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2-14-  Happy Valentines Day especially to the single ladies, but no worries Charlamagne did something special for you guys. But before any of that we opened up the phone lines after a heated debate between Steve Harvey and Monique went viral, so we wanted to know what side our listeners were on. Moreover Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to all the single ladies for valentines day but instead of bashing he wanted to change the narrative and give the single ladies a prayer for their future partner. 

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all Tad alone, together brought to you by the odd council one night in nineteen, sixty one on the side of a dark highway, Betty and Barney Hilda. It's in the sky. Two years later, the underwent hypnosis to try and recall what happened. Some took it his facts. Others thought it was a fantasy, but what really happened that September night in world in Hampshire? join me Toby Ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of Iheart radio in grim and mild from air monkey. Listen to strange arrivals, and I heard radio at an apple pie casts or wherever you get your pocket
In the morning you gotta got been talking to experience a morning showing my fellow deliberately you guys are going up. Ultra bank declared my morning. You really not happen is causing waiting come to show man I'd be a big time. Let me we're gonna, be very big. Actually Charlemagne the gun, the breakfast club,
Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, moved uneasily, manages Andy. Charlemagne began, posted excited about it. I'm excited about dry place of music. For me refers to. This goes right into balance, doubly balance right, I'll drive middle class. I noticed a white man in a Mercedes Benz and you know that males isn't into on Brigman
but my dramas man, what the hell you deeply icicle regular he's puerto rican thousand. In Remit that Latin America by Tony Blair gave you go home That would be great if you inquired debates in the beginning, it s a good thing, and we can keep this energy. Why wasted equitable? You can't give deserted you he's got over them towards on by things fittingly breathing hard again place. I'm also me, as we also again, he said the king. Why now to keep him? I salute the single Ladys troubling include above them. You know I set out. My have empathy for yard is here because I walked in his morning, and I saw a couple of our folks
blowing blown up below that's why you're blown up was homes that they are having a self Love Party. This morning my neighbors Vienna via I've, been- and I have been a lot of work on your men to have some sure you have a lot of empathy this year for the women who are going to vote on the second Erika Badger. Suppose you set out to women who are recovering from trauma and still showing up for life greatly, gotta be at that time. I ve shown of alive now abandoned her. Then! very round eyes backbone, that guy he's got all right, they're gonna leave those lobbyists jump already dead is therefore about is endeavouring to more Valentine, geyser retail. During the aims you had a son to gear Valentine's day gives to almost We say that I will be: it is one of the Ladys it it would have to serve local. Why would a border balloons you haven't serve? Lowborn is coal. Now, that's that's. My girls went to what a man and finally have buried lifted from off their. So
there is a gradual agency we are celebrating today celebrating yeah you're right. I don't know how to get out of a relationship that you get to comfortable, not being treated where you know you deserve to be treated as celebrated, modern day Valentine, no matter what bought land is Marian barber body live happily married and relationships desk enjoyed a day arrived No, you I might have died or on your body on our. Why my answer in detail, I tell you, come to dissolve love wisely. Why? Guy got no date, though, that you deserve my party. I love myself. I think we all have love. You ve got the feds for no reason in Harare. I just. I just think that army a miserable you might be single. Our way happened there. Where you were in a relation. God is legally glad you got, when it as zero live your life. I will you have one
Yes, we are going to talk about Americans who are behind on their car alone. More than ever before will tell you those numbers as you might. I woke up and found the little lonelier because are ya got wide. Why yoga pillar low lonelier day by there. Thanks I know I know showing off on this Valentine's day. He got back to the issue I know he showing no- he shown as he she I will ask for a page news, always talk about ye furthest. Think about these Berkeley nets triple overtime they, when one forty, eight, so and thirty nine has added to those next trip over
That's a lie: the Cavaliers! Ok! our right now, more american three overtime to beat the Cavaliers. I now who did the next went against aghast at an order. No! I am now. Let's talk about more Americans are behind on their car loans than ever before. They said more than seven million car loans were past due by at least ninety days in the fourth quarter so. They said Americans are paying a lot more for new car purchases. The average price of a nuclear purchase last year was about thirty six thousand dollars in car companies also something more suvs and those a more expensive. So that's why? But, yes, more than ninety days behind that stressful Burgess now lived, is offering free rise to historical sites for black history month. So certain places and you can look and see by your city a wet places. They are purchasing in, but if you're in Atlanta you can go to the centre for civil and human rights here in New York, you can go to the payload theatre in DC. You can go to the National Museum of african american history and culture.
So what we are doing is providing one free right of up to ten dollars or ten dollars off to any historically black sites. So if you want to do that this month for black history must lift we'll do that. For you, now there was an instagram bug yesterday and people are losing their minds cause. They lost a bunch of followers. So if that happened to you, he saw a noticeable dip in your answer. Grandpa lower count. Well, there's a bug and that's why that's happening so a lot of people were panic. Over that by. They said that if there was a photo that was circulating, saying that they were inactive accounts being deleted, they said that was a fake photo. They never put that response. They said we are aware of an issue that is causing, attains and account following numbers for some people right now. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible Let me go jug mind about them and yet today in my, follows, went up for some strange reason: yeah lama. People's Y know I'm there and then I'm going down to three million vowels bodily go across three million mark cross.
Follow me. I see two guards to HIV or do congratulations to you for a minute. I so selfish, valid between Valentine's day in Instagram. What you want me to people are not having a great day and you over here. How did the synagogue while following happily married. Three million follows on that and I do not think about the people way. Good he's right now, PA manner, for the judge has avoided man affords plead they'll, saying that he intentionally lighted FBI. So if you guys remember, he was convicted of various. Here's your crimes in August, but he cut a deal to plead guilty. The two sides of the conspiracy unwitnessed hampering in September, but this that he lied to muster the investigation that they actually are avoiding the idea that he cuts order Gordana, I guess we'll see they reviewing transcripts in evidence and they're gonna show that how serious the things that he said were and that their disrupted. His call
operation, so he made some intentionally false statements are now. We will see what happened they're going to see if he's accepted, responsibility for his actions and they're gonna end up, and in seeing him tomorrow guy, you need to learn how to probably cooperate caused. Six nine and asked is not a problem. Really stupid about a body well, that is front page also want to say two men, the law of attraction, Israel. It is due to them now just now. Whatever you say you want the universal guilty. Thursday, you can tell me, you don't need a man and arm in a trap, and you will have to be alone guess what you're going, but no problems
all. I'm saying love drugs weaken this morning and restructure vision boards. I said I M asking how many women, who now they could be hollow than themselves and don't need somebody s and make them feel they find the right person. Then we have met their ways than being in a bag relations just to Vienna relations. You can be all, but all I simply say we re located in real and making war me out there what no whole man You go get. Why
Are you crazy, Magyar, TAT, ladys future see what the right person that eight Andrews five a firewater one bad effect, if you're a single out there, now that we need to switch to merit review single out the Valentine, but you really do want a big, whether you, a man or a woman s right up until the uniformed men, I'm tired it is. I don't want to be my last day a long time they alone tat, it is early, is still February. Ok, you can have by March, but you gotta tell the universe which Yes, if you lonely out there, you don't want to be lonely. You tired of using
No, no! She to watch porn of values are to go into this club. You tat it s the caller rabbits ass. They call you know what you don't know me. We ve already had made them. There is a single job. I ballantine again no Valentine's day stocks by your call of the italian members. You wanted me around me round. No, that would not wake up this morning. Talkative banal me! No man, five, eight five! Do you good, bye, mom, ban on sales? You call us up right now is to preface load claim it. The breakfast in the beginning or the scriptures, the Bible ridden, for all the red now reading your Bible has never been easier. Let us read it to you in the new podcast, the daily Bible. We start each day with a passage from the word.
God within the course of a single year. We will work our way through the entire book from front to back genesis to revelation. So you can experience at all follow and listen to the daily Bible. Now one Spotify. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the Iheart Radio, APP.
Is it your time to get it off? Your jets are the main from you on the breakfast. You got something on your mind. Allow there's born on energy, but lower was abroad. What are they? does anybody out there, man, you Brian it automatically playful and are all about Rob Barbara we try change denied and no call of his and no matter if you single and not do you want a woman would I think our who wouldn't want a woman. Yes, so tat the universe, you want a woman's thou sayest like it, don't matter these single the night, a massive. Would you tell the universe you want there, women are not just a woman, We have a winning docilely guys from National again congratulate doing today. Have yet have you met or is it or as only it was our japanese lol? I would put the dope a couple months.
