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WED 6/8 - The Breakfast Club discusses Bobby Brown's confession of having sex with a ghost and open up the phone lines for "Freaky Encounters of the Third Kind". Then the Donkey of the Day goes to an Adult Breastfeeding couple...because we had to get back to normal topics.

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Love you more than rats rather sit out from the most prominent you some early morning when I was young, people's choice was busy. You good morning, Angela, good morning world, as what was right. Am I just got back from the case, and I know what data is now makes that America is good to be back. What can we do it? The right way. Just work is just what is
Ah ha ha ha ha. What subordinated to the gate was scary, laugh outside of Timothy Dishevel may laugh, ok, boy, How are you feeling their first of all? I could barely move. I did this training thing yesterday, a terminal, twenty three: that's the Jordan Space and my legs. And woke up the stairs all you ever hear. What do you mean what you work out usually here, but this is a different type of where we're gonna work. I was this. Man. Listen, it was a lot of core exercise, is a lot it. It was a good obstacle course out. Nobody had me doing by then check me yesterday. The trainers had occurred. Any goes, you feel- and I said, I'm so sore everything herds goes. Ok, good is only going to get worse from here, give better using the first two days of torpid, and you can usually feel better shouts of Chinese been hit me since I've been back and I've been ignoring Charter Ricky. I like a plan. I don't wanna work out.
His vacation was great, no work out, and I know when you start working that again, you start getting like you said you bodies daughter You have them pains and places where you shouldn't have pains, and I know you know what a fancy use message that you don't normally use in his work. I was allotted things. I've never done before. So I think ass. I do what it was now we made Yesterday we had dinner last there without bosses we'll meet. We mention that yesterday's automated happy little some amendments that we were having dinner last night when our bosses and every time we got it, didn't work out We always go a restaurant. I never heard of right and eat food and drink things that I've never tasted. I heard before so I had a great time. Again. Will you live a little? You? Don't see food you gotta live alone, you gotta get out of your hands. I never heard of beforehand I don't know the name of it was a type of fish famine. It was sailor. You I hate you, you know that whatever efficient way with a very young age was able to visit of air before it was pretty good, very healthy without
there was an unknown man or adventure. No wasn't so bad. I know, what's going on with, there was great don't care about that work, monkfish things about you never heard of a monkfish, adding an easy would inevitably monkfish was pretty good. I, like those great alive, you live a little. Anyway, now you really live in an age limit on that vessels are guidelines, are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Maldives and never had a monkfish under metamorphic before just something don't you heard of it, vertical, but I never before. Have we have you added you? Don't even see photo, you never had a moment since it a topical issue. In front page news. When I talk about using electric that Hillary Clinton making history will tell you what she's done broker we'll get into all that when we come back, he blackish all domain is on his way. Mr breakfast locomotive
nobody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club that was J call with no role models was gained some front page news now and Voice NBA finals. The calves warriors game. Three, late at nine ABC gathered five got what you wanted to include premier, as you call them in China, for you less than a wide is, was on my mind. What what's wrong with my Jackson, while Jack's he's supposed to go to say wars, he actually was one or two people have put their team together. Why does anybody want him? The couch religious setting, the prelude, religion upon the players. I mean: that's not what they actually reported, but that's what they say behind because he's a great coach and I don't understand what seemed like the Knicks wouldn't take. Em bottoms, like the nets witten taken when somebody to redeem that he was a great coachee, put
the warriors together, even put together in wandering, maybe feed grappling get all that credit is all said and done for going to stay with me and make our right now. The southern Hillary Clinton see gave a speech because, as we all know, by now see as the first email presumptive presidents are now many here's what she had to say and our nations history that I won't and will be a major part of the stakes in this election are high and the choice is clear. Donald Trump is temperamental. On fit to be present. Nozzle frank you're, Bernie Sanders has not given up, though any did say this juggle continues. He tries to stay in the race, isn't it over I mean the report is that it is more than a democratic national convention anyway. So it technically, this epidemic is, could change their minds in July
well. So far is converted zero himself. That kid had, then, so, is less interesting here solely to unify. Now, yes, yes, it will be meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday. And it seems I Barack Obama, though, clearly is endorsing he hasn't endorse anybody, but he's a Hillary Clinton fan any also. The White House did leave a statement. They said her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for middle class fail. He's an chosen for travelling to close Barbara. Anything to the burning Bernie Sanders. Wasn't in the rate is a lot of things that wouldn't be addressed like systemic you know in unfair prison systems are absolute Bernie Sanders. He has definitely changed the completion of the election where data Champ has also spoken as well, and he has said
He is going to have a he's planning some table type of attack against the Clinton's for next week, but here's what he said. I am going to be America's champion to all of those Bernie Sanders. Voters who have been left out in the girl via Rick system of super delegates, We welcome you with open arms. My goal is always again to bring people together. I would beg them. Bernie Sanders support is a smart enough now to support Donald Trump, but I feel like down from going. Monica Lewinsky's is running me. Gas competed thing next week. Will everyone no watch what a hook yard Donald Trump? not Monica Lewinsky's is run and made watchword out right now. Also, let's talk about another young death and sports, we're having a file, an mba coats died and it was very setting- was only forty six years, Sean
He was? A farmer am MBA player. Any was seventy six says player development coach. He ass, he had just went to go meet with the next. He was a candidate and join the next coaching staff and he back home and apparently he was eating at a restaurant in Philadelphia and he died from what I told him I'd die. Suddenly, in a restaurant entail avenue, they don't know what happened yet unworthy fried suddenly. Now, Haiti is too. I don't like stories get only one about Youtube dine until we know exactly what they died for ten. You played sent efforts Barbier, as in the NBA he play for seventeen, including the Lakers. Latvia is the logic of the Bible. Contract law have stuff like data momentum. Automatically thing like Diana could happen to me one day, this data was his heart. You say they look it up by their deftly recipes condolences to those I'm in the ocean unknown have avoided it.
