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Scarface stops through to chat about his long history, losing weight, working on new music, kicking drugs and much more.

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Real, celebrity real. Some joint existed in mourning over is DJ envy angel Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club got especially guess a legend in a building, or vice versa. The face procedure heavenly made a whole different parts. My brother, like a got hold person a of China. Gonna get some without money they would other jails is almost nobody gonna curse, Now I think we would be like lazy. Lower, you blew we air and we like, and it s easier. If you you're, not a minute of youth nine. Now, historically it wouldn't be too much talk about were later you gotta what we mean
Let me speak to his musical. I don't need your room. Is it all about that? Now only then I'm saddle I interviewed you one time, but I thought it was really fun cause. I hadn't I didn't know your personality with, though, The of micro credits are laid. Mad has very much so Amy a book. I was death and the copier your book up here before Johnny early. Many is that today, though, diary remember,
you're, not gonna, know about migration flows. By what are you a good half the world more than the laughing I heard was you on your debit? Well, I don't want to die, so I admit I had to make some adjustments you, those will be ill. Sicken haunted, sag, stroke or yields was dining mostly are trying to make a change.
Yet a lotta health issues over the girl. I've ever a whole list of things. It could. Just what you are blogging measure blue versus do have issues will have lower press borderline diabetic. Kenyan Amity large heart said: Jimmie Dale US, but you know he is theirs irreversible right, but you can stop it can't fix it. Would you stop it ill and in every more somebody my family has a stroke. Luckily happened lately, but every march, so my by my grandfather died at a stroke, moors cheese.
We believe in legal she's the marvel nets up to him. I don't want to make a day, and I guess I remove thereby allowing her. I thought you said you grandma throughout my my grandfather die on the e diehards are in the house that I grew up in my Astro are actually eleven in the house where my grandmother and then. I'll go he's in a home, he had a stroke here, like seven eight over no, I know weather, for U haul, live in just two years in a row, like my mind, like my mind, say if I knew I was going to live this long. I waited way better care of myself. I had no idea how long live to see thirty five, I mean twenty four I'm, however,
if what I told I had no idea where Ladys long live there Somalia is locked anything. Let me say something about you. It is giving to die or something I don't like you and die my guide, the first, the first when you come out aware, have you come out of within what you come out of this your first as when you click start taking note of the jail me yet the J, that's what you call it boring dying, a sound, so pessimistic, Phil, really boring dying. Ok, you can born living like that. You gonna get a realistically now did you lose so much weight? I ran for my life. I had to I D. Rather my life and now you're right
A mile up have yesterday. I was endeavour for twenty years smoking you had module dude. So Cocytus, there right and I promised myself not smoking, no boy in Botswana, goodness. I, even though you can smoke as much ways you can consume, you can mobile. I'd like a Ewing by we debate here right bro I rolled up a joint, alas smoked some of it. Then I guess
so high and I was so hungry. I lay really, but would you good I like for reasons peanut butter, curbs, love residual bonnet, cosmic remedies, never love there? Is it bad yoga item eight on drugs, orange juice and blogger? You boy lying diabetic. We all know that it has with Almah Boil and obey the more ogre motel room, but I think I'm pretty clear. Nasa. I was still together now you all have a good point. You said you'd, never thought you would live to see. Twenty four were now at the age. Europe. Do you do you want to live? If I know anyone outside questionnaire, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, an innocent us in the book? I talk about how bad
One day when I was younger and they was, I would welcome of advice. Would you give to somebody in those who feel like? Baby. I got you into drab illegal move out they they were invited to give someone. As you know, a thing about my wife and my suggestion. At the same time, legacy would be this is live. It is too easy to die said that it is it. A mobile is too easy to data harp living as the heart. Or like May. I am so glad that dead. We are
Governed by the laws of a given guy, ok, he forgave what I attempted to travel, but I thought that I want to do to myself. You know, instead of taking my ass out, he gave me an opportunity to leave. You know. Why did you want to die out and I think more, I think maybe I just wanted attention, as I read that some, because I think that if we really wanted to die you could he knows what does the EU support levels of port? I'm not! I'm not gung ho about check it out of this right now, not noticing inevitable. As I said before, you wanna talk like that, but yeah well established offline. Beginning get oh boy loaded. First time we were the first to me as a new Yorkers copies
don't get a boys and how it must often beginning allowed people might not know who the ghetto boys I had a dead rope come about. I was a group that existed before. I became a part of its own. James, prince is a genius J parents. Oji energy he heard something in we'll heard something in me and put together a group, an embryo and put together a group that would in a later be part of a pop history. Absolute, you know the. How was it when I first saw me Mitt Bush with bill, because I mean, if you don't know much about visa either. I guess guy. There was already a
where's my is. I doubt you will lose a blue J little jail the g. Whenever you know when I first met boys wig, you don't use, walk around with low J God. You lie you so As time went on, I realize it was. We will not allow Jake finally got a as meat J bill, I'm you might like song, find a bill before Thank God did not sign straight. Still burn that contract, but now far as my bill day, we thought it was day. It is still run out bill darling, shows in body here we re doing. Www losses, mom, arrests and policemen yea losses, he job losses loss at night.