Oh Charlie, idly wednesdays doing so early. It's so will thereby about ass, big ass. Have you been with article eight? what a killer mom, how everything Macao. The calls into trying to call you single today moment. Yet I am very vague on my desk broke up with my boyfriend last night and while they of my birthday you good you don't want to buy no gives today they don't know birthday broke with you last night. If he waited until today I mean What happened he had Higgins, I mean that he can't live up to him tat. There was a feeling so bright. Where I want to send you something for your birthday for Valentine's day.
You know my youngest debates than in all down the line? Ok, I e mail address, so I can send this to you right or start very easy. A share is berries and profile. Is I got you girl? I got us. You have spoken very happy very faintly love you Well, you know what you're doing When will you go into down? I'm actually gone wearing an on line hung out with my daughter tonight. When I get a year earlier Valentine right, then why do we not every cop, every single cobra woman's excuse I gotta work today anyway, I work on on the new architecture men held on, aligns, nay,
the ordinary! Why? Nay, nay you sail Ye Salamanca mining. You singles originate. I don't think I'll, not I'm! I'm I'm area among many Bobby out. Well what you ruefully wow, I put you out. He put me up, put it very well by the ear the white pearl about black black. I want to say is that I'm trying all my business that the white may I read that might lead did Amabel generally, do not afford you, for you blog mobility what he said. Play, ok, where we will enable heavy back, and by that time you have been moved on Ok, I think, for eleven years you never syllable Valentine's day irrelevant. The currently is I may have holiday wasted money at by appropriate about myself already implemented
Maybe I daresay managerial Valentine's day book, but tell the universe what it is you want now. I don't want to Happy near my brigades, a celebrated. I take them out and I'll. Let them know love is love. You sounds very powerful, confident. I love it. You gotta Sherry Berryville. Are you doing, You made a rational, listen I gotta make profiles. I guys that they were you today for you to celebrate, which ok I got some profile. And sharing berries for use a hold on the land and get back to you on this anti ties down so glad you gotta say revealing that was passed. I would have to tat stopped now. One of the ego broken wanted given out already flowers and candies titty single women can only be a lot. We gas above all go that they give a lot of emergency who have devoted Fiji, breakfast club
a pounding down. You're gonna get it on the agenda. You want a breakfast laughing, but they will allow this time. I am U single two thousand yet something go What do you want? The data should tell the universe. What you want not on call appear net for defending women's does want a well ordered ready for a week, and not because we have. Yes, it's a! Why bonus annually! Every year you gotta worth a lot like that, not the one day. Now what I want to hear what you like your conversation, ass, you because you have to tell the universe what you want, and I promise you to change your gas pipeline up with the idea of what I've, yet if we allow these Bartleby gave up. If I may one that's right, have a good answer. I will give you a good luck on his day. What you doing today, what aware
We want to be able to do while the working women baby working single women the day he doesn't do you we do this as happy. Now you will find the right there. You put that on your vision, Bauble Yang. I love we back. My vote today is national organ donor day too. I'm donate my heart this morning. The single women are right because I want ya to speak, which you want into exists, it's all right, tell the universe you wanna may! Next year you have one hello, hello, which name of I'm easy you single today I can. I say to my friend Brian here every day I need help to move to a new house. How do you feel like the cooling?
Our work is to help us move. How do I and thirty four busy you sound? Nine all right really got nine. Ok, I'm up at least three in the morning or you aren't. You call from the word, go on your think with a governess. Raining all day, see reason I'm gonna be your violence. I know you. I found Boucher Valentine my Valentine worry aren't good morning. You saying I believe you have not made help you move as he would. You know he heard it is here because we were moving. Together and he lived an old plan and I lived in San Francisco We lack Corey. If you like, I love So why are you I, like soldier boy just now, black As you know, the outcome,
god you would you say well, well you don't have almost every single organization, Francisco White is different and due to the lower than white guy, idea the lobby more. You know into the coach you they are. Would you say here You will call. I think you happy they only very large room, goodness gracious I don't know why does she suddenly Jack pointed filling Oriana Grundy? Would somebody can allow is about power from Atlanta was broke, new single Helena? Our colleague I wanted to get a job. I'll be back about bad day I'll, be out every day a day. I can do about it, Why do want to? Let you know that we allow you have devoured, Are you the best thing that ever happened to me and I'll just glad to have you in my life a single millennia Lana, because in Atlanta you can choose whatever you want, you can do it a man if you want to build a woman, if you want to Coca knows any sat any side,
to do that. In any state really really prevalent in the land is poverty in Asia. Alright, you look like you Experience in allow want all I want everybody to know mania women would particularly the Ladys. Valentine's day in unsafe. Dollar love the out there. Everybody that's in a relationship, but all single women are there today is not to data double down on your singleness of gave their data tell the universe exactly what it is you want out of. You want a man of ok to say you want one in the universe will bless you would not. Data would Yogi want in this crisis. Will you with our rules on away? Yes, I said a good morning. America Jesse's manner will be on there this morning and we have a preview for you for that, as a guide to b is back she's back on the grammar.
Are you why barter backed all right we'll get into that? When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast. I back you're welcome thereon. Burgundy part, yes, returned with a brand new season and I'm pulling out all the stops in the past. You heard me speak and do a minimal amount of listening with luminaries from all walks of life. I spoke at everyone from glorious, Dinah San, Diego jig. As that for a tapestry of audio entertainment. This season is going to be even more excited. We ve got some great guess. I M so far we booked a couple of guys for the Van Weighing Chung. That is it seriously. I'm not gonna lie. We are under book of problem. I had to call the Wang Chung, guys myself their friends and doing me a big favor so
anyone listening to this help me out. If you know Timothy Shallow may tell him to return. My damn calls already listen to the round. Burgundy part gas on the eye, heart, radio, app apple pie, gas or where ever you get your bags. Wait is co dowser morning everybody is DJ, Envy ITALY, he shall pay the guy we oughta brick loudly valid droplet. A global for everybody is happily married relationship enjoying life who set as everybody, though everybody everybody. What everybody who is alive today, mocha everybody I got home her amendments, regardless of whether or not their interrelations herbs, TAT, Ladys havin a nice ladies night today in your single for gallon times, dang photos. Another major gas
You know my lonely self love body and you know I shouted to enter their work appear to intervene. Earlier, I call them who simply Momus am Elliot. Having a self love pass right, yet I got balloons. Owen has had added self, let alone up the pink and white balloons today and is eighty I myself laplante because they loved itself and I respect their because your personal laughing best love is self love and Asian get as many times you having you TAT S right you, any man ever have, as do those who want to share no mass of last them all out around very profitable, but everybody on the experience and self love. This myself, love in quotation marks now right. Well, let's get it over with us. Talk party This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where Guy B is back on a gram. Now you know she had deleted. I guess take a break from the Graham after the Grammy's banalities back and ass. He said oh case on back from it.
I meant to announce a brand was on coming out fatty at midnight Bruno Mars, hashtag to Grammy when artists, Nagorno Nordic Overdue, that was supposed to It is they that remember. She didn't end up going because of corridor the Haiti and other that so and she disquiet- and she actually explained- and An interview Y got timing was his bath. Her also multiparty burglar Valentine offset I'm really glad of a great day to day I right now, Jesse Smell It is a good morning, America, this morning, he's gonna be on with Robin Roberts. Jesse flew out to Chicago to interview him, and this is the first interview that he's done since the alleged attack had happened to him
Chicago last month, he was the victim of a racist and homophobic assault. Here's what he had to say about people who doubt him, I'm pissed off the attackers slackers, but is also the attacks in our first. It was a thing like this and if I tell the truth, then that's a curse is truth. Then it became a thing like. Oh, how can you doubt that? How do you not believe that is the truth, and then it became a thing of all its, not necessarily that you I believe that this is the truth. You don't even want to see the truth. I told you yesterday that just as well that was gonna go on go on America be defensive. What does its snippet? We don't know it Our view is that it will get all the things that they put out exactly what the whole interviews about. I don't even a wise being defensive. Why do care the people will leave you in that? You know the true cause of it happening. I guess he feels it happened. He was people believe that, not only that I get attack banana getting attacks as we try to convince our right now. Let's discuss six nine black
hello there, all of them are on an album oppian. Beware: and their age and our main Tokyo twenty four hours- and it is a and have album for Valentine's day. So that's a great way to celebrate self love as well porn hub, the everyone thinks Jack Album and it's supposed to be very says. Don't as already appears as Nippur from this with the Kazi Small, very small retirement view, jails, thing marginal put out. Recognising this oh gang rape is love it now you get Wendy. Free access to point helps premium service as well for it today as no big about a portable.
