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Wednesday 2/1 - Today on the show after hearing audio of Chris Brown discussing how he will stalk his ex forever we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners had that same habit. Also Angela gave some advice to some listeners for Ask Yee and Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to the Assali family because they voted for Trump and now getting deported.

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I gotta get back down like a mega physiologist took all we got no point this press round. I will personally join a breakfast club say some good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good morning, age. Lee mining is Andy Charlemagne. God please to the planet, guess what day it is just one day.
That's right is Wednesday. Me little work week. How do you like them? You will always love what is bigger and better villas evil down. Here is how does the abandoned laugh? I needed teabag unless Gimme a steep bed and loud of most evil love. You can have right now, but we are, in LOS Angeles, still less ray. We had some company meetings yesterday that we had to attend that Charlemagne fell asleep in a couple of times, would ever fall asleep and accompany me as data that was Jack struggle, a human being man would I be about involves leaving accompany meeting due to the matter. If you work in corporate American, you know, fell asleep and accompany you mean you re working hard enough Charlemagne. You raise your hand for every question, our listening. It wasn't even a question. I was listening is gravely images doubly, would ask now really did he asked at the big daddy put When the screen on the book this one thing writing you said I read that debt redoubled
where you have reference doubled on radio before yesterday, we also went to go look at some art work which is really exciting for me, thing, I don't really love me if you want something that I've. Never really So I don't know it was a few hours. Physical was a big enough for my guy Joseph I he actually was. China he's been trying to tell me that I need to start investing in. I because it's a greater, has been delayed on enlargement enemy for Malta YA, but about a bulky. If you know what I know your little boy go and get some rations a lot of extra water, some gas. But it is true that sometimes having some nice working here has number one will be worth a lot more later needs. It is a great and in what way does the lady speak later So I ever less beautiful in your God gave it does Unifil in your house, and you should actually check on different art pieces and see how much they course you can You could start very small. Sometimes a few invested art you can make money,
the UN is slipping, art implement real estate and flipping jewelry, so is the net. You should definitely look into if you're, into an ivy essence of emotional attachment assembly nets. You have you ever look at him. He's been leg wow. This is, it makes me think of business is beautiful. I can related is his main guide. You forgot, I see little Kim's, Gub, Gub, I call that was you are going to have to be no big posted. May manuscript recipes major drilling. Bigger hardcore coven and in the group, the artwork and allows you Mohammed actually emulated that very same. Poems always will admit when I see the marble comics variant covers ok have the public over the base of the marble. Cowardly among the tragedies of the above covers. Ivy goes. Imagine if you had a big piece of art, there was one of those Adam those chemical cover. I gotta come into America. Peyton in my group. Hey, don't you demand, Willemite Ochre remembered gave it to me: is Eddie Murphy, brilliant gettin washed by like a white woman
That is the reality like come into. America, but his leg him certain, like Egypt That is among the broker. Again I mean something to you. Yes, it s. Okay, now Could you show crack and repays knows what we talked about, where what do you think we're talking about if you had to guess exiting J R celebrity in chief? an emigrant in the United States and you think you're safe. You might not be broke. It will get internet mass like a lot about it, but to day about black keep it logs to breakfast club come on now I was kind of running away for travelling to forgive like you for my laptop laid down in the on board of Emily again young penal at hand. I was a topic on Twitter It is down a chump goin to do this to celebrate blacklisting near right. You brought every street hidden France's in the White House near three February first, which starts black history, but this is also my wife's birthday so having a baby happy bag. Again, I would give my ass back today, some ass away now Lis Jensen Front Page NEWS Carmelo,
Anthony and the New York makes it looks like he might not believing he says, or option open right now, but the most important thing is his family has a nine year old Son, he said is nine. Since been in school, you really doesn't want to change the environment. Also, his wife gets a lot of opportunities here, not just his wife, Lala Anthony drop on a clue, bombs, full ally of any damage. Wife, given likely my wife, would give us. Yet they are name envy, say our neighbour names they unreasoning Foma stories is his wife put in ways his wife, Lala, so weak. We don't know, what's going to happen, the trade deadline, if every twenty third looks like I contend so for other clippers, endless celtics. If Mr Celtics, not that bad, only three I would draw, I would love militarist amiably Miller, had they not. I knew this works, the way a mandate and there lay with her acting here. But you know we wanna get like we're. Gonna get a tree, we need. We need trade, you mellow, sorry, and then you got a family here, but you know we have you gotta go
he only get it you gotta get inside. I am speaking if I was a mixture of like ass, not how any of this one doesn't, but he got a tray glossy get this out if you are going through- and I guess I am- I gonna stay treacle exactly the skin and monitor what are you talking about? I went to get into down attempt by here we go from got a friend, or at least only give monopoly Africa, and you said about maize. Is throat, lifecycle, vagina as in the devil, got some cakes. Whether trap administration they went to weed out would be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance and not only that they wanted to poor people who are Eddie living in the United States who depend on tax payer help, so they went to have a substantial shake up and they went to basically control who can enter the country who can enter the work frozen workforce and they want to reduce social services burden on? U S: taxpayers no, we don't know where that what's gonna happen, but this is a draft that is circulating right now. Among administration officials and the White House has not commented,
on whether or not this is all authentic. They went in response to requests for comment about these drafts yet, but it would restrict all types of immigration and foreign travel to the Eu I did state towards the logic that if we let you in the country, we knock we'll take care of you. You gotta make your way. Won't let you in the country, if they feel like that you would require public assistance, and if you are already here and you and you are getting public assistance, you could be deported. Alright anymore travellers? Are we don't allow like denoted deep geological? Like I m a guess, I guess it is just a simple: had we not take care of you yet I've been on you as taxpayers, and so they want to make it merit base. I give years successful in Europe are at our own, even understand it, but they just sounds like if you come here as an emigrants and you have your proper working papers, it shouldn't be an issue that you get deported bet, it's been happening. People have been beginning sent back even if they had the proper paperwork. Now, mayors,