Ben with great night. They re laws as they are gone year. Bill what will say that there was go, not allowed me. A billion live together, You know in the same house for I turn So if I never ever saw bill again in life, it would be waiting so it does not really but Dale man Leary, Madame the mob, Damn maiden jumped out a second floor window. We did our canister vagina refit, frightened I am aware no five would be S mouth does matter when people wouldn't be as you can go to sleep around him by he'll, be ok.
We can therefore give you really like the guy Robin at the end of my blanche, exam. I wrote that a Euro Devon wrote Naroda for me, mocha ogre, like that, was my record graduate furs and what had a song about? I was when we left the group.
Will he be left a group and I was forced into a solo. I just knew. Might notice was over. My animal we're gonna was huge. Success will leave. The group will address knows our for me, so I just got back I'll go out the sailors to begin cider started, making long stuff a you. Anna J was trying to put a duly other with me a priority. The same time a ghetto boys were finishing up. We can be stopped hour and I played a couple. A record for J J took them the priority. When J came back from priority issues like men, they love is miles away and shrink saw so he put willing on Gabriel, alas, verse and the rest of history, all of us,
What is a no more than the far as far as the second verse and bills versa? The verses that I'd originally wrapped in the song magical of forest were the first Mama plant tricks on now, when you hear willing as Willie's verse hero but the other four verse. Other reverses on record on a three hour wrote embryo took the last war. Now would that song- I've been as being as it is now. If I rapid by myself, probably not run, remains to be well, you ok that Morocco will not mean when it had been where you live on would seem. Blue, yellow saw was made visual that did you ever saw media. You know me run a bumpy. What I would like that that that idea, not wrapping in lives, thinking your videos
was my idea. I don't never want to be in my video, I don't like the performance part of a video. I like it's just so what happened? You know what I'm saying, and I love that part. The visa rules out, feel like make this all ill bred has probably what I saw was as big to allow what was being said, write them pussy relation like a prince J Prince Arabella. Why we don't will we'll talk, was what we I were there when they decide to write about actually came from some people that were managing me before and thought TAT. I had an interesting story to and have them
we're literary asian and guide. I was a great writer engineer, medicine phenomenal. He may add. If some some keep me to book type tiger, Lily right there right, but for the most part of that was my story with little books and music. Is you always autobiographical any music anyway? Another very? If the right you have given us audio books for youth will appreciate that I can't really. You say this a difference. I think that at the main parties you know how to hide some from somebody. You put it in the book. Re opened: seventy wouldn't, damn god, damn I'm trying to duck that somebody hit you the best way to hide something from me is put in the book. Well, if you got something that Some major respect
written down. In maybe I get in the rain down on which you can see the guy land, my favorite We all know my very kind of books to veto autobiographies. Even if it's like a general music down listens, you always think it's interesting to hear people The worry yours is the truth, the holds of another by the two so help. I just like you said before anyone accept everything everywhere they said you had a case of several times. You said, took a bunch of pills, beg your mother's pills, your mama. I took some blood pressure, booth and some others and others remember. Working in the ambulance go to school, the e r M, a game you should call epoch elsewhere.
As this allow other fish were up and try us out to destroy those about advocate about. You thought it was a new drug. We have heard a lot about you not with that ok, I've had it was ever get. Oh Lord, I'm talking about puke down my guts for, like our moon and charges. Headed dry he's, you be trot, thought well rounded up, I'm sorry again when it, but it needs to act, Because you wanted attention needs to be people, baseball, bat, tragic case. I offer my eyes and I what nobody asked for. No attention. Ok, but I do I do encourage stated because there's no gimme a lot of what are you encourage? I occur the keys every kid you got a problem with them really. You go around the glass and you beat his ass and finance. We women pale is the first thing I do
We're about Eddie was the bad as privy was bad, is doing this goal of his walk around and feeling it is, as you know, I've been overdue. Named Tyrol Grandmama, like this all tat, he wants me to school with Molly. Normally, if our knowledge, and that all I had a I had a boxing game since I was eight years old. I wasn't doing that so I guess he know you know I would join with transport difficulties. I've got a scholar where go like I didn't even finished in my brain. Is he going to that? I don't think that they'll. Let me like the school now about where they want to see you, and I really graces. Did you ever go to the bottom in society was absolutely no grey magical go to Google, mainly men, when they will do so. Many stupid. The figures for them.