There are no less poor, they d get mad spins, he hasn't as anything in jail. You might as well come out with a record thing and the next thing you do come out with a lot of sex toys, We call him rats, Cctv, love, loathing that has run all railway, then at Rio can move when you look at us and they have no control as an endeavour to some of the people. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room- are reported to be oriented towards this video, but with a lot of female moods, locked up. Guardy Lud. Dublin I hear he's mean that India, where to contract, which Akashi start all right, what we are proposing index? Yes lesson: about this unclaimed lottery ticket one point: five billion dollars, my lord. What would listen? Don't worry about it.
It's yours. You should know you boyfriend. I will talk about when we come back. His breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning so now would be to say you don't need now to have an adult snow day had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plans. Raising on millions of items? If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay for you, d, J, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news, but without rebellion by one year, go. Today was the parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida? That's when Nicholas Cruz walked into the building with a bag containing a semi, auto semi automatic rifle More than one hundred rounds of fired, seventeen students and staff were killed in seventeen were wounded, so that happened today. Now they are talking about a software program that can help prevent future school shootings in the wake of increasingly frequent. Whose shootings they have some plans and algorithm which flags were.
Earning size. They did say that, six weeks before that shooting happened last year, the FBI did receive its hip about his social media posts, and was he talks about his gun ownership and how he wanted to people, but that's have never made it to the Miami field officer to their agents, so they say right. Now they ve been paying indifferent school districts, two dollars pursued in per year for a service called Social Sentinel. What that service does its software? It scans public social media posts within a geographical area. They look for certain words, certain phrases and images that could mean some type of violence. Now, what they said is they would get about three to seven dollars per day for school district. Some of them are nothing like it might be. The most frequent alert was
nothing like. If I have one more latin exam, I'm going to kill myself, that's clearly nothing but then in certain situations you can see students talking about having themselves. They said the crisis team was able to intervene in certain cases to help individuals they received post, like about two girls who are going to fight against another. Two girls, who did something in the cafeteria so they're able to step in and intercept the activity that was about to play out, so that could be a way to help prevent things like this from happening in the future. Some people are, of course, concerned about privacy, but I think safety is more. When it comes to these schools. I right now the winner of a one point: five, three, seven billion dollar lottery jackpot in South Carolina has still not come forward. Those groups they have until the middle of April to claim the prize or gets returned to the forty four states to play the mega millions. Of course. Now what is does the South Carolina? It hurts actually the whole state because
person would have to pay sixty one million dollars in state income taxes that money would end up going back to the budget for the state. So most of the town. He will. We know things as somebody super all right. I've make somebody super old border taken and forgot. The boy are, you know a lot of it, which is by tickets. Every time this latter did indeed, I can check like even myself, by taking some time enough to check the one point: five billion of color one point: five billion. Jack now and maybe now you might think you just didn't when you put it up in your car, just forgot about it and you don't even think about it about. I think I'm second ADI probably lost it. Therefore God can you imagine a car like here that lies he gave you could see it like Jesus everybody from South Carolina right now is called us. Any law states that have lasted an amendment amendment you do about it magic losing. You ve been trying to find out for the past few months, my god and you find it it. May it is too late to claim I write it. Is it s the grand by this causing people to lose their father? but don't worry, Instagram is working on China to fix that. So, if you wanted, People are less a bunch of FILA, whereas they said we
aware of an issue that is causing a change and account following Emma's for some people right now we're working to resolve this as quickly as possible. I write that is your front page news small right now let's talk Steve Harvey Ammo need no more need, one honesty hobby show and they had a great. Precision, obviously they weren't scene. I want a lot of things they haven't been speaking. She has been bash him an embarrassing. A couple of the people in a conversation got kind of real if a little bit of it, we find two wars. Here is what shall issue is and what the perception of the issue is. The narrative have changed here, which is my baby, and I agree with all of you. Also privately. I've done nothing wrong. When you tell the truth, you The deal with repercussions are the true we black out here. We can do what we want to lend your husband B to Sydney tat. He really is out here. Let me we ve got to stop a different way. Does the money gay decide to blackmail game decided to White May, as it is not a game
out of you would think you can have integrity and make money. You ve got too much money too much, but I wanted to much influence it. Thank you giving himself around these called before colonies, damage you black or white compromises. So from now on its place, more retainer clip before the money game is called the integrity gang and we ve lost the integrity wherein about them. I want more and when and if I may be able, if you like children, crumble, my grandchildren problem, I can not, for the sake of my integrity, stand up here and that everybody does counting all me crumble. So I can make us There are ways to win the war in a different way. What do we have to look up the definition of integrity and the definition of integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles? Moral uprightness rate, Why can't you be honest and have integrity, why you should be able to be honest about what's going on with you and have integrity as well,
Let's talk about it when we come back in and let's take your opinion out there, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up right now carbon waterways, the difference between an integrity and be disrespectful, I think. Doesn't we keep? failing to realise in this situation that we ought to me Steve is talking the more neglect moaning. Wasn't disrespectful Manito Oprah, Thailand leading the sucker de Correct Avenue Adam integrity. My father would always tell me of a man. Tell you two sub: they d be ready to die, accused of being, and I'm not going to do either one of those things. What am I gonna? Do I'm gonna stop F in which right, but the whole is I don't know why she said as empty? Maybe she felt like they were taken food at her mouth in and make it so she couldn't eat. So she was like. No one is war effort. It is everything about his f f you as we do that, if that's what it is, the line
indrawn correct on all mesmer. Do you don't mess will mean a? Why now are you playing the victim is as anything if data both to hide behind the scenes. Rice Beacon, her support, listless, tranquil behind the scenes say you're right, you didn't do anything wrong and it now support her I think that Lima, relentless over the form, as we about a moment we come back, would talking integrity over money. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one is to breakfast. Morning, the breakfast club, putting everyone is the J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club now, if you just joined us, we're talking about moaning and Steve Harvey only good honesty we show yesterday talked about somebody differences as some of the problems that they hadn't even talk about some imo. Niecks problems with other people display clips. We find two wars here is what shall issue is and what the perception of the issue is. The narrative
have changed here, which is my baby, and I agree with all of you also privately. I've done nothing wrong when you tell the true you have to deal with, repercussions are the true we black out here, we can't come on you do what we want and then your words will be to Sydney than he really is out here. Let me we gotta sets a different way. This money, gay decide to blackmail, game, decide to white mayors, gay and lesbian gay. Now they also said this before the money game is called the integrity gang and we ve lost the integrity weren't about the man what men and women if I've met humble. If you like children, crumble, my grandchildren, probable, I can not for the sake of my integrity, stand up here and that everybody does counting. All me humble. So I can make a statement ways to win the war in a different way through the opening up the phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one and we're asking what do you think? So? What you told me
Furthermore, you can have integrity. I make money on the, why anyone would would would think otherwise. You know sand, but I think that integrity works both ways. You know saying You know the people TAT morning disrespected really Daniel Tyler Perry. They have integrity to and they may not want to rock with someone who disrespected them in that way, and they have that right, and I don't like people who talk crazy about people. And presently talking about stats, racking with them and then lived it's bad for the present doing all the talking. They start playing victim money got on as they just that I wouldn't blackboard. I was white bout by some black these who had no balls. Thank you. Miss Open, Winfrey YA can suck my duty. If I had one
tegrity work both ways. My daddy always told me. If someone tells you sucked a dick, be ready to die, kill I'm not doing either, but guess what I'm not going to rock with you no more and if over tile and Lee Daniels, the one dropping Monique. She got a way that you know what I totally. I totally agree with you. I mean she came out and and wanted to to boycott Netflix. I didn't get it. I didn't understand it because she didn't get the money that she wanted. I necessarily didn't agree, but I don't know all the details and particulars, but I also feel like hey. If you want to tell somebody to ask md- and you want to get disrespectful of somebody, it is what it is a couple of people to Smd and at our stand on it and if they don't like it Ethel I never won. I did it and I say that because I don't want to mess with them again, and I know what they say in business is never permanent friends or permanent enemies, but when it comes to em it's a permanent enemy, could I'm never rock and with them again, and you feel the same way as certain people, lesson of Iraq or whatever s cabinet.
