way in real life, so I rather focus on that is gonna be cheap. In small children, air, his kids are gonna, be there I'm sure they much. Rather, you spend our time and energy on them only those who care about. There's someone you don't care about. Why am I even wasting my energy? You a thought on anybody
I'm not thinking about. Was energy labelling is algorithm me when you're alive of you. You know that energy when you're alive, if you're filming something of you know me- and you know my lived and let me do online video and I can tell everybody I loved him and all I do what I can give you a few bars of Burma. Negro boy just pull up to my funeral and sit in the front row and act like he met which met with me. I got a message, anger that you don't even deserve any buys you don't every time, a more lively given by the death. Let him go Amerika. What would you do more? It's definitely does I'm having a funeral get less. Everybody would know what the guest list was well, they would know that they are not invited, but I wouldn't even once had negative energy at my funeral home. Would you thank you mom dominate. Yet what would you do? Mama? Oh, my god, I'm Mccoy video embedded in a light,
now or not as good as you call ideal rode out even more in the video recording, be video with me at all, but a hearing with all their might get a matter not as good. Do not really took about drug like now lampada you can't give the president out, though you blocking the president. Will you look at what is secure I've taught him. Oh yes, do things at Kyoto let's go to prison and asked him if he preserving. I wanted it like. I guess why, if you don't leave the video just keep going, not just keep talking They give dominate yeah so tat like that. Don't five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one rest in peace attend in the bikini passed away over the weekend. Of course, Donald Trump is and from his funeral solemnize is now don't battle abandoned or a little video enquired about you right before you comes in, can I regard the video video want in the middle of a funeral. We have John Mccain last words and John Mccain Big up his family, though some PA.
The downward promptly nonsense that a million a boy from the start, man, you know them and ass death, my goodness all right, a hundred five, a five little fire one. What would you do with the breakfast locomotive? Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club Navvy just joined us. You should know, in front page news report. It, of course, the Senator Mccain passed away over the weekend and Donald is banned from his funeral. That's all this is why we should ban on that issue. Actually be allowed. In an occasion He just left a video just gettin net. No trot s mail. Are you know why ban someone from your funeral? You know sailor, you let let him full of these social media. I mean that Only a few knows that it can see you shine like when you black somebody on social media when you're blocking my social media. You stopping them from seeing you shine Barbara. Let us make a fig page so Melissa. Let him full of your funeral record of video calling them out on all his F antics, and then you can mobile after world could Donald Trump never shows us the way.
Corresponding because you don't want to get roasted. John Mccain will get the chance to do it. Every comedian has wanted to do sit down trumpet in the white man about our message. You just don't exist to me gee, I don't know column funeral, we note have not your job Mccain used. Car trombone tromp was alive after his cases special case in vain, as is the chance to put down a chump on blast in front of the whole world, are right. Well, let's go to the former dictator with man was a brow baby now don't do it says I'm gonna be opened. I e g S, ILO Craig, you remember me yeah we gave you did not reply to you now is that you always gonna somebody. Your heart, I remember too, tight mother was higher than by my browser. It's anyway, you can you. What are you talking about exactly? What would you do me how you doin
Hey are you, sir? Are you going the question of sex in his view ye. I would I want to deal with that now that animal wars or their type still, we will not be for nothing. There were delays you know that we have no time living jokes fly, one lousy, general. No slam became the chopper flowers and slander. One letter dad a moment ago. More than the monitor down Tony radio Deborah, what would you do type thing? Really, you could make this is a little shoemaking ray. You will die you, though, not linear, right away.
Pray. Let it s what we say would you pre planted? If you know you was about to die, you had Kansas of Delay Mccain. Would you recorded beforehand? So what you got it? You gave me either geometry and already legitimate Ghana, man, no drunkenness uneraseable on or let no all think I'll at the door, because my people already all meet tat light here, be looking for what you are just the president. May yes, if maybe goodbye ban proceed hey Mama. What would you do now? If I was a part of that funeral? I would invite Trump there and I will put it in my phone. RO in the Middle of the row between pray encourage Ladys but again get out an hour rose them. The measure gardener? Why won't you be able to check out? Would all In short, ladies combined,
May you know you from the south to one side only buried, Bergmann air raids, Ladys in overthrowing the pound. Would you tell me you I'll be ok, I beg of you. I was the moral of the story. Girl stories rest in petty goddamn, ok, can you from a funeral? I want you to pull up. The mafia play this video of me roasting your bum ass one last time and letting the world know that you was never nothing all right. Let the world know the truth. You don't want me to shine. You steady my rhymes that's what I would do it include mov, offending rakkeed, think it above it of any Randy may have. India has met it. Yes, Conseil, I posted want I'm a long time ago. Finney say I just part of the one: a mob biggest Haters funerals, make show you the day took a bridge at the funeral. Data is always.