as you know, in New York is saying that he might add to the list of a hundred and seventy crimes that the city works with federal authorities to deport non citizens. So the mayor New York City, a thing is willing to expand the list of crimes that could make cities the city cooperate with fitter federal immigration officials so that women more crimes that if you are an emigrant here, you could get to play audit emigrants taken money out of Americans pockets who need a luxury, an American who possibly need welfare. You not given it because I'm late abortion on an I do have one draft order right that they got a hold of it says I countries immigration laws are designed to protect american taxpayers and promote emigrant self sufficiency. Yet households headed by aliens are much more likely than those headed by citizens to use federal means tested public benefits. However, there is no evidence to support that claim, so they basically putting this claim out there saying that these immigrant households need more welfare benefits, but they don't have any type of evidence to that of the big bordeaux. Look different role:
all right. Well as front page news about exactly had now. Just follow bid as hard as hard as firm as well as women is so please come in his radio station and needs while Thou something going on right now that we have to try to understand and be aware of it is not about discussing. Politics is just the feeling that, Country has right now, and I really feel like we're living in the United States of apprehension about society is not afraid to honour. This affects us and the people there and people that we know there's nobody. There is, in effect the air by what is going on. We were talking earlier today about the couple from Syria that God supporting got so that we can really they sent backdate area whose livelihood they would withdraw. All talk about related damage, our lives we'll talk about that later, but now tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one. If you want to get everything off your chest, so you can start your day fresh, not have to worry about vs bull crap, eight hundred
Eighty five one o five one formats wattles among some bits to, but Are you mad to breakfast locomotive? the breakfast club cooking up with a k, a yell, a younger body, or is it a matter of Siberia matter ass? They mass the angry ass day ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go here, encoding Oh, my g d was happening brother Hanno at the airport. So you why? Because everybody days is switching man say no more there ain't no more real people out here. What is their meeting? dickie beside my very like Santa hate numbers, Jim turning them gave me the way we work everybody dogmas eligible used to be a gdp. Now your blood. What are you talking about people's which nobody dogma always have
I'm talking about it is like you know how people said there are serious. They may or may not be ideal betrayed you look. I want my boys that I go away from elementary school started, started, doing no doubt not had trouble we're we're brother, you from Ethiopia. No one of your will somebody you gotta help that person now knew them in Ipad right. So you didn't help, you know. No, no, he wasn't taken my advice, any studies,
you can't know you close the umbrella, your love, because when you try to help somebody you not, I mean you know what I'm saying: no enemy our eyebrow allows. There's! No doubt you guys, you now have him and by the way and cooperate told celebrating member before her alternate guy asylum, where everyone who, maybe I am I right now, because I have a couple more out for a lady. I see harder for me- now about our fears of banned, but I do know that this powerful this house also pointed out, but I'm sure they're, both timely and final. Nor do I know how I feel frontier black history, black his dream of new stealing it no poor on, while I believe
we got a very emotional mad at. You is hard for us to connect like that. Sometimes thereabout browser go wherever I will make her happy now they re had the wise happy life is the first. Their black Hasdrubal go. Do right by Ukraine, Russia, Deva leg out. You allow this Roland the role and tell him I wrote in a mad because I woke up this morning and a car is got out. You know it's not question up your battery yesterday and the car will not find a met right now. I'm really meant now the needs of the jail by. Maybe you need to have a cappuccino. Now upon your battery tat, I began to look for you to go and I got to the guy was about food. Why didn't you go one good. That's what I'd rather die. You gotta work. You know he D needed jumps out here. I got up that already thought my with work right. Nor shall I be built in nothing about me because
follow me. Don't leave nothing about you guys. I love your accident. Ok, that's number one up lyrical here are not people from London laxity from London, England, I'm from the UK get exactly. I met in London, yeah right that you always did a UK and we let go you're from the brilliancy India. Jeers tell why you're mad eighty five, eighty five, five one if you're upset you need event. Call us now to breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club. The YE shall remain God. We oughta breakfast club for their black, his dream of a fool. I mean extra black dismal. You noted them only because I feel that we should take the opportunity to move to teach you my master like us. A lotta people need empowerment in a lot of people are filling down, is not a lotta self love in the air Right now. In those we give up, he was suddenly brown right well, a lot of uniform as I speak to somebody. Let's go
Would you like to hello this morning? Is it no morning box, I see every day, so we must do everything in our youth. I'm doin this morning on available will go what's up with you. Ok, I'm not really mad, but I decided wanted to touch bases on immigration thing like here where I live in Ohio there is a lot of light. Is it pretending to like tamales and mexican or do you think you feel like that? It's fair that they get to come over here and they don't. They do not have to work, and they can just get well air or taken is now our anything like TAT was like most of my forehead. Nor does what's that, got to do a lot more research on You know me so that I can only go that way too, like they're taking money, Americans pockets, who could begin wealth I would rather than American, get at the truth, and a man like that when I was in China, let alone a tax bases, arabic about where you now for it,
parliament, a Medicaid, and what I was going to say was that ninety percent of the ratio right here in an animal high, oh Molly, is inactive. You know in the light of the blacks too, but they also make us we have to work to get them in a phase where they don't have to work to get the bit of. It is like a more people but they have, they are able to get the bit of it had had unfair. How can you predict who's gonna come over here and be successful and was not, though, where were you can predict that you can operate in that, and I am not saying that you came by. I do not support that a proper. I did not vote for young. However, I deem Phyllite. If you are going to come over here, did you do need to pay your wife's? Don't get me wrong with I've been a welfare before you know it within might if you're all over with a mighty should be winking yourself of welfare by getting a job and with methods area to get your family
gather just like they make us, but I still hope that we should limit how long someone can be on welfare in it right back when I was running and were wearing any. Probably in that case I would say, because I just you can't say: will you can't not because you don't have enough money, not you're gonna. Come here and be on welfare that wages, nothing except you, but you could. It came over Here- made millions of them Yoda descended of slave, you should get wealth. Synthetic reparations then add a wrecking our railway government only gonna need some free food stamps right now. I'd love to have you. Yes, we are going to talk about Derek Fisher. Now, yesterday we re paid over bleacher report, any view that he did and met binds, responded to and now today something crazy, as happened after that and people, they met binds is actually very memorable. Docker we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club bemoan the breakfast.