Wrap out in my brain education, they would you would you expect, for the rat filled a voice that that dead, dead, the attention you are seeking to wrap fill it at the time there was acting out. I didn't know their attention was what I was looking for. I didn't realize how much attention I was missing until I had my own children and realize, but God Dale boy borders- want some attention by looking at. What my son's would do for attention from me. Is what I would do back then for attention from my parents. Sadly, I didn't have not a one time. I saw my mom in the stands when I was playing football, a baseball
All I remember was Mama come up to the school after I beat that the principal what ones the principal did he lets you wanna, be though, as me, don't ask me asked me what I want to go with me so did he really be that the price of a little bit in the book The panel that well this at a do. Tal one on my part, is that Europe and steel, brave Finally, you bet he had him good. I got led him to a store with record, going to record any well known and about what happened. Free fight, like all I know is, I went in my local any he had me Emma Boise there in my boy so dead I got dead on his ass, the bail wrong
was not out of class and coming in to his brother comes to see the you know, he's a this is. The principal come up grit. Gotta his ass. The principal game up gotta, her eyes. No on the couch, came up Ghana his eyes when I finally stop no people as but Mamma came up, as he said. The next time. Then I have to come to this goal I'm gonna Moon, everybody moon everywhere. Legs because, as you know, the moon, everybody here so you have a misnomer dropped.
This guy is gonna be allowed back anyway? I am all the more because they say assistance. They try to put me in his alternative school, like as good as Daniel, like geology, so I would therefore like four days five. And realized the one for me. So when did you get introduce depends Paypal, they ve got very became new war. As you wasn't school like what made would you start rabbit, I would have to say.
That I didn't know there. We had right, rhymes right, rhymes proudly, I don't know man. This is this. Is the young tv wraps beetle? This is some funny, so beetle was managing and we will produce a ragged beat overcome. We ride Metro, Red Metro, bus and better way have breathed elaborate, United member Cosette carrier when he had done.
When all the papers in it like you, was a breach of scotch. So we will go up in his place in the mall call on some recourse out sound some involving roguery, far rats rarer, solid, be box on one track and adviser freestone up and we will be listening, is banning all the sunlight may need yeah you just as good as a body of gradual and after a look at you spitten, so deep cause me listen to any your arms. You spit await at most people. Don't I use before not now have two meetings of thinking about it with their pewter improbable. You will be able to say it. I think. That's important debate will say it always save. You re right attempted a tub. Bread, Junior
get into it is producing basis rather wrap in the Messiah crisis, ran around town. Like look brow, I have you in writing. If you ain't cry, when you don't right now saw you know right now, right song now noticed issue, because I'm listening to your member odd, don't you do it with Jane Beans and when you were bred to it. We both to misinform, tear those actual actual fashion. Ideally fell again, feel it. You ve said in the record you He was right now not cry when I read that you can hear it. It was another one. I cried out to me. The damn most render thou the real story like that was true. They found my body in his house go any loosely in his safe there polar she had a bullet through her hand to her here. Likes you
ill. There was a bad thing and our record of the video went away. It actually happening here by re reliving a moment that in S duty- oh you be here at him of waste like it. It came like damn. You know when when we went with, did you write something you not if you ain't crowd, you done I mean you didn't write the rice period and that does just along in a sort of me I come from. A long list of of musicians and writers known we all wrote and played our hearts. No, I can't read music If you gave me a guitar brew outbreak drawn down, aren't you been praying tides here like the rag bands and everything you have a stupid him, a good as origin religion like would pop, but, yes, your pocket, a really good report, each other,
yeah until he was on the road you haven't row. Part just, don't know how to act. Like you, on everybody. I don't like you, don't know that, while until the principle When I got older, got cooloosa almost all hanging around the guy who Z guy, for the present day, the Zebra preschool may when you get around praise, you got you like, everybody gets you go when I have had a coup.
