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Thursday 5/11- Today on the show during the Rumor Report, Angela reported the email Steve Harvey sent to his staff where he makes it clear that if they want to speak with him they need to make an appointment; so we opened up the phone lines to hear what are listeners thought of it. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to the President of Bethune- Cookman University and Angela helped listeners out with Ask Yee.

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This is your wake up. Call this day in the annual Charlemagne cell on a plan in this respect is shown because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning. So called morning do want the view that the world's most dangerous modest-
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go good morning, AIDS in the year minorities, Andy Charlemagne, a guy these to the planet is that they weaken is almost half a million boggles data we get officially there. They have liked to pre, we can re. Not yet. There they now it's Friday like in order to really enjoy your weekend. You have to raise their data, to really really enjoy and these Thursday night after five? Why, today, I got a headache the Savanna Zambian, Savannah Georgia, for my first time ever Oakley S, Abbe Workin out there, Samantha in the morning and in that case, is a lot of west. Indian people is a very strong either a couple, a West indian Party, to make a point about the savanna before.
It is out of the iranian listens to us, was gonna what you guys, who yesterday actually slept that court of what a lot of sleep I feel good, I feel relax that feel love. What should I do? Any of you at the juice by magic is for life for NBC, and I guess it's gonna run an dishonor website yourself. About the Jews by spring time. Special learning a lot about you sing, of course open and am you know I do and I give away when universal second circus. I was various today due to the universal soon now. Is there he's by my original people coming to get tickets and low do. Is we giving away a couple it tickets every day like finally to take as a day or so people have to leave their information, and then we call them at the end of the day to let them know who went there that I just tell people were to go and then I usually mess stuff up in here. You don't know ITALY yelled at me, like you wanted by me. First, please, could you wording is bad evident all kinds of him
he's been, doesn't anybody know about it, and then people show up like hey, I heard on the radio, for you figured out what about it? We shall move yesterday I do much. You know who drive and I will be working doubly book travelling is looking at the New York Times less and less came out yesterday, once again for their good work. Congratulations count! I kept Lightner every I guess enemies, bow challenges. Man like loud sounds were made another little. I spent a lot of time yesterday outstanding between worth looking like the waste any out in my weak, but you know in between like work or just glancing, dynamo phone a deadly saw a couple, a really good Baywatch empty, sent out again when dossier with Carl Ass. Our bow, added this morning. Our bow challenged himself does more yeah Hurdy data is ethically on shade room families valleys. They were growing up, happy doing their press rangoon and he actually had on his.
Is the grand limited because the other comments- and he was saying- is responsible for a lot of people you careers, but will do that during rumour report. Out of a vital have audio, it is do not only day, and I had to listen to advice I was at the slow it down was like they dated made it didn't. Changed is somehow You have the idea of Antonio for at least two point. Two years are reminded Joe yesterday: Shad MOSS is delusional. Simpler play, he's delusional. The thirty all grown man with a little rabbit, superstar trapped in his body. He's Trans bow like bow. I you know I had a vague hindostan DNS. Is that he's endless nord? You just say what you like bow he's the little harm. You know he's not he's a grown man named Shad moth. You still remember his bow, that's the problem. I guess I say people who are consistent, though it could not have said about this.
Our instead he's gonna keep going as failures in distant fable receive a positive picture of him. I guess he was in an apartment. Is it it was the bow mentioned in the broken down ass. It was an amazing resistant department. Complex variable is goes harm at a showdown with no trace homes or Mario Sierra Chris Brown. Everyone bow wow, you know, shut up, shut up all the way up forever. Please! My good sir! Is he talking about? Is that phone you just looking at he handed it to invest our borders in a mad, eighties and livelihood that collective screen like guideline. We gonna cut his hand with that when I will, if you show your time, father knew that a good for ways, what, if it's our fathers, a father, only raise the job your face, I haven't you can't do that, would attract green, attracts Greece. Guy in you, you know your face down for the necessary ambition is gonna, be there
the morning four days lose what we're talking about, how we are going to take a bad down a champion? Why you fire call me what he had to say about that, and I tell you Corey Booker things there we should launch our own independent investigation will tell you why darker wicked! It's all that when we come back, don't move is great about the slogan morning. Ok morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get in some front page news start off last night imports. The wizard last April, twenty three one or one may lead to serious, both north retail, oh, you can't be washed and without a wash and withered got watchlessness lost their. Let's talk about your President Donald Trump, Yes, we are President Donald Trump is talking about why he fired call me now he was talking to report is in the oval office, any also tweeted about it. He said. Call me the competence of almost everyone in Washington, republican and democratic. Like when things calm down, they will be,
give me- and here is what he said when questioned about the firing environment after coming as it wasn't doing a good job that he was not doing a good job, dictated drop Bruton and dictated drop baby treason. I don't think you can do you could use if somebody's, to give you just fire. I write well placed actually had some things to say about that as well as I that dares yes, and it applies actually had some remarks as well. I got there dropsy, he finds a comical J com, a one to one. A good job will listen rather they are drawn- we prodigy by your mother, to call you ain't doin among the job. How about that lie you Molly to kill Erika weight which alternative back in the goddamn people can smell. You do a goddamn,
wave draw monocles above Deacon Augener dig it out denied, always know exactly what to say: nothin it acquired, but there has his own suggestions because we need to make sure that whatever investigation is going on and continues to go on without call me involved. So I just found out the director dreams call me has been fired by President Donald Trump. Now it will be a lot of focus and examination on that decision. We need an independent special council, too. Investigate russian interference in our elections, or do we gaudy avenging the x men, the guardians of the galaxy? Only the investigation lay say we need a hand and prosecuted and many that doesnt work in the way of dollar drop. A guide and negative br directly and people are also things about. Two firing is press secretary sand spies to because he's a spokesperson for the that in an he hasn't even been around. I love this burn down the garden. They lead other thing. You ve been bends during a very critical weak and we,
over that temporary or permanent. It seems, like the president, has lost confidence in his spokesperson. Cod recovery module. Cohesion is also jewish, whose and why is revived the card or sell? We will see what happens inside the white ass. A thing he just is taking care of his navy duties. I don't know: what's going on love administered, Bergmann, Georgia, my goodness it s, four page news, get it off your chest: eight hundred five, eight five one or five one. If you're mad or you bless you wanna issue, somebody to smaller somebody piss you off, you ought to get something off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five, one five one or you bless you- can spread and positively call now, where's at MOSS, so you between blessing- the american Extra breakfast local border, the breakfast club you're gonna get. It argued, yes, whether your man wore black, but at the same time we want to hear from you on a breakfast is my name: is death in Miami?