Thinking about that, and I want my that enjoys the fact that I'm dead. You know me yes, but that's the reason you gotta do. A video more imaginative might have been a video and carve India out you here for baby. You know we didn't pick up. Often that's it. You gotta do added. I were really affected that person job done. My goodness mission, a cup Actually, I was unaware declared that they are dead and they are still thinking about me. Yes, that's tough, Apologies find out what apologies has happened over the weekend. That should have been a long time coming now paid out man his money, all right, we'll get it for all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the g envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are. The breakfast club was considerable assault bird man with whom I have a lot of activity over the weekend as far as performances and concerts and events, but we, the Anna
fast was in New Orleans on Saturday AIR and bury mammas on stage whether wayne- and this happens, we will be able to give you. Apology, Cobo Imo money. I get my money, You know I may weighing them perform still fly, so I guess the two of them are working on. Things between them. You know Wayne has to Burma and cash money for fifty one million dollars, Emmy, of course, but love him to get his money and also the card of five that album. It has been released and it was recorded back and twenty fourteen. So what's gonna happen with that is that music still gonna be able to be put out now. Actually gonna move on Mercosur. Easy should run on business would just like weighing it every
from the corridor like don't let nobody gets any outta. My Burma don't get mad anyone's more dynamic is deserve more deaths, a start, a start and others like. I eagle thing like what is happening do you know where they were them are on days together I mean you ve them places together, but then something else happened if Israel Paul Sheldon way who in the biology them, because that site technically, he was upset because always say. Why would someone down into something about you can't they always together? We can return to clear said. Why would he why would you signed a Burma, nor you don't pay people, especially after what he did waves of your mad about that? But you a pilot I use analogy. I do something or I will not even the man's a very unpleasant once you wear his funeral apologizing away, the taking of acknowledging you do something wrong right, right items: you can't be mad at the people, God you out well call me and apologize to me Daddy will unblock honest what they used to block I'm fine,
They went into policy. Nor well are really you that not! I was joking ye rush, though you were very theory, carries apologize Charlemagne now I on love is being sued by his Ex personal assistant Deanna Loki a saying that he was making unwanted sexual advances towards her. She actually got hide in June, neither twenty sixteen and quit. Two weeks later, she said that he would say video centre a video showing a young woman, performing oral sex on him and said: what do you think that he would have regularly savings at your ass, it's nice in those pants and also say you know, you need your two wishing paid say that she should perform sexual affair. Like we asked them about it in return, so now also suing him for that. So after seventeen days of working there came to an end, our rights,
Now, draken Mega, they bid in New York and on Saturday was dates who of therefore days at the garden, and then I believe they have three more shows our here. Vendetta eight shows untold little guy that it was the matter, but I am not sure that number the liner there are sold out, but them make I was brought out B. She had her first performance having a baby for day to others. A night New York to our it. Yes Evan. I knew your tour run and she d modus boy, so out of energy in the building. For that Anne Lively, Jennings, there's all kinds of drama going on with him and one of his children's mothers. Now you posted this is an issue I got a deal. Lying to your own. Send this is child abuse, but that it when you try to tell you on Sunday to make yourself feel better incentives to me, where's mother. Ever and this isn't it time, my little measure had better than this effing shake I'm so mare right now. I would never do that. Don't ever do this to a child, and here the video you posted. I'm fired anything
