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Monday 3/27- Today on the show could definitely be summarized with the phrase "shoot your shot". First the Breakfast Club helped a listener get in touch with his friend, so he could "shoot his shot" in hopes of taking their relationship to another level; a level that was definitely unsuspected. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Kevin Garnett after he "shooted his shot" by trying to pronounce a word he clearly did not know how to say, so we opened up the phone lines to see what words our listeners had trouble pronouncing and if they were equivalent to the word Garnett tried to pronounce.

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Rather sit out from the most prominent? Why do some early morning birthday drama was able showing people really breathless bridges
Good morning, USA, Giorgio Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go good morning. Angel again manages am Charlemagne guidelines that applied. It is my neighbour acts into work week. The lonely Dammit America LAD agreed Sunday yesterday as they might as in bed all day I write about man, I was as we have named rested. I feel recharged newly do it on Sunday. The only good are also not do that. On Saturday incident and ass I sat at a museum around, they said I was actually in Boston, actually took my nephew. He said,
he's gone. He was here for we gonna break he having rehab every morning coming to work with you again. He just said he just wanted to feel what it was to work unknown consistent about. I enjoy immunity asleep and going to the clubs and almost no sugihara greater. He eats Russia. He eats a lot either it is a young college boy, my goodness, every morning he had to make an egg and cheese or Becky go out to pay for that only appy force. That way was if you act like you didn't like their aim is included. As that you like it. If you like that, when we first started a shell Jane you like dead now now do you can have your little round round? Why do you think had a good time and had a good time this week and what you got to do this weekend had a good weekend running errands. I asked you was home this weekend. Someplace, I never get to be something I got a brand new Iphone. I got the Red Iphone, seven plus that's promoting Adri,
I wanted to make sure I did that I got the new Iphone finally on the type of person who will keep my phone until it falls apart or even though I get the free upgrade as is never fell. I go into the trouble a bag in it up into one or that, so I did and then it was a lotta birthdays. My grandparents, her moms robot from DC with her Mammy birthday ochre. So we hung out with and then my best friend sandy with her sons, third birthday party someone over there for that taking taken care of family business. Following our normal or we can rescue cocksure? Don't worry, Goober, listen drop, one! Never South Carolina Game cast my goodness and final for expected that doesn't go. Wives, alma mater. You know She was a cheerleader for the basketball team, and football teams will ruin for cats for a long time. Ok, go cats add a book called egos, my enemy Emory net all weekend thrilling about them
what is the south wanting in or Jago make fun of me, but this disappoint him a week into so my daughter had to go to us. We sixteen right. So this was the first time she put on high heels. Really like hired me. I'm surprised me the first anti war like five inches thick since you have met it, is GM surprise, policies, night listener and locate meals year, rule shit no show real heels. Is ethics answer crucial, but I'll write? You were always donors or amendments eight and about those we're gonna be sustainable, her mother, so gear was getting ready. So I was one a walk in a Craven. Like you look like a robot sunlight let me show you how to work right, ok, I'll, be worked out and put no heels oil rather than a majority vote. This wagon lay some a water sunlight when you walk act like you wave and so people are now. Would you like a walk away? Why wish you walk like? I know it sounds crazy. Why would she waved to people? Because I mean? Are you gonna make it
But when you get what you see walk a letter about that you wave to people like you presently, you don't owe me on what is its hands between you and me that in a minute you you things in your boat off right. Are you a bit about no Amira thing isn't made by you only to do two things at it, but no one hour put deal, though I do know, is that we really do need to figures in the budget would be put knowing you just made brothers bag and put heels when I rise, he had no sounds like a new shell coming and these grace We need dialogue. You see what you gotta that is your mother, so lets you know what you mean. I guess I bet you just jump when you don't you and you are you this morning- bade put our nose. I just tell us what promptly we are going to talk about United Airlines. People are up in arms over them, not letting some young girls on the flank, as they had on leggings,
The only way we are with you live in Cincinnati, a nightclub shooting would tell you what happened. Ok, we're going to all that when we come back. Keep a lot is the Progress programme the envy, Angela YE shall remain God. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you feel blast you had a great weekend and want to press and positivity. This Monday call is now maybe she'll birthday. Ever maybe eight hundred five, eight five one o five one that was gained some front page news? Incidentally, final for game, Saturday. South Carolina is playing guns. Aga in North Carolina plays, are right, drove wanna, cools, barbarous, alkaline, again, goddammit, nobody, NATO three, those guys are borne by the dozen, how unhappy nine Columbus, Oculina radioed, nevertheless, listen by whatever United Airline Way and you airlines, woman was tweeting, honey, machine and watches the founder of the anti gun. Violence grew moms, demand action. She treated about a United Gate agent that review
to allow girls on the flight because they were in leggings therefore was formed. Embryo Minneapolis, they said spandex is not allowed to tweeted. Guess at United, not letting women wearing athletic, where now you, initially responded that they have the right to refuse passengers who are not properly clothes and people said about that cost he's our everyday, where we're leggings all the time allowed a women do ladder women. Where thou Knowest athletic we're goin to flight whatever. But what happened was this according to sources, they said the young girls were actually part of the they get. The free travel passes, I wouldn't so. Apparently, when you get those, you have two percent yourself into certain because you are the Ladys of the airline and they don't. That type of dress sell for an average person flying it would have been fine, but because these young girls were flying body under Emily pass any any any employed. Unless you get the body personally fairly. Press will tell you that if you let your dress appropriate, you have
nothing that looks neat and professionals. So that means you can't wear any like grandma's mandates. Taps know anything like that. I used to think of these bloodless got under the programme because my job want to live online. You have to be polite because they said lonely. When you go and you got one of those buddy passes our family pass. You have to be very, very proud back in the day in make me we're Jack agenda where a jacket and raising a blaze of enough about me, but you have to do to get a cheap flight of all that in a lot of people really love you listen. If it is showbiz bagman, they will need. He's had a body mass is outdated only by their death, or they would tell us put on you, play the major address appropriate agonized into people GSM. Jobs are absolutely so. I think that the authorities are blown out of proportion that they do not what happened in Cincinnati and Cincinnati. There was a nightclub sitting, a nightclub, less cameo nightclub.
