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Thursday 8/10 Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our followers either withheld their partner of sex or they were the person being with held from sex by their partner, after a story broke about Michael Vicks wife holding him from sex because of the comments he made about why Colin Kaepernick has not been chosen to be on a team. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that tried to deposit a fake million dollar bill and Angela helped out some listeners for "Ask Yee" with one having trouble with five girlfriends!

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This is your wake up call to Angela Charlemagne Cell on a plan in this respect is shown because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so that we do want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest way you know more than you are I sell yesterday today is Thursday the day after Hump Day, and he is not here- he's promoting his new single, which I guess where did you and this morning I would love to say more about it, but I haven't heard it I can tell you is good and as I cannot vouch or not vouch for the song, but the song is called text
your number and as you are not while you, I bet you are so envy still using his slaying, I guess and their features very, what Mdgs sleek now Charlemagne should be on the way as anyone spoken to Charlemagne Charlemagne. Anyone I tell you this I went to good seed. Dave Chapelle last night and I know Charlemagne went as well, but you see I'm here. I write ass. He had a lovely girls night out. I had six tickets. So what five of my friends with me and we all went to go see day. Chapelle shouts everybody. There was opening well, servants went on first and then Miley Wanes actually took to the stage and then, of course our boy die now rulings and then Cuz? It was a great night and Erykah Badu performed. After only thing is they have these pouches. When you go into lock your phone- and I don't know if you guys have seen this, but they don't your phone, they give you this pouch and then they pay
your phone in the palace and then they lack it and then, in order for you to use your phone, you have to go to like us, safe phones own out in the lobby where they unlock it, and then you have to put it back in the paths to go inside and lack a backup so you know what I did to be safe zone, unlock my phone and then left it unlocked snuck back in cuz, it's very hard to be without your phone. For that extended of time it was like three hours long and I was sitting in there at first. I didn't know what time it was I didn't. What's going on, I'm not going to use my phone to take pictures or video or anything cuz. Of course, you'll get kicked out, but I need to pick down to see if any was texting me see. What's going on in real life so that was last night. We had a good time. It was hilarious. They spelled it a lot of jokes that he might not have done, except for the fact that our phones were all locked up. So have to worry about any type of back last, but I'm sure you see some writers on today, but I loved the fact that he's not
concern about angering people. As I know, a lot of people have complained about the fittings visa comedian, and he said it is the fact that you have to be so safe now a days I write. Well, we are getting ready to debut D J M, these new song after that front page news of modest your breakfast club. Don't even try it good! Lady, like you been here all morning, I propose we start assurance, which so far, all my sincere six, ten, yes I write well with knives good time for blood ran like me, you not. I mean what do they envy featuring very well. Indeed, I think I just want to apologize to DJ slink produce their Perdita sleek, and I was I who do they sleep, but very many Mps, Breakin new people of Africa, actually, Jesus slink that was text. Your number good, yes, sounding they flow rather type a song. That means elected and do you know what I'm saying
go across our January. I see what I'm trying to do here as a porter regattas drop, one a coup was rowed Fred. You up. I bet they. Now. How can we trust eating it? A song and new job includes bombs. You may be right on my below buys a new situation. Whether rampage arise, faith, at is having to remove these filters. Nephew remember face app if you guys use that filter application, that you do these different filters, where you can look at your future self, so you can look older. You can look younger. You can change your gender on there. You can change your face from regular to a smile, and now they had a new ethnicity filter where you can actually change your ethnicity to black, indian or asian,
pretty terrible idea. People went in on them after that, and the ceo responded saying that the new, controversial filters will be removed in the next few hours law and hollow. We argued mad because they ever of news was the word ethnicity, nicety filled to which all beyond their making yourself look like dogs and What have they be? Looking like a dog and without this up melody pigs? Are you? Don't hang around look like animals owing to come and look like other humans. Ya get ya, got an issue, but I guess yes, the stereotypical faces over indian per se. Are you think God reeled and dolls, my film, I guess there are difficult for me or my tongue hang out my tongue lying. I looked out upon the dark. Now I'm not going to compare someone's ethnicity to becoming a little q patent, I'm just saying all fun and games, or do they re it's not so bad. Now, now in gay well, said about be blown Instagram adagio. Just this damage if you can see what they look like an elixir low, the crazy, but if you want to sit down a chump as a
asian person. I right now. Why might has had to apologize also- and that is because they ve been- marketing guns as back to school items, is a photo of a sign. This has on the school year like a hero, and that sign was he's right above a glass case filled with guys the problem. Is you don't want encourage kids to bring guns to school, Cuomo Muslim? We don't know. I read a lot and ruin area and one eyed actually respond to those comments. He said the display said the display was truly awful and horrible and they wanted to find out where that border was taken and ensure that their fine is removed. But let me does also, I write any speaking down south and gains Veil Florida. Two year old man, Brandon Germane, Hawsted was arrested, that's because he was raping his ex girlfriend in the middle of the act. She causes his mom, his mom showed up or an said. She did not raise him like that, and actually got her son to get off of his victim and he ran off and he actually got arrested after that imaginary.
