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Monday 4/17 - Today on the show a listener tried to shoot her shot at her friend after they had a night of drinking and they hooked up, but it didn't go in her favor. Also, Tami Roman stopped by to promote the new seasons of "Basketball Wives". Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Steve Stephens for going on a killing spree.

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I love you wretched sit out, become the most prominent you ass, a girl in a more worthy Tommy was young. People's choice was busy. You YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go good morning, Angel YE manages Andy Charlemagne galleries. Did a planet is minded as its money back to the work we good morning. S different type a week for meat is weak
The book comes out tomorrow. My first, my first book drop tomorrow drop one of clues bombs for that dammit black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create it. Make sure you go pick that up now you can order online. Have you Where are we any of you? I read the book. Ok, ok, actually, read it all right! I've done my mom time tomorrow. Tomorrow's busy me, I got you gotta, do you tomorrow? A callback dwells terrains la going on in my life. I got tired of you. Guys are fit. You got into my schedule, that's alright were visible, tangible or pass has only here lights out. Ok, ok, I'll! Let you know sat there has of course been Kentucky added, do a showman Kentucky and I had to go to a place Corbin, and I kept asking a house Corbin. It was like they don't like black folks out and Corbin. I don't think they like black folks in Kentucky and lefty playing basketball for the walk at it was actually nice. It was me and Florida.
Flo performed on a black pollution arrives blow. He brought out the result. Metal mingled is why it was a dope show that was actually really really good. It was in a crowd of disabled, maybe three four thousand people it s. Seen about three. I've already name in a long time. We really do not think a sign of fluoride. If I'm not mistaken, he'll guerrillas orgasm records it was. It was We shall look at a classic meagre, we gotta go then word classic right specimen. the remit would give me on was happening now and get a crack and already heard about very used up the exam drunk it in a mother and a kind of mine and my cell phone and stay night that was is going so from Miami Ireland. I was confused landowner of MILAN no, but they would it s all right into them over the weekend, it of course EAST I have so much. I have more fun eastern him like that,
Easter egg on every year and I had all eggs and argues so excited about luck is looking to initiate an I do we have to do is said no but still edge. I get so excited every as just one. How did you like me and neck? Another money, so I beg, wasn't naked the eggs. That was it how at injectable using money to share the holes you eggs now It's sad that you didn't even let Jesus headline Easter Jews, don't get the headline on his own holiday. G's, don't get to headline his birthday, so you don't get! The headline today was resurrected. You got the Easter Bunny, the Cadbury Bunny dog Does tat, hangs in a box come before Jesus on Easter? me, I'm I'm an allay, and I actually, when I did at Easter Brunch as well yesterday as an adult burns may emerge it the east brains for adults. So there was funny, you look at TAT. General Evans, who met enough of it do without an eggs dodo. Somebody exaggerate November. I better go
story, Jesus periods, the painter bodies and agencies. hide in the new play, hide and go for negate and we have a found who would have liked to details of your major lie: man, yes expec. I, your woman found sector willingness, Exeter woman, if the holding of a lever that as wide a body representing, took the money as a symbol of sex. That's what people use the money when it goes bombs, shall we got left in me, and my next book is called worlds. Diabolic conspiracy is a case for my first book about tomorrow. Black privilege, opportunity comes those who created them right. Why railway line things happen over the weekend, so we had there for you a front page news. I'd keep allotted to breakfast locomotor looking so page news. NBA list of Cavaliers beat the Pacers one hundred and nine one hundred and eight they barely got by the pacers bucks beat the raptors nine thousand. Seven hundred and eighty three we, the grizzlies one eleven. Eighty two, eighty two jazz cliff is ninety seven. Ninety five now a sunny, neither was it behoves one fourteen one of seven, the warrant,
did the Blazers one hundred and twenty one one hundred and nine the bulls beat the Celtics one hundred and six one hundred and two Isaiah Thomas had thirty. Three points was playing pretty good and Sister died over the weekend. She was twenty two years old. She cried. they believe. Maybe she fell asleep. They really don't know what happened, and we have some audio of Charles mildly. Talking about before the game, as eight times was crying and shows walking talks about it, I'm not feeling com to pool what he said known as our crown like that that makes me uncomfortable. So that tells me It is not an issue for play and we all know how does nice don't turn out, but said not to learn from it before the game plan that makes me uncomfortable for him. That's just touch is not a good look, in my personal view, Child Boggley was trying to say, but he didn't say it is eight and send a very neck compassionate. Yet if you pick the Boston Celtic to actually Wingate ones, what he was trying to say was. I don't feel the bull about the cell.
winning this game, one because of the motion of censure, the atomic, but he left at about ten different words. Nay, let that allow you to sound, like you just did not even understand why they atomism crying at all and a racket, beat them last lap. One. Eighty two, eighty seven Ellis talk about this this gap. Killed my your facebook, this cow it. Yes, Steve Stevens. thirty seven years old in Cleveland Ohio, he suspected of killing seventy four year old, Robert Godwin on Sunday it was in a residential area in Cleveland now Steve Stevens had posted on Facebook, and he said to his, I guess ex girlfriend joy. He was my everything and you betrayed me. So what I would like to say is f. You joy, you made me do it. I did today and everything that happen in going to happen is cut the view. It's your thoughts. Now he was unfair. but live, and I guess he felt like he was gonna: go out and kill random people. Here's what he said on Facebook my life where journalists July. For years I was married.
somebody get, others can do and what are anymore but anyway, She had a reason. Why are making videos you the reason I was what happened today? Does you crazy at our disposal, murder type? It saw what about the west I'm trying to kill us. Many people live over here. That's all because I never really been a most likely Missus Sutton. Hopefully, metallic you'll make people that can be on death. Row in every case may be he says he has killed other people by the way they haven't found any of these victims, but he claims that there are other homicide victims, everything Steve now we know our joy, then they want to be with you. Anymore. Anti definitely made the right decision. Yes, number two. You drive me to die like I, don't know why you kill people and people get to that boy. If you get to that point before you go out if they want to kill other people, just kill yourself.
