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FRI 9/16 - The Breakfast Club discusses the questionably-freaky Friday question raised by Actress Shailene Woodley, "Would you be OK with schools teaching masturbation in sex ed/health class?" Then we take the freak out of Friday and talk credit report tips with expert & credit repair guru Jeanne Kelly. Gotta love Financially Freaky Fridays...Freaky Fiscal Fridays? Ok, we'll stop.

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Love you sent rats rather sit out the most prominent you ass, a girl in a mortal blow to trouble was able to join the people whose business you you'll get your Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, ass, bad a bright morning, annually, mining Celimene, seven. Eighty frightened, I think I know many things, grits dialogue.
Hang on airlines. We got pay yesterday. Normally when, as a painting, I noted day before the day before ten o clock at night, I'm take a mad cow. Did the money it yet the money he had ordered I'll make him is over? two days ago? Does this thing the tv, usually the Czech, that's you can play. With because you don't have any bills, it's not the first so ran on more good and let the pay members right now things like dad. I do and I just simply didn't check my account. No money very little clear on hey you diagram living under living like everybody is happy to be here. I enjoy my job, it's fine! That's all abbe waiting for that sector the break out in New Jersey, you're gonna break up, ok sacking cocksucker,
ass, I found very kinky here. Now is a good time depending who you are not a good time is rash everywhere. Ass demand and I want to be near carjack, but in holes are five a lot of kids School in Jersey. They got caught exactly at that comes from athletes and in its spread throughout the school. So a lot of the high schools schools have been shut down, so my daughter school was one of the schools that was shut down. So what do I need to have better sex ed classes in the school, when asked to do so houses, rashes and they can get. It went, sacking oligarchy, Deborah Ann Kaye, where's electricity, but is now this thing about as Emma Wrestling and I got caught you now, you go exactly what do I get it on my back, I hardly know what is going to be my belt. Get. You know caves, attics, wave, anything
Why you gotta doctor that does number one outsize trying you about tat? I never got that. You sound like a town, a very rich town. Always Mary right now and not them alive. You use the live now, rather than athlete live and they have set the original founders of cats, Zackie a very upset dead, friends, Montana, olive residue, identical, possibly, ok, executives, s lives down my good sir right, where we are espresso guess joining us today. She goes by a gene Kelly numbered killing. Speaking to my LISA Bailey, bought a money that I don't have. What is this young lady gene Kelly? She is a credit repair and lady and she also can help you fix your credit and get credit. I had an incident a couple of months ago. I was trying to buy a he and his guys why he was trying to buy tigers, Ferrari Allah, the Tiger Harare got right, isn't that he'd take? You said, perhaps rightly so that it can. I say, as a method of attack
right on my variety, which is not tat, is right by the way are right, but anyway I try to buy Piece of and I was having a problem with my my credit, the reason being is when I left rise in and went to another credit company, the credit company, the new cell phone service was forced to pay. The end of rising aid? That was, on my credit and also my daughter, had a medical bill and I didn't say that ever came to the house, and that was all my delivery accredit was grew. It was after how bad it was. Who knows down almost as you bring it up, because we need to have four hundred and forty point: Buffle, ok, we're alone, but forty in fourteen days
golly? I don't believe you lingering. I need to talk to these young. She rejoined us this war, the bargain gimme, a hundred or forty point. Albion gave me a hundred right now. Lord God bless your failure bill of why you got no never wear kind of wood Annalisa Guy hundred. For goodness, gracious. If a girl that aid under credit could not we're condom would issued our club travel. Goodness gracious, no you're front page news was rather, I phoned seven and has hit stores will give you an update on how you can get it or if you can't even get it My credit downright will get it's all that when we come back, keep it lacks is the breakfast locomotive that was so relations with love morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club of skins, front page news. Now it does it.
For all the jets beat the bills. Thirty seven to thirty one EVA gave us again now unimpeded game united it again because nobody on our field, star on their home and ok Silas, cowboys all day, not a seat again and also about the air for seven was a huge learn outside on the blog about functional. That's right, the Iphone seven is available, but some models are already so that now during the pre order period, although the jet black one saw doubts of Eu China get one knows jet black ones, you have to wait till like no vampire, if you already are trying to fort or it now, they said in some stores, though, you might be able to get a nun apples doors, but if we have like t mobile and best buy things like that, although there's a chance to get that they're, like we told you before, there's no headphone jack and these new iphones age, and all of their want of everybody waitin line on the first day for that kind of stuff. I do is wait a week all we could to you all right and you provider. Eighty just comes to you, you don't even have to go now.
That area it I'd music, the wooden one year, but one who knew iphones is randomly in a forest or vague spread, no line. No, nothing does walked right. In a week later we can have. They came out good because everybody went to start on a gram because they got effect now also wasn't no trick to give it a rat's. Well right now this is what they are doing in some of our big match, our cities. They are unleashing dry ice and that's how they play. Is this actually started in Boston? They did the whole experiment first and then Chicago did it in New York City is launching that testing programme. Now they off, they did that starting in may so basically faster dry ice that you see that People used to create that affect artificial fog effect wherever Roddy. What have you used that in crack, concentrated areas could be dead, leaves his small animals so that when we speak of the problem with New York, the rats in New York gained small downside.
You know we call rat debtor in New York, blossoms HORIZON college. At dinner, I knew you are granted a downside part nine about about their people. Rather I don't know. I think that an accident I never mind jerk blast our I've, seen it on tv and when I go to my when you bought internationally high up lots of brass deposits of Eden Bare shoulders of never had parson right. The way they do is they put their heads chunk of smoking dry ice into a barrow than they cover the entry and exit holds with certain newspaper that steps any rats from escaping. Then that's it so they'll kill small animals of their water. Cat hamsters above all, those gone ferrets going ass. Any my animal, Burma Roca Sound right. I greatly value exist in Chicago. They saying that it does show some problem.
Like all of you, wanted to go to read why anything cats die. It makes me nervous for the dry ice in the club when an ice or drinks her ear, The german finance delude: anybody want to kill a rat road casualties along the way down durable than has the law runnin around. We would have no problem there. Now there I would be alone nervous if a durable ran out here. Right now knows a June. We got you taking me right. Well, I imagine a durable with the slaying durables were taken to replace a rat. So when you, Youtube, leggings, journal and also by internal Tommy, was still being ever do in Jerusalem. Yes, establish good kid, rigid, Greer staff, Google rigid That was a handsome durable. Are they
I don't know who rigid rehab, glaring, rigid gear, whatever name is a name, it has been a bundle of name, is globally keys. You may find a firewall or fire one of your upset. You need a bit. You had a bad night bad moment. Whatever it may be, ADA Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five one tell him. I you mad at the breakfast club come on. The breakfast club, yeah. You know I'll make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to breakfast club, because you know you to be a big hydro, Jane Debar, Vietnam, an axiom candidate or we can intervene only in Ottawa, more working here. Come on down at the airport and did it I'll go nowhere, and would you me did you I you randomly there now it S. One day is what our their pleas to throw a bit a break,
Lamar. I wait. They add three thirty and stop all the bans don't be there. Come on down and we enjoy your. By the way shall me I don't drink, thought Roy. I drink Black Daniels. Thank you, Are you telling me this like I? Why why I didn't ask him what he drew a date? Is a monitoring grimly Martin? Would you have become a good hour? You know that we shall remain no. I was every eye was so they were gonna play Obama, Deborah Ann Kaye. Let me first thank you: have beautiful athlete curly hair lobbies them, All the wagon live longer out. Let me because I like you, a lot of people, not I'll call. You ve got a little double opening, noticing the railway meadow innovation over anyone body.