Exactly you know say: yes, cabin onawandah, oils, wife, you never rapporteur their enemies who doesn't matter if he has a billion dollars in Hell. I'll give it to you like. No, no, more aid enough money in the world for me to F, which you again- and I feel that way about some people to Know- is what it is and I stand on it. I don't care, but ass, while also have only site. So I never have to worry about gettin money from your worry about your Blackmore. Let me or do anything baseball and you go baseball so math. I say this. I can understand that frustrating when you know you have allowed a talent and behind the scenes is things going on that we have no idea about another myself person we have always been a respectful person. Now this situation doesn't, write to me. I won't do it and Alice S, how I feel, but another way that I express myself is never very aggressive. I just speak what I feel- and I stand by what I do and what I say. I do believe in integrity and I've never done things just for money. So
I don't believe in black and white lessons, but are also can fill the frustration of being a woman in this business and fairly laser and things happen. People talk to you behind the scenes. People come and go apologize to me about things behind the scenes, but not publicly do that or not publicly stand up for you and I'm sure for Monique. That was frustrating and I understand was debbie- also says about her not going about things in the right way, but I wouldn't want to compromise my integrity for anything you gotta get low, aggressive people. Sometimes I am on medical for another sacred disrespectful and ass We sometimes you gotta go look vessel yeah never. Disrespectful year the other thing. You noted thing about integrity made even when it comes to some. I, like one economic disrespect, pneumonia knowledge it before you can say ratio, buys you could say, gin buys and all those things may be true. Eyebrow, let's not act like we know, as we are Are you crazy added to it? I? U Adele somebody s m d in it. They don't think they can be sweet I'll have them
Would you normally? I nobody owes anyone any thing. Nothing more than a day of someone doesn't want to work with you and you get a reputation that spreads in the business and therefore other people don't want to work with you. You either have to work on fixing that yes, a situation or just accept the fact and try to find your own way independently, financial and also, if somebody jumps out the window and you my friend, I don't have the job with absolutely. No. I don't know if you say so too do not necessarily agree with yes, we're still friends I don't agree with people calling you up behind the scenes and agree with you, but then publicly They don't know, I'm gonna glue. Listen. I can agree with your point, like you said to me of ammonia Gama YO a feeling I didnt pay begin pay from Netflix. I feel like an ratio buys into by his cool, I feel like I shouldn't be going out there. Do the promotion What is more, we would I getting paid extra money cool. I can understand it. I may agree with that, but you may go on stage, say
point would be like Yahoo brought them D o broke. My war will now come on how only Zilla everything I understand your point right, which is the way you may have delivered, that point: devil Mobile. Take you for, of course, when we come back this chapter, eight hundred five, a firewall or five wanted to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody's J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy- we are the breakfast club. If you just join us more neat and Steve Army, Munich was honesty, Harvey show she talked about problem being black wall. There were I do agree with their moaning said: is that the problems that people are so concerned about their finances? Is that they're not worried about integrity and I do think eschew in a lotta cases, but we ought to know about this particular issue, but I do believe in general people do money over integrity alive who daily dilemma. People do absolutely innovatively out there. You should have a compromise yourself for opposition Minos in view in it. You gotta know equity, is the quality being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. All you know
like I don't like to see people compromise, nay, integrity for money, but you're. What I realized, though, integrity has a real thin line. People people talk about integrity when it benefits them a lot, and I notice that and businesslike people. So I do this I've due to business the right way in an ethical way, but it only it is only at the colony in em right when its benefits you, but it is the fray away. Most people are multi blue oatmeal curve around here, and I think this whole another conversation to be. I can t said some things in here. You know any kind of economies like coal dignity, not black is not why it's a money game year, a meal is debt by death. I say I don't see collateral. Think that's took as there are some things that have to do a race as well as soon as we see here and in hollywood- I do see a lot of live. You will codes which in front of his wife he would make us line act like neglected, nor, but they will be around we'll be all right. The all day complaining about these white people, but then they'll be and then we'll get in. While you were faced at work, smiling and skinning and grinning in Autumn Day, so I got thing which deal with
What about in a lot of that situation was cold with you, which I don't necessarily agree, but I think you should be yourself at all times and Steve got to mow We need to move forward too much influence. Don't you can't be himself run cobra folks, Gmail, was born or every Angela Ramona would give a ball an arm and a leg was trying to say by the way you go about. Do you know why you, you can't be out there come into force as soon as is being but inadequate Tom. You also believes that by Sakhalin II, but then at the same power you, you can't get shocking drought. Maybe you know right up. A balance is about certain points that you agree. I disagree with me meanwhile me armaments, industry, myself. You know me, though, at the same time I have led the buggy The thing you know me up like that
we call them out publicly. You thought, but if I were the date, that the baby to get another job. Now you know like Mon, equally good boy, good repercussions right now, like everything but we know more meagre the FAO, the accurate do you know that guy sounds limit? Your ladyship angry? Not, I don't want to see you you have a very good point. I have nothing more need me funny in a long time- and I know she funny but she's been doing, I stand at our countries are not entirely, though it may not now, but when you make an olive tv appearances and radio appearances reminders, you funny, you know, there's a lot of things to get off my chest. You feel like you'd like me, who can do both these infers outweighs? They aren't. They seemed angry in this in an interview with ivy tones to assume a poignant.
Yes, but you majorities would like, as a lack of appointing the vapours boy, makes immaculately bravado as it. I wish you all the way out ass. I was you mustn't zero point. You know me in the face I did say pushing in the UK as they Deborah. I said, no Why would you want citizens very? Is that, as long as it is probably said that, while you for you both we all of forty plus, you, though I punching each of you know like any other You know why I'm gonna give you the economical sets out. You forget it at a time when I got to finally come on in China? I? What do you think? I think that he has a very valid point. How are we going to feel glad bald, but at them she going about it the world nothing. She needs better team around parents who, like let her in her husband, platter I'd or battle, while they also get her better jobs to get more money issued by falling like the ridges black people in industry,
unlike anything did understand, was the army was Anna about her husband's last manager and perhaps the way that he goes about things because I'm sure, because that's his wife, You know he gets more emotional in and dealings, and he would he you something that was not so called. You can be a woman who has your husband ever manage a net husband can be so aggressive in so discussing is a topic that Rowan things for you, I'm not. I was sent me a, but look at them like Wendy, was, and on Cabinet damn leader for windy, right, Hopefully, is not that that extreme love in saying that about her husband for the longest time. She need to better team to let them fight for bigger checks for her better opportunities. You can end up falling on her answer. Right. I mean Gaza when there's a lot of people kind of saying the same thing you have to somewhere pay attention to that. If everybody saying this is what the issue is, that you need a re evaluation and things, and even though that's a difficult thing to do sometimes, but I also feel
Nick on there being a woman in this business gives you an extra layer of things, get a lot more difficult. Reggie, and also think that we're not nobody saying more Nick is wrong in the things that she said. And as far as language, not like you, I'm not going to promote this movie. Unless I get more money, if you like, I knew more money from Netflix. Doesn't she not wrong insane but you're wrong? It did not They say you're over suck, my d by enhancing foul prairie suck my de yelling. I know ball like this, the disrespect level of which, as you said, I dare say, that, though right yeah, we know as the vote, but I know Georgiana Gagner about another winter. When you put things that people said no- and we say we not doing things, we just didn't say as some data, so anybody, so you have lots of people, I don't like an unbalanced. We know in the end. I want to speak to him ever again for eight hundred five five one, oh father would taken you called. Let me clarify Uncle John GonNa May. Do I don't want upon gene
faced by raising the animal protein, affect you and put five years as a sister, and I said I wish he was my real says too, so I could not random. I never do that to me. Mikey wrestle with each other. They law, ok, we're grown envy Yes, the middle. There are now trying to say when I was a young girl can relax ever you gotta get that areas system. President you'd, have you have told us in the last man you that's all you gonna tell you. However, I must say that I was worried about you probably have a bad back. You will even be able to do anything. You can pull a hamstringing. That's why we're getting Charlie horizontal? That's why I want to press. We do what a lot that can happen. Consecutive fall out to fall asleep. I dont you Friday for have one o five one were taken. You cause what you think about the more unique and Stephen Research which you call this now to breakfast locomotion. Morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club now every just joined us, we're talking Steve, Harvey EMO Nick