the way you don't wanna, don't want to be a little bit later. You if you don't want to be any more. Did you ready itself? Is the seller? Grandpas gorges family animal may lead to be seven ages. Own added die a sucker death because you have had, as the actual shooting was on Facebook. They did of course, take that download, but imagine having to see your grandfather, your family member, on his way. It is his off and found him and that's what I do have found a they found out. They grandfather got killed on Facebook and not a vain like people Valley with hidden him. I go to use. You did having your grandfather on Facebook, you, like Weber, gambling unavailable rate, Let us say that he could be drive into New York or Pennsylvania, enabling all come here. We don't need those problems. We got enough. Terrorists run over there. We don't know about that. Looking for they are still looking for him. So if you see him, they said they got over three hundred tips so far. Ford, fusion would tempt tags by farmers will give us more than the way to work out. A look of a wave of you can a white for fusion. Whatever I tag maker from Cleveland in New York,
What about a mile away for union right now by the way come on? I would simply say early there's. No, I would tintaggon of assuming is no. I just got it so maybe you gotta stop, we're. Gonna gap is asleep under the law away from leaving the midwife they were there. confusion, or you get about four thousand miles. Don't you think how you will ask for age? No tell him. Are you mad? Eight hundred five, five, one or five one of your obsession to vent call us right now also tell them where you been maybe at a great we can maybe had a wonderful Easter, eight hundred five, eight five one, five one form the wide open, callers right nails to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club I'll. Let you know what makes you mad with fulfilled. I can't have that's why you may want to private club below. There is more work. Well, a very why you may murder and who will you tonight
by my dear you live till you, seven ages, Oda died hands and one of these new inward cow in my God and a new inward table way good. They got a broadcast everything all social media and he's not fair, Knight S, ridiculous, that is so ridiculous, roman law happened to be a manager girlfriend and they want to be super sex successful to make our jealous in the long run, what those who call above hello. This is open to all Keep now you mad bless the same. Damn termer My fellows, why you man for his brow, a mayor, because I do what I do go out your people, but no read it. There was a day and like you, you not that somebody grand at it to go regarded each day, Whichever way up, but I will the little guy killed obeyed come on man. I lived seventy ages over the be seventy. If it is not at all ended up a lot of it
You got me to keep satellite on that about not happy by it. I don't know about an hour. Begin up moderate and at last they felt became the method it a bottle. a key people say it. People saying that like people was on social media yesterday, Santa the media not govern is, I guess, drew you need to get off those media during the news on like girl, don't you know I'd lose out what they like, I thought I was out anywhere dressing in every way. I can only imagine it was denied access to the media, and I see it in and outside it. Combining our you, it's a white fusion's. Are we looking for white for fusion would tempt tags, I'm guessing attempts eggs from Cleveland Ohio. Definitely somebody don't try to stop cuz. You gotta hear of this call upon These are grounded. Now you also bless my broke up like that. We had one of them. Grey. He heads
eggs women are the kid by the wrap go out to hear an. I welcome majority from the one. I would now like you daddy was role is dollar, but I'm dying man kid mostly I want I want to do and I got a bad This is a big I'll, tell her. Girl did have new airport by voting for you, a bad life when you are likely to get you to put our girls at what have you got to go now? Want a boy budget, nosegay laughing. You may like that. a right egg and well. I will tell you why you bless me, don't you I have a firewall or one. What have you bless? You need to call call us right
that is why you bless the breathless locomotive breakfast. Are you bless deny rephrase the congregation at eight hundred five five little pride was praised. The breakfast club, teller, there's your boy tell my bless. Yo avert above all about what Charlotte. The girl, I adult up with dolls, knowledgeable out, because a lot of black people don't know what the Easter Bunny represent. When gonna be there a man may be I went to church, I normally don't go lie. I will return to the daily blow me because for me, Christianity, everything about me
energy. Is why because the lady that have been raised, which are paid a lot of foam phase jangle leg, you re, a blue educated, my wife clothes would get out what would deter get out riding it off their this on their own right here why your period, because why then do we realise what worldwide EU wide Mouthed were like you. Do you don't go to church, normally devotees accordion? Oh, why EAST is the bodies, a white, the right, say they got browning. They got brown monies black bunnies. Why not twenty or use? And that's all twenty onest one allows this you're, the guy or MR before they low, was a neighbour, a big risk here, procurator man, big, why you left
They are a localised all right on the book in everything we just got here. You're just have to get back out yet, but I want the blood because those more power my poor mental illness and arm with your help? and we have now found a recovery plan. You coming back and I am happy to be able to ban these do not match up to now. There has been a lot of what was felt data black rather vague, abrupt allows. This hey tell him? How you blessed? Damn bless you cuz, I'm riding with my food at work and everybody else is up and up the beach and we got The job lays away where your work- I did just now, a dollar ever beheld, who we all do the Dirty Quaid New York. We all do we
no man on building the New Europe now you're gonna get there. You go, May I remind you, wait here, they'll give my tweet. I was We often forget that ended his way. Now we have right now, together that we gain allow value. Given I flew dollar long showman out there may turn his grace. You tell him what you bless: aid under five, a five little five. What, if you're of centrally debate you could call us at any time all you could tell us what you bless. You read out what was on the way ass. We shall do. We are going to talk about what happened with the descent of women is suing hamlets. How you why and let me know if you think its legitimate in any way, So imagine you in the middle of doing in any of you and you get punched in ahead. Let's talk about I know a lot of people will not happen to me for the past seven years whistler
that when we come back to breakfast club, the the breakfast the report annually on the breakfast, when it is plainly vaccine that video at the descent now the way to describing the stories he plans to women in the chest. My name is genetic there and what really happened when she was pulling him off the stage and he retaliated elected. dangerous by punching her in the chest I see the video, the absolutely nor you are able, after that, didn't happen. She then went on stage and sheets worked in everything. I guess he borne up on stage realising what happened out of the market or to the figures you dream or through an everyday, because now she is going to see him
and she has a law firm behind her and everything and he's going to sue the LAX committee was performing with them or the longer. I knew the Baltimore Sound stage was because I'm sure, as somebody thought, a video restart the her and said. Look, you know you have money right right, because this is what I think I mean it seem like. It was a reaction him doing, because he felt like some of you might not even realize who was grabbing, have growing endeavoured in reliability. He was China just get away like somebody pull them off to stage, so that's what it felt like and she didn't seem like she was injured, essentially gap stage that its workings, I will see what happens, but she does