Since in that he was shortly after one a m Sunday morning, a dj kept calling for security over nowhere. Apparently they were about twenty gunshots in the club, one person was killed and fifteen people were wound. This lane, man who has been identified, o Brien Spikes is his name. He was twenty seven years old. Now there are still several victims that are undergoing surgery. I told you, fifteen people were wounded so there are still investigating they don't have any suspects in custody, but their interviewing witnesses right now recently was to crops at the door to crops in the popular right and not allowed to be inside the club. I guess they hire those security to be outside. All right will ask for a page knows who do trot mixed up. I'm running out of time, but tell him why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent Carlos right now, maybe you had a bad weekend, a effed up week? it may have me Mandy if you Jane, what of it just a reminder that your taxes are due soon
everybody. There hasn't been a taxes, yet let's get it together, right, Aidan, Jude, Froggy, five, one five, one of your absurd need. They call us now is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club you know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to breakfast allows. Is a joy tell them you may lemme guy, though I might be permitted to have her wedding, ready, pungent, IFOR, thinker lap. I went to the other principles held up each of us to see the link between sent me a message. I found him whilst avoiding any funny authorities are now no longer meet her when he kicked out the wedding russian Cute, you out the wedding and that's real sister Beche DE. I think that we are providing. What did you do to get kicked out, though I want with my other food. They are due.
Eleven that this mornin, maybe but I felt tat. If ok, I get to keep happening a packet carried out, even though, as I wish you wanted, they wanted. There are paying the price for all. That is why, if you'd money, local Mamma, you ain't a re back there there when she is Helena waiting is expensive. I love you. More volume at band. So I'm not because I was the story, but like a month and you went out- but are we getting came back from terrible note, must have now that you gave back ok bomb on Dominican every tree and right Don Quixote in your bed, like that in my region, the medical began back. Like you know, I do. I need to talk about made us all bloody and you can do with laughter My family and I m yadda yadda at Alexandria, bodyguard,
really, like the? U has always says you, my dear Lana Metabolic, got more visibility, overhear assassinated battled. I may do you being a treaty and what is it asked? Antiquarian advocate that near you. That is exactly what these annual haven't. They did. Did you don't want your blood, both she oh brother, not ass. I values, is they want to stay in our family now, meaning the media written about black men. Like bra, lad, Dominicans. I know exactly what is right, you don't then, but it is crucial I got a great credit score like there was a great goin. Now that a definite He found the other day you girl came as low dollar diminishing I wanna. Do black men had been cut, Num lose when they get to attached, telling them that they can't you think of that.
And we won't like hello, there's some kind of blackmail believe she stuck which assistance anyway, allow it in eighteen, oh my bad mad because of my god above Oh, my god, they may be only without good out there, the work and my Angela for me I'm a cause. I messed up, don't wanna play for that was a good. You don't want you rejected where'd you go, you must learn to live. A little corner spoke about you, the check in show you the oil estate, so we have a good I've thought about it and with good it's got it before they would do away with the work opponent. They ve had caused out of the room. They decided to destroy it. If I'm not law. Nevertheless, very I know you better give them a review on Yelp tell why you man, eight, don't Friday,
one thousand and fifty one. Let's move on tell him why you bless if you're blessed you had a great weekend, maybe it's your birthday whatever, maybe call us right now: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. The slogan for the breakfast are you bless the nightly fairy tale the congregation at eight hundred five five, when o five was praised. It's the breakfast club allows there is now Jane is tell him what you bless. Put your man: now said the what're you mad about J, I'm marrying her light. Grand rod got out of a relationship, anything filling all miserable, and I think that here too I will, if you need a well, is sold, rob the gay guy you're a gig, I clearly. Well, I'm gay, I dont know rob but you have all Robin Hood. A woman yeah, I guess with a girl and she gets broken heart
so you so you're not like mad. You like sexually frustrating Give it a try you. What do you think do you think he might like you has he ever tried to, like you know, slide your little tongue or anyting but there was this one time away without the eminent together, and I think that you know he had a lot upon I gave club, will you in Islam, or rather not be one of the gone away yet again, are you sure you're? Never gonna get. You said he's my gable. So would you be so he doesn't know what what Not you know, J J hold on jailed out on this. I Jays number. This call me I'm going to have to tell him how you bless you do that mademoiselle, so you hold on, I will get you number will call you back. You be available in an annex, thirty minutes yeah and you guys all mine.