Producing tenders. Emily does have the last night. So sometimes even I know right away, the city had suffered a heart attack all shortly after the other available. Now you say something matter makes lobby was it needs for his question when somebody dies setting with fat the first quarter of one and all, but I don't wanna be thinking about this in a restaurant than all of them. That, then, we want to know that it's something out did I possibly could prevent in my life to keep them from happening. To me, absolutely right will ask for a page. Tell her why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to make calls right now. Maybe somebody pay, maybe I'm in a bad mood and whatever it may be, had a bad night, eight hundred five, a five one hundred five. Tell fellow more you mad is to breakfast club warning the breakfast club. Yeah. You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't have that's why you may want to breakfast club or party guy.
Port applauding Mattie, guys would have been most probably ramblingly friend was going on in there have been married, always abroad No, no, no very very good. I am thinking of. Thank you tell me you say well in other words, advocated musically others. They know in advance greatly Darwin they ordered, etc. They want me to wear their legs like hell. No, no he's aided by nature. Some. There remains the path it is aimed at a general matter, either by major I'm just a realistic individual esa, but thank you can actually something with a world up about them. The chairmen I got a code is more blessed, forgive love them to receive, as God always give love. I know that
be hard to try to give love today do not play in Europe. You broke along this data from Britain, David Cinema macro. Now I'm faith and noble dominant military that my darling candidate for fair trade in the morning Andrew. Will you got beyond tolls at all times in a military? I know that members have already addressed medical man, we're very ready. We got my boy, you ain't already ready of a war broke out right now. You know what to do it yourself, Stapi Romano Prodi, Now the frontline award, you don't wanna, know all the funding. We appreciate you play your service to this country pay as we do not want to take you out to dry Will you be on point? Ok somebody wanna. How can have protect the country you better go, get it in television, eight hundred five five one and five. One of your upset you need you're upset. Call us right now is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club
the lab day, while Madame play, while Back Magdalen globalized, I admit it with so many girls into your Bulgaria. We don't need any other browser. The public knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl has gone away. Wielded guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were the boreal bearded, big Billy, Curlew celebrating member. Do us all a very minor Brenner me, but I imagine it really fully democratic Society challenge Man, you so big. Children are not telling you boy last night and he wants to be an italian, how bigger Euro two dollars into shape, the reality to change now much of the changed Brody then by three fifteen. Thirty fifty apply to the army to invite solemn aims. Also by pitch of the six pack, will lead to more by parliament.
Milk. After all your distress back, you know you got a long way to go missing bags present when you got tags on the usher in the atmosphere, he's Channing, making an alternative Alaska would you all brown, but you're, not gonna call biggest. Do you wanna play many take pictures, you could do tat, but we only got to people around me and the challenge I will get down here. I'm acting alone down that society killing yourself right now between companies, while a vacation, all your data bro, you gave me say by August September when you three hundred pounds, I need to have a global downy. Probably before you all the very legitimacy we could do with him. We gotta be realistic if you would have got three hundred and fifteen pounds he's not gonna, be a vacation. Shea butter handy on his way on his way did Jerry. You do by Christmas
no, he didn't lose about our honeymoon. Clarity. Moved me, a hundred and eighty nine one. Thirty light. Now three fatalities failure guys. I don't know about you, but you know. I am not one to twenty four. Although they do not turn up what you're thinking about one hundred and one time you no, I don't I'm terrible man allow me to move the person, I'm mad, because all my friends, I have tat yesterday at the hour because their and our number one fan connected with late. Is that why you friendly and give you logo Adam? They are guides. It gives a nude in money. You got no friends, I could look you out, especially knowledge. You love be asked how much now, hopefully, that next day was all snapchat clown and you too every time they posted a videotape sanity, Thou hast, thou jealous yeah, WWW Mamma, you need new frangible beyond the ass they would
never love Michel. Our colleague dry, like that, how you know hello! This was a big family. You guys beyond AIR Charlemagne about all the time, but, as you We never seen you it'll cameramen. Why would I had only on camera? We were you wanna get stain of internal round or you wanted to bend over what he wanted only one or two towards briefly away their lawful Dalzell family. You guys I've seen it please. If you want you do. Gotta ass outflow, neuron all lie known on a gram. Somebody pulled that one day Now, when you say about exotic near the other day Charlemagne much respect where you have to watch. All of those we cause of guys were representing, as I do, the labour market.
The time is right. We find them rather righteous chauvinism. My guys we actually got boys wagons coming back this weekend. Douglas was coming back. Rules will tell him what you may adopt your father firewood far. One of your absurdity divert, you can call us at any time a year. Yes, we got room was covered up. Well, let's say Chris Brown and Kevin Mccloy. Beef is now going anywhere anytime. Soon, I mean he's gonna really out of here now. There might be something that we need to make sure they resolve these issues before they run into each other given the corner. I owe you a farm. It isn't me too, but we shall call was Eleven available to Hell is chemical, erect, you're gonna sound strip which reduces induces very. They told you talk of a lot about that. Thanks to undo the hate myself, who is well above or lose no aromas, went away as the reckless locomotive the breakfast club
gas at the Reul report libretto club background and gave him a cloud we're going back and forth again yesterday on in the way of any got really ugly, so gave him a positive picture of Chris Brown and Chris Patten had his arm around a guy and he said hard core wrapper, but he's glossy in any put hashtag glossy bloke, PLUTO cable righteous onto it. Instead on an old Kevin, we'll call was well look them up. Now, really don't know yes, yes I write and then I can promise bandits get well defined as bum tunes the fact that he can't even pay for the cheapest flights. Paris is even funny. You still clothes, you the only end where that ain't got no women, a mature enough to accept people for who they I came back sounds like a product with that permanent picket fence. He cause a mouth. He said Knight s face ass, I sing at funerals base as and where you
like after birth, can't believe it's not, but her face ass check his record. Everyone knows the bs I did hold landlord has rape charges claims, I'm a woman beater by beat up his sister. She came to my voters. Party would even tat same sack wearing man. He just went on rules on cruiser. No cloud. Somebody voluntary Jordan. You have such a high profile domestic violence Chuck automatically day post pictures of me on his face. Justice. Take all violence, Women out of the equation is enjoying slander at each other, guys discussing mafiosi, ridiculous. Ok, if this guy Kevin regarding you got to domestic violence, is leave that out of it ok, a kind of cases he said ass. Take these physical appearance. I write were a year's work, respond to say in video that he posted Did I jumped that apparently, the covers that play me I'll kill circle of base as easily ministerial position, sick man, you, but citizens, Gaza make dollar zone without mad back there.