She called the mother during the air, while he was attacking. There was an ex girlfriend mom, so that visit. I did not raise you like that and got. Offer her any ran out. That's all I write. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour I mean I'm from pays. Nuth you would love is not here today is rose. Rule of law. I was a reaction. Was it was a girl's night outside the air was with me about ok and am Matilda. Ok with me as well in Paris and lorry amateur. An English now was a great show because you get more than what you expect to get right cause it's veiled his days, Chapelle and Erika do within unit of Dayton. Mall in Wales, in I know Rollin subject: entertainer indices Edric now that your game was overcome our beware ago, You know where I was in the phones, it I you just one hundred
revive one o five. One of your pissed off about something- and I ve a great place it s such a shot by the way. Yes, no if you think off about something, are you feeling blessed about something this morning? Please call us, is the one with dangerous is monitored breakfast club, the breakfast club
is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black but a payment. We want to hear from you on the breakfast. Yes tat S, why you last hour by hour, not less money, man right now, because I have an early good. I try to go to the bank to get alone, I said I'd say walking along about having credit that it God help me there, then the old man I am not at all, because I don't have a wedding already wondering when we mentioned bottle on the day before we beg you would do well Bible issued with your blog. You know, like one united look of a black Reagan, you area, you know me my believe you to get a loner. Do they think it was a good invention, but I gotta pay all the time. So you have no created at all love
it is kind of words and having bag riding out, but I'm here in so many ways you told her you. Maybe we should talk to you and maybe we can invest in new, emerging economy, patent ravished eyes like me, and you I saw them. You heard that all three of us, you wrote a small percentage of everything, but I'll give you ten percent of your email. If you didn't get any of it
The terrible do noted, like you're gonna, have to get you sent one of those secure clinic eyes to guess at in open a bank cannot establish and credit and tribe like making area of road. Ogilvy blackmail near you might be able to get a loner or sitting get a friend to invest the right all right. I guess you're welcome this ass, you David calling them a seven day. They tell us why you last he said the law on call from Georgia. Are you don't wanna be with you? I just want to say I am truly birth a couple of months ago, my wife, what other job and you don't try to find a job about to lose our home polymer.
Disable above the clothes on a second home, just gotta promotion owner job. I'm truly bless us more Charlemagne again. Thank you for your book is regulated at one of the olive oil gas. When we left the Oliver more aid, we appreciate man, I'm glad they did have turned around and life did you study Davos? I'm getting right alone cannot be just tell us now. Imagine tat a snake library. I didn't
by one of our colleagues up and get it up. Yell chess is the breakfast club go away, go mad or bless you? Yes, what's that can now use our very happy, but I see you're mad this morning. Our long standing, nothing period and went out. My boyfriend break out in came already hit my door waiting. Take it all figured out, Lou,
why would he do day with someone else? Then we broke that thirteen people? Ok, so these are Ex Ante, came a kick the door and know what if he knew, who would have been? No that would not have any way back from Canada. Had you better get you ever straining order against your Ex kicking Darwin, but now you have another thing: you have an adequate tell me: I'm not your whole life in other earlier, but I thought I was happy gonna, be in New York, pull up boy. Now I've got a young, you mean view be appeared from a thickening by your rapporteur. We got security for the poor, pull up where you from. Rise at. I did a deal vine. I address, pull up
Moreover, we give you all information on what we want. We hang up. Ok here was the damage island, valued part, now I'll, be there Fourthly, I am, I want to see you and look forward to see. How can I say that, because the European People's party will support the big mistake where the building is in a public place? If you know what a building moves you can pull up baby listen to me. Detroit pull up. All right proceeded, maybe Oh my god. Oh my god, I write a deal Charlemagne. If you want to come up here, I re, lest they call a number seven. Tell us why you are mad or tells me you glad, the more and more again you normally early morning, and I gotta try lesser known, born on, but a matter
How did you AIDS, divide and weak the blind man about delete? Don't get me wrong day? Why do I gotta go Are we buy and sell everything? I heard nothing yet wanted nothing. Sir, ah now tell me not the graph is the ethical issues would be muffled to promote. Does he VP customer teachers, everything tat, you feel about him? I am now. Would you tell us what you see tee? I got you t advice alarmist have done like nature, Facebook, and so he actually was the episodes we ve got ya, got eyes, logo and always remember with local rhymes it'll get no MO. I write
yeah. That was good of just one hundred five five one off. I won't leave all meant to say why, given an alarm, you re ambition, I heard it isn't. I'm still sleepy. I was up late last night and I don't get it from the danish proposal to about one o clock. Listen, I left as soon as it was over can alone and went to sleep now we're back. These could mount. My wife is a huge erika. Do fairly scenarios to perform like five six, you got the Maghreb. I do. Love makes us. She was very adding about writing set at two Erika Mann, Dahomey New Bernoulli backstage activity. Additives back there was just is finally this directive too long. I right now you got room for going to. Actually, yes, we are going to talk about some ethos going down, I'm so confused about what
happening by Trina is talking reckless Trina treat I'm nervous, ensuring the talk, regularity! Well, you better here now to work with data is monitored. Abrupt club, the breakfast club, yeah well more dangerous model, showed a breadth of club Dj Caliphate. You react Bryce until a wild thoughts, how he s a plan d they empty sung morning at the time when we are he's, got the data gathered package, envy baggage, copies of wit if we can find out? Who the hell knows? Well, you know: the aim is to be on all the different stations: Hunger Trina anymore.