have a lasting that she's planning to falling and see him yet and will see she played around she not more to wish you gotta do. Is she put the closure chess when she got hateful right at all to the flap saloon? Remember what am I gonna cogs in it, a man. Her was ride with me and heard her of her grabbed suburbs. They are monsieur radium appeal myself. Her really did Paeon himself in MECCA about it. I believe that everybody we both got money. How could I followed her oblique feelings outlets needed on yourself as well argued like going out of my love. It like the cop came another died of like to do. ok, ok, I hate it when you said that money. I listened to you guys you're faded arriving in the present trend of tabs eyebrow off and we'll get too excited about
as for me method, mostly, I don't move there. My hour limit. A multitude of Dublin is after lawyer fees. Are you crazy you? I gotta get you not dealt with all radio. You know somebody hit me or my bike right and I did the same thing I jumped up and adopt the same. You think if I was you lay down so later, they gave me a hunt, rarely heard it. This is what I was. Why was that with twenty one years old I gimme a thousand? Now, maybe you better give me your daddy, you been so empty woman sticking a muffled money, a legendary you have the year around you. So I don't have the urine I m Lord. By again, nobody doubts that was pretty good and bought away, wow that God has always looking for good lawsuit, ok possessing Friday and ass all deserve all our nets, though we prefer to flora, be, would thorny, no caution. Woodlawn I've ever another women, it was ended in a tiger. Cancer is now trying to get her money. She
really ended, though, of you see the pictures yet afore into gas on top of her head and that's all because a light stand came crashing down on her head million Earl rights. Yeah right can keener here's what she said. I was a concert, anger, Epp, Ed. I work my way to France stage in a late hour follow my later transport as well as the hospital. Where was treated for managers I had occurred on the top of my head. It was about four inches long. I also have damaged my back. I know that I am going on right now with other people, but my situation have been five years ago, so I'm list of like priority wise, I should be taken care of, is a big incident caused a lot of chaos in my life and it's been five
she better than Mcgrath Toby learning to talk right now. If I feel- and I thought, if you ever see the m, so you can see the pictures of what those injuries that light they are really bad, then I'd be submitted for them to us. I language, because I haven't been able to speak in five year. Them just learn other factories in every other word darlin. You I'd still be oil jail, another person who man, Thus it is air is stairs doing a radio interview with a guy Corey Hokum, fifty one, fifty korihor, confident empathy is his name of his is his real old bob. Clearly also things went a little bit left. I guess airy spears with a little bit sip see, and this is what happened you shut up. well, I'm out of here is a light. Skin was, they could be blood that'll do they're going to which they are not all drink, very clear minded which bees off your guy anymore, because I'm drunk
and then he would make no sense. Whatever it is it, as I know you was drunk, he say, goggles, I'm clear minded I dromedaries mythical them either if you are more cause, I'm drunk. What's that even me with joy was one of the causes of millions and things did go laughed and airy spirited and getting punched him. The head. Several times No, I bet you did the maiden connected. None at all points. That's why I didn't understand why airy lady did aerospace defend himself areas? Will cover areas will cover not legumes hurricane drilling video like he had to get down and put her hand with aid like would lay down heavily less. Can brothers loan get to a point where we do not want to engage anymore? Well, when I was there and said so on the fifty one, fifty Shoah, Corey Hokum, I touch deeds feeling so She swung up on me without warning. Peep, it elbow its end where enough matter, whereas he gave you plenty a wooden leg, he told you do you. Will you do what you gonna do added up in his J sized? You obviously vote only last love stability. the only lies about limiting the EL, the owls
camera when it happens. The best thing to do is just as true trust me. I know How can I get a drop view of these is to take the earlier? It is what it is I re well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report and areas told me how to solve bought it. You know who doesn't sound like you said you, but you got you will solve bought a chain American shut up while allowed is out of light. Skin was thick black that'll. Do their work, dial, Ando global Challenge,
not all drink there, but we reminded which resolved, because I'm drug czar boy to manoeuvre, waffle colleague on both sides to relax its little saw. But I and we try to use up the chuck. I ever saw what it's up lessons on the other. They got another want. If I don't get it three wanted there, the creek right. Well, that is the room report. With morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We ought to breakfast Clovis gains a front page news sort of which both NBA play off the Cavaliers beat. The pace is barely one on urban or eight. The bugs me Raptor. Three thousand seven hundred and eighty three spurs beat the grizzlies one hundred and eleven. Eighty two jazz beat the clippers. Ninety seven, ninety five. Now
repeat: the hawks warriors beat the Blazers one hundred and twenty one. One hundred and nine the bulls beat the Celtics one hundred and six one hundred and two Isaiah Thomas. Of course his sister died over the weekend. He scored thirty three points. He was only twenty is all innocent child walk. We had to say about scene of crime before the game, I'm not feeling com to pool, when he said Norman Xilai Crown like that that makes me uncomfortable. So that tells me it is not an issue for play and we all know how does nice don't turn out but said not to learn a few minutes before the game plan me uncomfortable for him. That's just Dutch is not a good in my personal pray. You child ugly mess that when all up grabbing, he was trying to say that he felt an uncomfortable with his prediction at the Celtic we're gonna win game one because of the emotional state idea. Thomas was in what way he said. He'd you sound at all. Insensitive like you didn't even know why they are domiciled cry. sensitive data collection and I come off.
Iraq is behind. You know you have to go as we develop she broke ass, allow from lay so enraged being penalised by one eighteen. Eighty seven now tell us about this is the range gamma ray please have issued in pervaded murder warrant, that is for Steve Stevens. He is from level in and they are saying that he posted a video of a killing on Facebook. He claims have killed other people. The reason for this is because mad that his girlfriend broke up with him? Listen to what he said, Ankara, frustration
my majesty receive on earth. Does this optimism ashamed to force them to present very ashamed for districts are shames aid or maybe the most appalling, shame myself. So I just now I just kill thirteen robotic acumen and children with disabilities vacation. I don't believe you good thirty, but things are good money. Take seventy four! You unmeaning rabid guideline in a residential area, EAST of Cleveland, so there's an aggravated murder worried now they are still looking for him, so they are put as on alert if you are a resident of New York Pennsylvania. being in Indiana Michigan they're, asking that you be on alert, for this says he is driving a white Ford. Fusion recently purchased with them. a temporary plates, they do believe those play. They have been switched out, though, why New York, improve the rain ya know is how far equivalent in New York, when they arrive in distant felicity, his cell phone, somehow some way I guess last on the Euro Zone and in the direction of come in this way.