Have you known about it tat? Nobody no trouble out. Nobody knows, though, by no. You then like a little ball bet you put a stop to the eventual contracts or watch him ass. I will make you think back gravel rosy. The white man should never give you negroes in needs only on such a point of all languages, the reasoning behind any of that this chemical would agree to label. When I was what I have heard, what are you all you? Don't you? Sonic was broken label, so Kenema Clive expanded, I'm waiting for two days, tat, tweeting and pick up a fallen, so this Faye can be quick and Anna Kimball cannot. Is your nose messing my baby Mama a kid again and your next, showing LA is going to be like a Trump rally. You said: ask my grandma. Remember: wait you better hope. I don't run into you bro and I don't pay no security guards, but Imma get that fair.
Had set up, you asked for it. How can we not run in these other leave? Not but so be not Debbie meet up in square is issued a failing to keep moving like all of us. The grants of look ridiculous, thou Christmas vanity, my god and said. Ah this blessings for attention. He has my address and has been given a personal invites in my home numerous times for the fate he wagon as no hands y'all. Given oh buddy, too much credit. He claimed he got time to fight, but don't got time to be a daddy. I'm dragon. This end. Where for the comments when it was serious, homey was on the first flight out, take my d out your mouth parttime gangster and don't go of Talkin about God. Next, you don't want to hear you lame in God gods he was drunk, as is when he made you ended at he's a dongle calling the police work. When you see me, you know what it is paper trail police ass. All in all eleven people, tragic freakin, idiots Ali, all our line talking about which I would do to each other within you seen him, don't call it a police, but about a god of all these phone. You drive me not dissolve vs. Also me
This is ridiculous. Layer of nominees makes any sense like this like nobody's thinking. No, you just driving a guide to fight. You tell you a bit about when you see, I'm: u goes on site, yadda, yadda yadda, then, at the end of what you say and don't gotta polyglot opponent to think you're just audible, we reverse and increased Macedon consolidation issued. Now that it has, I think, sometimes things really do get adding him, others back and forth, and social media. We seen Aladdin terrible things happen and I would hope for something to happen, and this situation is basically they have you no rightly so that all day of history with each other they ve been silent for law, is only would have for some time there have been no report on what we have to move along the report and I don't think reporting on is what's gonna make something happened as I was telling you what's going on between the two, so we can bring awareness nobody's, got its have ado with em, so there's somebody they listen to. They got it, sell out. Ok, you now, hopefully, all sovereign.
As well, and that is your room- a report, I'm Angela YE all right, miss you will become bag. Hillary Clinton we're talking Hillary Clinton, she made history last night, don't go anywhere is to breakfast luggage, whereas up grown morning, everybody is DJ ends, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club that was Rihanna work was getting some front page news now, NBA final tonight, nine p m on a beast It occurs. Warriors gave three or five cavity go wanted to at home and in the work of the wind name. Five, article arena in Oakland, baby nervousness go at Isley capital come back when it's why? Why do you say Like you, I believe that our endeavours advocate but no money on money anyway, now in bed. I know you invent no money.
That's all you better get the seventy three nineteen greatest record, an mba history, calibre gonna, win y know you don't gotta do nothin who say that the Daphne programme we live in an entitled generation Y gotta winwin. We call them the king, they we all Wednesday. I gotta do not add one, he try dry and it will be good enough to seventeen nineteen, do I gotta negro, ok to today's sixteen Abidjan creative. Of direct all over again along is utilised bat, nay back we back now. Let's talk Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is celebrating her victory. She has said that she's making history as America, first female presumptive president till now many texts which he had to say that our nations history that a woman will be a major part of the states in this election are high and the choice is clear. Donald Trump is temporarily
unfit to be present will Bernie Sanders has in out of the race, though, does it intend to yet he actually has pledged to stay in the raise any said. The struggle continues, he's also meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday, and there you have. Another white has has released a statement. They said her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension her life, long fight for middle class families answer so I'm an over or is it a finnish applicant could not on November, when you lose and describe continues the terrible tat does there we go travel, even knowing all keep moving and we won't keep pushing it. Anal would tell us over I'm not finished, I'm not dine, but when you say that probably continue for losing campaign is like homology age without jobs. He's already s himself down a tramp also responded, and by the way he also did say next week he has been preparing a speech that is going to sleep.