It is then you now we see we have moved on the longer luminary ray. I thought you join from where you bless. I'm glad devise a part that actually enough unfounded as one about the work on the alive and they all night the Beaver employed by it. That way everything you have gone on to power, wasn't who came in to your life and we could really have a bit. You can't figure that I wasn't it. Thank you. I have now everything good. The girl, like David Well, I was in your expert. You have previously in another situation, Eugene Y yeah yeah. I was you do in Japan. I meant already grumbling yeah. But everything very our Bob out and out of my many years ago. Actually, if thou think that things were embarrassed, that you ate him mentality,
Develop though I think that, with the laugh, all you online, where you gonna move back, you don't have no expectations farther than a brain can no longer be. What is there to get my my that balance that parliament wants to be. Another girl called appear next year's and sleep to him. You know because you couldn't win him because of previous years. Simply within less does that about you, Charlemagne underlined and no one is going back la my goodness, we'll have a great morning. I in a great we anchor. You can tell him why you bless eight hundred five, five one or fire. What have you bless? You can give us a corner. I e we got rooms on away. Yes, we'll talk about what happened with fatty, wipe apparent they tend to say that he was robbed early Sunday morning in New Jersey actually more no doubt you, and I will tell you what the rumor is. Also Ramey Mass you once you do know you better leave her alone. Don't forget the rules mocha. I will get into all that when we come back, keep a locked, the breathless cloak.
The breakfast club, the bar the report annually on the breakfast Club Betty Whereby over the weekend getting new tattoo King zoo on his neck, but in addition to that they are reporting that there was a shooting early Sunday morning in Fetty WAP, with somehow involved in a dispute that turned into a shooting. Now this is and they say that very weapon. Several of his friends were involved, and this happened about five ten, a m Is it a thirty? Four year old man was found at the scene with a gunshot wound in his leg and authorities. Seven year old man was located several blocks away with a gunshot wound to his torso. They are saying that very well in his friends were not suspects in the shooting or,
a robbery that reportedly happen during that same, incidentally, was not injured during the shooting. According to this report as well, they have not release the conditions of any of the victims and been no arrest as of last night. So far, so we don't know exactly what has happened yet, but we do know that Is it chain involved now very webs chain has been seen pictures on several different people. One person put up a picture and instagram and said just to set the record straight. I personally take very webs com. I am not responsible for no one knows action by my own. I dont have a personal problem with any web, he's a good kid in the way how he got his chain taken. I don't know- and I don't care that than in my business- that I take a picture with it.
Yes, the whole down, they all got a picture. Waited on now enjoy the rest of your nights. Avenant VERDI's goods that is in the hands of any there's. No, no, all and brothers can come together and figure out. A solution to the situation has now found that attain their prodigies jealousy envious of fairy weapon of second fatty. Why didn't put somebody on job? I might be Samantha reasons as well. I was again that is three sissy were kind of data monies any he was saying. Happiness can be found in the darkest ties of. One only remembers it turn on the light. Nothing is certain everything is possible over thinking leads to negative far away hood people. Could people don't don't kill a person who can possibly make away for the rest? I don't harm the person that can possibly make away from arrested enough. Couldn't you knows, or despite your face, I never understood that our aid,
let's discuss Remy Mass. She is not happy with people not know when the rules are going to her page on Instagram. You do not leave negative comments. Here is what she posted. You can't comment which one o my age. I'm a chicken block you, I might even take out the sound of personally asked you. If I allays you, I'm going to go on a unlocking spray, I'm taking it so far, I'm not just blocking the mother that wrote the comment that I don't like I'm blocking them, that, like the car I'm brat scroll them face. Each problem include bombed for Remy might then be crazy, so rather to say my black everybody to. Finally, oh, it was his pocket. There really was on the after about Fox and run and Remy responded. No common inside language not want to go
at tat moment, a God more attention. Somebody please indeed, as I proposed in my room with amazing goodness, gracious Remy array and to back he's gonna, be injected into the rack Imo Hall of Fame next month and saying this new he's going to be leaving. Everything in Dre might be joining in as well. So that would be a huge deal if all of that can happen, if it is going to be a performance, they going to do a mix of at least three songs performed by Snoop's right. Company in California. Love is definitely one of those songs. That's gonna happen April seven levels to bubble. I still coming out immediately. They just gave it a realistic. Didn't you forgetting release day they do, but what it was the way abuse, and now they got their now, they can go ahead and start the whole marketing campaign and all of that almost reader right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss you dry, Craig, allow the breathless glove featuring, Drake could area this or we play the drink record onward.
The way was manganese maddened for the number one album gradually Robin goodbye. Barber. Graham, let's give us in front page news now, incidentally, now I'm Shelter Charlemagne COD, strong on a good bottom Oculina game Goddammit be far this week and even a plague and Zagat on Saturday in North Carolina will play Oregon further Lionel forever. As the loaded, a lady, South Carolina game, cause delays, document again, guardsmen ball and for a while, the men just started catching up, but dysfunctional. The lady again cover nearly eight played a knife. Ok, I let us talk about trot. I write were downloads as I am sure you all saw over the weekend. He had a very Hughes set back when they pulled legislation to overhaul the? U S, healthcare system. You know he had vowed to get rid of Obama kid. I was one of the first things that he wanted to do when he got into office rise, repeal that and didn't work out for him. Here's what he had to say by the way just be prepare, because he does contradict himself a lot because he was
saying that he didn't think we're gonna happen right away. He still feels like it can happen, but there was no rush so on and so forth his what he said. I never should repeal pleasure vomica you ve all heard much ventures, unofficial repeal it replaced within sixty four days we will be able to immediately repeal and replace or Burma can happen because of bomb a care has to be replaced and we will do it and we will do it very very quickly. My first day in office, I'm going to ask us to put a bill on my desk, getting rid of these disasters law it's gonna, be so easy. I will be on average only as yet. I fear that Big Donald Trump within the white people version of the sunken- please I beg you under hypnosis, I think, he's apposite. I think that they put him when they have noses, let em guardians they think they're really believe you remember saying what he said. I don't understand why you think ability good that is take away insurance, familiar
the people and cost more money and leave it. I don't understand. Why is benefit it's about that's anybody's, knowing the bidding of other evil people would have been more rigid and evil it in him. He's a public order out of eleven attempted, fanned the bright side of things he had. Perhaps the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today because will end up with a truly great healthcare bill in the future. After this mess known as Obamacare explode, I have no idea what I tell you. You don't even know why people version is sunken place. I'm tellin you, man, listen, why don't you that I don't like I did see. Then let's talk United Airlines right now. Women had tweeted out about seeing a United Gate agent, refusing to allow girls and leggings to board a flight from Denmark Minneapolis she said, spandex is not allowed and United responded. They said they have the right to refuse passengers who are not properly club. The problem is that people were upset because everybody where's leggings everybody, whereas this s let it gear. When you get, No flights turns out after some time pass some insiders. They confirm what really happened anyway.