the other key, launching everything and then got out of the game you don't care who live, though you doin, yet with Mama told my eyes, I feel terrible just cause you don't get along with the dead. Yet as once, U S crazy sounds crazy. I mean why live actually say that, even if it you should say that he again, if it's the truth, told you what I think is a really mad and he shaking any sane as his child abuse, so whose attitude was life like tat in all economic life rallied insanely thing like that novice, if you're just saying that today Because you want to kill me man at the Father and that is definitely shouted dad said that I wouldn't I wouldn t, let it get me a kiss, for the rest of your life to fill their abandon their guide and like they did something. While your daddy don't want you hold on that, I Don T like a maybe the oder or what I wish you how play which you so makes it seem like you. It was a lot younger. I would run of what my Father mother about you know it you damn I say some
despite the Mama, be upset with mom. You owe a debt of la my eyes relies long effects and how its had things about themselves till you don't wanna labelling and I feel that they are not love me there might be for mobile our warning. I went in many ways it out. You know you never know what a person like. I would put that in a job enough enough, like you better daddy's, that any age I re while I'm Angela YE and that's your room, a report of his older move. If the kid is old, anything anatomy of the kid all go. I know you're, not around your like you, well now we have a major announcement about to happen again, Ok. Now why don't you tell me about the major enough? We don't say right now, you right now with its Albert out. It would do it. Why do I eagerly? when you're a realistic reaction to this major announced got worse off all right, call as those categories of legal general drama. What are you know? What's going on, I saw yesterday no railways major announcement. It goes down, I'm so what twenty eight
Powerhouse was the is Brac. That's right. The collapse of some collapsed. Again I doing platform plows lousy is back because it at this moment I want to close bombs pow today, towards what we have is going down at the Prevention Centre in Newark. I that's in Jersey, Prodigious Newark, yes presented by ABBA the organic farming performance is by tomorrow. People know that mobility. I really think I talked too much now Mattel everybody on Easter. Talking shows. Why does it doesnt have liked it to sing it?
the more we choose where to over people found that the preamble to overnight. We also want to ask you not to offer this energy neck. You ok, you know next now, do you not to offer this young man who ll, ok, Rocco lobby? yeah well, you're the man got a soft spot for this young lady dude
What are you doing tonight? There's gotta be ok, or will you got a source by Olivier Dupuis guy? You know this is your crash. That's right elbow cronyism doing about a gradual opening married. You have ourselves by personal. I don't yes, you know, there's you the old way, the raw. What do I do? I will project now squirrel G Easy Little Bay ever my little baby user movie. Now my bag and ticketing, why would you tried to arrive AIDS Desert? Well, you should notice what one Mass Finch your payroll would play while see. I was in the North Sea COD Ii be reversed, may as it am, I right. Yeah, blue
maybe g, easy and Jews were, and it can be more to be announced. I now ask you to sail this Thursday What oh five right now: eight hundred five, a five one or firewood you're going to power household. I don't play nothing. It not only are you when a power. How self aware that a fly you in how about that? I don't know what airline we're gonna fly. You we don't. I it condemns what I hope you're. Not only you know. I don't know where you stay. That way around that. When someone training- no We all get Judy. I will Why you, when no one else, we will put you up the annual you will be good money. I think it gives you a nice Don T nor Guide, you good.