Under Hilary and building a thousand Monica Louis gives is run by a wet abba? I mean what damage I have to say. I'm going to be America's champion. To all of those Bernie. Andrews voters who have been left out in the cold via rig system of super delegates. We welcome you with open arms. My goal is always again to bring people together ass. You go here when the deaths that happening but pay people a certain group of people, not everybody people, people don't mean everybody. Gonna talk about another death and sports son Rex. Who is a former MBA centre in Philadelphia? Seventy six is assisting coats. Sean Rex died at just forty six years old. Now there has been no details on the cause of his death. Although you you guys are thing had a heart attack. Does this earlier, I write well. He actually had just left for a meeting with the next. He was a potential candidate
join. The next coating staff and it was hours later that he went back to Philadelphia. He was eating at a restaurant. Any died suddenly offer our condolences to his family. Nor do we talk about the body brows pressure. Last night, ok, I sat there and I was their virtue and our cry in our cross. Dry, crazy or my eyes wanted, and I absolutely hate me Gordon combined browser is only two people around Only one person around my wife and my daughter- ya know either now or they may need going. I ain't goin away. I hate scar from the lion king. When you kill my father, I am going away. I hate that a thousand a red hot data shall regain boys know that we say I hate me, Gordon away. I d be they killed Thomas J M, my girl, I can that I have. I would help Bobby jump me Gordon Brown, my absolute ok, I won't tell about the episode something happened about a glaring hanging in the air and the interview
twenty twenty Babby ran also talks about an encounter that he had with a goes. He actually says he had sex check. It out was Kara sex with a ghost or goes here come on Tell me about it. I moved us this house about this mansion in Georgia. It was really really spoke in place. But yes, one time I woke up and yeah a ghost. I was game mounted by ghost. I wasn't high. That was my next question. I will not shrivelled problematical Bobby Browbeaten Airport, two guys Pompones, what's, furthermore, in Bobby rather fence absolutely have sex with Ngos, and we all have. What do you think of my dream is tat. You just wake up all stinky for no reason. No, capital from the goes on your as all night long gettin, here's a hers! Ok did you. Claude goes those forward on both good already almost inimical talk about. Ok! Well,
I am always gotta go now. I don't think you remove. I've never had a wet dream is a dream that doesn't mean you had. With a golden at all noted goes got you aren't baby has authority will have a real dreams, but having sex with somebody, In their imagination, I gotta go logos, got you always rooms goes happens that I don't know about National nine positive. Well, that's over the phone amphora was not eight hundred fry; it is eight hundred for every four or five one. Have you had an account with a ghost? Was it freaky? Have you had sex with Ngos, me honest, I'm Tellin ya, the wet dream is, none would go away. Leave me with a ghost chase me at in my parents. Basement was now to get If you believe in your bed you wake up, and you think your dream. It now has not a dream: that of the port to guys. Ok, penetrating, you know it s. A go remedy goes with, though seed overhead go in my soul. Why would you stereotyped goes while your profile goes like this
now the all goes broke all black men. Well, you know, goes don't waste. I went to my friends had to sell her car because there was a ghost in it. Alright, eight hundred five, eight five, what all five? What is King George to preface locomotive Marshall? excuse me: Miss Morland, everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Yes, indeed, last night was the Bobby Brown spent every little of that one in every little stumbled enable is presently book of car every little step. I can't wait unrivalled. You talk about the daughter boy. He said that he had sex with a girl. You had sex with a ghost. A ghost here come on man, Tell about it. I moved into this house about this mansion in Georgia. It was a really really spooky place, but yes, one time I woke up and yeah a ghost was, mounted by ghost I wasn't high. That was my next week No, I will not repeat it now. What kind of goals- and I go,
golden. I didn't know what kind of port and guide can you get if you're guy? If lady it lady matter, don't matter what kind penetrates you we ve all been penetrated? Now not all service for humankind, iterative? My have all been penetrated. Our penetrated afford to go to add another debts. To think of my dream, I went aim. Is you in your imagination having sex is semite? Earns you? Take your imagination is called, goes baby. So U Verse Exeter goes absolute, resolute. What he looked like everywhere. Dreamers autism heavens exit bill. God, you don't know what happened, but you know. What have you to wake up and you like Y got me was at stake. Is the available Judy? Have you I've never had sex with Ngos. I've never seen a ghost I gotta go. I definitely believe that there are goes or spirits around and I gave used to get chased out the basement. By goes all the time it could. It has been my imagination in appearance, Helen seed, or you just heard somebody is right. I because it my parents, drought, look like we have to do the lodging in the basement right and you have to turn a light off before you go up the stairs cause delays.
Was downstairs. So whenever tuna that advice to run up the steps you shouldn't go, get nervous, you know I've heard noise reservoir. You understood it was a creaking out. You seen plenty goals, but you from New York you New Yorkers, attention that nothing is forty million people in the city or by each other, and also how and why the hell would you notice, Angola, as in Brooklyn, actually had a couple of Goethe? Actually, sometimes people have goes there followed them around read. So what am I over mates had two goals that were following her around now. The thing is you have to make sure that they're friendly goes cuz, some go so cool to chill. They just hanging around gotta. Then I'm gonna, like a little more grass. I've never had a gold watch me from uncle is like alone and Rob Ruggles more life. You know goes ever have done me is how extremely acute telling us aware dreams are. You know goes both when slimy, which time he will you, nor that is right. What is in both our phone? You when you wake up in the morning. You think that we all have the wet dream knows that allow this was set manual.
An account of what goes man. I had a couple of Galway honourable Way, breed them I'll quit. Now then I'll do what I believe to be the report, though he said well, I was just call masturbation in imagination, video sensitive one, no one will not be taken aback by the late equipment illegal. I will be largely, were ethically, would have good teeth. Even indefinite allows is alive. Eliza Yours, I'm encounters what goes up anybody really about more like a new dimension of being all boy. Ok, I wanted you produced stock in limbo. What happen again, I saw me and my failure at the sitting on the fence sitting on the fence. We feel that the energy looking at my friend told me why, then you can either go really while a really bad- and I sat there something looking out of my way
You know about grey area that you began to a large degree. Gonna be here in a bottle, but it was manifesting itself thorough. Another birthday of the body will sound like you needed in ecstasy. Will you drinking now smoking? No, I believe you both your etc. We were terrified. Let me, as your question, did you do me? A number you don't follow you wanna, Graham at least I'm sure you no more, you can find a man only finds you gotta, get you a man from somewhere. Thank you for sharing historic, ok right. Eighty five, eighty five Five? What have you ever encountered a guardian of what your penis Venus and you don't have? Sexual freedom, all right conjures up right now is the breathless low component.