We want to see a hobby show and they were talking about their problems was here. We find two wars. Here is what your issue is and what the perception of the issue is the narrative halves. Turn down here. What you're saying baby- and I agree with it all of Y'All- said privately. I've done nothing wrong. When you tell the truth, you have to deal with the repercussions of the truth. We blackout We can come to really kind of what we want to then your husband B to Sydney tat. He really is out here. Let me we ve got to such a different way. This money gained decide to black man's game, decided to White Man's gay and lesbian gay. So what do you think? I don't you? I have a firewall or viable and Jason come on in view of the hours ago, what eating Jake they made an airbag leave a comment there is filed for people to be small and must be replaced by the back yard. Hereby closed doors and I'm going out. But your saying you are not supporting her and I
like they're lying about love your public. Do, I know they rolled actually believe Erle Ritual first world problems let's see people are lies you they're supposed to be a friend. I disagree with you put the problem virtually the bigger, if not a real issue, for nobody is united, Don't you think they are you right now. Just show up for people can agree. Thou with their ways, disparity where women and how they get paid in. You know things I that we, can agree on those issues are to rebuild. What were you play that you got? What you do this, but with very well not as well as you is that I do not like this. If I was having a conversation here and I go yo, I need to begin pay more and universal right within our goal. We know get on a plane
as the EU, our radio can Asthma DE today may mean much money and annual envy agree. Oh oh, oh I do pay moment out about them sooner than you do. I raised Adele secular Mindedness, These would have what was the matter with you all about it, the wrong way. I can agree with you in your principle, but the way you executed I mean I grew candle was a gone I'll. Would you think Bertha Big got up la baby? I fell better days. We are bound by any day now, not double gas double gives. No, forgive Valentine double give their valley. We don't forgive our by very, thereby very broadly. You gotta do bow limitation on your girl tonight, my goodness, I'm coming over. You're married played a joke. Not finding you know you like you want to go back to being a minority. We gotta keep our motto. Bird,
the way I mean when you got it's because you gotta pick up and if somebody don't they found by, I drew back my guide that you behind closed doors. You put it there. S referred. I write a problem when you thought I closed doors that you got hit, that your people, s insane. We feel that we can speak up for ourselves. More is losing out learn the art of compromising in corporate Amerika. Okay, I've four times from rate oh because I am a man of integrity and is just certain things. I'm not gonna do now. I have Compromise myself in this business, no feel good. You do anything when you lose your compromise yourself. Nobody about working with Wendy Worms and Kevin Honor, but now we discussed at a later time, but I mean deadly dad didn't feel good, but I didn't feel go what what what I mean is that makes you happy whether you naked offers knock it off. Who isn't it? saying that some of you have too much money too much power too much influence. You noted think that you can't be
self, and even if you don't have the money you dont have to pay, you don't have the influence. You should never have to compromise yourself, foot any you know whitish. Anybody could be themselves If Harvey did absolutely have to compromise engagement already acquired to get more money and do things he should be able to be like this is what I want this is. I want to go on. I did, and I As you know, we all it is time that we do want to blow up abandoning right, you nonsense, but then you may take a breath talk to somebody, and you realize you know what does not the right way to do it, and I still have some time you gotta flex. Another way, especially a corporate What was wrong with it will, I think, for myself as how to express myself in the most positive possible, not just in business but in life in general. If we're talking about his life, I don't feel like. I should be different. America than I am my personal life, if I express myself so friends and family, should be the same as hogs express myself
you know just because I am integrity. I will say this year on the same where I am who I am, I do change up a little bit. Absolutely like four is: if I go to meet no matter there was not much if it's a corporate meeting, I'm I'm not gonna, say certain slang that I would say, but Only then can understand, and also our biggest change it up. Who I am I did they get its is kind of like when you go to a dinner. You eat a dinner model, but my elbows on the table. Why? Because I just The way to eat ass! Well, ass! I now when you, when you are these a wee black and we can't do certain things- s anti crazy. Yes, doubt added Craig. What he's right in some way. I then he says that, but then, at the same time he says is not a black thing is not a wiping. Is the money that was crew Van, that's very hypocritical. When we lack we can't do certain things, but then it doesn't have nothing to do with color the biggest visa that I think the problem is least you gotta flicks, a different way now that you know- and I guess it's all about Now- do you got afflicted every way? You gotta know your enemy, you gotta know the beast. You fighting, and sometimes you fledge one.
We sometimes you floods. In other words, how big is also? If, if you look at the breakfast club in each individual member you, you noticed that we all have different streams of income and reason that we have those dreams, incomes and nobody can ever take our integrity. We do what we want to do because we don't have to worry, now fallen on. Our sword is so many different ways and money coming in that we can always support our family and we don't have to do it. You don't like it, we don't want to do it. We don't do alarm. Eleven allowed anagram fire for time from radio. Ok, when you you would ideally tidy tidy, though usually go use. You don't got your own business following an owner, the entities Bobby. Will you make him money than I did? Some does around you and we was almost gone here. Differentiation and I'll get it to the next day was overturned by rejecting absolutely right. Well worth more restore s. Empty Valentine,
use activated Valentine's day. So s m d. You are, I have eyes you let your offer anything find you. A deal. Valentine, ok, go fall on ass, though, what everything we tell you not to do. Go Duke of Valentinois says that you can have a great and NATO gazed already dry right. If you are asking. They knew what we're almost we got coming up, I mean that's like about workers, be he's no remorse said. I will tell you when his first statement from jail is right. Look in internet makes people access to breakfast locomotive somebody here. Somebody are hard to day. I just ass about what you do avowed, so they should look. I got it. H is lying. You gonna be my last year that is Taylor, my niece she's lying. You know those you lie could yesterday when it M is went off. She said to me: well his anger, no date The least you could do for me to Morrow is posing as Angus more followers on ABC Gatling back on a day to day day,
emails from people like me, upwards Heller, Obama me can build the bay. They might mean. Taylor works, though you're right, you're right. You know what you're smart Hammett navigator looks right. Well, let's get to the Romans Istanbul cast The report is, the Reul report was glad about me has released his spurs public statement from present any release. This do his spokesmen Andrew Wyatt, Abbe roads onto my political beliefs, actions of China humanize our races genders and religious landed me in this place around by barbed wire, fencing a roommate still, and iron, so basically he has no remorse he felt like he is a political prisoner. According to the statement he said you know. Is this an acute? and that's not true and his spokesperson saying and what America has
it is their women don't lie. Women do lie, that's where a spokesperson said for him. Oh, oh, oh god no arouses. He hopes. He doesn't it. Or maybe dolls, maybe that's what he's into monopolies ain't, always bypassing guy. To visit him imprisoning epithets at his own request. He doesn't want anybody to come see him. So I guess it is what it is accordingly Other reports is aimed at his post. Person has also said that he's having a good time behind bars, I write ice, has dropped the aggravated felony charge against twenty one, savage as the cause for his deportation. So key, I guess they're gonna have to go, there was paperwork and everything to make sure he can still stay. But they have a job that aggravate a felony charge against him. So so does that mean he's geese good? No, we eager for the proper they bore can be go money, yeah, isn't paperwork as ever depending here, ready filled it out in twenty seventeen, so I know it takes years suppress as I was leading somewhere. The only issue is that under Donald Trump, now the way he's made the law is that you can
stay here, while you wait for its a process- and sometimes it takes four to five years- saw that sure what's gonna happen yet, it does have children here, he has been written in a very community oriented So we got there big guy whole one of two young. As a great lawyer, now things to Jersey, so we'll see what happens, he was released on banned on Tuesday. And ass. It is now. Are you haven't been a productive citizen, especially since you ve been in the rabbit pay tax in autumn goddamn, taxes, Ebay, but, let me say in his country I right now: let's talk about Europe has so far guy mix tape hid hit streaming services. I have a real I so far gone was an honest roaming services, but it has hit those doing streaming. Services for the first time has been Hannah years since that mix tape came out,
You know how I knew that was happening as because my best friend Santiago, this he sampled her and has her voice and therefore the song unstoppable near were lower, and so they returned to make sure all those clearances were right. So they could put it on those dreaming services. So now is out on their who owns them, who owns what their project was J Princes drink or wonder how I have no idea, but he did a post just talking about what everybody was doing ten years ago. He said for a few to the prince. He said a decade ago, you engaging all ages parties over forty a decade ago, scared to see your beats. He goes on to tell the boy wonder he's had a decade ago you were in a basement with pink installation was figuring out, fruity loops. He talks, debris amazed that it take you to go, you are working the make up counter a Beverly centre and trace on a decade ago. You were the first person to recognise potential and give me a co sign. He told the Brown a decade ago. You came to my release party, a six degrees and maybe the biggest artists in the city of your presence alone. He tell kind yea a decade ago. I wrapped up