Several get it off my chest. You met this morning blazed with one above blurred. Because I want to say what the bird globally the idea reminded Charlemagne congratulating not about dead. You, Sir regime, that our respect- angry rail. I fell on black because number last night when we look at it now, but I mean grandma was trial. We put it was I'm ok, give me. I'm disbanded teach a numbers for hours boy look around where you got allows this, will you? its role, Mario again amalgam, shouted pronounced anyway? You macro admire. With alone, oh god. Cargo DA president. I glad because I'm a triangle driver blocker, shouting accompanied and fired destiny.
Absolutely no either not like them. I don't like you, don't fight I didn't nothing law. I may have no idea why I talked to the owner of Galileo Above all, what are you saying? Moving in another direction Why don't they enjoy your right hand, even then without the three year period guy. I did the same thing in previous, figuring, remodelled, revive toward times from radio. It's, not them moving you in another direction, if God moving you in another direction. Ok, ok, that's also by! One of the last decade saying they fired? Coincidentally right, you got it. I'm going home your job
another company of your job faintly I'd, go away! You you bet ejaculate underline misdirect shout right now, I'm working thought everybody, oh I re well, congratulations below. There is war as about to get married and have digging out they here? Ok, the years out, so you blasters motor I'll lying on board. Although there have been a bad boy here, even though I have to keep our Then it would be bad for the Balkans. Have you mama you're. Are you pregnant, If I were you I'd be nice boy. What have we done I believe, a body like twenty anyone. We want it yeah. We want the way, I'm thirty years,
begin now allows verity parity babyhood reminder of fifteen succeeded before we got married, so I did what it is. Both our rights alibi you mad or tell Mama, you bless, get it off. Each has eight hundred five, a five one phone call us now matter: Chile frontiers. We fly, they got I'm coming out in C4 about landed news headline authority of these Chile explained why all eyes met an old things, not to say when you have our babbling about everything tat. We find a mediator repeating what am I gonna system preface level? the breakfast club. Is it Get it off your s? The man are from you. Wanna breakfast law allows is Gloria. I'm calling from hand then Gloria from the seven five seven eight
Oh for was that Mamma you mad this morning to call my found by the ral kid he's eleven year, though he hasn't been this man who your belt and I've been filling a messages on Facebook dies. The sign. Your facebook via it is not even no. No, no well, you know I may have been only Method- in nine ends. You show you the last he's posting things on Ebay. I know you're alive but I know you, I D agree: they have lain. There was a man named Philip Bob, you ve been to me. He is, I think you live in South Carolina meal What you give it? How do we give in fact allow abandoning our desire that, If, though, and he'll be junior germs,
In writing these amazing you mind you might get arrays mobile way. He has a me. I have had the same cell phone number we live in is vain. How her I may all either the pure glide through any. Like you know, we leave, you know, I'm sorry, now air, you want what is really well taken. Kara does illegal due to save an investigator. We get to investigate Donald Trump style, the russian belonging to independent investigation, to find out where you, maybe daddy, is look at you and I am making blind allowed. No location luck. Thank you. Allow this Kara Kimura blows. Mama, I'm glad you said the boy had loved
grow up, they have been alive or dead. You know that I'm in love with further thank you, but I thought TAT. I will be graduating by putting an about turn by political reality that wouldn't be here. We all have job than our field where people work anyway. I'm off a woman like that, because I graduated with breed we warned by then- and I needed the three point- five to get honour, Ezra, annoying yeah, who wouldn't we look, I'm a surgeon. I what would you do? one of them. You're gonna! Do that I'm a sensible acknowledgeth though I work in the operating oil. I path instrument to the third head after thorough feel maintained a therapy. I mean a cow,
They bring things like that all got your girls will keep us alive. Let's take the boy, I made sure that you don't get any thing left in your body and I could junior mental faculties or, more importantly, however, difficult insane you guys, I love the way we manage our congratulations. All right get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a vibrant off! I won't tell him, are you mad or you can tell him what you bless now you got rooms on the way he has but think about a show that a lot of people love that's coming to an end after season. Seven also less discuss. Some of these rules will tell you what celebrity has ruled. That they sent out to their entire staff, and it is incredible. Alright, we'll get into all that when we come back, you belong to breakfast locomotive bread for real,
We need a me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Let's gets it aromas us talk, Chile, Bob! the breakfast where people are very upset about Chile from tee? I see that's all, because she was doing in any view Chileans. He buys you doing an interview and they were talking to a news reporter about Donald Trump and Black lives matter. Movement while here is where Chile had to say about black lives matter early I enjoy marches or anything like that blue light for me all lives You know I mean, because there is a time when you know different groups are targeted, for you know different things in autumn stance, so I just think that just the whole
you know what happened: a million over the police brutality against these young like boys and stuff like that in an end, all of that kind of stuff is wrong, even if it was a caucasian team kid that this was happening to a whatever issues It is not right. There's two of these new out, madam, though, that the questionnaire should beware, its yearly actually went into the shade were men. She left this comment where's black lives matter in the killing of young. That boys is heartbreaking to all of us every one knows. The mother, a black mother of a black sense. That is no way I could watch what's happening and not be affected. That video was her Interview in London asked me about issues happening in the: U S, my response was inclusive of everyone, but not meant to undervalue. The black lives matter, movement or I suggest police brutality against blacks is accepted. What you put on the shoulder with what you should lead with enough and I just feel like if you have a crowdfunded album last thing you should do- is piss off the crowd that funded you. But if I was chilly I would have just we're doing a bow challenge, none, it was used.