Running. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club was reread first, their black his dream of what is their me? What we celebrate today, be anybody bloody history, livelihoods to go yet you know Thirdly, repassing she have you done black. His dream of and in a black his dream of legend Stoka AIR? We can cook sum up. Why not now a broadcast live from allay. We had some company meetings yesterday, long company we had one company means that make it seem ago. Several meetings with one law follow a different meaning segments in one meeting. So with a bunch of stuff, very informative s head to save me. Whenever there we will never they're here, slept during the second half of everything it was called out. Fourthly, become company, maidens we're gonna employer you if you don't fall asleep and accompany me going into Third Rowan Yuki raised a hand in a key points. It is not too smart to fall asleep. I will. I will very well well that enable
It was very aware that our sleeping and I need him a risk of the Amazon Madoff used than that offered ass, the dope fiend. I that don't you wake up that. I now my arrival It's a Roma whose augment remedy waiting about Derek Fisher. Bob. Did the report annually on the breakfast increasingly inevitably appointed on Derek Fisher? Yesterday he did an interview with depleted report and in that he said it. The worst thing about me that I'm now going out with the women he used to be married to this guy cool well met. I didn't like that and he reacted on social media as well. He said: listen, I got some extra time Now, since I'm on a flight, let's put this bed once and for all right hand to God. I left Gloria July fourteen than a divorce or January, first, twenty fifteen, so this rat didn't steal anything He goes on to talk about the incident in the I swear.
Fischer was at Gloria, governs house in with his kids in everything and he showed up and they ended up getting into a physical oughta case. You do Grover's well, since our that has happened. It was reported yesterday that Derek Fisher somebody broke into his and still more than three hundred thousand dollars worth of jewellery, including mine, MBA championship array, not born new goals at first Rapporteur Kutuzov Bond with goes down a large, but they were all kinds of means where they had. Matt Byron sitting. They were all five championship rings on his he s in it, but my plans has said on his instagram lad that he had nothing to do with it at all. Polly almost rings gone for the report. The only partly when a man bond goes on. Wisdom rings gone for now Derek Fisher, tell police tat. His house was rather than he believes the perpetrator got into the house through a side door Monday morning. A running your mouth, their fishing, on talk to bleed report about me, a man
the guy who incidents article one, it is a hell of a coincidence. Ok Tyler Perry to a vision was unknown tv I getting cancelled, serve your big fan of Taliban, he's a love thy neighbour and for better or for worse, both of those shows will be moved said a night and then they're gonna be gone completely. No longer give to have and have not, because I think tickets, somebody's Godiva chocolate, Goddess drop includes bombs fatigue, something well. They order forty four new episodes at the haves and have now you go and eighteen, my episodes of. If loving you is wrong ever heard of now Spain, that's gonna, get a spin off showing that's called the pains and that's gonna be on own, also usheen suited,
Fourthly, a black if you move, but I denounced Tyler Parian, I his works along handed out. That's she did it. I guess I used the eyes I used to go to the data the seeds, outbreak, works and age up here in the nice to watch him at home. I cannot give you this up late when we can Roma now matting and threaten the celebrated. Why he's done some gray movies down very entertaining God, I'm having a third Tyler Pay movie ever so I was diary of a mad black women it s, because I was on vacation. And her family and her eyes whose firm Mississippi was like you, I have got to see this movie and then she made us by. As you know, every single. Where are you the moon? I won't be a feeble, not normal. I've never seen a Taliban movie in my life and I haven't ok come on age goes on to say I think, lately game it took all Medea thundered beyond which vat is not war. Now is actually some pretty gimme that you, you should watch a tailor payment
Did you can't really judge they hear you never seen it? Nice even got a manly that praise housing, daddy's little girls ass, again either side of the constant attack on augmented Taliban movies like used, is trying to make us look that now have automatic that it was about a single father, taking care to tell him what about the drug deal it I'll just trying to make a living why he had to be taken down and move where you have to be by a message so ok, anyway, let's talk about for rail and his wife Helen, congratulations to them, they had triplets vespers, yes, the mother and the babies are B and healthy. They haven't said. The baby's names are the sexes of the three quarter: less crazy, but they're ready Euro together named rackets, and now they have three kids. All at one. Would you did you buy from privileged tumblr? no more now stop it. You know get moving provided in vitro here, something about doing something like that.
Let me to sign my dress. Ain't gonna pick it up and you know as a whole in a path lives on me and my wife only got two daughters, some needeth I need I'm not your guard at the plates and they all girls that will be do I the rig, defined the fight pick, the sex it a baby. I need the rigged fight, I don't know how to baby turn out well. Parsecs, though I'm in brain, and I won't ever having now do you mean by that, like I don't know how it works because you mess million fishing. I just didn't you mess we're chromosomes, so you really don't know what the baby gets. Older, warehouses chromosomes, the house, having been measured chromosomes. Will you talking about a pitiable Billy boy, doesn't Roma them, and indeed in aid they'll just ain't. You know what that is. We ve all got to know it. Maybe you guys didn't even speak about. Anymore you're right, you're right, but I wonder what I want to know is how much gospel subpoenas on them on the low child when next, when ok, that's what I need to know era, Angela YE, and that is your room. A report is on the right road. When we come back with about what you think browser you.