Yes, it's about the report on the breakfast now now we are Levison Trina. We honoured she's gonna, be on love any a Pat Miami, but I saw her before me. Somebody's I had to investigate further now, apparently, she's beeping with somebody who's name on Twitter is, can be rat. Might chimbly rub my love and above do now that I know, has it been named as anybody on their, but she had tweeted dear me, agenda. China is not the only female rap artist in Miami you asleep on the other female M seas from am I a I'm just saying and then she said y'all, let you in a fool. You are there's no good in her blood I'll, keep you posted with pictures, I'm not fat Oh, oh lady man, that's elderly abuse. They China's set me up and go to jail FM with these o people. As you know, we will get all. Oh man, an old lady scrapper, as you said, she's a pale popping Anima China. I was up here. Man, remember,
Trina in the meantime was tweeting. I am Miami. I got time to day so you host, but a fast embodied play with Ya Hagen S hose get. My d go, find a day job and keep my name at your mouth and biomass bitches and Honourable members is treating the mobility by tuna. Was teller meet me home in a city? You know my number him he's our consent location since you want it's pension, pull of all fifteen minutes of fame cause. I know what it is. How is real on his anger dragged on real life, I'm way in our right, Well, here is can be she actually posted this Well, you know everything about you now real you David.
I've been am agreed. He would honey it at the London penguins, less Annabel MPEG. If why you here is where Trina had to say we spent my mother, and I understand that the dynamic, if Mama be like you, must be my any study, the top mother mother, you me and if you call me a bit Mesa, you put. That is an argument about the way. The pain of a train of danish shit. This I'll give beg your back. Their house plants cannot feed this guess what I'm the mother Phoebe. I guess what you painting on among the show. What I mean by this latter see me now, and I know the Draghi season drop. One includes bombs were treated. There always thought you were women. Dream is always been try: sexual based off her music. I mean Mimi she'd willing to try anything when everybody brief off her music, great yeah where was wrongly Mozilla would have.
That is why I put in Sierra Leone in Asia has nothing to do with anything and I'm a beyond is being gaze f. When you say somebody's gaze at the head of an accusation, I give levels being out of ensuring a gaze f lead you to be gay, really gain and gaze echoing about sexual. Also, managers on his gaze of our aid downloading went to see these days to paralyse night wherever the work as if they were second about magic, Johnson, O Donnell, yet another terrible management. But Madison his gaze during his gaze. I well, I'm sure we can ask her soon has no problem. Talking about everything, all right, well congratulations to Joe Biden, incense Aunt Hannah. They are having a baby Tobin
it. Takes years agencies clearly pregnant. I never knew we get here. It's funny. I never saw you in that light. Now I never see light without you, some eleven already do and if I did I'd, never acknowledged it. I never had a friend in romance. I never thought that was possible and never have left is much our hard. I never knew you or your energy were so radiant enigmatic, even but I never knew you I never could have been more deprived had never felt this way before. I never not, thank God for every intricate. Detail that makes you hall, Smee Hall? I never imagined you would be as beautiful as you I today its view. Above all to be applied thank you for it all. Thank you for not only making me stronger before being strong enough for us both most times. Thank you for carrying I'd child. Thank you for helping me right
vice him, generational issues. Thank you for helping me get it right. We know that Joe Button and it goes on and with its effing, let's broken ground with your borders and from her soon are you sure you want to do them? Every migrating house arise. Eighty, the funding is not now want him in your life, rudimentary genius, and are you sure regulations to them. I know they're excited so, where excited for you, I write well, I'm Angela YE and that's your room. A report is more sort of reckless club. Show me the gods. We reject envious of pretending to be a rabble, promoting the record that you just heard good for a single of his upcoming I'm just a year from coins. Lot going on in Eric. Did you like it, I think and inefficient? Do it like a siege. You know aboard up immediately said something like this this came out? the time and our radio Pool Party I'm thinking about the hour music festive would have come up. You know I can hear it. I can hear it. I think it a work.
It'll, be a fun drive into work in the morning Sun Fund in the club song from Vegas Song from parties on in front page news? Yes Korea is planning to hit the glum what is with missiles, and that could be happening as early as next week that plan now this I started with love. You didn't start with this, but this has escalated with data. Just saying this does not make any more for ass to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has ever seen, and North Korea Dave media has made a new statement. They said they, of course they criticise tromp. They said sound. Dialogue is not possible with such a guy. Bereft of reason, and only absolute forests can work on him by law. You know what territory nobody out take out your problems with. You know people that don't got though it had let your attack me direct. About the doomed young on and Download drummed is given a ring and just go out and one Gerda.
Only the headline of wooden, my levied of labour and glamour ladder the residence their unfazed, they feel like, even if the threats become a more specific, as they have been active. I still very busy at there's a very popular tourist, bad as well, so they do felt like the island will be protected by the. U S and the military assets on Guam. Wouldn't you just leave walnuts leg of our good, nor her gave them possible, MRS above all, when you have had in ways we leave. If I had the means to do I love you, but I have you know people sometimes you gonna have the means to do that, but I would definitely if I had the means to do that here. Why revived want a loophole for you? Gonna go, go, go, go out, it would damage antilla, no Greeley Vigo do and you the guide of always there criticising the parliamentarians, Amy, always telling all aid plan. So what you say would you wanted it and why not Korea thing when they go into that damage up is threatening them saying. If they do anything, then it's on our lives. We know nobody really wants to fight, when you buy em, so there's Verlag term in absolute,
I'll go out from dialogue. Ok, I right now face app is in trouble, a lot of people use that photo filter application. Where can actually look all that you can look younger. I can add, smiled sue you, and now they had a new ethnicity. Ask where you can actually be black, indian or asian, now people waste, so upset about that day that it was an awful idea and the ceo actually said the new controversial filters will be removed in the next few hours. So users don't need to update their apps to remove, fell to absent as well Lala, really weird bunch of people. You you you get on air and you can be a dog you can be a page, would soon becomes there can be black total becomes evident. Was the word ethnic becomes that word you have set, you and me
and by somebody becoming black. I wasn't really. My dog will do. Why gray that a mental damn dog, nor put the targeting and all my mouth and the puppy is Santa giving some flashed back memories for you, people have you to take a picture Macneil you dog, or somebody vivid Ruth. I think if you was I will see what the problem is. Just a filled it anyway, I You think the guy on the elderly of that because of the age filled. Now, because we're gonna get that aids. We're all gonna being black, indian or asian? I we could be Trans Rachel, you don't know how I feel inside. I do ok, right there. Your front page news. Now we gonna talk about withholding sex life or hundreds more user friendly, he's gonna be visa happened because there is a new show, Bala wives in that Michael Vick, in his way of caffeine on our so and she actually was upset at here.