The passengers this morning were united, pass writers who were not in compliance with our dress. Coat policy for company benefit travel so because they were getting on with the past from an employee they had to dress in a certain way and they were not up to those standards so the tabling of antibody by right right. Have you ever had a body bears the person I gave it a body pass who work for the airline is gonna. Tell you specifically to dress appropriately and advantageous add to be rooted. The people could then job is on the line they men have to wear ablaze back in the day, if you d Buddy Pass, you had to wear blaze of revenue employ rather thousands like any by whatever you. So my would lonely body. Rather let you usually Bypath Ass, they would tell you, dress appropriate, Lena back in the day, I think the flat there's class he had to justice and waits naked, wherein no glaring lack any day. I think you had to be dressed in a certain manner to be in first class now, if you want to argue that why did they consume leggings an appropriate as different, because every time I met their border philosophy, women That is absolutely right. That's what I wear everytime applies the most comfortable day
legged man always weapon it three than elsewhere, with weapons within one window. Feeding pan. On a plane, long flight. She testicles frees up on you, but they are like its work every day and is easy to get to. Security were swept past the lowly eye when you want to relax and rest on a play, dig issues off right leg. Legged for women's weapons, Remit, Tommy, waylay right well we're all right last front, page news now earlier and tell him. Are you mad? get a guy named Jaded called this is what happens when you called earlier in the day now. Jane is tell him what you bless. Would you mad about some of the Woody mad about you or I'm mad, because my friend rod got out of a relationship? Anything feelings, measurable, and I think that here I couldn't ere. I will, if you made a very well the moon, is so Rob a guy you're, a gig. I clearly, while I'm here, I dont know rob,
but you have a Robin Hood, a woman yeah I get with a girl. She keeps broke his heart. You now so you so you're not like mad. You like sexually frustrated. Give it a try, you want to be then do you think he might like you has he ever tried to, like you know, slide your little tongue or anyting but there was this one time we would now be ever again, and I think that you know he had a lot upon that gay club. Will you wanna Lama robs now you want to go away yet again, left column, Are you sure you never gonna get? You said he's my gable, so would you be so he doesn't know what? What will you not know? A J J hold on jailed on on the suggestion by this calmly Do tell him how you bless. You still got room Israel now, don't allow we'll get. You know what happened at the core happen early this. Don't tell me you man, so now way when we come back Michael J, J back on a phone, we really mythology
magazine back on a phone. Let us get on with our. Let him call Rob Livonia. I was seldom dream on a really plain. The called after that was a great idea. We call a meaning might work out well or it might be all bad. So we'll do that when we come back was ass, informative. Monday. Let's have no call somebody early in the morning and that you don't know if they possibly getting that and try to hook I like I love it. You notice how good you gotta teachers shovel, maize and radioactive, hey old, audio buns will call them when we come back. Don't move is the breakfast locomotive breakfast down? good? She may featuring Drake Morning everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Ravages join as early Our until the why you may we had a call. His name was J, and this is what Jason or I'm mad, because my friend were. I've got out of a relationship, anything Felix measurable, and I think that he has put an end
I will, if you made of that. Well is so rob. A guy you're a gig, I clearly well, I'm gay, I dont know rob care, but you have a Robin Hood, a woman yeah, I guess with a girl- and she gave keeps broke his heart. You now so you so you're not like mad. You like sexually frustrated. They do it. Try you wanna DNA. Thank you may, like you has he ever tides leg. You knows LAD Yolo tongue or anything. But there was one time we went out together and I think that you know he had a lot of money. Gay club, you on Islam, or rather not be one of the gun away. Again. Are you sure you're never gonna get. You said he's my gable. So would you be if he doesn't know what? What will you not know J J hold on? now we have J all along with Sub J morning hurried. I ha ha again your voice, this morning's yes, TAT is right
You have no choice but to be openly gay when you have a voice like you stop it what's going on J, ok, my firm raw lights. We go way back. We been ran for four years now and he does not believe it is really bad relationship with a guy with a girl and evaluate those programmes up, and I think that you ve been really happened up time and now the thing that. I really think there are no one for like. Oh, I think that this is the perfect. Does he like mad I now so you can't. You know one van and even of you like these, given him a feeling. Well, are you know why I dislike whenever we like. We were, lay so well and open it up, and I don't know you beat and why I really want to. But this can destroy your friendship, dough
yeah. I do I I really want it for a long time and, as you know, I didn't now any indication that he might like you to make. Has he ever done anything and lack of yours? I wonder you never knew what I do see light into would like it. If I had one of his voice- and I would call that girl I've intuition, though gig gate I do have you made acquainted mighty, guided going off and I feel like that there is a hat and that this risk, I will be ready to try to help. You may be aware, is making a week with a chance. Did you miss Bates, we're gonna help when we come back, we gonna call me I'll, go J. When we call when we come back, we gonna call Rob so don't go anywhere,
me goes a bad and bushy is the breakfast locomotive the report at the Reul report, Libretto club, Med, like having gates, was getting out of jail, and then there was a setback turns out that he was about to be released from the Pole county jail when they found a felony Warren. He had been serving a hundred and eighty days after being convicted for kicking dear oh women, during their performance that we all saw online. Now he was finally supposed to get out. I marched when Fourth, by turns out now, he has to go to Illinois to face a weapons charges of gum. We feel in a while You coming home, you already prepared, as next I've each refers mail, it may tell you knew you gotta come back now drink. I posted on Instagram to everyone, including for Kevin right now. Thank you, but please shift your thoughts, prayers, energy, etc towards the idea. Haven't being home and enjoy.