Broke ass, a lot from labour, we're trying to figure out where you get a new tab, then you know where it massively syndicated radio show data. We should sound like my would try we shouldn't be, try we secure they, then for seven years. The Essen to partners into pieces that we get a fixed eyes is Craig looking front, page news, Melatonin Carmelo Anthony looks like he might not be leaving the mix when they asked him what he possibly leave. He said well, American. Guess I myself and workers over my son was nine years old and has friends in is in school, and I don't want to so no environment? Also, he has his wife
la la La Anthony, she has a name that allow. I said loud, I want an advantage for Lala. Anthony dammit, so looks like a mellow might not believe, and he has no tray clause where he can decide if he wants to go or not so he might be stated Nick, regardless of what anybody else take. No projecting a sign that executive order, he's gonna man, Camillo Ebony from New York, Knicks indefinitely Milady can go to the cliff, is insulting doesnt achieved. The teachings most interesting Carmelo deserve the go to the cliff. Was it a Celtic because Celtics have allotted peace, is absolutely Godaddy and possibly make them a contained in east and workers. Welcome back how D Ye can make the was contained in the West Bank. He needs to go and try to get a ring wisely in New York and selfless. Why does he likes? do not bring in New York at my back mellow and not happening. I don't don't be, don't know, be like a lot of these New York who think they can bring. The nineties back is not happening right, it can happen oh it's, not caring man! Let's talk Donald Trump man. Yes, the Champ administration When did you a plan and that is to weed out image
ensue would require public assistance if they feel like you're gonna need public assistance. You will be able to come into the country, also emigrants, who already live here in the United States, who depend on public assistance could possibly be deported, so that is because they want to control who enters the country, tighten them up. Who could enter the workforce workforce and reduce the burden of social services on United, states taxpayers so right now we don't know exactly what's gonna happen by what they are saying is that this is gonna, protect american taxpayers and promote immigrant self sufficiency. I'm talking about now into that actually knows I'm a bad idea, which means stopping immigrants from you know: welfare wing, She just said about self sufficiency in you know, saving money. For and taxpayers, but it s actually very be very arbitrary, like they can just randomly. How can you determine who is going through? make money and whose not based on where they are right. Now, that's true, but I gotta
I guess maybe the wound comprehending it is. If you in this country, you will be on welfare for a certain amount of time. Now they won't even lets you and if you require, I fear likely. Quiet while they could say well, you seem like you, it requires you, but you will be brought about by what is eighty people? Will you it s, pretty much bucket, yellow poured out. We're not gonna do here, because the legal viewpoint as part of what they said also in this order is a country's immigration laws designed to protect american taxpayers yet household headed by aliens are much more likely than those headed by citizens. To use federal means, tested public benefits, but that has never ever been proven and there's no evidence to even say that that's true, so it is basically saying we don't you. I don't have a problem with you help if you will get on your feet when they come in the country, but you know you do have to get on your feet, eventual.
And are you taken money out of every another american life when I need well what about people? There are refugees that are coming here, because the conditions in their country, and so terrible and awful it they're coming to the United States, now have a better life and is happy here even help you figure out ever better language but luxury, so is it taken the money out of people who are american sit agony work, as many of you have people are being killed and persecuted from your country. Come here guesswork America supposed to be about helping people absolutely North american about anymore, I'm never numerical! But beyond I'm sick of it. So my you gonna edibles only begin hiding, hang a hog ass man alarmed, and so I am supple. I gotta know that we should not be Seagal. Is political talk, but it's like you can't escape it hey? I'm just go home shaved, repression, enemy when it is vital that we got out here and I got waiting, I will get us out basket. I got em. I got all going down the right, you don't take when it. Yes, I got you when you got me annoy me. Well, I got you. Would
God. You are right as front page news now when we come back here, ban positively earthbound, because railways vow ball. Chris Brown posted a video yesterday about his ex. Do we have the video here guess it was likely to audio you dumb ass boil up. May Mammy is easy to see that there is a third rate. Radio show being honest with Cuba. We goin on seven years? We seventy plus markets, he got away about dealing with the glue
Why not forget of active political it all right? I've got a viable avenue. I Mr Chris Brown said that he will stalk his ex. He will make sure that his x is not happy. Is don't ever notoriety pressure if his x is not with him. Do you do the same? To you agree eight hundred five, a five. What o clock one? I want to try to avoid you exit life because he doesn't love you, but as a light, you call us now want to white boy. You can't be when you can't be, would any Louise Mcvay then you'll answerer arise? you think, do you agree eight hundred foggy five, one, five one! Are you their petty? I am that tat. Yes, you
I am that parity is no way. If anything happens, we any more. Lies you and happy birthday again to gear right data birthday baby, but if anything ever wish, you left me a absolute making. Everybody's like Miss Abigail got a nice guy for you. If anything should happen, shouted out, work on us and buried. I take great care. I gotta make your life miserable to one or two totally different. You talking about a girlfriend in a wife, you and your woman have been down along ivy. Twenty or twenty is exactly does a totally different ball game. I feel the exact same pretty well make her life a living. Have you anything his wife opening a window his head is right outside I will I will be so light came out, will be such a warm welcome and managed. At least four hundred and twenty days will be. An executive board assigned. Ok out will ban all happiness from her life where, at least on twenty December, we see when they are be light. Man is via left him. He is crazy, but about what, if it's just a girlfriend, no crude, rounded bug doesn't waffle, colony,
most of Radio K. I d number: I got old care that much like it further. What is the problem of good breath? You? Can beat a woman in your life right, like you, can't be known as a person who had beat the hell out of a woman. We all saw two pictures right indeed years later say: I'm a stock, you wave at about your being a girl Chris, where he stopped video loves that girl? You know he did a wrong. What said another chance and was about to basically sandy stop the girl I'll stop here. Doc anyhow make your life miserable knows that thing. If you messed up and a woman leaves you you gotta take out, should see as its leader view, are not stay with you and you also can't be picks it out and about with other women.
You're. Stockingless is nothing wrong with stormy raucous. None are always talk, and if you want to start with you better, not be our no other women better, be a main focus. You can't be China get when nobody else and stuck in me- and I were Stockingless TAT, saves talking about recently said it basically setting a precedent that system about ok. What this thing is, my only think, I'm speaking directly could run beat a woman in your life. You can put bead, that's all over his forehead where you did reality and then later onto you stuck in a woman, we started looking to leave at issues. What are you saying that of whether the reactor situation to be honest over build a wall or reside for you hurt? Another apologizes? Is no woman change one another on an executive order? Chris Brownie have to be banned from the country four hundred and twenty days until we figure out whether he wants to beat another woman establish outcries, less closer formats allows. This was the purpose of this is done. The model not in its wily, Danny.