because you just made the best is an even though you stay while in on twitter. These days, I will never forget which contributed to the game and my career. He tell jazz prince a decade ago, you took a chance on Myspace and introduce me to wane he tore away in a decade ago. You took me what's wrong, you took me out a Toronto and gave me the biggest blessing anybody has ever given me. I will never forget anybody involved in this journey from a jerk off a lot, even if you don't fit in this caption, so he also said it out by be as well below Marianna lots of different people that he shouted out. Some of the moon, the cure for gender related work. Ok, absolutely I don't think, there's a guy, I think, there's an understatement to say he made his mark. He made his mark. Am I have proposed when I used to have this theory. Is that this segment goddamn quitted day job and Drake, was actually on that it was for items, they were unsigned so play their music, and then people will call in as they wish
thought about it and the fine that impose their but his hilariously Osborne you drink early, really really really earlier on a radio station on any other radio and people who know what it was first and not adding one put me onto it, sat upon our slander and Drake really really really know now whereby we will go away before there was drinks, Landy nonsense, it was me near we land or in drink nonsense. I can take my I can state monopoly. Stigma claimed, but its very very people accommodated telling me satellite bow. It's funny. You hear it any sounded a load. Different back then but I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report to all right. Thank you miss. He shouted. I owe you, which is sexy boys. All those Today's Valentine's day who met in that's, been listened to my people, man, you don't think I'm going to therapy of divinity of you have empathy developed a lot more empathy union over the past eight
years are really mean really harsh on single women on Valentine's day, and I don't think I want to switch to narrative tail. It told me to to generic simply I've been to enemy, thanking me for I sat and out all the women Junior year, whether natural, in a relationship based on onwards. Images: cracked, Dore Lyn. I believe you let garden and let God use meat is worn, be nice. They don't believe you I want ya to really embraced. The law of attraction. Benign ragged would have You say you want, you will receive be nice. Are we need to talk about? Therefore? After now? Ok, delegated they valentines. This right is the breakfast locomotive. But those close your morning, so noble breeders, sir, you don't know they haven't adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plan raising on millions of items if it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay
Is there a guy like you or or don't you time for Don Quixote Donkey today does not discriminate. My now the song today biogas, the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache! Yes dog! You today, for Thursday February forty vacate a Valentine's day. Threw down the nineteen look man for. Is on his radio. I've come on he on Valentine's day in single shamed, a lot of women. Can you not be going there be doing work on myself to be a better human? I think I have more empathy now and I did in the past and all week, long yea, breakfast club in court,
the New York City. I've been looking in the faces of young women that I love young queen, that I call my nieces, whether to tell us whether this Mikhail over this, neither where this and with his kindred ease of my heart and I realize day that love is the privilege of being in a relationship out. The relationship is a gift from God and envy everybody just noblesse like us. Ok, so one of my little Unblest nieces Taylor came up to me this morning, waste here. Let s see she around it when she had very right now tell us aid change denied this year and talk about somebody single may not let the wreckage show is apt. I walked into the studio. Some other me, SAM and one of our fabulous internally blowing up painting white balloons and acid, which I don T say we haven't itself,
a party, they laughed a little hard man drop, one includes wife and implicitly. Now, when I said tell him, are you going to dissolve Laplante G snapped? It me, why is there no date set? Wool I don't think that I know I'm so lonely on Valentine's day, aggression out on me, okay, I believe in self love right. Your first last and best love is self love. So if you don't truly love impossible for you to love someone else so having a self love party on Valentine's day is great all right. If you're, single, okay, if you're single and that's what you want to do God bless you entail is right. The narrative doesn't need to shift the little bit, because not just women who are singled out here. I saw me, this morning, at five, fifty a m, a white man and tie it light driving a white Mercedes, Benz, listening unbridged, my heart by tony breast you know sad and depressed. You gotta meet him listening Tony Toni Braxton on break my heart.
Fifty five, fifty eight and you in a white band. What ties you on the way to work with them? the oil and food I ever everybody's zone. It is enraged. Standard is real. I have everybody's a tale, I'm gonna. Take you have. I still give. I feel, ok, I'm a shift in out of a little, because that thing are you single people need to shift mindset, see the lava. Action is real. Whatever you say you want in life is what you will receive. I don't want you women to be defensive this morning. I can feel its ancient come from this side of the road map. Ok right, I want you to be opening right, If you keep talking- and you don't need a man arm in a trash, you saw him to be a law and guess what you find yourself being alone in this. She asked Last year of women going home at Night board of in position trying to sleep,
broken heart. We don't want there for you. Ok, I want you to make it without. You are right. It does have to be your life. Ok, I know that you are said. Bianti left you hanging around. She told european and celebrated you think, Ladys, oh, yes, she did How would you have me myself and I is all about in no doubt there will guess why she got me. Myself I showing Lou Sir and Romeo. Ok, I know is frustrating and you should always be your own best friend, but you don't have to be. That alone are right. These are my folks. The comedy tail is already retailer go, get saved, our boy go get at least ok fan
Governor Leah, come in, come in any other single Ladys. Are there any anybody? this summit is good. Energy did about to put out ok salmon. The ADI, though in itself was Self Love Party of year, something no, you cannot give me without love? Party right, you are guided me you're, right, you're, right self love is beautiful. I want ya to love. You sell glancing at this party. We do not yet know what's happening exactly exactly what I how much are the love yourself, but I also want you to claim what you want. Okay, ladies, if you can hear the sound of my voice, I want to send positive energy out to you. I want you to claim. What's yours, I want you to speak it in. Exist is Taylor. What you hide behind stamina me: you come up here and you get into these prayers donate sometime painted for you guys
guided the unwary, Kayo, Cyrus and Deborah. You guys got out of quantum theory guy flowers. We got a wagtail Cyrus and Deborah JAM. Ok, continuing or Charlemagne continue or less due to single woman's proof. Ok, why do you know a single Dubai bucket? God touch my heart this morning and told me to words to say: ok, value, heads and let us pray around Katy. I have you sheets, which you could I want ya to speeches inefficient Taylor you come on. You gotta, stop detail! You will get exactly what you keep back and forth, which is nothing in the sky. Now? I lay me down to sleep now come on. Ladies, Let me now I lay down to sleep ripe were not apply for a man who is not a creature one whose handsome smarten strong who's not afraid.
Why are you wrong one who thinks before he speaks when many promises they call? You doesn't wait. Six weeks, I appointed any gainfully employed and war when he's lying. To my mind, the oil that is my back and begs to do more, me a man whom she loved him. I know noise when today, when I asked how that is not the answer is yes, a black girls, one We'll make love to my body the agent in preparing which still when we go to the kitchen this will allow me to know in and never compare meets a mad novel. Compare you to your best. Thank you in advance, and now I just wait what or I know you will send him before
to night, or you can just end up. I shall now planned long tail in a list that is free with Euro into gods, interpret his spam folder. That means to night, when you put your own supple, God is going to do signs like hey, they're, lonely, girl, locate, fan we'll be fine sample. Keep was she just as for ok, which also your play is right up. The lonely girl kids, This positive. Do you want a beta bragging was moody Bulgaria there, as we did in this way
and if you don't say that bread with some enthusiasm and just what God is going to play on your playlist right before you go to sleep and that last in your pillow, rob was the bigger the big one is: what religion was right or wrong, what better known TAT he painted grass. No, we won't know what I is it now. Ok, but why we ve been is Ladys repeated unto me yes, M, single and you'll have to be amazing to change that when have to be made in that I'd rather be alone, and we shall, along with them prayer for pray more. Let your novel
Am I right could play a nice guy now, don't angularity you come back here earlier, you going. I have its house later, ok, affirmations! What do you, those bingo you'll, want to mingle donor nonsense? Ok, sound good at fifty, even if no thirteen at night, when these twenty seven degrees and Charlie when, as you, a girl, talking to you guys If you think It is never Zoe. The level right they could think our lives. Have you Valentine, LISA Press walking out have
All right next is asking on derivatives, everybody the biggest offer no Danbury private monogamy, my good, he went all over the place is on board but it only really giving rise here we go. Anything else to any type of a single in your lonely need advice or what to do today, maybe what to do? Maybe a man get you anything. I maybe I just really happy, because this is the abandoned. There would be no good man down forever. You finally got the strength to do it because you, believing that usually drank and you believe it Power is plenty of people. I also happy lovely bundle, lonely and there's some people, as happens to be alone, is simply what is happily single. We gotta pay the bills. Gonna tell you print the growth of food, yet about your body. Woman would have led me to correct way the planet
on seven November. Thanks. the breakfast glow from achieving real. We want real advice were actually it's. Ascii keys come on what was requested for ye brought up the now. It think on Bobby
is my wife. I cheated on me twice cheated on me about a year and a half ago, and she cheated on me about now month ago. So the first time she cheated it was actually she was completely moved out. We talked went to cap and try to get back together and then the last absolutely key. Do you know what they're gonna rough, and I was a boy, I'm kind of fed up with it. Please get up capping. We have started yet, but yet one but you thought about it, because I still love the woman and all that good stuff. But you know at some point in time. I don't know if I'm just sitting here playing myself or should I just work when you said things were rocky over her reasons for cheating like that, you found out and counselling. What, with some things that you learned, you know me not proud of her small bang.