We managed to say as more than she got white Beard lag fans asian tears. Maybe that's why she was no that's fine, but you got out about black cloud. Rather talk about black landmines are right. Next scandal is ending after season saddening, Benighted scandalised, LA gendarme shows Matter, NASH, Andor, rams said I used to know how it ended and then Donald Trump was elected. She said we had a destination and I don't know if that's all, the nation any more. So that is a very good point. Could I think about it? I know I've thought about. That would also shows like scandal inv than anything that got to do with the government. Integration in I'm, just not as good as was going on in real life. None of it, that's true, not over his goods was went on in the wider. No can do anything I can life, they live. Another show set for female female president to be the president. It didn't happen underlined. How can you are globally languages? Because how can you complete? Let you can't compete? What was really going on in the White House? I bought away if ya, don't watch billiards, yeah, ok, billions AIDS is under the weight of now why'd. You remember,
the guy from homeland, we actually need you to stay in my room, a reply now this programme as Steve higher future. They have released this alleged letter that Steve Ivy send to his staff at the steep Harvey show at the beginning of this currency, then now and contacts I really do some of the main points he says good morning. Everyone welcome back I'd like you all to review and adhered to the following notes in rules for a season. Five of my talk show there will be no meaning that my dressing room, no stopping by or popping in no one do not come to my dressing room and thus invited do not my dressing room door. If you open my door expect to be removed. My security team most that everyone from ending at my door, who have the intent to see or speak to me. I want all the ambush into that. Now, that includes tv staff. You must get you will and appointment. I've been taken advantage of.
Lincoln policy in the past. This ends now. No more do not approach me while I'm in the make up here. Unless I asked to speak with you directly other knack or use the doorbell, I am seeking more free time for me throughout the day, do not wait and any hallway to speak. To me, I hate being ambushed, make an appointment. I promise you. I will not entertain you in the hallway and do not attempt to walk with me if you're reading this. Yes, I mean you, everyone do not take offence to the new way of doing business. It is for the good of my personal life. And enjoying somebody. Dried gives, devolving mix, tape, sound looking about Israel's steam obvious Erasmus up there You don't want your money by iranian Mickey BAR that somebody, Walter Blunt, the you how you would a mix tape are an app The project has reigned, make an appointment. So those if I his estimated eighty employees who worked for him on his joke, as you know, is about they show anyway readily that's gonna like IVO, going to allay our right
as in the year, and that's your rumour report all right miss each morning. Everybody is the g envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club in front page news now in sports boards to beat Washington last night on twenty three would only lead to serious three soon night dispersed take on Houston at eight p m. I know it's my job resident not arrive. Donald Trump is talking about why he fired the FBI directive, Homey here's what he had to say. Why me why you're fired director call me wasn't doing a good job. Worshipfully was not
a good job? Now our guy Prize had something to say about what needs to happen. Next year, I gather dropsy. He finds comical Jane COM, a one to one of their job. Well, listen! Guideline, President John. We prodigy by your mother to call you ain't goin among the job. How about that we value Molly to kill a car with which our turn back in the goddamn people can smile, you do a goddamn microwave drop, one include bombs were taken out, and I think that we should be sleeping on at home by honourable due to microwave thing evil. I'm saying it could be possible. I must have not thought out the window I was then in Lebanon, who even saw your reflection. Ok, let alone,
they require a burglar is also saying that he feels like we need to make sure that we stay on this because the president cannot aspire somebody because at present investigating him is probably more to it. Here's what he had to say, so I just found out the director dreams. Call me husband, fire by President Doll Trot now. It will be a lot of focus and examination on that decision. We need independent, special counsel to investigate Russian interfere. In our elections. Corbo could always nobody wants to see. Let's go crazy, guys, crazy body weight is desired, present have been fired. You know, there's been, doesn't looking into The test to chop know you had a: U S attorney in New York, you Sally eight. So clearly, if something- and this is only the second time, history that are present in his fire. The FBI director was causing, says not something that normally happens. I write
well that's front page news. Now when we come back. Let's talk about this letter that Steel Harvey and we say allegedly said we know for a fact that he's in that way. Published in variety magazine? Several news outlets picked it up, but we can say allegedly legend. I didn't personally get the email, dockers Hobbes than the present me. No no conflict manages or wheat reefs adoption pre. Somebody email I write it says then do not come to my mind. Room unless invited do not open my dressing room door. If you open my door expect to be removed, my security team of staff, everyone from standing at my door, you must schedule an appointment, do not oppose me while I'm in and make up chair, and he set up as you have will not entertain you in the hallway and do not attempt to walk with me I made a part about him. Be an ambush could as very important that he of being ambushed, he said, ah the ambush into that. Now. That includes tv staff are right. Now, there's a lot of ways. You can look at this. People do take advantage of you
