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Tuesday 4/17- Today on the show we had some listeners call up to shoot their shot at a crush and this time one caller was shooting her shot at a guy she's been hooking up for awhile, but guy she is shooting her shot with is, lets just say a close friend. Also we had Marvin "Krondon" Jones III who spoke about transitioning from music to movies, how he got the role of Tobias on blacklightning, the range of black characters on the show, and the longevity of his career. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Sean Hannity.

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Get my good morning. Every body s do today is to be in the morning. Feeling I e at the gate an queens yesterday, a Queens library queen? Yes, I did an event. There did a q and a ends. Whenever longtime family members, listeners out of sight, missed out of sight, was their ochre remember. Apply. Wrapper does any as he didn't, perform the song during the day he got up. And you're on the song by the way broker a phone call from many called appear for and get it off my chest. It was pretty interest. But it was a good times had to destiny, who conducted the colony and around me Daniels, who has studied video music eggs of ground by the way, yes, Uncle Ralph added, no he's one of the producers on the rocks Iraq fast, moving just use and is also working on a booting documentary Shalt Uncle Ralph Bosnia.
Queens, what did I do yesterday? Have you been listening? Oh you know, my nanny is gone. She left for six weeks. She had to go back home country, so thousand been the crazy, so nanny, Ecuador and camps. The house had been kind of crazy with no nanny, so it is getting back into the groove of really doing everything. Now you know, because you had so much help and you really forget, like last night before they go to other, but it came, the stall is less than a rented a Jim Jones. Does he wine of loot, wife and loot? She also show Mccoy, but there no US time anymore, that baby laid her as right in between me and my wife last day. It would not moves you, don't wanna see barbette, she didn't, We would anybody else. She was there Chillun lessons. The nanny gotta go away for you to realise how important her job alyosha boys. How do I get six weeks simply find time so and also the baby sorted school yesterday? that made me cry. I am that it with a lot here yesterday to think. Maybe
yesterday, one of course my my One she's out, one she's gonna have almost too and we started her in school. So when you put it school you cottages cattle dropper, often China is run out because they run out after you because you know they use to you as an agreed. I saw you show me the video yesterday and all my gun is when they kind of left. She ran to the door, instead a dead or for about an hour when leave the door waiting for me to come back. Crying and they sent me to video in. Oh, my god, I was very Yahoo, has ever sent me a video. They show me in all her running in knocking on the door. I gotta get out in, but after about it, where she got a calm down and she got into the thing a school socio day too. Is a net may meet here, and you know what what movies did you were gonna watch that medicine is big, is she's getting older
body ass its little problem yesterday. Thank goodness, we may think of the way things are No one has yet to deprive no of Abu prefer. Nobody now you it s in a net. I will make you tear more humane glow and asked it to the prom. Is young maiden came to them to the house? The same guy? That's Akerana date! Yes, that same guy, he had a beer, big big. Behavior like a blind alley, ledger gonna bear it. Was this guy, a humanist of animal beer? He wrote her, a huge let it had said it would be unbearable tickled. The problem, without you unbearable, said people do in his prime talent, this was one of those big problems, how was it a big problem challenges had a huge letter and a bare and an artificially her boyfriend now know when that same boyfriend is she say
wife, no was longing to be no, no nobody cities as he's monogamy nobody and is not even can't even That'S- that more doesn't even exists because you ve only seen right Mary said to friend, but they deigning hours a day. It would be unfair, you'll, be unbearable, is gonna, get rid of her eyes and ask. Is american either way frightened for his wife? She does not have a pathway kiss now. They have not gained good. I assure you know it it'll be. How do you know they haven't granddaughter, be joining us today, crime daddy's in a new flickers, Coalblack Madison, and here is the season. Allie tonight we get mad about warrants our ability to make a better business. Don't sweat again, but I tell you That is why, when I see the video of him asking her I tell my baby girl like this is bad. For me, this is bad, MRS bad! This is very, very bad.
Get a medicine young man. You know abacha for play the root of the matter for a period of the glass tat begs. The manager who made the car resulting in the black man's arrest no longer works. Fine, Starbucks and we'll talk about the men who were arrested. They have agreed to meet with the CEO of Sir Bucks also hour. I will It's all that when we come back, he believed them. So shall lead me to be in a minute is to breakfast club What was happening? that does not feature impose abroad when a kindred Lamont, yes, a new freezer right, this morning, everybody's dj envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast Comiskey some front page news: MBA play off site Miami heat me. The seventy six is one. Thirteen one o three d way way was on file ass. Any one who understand you'd look in my view. The twenties Michael shouted, HIV Aids, gonna write we needed to be last may and the golden warriors be dispersed one. Sixteen one o one. Let us allow Starbucks. Yes, sir. Less disguise the CEO of Starbucks Kevin Johnson
Has that view on good morning, America? He did this interview yesterday, where he addressed what happened in the Starbucks, with two black and were arrested while they were waiting to meet a real estate developer. The thrills day developer showed up at the same the cops arrived and non video. He was asking what was happening what's wrong and said it was discrimination. The manager had called nine when one, because they had an ordered anything. Now here is what Kevin Zones is working on to resolve these issues because he said there are times when you should call the police and times when you shouldn't, certainly with. When eight thousand stores around the world different regions put in some slightly different guidelines and how they handle certain situations, reviewing this case. The guidelines that they had in place indicated a certain scenarios in which the police were to be called others. Scenarios where the police should be called in this case was completely inappropriate. And so clearly there is an opportunity for us to provide clarity, and, in addition to that, more train
we're going to do with our store managers, not only run the guidelines but training around unconscious bias. Now he goes on to talk about looking at these circumstances and not blaming it on one person here is what Starbucks Theo Kevin Johnson said. While we know it's easy for me to say in point blank to one person in this incident You know my responsibilities to look not only to that individual, but look more broadly at the the circumstances that set that out just to ensure that this never happens again and I've been very focused on understanding what guidelines and what training ever let this happen. What happened was wrong and we will fix it. What guidelines or train as causes systemic oppression is card. Marginalization is called racing arrangement. Amerika would build die. We now have a chance and said that they are not going to fire. The white story manager, who called the police by so many manager, has that's his position in a mutual decision
so we don't know if he went to another location, should a fine company anymore his legs and common, clear as well. Kevin Jackson had to say about the two black men who were arrested at Starbucks are reached out and we made contact with the representative of the two gentlemen. First, I'd like to apologise that today in person and I'd like to have a dialogue with them, so that I can ensure that we have the opportunity to really understand the situation and Joseph the passion and empathy for the ex experience they went through. And finally, you always were working, saw this I'd like to invite them to join me in finding a constructive way to solve this issue. Today they pay because I mean they leave face. It is there that defied abolition, defied about a girl and ask you to be number one. Absolutely now. The men have not released a statement yet publicly they have hired a lawyer was right and we will see what happens. Go. Get your money worldwide is notified. The guy issued a goddamn people, a check on me just for pr purposes over at the leaks known
you have appreciated it, because it was the right thing to do. They should find efforts in call somebody for no reason just because a black and hang it up in a restaurant, like everybody, does I'm all day long democratic. Do the right thing: Burmese they're, gonna, worry about the bottom lie which business, because I don't you Starbucks anyway, I get a green tea from every now and then, but I'm not a big coffee guy. Like that yeah don't drink coffee and Armenia, doc donor to now the greatest doing those low there. Now I ran down vaccine our building here, work connected to our building. Well, as is convenient for peoples. I know it is more black. A minority owned businesses, coffee shops and things like that. We can support our own and we understand each other. You know that so after we have allowed at him in Brooklyn,
don't have done. Is now the time. Do a nice little commercial feature in black and brown Duncan elements at you can join us and sit down and wait for your may be black in order by again this all right, I've, Dugan, doughnuts, that's front page news. Get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one of your obsession, divinities up right now may be had a bad night bad morning. You want of it or if you want to spread some positivity callers, right now, the number again is eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one it's the breakfast club come on, the breakfast club, the founding down you're gonna get it. Obviously you wanna breakfast blessing, but as they may be, you beat him up. He was thousands of men and women.