Here s, why this moment, at this moment in time enough very regular to go at the same time, everyone and I get on the phone right now we're asking it acts. Do you Starkey ex? If she leaves you at a bramble, lousy, let me know Are you kidding go nowhere are available, could greatly on a couple of my parents. Have all come out upon groups, emails, no longer is on it I'll get abundantly clear. Yes, liquor guys, so you won't get away the abolition of men every! No! You know you face a fabulous like a girl. I'm gonna get him in all your family. What did Olivia's we fight for love? You never actually fought a girl. You can't beat a girl up and then say you going to talk to her later on. That's not how you do it. The game. Work. Alright, hello! Is this,
are you sure you're restock? Yes, oh my god, my as has been less than like two year, the bonus reinstall trying it he's about his rage. He set up think think: look the cow peace that up a YE account peace both in the first two one of the people. Are you thought I was gonna wait? He would put your conversation, the printing and I like that, must be our kids. You put your tech less than the play in hand I to make it look like a word Breton Balin and he was Greece Autumn and send them to earn my what now my boyfriend, I d are you end with until I took up my friends, I used or Facebook account that you put in our government, and they will call me like girl what got all the dismal that still do you like rearview, feel protective over? You crazy! You have a girlfriend,
We're thought maybe a mean that Queen Patty S way into my account and northern plenty of time to prepare for the herd he's trying to get me and in the messages it could have been getting now. That's not happen and you need to be a girl. If you haven't got using Google that out, we try to make the outliers last screenshot. It unblock him, a baseball posted answer him they hurt. I will say that women are aimed at day showing a will suit is on what you depressed you poor. Mercosur, dark and is dangerous, and what but Dino stock in his eyes like that? They re not now tat you poor, because your problem is clearly fire like a man. Can you have your box trash our rights taking Mama eight urgent Five one in five women were asking now Chris Brown late release little video less playlist. Could you played audio
ass, a music when alone realise dodges alone. With your agreement, I would guess I wanted to develop. You may say no binding way, I'm a major miserable. I would say that girl yo ass were so. I ask you the same way you that petty. Do you start your ex sweet, but it sounds crazy. Coming from crib rankled, we soccer Brown beat the hell out of a woman before you can't be the hell out of a woman in a minute you a stalker letter on ways like I e apologize for it it's over leave it allows you along Isabel, will use dialogue. We need to build a wall around. You can start and could lead the things.
Women still because it didn't stop rather far. More viable call is now represents another one that was Dj College for free morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We broke ass, a laugh from L, a which means that is worth foreign for something in the morning s voice exceed aren't Nelson, it, yes, some men and women, and for something in the more our right. Now time it is Chris Brown he it is evident, was in stature video instead, video will you talk about his excellent here, I realize dog alone, with your kind of greater, what guess what I want to do. If I love you bitch, I'm nobody who are you I'm a miserable. I would say that I would say your lazarette so well. In eight hundred foggy five one o five one? Oh you their petty.
So you know I'm their petty. Yes, we know you habit is differ. Domain. You both have a lot of time and residents, eyewash, village, a wife Armenia's over twentieth avail noises mainly money. That is that when you have kids Bamako momentum with when you have, there is always an excuse like care is that a come over a pop up at the house, because when you guys have kids given that has now talk enough coherent and is a difference of you're. Not together. You gotta give ahead. Saddler mama be stark uncooperative anything you are all familiar than you damn right. I can public, especially if you get another boy, prenatal, Renate Weber, even now come round my house. Are your house mockery well, whatever you goes Beantown would your boyfriend somewhere abroad somewhere, ok, to take a neutral location then his grace nowhere. My kid, lady head: will your man be how much hello, this on its own merits. When it was that many you'd have petty man is at once it's yours is always you show up man out last night,
he likes. You know you got a break. Your ebay bathed rather out of our life act like that rearing they carry. Some of us do, stop and allows this. Yeah no say It was the old, similar Curzon you, cars NASA. There's a guy and local. Now, let's talk about Kosovo. You d petty, looked much talk in case. There are now at a rate of one of the framework programme com reform, honest reply. I never really thought when I'm happy like you're writing. I do not want to hear my photos to take the back. I oughta do nothing to pick up on the boat. Mesmer acted as yet no cars, and I follow you, know much about it, but the phone so restoring ass the most.
Story and when you are actually powerful, you don't need to be petty. Have more confidence in you pain? Is brisk brown I'll? Give you later pipe name right and use a good boyfriend. She'll be stalking, you bet you indeed only ones talking in this situation. Always remember that men and women going break up with somebody in following the morphine look to see what they do and taxing them all the time in calling them. If you oughta person you supposed to be a net relationship that personal be stalking, you back but we got room was unaware. You are we talking about a sad seeing me be eighty fresh out of the new edition story. Now hasn't been no coming and I know you're gonna love this. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back you Belarus, breakfast global, more will mean God we are the breakfast club High every is high norm that yesterday damn edibles you gimme inedible. Yet, by the way you lied to me, you would say what it did not thirty minutes ago, I'm a by the way women given out there were broadcast Lapham Ellie. I witnessed, gets rooms to talk about this new or show or be eighty you're. Gonna love
the report raises the Reul report, whose glove Green later pilot for serious that's gonna, be based on the life of now has now we are allowed to buy the new additions dairy on BT. So now they want to do a similar series and ask me back on nice about While Bio picked out a thought they might buy up. It should be our BT. I think that it should be on a greedy and networking. I did it now old, Queen rid story, it's gotta be greedy, abrupt behind are not known to notice a story. Tat will come. What may is not his greedy is ignores Queen breed story. I don't think whether she is going to take place in the early nineties and it's gonna track nice as a young man from the queen's bridge projects is gonna, go on to become a wrapper as yet
from a young man to a crack dealer. A rapid through an adult article show, or thank you for that. Edible s gonna be an hour lounged over me, my bed, your pretty soon his mother. You know you can only eat one enemy, drugs and stands in old me. Wait for me to take over our path. I did you take advantage of the sky, so pray they live. Animal. Can united amendment for your drugs are allegedly drugs for an early. He didn't eat it out as enemies. Look. So we got to get moving towards all unilaterally relax area. So yes, who's for a BT series base now what does he want to see it? But I don't think she will do you know where it is, and I think this guy BT did a great but the new deal moving job troubled me too, but I know this is, and we need to do tat you when you do of directives by a big while we have right now, if I would love to see all of those clearly
I now turn to J. In the meantime, as does did a deal with MTV envy age, wild grass to have drawn on a global. That's big news for him! Now, what's gonna happen is he has the maternity to bring, shows and also hold different things on MTV envy age when he gets a first look production deal, so that's good for him. He's gonna, develop and executive reduce original content for both, heavy envy h, Lorenzetti dares to drop will include budgetary. He asked me to be hosting different things. Do like Croatia, lab events after shows in a region or series and things that rhetoric. Shop, thirsty, yeah good for him, let's forget argues that new black, that's probably gonna, be back in because normally that's when they come back, but we know season five. What they are saying is that sees in five is gonna take place over the course of three days Your fan of Orange is the new black. That means. Ought thirteen episodes take place over the course of three days? Is it is gonna, be very detailed variants
I'm a beyond what you'd as very good for them to do, and I will tell you why sometimes Lenore shows come out. You try to bend watchmen watch more than one night. You know really in order to uphold the notion that I have to go back and say you be tired, but at times though, she gave them, the EU lacks alone absolute, so yet going to take place and it s pretty interesting cuz. The way it ended last season season. Four was don't tell me, I'm still catching up. We cried all right and Oprah's. He just signed a deal with sixty minutes, but I should be good for her she's going to become a spy. Contributor on that shows you Mamma border very similar to like Anderson Cooper as about ten segments per season for sixty Minnesota, be something like that moment: roared mom! You got all network younger little sixty minutes, Mamma, you Norman You know my way I felt like it also isn't like that. Much of a time, commitment to fire like she's, not on there all the time she ran contributor. It's a good luck! I'm afraid it's a good!