Firstly, you been nice to them in the past, been opened for conversation in the past because it seem in five of his tax hours. Him he's been working with a lot of these people have salute. The years will be crucial. I can talk to you about all kind of thing. Are you can look at electors evolving? They show to allay right. You move, you should allay people's on whether or not being on a label that re always hasty, my wife, job, and I would add that follow. I don't know, follow probable protocol no one about their running. This is supposed to be an old email there before the season, their currencies and start is. I don't know what I'm not sure you know you more worthy of our marriage. Was it we ve told the story. Vineyards will always. What did you find a way that all both design thought thus no suitable whereby all right. I will eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one do you think this email is too far. That is a question. Call us up right now, eight hundred and five, eight thousand five hundred and ten when he's gonna Mars morning. Everybody is dj. Envy age
Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club now we're talking about this email that Steve Harvey sent out. I know just give a little littlest summary: what was an email you will? Basically, I guess it doesn't he's being ambitious that works well for a season. Five of these talks. He said there will be no meetings and his dressing room. No stopping by no popping in No one don't come in his dressing room unless you are invited to NATO. The door or you'll be removed. He said, do not wrote me, while I'm in the make up here and do not walk away in any hallway, to speak to me and do not try to work with him. Now you think, there's a little hearty. I think a couple things that I think I think tat you should have had. Buddy I'll, send out an email, and I do think the wording of it was just a bit hush up, because there were people that I've worked with you for five years that help you with your show every single day I there, like. Maybe somebody else, his manager or the executive producer, should sent.
Email, letting people know the proper one of you wouldn't know how serious he takes his personal time and at the end he said I want anybody to feel offended by that. I do not think this email is worded perfectly. He said I want the analysing to stop. Now that includes tv, save you must scheduling. Appointment. I've been taken advantage of amendment, I my lenient policy in the past. This is now no more. This guy have five thousand million jobs right and when you are that busy you do enjoy your personal time in your presence was made Five minutes even receive AVI said you know in between show. Sometimes he takes naps, no cause, that's how he prepared for an actual. He can rest and get back up. So if I'm taking a nap- and you keep coming into now, ask me since no leave me alone he's elaborate dying. Maybe it may be that maybe they knock on the door. For the thing is about people, man, people don't ever care about what you're doing.
Right day care about what they need in that moment. What they want in net moment they feel, is the only time they make it to speak. To use it had taken. A man is an issue in there sat for I do not think about what you're doing in that moment is proper protocol like, and it is another new last week, when my case it into a waterfall. It was alive God that was trying to write to me, and I told him I don't just send me an email, but my family door any kept push it. Not just what about me. Let me first say no. They were then put out wherever you go away. It is now again and again and again, when you're out and about a man and people are coming up to you. That's a completely different than people who know you pursued. I work for you and work. Would you take advantage of even more and, as is the truth, to the moon, We merely but guess what you're not going to walk up into Theo's office in I mean have you, nice and have let you walk up in the before. I wouldn't I urge you to do that. All the tat make an appointment vertical. Let's go to the full alarm. Hello. Is this I like a lax as we
talking about Steve Harvey NET email he sent out. What do you think I have a dream, a Harvey approach it I do not like being ambitious when I'm being or if I'm all my own time to end in an appointment or send me an email and a gradual approach to Mama allows. There is now no longer level there was a broad sorghum, Steve Army. What do you think of his email and his approach may, and I was there- I was what we ve done before me. I got a lot of people on family farming families. I found what you were gone. What good is that my brother? I remember that the alarm yesterday my email make an appointment eager mayor of Rome, ok locally, and nobody ever do to get rid of other kurdish minorities that are not so I'll. Try me I'm trying to get a complaint. On my credit,
Finally, in the emu you see tat each are also right to emulate breakfast a gmail com which at times, yes you exactly how to do as you did it in our work on this matter and one day I got matching dormant you go on that should be put on a net morality, black privilege, my lawyer, my rather thank you, Sir eight hundred five, a viable and viable, would talk and Steve Harvey and is allegedly you know there is a doubt. Rabies has basically no one should come to his dressing room unless they're invite eighty said he went out the ambition to staff that includes tv staff. You have to schedule an appointment any once more meantime died. This two hours is evolving, has proper Protagoras I'll make a don't. I guess but I'm not on see if I was ever so, I couldn't really at all for some I always wanted to have people feel like they could speak to me like by our mouth staff to feel like when I'm in their come over time. Whatever you need. Have an accusation: tax me that raspberries libraries in five hundred- nobody, I understand, is a big difference, but I'm saying I just can't
Leave that about a hundred employed on a daytime talk show, but it is a big difference between you know been it adjusts bar and coming from tee for job of the day. When I did, they fairly feel and so damn it a pile of Dore little Bigshot. I'm here my daytime talk show. I still got my personal life right bank and any setting an email, my mom. Why me more personal based eight hundred five, a five one phone call us now is to breakfast global warning: everybody's dj, envy angels ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Refugees join, as would talk and Steve Harvey. He said this alleged email out to his staff and people seem pretty pissed off about it. Just give it was able to agree and some people that it was rude. The way was where it will give us a quick summary of what that email said: there's no meetings in his dressing room, you're not allowed to stand by. You cannot happen. No one do not come to my dressing room unless invited, don't approach me. He said he hates being ambushed and he says that security has security. Will remove you if you