That was my way morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club now we're talking about this Bobby Brown. Special came more twenty twenty last night. Now you talked about a lot in one was a counter. What it goes right. You have sex with a ghost a ghost year. Come on man. Tell me I moved into this house. I bought this mansion in Georgia, It was really really spoken place, but yes, one time I woke up and yeah a ghost I was mounted by ghost I wasn't high. That was my next question. I will not shrivelled having sex with goes cheating. No is now nothing you can do tat. He lives in Portugal is portuguese. So if you get some Portuguese perform, your girl can be mad at you. Ve gotta be doing it every nailing carried to go to bed, but ass. You see she goes allows, is another thought faded, but Charlemagne right bury because I don't know why I'm right
ninety five percent of the time- I would say that, but I want to say that, even though they were the right, of course, but that's, it is one of the guys phone boom. We ve had some political point whether the wet dream job is the golden no leads not follow this line in this style. Some toy you guys looking up. Oh, do not believe this spirits did not walk. Allow a gas. I believe that they will have sex with you. Why do you think sometimes you may be joined? That's your having sex with somebody any felt so I'm clamouring Usanga. May I never thought about the wedding ring thing. Would you I know for a fact that they will they will. They will touch him. That's why in my culture they say don't kiss your babies while they're sleeping because ghosts will turn around and kiss your baby.
And your baby. What think, if you want unfair and was going to make it could make an ogre guys, I'm telling you they will they will do it the baby, because the body now get killed by a Tang goes doing things. You said it like that hello. This is gonna work unless hours are. We talking goes this morning, media and accountable to go sport to guide pointing paranormal pulled. I thought you come before before the day I used to think the wedding was listening, but shall move up by the EU Oh, my God doesn't omby Amby almost can lead to every semi everywhere dream. You have a sense, but it goes now. I don't think so. If you have a joint in that, you got you wake up, were no. If you have a drink, million dollars you wake up money. No, don't worry about it. Now that I have a dream that I too am everything we go with data and go home
come off the map. It though I wish you'd have you never just that their daydreaming and that happened to you and your nervously you'd. Ever if you like, masturbating, if you're sleeping when you dreaming and that your run, you wake up sweating. So what does that mean in Avonlea running low because well we banned in Albania may not be quite. You cannot get don't know if you ve got we now have to sleep. Then you brought me: have you waited in your comfort? It might be to evaluate and having the pillow? Ok, that doesn't mean it. You know you really add sexy that, while the definition of a wet dream is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep, quota jaculation for a male imagine, a witness for female does not have anything to do with goes year, because I do hope that in the dictionary have two scientifically try to explain, things are having assessed. Young Ladys is like I am arrived after all these years and they tell us see employing embodying circulating. Thank you uncle. Does it now got it ass? Thou me out.
It all right. Mr goes man was more list or the moral of the story is during the day. I don't believe Ngos at night, I'm a little open minded. Okay, we have all had sex with goals as it away dream is paranormal boom boom. Portuguese penis, you all experience. You. Don't care not fail? If you don't believe in goes up. Think all these energy and all these beard that we possess we alive just disappear. We die you your damn, I served in street and it don't look the next time we all you gonna call. We also see that goes by the movie. The remake make all the women I Islam. Somebody does understand us now lie mesquite less existing columns, lavish scholars, columns! Eater! Is you almost got up the desert. We are going to talk about the rest of this Babby Brown. Twenty twenty interview it rather Roberts. Also hygiene is going to be easy to your words. They revealed their line up for their prince tribute and also the house with you. It is all the more people locked to breakfast global.
The breakfast club, The report is the Reul report, whose Onyx daddy's Red Babby Brands memoirs every little step. Here we any did an interview with Robin where's, the twenty twenty and of you, and your something about a lot of different things. He talks about one time he did strike Whitney Houston while he was trying to maintain his sobriety, he said he's not a woman, beater he's not overall a violent person. He was never violent toward her. All that was lies. He said I ve never been a violent man toward a woman ever so I just want to make that clear, which is one situation that happened at a very volatile romance. He said as far as their daughter Bobby
in a brown him and I will use him a lack themselves in one wing of their mansion and get high. While the nannies were caring for their daughter. Did I always made it appoints and not let her see me or my wife in this type of situation and in his book he also talks about using cocaine, alcohol and crack least joints those where his substances of choice he said the last four years of our marriage. It was terrible both of us, China be clean or one of us trying to be clean. It was terrible any admits it there, then a better job with Babby Christina Protocol. Will we not go do exactly what we run, if not a legend travelling to close by one, absolutely love and Bobby run as three other change right better land, I wasn't going to specialise, may either beds have as their baby. Also with his wife now ordered three. I don't do that. On the special have made, they all looked perfectly fine, so by
on at some point in life was a great fun ladys. Now drug free any did say that he wasn't the person they studied Whitney Houston on abusing drugs, even though some people feel like he was the one he said you know I take my partner get high for me, giving being a part of it, but we have our own minds and some of us are stronger than others. So he's not blaming himself for that. He has a touch of asking for her hand in marriage, asking Whitney Houston dad for her hand in marriage. Now here some of what he had to say about Whitney Houston, though you broke, traditional little burger saw her before the wedding was the first or more harshly. Her drugs cocaine. Yes, what what do you mind when he saw them? She wasn't back in San drugs was in her. He did drugs, but drugs then do her. She I have myself It only may me love and want to protect the more I may in Cuba. One special occasion was our wedding day.
