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"Somebody Get Shawty"- Iman Shumpert Interview and More


Wednesday 6/6- Today on the show we had basketball player Iman Shumpert stop by and the first thing asked was if the rumors were true about him and Drake's alleged baby mom, but the kicker is his wife Teyana Taylor was right next to him to hear the answer as a surprise to him. Also, Iman spoke on JR Smith, and his new EP. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a man that threw his three-year-old son and two-year-old daughter in a dryer, and then recording it on Snapchat. Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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a zip recruited outcome, Slash breakfast that zip recruiter, dotcom, Slash, Breakfas, Zip, recruited outcomes. Last breakfas, zip recruiter the smartest way to hire shall together, like a mega forty I just took over in God s poorest round. I will personally join a breakfast globe, say some good lauded USA, Georgia's Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, modern age. Lee manages Andy Charlemagne Guide, who stood applauded just why tat is just what day it is ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, yesterday's Wednesdays Home Day, ha ha ha ha ha me little work week rewarded. I was everybody late last night and day yesterday, guy doing who are you? Actually? I hosted the
charity of em moving mountains, a Jamie Hector, the the actor you know, I'm as Marlowe from the wire and he's unending new show on will not do anymore, but the fifth season of the number one radio on Amazon Bash and it was a great event movie. Mountains is actually an organization to helps kids with the arts, its whole charity organization, and they gave away scholarships sister children who did really well in the programme. But it's acting singing dancing all of the arts and they actually inquiries cave in a lot of the kids from their programme have graduated in been on television shows and always really niceties of the kids perform and on it at nice variously was my son's birthday. I be worth a Jackson, so we just had a celebration of the Caribbean into cars. He loves car, so we ve got a bunch of course and just played all day. I was telling the camera guy around after, like six o clock, seven o clock at night. I'm colonel also believe like.
Many people are indeed I camera guy, but this is not what I meant: the eminent cinema, more social media like six, seven o clock, so it really give me a chance to just to refresh recharge judges. Do things that you do usually do you know what weather any time whether is doing currently in what I did yesterday, which was crazy an end tell sounds crazy, clean. My shower
and I know it is a real challenge. I know we're. You know we have a cleaner personally, this our disguise to recognise that you haven't every most people have a cleaning service that comes what are they going mad had now? I don't mythology leanings, you wait, you you do have a cleaner. Percinet comes the Algiers because once a man ok budget line that met, I say now that it has a lot of leading roles: people in America, no, sir, when people are cleaning the shouts aren't what I can't use. Everybody knows that the only way we shall I call in the shower yesterday, the shaggy man I was so refreshing I really enjoyed cleaning out. Will you make sure they are out of the rain out? You will get a moderate unload. You have in your share your shovel with our pubic here. How did you know you, don't clean it down a diplomat, any yesterday's Atalanta, pubic myself. I basically that yesterday I really had a great sadly now play a mega made me feel like to possess it. It made me feel like I was young and as a kid you know on Sundays. My mom is totally out of what you say,
Why don't you go you clean in the shower? Can explain it. You want to cut me off for when I was young and keep my mom on Sunday, I used to play music and we used to cleaner housing yesterday as a family. That's what we did and it felt good. That's what I will say it again, it's his level a basis before you know it I made this morning. I will go and pay mov arriving bill, just a path to amount. Ok, now what? Muffled was cut off right. When I woke up this morning, I tried to make a phone call. The muffin can already the gravest ordinary bill and I had to pay my path to operate the path to a modest one. Don't need to pay to announce that never number, when you know when you pay as don't never last engage actively last year is out most do don't pay the full amount. People only paid a path to write that fact. Fifteen may later in life and our ability to hire cleaning service Jesus Christ gods we're going to rid feeble mind. Shepherd will be brought joined us this morning. Yes, you will. I used to play for
yeah makes didn't get traded to the Cavaliers. Now what seems likely that Algerians they placed where it came from the other businesses to govern eleven Ahmad actually came on a birth was club. I think it was during our, firstly of the breakfast club- and it was before he even played a game for New York Knicks he had just guide drafting correct, fresh out of joy at me. Have not been back thousands of years smoke with me. A dj envy! You go out and talk it s about have now man, I was integration Adam! Yes, you are. He was matters. Business knows that, and you guys talk here about what he would put now music and I will say that his musical work done oh Paul Rapid, so he decided that this munifi raggedy disdain Vienna, few reticent twenty first thing. He did have never heard it If you would call me out Santa Bleach Musket said in Iraq, they don't worry bout, my robs, if you bleach, Yo Ski they sell an issue that should I ask it to show greater when we talk about how we are going
goodbye about really unfortunate situation. Cates they, the designer, is dead she's only fifty she was only fifty five years old and will tell you about the suicide note He laughed derive will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive the J envy Angela YE shall remain a god. We are the breakfast cloudless getting some front page news now tonight game three to calves play the warriors Warriors Lee the series to oh and they are playing in clean. I love please, please. War is just go hand in hand. You been so we can get the series of wood. Madame tighter tardy are dragging this thing. I need to do You think I look for look at the Cavs out of their misery and go figure out what you want to do this. What time is the game on tonight? eight nine o clock was, ghost will actually honeysuckles, including six years, the eight eight o clock anyway, cakes, babe
simplicity abandoned why, before we get away from the Cavaliers in the warriors, as they both said, they will boycott and not go to the White House, no matter who wins the series, here's what Leubronn had to say May I know no matter who wins this year's? No one! No one wants to invite anyway, so it won't be golden State or Cleveland If I withdraw about it between out you what you'd leubronn you wouldn't be here anyway, ok then known, yet regardless of who went to the South Korea, so commented grew with Braun pretty sure the way we handle days last year. Can I stay consistent with that and always wondered why I was divided that I grew abroad. We will now be attending new White House when we win finals navigator following I'm sorry about the Philadelphia Eagles. They Donald Trump had uninvited them to the White House, because most of the players declined the invites is our only one egos player was confirmed to plants
and the White House budget years. Who was next fall? Does your guy yeah? That's what your worship is this your king official change really. Is that your, Really our trouble of stupid Azalea three party by fell to buy you see I'm trying to think God bless America. He might otherwise. Have you got as ever the outermost it on twitter disability, you know, create a whole scene. Masturbate like put me on them the lights, and may God bless America back. We make it all to say that what you think about the first thing I would I watched him yesterday, the gym other me Jesus Christ me he's a party won for real for our analysis about Kate. Spade really sad story. Now she had been suffering from depression for years. According to her sister
and she refused to get medical help for it, and she didn't want to do that because you didn't want her happy, go lucky image to be destroyed York. So, according to her sister Cates Bade suicide was not something that was unexpected. She said she was always a very excitable little girl and I felt other stress pressure of her brand may have flip the switch where she eventually became full on manic depressive. She was depressed most recently because her husband wanted a divorce. Not one of the boys but her husband, the Andes Bade, was not living at the family house. They had separated, he was living in an appeal. Near by the head of a thirteen year old daughter, an Catesby left, a suicide note to their daughters? B. I have always loved you. This is not your fault ass daddy, so she did hang Self Enron, airline rohypnol she did hang herself in her bathroom
most from it, a new case by one Yankees Beaver decades made at higher bags. They actually useful anything I personally have, but you know it is a very sad story. Not what are you gonna be kind of people you cause? You know no they're going to and I've got a Beth maintenance. You can get spiritual and mental I wanna be seriously Rachel K being and ridge means nothing. If you unhappy case, bathe, actually launched to her hand bag company back and ninety ninety three. She sold it in two thousand seven, but then he's got back in the game and twenty sixteen, because she had lost a new fashion brand that was called France's Valentine, which was named after her thirteen year. Doing what he saw her stuff, it Niemann markedly less as a huge brings. A big breckinridge for me the very successful huge, bring way to reach me era where that is our front page news our You have the floor. Of the language America was most about. Now was second about this. Yesterday also they have decided for Miss America. They are getting rid of the swimsuit competition.