attempt to talk to him in the hallway. I want to tell you something to move everybody who believes in network, and I do feel that you have to have a dj callin level overnight when it comes to networking, but not within five years, but anybody of import didn't you. You have looked in forty lot of ours that you have to master the otter timing. Person you want to talk to, if his mind on her mind, is somewhere out you're, not doing yourself any favours. Not even you no intention not even listening to you when you were when you don't feel like me about that. Furthering them all their thinking is damn. How do I get out of this situation? A hardware politely tell his woman. Just leave me alone right now. That touches man leave me alone is re focus if those, but when I got a job to do on China, cattle thirty minute nap in so everything I'm. So it's better to make an appointment now you know you got a further full attention. I agree allow this morning that the alibi
from the browser it's August Steve Army and its allies email he sent out. What do you think is the two hours I mean I mean many years ago and then and that they had found exactly like him, because when we met him and was making the cat, many, many many yet ok, I remain that was a long time ago. I remembered area we went back and we would like all can we think affected we're. My girlfriend, though he like I'm, not making any figures were female. Unless I got my bodyguard whip me and it was a big big deal, I will have the big a bigger within five regarded the picnic. If you like, I'm no law but not be like that animals are doing the same thing now. Imagine won't acknowledges when nobody, because you don't want it, no blood heavy, Linda, picks out what I was doing. The rounds raises slept with this one in a lot of people in opposition. I absolutely agree, though it was cool, I mean, but that sounds exactly like the party that email, though I were not
bye, bye little bridge. We both know that favour the agenda, but ever those big big do allows is gone. I don't move talking about this alleged Steve, Harvey email that were now what what do you think you think is two hours now, because you will all remember wonderfully evocative like you're the Charlemagne early, it I'll get the thing. You know you got a lot of people at your door. Every twenty seconds, the US dollar Esparza got millions no doubt there will be an is. I mean I'm not on their level, but I do like people to feel like. I have an open door policy until they can speak to me billion of glue lad. I when I worked, I they every day, and I do this job magic by my pack has admitted. I happened to me away and I try to stop untold people, but sometimes I just can't sometimes I gotta catch a flight, sometimes with my family and some try not started so people wields take
when I think about my employer and I've got a little too late, and I mean it is. What it is about is the difference between our four five employs a hat over a hundred employ fewer than five hundred employees, and your literally on your fourth or fifth job of the week, which Steve obviously makes perfect sense. He said he was personal space. If you have, the whole of your show is not in their right mind, You know I was show I may. That is exactly why I said I'm that in these areas position so I can relate all right. What's more disorders, motor story of Master Autonomy leg, regardless of who you are worthy of your an employee of the present. Are you just you know, seeing some mighty each unwanted network with indiscreet method, autonomy because you're not doing yourself any favours by approaching this person when they don't want to be bothered, did not even listening to you make an appointment. So you have these persons full attention follow proper protocol. Has it are rightly guerrillas in a way he has begun its advising a discharge. Emma US attack about the fireplace who do you think is the rich.
The man on the Forbes list in hip hop. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive. The reul report was lobbyists have have artist of twenty seventeen, we're talking about the tap five on the Forbes. Listen now what five people made the list to do. A number five is Drake nor does it obvious choice- man, ninety million deceit, ditty, J C. The Gerais saw that he gave you undoubtedly those habitat three in that order, as a matter of fact algae. The Nvidia are only ten million dollars apart, they don't a mortar, you didn't eight hundred and twenty million Jaycees at eight hundred, and ten million in tomorrow's God were hard was on a list that today's number three seven hundred and forty million number four on their list by does- does disrespect
not a foreign language, yeah! I don't pay eighty body which enable for on the formulas he made a hundred and ten now you got more than enough to go around is normally the Lithuanian have his money breath the absolutely railways and having my now now is really disused. Anyone Vietnamese now is really maybe Amanda beyond them is which made them these number five energy needs by man so doing really Louis Missouri Ass things Drake drink. Any more flaws in line with that could Wayne is likewise beyond the leads to. If I got pay, what I was Poland is out of her mouth about Iraq needs. Is being offered two point: five million to return to real housewives of Atlanta foresees in ten five million. You know what I know anybody he definitely say: that's not bad national. Previously she was getting a million dollars per season before she left back in twenty fifteen. Now, in order for her to come back, she went some moment. Lay bigger
Aphasia, allegedly so they need it. They deafening I'm afraid you're as the ratings draw our. Yet we are told by levying a rather than hinder their character live last season Fazio everything that is happy, on edge. Volume is a lot of reasons why people are talking about the show. The merger array Debbie about was begun with all due to their own, like here about the personal Marshall. Given dodged Lara Go Van, she was on the doctors, and you know her from basketball, wives allay and also her drama, Gilbert Arenas and she was on. They are talking about. What's going on with her yeast infections, now they were doing a segment, China to educate viewers and the difference between a yeast infection in a back Terrell infection accede and here's what she had to say about. Keeping her p h? Balance is logically flow problem with ye, so you got a problem with that. Little niece infections is that right for me I would say there is it's not like. I don't walk around smell like salmon.