A little cocaine on special. I don't know about that mean you shouldn't. Let you know what it's crazy, that that's the first time he ever saw it cuz. That has to be crazy, that you're about to marry somebody and then some as the first time right before you get married all unknown among you never saw you got another. Let me ok, Mmmmm anywhere that talks about Nick Goring, ok and a common thread between the debts of both his Ex wife and his daughter. Check it out. So it's not a mystery to me. The same thing but to my daughter- is what happens with me, Only one percent men was around both occasions. You won't say his name. Nick Gordon, so you referring to, I will say his name, I would hope Bobby Braun gently, goin, footed culture like our written Gordon, is on my list. We scar,
from the lion king, who killed my father s real guy in the Red High, they will kill Ricky Starry, their Kyoto Medea. My girl, Gordon, is on that list. Would then people right did I do not like him how? I cannot wait to read his back so as to be great his upcoming memoirs and BT aware it has revealed their lineup a prince tribute. I knows even showed his as no expense was they have no holes Taliban. He paid for the rest of the year because it is, I know it writes, am Sally II will be there. The Angelo the roots denominator that one you but will also be performing throughout the night. Elisa Chiesa Maxwell will be doing its best to perform in also they talk about the nominations by guesses hosting for it. Oliver now Anthony Anderson and Tracy Ellis were struggling to close the window. That has no fidessa be pretty. Sure like they do not want to behold and that's gonna happen. I'm no good at last year with something prevails
Maybe Anthony did a great job all of it. I remember area an let's talk about how you can be great idle appearance and be friends. Even if your marriage doesn't work out Amber rose and with Khalifa, they actually had a celebration for their divorce. They went to a ship club Monday nights together and they are just Father settlement agreement. She gets a million dollars under the pre, not he's already paid her three hundred and fifty six thousand of that, so he still owes another coup. Six hundred forty four thousand she also gets almost fifteen thousand a month in child support for their Sunday are going to share a legal and physical custody and he gets his Pennsylvania. Ten cars- and you know they're both very happy. Without things turned out, they worked it out ones. The images of ordering of omby amby, more muslins life. I have argued, If money remained out, as I will have to pay, must leave, I'm gonna be late in which he used to that appeals bills. You gonna pay for hours bill. You can pay for that. Why not in Europe for things that amount of unborn all anywhere, where I think that I'm usually when people have doing custody with the dad
might have among the weekend. Is our holiday? If we re Mary Home Rutten he's living with Ambrose than that's the primary person that he lives within. Yes, you should pay Taos point. No measures have to work. Well, that's the law, If I may, to my child was vital for my job if it was vice versa and their primary homeless with ways, and she made axiomatic that you should have the absolutely committed doubles there. It exists lobby off what, when I think, I'd like to do, namely the now that her Ex Nairobi, ivory dropping bombs were him just because of the way God man didn't got, which I support all these years. Finally, where I think a lot of time, so as you see, though, the women that is the person that has the tat living with them right, and that is your room, a report I'm Angela YE. Alright, monsieur shadow, my yes, even adults, do you know four after more or less discuss adult breastfeeding. Yes, as adult breastfeeding, let's just on here in these Greece, you don't want to.
You don't know what I'm talking about two different, but we'll talk about now can give lacked the breakfast locomotive They re going, don't you? U or or don't you time for donkey dog. You today does not discriminate. My now, the song today, by got the donkey there needs to be done in a breath, is clear. Please don't keep the day to day. Yes, dogs, you today for Wednesday June aid goes to dinner from all for it and Brad. These- and I know you don't know these people are, but they are a couple in Atlanta slew, thereby to listen to us. Ask Greece. Ninety four, five and eighty air was happening, chronicles, Bosnia and now Jennifer Brad, are in a b, are needed, maybe are is now an ape. Is an adult breastfeeding relationship. Now
didn't know you impose Jennifer with single when she stumbled across a website about avian a k, a juniper was lonely. Is how and couldn't get? No man says you with all. I look up somebody about it for her lonely athletes, ATO and she just Google look of a relationship and his sight came up well. Jennifer said: when she read about the Bonn breastfeeding could create between two people. She was envious, identify says I have always enjoyed my breath being touched to her sex more than anything else, so I knew I would enjoy it so Jennifer started. Searching for men would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding Jennifer seven. She read about the pure joy. Of his, she was desperate to seek a partner to share in emotional bond with Jennifer Lonely, ass use, dating sites, put messages on abs forms and even put an advertising or Craig with Albania should be ashamed of yourself.