We ve had the rabbit abroad. Are you get through every day brought about through the talk about my family? I met a young girl, told me a while back love for me, but I don't like one for all I don't wanna, be poor, I think you're caught him yesterday got the Abbe always comes through the back door and we gotta tell yadda far away. Ever knew now. We know where we're out from you now was the man eater features. I do you know what I waited so long. I thought I could buy Jesus Christ. You know that you do not, even though this is not the delay wily coyote when he cares to roll run, and I do not know what to say to act about me in France. We both know that now. Why are you worried about DR? Unless you like,
he is single and you had you haven't got any in a long time. Well, I'm just upset, because I just want to talk to you. I once a week. Okay, well, y'all have a good week, the top of the talk about the gap, is now working on catches by racism year. Pretty much unconscious bias. Yes, how many are gods of buyers can be resisted? All of us Don t. We all got unconscious bias. We see certain things and we lie war. Wait a minute I Caesar, people and they all wait a minute. We might provide him with stereotype domino. My were like my job, in that light, a meeting and on unconscious bias. Can we just that? I was just about You know just met him as a consequence I mean I don't see how it can't be conscious. I get out of there being any thou didst thou to get anything of an unconscious bias, and if you see a person and you think away,
about them than your consciously making the decision about their person like our own. I know one another by means of tackling the event does what I say is right. Another word a newsboy race is already make his egg is not quite racism. I did not dare not aware of their racism economy like now. There's no such thing. We are aware. The other major later there's no such thing an unconscious by hello, furnaces channel it from gloves. The chandelier was a regular feature, To tell you may accounts is too weak, a man may be our face. A best answer have still not seen and see him and ninety ninety MTV awards Emma give many Billina a best answer. We said Beth LAB Performer, that performance of the best live one. She wouldn't be able to job now the old man I want all you do we want
when that applies. When I walk game or what you re my main column, you may call an imperfect hope. It is not really talking about plasma undeceived over yesterday, stopping what'd. I know people who get into plasma occur believes are laws that maybe the best live in detail. So I could about give it our futures, eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you need? Divinities now is to breakfast global Mona Breakfast got. Wake up. Ass manner bless. You allows there's lots of men in the more calm you're going with sub brocaded features mental black horse, though they were my wife we'll be there. Maybe twenty fifty Grand whom we have now got your beautiful kid that not one on away September, I'm working to jobs, you know said, analyse nor you guys,
just got my old. Why does my wife? Don't romanian evaluation is called you gotta be Parker, you G, o n O. You leave me Parker job everywhere. Ok broth. I re raised as doubt hello is higher. A key features. Keel! You do indeed, I envy annually in the sound. Mainly guy was a boy: are you hungry adolescents, the merry and you didn't even get away from the fire could be the airline hanging upon people, real great media. We love ya, Vanessa, hours dating now. Demand of humanity is dating okay. Well, she got a boy like a free. There s a better chance to Libya, because you never see me my This is how I had egg I'm gonna tagging alyosha.