for sixty ally. She boy you need some day. You know my last name is thinking. Midwifery knows God I gotta call momentum. As you know, the dead as special on Michelle Obama last month and CBS in King on CBS this morning, so a kind of makes sense local for her hurry Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a repair why you sliding meat as head of the arable as we already when he died. I suppose you happen to you first, daddy blandly. I am happy to edible Angela YE have an you either I've already had one that will give the other have everything we and I laid by the way is a totally legal and it's a scratch will time for us all. We live in the United States of apprehension right now. Gaieties edible too good for my anxiety, Ramey, that out
despite the maritime Mary, ok for what they had of edible back. Had not why Nathan, I'm talking about the head of a new balance. We have actual harassment, I'm gonna get you back, he put the edible, I got your neck and not believe you said that I am disgusted. I believe, is what are you going to put in the mouth all right now, it's all about down here today is not a million it I'll get to know you have me, will give my dog you do you you just on a roll call vote today. Well, thank you. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Why was it all
What did you deny created equal, o media Sally family to come from the contribution we like them? World of far right will die for donkey of day. Job Democrats have been granted a day. A little bit of a mess like a dog had been called. A lot of my point here is the donkey at Bay is a mere. Why don't you today for Wednesday February? First, the first day of black history must drop. One include bumps black his dream of damage. The goals due to people's name on non bottom is pronounced, esker, doktor, good sign a sally and his I saw a mad sally now, Doktor Ferguson, Sally had dinner. She practice and received a degree from New York University him and his wife are both originally from Syria.
I've been living in the United States for twenty years? Of course they have been affected by are so liberty and Chief Donald J Trump's travel ban. If you haven't heard Donald J Trump has signed an executive order banning refugees from seven muslim countries for one hundred and twenty days, and Syria is one of those well doktor aside, Sally in some modest Sally have family who were detained at the Philadelphia, International Airport and then sent back overseas and in new immigration order. Well, I have a lot of empathy for a lot of people who have been affected his travel ban, but the Sally family is not one of them. Embassy. Surely duff you to find out? Why feel sorry for him? In the least bit, there was another rally, Emily high value to us after a local family voted for President Trump and now finds there
loved ones, barred from America as the crowd rally. They mentioned the assault family of Allentown, whose family members were sent back to the Middle EAST. Over the weekend, we ve learned that lawyers are filing a lawsuit on their behalf to get them back to the United States. Twenty miles from Eastern and Allentown the assembly family is fighting the government's refusal to allow six of their relatives into the. U S when they were turned away from Philadelphia International Airport over the weekend to security guards were waiting for they took em, they said. Are you serious? They said yes, they said come with us. Hours after they landed a sallies relatives were sent on a next flight to cutter. Despite having immigration visas, they worked thirteen years to get now without money and stuck in Damascus and attorney for the Allentown family says he plans to file a lawsuit to get them back on. U S, soil, you're, all deportations and are created equal grew, less, not take us out of context, flew back to first two seconds: it click, ok, just the first.
Second, there was another rally in high value to us after a local family voted for President Trump and now finds there barred from America voted for Donald J Trump CSI Cs is it did ass? Well, you lost me is nothing more to talk about after this nothing more to discuss. You made this they had now lie in you made? Their coolly would know, should not drink. You thought a peanut butter. Many sandwich was a good idea. Now eat your prayers. Never did it do you. When the kitchen a wasteful make. Some concoction, as you know, is a good and your parents made you eat it simply because you made it and wasted default that situation, Sally that you right now to cigarette here is a kind of cigarettes. Having to my house, you gotta, see Papa. You only need to look again at the salaries when you said you voted for Dato J Trump. Ah, empathy, no one could possibly have. We all is out the window simply.
Donald Trump told John on December, serve to David fifteen exam. What he was going to do. Let's hear Donald J chop, is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslim entering the United States until our country representatives, figure out what What's going on, I have no choice. We have no. We have no choice, sallies, part of Download J Trump is calling for a complete shut down of Muslims in the United States. Didn't chauvelin disdain. I would love to speak to his family and asked him what did Donald Trump say on the campaign trail. That was me. Important to them than their loved ones are themselves being shut out of the country. Now ya know I'm down at a Muslim who, I think, a Christian, then any listen with their families from Syria right they don't have to be muslim, no right, but their families from Syria leg of the methodology. Trump says that he's gonna do.