His life as a free man do not dwell on the things that have been put out by the media there only unless s Their only goal in anything is to grab seek attention, not necessarily to release information. That is factual thoughts become things. That's all be positive. Some positive energy positive thought the Oder messenger Middle Street two bottles, because they could tell you that you got the job. That goes a long time ago. Your Adelaide yes find out when you're getting release. Now friends, my ten of us a positive picture of Kevin Gates. He said one time for me I am rather maintains recipes was the first dues do a feature with his brother. Before people. Even nobody was two thousand alone I hate Whiting, this system in all the hate killing us and our brother and killing the people. There and by the way was the moral of the story and moral of the story. Don't kick women in a chess? Ok
moral, create more store. I has another issue that you guys closed up here August Ass Siena, an tray songs now in tray sounded on the breakfast clear by the way is absent, remain, is out now available. He mentioned August asking a here's what he said and would give it a bug. You give somebody afraid we lay about trade put your hands on me. Now number August was crazy. Couple I wanna buy. I dont want to fly, but don't prove none authority is always put our hands, don't proven to be no barrier idle press charge these days I right now maize. In August Athena took offence to this elmers. I didn't think it was really anything goes. I believe that ought to be nobody up. It don't matter like I think, Ugarte Would August. I, Sir August responded win and is meant in your name and if any of you Talkin about catch invades, but you already offered several fades years ago and was still gladly be his goofy ass and then be cool later stressed. Before.
You reach next time and don't mention my name back to the real world where real problems exist. Now we're like August made it worse because I feel like traded say anything disrespectful, it's not like trace it. I'm gonna beat August. Anyone want to fight. White man. I got hands, be nobody come on. I guess August, like arouses August entry, both my guys, your bet it in and she left him and the laughing imposes restrictions on August post so I don't know what's going on. I do know that three Songz, I guess, was out and back as you know, he's been in promotion mode for the new album and he almost dead to something. Here's. What happened Every citizen, I gave him told you and I still given to June before he Sleep puts his hands on somebody now I was his hair out and his daughter
a again. You ve been back trade out. We know from bout all three of them. Bad part about? It is every showed this is going to happen. Erika somebody don't test everybody's got says every show either Now, let's go get what they want mega. There came running up one about you can't even get to him just leave it alone: clarity that big old Giovanni bedraggled jump when you to keep track of what about you, never do to keep one abundant athletic are bf negroes. If you want you, ok, you got off one another. One of these fat raft was not in shape them alive, Army negroes would ass can hold him, no man a not like any all fight them. Elevator all right now knew me along. We told you this story last week about me along allegedly being very difficult on the set of empire so difficult as America. Then here make up my wardrobe actually filed a complaint against the person they ve ever done, that our empire and the allows people have denied all of those claims, but now there is a source coming forward. On page six- and this sort said every dog
as your day, she does a lot of wrong to people and now is abiding her in the, but she has a history of giving people a hard time, especially wardrobe and make up, and in order to make up are not the ones to piss off. Those are the folks who are there to make active look good. Now they talk about shooting the best. Holiday. They said that she held up shooting because he insisted her cares her white when the door, two when it, everyone in Black she drew a huge fit and how their production for nearly an hour, because you refuse to wear black sea argue my character. Would it be wearing black to a funeral? She would wear white. They eventually gave in because I felt like it was a frivolous, a battle. They said she they said she's very demanding, but it's because she's so passionate about the arts. Oh Fortunately, some people are saying that her acting this way, because his passionate bad characters are the people are saying it's difficult and holds up shooting I will be honest with you. Man I feel like everybody should be humble, but I feel like a certain people deserved it like. I feel like me, along this anomaly things and
a real unions at a world, get them what the hurly want. Why not just me, I tell you about a paddle oh, that can like that. You wouldn't complain normative. If it's all our way, why are you feel because she's really entity character than they give it a shot? I, which is for us a few like certain queens at a game, should be treated as such. Ray. I don't know what really happened behind this line. While we blame difficult what her she went away. Wait, let me, Allow me to say I was crazy white at a funeral, but I guess you know she S. The person as she was boy ever meet long answer. I bet actors in director is probably clash over certain things of what they believe a character would do we're how they would act in certain instances cause creative I'm sure there are sometimes different interpretations. Show me, along with great in white broiling naval Life cream sandwich. I will I mean Zooelogy, and that is your room reporters all right. Thank you! Monsieur shuddering, yes, legal about two men and urged me to do this man I gotta give it to myself. Anna brethren Kevin gone there, but the only reason I'm givin it again, and I know that this is an opportunity to tee
I was born and I don T mean Devil dont you today for Monday March, twenty seventh goes Marcel Cumana Brethren Kevin gone, not a big ticket chemical! that was on his show area. Twenty one, I believe the shows on NBA that come in and Kevin. That was on near with legendary wide receive a life, is Gerald now having gone. It is the whole of this show, and I have never seen a show until now, but wanted to segments on the show they spent a wheel and a guess the answer to question the wild lands on well on this segment. That is made his round online? Will the wheel landed on kind alike and a kind of like segment is when you compare two things that are kind of like each