The beautiful city, and nor will we do better than that eight hundred five environmental problem caller. What or five right now you be a power house it was, he was We have presented by energy or again a guide again Colorado. Five right now, eight hundred feet a five one or far when you be in a building to see juice, world ye easy little baby, Lma, Lil, Uzi, Vert and Cardi B time for Don T talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today I got the donkey of breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today
I wanna know. Although the war now performing their power la la la la moments or so, the boss amounted delors, said again a rainbow devaluing low. Do I've been looking? Well, I must say I gotta talk to coach. You got you out of it. I will talk to cochineal eyes. I gotta say I said I gotta talk to cope with a warning. I gotta bring new. The worn out today. For Monday August, twenty seventh go there the job of Tom is Maxwell. You may not know Anthony it by Anthony is twenty six young man who is weakened, decided to go to beyond Sanjay Zis honor. Tor to show. Now, though, The things that people think of doing that beyond the angel. These shows, what being stage is now wanted him. None of you aspiring sing, or rather you look it as they use Adsl Daft can be dear one day, but jungle shall be the first to tell you know, I won't be right, f, dreams and when they are not your dreams me out the Asia, be, I think, easy once in a lifetime talents and you, my friend, are not that now you may be honest age one day a right, but you will never be. The unchanging
it s just scientific fact week that scientific fact, ok, do we not heeded about that right. We're we're did talk, discuss Anthony Charles Maxwell. I decided you needed to be honest. Aid would be on change easy now. If you watch the video which is on my right now, the man who is overwhelmed with a sense of entitlement, a man's cup of proved privilege run of over so much he decided to jump on stage at the cost of a walking off and he rushed in both. Let's go to sea bs to involve report. Please crazed fan tried to go on the Rhine during Apples concert in Atlanta, Daisy were walking all stage when the man in a wager restarted chasing them. Please say he approached easy and made contact with them, but that one back of Danvers insecurity stepped in and managed to subdue. The man spokesperson says beyond Say: Jays ain't there find that fan has now been charged with simple battery disorderly conduct. See, say dances, getting formation for various things, but have no seen in getting formation of fright, he would just two:
slow to react, because I think everyone was initially shot but boy when they rushed at young man, it was some synchronize stopping going, I'm sure of it. Anyone ever deserve to get there- ass kicked even Anthony. Maxwell Emma be honest with you. I think you should have been shot in that killed. Just Lula shouted somethin. I d stages like your house, as should be a safe space. For it is. I should be allowed to stay in my ground on that date. So if you bring your monkey as appear, would any rockies- and I got security on ass date, POW close range gunshot to delay, so nobody else gets hit a right at that Anthony needs to learn it at the on the run. Two tour, not the on the run on the stage talk: okay, I'm sick people. Just doing things for the sake of doing things are my thing: is this Anthony? What was your plan? Ok, I love forty law, the power by Robert Greene and law, twenty nine and forty lotta powers simply said plan all the way. To the end the ending is air thing plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences of the golden
Who is the fortunate? Might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others by planning to the end? You will not be overwhelmed by circumstances, and you will know when to stop gently guide for They help determine the future by thinking far ahead. Key word. Thinking Anthony, if you had thought about this law, knew about this law. Iran is lot to your brain just once. If you'd have thought about it, just won't. You wouldn't even jumped on s stage, because there is no reason for it. You know Syria? Make me believe that given attack by beyond the stage is fine I'd Anthony you experience on a stage would pour curios and experiences on social media the hands be I've thinned out a tweet? I write any I think that if we right now, things are negative, but blue ivy and I guarantee you swore by a beehive the way Avenue Gus Swarm, bought a beehive from running on the stage that concert aright, Anthony. That's strange, soft forty million outcomes for you on a stage in ninety them ended well. Did you expect, Indeed, I invite you to come have dinner with with them in the twins. And why the was tat I would with the pepper.
Julius Beyonce and Jay Z. In one too many situations in Julius is never nowhere to be found at some point Julius is going to have to bust somebody head if not I'm I think it is only around because you trying to start a sneaky modeling career, but back me right, He was written up for police ideas, disorderly conduct and go into a theme, from now on the run talk the card is, would not be present. Charges and I dont know why night is much. White people, press charges on black people for every little petty thing. Why we let, in his white man, slide called out being races, icon revenge. Please give Anthony. Charles Thomas Maxwell. The biggest or are you anyway?