And they're, not gonna judge your physical appearance anymore, because they also going to get rid of the evening, gown portion of the competition as well, so no more bathing suit, Competition are no more evening. Hamburger fallen Omar IRAN issue alive interactive session, instead with the judges and demonstrate their passion, intelligence and understanding of the diet under five, a five one, o five one now they're getting rid of the swimsuit and about the pageant, and also the evening in the pageant. How do you feel about that? I don't see the point. Eight hundred five eight I want all five one Miss America's Erika pageant gettin rid. It is swimsuit, and even again, how do you feel about that? well. I don't see the point was, not least by we combat eight hundred five five one off I wanted to breakfast
Furthermore, the breakfast club morning, everybody is dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now the Miss America pageant is getting rid of the swimsuit and also the evening gown. Now I guess you know woman in a swimsuit that does that have to have never was murdered by what you have in categories and dashes. One of arms has not been adequately judged on their physical appearance anymore. I they gonna, be doing an interactive session with the judges from now on and talk about them. Judges from now on and talk about passion, intelligence in there and overall understanding of the jobs swimsuit category no more evening where category. How do you feel about that? I fear I do feel it. Abed, torn up, further. I dont really wants to miss. America has in any way, but I'm always happy with somebody brown winds, the competition which is rare right exactly so we celebrate but I understand it is important as some people I do feel like you know, sometimes these women
who worked really hard on their bodies, but I've heard stories on behind the scenes where they ve starved them and had all kinds of things done to themselves just to be able to compete in that portion of the competition, so I do feel like while it was part of it, it was in all events. I do feel like some way somehow like these women's hardware gun on their physical appearance committed. I work Data have something I don't they they should get rid of the evening gown portion Anybody thought this through. I think this is a knee jerk reaction to the times that meets who movement and yes, we we should not be of define women were gathered to Miss Amerika pageant kid based on ok with regret.
Its approach, it every word you based off appearance, ass. Now, here s a poisonous adopted may well when women, women as a real question, did you sign it done is rocks? No, they don't sound an alarm in the way that now no one day to day no one's that go viral either when they found tat, they were lad of other women. They don't sound down when they most designer redoubt in Sudan has intelligent. Conversational who do not want to make is about. Other things are not just looks familiar may reasonably. Amerika prejudiced are ok. You tell me what they do elected So do I do intellect community setting is about community service. They do yet avatar Finally, we want the intellect pausing to do so. They have to write it s a or speech on certain types of terms. They do. They have the right to know the gate was in a passion before when she returned with America about it. She was in a bit and without them is Meroz a teen path. As you already know, the marketing arrange with it. They did have the right messages about certain things that have to talk about certain things that it is always a topic, as has happened. I may ask about him: ass. One may be signed a ridiculous and
but Miss Mapp adds that other women I back some of them- are really very smart or non muslim I would say, are ones that unity, the larger than no no ottawas it. Could this majority white women and that's not America, optimism, Archipelagos Trask, couldn't other over the diversity does what they should be doing more than a doubtful has done well thought out now you say we go. There are white woman? Doesn't probably listen if you have your level, if you look at their portion when they asked him what he wanted, with the world. How do you want to change? The world would join in design a ridiculous already. Only that way, valley, hair other Wednesday, sound ridiculous, but they don't know Sammy dignity. I've watched it before as disseminated intelligent, they come paper scholarships and everything pollution, good ones, pull up too full of two or three what are you sounded very intellectually sandalwood changing from swimsuit competitions, him more fitness competition, fitness competition? Maybe that objective on your body. If it is now fitness, what's the difference, because I mean I do think its impact like these women do work really high. Some of them I put like athletes ordered
Britain Fitness competition in this maybe look stupid to be, I would just under way on a shiny, low, penises, always resented at eleven zero show their penis Look there. My rights, was abroad. What do you think about Miss America pageant getting rid of the swimsuit category? evening. Gown category of numerical come out with working with job Doc beg you men, yes good morning. What do you think about the Miss America paths and getting rid of the swimsuit category in the evening? Gown category finger layering, already You know young girl and America. They leave a fee that kind of stuff. You know you're at the shop, your body in order to be met, the man I think yeah, but you may need to be not easily be done. You're young girl, that of urine american. You can be Miss America, there, ain't, no diversity in them is America. Badges at all must be clear on that eight hundred five,
five one, o five one and Miss America pageant getting rid of the swimsuit category and also the evening gown category. How do you feel about evening out? I don't know because it pays. I am looks but there is a total, was murdered gradually Cumbria, spelling bee from now on. So these are the three members, a mathematical, be jeopardy, doesn't categories that tax competition right and then the presentation and community achievement. That's when they talk about Community Service Gordon and they answer questions into private interviews, presence and poise within the EU, where and then lifestyle unfitness wishes. This whimsy cartoons intellectual at what you're? Talking about the private interview than onstage questions where they talk about their community achievement of intellect community, is how you answer. These questions are not held and governance. Eight hundred five, a five one, o five one call us now is to breakfast club breakfast club morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club now if you join us which
What about the Miss America pageant now they're getting rid of the swimsuit category and also the evening gown category? How do you feel it that eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one for me. I really don't care cuz, I don't watch it like. I really could not tell you what goes on. I don't know what difference between the Miss America pageant they had a very same those. I don't know you would further delay horse names are indeed I ought to do little. Miss America measure these too liberal Europe would even American you have been saying. Thank you would have failed to everything. Is American USA disabling? Not yes, today, Ms America, Usa, amid the universe, I'm gonna go is universe. I don't believe it happened with America monsieur the only to look at it now they do most of the big idea, they are bored producing Is it? Is it s? What did you ever has wise of Atlanta with one wish in North America? No, it is imperative that a well I they Williams was in Miss unit.