Thank you for your Guardia somebody. Blacken like you are right. I voted as I did think that rises they kissing hello. One and has left the barmaid from Atlanta away? All I got with the barmaid ravages armor. What's a wine glass man, Charlemagne and posted another picture of this time without at the Shorty, with the afro from love, hip hop Miami and it had the final in the background again let my notifications up again, so I can watch I appreciate that Charlemagne aren't. Even though you dog biogas, you talk about some liquid have baggy. I got Likud as back. There are many positive picture recently, as is is doing it on purpose as little as Papa. He doing part of his body is gas at the outset, Only then will it be. Could I do me one day, but all methods at the place where people kill me, but you are right to be in on itself
Are you aware of its? I could take it down. I don't know. Eight on a pillow is J. P large again, nay, was submitted, are features man, I'm upset you guys, you over, you thought about which people let all busy. I just told you, might lead. We gotta get a lack of follow up and put it tell Us J, the air version. Oh yeah, you tell us about media. By summer we will talk about coffee. Shops is more you so called video airbrush up now it is. They bury them coffee, shops That is dialogue, but thank you for calling over the remoter arrival. He got to flag is business again it allows is well. Rob you again, some hate this morning and people are so mad. They manage always come a due to Baghdad. We want to know you have to focus it or you have become a drive about it
Why, sometime you re out of sight of Meda somebody of matter due to a man. Stop don't worry about it. You never gave me a germ thou, notably return. Now, stop stop modem. Suckers may not even Odette naughty dogma. What Abidjan heavy anyway bring about eight or above all, about the s beg you to hit me that line. I don't know: what's going on not promote, nay, I don't I don't. Love is able they have a commonality, didn't write a badge about Baby Robert of all, the relevant Brazil. Romania call- and I can only be here with us,
There is broad agreement, a girl I've ever it was a lot of great shifts. Yesterday you know you're, not you Mamma. An idea was Biggie Josiana who people would argue about brand. You gotta go party. Member now is called drinking kindred, as in an all it and flexed indifferent. Wage yesterday showed the way they were the only candidate. What lyrically Andy not true that we have not even true Kendrick Lamar Y. All him stop. Let him have his opinion. It up by two halves I don't know all right get it off. You chose eight hundred five, a five one or far. One of you need a video to sub. Now we got rooms on the way you, yes, I mean we're. Gonna talk about cancer Lamar and the honor that he got yesterday also will be talking about Jake Hall, of course, which have despoil Daggett would discuss. His new out
this coming out all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he will act as the breakfast locomotive breakfast, the toy annually on the breakfast Kensington. Am I an addition to the work that he has has won the Pulitzer Prize? So congratulations he's the first wrapper ever to win, it's a prize for music drop articles, buggy technical Maud as different? Ok, I like classical as jazz items that have won, but never before I had pepper, same thing- that I've never seen a my lifetime. There's something I've never seen a man in my lifetime at all, a rapid when, in a Pulitzer, no one's everything tat, we ass a solution Oh my god bless my brother. I right now, They call also, at the same time, has announced as a new album coming out this week for twenty new album k, o D,
and now you guys are exciting for that now he did have an event in it. Is no phones. No cameras, no bags, no press list no guest list. He said he just posted a New York City come through a couple hours from now. First come first serve and it turned out to be a listening. Although I'm looking forward to hearing the music from Jay Cole, I didn't really dig his last album too much, but I didn't revisited either, but me to dinner for twenty naturae cashier that he has an coming out and that album is coming out in June in a post. He picked it up. He put up a picture of a gold pendant with the image of a scorpion and the captains of both photos, a June two thousand and eighteen so and a couple of months looks like we have some new Drake Music, coming out as well and it said scorpion. I love love, how the top three guys in the game yesterday all had their own individual moments. Absolute shifted, college in various ways. Yesterday, could you got drink or another new down? But although here
came number one again. He replaced himself on an underhand built to build one one hundred and thirty really the more in the way they did a number of days in Vienna. Coralie competition is himself his arm, and can you put out a balloon rise, so they don't want people to be doing at it. I right click, ideology and interest in town. And their daughters name is true. Thomson Souci posted our little girl to Thomson has completely style Our hearts and we are overwhelmed with love, sets a blessing to welcome this aim. Into the family mommy and daddy love you true. Are you maybe a child true when your mail declined to eat a lotta jokes about a hand, has nothing to do with it. They went in No, I think to babies. Name is the middle name of a grandfather. I was only by young that set young thats young thugs had and the real truth sorry aunt. Chloe Cardassians by Chris Jenner, actually explain. She said I'm so excited to welcome my precious little granddaughter true fun fact. My grandfather's name of my dad's, I would
true out his Helen. My dad's name was rapid, true hone, so I'm excited Chloe named her daughter s, or as a mean I had a friend who was going to name their daughter. I don't know what they haven't. I had a friend who named their child true and they not now as of right. I, when I write well I'm annually, and that is your room, a report and all right. Thank you, miss ye know. When we come back, we got some front page news which already where we talked earlier about Starbucks him what's happening there. The ceo has spoken will tell you what he had to say in addition to that we'll talk about these fake rings that I've been happening. If you have t mobile their trouble for that all right,
internet when we come back people locked to breakfast locomotive, putting everybody's d J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club luskin some front page news, MBA play off last night, Mammy heat the seventy six is one thirteen one, o three and away Wade got busy. You did he look like you. Ve turned back at the hands of time, and also no eighty, eight, probably, and also going to say, worries, be dispersed one. Sixteen one o one Ellis talk about T mobile its quantity the aim of about five forty million dollar, and that is where false rings. Now you have t mobile, then I'm sure you have experienced this. It's a false ring So, basically, what it is is there and made it seem like your call, going through and is ringing, but that the person is an answering. So even if a year
an area that doesn't have coverage would hear multiple rings and you would think the other person just couldn't answer the phone at that time, so that false ringtone gives the false impression that a call this service provider is not responsible if the car feels so they getting find forty million Dallas. For this. Is that crazy? You think you make a phone call, you have service and it ring a ringing ringing and no one's pick it up, and it won't that ringing. So you think is going through but is not set out how do you figure it out loud and even like doesn't look like it happens to me all day you gotta get out. I don't know, I think it's a man. I would assume
from that. These rings mean that there's no voice mother comes on cause is not really going through right. So you're wondering why does a funky bring that happened to me before? I too call somebody, but this is T mobile- is neither more nor to informed of cheap Vernon irregular ring. If you dont have to stay on the phone and how many times go right, you wait not avoid Milon. Nor am I right now: let's discuss Starbucks the two black men who are resident Starbucks have agreed to meet with these CEO Kevin Johns and now Kevin's accented an interview on good morning, America and he talked about the guidelines that they have to look at as far is when police should and should it be called here's what he said. Certainly with Twenty eight thousand stores around the world different regions put in some slightly different guidelines and how they handle certain situations Reviewing this case, the guidelines that they had in place indicate a certain set of scenarios in which the police were to be called now, there's scenarios where the police should be called in this case was completely inappropriate.