Ok, my gun now and by its there still lie. You saw a Robin This amounts to a new being used. Our urban cottage cheese after allows like this amendment, Environmental hinder Vienna. Some little hit us What does that? We see forty she's gotta itches analyses were used, infections, I guess it's like a cottage She's like this, by what she did say is that she has to have a super healthy diet as Europeans balances off and that's why she gets, though yeast complications, often it's all right with you. I ain't gonna view anger was up man there s somebody at a fixed. Then, why tell you there's? Some people are more susceptible to having a yeast infection, actually had a friend who would get them like every single and that is causing the ph balance in her body and she would always get it like after she had sex and sums is when people wearing like pass it on to TAT. She said she doesn't need thongs anymore. Either concerns underwear, Cancun
You d let in the wrong booze hit raw. That's already, they number bad pain is called the net, maybe about scenario and taxi. Let it happen it. I never designate was about east infections verses bacterial infection. Dublin new nasty dues, raw, ok, my right nations chasing Morgan has a new stand up, specify that is coming to Netflix and you that'll be excited about this case. Morgan staying alive, that's gonna, premier on May sixteenth, actually went went to this stand special when he came to New York has a little trailer for you I was in my wheelchair, my daughter was fourteen months old. I got to see a pick up, first steps that inspired me to get on my wheelchair, and I took my first steps so now me and my daughter walk hand in hand for life
look at the same time as magic. Ms Doyle rambled praise. All time does example. Praying old me. Are you gotta, with evidence of the guys guys tell your grandmother's shut off? Well, The comedy of jobs is gonna, be there real, ok drop on a good budgetary. The moment he s an excited ass. He might go see that lies ahead of me. I can't wait to wash the beloved retracing more absolute Well, I'm Angela Ye- and that is you are a rumor report. Dont the other day to being a little bit of an adult
club, which caused a lot of my twenty per year. A donkey at a day is a new way. They pay dog. You today for Thursday may eleventh called the Doktor Edison Jackson, president of with Mean University, dug the Edison my brother black me. I am so disappointed EU slightly disgusted because yesterday morning, U S education secretary, Betsy Divorce. Oh good, schools, commitment, ceremony, none nobody wanted this to happen, a safe to say, Betsy devotes into most popular person. You could bring to an hp, see you Camp Ashraf, Betsy devote the same person who once said H, BC, use a pioneer of school choice, but that's not accurate. Ok,
We see user created because Blackie we had no choice. I you know that whole Jim Crow segregation thing remedy, but even with that, somebody within companies so tone deaf. The day which still want Betsy Devoted comes big it with those cook may now the outrage about Betsy Divorce, beginning with them cook, has been allowed for a while. And if I was dug the Edison Jackson, you know personally, I would have listened to the kids array. These kids. It was the day ass in the school. This is a great day for them and if anything you should have some one speak did occasionally encouraged him to gladden wanna be great and spied. I'm ok, I'll bring someone. We just go run their blood pressure and if you do disregards students in the lab The vote is peak which you do let the kid protest is the american way and, as exactly would give decided to do when vegetable spoke, not only did they do what they turn their backs. On. Betsy devolve upon my back with his summit at Dammit Doktor Jackson, board of trustees. Thank you sell very, very much for this great honour
relax. I am honoured to become a wild pad and it's a real honor and privilege to be with you. Have we celebrate the Footmen University label of Bosnia, without a respected and local government administration. Sure respected to the right to protest is a basic american right enough, though just don't want to exercise their rights with some commission respected, but that the Edison Jackson decided now not only his watch f. Those kids you ride with the enemy was allowed. Dagda Edison Jackson handed the boiling in protest. Betsy Deville ass. This behavior contains you're that these will be mail to you through. What were you wanna go the? What play again for this behaviour continues, you're that these will be made
Do you choose? What were you wanna go well knew the green will be made to you channels where you want to go for a walk. You put those kids and opposition. You left those kids with no choice because they told you I won't you devoted begin with. You had the nerve to say: choose which way you want to go without Edison. You should take your own advice because I keep telling you you have to choose. Side of history. You wanna beyond during this air of tromp, and these kids showed, to be honest, I write you. On the other hand, to be on the other side, okay, you chose to be on the side of the road, and then you got the nerve to tell they don't quit, you will mail, there degrees, those kids they didn't. Ignore online classes, Katy both the DAS as every day and they deserted. She had to do a low dance circumstance. Now very point the end of a lazy, be demanding the resignation of that the Edison, Jackson and OECD saying they want him. Resign because been multiple allegations against him. Ok and in the world, including faculty, intimidation,
demanding near silence. Our risk, determination and threats to students by potentially withholding earned degrees in fines for freedom of expression. Would that the Edison Jackson confirmed all at by saying what he said wait a little significantly as this behaviour contains you're that these will be I'll tell you choose. What were you wanna go into? Please be ok, absolutely digress. Injecting gotta go, and I agree with all the rest. They just said he didn't respect these case right. The protests and he's lost these kids respect each other guests are women I live in your home, Betsy Devos, visiting okay, the rest of your kids watch teen years. You have to live with them, that is in Jackson, and now those kids don't respect. You now the Edison Jackson, you are just a distraction. Ok, kids can focus on campus now because they going to He protested in you and I want to lead it to kids. Can trust I want to that. Kids know is on their side. And I want to leave that listens just like our administration should. Ok,
should be a democracy, nodded dictatorship, and if your teachers and students would tellin you Betty devote wasn't a good idea in. Maybe you should have listened now. You got all the problems that the Jackson for what for a woman, I don't get it about you. So much please contact the Jackson. Ask em. Was it worth it? Please give dug the Edison Jackson. Somebody moves thousand inhabitants least you doggy, you ok. Yeah, so when he stopped and militarist beach right and as she got back speaking today, to remain around oddity remain with their backs towards owner for good question. If it is felt like they say they had sent out, they say thou.