Work as we hear the word by right now and aggravates nobody economy to broaden Obama's regularly James blame there's, blades alimony, mad men amount of these hypocritical prayers, but I do in a crime and a means of producing a lot advanced into the shown by all matter. What you do so, the bully and drugs and I'll never gave up These are all on. They didn't that, like all, maybe next time you gotta stop trying to sell it for fifteen out Now, I'm out of the old man did, you know, rejoined out how much dreaded loved then you're, ok eyes, you gotta, stop trying to change act like you do in something other goodness the yacht didn't write. A thousand merchandise really does not have those of others, Robin Loveday allows is fast and our work here. Thousands of them. I met my Charlemagne such awful. What I do I get a safe,
I didn't do anything. Maybe you do what I do. We have you wanna go out all when you talk about the voting on Thursday. The early in the morning you dead has now been is normally. I was telling a story about a rigid giver disturb our rich again the durable and are now are you wanted but I had to get a drummer remover, his but allegedly energy really do beg baby. Are you need a german television? eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent cordless right now is the breakfast club good Morning The breakfast club One rising sailor we don't morning, everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. I just want to say
that's our guide Devon Hany. He was up here before the boxer. He seventeen years old love, my revile ass, they anyone's, and these ten and all right now I can buy reform is eighteenth birthday, so congratulated for he was fighting, the UN's CBS ports, which was big this guy named MIKE Fowler. My fellow is twenty three years or whether it was a Vegas. He wasn't. Billy, Billy or trouble include bothered, terminate your maybe watching you go dues and in a very light now old. First Benzene, Yoda validity of the twenty two year old in twenty three now entangled we're Gallienne Seventeen, twenty three anal reviews about twenty Dude Will they twenty these all over? But now you have the credibility coming next Genie, Kellett Bowman eggs hours ago in two hours, and we really need them out which are created. You hardly. I want to have an immaculate credits goals and I have the donkey. I was one of those people who never had any credit and not have Any credit is just as bad as having bad everywhere, but an I got me a secure, credit card about navies seven.
Years ago, seven Adrian Gozo. Now my credit is Sally Gb Guy, but I wanted to be a Matthew, vocation. I want. I want him eight hundred billion annually, as you gotta, eight hundred credit score. I gotta see to glow girl. I see too shy and everyone I think I'll have migrated. Was I can get a credit card. I can get anything. I used my dad's social security number to co, sign for everything. Without his knowledge, you mean when a one hundred and forty point in hundred and forty points in fourteen illegally. Legally, We don't know VON criminal, adding credit line, though she did it. The right way shoot we shall talk was made after dark into suggest. An informative interviewed right, no entertain right where I wanted it to be entertained memory you just met because you needed to fix your credit. Isn't you never actually look at an you? Never even met him, and I met is coming to first time I ever met. We spoke over the phone I had to pay for a mom using, I think, was pay pal one of services to give money, but not paid her, and then she was so how about I do need to help Allison. So that's what he's coming up today, I so rule is coming up, though you
Yes, we are going a grown man. Barnes he's havin. Some issues with science had the appearance of his kids Gloria Gauvain. But are you ready to say also, let's talk about empire starting again. The new season. By now there's been some changes with somebody who's been down from the beginning. Ok, we'll for all that, when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club
with Angela Club, hence Empire debuted symbol and has been the music supervisor. But I tell you, which changing foresees in three he's no longer working with the programme were always they bought into other songwriters. They said that Rodney, Jerkin and Esther Dean are now part of the new team at empire. There go people, outages, good gas, electricity to remedy a ladder, songs and thereby to that, make it onto the charge and make them a lot of money or mobile or you MIKE is broken. And his vampa. Allow ok, yet tumble have my guy, but you know what s actually dope for empire reason. I say that I feel like they should do that, like every other seas,
We continue to deliver a shrill, wins love. You got a meeting where you and they always have a different musical artists coming on the show as well. So we'll see what happens our know how this decision was reached, but empire is starting again next week. Actually, our right now, let's discuss Matt Barnes. I guess him an Gloria go via going through it as far as raising their kids. Now he posted this and deleted. If I give you more than enough money per month to maintain your lifestyle and for you and those boys to have ever you, went and do whatever you want. Even after you showed the world your foul ways Are you telling me if I don't pain and ways? I had absolutely nothing to do with. I can't see my kids. He put hashtag Dope MA. Well, here is what else he had to say when put up this video. I look around the day, see suddenly Debbie. The Ladys you got, a man must be in your life, be what they supposed to but that real male figure of strong figure
let the mother being the life because our trophies a passer meal ticket Let me see what I can get out: mother, their children, so any love from both sides. The middle need to be cut. There are no young down Bush Melbourne lazily renegade too many home is around me who are dealing with Charles avoid issues they want to be near It lies in the mud. Making it difficult for them, but the mother will keep the her foot on the net, but their money, no rights, and my motto is eyes pending nothing. If I gave you my chewed by still gonna help each other let me once again never rather go to custody court. You not a mere rather good lawyer, you know get my visitation rights and geography. Chow supported supper, One is much much outlines right as the ward part. Don't have before me keep me we're from arcade area. Where we don't know, it's backed all of that, but hopefully they work it out between them for the sake of the children. Now, let's discuss Shea lean widely the actor she was on the ABC families. He be seriously good life,
the american teenagers she playing Linsey, Melvin, Snowden and she's, also plain Jane Chapman and the HBO miniseries that's about to come big little eyes see recently did an interview, and she said that she fails as a young women. You dont learn how to pleasure yourself. You don't learn what an orgasm should be. You don't learn that you should have feelings of satisfaction, gale of this agreement, and what did she say why? Why why she died of masturbation were taught in school? I wonder how many fewer people will get Herpes eight. Sixteen are pregnant at fourteen Souci feels like in school. They should basically teach a teenage girls how to masturbate last begbie amounts divisional, keep you from sex, it just makes you want the real thing, but like what? What can they do? Setting laugh, I own? I, you teach that masturbation is just a temporary solution for permanent problem. The permanent parliament I want some vagina wants campaign is not me. You know that we are doing. Is Emily there's another one, but you know what I'm saying:
like masturbation, don't stop you from more metaphysics won't happen. I was say this: if you why sex in a city, there was a point in the show where she was at home with her vibrator unjust, wasn't going anywhere. Like you so much? I never felt like having sex with a little gonna. Have women all six in the city and what people learn that an animal kid learnedly ETA will mark. You learn that in order what gives arms ghouls cool stuff. I remember how class in school. I remember we used to be able to ask anonymous questions. You asked the question: the plan of action in the teacher will pull it out and ass. Any question that you had to ask about a number of students going her last? What are they teach? You have? diseases. Didn't know you never got down, and I remember I mean really ask where certain had only really, they really had an old plans. You got a class, our room, animals and school. I, as is my eyes, I affairs in school suspension lab blah blah. I just wanted to see what you guys that about that. She also says that she wants to one day write a book called. There is no right way to master what