Do you agree with gay they wanted? It goes out to happen. I'm too stupid to be scaled. The MAX I said you and his favorite wrapper and that when he met for the first time you had a long conversation in both of you cried during our conversation. Do you know? I think I cried because I was scared. Deal makes us from a jump off with his damned thing in well job of work, and you know how to gather all of even navies hotel, but they got the wires and hotel that the whole like the stuff to go in there, step out over about right, Jesus demeanor endemic, sustaining why're, you can. Why was it Joe, no matter how big it was a job now like well We need to talk. We got our we talked about
lives, and we talked about the Bible. We talked about our kind of stuff in July we pray. May we may adopt a few to your number driver few days. What, if he's We day we did. You know, but I would warn concerned about, what he was going through in August for to get to the point the way you want to sleep with you, but you had been there before yeah for me to wages. Wasn't it it, had to be some really deep goin on When you, when you say you will in that same page, you are ended, you look at them and see some. U S, Army S army In an amendment I say it again because he's living so it to me is light x. You like face like you or their attention because you know their regular ill, it you don't. You took your advice and Sicily,
As I took my own and lived, I know for a fact that I didn't want it. I don't want to die. I didn't wanna die here. Relationship between mother get better. After all this, you know suicide attempts in act. Now in school and then becoming successful, Momo Maneuver Homo Brahms. Ok, because you needed attention from her and she wasn't really. That's what I was grow as I'm grown on looking magazines than I have attended from among them name like back there I didn't know. I wanted some attention from my mom. Eleanor Mama. What the work at eight in the morning and sometimes and went to school, and sometimes I didn't like bless. You knock I sent out and you had a bug. Like I'm sure your family members and other people have read the book. I had a time ahead of a coming acknowledged as a man. So do people come to you as I had no idea. You felt this way. I had no idea is happen when Mosebach room
This is eighty six, so what's he got a chance re dead in a ceiling gloomy of her baby boy like my grandma youngest cell, in the sense that Maremma the rate was he got a chance to read That, though, is going on in my life. Why you like here. I had no idea not when you was presently the devil himself. As one of the many things you ve done. I had a daddy that an idea That was your idea about ok, man. I got an idea so mean who would dare who, with there I have idea so me right now that bro. When I did that jam south? Do I said, Zack, the whirl Nanette Avenue the world again without some, you enjoy, don't mean an executive here, ok, ok loved.
A shocked the world again, ass. I may I be idly live now share that idea right anathema. Is the payments do? My dear, I had three lives, but one I'm having three live or the discreet, but no the first blow me like her. I know what I was looking at. The second life A move so fast and tools is a blur feminine about it by the thorough movie. So slowly and his wife in the whole world is watching the show now. Very good now alive, I'm all your media three, but I think we have you a cat you get now, but I'm ok, ok, call get home get this third library I'm about seeing everything will know. Who is my as you and about not even like him up at the current state of bike, you plug schoolboy Q, olive Kindred,
who is, in my view that future as they now allow words away was that'll. Do I know the result is not none of you and I'm not gonna nah nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah man. I know a lot of bad man. What do we know about the girl? I know what he said, but its coal hasn't called God S call those rawdon me like a like, did love there, so it wasn't it. Could you know well now really noticed anathema people Only this would be done. Come on, let's get some decent. Only this somebody at this banner, a giant brain I didn't know I gotta- go-
and I would distance this to What are? They really must? As you know like, I can't this out causes no, he told us and people. Still love, oh no, legal vacuum that eleven, Allow me to do this. We need to have Look at the people? How does it feel to Maxie so much resistance, the sovereign hip up anymore? when you will like a was segregated lag kick up here. We never played. Oh, yes. And now come in New York in us all here. Southern move across the watchword, I think is Catholic, does a great thing, but I would really like to take the boundaries of an unjust legged. Music ran through You know those airlines, we ain't got no waiting. I know a southern country. Would you so I got to himself
well, def jam himself. They put that south on Gaza what do you want to run a division of death jam there we could put out people on down here, because thing Before it was that we really didn't hear much of what was going on down there other than like outcasts and all Luke and you really really play too much Luke biggest there we can somehow gas. It opens up a little bit. Ireland, no little a little. Oh, no, no man limiting up when they thought our male merit that really Oh you just don't boo Algiers though, but re call avoid three, Z called aloud, and now they re it? Is they re way tat? He got alleges that Israel is a man. You know, why would kill every the gain if outcast-