I don't know where you are you other devilish at other, only using your ways and I'm sorry, I'm sorry why people and his bag obi erases again risk. In some cases, these will understand why I would feel that way. Right, Alright, I beg you would at kind the dog ITALY was already there other. The other we don't know the average annual. Have you look great when we come back role more will be joining us. Yes, we'll killer roll them onto the people. I don't know who killed him or explain. Rollin Martin into a political culture look upon it. A political comment: You know you have a show on tv, anyone ever there so got cancer. Will you got a new tv show that he's coming out with our eyes are what you call it. A tv show
the tv show whether whom your life I refer Alonso. Yes, we can bad people act as the breakfast locomotive breakfast J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got us pressure, guess inability, your third, a good brother role was Abner Marbre, LAD, Rebecca you just don't outstanding, which you less black unhappy fate, had another out that another road that up. Think of a wreath of Franklin affect you could only. I was friends. I was well, it was hard because I had no help at all in decline, and then I had known ten days before the story came out, while that she was gonna that I was in. The error rate does indeed show for the naturalisation about journalist convention, and so I found out on August August. Third ass. She was getting hospice Monday, and you know it was. It was, and I also know from
sk as though the last time we communicate it was marked seventeenth. It would text back and forth in so she had we had detected. You gotta be was an example of a four month by us in her a picture of a bowler gum, lousy Thanksgiving, and she low, ah Manna gumbo Lama pairs, clearly visible. Virginia. We maids. I live stream, Dunbar we made on Christmas day. We had called him. Doktor is of a formats every time she takes me she would talk, went to submit yeah sandy, you does, it would add, don't you their gumbo. I may get it. You know it's all. So I was going to Detroit the following week why anybody bored maiden was march. Twenty four women are weak in an hour. I was either Gump Bridge gumbo ship, it almost Lama as house in actually cook it there and that we can She went to the hospital because she was dehydrated. She wasn't regain of water in our we can
she was cut out in that was it, and so I would take a text her and I pulled up my picture in April and May in June, and she ever responded and then and never happen, though we might risk a couple days later bought her not to respond. That's what I knew or health were was in decline, so you it was. It was tat because it was, and the thing is We know we should call me to talk about of armour. What news, was like twelve thirty at night and you can't the queen, Zol, ok, quietly, you know Can I call you morning now you are you. She got dog algae, seek rob like twenty minutes As though you don't like you, because you stay up and go to sleep with you You get that you appreciate those calls not, but it was. They will always great good like I'd like I'm, never called are either I was colloquy. Oh, yes, she would, she would just takes you just call. It was. She was cancelling concerts dwellings. November. I will hit em like hey you'll pay out. You have been good out
you don't you always. You know. I'm strategy must really bad get better and shoot em eat. But he's real. She. Never. She never complained and she never talked about that shipping grid again to their private, about so we're way, which is great, that she we will just talk about. You know she could stay in trot is so she by what the early donors conference, of la those lies over. It was always great, and yet it was weird just sit here again you just sit and talk in and outside voluntary and late. Really friends call me No, I just haven't you haven't regular garbage our meat loud two thousand seven. She sent an email to my agents, offers Mark Watts. Complementing on my word, Marcy rallies and milk, leaders, guided email, the from red, Frank about lay they called the forum. We got email, you hear me, other email,
even the holder, email, that was actually read the ring that was very like I was real melted, thousand seven. So could she was sitting on CNN? Some two thousand eight December, two thousand eight, allay for the image of women. She had gotten a special image. War that issues in cancer, so we got a guy So maybe you know we sit is a Nokia where they play a lie. Whatever was so it God There was always light. There is global they say we can meet the right loudly the e mail. Last dealers, we talk waving words rising the work. So we go, man, so her gaseous makes we absolutely until the wings as they land is all copy, Rebecca ass? Well, It took us out when I have to get to the dress and why it was that we people who were back there her yet so we finally got vague ideas. She goes. Why don't? You EL someone that you were here. She is our technology from the sage leg. We did it we're gonna Gaza. I mean we're only usually using and weed.