in June, I met a man who bid you just name three rolled the G8 she's, chinese pain. She was in a divergence theory which you look like me to see. You load right there you go sailing widely become a cue to I write, and that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right. Thank you. Monsieur up next week, a front page news that we talk about you, I would answer by this new I found. Can you get your hands on it? Billy Math will relegated to all that will become back, keep it locked breakfast locomotive, morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela, you Charlemagne God we are the breakfast with fright, dammit page news now and then
The judge plead the bills, thirty seven thirty war and congratulations to the jets, outdated anybody's it again. No, why didn't we like the outcome? Stamping loser muslin game for the judge contained lies the second able to see that we go down onto our other. What our over somebody's interviewed go into combating the bomb under my is only two games now rely easy for partly pressing as some I'll break dangle with learning Andrey. Where any that fine If a man of six thousand Why? What whose, during a game body battle, I know nothing about it. But you have abolished, but everybody is a makes deeds in all other, then color scheme. Ok, that's all the Iphone seven. It was a lot of people on earth for these rules right. So if you wanted to get an Iphone seven or an Iphone seven,
They are available now, if you wanted to get the black the jet black, when I went to those out, so you can't walk in and get that one unless maybe you go to like a see mobile store or at best by some of those doors, might have the height of the fine wines and staff? And we told you before they already don't have the Iphone Headphone Jack's. If you have regular headphones, you won't be able to use your dad's a plug into the Iphone hears. You could use Bluetooth. Absolute values? Suckers? Are you hate me so just wanted to stand in line yesterday to get a phone for supporting our instagram his knapsack those wait, a wheat and a half and you can walk in any store, easy path, no lie and pick up your damn right. I'm supposed to be what I resist it now I may have a beef. Cameras standing alive for something that you can t get next week, but for now in his walk right into this, don't worry about jobs yeah. I got a lot of time on your unless you priority alignment. Is this my thing to do than just comes to your house? You know gotta wait. I know thy values to be there
that person needed to fulfil. Ok, forget about anything like that. Would everything, video games sneak is I'm at my friend MIKE? Has? It was okay. He was there of the phone at the Iphone store and asked me to go pick it up for him cuz. I was in the mall, so I went to go get it, but I didn't have it in and he was answering the phone. I can do so. Security number That said is guy for myself, Oh my god. I would want to different life rather than you anyway, because you can't see, I didn't have much more for the old you might call it. I had a debate on all of them that I was coming. Side is what path and I walked about in the store we don't Britain of harmony, microgravity blind executives. You know that have done with my colleague on the line without his glasses and awaiting my college, my God, I said I'd, say Keyser for actually hooker me up. I'd have to be an online and I got a brand new Iphone because hedonism his real blonde
decorated, heavy. We wonder of executives eyes, let's talk about it, no trick to give it its ranks right now. This is what they planning to do, and they ve been doing this already in Boston in Chicago and in New York. City started this programme in May that using dry ice to actually kill rats. So now dry ice with a union, a club and all of us, and it looks off foggy in cool when they use that, because when its concentrated it could actually kill. Small animals is very gently and high concentrations. So what they do is they put the smoking dry ice and to these burrows in they cover the entry and exit holds with dirt. So that way no rats can escape and they end up getting killed. So they say there seeing a lot less in road? It is where there is dry ice, that's disgusting and the region as discussing, because you need to keep all those red right woody at ok. I don't. I should like to dry comic direction, run out into the public. Now they cover the whole, as I just said, really, they cover the whole.
It was a more dead rats underground. The rigour in eastern Zaire, but employers NED at what they do is it actually makes them perish like I guess decompose, so they decompose in these little barrows. Uk smell it. Rather you just why wouldn't needed turtles bobbin and they made splinters, went to seem so believable because legal Ratan? How big knew your grades are. Definitely that big me, your r at sat down south possums and disgusting. If you ever take the train and you look on the train tracks Cameron, that way. If you look on a change at definitely see some rats running right, maybe the right way to kill time when you're waiting for the train to West the rats activities. As long as this We stand up on. To lay a scale not hear any. Are you haven't? Eyebrow is maybe now admit you are what you do not have the daily. They can train coming la do when we we first started working at the breakfast club on United the walk to that kind of stuff.
We're gonna do an unwelcome. You will be drawn attack me. What before who I was aware of. It was wrapped in big graduates to jump out on you Ass boy. Did you see how to care for don't let it be glad his eye when you gotta put the garbage they pick it up in a loud harassing everywhere? and think about our right. Well as front page news now, when we come back, its fraud is either infringing masturbation skull? Ochre becomes what does not Why would I be five one o five one? It matches what you ve been a school in twenty five, earlier, we gotta get older. Maybe now how long that old man? What's up rob masturbation in school. Now after said, ah, that sailing widely debated do what she feels like they cities, teenage girls had masturbate in school. Not only that, of course, is eight hundred aid firewater five one? Would you be ok with the school teaching, your kids,
mad, absolutely masturbating make you actually want to have sex. Yes, it does does all masturbation is a temporary fixed for permanent problem. A permanent problem is almost. Would you want your chancellor masturbation old school? Could you imagine a class now, but a geyser by coming in ocean? Absolutely not! I have two daughters, I don't want to think about it and then, when you would you would you gotta teacher to completion oh, no, I'm a marine Josie, Handlin Disease emancipate time really young and old. Guided his love ass. You would now and stuff and marina been so traumatized like this amazing things Yossi saplings I sit here by though I mean maybe would have been helpful for her to let no, that would no doubt my big Are you as a little care when you were masturbating Home De Novi, which you would not another revealed like seventeen eighty ladder between Bible? Absolutely what why could I was upset that I wouldn't you. No, I was Dayton is one she and I was smashed in her quite often and we thought stop smashing and now a motive
the problem of the method. I cried immediately raising them out in the two years ago there was another document. Could we have some sad news and I'm not mathematician was a ban on them because I'm SAM you shut up. I wouldn't You masturbated and cried out to say that I'm not gonna be able to be vulnerable. Human me for a mermaid honey. You I'm gonna, get that when someone is only be vulnerable, nobody's gonna get ok whatever. Anyway I have a I masturbating in cry because broke my heart and I thought masturbation was for losers, so I thought being- and I wasn't having sex Can we allow once what I thought there must be mad reached a new low in my life? So, yes, I'm masturbated entails road, thereby at the same time one of the greatest somebody with a touch of masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy. Yes, and then everyone does it then maybe, but his tears when I became We're getting cold and lasting. Closer breaker needs. Don't you come over and when we talk about malaria, gonna go so gay pass demanded, told you have.