And so clearly there is an opportunity for us to provide clarity and, in addition to that, more train we're going to do with our store managers not only round the guidelines, but training around unconscious bias. I right now yesterday they were people and protestors swarming outside the Starbucks, and they said protesters when allowed inside the store. People nobody s into by anything. So if you were out there protesting and your way inside nobody was gonna, buy the you call the police on your harass you, but they wanted to So the nobody was able to spend money in Starbucks yesterday. That's that the protesters were trying to do next. Managing their did leave his position in a mutual decisions at issue. Fire was not fired, but he didn't even a mutual. This now. The reason why he wasn't fired while the ceo is taking part of the blame for that is that it's a management issue and I own it. Here's what he had to say. Why it's easy for me to say in point way to one person in this incident in my responsibilities too low
not only to that individual, but look more broadly at the circumstances that set that are just to ensure that this never happens again and I've been very focused on understanding what guidelines and what training ever let this happen What happened was wrong and we will fix it. I rise. They will see how they decides. With this, but the two men have not released a public statement. They do have a lawyer that they have hired and is no charges being filed against them, but they are going to meet with these are. What do I wouldn't have fired a dozen manager of star by community and I hate that term unconscious bias is no such thing as unconscious bias. We are all aware of our buys it that's. Why that's why we know We feel away from what we see certain individuals. I'm not sure was going on there and I was not there anymore may be, would have fired, who knows, but they didn't fire. It was a mutual decision. I write amazingly you that your front page news all right, thank you, Miss ye now when we come back shoe ears.
Shot. I now have you wanna Harleigh at somebody, somebody you might be feeling or whatever it may be, and you don't have the courage to do it by yourself. Will call us up right now. Eight hundred five, eight five one o five on. If you want to shoot you, try to highlight a co worker, a friend enable it does HU, it is called us up now what help me out to breakfast club good morning. It's down. The future. Sound is due to the breakfast. You want jades, don't mess it up, method, method of Galicia underlining Sycamore mining. Are you don't want to be sure? I'm ok, I'm hoping ok now you want to shoot you shot with having Andrei ok, tell us Andrei Emily. They do, my big brother's when his best friend so I've known him since I was like a girl he's, always just been really cute and we started looking at
like a couple months ago, and now I want to like tell my brother- we've been doing it on the super low, and I want to tell my brother, so he can like so you want to tell your brother, his frame and magic power. Well, I mean yeah violent among other bad. We gonna be together, ok, so that you want this to be a man of your discuss. This I mean you know sometimes you don't need it would, but we don't need to be funded. We sat in our language are involved, but I know you want my machine creators, your brother's best friend, then you been met your brother's Bedford turn out all over your brother's Bedford. How old are you? Are you too little sister Why did I can be a low fight mass ground? Now then said the other I go on days are suggested mass, sometimes thing
when, when you know time allow seminaries, though some time that word you know all day or night by Anna, we go out and I'm not gonna get face time and I sometimes hear back so why does it take the mining Bay. I miss you think I'm goin gotta know you gotta know how does it work may and I are you prepared for your brother detainees, disguise mismanaging oh much other taken you just another one in a long line through our. Maybe guy anyway libraries that data be where his girlfriend, along with that What you have been offered a brass only one way to find out whether because they have no, I'm sure you got beat their allotted is guy. Remember your life, I don't think there's gonna be in problems or more or less rigid and hope for the best, which were the worst good words always lead for better rating for alcohol right holders will call em, they will become backs it or move keep a lap. We go with them again eyes
baby, don't call me when we come back, he blocked at the breakfast Club Gomorrah morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have now Your online uneasy about the core, Audrey Nathless column. hey James. Is me, sir, I want to call an and do something that, as my mind for a minute aboard Nina boy, We thought about it. I you know we together their living, which remoter gather. We lack together now, because we allow alike, are you You carry. You don't tell her brother going like further delay was the solemn vow to families
you be together, surrounded with any more about outlets rabble with you. You know what I mean, because you know because we must not allow meal. We ve gathered Grammy wearing an idea now year, but simple. We first started mess around what is that what we were you know no fella. You know wages amplified. You know as well as we can. With this all, let boil right now. Are you treated I do not have anything for me. The problem, I'll understand you no more carefully you! You know, you know, I don't really care for you, but you know the latest himself. I'm not China, yet I am definitely not try to tell this do what a family or anybody else. You know what we do with between us,
No, not anymore. All purpose globalism in Auditing LISA Guy threw out, as these are the actual Ye Charlemagne Gabert now you said, you'd want to go on a rabbit all, but you ve been going on a rational you who had done your friends, fifty titty cattle over this You got me on a radio by you there we have now. Would you give her mother when those they believe you right now? That's right. I believe you play we burning of your life we body with near now without Andrea you're. Being honest, though you guys, I just sleeping around, you don't want to be with her love for much of the world thing is honest with you, you know is now do you know that I mean it, but then you you got it by plane. You don't wanna a girl, a thing that you don't wanna be were higher than you ask that donors that that you do you treat me man, I've cake.
Why you say it out three: nine. Only where will we eat the but later Maybe you going around you do. I am absolutely everywhere you go you all, your friends, that's not right! Here theory As a politician, she gave me first, didn't I tell you, I waded through ok trickle want to go there. I did a sixty nine into your belong together. We have me ok by instead attended this Spanky Teddy. I guess what it is me Jane. You don't want to be with you like eyes, though, if you still want to continue to mess behind, because you teach a nice gas on you, but just it's not a relationship, Well, he might not want to be with me, but he is going to have to tell my brother something because I'm pregnant Lastly, let us, then, what are you? Are you really pregnant yeah? I really am
Mama now Marianna with Georgia on another level. Could women sums on women and one or two things in this situation is very pregnant. I d say European, I don't think I'll take it, the way to go. You think you know what should happen I don't know what you are doing. Are you talking about you re going to do? when include kind of measure, what I told you where you gonna be name, can be named fund then, because that would underwear cardinal unusual. Yes, now that firm, We all know, while the tab all right, while the world That way, you daddy the endless. What is it with little to find out about tax ragged yonder, our data? You enjoyed your little fine. Could now you want to have a little fun on way. Ok, you name it lest they should be with you not only does this bank, what am I being TAT mother, you gonna tell Andre now I mean either you gonna tell her brother, no law,
That's no mark, not pregnant, you know, she's great, you know she called would appear radio station. And then she cried, the United Arab Emirates had to sex. No, she said. Sometimes he said yes, he said no. She listened where'd. You get that really I mean, maybe they're, not among you say, I'm here, you're, obviously industry to do all that is that thirty, you gonna give a company I'm fine about nothing to do with maybe you're gonna run. If I'm gonna tell her about it, I'm pregnant so either way and agility well, we'll guys, I'm not gonna, be mean anything. But I can't do this. What you could I got a girl. You know me my oh, my god you should have thought about. Then I dream a lot about the kinds of members: faithful, male community Hokkaido. Basically, you can t deny your girlfriend and you don't even know you had a girlfriend send as happens when we was less than a well before I got a girl, so you know well not really cheap or not
I use there was another whether even after you have still feeling you had a great friend, my goodness were now. Would you now? Would you say if you cheating on me with a stick non governmental girl? Now you know about that before you do. You know guys who you know, I'm sorry, does it work out. The way was both to national level, Baby Andre, as the Portuguese came up dated anything Carlos after you had a baby over an NGO were not at all right. Well, rumours of next is the breakfast cloak. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to rule this is told me I'd say this is a report on the breakfast club. Yes, bonanza is planning to donate a hundred thousand dollars to four different, historically black colleges. So that's exciting right
and her mom is discussing the conversation that they have before Bianti performers echoed Cello knows she said I Toby say I was afraid that the predominantly white audience echoed Sheila will be confused by all of the black culture and black colleagues culture, because it, something they might not get see cabs into the photo she set her. It responds to me made me feel a bit selfish and ashamed. She said at this point in my life and my we? I have a responsibility to do his best for the world and not what is most pappy. Because they were not not trading her authenticity for approval, MA That beyond say also went on to say she said that our hope is that, after the show, young people would be such this culture and see how cool it is and young people black and white. We listen to lift every voice and sing and see how amazing the words are for us all and bridge the absolutely beyond they were donate nerve, were formed a grant a thousand each aged lady, like thousands of each country.