now they only have found that one person that he's killed. So we don't know about him, saying that he's killed thirteen other people as well. What are we to himself? Is there an auto understand the logic of you in love with a woman, and she don't want to be with you no more. What makes you think on a Us Bree alone, make her feel bad it made it confirms. You made the right decision. Yes,. Yes, I want everything really sad story, especially for the family, Godwin now has to suffer after this happen on easier goblet, their brother, Robert Goodwin Senior, seventy ages, eleven along ass life the die. The hands of a cow it all. I will always think it all we get along is is just imagine your pops walk into the corner, store minded been man and his bins Easter, some crew, the range of a job like she didn t like what are you talking about album poetic, And you shouldn't cow it. Oh, my goodness, Let us stop joint video, rattled awhile, even click on a video to watch. It look. I'm looking at the Atlanta headlines like Watch tv,
even murder, somebody on four. Why would I could ever could Why would I want to see why from the road you if you're pushing whenever you didn't know anything circulate a picture of them saying they are looking for? procedurally pejorative description. What he's driving there's gotta get em off the street, and the open sea than I do when people commit crimes like that in just out amongst us somebody, often I said the same thing you shouldn't go to jail. You should have a trial, he should have the sitting pc. He shouldn't have. No, that might also my only ever often right now, absolutely armed and dangerous possess weapons dead or alive ass would be wanted dead or alive. Absolutely nobody should be allowed page news when we come back. Backless change gears low bit navigator. What of the phone line and allow you to highlight at somebody to name it is right now is call shoot she shot now. There's somebody dad you wanna Harleigh at all. what a chance with eight hundred five a firewall or far wanted to preface locomotive
the breakfast club warning. Nobody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club that each and every Monday we do shoot, ear, shot dead ass when we open up the phone and allows muttered upon appear impassively beer shot with somebody else Thank you feel at home, or they are feeling so this morning, eight hundred foggy hundred and five one you can always has tat shoot you shot somebody would this. now. If you shoot you shot now. What's the situation tells you girls in crush. You know I'm after a night drinking and partying, with a bunch of my closest friends. the night that's going a different way than I thought. Man I had. We tell tale about. Ok if I have this under an angel and other put it right up earth, I'm I'm gay and we first street, but I
just always always had a thing for her hand here we were now we get a little further than we ever have before. And we started making out in recent years maybe How did you talk to that? You took the Tatars is too as vagina well I mean there were some. There was some touching going on you. I mean I've. I've been around the block here. I know the difference between you now begged the fun make out. I send versus some sort of like Roma. Tat connection. You know- and I I I've always LISA and now I really developed these feelings for her after we cast I want to turn her out at rewarded, sorted out why? What did we describe? Lisa would appeal What are what you look like all his beautiful taller she's, an average. You know she's, naturally and fuel
the Euro blogs are to be ass. Listen I respect you for not taking a manager. Was you I like her just ass? He has got to put it that way. great. You wanted the collar good. You want in Europe one ought to be a snap. the he wanted to call you lost for, for, to put it bluntly by you know these would be babies that cheap drink, but I dont think that she could. realising these other donor in other site never been, though it would have to go slowly. But how long have you been gay? Have you been gave all yours? What did you just recently become? Did you ever hugging fell now. I know that my mind Did we might all my windows relatively vagina from day one? I was well, when I really really discovered it
came out in a while. I have been very, very open and honest with everyone. My family unfortunate that affair, They may we not exact. May we not mad at you baby. I've done everything into people's though Tribune of Dead, and you don't need to be Ronald people today. Gonna, like all this call, is woman. When we come back I'll call, her name is LISA Correct. What I'll keep it latin come back. We're gonna call LISA Up has actually is the breathless cloacam. All morning everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club we're in the middle. Spooky Shatner suit you shot is a segment Who will pay will be opened before lads or you can always email breakfast club, my gmail dot com, it there's somebody that you feel it. You want to shoot you shot. Maybe you want to give it a try, we're alive because a body and if it doesn't work out right, will help you dern conversation hashtag shoot you shall we
fair, more and align I'll, see him as a fellow feeling for her friend Elisa hooked up. after doing, and I believe they just cares but say almost think it to the next level is listen. What happens here is the ball is in your court hello, holy. I leave that SAM. who who are you Are you I'm good, I'm good, Oh I'm like really or word and plant with you, I don't know about you, but I had a great great I'm with you the other night at the club, and you know that make out session that we had just changed. Every for me and I really would like to you know talk to you about
boring those feelings further, because I really think that they there and you know about with not just that one. Not just now. I want you to tell me where else what a place he was, the Cuban you from your naval. Tee of you imagine yes, you want to find what this is all the main dj envy, but abruptly club to want to be your gonna call. You see what you ve John and yes, you are. they would show vagina looks like up close and personal. What he's trying to say No, now the good or their bed, had they had opponents and reinforcement here I am by reinforcing, as you means vibrated, because you never the liveliness, listen magic. Wasn't have you back here that all baby? hell. I mean I'm not really good time and you know that I care about you that you know I value your friendship so much and if When that way. I totally word, but I just don't want that. Was this legal,
One time thing I'll put their word healing and there were worth there would definitely feelings. I know about wasn't just nothing and your denying, a baby. I've ever been a girl for LISA but you know you want to do business with them I assure you, create the right out those trade, what you know, there is, though, is the value what a try firms you'd like a nice lady, Julia Mozart, I thought you would have what I don't well? I don't know I work for my laptop, but I'm sure I can work like that. Won't you give Russia does go out on a date taken nice and slow there'll, be no looking up the sauna first date now to take in nice slow abacha invitation as you were, goes there, don't think, that's how
being gay were they think you now, and I were all over the world that Europe is not all be gauge startled by having a sexual is buried, was lying. I wouldn't want to sound. I mean I value more. I guess that's why I'm a little. I guess I'm a little frustrated, because I'm confused why you would go far with me in the first place that maybe you know you you already have. Let me a letter. I usual I'm so sorry about that. I really really, life that will leave you get her all hot and balmy. When you don't worry, we weren't even drawn Craig. I'm I'm upset now, because why would you good I'll give you I mean. I have made it pretty clear to you how much I like you and I just sad. You know what it is young. I may made a lady I feel like I want to be Fiji and now look you don't broke the girl hot you wanna play. I can let you The authority will be thrown