Maybe I don't know much about whole if you can't do this kind of aid is now. Why a matter like this, even though we stop it shut my eyes and return to school, I know what you think of one hundred fifty five one o five one The breakfast tat was callin for free. Morning, everybody is easy. Envy annually Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now every just joined us is free, You know what that means very differently and frankly, fried we talking about masturbation in school did not act mass debate on this. From an actress she had this bright idea to do what alien, where lazy, fast like teenager to learn, how to masturbate in school and abacha. Nineteen pregnancies and cds and all that that is not true of the father of two daughters, Jordan, one you're on one thing about the mass debate until there at least the age of twenty five one and number two
The does not make you not want sex. It really makes what the real thing in Armenia, The temporary fix? What about independence depends on when you started masturbating early in that's that me from Amazon they have no other day. Why look what I mean? it is by a year you get satisfied for me. You know what to do for yourselves, so you don't kind of really needs a money. Alzheimer's waited with three holes in the bottom about and know what holds you only three hose: no women. They had those- and I don't know what three all go in and in Ireland at the time- and I was kids, it was HIV and AIDS. So if you masturbate, you don't catch HIV,
knit isn't my thing. I heard that if you were kind of Euro get HIV and AIDS and masturbation when you're, masturbating you're thinking about all these different women here, but as many women about sex. What am I my last? He reached to completion you always any legal plague and know that reach completion is only about our two when I'm still thinking about actually having sex. When one of these women are just have sex with Mama your horrible death, everybody, the latter, think mathematicians tap chazy, I'm meeting about one activation increases your sex gibes. I guess when you do, masturbate you'll have as much money as a year. Maybe for you that's what it is, and I think that we offer our Macedonian necessarily want sex. That was my. Let go I've to see more research on this, but I dont think that something should be taught in schools. I think that is a lot more important things. We can be during our children they will learn about sex. In due time, we will have to play those seeds in their minds. So early We would you out of my case, learn about Mademoiselle melodic, but a lot of kids do masturbate.
What they're doing, I think is something wrong or dirty, and I am saying they do nothing. The fat now the first time I masturbate, I thought I was a loser honestly. Did I thought that masturbation, something loses their and based on the circumstances that call me ass. To which was I had just broke, but this young lady we want an average excess frequented. We was well with his lay in my room in my mom's house. Masturbated, an outcry literally cried. Furthermore, math debate right now really being allow the lose my opinion. I don't know if we cities, kids, how to masturbate by I've seen them, what it is, and that is IRAN basis you how to do it it s a little crazy could, maybe somebody would it taught me that mathematician one wrong, I wouldn't have felt so bad about away. When I literally was your eyeing and saying things myself like I was. I was like talking loud to the girl. Whether they would like to wish you make me do can you imagine dude? It's like. I was a. Could you imagine less than a fifty year old male blackmail is your teacher company law.
Should telling you hope to do our utmost columns marked out loud to call my online goes. Both MR somebody didn't go in a lot of guys go guilty after they. Masturbate lay pages. Do something wrong and dirty is great. While you're doing it, then after you complete, he lay on disgusting what it If the EU as a kid I just did it, wouldn't put the teacher to sack, would you would the teacher to stop by when you some disposable with our out too rough Willis go too far. Laws allow this part. My homework is what a gay I now what are the only ways markets because more cars? What do you think about future masturbation scuba, honourable man, the one I was gonna sell and greater political. Can I get up everything? Why would you teach teaching you em about masturbation fat, lady teachers after color The school did you and him
let me know how to use it to you. What did they say? They teach you how to do it or they teach you what it is, but I thought of what it was: ok I'll their Roma allow theirs. At its big. We talk about masturbation school. Would you want your Cato? Would you want to learn how to mastermind school? I don't think it's a good idea for family. My kid. No, they go to school, to method, a court There's gonna be funded agitation and get a massive degree. That's right, not the matter! No! No, no said she, you teach your kids about masturbation. I walked in on my phone foul Lizzie. He before tee ass and what will be done you ve not been without prior myself or the wrong eyes had never say they plan. We miss his native land, they sell guys didn't, say what did he say? Rather, what I'll get off and so what did you tell Elam Neutral adjured OJ at midnight on you to be in the chamber, I'm your day. If I know you will feel more comfortable animals which mom I often than don't get into the habit of doing it
let's get a habit masturbating. Why? Why? Because you can return be in the laboratory, you can get caught up in bed and forget where you are when we should have done it wouldn't showed him. How to do I'll came behind every day is rather think my end up at a union founded beyond but think about it think about a snow, doggie smelled. We witnessed such a big about a say, you are right. Masturbates again after containing a telling you didn't have to contain you blow, you ought to launch the eighty five, a firewall or fibre, we're talking about learning how to masturbate in school. Would you what does for each I'll call? Us now is to break a slogan that was also you don't have to call morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are. The breakfast club now have just joined this week. Looking about what an actor set about masturbation Chilean Woodley is her name of anti things that teenage girls, you learn how to masturbate in school. I say absolute: we met at the damage
nation is something net, a person should do. Cover on their own in the privacy their own home. I don't think that you should be playing no seed and little kids brain, I think, is a whole bunch of other thing that they can learn and school masturbation does not have to be wanted him. Now we had sex at and have come. Fears and we were able to ass, would ever questions. We went to a lot of kids, probably feel ashamed about me. Activating a latitudes, actually really do it. So I feel like a minute should be addressed because they are a home masturbating or, thought about it, so you should seize. Them is now something dirty or nasty by Lula. I wouldn't say this is how you do it idle minded. The double playgrounds, oh nine times not attain when we math debate is when we are absolute positively sitting around bored with nothing to do keep these AIDS mines filled with after school activities. We ve books you're right everything on the big about math video. As a kid you too but you know you never masturbate. Now, though,
in math debate until I was already sexually active and when I start being sexually active I was masturbated actually thought I was about that. I was a loses out there. I gotta masturbate aid to be given all the poem whom now moved me ever. That's not why you were a loser by Aladdin. I cried the first time our mouths to be alright allows is, at one day condoning moron which, furthermore, about masturbation school. Would you mind if I accuse got that Tibet last of an? Cloud Beverly Promote met the basic education in the class group. Female bureaucrat Why is Europe if they promote that leave? They were ever conditioning young girls under their fatal? Neither does it make themselves, will do what it can do without ethical debate. That will make it a bad decision,
and actually point of arrival in not a bad. Maybe I'm listen. I always say that a lot of time before you make certain decisions, you shoot masturbate, because once you got their clear mine, you know it didn't. Will you be my own Susan's yeah, you know anyone would have guided the get get off. No, I can do it myself. I could do I felt in a privacy of my own home and all the services of a little gotta catch. Another body and it seemed at school. You don't buy, it does actually one of my tips for a fourth day, like of your guidance, Dana Girl Mass, to be first. So when you went out with India something about Mary, when you gone you gonna did you won't be thinking about sex? You d be taken about getting to know that person like everywhere, but these have been about meriting go so well when her hair summer now he asked he got his penis stuck in his liberal. What little regards The moral of the story of procrastination is like masturbation in the end just growing yourself, Demi, then the matter now. I just don't think that you know KGB learned then school. I think it's a lot of other things that we can be plain. You know