in this case. It was name and nfl equivalent for each NBA player- I repeat, name and nfl equivalent, but each NBA play it wasn't when I met the whole studies show when the wheel landed on this. Of course, the whole history, Peter two guests and for the audience so Kevin Garnett had one job and his only job was to a name and nfl equivalent for each NBA player key word equivalent well governed gonna. Do this goal. Now. I know sounds like german gun that is having this girl midst in it, but he's not. He attempted the word equivalent. Let's hear it again, please, No, no! No, I mean you know we,
I have no idea where no, actually, I did not know what he meant. Ok just play. What the word that he's trying to say by itself are no demand is posed to be equivalent played again play along with us now, please. An old thing, is not to be fair. Like me, Kevin Gun, it would do this document a public school system, a pronouncing word. Is it necessarily all of our strong point, but the difference between me and kg is, if I don't know how to As a word, I don't verdant. Ok, I have no problem asking for assistants asking someone to pronounce it for me. I get to the word. I have
I don't care if his live tv I would say what is that word and let one of the producers or coho tell me what the hell is going on? Okay, in my upcoming fourth book black privilege, opportunity comes to those who created. One of my principles is give everyone the credit they deserve for being stupid, including yourself that shop is about how you should never stab learning and how the know it all knows. Nothing and you're, not dumb, for what you don't know is what you're not willing to learn that the problem- seating life, the dumb his question, the one not at all, had do Kevin was asked how to pronounce that word. Equivalent play pleaded No! No! No! No! I mean it is a body was going judge you, my brother. I changed the way to say this. Equal cover got that may over three hundred and twenty million dollars in just the NBA alone. We understand, if you did.
Learn how to pronounce words along the way. It's ok now, but a kid that they listening. We know a lead on Khosala show you the proper way of had how to handle a situation like this. Ok, this is some never heard behind, seems odd, of the breakfast club in this region envy trying to pronounced the word solidarity lead here a day of south solidarity. Solidarity say two words that solidarity, a sound, so crazy, a day of solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, salaries. It was like to de Salad, Halla Daring, a day of solidarity, positive in its death indemnity guarantee a day of solid. Forty a day of unity, and I say so. I went away drop one. A gold bombs dj envy because tide of renouncing he attempted to say no more, is time
we'll take it and when I realized his mouth in his brain, worn on the same page procedures used, in other words, the warning him a resource, my guy Covent garden. It should have done the same exact thing and since he didn't Masaccio on a brethren covering gonna have to get this. Sounds of the this morning. You Maybe You ok, yeah, I'm telling you give people to credit, they deserve to be stupid, including yourself have a whole job down into my first book coming out, Everley teeth like privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create a priori, occasionally oligarchy. Unity. I don't tell me, but I'm learning Maria
That is why couldn't get to take me a place to bind the Sami. You assign to be something now, but I am I right in divided doing bugaboo the floor me whether not face any repercussions. I can do to you not for our gas, our right over the phone lines that you read dog at a day, ass made on Friday, five one and five one. What's one word a word at you care pronounced, I have several anything with an empty is just not happening for me straight street, strong scribble, scrabble, inscribe airy does not have five eight miles, not one o five one. What's a word you just can't pronounce I've been espies therapy and everything. I guess not Gabriel Massachusetts Methods Massachusetts, but you go there all the time I saw you say, Boston.
The bottom line. Is that an unworthy Cambridge? You guess they cambric ambiguity on designing Oj Bosnia message, because a mass, the dose ancillary, if these words would n t their status as in this case I haven't from eight hundred five eight five. What oh five one? What's a word, you just can't pronounced? No matter what you do you just can't call us thereof on. What scroll to scrap on what I would like to say the very greatest level, my name is the breakfast warning everybody's deal hey. I didn't really Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. Really love our listeners. I that I will, I would argue and debate Deborah his club am at the bed,
listen to them. Any radio show Evan History alive was the question today. What's one word you just Campanella? Yes, and it comes out of the cavern guy net. Being on his show area between one played, a real, quick no, It is now at really Ramona sound would say, sounds like having was doing the no intimacy challenging snapshot reverse as well as over. The phone eyes allows this morning which may come not a Charlotte need to be do what's the word you just can't pronounced Mamma. I can not pronounce maybe an applicant states many apollonian abolition in Minneapolis Minneapolis a whole other? I'm a be honest with you. You know have, therefore, not that I have to do as they were. Princes is from everybody knows,
money, and I believe we must target. Can we all operate? If you have a certain age and do not have enough minnetaki If they Minneapolis hello, there was one word you can't pronounced. What whether this be worked out go to other residents is a united. They residency yeah readily, You know why you know I could you so busy smoking blood is you. Everything, a residue so you'd like rather doing something resembling ready with a vague about the way that occurred there baby becomes cheap oh, no it's. What does it mean you use as you care for no specific spoke, as some people say: Pacific, Pacific's, Pacific Ocean, specifically no would have on play and I wanna go to a specific goals, meaning and landing Pacific. It is my word that I cannot, but now it robbery
Burma. I plan on very because it sounds like is more syllable than it unnecessary brewery. Roaring Murray worry all right. Thank you, brewery how this wound up a catholic know your birthday, this gap mouth, that. Why should you that was the only anyway. I don't know, and I know it's our minds about worth: shyster loss no one would ever more giants does not worth rightly want to talk about it. I was his own about driver we're not nobody knows you talk about here. You ok, of a path that we're sizes us precisely in order to finance was that girl assessing the current Nicole?