For these remarks that he made about calling happen. If we all talk about this YE exec, I dont give the day for this. Why does the the change, his hair for him to get a job get his Afro as a symbol of where he believe in a labelling from a stout standpoint. What will make you think it'll get a haircut anyway. You know again, send him say what I see. No one at any rate should be stereotype, based on when he loves rise egg, the reality of the world we live in, not having you in the media. Again, a negative thing scares me, which rule DES Group from my piazza does eyes so scripted. I respect his wife who put foot down like that. But I mean the Mary Leslie S, Herpes last, as you know, we ve actually is gonna, punish him in this way. Why does this happen, change, his hair for him to get a job. What will make
We think it is a haircut anyway. In order as the same listen, I'm say what I see, no one at any rate should be stereotype dressing. What is the reality of an era we live there? We go you know you only businesses, the latter. Would you let me man from his. We were banned from their booty. Booker's UK about the body argue about voting well, I write, so that's her punishment to him. She is going to have sex with him. Have you punished for something as you did. I said she. I lashing him because of what he said about our government. Yes, I respect that were once again. Man allegedly has Herpes go Google or on Mexico. Does she Hoddan sex when she found her probably so I'm so we ve been in that situation. I'm show if I had sex with half a mass or without sex, for whatever reason, maybe you like having sex when you guys men at each other, but let us know what you think about that. Is that effective when it
if I may, by one or by when called us up, let us know your experience. Is the breakfast club breakfast. What's that that was Bab into you? It is the breakfast club, and right now we are talking about withholding sex, has like, if she's we always kazan- and I quote is recently- has been that we always knew. We took one Yoda occasion for the fourth time go. This recently happened while we were on vacation and we took off one year old on vacation for the first time with us, and you can't be on vacation and have motherly duties, even though, like my in laws were there too, but she still I kind of runnin around. So it's not like what we call the occasion when it just as we go on occasion, we just as we have in fact like every night Rosanna every day.
You're, not a mean when you bring a little k, which you may see, care really get it in the way she won't work does not punishment, it did happen. She actually set at the real. I beg of you plan on New year's vacation, as you like. You have to leave, maybe because of Obregon Baby UNESCO get this Who put you want, and I would ask that a punishment as this with me for what is known as the days of the wrong, as is punishing you for building are impressive results of it, but I love never, you know and I had a Alias run Mexico and had Herpes even arab. Anyway,
Well, I know by Madame I boyfriend- I just don't. I probably dont have sex with him, but I never thought of it as punishment. I just don't feel like it. You know I was there. I don't want to have sex women. One woman doesn't want to have success, the worse layer, that's real cost. A lot about you know, I'm a woman's not into it. You know I mean I went home is not into what is you ve, not feeling loving as you not feeling affection and ran like you would have seconds you, they re manner whether box that short boxes once you just do it gives you Fergus our duty to do right. Well, let's see what you have to say: Reggie is on the line now ready. You said this happen to you before, no it didn't work. It was horrible because my it accountability for all women what happened. Well, I guess I want my boy. The detail of the fires were happen, but I will say that that was the punishment thought. I thought that that was gonna work, but
they really have an effect on me. I've been able to do what I needed to do within a day. Tom never really know anything which may masturbating ethics and another one quarter masturbated. Everything you Pompidou for years is yet another women are another man. No myself out and debated in this gonna like kept, you focused God, you got your America without a cream right now, whenever a decade ago, bachelor s back. To that I write Wolesi. A bad does work. Withholding says, is that work for you lose their married, but for what you have done, What are you were pretty much? in their real began me about gurgle back a whole lot of fame of one another death, but when we compare people as well thou know. I won't be helpful boy,
she do that or me all men I worked everytime I be independent. I've been trying to get everything she bade. They both for you that really work is really effective. Does feel, like you know, is a mighty took your phone. Somebody took the Xbox lack the phone out there for a comedy so near I see it. What does wherefore simply bananas hunted down down? What do you think about withholding sex is that work is punishment not work and that there is no more travelling outside? You could put a man warm aid whereby all bad off home fell. So you really do you Guess I don't know, another thing about where you can make towards we are faced with a blood bath. Therefore, you unless something I got the look of a call. You replied that something else you can get us out of classic feeling like down a real belief and all
there's classic Stds, I didn't know: let's go back to a classic visitors dvd, like crap cravat, and why you I'd like to talk about a fresh breyer, gladly Jordan, three less, and I guess I get very high up when you meet the pride of being so what is it? What does Europe wide LE you already made at another thing you can get through sexual that while we are on the subject was somewhat to nurture under turned your activities. But now the grounds for now before you got off line is something called carbon No, I don't like upstream the name I never heard of it
yeah now. Look it up it. Where do what you look, I think you're a platform that poor poor diet or something like that. But when you look it up here, the whole matter being about myself not eat the bride and withhold and that after what I then? Nothing ignoble, then that people can do what they want to do and they can get it from where I gotta get it from and we're gonna go outside and getting a classic std would do you recall them down now later another man dismal laid hold of my wife is Madame. You will hold a second glance into somebody. I don T know right away. I could easily make the situation ten times worse, yet I can get you guys should still be in a relationship. If you have to worry about that now, when you and your father five one o five one, have you ever withheld sex punishment, Ladys, call and tell us
the one who can make them back. There was with the movie, was hurry. We drowsy set was up, is the breakfast club and we are talking about withholding sex as punishment. Have you ever done that it has any went and that to you and as that work less tattoo? Divines Van has anybody ever withheld sex from you, love yeah. I got the welfare me right. Those do go get better, but now there were there was there were given by the presidency from that's what you guys. Are you too focused inessa? You stay focused another GB minor ones. You rather have sex. What is left of God would impose Daggett, so low tat it out