kids, mind in school, masturbation doesn't have to be one and then let them figured out a narrow ultra right. We got room is going to be a yes viagra. Secularism hip hop beef who is beaten with meat meal. Now oh man I sat down on chump was on. Doctor, I shall yesterday will tell you what developments came out of that an spike Lee. He has a new vat, that he's doing with Netflix will give you all the details, all right, we'll get all that when we come back, he believed the purpose of the morning. Did the toy annually on the breakfast. When the game has some issues will meet me. I guess he wants to beat him up. I don't know where it is. Stem from Armani. Dont know what is being done for me. The united use them from every thought maybe was ex situation. I have no clue. I have no idea what has happened when you haven't wide, haven't how it happened, but it did happen here. Is the game onstage
each has anyone ever meet me. Why don't I don't know Maybe they just don't gotta be about Ross? No way he's be for this could get interests cosmic is always an early and game. Much has a good hold on. I lay set bounds, run into general standard. We mean lesson Alain out and let us say, get up
they're gonna bound and they're gonna want into Egypt. We don't want. Is the union tourist and we want them to get on the phone and have a conversation like two grown men in whatever it is keeping cuban movement he ll have to get the fight. I had no idea has misuse. I guess we'll see what happens the TAT Data Champ was I'm back to as remember went out to as it here earlier this week to take down a chump us going to combine. Yes, we will talk about the health of both the potential presidential candidates and gonna jump is the first one to go and act as a show to address his own house is what happened in New York, your six three torrent or six pounds, as I mentioned that in my mind, I'm taking your body, surface area and Europe be a my is high- is probably close- the authority which is over the barrier for people near doctors or your family. If you give me a hard time about your weight, I think I did lose a little way. I've always been a little bit this
it's tough because of the way I live, but the one thing I would like to do is be able to draw up fifteen twenty pounds. A bigger budget down job looks terrible neck. It you need to really take them, consideration when you go to vote this November. President, look negative. Ok, added the Hillary Clinton long Legged like Donald Trump Round about whether to ask that chancellor morning. When you look into the morning. How goes the person you are looking at any said damage from said, I would say, I see a person whose thirty five years, I'll k aright. He had thirty five. You, though we had a hard life and during November Cohen, liquor every day for lunch, dinner and breakfast tat are now. I think any appears to be turned down? John does not look. Thirty five years old lifetime held we'd nobody's eyes, they react as they say, he's the conformity Hillary Clinton coming on. They haven't confirmed a date for her to go in there and address her health. Yet our right Netflix.
Now then be doing new series and at series is with spiked Lee. Now it's based on Spike Lee she's gotta have a movie back from nineteen, eighty, six and so similar to the premises. The film is centred around no le darling she's, an artist in Brooklyn in her late twenties, he's trying to define herself her job and she has three boyfriends. One of them is a model. One is a investment banker and one is a sneaker has so that should be pretty interesting to see them for that. Did ya see she's gotta. Have it yet, but I remember I said that I thought about the movie and Anthony Maggie in all the kids when you learn an armed on analysis, mills right. Yet I was I to women. I think they were lesbian couple and they were getting his firm was now at them like Ireland is all a blur. Norway's vaguely movie, I know for schoeffer, showed sticks out of mine. Have do the right thing of course, do right in an already blues amalgam alchemists he's gotta have it was a pretty big movie and what it was when she had three different boyfriend at the time, and they are no about each other and they will all
a balance for her affection, but she was dating all three of them and would it make a decision I right and that is your room. The report on the agenda? You listen, I don't have got his though, but you know we don't want this to happen. We have game and make no, did you get your money, a game or is out every day? twice a day and put more money on game told. How much is this great of head to head fate? Game works out twice a day every day yeah. You got your money on you, I will be, I would say the game you always workin out for more money and gave to the spot of hand. Hags awesome because Mano Amano Implement money again, but we do want to see them fight level. But let me ask question: if they were in fairly. Does that change? oh yeah, gained in Bio, hunted, Niggro, it will be a year since that is not a game. I am only a Z. Barcelona
oh man. I value not made Macmillan Phil Maggie Movie you at times I was crazy hate me. Do you not even beat up you not gonna, be minimal You know you're starved out by a bunch of dudes mothers oils and Who was no oil to see a bunch of decade in his can be pretty pretty bad aware Michelin, S dared it'll, be pretty bad for you, ok, direct, awfully bossy If those room is out of date and given that now could do this, may we gotta just name Robin Camp who needs to come to the front of the congregation we'd like to have a word with. No right will get into that. Next keep lack and if you need help, which are credit, we got the perfect. Lady you coming up next hour. Don't move is to breakfast component,
I was born, and I don T Mean Devil got here today for Friday September. Sixteen go to a judge in Canada. Name Judge Robin Camp. Ok is facing removal from the beach for his conduct. During a rate case. He was proceeding over yes, judge. Robin CARE has been in a week long judicial cancel hearing which will deter whether he ought to be removed from his position. That a case in question took place in two thousand and fourteen. When Judge Camp was a court judge and was proceeding over, case in which a nineteen year old woman said she was raped overboard. I'm saying during his body. Not a reason Judge Robin Camp is gaining donkey. They have become the advice you gave this young lady during the case. Let's go to see in it
let's see in it, and it is an end in Vienna and enhance sea and air and sea at in Vienna. From our rapporteur for the report ink upon an area, the judge in a rate case asked the woman who was a rake victim quotes. Why couldn't you just keep your knees together, skew pelvis or push her bottom to this thing, to avoid penetration, really judge words. Young, maintain your woman is in your court room, saying she was raped in question your sixty four year old Braun s comes up with is why couldn't you just keep? You need to get a job here? The question I have Who is before you said? Something is done. Is that why couldn't you just keep your mouth closed? Ok, I tell you all. The time I'm not die of great awaiting the dispensary Agis, said CNN. What I do know if a young woman,
Television guy read what I believe them in that I promise you. I would never think of fixed my mouth to say why couldn't you just keep your knees together. Not now I get worse. Ok because Judge Robin Camp also had some advice for the alleged perpetrated crime is the advice he gave the young man after he acquitted him and then his advice for the man in the courtroom after he acquitted him quote. I want you to tell your friends your mail friends, that is that they have to be far more gentle with women. They have to be far more patient and they have to be very careful to protect themselves. They have to be very careful and then listen to these comments in general. Just for the rest of us, young women want to have sex, particularly if their drunk some some one and pain sometimes go together. That's not necessarily a bad thing berber. Would such a move,
Judge Robin Camp. What in the hell, I'm always open for objectivity, especially when it comes to cases of rape. Parties, a college campuses. We need more understanding. Judges do look at both sides in a situation where Jed, Rama Cab, you sound ridiculous. Not only these are ridiculous. You sound, like you, ve done it before that. Again, matter they let you justified this in your mind at world, a young lady was drunk and she must have wanted aspects because you didn't keeper needs together, Jed Robin Camp things there. Alcohol and a woman, I keep on her knees together is a sign of consent. We talked about it. Learn about masterbation in school, and my answer was absolutely not, and it's because of sixty four year old men, like Judge Robin Camp, these are some of the kind of adults we have amongst us- and we will need in talking to Us- is about anything especially matter the sex, and we am. I don't need them presiding over criminal sexual kind of cases. Now I told you I judge, accorded the young man.