not now not tat the same amount of disaffection friendship can also be friends he's one of my. Find the mean I used to do not going to drink around you anymore, I really thought that that was that there was no, there was something more and that made it was Mister Gould disappear before me, and I thought you said you miss don't being Elisa what about a threesome? What about finding a guy bringer involves thought that way. I know for a fact that and was not valid. That, though, that loud Unfair, I mean the maker around a guy in that situation, just because she wants with me and I'll be rude, not that I'm not going do that. the bad, I'm sorry, sale or LISA awfully as can everything will be all right now be awkward. Thou knowest them, you're still in the mood to use your mouth like, I can make and costly
I will say we appreciate you guys for trying to shoot you shot, I'm so sorry, SAM. I thought we were gonna get to whom you are right, I would like to tell you love release, I dare say probably what your mouth, if you love so much like Robin Qatar, is right now arraigned at all your lease of t write. Well, there you have it I'm so sorry, The work out I'm terribly sorry don't go in filled with internet is the breadth of more the reul report. The breakfast club we focused on just tabbies. Let's talk about the fate of the furious movie. That movie is breaking wreckage, broken internet. no record now that is the eighth
in their whole, fastened furious franchise and over is to weaken it made. Fifty five hundred thirty two point: five million dollars globally. Why does this job is a worldwide debut ever actually beating star wars. The forest away. in travelling to cool above who flout areas. I can't really sorry didn't, would allow him to grant both about that here. The United States it actually open with one hundred million, which is down from the various seven movie, was taken two hundred and forty seven million by even in spite of that it still did really well globally. So broke every single record and most successful ever now. China acts. he greater. They made a hundred and ninety million dollars in China. Off of this last Eight areas now does hired. in the meantime personally has had to apologize for some statements that he made If you remember he had some things to say about women and relationships and holding out here is what he said.
I realize from putting up their post is that we are the first to attack each other period. So if I, if I live, and it women from making them think a belief that I had. I don't see the value in you because you may have hair make up this in that my words were twisted as a lasting, I'm not. I was to alienate my own fan base and demographic butter. I still feel it away. I felt like we notice more than you think. Ok here set out the energy he had on the breakfast club right here. He was when he had to be eighty. If you guys heard this interview, this is what have people really upset with our ability to equip, even though you have you told me to get it Have you got there? pre set all the Ladys out there that are still single and they are holding out, don't settle down so because I'm a terrier right man at, as might be harsh, but ski
Jesus hose tramp's and overly aggressive, promiscuous women there, never without a man because they don't have no standards there. Ready to have, would any and every day and they want to have sex with them. But when you a single who actually love yourself- and you know you value, and you yourself were your hold out until God. Then you wash now. Why do we will get mad at that because he was telling women to settle legacy saying that if you decide to have sex and don't hold out, it kind of makes you a schlotzsky's. Are those are the women that are never without a man, women have seen ones to have sex. Does it make let skeezer or any of those things are at present when you probably have sex with a kind of women or to watch your life. That wouldn't feel like me. One aspect that enables us to get an item of your reply that about raising you're single you love yourself, you know your value hold out, no be united to tell a woman what to do she can do as he was. If she's in adults of our revenge you changed or would we, then he put up opposed and Instagram. He said
They taught me better than this lesson learned in life. You will learn that and always what you say is how we choose to say for the record. I am far from a massage earnest. A male chauvinist are flat out mean my intentions were thereby my delivery was effing horrible, so he apologize for that, is that he's been getting dragged and he feels the heat from his poor choice of words. Approach to his messages. He said trust me. Please accept this is my sincere apology for my poor choice where did the real lesson learned for him? He said I am pilot, as a man first for the things I recently said about choices, women have the right to make for the terms I've, used and the way I've come across, I was wasted, think and feel certain ways, and I'm learning new things that combat those messages I'm telling you man on the internet, women, especially women of color undefeated. Another man waved the White Flag onslaught that will happen when you come on? Your mouse sideways about women on social media is by you in italian daily round, for that he was definitely one too.
the judge all women based on what decisions they make on who they choose to sleep with as merely nobody but business part a worthy of tuna. We hide away sorry who I wouldn't when a problem, as friends always always look for a job quit for Jane even last week were less despite fridge. All online days now try to forget about how much you Albert agrees, the rapid body from marriage able eyes was havin some issues. If you remember she was on the back this carbon. Here's what you said about her divorce bargaining, my head up in front of it and let people see I'm gonna come out additives because everybody's watching legacy from a crack up the sea from space out this from a pandemic little petty, because ya know I'm just trying to get through it, and it's really is ugliness terrible were over the weekend this tweet surface and her account F can do Isaacs
I effing hate him in his whole family. I unfailing him analogy in alma. Busy too, has to extract of a woman for twenty eight do dead day. all right do day can do, can get you dead? Do do you dead day? I was here So I came back after that and said: hey guys, I was hat with that message about him. I don't hate him and his family. Nor do I wish death on him. I just want this to be over so she's talking The whole situation with a divorce, but I can feel where she was mainframe. Could the video did surface over the weekend also of candy? and I guess star shadow, is that he allegedly was cheating. My marriage oblige, with surface of them owing to the hotel together, bought aware ass. She saw that's an address
we're going to kindle dodgy mentions his grey sham samples like radio. We must now read of almost out of pig. Three random was just now the only suit you watch and will be on a mannequin in the window. You go digging but pirate lady mother, but if I really sad our least just attached to a woman tried a sucker draw crusty lip ass couldn't keep his dirty and his pants like all you can do either comments are discuss our answer. My comment of a long marries a blast it when she sat up can do. I say yes girl