I work a lot I put in it all by forty five hours a week, and you know it is. It is grey their work. I come home and elected, just relax, I'll put a whole lot of time and then, after the California, you know we are working towards both those bank where her affability and then meet in Panama attention and in the last time she tea. They would do. You know she, you know, met a guy who would talk diplomacy within a barrier playing her a family member. Had I really really stick and ass, he did from my child to explain she broke out at work and the guy was their God had been trying to go for, might turn down and in that won't by large among our realistic he opened up Tom. They stay member, then blah blah enough. That's gonna be difficult. For you to trust him moving forward and, as you say, one,
in their relationship possess a real question: does she want to be Mary was referred to, but I do, for you probably got a crab know more about you feel, like you know, is where believe then down here what you gotta say about an I got the whole five years ago, and ass you go and causing on her own are only as couples counselling revolving door. A cup of coffee We need to go south as well. Let's see needs they go individual and you need to go with you as a couple to work on your relationship. Now you yourselves Do you feel like his worth you having to sit down and listen to hear what it is that she has to say? So I see Don't you want to you do want to give it another shot, but at the same time Larry of whether an ash is being honest with you and is going to happen to you again feel better.
Day. You know I trusted a wife who knows you blew it again. Ass! Well, not perfect, but I've never live my my wife's about a relationship. You know I was in open, her detention is she deserved and I admit it to our left up to calculate, but you know what she did compared the Mai wrong. You know Well me wrong, but you know she was. She was pretty rough than it. Yes, he Demi should not have seated on you and seas and at least he is willing to work through that with you, as well as enhancing the latter relationships where people have cheated multiple times, but then eventually they ended up working things out by ETA. Viewed there for that, because I have also seen people get cheated on and decide to leave, as I think that your honor tell me what it is that you are willing to work through I'm willing to take now you I'm gonna work through at least attempts at here which he has to say and make those efforts? I think that you just have to give yourself the final look. If there is anything that fills suspicious to me
if this happens again at any level? Any circumstance, then, I'm completely done if right now, you feel like it worthy China salvager relationship, because you guys are married, then work towards that do all the work and she has put in that work is well nap. She's not put now work than you have them serious decisions to make it worth. Does you liked put in a word but I'll, find out what it is it's a girl like that you back out, you know, look at two. Maybe a book of them are enticed to calculate way. Now, I'm in a cup of water, you know why we reach not the capacity for people like you know anything. You recommend up that as I can just it out Gotta work. Do it myself, whoever you went to wages, have Amy leg, oughta, be honest Muslim I read about men, cheating and that other way around. So we had Divine Franklin, I re, and he has his bugged s out right now, and it has a lot to do with relationships where men and women as well, but it gives a lot of information on their as far as how both of you can work on yourselves, Natchez, her workin on herself for you, you know work and I,
south. So that might be something with you. I'm taking a look at yeah. I heard about you, know we're gonna hit a dog and almost if we have long far heard about that and tony gas ends, Tony Gascons is really great. If you want to read any of his books, you know he has a lot to say about relationships. Is allowed. That you can see there by you know think it is. Well, I always liked, as you know, is this cheating ideal breaker for you, and does she still work with this person? Can you still trust her? Is this eating away at you? Are appreciate it. I re well good luck and I will be our work it out, but I have to tell you man if she keeps on doing this and it becomes a pattern. Then you are going to have to make some Syria This isn't about what you went into a life, and I love the fact that you ve never stepped out on her is still doing, which I supposed to do a mature responsibilities. Are you gotta? Go to? God bless him. Labour are lower,
I ask you a hundred five, a five one or five one. If you got a question for you hit up now, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club within the middle of ascii allows is Kimberly. A cam LISA Say, was a metal Valentine's day, which, of course, if YE honour than address are permitted. By that I mean I'm about to be a year married one arm- and he already had a daughter- and we did not it by December, but we ve been together through not everybody, but I've been bought it. Ok, when we debated mother I'm calling him just because I feel like it Well, you're, on my own, I would wonder no good. I personally for his daughters, bird is responsible for eleven years old. The way I was raised at the way she was ready to go either. Could we like the way she talked like some of the comments that you make because brought out a little father? That's gonna, like those that brother,
He called me to life is like that, but my brother, you know she is a child, though she's only eleven. So I'm sure there whatever it is it's in her head. I am because their feelings, ass. She has due to her mother. Now, was the reason that he said he has introduced you. He drew her husband, then, whether we then but I've been out like over and over a like have time but it's ok, Bermuda like Baby daughter, and I thank her for her by ten few babysit. Her had we ve never met me at the problem has spoken to her in order we ve never spoken. We each other faith of baby, but we ve never had a complication. Ok, so maybe you need to initiate, I am younger than him you figured order, is welcome because it order that he can do what he wants like fire. In the matter. What I do find that very I there s the mother would at once to meet you, because you are watching her daughter and have a conversation with you, because you guys do need to have some type of communication if these issues
how her daughters speaking to you, are treating you sign, though the things that you guys need to address, but I also feel like you have to have patience, eleven year old and think about all the feelings that she's having she's in the middle of August. I understand that, but also all the other like issue. That is your life. You don't really get discipline, though a member I dont want. I found him like he's, because when I don't like be heard anything like that, like corners earning being all like, do thumping this or that you got what you doing it. May I take away somehow privileges exactly where I think you know being that you guys are family now. One thing that we have to do is never blame attack for any issues, but you do have to have your former discipline, but it does you MIKE is so important to get to know the other woman, and it's not that you guys have to be friends, but you have to. And Type Eliza Communication Open and he could be willing to initiate that because he is the person that needs to do that. So you have to demand that, and if he's
can I do that. I would reach out myself in say leg. I just want to make sure that we These have these lines of communication open so that you can feel free to. Let me know anything and that if there's any issues with their daughter, I just want to be able to reach out to you directly. Hopefully we can have a conversation as he is ok with that, and even if you right a message out and tell him like this- is what I want to say. Or can you send this Unita? Let him nobody be really at take initiatives on that. Thank you are a good luck. Thank you. I ask you a hundred five, a five one or far: will we got rooms or away you? Yes, I said about a passable spin off from one of your favorite shows all right, we'll get internet next Cuba locked the breakfast club the breakfast club. With Angela his club, Jesse Smile was on good morning America with Bob Embrace. This is the first any view he's done since his alleged attack as to have to say that, because they
still investigating what happened to him in Chicago, where he claims that there were homophobic generation slurs yelled at him and he was attacked and ended up in the hospital. Now here's what he had to say about turning over those phone records for the police, they were reacted, and so they were rejected. We want me to give my full to the Turk for three: four hours, I'm sorry, but I don't do that. Why? Because I have private pictures and videos and numbers my partners number my family's number, my classmates number, my friends numbers. My private emails, my private songs, my private voice animals- I don't no, that's gonna be to hand over my phone for and honestly by then inaccurate. False statements had already been put out there
ever been a time. Would every I'd leave anybody's personal information? May we don't know, but I'm gonna give him a personal letter. Then why hasn't vaguely anybody La Hague is their phone up guy voice? I just I just ask in the course of the ever been a time when every I'd like somebody prisoners, and we should do that every single day, I'm shooting on somebody- might adjustment It made me down on purpose, but I wouldn't take that chance. It is gonna take derive. Do nobody has fallen? Cholera is aging such as that out, but they might take them out in a movie with what now this private video online, as if I am not play, which you know people, probably when I it any. He also had the absence to not give that in to give his phone records. So if you have that option rather than give up yet and I'm sure a lot of people like you know why, I just give it a resolute due to forward again right, acted yea took some numbers off of it all right. Now, here's what he had to say about people saying that he's faking this whole thing that I had said that they were wearing mega hats, I never said I I didn't need to add anything like that. I've heard that
it was a date gone bad, which I saw resent that narrative, I'm not gonna, go out and get a tumor sandwich. Salad. Me somebody. Yes, there's grinder! Yes, there's jack! Yes, there's all of these things which I haven't, Then, on a years I can admit that I was alone. Back in the day I was single, is a bigger Tunisia in the silent and what is it, he was gonna get a sandwich. When all that happen is that he was going to meet somebody, I wasn't going to meet somebody get asylum I right now Jaso I'd talks about how goes it was now. That he was going to meet somebody with somebody cause. He was an old grinder, undaunted ABC array. Now, yes, that's why he speaking out and how people need to fight back number one. I want them the people who did number two. I want them to stop being able to say alleged attack number three. I want them to see that
fought back, and I want a little gave way who might watch this to see that our phone back? What do you say to a young gay man? A young person, learn to be a fighter. I am not advocating violence at all, so let's be clear about that. If you're gonna die fight until you do, because, if you don't fight, Adam Hance. I have fought for love. I told you yesterday he was going to go on good morning America and be defensive against everyone who claimed he was lying when he think he doesn't need to just see the truth. Don't need no defense only witnesses. You know what the truth is. Why you the winter body or were you ever if you wouldn't believe you don't have a part of it and the other parties he wants to talk about fighting back and he once people to stop saying allegations that spreading lost narratives albedo anyway. It's your own truth for her own worth hand account, and if you're gonna do it. Why not do a rather odd who, in their whether people leaving the issue, is getting people dead dead. Do you off the street? Let the police do their job, anything that is well. He said he wants to make sure it s. Not a legit.