Redress. You know Miss Jamaica within one wonders. Madrid summit with twenty four team were left with only anywhere we miss. You say that everything is America, cut you more than a million. I mean. How do we do now and always university? Miss Universe, o universe? One eighth holiness, you ever know I'm wondering if his murder brigaded trash right, Bidwell divorce period, all collage, Aramis taxes. They actually led the answer that she gave when they talk about. President Donald Trump responds to the far right. Violence and shouted spoke agenda that went viral. What she says. He gave a great answer to that. She said, I think the white supremacist issue. It was very obviously with a terrorist attack. Thing. President, down at times had made a statement earlier, adjusting the fact and it making sure all Americans per SE this country and as the number one is you right now this is a humane individual. Not now is this a beauty pageant or was it intellect pageant as as a movie to be jeopardy,
Germany, for why don't ask it. I regard the one about the supper which often about the Miss America, patrimony think the address, but I bet we gotta stop it'll deep about everybody likes that we have. The data should honour charging. Let me hear what you said about only people in this world. It is about everything to paint you don't wanna be wanted everyday earlier. Accusing the others to Katy would also be done You don't remember we just trying to keep about every time. We have a saying that took him out filth and I agree, We want to see our fear if they are about a solving this thing when they give it to a woman who looks like she wouldn't be able to make a Miss America or make a Miss USA page, I think of you, wish it will go down and I think the views have been going down any absolute people into looks and what people look like and also what it is. And about Wednesday evening S. Eye
Why would I lie? And you always when someone you go obligation on a beach and I'll get judge done? It hope Yes, we do want people. Both short argue everybody that men and women when you're. So I don't care what you say about swimsuit and evening gown, like I do think nobody thought this through in the knee jerk reaction to it. The times at me to me. There were and render all right. Well, we got rooms runaway yes find. Our former NBA player says that his penis is like crack down right wing to all that when we come back, keep a lack of agreement. Shepherd will be joining makes outweighs the breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is dj. Envy Angela YE shall I mean the guy. We are the breakfast clodagh replace their regular come to issue. Nature and I'm a gang of illegal tied logistical style testing welcome tide of yet does not yet a lumber go, but I want you to come home. Was there to ensure that would change low, but ok, Aurelius gets alms before info on a forward to attack us up
no tv series of reports at the Reul report, Libretto club or even the Renee, as working on a Callin, Capron Egg TV series. It's gonna be, as she said, something good Friday, night lights meets everybody hates Chris Souci had said repeat Lee that his actions have been inspiring to so many people. She says I see what he's done as are now: it's not gonna content. On his kneeling by it'll, be more about on his high school. All states even during his senior year in football basketball in baseball in all of those.
Before he had an awful drabant clues bombs, do not call a government and a cabinet was adapted by away cup or not long after his birth. So I guess it a focus on that as well. Hello, one pupil requests you connect to greet individual's right to our aid opera is so excited about her Smithsonian honour. She said it's nothing that can really tat that right now, here's what you to say that this is goals were busy. I say in the world of things you can accomplish being and exhibit on exhibition This sum is not one of the things I ever thought was humanly possible.
You know you think about. I can win a Pulitzer prize if you're right, I guess maybe, when an army of you and you can win and exacerbate the problem, was not so humble brag. Ok, oh you get an exhibit. You get an exhibit where some of the items in the watching o bread, the upper weren't we show in an american culture exhibit will be what you are doing two thousand by for car, give away that was so famous that we still talk about it his day, also images from her yearbook. Nineteen. Seventy one east Nashville high year by labelling, as you God only begun, daughter, she's, a walking memorial, a living, exhibit a statute. In brief, I give it our aim, as has happened to me is a woman has hit him with a restraining order. Now, according to this woman she's, dealing with him off and on since twenty sixteen and recently she tried to end things for good, but that's when she claims he took the break a badly. And started harassing her and threatening to send naked pictures of herds and video.
Sue heard ten year old, son and court. She said Gilbert told me he was watching me at my sense. And that he had just I'm going to class. He said he was waiting to get my son cell phone number from his son so that he could send my child naked phone of me and video of Gilbert and I having sex and video of me naked Jesus. Now. She also says that he banged on her door and when he came in poster against the wall demanded Sexy said she did it out of fear. She also included text messages that she said. Are between her and rain where he says waits you see your naked picks. It way to your censier naked pictures. I, Mr Effing, which our life he has a phone right. She also says that when she break things out with them, he gets very vindictive now she does have a temporary restraining order and Gilbert Arenas has of course responded now. He said which one of you, Funky bids is line or ninety nine percent of you. How couldn't get me to call you back after I hit hashtag reject vaginas were trash, and then he said, now. Someone wants a restraining, I mean listen. I know my d is like crack, but don't play yourself, so
as somebody put a restraining order on you. The laughing you should do is go to I e and put a very blocking com it up here. This place out, it is that it is quite next month I write a shout to I e should carry. She is gonna, be hosting anew ABC B C show it's called family food fight, it's a cooking competition series and thus to be pretty exciting. They ever Australia, format of the same name, so the show is based on one that's already existing in Australia, and so they will be original cooking on display Yossi families competing for a grand prize of a hundred thousand dollars wherever it occurs. Cookies are reasons decoration, so I thought, but it will be part of it before I could. I am sure that the majority to forty ease comes from his. Why would have that? Right is the reason I inherited from have caught in big shots like would ease. Cubby is pregnant again ass. He I think she is Yahoo sharply at a good
shooting record I re while I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right now, when we come back we're gonna, kick it with a modern shop online shopping. Mall, nothing makes the news with the Cavaliers varies, with two kings gave the other businesses to Dublin. Eleven brimstone started in two thousand and ten. So during our first year, mind came up here right when he got drafted outage audited before even play the game and the other men of here, because we always had a history of smoke, because that way, one was the rap and I've had to say We know repeatedly that is wrapped up and of Africa. What are you mad at you remember was, he said some are you wouldn't side? Autographs were kids some eighteen months as more, where some kids need to talk about all that, but I'm glad it he's back up here. You know already we marry dollar fifty ANA tailless only known vera. Ok, we come back. There was any smashing drinks, illegible momentum for you play. The main is Mary, I'm all, but we have, along with us,
responded binding on social vat was oh see, that's what your problem is one bit of news to have a baby, bring oath of Matthew so often lot of instantly rate. Is your re writing Amazon, but where we come back to the breakfast global body, one and everybody is being hey envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club we got us pursue gas in a brown has rightly have admitted this two thousand eleven right now for supper was, I would use messenger excellent, really Mama, my daddy railroad among those innovations were was Tom Logo It is my dragon in his eyes, ass mass understand, my interactions. You guys avoided in a novel. I don't know how that works. I don't know if he was deported or I know she was not I'm not. I just know she had to go back to friends but she's a painted up like she cool,
for Portugal over over out. They shoot up once thought that she does like you now all world start. I do not know how things really the opinion precisely that don't I've never seen a video of actual limit intercourse She d like the World star, hip, hop girls aggravate off clay, no what girls duties, they, the agony of love, Coronel video on I show you have you know India Brine ARM, but to cover in it a light we use. When you're the mild micro didn't invade US airline used either. We know ass, No answer you thought was invaded vows but, as I know it was crazy Caravan naw. I was God you, commissioner, to do that it was very uncomfortable. Rather I was I was I