There. She love pink hot things. Are she was handing out things? Not doubt the ADI Nov think about is. What is these neo long and it is a cult thing and allay ochre. The queen he's got on is got and this long gowers informing we'd have no array. The violent did not care There is talk of everything in the pictures, and so when I was formed in essence, you know I'll go back, state, This is crazy thing. This egg lab so tools. I get a phone call, Rollin array am I going. Are you doin We are we on the bus with you negotiated, flattened, they would drive in a vague. She say we want to budge out of egg. Is question for you're going was she says, and it should be honest. How did my sets out? Ok, is going to sound right? You may I must point out that these boys
and so she said- oh Mamma, I want you to be honest. How did the sound so light you gotta be on. It was above all, we would sit on a bird row. It was the issues with the speakers that we walk. I, like you, was that what speakers we do know what was going on. She said. You know I thought so. Some listened to the play back. Let me call but any defied audio engineer alike their role at all, because you got a job. I will say it is a minor beyond wasn't seekers in, but again ok of a rather rightly says beyond the sound sound. If I'm a guy, like you, agree one is our duty was Emmy DES I'll, be so She would do that. What she
also hitherto, she was amazingly loyal till she comes a dizzy. I couldn't be at a spare back to back speeches. I can go my niece to monies. Does it want it will living whether they want to meet the Franklin? Okay, so she said activists from my wife, my to me so my speech was over. I will let you go on out of girl. Let me equations avoiding enchanted like what happened is well a shallow bomber air. Soldered, shut up at the concert, and then they went backstage and stick with service. Everybody I'll turn it down, and then we couldn't we couldn't. We were trying to call Ben was either her grandson of her son to the next day. My phone ring rolling the reason what happened to you Well, here's where we now she says. Let me call you back cheek You bet she call element, whether Hassan a grandson via their cost them limits. Interpreters,
the metabolism and when I tell you bring some mighty and you take care of them, you the take care care at the first reading of the two. The general is vaccine care, this secret service. She went off on him and do where the hit me apologize. While is I new Year's eve. May she set me up on this is to grant she sent me this email bra crown, pull that right men. This was ten forty three p m on December. Thirty first Rollin Martin you one of the bad as brothers out here. You kicked a sober. MSNBC, Rita history book. Broke it down to his most Manu. He did even any bit is talking to you. He's gonna die every time. He sees you happy. As a new year's Isabel conspiracy against the bad as rose. What do you think they she'd types in cornea ways now? What do you say? Rollin? I came bring it up. Another
the gunboat tabs at all times at all can dive pitch is all I want. Is it that's how you promise a wreath of Franklin wooden? Ok, that's how you so Great Ambrose, via maize, has. Are you celebrate a woman of that study? Amarapura you'll have a person comedy intolerable thyself for six months as cities either that that's hard. It looks you buy them university parties his deal with so one year, Chagos Rollin. While we know that my birthday party, if would have some happen in adding give thereby Nazi quaint had, I didn't know, was out and get him by so she turns in person how's it. He did not invite my birthday. This not going to happen next year and I'll stand there like cuz. I just step away from this moment right here that I ain't. I ain't trying to be in this moment right now by you. I beg you to lead Monday, they above birthday, so ok,
that debate it and so ass. How that video of Horace Scatton sing headed birthday to herself, and so she stock whether this this is four years ago. She said with second birthday, but she's seek we have the microphone and how does it? I had a and power shot camera like clear. I gotta get this day a video and he is why dont have cause. I was on the dance floor. I've taught the queen of. So how do I keep a shovel Did you re an online music, MRS in two thousand twelve, at a birthday party lobby like? Will you shoot the video out like trying to find somebody was shooting a video call her piano? Am I going to learn those Ahmadinejad to video? This all came on, and I like We got it on. I do not like agitated Cuba shuffle
my dad's law and targeted Cuba. We got more roller. Moreover, we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the bread for his clear. We are rolling more and in the building Charlemagne, no energy around a mid term elections is examining, never really really seem like when I will. You think that it would be this year. Oh no, it is an anomaly on revenue, William Barbara. He just call me last night. They want to embark on their twenty six states. On the task of brown. They been they being on them a bus tour as we speak. They been gone through Georgia, they go into the delta, they been all these small towns and as this, what's happening through the difference. Now. What has happened is in life, of really just figure this out is that it is a long time at you. The campaign they will wait were ended. It did the put together. We have also. We can wait a minute and so what they are doing, is that doing these things, but not getting cable news attention
This is also why the digital show matters somewhat solve the Jones. All these people were heightening, like. Oh, my god, look ahead The challenge is well guess what they got. They got to work Watson on the air Latasha Brown on the AIR Adrian Shropshire on the air after the election, Everybody loves you after the fact look at are the Fairfax when he was one democratic, nomination of altering the governor of Virginia. The Democrats, when you allow me to state convention not put him on his show, call them out. There down the apologize to him. I put him on the air to time before the election. He wins, guess what happens, all these show seen Column Emerson. These sea is call or we want you to show he tells his people. You says my furs post election national interview. It's gonna be rolling, Martin, and he comes on and says it on the air he's a model