Slowly they. What was right you actually if they are the seniors who have both the day ass and I address you waiting, I should be able to pick a type of entertainment of LA keynote beekeepers, and even if I can't pick I stay out, we one might give us right, then we'll have to university want to do that. You wanna tell me what you're in a number of Hampton for those in own. I am alone they now we all they don't notice. I would you just scream at Hampton University, knowing if they do Howdy the soul of the real age. Not how would have no problem which our garbage be that go What about Buddha? Real? Who is the real issue Sab anyway? Why? You don't say it who who the real who lose with blue relays, you immigration as one
no no, no you're, not in any event, I would die when I go to cut our re dead. Nobody can, I would know, you're the one who's next ask IE eight hundred five, a five one and five wanted that, of course, didn't for e relationship. Coarse call right now, eight hundred Bobby Firewood O five you, my Jerry Lobby in the air and her door is wide open back door was locked, The breakfast club daisy run this town morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club style for Ask IE eight hundred five I want to buy one allows. This was your question. I wanted to know so that your wife is equal output. Will you got a girl? I must also ok and you're wondering about your wife right now. My Woodlawn put your mouth ones
rap on noise and clear Fiona. I know right away the problem, not the one. I thought I'd love there. Ok, I want you to be able to fill up the open love. Does he keeping contact with you throughout the day the text messages phone cause if in the end- and I like the don't, let them come back this system, the effort to go out and made plans with you and he doesn't want us both. I thing: do you guys plan vacations and plan things in the future. Together, like ok for Christmas, we gonna do is: do you guys make those plans together? We know we have for the most part. Ok Bob S lap are you guys do
vaccines in cattle in the bedroom and have sex every day, all night and ass. She tell you this. He loves. You, though, do you feel like she loves. You do well there you have it I may well. Why do you need was that there was missing fell at that meeting. I make my father. Ok now there's nobody. They can guarantee that, but I bet on basic character, sometimes ass. It turn off for people, but I think there s grave. As you may show you show him ass. You love her back and keep a gun. Dont say you don't take your partner for granted right. I realize I just like you. I deduce better things for you. You gotta do special things for her to one we got the apple in both ways loses don't you work both ways. Arid areas go when people call in their love ask IE eight hundred five five one five. What have you got?
and for YE call. The now is to breakfast locomotives. There was mask of mourning, everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club we're in the middle of Ask IE eight hundred foggy firewall I want a low this. Their Jessica was, of course, if you really like it is a big deal out of by the boy prince, but now I know he way yet like you, a lot of girls and women came in and
there's something I have to get through. I certainly was a whole, but this in things about him. They still by the. U get exactly like rents like had like random girl out of breath of his friends. That does not reflect bottles. A lotta like a girl like that you get off that better and that are even further
I'd better, get Brent Luxembourg where louder and louder guys bow legged girls, I instagram, but they don't know just cause they like to look at the pictures. I know a guy and make Eagle eyed and pick up because they might be crippled problem. But if you like, continue like like something that requires an instagram dictator relationship, have you expressed in whom did you feel insecure about it?. Then- and only then can it shall be done about that here as he is leaving comments, is he the aiming them? But I know a thing about it. I don't I don't really look at each one of them. It's gonna, be honest! That's! Where is a gram? People use people use Instagram for different reasons, and it looks like you,
This is the grand to look at these pictures of other women. That does not mean that he's doing anything Now, you time. Listen! There's made me feel where that you follow these women who you dont know. But do you follow people? You don't know one on Instagram I do, but now I almost an hour that ok, so you're saying regardless of the pages I it's ok for unified people, you know, but you have a problem. I him following people who he doesn't know, because these are Women there are sexy. I think I think that by EVA said, that some of our family and I am most of these people any valid before he was gaining you. He followed the fourth and at that, when you meet you at the following up, you not built bawling were not and all, but it does seem that this issue is, but you can and tell him that it makes you uncomfortable but just be late, but you nowhere is cool as long as you know, since no messages
These women are leaving crazy comments. I know do another that it should be fine. He hasn't done anything he's looking pages on whether or not you not he followed, he can they'll go near pages and let you just don't know I, like you, sign a high anything, so you can't crazy. I was somebody follow that Instagram allotted these women policies pages guys go on air and they there is nothing you can do about it. I'm sure People in this room, even probably fellow women, that they don't know personally, just because their sexy, like a big job. Listen he's chosen to be with you right you think so and you ve chosen to be with him. You have to have more confidence in yourself. He probably why you probably watches point Santos. Emily was to be with these points. Diocese is looking, as I say. I doing anything inappropriate. You cannot hold them accountable if it it yet