hold one legged that rely on her does not arise. Crazy. Don't you just a minor videos, some young, lady and police. Yet there was out, but it was odd. You got kind of idiotic. Do those awful. It was really is directed the rector with trying to give us. The creative direction was gone. Really we really a deal more stuff in June I use a bunch Did you know boxes of Judea boxes, the video like your boy, cerebral,
right always about some stuff beyond them? About mom, I would ask you, Mr Dimas: Mammy got his middle, maybe moment not. You know about me. Do you know about me me, and I agree with what you need to respond to the rules on board. This young lady is one of those rules. I lit a few times where I was like awesome life he was I viewing or say mandated by. If I say some unlike given them attention and given them a platform in Geneva, yeah allies. Ideas is that's not you not ass, fictional work if I say from everyday look like oh, he bigger people, I e worried about is Almah trying to be above the
of the near watching the push to drag me. I'm listening that arrives, and now my name is. I broke homo We also have the mandate granted to but is this. I oughta be. Why heard Heather's, why lightly worker, who she was she, those meals, a commonality? Our clothes lie with fate fitness though she gets paid. If it worked out, they had all this stuff boy did nail salaam. Hagnonic nails lie, I know, is I all these good things all positive stuff born all? If I am not an activity not been a duty for some is the grand models that want to promote the lady realised that pay the one paid angle say an egg and would give a glow with the one is that was gonna. Help of the trust in stuff Does she wouldn't even involve they try to promote like random models? That did you go to that pays? Look at models. I come home row light any nobody's gonna come clear money and nobody gonna come Villa this was a page that was runagate. Nobody says that they click on. It is that you
do well the bam. Everybody click on a go up. Ten thousand retweet likes all this stuff. Everybody all allow me, I oats, Deanna gonna, kill you. You ve got to sleep one. I love and his money hair body Buddha and in his light it a come out. It is something it was some food and nobody say not as always like that nobody can. The truth when the lad Moynihan, easy sandwiches, as bogus some say that out here that we might following it up, so he did a value added, No, no, not, but not the room, lock them. I do not know they were doubled forms they had allows. I added and as LA came up, I want to tell you that the child don't be feeding into a lotta, and I appreciate that this battle, my wife light, and it was really We try to make you say, as I yoga click on these pitted and see somebody's beware. Girls would be like a monkey. S notice was vague way, but
If I'm go, if I'm gonna while out death arm, while the now I know why allow would have all my boy, don't you know right away, I was improved, a thunder. That will give you three Hanukkah's minded lip service yesterday, and I know that I know he's dad used to save him earlier than you did. If you would when you men back in two thousand eleven. If you would, it is agreed to be with him. He went about his trousers. Almost pretty is never easy because he probably was even seen. God alone, you ve had a lot of moulding. Now you would have been. There have been no more than my mind. You have come from like his path, for I went mad at you like them. I really matter you? Could they really be like, like even water,
the rooms, maybe like old as pictures I like. I don't even know you when you add a bare chairs like now like is better now old dog people looked at me in the mere would do to leave like hell. You bogus would do that would have leave a dream, but I've been allies location in there. Thing is no way that we can reach the EU primarily filming populated Dumont. I had no idea would come. I look. You know your boat about dollar by gotta. Get you don't you see the light just in time for now, but you like man, is not enough. The is not met. Employers are out there like a man. I could give many things
was the dams are real, is what its camera tricks at all that now, edit, that any videos like cyanogen levies, not my man, ass love, you don't hit him. You don't, I know your bag, he beheld the mobile. Now let me I didn't. I want my baby. I wanted to ask about game one MBA final year, sixteen May from the next Sexty may from the Cavaliers used to rebound stairs. Instead of put it back up It runs out what would go to his mind. You speak to a matter that I now speak. You spoke to, but speaking for him right now. Be wrong, might get mad about. The minor tat was the only two, They are trying to do the right thing. He certainly they are so many times they are got criticized his whole career for being. What makes him special?
and what makes him special day are getting no business situations in no business angles and makes us J. I got that ball and started thinking law at him. I don't know why he did it for so long. I do think. I'm out a lot in somebody, Hoddan amount on anyone in vain and a man don't want it. I dont want to call a time out and in it be decreased. Whether situated me, I got no time maybe did know yet time out on I don't know normal day. Art looked over his shoulder these two people Randal abroad, and normal day or two looked over, so do I owe you pick peel over me and stop it but for some reason he does. He wanted to do the right thing he didn't want everybody. By all day, I was trying to shoot this. You should again it's a bra like he was thinking about all layers. That it has been in a moment. He trust me if you get a moment ago. He, Poland, today. I believe that a high in drunken, would you don't ask? We got what a marble we come back door over the breadth and club pneumonia.
The breakfast pointing everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast quite amazed supper in a building Charlemagne. Will you or you antics mighta affecting honours roll up. Now found got army now. Under my arm Filippi, both so much affiliate like you, ve been unkind of doing it I own anyway. So able out with everybody, was gone mad at me. There was about you and I'm just not within my remit resided in the like, but very normal though, because I d write a people still like it. I'm gonna take a year ago gave who were about even now everybody around. My god knows I she army, during my she revenue luxury, will be rapid, would not like our ceasing Army Megan EMU, irish baby- may I remind you that it is now a year ago,
got me MA. Am I right now a project that you have now also went his way. He also came here to talk about abuse and we saw yourself that you directly when it a video as well. More you dont, more using dragoons awesome, says nothing so is basically to flip former load the substances than I am referring to a people of persons, The answer, your family s, good, the substance vanished ass things of substance as around you and I think the first thing they go easy substance is think alike, White Koechlein, I'm big on the power and words. So it's like with me imma, go to Dixon and see what a fucking any form of matter. What uniform properties I cool. What's the abuse of uses using things in Of course they going to have the abuse of animal abuse, child abuse they going to have that for the dictionary. But at the end of the day, substance abuse is abusing a substance, but they don't say it has to be a good or bad stuff. Since it's just in so many situations, we have a negative version of in the negative interpretation of it, and it's not so
Mr Prodi, you start to see like everything I'm talking about on these positive for any black and is trying to have a family and build his life at last autumn. Recently was critical about it. Yet Ulysses with will always not now some of this summer, who another may not actually annexing, doesn't talk and whole lives lip service right through I'm talking to an unlikely. I don't even know, if I don't even know if you realize it when you say that I couldn't rap in my balls were right. You brought audience to me that don't got nothing, who me they can't they don't care about mom basketball, they don't care about. My I don't care about nothing. They strictly rate MA music rabies
re read through other, whereby why not embody Y gotta good the right of every day you gotta was so so so he brought dislike. There's no fan base. There came the judge me that was light It was like a low mere from me. Like a la honest, merely ok, he said to school year okay, Ko Charlemagne. Here he don't like to whatever you're on this side. Yeah we mad at him angry eyes towards Charlemagne cool. But then he brought to you that was like, like I had like these people I ve ever give Ptolemaic. He gone, they got these light. This autumn may right, which is needed to X Y, see in a you'll, be spread. You Canada's your subject, man, I may. I am really no mass lay a brow. I listen and it s like a you, between occurs to lay like real talk, but this is this was the honest that
though you have people like it did you who don't for, we would have done so. But I'm saying when you were originally said edgy I was. I agree that he no lack of rapto. I was so caught up in why he going to me. Is there to help me right and Anna thought about it. As these as I got loud and I was like ie is real life people that we're only listen in my music, as this means that I was wet. Actually all you are you are you are you could give me those subliminal body like don't worry about, don't worry about it. You bleed she'll, be always listen episode. Concept, but I thought and in what I like what I learned and as well and to appreciate, unlike the fact that he even took the three minutes and is obviously the best thing me too. Nowhere somebody's been like whether you stand on the opposition. Are you with me?