Because he did. Why would a man who asked a victim questions like this and give the alleged perpetrated by like that find main guilty? Ok, but the verdict was overturned, ok on appeal in the new traffic November enjoyed Robin Camp is currently facing remove from the bench. What data discuss play played a comment that he said to the young. Lady again, the judge in a rate case asked the woman who was right victim quotes. Why couldn't you just keep your knees together, askew her pelvis or push her bottom. To think to avoid penetration. What what is it a discussion regarding him be removed from the village? I'm just I'm just assume it is going through the process right. Somebody should say Robin care. Why could you just keep your mouth closed and then fire him give judgment. Camp, the biggest he hardly you too, that give the young men advice out here like
Women want to have sex, especially we need drunk not in this day and age. Ok would all is key. College S, hand, highly just really cases in camp is rape cases in women getting raved there parties in the lie lower already being so blurred as to what is consent was not consent, each hand Be telling you young men and women what ethics is pursuing a drunken fact. I tell him the opposite: do not have sex. What a drunk woman I lies, always if you're with a woman and she drank imaging on I just leave it alone, maybe alone bremmer alone. Absolutely leave it alone right. Well, thank you. Ve read docketed data. Now, where we come back, we have credit expert genie. Kelly joining us That's alright I'll fixing, you credit amicably, believe you and you said your credit jumped on how much it was a hundred forty points. She doesn't. It was some things. And how long fourteen days so ten points to you straight up with something
as she did and as she got my credit up, I don't know I am sure, every lasers differently, if every case a different. Yes, it's a larger numbers. You only got one sources can leave things I had to do, I had to run some credit card that, to make sure my balance was low, I had to write a letter to the certain agencies sheet. And she knocked out in fourteen days. Will I need to talk? There lay a lotta people need to touch it. Is I'm interested in every case the different I got Magala every case is different, but she was able to help me in its legal. Does the kind of credit I care about leads us yet eight hundred creative goin, I thought a glow come. I am I got a hundred times, but I don't know one or two hundred credits: God don't ever use a condom. Honour, ok, shooter club travel! Ok, a man should get you. That is the kind of guy you haven't. Eight antiquated guy! Do not let these men have sex with you and protecting our group so so he says you have the kind of makes it is no holes in our group listener. Eight hundred feet
the five one. Five only combat Genie Kelly will be visual consecrated I care, but I'm ok, I'm Danske regretted combine that those greed created the kind of credit I care about derives the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club was crazy in love, Beyonce, Jay, J C morning, everybody is dj. Envy envy angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. We have a special gas in the building My life out and save me when I needed some help. Well, it's easy components in aim, Genie, Kelly Oh that's correct. I gave her. Let me tell you what happened. I was actually to buy our home on something got almost they're, not my score down a hundred points and it was miss. With the loan and I was trying to get friend of my game. Your number I've never met. It is the first I'm actually meeting and I looked at my greatest go. She said I.
I can do, but I'm a try. My heart is an. She was able to jump my school a hundred in forty points, yes hundred forty one, if it in one week in about ten days how many free tickets promise over. I gotta pay for what it was a sort of vulgar incredible because you always the others as Anti. Like all fix your credit score and people say that you can't really can because we definitely had a lot of information that it was incorrect. Now lotta people, they don't know about their credit for people who just want, nor how can I make the acquitted great academic, their credit good? Will? The first thing is: pay attention to it. So you should get your cry report. That would be the number one thing and you can have a credit report and he doesn't affect your score. People think if they pull their report, it's gonna drop their credit more. But that's not the case, so you can get one at annual credit report talk com for free
for free free. Whence I hear is that once a year but there's three credit bureau, so you want to check all three fur baseline and then from their every year check in I even say you know it All of a sudden. You can learn allowed the credit card. Companies now give you your fight goes score. The emigrant addressing it ends. Yeah, I mean real credit. Mercury Craig. You dumb ass kids by anything which free credit now selling I n tankers. She was telling me that she doesn't have a critical, you with it, you know I don't want to get a credit crises in school hours. Egg. Well, a credit card is good because if you don't have any credit does actually probably worse and having that's right yeah, because you have no score so definitely using credit in the healthy ways. A great thing you know you can get automobile loans at a low rate or the mortgage that dj native whatever it may be find all Do you know it's it's something important to think about,
and when I are young, you should definitely be using your credit by obtaining credit for macro it ass. When I was in college, I had a bunch of credit cards. I may six. When a five an hour Zaire hey them. I was buying everything I wasn't even opening the both a lot of us had that syndrome of dont have money Guess I'm just not an open to bill at all and they took a higher lab and that's the thing. So if listening and that's you today. The most important thing is paying attention. You can start today to rebuild you're running paying attention to. It is key. Now what about doing things? I transferring your balance through a different credit card that has no interest for I say a year here: that's fine! But again, every time you open up a new account, it's gonna dip your score. So it's all about timing. When should you do that, I would never say: go get a new credit card before wanting a mortgage because we want to make sure your score is at its highest level. Next morning with a credit to debt ratio is because a lot of you, but I know what that is, and I recently had to find out there
If you owe a lot of money or you know you all critical, a lot of money, but you don't have credit data fix your school, crazy, yeah. Well, part of the fight goes score and I mention the fake a score because ninety percent of lenders use the fight. Leslie ordered a vital scores disappear. I believe wishes Grey was, if I go credit score right, so it's boring your credit reports and the fate of scores with ninety percent of lenders use. So what's it I did score. It's just called. The fight, though, is my favorite for letter F word. What ok now is our best solemnly which, if we recall that it was only on providing ahead, does so anyway, so ninety percent lenders use aid and thirty percent of your score is based on balance. Is so if your max down you lower those balances. You're gonna see your score go up immediately as soon as the balance gets updated, so it may take thirty days.