just because you might fraternity brethren Alpha and we in the belay together. He said you put me on Wednesday. Wooden would take my phone call how do see it and I got a repay there, and so as also what we ve got to have our own platforms because get those voices on both or the election reality would musicians to buy them internet making platform was very soon, as all those only their record break their runs. It amazing platform comical. Nobody is accuracy. They're gonna do that because, and I am to annul blatant and Agatha serious problem when black folks, your point when a blow up What you don't exist as an hour jam people up because you have to do that check some people, because they will forget real as what when they get trouble all the funding. When they rediscover you'll know yet is inter ethnic like in how disposable, Riad away people because you re not you ve got a real,
the round and I'll tell you out other had been able to do. That is this. Do the partners, I would twice okay, I'm a home and when he was a national spoken pollination Isabel, he was coming to fort worth. He got to spend it by Minister Barrack on an annual. He was from Houston out front. As well as I'm doing a story on him and I'm asking these questions in he. What what? What? What what the valleys personal questions united When all the normally the person you ain't viewing was say: let's go out Rick, I say it: S got rid of. Men are costume. Now I don't want to hear you. Thank you talk less it may. The wife of business had blown, give a damn about you after they got you out lookin. Your dog on devil, in a demon as it outright. You have bloody human being watched your story. What shall background Athena Ewing, I talked to me- lay nobody I'll call you a right, as is that what you want to do is it will go back on a record now point in a moment he died. He told his people whenever he calls you put his call through where is the one I was in Houston Lee Brown or blackmail? I've used it.
What I'm one of the huge defender that the biggest they ve been Houston. He go to South Africa, you don't talk to forego South Africa, Go South Africa brings like reinforce, cure two guys come back. Media millennium, I think been seventy gray and on security would have us. I get a phone call from the chief of staff, a rolling loved, come out of paper and talk about a trip in the importance of trade in South Africa. Luckily you see we're getting all is pushed back. I feel guy, and I say you done. He goes here- Lee Brown I see your call up before you win, but now You call me the bill. Your ass out, Amor white media kicking you'll buy, so he was gonna happen our goal. Maybe someday, Mama kick your ass. I think I'll learn. Don't you disrespect black media only common bill, you out ass. Like do you understand, click as it enables
did you just say the first blackmail heating? Yes, because he didn respect the black newspaper- and I say as a magic it I'm not gonna. Let you disrespect us after they were straight. I would ask you what I'm arose, because somebody asked me wasting- and I said how noted ass a book but was as possible to honour rosa- could have been a spook who sat by the dough. Here's a deal he's just like job we're. The any reality shows whirl, daily is it might turn available than another cell above, but I'm again their relationship was transactional blood about it again and this dull neurosis, but guess what I'm a have done literally twenty reality- shows eyes why what're, we hate Alma rose. I do a job you step by step,
and twenty reality shows she's been in the gay fifteen years. You can, All you want to watch. It in the game. Policies that aim his position in the White House? Ok, sober Won't they run a good fire. People blow me up man, I buy a book is trays, guess what is number one? Barcelona What is now done is she's like You ain't Laura nobody. I've watched you'd Troy above the buzz. Well guess what ought to be. Where do the boss, but the blog? You don't think that every Marianna by hand as that would do she said, don't you you're mad, he hears a thing all arose care, so people say properly: Nobody wants to
the shape of a foot? Angela, all I got more records and we should another take that makes them without be alive. If she's my waking like norhala, though and here another one, but here the vain! What have they refused it? Nothing! oh there's watches again, you can this spot a morose? All you want to do. Spies or have the number one book when he returned bacillus nobleness those six thousand euros, we rosewood, thirty, five, That's the game. We live in a reality, a shawl world daily. Is need as much as I can affair is lacking in Nepal. It is no show more. Noise is so necessary, absolutely September four and I'm so you checking beforehand
Roma people. Let us all our absolute labs lose a gorilla man unfiltered dot com and gaiety questions will answer, but I am ready to roll and follow Roland Social Media may rolling S. Martin has ran on Instagram on Twitter and Facebook amongst Snapchat, so you can. If you want, because they makin Rachel, you lie Meanwhile, the breakfast club Breakfast club is about. Is the rumour report annually on the breakfast embassy area about a letter to earlier that was by the anniversary of her passing away on August twenty fifth. Now she posted elite. Baby girl? I can only imagine how great you would be today winning ask us in creating music that would be in the year twenty fifty and setting all kind of fashion Trans. All the thing you today, while you are here with us, but most of all spreading love is what you always were
your fans, Edward diligently and holding you down your mom and brother are keeping your Is he alive we miss you and to those who knew you or your music, nothing You are always be one in a million rest peacefully Angel baby girl near my what, if suck Van like when you I what she wouldn't die were like men as the worst Yankees their queen achieve a reply to the post. Homer miss you already know now. Qualitative also hope. Black girls, rack and ass, he went to the taping, is gonna air. On September, ninth by Jana Jackson was honoured at the black girls rock awards and led away got an award is where I loved her speech when you guys white its attendant September. Ninety ass, he was, he had to say about cutting of her hair and jazz being iconic in this business. Already Naomi Campbell got the black girl MAGIC award. Judas AMOS Aim got in a word also for being alive in the legend for her work and dancing, choreography, I'm trying to remember marries a blinds, got hers our power award. Also, you guys will love. This show dismay show you tune in.