Any more. It is I'm selling real story and hopefully getting this handled regard as the more you dogs, independence of the noise like designs, Nazism, true to her eyes, I didn't think that I can see why somebody will make something like that up. So he just wants a truce out there. I right now, let's discuss it, be Smith. I've been following the story for quite some time now be Smith. We know the fashion guru, the restaurants or she's also got Alzheimer's and her husband, who has been with her for quite some time over twenty years, he's been taking care of her he's. Her care, giver and people are up in arms about the fact that he has a live in girlfriend well now. Here's what he had to say about it. I've been married to twenty six years ago would be seven and a half years.
And I am now going on a year and a half being together, I believe in the sanctity of marriage, but I dont believe death. Do you part means that, because you made a commitment, if the person is not there, that you should sit air and watch your life shrivel up and that's? Why I'm, where I am today as Chris, now. There were rumours that crazy you're, like if, as I would like now to Asian, but you Leave your wife, he loved his wife. We live in an orderly manner, he's air cargo to talk about the cargo, but yet another chick inaction all Dharmu S, crazy guy, disrespectful! That's that's! What is more, do right now, his wife, his wife. What are you thinking as you know, there's a lot of people weighing on. There is a difficult issue. I think that is a big is a complicated salvation over you and it because he is at least they are taking care.
For in the home in his girlfriend is helping its guidelines white by the way, is almost like em Could you just won't know because you just don't know, because you can't remember what I think is also, and they have done statistics on house dress. Well, it is to deal with somebody and have to be a caregivers, for somebody has Alzheimer's. They said seventy percent of those caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease die before the person they are caring for Gaza Jessica toll on you, a stressful that really the same person that you marry, because is a very common form of dementia, so ya, judgmatically Americans also twice ass, likely to develop Alzheimer's as white people are, and there was a rumor They were gonna, have a reality show by Carlos King who they are saying, was developing their chauffeur. Bravo has denied that he said he just happened to be sitting next to her in the audience of us. The mother so and that without rumours that it, but there is no show coming Yammy y'all, judging a man, but you don't know how you would react to do in that situation. To be honest, I don't know how I'll react in that situation too, but I don't look at him and be like oh he's dead, what are you laughing at another? I would put it out there.
He's, thereby basement. They write a book about Alzheimer than dealing with that it was called before. I forget, love, hope, help and acceptance in our fight again, thousand rather you have also was in your wife or another dude in your house. I would need to know how long you been dealing with each other. Now that we will have Taoism a woman, a man that they had been dealer witten soon, as I knowed it. Kinda situation That may bring em around I've done. What about somebody? I met through this whole process with them I write. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report on show will discuss this further. Absolutely all right revolt will see tomorrow everybody else, the people shores. Mrs acceptable. And for all the lovers out there, the lovers celebrate Valentine. It is a day of celebration. S right is to practical abbe, my wife made. Loving Latvia love you ve a happy Valentine's day. Where's your mornings will never be the same at civil model. You get to know. Carjack advantage is this.
Did you need at a price, your love when no mystery, for He's no long term contract ever simple mobile out what did know in what the simple she terms: the conditions of service, a simple mobile, morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club was black history muffled. We do you know. A lot of us have watched our sole maids. Make mistakes and by mistakes. Are me also made being with somebody else who is not day saw me, and you know we in all gone to their weddings and when the time came to save the there. Anybody in here who disagrees with this union speak now or forever hold you. He's lady, I held YA peace, man did not hole is peace. He got with the love of his life. The breakfast club resigned
A new black his three month, legend privilege for Thou, have this man to be what it husband to live together after gods, ordinance in the holiest state of matrimony, loving, comforting, honouring keeping citizen and health so long as you so we really love you and if you had me live- and I love the way, it is your lovely wedded. I've been on this day. Bob bridge baby, please, I'm sorry, and that was another new black his three month. Imagine the courtesy of the breakfast club all right. What do you have it? Dwayne Way in Whitley Gilbert? Ok, black love at his finest hour right when we come back, we get the positive. No don't move is a breakfast with e g envy ads
de Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club and set out everybody. They came out to weld wednesdays yesterday. Was an amazing comedy agony. While the USA was Pappa yesterday, and I learned a lot of things to about the freelance the union and also joust banking, by for the freelance as union, they offer all kinds of services for free for people who are freelancers. I get to go use their space for free all kinds of things that they can do to help you with free classes and different things like that of Europe. Freelance, are you looking to get paid and Dallas Bank and help you do all of that too. As far as making sure that, even if you submit an invoice, you can actually, there hey it out for you right away. They just take like six percent of it. Had ever so. You don't have to wait. If you know sometimes they call you get paid and ninety days you can get your money back away from them set things. I better really helpful when you are free and saying you're living check to check all right. Well, you guys have agreed, Dana I'm taking. I was going to take the wife out, but me and the wife decided, let's take the whole family out. I want to take my daughter out she's seventeen. I want to take the five year old out the three year old, the boys
Did you a big family days? We will go to the movies, have dinner altogether a family and his play games together with my daughter's really Valentine you know what I want to do a Valentine's day, what stayin wanna go anywhere. I bear out wagon every single day. All I want to do is enjoy being in the house and that haven't to go anywhere not having to deal with Vienna. Sad, I just want to stay in idly. Does ideal that is in order and internationally your father and you got daughters on Valentine's day, because Ass Saint Light telling me flowers in the mood come into the house and therefore all my mcaleese Emma Princess. You know what I'm saying that Israel, I guess what you should do for the Ladys. Did you live I've seen your life, absolutely! My dad always got me step aside to day the day after Cosette was have off here. They carry. You really set me up for the future,
Alright, whilst parliament, you got a positive note, I was one of their love is furthermore, pleaded tat. Even the grass me norms and is all good lovers embody with somebody loves you back. Ok could that is jam Valentine's day. I know that we give single people have long valentine. What is the truth? It's a great day, if urine relationship, I'm sorry it as it is for the love is a right and I just want to tell our love is out. There is only one happiness in his life to love in beloved friend: probably their geopolitical yoga. Syria isn't a Cunt whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast COBRA Java. I didn't just find fear in violence. I found hope
a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society. You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series: the women's war, listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast, or ever you get your podcast the ghost haunting de Berulle in the FU fighters. Why does IRAN claimed covert? Nineteen is a U S by a weapon, I'm Benbow, and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every from the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind boggling developments in space exploration, topsecret government experiments newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listen to strange news daily on the Iheart Radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you find. Your favorite shows
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