If I know where you stand, I could do what you may not and are respected. There are totally out of the US it no matter what we don't want to. Mere hear me and every whatever words we, the hair on my every at all, it was not a one even about the laws it does every started. It was saying that I say about the kids know what had happened. The day after day, I had a minor and ultimately not one day as a gay never had a player we ve never had a good life you lose. The right now makes it will play in the Cleveland Cavalier, ripe. He went to meditate figures in a mile was the only person I wouldn't ass, an autograph we'll take a picture tat s. It.
I happen to know because we must never did it because he was like Jack Odin own presidency to become like what you like among you got pages when abroad, but Cairo, wit mellow over than big picture inasmuch ass, it, or rather those I don't like you and I can walk the men did. This is faster Cleveland Cavaliers. I was on a Natura, no it with the next game. You just named a bunch of Cleveland. Kazaa alone makes the both ending on the lawn he got. Pitches would Cairo, Greeks. Alone make brought the Cleveland Cavaliers in Madison Square gossip. After the game. That is why I am so happy you're, like a game that my own bathed kids here, tell you remember people it is people come in at the gate before game? I'm locked in You are not allowed to come talk to me. He's always
do what I do all we can do the ragged while I used to be in their kids like mellow, I was the rookie Melias Grammy's. They know to kick him with his son, a guy his thought. I would ask you to allow at length never pick. Listen, I'm starting to think of envious. Kids. Could a lot of you would rather not one of the things you ve never drive. If everything is, if anything is his key, there said it angle sit up if they know key alone and then like this, but I'm telling you right now. I don't believe that I said
Ok, I don't want to take a pitcher him wash swerved him anything like the winning Logan. I do think something's happened where I was doing some while was mad or anything that I haven't. You know why I don't remember now have about tell you I've. Never I've never gone out of my way to tell I can't tell a key and it made me feel terrible. We those areas, the lead, baby, Mama kid, you I'm sorry, I'm ok, I'm alarm climbed up our ass. Well, ass! It was after the game. In short, all the picture would everybody he said and what I would have an inadequate and now did you give him one from his vanity Josiah NEO first said honestly outside to produce our no. I don't know what happened when I know. I know when you say no more, who s five within, not all I just know after games. We don't have appears alone court. That's what so on you when you say that you said it was appearance after the game and it therefore take pity then he mind in one of these pictures with the key Bobby,
that matter in building this is why happened like this could mean him never got to have a basic those conversation I never eat, didn't wanna sit. There say you don't mind possibilities, will I thought I was planning to work out, but you could add value in view of the marrow God s body that what we have seen of the several times on sale. I, if long as we able as I see it, that's why I've always respected luggage have never ran away from a face to face conversation. Respect any man, I gotta recipes commonplace. Far. I we got more would amount to permit get into a joy and introduce a joy Now you listen to the more credit.
Why don't you realize is ready? They played out why they did it again. Now we go play. A critical mass of your joy may solemn may go listed to acceptance of substance. Abuse may also listen to the whole project, downloaded stream. It shows him look out. There was a minor shepherd with critical morning. Everybody is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, Ahmad shepherds here Charlemagne. You afraid a reality show cars. They say we will get divorced and stuff like that. I was. I allow at first would net what s story job. They say they are my dear. I cannot do it
We gave you because you started from Yale my we filmed lady, I only get to most, of which I am not going to happen in any explain everything every time, but online day of DE she had. She would do well, my secret all think of all night. I was the story. We would have fan. It was that only the shell guy, because neither the lies better, did drew their realize what a day they said, I had a secret when she found it went through it in new everything they had. To Georgia. Play a baby. I never went to normal think revolve. Don't ever compare Danny by your neighbor, like this person, did disease where that he's still alive he's been behaving herself away shall, where being naive or I'm being as I'm being there, always some keep it above. Why has the motto? Call him occurs, mom
my baby or go another one. That will happen Is there was it he just? Let me know you monsieur rookie year find a lot of us why, like I'm just I'm offer, because I can't control, would you do before me There have been all Bobby is cheap push ATO S to Barcelona, but I will say it, but with what the world has to understand is all mean we supposed to go. Do whatever we supposed to do until a woman and changes as like. Stop stop the act like girls want to do that, never got a girl, that's Nobody about was a one of you will know it flew male. What do you know? You know it is not fair, but what woman wants to do that can walk in the party in nobody say nothing a negative would avail video took you Lego now. She's still honestly do anything, Don't put my wife in the right light on doubtful were
no greater lay just landed and I may live anywhere else. Do you and I want you to understand their else and tat is because, like he hears what don't be, what I was like under under raided sexy, like you know, he's not a show off. He just play ball, you do he do underwriters x, I don't you. This example yeah I'm for incentives, may make it the seconds eyes, while a great body rising got an usher. Only here can only on workers because it be hot, I'll be out. Will you be insecure, Deanna Report than those pictures on the ground gotta go to do it now.