Thousands Luther as big a mean last birthday. I think something big with bill. Cotonou Mugabe donated remained Alice chrome acknowledge what am I and brown hair and six that to cause you, six nine had a back and forth on social media. Now I didn't know the two of them, for whatever reason didn't get along, but this is all about this over me with, because my name on it there are a lot of you will not allow my name next, who not appointed if they so wish. I remain as they get their look up. Your face is vital. So my guy a be dull fight. This Saturday, Showtime Barton, Tarkash Safe, now got mad cow. I told you so most Charlemagne being clown. That's what I thought you probably was here. That's it. I tried to bed then attended to something else, and here is what Adrian broader had to say on Instagram a six land on me. Nobody's gonna put pictures boy. Tell them about Chrome they got aware knows why from his people dead and I get to New York this week, a volume, I wonder is
You be following the ploughman Jesus Christ. While so yeah to know where this goes from here in our education should be on what you to be focused. My brother forget forget: the dead are too costly, six now be as ok, you gotta fight decidedly I right now we have to catch his reply on a case that you the fight second, we need very bad. Three hundred thousand Adrian broader will lose Nowadays, you re idly. Daydream runs a really take em upon a bit, but I don't think that Sixteen I got thrown about love body yesterday, our own, but now you have the idea and again it is the only thing is you take em up on our bit absolutely articles it. I right now man alive you, but he was gonna, get out of jail yesterday, but it hasn't happened the day,
trying to get him out, and the judge said it down once again. Judge Genece Brinkley is not trying to make it happen. Now they were asking for the jets at us a two thousand and eight conviction, because prosecutors, We are fully aware that the arresting officer, Reginald Grandma, was dirty by sat on Information of that conviction was toys. That will mean that makes probation violation would go out the window, however, that I did not sign off on their and instead scheduled a hearing on that matter. Here Is that until June Dynamic is gonna? be imprisoned until June. Until that hearing happens so yeah mocha. As unfortunately nobody was saying he's getting out saddened What's gonna happen now, but, like you say that a lot of people think that he shouldn't even be sitting in jail, they proven that their arresting officers, was dirty by some has some way he still suffering the consequences that that, let's get out his honest than I ever body can claim c c c. Megan think that make us been doing have been done unjust, but no
seven in a really do something I'll Ghali's governors and yet a governor. I think they try downloading to overturn the judge that easy at anybody looked as though we but this everyday with anybody, let them if the governor control. He bought me now. We have it to my new land, tragic nobody, are saying is that the case would have to go to the Supreme Court there and that's how they could I want. I want to know: could the governor of Pennsylvania Pardon meet new anybody? Are there? No, please Let me know the governor were now maybe makes lawyer would know cause I'm sure they would have try that I remember I carry her. Former manager is suing her and it is some money. That's he says that she's odes Jaso is suing her because she saying that she was making in front of her all the time, and that was an issue. I guess she said that is sexual harassment saying that allegation is baseless? Was she saying? Is the Maria rarely war any close around her and did sexual things in her presence? Also sounds I Amazon misuse because she feels
a little bit mad about getting fight. Is the manager and he also physics, he's old money? So now you sing naked around her. That was a this women allowed his hands you naked around each other like just getting dressed in getting ready for things. So I don't have any I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss E. I know solemnly we give an adult tunics. Only five loses Sean entity to come to the front of the congregation we'd like to have a word with him. I want to talk to you about this thing. Called integrity and wise, very important have integrity. When you are member media hour, I will get into that when we come back equal access to breakfast global moment, you
time for Don T. Talk to you today does not discriminate. My now dissolving today by the donkey of breakfast club, please don't keep the day to day to day, to day April, devotee of gold to flax. New shorthand. Now look mediator, tricky business alligator, even tricky business, because you really don't know who to trust and his people who have to privilege of being on his microphone being on your tvs, and they really don't have you best interests at heart. They dont approach it would the intention being public servants, ok, here to serve the needs of the public, they approach with the intention of making themselves fat. Ok, I hid serve their own self interest and ass? It I feel, like you, have to be up front. What your intentions in his game gave you a dj and you ever Label and you planets are not as over and over and promoting and crazy and had always happens to be signing a label at the usual of you will know that. Ok, if not you
misleading people, you not being honest about why your plane is record so much I as a consumer. I trust you ok, put me on was pop in you, I taste maker, and I respect your taste so dont know that trust it. I have a new by manipulating me to think you like an artist simply because there are good when in fact you have his dealings with them now Sean Hannity is always come into defensive, Donald Trump. We notice Hannity described the raid on Michael coins off his bundle coin. Is Donald Trump Personal Lloyd, described a radio Michael Collins Office as an all hands on deck effort to totally malign and, if possible, impeach to president of the United States? Why? Why am I telling his let's hear from Sean Hannity himself, Robert Mahler? The FBI has raided the office, the home and the hotel room of Michael call. A personal attorney of the President of the United States now keep in mind call was never part of the Trump Administration or the
from campaign. This is now officially and all hands on deck effort to total, malign and, if possible, impeach the president of the United States. In fact, despite all of Today's major breaking news, the fake news was totally obsessed with all Michael coal. This is a huge mass of double standard. You think Hilary clip attorneys had their offices rated during, female investigation, not a chance. The media while their obsessing over Michael Cone. Yet there are really important stories to to John Henry is definitely T Michael Cohen. Ok, he even called the Justice Department Investigation, a witch hunt, now why does John Hannity go so hard for Michael calling and downloads? does he really believe that they are being done wrong? Why Sean Hannity on the wrong? out of history why world in and federal court yesterday. It was revealed why, of course, see an infant report. The judge forcing Michael Cones attorney to reveal who this mystery third person was. They reveal