It is now the collective of can do for women are well. I made earlier by the regular liable to constraints they make the Kindle allow absolutely delighted to bring into the breakfast club. Now. No one don't worry declaring an ever. You know you know, pieties would handle new nuclear knew you were right, but that you propose. Will machine for Don Quixote Democrats have been a little bit of an adult club. Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty four years. Been donkey. Other day is a new way. Yes dog you today for Monday April, Seventeen goes to a man named Stevens now Cleveland. LISA looking Prestige Stevens because he killed an elderly man and posted evicted posted a video or facebook goblet
seventy eight, your man, Robert Goodwin Senior, who had to go out like this to happen, this cow would steal Stevens. Now, why does these demons murder, robber go and senior facebook wall of courtesy in every report active manner under way at the sour first aspect, authorities say made a visit of himself killing an elderly man, then posted on Facebook, the FBI, helping Cleveland police in the search for Steve, Stevens, six foot, one tool the forty four pounds you can see here last seen driving a late model white for fusion with temporary plates officials, say Stevens is armed and danger his mother, Maggie Green, tell CNN. She spoke to her son Sunday at that he said he was shooting people because he was quote mad with his girlfriend authority, say hi
of weeds and poured in their urging Stevens to surrender official sue. Stevens did not know the victim seventy four year old, Robert God, when just picked him at random God when children say they are devastated, these amazing good deed off is bad, and I know not just saying, for these cameras does a storm. You know me, I don't know what I will do. It is not. We feel it is gone. What are you gonna? Stop Jesus Christ Cfcs These demons decided to go on a killings spree because he was mad at his girlfriend. His girlfriend didn't want to minimise these teams. Experts they did more on Facebook alive. Let's hear it my life order- and I must remind you, ve, been here for years I was Mary was awesome. Did. I was gonna. Do what are anymore, but anyway
she's. The reason why I am making a reality. The reason I was what happened today confirm crazy at our murder type. That's because you know I never really been almost like MRS himself, hopefully on metrology, ordinary people. I can hear me on death row in every case. Maybe we are human? No, I guess not breaking points. I went to my mother yesterday, exceptionalism notably in the modern world. I guess it's the way I was re. She would give us a more rational, some home. He was able to make use of people here. They ve been despite happened with the next minute, namely story. I saw her for a month or two Craig everybody, but himself. Even after yesterday's actions totally understand? Why joy didn't want you? She made the right decision by now want to be with you. In fact, I applaud joy Lane for having to force them to get out of our relationship with you that Young Ladys seems to have got the bullet literally. Ok,
What happens when you woman doesn't want to be with you anymore? You just glow up, become successful and make her challenge. Omission kill someone islamic joy say you know, maybe sure reconsider meal was the because the audio killing people are the more not joy, not you, mother, no one is responsible for your behavior bite. You ok! I talk a lot about the past. of choices. Thus, our life is a series of decisions. Ok Sidney is not a matter of chance as a matter of choice. So Stephen joy, lame. Are you mom? Didn't you to pick a random man and got him down the street? You did now who have to live with the consequences of EU actions? Now one of the many things that disturbs me about the situation is even said: he was reaching out to people asking for help and he was getting dismiss This is one of the reasons I stop and give everyone. If they need it it. It happens all the time people reach out and they just want to talk. Sometimes it's family. Sometimes it's friends. Sometimes it's random people on the streets, but I just feel like you have to stop and take the time to listen
play we are all going through things in life. We all have problems. We all have issues with. Sometimes our problems pale in comparison. If someone else is- and you may not have the answer for yourself, but it's possible- you have to answer to someone else. Okay, just don't dismiss people, because you just never know what somebody is really going through it for people, like Stephen, will feel like they are at their breaking point are gonna, tell someone, listens, look, go to a random charge and talk to a path to go check when a psycho I gotta go to Chicago local psychiatry. I just just those that want it I can tell someone listens because these didn't. He's even you didn't make anything better. Ok, have you a deal with? You could bill, but now you have made poured choices, though a hot, family, a rabbit, Goodwin Senior forever and will haunt you fell, because if you don't end up dead somewhere you're going to jail So what is the lesson to be learned from this situation? Dont make up many choice over temporarily feelings, please if these even the biggest sharply
Waterways. The six point towards a forty four pounds ball with forbade last seen- having a white Ford, fusion, Mattel eggs. We TIM Tags the right thing in turn yourself in these de resolve. You see this guy call the police SAM. He needs to be a discreet day. They don't please I'm so, don't try to be a hero and go and do anything call the police about away look at his guns or learning about a couple of things about form in a video ready. He was shooting in honouring. I do feel like if I do feel our guide like this should be wanted dead or alive group. And unless the ungodly amply vigilante understand, if you happen to have a job when you feel you know don't be, read the letter. Guy has no remorse for innocent people and on any knows that, like he's, he knows what he's doing he's telling you mom you this is because mommy designers can kill random people and I know, is of such a like. You know what you doin come on. You know exactly Will you make an olive choices? Poor choices, this absurd?
is like really upset, because all I could bring about my pops walk into the corner. Sundays, maybe going to get some August. Let me Levin, somebody comes lay hey! You notice, personally issue what has been achieved to defend himself? Just you know it Not only has he demanded his girlfriend broke up at him, they get out of here on all those who are either, but I do wish in situations like these guys like snort yourself, which is that naturally modify it disappears. I will. I was a dog you today. Thank you, sir. When we come back to, me Roman from basketball, allows a be joining us man. Results in anything? To for me, the new new season premiers tonight at nine, I believe so samuel- don't move as to preface locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We got espresso guests in the building where, where we're lucky hair ass people are allowed allay
dear me, around back, rather me also as basketball wives. Now no airline with grass is I'm buying and selling Miami everybody's just joined together. Now. Are you tired of it? I am, I do not love the way. Being that super trailer? Oh, let's talk about it as we can predict. What's gonna happen Rossi, it or a you know. Let me tell you something Evelyn's back and I think the fans want to see that they ve been waitin on that for a minute now, so she decided to join the show again. and you know It'S- it's a lotta ups and downs- we ve had our issue. There. We have to hand out Jackie, has issues with her there's a lot going on in Zambia, issues which look like you Jackie with was going attitude from from the temperature as you we added now again. I had a little problem because I've never been involved in the Jackie matrix before, but I finally got caught up rarest of everything.