Man. Humanitarian aid levels can a devil tap. Yes, he maids and be leg and put the eyes. The nordic ivory My name is never tell you are being supported some letters. She post a picture and is just her on a regular day and is in his. You know she look real fire. Of you should be like an hour. What? How is that possible? Ghana and, as I said, is the photo shoe footing brain and the cases out like ever what? If you have a game against another team and the whole team say we got a double tat. I note as bait but as soon as it is always a tunnel conversation reacts each other. The m is again: as there are Jaeger all the money he was wise in rather not merely in order to favour. My wife responded ones or mud and, as you forgot to change it back in Billy her responded on hers. Oh it was like. It was one of my friends, girls as you like a smiley face or kitty faint, and it looks it will cost out why
and it made me feel bad because we come from her, but look like was come for me. Then you kids deleted. Has it ever give a more credible? We among governments will look, look, look don't give up give up. What I d? Never male community babe, I hope, broke male compounded high. Just did that! That's what I'd be us at Bay list? We would lose a New York nor fashionable coming out employer. Now all pitches mute ass, a bay honestly. I love it where is the abolition of the navy? However? Sotto voce legitimate bill Are you going to say both Gov long, all all the inability of like this? Would you put that on Monday, as you all a bad idea? Take me. The audiovisual was a multi drug I'll get lucky, I got no sandstone
number, maybe that we have now and as they have some names on cause, they have hacker marvel awful, had no answers for body. How can be that's how she started up? Have you they hack No more. Maybe that was Deanna. Gotham say Europe has again. Maybe whoever was hacked Me you gave me your password high in Europe are in error and civil, so they what they hack me, and then I had many five dm out in this. There is no way from here over. You know why, I'm anyway, it was twenty five dm two. You know some white model That is all the same things corny it with a corny law, but in the guy came from you No, it didn't. You came on everything I why, last year it was my account, but it was light on you. Would a white girl, not gold and I'm not gonna, say like a maybe like I'm not gonna make it was. I hey baby would awake, but it was the same message like twenty five different girl. So if I would, if I need to go, get some outside box that
I do a Medea memorandum, Joe Roblee, so but for real debate I make Look like allay my does these new twenty eighty people dead and, as we know the m to get no girl you on a road, all its I've told you, ain't got out and it ain't about. First of all, we do is everywhere. He only many they'll get in no way ahead. Athens about that, but I am saying to approach a woman of DAS never been my git now to approach a woman to the internet and his eye. When that comes about that? That's how move it just that will me more than the Roma. Am I know my wife got. Almost. She got a model, do whatever so she ain't, Tripoli angle about their foundation, but I am mad doin thing, I'm mad about my main being involved is I don't really think because they, the last more than you do that you automatically my novel lay Joe you pick up my clean. As you say, you are overlay because of you, not you,
You mean like a mother. You save me me how your radio you can not get caught doing no dirt. You know didn't document only Jovan enable they care with was my worry about baby and all is meant to come right back of in clean it up Why wasn't I have them? So I got so. I think I got I haven't gotten at the day. No matter what goes I know what women is doing it for either Tron a cloud case or you trying to get a bag to get God, you realize how many women have sent pitches said. It's me it's to her and then they ask for TIM bands. Can I get twenty three hundred twenty three hundred s outline a random number compared to his year company? it s, our like you went through your fall, you lie. I got this all pitcher him I gotta, o pitted is India play. I got this above where I got this is, I guess, we'll girls. The coup is,
Tom and I won at widening aroma of those go a diversion, no viruses. If it isn't there, I k means creating two years ago. Why did you see my eyes I planted around and you didn't you, though, that wouldn't be allowed at its ideas, will be saving ones like Zimbabwe, crisis deportees, this air matches, and what am I came in here and it was like a Braille spot ripe, inelegant groundwater with coffee house, but it wasn't coffee. It was a Chinese by solemnize knocked a girl of alma matters, why bring the whole world's during world war stories? Random lie MA doesn't know. So I was in blood. I'm not happy Jack, it's not good kids. In other words, it will not do this It's been him tell me, let me sleep in it.
They're gonna with coffee, and I learned to love, everybody loves you have different, and so this is our heavy tasted. It like that, in my view, we have united, told a story to tell people are problems I remember how do I save them smell number thirty days. Did it Inter Alia, the story? Already everybody happy a cat fade away, I was with us. Mortals well known to parliament is the cheapest. I know you like you I'll, buy you a new air matches. He angle by me. Nothing, as are those blood eleven mounted different per family. Doesn't he was grey loud ass Mary was an audience Wednesday. Twenty Allah really bang thou in the studio Oda Loose, nor was it version bottle. Was it
everything from the very outset blotted out whom the unbroken an ally, my name is bleak. There's a guy, you know if I will pay you, there was kind of those who, like us second to last without that it be see why nobody feels that we genuinely in that period of time that it was by day you you did appear before Really. I do really intolerable down on that away. Without down at the regular read your wife one. That is those. I guess I beg you owe me for joining us. May she picked up his arm substance abuse right now and thank you. Tt for staff and through
nexus of almost all moves to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Alright morning everybody is DJ. Energy, Angela, Charlemagne Guy, we are the breakfast club was gets it aromas, assault, drink we urgently need clear words: rake was clad, comment, creeping instagram up and coming smiley Sixty fires posted on on Instagram and Drake. Within his comments he put black bands, no friends. Of course, people spend in the comments and started asking and was the reply coming congrats on the baby and then Drake role. Nobody really know what I've been through imposed. It needed. No, he didn't. Yes, he sure did on smiles and it could be less from a song. It could be anything that we don't know what that even me Louis LAW and when your badge and you just
Elinor Rat battle, you should not be posted nobody. Nobody behind. I do nothing is just a low rat battle. Ok, you gotta be got. Whilst we are going through, it might have been dropped. I do know what you ve been through the past week- is called com life, our rights, com or failing that. He failing that happened to me when he got a meagre that that saving Abilene Beige Amigo alone cannot only be a late hour. I came dashi awhile breathless about Jamie facts. Now, Jamie I recently did in any view, and he talks about. Having been on medication himself and kind of go HU, a similar experience as Wet Congo has gone through hears what he said. Kanye don't come comparable badly and when he talked about the drugs demented episode in so many was talking about YO I, whenever too feels and simply is very real, and when that is happening, I was lucky enough to have people like my system.
Yo. You can go out right now, because you use told crazy available because Milo anyway, I thought everybody renamed everything and were lying. This was a donkey. This was Nicaragua me, I'm going you know during arose typical at whatever was silent, guess he can relate and say that it may be. Congo was on medication in it made him say some things off the Wall the man of why people are using mental illness for Roseanne Yes, we can. You therefore continue well Canyon, if we had been on medication, so you know anything that he's just using now came kind. Ass in also talks about how she feels about kind? thinking about the issues and their marriage on the outside. And then his new album yea and, in particular the sun wouldn't leave? Here is what she had to say about that. I mean it
that's not stuff by sweeping on social media but yeah. We have those moments, and that was the one thing that he didn't really play for me until last minute. So it meant a lot to me if we have different views. Sometimes we have different things, but that's my husband already song in case you didn't remember. They said, yet at the half way as if they were, we utilise the yea. Just imagine it. They call me on a wild day now more Vicki caused a life commerce, grimace saving, but had it But there is told us shakily me now you I raised. Zone man she's talking about now is the re in the meantime, was at the sea FDA, awards and ass. She, hosting she had this to say about Congo, but you know what I'm let them Island of Ireland
I'm about as fashionable as Kenya is black. Only one is convenient that was my choice, just like slavery come on the number one I'll be thy lines like Robin Hood? Bobby Israeli not made s situation, that much more sweet tat came cried ass? He was their men, men of everybody who got dependence in a bunch over that relax. It's a joke. Ok is a joke right here right here? basic here may easily, and that is your room, a report. Thank you. Miss ye shall remain. Yes, we give me a donkey too pointed out. We need to have a constitutional wise to profusion procreate. I'm serious about this, we'll talk about. Ok,
Would you that next people access to breakfast locomotive donkey? Devil? Yes, indeed, dog you today, for which they jus six goes to a twenty four. Your Mammy Ryan BAR now Rhine BAR, is a prime example of the why everybody shouldn't be allowed procreate. Ok, if you have ever seen its data, six film mediocrity, he's dying, look Wilson in my route off, then you need to really why tat movie. If you have an ok witnessed, what will happen to the word? We don't stop stupid people from breed. Ok, we don't the dogs among us, haven't babies, we're headed toward a country full of anti intellectual. Isn't a country do intellectual curiosity and social responsibility. I am deserters. Ok, I think that you should not.