two of these clients, the President Anne Elliot Brody and the judge. Basically after countless arguments, why two attorneys presenting Michael cold. He stood up in court. This lawyer, Stephen Ryan, any basically said on Hannity shot entity is a client of go call in one of three shots: inanity Donald Trump Non Oda, the guy it, but why is enough is listen. Is that ok to read? He has never told his lesson is. That is because his word would look less credible when defending who call and when, in fact, if you was just real, would you listening and said: hey, microphones, my attorney, and I can vouch, did he's a great guy and What was happening to him is wrong. That goes further than american people finding out the reason you was gone so hard for him was because you was indeed a kind AIDS, ok shot Hannity. Have you ever heard of the word integrity, okay and tag eight and wanted to choose test of integrity. Is blood refusal to be compromised? Ladies and gentlemen, I would say: and as you already know, shy entity is compromised and you
got my views. As I have been accused of promoting farther than conspiracy, dare you wanted a people who can The dot on Barack Obama's birthplace, reported false towards by Hillary Clinton, help what he has EL dimension, own dealings with Michael Colony, failed Imaging Michael gone with. Indeed, his attorney nationality has a base. A little group of Those who hang on his every word would think they're Sean handed. He is a man of integrity. Well, you just, aren't you man lying directly to your face, ok I'll, be on it. I'm about son, and he can look you in the eyes and get on that tv. Knowing that he's a bold faced lie because it doesn't matter how much truth you have been elected to serve you a single lie. Just a single life can destroy all reputation of integrity. Let me remind you, shine Hannity two biggest hee hee hee, you stupid mother- are you. I shall remain. Take you for a donkey of the day. Yes, sir. Now we combat crime,
Donna be join us. My do cried done up in my guy. For a long time is one of the stars of black, like any place to buy on black, like internet is a seasoned finale, so we don't checking and when we come back as the reckless welcome opponent, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club that, especially guess, into building from abroad crowd our prows rub my brother. But now I have a deal because one nay I make my dad and my grand there. But if my name, you two are the: if you know you need devil, dabble in the active than you all usual governing their do. Indeed, when the episode areas lot, I was on my first big it any acting thing actually on credit. I used my name Marvin jobs for Should then, but allowed people Why did Harry's lawn? I didn't promote it. Well, I did. I did in the sense of twitter. It just started when I did it and you know, and all this social media stuff is started, and then I think I was just kind of not fully accept
but then I was making a little bit of a transition at the time you know arrived here all may I was still in a rat game and and if you know my rap career, you norms authentic to what I was about right now. Indeed, I just had a little a little butter reserve about that envy. Honestly man, you know, I thought like ok, how casket act an indispensable role. I was playing. Is it out the latter rapids when it make their transition year, though it is not an easy one at all the bug did it was like all you stolen argue. Commercial little reserve like that would end in, like seceded, is that you know when I do it and then we are faced with it. You, like oil, okay, now to go. Look at me, you'd think about their just a little bit: I was then it totally. This is now. It is your like first big major already the forty three miles on black line. How did it happen elsewhere, morsel album and
MR that had a meeting with a cat name said Dick. He gonna call cause we're looking for a cat roll and look for you idea. We women over me and in that they have Mason on me. Tat was on his record label, though so he restart meeting as many people. Looking for you regarding wall at home, we have just had dinner. You might. If I give a number he had reserve by an twenty minutes late. I got a call from Vicki Thomas on moving over nine out of yeah. So she Yom call me and said, hey Marlon Gotcha number was they got this rolling? Much look at thickish, you think figure before come on. You know, so I m sure read the role first, I was suddenly with black lightning honestly, but I didn't know the intricate workings of it. You know, I know about the blacks rules for sure black Panther location stalling, of course, and I didn't homework
saw what it was: first, black superhero family, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. You know right after I was born and I was wow man, you know this could be something be look they who I was scheduled to play Tobias Well, african, American, politician, underworld, boss without buddhism- and I say, ok well, this is what I call it. Kneeling someone for another hour that I can't them, rather than give mostly this time now in his tent the deadly God's gift. You ready so I look at the breakdown. I see a gull k while shouted by letter to Morocco Dollar fifty cats, it in a blaze of ad shouted deadline, what what are my eye was shouted this. When you know I don't like this committee will be, maybe you know get ready. Numa due diligence prepare
and and is a great opportunity. We know what happens when we are prepared for the opportunity to do so. I did so. What is being an albino have renewed due care, do well, the creator of black lightning Tony Isabella and I hope, Hobbes watching his cause, he's a sweet one format and yes, we every week, and and tell me that you love what I'm doing and that's like one of the biggest and best companies I can get because he's the creator of the show, little until mutable, back on the attitude of the watch. No, you may have internet, but I am go. Watch out of danger. Now is a totally mandate, a busy man. Are you say? First of all, let me say that I've known in each of you individually for very long time throughout the still my career individually and I've known you got collectively for a very long time, this month's time, you guys. I've always been welcoming and want to me- and I am so proud of you. Individually and collectively? Follow you all again. I mean you know
yeah man, quite all than we do, but I gotta stay to see you guys is marvel. You know at what you guys have become too our culture and our important These are two. I just know that beg you run regime is incredible and I watched guys as everyone does did you sleep well, I'm here, and I think that we all need to white Mysel. Yet a little watch my neck among about pointed out as you guys, are very busy. I watch what you want to watch. The very idea: could you not all these measures would be all the more. I know I will mean that like Mama Marvel Guy, but here also. I cried on guy now watch and they have incredible incredible com
on the waters comics any airport. Everybody knows it. Didn t indeed in an especially in a black lining. I'll have to say I call it. The food was shoved. Cause is totally for us. Buyer of law is for the people by the people, and am I cast is incredible so again so privilege, you know and a blast right now to be an into the midst These people has wider and wider albino a mild, Marmee, pounded homophobic later that the character Tony's above the creator, Tony Isabella created the character, Tobias would have albinism and he told me this story is so dope, because when he was growing up in Cleveland he's from Cleveland, he knew someone that had albinism- and you know he grew up around a lot of black people in Cleveland