There is also down a job, then ok, so these, however, resolve the issues. Of course we may we go along with that. My baby, a method I know you'd only title toggle by Jean Monet, told me I, but I met you. I got a mess up again because you don't have to go to you guys were high. You really need to know is rewarded the black man? You can have a conversation. I you needed. I exactly lobby in other areas. Live five will then move and what happened to your band? I gotta get back to you. I actually did the fanny, because you don't you think I would remind you that they cannot go ahead. It asked about the fact that a second anne- oh my God,
Rarely does you what you think is one of the indications that man is cheating is made as well to have sex with you. You sure you don't have a positive impact. You have a terrible tragedy. You trying to clear up real quick, now related law magazine. You guys, Let me now you want to vote because I had a little. I rang out on bail, you are there the outbreak nuclear avert, let's call and Emma to lose this hello. Yes, it was born BO, as does that work actually withholding sex from you as punishment. That's a boost to abuse. There were other Europeans buyer and got started nowhere another time or did you just say? Did you learn that reality? You said that you got an hour, peanut butter, a dog s, storm or you'll, miss
I missed you play a peanut butter. Are you and you have the dog linger? Well, it doesn't work. My God judge. You could. I know plenty a girls who own cat now, you know how to low how yonder could Torres and let the lower of Tom Catalogue of you don't know anybody that. Yes, I do I use areas, you really have the dog. I've never done like you, dont, really gonna previous river earlier visit, We left by judges, Tellin ya. Maybe the reality is all real in our society, but animals can't up a man was can't
We learn a lot about human now discussing infrequent area. I re an less tat to call a number eight. You said you had sex from your husband died. There is anything that I needed to allow other was carried out by the fact that I get the metal, that's a dangerous chemical, and for how long with modern sees no sex for more than six amazingly happen, he have you got a girl, really gotta go up there. Sure you email, you, don't you What we have got the wrong guy Domini caused by every supplies I haven't bought on. You gonna believe renewed you beyond. You haven't Petersen Zaki. Blinded me now watching you, I've seen it how long you I got a while. I was aware of his countenance awhile for five years. Oh yeah, he gave me nothing, you can do about overdue. Am I right?
is the whole transfer of you. Gotta be audio alone during the trial, where you deserve your mother penis, but have you should have thought about going to jail before trunk of our work has a we are talking about withholding sex as punishment. I guess the people sitting where some people said he didn't yeah, masturbate or the moral of the story is people say you don't know what you ve got till his gone. True vision. Would you had used, never thought you'd Lucy and that's exactly what it is when a girl puts a ban on. I like it done. The kind of you have asked he gave you have asked he D and you ain't vs IE need a Europe that is not a bad, and if you are in jail is nothing you can do that is either and once again salute Michael Vick, wife, but I have to know when the Roma's broke that Michael Vick allegedly had Herpes the name Neuron Mexico? Did she put one abandoned as well? I re Wendell, even married. Let's get into rumour report coming next, we are going to talk about a reality tat who is actually worth more than four hundred and twenty million Dollars was a? U. It is as rights to breakfast club
the breakfast club. He d envious off, promote his new single feature in February and who else dj slink Luigi psych knowledge leads one to tell us what realities dog wherefore remained out anomaly all aghast at the reul report them reckless club away today is highly generous. Twenty four things can only twenty. She just turn TWAIN today. Problem Bond for college in mirth and has medics lank highly cosmetics. Has made a four hundred and twenty million dollars energy will make time more. Nay, even months are becoming tiger who so that, according to where not we're Daily Christiana reveal their nuisance, he actually show paperwork to back that
that's amazing, four hundred and twenty million dollars in recent years and months burger. You must set up a view still would clearly all. A bad jokes with deadly be worth it at this point now. Lay so analyze. What's gonna happen with her line of cosmetics, they're saying according to women's, where daily the projection is that she is make one billion dollars by the year. Need twenty two drummer guy one billion dollars per year: little pregnant Travis nor more gone of the narrow ledge of drugs. Oftener Kiley lip kids, so everybody was making fun of her for her lips and everything. But those lip kids are the ones bringing them hundreds of millions of dollars. Colleagues, twenty would apply surgeries. Only three four drop one cool bombs were a lot of money are as big a three Lamar Odom is considering joining the big three league, that is next move, even though he has said previously that he doesn't want to play anymore. But now According to his coats from La
from Rhode Island. He said he Lamar Odom Annie's pumped about the idea of joining ice cube three and three league is still has a lot of things to do health wise, but if in good shape he can play with anyone. So that's nice found a place to be big for the big three and four Lamar Odom? I'm sure a lot of people will come out to see him play. Is our congratulations did you see J, he just made an announcement. He was with Jimmy Emily was visiting Jimmy come alive to perform big fish have been staples, Annie, fan out some news about his wife that very day, here's what you said today abound out. My wife is twelve with regnant baby girl, yes habitat. My like metal probably wanted you to do them. He has congratulated the dizzy J energy and his wife is beautiful. They got married like a year ago in Vegas. I think juicy Jane a minimum in us, my game and haven't a newborn. Babies derive old age. Fifty he's not fixed oh Jesus. I think he is forty, two conquer
Our right now see posted in today's dna, and this was a right after they got married a little more than a year after they got married and Dna, we're married, isn't even considered important are sacred. We happened to have crossed that one year Mark LAN, regardless of the chaos type of We may even we manage to make it through our first year which they claim to be the hardest, and I'm sitting Thinking if this is the highest in life, is going to be really good, so good for them. Congratulations today, couple Gabriel Union is on the cover of health magazine. Gabrielle Union cause he's on natural, as you works out he's in great shame. She's, beautiful women and she's eighty four years old and she talks about. Has he hated going to the Jimbo body? Shaming, actually kept her motivated to work out? Ah but not body, but when she sees people say mean things to other people and made her feel like, but that doesn't work everybody acts even on people and makes it worse than you know what they're smoke. When you see somebody else given body shining like all about a one and it s more limited methodology, NASA.