Be able to have babies unless you pass until the iq test. Not just intellectual. Ask you what emotional iq and if you don't pass either one of those tests you should have to go to classes until you prove yourself, intellectually sound enough to raise a child. I am serious: okay, what we have now society, where dumb sign damn women and have done kids. Okay, the kid don't start off them, but they get down because apparent eventually path. They lack analogy knowledge on youth This guy Ryan BAR was trying to teach you to Euro signing. Your daughter, a lesson. Let me take up nothing good happens when stupid people try to look and sound smart, case. Whenever dumper thing tell you did they want to teach you something you should rod. Sadly, these kids run from the lesson if by those trying to teach them, because the only three into please go to the beauty are of tv. Cbs would report police twenty four year old Ryan BAR in jail after throwing three year old son in two year old daughter and drier staff, a big Nancy Ellen three saw this and a snapshot, video uncontacted school resource officer Marshall, county, shearers, Deputy Travis Miranda,
Quarterly puts his daughter inside the dry or shutting the door while she screams them reportedly puts his son in the dry or turns it on and watches while he bends according to the criminal complain, Bartle Deputy Miranda, he was trying to teach his son to not be scared or did turn himself into the marginal tiny sheriff's office is charged with one counted child neglect with these significant chance of bodily injury being how Bunny fifty thousand dollar bond he could face define years in the thing had attention, if convicted as they give em all five. Now I know a lot of you are probably have said that I said Don people should be allowed to procreate. Will, let me just remind you of the gist, distort Ryan put his kids in the dry cleaners trying to teach him how not to be. Here, that's putting the dry. He actually hit been now can't remember, Panther, you do what I do. Daddy's, kids love their parents and daughter's love their daddy. I know because I have two beautiful little girls and nine year old in a two year old,
father. My job is to protect and provide. I would think that is a sense of security. Daddy provides for his kids. Okay, we raise our voices they get ships. Magna rather Father, you grab your kids and put them in a dry hate. Spain, try a big machine of Dokken inside dry sound scary when they got closing you ever put clothing, before you went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night, because you his annoyed me a low shook until you reach the dry, my to your daughter, is due rightly scared of the dry and she'll know it. I know it is coming from she's a cage he jumped into Dr Johnson vacuum cleaners jumped to plunder suggested to grow. Did the garbage disposal. All those things makes great noises awhile. Why would you grab a key and put her inside she's afraid of now. I have you not my two, your daughter and showed her. What I do to blame, the yes, I'm making more protein shake, no need to be afraid. His baby come help me making ok, let her know them. Cleaner, is or she's not afraid. I'm not gonna, take my job and put them incited dried teased him not to be afraid,
human beings fear, would they not in and not a human being on this planet, regardless of age who would not be afraid if they were placed incited drier and somebody had spin inside a dry it outside the realm of mind, standing so, of course, I'll, be afraid. I'm gettin anxiety right, not thinking about being places. Dr Swine, Hell when Ryan. I think that this was a good way to teach kids not to be afraid. I tell you why, because The eighty accuracy is becoming real life. Just listen,
As the twenty first century began. Human evolution was added turning point natural selection, the process by which the strongest smartest the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favoured the noblest streets of man, now began to favour different traits. Most science fiction of today predicted a future that was more civilised, more intelligent, but ass time went on. Things seem to be heading in the opposite direction, not coming down. This is. What I agree within us This is why I would either be. They can also be a part of their noses team, the black or what Why? Out? Half have to population simply because just too many people on the planet, but I do think we contribute fat when it comes to it was in his country, infinities. Don't do I have to collect simply snap my fingers and make the I'm amongst us disappear. Please. You
I bought a BBC. Hopefully how big is obvious? it all five years- and I hope some mighty puts it- asked whispered cycle interests that would punish. Man had already put his penis inside I'll teach you about rights. Make sure that we live in. Something alright beg you, but I don't get it do up next. Ask ye not ass. He ascii eight hundred five, a firewall or fire. What have you got a question for ye call right now. As you know, we would you'll, probably just situations relationships. All goods divide Europe right now, eight hundred five five one o five one ascii is next to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club surfer. Ask e allows, there's a whipped up. If Jordan
you oughta, wish of course to flee migration. For you, I've been a friend with mother went by over ten years and he would their relationship with the stood. Who was quite fond of me and we ended up getting an a physical education. They broke up, got back there there in a week? And now he hit me up almost a year later, letting you know that Bear Dinah. He wants to try to work things out with me as friends again by the spot. Like he put me in a compromising situation, have my back there, even from dawn what his boyfriend was doing at the time, and I thought I was yeah that doesn't sound like a very loyal friends who me, why did you again to a physical education, Mobile fed up with firm he found out that he had learned was pretty much cheating on him errand,
We went to David meet up things weren't supposed to get this way, but they ended up turning physical. Unfortunately, I am not proud of it. I even reached out and apologize, but the kind of like the water and water to the bridge over it and he still whether a cabinet in Arabic, ok, I said my peace, you're like I did my part as a friend, and I apologise again, eighty where I was wrong, but the day he know that he put me in a situation of youth, very honest about that, but he still didn't do anything about it Anna. I feel you wanna, because you know one of the main things about haven't. Somebody who is your best friend is there's a poster. Have you back no matter what, especially because were really defending him. It feels like when you got into this obligation is not like you were drag and you just got a little crazy and he was mad at you. You know. How can you trust, imagine how can you cause them on your best friend when they Turner back on you when they
this guy low, crazy with their relationship and people do make. This mistake a lap they put their Mason sit before their friendship, because He was getting pressure from your boyfriend, as so sometimes people mistake that you know their think their love of somebody, not knowing that our friendship last for ever sometimes our relationships as you can see. Don't Alas, that long rate burglary, I think out of fear of bread for over a year and a half of them knew that higher major life miserable. In my opinion, any opinion too, man in your stuff. You know, but sometimes we lose ourselves in a relationship and we make mistakes based on em. We're supposed to learn from our mistakes were out of sight. If you miss somebody's friendship and you feel like it's worth getting it back because friends do effort, I think it's worth Eu China see, if you can, at least you know, maybe you won't be best friends, and maybe a relationship will never be the same again. But if you miss him, then I do feel like you know. Sometimes we do
must have things a my relationships are not neglected. My friends, I had a best and who was a guy and his girlfriend didn't like me, and I told them, you know, hey. I don't want to get in the middle of your relationship, so I'm just shell and your handle things and when they broke up he a palace I see me and he knew tat. He had made a mistake, so we have to be forgiving people sometimes but the same time. We can't let them back in the same way, so I say just give some time? Give him a chance slowly but surely and see. If we can prove himself will be on guard. Alright ask IE eight! five, a five one, o five one of unique relationship. Advise you can call you right now is to breakfast club kimono. Everybody is d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask e allows this old whistleblowers because a free relationship issue. I got very wise, but I am torn between the two I care about my family. My wife has been there since the beginning.