Complete and total ban of Muslims are people from these muslim countries. Why would you vote for him? Ya know unhappy. Ok, I tell you all. The time I'm not dies, Greta weeding the dispensary, but I'm sure, but if someone says look, I'm calling for a complete shut down a country ass. Black ass negroes were South Carolina. Yeah I've already isn t anything like the country, I'm not support NED personally, because he directly threatened me in my interest. Someone Donald Trump says this Donald J Chop is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until countries. Representatives can figure out what hell is going on. We have, as you know, when you should all you will you go and do don't cry now? We don't want to hear it dry, your eyes. Would that make Amerika great again t shirt and live with the consequences of your actions? Please give doctors
Sally and his wife's Ahmad Sally two biggest. He hot all right, we'll take you for it. You today, sir. Yes, thank you now when we come back as eight hundred five hundred five one thousand five one. If you need advice, relationship advice you can call, Now this is always bunker. Somebody always has a f dub life in YE has to fix it, so she would have will become back his breakfast locomotive Billy, Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast we appear now you are,
we're doing Irina Research related. I was running around our media. Giving away edibles to have another landfill really live too will owe on air right now. Today, the further black his dream of I had no eye of a kind of got and then gave drugged, Elvis Direct right throughout the whale during decided to bring him back his remotely vitally drugs with black beard cell. He was like thinks my black France S. Let's get him ask Ito eight hundred five, five one. Oh five, one you that, of course, the vehicle right now hello. This is over and their how you doing his ascii, which question. Basically I will we weren't they, Like four year we celebrate a for a while. We started data again, so he thought his lifetime, you from any, maybe Our constantly like bring it up and
I don't know if I was wrong about it all the work. He basically said that he wanted to get people because he felt like ours is making him about a lot, always hiding you from his family and friends. Basically, he wouldn t all people that we are debating at all and if I give them for a year, Where is the bottom line? Is that other guy? I trust tat. Something was wrong with his family. Does he have a daughter and he wanted to try to work it out with her? In being, he fear he felt, like needed to try to give his family a really bad break out like you, you and a family to get along where you have to raise it, wasn't me using me and him you uncommon like about so he told me that way, and so he's embarrassed, because now he's back with e was back with you and he doesn't want to tell this is embarrassing when I had a terrible break by tells you are the crazy things ass. You did and now
I can hear again right, but if I can find somebody backsliding, forgive them in a war I may not always have very simplistic way to look at things in. Ideally. Yes, I take you back. We re surpass we move for, but, as ever happened like that on this point, but I, like the other thing, he also told you he wants to see other people right, not invite glottal waters they will keep me here. Are the other five guys use turnaround in fulfilling their authority for forty years? How do you just say? I'm done with you you say: oh I'm done with you, that's how you do it you gotta mouth I may lay down as my ex boyfriend for five years for almost five. Emerald. Listen life goes on, you know, is not here abrogated and you're not obligated to stay with him because of the amount of time you put in you actually obligated to stature life again as soon as possible. If he told you he wants to see other people- and he still
as a new, because you let him because you say around there, why would he settled down with you? What else is there to get? So you have a good for yourself if you dont, if you are looking for somebody to be in a relationship with the fact the you move on from this tactic relationship we have with the man who doesn't claim you doesn't when his family to know about you, but still was smash. You then that's all you. Here. It is this. You know what it is: he would you he doesn't want to be with you. Like what is lacking is with me. There were you. Goodbye always show me, he's with you when he's with. You is not with you he's doing whatever you weren't, he told you when you know, do indicator Brien's now to present it in a keeper promised. You agony, surprise, Valentine's day is right around a corner mama kind of like, because at the end of the day, is your fault. Kind of like a done deal you? Thank you so much
Ask IE eight hundred foggy five one and five one. If you got a course in feed you can call her right now with the breakfast locomotive. Juliet Charlemagne, God we are, the breakfast club was to broadcast a laugh from L, a We would now have for some meetings and we ve been having a good time to learn whether my meetings, like you, wanted one low. I was one meeting with different parts at one another meeting today. Yes, another meeting today Vega. Well, let's get to ask III hello. This says why keep calling from Atlanta Why keep he and I were not what a black beard of Rome I underline was a course of EU. My question is my son he's fifteen, here at all and I'm trying so really hard to make him get a job. He you know he hasn't knew tat. He was to be this actor all well and good, and I want to kill his spirit, but in the meantime I want him to get his but a job, and he just he has no interest in one at all
What to do. There's no way is gonna, be an actor if he's not down to work period, because it sounds glamorous when people make it, but it actually is allowed a lot of hard work and he could also get a job being. PS somewhere being is assistant being an intern in something that he is interested in doing and now that a bad time to start that, It is important to make money. There is an important for him to work at some point by him. To do, make money, and where are you not tell him? You know you're gonna eat and he's almost sixty all he's, not a little boy. You know he's got a very deep voice and he's got a girlfriend like. I want him to know that The importance of being a man like you and you have a girlfriend s. Responsibility your girlfriend? Can you tell your girlfriend to them will be like the parent, what you know, I'm sure her parent, the inner ear about? What is the point? on for you, but I will say this is us a sixteen years old, and this is a good time that you could work for free toward which
when you do later on in life. If, unless needs to go out and make money, but I know I did a lotta internships, there were unpaid, they're kind of help me get to where and ass. I was asking you is an important way to make money, or is it important? France had that work ethic ho, but with I want him to make money You know my fine, you know he either big boy has forty four five. Thirteen needs to make money too. We need to contribute, not put a helpful, but through the thing towards the things that you want. Tell him you disrupting our job, for somebody was a money, have sex what his girlfriend easy sixteen years old or Maggie, thereby made out of his life and work and do what he wants to do in life. Sometimes if he has to work in my inhibit what he wants to do, man, if he, if you can support it in there were two to figure out what he was doing this idea in less amber? Is you have to get it out? I think this is, but you need to do you guys you to sit down together, and go over some opportunities for him to eat. My actually getting