it's ok to have feelings of of jealousy. Sometimes you just have to own up to sell cylinder don't ruin our relationship with your own insecurities yet ramping up, but I think that up. Ok, thank you! ask eight hundred five five, a five and fifty one. If you got a course him for you, you can always call her knowing our rules on away. Yes, but goodbye. Another Hiphop artist that is attempting to do a festival would tell you who it is also BT. What's going, on over. There will tell you about them in the restructuring, rumours that are happening. I went to your favorite networks are able to when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club come on. It's goddamn boys watching sales people kept. They should be making an appointment to see you. Please I believe that a proper protocol and paste it doesn't do you think I see signature to appear at TAT morning. Everybody
We are. The breakfast club is getting rumours. What not is done about it may be that there may be better with me. I recently even from Steve, argued asked ass, terrific, Steve Hobbes jogger stop ambush But ok, let's gives it a via gonna beat you let's talk about it with Angela his club when a team, the BT is having all kinds of issues now by a come, is restructuring be easy and some people are saying that the CEO Debbie might be on her way out. They actually close down their Deasey headquarters has been thirty seven years since Viti was house, in D c and they are gonna, be moving to allay ass. She also left and put her deasey lay on the market for their in point five million dollar that enough. He had a chance to see the house, but it's beautiful now, according to an insider bt these.
Viacom is not restructuring, they are just transitioning and everybody understands the move. There are also other kinds of issues like the former eggs. Get in vice president, head of a regional programme and Zella Masher week, he had found a discrimination lawsuit against them, saying that the company fosters a good old boys club at fear and mentality, and it's a massage monistic culture there, which marginalized this demands and undervalued women ability yeah, that's her lesson. I don't know what goes on in their building. I couldn't say our right now: let's discuss bow wow. Not only was the bow tallies going crazy yesterday, an extremely viral bower. Also aims that a lot of people wouldn't have the careers that they now have. If it wasn't for him, here's what he said, one
Yes, you guys by their love today who was forever forever, which was straightforward. You see, there are four was saying they are able to people to see Joe Delusional worry the DE arranged ass up. If you put them on your toys, mean that they already had a viable enough name to be added onto the bill. Correct. I would think yes, I mean Jesus Christ, nobody thinks tray, sounds and thin sham. Nobody thinks Chris Brown and thing show that alone. Nobody, ok, just now I met you, Bang Metal, ok, I write areas
good news, Donno, Gulliver and his brother, Stephen Glover, are gonna, be homing up the dead poor theories based on its an enemy to dare puss areas is gonna, be on F acts. Are you guys should be excited about that when, after the success of Atlantic, of course, the excited to work with down a lever and Stephen Glover whatever it is, they have going one, and we told you previously at land, is not coming back into early twenty eighteen, because Donno Glover is very busy doing the STAR Wars story film I write a snoop is interested in doing a festival in Mississippi his father's hometown. Be careful those brand new festival you now you. Let me show you plan everything properly was to create the festival. Yes, oh boy, a moon as long as our own idea, Baker succeed travelling to cool above my goddamn right arena to Harry.
Having all kinds of issues we told you before she got arrested after having her birthday party, because she had a woman that was staying with her and she gave information about low allowed, a woman to stand or home. The woman was acting crazy, breaking her items. She said she had a pushing the woman's boxes into the hallway and that's when she was attacked you got into a fight. The police came in a wretched to Harry because I guess she beat the woman up or now the other women is speaking out. Her name is pink that God on Instagram and she said I got time to day. Let's just clear I can ever be jealous of with them over someone was forty years old and is not even paying a mortgage off. I guess when you're, not relevant you'll do anything to get that fifteen minutes of fame back. I've been friends there for five years now. I met her when I was eighteen and now a twenty three. She still the same person. She goes on to say this is the same person who uses social media to create a fantasy life, but at home, she's crying at night, because the end where she been effing ain't take her to the met gala and took Kendall Jenner. Instead, Homewards rumour girl,
Is that bragging? I guess who sees discussing or why now? Why would I be jealous over someone who still hosting in the clubs and taken five hundred dollars but bookings on and on and goes in. It's crazy, though customary they give you a place to stay right and you were friends, and I think, even if your friendship breaks up, you have information, you should never throw that information. What you can't against Greek gets back in someone's and now his wits here, had to say on her instagram page. You guys the girl to hear it. I am currently busy on my way through herschels and I have an audition tomorrow. Such Emily focus on the noise argued that all right, so she doing anything she's very busy working. Local Angela yeah. That's your room, a report. So all right! Thank you! Miss you!
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