and so he understood in a lot of ways the black experiencing when he was gone up. Reading comics, he had that idea in some came over him that my friends don't have comic book characters that look like them that are going to the experience that they are going through, and that's why you create a black lightening the first by superior family. You know an end what's a neighborhood if you know one in thirty thousand on the first time I came here to DMV and I had a conversation with that has resonated envy through my career, so many people managers, agents people in Hollywood. You know look at that interview. And get him a view of whom Marvin Jones no Absolute, his only crime down. I thank you so much for that man, obeying What language do not feel it away flow for me, ask all now, man, young man
Why are we wanted? An ugly gives mistaken to all the time I know is device can actually hasn't would come. Oh, I get it for revenge, but I guess I did so when it came down to him, creating all these different individuals in black lightning. You know he said, will in a, why not have this pivotal character, the albino. Could I see people in the neighborhood and shouting entered fully Mikhail because in the comic, if you follow it from nineteen, seventy, seven or not Tony was still very vague about what albinism truly is and and the experiences that we face so, but he did Rep to have the representation in the character to buy as well Stanley. My kill in his story line. If you follow the show, has a very
extensive backstory for Tobias well, and why does some of the things in the reasoning in and all that and when I got the roll filling call me and and asked me how I felt about some of these things that he was preparing to write and had written already and- and I and I was again just honored and privileged to even be asked you don't from the creator of the show, how I feel about these things in and am I going to be able to tell this story and down, and yet we just don't you know so ass. You got there superhero voice out they. Actually, I beg you to thank you so much. I we got climb down. When we come back to that it sees the finale of black lightness, don't move to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have crawled dawn in the building. Show me: how did you
Identify with the character of the network is using corrupt politician and turn gang leader. Like is anybody you studied, like I studied a lot of things. Of course, you know actors that I respect that have played villains before and and supervision of all types, not just comic book world. You know it was a responsibility of mine to match you know in, and we at that level. You know some of these grace before me, so I don't know you were not not done all all. I were just getting started but this whole thing we're at season one. You know I've got very little feet into. Thank you. The grass and and we're at episode. Twelve just came onward, but due to season finale, America loved, showed a number two Chauncey W arrived at a flash number three. I'm really really happen, excited others what it received it, but again would just starting you know is a black family. Black stories and black experience through that allows no is guided stupid.
How do you continue to focus on music is much now. This is a whole new lifeline as a whole new arena. This is a whole new fan base. It is, I don't know the rapporteur, No I'd do. I might have been waiting for the people to what are you doing? What do you want to? I do not to say you will smooth, but you go in that direction, but also as regards what you asked you for what you have done, that and humbly received that I love wrap in our game. You everything, but no one, and I gave it a lot. You guys know you guys supported me in. I wouldn't be the rapporteur. I am if it wasn't for sport today, envy you know in Charlemagne that Lee I wouldn't you. He won't even know me, especially in city, soon fell asleep, almost been, thrust into a whole new dimension, right understanding from a world? You already know: how long did it take you to
comfortable with the role of Tobias covered. My brother ass, like you, no matter a politician and a drug Lord, how do things to buyers will does and little room you fellow traveller load my mail that others do allowed, because you might call a cookie. I leave you in California anyway attractive. It took a lot in me to focus on the inner villain inside of me. We, I think we all have that, though
Oh, I think that, in a word I was able to explore as an actor is that we all have his vast array of emotions. Inside of is the key to act from that I've learned in class and study in the great our job is to find that place until that should from place. Now we all have a say in vast array of emotion: we go. The things we are angry were happy with sad. You know where, where where, where depressed were horny were in, love were broke, want to heartbreak. All these things and in every character, has a story to tell that we at some point about life, have had to live through or not press keep ourselves away from make a choice to go the other way, but the Tobias Well character. I get to play in a direction that I've in a lot of times, maybe wanted to suppress or la times locked out of my mind law, but did not want to go that way in a witness, but turn them that you know the blind eye to
So now I can take all of that emotion, race. It play with it You know play that on character and and make sure in my life that I represent. Beauty or lack the gonna. Their due to get away is very. There is better than the amendment or talk about an end. People that work with it, you know, I think work would have you do your passion, you love it. You should have as us, way to be therapy for you. I know you you such a great talent in so many different facet. Do you have a fear that from this won't get more rose unless they're looking for somebody with avenue, I don't fear it more so than I am aware that it could be. What I do is I do the best work possible and from its present my self and trotted defy whatever that may be? I noted God put me this position for a distinctive reason, and
even clearly aware of it other than that? I'm disposed to take whatever lies, but on me and give that right back at you. I do know this that, even more so than the albinism thing, because I really love my look, I think, is very unique and I think it's Joan, if you look at black lightning, it was happening on light landing there. Uniqueness is a beautiful pop. Here is a beautiful popular camera on screen in life in the room. You know events conversation in a room in a like this. You guys look alike to me. You know- and I look different in that says to me- or to some one that is ignorant to what I ask. You then standouts less one thing- and I I love that aspect of and I think that there is always pleasant room for then acting in with the whole cliche of diversities. Yes, that's cool again to Hollywood and it's a beautiful. She had think is one that I welcome, because it is its is that they gonna pay us and they gonna give us. You know I just do at some point to some extent and they
and we are able to tar stories now, wouldn't be a black lightning or black Panther. All these other beautiful things are not so far. Me I'm gonna, defy that I I want to do good work and be an incredible actor and incredible villain. So thing I'll get? Moreover, the villain, the thing is, I want you to see. The villain in me saw than anything and see the uniqueness in me You have to be all inclusive, can't be women, Gaze that does diverse now. If you read the kind of democracy there and that's the beauty and I'll show you know is, is in again credit Celine, Amar, Braga, kill, that's why they would blackish on television, because that think that even diversity with disgust, Pigeonhole lingots gets has a selective idea of what is supposed to beatnik. We share the worthy lay them cliche. So on our show, though its complete black, you see them. You know whom you know, but comes in thirty. Six. Eight approval is the complete spectrum of black from my spectrum.