To set her family, has a history of heart, disease and diabetes, so she has to make sure she takes care of herself. She said I work with it for the most part. I do. I do know how to train myself, but I realized, if someone's, not waiting for me. I do not feel obligated to get up said on that. One of those people I can't like. I can't stop my day without it. I can access that my day beautifully sleeping in eighty some pancakes, but I work because of that family history. Now he also said, as of social media, see says that see. Actually, when thing, like a nerves. He goes into their social media pages when people say mean things and just to look at them. And told them as well, and she also says that people just have no respect for you. Busy she's educated. We go to the store and by tampa- and she said I have a tap on story. I write about how is impossible to go by tampons as unknown person, because people are like Oh super plus heavy flow. They want to know that. Intimate detailed out signals and be waged by the table. Now. I guess he buys unresolved. You wait a feudal guardia by your woman tampons.
She said when she was getting birth control when she was at first dating Dwayne Way to set the pharmacist was like. When are you guys? Gonna have kids How do you then? Maybe I'm an invasive? Why isn't be way going by Mary Jane have on my wild marriages by our own damned? Maybe he was on the role of a basketball and she had a period and had to go get em herself. A reference are allowed, though, because I always be seen how these young girls, who have nothing on the old woman. Now Gabriel Union its inquiry are reference Gabrielle Aruji na Holly buried and they all is Patty. The bell is allowed, forty and fifty or women in his killing a younger array. I am Angela YE, and that is your rumour reports. And right now we are getting ready for Charlemagne. Donkey of the day, I wasn't will say more than a little sooner with you so now, listen
The aim is not here today in the army. He does all this, as you know, so things get a little shaky. Yes, that's Charlemagne! Oh you! Given that donkey lot on incurs drug use, what have you won't get high? You need to get his eyes dispersing that we give and argue today too, for after all, his name is danish trickling, you know no, which you will have to distort. Ok, we need him to come in affirming the carnation we'd like to have a werewolf can I give up and come back as the breakfast Club Devil dog you today with thirty, effective. To a young man named Danish Strickland, now Denisov from Iowa sue city, I oughta be exact and I would love to have a five minute conversation with dismay, because I would like to read his energy out like
Look I'm in his eyes and have a conversation, because I'm a good judge of vibes oclock until after meeting someone for five minutes, what their problem is endemic. Stricken clearly has a problem. See Dennis is in jail right now he was, as did in phrases, charges of possession of a controlled substance, drugs and he's being held on a thousand dollars bond. What the deal is do that led to his arrest of cholera Time magazine for Report leaf our man was arrested for drug possession after first trying to deposit a one million dollar bill at the bank, Glass Associated Press reports that authorities Eddie North West Bank branch called Sue city officers on Thursday to ask thirty three old Danish Strickland about the deposit. When asked, if Stricklin had any more of the million dollar bills, officers say, he emptied his pockets and that's when a bag fell out according to the criminal complaint, the bag had met them. Feder Mean Strickland is expected to appear back in courts on Monday, danish crook did the pilot, a million dollar bill.