Credit, goes like into three hundred. Should I even tries to give up on various issues that really does it arrays day rounds credits Golden Legged three, even though I know no three hundred I'm here I have, Can I go now? I have you know- are no longer when you have your stereotyping, just watch what you gotta listen. I got into this history because I had bad credit. I know everybody's feelings, it's an emotional think rowing, you feel trapped. I had my daughter. I couldn't get an apartment around, because my credit was so bad. I just trying to make ends meet and, after I took years to figure out the credit system. How to rebuild my credit. I opened up this vote. I want to help out another battle. Nobody ever want them to feel this way. Where'd you co sign for somebody. Yes, as
don't pay? What can you do about that co assigning? I wish they would just stop calling a co signing and just joint, because it's a joint account. It's you know it doesn't matter if it's an ex boyfriend, if you to your child, your husband, whoever it may be, you are jointly responsible for that account. So as soon as that account hits your credit report, it's going to report if they pay it lay. So I say if you are going to help someone then make sure the bills are coming to you. So this way you wouldn't know if something's gonna be late, so you'll pay it so your report and basically don't coastline. Unless you have the money to pay it right, because if they are paid, ok, I've, my boyfriend and you might be way later away. I'm good
Russia may then you can co signed for her neck and knew tat. They were not accorded. You can't take bankrupt area. You really cannot all ok, they can do it s a lie. I like to build healthy credit, the real way, and if you had a bankruptcy, it's ok, you can rebuild. If you do nothing with your credit after the bankruptcy because you're afraid of it, your scores gonna stay low for a while. But if you a mediately, go out, there go get to secured credit cards, they could be for a hundred dollar limit each within twenty four months. Your score will be in the six hundreds again while you have to pay it. Our support well, if you're late and it gets reported it's on There- is there any way to get that off? You have you got time. You know it depends on the situation, but it really just,
Hence, there is way too Bill Gregg, definitely going to get those credit cards and also become an authorized user on someone's account. Now that's not join. That means, like I can put my daughter on my secretary, doesn't matter. I send you a card and that that account actually goes on their credit report. Now can it goes on their credit report, the date I opened it, not the Dave, I'm opening it for them, so they get all of my history for that one account our report. So at the moment you know I'm talking about this How is it still working I'm? So that's one way to quickly back in articles, but I was in college. I was on my mom's go to court and I was on my miles. Gotta go to one of its recent weeks ago.
Allow me finally got off your mama's we're. I agree I knowed Olivia shedding, so I gave you I grow may road. I value is worth rates the man's Craig and I know I had to come over. The because it'll acquitted was part of market now was towards growth as other get off just that one account Ganem once he got off, because let's say that had a high balance than that helped him. You can get your credit score quickly raised by getting new, healthy credit. It doesn't matter if it's a secured card. People are like. Oh, I really don't want it as long as it is a major creditor and I will go on all three credit report addressed card like that card or capital ones or chase any major companies as long as they report to all three bureaus within a few months. It's gonna help your score. Our right. We are more with Jean Kelly, where we come back the credit expert and if you need
in your life out, so you can get in touch with those two purpose locomotive downplay the bead is still. There was no rice until morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have a space who gets into the building this morning. She goes by the name of Genie, Kelly, she's, a credit expert. She actually help me with my credit, bad and she was able to help some things that, despite the former credit now you you got a course for talking to your significant other about their credit. Film you're in a situation is a hard thing for people to discuss people whereas if they dont have good credit, how do you approach a situation like that? It is important to talk about right away because I feel like in a relationship you kind of have to now, especially if it's going to the next step. So sometimes, if you just both bring out your credit reports, I know it sounds so crazy. I mean it
you do, ass someone, how much you make for a living right, germany- and I need you guys, You better have obviously my job creators of understanding among elaborate. Yes, I mean it One thing we all know that financial problems are a big issue with divorce and issues in a relationship, so I think, talking about credit and a healthy way and you're saying it's. Ok, because a lot of times people feel so bad, but nobody wants to not pay their bills re he now. So something happened just vigour. Now. But if you start talking about it with your partner and you realize ok, I have good credit and he doesn't then help em now. Is it true that, if you Don't pay a bell and something that is in your credit report. It just goes in seven years, so you don't have to pay it well. It can come off your credit report in seven years. Yes, but that doesn't mean you're not responsible for the death and conceal come after you, for the dead is just not on your
That report will then who cares avoiding, is traded, go, get a lot of you think ass, his king and, like I used to follow through the ominous used. Always they don't spend credit on anything if you have the money for it on. I agree not to go crazy with your credit, but I just feel like we live in a world. I would never be able to my house without having a mortgage. So I just feel like we needed even sometimes employers? Look at your credit, not your score, but your work. So. It's like. I don't want to lose out on a job because of my credit, and we can all get control of it. You know, even if you're right now listening and your having bad times, you can change that, can change it today by focusing on it, and it really is just a little bit away.
And you'll start feeling good about it. Later credit scammers out a lot of publicity or fix your credit. They take people radio. In any event, you have to be careful Avenant. I always hear stories about people that you paid his money and then your credit doesn't even change, not because I am opposed to the little picture of you when you fix incredibly blood on its fate from like she really does it. How can people get their credit fixed by you if they were poor you or held at your service. If I know their credit yeah, they can just go right. My website Genie Kelly DOT man. There is all the products and I have an really the best thing. I thought is my class than I do online, because people can do it too. In the morning ninety whenever they want, but I take them step by step and within six weeks, will see an improvement if they do the work. When I say work, I'm talking an hour week and then they have knowledge forever, luggage cause you might have been making go. But I wanted to be great ending. Why not now some people say that if you have credit
just come after you and you owe eczema. Many. Can you barter with them and get that now we can reveal yeah, you can settle now. You always have to remember when you suddenly account if it's over six hundred dollars, you get ten. Ninety nine, like its income on what you saved me, have to be careful about that and its fine, though because people. They can't pay it any other way, re so love seen settled, accounts on credit report. But if that's your way out, it's better to get it over with hay them and then start rebuilding from their his. If you leave it alone and then it goes it from a collection to a judgment in just makes it worse and makes it harder and then there's more interest you on that dead. If that's your way out, it's ok, what, above all things all at once. That's fine! Yes right, yeah yeah! Just I learned the yearning are that they had that's, not a good thing. Leave em open. That was the old way of thinking
now like they like day they like to see hey Genie. Has you know all these credit cards available and helping my ratio right? using credit. Again, we shouldn't be afraid of it. You have to get fraudulent activity off of your account. If you're like this was am I my know, you know what you got roll up your sleeves and fight it out, but if it's not you it's not you, so you may need to do it. These were or but it has had a family member. Its various happens organise a sad case. It's a sad case cause your kind of stock because you ve got this family member who committed fraud? So is it really the ogre blocked up very likely to block the way you ve gotta be back? Where would you do you remember? What would you do any lack of saying it is difficult? That's a hard won and I hate when I get those functions in a bad enough. You, if you're a victim in you, don't know the person it's a family member