All right, then we introduce lino their evil. I am able to say whether overdue Renee on tat. China remembered, I thought that was Douglas used actually be a p eva, EVA thing back already, and I will be dope yeah I've got a wife is a timid night, though you are absolutely gonna love a local array and Demi Lovato at her drug dealer- is the person That is saying now that he is not responsible for her overdose. He said that they did drugs together many times and also had a sexual relationship. Here's what he had to say to him I think, it's important as know I didn't know what she was taken under recession ways. I decide this close to her that these knots, Pharmaceutical. After this there much stronger she understood fully now diamond about US choices are denying that there was any sexual relationship at all. Why why why the drug dealer given interviews
I will what error do we live in? What a drug dealer is giving an interview in why's he of the interviewing you shouldn't amphibia responsible. Should we lack em up exactly? Couldn't you talk to the actual drug? You shouldn't you be sent an information office in a police. Let the police can see it has clearly as post. So maybe this will do thousands videotapes, video or either it is that we have you don't get your love about no minority drug. You remember one thing she gave her. The audio him talking battling to resolving a road regular would do it, but to govern airlines name is Brandon Johnson out his name yeah. This is true in all my god and reliability and conspiracy charges would just now and drug dealers and branded Java denuded of uv. Nagging log, though I mean he's talking about everything about them, free, basing together how to call them tell them to come all verity. He knew that immense. She wanted some drugs so: you're gonna get a major wise, not arrested. Yet I write an affair and through an object onstage at Sway Lee. I guess it was a cell phone and his lip got busted here as well the following day.
Holy book I nevertheless need even shift is to visit Yater. My lab is after these damn ass. God do, foreigners days like a baseball, ya, gotta have more common sense and that my is after might miss a few days. A tour It is one I'm I'm telling you this stage be essays base for Addis these fan. Should be able to get really get beat up really bad, really shod, something you say you were sent me on. Yes, disable. You able to protect your home is easier to protect that faces. The same way could like every lately with told them of the stage and hit a fan, guess what you may leave liable right now wants to sell, because he thought he would give an example in another issue. We stood a venue animals, no he's not only do I find it a figure it out. Man I write immediately and that is your room are reporting all right. Thank you. Miss E. Now, let's get into the mix now earlier today announce, Powerhouse n Y see, would all the oddest performance. So we go to a power, was a y see mix with all your favorite artists. I let me know your favorite
the artists are performing juice, whirl, lil, Uzi, vert cod. Gee easy element so are eight hundred They love what or far one little baby. Of course in revolt will see. That tomorrow is to breakfast locomotive. Been whirl New Hampshire on the site. The dark highway, the hill? witness a light in the sky, a cry hovering above a field. They thought that was the end of their story. Two years later under hypnosis. They would learn that there is more that night. So what Had they forgot each case of Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals, cope, action of Iheart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen. The strange arrivals on the Iheart Radio, app on Apple podcast sore or wherever you get your podcast. My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've trying to figure out how might The two year old Son Courtney wound up with a bullet. In his back out.
The Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him, and then there is the truth Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie or wherever you get. Your party casts
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