Into he's very ensue city I'll, throw it s story. Didn't. Surprise me, an audit than is crippling got call it controls substance, because only someone on drugs are somewhat suffering from severe militias who try to catch a million dollar bill, and I googled million dollar bill, because I wanted to know what it looked like because dependent I'd look, I can tell how high than is quickly was. First of all, let me tell Alison is number one business. Thing is a million dollar bill is now, did it wasn't there are Sancho million dollar bill? If you don't stop talking to me right now, ITALY, million dollar bills. Don't exist if they did using existing ones we got to do it. She added ass. I think I'll make you feel like a million dollar bill, oh That's a dummy she's! No compromise elegant has long problem, goodbye made dollar bills real covered under a right, but they don't exist they did. You have seen Floyd me where the union is to ground, which several in him a long time ago, now remained dollar bill, that I googled with joy them. Have the statue of liberty on OK Madam president, I write
that one may fool you if you don't know any better, maybe, but Other million dollar bills that came up when I Gould had Michelle Obama on one did have a present. It was Ronald Reagan and arrest of mad bob sagging on now, are you Bob said now: man dies great awaiting the dispensary, but if you have a bill on it, it had Danny Tana from full house. I'm pretty sure that tender is illegal, I'm not to get high type, but I can only imagine it of all what they get high. I wanna get danish Krone. Gay, all you kid, listen in future, taken Molly in Prague said dazzled, Molly and progress as opposed to make you do when you missed it. Of your reality is not yet nodded like than his Brooklyn was two point pleaded quickly them time magazine clipping around the yard high Danish quickly. What an
I were man was arrested for drug possession after first trying to deposit a one million dollar bill at the bank. The Associated press reports that authorities Eddie North West Bank branch called Sue city officers on Thursday to ask thirty three old Danish Strickland about the deposit. When asked, if Strickland had any more of the million dollar bills, officers say, he emptied his pockets and that's when a bag fell out according to the criminal complaint, the bag had met them. Feder Mean Strickland is expected to appear backing quiet on Monday seriously. If you go get high, you do then is growing up. I was the git. I'd type. Does the kind of high I want. I want that cannot hide. I give gives me confidence the walk into a Well Fog Bank of America, one united with a million dollar bill and seriously trotted parliament into my account and when they tell it tells me that's not possible. I looked back in her. Would bugged out red eyes and accuse her of racism or not
Eighty million dollar bill would Danny Tana from full house on it. Why is my money? No good here? It is not a house either because on black no that is not always goblet black is because you're high and fuller house Netflix sucked array. Please give Dennis crippling the biggest. He hardly I write Weiler some new. Today they don't have million dollar bill. You really got to meet local monopoly Because when you use alone, I have one you haven't, I for use as a whole and all you got you ball. Enamelled lemme get a household and onto a million dollar bill. I tend to find a way has to be ok,
Ass Marin cast one bill, were you share? Would you indiscriminate smoking on clearly dealing with reality, and I write, I beg you, shouted may put our doggie and ask you got married right yeah, that's right! If you have any advice that need, if you have some questions for me and I put some of them on Instagram, I don't put your name. Economic Let me up at help me ye at GMO that com or you can call right now. What five. If I went over one- and I will help you out- it's the breakfast club breakfast was ass, is ask II and we are taking your clause right now. We have court me on the line. Was our Courtney, I hey. I was the problem by operators, though my boyfriend, he doesn't want me refer more in. My best when it has been. Ok all he by humans, There are imbued with no other man by him by me. I don't even want to live with me, though I don T carbon out o Brien really
My background is it your best friend is a guy yeah. Live with your best friend, but he's not gonna. Let you either, but you need to live with somebody. My back, I have been moving out of bed. I want to go, and he says you can't live with your best friend, but he's not gonna, let you either, but you need to live with somebody by me on my back. I have been moving out of bed. I wanna go ok they're gonna a moment a plan, and you know I mean even money every autumn is playing around together many, so you want to do it. If it wasn't for your boyfriend, you would live with your best friend and his sister. Battle unfailing out above all right? I do believe this cuz. I actually had a male roommate. When I was younger, shouted to my boy, young. It was actually pretty pleasant like we don't have any issues. He didn't have to whereby about my clothes by my shoes, another like tat, so that was call he did his own thing. I did my own baby apartment was big enough,
he had his own bathroom. I have my own bathroom. I respect your boyfriend, feelings, because, when you're in a relationship you should respect, as somebody has a real issue with something. But how long have you been together? But my- and this is your best friend for how long live like school year God, two years girl that Jabez number two years we met at work, so it's you now with a clear white that I think that when it comes to living arrangements at this, is truly your friend and your boyfriend should not have an issue, and he knows him and he's comfortable around him, and he knows there's no way. Action. He never liked you. I tried to kick it to you right we'll. Never, then. I think that as more your decision light ass, your life cause a viewing your boyfriend break up in two months. Now you don't gave up an opportunity to save money and Bagley you now right. So I feel certain decisions like that, if you're not doing anything wrong or the situation is all on the up and up and he's never, had a problem with this person there has to be. Decision now understand that he might be uncomfortable with it and you might
to do things to make him feel more comfortable about it, but Doesn't then that you guys who have to work out and work on an army he walked on the time. Even though what, though an animal- I am you. Phone have not all been gonna end up, I'm in here New Jersey and it's not like I'm going to always be with my at my house, I'll, be on my way through most of the time I think either he's gonna have to get over it, or this may be an indication that maybe he's a little to controlling like I understand it only because I do have a mere roommates. I understand what that's like and I feel like a living arrangements for somebody you been for eight months only add on. But you should not do something that you wouldn't do if he wasn't wit, unlike avow assembly, that you would do no problem, then that a go for it s your life. I regret. A girl, I think, an angel she just gonna can feel comfortable about it. I've never had a problem in my mail roommate with my boyfriend's, I mean you know what I've got
I've been here may have been a mere Romania. Usually why? Who was a year now? it wasn't gay and I actually the only they days about me without come home sometimes, and he went like beer work, but he would have a girl. They spent the night ass. She was no media like on account of our own growth. Zidane only two does not raise my little boy. What about and legs, but it was very big apartment like he had his all bathroom I have my own bathroom. Is that my bedroom? It wasn't like we didn't, barely see each other through era is ASCII eight hundred five. If I went to five one call a tablet enough: you need any of the mining is ass, ye who's. This day out of it Mary? I re with that big d say a big day. I got it I hope your waging war on I got fired. When will they grow plants now be gotten a branch up
but how do you got you in it about him? You had five girlfriends yeah. Whatever but I've been doing, good work like the largest fell, but he'd like this one and only dollar not manage awakening, get everybody in Catalan or with me right now and now you're gonna get me now. I suppose tat blaming him, because this is something that you sneaking around doing at any time. You do something and you get caught, it's your own thought here and about the world almost cumbersome. You gotta do a job. We get back with five, your girlfriend's may or may not know what to do things
before you. Why did you feel like you? You lied to all of em, well what they were very, very great, come down only at all today. Nobody, but that we have been told me, my hero, outbreak girl, cried go, get bill of labour legislation are worried that it requires a green eyes. Danced ass, tat. They d YE. Keep on blame me. Somebody asked for you being design is lying in cheating on these women. How do you think they feel?
no need for me to know about people what they really want it, but you can give five different women. What they really want. Mecca made an even deeper real, but I want to know what you do for a living, any uniform governance work. There are european, not promoted, magnitude. Is there of a fair enough to like it or not. I gotta bring your dog, we all what they need to be very aware of that.