Anybody diseases when enquire, not pretty Klaus lives close to me is pretty close, but I did not eight good. I held it down. you haven't, notably, I would assume money. So now you can't put hands on his head there. I'm sure in the contract doesn't say anything about that. It does not add tat allows amiable. I got all these shows now anything can happen, so they have always been puddings deathlike. You can't broke things, you can't know doesn't say anything about that. They say they are not responsible. If you do a disclaimer, yes for used profitably gave up. I am. I am surprised that was appointed impregnable. Multi million dollar revolve Lou. If you will come to be relatively good bye, feel was the more importantly than that was the point of coming back. If you ve had your own show, you basically said you would never come back and then now here you are no, but you know I don't know Her motivation was cuz. I was saying when I want to chill. The man is doesn't seem like you would be. Good.
for her girlhood road It really is. It really is- and I think you know once I shoulda cancelled on on you know she wanted that she wanted that took You being in the limelight, I would have personally love to have gin back, Jennifer shows like that of affairs like Evelyn? Actually, what would you general affairs like Evelyn? Actually blacker from coming back? Is there any truth to that? As he says, you wouldn't come back if Jennifer Game I'll tell you one thing. Jen came and I had to say Nah Michel engine came to support me and from, seen they wanted her to be on the shelf at that particular seeing the producer. We had time called Evelyn and Oliver and gin wasn't taping anymore. Now I don't know if Evelyn had anything to do with that, but the moment kind of disappeared. Ok, you got. It must use level examining like not what's going on. I don't I don't adele. and I'm ok with that, because I want my used to come from things that are actually care about, judge
the method and probably as a directly elected we're violent evacuated either by chronicles. Wednesday's shows dies too what's going to be on and poppin with those, but it just kind of came about. I was on vacation and the girls will talk to you. No mess and I was sitting on alchemy, like you know what I got some I to say about their who did a response in a kind of the gulf of undoing of ever since, though, You don't bother worried about what people as highlighted by the could you do well, we re mind hilarious. Thank you, I'm in a fan of both lady. So I kind of it is comedy. You know nothings off limits, you know, and if they take your pick Finally, then you might want to check this out because it is all and find the right out of vineyards exactly but I'll do love over them, but I mean Remy in know slave
without limit, often described as from the dead body making monopoly. As you said, a backlash that you regret your plastic surgery, my butt injection did you, but you got, but he s echoes data. Why did you regret it without legal, like illegal invasion, the sanctions that you kids is. It was one of those bootleg. Please yes, it was and I can tell you about who told you about it- does not want. Do you just go somebody's they all right. I got em Paraffiny, I'm I'm, I'm not gonna tell you who but action I live in Houston. I know a lot of papers are better and I note as who, with who word right, but I didn't like it, you know, and I still don't. I feel like up with too much in you know you may things, but I feel like it. You know I can't feel my clothes. No and I gotta find genes the go over there.
ok, get governor ass and you know it's all a problem ever with injections, though, that you have to keep on doing things that they don't get hardened. I had a really great lady area by unknown flourish there. They do they have to like red the eyes and ears. Last year's rejected pigs. You gonna get all the vigour it up. You know. I'm not, however, take a bite and have a look. No minds, Israel, natural in jiggly and soft and Reggie likes it, but it ended, You can t get out now to ask the same question I was name. Can you take it out of that would take a little out if a good added aeronaut they can do that now is very desirable or the pressure to get him out. It- is to be a little more shapely like a little more plump and around they never really had a, but but once you start give knows injections.
Do you know the people like you know we need a little more he a little more day and then before I knew that I had what I felt to be a huge will the ig models to like always going to have chicks posted up now posted up me, a personal vain for me, you know what did you guys? Aren't you there's a way to being now that we're not aspire we are, of course he adored. What did you do to say about it? My dear it is like mom. You don't have to do there why you do, and I mean I have what I do and what my kids representatives you with you wouldn't even know. I raise them but they're, like my voice of reason, why view? But never before I got a spreading, you think I'm gonna get it now following, what did I tell ya gotta take one year you have to never thought about yet another man about, and that is that it is. We are more, would Samuel
when we come back from basketball, wives premiere tonight, so don't go anywhere as the breakfast club good morning morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are, the breakfast club we have today The Roman from basketball was in a building permits to night at nine on VHF one now YE Your daughter also her career as an artist Are you a Duffy with Dj Diane, you guys a big falling out only that did you guys bizarre that rigid Amelia please you, don't you re making Unwearied booked all if it wasn't just empty, but as a real dj a book they don't have a real data, show that you shut your mouth, no wonder that big ears, but he'd get paid at any rate ray
D, J and against a bunch of the Poles, the board, when I that some colleagues who all colleagues but sadly with him was ass, he lay currencies these air, something they see their real d as she's she's, a real dj, but I mean the way she was playing. It was like she was doing more than when she was actually doing, though, that offended me and I had to speak on it. But you know at the time it was tumultuary. Now I haven't thought about of I'm sure she hasn't thought about me. If we were to see each other, we could probably have a dialogue, but In the moment it was what it was very involved in your daughter's career in season. I am not. I just ended her over to a gentleman named Thomas Sucker, an empire, though a trap,
As you know, when you use your kids, you relinquish control. You ought to be involved in every aspect and I found tat, say yeah, you know no, the Tammy, you don't know the music game, let somebody he does that sound. Secondly, try again on tv. They make you look like a bully. Oliver level, we understand that the person we re used, always a term, is more Newport down through Filter asthma, please down to the failed to achieve the right learn every legibly over time, and I am because I'm so not that person, but I think you know I've finally come to understand with reality tv even those reality. They have to make us characters, so somebody has to be the bad guy, though, when I have those you moments that few and far between they're gonna only use that the hard to get past their perception of veto. It has been, I think, now, people starting a really see me by way of Vienna, chronicles and in I'm doing a comedy torn of God.