seeing as airlines have never there, because that was of a blue, because if you say my goddamn parquet pronounced and they ain't got down from the goats villages, Surely you know it as you campaign as well. Your dad is from Dominica a guy got video. Allow eight hundred five a fire one or five one, which is as we what's a word you just care pronounce call us right now is to breakfast club that was big shore with bells, morning. Everybody's e dj envy angel, you Charlemagne. We are the breakfast club laugh he just joined. His Charlemagne gave Kevin Garnett donkey of the day, because yet little brown pronouncing his words check it out, Nfl from name is
now by the way. Just to be fair, like I said in donkey today me and Kevin Gonna, both went to disarm came out upon the school system is, is so ladder words I can't pronounced ya know. I can't today straight street strong, cripple, scrap on growth, but the difference between me and having gone added of our not pronounce work Albert into I just ass gotta pronounce it would change. Were ask as well and I actually got a story bullet this morning. I even though somebody was hate me behind to see that I didn't know we save meeting and is there It was a record something a day of south solidarity. Solidarity say the word solidarity, a sound, so crazy. A day of solidarity, solidarity, solidarity, Salazar was is like to de Salad, Halla Geraghty a day of solidarity, positiveness tat, Saint Geraghty, Geraghty a day of solidarity.
A day of unity, solidarity because they right yeah ray I'm progress in all morning about away John shall just reminded me to that all my words that ending th, always sound, like f So I say: Muff Mouth right, mouth now: fluffs corner normalcy amongst going but most mouth right now, either anywhere you cabinet, I'm sure I can't think of em off the table. Hair, but these deadly, whereas I can't allows, is dirt reserve paid their what's the UK a pronounced rope everywhere: ambulance ambling they really glad we're not enable a variety of aliens weigh heavily sounds, like I say things like radiator bad enough. That's right!
irradiated Abernathy things differently. Some time, though, I think it might be an accent, though one accident, my own more before I do. I just thought that there was a row was a word. You care care. I gotta get out of there. I gotta various local like Ebay. What is the current cause? Voices, the regional consequences, because economic get in trouble all my life, so people have always told me too, can be consequences. Because you see I'm having a consequence- was to come up here. Rapid consequence that I was not aware of the browser the idea of a lot of work, has been done and listen to allow this pilot joy. Joy, joy, like a little at the even area Are you with our other year? How'd you I'm twenty thick ogre was a word you can finance, I can say to faster all
faster. I understand why you gonna do a transition was. I think you are my appeal that Ok, so I know don't use that word too much now I go, I don't Let me say again discussed along testosterone ass, the rumours that, over the next thirty two due to Annabel franchise, Torone hello- this is called it cause. I was one word you care, pronounced, milieu, rarity familiar mom. Would you are now more familiar? Airily Amelia S, familiar Bro, our ever know it does. I can't we're not even of Roma, but a rural area, auroral rule a rum from most Kutuzov Yolanda, which rural area and I can't not hello, this wherever hello, hello, a
although this was what the words you can propose at the club. Ok about word rip. Ok, I came I want you perceive it Eddie that I say I would ask them to peripheral, reveal periphery of all Pereira. Your visit to reveal you say side. I asked you about that. I know about was, if it February of February, in February, February February is like his remark. Tat everybody liked. But what else around as global more hello is alive. Oh hello, the word came for thought. It thought it sausage or you from Charles in any. Of more now, avoid through easy only a boy. I won't beginning muttered
It is not about a bullet aboard level but the man God it's new, motorboat, jangled right now, manga, music and biscuit wagons ease man. What is I don't know you had a bible. Why do you days. There were men. Well right, you go over it all right. All right, what eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we just took the words we can't pronounce and if you're in Philly Dc Merrill a case a young bull, young boy, young bull, maybe the Charlemagne, because they are drawn as a young boy- a bowl. I don't know guy, but I don't know I was There- was
was the more than is already more than a story is give people to credit they deserve being stupid, including yourself. The note on those nothing, the dumbest question is the one you don't ask. Okay, learning is a non stop process and by the way, what that is absolutely a principle in my book black privilege, opportunity comes it also created, so you can go purchased anymore. Eighty four preordained arena we got room was unaware. You, yes, it took about Terence Howard. He is speaking out about domestic violence, would cause double standards, also fatty lap. He was Now I'm Bob than a shooting that went down and Patterson, where he's from will give you the details of what we know Nora we get into all that will become back. He belongs to breakfast level, Angela disclose, listen very well was involved in some type a dispute and turned into a shooting now, according to the police apparatus, in New Jersey
which, by the way, is where, if any web is from fatty weapon, several of his friends were involved in some type, a dispute in the area of Montclair Avenue and Paxton Street. They said they found it thirty. Four year old man at the scene with a gunshot, went to his leg and thirty seven year old man, several blocks away with a gunshot wound to his torso saying that Betty web is not a suspect in the shooting. Neither are his friends. There was also a robbery that reportedly happened during that same incident now. Please have not release the conditions of the victims and there have been no arrests, yet they are still investigating. However, we do know that someone said very wives chain. Alot of people were posting pictures with the chain on one person posted a picture and said just to set the record straight. I personally didn't take very wipes chain am not responsible, for when those action, but my own, I don't have a personal problem with fatty web. He just a good kid in the way how we got his chain taken. I don't know, and I don't care that none of my business did. I take a picture with that. Yes, the whole downhill, gotta picture waited on