While I was gonna like making no girls, but where I was probably every motion warm, you know and you my many five euro bit about what happened. I was bad enough. Where than war, anybody could even have time to have five girlfriends by saying anything that you do, they gets expose and you get caught out. The Asian fought and their repercussions, and there is nothing that you could really do about it. They should deal with you anymore, actually cause you liar. Why would I believe anything? You have to say the war for spread throughout Europe about like that terrible about motorcade real down and give them what they added? I let you gonna keep lines, and I give him vice sure to tell you, sir. Now one article five women adjourn relation with as Harvey's have a blessed it. Am, I right give out Will you be fair that man
go to your career by those asked you you're a real Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, we should do about what a twenty eight fifteen, or on a dark, now eager room for coming up. Yes, I said about that stars: League Navvy Buddy was discussing how power episodes have elite online on case. But what are you have started has responded somebody about again trouble work what about it? The breadth of Bosnia, dirty negro from runs the is widely on like a two year when it between fat, Joe and Remy, MA a Boogie Boogie French Montana, cardi, B, Desus and Mero. They may be one of the top ten craziest places in America between the Bronx and all the Florida today on a two year, winning streak when it comes to this hip hop culture face I may Guardroom report coming next of gouge eminent now. Oh now wait on one with him. After May, when a
with an killing his club. Listen I've. Anybody decided way. They are watching this may, where the kind of Macgregor fight at no deserted, remembering those words there. Two months ago, well, let us discuss the interview. Therefore may whether did with Stephen A for. As paean. Any talks about the fighting says that on paper com, gregor- does have an edge over him. He is what he said when you look at myself and you look. Economy grew on paper. He's taller has a longer reach he's a bigger man from top to bottom lot younger. So youth is on your side and I've been off a couple years. You know, if you look at everything on paper at least was gone and it is trying to sell fight. MGM grandmother with what, if I'm every five men in his old age, you may show, we will bite his fight, it is trying to satisfy stoppage Lloyd.
Is job he's trying to sell the fight, of course, trying to sell the fights then hazards. About why he feels like he needs to be kind of a Greg's s. Take it up
I was delighted when he thought his motives things I was told me this is called it and push a boy to make me job while my care during and go crazy, but the same way cod is more he's, because if you say that you will see the same energy but guess what you still trying to sell to fight so bring a low racism into it. Ok, I like that now what if, by some sense, Flay may where they lose its here's, where he said clarified at this level. There's no! Those on me. I never known a man to make hundreds and hundreds of various decibels walk out that raise with my pop loosened has never mind. I'd, say things get up my mother, my choice to allow me to say why I still say lavish lifestyle like Google and they will move wanted and eggs com a great come our real aggressive. You can be window butterflies room for me was gone, pay Conor, Macgregor part is now will be close right now. Flight also says that he is not the same fighter. He was two years ago like use any though there he said I met
same fatter. I was five years ago. I lost a step. A fire like aren't a broader, isn't even supposed to go to distance were flay may weather, but remember I was thirty eight, it's obvious, I'm sleeping a little bit even that if I'd like that go, the distance with me from my guy underbred afford is really just try so decide you trying to make us think Karma, Gregg added shades of beating him just so we tune and could only reason you been watching for me, where the fight for the past five years to see if he's gonna lose You know in his last knock outweighs cause they used to have a little neck. I raised, we argue with two thousand, thirteen thousand eleven elderly and his past seven fates have gone the distance, so he said it's is that he has lived somewhere. Something has taken at all on his career. Are right. We're gonna, sell this family, listen Father, father time than defeated them, but
we'll be dynamic. Grey area. Women from Miami is coming forward, saying that America Data Mayor has fathered her daughter a year ago. He is Mary by the way I got married in two thousand twelve and he has for kids with Alexis Dynamiter. Now Women is named, Quinn, love it and she is requesting a judge officially declared Murray as the father of her door it as though a Renee, so she can get child support and she once full custody according to paper work now, Mary has admitted in the paperwork that he's been giving out thousands of dollars a month and temporary child support and he also has given her various amounts for legal bills and NEA had he said he would establish regular child support payments last year. What is the looney? Where economies would be referendums? Now she did confirm that he's paying forty three hundred a month, but she said he hasn't paid any of her maternity, build. That's about eleven thousand dollars, he's not involved in the child's life and has not visited her at all. She said she, stay at home and he's not looking for employment either allows us to cheat. When you got me,
when you marry beer when you married- and you got a main and you used to have an unprotected said you can carry on that note- I perhaps would others so you need to do you want and as far as stars, we told you about the power episodes leaking on Facebook defined at three episodes. Nasty as has put out a statement. They said the final through episodes of powers, a fourth season really done line due to a breach of the press, greening room. This seems to be a case of password sharing that resulted in homemade videos of the episodes which were taken off tv screen and posted online stars has begun forensic investigations and what legal legal action against the responsible parties the guy and soda face at the end. By the way, is somebody suit right now, bootleggers groups about trust They tried to sell me. I he's in jail right manhood. I, the algae of your water
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