again. If it's one account, maybe be not such a big deal, it's how much they open up the light building in a year and yet about it, and then it goes to collection and it goes on and you like, I don't know what this is in the new financial costs in do yet horrible and it does happen, but if you're paying attention, like you said, a monitoring, you could resolve it right away. You now We appreciate your joining us in helping to people out today, wrangle user live together on the website. Again, maybe making over your credit is sexy. Ok, let's say I website again. Gene Kelly, so I spent my name J E, a an m e k, E L, L. Why dogma gotten she ll fix your life lazy fix my bet, you ve got in yeah right is thin grass Glauber good morning, The breakfast club,
The report is the Reul report libretto glove everything's under later with Stephen Herbert, and he has about going to the highly doing How are things beats? Is thirty minutes beaten how emotional he got check it out? It was burning. To to get that feeling. I remember being up on the podium minute. My my legs are shaking. I felt like. I was going to faint and I was sitting there having a moment saying God, please don't let me faint, maybe look low, choked up before even started talking there, because I mean armies, like everybody that contribute and so have in a part of me accomplices in some so big out very well I don't want to lose. Boswell announced the damn. I can tell the autumn that low while amounts and does it feel ringlets shows that he's a champion. I don't know why you don't feel like it. He doesn't have a regular
as a about really being the one that had to take it for a guy's today to be able to be themselves in the NBA is fine, is how they drag the tattoos. The corn rose and olive that so he said he got the car foremost disease. I get a barber in every city figure we got corn. As you will have to worry about getting his hair cut all the time all way to save money, dammit, ok, farmers were always perfect. Someone was so great here on the sidelines recently met before he also talks about Michael Jordan and playing him pay attention to it and to the aftermath, the map of it all those meidel. Now that was my favorite. If, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have never been a basketball player,
when you never had a vision, are truly wanted to be like mine, that night we wages in a war and in waging a war as much. You love the person that you plan against my fairly teammates and fully fans our own s eye right now. Here's the thing s interesting J C did a piece for the New York Times talking about his person. Experience with drugs in the complexities of the war on drugs- here he is narrating. Drug dealers will monsters the sole reason. Neighborhoods major cities with fairly young men like me, will also became so violently. Drug attics lack more afforded to win the war on drugs begin in nineteen. Seventy want a prison population was two hundred thousand today it is over two million rates of drug use as high as they were when Mason.
Made the so called war. Nineteen. Seventy one forty five years later, it's time to rethink our policies and lost the war on drugs. Is epic fail Sean. Do you want to read your economic without Slash Shankar? Do you want to reject your book report to afford a clash out of one of the last hundred front lies in the fact that China, need to be nervous. I think it's drop. One include mobile, that that was Doha, bear a great audibly. Other data says drug offenders make up by twenty one percent of the prison population, but violent offenders of sounds like murder and assault and robbery make up. Forty percent of the population say was basically saying that different violent crime laws is the reason for mass incarceration, not drugs. I don't. I don't know how true that is. I just read that yesterday in the area of grinding, I guess she's tired, already being asked about her, no Boo MAC Miller, she deposed to picture with him on Instagram and on Ellen. She also confirm that's her man and
Charlemagne, when you interviewed her didn't you also, did you confirm it or she cannot really Does she not? As you said the boy that'll help me? Can you not confirm, as you cinema no words of wisdom it's a little weird. I will soon be perplexed that someone would ask about it, while Ryan secrecy dead ass about Ariana Grande and anyone a little left. You confirm this relationship with MAC Miller on Instagram. How did I? How did we get there? I don't know it all. Is that Zimbabwe I mean. Is that what that means, let alone asking. Did you set a sentence? There is no question, what did you confirm? Something? I don't know man, that's not blank come on moves to early for this kind of you. If I become something, that's what I'm willing to share at the moment, my pretty because Then you Ryan secrets with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information. Are you on the ground? I grant you you are that when you do that and you posted another that you are kind of opening yourself up again
go, do enemies, you nobler than Homo Muslin pact, this to see motion with talking the Rhine secrets, I don't one of the heads of the eye- heart Mafia Lois. You know it's probably over for her rounded Iheart festival. Three, oh my god, you better apologized the Rhine as soon as you possibly can vary Snoopy. I just wanna apologise on behalf of worry on. It's me can't valentine. I does one up John, I didn't mean it. There. You that all are
you ll see things loader package new down on the heart is game were hard. I write MAC I gave us did in any view these interviews going on with W Maggie's line any compares himself to welfare s, character and elf. Very few of you even knew that of Phd in art. It's like shut the fuck up. I was lazy or you were a lean guy's, an explosion in head the elf. That's welfare is too big for his hands to make the toy, but he wants to make the toys. Why do you want to bring joy to the world? make a Christmas present inspiring people as a definition of success colleges said, will rise. He crosses thinking about area on a grab a you know, I will leave your head queen of tee. Thy heart is a hooker, Just like a lot interesting things happen yesterday, so there you have it, and that is your room
I'm usually home, while Lama Vari underground the issues, an apology seriously come off, please, but their vast with her. Why she got so upset. She had known any innovative. She does right now they gonna has so us. What's up at your boat, magnet. You can snap at a lot of people but rise secrecy I won't have none all. You can snappish icy snap at mercians about guide marathon. What's your voice couple data should be in the dark as to simulate Jimmy Lobata lashes, I saw me well, you know, early this morning, no keep ass well, We walked in it. We seen a game footage go when I meet mill. You said, and also you know. Yes, I reckon on his apple. I was about to say anything about it, but you did, but I but you may have to reckon on his out my guess, addressing the situation addressing what situation we'll find out I have a game meat meal situation, yes, will find on the site. This is what you mean and a second I'm telling you gotta get to mix after makes games
Oh, that was him. That's why I gotta brief ass your centre record over he said and to make it over now. Yes, so have one of those lovely bade back to me in on a job. Did you gotta amid a little bit the rumour important got on your phone, so they exist, got less put to sea with some Pakistan's James Put called you just now is a record this all games out right that comes out. I think it in another week after week. Ok he's gonna, make me games. Is reckoned a meat meal. Yes, why find out how you? Why do you know why I was on a photo? You was all far thing out ass. The y know I gotta get back or do you know what say you did even ask why the record just my William all would be the best base, journalism, gays and lesbians. While he was away at Wyant stands for. Why didn't you would do it? Did you and game talk about this issue? Is that was up, I said you must, and I reckon you say, I'm sorry
now send you an email record United nor erected, so you, everything from listeners. Yes, because of us, are you you say on air, a media law. You shouldn't tell me that there was a record. You said you gonna, debut it on Monday right. What are you gonna debut it now and make no really do have a beef and game either record right in you been knew about direct correct did make no, he was beat him again: oh yeah, we'll get it to a next, you know we'd go back on a Friday, Nicky Little Red ball. So, what's shouts of revolt, we'll see you eyes or mother. You enjoyed the weekend, so you guys don't get the Erika but the world. Well, when we come back, it's the people chased mixed back. What is no one here is to breakfast locomotor
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