Gathered so was the question of your wife has been with you for fourteen years and you just care about your side. So deeply behold whatcha you will leave your wifi aside taken then, when that doesn't work out, you probably want to go back to your wife, her. You know, what's the problem with your wife that you feel like you want to leave her. She used to mean way. I mean me, listen, I'm gonna, be when is the Un Anonymous you're, probably not paying enough attention to your wife cause. You too focused on your side, Jake and I'm sure. As a woman, she can feel that, and that's not a grave things out Anna had you expensive project. Ok, overturns! My son turned about and have you been any different cause? You know? Sometimes They say somebody's a different, but where different also got award. Oh, oh, oh, are you now you don't come home and say you Bela gear relationship has run its course. Amazon say this
don't leave your wife or another woman leave your wife because you all getting along forget the other woman. Think about our relationship is its relationship with something salvaging for you. If it isn't, should focus on trying to do that and forget whole other relationship. If it doesn't work, I would say wave, is because a vague now because you're gonna leave her for another woman. You got a focus on just was gone between the two of you forget about that, about your relationship. What can I be doing to work on it as a marriage does take work? Can you do we being to try to fix it. Have you tried to fix it, or are you just fixing it by going off and sleeping with another woman said you're, not mad at home, and that having issues at home about withdrawing the search, your hometown, China, Doyle, don't you want? It's always directness. Ok, no. No, if you like, you, don't want to be with their wives any more and there is no way to fix it and your very unhappy and our relationship, then, is not there
for your way for you to stay with her and I let her move on with her life. Also, if you don't to be with her. Because of those reasons, then you guys needs a figure What you gonna do to move forward, so she can move forward as well. By forget it. Besides the stuff that has nothing to do with what goes on between you and your wife. You re good luck to you. Don't remember all right, ascii, eight hundred five hundred five, a five one, o five one of unique you advice, you can hit ye up. We got rooms on away. Yes, I said about Michael Beads or he any did an interview sit down with east array and it has about a lot of things like auditioning for rolls written for white men all right with you, All that when we come back, Do you think drinks evening, drink things, pussy teeth? This was border guards were yes. I think that here too, I should ask him if he asked it and got everything happens very
tweet. It will. I think that you know a good thing that happened you in your life- oh god, bad thing that happened to you because of a portrays. Your parliament, thus up. Maybe party gods planets ain't, even something else that is true in the industry Everything happens for a reason: ass. One man would have you got a booming delight. I know it had legit. I s ripe lemonade. Our right gets it aromas itself. Will Psmith Bob? Did the report annually on the breakfast club and not even gonna, be lagging worth meant? As a rapporteur again now you posted a clip where he's base. Lee on his son Dayton Smith's song with Nicky Jane,
so I can re makes check it out. You know why you married to secure the release of migrant children raised raised himself, will be a high priority whoa whoa whoa. Look at me. Look at any stage, one: ok, we'll let you latino by AL. You know what he said, but he had told ya to re, introduce I'm in the first principle. Though grapple will. Smith was a white grapple, Fred Principle, it does understand. Nightmare mice, greed, summertime, we'll sniffles did you in a while with but he's found, abounds between the fresh prince in the Will Psmith at his age? Now, how is Warner? Forty five will be able to find a balance between the two men. Hamburger lie: vows Pappy he's lab
I will go to the recently did what a week ago was, though, to and you need to do some inquiry beer something now and once again, I repeat, is James: I'm a girl, could you guys doing a Spanish you, James Rivers, the God of our time to problem, include Martha, dismissed, You know my biggest networking was gone, so you moved out of fifteen as well, that money and moved out when he was fifty. I got the money to be better. I re megabits you variety is doing this actors on actors host theory and they had Michael, be joining it down into an interview with each other in a viewing each other and here's where yet He said he really only wanted to audition for white role. White right, around town, like Fruitvale Station kind of went down, like I told my agent that I don't want to go out for any role, that's written for African Americans. I want to go for any like white males, that's it that's all! I want to do because
me playing that role is going to make it. What it is you know saying, but I don't want any pre biased, like you know, saying kind of on the character. You know people It is right what they know. What they're encounters of us would be in. That's a slight buys. I just always want to go out for those roles, because it was just plain people. Why Michael be joined then came of that it in I came up with a sneak away to get next more white women offer roles made for white men because of the role of a white man and a female. We will probably a white woman while Michael He won't be age, arousal the keel. Now you don't Michael, do stop trying to found sexy Flexi leave him alone. I don't want to be Ager Automobile, Mongan, Mackinaw Michael now another couple in this series coupling was John Legend Antipathy had us, and John Legend was telling Tiffany had is about his first time, seeing her perform well the
I saw you do you remember when we met the first time at the comical, yet the Coptic, where we just saw you said, and we walked out after use it goes. We felt like we need, as anybody else cause you're amazing is me and my wife walked out and we were standing there and we agree to do for a second told you how much we loved just at, and I told Christy I was like I feel, like she's going to be famous. Don't act like almost gallery being like, I know Kommeni, but now you famous, at other times, to as though I am put me enough in it. You gotta production company got tv shows us. The way ample mandating happens for a reason I landed ghastly I write an alleged saga. Ella degenerate. He had nine year old, rapper named Young Dylan, come on the show he's talking about his upcoming music career, and I want to see what y'all think I love things. I just I think it's so cute. He asked you did a hoe
of conjugal admires be humble either that was cute, don't be a jerk Charlemagne Cute young Dylan, nine you're, not only out of a look Mamma Mamma told my showed up here and I saw the tv and I thought he was black for travelling to clues boss. Who do I want you to have their say, vanity, you and I have little or no? No, no, I won't let you out a dividing line. It say wide mouth, the words: ok get the Florida
for me as a decent salaries they did before you. I wanted to add, as we would like to let you that gives the come. No one asked now related overnight YO. I didn't. We would blaze nine years old body without as s ass, my guy, nor even just don't again, who introduced ragged town to America. Droplet include, above and oh I do regard emerged. Oh all right arm Hokkaido go watch I need not complex right now mean that he ain t no regulatory daddy. Eighty, two on about no regular, you rigour don't get all night, the ragged nonmember Rockefeller they had already artists. Nor was it now there another one. I remain,
his lorry, that's alarm and another ragged art is nor you argue takes me to. Let me see well, I may actually ye, and that is really worry. Two years, for example, include minority agenda to address a lorry all right. When we come back. We got the people's choice Mcewen he has some hit us up right now. Also reveal, we'll see you tomorrow is the breakfast locomotive here. Then good is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I heard radio. The great way to start your day on the positive side of life were so grateful to banks Erica for supporting here, something good. Supporting organisations across the country or on the front lines addressing medical response capacity, food insecurity, access to learning and providing support. To vulnerable populations. Kim Israeli, listen to hear something good on the heart, radioactive apple podcast or what
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