than young boy than the hood, listen to your uncle Charles, don't robbed a person who can pay. Possibly change the whole condition of the hood? Don't harm the person that killed a person who's in position to put other people from the hood on. I don't understand that logic. Not only that don't rob and in a way to chain bag. You know that's not snitching to police. The police's goes on, Instagram, looks Then the young man, when you say artists, not come back to the hood and then every time very Robin Hood, Yadda blindsided, stop that wasn't no obliged after the good when you piece it will work over the very fine, the work over the right way and that their very lives twitters is to see what is Moody's in and he was tweeting. Nothing is certain. Everything is possible. Over thinking leads to negative thoughts, so sure he's turn figure out what he should do. Next, probably stay away from Patterson
himself, as Mr Bot, as we are still a family and private eyes. Now that a vote, if you want to buy you, not three people shot, it's even taking a boat in a perfect world, he would be able to go, but that's not the way. Maybe I go to Delhi. The city was at a daily managers coated. I can't go to Delhi and for three four or more hungry I didn't call is getting an HBO documentary is called J call for your eyes. Only a dream, Ville Film, there's gonna, be musical performance, is from his latest album and it's gonna address how lower income residents live in, hometown affair, they'll North Carolina and ITALY. And Ben ruse in Ferguson, ended his dad's hometown of Jonesboro Arkansas, so he's gonna be us light on the housing crisis, a voting list, but felons integration and frustrations felt across the nation, so that will be on HBO Saturday April fifteenth at ten p m problem clues Bob Jacob Knife, a relational, HBO, more anonymous and easy, as it has a tree by Martin he's been
J by mines life to the screen as well. I write so Jason and the wise in company one, a bidding war for the rights to suspicion, nation, the inside story of the chamber, Martin Injustice, and why we continue to repeat it: that's the reporter who covered the case for embassy and also for ass, in power, the enduring life of CHE by More- and we had that, both by the way read that book by Sabena, Fulton and Tracy. Martin, the parents of true by Martin, said: there's gonna, be a six part, Jackie Series and is also going to be a feature film. That's base on the book by travel, means parents also doing the same thing like I did. They would the Kaliningrad Yes Berkeley, upping to final incomes on this week? If I'm not mistaken, maybe Why so? Good? If you have this evening, is now demands you can go by advertising and I demand MRS she'd be farmers. We drop on a cruise bombs will hold in the wind I was, and I laid then has answered some questions about why the media has been ignoring all of the young girls who have gone missing in D C. Here's what she had to say
it's been a certain type of race that gets all the attention and now. Finally, thank thank God because of social media people are, you know, saying you know what we're all Americans all races, there's pain that happens in every community and we you know we have to look out for all of us. I hope that it makes a permit difference. I'm going to be positive and hope that some real changes that happened because why people's aboard think that the way people, There is a certain raised. I get all the attention and TAT is how, where it is speaking out about domestic violence and the double standard that goes along with it now has ex wife, Michel again has dropped in assault and emotional distress and defamation lawsuit that she found against him back in twenty fifteen
he's it. I've never been abusive to anyone in my entire life. I have loved and paid the price for love. I am the same. Having being since day one when I say that I made mistakes, it's not regarding violence, but judgment, trusting the wrong people. So he go Scientists say the double standard that has permitted abuse of women to feel that they can assault a man and reap where they have sewed is wrong. Lest I teaching children they should end violins. I firmly believe every action has an equal and opposite reaction eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth kiss for a kiss. So it goes on his way of saying that he has been an abusive relationship. He said for years ever since his allegations have been brought against me, I've been told not to address it. I can't remain quiet and he said the record. I have not changed, nor is there a reason to change. I love and anyone who knows me knows that I only love foresters. I would be Jeff maybe the woman said, never had a man who can say that there is no might have you been here. That is that what is he talking about this morning? All afraid be praised, but both in form.
Damn reason now when women tweeted him, you are so right. There are double standards. My best male friend was abused by his wife for years, physically and verbally and Terence Howard was I did the hearse, as was I so that's his way of saying. Ok, I guess I'm a beyond, though it is a lotta waffle. Colony grows a lot about a lot of our bays. Brethren are and abuse of relation not be better. That allowed a wage men. I know about like I've even seen on reality, shows women hitting men and do it They then you can't feel, like that's, ok cause if a man had a woman there, It's none of them had a man either Ronaldo recently put in their hands on each other period, do put on a boat full Nelson, a page now not a full Nelson, and that now right, I'm actually about no, no physical, nothing away! If you get an, I got something going on, you cannot put your hands on. Somebody period was browsing. Who could shut up now
Amazingly in that is your room. A report begs miss you,
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