You see what you got women in the latter, resorting to in order to find a man. God bless all men in Atlanta who have found happiness with other men with the women is out. This starving Jennifer were the prime example today, but here's the bright side to restore Jennifer started talking to bread in old boyfriend from school in Brad Toto he had a thing for big breasted women and science has always been a factor in his relationship, so Jennifer thought well now is the perfect time to bring up would doubt breastfeeding and sea of bread the interested Brad being a real man. Is it going of the opportunity to put his lives? Awesome? Breast? So he said yes, and then he started doing his own research to Abf at least that's what he told us and then Brad and Jennifer got the bone in and breastfeeding drop one of clues bombs for Brad. Just going with the flow, entail women anything they want ahead and get the box anything, but the truth. That is, if you, you know, I'm glad you in the abbey
Then the lady will we d have us Eu Brett now Jennifer said she knew at a moment s Brad started reason can abs. She knew she had a partner for life. Ok, Jennifer, Brad that they both wanted. The same thing. I did a relationship, a magical, Bonn and only breastfeeding can achieve. Now. Since Jennifer haven't breath Riverwood twenty years she had no milk to free bread, so the couple needed do flirtation by DR feeding in pumping her breath every two hours and she actually quit our job as a boy tend to be able to breastfeed her boyfriend things at home every justify none of them. Now I have definitely tasted breast milk. Before you know it's been a couple times, you enjoyed it in a couple times my wife and I have been out and she didn't have a breast pump. When I get to you know I get to sucking my job is a husband at the protective provide I'm going to provide comfort moment when my wife is in pain and if those breasts hurt, because they're full of milk she's got upon what was wrong my mouth and I will
It is quite enjoyable, but the bill job situation around it to quit your job because of it now, men and correct me. If I'm wrong in an adult breath, freedom laser, don't you think you and your mate gotta have more in common than that? Yes, I I don't want. No adult breastfeed, real he's your long vacation and she just lactating, bought a pool, and then you have to be an appropriate and in that second point got time varlet, but Ratan Jennifer. If it works, you call glad off our love. The walking around here breastfeeding, given birth rate, has grown as adults now We you gave me yeah. later, you're really gotta do their enemies, Lou DOT
and I d, like I say, who found love what other men and a man of men and women is at this stuff. Ok, I gotta be hard for women in Atlanta man, our. I know made available HIV rate sky high. They they gotta Saudi Arabia arrive die what they give it. I dont get a Dane up. Legs ask ie if we need relationship advice, eight hundred five, eight five, one of five once you put your love all in future, problems help should help you which problems alot of eleven DNA me questions too I'm trying to get back to everybody, but it's a lot of adding gets a year as yet be patient out again, eight hundred five, eight five one five one ask- is negative, which alive on air and help your ass out. I asked what it won't. Courses is fifty bucks for a moment that was bright.
Exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club it's time for ask if you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call you right now. Eight hundred and five, eight What oh firewall is go too far learns allows as air I wish, of course, to be ye all day, long wedding and congratulate MR plan. Roma have blocked the come after me to guy who just an ordinary way possible, line. Ok are now so easy. Ascii yeah, Hassebu alone, like a happy allows, is Raymond fairly recently, which of course, the pretty much. I have a voice in college and he had a twin brother. I got ignited put two and two: you had sex. What have you awakens brother? No, no. We do have a previous history like from my cup from high school.
In college now when he had a girlfriend I've while, but lately me in my boyfriend, have been arguing in I've been going through a twin brother and then my company. But you haven't done anything. No. I haven't like we had history in high school, but that, like all other, you used a mess and his brother before yes and then you set a measurement is waning, and so your current boyfriend knows that you used to mess with his twin brother. Yes, he does, but the point of his girlfriend doesn't now ok, by the very messy situation. Number one stop going to your ex boyfriend last year, a new way twin brother. I'm going out with your boyfriend s a terrible idea, of course he's their company. You ye have history, you feel comes it whether he looked just like your boyfriend right. I think that The reality is, of course, very penises. Look alike, though I see I don't know I didn't eat the other one favor Linden. This is a bad thing that you're doing on it. I'm sure it's a really difficult for your boy
Now that you dated his brother when you were There- and this is that's rail of trust where he cried, the little one million will now listen. If things don't worry, you and your boyfriend are good, but you gotta concentrate on that relationship empire. There is not wings Nicky things like going in talking to his brother behind his back, especially about him churchyard you. Let me go to the next man who used to date to talk about your current boyfriends Althea girls. If you have an issue I pledge hanging around you. Don't do things like that if your boyfriend ever found out, you know what type of person you look like, and what do you think his brother thinks about you when you're coming to him to talk about that's his flesh and blood. That way, you know- madam, I always gonna- be ok with each other, but you, on the other hand, should never be doing something like that furniture hoping you guys. I appreciate alive and I love you startled me in your off I'll demeanor and everything. I will tell you something,
meeting this morning is why every nine and you got a grab your girlfriend adjust Stoa. Now you don't you haven't, you are you grab and you thought, and these have if I thought I found what you trust him not only does it go you know, and then you see, though your boyfriend, they see how far he goes and that's how much you should try to ask. You don't know about it. How about that? I don't know anybody. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five, when you got a course for ye call now to breakfast locomotive that was Tory Lanes say it morning: everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club serve as key when we mill of as he, whose is it. If I saw my question is that of Europe, and they are what I do for you when all of a sudden everything thing biker saw, a girl
He now borne by guy one serious delays until the two hundred Wanna be fun. I'm gonna take it at once in a while. You gonna live, but you got me remaining. Each a family may reach a more like an iron out, but I think that the things that you just came out in real life- way. My theory is then, when it was because you don't introduce you to his family, why so much trouble? You no hurt me all of their outside. Our own code of guarding alone was away from girlfriend by over one hundred percent. So any they lead. You want to believe that Amazon, you there's that, for some people is not that big a deal for you to meet their family. Some people are just call with their families like that some people, bring you around their family until it's a serious relationship. Clearly the type of person there doesn't have a problem bring people to meet his family were, and if he's telling you less coup down, let's take a slow you gotta just do that