cited when he sees certain things that are out there and available to him. Have you sat down and looked at opportunities with him now? I have a good idea because he might see something that he didn't even think. Like, oh wow, you can actually have a job doing this. Oh, why isn't it You're in Atlanta yeah, there's a lad, a tv shows in Atlanta Ladder movie production places you know, and so there's a lot opportunity for him to go and work on, set doing something tat. You might not even know about these opportunities by for him to know that he could get his foot in the door doing something he might get excited you gotta make. It seem like it's. A great positive thing like lead baby, like got a job yo? You could be doing this in the next thing. You know you meet this person and the next thing you know you have laid down the foundation for later on in life. You said you wanna be actor were to be just like is dead. Otto said yeah yeah right. We must call on the radio here I'm fired at all where ninety three and ninety six seven and in Atlanta, I will be looking for you. I think I'll so might have a good day virgin mobile. All right as
ie, eight hundred forbade five, one o five, one of you that, of course, if you can call her now, rooms on away. Yes, have you ever, a woman who is pregnant, we'll tell you celebrity said she did just all right, we'll get into that, will become that keep it. I want to know that he doesn't regretted either. Wow are added to breakfast of more knowledge about his morning before even a breakfast, a modern everybody we are the breakfast club dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, GAB broadcast, live and allay, and as we have medicinal edible, dismounted digital view, so high right now about what am I not to do anything for not you pretty mispronounced, every third work, nor do the same in it so we, when you around, like waffle, colored negroes when the high, but contrast Bateman when they giggle uncontrollably giggle, when it is a fact when you are on a categorical, a negro and they saw giggling uncontrollably, seventy five percent of the time they went away ass. If giggly was a lullaby. Well,
Let's get some rooms, the stall Charles walking, with Angela his club. I re where this whole feud first started. When a child bank, we had some comments about Lebron James, he had said, the Brown was inappropriate whiny, and that is because he kept asking the front office for another effing play maker. He feels like that inappropriate for him to say that, while the brow responded and he actually said. Going to let him disrespect my legacy like that, I'm not the one who, through somebody through a window, I never spit on a kid. I never had. I paid debt and Vegas. I never said I'm not a role model. I never showed up to Asta weaken on Sunday, because I was in Vegas all weekend. Partying. All I've done for my entire career is rapidly, the NBA the right way. Fourteen years, never gotten trouble respect the game print that then he went on to say that Finally, as a hater who wanted to
entire a long time ago from broadcasting, but is stuck up on that stage every week. What does all that have to do with urge all Barclays critique of Lebron? James though I guess he felt like he's, been biting his tongue for too long add some things to say about China's Barclays. Do them without him, clap back at the actual criticism from Boggley Barkley called you. I did. I have Boggley Gondwana, not compete, not enough used already done a man's resume mention at all, but I don't have to do with the actual issue Barkley with address. If our brought out to say what is shot, nor about completing on a championship level? I got three rings. Child bodily has zero abroad should have said that it was pensive aggressions and I would say, no child Bartley been had been stabbed him for a while. He just like you know it s all a browser to say this is defending MBA champion thing Charles, you wouldn't understand why, China's Barkley responded to the brand shots at him, no problem. What what once they had well. I think when you don't like the message you just Kyoto, MESSENGER seminal. Thank you said about me are correct, but it does not make my message incorrect.
I thought he was really wanna. Applying it allowed up a week's time about got no help. Unlike did you just want the championship, tom- you criticise others young guys, you are able to do so but you did want to Jim no died as a basic political sentiment. I heard you say you bid you dont want to areas united any. He also said that in a clearly the branded its homework and on some groups have had in my life. I appreciate him clearly go with me and found out some things, but he said he's not gonna get upset that somebody said something about me and my Basque upon my basketball opinion is strictly about basketball. He said I never talk about a guy's personal life and I never see a guy should be fired on. My step is going to be so We about best like Boggley, b and petty and addressing the bronze alarming alluded game like a dreadful abroad of dress, have addressed a critique about. We gave now show baldly made a joke about as they allow most twice. Everybody has but getting innovation. Action array
let's discuss their real candy bars has been guess hosting on their all week and wonder the one thing she tough that is getting into a actual fistfight with tiny, they were both an escape here's. What she said. I was pregnant she's long on me. I love her to death. I will give you a cup not, but when you log on aren't you realize you primeval a bad did you, but they must convey brokers, the robot and they always our lab and liked him manipulators. She nearest lying around since we live in an era of bringing people, as charges in getting them in trouble for life candy bars of Bein, a pregnant woman, ass daddy? it S. Actually that was a long time ago anywhere to say you know what should happen. My child tiny would pregnant women should be Katy death that their tiny, though the job
my daddy was pregnant with at the time candy hit our should go with candies ass, yet I'm not going again to a despite the many enact pregnant now that this guy we walk away from some level. The tiny stomach bedtime goes ok, discover it Missus Barlow gets you get back for your mama. I write at last the net Kiki Palmer was arm is Steve Harvey and she talking about Titanic Steve Ivy. I guess my noticing the movie, I remember, sent part they got awkward. You have to check it out. On the middle metaphor, Leonardo Caprio, arose as all my pants give LEO and Roads Titanic Steve, see the moon. Everybody here noticed. She should have got up all that bad and in shared with him, I'm never going What is the issue? We are looking at a mighty freezing to watch a movie of hers since Tat hold. Nor do we know my girl, you think that's a terms
what's she will and you know what you d, Seen a movie of a moment. You have you gotta see this takes us in long wise and in all areas. Goddamn is great moving. I can live with that in a movie that played a role that you dont, like them, now realise what they did in a movie. Yes, the cobbler shot for again back on set it off against their rock wife They remember near against Danner as high since, as you movie and you associate, somebody would cast them a girl man shot, Phrygian beg for you to try to run and above the gone to a better life area. Angela YE, and that is your room. A report and I want a salute. The than his no did he had hardly a drop. One include bombs within a clog, dammit Barcelona. Today hi and I about yesterday in a meeting when randomly he goes and we'll talk about it let someone else away, I'm waiting for the total bided Noma Y gotta say two things
vague as a value of illegal. He goes look, don't be extra guys too much sauce can be disgusting up. Wrong? Would you say if I dare say he got, look guys don't be extra too much sauce can be discussed. Then he said in a voice. Yes, sitting rising. Maybe so you know what are you going to do a joke around her father? You know it.
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