I'll talk to you, why they re one of the great would have had to put him up day without one rap solo up at least one man. No DR. Great now. What about this you gonna, do our that you're gonna. Do a joint. Am one time would not in a joint now more time with Jane is a noble you'll, see we're it with any. Don't you. The main being then allow trying to announce to bathe and then a beans and But I didn't have a beans had tended chill awful awhile, I like to do some with G Rap and Billy Dance. I like it. You know I mean I kind of want to do that. I'll talk to you the other night and then And we talked about Cuba, not govern our northern out to kill it they Debbie, I mean either, is ever Hip Aven uploaded and yet do not sit down. Then we
we put the beats on it. You know I go see dram or will they get the beats event Abbe amazed at? How do you do you grow gracefully and have me? Let me you oh gee, but nobody ever say, though scarface at all It's got a veto and got to say it is evident. You see this is their own. The grow, gracefully and hip hop. Is to do just enough to keep irrelevant, but not too much to make you over saturated or over. Publicized, you know as much as I love J Z. As much as I love Conway, situation, love the idea of being able to walk in cash to Sir Uwaine not be we're. Ok
I got too much, I mean do men, the man can't walk to the airport with his daughter man, without people stabbing pictures of grabbing us. No, like that. I don't like that. We are learning guys may not feel like they deserted had a privacy. You ever feel underrated. No, no I think that every situation that dead became of face face may suited to happen like there because if you, if you guys think way back when I way way back by way back, I me Jane you in. Everybody else is running bodies. Remember now I can I don't really want to be like tat. He fell back, you gonna go. They're back lad opportunity when they made the switch. When, when L a red took over Dev Jim, That was probably gonna, be one big as opportunities of my life.
That was probably gonna get a position there, because I was doing business with loaded. Agonies animals. Would you know me, but I do it like that I don't know. I don't know, I don't wanna be is you a got us all Euro zero he's gotta Sarka, almost famous man in that all right, they're kind of sums it all up. For me like a be. Almost famous name is Yait. Almost well I'll, be almost five refugee, Malawi, famously almost paying with idea paths Ruggles you more than fame. Is you got out at at at at at at at at think they, my life is normal, They go away to be too. I think that I will do the same thing. You guys go through event of your phone bill. Is ring another man. Mine too you boys. Each of us has spoken about retiring.
Nor have I haven't coming out, then in the lighted take determined that lucky anymore than say they retire and learn from this like I said Before- is like the gay retired from the game. You just Stop playing like you I mean I know, pension we retiring in and give Social wasn't areas here? It is no less social security on what they earn. Only then will really not retirement come we're day. This we're done, Hopefully you put itself in a position Well you can maintain the lifestyle that you lived when you were twenty. When you sixty array, so me being the man than I am Finally, the last out earlier when I was twenty one of safety on a scale on Ebay.
So when I'm sixty. If I make it good, is he let you didn't gave, though majority braces when I got out of me and I D. Like Dolly rises was only with the horse, though. We're going to have more six, where we like you like it. No way, no one. You were when you are incarcerated you. You say I remember, report news stories. But you sat longer than you should have yeah. Why was that Oh how they may. I was I've known you like a child. What that every time out, though him he's a thing, what further formal summit accounting does ran by plane
To close, I mean accounting as evidence. That's just most heavily Declan I for one, and you look at the that, the the the judicial system and how is set up any day way. So you know we fail in their sole the six months it I was supposed to do for clear that was already nineteen years old there. Here in the beginning. Turn doesn't totally different now you know They want to hold me for I don't know what reason. Still haven't, figured it out, but I think that their job had a problem with me. Because I was black and she was. The one that didn't won't go school. My mom when a member, when they went to mount an family is not when did when the schools integrated and I star walking on the prayers book, no need at all a moment at will you check that?
no go areas remain. I bet you, those are those those same people around judicial system was was walking in the classroom inside everything else. True were aware that destroy an indistinct for five foot cheesy we already took hero in the state was to make wants to create animal between the man, woman and child in families. You know so late They need more meat in it. What they was opposed to, but fine and Danny S behind me. I may you know don't you be made a moving on with my life, so hopefully, They can move forward there I did what I had to do and in that way, do you named yourself scarface? That was after the actual movie right. No, I may unnamed, they met the public, namely scoffing, because of us all May I had never watched Emily before I wrote there, so Have viziers backing relied negative? J T said Scarface the movie, the more with the rapporteur we saw when there was complete and movie they do you score.