Then we read too much into things. Sometimes you know I did it a guy and within the first week I met his Mama Medicis. There that areas is that he was around his mom and his sister. It also mean sometimes you just want to bring somebody to a family function and be by himself, and maybe they are used to him, bringing girls around. I rang for now is kind of like we called on everything call, but he still hit me. I've used by all. They had no view by girl. I've gotta going from a gulch could show you about my lot. Would you DA added power we down when its mass you occasionally and if you wait it he's waiting. Some people on get everything like if you dont want to be in a relationship, but you cool wages, hanging out. Sometimes, dialogue for whom, but what you are looking for, is now what he's looking for and those agendas don't match up. Then you to town like this is not what I want to be a broad and sometimes we gotta clean isolate. So we can find what we went now if you're the type of person that has no power
the cap casually dating somebody. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe a while. Clearly I'm getting out of here. It's your options either of you can do that. That's fine! But if you feel like this is not the path that I want to take and until one day he's ready to be serious, I don't want to be in a situation. You set the standard for yourself right. Thank you. I really needed lack of alchemists, but whether or not I spoke for when I was only from, but I think Those are not all that can still be like you knows, being every now and then, but he was honest with you, you're right, you're right, you know. Thank you are really. I really appreciate that you that operate there ask IE eight hundred five five one five. What have you got? working for you, you could call at any time you can always email abruptly club a gmail about com are you regard was going up. Yes, now turn up. You guys had a chance to see this Barcelona. Is on the cover of glamour magazine looking to moving. Yes, he looks great aunt. You talked about a lot of different things like the great curse she talks about having kids. So we have all of that for you
also Rita IRA, we'll talk about her The wage and now you know they had this last you're, going on with wrath nation, will tell you how that developed over all. I M more Cuba locked, breakfast cloacam of gas at the Reul report, Libretto club, where we told you this already assumed their whacker aunt. Amy Rivera have split up now. Yes, they were yesterday. We really
that she was saying no matter where you still a great dad father figures in her daughter and still a great man, so she wouldn't be bashing him, but there has been some back and forth, and some of this is over allegations that he cheated now, according to Tammy Rivera, they didn't break up over any other woman. Here's what you had to say well is bad, because I can't even take pictures, no war, what people, because everybody had the motor you Know- and you know what the other big Mamma, the isn't all crazy, because any within Arizona and this girl like why he with performing he's all up in his faith and defend it there and I got said Missus from her till from all his brothers phone. He was smashing his brother, so either
exposed cardiac, a heated went to Miss Garth, I'm trying to be heeded. The pathetic any hold league loved now Monocles Barbara, drawn up that he holds me so I seen talking about well. It appears that she's talking about Simone Patten, NASA Mon was supposed to have a baby, would chief keep what she did. Sadly have a miscarriage now, there's been a lotta back and forth. I hear walk, has taken everything this is my son. You disgrace not dumbass is following a comment by the best utility. What is a side chick? Okay, here's her side, chick anthem- this is Simone Patton. She posted this video on her in on page- and this is a little song seems like she's, China really agitate the situation, even more,
This does not know what to say to me. That's what everybody what the hell is going on here I would do that too. If I knew I would end up on shade room, baller alert. I mention and Angelis Rumor Report Sally. This is goals for some hoes Europe is a golden alone said posted a message on into grandma deleted. She said I made a mistake by being involved at work. I will that one that offend turn into months of drama. Had I known any of this would have happened. I would have ever gotten involved and she said she does have pictures and videos approve that hurt, I did, however, was the whole thing. How do you know she's telling the truth, making them valley, and they say that the image of God are you allow those you dont use.
Wanna tell you. She asked her walk at all. Forced me to oppose these pics of us in the bed together about Sammy was calling you over and over again, that's not forget. You came to me in the car don't deny it. When I have true, I don't mean nothing cuz, I'm going to tell you something if a girl would go out of her way to play a ukulele and make a song If she had actual pictures you to pull them already ready because you want it, but our roads is going out really blew she smart enough. Just the whole picture. Stop manuscripts ridiculous. That in ya got its added chain scares imbalance this out and talk about Serena Williams she's on the cover of the new issue, Glamour magazine, article loves her with a woman observed me, mention rule report it now in this interview you're about herons Reg, and they said that Drake was the reason that she lost at the: U S open because she was distracted. She said, I don't think that was fair. I'm the one who's playing was making mistakes are making what
I'm not one to blame anyone else for anything, and I don't think anyone else should either. I played a really good opponent that day and I wasn't at my best she talks about having kids. She said. I just want to have kids one day. That's something I've always since his lungs, I could remember, and the other I get the more I'm like, I'm too young, so she said almost two problems: I'm gonna go. Does Croatia's as nobody shot our club of the EIS athletes still plain actively Anna Adona, how that would affect hair and, as I explained in its right now, to beg me to keep a condemnation of hours every second serene with a bird, and so am I What do I owe you? A condom, everything's renal items. You have sex with anybody with money. Where
every other matters, the domes and thirdly, the libel vertical comes very close to the sound of all my brother that data listening. Could they sit near riding the God thing and how would we know garden was arena neither bra where she probably would making? Additionally, Eleanor anything had also include monitoring those idea. They do from black on the wagon Ryan Jolly trying to get a programme with the help of which already any great man put away I'm pregnant was raw. This guy he's been woman and walking around. I am we're not going to give them what not the relationship with our love, as there is no denying the ring and then coming out there that voting on a farm loafers night. Maybe they don't find the right person and when they do, they are good. You know give. I told you yesterday go get some teachers as a right person. His stand us ass, a runaway vanish idea. Right now. I guess this is latitude against Vienna and Iraq nation. Now, allegedly, she didn't show up pressure. She was scheduled to perform at in Nigeria, and it looks like these promoters
gotten scam that, as some money draw political love of common values, this gave. Nigeria, I asked inherently bad, did a damp unwarranted at twenty five thousand dollars. Vienna was both come and perform for sixty five minutes. They gave a one hundred and sixty thousand dollar deposit and then re honest camp ass. To postpone the show. Well, the promoter agree, but only if Brianna would post a new date on social media that never happened. They wanted their money back turns out for the best I never got any money management knew nothing about this. They just feel that he got scammed. So and very by has received an email from Nigeria with before one nine in it a comma. Ok, it happens. I right where that is your room, a report on Angela YE, I thank you. Miss YE and happy birthday colony where three has kindly with birthday little kindly western and makes them you know your favorite kindly west joint favouring easy at DJ.
The eight hundred five eight five one hundred and which requested I got you is to breakfast this morning.
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