But you know and shade of let all the way to the darker shade and they're all beautiful. They shoulda full beauty of black. On the show. It's a wonder. Good thing. My brother died when he was like lightning come on. Black man comes on every Tuesday, nine p, DOT M eastern time, pacific time and eight p dot m central he Debbie, networking to scream at the next day. It's on let's run run out, I believe, is coming to Netflix out on this point I think, may or June recently there think Mary, yet I refer you ass, a watch it when it comes on. Our ratings have been great, so shots at everybody, all the fans and how to combine family that have been following this series. Thank you guys. So much guys and made the show a reality and Keeping to the reality was season two and it's a black family. It's a complete real representation of what we're going to in two days time
and I want you to grant it would be an agreed for an early years. I don't let a villain stories about cried then as well. I write down in a cry like good our brother, but isn't it ready as they are by no means eventually the breakfast club morning. Every body is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are. The breakfast club was gets into rooms, assault Cati, be at the Reul report shows how did he have on as an amber? Why Nancy as the fifth female rapids number one spot, you know with other ones. I owe an argument as Eve fact. Brown and Laura Hill, so that's pretty good. First, oh yeah, her debut album so can gradually.
Since the hurricane Gradually- and it has been said that this her but also has thirteen songs on the hot one hundred and she actually as being beyond says record of twelve tracks on the hot one hundred simultaneous this so many lives. Is somebody wreckers with this? Congratulations to court issued Orwell's. You do an amazing. I support I'm happy for the only sound He had thirteen thousand will actually twelve and thirteen songs on the only signed. That was me thing from invasion of privacy, wise biotech, yellow poker and ass. Has obviously was I may for so long, but everywhere I guess, and then the others. They made on it is not. Hers is Vanessa, Ok, so that's why she has thirteen songs on their array. Drake has the record for the simultaneously. Tidy had one hundred songs with twenty four greater economic ready for new drink out no I'm not in June. I will. I can't wait now again I was telling you earlier about cancer. Can we gotta keep mentioning this? He is the first rapporteur, everyone a Pulitzer prize. They won a word from you
taken other categories like in classical jazz, so he's the first rapporteur when the Pulitzer Prize of congratulations to hand out summaries, he has for that? He doesn't want anybody to classify his music when he did to sit down with Dave Chapelle. Now, let's flashed back to when big boy, I actually had Kendrick on and he had a candy free styling and by the way this is from Twitter seventeen. So this is something that pages I guess put out recently got you as a celebration, so check out Kendrick, Lamar Freestyle into some soup. A break them down to the syllables anachronisms. Uk see me, he quitted called together pleasure pledge allegiance to kill me. He said you see me in defeating Iraq, enough tat, closer Wurzel, those numbers and worry and one another sound Iraq is this. I wish you'd know how we say: no,
Click on the side of my we're home does decays. Kendrick is definitely my top five Nathan. Iberian say that I raised so sad I too Kendrick and congratulations to everybody over lcd. Yes, right now I sir he is having some issues because somebody broke into his house and stole about eight hundred thousand dollars in cash and jewelry crews. No, it has it on the market and his wife is the piss estrange wife grace. Miguel was the person who was first informed by it Mystic work and have they been having open house is so what they believe is that but these unlocked the window in the house while they were there open house and then came back and actually stole the key in jewellery, and they also came back and still the security came, a foot in the box. It has that so don't confuse mean. Also has a lot of money should have cameras there? You know, as soon as you won't get high levels of you should have all types of motion. Since his motion detectors and when I am open houses,
Zella miles ahead of securing person, a security guard it and make sure that nobody will go in certain areas facing so many. I lacked a window and later sound and having them, but they were walking through the house. Pappy like ok, is the one I write, so I guess it gonna try to figure. Our interest in times, then we told you already Chloe interest and have named their baby chew Thomson. Well, it looks like his dad is considering doing a tell all book just in time, Who is what do you do when you know that doing monetarist? absence damnable, why? Why would he vowed tunnel? But why why why? Why are we here? Well, he first! Why do you remember when he first Galva? Clovy? Cried ass, he and his dad didn't like the fact that he left his pregnant girlfriend at the time Jordi Craig, and he said he hoped her pregnancy would open his eyes now. He said big big story about what happened he said is to read our online. He said I could write a book about what happened and he said when he does it'll be so it'll, be bold, really good and really sad? So he said the need to communicate with his father, so we can be a better person to me and others of tourism was
Communicating with me these problems would not happen. The last war he doesn't know what is dead, ass white ass, a communicate with dad dad do tell all books about a sudden, MBA right now, probably the worse time of his and now my dad's told me he want to do a tell all book about me. I'm never going to talk to you again, pops! yeah and I'm annually, and that is your room, a report. I shall do my paused manner towards my pop socio, dad we're gonna tell I actually interview me near right, where you are then, as now as a sort of like as it is a sort of machine when he's a big any type of water and make his bottled water boy was announced yesterday, Megan, all types of smart, laborious at at at at at at anyway was his enemy shut. My mom's my pops out now when we come back with the people's choice what you want to hear. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one revolt will see you guys later everybody else to people's messes up next to control switches up next,
I'm Jensen carpet. I want you to listen to the new podcast from Tree Fort media and I hurt radio called the no support for the Jensen cars. You see, I'm a comedy writer and die hard. Sports fans was terribly missing the athletes. I love so much so every episode, I'm talking about tat, leads coaches, commentators and Legends Verandah world to see what they are doing now. There were all second, our cap on this pod castle. Here sports figures are airplane themselves and their families will find out of this thing and shape their kids. Your heckling them during home school did they almost burn down the house trying to make their own red or they sleeping in their journeys, and they like. I do up. No just me all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing Legend sugar, Ray Leonard talk about staying in shaping the driveway farm in working order. Whatever you can do much better for having J Williams explained, is crazy, NBA, crucified families to resign Army ass, it ok and getting a living sweetheart Adam Report to collective my Florentine fifth, that spring
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