The movie finally to see J was only one to have these you're here ass. Well, bred man, J, J S, they we couldn't even imagine him. We were key array. We will keep in mind J one then much older than me. You know I thank them. Of a vast signed Jay J is six years older than six years older than me, so
I was seventeen twenty three but J. Twenty three was like forty three dodgy I like the man in the middle of nowhere in a nice spread. My caused my dismay that you know how I work in those selling cars in romanian in real benefits from to see TAT was when I started dream. You see here my scarface to see J Star, muttering, that's what my dream started by this was all attainable. Somebody there was a few years opening from you from your area from not from my area, but from my city. We from two different side tracked to deficit, to see no sign of the south, but to see that women
eyes was very aspiration. Autonomy thought everything around me. Dj action, ok, allow the dizzy. People are dead about volume. You do know. Why haven't you got what you got on? nah started? Is it easy? and I wanted like all these- are like a rat- make strategy a bus. They like Grandmaster Day, he had no chance, but he could grant lumber death a rapid and scratching valley him. Whatever these aid, like a rat, way banning them so focused on being in it and they call it my wash you what Miller smash these eggs mad cow.
Might be aid our deeds Amy now right now, because I'm out of practice now let him have you had to say some crazy. Wait. A minute. Charlie want a rap. Then you about me now we're gonna. Do you to use party in you know mega again to make out again. Callin was a huge years. Even if all goes I come here, all God. You talk about people like our love. To be an example, we can it be you're man eleven the death. May he gave me aspiration, go no whole outweighs gamey beats to exercise all you know. He gave me the opportunity to He gave me opportunity to you back in and say something none of us, if you, if you think about when I
came home hip. Hop was deferred record that I was on You for somebody. Countless sent me a record. Is I face What on his record, also to see what you do it and in that road it rap send it back to us. I Hain Alyssa, is totally different You know I'm talking about I'm talkin, some meals here so. I'm talking about a girl, but time talking hip hop, listen to any call me crazy! five years later, not as but a few months later man I've got on it and if you look on the The reaction for his harnesses verses on camera for the world in Bali that's when it does, when all dawned on me, like this guy's, an animal.
My eyes just hit you my guys did not and on and on and on and on and on and on I've been deregulated ya know, none, When you know somebody, you don't look at me like that, I look like my pilot avenue. I It is my friend is, I call him I'm looking for, like a cue, like my partners to shore, like you know, to Tipp you'll, look like we look at him like on, buy it at that What is it now? But when I heard and always know he was a fine now.
I I heard. I like don't make me do this thing like a James, you can have a she's, a mother. They are now like light. I don't wanna. Do the Dame like a rebel, Jane, she's yours, you can have a she's. A model lie down and that doubt those lives right there, let me know that what he was gaunt wit, what he built by he felt ever hip hop, but he also failed.
You really like when I rode mine, like I felt that play song about him being a phenom. You know you are a fiend. I do you look at yourself delight. I'm a feeling like got to see the way you talk about all these other artists. If you don't, you are Wait a minute I like him. I didn't hear what flowers, when aid smell of absolute, if you would like to call a bride now Jones thing, you know No, we we family may now I love you all together and I don't I don't want to be. No, I won't be no bigger than than nobody else. Man. I don't want to be. You know.
They are really. I do he had of us when you think about it. When you think about it, you, like damn, say my own two down newspapers were busy. It's a lovely boxes, Minister. I have that you tell me you gotta books, tomorrow, at seven p, Sevenpm powerhouse arena in Brooklyn books right now, narrative a madman. We now come to life. You will show the governments have not in any case they get a boy
about her. Yet about a quarter of all my colleagues know. They're, so is the outcome of this neighbourhood. I grew scarface deeply rooted does enable a group as tough I to be from right here and if a biomass.
Look, I saw the camp for me to be here in New York, which you guys come from their area right. There makes me no, I thereby everything possible obliged. Didn't you, I'm glad you didn't, kill yourself absence. We glad you didn't you the absolutely not precisely because you really really have no idea. Has this turned out. The raw away from me allows one gives no, you try, noisy kids, go back to the same old or try to help.
You know. I was why those keys, I dont, think enemy outside the arm to guide coup for school. But you see, you see those kids the end and you want to help him and tried to you basing I'd like us out, one of those kids and and- and To be able to turn to live and to become a man in it and to learn, from mistakes that are made. You know what I was used to be sitting here like a something you know and as we know it and I'm glad I didn't do it, I was what I wanted to do. We appreciate you would have been for us to have you here. Absolutely railway companies Used to Laden was noted out of an beaten, has tackled bang weaving
diary of a madman pick it up right now are good fairy scarf. They all face easily read it can in the breathless clergyman only,
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