Sound emerges out in all others does, it is starting to see a well rounded view, Latvia, There is a real bath Maldives on. Well, I don't know bob. Remember the ball back globally and we got a lovely nazism. We ve got money, jail, embassies and she's with Karim Rush, inanimate matter as hastening Azure Metauoias Midway, ok, she's, honesty, then too late is an everybody knows that the Wayne Waves, babies, Mother- as I say, knew her prize or as a moderate. Yes, yes, so, when I came to see this one, an artist plays up. He always by situations touchy cause. I always see leg. You know we ve seen other Bob players and have women go on to shout likewise when she was on man We saw how they had the whole restraining order, as he wasn't allowed to phasing out pride. They haven't done out with her we're we're not gonna say that he hasn't done back up, which is why we give funnel in new people in you know she does up untold as much as you can and then, if you know things get shut down in a king, other people
how is the leading we're gonna show explained a story. I far away from the story, That means that hides it becomes who, because the reason is because of Mr Lehtinen but a new intergovernmental matters near she's far away, but she brought her sisters were very vocal about. The situation is interesting that shiny did they sell, but then I thought like there's been people on. They show that she doesn't even really get along with. So We wonder leg. Can she say with them on here. I did she say. Well, even though I don't really effort this person is, for the show. If they're here, I think I have seen both moments, you know seen her say. I don't mess with her. I e Laura Gauvain, you gotta go and I've seen her sake. I don't mess with her, but she is good for the show I e brandy last season right, some branches back this
and to really make an appearance, disease and yet again when say she's back, but you know shall make you gotta jealous. I was on my way giving you clarity on how we got here. We should add the dish. Always shortish. Did you stay behind the scenes? Glade executive, you know what's in about a lot of people say there I, but I have to say this I think, is good for her to be involved, because there are a lot of times there would not be show if it weren't for Shawnee keeping us. You know being that nuclear. That kind of keeps us all involved as real. Realistically, a lot of us wouldn't be around each other. We wouldn't talk to each other. We don't talk to each other and I think she's that one common denominator, for all of us is he's doing our young both who Johnny has a ok, is okay, the good bull too, but I can answer the elder. Our younger disease, older. Ok, their hard earned money dating like a dirty euro like are there things you feel like he's? Is mature, cutting our man mature last lower than women anyway,
So we have a good one. I know that there are other things that he wants in the relationship that you know at this age. I'm not gonna, do you know like a map of the whole Venus You know what I mean it just takes too much. I just carried out any comment. I'm sorry about that. That's right now. I know how to do it, I'm just not going to have his age, and I now, though, vagina then I would be ok, with that because they have the rabbit and they ve got other things that could fulfil me I'll, be all right with that. Guy like we don't have to have sex with forty five minutes, some good after fifty do any unilateral anything. No y know the reasons nodes. sums at all. Absolutely not you know, because people are respected, threesome code. You know how I feel about that. They want to come in and do stuff. You not fun. Do you know when they gone so no three sums a map of myself and a trick back now. What about a Tammy spin off shell?
If I may, to spin off? For me it would have to be like some bonnet chronicle. Thick com types sign fail. told me. You know Martin Apes, though, the olive Dave you look, I sketched comedy, show some something I know no more reality. No more reality will accompany Bingley. What would it is happening because, as on its own bonnet chronicle able to live in, and I did one show- and I was like ya like this in a kind of took off- We appreciate your joining. You lives at nine, eight central or the h one. Thank you Andrew. Thank you van next time you got what you decide about it from the good I'm allow afterwards. I always gotta get about its voice, so bad there was drained it. So you ve got one medical seated. Then you want to mine. Now I beg you ever did about a kind of had you have to do. I am thinking about its mark. The breathless global more breakfast
This is the with Angela his club. I railway, jazz prince, is actually going to for real go after birth man to get the money that he owes to Drake after June. Nobody has been paying people. There are many according to sources of Burma and on creating a lot he would have been enough to get mad at me because ass they had wild Usanga Berman. When you got a history- and I am you right where I guess you Know- Jake's been cited, for quite some time, so they packed in anticipate all these things happening. So this ain't- Very man is not following through on his contract, is supposed to pay one third of Jake's profits to jazz prince in company, and he hasn't done that now they saying that this contracted. Drake has breached his original one and they didn't get therefore million dollars. They were supposed to get another suing our noble, and is there not paying some body when you
have the means to pay them like the money is coming in. The money is coming and Imma be honest with you. Birdman has a lot of irresponsible financial habits. He seems like the type of person who doesn't know how to manage money like if you was to look at a person and say you don't got a bunch of tattoos on his face. He probably terrible with money gram. If it's that description, happens in you know: Yos it away in some money is well quite a bit so money here, quite a bit away. A little Wayne situation is now a rag nation and he said he's science, a rag nation. I don't know what that deal is bad library messages. Let him go cut ties and gave him his money and let him make some money, because it seems a little ways been in a bad space right, because that right now, for the weekend J, call put out his documentary for your eyes only on HBO to sixty minutes document. Doing you guys see that yet No, I didn't want to say yet. No
a man allies. I haven't had a chance to see a, but I promise you tonight, I'm gonna be watching there and what it is. If he's giving a voice to voiceless member of the bat black community in several different areas in the United States. Here's a little clip from the church. you gotta give I'm going to do because I take the pin on those people came depend on. You can be avoided
Many of us now hurrying away from where I was herself there, but I gotta makes even one I would make one that he should be able to assume. Please just came up in Ukraine. Is it we got. You sell it dry out and understand it, but I'm not going to stand in need of having thought the caps on him yeah, but Shouldn T cops, do an investigation for before he does runaway. You crib, like it I guess the neighbours are complaining sounds a little crazy. It is due to ask my neighbors l, a drug may just run up in the house to sending a lawsuit, olive good to know Jacob living as wraps cause. I was thought in. The question is whether we have therefore come forward and calls for an expert on our own, see him at the time for them before and close. But after so in this documentary visited different cities, including ban ruse, Atlanta, Ferguson, Jonesboro, Arkansas and, of course, where he's from favor. North Carolina and he doesn't use the names of the people that he came in contact with, but he does today.
very powerful stories in the sixty minutes documentary. So when you have a chance to what's that Go ahead and do that I re when I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour reports on my mind away. You guys are vanilla because I'm gonna be a guess, co host on the real this week. The ogre is actually this week sustaining some You can send me out Tuesday they're afraid. on the Rio. You want all week. Yes, go ahead annually, you don't you like change when you get assets. have no assets, and this was plans. We're all of that is only to be showed them pigs they haven't into real reached out. As all I'm saying you now, This is already planned for months ago and yoga, Everybody on my instagram as saying I didn't have to do. And I don't have any signs: thou bonds out enemies by begging to mine.
Islamic Abigail organise do what was there is a greater paid? Where were we? somebody's daddy, and it was a man, fat, baddies, idle, mono, ethnic backgrounds and even though the man tat he knew about the matter. This is ram that you ve made me man, fatty acids, maybe guess Cosmos and unaware. Next, they write well happy birthday to remain in a mixer. Medusa remit. Joy salute red man, one of the greatest them seas of all time in every word that it shares the rapporteur all right. When we come back People's choice makes they'll go nowhere at the revolt we'll see you guys tomorrow is it was some eight hundred five a viable and fifty one scope.
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